Newspaper of Evening Star, March 22, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 22, 1855 Page 3
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.,? ?: j VP QT K T7 . ^ \ i o i /\ H' Local intelligence.* to* CojcxhtTo NtG.1T ?We sre very ?ur? that all who ***** Cavusi's Saloon. this even In*, will *? ??P,J "paid for their expendl ,?ocf time and money Mr. Helleri pur aose we ueders'and to be. to present hlmsel; othe Washington public, fur the flrat time n toe profe-ndon to whijh he waa bred?as a pianist. Ho if about to settle here perma ? entlv. and Jei.gasteachiLg mu?ic--:Le piano vfe doubt whether t&ere ta at this nnmeQt a uore aecompithed performer cn that instru ment on this a-Je of the Atlantic, Xtrakosch sot excluded irom the comparison. Hia exe. cot.on U not only tqual in atyle, skill, and patios to that of any pianist W4 have ever heard. (and we have listened to theplayir.gof every deservedly celebrated performer dot is this country.) bat hts general murical at ain. meota kre superior to -.hose of most of hi* com pears; for ha is a cempceer cf much tiki.-e* laniio fame. h;s works beiog distinguishea by adilplaycf taste, science, and skill, which give them a high reputation. Indeed, with the real "muaical w-^rld" abroad?with those wboae education (musical) and opportunities have enabled them to distinguish elegant and eloquent mu-ioal compositions, from the im menaity of musical clap trap with whieb .aacks in that profession?and music has us quacks as well as physio?are wont to tickle lie ear of the multitude Since Mr iieller tirst came to Washington, be has made many personal friends among our most respected and influential citizens and upon their advice, we understand from some of them, he has concluded to embrace the profeaaion to which he has been so thoroughly educated. The lack cf local mcens must prevent him from giving a con cert aided by other mu;ioel attractions of note This ?a io net regret; inasmuch as it will en able tke Washington p ublic the better to judge uf hia own professional merits, which, we re have never bean surpassed in thii city An inspection of hia programme will satisfy all who know aught of the science of music that he proposes 10 treat our publie to such music as is rarely heard at concerts in tfce United States; cs those who give concert? among ua ma general thing are afraid to trust the Amenean pub'ic'a capacity to appreciate delicate, comprehensive, and highly loished ?Mb Mr Heller was for acme time connected with theGermania Musical Association, among ?hom bis talents and remarkable professional attainments were duly appreciated, we fcpow gy w*y of renderia^ his entertainment the more attraetivo, the sooond part la to be com posed cf various illusory experiments ? of these which were in so great request daring hi teries ot very suscessfiil entertainment?, given aot long since at Iron llati. We trust that he will have a full house. bcranse ?s are m si anxious for the musical future cf cur city, he shall be extensively employed to improve fw taste and attainments in that way. AM who can appreciate music of a high ordpf ?hould sorely attend at Carusi's Saloon to night ?? Coxrxncxrc Appoisvmexts.?After a ses sion of two we-ks. the Baltimore Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church adjourrel >esurday till the ?tk of March, lbofi, when they meet at the Baltimore City station The following are the appointments for the Poto mac district: Potomac District?John Lanahan P E Alexandria?^W. O. Eggleeton, J. N. Coonils; ilenry C. West^ood, Princesa street Washington?E P. Phelps Foundery; R. L Dishieli and G. II. Day. Wesley Cunpsl and Capitol Mill; George Hildr, M A. Tur ner, sup . MeK.or.dree and Fletcher Chapel; Francis H Kichcy. Ebeneaer: Alfred Grir ilih W. C Sieeie, J M Hanson, sup , Rvlaud Chapel and Greenleaf's Point Mission; Field er Israel, W. O. Lumsden, sup , Union Georgetown?B. F. Brooke West Georgetown and Tcnnally Town? Win. P. Speake Fairfax?David Thceias and Thnldaus 3 McFalla Stafford?John W.Hoover ani laanry Le bsr Fredericksburg?Samuel Rodger J. EL Mary' a?Noah Schljiser, one 10 be sup plied, J. Basting, sup. Charles?Marble L lie* ley and J. lienrv Wolff. Bladensburg?Thos U. Busey and Jas. N Keyes Woodville? John S Deale and R. K. S. ilocg*, Basil Berry, tup. Thos. McGee. Asbary snd Mount Zion, (col ored.) Wishicg on. Jes?eT. Peck. Editor of Tr&cs and Corre sponding Scc-etary of the iract Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church, member uf the Kundery Quarterly Conference. Tax CiRcca?Ci?iDaBBL;.A.?The persons who now form the company perform:ng at the National Theatre, we think tbe moet finished aetors we ever saw In a circus oompany. Kcaa Madigan is one of the fceat femaie r deis, Mjers and L*.>rg are iiQishcd clowns King end Le Rue cannot ba excelled in their ath letic and gymnaatio exercises, Aymar ai:d Odell are accomplished rider:, hnd Master Madigan ia the most fc irl?*3 a?_d dashing r'.der of his age The fairy spectaclc now bei.;g pcrormtd thia hosre, is gotten up in acmirable ttyle. The performers are all children who are trained in the most excellent tcjnner. T&cv are all perfect in their parts l ne polka quad rille, as danced by these children, would re dect credit upon men and wsmen who a;e experienced dancers. Myers 1 AlaJigan's t;cuj e will rem tin with us but a short lime locger. and v.e sincarely trust that car citizen* will improve the of por tuiity to wi'.ntsi ite r matchless perform ances during tbe lew nights they yet re>aain with us Tonight " Jim M>ers'a'' Lontli cotacs olf, when an aurac:ive bill will bo ofierei. CaxaTRr.?Yesterlay, uSioer Martin ar rested a man named Bowie or Booth tor ob taining money from a kecpsr of a stable named Jaa Gates Bt*wie ia a cunning man, and not likely to remain conficei whea th^rc is a chance of escape. Ihe oficer It fc his {jrisoner in the magistrate's tflke wbiie Lc went for witnesses; bat un~n bis return be bund him g.r.e A cumber of oonstablos aent in search of uim. bat be was not arretted till night, when be was taken by Offi:er K m ball Bcwie has been sect to jail fur trial at the Criminal Court. Rtland Ch iriL ? Tho excellent choir at tacked to thh clur:h, under tbe direction of Mr A. Martin, contemplate givirg a concert aboet the 3d f April. ILe selection of music, judging f rona the cuperior attaiutmen s of tbe geu-Jemen having the matter in charge, will be cf a :r*st p?ia.'lng cast. We hope our triends on the Ijl&nd wilt keep tho subject be lore them, and sustain tLe laudable tff^rt^ of the flne ehcir attached tu this grc^-i&gsta'ion. CocaTXRFXir ?Tiicre is ii cireulation a counterfeit on tho North Western Back of Virginia, which, in its general appearance, is calculated to deceive the most wary. It is well executed, even to the lettering There is tome little defect in the vignette, but not no. Ueeable to any except tbe wom: experienced We warn all perion* to be on their guard against accepting notes on that bank without time aerutiny. L?