Newspaper of Evening Star, March 21, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 21, 1855 Page 4
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i . v ENIiNG STAK. THE 3UR3TI1G OP THE BUD Spring i- cumin; -Hpun: ? oniin^;* Xtit . her ?mi?hM*e and Iter h wer ; 11?av? n i? rin^Mi^ ?'lh the -i'? ein?; ? *1 tiir bird* :u iHnk*' ?<n<t Iwvier Itud- tre rtllinc, k'Mfn tire t-we.ling, Fl ?? ?s on held, and bloain on tree . OVr fit* uarth, ami air and **c* an, \ntnr*" h?ltF her iihilee S??H then ?*tt?aliiit,c?nii * ? ie* ling ? ?>r my tender!) ; ?=wret I ponder a? I wander. For niv mii-iiic sve of iliti'. H|?nnc i* comins -Sprint m coming? tli her morninc* trt>h and light. With her moon of che<{ii> r* d ^lory, Sky trf blue, and ct?>ud? oi" white. Calm. c?ay niiihuall. when the u-ht fa'l* From the -tar ltr<{?an^|e(| *fcv. iiic !-}?l*-nilt>r, |-?u and itndcr, Of the yottns *n""i? :n< ?>n h:aii. Hull at morn. at noon. and even, Spring i? fn.i in joy f*,r ni--, Jpoiider :i- I ? *n It r, Aifl inv win-inr vl of ih'^e -*Ull ot till e III} llMM!fllt? are dwelling, Wha.-o 'rrthj nam*- ea> I* ; neautif'nl, li*?y? ?r? ! tt nl~ t* Mine, Is thy jiiriM"!!''' imt?< m* MorntiigbK4kuig." Iiiitl III u.iktiz. Wand* ti?2 in th?. hret 7* - ti'^ht, \onail'|e*9 ylor* nantl**- ?>>r ihee In a -bowi f <>i -tii.kv li.lii; lla* hi lit, tit Fat t - thee Irm; In the -literi Iw d??t,t r ly ; ??! .r- 'ook hrtgiilly ? ?t? tU?**- ?????It*tv Til tin* coming of the day. L\trvith'-re .i?d every minut-* Fe. I I ii ar thee, km-1\ iw; In the irl. in 1 in the linn t I can hear t:?y toy,mm jone. |t-i?l .>t ; mark th- rouunj ' >1 ih\ f**et ??>r vale tid hill ; And iliy |tr* -enc?. w ith Tift 's pjsmce. *1ak<-* toe furtw't heat to fill. 5*uw l*eft?re ih'-e, I adore Utee. Lot k ? Mfc*Tivr, the* I -ins; * .Vote I meet tife. and I rrret iftct M> the holy lame ol'Sraixo. tt A>* IXCORRIGIBLK Youil man. do jou believe ir a future s ate ?" 44 In course 1 doe?\ and whatV more I intend to enter as soon a- Betsy cets h?r weddni' things ready. 44 \ou mistake me. iA> you believe in a future state of rewards end pumsh T.shraents ?'* ?? Most assuredly. Ii I should cut uiug.> with a red-headed woman, I shoal t expect my hesd indented by the first cistern |?olc she could lav her hands on." "Go to, youn- "ian yuu aic iueorn gible." 44 Go two.' ft'it wasn't for the law acu; bigamy, darned if 1 wouldn't go a doxen But who supposed, deacon, that a mar of your age and experience would give *uch advice to a young and uusophisli eateU i?ersou like uit,just starting m life?" This t?i^k 'Ik.* deacon down, and he w^nt on his way, ruusing upoi the Mor monish tendencies of the present wickeU age. SoNTAG IN* TOE SriRtT WoRLl).? The "Spirits" (in mortal shapu) held a gath ering at IIojh; Cuapei, New York, Friday evening. He <|uote ihe closing para graph of a repor of the simc: "A s.^ng, the Chairman stated, woulc closc the exercu?us. lie fuxther stated that Madam Jjoiitag s sj>irit frequent!} furnished, through Miss Jay, an accom paniaient, and doubtles would do so or. the present occasion Two voiocs thtr; iung the piece, 'I know that thou art gone. Miss Jay joined, uot moving in the least h-jr lips, bu: giving utteran<n to an audible though no. unmubical gur gle purporting to emanate fioiu the spirit of Madame Sou tag. We can only fa; that Madame Sontag has not improved :n her siuging. The ringing ended the assemblage dispersed Who said kurnf MOVEMENTS UF ?a KA> STFAMEK> Vam? (.rare fi'vr !*a i A' i?-a... .? .li*i ifu..????*i.*V' ri^?!...\l'it. J~ lleriaauii. .Bremen \tf Vorh.. r -b ? \tlantic l?tv*-rfOul...N?.w Vurfc..Xar i?> *'ni?Hi Ilamt; New V'.i!*...tlar. 11 l.:v*rp.?ol il >-t? ! .... >lar. 17 Amcilca. 1*iy* rpool.... Boston . Mar. 3; t.'alir- rrin -?? I-.-v.- Nu?- Y-?tw j ti'i- ?>?i* ai*' ?* ? m!i ii-inth. ARRIVALS AT PRLNCIPAf> UOTKLS W Ilia r ilfc' llvt'jJ?n. ?. a ;. win up. E Fruthinftian?, >1ttn i. I' H Jam X j? II L'lall. Va ?li.i> J nn?9, ito W M liarft.-?n, d;> <? F aiitjuvc, M* T. Sautter, France A Hlomltil, t|o II ."^auUei. 'Hi !. F t.tu citi, Pn II d?- t'oarr y, FV tj J J,. \ t town. Rt? hi I I. G?\!| ? ' ?lv> I. !l Hart-horn*' XV '? li i,'?t<*it ^ lad* \ \ 'r Lf ;t|tri'>, VII VV I'erriue a mJ'., ii>i A W It nh trn. 4n I* K r>u* ^ la-jy, *;o ? ? I' ICa^n-, Ma ? J V Ttrado St Tami.>, .;o J VV Culhurn, ?i<> KG Beckwiin k fatally, F W i'utk .rit .Md do \V M Graltuui Mr? Gtbbj, do IV Jack<on, JfY l? i'urterntan. do Aattoiml Hotel t i>. willaro f. It \onlarnl. M l ?.? i*-< Baxter, Va *J II i*4li?;lit.r, I'.t t? S liaiti.'r. do It ?* Tomlmi u, ti t J lk*(?'. Fa ?? H l.e .urav. \ V F Iturkus, ti*? J W Maetm, Va T VV Slu th- IJ. do .' I! Fisher, M I A Curnn, Ma *!t? VV Fnher. d-> .1 t'n -ev. Fa V\ FV.lfnt.dt W || F?'ul t>, Md I V Btrb--r 8t - n,??'? S Van lifiif, \Y j F VVli ter, Alu S U ||*itv?at do ? ill Wiiiiue), XV J M Vittn, fct \ Kei.von, do K F Milhr 1" It Wallace, do F S.;, M l Dri*ni' Il??fel-T r * U.JK1W.V >1 r- Cmer^n. Va F n ll<>it..rJ, Ti \ Graham, do U ? Howard, do M t Alexand* r ati<ichil*i, J V r>ohbi*i. NC do I J S* arin.* & lartv. \J *> II Wa?hin*ton, dt- II II H--v, Fa \ Bat? ma.i, NJ j It Kice.d^ E Sterling, Cl \ j <u,.rr 31 i^.k \'.i .1 H Jart 1 , G i |( 1; ^natlti, XV " t. H Smitlt, MY ?V Smith, do Mf* Vark-*,do S V siuan, %Id II S llitclx-vrk, M.I Kl' hv noil b<lK>t-'J. II. Si 1. \V 1 vVeltoa. V a || W Fer^u-on aittl Iady, \ Wei'oit. d? Ky T V liarri?on, AT t Mr.- L It I?rai .c, do I: M * nee, do \ \ Wakctunn, XY II William*, N Y xfi-t N S Wak* mi it, di> l( It Ra>.<ri), !??! J K VV Sherman. Md J >!orton. Va S It l|i>pkt:i-'. do 1? W Travis, X \ K Lt i?!, do United sum t. c. mai kbxt. I* S Cory: Jl. Ta It 'F Bay , Va J s IV^Iiinr, SJ ?' t'upeh irt k lady, do W Kraij. Md Mi-." S VVr.od.-, dt* W \ Frinie. d>> J T F-Moe ^ !..dy, Ma* E Wu.g* iirt ih, Nf J M B iker Si. !.?d\, Me J Ferry. Md ? Dickinson, ir, |*a K XVo*Ht< n, Tt ? T t*.'lh?rn. N' V ?' M Sanbor*>. XY *M|!ou l*<?ua?t Al?mniit|r lnt V*. A. N*W7u.S) Ik'ifKltitiH. ii Gibbon*, Va h Rice, Va II H I'otthe, d ? (; g Mten, d-. J W Barrier, d? E V Mar.l.all Jo ? Lord. Ft CISto?in,do A B Jobn?on, IM. M>, 'Sf'tviii dt* J H Cm, Md XV II Terrrtl d?i T X Gittuir*. do T 1: P titm. Cat J II Payne, Va I I; Marshall, Va J E -unoHit, d?? ' li Myer?, d" ? K \\ John*. 11. do G B Fudey, XY A B Bu'tin, XI II Keller, Fa G D ? im?troii0, V* ' Kinu a 6 fneudb, DC a VVrthere*!. MFd J S Bider, d'? W Harrw. XY C 1? Mniih, XY lit A W Graj, Va G T Hopkin* a lady, Va J G Coffinan, do Mia* t.'unrad, do i R Kit hards, do 8 V Ri< baoi.