Newspaper of Evening Star, March 22, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 22, 1855 Page 2
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iiV KX1NG STAR. WASHINGTON PITY: THURSDAY AJTTEBJOO* Xinh 83 (?7* Advertisements should be handed In by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may uot appear until the next day. < 4?> ? , Storagb.?Storage will be taken in tbe tine large dry bawment, corner of Elevcuth street and the Avenue, "Star Buildings.** The central location and e?sv access to this store-room makes it the most desirable place of the kind in Washington. Terms low. Apply at the Star office. - ? 5? I KIT OF THE MOB5ING PRESS Ike Union <ake? op the Know Nothing platform tii Virginia, end quotei, u diametri cally opposed to it, a action by aeotion, extracts from me writings of Washington and Jefferson The mom paper hope* that " agriwatin Sam" will not proscribe Judge Loring, ol Massachusetts, for discharging his duty in th< matter of the execution of the fugitive slav< The I/itrlligeneer publlahea the u Souli document!" this mornicg, and in ocmmentinj upen them, says: " V>? &re glsd to aee it announoed in tht official paper of yesterday that the tfovernmen ef Spain nas agreed to a satisfactory adjust meet of the Black Warrior affair by neeordin] h ju.-t indemnity which will be consummated as soon as the u? oeasary proofs can be takes cf the amount of the damages, and that - Mr. Slaroy's argument of the 2?ih of June, IS51, (already given in the Intelligencer,) has Tiad the effect of securing thia adjustment.' We confers we have read this assurance, compli mentary as it is to the honorable Secretary, with ?incero pleasure. There are few men in the country, we hope, who would not prefer obtaining satisfaction from an offending nation by the power of reason rather than the argu ment of cannon baila. and all good men must jejoiee that oar foreign affair* are eor>filed to hands capable of adjusting our difficulty with <pain (.not proverbial for diplomatic oelerity) by the oonuraMe weapons of argument and persuasion. We may excuse the slowness of their operation, sinoe they have at last effected a cure "We wish, however, that the government paper, when it announced such pleasint newi could have peimiited the country to enjoy on< day's respite from the ' rough frown of war * We know that it has for a week or two pad) recommenced ringing the changes on "Span* ish outrages," past, present, aud to come, and seemed to have been, from the influence ol some evil wind in politics we suppose, sudden ly imbued with a desire to prepare the heart of the nation afresh for war wi;h Spain ; yet we think there is hardly even a respectable filibuster who will not agree with us that it ?i.. an uffsece against go<.d taste, if n it against good manners and official propriety, not to al low a single day to pass, tfier telling the oountry that our old ally had made amends for one injury, before it prooeeded to shake its fist in her face and remind her that, although abe tad satisfactorily settled one aocount, we had plenty more beaind, and meant to exact the uttermost tanking, or she would, in the lan faage of our bellicose friend, Major Do warns, aveto "smell thunder " We cannot thiol; that such ungracious conduct on the part ol the ? flHal journal could have been inspired by the Department of State, andd^re say that it was the unconsidered effect of habit in oui neighbor rather than of any natural implaci' biliry. But. although we agree with the UtU'j/t that the ooncc&ios of Spain was tardy jre must recollect that it is the habit of Span, ish diplomacy to be tardy?a habit as incura bit. wc suppose, as some of the U/tton's own. which many of its friends, would very giadlj Bee reformed Tlia Sen$inel\$ "down oa'r Spain this morn iug, doubting lc to to, the Union's recent ac> Cjunt of tho settlement of the Black Warrioi ease. The editor chargee that the Unio* makes much of the accjnnt of the settlemen of the esse in question, only by way of hiding what it is ploased to term the bungling diplo macy of tho Ostend conference las Hsrald's List ?The Satanic seems a a loes for a wonder lately. Yesterday it an nou^ced the roni^r that the steambhip Canadi had been captured by a Russian frigate; tha ihe had on board a million of specie, and tha great failures must result from it. That wei weii done, with ths exception that it wa badly timed. To day v?e hear, by telegraph that tho Caoade is oafe at Halifax What L the matter ? CiT Hua. H A. Hendricks, of Indiana, on his return to Shelbyville, on Monday evening Much, 12 h, was received the most flittering mince? by the Democracy of Shelby und the aJj'.iaing counties who turned out in grea' lumbers to meet him. 44 The night wat stormy,-" atys the Volunteer, ?? but the town was brUliar tly illuminated by lights from the windows of the Maaonio building, the Spragut House, Win utter ottoe. and all the stores an?i uwellmg houses, whese owners were political friends of Mr Hendrieks. The soene wai o>agMhcent. and predated a sublime eontraa i j u.4 loae irg elements above " 1 H A ABW ii.OiBHUIBC f LXCTIoX?It will L e seen by comparing the election returns late j -eceived from New Ilumjahire that the los* of the bcu>ocratic party there *ince the list election is 2 Ue7; the loss of the Whig 12,612; the loss of the Freesoilers 9 491?total 21,690' vLi:h has bm*n swelled by the Know Nothing p-rty. But when wo compare the loss of the Administration with that of the Whigs and Abolitionists, we see of what the new party is tomp^sed Cy The Ohio papers state that a secret po liJcal association has been organised in Ohio m opposition to the know Nothings, the mem btrs of wbi h are called ' Wild Cats," but they ylo themselves the "Dem c.atic Republican Couccii of Ohio " The head-quarters of this society have been established at Cincinnati, and the constitution of the Grand Council ' of the crier has been published. ? ??^ ? ? IV* Tl e Msxican papers havo re.eutly Lecn pnbliskiig a censas of that country. From it we g.ther that there are in that coun try si ci'i*#. 