#oa toTqxm.?Our folicc efficers, by look ing around them, can detect quite a number of unlicensed pedlara, who are now parsing through the city, contrary to law, a*l!irg w '8r7' *nd other ertic!ca. ? , .V W^l? H w,u l<? enforce tha law e gains, these pedlara or It should be repealed, so aa to ahow our euii.ns an tqaal eLanje of disposing cf their wares. Gallaxvut o> the Paar or a Coscrcroit. Lest night, as the train was about leaving the depot, e ledy on her way to Baltimore, iiT the conductor's hearing, regretted she could not kiss her ttiecd, with whom ehe waa parting This was too souch for him tu stand, so the train was detained till the friends took a A?t,. Tke ledy said to hun with one of her sweete 4 smiles, that kiss to 01**4 (Owee) to yoa. ?I0 fair* a 0&OCK T3* (Tw**tt m? C sarer?Twelve handsome clocks are to be tivea eway fc?-sight, together with rich jaweb. rj, lc., to the eudiocoe at Odd Fellows' flail, 1 be clocks ctA bt icco in the ticket oflUe tMTITCH III Fiji naykl fici to learn from ^ustb Tat t or & M*urs that ?os? the announcement in oa r col tunc* of the arn?al of original water oolor picture from London, netr store hu been viiited by hundreds of our feUowcitiaene, in"l ding ail the resident j-.rtisU and amateun We are Silfrl ?* Jm a rtaI UfU in lrt ? rapidly S! a0ttntry- 11 ifl daiIJ developed 11, r * m?r* "tatement of the arrT *al of piotures at Taylor A Maury's invaria bly draws a large number of visitors; and al though the means of patronage are neoeesarily ? taaUed, the appreciation of art is evidently fa?, increasing A few yean ego, previous to the opening of Messrs. Taylor & Maury'* ej ?.abusbroent, there was not a store in oar city where etgravinge were to be seen or bought, i hose gentlemen, by unwearied exertions h*va soooeeded in establishing a taste for eng. avinge of the highest class, and their store has al ways been a rendeirous for artis s to exhibit their works. They have fr<quen;iy been the means of introducing sty lea of art hitherto unknown ia Washington. Their oonstant en deavors to achieve a success for the American Art Union? and subsequently undertaking the honorary sesretaryship of the London Art I nion, have contributed more to the diffusion of a popolar tas'e for art than can ba well imagined. Those who hava not availed themselves tf ?he opportunity of ievpeMing the paintings n.-.w on visw must delay no longer, as tb.;y will shortly be removal. Water eoh r paint 3 comparatively in its infancy with us. ibere m in Philp a water colors a tru!h to nature, a transparent brilliancy of color, and in evident freedom in handliog the brusii tbat we have never seen surpassed. Oae oe our oldest native artists has pronounced them to be of the " very highest order of art We have been informed that Mr. P. has jist received a commission from our country woman. Charlotte Cu.-hman. (who is preparing an elegant mansion in the west end of London to paint a series of pictures illustrating Erg liib landscape scenery. We anticipate in the artist s visit to this country, the production of some tine pictures of Americsn rcenery, for abica his style is eminently calculated. One of his choicest pictures now in Wasbirgton has been sslected by a gentleman proverbial fat refined taate and patronage of the fine arts. Thb PaofLR's Tukatsk, lait night, had a uoe audience. There were more 1" dies present than at any previous performarc*. Walcot in the oharao er of Pierre Palliot, excseled all we have heretofore seen cf h?m. His ter ror, fright, and embarrassment on feeing the Dake was ludicrous in the extreme ; ar d the embarrassment with whioh he finally received hi good fortune was well affeced The char- i aeter cf the old Doctor was well done, as were the parts sustained by Mrs Walcot and the pretty Miss Tysca fn the farce, however, fuu reigned supreme, and when the drop fell tLe aadietce were nearly hoarse with ?> mu':h langhiar ? Tuat Rac* ?The other evoaiog a most amusing race came eff between a floctor, a keeper of one of ear m si popular restaurant', aod a New York ex police t ?oer. The race '?? was wen in less than 3 40 by the Boni free of the rejitaorart, in this wife: The Judges of the race decided it should be run around the block, and tuat the P^ctor and ex policeman should run one way and Boni iace the other Boniface and his competitors go; the start of him. when he coolly sat down oo the sill of a neighbor's door, and waiiod until he hetrd his rivals corning up the last ftre ch, when Le walked into the har room, puffiog and bi jwic?, ahead of the others, claiming the prise as the successful na" The trick was not dLoorered un;il nexs day, when Judge S. fined Mr Boniface three bottles of wine, for contempt of court which w&' p' omptly paid Duohdib m Market ?Frequently quia cui sens attending the markets are disturbed by drunken men, and sometimes women, who gj through the gangways begging, stealing rT swearing. Latterly, these disturbances in the tniiTrefg have been very frequent, and the chief ot police has determined so to arrange h'3 men tha: two will be in attendance at the northern and Centre Mirkots each sales day. This is ? good move for Captain Davio. The las/keter* uwi,t protection, and if it is not given by the cffiaers apnointed for thepurposr tbey ruust protrct themsaives. Isatu cr a Pasioh ?We regret ta bear of tLe ds. th cf the Itev JobnF. Cook, pus tor of tho Fifteenth street (colored) Preaoyterian chu ci. The colored people of Washington huo lo-'t one cf their beat friend*. Mr. Cook wus Lij'ily csteemod by a'l who knew bim for bis sterlirg worth nnd good common senre. Cbi.