-on, do t*?l D Sucklty, do C J flite, do J W Fopter, do c It liunlon, dti A Pitman, do .1 f| r*o*, Md T X Gininf**, Md C Jaeol>?, XY S t*la?, do F. Ile-b^ff, M l A Sfllmin, do A Benson. Va A Haronrt, DC Mr Sumineraco, Mil * ) Nirtrh Va Cbt*ily, do J W Fry. do 1 II Bo*w?JI, Va BtCElVlflG eP?.ING SUP?LIt8 \f ?- f - now opcui ig uuny ii?w uikI iloirtltlv ?. Spring <??od-, to which w? in vii<- Hit- atten t1 ii .*t p?u? ba t- ;')r making their so ? lections ? nam*' j f?w l> ndmg article?? <5 pieces fiit< plaid .T~d plain t';iiBbru>",c!iMl? |O0 do neat .? :>!? Clitniz's anil French bril liants ?jo do Ma:icbe-k r ami other ? ') l?uinut' Uni? liams ."hi .5?? Hu-hai,!?i?nV ?l?l Barkbes" Shirting Lim n ,i<> <ii|??rior blenched" rtltirting Cotton :?-4, )U I, U 4 I.iucu and ? niton She-tings Atari* l.?t ot T Hinc, d una Napkiiu and 'l a Idc l?iaper? ANo, . '"i ot light .-tripe and plaid Dres^ .^ilk- ;.t Kfi-jiU rcdiic* <1 prK"'"A , Sprin? MiiU h Iihos. Ch'iiley l>e 5 nine J ::inl Ha'-, ic^-; We l.aintf, all ??s" I' auuiul ?l?-~!iin ; Will, a general as-ortiueuT New ? I nods which we wi'l ?' 'l al 'air juice* for ca-ii, or ??n r ????? t time to prompt purchasers. fQ'-WI article!" -"M at our ? ?t ibhshment are war laiit'u to pro\c as trpn-nrnti d. VOLI.EY N. HEAKH, \ i 5'4 1 S* erritli >-t, 3 door* above i. av. mar 1-1 -eolw GENUINE GARDEN .SEEDS. | C'llN S?l Irl't/gs to announce ilia1 In nas it.-t ?J compii ted hi* supply i t'lhf above, all carht'ully <?>1 \ i?'ii from the slocks ol the best glowers i:i Eim i ml and the C.'ittim lit. \iz : 1'riice Albert and oth ? t. arly ? arly short top Kadi-h, E?r!?- V< rk, Luge York, London .Market, early ilaitrir a, Siol i nc- 'i i en, fiat Dutch, Ihiiuihcad and other vcrv il.-iiec t'.ihbages; Puijiu t*a,.c llmcolf, Cftiilitl,.-.'. *r, Lritatc*, i)mmh. Recti, Icwu, Cwntt, ran iop. <"oii Lrystrd White Cilery, ?avoi's LmK, I nr.up.-, t uciimla r.-, Mel -u.-, Tomatton, Herbs iie. with ail ? -tiii-r vcjii table seed.-. in cn-at variety, com pnsing die well tested standard kiin.a witil ilic i.ew varieties, supciior in nuaiuy. and ? conomical in price, to wlucl. he r-speetiully calls the attention of t*i?>? who require a real ge = nine article. 11 is I in ? experience in tuo -ted trade full'? justifies him ii, saying ilia' hii neiv.s canuot tail to yivc jjre >t sitis faction. Mow-, i s. eds ot the rarcM and choicest kimia, ? . leote i Willi (treat can and what are specially tuaed I > ihir- climate, are oii.-r'd in Miiglc packets or col lections, at vet y low *atcs. >|ark<-( ?Iai letters ,iu<i others are rt spectfillly in vileii t<> luspect the s? ed? ..iiJ ?eaie of ptivt's. I Jala I ?sues c.m lie had oit applicati n. >? Stori . corner 7tL and II ?trei t ttia- ! 1?'lotii* U A'i MAT . HATIJ?We I ?ve . t ? iveil a l.tiii< and :'asliioi!ai>le as?ort!ner>'i I :it s uavelline ll'it- ami ?"a;><, which we olTt r t r sal**, at extreiutly !?w p'ices. at the Tempi': iti tasl^joa it!." i T HOI'KIXS'S, Co?:t^"fiih st and I'a. avemn , t lirtiwns' and National Hot-1~. tiiH f 1?eo3w SEW I'-M'AGE ACT. Wl'lCL TV lilL PHbLIC AM) INrsiGTV TI'W.S TO l*U?TAI Ai'i;11S. N'' 'TltJii if., JicreUv 41 v a tii,>i, aar.v ab'y t" an ?>-i oi approved .Mann .1, lc.">6, He til!!)". ,.ij ra.i - oi ige arc n> l?c c.iarReil on <tn>l u,/lrr the tirst im? ot .iyi il, in !icu of |!i>i>c Mow otabh.^bi d. to wit; On ev .y Mt?ple f? ?t? i ? nivcytj in the m ill hu 'u.*? -i placer i i iii< Ui ?t? i i?trte?, for any di?u>'i-'< ?oi exeeeuiai liii.e tlii a>ui:t| luilea, three cents; a . I fir any .iutance ci -ceding three thou? ;ni: tn:!e-, ten cent . I\-mi and aft?-r th-: first ilay of April pte-p;iyiiiei.: on |? t?. ;s is rei]uut U?excepting itjHiti t-uch a* are tour tn in a foreign conntrv, ?>r to officers ?fih< t?o* riiiiicat mi offi uil budiue**. The I'rauliiiu priwih je r- nam. uucoaugi d. from and utter the ar?t d?y oi l uni irv, eigirecn Ii iiidred ai:J fifty six, {>'ml masters are r- ijiiir- i to place j;e -lan.p- ujy?n all jjrc pail h uer i-n which -uch >ta:nps may t.ot have bee a p|.?ie?t iv the writers. !t.\ t!n 31 aeLti'Mi oi i;.e act the i'o-taiaM i Om < - ral H autiMMiz?d to c.-tabltxh a u.iifor.n yystcni l i. ? he re^?tfai"i?i nf va table lettej--. T!ii-?"prov i :? o? iti^ i iw will i>c cai.'i. a into ufeet, :tul ?p. cu.i . ? stliK-'i -ii- therefor w I t.e issued t-j foslui.ute; - a ??<>n ;:?? the ncce.-^uy M inks can t>.- pr* pared <?? ul tributed ? i''r. t AMl'IiLLL, I'oiliuaster (i -u . Post ? >r?iCK L?u asime>t. M irrli f>, lMjO mar ill?3iaw( \p>ii 1 WASH INGTON AQUEDUCT. Orrirt Wa-ui>gton A<j luixt, Washington, March 7, IK.^3. 1 >K< >l'? >SA:.S are invi eil for gra?2u ttioti, -t r JL and brick cia**nrr. dam , tunn-Ii, and i-tin-t work* oi the W.-.s!i:n~r m Arjueduct. l'ro;n)-als ree,-|V. J up to the 8tli of Mav \\.:i h op- tied a ti"-on of t!i i t!av Mapr. profilej;, ami specifications of the wotk u .; b ? ready lor exaininat^n on ;.n.-{ afs r the \0,h ?,.n of ApnJ nest. Prop.v.i?s will be re.-f ivp'J t r the work of pi; i u ? r v.aiveris, ri?: i ?. iitr., as <!??. L ril?-d hi tti r , 1 .i. Ulll -pecilic.lti'tll-. I'ertioi:- only - f s-.-ne of t!^ v-?iks eaa b-. ,.|.-:ed ifder the pre nt appropriation, but aU contl I ior Ul..i.?|.|;? ,J v.: rk \.|il bo Mil i-et t ? !?-. ?lira appr ipriatiot:.-? by ? 'on^ss The K .?int < r r -? rv--- t.'j nehr prr -cnb?- t'..- ainoiiet <?t w be d 'ite and r u ? of pn-xriuridux su^h ? or ? ich uppn jitialioii, aioi, in case of the api :o l>n.'ltio:i ii' h 'Ming out -ufficu ntlv, to d> cule ?..(> i an I wlnt wtk^li .1 b m i>p. ,j until fm,d bt . . available In ea cot the eiiMre sbe-pag^ of anv par i i i.,; wer^ fir want of run I-, tti< re. ;rv. d tt'u p( r nl \\i.t '?? pa?il, if. i i tit - j.t Ijinciuof the Ktigiue?i, ?h v r.v h sbcen properly rxtcuted Kifir i: .j gone. Pavtnen-s w ill be in -..t.- in <--pcei. vh? oks up i the ruled >ta!*i- Tica-ury,upon i'iortvintlily estii.-rt' ot f L'ru'iiterr, t*--?--rvin^ 10 p,.{ cer.l.; and 11 n 'I be.-, - ,..<jiij i ofnl! ef'iitracf that tit. workmen -iiai' b* pa t tiM-ir mil wa?- m mthiy ,in.| m sja cie Ail In 1. .i nld be cab ! aird endor.i d "P'0p-> -a!-' tor wnrk on rhe *Vra?ltmmni Aqueduct." lie l.iute ; St tif.