Newspaper of Evening Star, March 22, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 22, 1855 Page 4
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evening - -V? -?_r ywBi~ .JT THE THIUOS OF OTHXR DATS. The plea-lot things ot other day*, _ IIow have they passed away i How faintly to our straining (azu Krtum* life's sunny ray. As d?*ws before the morning sun, (>??! after gems depart, llupe't blossoms wither, on* by one. - And fade npon the heart. The voices sweet of other years, Their toaee so soft and low, That whisper'd music in our ears, Are silent, long ago. The hearts that shed around our own K* The amritghl of their rays? Thf eyes that fondly, warmly ?hote Are flud with other days. The pleasant things of other days, They turn them sadly back, To trace, anid the nnaty base, Their bright and early tiack. They see the light ot suany skies, They watch Uie opening tiow'rs, And seek amid thetr crimson dye#, The "bloom ot ranutii'd hours. Th-y steal wit.i soft and tread, 1'iuo" memory's dim domain. Like <ha !owv spirits of the dead, Mourning far life izain. TIM past hath op'J its nighty tomb, And o'er the preseut, strays Tho^e -Twctral sonns, bat ah ! their bloom Has iled wifli other days. The pl-*a*aat thin^ of other days, They ue\er ina; return, Iltnmin'J with th -se sunny rayj, That o'er youth brightly burn. Tho' all the morning glow is o'er, Sull thro' the twilight plays A bletei-d gleAm, like that of yore, Which lighted other days. WII AT A Wo VAX 3 HOCU) BE ALrH A38TICALLY. A weman should be Amiable, Benevolent,! Charitable, Domestie, Economical, Forgiving. Generous, Honest, Industrious, Judicious, Kind, Lovirg, Modest, Neat, Obedient, Pleas ant, Qaiet, Reflecting. Sober, Tender, Urbane. Virtueus, Wise. X emplary, Yielding and Zealous. Ether as/Motive Pow?r ?Another abor tive experiment with steamers id the attempt of a Frenchman to condense steam by pasting it over ether. A great steamship upon the Mediterranean made nine knot* an hoar in thia way, bat the saving of coal must be bal anced by the offensive odor and the impossi bility of a high rate of ^pesd EHr^The following naive promise was offer* ed as an irresistible temptation to a fair inam orata 1 like you," said thegirl to her suitor "but I o&ht leave home; 1 am a widow's only darling; no husband can ever equal my parent in kiadnecs " "She is kind, replied the woor; "but be my wife, wo will all live togetk er. and see if I djc t beui your mother!7' V& A Uou^s ia Worce; er, Maes that has long suffered the reputati >a of being haunted, was surrounded by the police Monday even ing. and nine spirits, with bodies to match werouiaken out aud nr. irehed to the station house In the morning they were Hoed $3 cach for a breach of the peace. BTTbe extent cf the shore line of the Uni ted btates on the AUantio, Pacific and Gulf, is about 12 600 miles The northern and southern land boned ries amount to about five thousand more, making in all 13.OU0 miles, equal to three quarters cf the distance around the world. iy We learn fron Nova Scotia that the British Government are about to embody, on liberal and tempting terms, a foreign legion at Halifax, as well as several ;egiment3 ol British born rabjeots. B*"A new process of steel and copper plate print ng, invented in England, has been pat ented in this country by a gentleman warned Neale. By this method, the applieation of power machines can be used with the same rapidity is printing from stereotvpe or move able types. CP*A Mr. lierand, author of the ' Descent inte Hell," w^s anoying Douglas Jerrold with importunate