1V3 towns or large villages, 4.909 villages, 11'j missions. 4'., 170 haciendas, and G 092 fsim, JLc. Population 7 39b. CP* An arrival at New Bedford brings the inteiiigvnee that the inhabitants of the Isle of Sal (Cape de Verdsj are 4n a (tate of starva. tioa ZZT There are said to be in Illinois at least taenty per cent more acres in wheat at the preeeat time than iu any previous year The w inter has been exceedingly favorable. A Goofl Faica ro* a Iloasa.?The colt Morgan, from the original Black ilawk, owned by L'svid llill, Bridgport, Vermont, five years clJ, s">hl last week, in New York, by Ja nes M 1I?!1 to Mr. B. F Fields of Califor ?la. for $4 000. Height 15* hands; weight 1,125 poands. . Charlie and Julia met at 8?'i yester d^y?quarrelled a: i parted forever?m*t A^ain this morning aud parted to meet no more ??.net agiin this evet.iog and were marrteds WASHINGTON nn A^D GOSSIP. The Monetary Bute of California ?TJW mwi cf the very general " smash up" in Cal- 1 ifornia over which the Atlantio-aide newspa per! are now speculating, took few well In formed men in this city by surprise. It has long been known here, that extravagance and speculation are the two leading characteristics of the business habits of our brethren In that far weetern quarter. Characteristics Incident to the fact that they are Americans, and, therefore, bj constitutional habit, reckless in business operations, and exist among circum stances, more likely to superinduce heedless ness in expenditures than any others to be conoeived of We do not remember ever to have known an individual whose business was nearly allied to gambling, who failed to be extravagant in his personal expenditures?to I trust to lack. All the world are aware that nothing can be more common in California than extreme proverty yesterday, and full pockets to-morrow. The newspaper aocounts of business affairs there In the last five years have been little more than the jotting down of instances in which men have either suddenly I made or lost large sums. In any country in I which manual labor may by aocident pay, I daily, a hundred times as much as will support the laborer, recklessness and an absence of real thrift must be marked characteristics of I those who depend on manual labor lor their I bread; resulting, eventually, in a heavier ag I gregate of lcsses?privations?than of gains? I wealth. Gold mining in California, up to this pe riod. has been little more than gambling; for I it has been carried on, for the most part, with I out system on the part of those engaged in it. | and with little aid from science, which will oome into play so soon as the gold shall be in I a measure exhausted. Then, few will con I tinue to follow?each man or half dosen men I without capital?a business in which the I chances are that one lucky day will be sue I ceeded by a dozen without success. The surface gold set the community of Cal. I ifornia to gambling, and put up everything to gambling rates or prices?money to from three to five per centum a month, to be used in what is termed out there, legitimate business. The immediate cause of the failure of Pjge, Bacon A Co , Adams A Co., and Wells. Fargo & Co ? nominally houses engaged in the express bus iness, but really the great banking houses of the new State?was the fact that they bad loaned out their funds to parties in trade a', from three to five per centum per month. If their borrowers are good, and some of the Cal ifornia papers eo insist, they will pay eveiy dollar. We anticipate no such agreeable ter mination of the general smash-up there how ever. It is impossible thai the three largest and most active banks, and half a dozen with less means, in a city of the population and business of San Francisco, can suspend with out thus producing a general crash amcng their depoaitora whose money they have loaned out to parties, a large per centage of whom I stand ready, of course, to pay op, if at all, in '(depreciated obligations of the lenders We II question, however, whether these failures will .1 not, in the end, benefit the new State. 11c. . I true interest requires that her business 11 habits (system) shall undergo radical acd J sweeping changes?ahuil becom9 assimilated . I to the business system prevaling in older and , I (commercially) pmdent communities ' I This crash will g-j far toward bringing about I the change we indicate, which cannot fail in I turn greatly to benefit the future of those in I California who live by the sweat of the brow r I Our sympathy is almost wholly with that class, las when they are d<dng .well, all others are I prosperous. This axiom holds good every ' I where in our country, and its prevalence is I really at the foundation of all we are or may I hope to be a; a signally happy and prosperous* II people. Liability of Contractors for Transporta *1 tion, &c ?A case was disposed of a few dajs I ago at the Treasury Department, wherein a | extractor, "a ho had bound himselt by written B| agreement to transport ccrtain army supplies " I from Fort L?avenworth to El Paso, vns re. I tarded on his route, and was under the neces 31 sity of using some of the supplies for the aup I port of himself and his teamsters lie cffaroJ > I payment for the supplies he had consumed, ?I and the question arose whether he should JI pay the pr ce of the articles at the place i I of departure, or at the plate where ho had II agreed to deliver them. It was held, that >1 :n strict legal principles the contractor would ' I be lUble to make good at the place of delivory > I the deficiency in the supplies he had bound >1 himself to deliver, the United States allowing I1 upon suou replaced supplies the contract rate II of transportation. But when supplies are con * I sumed from necessity, or lost by unavoidable t| accident while en route to the place of dtliv I ery, it haa been the practice of the Govern I ment, heretofore, to debit the contractor only ' I with the price at the place of departure, di3 I aliening, of course, any charge for the trnns '1 portatien of the supplies so lost or consumed ? This practice being equitable, the contractor's account