- |.. ,-4, . t ie rigfit to riycct aii or *11 the bid- s.'ioubi thev r.ot be deemed a vt. tage?H|s, and to make -'1( fi arrangemt nts a. n i.y 1 eoa>idei'd iny-t roUaUciv- to the pr, work. Every otT.i nm?t be acc^uipani* d by aw,, fii iran by oncoi more i> sponsible i> -r to the ? fi-ct that lie ?.r Ii# mid* take th iii , tv r or bHdi r-> will,..f tjK.lf bid be arc< ,| " r ivo an obh^atioii, within tini da; s, with 'g. o " J u'neient -ur t i -,lorUic crunpletnin , t tiio a - i 4 ui.di rtai.en; ?nd euarantec <>> be act.'?a:pani?v !? t'l-* c? rii<L-at" of the Vniied Stat- <Ji?irict ju ; ?< 1 nited State? di-1 id a" rr,ey. navy ag-.u, or - Mllieer ot the ti'-nerai ?;-iv ruuie'n; 01 ui lieit.'-i.! kaMra wukrBegmeer irUepartaKatof Wai t the guar-mors are aide to make goo.1 their gua.. nVV. F'jrm of (J ?( rut,tec. ToVapt. M V Ve,gSj i:. y. Eiumeua: We. the ucdr-rsigntai, re.- U uis ot , n. ti.e ...le of - , hereby, jointly :.i:d severally, r-.ove li-ifit ur.ii Ui< L i?:t? ?! Siau> ?.u?t ^uiiriiuty. n? < t:.e foregoing lad -.1 be accepted, mat he01 th- J wi:l. within ten da s after (tie acceptance ol said bi.i. nxeeute a coatiaei tor the ^ame, mill L't??tl an 1 sutticieut c oetie.-, tu |,i rfonn tin- work 01 lurniMi the aitieice proposed, in c>uifonnitv io the trrms o: tb. advertiseme..: u..Jer which 11 wis 1 -i .d- , arid, itiea_e the -aid .-h nilti fail 11, ? titer into . 'uitrae' as aloroaij, we guaranty to make go id tit* i.iiTirence hi weru I In oiler by ;h s^id and the ucxi lowe t i-uitter. A. i<. . , . V ". I ln-r e.-rlif., ? liie best knowledge an.. 1.1.let, toe ui>av<: n uied Ruarantoi. are an i ftUme lent. jj ^ M 1:. MEIGS, ? apt a 11 of Eugiuetris tu Cliatg . Mar < ?e. ; *i.ij )kwu PKOP'ja vLj F0;.U.L FOELIOET-HOUtli THEA<irKV f?EPARTME.\T, j ">?ioi I.ti.iir IIopsk Hoard, > March 10 IfcaV J ' ''""''"SA'.S v\iil be receivc.i nt ilii? t 1 tin?: an til 1 oVii-ck, p. 111. un Monday, tin . 1. i'lV for mpplyin* the .ij.H Iio?i^4- evf iblishnteut With five thousand (.r>,('t*n Ions quality spring ?trainc? >p rm ril. in tr->. ? ? ma I, iron lM>uad casK-, in p m<- order, free n. 1 anrtge, t mini" troni thirty to tony sallon> each, and l ot cxc?h dir>? an averif -ol thirty fivo xallon each, to be dirliv. red 011 board of a stop at t e ciiy ul New \?.ik wiUiin ten diy. after written 1 " ict 10 t?ir coiuraetor ri,a!l have been received bv h.10, free o| (barge, otiier tliati the contract price t 1 the ('nit- d St.1 ?< rile oi! contracted lor under th? tuicjjoing propn sa!? to la: subjected to the u-ual testsot sp;.eitic ^ravit\, te np-ralure ot .vhich it will r>- 1 am lanpid l?; burning an -u h oth r inc-n- as maybe thought i?\ the perron or i? i -oiis in wiiom Uia ?iutv may b as.-i(iicd by the Light- ilou?e Board, la"oit 1: Will b. accept'-n. All p ets and miction* to l. Iirule p lorto th? trau^jKHUtKm ot tiie oil from the r'lQtrricUT ? waft Hf ot'iiT o; The oil 10 remain limn: { ;;t 1 teirip?-ratitre ol la debteef oi f Ah;euheit or lower. \i! bid* must be ?e-lletl and ? lldorsed " l'ro|??s.tU :'r ' 'nr Light hMMH tnen ptaci 1 in an I o-!i? r envelop*: and direco d to llit Secr?-iarv ol ili< ; Light Inn Board, Wa 1 ? I?. O. I'm- ho ir.l, under the nthouty of tw .lep.irtmvi.t, I r? -* rv .- the r^nt to re ?cl auv Lid, though it tua) I b- tae iow-'^t, Irciii ota -r coiiriderainai.-. tlniii it> [ amount. 1 Ey order of Un- Light Aouse lioatd : THORN TON A JENKINS, mar 1^?eoU&ni.t.- Secretao". LAW PARTNERSHIP. ^UPRFME?'OITRTOPTHE UNITED STATK;'. O RnBCRT J WAI.KKR and LOfJlS J > NTN Mvc inrm^ ?? irtnership under the nuin; ui ? \a ker and Jaim:,"tor the argument of cases 111 tne .^iipreni*" oorroftb" I'nited States, at Wa h in^toii < ity, wli-i" Midi will attend 1'iroiighont the futan- -caMonM o cairt ;... \ M' RInfA^' Y?ar;:ook of fXct^XT ? ?' o,r u L,s ov, ty for 165>. 1 volunif I pi.j a! ? FRANCK TAVM )R rhOPCSALs rott mail bags Posr Orrtce LicrAKTMiiT. SALE!)" PK< >IM ISAI.S will b.a"S,S ^nh,. 0 Department until 'j ,,'clotk a in., of th- of dJ'/V.^iVi '* ,""1% l " fuur v,;ar9 'ra'" toe >?l 0 e ? n ! k' >UCh 1llilll"tiw?Ml a ?ucil '' * J"' " "I auti red lor ibe mail v-rvice, miui |)U.^ ..i the following description, to Cauvrx Mail Hugs. .J'" ?" ]>{w in?l? - ?i length, ait ? 62 inches in cir. inn., r.-t.ce,) to (,.? made of cotton canvas*. Writhing 1., ounce- ?h?- yar? of27 incite* width live*?"' '' ll" Iai,r'c f" ^ doubled and twitted and >i/.e No.'J, (41 inch.-* in length, and -W inches in OMiiulnjiiift',) to be made of cotton canvass w.tghing If; ounces to the yard ofQ7 incites width, .uid the clotti to tic woven in every respect like thnt of i he fiis? size of bags. Sir,.- \c. 3, inches in length and 38 inc hes in circumference.) to he made or col ion canvas* w?ighnu- 10 unices to th. yard of 92 inches widih. and t!i cloth t<> he woven as ahove described. The canvass bags of -izes Nos. I and 'J are to be m td?- wilh a smhcie. t ntimbcr of eyelet holes, ant! provided with strons cord to secure their mouths. All are to be well artd distinctly marked" 17. S. Mail, 'and to be numbered according to the sizc? above specified. Leather an-! Canvass Pouches. Size No. 1 48 in. in It nzth, and Go in. circumference Size No. 2. 41 do .to Size No. 3. Ut? do do 42 do Siz-t No. 4. 36 t:o j? do Size No. 5. *26 titi do 28 ' Jic body of ili.' leather {touches is to be made ol ! ?>.).! and substantial I ia leather, well tanned. wei?h 1 !*? '"r No-;. 1 .m 1 ? not I 'ss tlian 8 ounces, stud Tor c ?? smaller size* r.<-t le?s than 7 ouncs to the so. <?>I ; the Itotiom and flap to lie of good skirtiw ba>h r, well tanned, and the same to be well nn? ?tro i?!y secured with the I test noit live s, wei; tinned. 'I'lie can vast pouches aro to be made or tl< tt>. ly woven canvass. ? . as to resist water or 8, I?st equal to that of which the pouches now in tin service are made. L'at her and Canvass Horse mail Ba<*s, (in sadd'e bag* form.) I No. 1. Body 43 inches long, ami 42 inches iu cireuuit.reiicc at the widest juris ; ends or bottom oi s me, 14 by 2o inches Size No. '2. Body -14 inches long, and incites n. ofT.^'Wide^rart.; ,?;l- or bottom or aiii#*, r2 by ?>-! inch*** Sire No 3. Boiy 42 inches I ,ri;, and 32 inches in cireiiHiUr. nt . atUi.j widest parts; ends or bottoms ol -mic 10 Ity 20 inches The lent hi r horse mail hags are to be made of g.*.d aed Mibsunual hag leather, well taun?d. and \?? lulling not Its- than 7 ounces to the square foot ? . 1 thi; M'.iiih !?> bi; wH| ?inil strongly ; <?r it nv tt. d, to Itt-sd done ns not to eh ate the horse'or rider. Hit; canv i.s h.?r-. mail bags are to he made of ? ime quality oi labnc the nourli#?