><ixal Cocet-Joseph Danty, Joseph Codr'.ck, end Michael Roakc were being tried tc-dey. snd rot concluded when we uent io prt^a It a: clitta for D jnty, and Carrington for Roake ,ind Codrick \iatou itxTURss.?Thcro has been but lit tle cf consequence aming the night police, the gumids reporting all quiet. Ills morning, the only trial case on the docket was Benja min \ ours, who was drunk and disorderly ; hs was made to pay fine and osts Another Baby Show. Barnum the ha? acted cn tho bast principle in the world, to first become popular ani then raise bim?tl ia the eyes of the ladies He advertises a grand baby show, to commence on the 5th of June and end on the Sth. Re tiring rooms fur the attendant* and cradle? for one hundred will be provided The premium? ran^e from $100 down to $25. The following Indies have consented to serve as judges oa tLe occasion: Mrs. \V. Leland, Metropolitan Ho te!; Mrs. W. ii. Burroughs, Irving Hoase: Mrs E P. Ellet, 145 Thirteenth street : Mrs. L N. Powder, 303 Broadway ; Mrs R. T Trail. 15 Laigbt street; Mrs. II Williamson, 160 B-trrow street; Mrs. J. N. Genin, 2U Cro2.dway. The baby taking the highest premium ($10u) is not eligible to compete far any other pro miam. All the twins, triplets, <fcr, and the baby tadipg the highest p-emlum. to be peen on the Sib, Oth, 7th, and 8th of June. When the prizsa are awarded the fun will ?eminence. Kvery mother thnt goU a prize will cry, " Groat is Barnuu;!" while tbo3e who get none will atiguiatise h:m as the greatest lasoal the werld ever a^w' Finish in the United Statu, it !een.o tliat the E'tgligh Go. crnmect has established rforuiting oflL-ei at Halifax and St. Johns, and a!?o in the principal oitis? of the Uni>n In Ne^ York, the c(h.-e is located in Chatham street; the cfcject is tc enlist Ger mans. Any cne who enl!sts receive* a Kvcn ty of $30. from which h's passajo to iiaiifax is dtduc'.ed. Tb? reeruit receive hu vietuals, clothing and equipment, beeidss eight dollars a ruonih lis b.Lds hiuiself to serve three or five vearg as a Lri ish s .ldier If hebas been an officer o?- sub in auy other rervice km prom, mil a (.lace cf tho same grade iu the army. Ihe S'.aati-ZeituHg, coiam?ntirg on these lacts, B;?ys '.hat it is not kr.own wb?.her the new recruits are to be seat, but that in tho ex isting condition of the army in the Crimea the offers of cervicj are not very attractive At ihe last advices, it scorned in a pretty fair way tjwirds dissjlu'ioa, aod tbe reoruit who should go out to iu help would find a drearv prospect ah a ad. The war ia tha oast maj ecd speedily or may b? protracted for three or four years, but ia cither c l J it is not a pleasant j >b. Besides there is a liability f?/t every soldier who enlists in the British army, that he may be employed in cuppiesalng revolutions on the continent, a task, we should think, not alto gethar acceptable to the judgment "of German Uepublicacs. We therefore quite agree with the btaata Zeitung, that if England could not find German recruits enough id Germany, it will be still harder to find them in the United States. IF^An Inquiring genius has "dkkivorei" !,? l?*littia ef the Know Nothings. He says til0 American e^gle holding in j* bill a "furrlaer," by the Siat of his breech pjM'*r? new 507 oonviets in the State _n *'K? Charleston, Mass . b ing tha largest rwithlu the walls. 1 hera ara no as prieonera in the insUtution. . I FrMBFr r?>? Scalps at* AiCenjta Medical Gisjtt* c*Ll? attention to |p aalaiiWig rsaae<ij fcr Mald? aad burca. It l?J?: "A few pound' o' wb?at flour conid be promptly applied to the wcuuds made by fire, and repeated until the icflamatory itage had paj**d. Wa have nerer known a fatal oaae of ?ealdiog or burning in wbieh this practice hM been turtued during more than thirty years' experietic*, and luring treated hundred* in both public and private praotice. Flour is t\? remady. aad the only oue, in severe cases oi soalding and burning, equalities whioh so often dejtroy lite. La* us keep it before the people, while the explosion of steam boilers and burning fluid lampj are so rife ill ovar the country" Many years ago, a man named Win Bennett entered a half quarter seotion r f hud in South Chicago, lie was afterwards com pelled to leave the State for tome crims. Hu mor aaid he ?u ia the Missouri Penitentiary, and many effirta hare been nude to find him bv those who desired to purchase the land M?antim? t haa improved, and passed ihtvugh various hands, and is n-.w worth a million aud afea^ of dollars. The Chicr.go Pre-s ?3ys a -?veil known gentleman in thut city Lbs b^eu down South eiimouhcte, has found lSinneit, and has obtained the entire tract. lie will commence actions of ejeotuisnt ag&ine'. thoae who are on the land. American* Muskets for Foreign vat:?] The Windsor (Vt) Journal says that the tiob bin? Company, of Windsor, have just contact ed for the manufacture of muskets to the amount of some four or live hundred thousand dollar.3. The o?Btract is made for a oouipanv in Loudon, and the arm to be manufactured is Miuie Hi* fie, with s>me modifications The fnlGlment of the contrast will require fcn ad litional force of two or three hundred mon. Thi3 :s decid cdly complimentary to Aoio. ican skill. ISTPaople who i;ive up almost always eotnt down?and with a ruth. Therefore, if you es pact to make a figure sensation, or auyth<ng of that sort in the viorld. you rnu-.t keep a lip ar.d a firm fuot up. It is the up? that car ry the day in this through-by daylight planet o! ours. Well, it is. fV-^?DR. HOljFt.AND'H CKI.FBRA TED GERMAN BIT TfcKH. Ttiere sre few things wlilcli ?iorJ n* grMttr |>!e?ii?re th*u ?lttln< ilown to writ* m nolire t>f tlie cclebr-?;.: 1 il.w.'' liDilO?riDto Bt'.tsrs, b.-\in*e \v?aie fuliy con*. ;? ? u< ar* conferring a public beneilt, mi l our ht-*i l i?:in <m tlial l>y our notlf?-? di*h/Imre been I <lucpi| :o lake tli?"? Hitter *n<l Ixhu re?cuti t from tealb by ilysi?p*l.i, liver complaint, ?c., fur (b? f uie of v.'UJrh tt Is ceiuin Ills pr?-"?.rl ?u! soM only by Dr. C. hi. JaCK^ON, *l iii? ti.i Mril'ln? Htore, No. ISO Arrh"stre<t, Pliil?<le!pliU. Bo? ?il*fin?nttiiii. nurt?in T >StrRALOI.(.?Tlila formidable (line***, which mv-nu -1 saems t<> ?>?We tli* skill "! |>hy?icUns, yirl'U IIIc-b,.-,.! to CAKTKK S SI'ANiMlJ M1XTI KK ilr. t. h^yJen, formerly r.f iu? a?m: H?it?e, New Votk, ; ?nJ l?te r.ropi i.u.1" _f H itl, Ki. hi.lonJ, Vn , U out of the hunlreds \?t.o>.ive b?&.i ? rr 1 ci tt,atr Neu r?J(f1?, by rAKTKH'S SPANISH MIXil UK Hince Ms <-?rA h? bss r?c<1 It to uiitul *-;-* ctli ?r?. wbo Were ?un<trij:g with Hotrly >?rrv Ijrui ol Willi the mnft Troi??l??ifal ?uoce<*?. Hd ? lys It I* the moot e: irnc:.i!n*ry uaJIrlD* l>? lies ?