was settled in conformity with it. The ,?o called Russian Revelations.?We , have refrained from alluding to the atories from this city, saying that the President had i received from the Kucsian authorities, through their miniater here, a document or documents going to prove that the European allies have made a --compact,'' in which they pledge each other to interfere in case cf any further at tempt at territorial expansion on the part of the United States Government, <?c We did so. because, up to this time, we were unable to obtain any really satisfactory information upon . the subject. Just now however, we have come to a conclusion in out own mind upon it, and, therefore, hasten tq say thai there is not evrn a shadow cf a foundation in truth for it. The inquiries we s?t on foot would have brought us positive proof of the fact if any such fact existed. It is quite probablo that American travelers in Russia, of late, have brought to Washington any quantity of cook and bull stories of this sort, tut It cannot possibly be that the Government oT the United Stateahave recaivcd a word or a line on the subject irom any more reliable source than that which we here indioate. A Clerical Vacancy Filled.?The Secretary of the Interior has designated Mr. John S. Pennybacker, of Mr. Letcher's c-j agression al district of Virginia, for examination to fill the vacancy exidtiog in the first class ($1,200 per annum) clerkship of the Pension Bureau, which will be found noted in the list of ap pointments to clerkships In thit office recently published. Death of a Haval Acting 'Waster.?We re gret to have to state that positive Information of the death of Passed Midshipman Tboa. W. Brodhaad, acting mailer of the U. S sloop of wir Fi'moutb, ha? beeo received lo this olty. The veseel ?? la tha Waal Indies then be diad, on tho JOth ult., of yellow fever. Tbil event is the more distressing from the feot that Mr. B. was a young gentleman of much professional promise. He was the only remaining son of onr fellow citiien, Dr. Brodhead, Second Comptroller of the Treasury. A Commander for the Now Atotic Ixpedi tion ?Lieut Henry J. Hartstene, U. S. N.. has been ordered to the command of the Gov eminent a expedition to the Arctic seas, an* thorised by Congreis at its last session. Hew* not long since in command of one of the mail steamships of the line between New York and San Francisco e?a Panama. This expedition (to oonsist of one steamer and one sailing vassal.) will fit out at the the New York nary yard, and will probably sail as early as Juno 1st next. As yet the sailing ship has not been procured Tho Current Operations of ths Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 21st March, there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department al the redemption of stock $18,218 0:1 For paying Treasury debts 4,525 00 For the Customs.. 114,178 00 For covering into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources.... 75 60 For oovering into the Treasury from customs 337 60 For the War Department 37,05180 For repaying in the War Depart ment....* 1.950 91 For the Intel ior Department 13,530 90 For entering on the Treasury brooks an appropriation tot the Interior Department 931,569 30 PERSONAL. ....Ihe last accounts from England by tbe Africa, state that Sir John Bishop, husband ol Madame Bishop, the vooa'ist, is in bad health and extreme poverty, and subscriptions and a concert were about to be got up for his relief. ....Col. Daniel Jenifer is announced as a candidate for the next Congress from the sixth Congressional district of Maryland, embracing the counties of St. Mary's, Charles, l'rince George's, Calvert, Anr.e Arundel, Montgom ery and Howard. ... .It is announced in recent Paris letters, that immediately on the arrival of Ex Presi dent Van Buren in Pari* from Italy, he re ceived a pressing invitation from the French Emperor to pay hiai a visit, with which he complied with, and the two had a long inter view. ,.. .1 he YY heeling lutelligencer announces the arrival in thatci'y, of Col. Benton. He stopped at the McLure House. He has in charge the remains of his wife, which he id taking to hi3 home in St. Lou? for interment ... .TheGreen Bay (Wis) Advocate taya that Miohael Green, who wa? recently appointed Light house keeper at Daily's harbor, was frezan to death a few days since. His body wai found near Kag e harbor by a party of Norwegians. ....The party which went out with the Salt Lake mail in January, returned to Inde pendence, Mo , on the 13th ins*. They report that Captain Steptoe, who was appointed Gov ernor or Utah, has neither accepted nor de clir.ed that station yet. Brigham Young was still Governor de facto. ....The childrea of Charles Bonaparte, >rinoeof Canino, who were bereaved of their estimable mother, ^the and last sur viving chili of J.Meph Bonaparte) in Borne ome ehort time t-iuoe, have been ordered to *aris by the Emperor. A marshal of France las been appointed their gunrdian and tutor, as the father is not permitted to have the sole charge of them. Ihe have, there, fore, all been removed from Italy. It ia whis >ered, however, that the Mura' branch cher ish hopes of being ultimately restored to Na ples A necessary Cai'tioh.?Never nod to a friend at an auoticn. Wo did so once, and when the sale closed, we fuund four broken chairs, aix cracked flower pots and a knock need bed stead knocked down to us What fro intended as nods to a friend had been ta ken by the auctioneer as bids for the kitchen furniture. II jg-~??IJN,OX CHOIR ASSOCIATION.?THE regular monthly meeting of the Hoard ol Managers will l>* held at the Thirteenth "Sir**** Rap list Church on FRIDAY F.VEN'I.N'fl i.