>! above ?!?? I*' I llM'll. (\?/"v*> <r l Uuky Drop-letter Vouch** (with fide ponkets^ 2^ \ T 111 :"'RH'."nd 36 in oil. umfercnt c fize .V>..?. 2b do do 28 do f '.iwnw? iVi- /?yjHtper Mail flam. h:?e .No. |, (48 lllti1PS jri ,t;||glh ail,j 62 i||ch(;9 ? t-i. n .rence,) to b? made of colu.ii canvass 1j ouiic-s to the yard 22 int h.-.~ with; the vara ol Hie fabric to rtntiMed and to K T i' ".: - UV ,h<-' l"he coustrucit^i J h. lockt-.^ and t s have a handle at eat, end. N"- -? inches Ion? and 48 inches in cir i ii.' n nee,J io Vt ol the taint material anj tnaa ii.rr >'i e ?nstruciKfii with t-ty.e No. I. I'r-.p >als ior improvements in the const, uetion or in/ot tl.c above-descitbetl mail bags, or io the in i lenats ihtrear, ire tuviied; aniihe relative value I 1 < lat.!aU>M to th. ?? nice as well as price of II-' .l|1i!''ii,r"T<,"1 l ,r,W c,,"i,dered in detcrmin tn.'th- ? .west ai:d '.est bidder. No pro|v?sals will be centered if not accom I't I u vv u i samples of each arucle bid lor, showitiij t 'ii tructi-m.tjualtiy o; uiatcria:*.and worhman - " ? pn?| oacd, aud afao try.h . . id< m . uf the l oa I ?? -lie., a,el ability ofth- Wtldertotaeeole the work ?'_> c:.iiii? to c-iiitract. The specimens must Iw deliver. I at Uie Deiwirt VJit ?ti or before the S3i day , f A:.r,l ne.xt. and " : WitH f^peu; ,iwm ltt "? the con,mcu,. tfepnui.,.,, iy ()illd%r, IK ' ? >> with nMrai e?!.*-t.t:icnc? be u?ed in Mv iii ul s-rvtt- .-.ill fct Cor a; tfce rat -a no i-osed l y them. * \ ri .'| -io,| on the l,i.:? Kill b,; OI) or befort >, l-v "? *** bidder or bidder* " 'V r 'J">red ?<? rut,, i:,i.? ,-ontract on oi ???.re .he latn day '>? fcac wen. nith bond and -irjci.iit sureties u* e'jatkroi eer#vnvtc? m th ??.'.:.Mti "?1(S ^3 Clt'erev ; fhe articles ct?ntiaei?J for ?re ti? be 'flivereri H i ie . -.ntractorV .? Boston, M.i^aciut ' ' i? U,kan.l Buffalo, N. V ; rtiil^'einhia ?! ;.!^huIr?h'l,a-; ?*??teiorc. .lid.: \\a-hiiigton. ) L., t.harl: stn,-, >.t AuguMa-t.'a.; Montgomerv, ill'' yw|nr ",'^ y- 5 N-^hvWe. Tenn ,? f.oir's UK hv ;? inciuiiati.Ohk.; ?#>.? Louis, Mo., in fc'ieh .,'Mn ities and at such times as the Ilepar* im t tmav r. .,.iire ; and thevar.-to be net llv m pect 1 hej. re ?!e?tvery. anil none are to he received ?t!i 1,'.^ inft,M,r tj ? pecimcn* or rtand To . nable. bidders to estr;. u number of !|,e I mn" 'v!li"h n,M wotwbiy be. r r?-d, th'-y ?'re nt'ormed that there were fur nished lor the iMe of the Department, tlurie" tie v. -r which . i.;;.y| .*) !i June last 2 1^5 lealh.-i "I" " **' p'Hieiii's; *150 b ather hor-c ma. hii-s. 60Si canvas. mad hags ; ;u:d i7 u? ca v?3.s mail bag?. ' 1,8 ft'",l f.h." " ''royals hr .-...ii Bags and be M-l.iit-sed i . the " I'oitmmtn i i-, JAMES CAMPBELL. jan lo -law 12w 1%. tn,aM-r General. Ilil.\. JOHN" LWAIlAV, PASI'Oll of tiii-' It i:\ETKH srntasr. -< r H > t'li's I. rtr'if w' "! V -ince"t,?? . . ;f. . . .. , . U c,'fa ^ any "'J"r n,,,diciito : I. " " . "f t. s.?n,?j,y gentlemen ? tt ZM^ wi'1 'i o1 "ur. u n we.l known -It Ztllb. W l|.| It ~tlly ol flires Ol < < It l. ii HI', IV ? h:ti..-, Kiirr.iiatism nvriPLi's;"'?l JS it y, HALTinoaa, January 24th. Ibi5. r?. Mortimer 4* Mowbray: i ike pleasure in saving to vou that 1 have used y. 'ir flviipton's Tiiirtur. " w,Hi very vr. at i.rofit. t i-?m .4 serious t iroat affection, my genetal health become \<-r> much impaired, when I com il efll A ? UM' 4 """I'^n's Tincture." | found IL.. ffeeN u;?i. mygenen.i health most salutary.? i Mv uervou< system and digestive organs rj"?|lt. CtJ nj. under i's use. I ii.ive several times recommended it to mv n u Is an I in . very cast, as n,r ;i> | |,ave I.e. i, m ?oim ?.. tiiey have us*? ii uitli success. Vouis truly. j"HN LtNAIUN. Pastor ?>f Lscter st.j M. E. ChOr-h, Baltimore. BLEEDINt; op THE Mot timer A ' FV" ?-"ttEn usitt - - a id had four stacks of it I Wa.- advised ,/v j'.f la ton's \ c?. table Tincture I proc re l ? ' 1 and alter taking vbich. I was -n,-lie,l th i ti .ili'.'a- rvir IrfMinluv l.r'" on. tt'c i- ^ ' ? ' ' an, and do.witii Gko. IV. WiAgt.rv. u FirZ-CEAD! Mo re io the Sick then QoU.?tnm o:,e d the ,?r , re-pec table Druggists i? South Carolina. 5 Ch**uston, S.'c. Cent ->l l^vt Messrs. M rhm- r .v Mttw hrw The sale nf everv ?T?"? Tincfire is tncreasm.l ^ rv jay, and every tiottle sold reeoniinends U?h ^ '?>r,:ieine to the afflicted. Several of our have tried it in different caws vith a-to? i a,!. s.ieeesN and are ? it bv hah dozens. It hi- *i. tound to be tl?.'gieateti remedy for ilieu urecti. lis, and a wonderful cure ba< been |?-r - lied on a ne?ro t-??. Miffertiig fruu Fits. | w' h tliem ' 0" Wi,l> ^ ?f certificates if you I am, eeiulemen your . \v. <; Trott ? all and -el pamphh ts gratis, and see cum'of Ct.nji,, Bheim.aUsei, Neuralgia, l>vs pt p-.a, .Nervousness an<1 General VVcakue.s. As a it u'neiiu"He':.,,,e " W" ,)C"?Ve Sold by MORTIMEK \ M.?VVB3AV, M l Balt: iit.ire str. ,;l) Baltimor. . a?.| X* Broadway. N. Yoi'k ClIAS. !>TOTT Jfe Co., J. H. \looRK II [f I'? ????? C' AR\?i, W. Em.iot, aiid II M. Phkp' won, Washington; al<*?, by l?. H. F. Ct skl Gt.Z jSTjjsffzs!*? Ale*?rfa, a:-dVlhug. SILVER PLATED WARE. ( 11 'l*.!'uE*r^IV0l,t'C Castors,Cak'j and Ffiit l.a-skt-Ch, U alters on * hue metal, Table. Ue.+ .-t rt. .ind I ea Spoons and Forks, double and trn-'e IVo It i't*!* ,h? l**lHI,*tl?Ule lor silv.t, Wd4 **-, oVo o 0 "? EM KEN. jan J!? J' av-;u" ' ^umeu i?Ui and luui ( ]LyT,,I5i? >!AI?ETt) UK|)EK CHEAPER \y tha : . ver.-?In oidei to run .df ihc remainder d out large stock ot Cloths, Ca^ioieres, and Vcrt s/ \xe " ' *f ,lil i ?';''*,t '"i take measure and make to order t.eutleaieu s Garments of tint quality 'M p? r cent, cheap r tuan our usually low prices. " ..... WALL STEPHKN8. t?i lu 1 nezt door to Iron Hall. tP" '?* (belituiel&Nows) FAl?Cy GO r>8, PEEPUMSBY, ftc. H,.hn V,".^rUv' 44 '< are now opening at the r store, J\?i. 310 l'a. aveuue, a solen.iid assortment of GOODS,,,, the al^ve line, Inutn^ t;w? "ni'f1 ;T 's> Vlz: rinf> Cabas, Dressing *? T,'C^^,ma:e"'< ard ra-es. Jt AeH Boxes, S.i Is, SMI B.?i?sJet Ornaments, Luhins', Fiver's wir^ r-oCh,,K'r l}V*"*' supencr Bay Water. Con,h? and Brushes tn gr at van- tv and In ??k t.n ^ eortiilly liiWf th-ir fr,ends a 1 jhe pahllc to aire rhem a call Tr.eir Piore is the first door rvt? nf Mas^r-i Hn* '"niar -2- a bem*en *Vin,h ^ T?"'h ? v 11;AVbLUifiT liu.t |wul L . ... a ?i f (* and t in. 11$ and ;i* p m. IVill (wiVf - cliitigioii at G, 11. and |-? u ni.. iii.I 7 p in ATT! % M*S MXk OF ? ltt A IIIV S ?L * *? ?''l< v Alexandria at 4, 7V, .1 * . .m bo s.vur.