*?r ???eTi u*r<l, thepurttler knowu. ? #? He.- ^.U<-rtihftii? it In kiiother rolntnu. T~r* ready y &uZ c^'JTU'vo rou UKN1LKVKN and ?' Youthn' w??r in?nnf*??lr* t wl;n ' _;i?! L.j NOAH WAl.KXtt k CO., 111-lfr Browt.-' H'.-tel. 'I heir stork ?rjbrs^e tlie r*lik>tor Mli toiU Overcoat, iviA -ks, ?bii liwlafMt; 'JslmSf, bUcb *u>l blue Clua -Di?m Ci iJt, Trock ^.f c.l ?!.le colv,r>?, CmhIiut, Uns'.nt--* fltilue, cich Velvet Ve^ts, Silts, A;., UU'-fe -..i'u C*^slii;. r Bprned C??Klni?r. and i>Uin C .rfim?r P .in*lov_s. for y..ntb?Jiickste, Pn^U, Vscts, 0\?rr ?:?<. Ac. An t'usy sre tu*lr own mscufiwtiirers tnty will sell mi the vsry low< ?t Hlilrn ut superiwr fit, ColUiii, Olov?wt rtM, Ac., o( isle style* *1 w?y? ul I m.J. a* S? PREJIICMS AT THK FAIRt ?WHITEnt'RST'i? still in the ?so?r i*nr??TL-ej'irlSH <-t er-;h of tiie late fc'.rs lultlrnnr#, Rlri.njori, Naw York ansr led fieir | btghtst prou>;iun to i. li. V. f"T tUe'.r ?np;i1ori*y cf PL t.">itr?phs. fctereoicopes ?nd ltasu?ir?itcf>?j ?*nlol'e-i. Mr. W. slso Twfles I twa *!? iais At tha World's Kulr, Lon don, ?-nl A prtwnlQin II CrysUl P^lA'-e. New Y"iK. AI?o, t';e 3r*l ?wsr i? o| lUt; ,' U-ylsn I lnstlui* fur three | y?Arj f.A*t. Whlwhurst'a Os'lery in th'?< lly Is on P?. betiw. ? V sii'1 GtU streets. r?b 17 ^V?pi PHENOMENA IS" ilEDfOINE ?R onrMtls, Conjl?. sis I i*er foi|>l*lnte, H.-r >folA. Ac.?Kor rll J<s?MtM" '?! %<? 9 t*i?4'? 8y.?m It ?Ur"1t< p'e em'ner:t. a Oler^yinsn Ju?'tuf >r .'s us U taa oure l h'a or or^ncliUls ofA'ie?p? nwrli r?:t-r?r.nnci'fi bere-.!i;.r. Hampton m vkoktabi.e uNCTfus-ay/Ps mi' i?c lioM on tSio ?f'aiACh, luer si. l ki1ne>e, will euro l>y?i e|> S'I, Couk1!, A*thra?, p.roi.i hlsl sci T.nnir .? Seot! im 5'-lys in ilts B? *. *> l9 aq.I ilrea t, Cn^uin/tlon -oitil*. Ml.eti mat! <m, 0 jet. Neit ?:<ls, KiftnU, Bow?l ?* tfi;.!s'u'.s, P.Jjs, Worlds, ?vl N ? Vo l.- UoMll: e- ill .11 e?-.< .? '.;.j from linpare b! <>??, iid '? t;.? k m'mi fniun r>iei'c:u* ev ?r knewn. Tn.s ln?Ala*bl? ms 1 ? . - 1? w- rkiii< wonders nj ju th?buiuAli fr?me. S-e li ??umi.t tc- lny. msr 7 ?|T?u.Lt*aiO'? receives tlmnew Uocke sc>1 X??s p*'.. ? s l.>?t II- l.i sgti.Hi;- Hirp?r'r k'l Ihi ot;-er !lA;iai?s, ?nJ our renters wll *hv?y? tt? ?! ? ls- lT^au l (OO-I Wl-llt'l iS' iUia1.# Uo(??? *U<1 St*tl"Litl ?l h' i llook. lors, Odeor. I.uli cor Ps. i.*?.iu? fcn<l litKD. Da|?irt?d :liie lltr, on Ttmimlay m?rui: g, the Q5tl lin.Uut, Rev JOUli F. COOK, fnu?i l< r ami |>a :< r ! ol in?? Fil\i;<*tiil) str<-?>i Pi?s.hyteriai; ('t.ur. li (^?llMKlttlVf!) and lri?'-ir" re-(?.?ctful!y in vi ?-tl to a'tt-nd hi*< furmuil, wu.'i will ?ike pla? r I f mi tliAf Clmr' h, on a.iun<!uy, tli.- 'it :? iiuta'nt, r,t I li oVIock TO THE PUBLIC. * ON tin; I'itli dty ?tf .M ir li, an a Ivurlir-riiieni tli it tnv k'xnia lid i bt-cii tiisrrain' <iauJ wouM t.c j *>!i! at puMic euetion for n;nt tu?* tiwrgeE. Kirk, a|ip?'tml In the EvLning Star. A? surli an a?iver li.fiiiriu, it unexplained, would liav^ tue tcud?*iicy to in)ii f mjrfmht, whirli i? my only 'ormif, and ur.!> ir.MSu- c,j sup^oiting my temily, I inak?t Uie fyj ioWing .- Ulrllliillt: On ihe 1ft day of Augiit, iec4, 1 in! rc.l si:to r.;. abet ment to l.- ts^, for <iv**yea s.fioin C<o. >j. Kuk llit; p*rl ofk-t Vo ?, in l*q<iut;"Xo 4.<7. ai.d pu u w?f, lor P^r aiiuiim. Mr. KtrU '"?n lii.-< p*r ajnt'tii* ti< i.intiMi a iifw plauiirj Midline am i.l it-< fixiu" 9, at his c Ht. an ! liavt; ti tm tini'bed fui'\ far uv within two NwutlK from >aul lrt -tiuiii , ifc-Vi. I tin Mr. Kirk tailed do. Th? said u>a ehiiv wn* not fini-hwl and fitieJ up i<?r irso for two mouth* a?cr the iim<* ?pe< inr?i This was a jfteai t?? iih?. Th? pla tine machine was wor h in re t!.a:i a;l t::c inafliniiTV oil in" premises. Air Kir tiirthrr agreed to buiiJ a b.lck eh ip on >ai>i ground, mov<- a'iJ art nil me ii<ac|,irie-ry, and put litem h Hood runuiiiy order, at his otvn co-t and ex;trii-> Mr. Kirk hi* cntuely failed to p< rf>>riii liin part ot agretMRivt, ami ft dfmand?-d of >.?' tiie pnyine'it o I die tun rail of $400 p.-r annum, fvaa ?M ahO| ' without roof or His- in the window*, or shutters to keep out tha c?.ld. It i? iitipo.-riol ? for n yo. etr ! work in the six pin r i :y wea h-r, < r t<> k'-ep nnj il.iiu; dry. A m in cannot carry t.u-ineiw in c.< ! hop in itj pre*ent condition. I ti:::ik when Mr K wei^tis tli^ matu-r well in hip ti.i;.?l hi.< will net let hirn charge m much n nt for an r.l.: duplliut ii iii a mamn r w not!; ,fj>, as I havr had to pay tor a new oil". If Mi' K. h:..' d-niamleJ of hip a -ntall and ju-t r-*i.i, 1 would have rattled n witli him, not with itandiig the foi'ure toeomp>> with hiH agreement. J. \V. JOUDOX. luar 16 - I **? | AOR liENTtTrriTWhLLlNO A\U .^TOKt I* oh i hh slrr.ft w.>t, on<* d<>or from Pa. avenue, | riorlh eiile, aJJ lining V auhnm^d B^ok^oif*. Ap{/y I u CEOjl .E A. VV. RANDALL, mar 1?eolf corner ISfth and ;> nt?. T*KV, ROTKEi NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. \V. RROVVNINt;, Mor Tailor, u . 'tr . tlie United dtatea Iloiel, h:u Jun r- c<ive.l a II irge supply of Hpring and Summer Uwih, unil r now pr? pa' d to ott i great h.i'e^iar t j a'l in wapi I of 2. o.l and fa?fcio:rtfde cloilnnj. H.-> ?' Keady ' male C'lothin* " will he io!d at the tol!;iwiiig low prices: Wb I* suits, tji^at, Pant iloon*, auJ Vest, of tuin cloth or eauc-ifiiere, fir $,V1. Fine Biack Vroolt and Drew Cuit.t, fn iii fjld to ^ 13. Good Huiin< ?9 Coatrf foi $7. Black and Fancy Panla, tiom $ t to $7. Marsetl ca ?n ! Silk Vcets. from t > ?5. He always on hand a large a-sortmpnt o( faney mticlei, such as Shins, Uiovef, Crava a, Um hrelhif. See. ??Sole Auent for the *a!e of Scott's Fatliiort." utar 19?ij. ()t\(\ fi*UHKLS TAil ?*\/*/ l'JO birr.-1- ROSIN tie.dy exprctfd p'-r * -hooiifr "Providence,'* and fur riile bv FOWLE \ t'O., ?tar if ? I w Alexandria, V'a. N7i IT I E T<) FLU li mTs.-EI hkVkkTN!, f*S a:: *'rr>r P.-emiom Diaa^nic Flutes and ( la I' ll ett'-e v/il! he o?? exhihiiion nn1 for sale for a few days a' IIILBITS St HITZ'S Music Ds-pot. "mar 19 AC A UL>.?The attention ?f the ptihlic is re spectfully c illed ta the rale of elegant Furni- , tare and ll-)B?eti.ild Eilect^, at ths residence of hi? j Rietlli a?y J M. Tirado, Petuvian Minister, con.ei nf Pennsylvania avenue a d 2.