< \r, at o'clock. The election of oflicers will tak ? place, and other important business transacted By ord<r: THOMAS McGlLL, Rec. Sec. mar 21?2t ,VET. MEC. IN8T1TUTE.?NOTICE ? All persons having account* against the Met. Mec. Institute will please present them forth with for settlement, us it is desired to have all out ?tandinc bills Allied bv the 1st ol April. mar22?lit P. M PEARSON, Bee. 8?c. >LECTU RE.?M A J R. H FRENCH will deliver a lecture at C?4umb a Hall Capi tol Hill, o . thursday EVENING, 22d instant, at ^ o'ciock. The public are respectfully invited. Lecture free mir21?2t ^MERCHANTS EXCHANGE ?THERE 'will he an adjourned met ting ol the Mer chants' Exchange at their Room*. Star builiinj^, corner llili -treet, on FRIDAY EVENING,23d in ?!ant, at 7)* o'clock. There w ill he an election held tor all the Lflicer* ol ihe Association, and it is desirable there should be a puuctual attendance. S. BACON, Pi evident. J NO. V. El. LIS, Sec. mar 21?1)1 WASHINGTON highlanders,A'lTEN iTION.? You are hereby requested to aiteiid a meeting of the Company at the llall nr\t THURSDAY EVENING, the 22d insUnt, ;u o'clock. It i* deMrnbie that every member ol" the Company should be there, as business ol importance wLI be laid before Uiem. Ry ordkr ol JNO. REESE, Captain. U M. FQKSVTH, Secretary. mar 21*?3t PlilftCKBS ALMORUS, Palm and Madei ra Nuts 1 bale Priucess or paper-Hhell Almond* 2 do Province Aliuonds 3 do Palui or Cream Nuts 2 ea>ks Madeira Nuts Fri ?h. SHEKELL BROTHERS, No. 40, opposite the Ceutre Market, uiar 22 - Iw FKkKClI * SPA Nl? II OL.1YU& Iresb importation, for i-ale hy SHEKELL BROTHER?", No. 40, opposite the Centre Market. mar 22?3t IIME KILN for SALE.?PART OR the j whole of it. I^i|uire on I. street south, tetween If It and 5th street* cart, \'o 391, Navy Van', mar 2j?JEREMIAH VAV HORN. I EDUCATION?A lady hav ing secured j the services of an aceotupiloted Governess from the North for her little boys, ?'faires to take 6 boys, not over ten year- ol aje, or under six, to boar I and educate wiili them. Parents or guardians p eferring this mode to seiidins their children among larger boj s, can be informed of particulars by addressing "Governesji," throush the P?et Office. mar 22?li* "iron safes. A N invoice of Stearns h. Marvin's Iron Salt*, Wilder'# Patent, wltliTRich'a iuipr ivement, just received and for sale bv A. II. HOWELLi S W. comer High and Water ku., Gwrget'n. mar 22?3l XT10?T TAPKH8, Wax Matchea for sale 1> ut HAMMOND'S, 7th st. mar 22?ol iADIA lit BBKit COMBS ot every de sctiption for J-ale at I.AMMOND'S, 7th st. mar 22?3t LAD11CM' SEWING BIRDS, PORTE Monnaie?, ladia Rubber Drinking Cups, he , taie at LAMMONO'S, 7U? el. tor mar 21 - 3t TO THE PUBLIC. r\ HIS U to intorm the public that the under?ianed 1. bat no connecUon or interest with the Drug Store on.7ih, bet vMfn D and E streets couth, Island, having sold out to Mr. Walsh on the 2.1 February, 1R'5 Alt persons indebted to the establishment prior to the 2.1 F< b uar>, :ire respectfully reijueFted to call at my More on ilth sticet, Potomac Hall, Island, ttud c!o*e their account'*. mar 21-3.* DAN 'L B CLARKE. TO THE PCBLte. JN*?J L RIVKi, tbi K4Hor of Glebe t??ws pap?r published in Uiia cay, ha* thought fit to acta.; t'.e members of the l"te firm <-f Belden, With ers tk. Co , throuili the co utnns of his paper, Md tu charge upon them corruption and dishonesty in their lailute, and in the disposition of their a-set*. The publishers of the othsr city papers h?ve not thought it iuruaibent upon (hem to pursue such a course. Mr. Rives st >nds alone in this work. As one of the member* of that firm, I propose to show brsefly to the public that Mr. Rives ha* been actuated to pursue this course purely to gratify feel 111(4 of hostility on hii part, and that und^r the prompting* of thuse unworthy motives he^ias not h siiated?wantonly and reckl >tl.j ?to violate truth. That the members ol' said firm would be sub e -t to odium and suspicion on the pari ol'tho-tf to whoui they were indebt d. and that imputation would be cust upon them, was to be excepted. This is the common lot of ?I1 who have i.'ie uusforuiiit: lo meet with pecuniary fatliue, no matter what its cause., They truwea to lhe luinre to vindicate them, feel ing injured that the winding up of the a/lairs of their bouse would result in the myinent in full of, all their liabilities, and in ihe full vindication ol their integrity of Durpose in their whole course. in the year 1851 the house or Selden, Withers k Co , purchased two acceptances given by Blair fc Rives in lavor of Barton & Co., of New York, amount ing together to ov?t $5,000. Bftforc these accept anoes matured Barton & Co failed, and Mews. Blair & Rives, (Mr. R. having the management and control of ihebusiuess ) who wer<> very wealthy men p rinitteil tliejr acceptances to be protested in December, 1831 A c<?rrr>pondence took place l?e tween the house ol Seidell, Withers fc (Jo., (con ducted on their part b. their then president, Mr. 8 ei den,) an! Messrs. & Rives, (conducted on their part liy Mr. Rives,) which, in its progress, engendered feeling* of di^sa isfacimn on Jie part of th? mero her* M' the nrui, and, an subsequent events have shown, hostility on the part of Mr. Rives Mr. R. objected to the settlenent of the drafts at that time upon the (rounds tliht Blair & Hives had received no consideration for their accept an' es, and that S> Men, Wither* & Co. had purchased the draft* at less than their nominal amount, and iaumated hi* purpose to avail himself of the plea of usurv Some six months after the protest of their drafts, ihey weie settled by the noies ot B. k. R., at three and four months I'r bi the time of this trnnsa- lion, a:| bu.-iaes* relations between the house and Mr. Rive? ceased, aim the ag? nta ot ti.e same were instructed not to cash even the checks of Mr Rives drawn upon others. At the time of the failure of the, there was no indebtedness whatever on tueir pari to Mr. R. Shortly after tin* deed of trust was executed by the firm and was a-'miited lo record, Mr. Rivvs pro cur.-d a copy aud published it in his paper. To this there could be no objection ceit inly, us it conveved information no doubt interesting to the public a! tliougti the was a public record, arid open to the inspection of all who etinse to ?o to the Cj.y Hall and look at it. Mr Rives oommcntari*-* wi,ii which iieaccom panted the publication of in. copy,abounding in coarse \iluperati'>n and imputjf?o. s ot dishonesiv and fraud upon the member- of the firm, am! in misrepresentation of facts, betray the sourec aud motive of the pAblicr.lion. To make d-rogatory charges audio impute cor rupt aud di^hoBi st motives is very eaty to be done with those who, having no sell-respect, are ut'?