-d ai ihc ?KTiee, Fairfax at., an* N. wtou-Maiijuia U?use; VVml.irftor, at Hall - > -ir Sitm-an^ Kirkwood Hou<c. lb- I.nit' run. regularly wimei and summer for the a. iiMiiotlation <?i the Pnhlic. .r,l aT "*.?Ts Cal,C<1 '?r and lak,>n *li?ir residences itvim i<ii? iar. ? "rst1,ri'' u???nd last Iri|? down, cenu; all other reguhr trip< i.? c?'ir Trunks extra. LAT11AM fc COOK, jan 8?tf C'ROM WRI.L'8 BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN NEW YORK BALTIMORE fc BOSTON, W il Steamer daily from Baltimore ? ? arn! Jfpwi ork, and twice a wcok t'roin Boston to H tltimore ami Baltimore to Boston. 1 lit? 11lie afford* unequalled facilities to the busi ness men ot the District of Columbia. The AreriU at either point w ill receive freight and rive a through bill of lading to Washington at the lowest rates oi freight and no commissions charred. Applications lor Iri'i?ht promptly attended to by the following , A. C. HALL, Exchange PI ce, Italuniore. H. II CROMWELL. Comer Washington and Albany sts., V. V. ... JN<>. W. 8CHANK. j:ui 114- -d.liu Foot of India Wharf, Boston. FOR THE WEST AND SOUTH. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAIhKOAD. .MI'KUVKD AMIAN 'KM'NTS FOR TRAVEL I jif PQRTAXT rHa KgRS 0F8CITEDUDE! ! ? 4 Tha late completion of the flil HpHJ>ntral Ohio Railroad between 1 Wheeling and Columbus, uniting, m It do-*, by ro a? .^rect * li5". the Baltimore and Ohio KwlraJ with all portions of the W*st (anl North *n I Southwest,) gives thU route (treatly increased aivantjges to tbroogh travelers in that direction. On and af er M JNDAY, November 27, 18M, the ?.ra!ns will be run as follows: FOR THROUGH PASSKNG F.R8. vJZ? dtllV wW run in each direction Firat?The MALL TRAIN, leaving Camden fitatlon st , a. m., !n?t' %d ol8 o'clock as heretofore, (except ?Mi ?undav,) and ai-flrinz ?t Whe-llnc at 2 40 a n 8 fiOnd-The EXPRESS TRATv, leaving ?t 5 p m , in ? 'ka of at 7 p. mM ap ?r>fi monicsr through to Wheeling ?hrw hcurs, ^?-h?i g ther? ?t 112f a. m. Tl is train ~ II ?tAp at Wash Ington Juneti?D, Hykefyllie. Monocaoy, Harper's K- rry, .Vartinsburg, Sir John's Ran, Cumberland, I ledmont, Ro*lesbcrg, Newl urg, Fettj-rmpji, Farm in.'ton, C?mer? n and Mouio' oaiy. iot wooj ar?d Tf.<ter and mea s. B t'j tLe^ trains make prompt snl rej^ilar conrcction with th*c?rsof the Cvitra! t>hio ltoad for Cambridge, Z?n.srille, New ar*. L.-,huabu?, Cin?inn*ti, LouifTille, Payton. i-andu^ky. ro!-l\, Indianapolis, Chit-ngo, M Loiu",e:c. Pasd-^rs leaving Baltimore by the Mail Tr.'n: HI! r^c^. Oiccinnatl f-r dlnnfr nest i ,lP , th.? Impress Train they arrive ther at 1 - the next ni^ht, being kept hut one night oa the route ty eich*r train P?.i??nger- t* the Northwest via Cleveland an l ?il intermediate joints can mskeadirect mm u. n with he tra'ns upon th? Cleveland nnd I'itt* bar-: Radrord at all t mes when the Ohio is naviira b e ^rsvamers between Whe<ding atd Well/rriiie, by leaving Baltimore in the Mail Train at 7 a. n ti.. L^,Dn5ioh5.?rain.8 UaT* Wheeling as follow?: Hie KXPRK8S iR JN'st4.Wp m., reaching Ral titcore at p r,o m '.t? MAI L TRAIN at 11.45 r. m r^e.'blng Baltimore ?t m 7 p. ?#-Through tlcie'sby beat from Wheeling for Unt-i natl, M disci) L .ub vUle, fit. Lcuis and 6th*r Rirer (iti-> -ill b? fo'd at a'l times when thes'j*e of water will svlmit. 43r Thioueh ticket* between Baltimore and Wssrimgton, and all the important cities and town la bp West, are sold fit the Ticket Offices of the L mpgny. .. P'3K VPAY PA8SBW"*ERg li.F, * Ai', THAT V,'?{ivin>: Camden Ftatioa will :? f'T k!! the u>>uk1 ctoppipg pin'*9 r.n theK:-d Reurning, this train l?svee Wl-eeling at 11.15 midnight. Cumh-rJand at 10.15 a. m. an : arrive" Iis.;'ir:ore at 7 p in, THE KKt-DEMCK ACCOMMODATION TRAIN, for Frederick and L.t'traedi-itn ple.c^s, will start at 4 p. m . dasiy (?STept Sun'*av-) ar.-lving in Fr" 1?r .c ;at7.-?0 P.e'ur ilDg ?|ll le-ve Frederick at 9 a a . H-ilTinfr it Pai'.:rnor? rt 12 30. roon THK bLLIC >IT'd Mll,'^ AOOJ)IMODAT O.\ will be ruu .U'ly, ?.i?;d?ve,) as follows : l? a?*. Camlrn fc'tit; ?n h: ??e. and 3 p. m. KU coU'a at 7.JO a. ni. and tJ.cO p. m. WASHINGTON BRANCH R^ULROAD. I TRAINS RUN A8 FOLL' Wg: KA\ ? dally, except fun-fay, at 8 and 8* ?. ia. j arJ Z anl ? p n. t'ti 8uti t.y at C a m ani 5pn. Lrav; Balt'na ra ?! flVnz;; ar lfitjidC P m. 0?? i -:p<I*y at IX a ni ecd 5pc, , wl:h HriMmora t Ohio Ra'.lir?d f?" t-' * v<rr^- i-vns Jearia^ ct 6 a a f.J j ? ?? For Phii^delphis ar i New lork U 6. and PU am and ? p m. I'or Arjaapcllr et fiyt e n and 6ra F'T ..'cr-clk st C p ri. _ . T. n. PABSOI.'fi, Agtut r?r:.-u et>nt|nn !a called to the Rule re-mir lig a r?*?pf?ncib!e voucher for aiy person ef color * io m 'y vi-h t ? pagn ov r the road. d?-c, IS?.itf OE^NOK A N D AL K XA NDRI A~R A IL R~A V. On and after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1851, i^UK Cars Itave Alexandria da?ly for Oop1oo= vi.'le and intera-dlo.te :tations at 7* oVlock. a. m., t-o the arrival of the boat fr-.m Wa^liia -tor. givin/ ?:acle lime for bre?kfiwt on board. )Vr.' nesting at .Murawas JuuctUn with a train lor I'trs? buc<, ?t Warren ten Ja ction wltti a train fur War n ntoo, end at OorlonsriU- with the trains on the Virginia Central Railroad for Richmond, Chvlctlre. vise, una ftauuton The cars leire Qordon?vil> daUv for Alexandria and intermediate btations, at W before 12, a. a., on ths^arrival of the train- o' the Virtcinia Cettnil rail roa.1 from Richmo?.u;Char:<.tt^ville, bnd SUnaton T'lROUGH TICKET?. Froti Alt xan lria to VVnrrenton t2 '10 " " OorloDsville 3 #.) Couriottecville 4 25 'ti "t fi'-annton i 90 , ' ?'itrasburg ^..3 61 Lynchburg tj 75 Winchester? 8 60 * i* Wew Market 6 CO , ,. Middleburg 2 i5 Rfc.ri <VTn,:;;ha*"S. "ncecting with the etages at vh*rl<Hl*9v:l.*, c,u Mor. Isys, WedcNidny.*, ai.d Fr (UJH * i Market, oonnertlne wi;U the ir b,y CuIpPrer'cn T'-fs.layP,Tharsdayn, and Sal, atSiW^lie6t<r dai'J> ronBectin* *ilb "tagea itFtheVii^bUrf a"1,y> cona^'"? with the ?Ug?s nor"?-!?": W'B* bb?CK*T1', Ag^r.t. FOR MOUNT VERNON^ r,r-~*m r- ?? Tl,ESDAYS and KillDAYB. ^Mgjl^alicre round tr*p t\; from Ale*. anhu ,5 e^nta?lbe THOMAS CMLL1ER leaves lTfcf?h*!>gtcii i.t 9 ViTi 4*ri\ * 4 U' ' r?VfrwV I ?^.>ac^learetb?Car; 'r??Vlk C..aeh f I r? ' 0 ccn?o. ' a *" 8 * 0 dk ivrsons wUhiu/ the r aches r.