(J street, for particu lars of which reference is made to the advertisement in another column. Special attention is called to the Carriage Horse*. ; which are believed to be jupetl Jt to any over effered for ?ale in this city. j The \V lies are very choice, and con prise the foi- | liwins: Chanit>HKne, Horde m, Lagran?e, Bucel la*. It he no, Chateau La1u?, Sauterre, Chateau Mar-1 lavitx, LavraJlo Madeira, r'orin 1S?0, atid Amontel ladotfherry. JAB. C. AIcOUlKE. mar^VO?A Auctioneer. &??IN0 E'>NN?Te AND riJBBONB. I hive ja-t pened a flne and [lot oil he ab jve gnude. which I wishK^bl local! the nttei ti.m <il tiie ladi^. GftS*, A. TATE, r** m r 00 No. 314Petma aveliue. Tor ?3*0 zviA i*' RAL RETREATS SEVERAL OF TKGPE IV e^a read*acartt Keada:i Graan bring now victim, appltcaron may ha mate p the underScued fir renunj the sam-, wim privily of purchasing on liberal term e,ther by .etter tbr ugh t e r?*t olfioe, nr it liH re-idcnce after office hours. The location is healthy command# a full view of the city, is hut a uiJe and a quarter from the Post Office. nnd ? id ever}- rwpect desirable - Ca.den* of two acre* each ate attache to ever? house. 1 A permanent omnibus line communicates with Georgetown, bv way of Penna. avenue. twie* a uav at the iimial fare. W>1 STU'KNEY. mar 22?tf '??WO PLEASANT PtTRNIBIIED ROOMS FOR 1 rent. Luquire of JOS. HARBAUGH, No. 4U3 i* "treet. mar 21?At' Rooms to let-in the hear, suita-! ' ?ne<-hanlcal operation-;, on Eighth street, between f) and E, west aide. . HENRY JANNEY, mar21 d v.- 348 Pa. ave'rue. A CERTAIN CHANCE TO MAKE A FOR yV A jarty hriviua acquired a co.i.j>rtt ncv in th ? Mil.nery !?n-in?-. h i:ow desirous of dispo* 'n??',]irr establishment, a >d retiiin? into private !''"*? "l'r "Ocatioa i< one ?.f tlie beto in the ciiv, and ?s a ram opportunity i?ir one ^acquainted with the hit in?-s. J or terms a./J particulars applv at this office. ma? 20?4t 1 Restaurant and fixtures for sale 'ii he subscriber, a* a^ei.t for Mr. Wm H. Pampbeil, offer* for hi$ Wiimp, Limior.*. fag and en re -lock now in the Waverly II ais-j Re? tauinnt, at the coraer of N'eiv Jersey a:id Pennsyl vania avenue-, input.! Kill. This house is iih-at eligibly situated, in a popular ?rid uiucli frequented resort, being iinmediat ly fron:in<: the sou<h gaie of the Capitol, and witiun two minutes'walk of the Senate, the. il<ai>* of Representatives, aud the Su preme f'w|irt The mh*. riber al-o offers tor sale part o! his Furniture, B'd* and Beddotg, together iv th a'l his Bar nnd Gas Fixtures T.jc purchaser and le^e** may have immediate po-??# .-|o:i. alihi ii.h the advertiser** lea* will u'-t ex,.ire until tin- l>t of June ensuing, and there wi'l be no diffi ml.'y in renewi; g the lease to a ..unctual tenant IV ai.s ( i i??.-.? who may be desirous of er gaging in the bit-inn s of a Restaurant or i|.it. I keeper, anei e? litnt oppo tunily is heieby nflorded of prrcuring f. mnst desimble and a ivaniageoti* sta- d P A JH.8AULE9, Agent. Ct7?\VA\TED. at t;.e sb- ve It mutuant. a good i Cook a:iOyst-tr Shuc?er. Bj t wages aiv a. mar 20?a.* T7"ALUABLE REAL ESTATE FOR S t LE.~ ^ f 'l'"e block of buildings known a- the ' Union Buddings." and n w occup ed by the U< ion news p iper est 'l>?i -hment. They are situated on F street le t-veen lj:h an:l 14th rtreet?, and (Vmititig direetiv on i'ennsylvahia avenue. The lot is 70 feet fr i t i>y IM feet deej>. The property is ruscep.ible of divis ion auJ re aiian^?ment, ind its po.-i:i n s:tieh an must rank it Mn-m/ the bert busi< e*s gtatuls on the avi title, and i? yearly incivasing in Vnlue. The tone o( th- j-r seni !e-eev empires < n 'Jic i't Sfptem. her nest, <?si whicii day possesion may he had. Al->. mat I ?r?*e tlitp,- -i.?ry Brick House on 17ih (?trtft w. rt, (ophite ih ; War Offi.^and three dve>r^ south of H sire t ) Also, tli it three ?trJ(y H tit?j on 17tli Mreet w< -t next do r ?n the Government 0ui!din?, at Liic ci;r e? of F and 17-1) street j Fh'til - tlje v,; ptoprrivnot he <wdJ at pri nt? ah- prior to the !$:h of May, t. W..I hu sold v:i that da" at pn'::i:.' auction. Term, wi I he nude fay:/alde t? ih * pt rehis r. Appyio _ CH. II WINDER, c..r;.er o. ai vnitee t and (? flieets. mar 19?2v.vt aylS rjUir.niNfi LOTS rOR SALE - A VARIET IJot Rui'doiv hits In the Vieirity of t'te C< v iiail. At o, in all other pr,rts of the. ci'.y. on accomuod^t i?.g terniA E:;i|:i,r.- ai Mr,. ADAMS' Boa-ding Uf<n^e, opiio ite to Browns' Jlv.e!, to he ccen from 8 to y a tit. or P. to 4 p i?. A!-c, an aidrc.t, througo tiif? F' m OltS^f will r^ti-lv^ ;itt? ntirp. m.;r rj -en2.ii DAVID MVFRI.E. THE LAST CHANCE. IF the r masnine Lot* in Squai.-915, :u:d south of P?i:if>re No 91 a. ?i uated ou Maryland avenue, h-f.ven, 8tli ::nd 9h etieets, Capitol Hill, are ?vt -o-d by the l?t A |?r!I, they uili t>e wuhjuwu. T*-jtns, $3 or per month. GEO. F. D > EH, CiTicr on D, next t-? corner of 10th gireet. mar 8 eoQw 1?OR RF.NT OR SALE 0\ FJIV^ONABI.E TERM.'.'? A two -<r? y frame Notre, with f.,rk building, eor.iaicing sis room ?, on vjy2 -trteti benyoan R mi i C street* rotiiU. A: r.!v t?> C. A. DOUGHERTY, nest door. A ihretr-otory Frame, with l? i.-=m?>ii*, on N. York a\:-n!i?", bet<V';t-it 4 h and 5:h st.s. west. A flirt;;? to;y -, wtt.'j bick hu lking, on I U. '?'?i h, lirlw.-i-n 4th and .jlit ?t-5. v.v?t. Apply turtle wo la-t i. niion?d t> J A ME < \\ . B\RKER, 'in ^ . t i :ir h hetwe, :t i*4iii and 13th <<t>\ west. ' Ats.? a twov 1'i.tnie. vrtth back bniluing, on Motngomety -Uv-t, U i>:w;owii. DICK.-ON & KING, :? .i ? - -eoif George own. For rext-fouk new anh comvfai enl Brick llotne*. brown maotirk frunu, con t lining jmrlor- with luartde mantels, dinia^ lotni, kitchen, servant. * room, nnd five chambers t-ach, and situate I nn Tiiirteenth street, l-!an:l. :i?-ar the P'tblsc grounds, convenient to Pa. .iwime and th'? D-pr,rtmen's Rent v< rj modC'ate. Apply at R. II. CLAUSES t ll lie, r iriier o; Sixtfi s?r-et aid avenue, <r at D. It. CLARKE'S I'xui Store, El venth ?ice>, Island. mai 6?coii I3UR\!SHF.I> HOUSE FO? RtNT.?lh% suh . scriber will rem his ii?;u?e with the Furiuluie and the stable, to a careful and tenant, No. 4(l."> Thirteenth s'reet, b-ivnuit C and H. It may be eviuiiiied and the terms >.cc?*itaii?ed ;tt the fcoj?e. F ?r sale, a Hor.