*-ly careitst, whether their statements he true or false, so they injure I'm e rgiins whom they arc uttkrod. I liis ,s a mode of v/arf.rc commonly pur?ued by base and Hi:principled men towards those who have gaimtd their en-uily. Honorable men will not em ploy misrcprcsentminn for any purpose, and espe ?tj ly will they be car?lul of stat'iij truth, without coloring, even in .-peaking ot those towards whom they entertain unfri. ndly feelings Which of those two characters Mr. Rives, iu his course toward* the ti m of aclden, Withers i Co , has exhibited, let all | just and honorable uien decide. To general charges ol' fraud and corruption wiih 0 it sjicc fixations of fact to sustain them I shall not reply. To sustain some ot his charges of fraud and corruption Mr. It. alleges the i:\i.staneeof certaia facts, viz : That General Armstrong was shown bythe scbed ule attar ,ed to the deed ot trust to be debtors u> the Hou? .?jJ'JjflOi), ulieu, in fact, he owed only about sl.OOJ. That Petit was shown to be debtor $1525, "hen, iu fact, he wad debtor ?15 25 only. That the Clerk oi the llou?e of Representatives had A9000 on deposit with the House; Hud that the sum of ?5",000 ?the payment ol which was pref: rred by the ueed of trust f.n the redemption of ?190,000?of Va. and II unes??e Railroad i!<>nds hypothecated with eer tain parties hi New York, was, in truth, due to W. St Co. thOnteU'e*. These allegations are, sev era:Iy ami collectively, wholly unfounded in truth. i he schedule of the assets ol the firm w as made out by the clerks of the house, Messrs. Waiker and ttivt r, trhc I.nd iiad ti.e siiie and exclusive inan.ig ? ment o: the books. Ii was made out under the su porvision a;u direction of the Hon. Sam"! Chilton who was iha lec.-j adviser ol the firm, who proposed' the deed, and in the form directed by him. Mr. Chi ton desired a list of all tin; credits shown bv the books (which were believed lo sliowaJi) to b? made out; a clause was also inserted in the deed Ui cover all other creditor*, if any there should be. not 1 shown by I he b*K)k.?. Tin4 schedule wa.j not partic ulrirly examined by the members ot the firm, havin? been made out with grr at care by Messrs. Walker and Bestor, and supervised by Mr Chilton. There ?tU fetaud on the books of the firm against General Armstrong, a balance of $32 000. existing at the time ot his death. His personal representative (Mr. Harris) it is true had pewer to check for a sum, ae cruing after the death ol General Armstrong, which if app'ii d to the above balance, would leave due glWW, but fiich ajjpii ation liae not been made, and the house had no power to make if. Mr. Petit was listed in the schedule as owing $15.25, and rot as Mr. Rives alleges?a uiisreprex'ritation wholly his on n. 'I fie I'lerk of tin- House of Rcp-cpentativcs had net cue dollar of either jtuUic or private rnonxy on Jgj't w,th lhe house, but was iu its debt Blmut The charge that the sum of .$55,000 preferred by the deed, wii?, in truth, the properly, aud, in faci, u?ie M S. \\ . & Co. them?elvepv h ujM>n ifw face *o tut:.rly absurd that, in the absence o| any allegation even of a scinMIa of evidence to sustain it, does not ev n call for denial, but may be referred to a- evi. oi the u.ter recklessness of the statements the gratification of malevolent pvsiona will some' limes actuate malignant men to make. Mr. Rives having gratified his long cherished en mity, having valiantly and heroically struck his en emy, who he -upposed was 'Jou-n," assuming nil ihe responsibility of au aet which only a -e.ieroUH and brave tnau would dare to do, challenges ti.o-e lie has thus injured to a suit for "Kfcrt."' For myself, 1 have ne.tlier tini^ nor money re quisite to conduct such a suit. It is, moreover a re^.rt w hich, iu the vindication of truth, is exceed tugly uncertain, and but seldom affords redtess for the injury which Ihe reckless slanderer has peipetraied. I was therefore inclined lo await the vindication which time and future ttevekm ments, 1 was sure, would furnish. I was content to leave Mr. R. n the full and rovgenial enjoyment las course had no doubt afforded^ hiui?supposing however, that his enmity by hid fiist publication had lieon satiated. But in this I have been mistaken. When tiie excitement consequent up in the fail lire ol the house is subsiding-when some of the members and trustees are putting forth every efloit to wind up its affairs, and success is crowning their exertions-?when confidence Is growiug day by day iu ihe public mind that every creditor of the firm", will ;it no distant i!ay lie paid every cent due him ? again, willon a short time part, Mr. Rives, in the columns of his paper,'assails ihe members of the fii m with imputations and vituperation more degrading and coar. er than any before made or employed by him. Tue ankle published by htm is as toilows: From the QhLe. "We will answer briefly, iu the order in which the denials are ma le. "Utie ot lhe men with whom we understood they compromised for eighty three cents in the dollar is B B. French, Esq , Commissioner of Public Build ings. ".Since we,wrote the article to which ihe adver tisement is intended to be a reply, we have learued I from an undoubted, that t\, W. & Co. have compromised with Maxw?li Woodiiull. ot ibis city lor eighty-eight cents in the doll. r. 