-;;; I rare thri- resl dMr. T7lth <1: X a J hoe. Parke' ' iUfrrshznenta cm the boat | fiAM'L GRBNiaY, Capt *ORK A LlVKltPOOL UNITED STATES ef&jK MAIL STEAMERS^ jTASS?" U?. ARK ATLANTIC. Capt. West PACIFIC, Cat t Nye, BALTIC, Capt. Ootrsstock, ADRIATIC, Capt. Oratton. i t'Uilt by conuart en.rr / for Government service; eve^ ^re h" ,^n i*i their construction, an iu the Engines t! " "nJ anl their aoccmui?^e ?" fcr "t'rt.clbr"5* " " V"rk 10 Hecend Cab'n v*.u?of" fcrom Liverpool to New York ?30 and ?20 vu r^'r^ncel burge, n attached to ?acn ship. y Lorth can be stcnr <d uctil p^il for. ?or ueight or passage apply to KUWAHD K. COLLINS A CO., 63 Wml1 "treet, Nh ? York. BROWN, 8IIIFLBY A CO, E. 0. R0UERT8 A CO., UTerpooL 13 King's \rms Yard, London JOHN MUNROE 4 00, ^naon" Rue Nctre r>ame des Yictoire? Pirm GEO. U. l>RAPiR, Havre. ILe owners of the^e (.hips will sot be accountabla fur ^oui, aiver, bullion, rpecie, jewelry, urwionn ?tone* or metals, unlee- bills of lading lre MJn^d V SEMKEN, jeweler; S! ?a\e,tu<? 9 tk and 10tA sire tit Fob uili''v;,1EcJJi^al^Jl ""'"J ? ThWbi?,rnXi,hJ'f' ?**b' '?'?* unuHajly "r"?ont?d nnj -ill ' jan 111 [Wo MO] fljr th? President oftht UBltMSmtn. TN pursuance of law, I, FRANKLIN PIRROF. Tn> ? 1 Went oi tha United Sttte* of ^owrir.v d > t ?trhy WM and Mil known that a publi: sals sitlfcr bed at the lanJ offic* at Acorsra, in tb?- Sta'e r* Mwuspri. oommea ing on McmUay, the/?v" > first (Lty of Mxy next, f r tie di?posal of all thtt p.rU. u ol Jie section* an I p :ru o' sections of lanl bearin t odi uum?? within -ix lo-le* on ewb stde rf th liu?of'h? Mob'U Obio urn aaiLaotn. In t?-e *tat-* ?f Ali am\ anl Misstss rn subje t to th double minimum prio* of two dollar* and fifty eetv? per acre, es pr vided by the act ct 20tb tfeptemt*-, 1?50. aud excepted tr^m graluatioa ss to prior ty the art ^41 b Au/iu . ISSi, which wera a'vertiMi to be offered for s<le in prtHsmstlon >o 4M, be?r in< date 23d May, 1*53, hot subsequently witl <lraw;i unti further pr?t>? tor the propoerd radroa J from Brandon to Mo*.t.':mer^ by putlie no l:a No. ?4'? *, bearing date 19Ji August, 1?63: ano the san>< not being nutlet to private entry at the dsteofssil withdrawal, wer? ooD^juectly not rrstor^d ta near 1 *t by pi'neral notice No 622, dated 6th ?ept#taher. ' 54. situated in the undermenbonei townrblp.-, to wit: Xurih of the. l-ctt lire and east of the CS'Ktxw *f i Htan. Tpwa?bipyn?r, of rang# thi'teen Townships three, four Jlee, and six, of ran;* four teen i\??nhips 'hree, four, fire, six and trptn, rf ra- ge fifteen Townships three,four,fire, six, and eeven,of ren. e riltMD t'ownrhips fire, sit, *nJ *!*?, of range fever- i teen Township term, of ra"g? eighteen. Notice l? alsu hereby qmrn that all th* land* s'.t uatet outside of the tern mle limit on ?*ch sid>- < ' ;henbove road wi bdfawo and not siso> net: r to private -ntry a?above stale I. which will be ?u jsrt to entrj at one dollar and twenty-five c* t per Here, or (if tor actual settlement ?-d pre em? ti-n) at the pric?? pre* tibed by th? graduation e-t of 4th August, 1864. in the foil wing-named d strict* and township* in the States of 5ti?* seippi and Ala tax a. will be subject to entry and frc%tioo on ?ii i after Motidaj the nineteenth day of Mat ch next, tr wit: In the district of lands subject to sale at Arocrr* Mississippi : North of the but line and emj/L (f the ChooLaw uteri' dian. T wnships three, four, five, tlx and seven, ofrarrre twelve Townships three, four, fire, six, and seven, cl range thirteen Townships three,, six, and seren, of nn,;? fourteen Township J'ren, of rtnge fifteen Towush!m three, four, and five- of range s:xteen Townships three, four, five, six, anl seven, o: range sevmft>?n Township? three, four, five, eix, and wren. ?t racge eighteen. In the distiict cf lands subject to vale at Pkmo1-> utf. Alabama : Xorth oj the 6xi; tin' and west of the principal we ridian. Townships thirteen, foarfcen, fifteen, slxN-en at i seventeen, of range two Towiioh'p* thirteen, fourteen, fi. Uen, sixteen ar J ttr- nUeti, of raoge three J'owuship* th?rteer, fourt'en, fifteen, sixtern an.; eveuteen, of tang*; four Township* thirteen And fonrt^en, of rent* five. The townships designated in r man e tew sr. * holly within the limits of six and fifteen mil<s ie siectivelj on each ?ideof sa??l r ad. and those in italics are partly within 8->:d limit', as designate on the diagram* which will be furnished to tte r- ; steettre district officers by the Commissioner of the j General La^d uflise. The lands will be eoH, su*yect te the rioKt of way grant* i by the act of iJOJi .-tptem?*>r, 1850, to t.. 'tates p.f>re?aid for s?id rm roal. not ? xweding ov> hundred feri on each side thereof, and therefjr- tbi pa.ttca .tr racta of lant- which include the road will be s Id ;*s containiDjt the quant'ties rtspective'.j shown by the cfli val plats. The se.stic>ns will be effered at the pnMic sale th^rrder iri th.y are ativortieed; tfce rale rill t>e ?ept pj^-n f?r a sufficient time to admit of offeriug H?i the ixw'.a, but n^t exceeling two w?ehe; aT -1 applications to m&!i? private entries cf the lacd oB'rnl at p iMi ??l? under this proclamation will net L>: rvrelved until after the dese cf the t?<~ weets. 01t> n under my ban?. at the city of Washington. \ii.t seventh day of l>bru-*rv. Anno D?mini one -JioUianletibt hundred and fifty FA AN KLIN PI*i:CK. vy the Prudent: Jobs Wilson, C-J~m'lssioner 0<c?;al Land Offi *. NOTICK TO PRE KMF7I0N CL4IMAMSri. Under the act of Oonfriest *pprcv?d 31 of Marrli. 185.'!, nntitled "An tct *? extend pre eispti jj n^h?s to certain ss: tiers therein mention*!,'' the pre emp tio i la s were extends J > ver the above menlioci t*t?rnate odd cumbertd so<#ione within s x miles > u -a^h sileor th? route of the road wbera the settle i ctt audimprovemant were mad> pricr ti the da e il all twn', if proven up and pti i for at the rsr cftwodollars and fifty cent< per acre, belrire the Ja- fixed for the public sale ; and by the act np proved -7th March, 1654, entitled "An act for the r*.let of ee'.tlars on lduiA rea?4 rc-d fsr railroad pur poses.'' persons who settled at d improve! the above named lections prior t<? the date of wittdrawa? 1enti*l?