questions at an unwelcome time Aming others, he queried?"By the by, Mr Jerrold. did ycuever read my "Descent into Hell?'' * No sir," repliad the infuriated dra matist, "but i thould like to see it!" UT"ln Japan the mos'. elegant apartments are those wnich have le at furniture in them. A Japanese parlor is covered only with clean mats and a small charcoal box and spittoon in the middle for smoking, and perhaps a fold ing serein. lyihe reason why our aristocracy puts iti servants in livery, is because it fears that the #ootman cr coachman may be mistaken for tbe master. tAere is so little difference between them either in looks, mannsrsor speech! tyrbe first'flying machine" is supposed to be that daring individual who first made faces at the baby of a red headed weman. EF"The game of fashionable life is to play hearts against diamonds MO VEMENTS OP.OCEAN STEAMERS. . - Lie I* h uT Dsttit. At' icn? .Boston....... Liverpool... M ar. Herman:: ?..~Brem?u....New York..-Feb. Jt Atlacttc -Liverpool...New York..Mar. 10 Yni 'n Haure New York..Mar. 14 ? " Liverpool Boston.... Mar. 17 America Liverpool....Boston .. Mar. 31 <&-Tbe Ciiiiioruia ?: leave New York on ij.? ,??b ami %Oui ?f each monUi. .VRRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL 110TELS. ^ 'llarda' Hot .1?a. a. & j. c. wilurd. MrGarrsa J TV Keeier, NY S M Lybrook, Va 1> o KelloK, do J T litrnajd, U3N J E Maxwell, Pa VV h Owen, Cal J || Blake, Mass VV U >'o.?d?, NY II B 3arg? ..t, do A S Uru iti, Ju H Tutok Coin Newton, UaN Capt H B Nones, USR3 Bronai' Hotel?t. p. Si *. mow*. C D Hale, Va J \ Cam, Md H Wilde, NJ P Nivler, do T l.'msbaw, Va J S Morlimer. lady and J S Mitchell and fa>i>iiy, aisti-r, NJ Ky J g Mortimer, <io J S Lougieliuw and laJy, t" J Barnard, NY . **o SB artumu, do M J c B Buck, Va W W Thoma", () 11 u Wood, P%' A M TLd.i.j , jio || A Rcale, do )V A Mart, Tenn J H Uayc, LtJ * "??? , . J G Whitfield. Va H O Chast>, Mas- N Dreiser, N L Staple, Jo I) VV heeler, kl Kcv L M Rodui^u, Va National IXotet -s n. willaro J B aiiiI.iv . Pa S Winks, .Md K U I Mi vail, 3dd J J tiraves, do C Ore^n, Va j ri -ut^r, ?iu \ f?recii| Nil J A Thompson, do J A, Pi E r Pbomas, do * Jf8n ?eclm, Cl W Banle.l. jr. do II T* rty. do J 11 \Vr?^^nv ?to A J Sulfrra, NY A It l)aw?, J.j G W Fiazi*r, Md K VVortton, do W O Go?dloet Ky CM hi#s, do O A Rawlih. , Va l?r W ?ilhamton Si ly, J W ouible, Jo Pi . J 11 l>.ior, jr, Md Klikwend Howee? j. a k a. f'iiwuod. M Tb >mp*on, NY R R Heath, NU D Bennett, Mo H A Gilliam, do M D.~roi?j. Eu.'laud N M Peters, Va tvn?b, l,'JN/ J Blork, Md p u S! ',d^. p Hannajan, do F B Blanciiar.1, M. e Jacolw, O U??Cca States Hotel-*. c. hacxhxt. !5?SSL, E Barns, do L Baker, do istea f t'.^u Ranilou Houit, Alexandria, Va. A. SEW U N, FaoPJUKTOk. a A Newman, DC El) ?lotchki?, NY P VV Engs, NY B D Spaldia*, Md S M Ott. Va M V.iasicleu, NY P P Pitclilyn, C\ A J Haas k lady, Mai s' ralMiu. do C \Mls?n, Dt> H Rice, Va J M ./obn*on, V:i J I. M irye, Jr, do A A Marshall, do Hon W C Kives, do J Homer, do J Willis, do J Yerby, do llr VV R Rose, do T B Howard, Pa J V Scott, DC R H Ilar:shornc, NY VV Bena-U, Va L G Mite be 1L Va C B Hodges, do T 8 HaJ, do J H Barbour, jr. do VV L>l??, Md N Guidiboreugb, Md Mrs G ,W timith, Va I INVIGORATING CORDIAL A PHENOMENON IN MEDiCINK. XJSALTI1 PJ33TOKID ARD LI?I II LENGTHS*aD. by US. HORSE'S nrVIQORATISfO SLLXLu OB CGBDI14?.-At first tke proper ty attribute to Pro?. MOBBii'S IS TIG OBATfN 0 ELIXIR OB wOBDLlL wore d?