'They' did not' do it IhtmtcTcet. in person: but they did it by their attorney, Mr Wjlie There is the miserable quib ble by which 'they' attempt to cover up their dark transactions, and induce their creditor* to bcl.eve thai the Globe has uttered, a* ?iliev' say, 4? gro>s and malicious falsehood.' You cannot, penile men hide all your wilty subterfuges fiom even the eyes' of the Gioiie; audi lhe All-seeing Eye will, no doubt, book you for what msrials/eW, hut cannot see aud' expose. "The exposure of these gentlemen, Messrs. gel den, Withers & Co., has led us to coutruiplatc the difference, i:i a tuorai point of view, between those who receive money ffli deposit, and utter engraved notes, promising to pay money, ai.d then, ihcuth able, relume to return the deposit, or redeem the notes, ar.d those who make counterfeit money, out and out. We frankl v confess that we cauuot draw . v n a fine line ol difference; and, therefore, would as lief trust the one as the other. ^ lie assets ol 8., W. & Co. have pa9?ed into the hands of trustees, tic., who are t oweling ,,av tjie full amount due the creditors, says ihe notice in tha Union. We again repeat that seeing how 8 W & Co. have managed the matter of their f.ilure?how effectuallv tlicy l ave place I all their property, sur reptitiously and clandestinely, bevond the reach of I their crcuitors, in the hands of trustees chosen bv themselves?their intimate friends aud relatives - it is evident that they intend to par just as much as they please, when and how they please, and to whom Ihey please. Were we their creditors, we should jump unliesitaungly at the offer ot either tight v-eisht or eighty-three cents on the dollar." lie Lad iu a previous article ctarged 8., W k Co., with compounding with souie of their cr ditors at eighty-three cents in the dollar, and wbeu in the name of the firm it is denied by a card published in the Lu on newspaper, the article above quoted is published by bim iclieratltg the cliame, end sued *? bf'm' 'I0? he Wf0te ^ aitiele to which the card in the Union was a reply he bad '?learned from an urvhvUtd tourer that 8., W. fli Co. had compromised with Lieut Woodhul! tor! eighty-eight cents iu the dollar," and that he had ?'understood they compromised with B. B French, esq., at eighfy-three cents in the dollar." Mr. R. gives neither the undoubted source of btv infoinia I jh*M?n in the fair ?>f Wocdhcif. r.'>c *?n?> * '?1 in formed Mm in ijj<- i-b?c cf Ftcnrfi. o! A' w>lia> f,'h ? terrtn apperdrd, snows uje utter recklMtctss ar.j ttieii oi :te- * charges. In addition to MrTWvlia'< cute meat, ?!?? Uu? i ni John A. English arid William Knync, lf-n ... i<* al-j hereto appended as farther tvidmce o< ihv uiLrr wantonness nnd graanrilessn*** of these rhi'M . I submit the teeth.iony or ? i threw ?.f these centle meowith pertoct confidence that they v.ill be fully ere It>'d, notwithstanding the unwotthv effort ntafr by R. to dis.~re.lii ll.? ni by recking in torsive them as participants in the Iruttd he chaise# 'jpoa the ni- ruber- of the firm. The cbarfr he m ;ko?, ?>f th ? fi:m having rVfu ally placed all thiSr property 41 turrrptUu?.3v * nd clandestinely beyen: the rearh of their creditors, in the hands <>rtiu<t?f < chosen bv tneta*elvss. tl, ii intimate friends and telaiirns,'*' and that it i.e\i dent therefrom that they intend to pay just as much a* they please, he., I* sheer iKmsenee?yea ! wick edne$s. Mr. Rive* may esteem f tortup.ate if he has heretofore ^warned, and oh si hereafter sii* taln a* fair a reputation for honor and integrity ,e the^e tru-tres. And if they nre finest meu, thoy are peculiarly fii and proper parlies in litis case, i>e canae they b.i)' I* piesumed id feel a greater anxiety than mere s'rangcrs to m\ke the assets yeld the larg.-t pos-iWe amount B. -i i<-s, it seen.* wholly to have escaped the observation of Mr. Rives, his perception Leiiig to doubt perverted in Li* eager pursuit of Ihe gratification of his malice, ibftt 8., VV. Si Co. could htvt aiore *&*ily <l?Tn* ij ?d their creditors without a deed cm" trust than with one. But enough! I leave th;? public, nil fair minded and Just men, to jiiifge of th*.* motive* prompt iuv Mi. Rives in the course he has pursued, and of tne credit dm- to bid representations. Ilu first attack l did u t notice foi the reason air. ajy stated. His per la his course of malignity I feel impelled by a ?e:.?e both of what is due to myself and family to ausw< r and expose. In doing thi?, I act for my elf indivi ua,l> j leaving the otlur memb r* r>i ih?- (inn to Lur Mie such course ,'n the premises as Uiev sinv n ij t fit. I amconselousofentire rectitude ofpirpoteon ?l>v part throughout the iridic o: transactions .?f ih?: !irm nt S., W. St Co. from tint to last. Bv m\ coi. neeiion wirh said firm I luve Inst all the propem i possessed^ and i am left wi:h a large tamilv deiM-nd ent upon mv In ure exertions I have mkhiiig i, but nij gooj name, my capacity lor badness. sn.l fidelity- to any trust that may lie commltte I t.. m I nlil the afl-iirs of Selrten, Withers Si Co. are houm* up, 1 can do nothing Wh.iuot ver retard- !? u event and caiues my integrity to b- -u , jure? me vitally. \enher own interest nor ihi interest oi tun. j who .!ept ..d upo.i im-. I.av. -i-.v.. the malignant pen oi John Kives |'sUhmit then to ail jnst men, whether I am :? dispone t raid . . i' rup! man, or lie a un-fi^n,irtt <ulu?. 'a/or ami u*., dnfr- L. I.UAYNE, Seidell, U'ittM-r? & < . ?? ,ro?? home has pm< Med md m tici'ijj Mr. R beii.rt-. r ? ? Washihoiov. March 14. W.5 To L. p. D*\ \r, Ls-q : Dear Si*: Your note oftc?W, askm; us io -taT. ?whether au.v of the InuJj oi .-?( hieu, U*i;h?r- &. r lia\e luien u.-ed in compromising ?r cotii?^mu :,.s w ith an> ot their eredilur- at any pric?- ;huti il.e par i:ilue ot ea?h claim,M lias just h,-en r. c? ived. We answer that not ore Jjl.'ur t:i* r. ^f ha- ??-er. applied, directly or indirectly, either bv nursel\.> oi by any one el^c, *o far a< we know or i>: lieve ? i, the contrary, wc have invariably (as the\ wili t> ly) advised ihotb wtio haxc sought our views ur.-i the subject not to tike |^s than th. v.d,/.! u their clainir, unless compelled to realize ht ior. :l,t ana rs of tlie firm couid be wound up. \\> hooe our answer lull ;md erpii;it. \V? deriai cd 'w mak? it so. V\ e avail oureelves of this occasion to st-ite t<> all who may be interested, that .ince the a-M^ mmt o us by Selden, ? tthert= & Co, we have collected (notwithstanding the most avaiial.l-; funds h ive b < n im d op in Xtw \ <>rk by a fruiilt^ uttactmient i- - feued by the State ol Virginia) in round numb r? about-ifl 15,000. Oi thin, ub ,ut Sr'OuOO hAe Wrh in toe lssuca ol S. W. ti Co., which have be. n c.;ii celled and filed away. The Vmaiuiug ?.?