<tto (-captions atthenrdinarymlnimUTn price c f the public lands or *t tb? r*te of one d->lltr an 1 twenty-five cents per acre, if proven up nci ptid for b?f re tha day fixt>d for the public side:? Therefore, every person entitled to the ug' tof pre empti< u in any of the alternat? ^d numbered tfc t on? sbove njenMonel, wi bin six milesot the rorte of th'1 road, uod-r the set cf 8d Mar.-h, l?f3, *b ve r? 1-rred to, on settlements made prior to th? 4th o! Fel>ru.iry, 1^53,(the date of allotment) cr under 'he act of -7 ta March. 1854, on settlements made pr or to the -1st* of th<j original withdrawal of th-5 ards from market, likewise every perfon entitled to pre emotion under the act ' f 27th March, 1854, in any cl the 'aids o ulside of the tix mUe limits lireU-d to b?? restored to en ry on t> e 17th day of March nest, i? n"quired to <-8.*blis th<- same to the stiti^f ctwo , jf :he r? h-ter and roceirfr of the proper la~<l ofhee. and make pavment therefor at the pries fix^d by law as soon as practicable tfter se?injr this notice, anl tvfore the d*y appointsd for the publ c ?tile cr r??toration to market of the lands etnbracirx the tract rliimwd; otherwise such (lain will be forfeited. JOHN WILSON, Commissioner of General Land i flee, fab 10- lawl3? )KKICK No. 51*4 Seventh street, tliree <l<e>r> from Odd Fellows' llall. SFIX"TACLE3 an.l <il.AsSES suited to every sight, on a true and rci entilic principle See circulars", to l?e had at tUc office. fch 38?lm* BEAUTIFUL WHITE TEETH. Healthy gums, and a sweet breath. AH who are desirous of obtaining these bene fits, a.oul.1 use ZF.R MAN'S CELEBRATE!* TOOTll-WAdll. This delicious article combines so many meritorious iinalitiex, tliat it has now l?e coiuc a standard favorite wiUi the citizens of New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore. Dentists pre scribe it in their pracuce most successfully, ami from evrry source the most flattering Inudauons arc awarded it. Inflamed and bleeding gums are immediately hen efitted by its use; its action upon thein is mild, soothing and effective. It cleanse.* the teeth to thoroughly, that they are made to rival pc.irl in whiteness, and difTuses through the mouth such a delightful freshness, th;it the bieaUi is rendered ex quiMtely sweet. It disinfects all thn???; impurities which tend to produce decay, and as n cousequcnce, when tliese are removed, the teeth must always re main sound. It is used ami recommended by all the eminen Dentists in New York, Philadelphia, Italun ore, ami other ciucs where it has be n introduced. All should give it a trial. 1'retired oulv by FRANCIS ZERMAX, Drugei-t and Chemist, Ninth and Catharine streets, Phila delphia, and sold by all Dniszists everywhere, at 25 cents p<* Ixittlc. W. H. UILLMAN, jau 17?3in Agent for Washington City. 110WARD LIFE INSURANCE COM PANY OF NEW YORK. II C- SPAIjl>IWG, of Washington, Agent. 111IE Howard Life Insurance Company, possrs^ ing an ample capital, and every facility for < x tcndin" its operations U|sm the moM secure ba- is, makes evt ry insurance againtt Life Risks upon the most favorable terms. Parties insuring upon the mutual plan are tnu tied to a proporliotttte slntre of the profits ; or upon the joint i-tock plai by which they pay a lower rate of premium, hut di not shsre profits. Policies are granted either lor life, or for a limited period. The H?n\ ?ttd commends itself to persons in all stations, but especially to every head of n family. Miliiaiy or Naval Officers off or on duty may be in'ured iii time et peace. Persons insured in this Company have the privi lege. of crossing the Atlantic, to port* in Ean>p<-, at all seasons of the year without extra premium.? Special permits for California, Australia, or the Sandwich Islands, at a reduced rate of premium. Office No. 338 North Dsireet, one door east ot Tenth mar 3?eolin "silverware. AVERY prettv assortment of Silver Coflce Sets, Pitchers, Goblets, Cup , Creams, and all kinds of Spoous and Forks, and a variety of Fancy Silver ware, suitable for presents, viz: Soup and Oyatn Ladles, Crumb Scrapers, fish, pie and cake Kuivei', Cream and Sugar Spoon*, etc., is offered at l->w j*i ccs, and warranted sterling. H. REMKP.N, No. 33U Pa. avenue, bel. ?lu? and llfci, ,.r. jan 1>ITNAM'3 MAGAZINE for March. M , FEAWCK TAYLOR. let 28- if PHILADELPHIA ADVERTISEMENTS, SHIDER 8 WIXfBfl AT P HI L A P ? LP HI A. Jorm v.?nnicR,rMi*riamMLMti? hff?r ??!< *?t*l ! *>?* 8t0f of J At CM 8y]T>> A . Jr., No. 74 V air at vtreet icor Joora f-' r i at??t, whate ernnmfrt will baaappUd vi'k w*. a id LIQUORS ob the inert ???. JM oB vRIDSR, Jr i Amtfer ht l? ! p?'U' at ol tORKWN WJJYE5, v?pw No.ft WaV? [ a lit -.rwl, i'Lil*l*lpht*. whete be ia pryrd to i tec*.?? or Jen tor the ?iecial Importation of WIsbb. I 4c., n<o ??iK'O* bona** In Korope, in q nan title* of : * single Jo tee on I upward*; and alt* solicit* for tua **on, JOHN %AUQ ! AN 8MDER, the patronage of his frier. It ar c former customer# *?* All W r? order J for Kasbiaftoa will bo do> liver ed by Fxpraaa/rer nf A eiffki. jo 8?ly DOCTOR lOURSKLr. TUF. POCKET JSSCULAPIUS: 02, KV{JK7 ONI CI8 OWN PHTSIGIAt*. Tb# Fiftieth Edition, viift Oca hundred En^ra' U ? ab^wing Dlwwore ?M Mai /?m w formations of the Hma *^4^ M '? *r*r* - \w? jora. To which la added b Tr-atise cn th? Di*aa*e< of Perna!**, M&gjof the Mrh art 1bpert*?ew to r?rrkj peor-1*. or thme ^nt?n? ptatiaf carriage. By WH. ltUNG, M. P. Let so fatbot be ubtoat t>? prefect a copy ?f the ASCULAriU? to bis cbl'il It but Lie from mi earlv crave. Lrt ?n year* tian or wentn en -or i? to til* aeer?t cf merrlM Ufa p't'ett read! lgtlse POCK kT AVCn.APIU8. Let do one suffering frra a ha kuieJ C< ugh, Fain In tbr rS3% reatlee-i, notoa ieeliags, and the whole traia cf Py^p?ptij recWJocr, and given up by their pby iHar, ha \u- ther rocarat, without n nrjltiB? rfc? JB80ULAPICS- Have the married, or th?v- afcm to br ni%rr<*?i any apedlmr nt, this t- My ua fal book, as It !. *? t een ?h*r. "aan el nr og treat and* f.f unfjr'.ont* Croats -i tea tl?a v?ry Java ?? M^Anj person eendir;; 'I V. ?NTT-?IVE CENTS enclosed In b letter, wnl r^ve if ropy of this work by Btil, cr Cve eoptw will br rrctfr r OnrDoi ii&nm, (poat pal J) t'R. WU TOCNG, K% 1M Bfraaa rtroet. Phi!ai#!phlk ?pit?ly lUTiimi iffUTisEitrc. I WDJAB DOCTCB. R 9 bFttCBL ?}*i?rrb'm PrrV^Jonal perr!ea? to tht daifo# of Pat iiBort. 'I cat ro.-a at' kirda cfCaBcerr? ck*tbaia rat w!tb?nt ;a'n. ? r 'ba c? of any katta. 1 eaa vra all k?n<!*of Pit? Kbantnatie Pb!bb, :.\>BP?BpMea, Dr'fvy. lyp rala, Pilar, PaJty, or my cthar riiasaat tba hue an an- ily arr rcbjact to. ?Tr c*c g'.op Fl*?i;nir frrm tha I.urge cr Near, aoy !irtan.