*?ned fabulocr. Tha public O'UO dwlvsd, KMiid noi Ltiitm the titufit and sublime truth* announced by Ihe dlaoove Put fasts, undeniable facta attested by wltoe?s oi the hlghwt ciaaa and charact-r. are new triumph big ot<c all doubts. IKOSJDnLlTV IS OTIR TUltOW:? by r of teatiEony wh?oh U perfectly I Tb? Jsusis-??? i-: . i;. :..! : ??*e, ?fc* cisplorab".* 1 fpfla arising!from MMltr abuse of lb? varinu* .-.r *.nf Wxi'.'h ?23ir 'J;> tiu Eisc'aijv. Called | aian. It restore to tijl! vigor er?ry J-llcate fuu:? tlrn connected * tth tbat rsya'-siioua compered kgriizj of matter mind, c?oes?fcry to the r&fr?-1 dnUinnoJ ,'ju-nr.n !t/c. To pe m-ua oI feeble muueu* j lar frame, cr deSclrnt ia Tital power, It \- roernci tasnled ar thsonly mear.n of .wnuaunkatiag that snfr'gy whidh it nee???ary U> ti.3 proper fajevraant of all ths natural appetites, v well ?* the higher ia*-tal attributes. Its b^nevklai ?r.< not con fined to either ?s?x or to nay egr. 7ha frebl* girl, the ailing wliVs the liatte..-, ern?vated youth. the ovsrworu msn of buaiuea, the victim oi nerroui ue Ctension, th 3 individual roller lag from g?a?ral de ility, or from the weaknss-> ?f a single organ, * ill all flnd immediate and permanent relief from the qm of till-" innotupirabie recoTktcr. To thoaa who have a pradisp jftttoa to p&raiyda It will prove a complete and ualaiiia<c ?aie^uara s^alnft .hat terri ble malady. Ther* are mac.?, perfcbps, whe hare ?o trifled with thesr ct Mtlt-tiooB, thnt they tfcink theiiiKclTee beyani th* isacit of ia?dicin?. Let net ?T?n th;ae despair. Tile Elixir deals with dl*MM u It exiits? without referenr? to eaua-s, and will act . e!t r-raovo the disorder itself. bo? BIB&'iLD *UB l?r.OaiS> OONBUriiilOii. rhe der&agetaentgcf the system, leading to net \ ta? lljrajau, nn^A ths iorjn^ >f nerrocfl diaeaj* it ?mil, ^re so noEi^rous that it would require a oolctti to annneratr the tuala-ii^e *-r which this prepara tion is acpe&Iio. A it>w, however, may bennoine ratal, vis: neuralgia, Lie dcl< reaax,bsaiacLa.ltMp l*n? paralyslf, hysteria, paipi.^Uon o: tha hmrt, sp: n-i- affwuciia, rinwular iebi' '.ty, trtai^rt. flatulenc, a pr.'-r iii-' g-^sa'-ica in the f.-sh, n-Jiabneas, Ua lty ol th iirer, uicaUl depression, wvaknfaa of the will, iudispr> .ition t* xaoy-, f-intLrsa alter exerciffe, brofc-n j'rep aa i Utiiiying dra&aj*. inability tc rs-. taaia in one piacc - r poHitio:i, it^.il:ne''o of th# pre* araatlra ergaaa, sexual laor aprttBf.7, melans>t iJy, taocom&v a. Ccor e.lboj, nkiug at the stomach, fo> aiai# Irragnlarilkfl, a chronic tcadeacy to ki1-:rt riage, aaiadaUou, it-i all cox.plainU gr -wing out of | a free iaiul/eno? oi U.? pat-i-joa, ^nd ail han^nne^ that does net priced tron t-r/.anl j c??aR8 buyoud the roach of madku-:. Whei'over the orxxu* to "c-? acted c?on are fy?e froa Bialformntios or atrktarai dieeaiwe itle sverred that VOiK?i.r IMV:G02.\TiI,G MLI .iit wDi r?pl;-Oo *ojk??ci: withBtreofth. io^apacit; *tt.cian-J, irr guUrity with uail'oiia Mid ualural ?i ivity, aud thL> not c Jy heat hazard of rerxM u bat with a happy efivct on the gent mi organisation S3"2eat la mind that a!! ^iala'li?r,whf revcr tlie'' j?jia, fir.ith rri.h tha ntnv. us ayrteui, h'-d t> p?.ralii?tIon cf the n. ,tk ci B?oik- ? and - ?i; L physical J call*. Lear ia miiid aL-o, tact lot t7?r\ toad cf nervou7 d&?