-5.000 havi been applied iu Uiid conformity to ihelcUt} o? the assigninetit. Iu c mj lianc^ wiib the tiu-t we have Te.ene L i ^ nliJ, ?* ,},fc V?r*'"?a ai.d Tennessee Ra Iroad Company, leaving *10,000 y t ?? I require aU.nt if ^ shail have been done, tho fum s e^Lni app,,e'1 ?*el?HVri> l" ,J"' re-Jt-mpii, I, the circulation out landing, amounting u> ?'>e o?? U:!til the I?hv#- ftdpfiutd. * ' 9 U^pecually, J. A KN?L!SK,) _ W.M BAYNK, ] TfU tees lb L. P. P.uyne,/ J^r Krijlie statement lake,, from the Globe, a^it r?L ? ,OU k:ve_ca',ed lny atfti't'"n, so Iiti \pith? r^? 'T''14 '"funded in every particular. Neither of the clain-s referred to wa? purchased I \ me on account of Seldeu, Wi hers 4. r,,., or of a?; . member r.fuiat fi-m ' ? Very respectfully yours. 4cc , mar 23?it ANDREW \Y YLIE. TAKEN TO trECCRE A DP.BT. Anticipated Excitement ia our Scooad Story AUCTION JiAltGAINS OUTDONE STRAW BONNETS, GIMPS, FRINGES PARASOL*, &c. I ' JKCVKE l'FBT ?e were compelled to X take a large lot ot STRAW P.( i\\KTS of last seasons style, many o? wi,irll ?re A(in.lte<| fo ,} m\VKT&,; ^"'Vv ?! pakasols. CIM1S iii 1 ?' ? c* have this da\ arrange these c<?o,ls m a ninn over our store, entrance through the store,) :in4 they will be t..|d at a lo >f ..j cents on the dollar. They mu^t be ,,, f?,'W dny?< t-; in ikf rootn for < tfi?r ^oo N. TI MAXWELL i BROTHER, Hie Prigmal R.htx.n and Trimming H ?:JV mar "U an<i ldth '? SPECIAL NOTICE. |^r*< i?s ind. Med '.oihe subscriber ri??- |.r>ebv notified !?.*! tli. ir ae. onnw are b ict; tj-a le out juna will be.endy |ur del,v. ry by Fr. ;.t, and n "' | eain. ?ily requested that tiny will forv. .tr,; and seit'e, either by ca-h or no e at ^hort date it is necessary that my books be closed bv t!;~ W,', Apiii All a.-cnuiits standing op^u after that .1 ,Le will bj, placed in the hands of rc?.|V.-t?>r wf.l nS tssst-: m l wiu'i.j*s1 DISSOLUTION. IilE copkrtnership heret<i:cre exiting between Uie subscribers under the name au.l firm of T. consent r? ? w her. by di^olv.- l by mutual The business ot the :;,te fiiui wili be M illed bv Meuvs. J Galligau at Co, who are Rii.hoiifeJ to nso the HW> al ?!:. fum for ib;:t firfin J. <;ai.!1i;a\ & son. T. BASTIAXEI.LI. 'Till. SUBSCRIBERS, intending to eociinne the L biiMiiexh, would eah the att. nii..n ct purcb;: ;s to the eKiensi ve stotk of useful and ornaaiental aru grehtMcril?ee ?f 31 * Ver>' mar'>J-3i J. CALLJGAV 1 CO. MANLh ACll REI> espres>|\ lor the late ethi tiou in this city, by Bacon V Raven, end wnich leceiv -d a miiai, is now on exhibition at our store. This masmfirent sjw ciai. n of >aperi. r skill will lie returned to New York at nn eailvday urless deposed ot. We are anthori/.ed to sell 'it upon very reasonable t?nns. We have als?lor sale that beautiful insUuwent inanulsetured by Hallet, Davis k Co.. Bo.non, which received the ti.-st diploma at the re.-uu exhibitio:i Wcnave a way on hand a iaii;eaiid superior strc-k ot Pianos I rum theabow in.nniuctones. Old Pian s taken in exchanse. JOtIN F ELLIS IOC Penna. avenue, near Temh itreeL mar ir2? IIJA\pERING8 IN ( ORSICA, COHS'CA' , , r.'cturesque, historical and social, with a fi o V"'" ? ,l,e ol ^alK,l,*0,<? translated from the <>ertuan by Kuw&id Joy Morris?prie- jjl ?0 Lecture on English Literature from Chancer to Teunjson, by llemy Heed, price 1^1 ??> Just published ami for sale at TAYLOR & MAI'llY'S, ??i> ^ Mmm, sf^i Mi m. United States Pateiat OIBoet 1 Ov,. MM Washui?to?, Mar. SI, 1W4. / N the petition of Liubles F. rian, ef N. Yoik N. Y. paying for the extension of m p?,t?.nt grsuted to him for an improvement iu **tte man et of making the slides af ex'emicc t?b!e? " lcr flevdB yevs from the expiration of patent whieh ukei plnce on tLu J2i day of Juu-, ei^Lt een hundred and titty h^e: It is ordered, that the said petition be heard .? ,1., Patent Office on Mondr.v, the 11th day of June o'clock, m.,aud all {.-v-rsons are aotitivdtr ?ppearaud show cause, If any they have, why said petition ought not to be granted. PersonsopfKjalnK th? extension are required to Ills Jt? the PatentOfficetheirolyeetions, specially set forth in writing, at least twenty days before the dsy ol hearing; all testimouy tllc-dby either party to be ured at the said hearing must betaken and transmitUd in acconlsncc with the rules of thisuflLe, ?hkh will be furnished on appiicaticn. The testimony in the c*ae will be olosed on tL? 3lst of May ; depositions, and other papers relied 01 as testimony, mart be fib-d iu the office on or befor* the morning of that d*y; the arguments, if any. within ten days thereafter. Ordered, a so, that this notice be pul'.lihi d in tb? Union, Intelligencer, aud Ev. niug 8tar. Ws.-bin* ton. D. C.: Axgni, Baltimore, Md ; rveo'-ta Ar?iu Phlladalphla, Pa; aud 8cientlfl-: American, N?t York; oaoe a weak for thr*e su^asiva wetka, pi* riaus to the 11th day of Juna neat, the day ol bearing. 7 CIURLES MASON, CommUeioner of FaUnlx P. 8.?Rditorsof the above papers will L-l*aiw ?*.v and send their billslothe Patent OOoe,wlth ? paper ooataioing thU notice. mar a-i?Thlw THE SUPiRB PIANO, -mi? j i. .n Araiuerrteirts 2. ;t. CAKV&r* ? A LOOM THURSDAY lVS5I*n,?T?rrt 324 MR. HUBERT 11KLLKR HAS th* honor to ntwii the lullowtti* gramme of his LA?T ?OIR?E "?S pm F*?.T fll?^ M ? vrurr-ii-. 1. Sor.r.ia Patb.-t^o 'jOjaii C n it, Beeihoee* tn-NiiVfiurBi 'ItlW > e con b io. *?' %d"*gm camabile. " Ruth:* j]!r|ro. i 9t.t*?h e.rni.arae. '-Son.namUUa.". Thnll^r* 1 V," I <fi'!TwVtr"' M. ?arUoi2 %"? l.ft??* hv?fc No. 6, llur.1 h(*:h. (Dtftt) No. I), fifth book 4 "TEST S frrtm xh' *<*ks of Robert Victurnc. A flat. np. ?. b}. r,qa?t. Mazou ka Josephme. "We te happy yet " (Varie.) FIBT Ikf OMB. 1. The remarkable and satirical experiment kno?r? mV'K? ***"?"" * J 2. The Seeonl S?ht Mystery, with its apendan. Phenomena. M. ?l.-!l.-r ? mv.