*f frons thr patent, ty kr' wing tfca ratiast*a c.cia. I ??a horzi blind, aod baa *ta?:ac ?-raral j?*:k r.r.dar an Indian Doctor who *w ?r <~cg tbr ?rild Ictfian- tbirtaaa yaatf. D2. HPENCtK ha# remcrri ftca Mr. 6o;kl?y*0 :>f-ardin? Houaa, to No. 84, HANOTEK STREET, aoz 11- tf taiticiora. Md. AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENSE. LKTTHK aiCK nr*B THB TBCTH. j Captain Hcnjamim.? VVh'-rrver ki own hif tra?i mony will be c??ncluaiv?-. But laat Uinaf w iio do | .tot know the Captarn abouhl hr acep'ical, Or. Law ! son & Bro., Willi otiicts of me l???t limmn -ind i iiM ? itifhly n*jip?*etablp citizens of Eiarti>n, (Uidoroc iiw | won.fprful cure by Hampton's vegetable TiNCTr&s. | Gawton, Oct. 4, IBM. Mewri. Moriimtr 4" Mowbrax,: Gentlenii n?I f? ?;l it iny duly to j--u and the pub lie to certify to U:?* trtccts of (lampion'' \>??table Tinrrure. I was for more than five y?*ar* laboriug ?indcr a di.-ea!?e of Chronic RhewMiiBi, and the qrrat part ot that luio* I wa? so tkal I had to b?: iielp?>d from my l?od and dr?'aM:d in my c!"t!?e? i becami reduced to a m?e rkdetna. AH ;hc m?Hl iciBea I took done mc no "o< d, and I c liiuiu* d M grow worse. I hear I of Ilanipion's Tmcnire and thought I would jive it a trM. At thia time I did not expect to live on?- day af><T asotlier. I i<d imk : take it (the Tincture} for the Kh> umau-m, but in j a nhmt tune I vkaa well of tliat di-?*aae. l'?oni Cw j ? fleet* of your I ineture aud Uie help of 'i<*l I am iir.w getting in g'?id healiii. i I wish all tin' afflicted to try Hampton'* Wr> tat.e I Tincture, as I hav?" dn?e, with the .-ame < .TcctUJt ? ;t ha? on \ <>ar obedient servant, IraaC Br*jaNiK. We are a^qu iintcd with Isaac Benjamot, fold hirn some ofHampton'a Vegetable Tincture, aud bc ( liswe the aliove atatenient correct. DawaoN- h Bao. Fnmi our kn<.w!.>dee of Captain Benjamin we are confident that the atove atatcmeni i? trie and un ezafciated. J. A. Joun.--?i*, ChaBMs U .b:ksom. f'all and g? t pan;;>hlet< and ?? : r ?r?'< of Cough, Bronclu:i<, Rh? URiati^-m, N\m. .?a, Uv* pepua, Nervousnes* and General IVrskne Aaa iemnle mcdiciae or for delicate ch ldien l* litve it unequalled. Sold by MORTIMCR h. MOW LB W, 110 Baiti more street, Baltimore; and :*>4 Broadwr-v, N. York ('has. Stott & Co., J. B. Mooaa, H B. Clabbb Cia*si Bowlibo, W. Elliot, anil II. McPnta son, Washington ; also, by R. 8. P. Ciai>tt., George :own, and C. C. Bekby, Alexandria, and bv Drug jssts everywhoe. jan H? tr COUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, .'leltaf In Fir a Mlnutu, TYLER 8 CORPOrSD OCR ARABIC STRUF. Tmu iacrra*!ng demaad fnr this raot,t pirBBMt, raf-, and ef? -a*icn.s remedy tor all pmnionary di*ta?-w, hi_a ?L.Abl?d th" pre,-rictst to red ace the ptice bo as to pla,? it within the r?;ch of al! clasr**. Its pm[friDrity crrr most rlmilar i reparaMoca Ja at toefed l y many eminent phyHcian: who bj?Te hr?a aya wito?.-^a of iU ?f?oar? wlien th? oal r?a?? dirs have tai'ed; also by thca-acd cf enr moat r? cpectabie clUrenp *bo have ce~d it in tbeir amiliea both vr-T-atir? tad care with c?Ter failing euc ce^a C r the Ust tweaty years, during which petlol with rrry little aid from a'dvsrtfrfnc. Me., It ha gradually spread reputa'iou over the whele I nion. In cases of reeeut Coidt Graphs. A, it gi7?a immediate relief, and gen- rally ciirea In a day or t^o, withont :r terfirini with diet or busine or revderin^ the ,yh?em m^r# ???.? wih'e "f Ccio., 3 chromic e ises, ^it'.rj, Whr>*p uj C-**gk. Crvu^ Bronchitu. A ffr'ticm of bt; Lung:, ar.i i '-onrum ticn, it is always very VnoUaal s&.l eel^om taii, when ooumecoed In uat t:- p.-rfcct a ~sre. Price 2a ard fcO oont* a V<?itle. Bold who'e^a.e by Pattimr u 1 Nairn, 8teU k Ca, Sidgely A Co. Alexandria i- l'erl A Stcveaa. Ja Oeorsjetown hyMr. CUse *?- TFLEEt'S OUR AEAS1C CJtXDT PR Of X a similar ccrapcsitfoa to *ba abe ve, bat 1n a milder an1 mcr- portable form ; ?hey net l?Ve a cLarm on a troublerome G ugh, and cl^ar Lha throat and voice; th?yooataln no iajuri<>b? Jmg. i?re partlea iarly rftrocuaeadrd for childrea. frBiaantera cl pab 'k tseeahliee, pablic ep?*k-rp. eiagert, Ac Pn.e 12^ tnd 25 ee^tx per box. Tor sale at most Drug and Candy BUiras. oct IT?tf * THE ART UNION OF LONDON. I'LAX FOR THE Cl*RRr.XT YhUIR THE list i? now open, and every i-u -ncriber cf $5.50 wil. be en'stled to? I. An itnpresMoii 01 a Plate, by J. T. Wiilmore, A. H. A.,from the original picture t>\ J. J. Cha lon, B. A., " A Water Tarty." II. \ Volume containing tiiiity WiVmI En^ravinga illustrating subjects from Lord Byron's I'oem of 44 Childe llarolde." And III. The of obtaining one *f the prizes to be allotted at ttie general ni'-etiug 111 Aprif, which will include? T'.ie nglit to select for htin^-lf a va!aaM<* w >rk of ur from one 01 the public exhibitions, ritatunes in bnmxe nf ber Majesty on Hi i>eback, l?j T Tl???r neycrotf. 4'opieM in l?r??rize, fnmi an orifi'ial MeW in relief by R. JelTeraun, of "Tiie Ei try of tin- I?uke of Wellington into Madrid Stauttt* - ??? i?orcelaui or parian. Proof Impressions of a lar?'- l.itiio/ranh, I'J'T. H. Maguire, ofter the original ptctnr?- by W. P. Fritii, li. A., "The Three ?< Wf," fr^ii Mo lierc'a 44 B >urgeoi.^ Geuulhoaimi." Honorary tM'cretarirs for Wanhiit*l?rt. M<i*fs. TAYLOR St. MACKY, Book*-IIera. ' jan 24 PiiiLADUhpniA LAGER BEER DEPOT, 381 Pa. arm**, 4% a%4 (Uk rr"'. T K have at all time-, the 1**4 |-hiladel|.hu U f f ?er ?t;er on I and, and offer if now tor nak for $3 per ke?, and in quart bottit--- lot ^1 M w r dozen. * r We send the Bet r :ree of co?t* to ail ii?t> of the city. ? Mauy (thyvicinns h ive r.( <4itie.rii b d thts Beer a- one of the best reBAedie* for weak taowacli*. mar 5? lm? P. C. it IV. GKRLCKK. WATCHES AMD Jfc.WVI.KV.-I have <n hand a simmI ol line A# WATCHErf and JEWELRY whttlhwdi U sold very cheap to suit the tim* s. (Joid f.e-^^^L ver Watcbea as low a? $25, warranted t i^^^ keep good tinie. Call mid at e tor vourn lv? ?? the mor- of J. ROIUMSOK, 349 I'a ave., Opyu. Itiowns' Hotel, feb dlui ORGANS FOR SALE. A SUPERIOR toned CHAPEL ORGAN; aod a tine Roe< \?o ?l PARI.' ?B ORGAN, boil, now on exhibition al the M. tru|.olitan Meetmitb -? Va.11. 1"bey are fton; ih- <r 1,1 HENBV 1 of New Ycak . . terms, Ac . &pL>ty ic i .i*'- ca ri L > ?? >.u iiUi rtre? 1, north of T. HENRY L?I'.EN. leb %-e?>?

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