*M tk/ iliix>r vorlitl it> ti?e only rsiiabie pre;xra-ka CAUTIOJf. Dx. Moaai's lavncxiTi^u vOksull La? N?.?o *.5t:n iMtfdtei by toaia UBprinelp>ed pareong. In fature, all the etneiao Couik! ^IL' havft th* jroprietor's faj Elmiie paileu ovf r the CMfc cf "&e Settle, aud the :'oilo?la* worls bio*n in the frlaw Dr., VSi Im-? I<jo? *t! a & iZom Ik s, 15c si. rrft'pif?f.K. 4gp- Zha Ooidial Is put vp blghly ??nceBtrat^dr la pint bottles. ^rk-*,?H per fer't! : t^ for ; sir for |.V-, ' vi. ii. (UNii, i::o;.rioicr, ii'2 Trc ds*7, Bold by Dsocgtats thrcajsu^t ths CriLed S:aits, 9Mad*3, aad Weet Ib1!m. AGiNTJ'. Wartur^toa?7- v. UiL*A5. Paltirnvre?8. IIi.1h& Ulchm^ad?BaCilt'K'i r a Tii'uiuf* m?r 33 v>i: PKCP3SAXS roa FVOHISHIKO PA^EP, FOS TB1S riLL;C Pr.IHIlA'0 OrsiCK Scrnim^nrr Pueuc Fuintih!), Wuhioftwii, January 55,1S55. N pursuaace of the provisions of the art entitlad, _ "An act ') provide II>r executing the j.u lie printing;''" ite., approved Au^n-st 2ti, leW, fenl.'d pro|M?sai!? will t>e received at tiiis oiiice. in thf <_'ap itol, until Wednesday, tile ?8ih dny of March next, at 1'2 o'clock m., liir furnishing the following <;nin tities and de?criptior-< 01 vvriting paper, to wit: 3,500 rvams, \vtighin2 jos.nJa per rua.11, ar.(^ m^a riirinj la by inches 3,100 reams-, weighing -16 pounds nerrear.1, and nies ouriug IS by i"? inches 100 reams. Wfighi'iig *2?p'tutid^ per renm, and nua curing 18 by inches 340 rearm", wrighina 'W po?'.nds per ream, and n?ea * spring 18 by 18 inches real no, WKighine 1U pounds per rea:n; aad w:a ?unng 12 by lb incite* All these papers to be nia.le of the b?:?t raaterials, and tini?hed in tiie best ma:iuer and true from adul teration. A contract will be entered into for sup plying the qaantities Mated, at such times as tiic public sdrvice may require, but the privilege i? re served of ordering a areaUr quantity of either kin I, should a greater quantity be required, at such limes and in such quantities as may be deemed 11" < '-sary. Samples of each kimi of paj?er must accompany each bif, and all pro{to?ds and sampler must be transmitted to this odiee, fre*1 of pot iage r>r other extien!' Lach prop.;sai must b?> signed bv the individual or fum making it, and i::n^t ^pccify the price per pound, ami tlm consequent i?rice jx-r ream (and but one pricc) of each description of paper, v All the paper mint he delivered ?t su^h place >r place* as may be designated iu Wa-hin-tun ?.ity~, i:i good ornf r, free of all and every extra charge or ex pense, ar.d subject tn the inaction, count, weight and niea.-nrenieni of tlic Snpeiintendent, and be 111 ail respects satisfactory. Blank forms for proj?.->.-al.< will be ferni-hed r t tlii office to pawns applying for tbem ; and none will be taken into eo'isid^ration unleFs yab?tantially agreeing therewith. iiords w ith approved securities will !?? require*!; and the supplying of an ihfener article, or a la<!uie to supply the quantity required at any tim<- will be considered a violation of the contract. Kach bidder is required 10 furnfch wi'h his propo sals satisfactory evid- nea of Iu a'ulity to execute ii, and any proposal unaec?<ii)|K.uietl with sucii < vi dence will be r?yicte^. Hropo>al? will be r.!dr<"<sed to the "Siip^rii.tenu eni oj (lie Public Priniinir, t'npitol of ihe United -^tatrs, Wasbintton. and endorsed "Projw^als for Supplying rajx> ? A. G. SEAMAN, Superintendent of the Public Printing. jan -39?eot.1 TO LOVL'KS OF BUTTER. T^HE attention of tno^e fou l of geod IlLTTEUi.* call.'d to the fact ihr.t 1 Lav ? just received 1-1'J ke<s of prirfte fresh Bil T J'KK, which i.i offered at the lowest p>xsible pit* js, titiicr wholesale or r.1 I tad. I am constantly receiving fresh Ro!! liutter, which c*n be found at my stalls either in the Cei: Ure or Nartharn Liberties Market, and my St ..e, Pt cor. Sdi and I. -ts. W. C. JOHNSON. " leb 34?eolrn* ' IIOII !-AL ]rl , |>y J All .-IN, Fi>>ri?t UtHl .