-n-? n 3. Ha- Marvellous Oeange Trw. The to*,hneieel ruriwiry isthe invention and manutafture of Mr. Ilellrr. Th* Tree bud-, Ik a*i,,a? Iruil, and jrod>K*? Bu'urtlies. The Soiree will NrnxntK at ttn'rlcrk. Ticket* may be obtained at the Mus.c Store* DUr VI CONTINUOUS SUCCESS! CKOWDED HOUSES' CHAMOE <>F i.IPIS AM? PR(><:k\MMK 1H >MA6 ft 00 '8 D I S S O LYING VIEW S. THIS (TllUKSOAY) EVENING, March *2d, O.i which occasion emh ticket will entitle the pur> ctuuer tei a box < iritainir? one of the ivdkiw i ? n hih d aittclea: 1*2 ordeta lor a beatisifu* Cock, purchased of Mr.<M*n, Pa. avenue, \alued at *2 ,V0 each, which ma;, he seen in the ticket efli e, ai.J will be Cr ?x*r?-d ??ii the pr> mumii.* cm the order* to Mr. Har t?a h. 2 pair of beautiful Gold Ear King*. I uir.gmiieeiit Mobile Biaeelei. 3 Go d Br- r.stpin*. II (iolj Locket*?dilJVrriii >iii*?. 1 |*I? lulid Gold Pen and Petn il. *' hand>-onie Gold Pencil*. G Gold Finger Kin^. 21 Silver Thimbles. 3 Silver Shields. 12 line Pen K.l?ivc*. 24 Cornel,un Pinger kings "JiS a.u?/e." ot PerturiK r>, French A rue I e*, Fancy Co ids he. Trie exhibition will commence at 6 o'clock. Tickets 1 WENTY-FIVE CKSTS only. mar 22? PEOPLE'S THEATRE.^ (l.ATE VARIETIES.) Lewee Mr Kwnai Acticg & Stage Manager ....Jno Vmtit Prtcf* of adnu>?ior.-?Orchestra Chairn 30 eta.: Par qtiette 37% cen 1.1; Regular Ticket 2S cenu ; Pri \ate Bo\?? ^3 and $:?. FIFTH NIGHT OP^r~T\ M. WALCOT. THIS rTliURKDA V) EVENING, March Si, Will be pri'schicil the :uiiiur<b:e c< utedy of TK1IC MVUDL)CR| O R. A C i; RIOl'K CASE. Mr Twifrgl. ton ^lue Medi?r Mr Walcot Mr. Aulirev Mr. Norton Mr*. Aubrey Mr* VVmroi 'I ?> corclii'!<' with ih'' pent comedy of TIIK C * PTAlfi OP TilK WATCH. V Mount de l.ify Mr. U'alcot Adf.lph C? tin:ay Mr. V\ i.alU v "a,r> n W Uct t ma i- ?-?lt NATIONAL THEATRE. Increasing pcpularuy ot Uk Splendid Circus Company. OF RVBRS & C3ADIOAV, Tlie Equestriin C'ompiay In Aaaetira. AFTERNOt >N PERFi 'RMA.V:."E Every WEr?EVDAV and SAT CKDAl'i EV?RV h.VKM>6, G tatid chP'-jrr (?' E Q I' F. S T K ! A S \ O VCLTIE8, fn which appear* Mile P.ort. Mr. Tt.?* King. M.?* Le Km-n. A. Aymer, VV 'hleil. Meters Mail, ran, an.l (ttartm, Mr. II. P Madifan, \\ i!?>.'tin Fofter. and the THREE FAMoL'J* CLOWNS. Jim Mjers, t'arlo. r.tid Sml Lon(. The | eriwtmancc will con-.-laJe with the fairf ?pre tacle of CINDERELLA, OR. FAIRY AXI) LIT1~LE CLASS SI.IPPF.R. t'hara--trr.4 by the juvenile troupe of Tkirtu l.iftfe Child rr n. REDrrnox or p*tc?s. Private fioves, ^4; I>re?s Circle and Panju?*tle, sentleinoii w ith Imii .', jSc^a'r; >in,le geatliira. .'C>j ccnts Family Circle, ccmk; Colored e.illeiy 2j ce t-. niir 5 I )K Af'WLtT LOST.?On M.tnday e\ejiuig 1 > th?' 19th iim'ant, between the re?id? tn-e ot Hon. Joim T. Towers, F street, and Sam. bacon, E-q . E >lre^t. a l$R\t'EI.ET, nf raiia:na C"haiu?, wall clf?*eil clasp, having the owner'* name on the n The finder w ill be liberally rewarded by leaving a at the Hat Store w'TnHll k CO., Pa. avenue, mar 21?3t RKWAHD ?I.ost, on Monday, the l*lt infant, pfobaldv at the ^niitlisoiuuji Inautuie an engraved Gt ?LO f.'ltt iSS, with tu'?on?t?ne ecntte and two tockein, one containing hair, the other a miniature The a!?-iv? reward will be paij if the ar ticles arf |ei\ at llnlfa Jewelry Srore, Pa aveuue. tuar -21?Jt* G PATENT AGFNVH < ?K t?'| HLKS WAN'I'INC < >ihce^ * ill fi d iwo very Fiiitahlc and well lo rated iooni-oii Ligti;?i -t et r, the direct road to the Pcit^ut Of!i "*<? fiotu hp IIKN'BY JANNRV. mar 21- dlw 34H Pa. avenue. M AKTIVS CNttl VALLEU GL'1TAK>.- *l hr?e . iIkw; >up rti iiifriitiuiciiU arc uow on ?ibi biiiou lor a I mined p>-uod, at our Mu?ic Store. Tie charming Ik amy ot their tone ?hcits the nil in ml earoni.uiii> of I'roie-t-oi!* anil Ainateurr. IIILHI'S A 1IITZ, aat 81 Pole Aeenu. NEW GOODS. EXTLF.MEN'S CLOTHING.?We are now ,^T it ciiving our .-pring ru|>|die<i of new t ioin-, t'?fsiuiere-, THeeds, I^Ii'ihihu, Summ r Cloth-, Hum n Drills and Hm-kg, White and col'd Marw ille.' S.Ik aiid Satin Vesting*, kc . embracing the great est variety of rich a? w ai d laal.ionable Goods lor gentlemen's wear, to be found iu this city, w hit h *?r will i.iiike to indir in liie loo. t mipcrior rtjle U woikun n and finish, much cheaper than the USti! city prices lor goods <4 equal quality. WALL k STEPHENS, 335 Pa. ave.. tictt to lion HaJi. Also, three dtiorseaut ot National llute>. iiiar 21?3t (luteinNews) DENTISTRY^ RB. DONALDSON, Dcniist, late of the ii?* ul ? 11 uii: fit !)??: al?N.,"i, coniuura to. maaatectweni iaarrt wm beHtituuii por<?<lain teeth, w itii or without runs, ?or rpi;iiiuens of which (deposited by the late litm) was awar.Vd the first premium at tbe Mccliamck' Institute Fair, recently held in tin* ciiv teeth art carved ai:d shaded to si. it each piiUcuiar case, and their resemblance to the natu ral ort,tn.- ii ?j pcrf< ct as to dcceive the Qioet prac tiied eye. Paiticular attention aUo paid to filling and pre serving the n itural teeth. Charges itn d; rate snd all operaiionsi warranted. Office southwest corner Seventh and D ra.?en trance on D. innr 81?6tn NEW MILLINERY. Cn ^at.iriay. Mnr J i;!i, Mist S.i J. Tbcmp-on xvjII op ik urn-w *t< ckj of Spring Millinery, coitMstinc ot thel veiy la'cit Mvlci1 of llONSUTi, FLOWERS, KICBONS, kc , which she Las select ed fn-m the late?t importanens. Slie wdl a'aoeon stautiy n:akt lo order every de^cripiion of Bonnet* doired. and hopes to be able to give t-atisfaetion to every customer who may lavor u? with their patron* age% We wuuid aiso take this opnonunity so call 10 the renienibrance of ciiiaena and stian?ers in the Dia trlct the lect that Miss Thoni|>ou was ihe ?ucee?s fill compel ('.or. and therefore a*i')ed the lngbeat pr? - 1'iiuni for Bonnets at the Fair of the Metropolitan Mechanics' Infinite just clomenl in this city. HC PCHIKSOM k MUWIO, No. 310 Pennsylvania avenue, First door w? at of Walt r Harper k Co S. mar 81 - flt (Organ) OLD CHAIRS MENDED. MIS. WILLS, at Ko. 3QI O street, the snmnd do. r from 1 lurtee-nth, U aokA i io thoee tf.a* Irave assisted her la tits endaavcrs she Is making to rupperi herself and family, giv?s notice that she ? ieailv to mend all Oid Cheirs that may Ve trough' to hei. She will d? the work w ith BrainpUi' sa ana fidelity. marW? 3;

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