-e ih<i Carriage. mar 16 'Jt* CilA'-LES DI MMER. I.V)R SALE ?VALUABLE REAL ESTATE i.i Wa-?iiiiigv>n. A iwj story Hri-.k iIou*.e ai.d Lot Xj. ~^2fl ii s*. west. IVrt of Lot No. 15, in Square 53?, o>? T ir.l et. Li.t ?n Siith tireht, n Louuiaua tvenue aud C sL Ai.o, u three-si,wy Brt k House on High si., r?e-t. Bn :t!e sir: et. GeorgeUiwn. Will !. -o'd Io.t a .d on a loo? "redo Apply to E K LUNDY, V->. 1^8 Bridge Ftree', Georgetown, uar 10?ti STORAGE.?'Thos-e liaviug Fun.iiure, Dry Guo.i* Groceries, 5ic., to h. htored, will find ample ae comino iations in the lar^e, airy, tl^g a'one j-av^d and I>iV Basements under the rUar office, corner T.? avenue and illeven'Ji ?(. Apply at the Stni tillice. Jai: 31-tf i i FOR ALL.?Heantifuhy ari.l healthily ?i lo-'ated Building Lots, 24 fett front by \'.M fe< t deep, til streets, can, until sitting, be bougiit ?it tiie exceeding low p;ict pHvabit: Jo pel imutiii *1 itle imiispuutiile. Union l and oace, 7ih ii d(?Vt Odd Fuiowfl' Kail, jan 3?Cra JOHN Ft)X, Secretary. WantB. 'I'VVO YOL'%*G WoMi:v WANTSITUATloNS I AS CHILD'S M A11' oi a \ tr ivvllh-g s#ii >aiitt ; will engage with uuy lady who can t'uaianlee to ?ce justice done. Addiers ilie ^)tar ? iii':o. n.ur ^1? 2t* J" ANTED A M \N TO ATTEND HORSEA H as;d U ) ;ab ?nii2 w >rk E quire of I. W. THOMPSON & B>0 , ? ti6 0 Pa avenue, 1 door frotn 11th street, in ir 2^ - 21 AX r ANT ED? U Y A HESPECTARLE YOUNG Tf woman, a riiuitio > as a i h'irb rmaid-cnd ieamslrt ss, or to do fine washing and irt-n'ti^ Please call at 4651 Fourteenth st , bet. P aud G. mar 21? It* UfANTED-A SITUATION AS COACtiM\N or dining room servant, mini uuderfUanJs his b irines perfectly well in l?otli capa.Mtics. A?ldr< ttv k< l\ S," lit tliis offie*:. mar 21- 4i* J ANTED ? A Harness M iKer. None n? ed ap % plv but a coui^eti-'iit woikmaii. Apply to mat 20-at JOHN N. MORHISEK. UOUSE W A N T E D.?THE ADVERTISER ?viaiie< to purchase, for cash, a go-^1 tw.i-stoij bneii Dwelling, suitable for a small :aaiilv, sitnatej noith of Pa. avenue. Addr< -s "H F A," through the Post Ortite, stai ng locate n, price, kc. mar 12 ?1 m' ?. ?? I , ?. Boaiding. BOAllDIXO.?TiVO LAlt-it: front Rwhos. with or witliout small pmiih adjoining, com loitttbly furnished, cai be ."ad with good board in a piivate family from Virginia, b> immediate appl:ia lion at 300 11 street corner New York avenuean.i Thirteenth ?t The situation is liigti, healthy aad every way desirable. Also, wanted a nea' colored house girl, mar UP?3t* BOAli. L) 1 IKO. ? bii or eight venteel boaider#, by the month, wt-k or uay, can be accouiuio dated at Mrs. DEWENT'S, No. 41} B at., opposite the Me ropalitan otli e. mar 9?3w* Boarding?mrs. duvall. No. 331 Pa. avenue opp rsli* Browtik' Hotel, has several very desirable rou.ii?, suitible for (auuttte* * single gentlemen, which she \v ?uM tent with hoard, on reasonable term*. Hhe can also nccomta dhte 6 <m H gentlemen with nr. aU, without bejgtng. VVant'-d, a good dining ri*??ii servant, hat can come well teoommenJcd. mar 8-p-tt Auction FA>*. _ v i'e "i A Plums, Cherries, Airicot.--, Grape Vims, &c. 60,000 rhigSith Lancashire Gooseberries, the larje show k?nds, fine ami ^ron* hi,000 Cuuants, Victoria, Red un<! White Dutch, Ki;J and Wlnir CrapBlaca Naples he I0,u<i0 Raspberries, Fa-1 < ?!!!", R.d and White Ant werp, in*. * 1,00 1 K u*>hrti Roils, Prince Aibeit, Victoria ('ham paign*, tic ' Shade freea ol best quality such an Silver and Su gar Mapl#-?, Euiop?-un and American Licdens C'liopeau Ash, Mountain Arh, lie. Evergreens in gr? a; variety at.d rareMtiM'. via Araneara*. Arbor Vuir, Calm des .'a?a, C? Libani, Fuaebral Cypresa. Cryj.-toiuftria, Ja ponica, Titr Roya Patagonia, Librocedrws, Chilen.-is, Pnnc#*s Cbimora, P. taetlsa, P. Gerardiana, Picea Webbiana, J', pindrous, P. I'icbta Abies Menxienli A. Moru.da, Irish and English Ye?*s, with many other beautiful Ev ergreens. all at moderate pricts. JOHN 8 WJL, Se#^d St >rc, corner 7th and H tfs., Washugioo. 14?e<X>t* IRUSi H ML. SALE AT AUCTION. I'UE ur.dersigut-d Laving resumed the Auction Busiaeae, begs leave to olfrr hi* services to at tend to vale* of Hn?aeboM Furdture, R?>al Delate, Stocko, *c. Particular attention given lo the ar rangement and dI?po?al of Household Furoltuie. ami the entire le (If .Wired) will be settled uu ai d cashed in twenty-four howa* alW the delivr-ry ?#l the floods. Cas.i advartcej on ereiy description of ibTcbanilif* consigned fur unlimited ??:!?. fcv#*ry effort Wbl We iuad# tu lender satisfactorily all <?lt . cntrn-t. d to hi> tare. C. W. BOTCI.ER, ratrtf-eo3* lruM liall. Mr J. O arCl'IRl, AvetlMv '? "EXTENSIVE SALE Of BUPElfOI Lift '?A8 JLj r.-est rve*, Caa;pe. Bir asd Store Fixture* On FBI DAY morair.;, y. tf), at 10 o'clock, 7 the residence of J. I]. Ehcrftaeb, Esq , on Fenn^ v ni avenue, beiwaen *lst and 22d streett, I shall sell his entire stock ol Liquors, Wiuee, lie , c#>m prialac hup-rior dark and pale Brandies Do Madeira and Sherry Wine* E'? Santa Crux Rum, Jamaica Spirit* llattenheimer VV iaes, superior Billets Kirchwa*?er, Absynthe Ei$hi doxen supenot Walnut and Tomato Catoifa, in quart bottles Preserve*, Cigars, k,c. Topihrr with a large quantity of Fixtures, Gla?* Cn?e-, Gla*s Jar*, Weights and Scales, Bar Fix Mires, Jic. Terms : $30 and tinder, cash : over that sum a credit 01 CO and 90 days, lor aaiisfertotily endorsed note^. b?>arin| intercut. P. S.?A portion of the above nam?<l Liq'.ors wa? purchased at the sale of the late Col. P?l?, Oeorge town, and are undoubtedly very ?uper or. O. KEPPLEk, W*. RUPP. 5Tnw,ew ntsr JO J AS. C. McCriHX, Auctioned. Ujr J. ' .HcQUIIilC. tnrt'anii#. SALE OF EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD AMI) Kitchen Furniture?On TVr.HlMY mon.^4* March 97th, at 1U o'clock, at the rwdrjicc of !)?? lor J O.Jew#-!! on <M<uth Bide of I ?tree?, Utween y<h and lOtu, I ?liall sell an excellent a^rtment o< ' umiture, enh^tmj In part rf? M irble top mirror front Pier Table Do fola Tabl#*, itan.l-oioe Clock >I<>hogany Itair seat D van? solid inahojfMiy Bookca e .tnd Secretary Di? liair seat pailor and rocking Chair !)<* Side Tables and lijUi! stand Dre.-?inf Bureau, W^tk*#*-.! Beautiful AnbePe >n Carpet, ^Jatti"" H ind-mie g,it frame French pale Mirror Kuby and Aaate Va#es, Mant. 1 Ornaments R-Miflti aJs, Mat'rrsM'.o, C?it and lifddinr Ftne Cottage a, t, rumWitn- i<) p?#-c<* trench Lhitia and Glassware, Tublc Cutirrv Stiver plated Cast#?w. Spcx-u-, Forks Veniuat. Bl? !?N Clot;. :.nd Linen TaWe Cor?? Bro ue Ilatmck, Fire Screen Bra* ViMtirotn., Shovd, Toi,cn Fenders Hearth Uu/t, Mat*. S? i|f t^rneiit,f hj?