\i?r seryman, leth ^lr? ot. corner of M ? ttMOn Fruit Treea Iiwr blooming Roger. Mo?? Ilo-e?, tnonihly Moss Standard I'crp-toal Bioomi g tU je, 4 to ti feet in height, Climbing Uom? Ornautenul Shrubs foi parlors ami gardens Several thousand lJr.arf Pears, Ap^ea, Cherries, I invite the attenii?n r,f ti.e public to this collec tion, as it is probably the hist collection of fruit trees and choice r??sea in America. All pliii^t>r trees wurrabted true to name an.) of first quality? j?iir f^?cv-Jw TEE MUXDAL PlK'-i 1R6URAHCZ C jWI'A. IY OF THE i 1STR1CT 07 COLUMBIA, CI IA U 11.RKU by Coiigrei-?, offers to the properly owners of the Distn<n safer and cheaper means of insurance than any ether Company v IW.YS->CS WARD, Prestuenu fllAi WILSON, Secretary. M VniEW O. EVERY,Treasurer. HASAflER*. l!lysse? Ward John Van Riswick Tbomas B!agden P. W. Browning P. Howard, Mai hew CI. Emery. J. C. MrKeldeu. 4 Office, Columbia Plare, corner Louisiana avenue and 7th street. Office h??<ir; from 3 to G o'clock p. m. feb 26-eotf ORNAMENTAL TREIiS FOR SALtf. ?t>f the best quaiity, for Mreets, avenues ernieiericd, and lawn*, 'l hey are all seed aXL ling-, free growth, free from sucners and insects, and ate not stunted. No. 1 Silver Leaf Maples, from P2 to 15 fe. t in the clear, and well furnisher ; llorse Chestnut frc^m 1 to G feet high; European Syeamon* ot rich lotiage ; do. fstalpa, of large si*e. <>! ihe above trees there i< a 1 :rge stto k on hand. Piiet4 accardiii^ to ?ize ami number,from 25 cts. to ^1. t'ome- and s? e for your elf. Calluuon JAMES MAHER, mar 10-d:tw* - puWic Gardener. P (Bait gun law3w, / ilK\''d ANl> ClLLtA iTS~~SfEETTPKN8, various kinds and bought in im r^jn t'rom uie makers and warranted genoine. mar6 PKAXCK TAVLOtt. LOUDON WALTZ. 20MP08BI) and dedicated to the loun* ladies oT Leesburg. Va., ?y Prof. J. A. Younc A very istng composition, published at ihe Music Depot of IIILBUM fc HITZ. mar 1J?tt PB0r0SAL3frod MAIL BAOS Post Orrici Department. January 12,18ii SEALED rROrOSALS will be recuved at this Department until 9 o'clock a. m., of tb? 2fcl of April next, for furnishing tor four years from the lft day of July next, in such quantities and at such times as may lie required a ml ordered for the mail service, mail bag* of the following description, to wi i Canvas Mail Bags. Size No. 1, (4it iuches ia length, and 62 mcbts in circumference,) to he made of cotton canvass, weighing 15 ounces to the yard of 27 inches wiilth; the yarn of the fabric to be doubled and twisted and fiVe-foW. Size No. 2, (41 inches in length, and 48 inches in circumference,) to lie made of cotton canvass, washing 15 ounces to the yard of 27 inches width, and the cloth to be woven in every respect like that of the first size of baif*. Size No. 3, (32 inches in length and 38 inches in circumference,) to be made of cotton canvass, weighing 10 ounces tothe yard of 22 inches width, and il? t cloth to be woven as above described. The canvass bags of sizes Nos. 1 and 2 are to be made with a sufficiei t number of eyelet holes, and provided with strong cord to secure thpir moi:th<. AH are to be well and distinctly marked a U. S. Mail,"' and to be numbered according to the tizes above specified. Jjfjitttfr and Canvass Pouches. Size No. 1.4d in. in length, and 60 in. circumference Size No. 2.41 do d? 4b do Size No. 3.36 do do 4-2 ? do Size No. 4.3T> do do 126 do Size No. 5. 26 do do 28 do The body of the leather pouches ia to be made of good and substantial bag-leather, wclhanned, weigh ing for Nos. 1 and 2 not less than 8 ounces, and for the smaller sizes not less than 7 ounces to the sq. foot; the bottom and tiap to be of good skirting leather, well tanned, and the same to be well and strongly secured with the best iron rive s, well tinned. The canvass pouches are to be made of densely woven canvass, s? as to resist water, or at* Isast equal to that of which the pouches now in the service are mad?-. Leather ami Carvass llorsc-viail Bags, (in saddle bags form.) Size No. 1. Body 4d inches long, and 42 inches in circumference at the widest parts ; ends or bottoms of s. me, 14 by 23 inches Size No. 2. Body ?1<1 inch" s long, and 06 inc-:.* s in circumference at die widest part:?; ends or bottoms of same, 12 by 24 inches Size No. 3. BoJy 42 inches long, and J2 inches in circumference at thv ividest part-; ends or bottoms of same 10 by 20 inches The leather horse mail bags are to he of good and substantial bag leather, well tanned, and weighing not less than 7 ounces to the square foot, and the seams to be well and strongly sewed ; ?.r, if rivetted, to be so don* as not to chafe the horse or rider. The canvass horse mail bhga are to be made of the same quality oi fabric as the pouches above de scribed. Canvass ar.d Leather Drop-Utter Pouches, (with side pockets.) Sire No. 4. 30 in. in length,ami 36 in circumference Size No. 5. 26 do do 29 do Canvass New*paj>er Mail Bazs. Size No. 1, (18 inches in length and 62 inches in circumference,) to 1k: made of cotton canvass, w? ighim; at least 15 ounces to the yard of 22 inches width; i'nr yarn of the fabric to be doubled and twisted and five -fold, and the Lag to be b? constructed as to In lock? d. and to have a handle at eacli end. tsize No. 2, (41 inches long and 48 inches in cir cumference.) to be of the same material and man ner of construction with size No. I. Proposals lor improvements in the construction of anyot the above described mail bags, or in the ma terials thereof, ire invited; an 1 the relative value and adaptation tothe service as well as price of such improvein- nt will be considered in determin ing the lowest and be?t bidder. No proposals will be considered if not accom panied wi(h samples of each article bid lor, showing the construction, quality of material#, and workman ship proposed, and also with evidence of thu com petency and ability oftho fe!o4vrtu thereto ihe work according to contract. The specimens mu t l?e delivered ?t Uic Depart ment o:i or before the 53d ??.y cf Aurii next, and ml!, in connexion with tie projwiMiU form the bans of tn-: contracts.' Spw.t-postted by bidders which may with safety e&d OMveaicnee be used in the mail service will fc* fwr at tiw rales pro posed by them. A decL-ion on Jie bids wi! be made cs or before the first day of May r..;it, lite bolder or bidden chosen will be r quired eater i-ito contract on or before the lith day of icsii m:*t, wills Luitd an?.l sufficient sureties fu? r. j-!M? of the obligations as ent.-ro-i 1e!^. All the articles connected nx are V; be delivered , . 1 a?"' ?! t Ala.; New Orleans, La ; Naehv^l", Tenn.; Louts vilie, Ky.; Cincinnati, Ohio: and St. Louis, Mo., in such quantities and at such timfcs as the Depart ment may require; and they are to he rigidly in spec ted before delivery, and none are to be received which fchall he inferior to the *necimen?or stand ard Irps. To rnab'e bidder? to estimate the number of the different kinds of moil bags which will probably be required, they are iuformed that there were fur nished for the u*e of the Department, during the year which ended 30.h June last. 2,135 leather pouches; :i,978 canvass pouches; -150 father horse mail !?ag>; 6<>5 can vers horse mail b ig-:; and 17,110 cai v iss mail baas. TI: ? proposals should be endorsed " Proposal* for 3/<iil a;. l be addressed to the M I'ostinudcr G.