| Ro#Js Pcdrsui, Bu?.j? i'lgnrcs and Pictures Rofng# rator I o|elher Willi a ? .neral a<?ortniiut of Kitchen K; <juntit<}s, niitch it ts unttee^wry to mention. J' : *30 "nd under ca?h ; over that sum a ere-lit of 2 and < months, for itorea satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest. JAMES C. McGUIRE, r"*f 'V?d Atictlone?r. Uy J? C. MeOVI&E, Auctioneer. T^XECITT R'S SALE OF VERY VALUABLE A a Impr. wd Rra! Estate?On MONDAY alter n-on, April 16th. at 4^oVlAck.c.a the premise* ti.e Mib*critn-r, a? kt#^utor of th?* la'e Chas. B. Da vis, will sell at po iic auction, ih#- WMt lialf of Lu IV10. 5, in S'liiarf No. 3;7. fronting about 3 ? feet on L (street notth, between 9 u ami |0th Mr#*eta west r-inuins !?a< k a-iottl 150 t# # t to a 30 fool ?|)#>y, with t!ie improvements, C(in#ii>iii>{ of a two ttory Brick Dwelling Hon-#* and hack t.uil.linc. containing 12 r<)f,!,,S with a -iii.ili brick oftce a <Krlnirig. rl:L-? prcjiprty is hairU .melv l<K-i#ted within a few mrmt".? wa'k of the F-^t Oin<f, Patent Office, th. Aveni;f, and <>= tre Market, nnd i? very desirable a-i a nrivat" residence. liii-.i ly after the above, I shrill sell, on the priini?e?. Lot No. 4, in Square ll.i, fronting about 2? feel on II sir. et north between ItJih a: d 19ih -Ih west, running lia#-k K* feet y inchc-> to a wide alley i-n;reved i. .1 snbstxntial two-story br ck d*elln\ 1I'?iis?* end back building. Ti t* property has a pavt-1 side riilev, i,i ndaition to tpe j.;ar ;,llcy renus: i.; balance i*^.x and tw-lvt niontii*, tor notes; beaitr<j interest lecvred bv a deed of tru>t on th?* prejr,j?e>-. GEO A DAVIS. Rt^utor. J AS. C McGUIRE. mat .0 ? 2-iw Itils Auctioneer. ay GrtEKJI A SCOTT. Auetlousart. 1 TRUSTEE'S SALE OF GROCERIES, LI qimre, r=,or^ I iTlures, Sic , at Auction.? On Mt> ?l?A\ , tiie S6 h, I shall iw>ii,at lOo'cl** a. ni . 2* the grocery store . f Fn>.ncl? N. Bo- |lf-, n. i(:? comer <?t Tti:rt#*< nih nt.d F Mrem, by virtue ui a il? e.l 01 trust lo the tub-criber, h< aiing dale ih< 22-1 day of February, 18oT., and duly recjMerf, all lh?- Groceries, L?q?or'?( n.^l Score Fitturps in ttip e-taVi;#!ii; #-nt, viz : I ?"a-i, Sugar.#, tY-f!''.-e4? Cigar# an.l T??bacco Liquors a id Wi.-.e* 01 sw-iv dea> riptio;i CriK kerv,, earthen anrl Woodware Stand fi-r.-i, Vt-asur#?s. Scale* and Wcichti t\ .th. a t a^sortiueut tvhi' lt we tie 'in unne C? - .iry to <-fii;inerate. T?*?i; atlj umler casti;over thai ?utn a crc?iit ?>l t>0, an l *H) ilaj '#, t?;r noies satisfhctoiilv en lor^cdj hearing inn-rest. J NO. C. HAHII.TON. TiutKce. Trs? fm- r.-sH be for rc".t tmmediatrir art? r th# ?al-'. and h c#?n>i.ler-d f?n#* #.f th ? best ?tan#l? in tli# ?' 7- GREEN & SCOTT, "i .r IS?#*o a \ii.'i!i)i.M>r' liy j. C. 2ICQHRK, Aucllontei. r|M{UsTEE'S SALE OF IMI'RtJVED l'l.O! ER I ty:?On MONDAY enrmooti, April at .1 o'cl<>?k, on ti e pr< [ui.-e.-, by virtue of ino rt# ?-rs .?l lrti*i to the >ub.-?criber, on^ d :ted >lav lo. I?47. r.iid recorded in lil?#.r W B , No. 134, f.Jiu 1C3, k. , 1) e 0 her rtaied June 10 1W7, and recorded iu llUet W. B? N#i. 13C*. folio 47?l, h.c. two of the land record* lor Washington ccunty, in the l>i:4rict MfCuiuinbM. 1 fii:tll sri , (#i tlie i reniw. lot* numbered 10, II, 13, H, 15, ait#i 16. in square No 3T6, ;routiisgcn 11th sir. i-t wt"t, l?c-twe? n F and Gstr^H <<>;itli, H'ith the iutpioveuici u, c< mating 01 an ficnH?m t\*-o story bn?-k dwelling house. 'I erniK : One third ca?h; the residue in aix, twelve and e;glit?-#-n uiontii*, with int-<#^t, to be ->eeiued 10 the satirfaction ot ih#* tru.-tee. NICHOLAS CALLAN, Trustee. JAS. C. McGUIRE. 7?1*0 Auction er. Bv nit!CV.\ <fc O'O i'. Auct'onii ir \r ALUABl.C BUILDING LOT AT AUCTION. ? hi FKP'AY, tn<-uisiaut,. 1 5 o'clock p ui we shell ?. li. ia front of the premises. Lot Ny. 25, in Use sub liri-io!i of L its No-.. 1, Q, 3, 4, and 7, in Square No.!>zi. Ti?? 1<M u<>ni?20 feet on south I), between and .?1 Mrtus, running batk Ioof?? t I-# a 20 iee! al>y. T.-rais cash. GREEN L SCOTT, mar 19?d s nctio< cers. DR. D McFARLAR. DENTIST, Office?No 332 IVainylvan u ar< nu?, ntar Ninth street, Wdrhnigtou, D C. uiar 2?1?ei>2ni Rill 'J IIA110 SOSL.I a It 51 I hiv:: ju>t 1 :C?fV# d a tull supply of R.cii&rd "Oi M?:t fit'iidi Litmus, in evety variety. N. York M I - and other ^up#*iuir Shiriit;". Mu litis. Ettra iieavy T-b!c and double I'amnax Diapers. Full 3tock ? f Kousekc.'.piug a:?l I auiily DRV GOODS, of the b?-s n;id m-~t ?fe?-irabL* Faiiiricr, with a full 1 lock of M<Hlrning Good*. Ike. Alio, HOOTS auJ SHOES of tiie be*t amkers, at ike lowest p.k'#-- J. W. UARNECLO, No. 3 83 Seventh, beiw 11 and I ats. mnr 13?eolii EL1)0RADO Ik7uSE^ Pa. aicnue, between Third ??nf ?i}? Urreit, WASlIINUriTM, i>. c. C L K 91 V; ? f K VVXOLDI, (Lnte of Willards' Hotel,) RESPECTFUL!. Y n tuuis thanks 10 liU friends a id (lie pabbc for their exceediugly liberal pa tronage since <ho opi uing of hi> h'u.e, and he begs to assure them that they Mill always be equally pleased in future Since his opening bid large patronage haa induced bin. to fit up two large moms, in a handiotue ?tyle wh#?re be is # nabled to furnish DfKXE.C AND SUPPER PARTIES, for from two to nft> pet?ons, in an unsurpassed style as to quality, a? well as excellence. uiar 20?tolm FRUIT AND EVERGREEN TREK*. The tiiidt raigtied has a splendid lock of a'l ?he *iandard Fruit Tree?? Xpg^large, and ikrirty, vi* : , Pcach Tr?-? s of very Pup<!iior qual.ty, all tlit baaing kinds TELEGRAPHIC. daily Evgimra stab. The Caatdita KUlia BilL MWIM, March 2J ?Tki mo?b4 rttdiit of lb* proviaclol milft&a LUl waa nrM to tko kuVaMj at I o'clock thVa Mnitt oflsrfcar. tMl toun deboto. by 74 to 15 The mlao fy Totors F?r? mostly it??W aumtlMUti Old Boll ud Ku lUrMMk. Saw Yow, Marsh II.? la tko Sapcrt* Cmrt, Judge <iaa*>a direkorgod tko ofeaok ??t by Mir?ts?k i{tiut OU Bttll, m: awarding the co9?? to fcha plaint if Fow York Market New You. March 22 ?Cot'on la aaokaafol. Floor is dowaword, aad priooa or* ooalor, but aot q ?o'ably lower: hIm of 2 260 banols rood "bio at $9 2hp$V~b; Soathora la nn ohaaged, wi:h o limited bndaoaa Wboot ia upward and dm; Wottora red ot $2 10,5oa k ?ro waits at $2 40 Corn la a p ward. aad prkwa are c. trifle hisber; solos of 1S.4M haskola, Wcasern nixed ot Me. Fork la apward aad oriora ore o tnflf higher; eld MM ot $14.25* $'4 31 Beef la aaaottlsd. Lord la aaoAoafod.. Whisky ia Arm Hiltiiiw MarlM baxritfoaa, March 22.?Flonr la doll, aa soioa ore noted, and prlcoe are quo tod nomla *lly ot yeeterdsy'a rotse Wheol? Bales of 2 000 busbsl*. white ot $2 lfr?$2 20. and rod at *2 06.12 12 Corn-Salsa of 20 000 baakels, whis at 86a87c . and yollow at 87a8fo Rye? PenuryIvanla b hold ot $1 25. Oof ?? Small aalea ot 54t5<h IftW Terk ttook Mark**. Now Yopk Morch 22 ?Stocka are heavy Money la oacksagod. Salea of alocka ot ih* boar 1 of Erie's ot 47); Cleveland ond To ledo Railroad, S4j; Cam tori ond Cool Coaipm ny 341; Reading Railroad 84# ; Canton Coo* pony 28; Now York Control Railroad Compoty J2i: Pennsylvania Cool Coapaaf 1004; In diona 6'a, 8Jf; Misaoori fl'a, 941; Virginia C'a at V6J. Iko rowadioa LegiaUtivt Amiably Qcaacc, Morch 21 ?There woa so dhialoi on tbo Military bill la the Hoaao loot aifkt? the Hoaao baring adjourned ot mldaight. la the middle cf o warm debate. Tke kill la bitterly onpoeod by tke Roaro or Aaasxalloa porty in Lownr Canada, and by o ?moll soc tion of the Upper Canoda reformers. It wl I reenpy *he wk"le of the sitting this ereaing and will psea by s eoneldaroblo majority. The Hew Temperance Law. Bostok, March 21.?The now temporo&oo low. which impoeea Imprisonment f?r the first convlotion, pnseed to o third reading la ike Hcnso t i-day. by a roto of 285 to 42 Thlrtooa Boa'on membera roted any, ond flftoe* wore It hoa alreody pases! the Ssnato. S.riko of tks Factory Opcrotirso MaRCBsflraa, Marsh 21.?A Isrro nambor of fsstory operatlvea aro on a strike la this eitj. owing to o change of tbo hoara of lobor in tke mills- A procoattaa with maate paaasd through tko streets lost evening. Tks aiotto of the operotiree ia tko "Tea Boar System. " OX HO FISEIIR'S ABD CIVIC BALL TO as OIVKN sv INS Columbia Fir# Company Ifo. 1, AT JACKSON HALL, EASTE? MONDAY NIGHT, April 9th, 19tS. THE member* of the Company pledge tbemaelvea thai nothing will be left undone to make it o&e of th?* beat k?nl!- of the seaaon. Professor Louis Wrber1* celebrated CotiU<? bajui ha> been enpaaed for the occitatoa Firemen arv requ?-?ied to appear in uniform. No hats or cap* will be aikm-fd in Uie hall exeepi Ih-tfu* woro by liremen. Ticket> UME DOLLAR?admitting one trnlU m*n and l?.J>e? ; io he bad at the pnr iMMel-, and at the door on the evenlnc uf the hall. EXECUTIVE COM.MITTEK Tt?os. Vounf,* Jat Lowe, Thos. l?wyer, JacMarnn, l.?aac Been. Reception Manm, Ja? ColeiiMu., U P Amallwoetl, T E Youii((, il Pnrdy, R Harrieon, K H A Mel)era?oft, M M&rreron, I Bceiv, C RjLr-am, Joe Marcorau, fJEi.nln, b tV Jarbee. mar 90^7,29,31 ,Apr2,3,4^ fi,7 ,k9 1MI1ITY OXE BUILDING SITE'. t'ONT.AIX inf vhout rive acr.? ?acb.oa a credit of 1J y?ar? wi'hin Tu vti'y five uiinuiett n4e ot tt?? CRy Poet Ot tire f<ir tale, lying betw^ea \V??hing(o?i and BU ilevburf, ? ipiaui frooi the cruiral portloa of the city irotu 2V4 to 3If iuiIo. The tract preet-nu a :r Tt ? n three r>uN-c ro?ds, U in a rood neiytvhoi hood and taptdly unpro\ing i^ectkn of the couirry. We will nel! the above Iota on a credit of 19 jreax* n I on ?ucl: t<.rni? a* we are cure will iiwurr to the l?urvJ??*er nil ca?:y mode of paj utent. On inuiy ot "ie i.l>-?re lots tl:er?' arc fine (rove* ot oak treoa, o* '.he original srowth, au1 a'e> tout dae Bprut(! ot >vat- r. We off. r th< ae lou to re?Mlant( of \Va>btOfu>n. who rrride in the country and at the eOi?r time be able to attend to busineea in the cltv. AL-j, a tract *<( i?<x?d wood laod ad ohiinf Utc aaitte oftout thirty-five acree, iatpru\-ed by a dw?l tin* liou.-e ; I as on it a lira rpring and bou?e, two gio ve^ of Urge oak woods end u well fcn> aJ For the above either improved or uxuiuproved cuj property will he uk*-n in etchtnge at a tidr vaRaa tioai. For liibO?iapluc plats of the found arid tanker eii'lanatioii- of (be terras of sale inquire of JN>>. R. KIBBEY, No % Columbia PU -a, Cnrne.r 7th alrect aud Louisiana ovenus mar II?eo!2t nkw^catuolio books FABIO'.A, or th; Chureh ot the Camuoit-, by Ctrd nal VVnwm'tD. T1IE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION af th^ Mo<i ble??ed Vi'gin .Yi&>y. THE C?iHI^TI*N VIBTI'E*. by fit. Llfua?i. The Prophet of the fcu ned Abbey, Altos Ptuk, he iugeth?r with a large a??oruuwot of Bchowl Books and ?*taaoueiy, tor tale by. w. a Vennedv? 4)18 Sevenib tt., betweeu U and it mar 16? eoJt* p< OR HALE?A VEBV FIN'C BADDLfi ARD 1-' B?*?) HOBdE. Tlte U>>rse ia yuung. fry g mle and sound, aud of tine atock ; make eith r a very fine carrtairc Loj>v, or ? ' very plea-aut riding nor?e. Ali-o, tV>r ?ale an excellent work hone, perfect ? i?und. Aoply to No. 43 Dunbarton it.. Geor|et'n. ui?r 1?law if WATCIIES, jewelry, silver and PLATED WARE AT REDUCED PRICES, il E otfer our entire atock of ?degant GOLD V* WATCHES, BICH 'EWELBY, PURE SILVERWARE, *e , at greatly reduced rates. Persons would do well *oexamine riu aaeoruueot, which Is hv far the larrest, moat fasblooahiet and best selected evt t ufierwd to our cu?to<uera M W. GALT It BRH , 334 Peno avenue, betwe?u9ih and lQUieta. mar 12?tf COME LEARN YOUR FATE." MRS OKORtiR, late of England, wrhdiea tu inform the ladies aad g^aUetuea of Waafeug toa aud (Georgetown that ah? can be aeen aad omv aoRed on the p??t, present and tuture event*, at lb# I.-Ite rtanteure, No. B* F ??re#t, between 21at aad iiid atr> eta, Fii>t Ward, opposite the ?>htorvtu*ry. Her name ia on the door. Iloum trom Ham tod oV-lork p m l.adiea 2S?Gentlemen 50 ceuM feb 90?1?,? NOTIOB ? TO THE MANUFACTURERii and Vendor* of Bricke, and to all whom u may concern : The un^rraigned hereby caution the public not to credit or truat any peraon or persona <>o our joint or individual accounU,Ha4erany ropaosso ? ution6 whatever, for bricke or any other uomnodirv, ? xcept they he membera of our respective faaiillea, for whoee pecuniary ub'igatioa.4 we are of t oursa iudlvidtmllv liable. A H MECHLIN, mar 17-Jteo* C. ALEXANDER.. ~ STOP YOUR COUGHING. JUST received, p? r Adama fc Un.% Esprraa. mje caae of Ma HarO'a ??w York Gold DROPS, cdoataliug ol Banana, VaaUto, Ba?|4>arry, Lemon and Hon bound flavor*. Alw, a complete aeeoruii.nt of bU e?lebrsaad Chocolate*, of universal rtputauoo aod witbowt rival In the Ciiitad Stata*. For sale St * "? V ?03 Vermont avenue, oorsar I *rsi. mar 18?tf L Clocks, clocks, clock* t??f ^ want a *oo?t Cock, warranted m keej' 0*'. cah at Ihe acorVof J. BOBflfSfiN. 849 Ps. see., oppo Bmwn?' Hoael, leb Jf -dim

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