>ier.,!? JAMES CAMPBELL, j:in 15?liwMw Fiwtauttcr General. I>EV. JOHN LANAIIAa, PASTOR <>!?' THE EXETER STREET, M. E. CHURCH?A strong d-isire to lie>.efit tiie arftictcd induces him thu-- to cer if/. We chal eugs any other mcdicino to pre.-ent smcIi a mass of testimony from gentlemen and ladies of high standing of our own we.I-known citizens, who testify of cures of COUGH, It RON CH1TIS, RUBUMATISM, DYSPEPSIA, <*c Baltimore, January 24th, lt!55. Mortimer 4' Mowbray: 1 taie pleasure in saying to you that I have used your '-Hampton's Tincture*' with very great profit. From a serious t.irout affection, my general health had become very much impaired, when 1 cor.i menced to u?e ''Hampton's Tincture." 1 found its effects upo.' my gem r-'ri health most salutary.? My nervous system and digestive organs soon right ed nil under its use. 1 have several tim<recommended it to my friends, amt in everj' case, far tu 1 have been in formed, they have use it with success. Yours '.ruly, J inx Lanahah, Pastor Of Exeter i t., W. E. Church, I'altimore. HLEEDiNU OF THE LUN?S. Bileish, N. C., Feb. 8, lbSS. Mc*>rt. Mortimer Mowbray: I do hereby certify that about twelve months ago I was taken with a severe hemorrhage of the Lungs and had four attacks of it 1 was advised to try Er. Hampton's Vegetable Tincture. . _1 procured on ltoa:<?, ami alter taking which, I was satisfied that I was much better; and that, after taking the f..?niii bottle, I was entir. iy w II, aitd now I enjoy as f'Ood h*alth as ever I did in my life. I can, and do, with out the least hesitation, recommend the Tincture to ail person, attlieted in my way. YOlUT, OKO. \V. WtAaLSV. CL?HE FITS?READ ! More to the Sick <Aon Gold.?>rom one nftJ:. i,i,'.-t rcpe^Ttble Druggists in South Carolina. Chari.KsTon, S. C. Sept. 21,1653. [ Messrs. Mortimer fit Mowdkat:?The sale nf| yottr Hampton's Vegi'tible Tincture is increasing every day, and every bottle sold recommends this valuable medicinc to the atllic-ted. Several of our planters have tried it in different cases with aston ishing success, and are getting it by half dozens. H lias been found to be the greatest remedy !<>r rheu matic affections, and a wonderful cure hat been |?eiformed cn a negro boy, suffering from Fits. I will tuinish you with a number of certificates if you wish them 1 am, gentlemen' yours, W. <?. Trott. Call and get pamphlets gratis, and see cures M Cough, Bronchitis, Rheuinatisak, Neuralgia, Dys pepria, Nervousness and General Weakness. As a female medicine or for delicate children we believe i'. un^-quRlhtii. Hold by MORTIMER tt MOWBI5AY, M0 Balti more sueet, Baltimore, and 3ot llroadway. N. Yoilt CnAs. Stott & Co., J. B. Moore, D. B. Clarke, Clarke Hl Bowiihm, W. Elliot, and H. MrpitKR son, VVasdiington; also, by R. S. F. Ci sbl, Ceoi?e town; and C. C. I'.ikry, Alexandria,and by I>ru? ^isU everywhere. f?|, 2H-tr SILVER PLAT ED WARE. (COMPLETE ('offee Sets, Castors,Cake nnd Fiuii J Baskets, Waiters on white metal, Table, Des sert, and Tea Spoons and Forks, double and tiip'e plated on Albata, the bestsubsutute lor silver, wa* ranted and sold by II. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. avenue, between Wth and lOto et?. jan 19 9 CLOTH 1 NO MADE TO ORDER CHEAPER than ever.?In ojder to run off ihe remainder of our hurge slock of Cloths, Cassimeres, and Veil ings, we will nt this season take measure nnd make to order Gentleman's Garments of first quality 20 per Cent, c heap r than our usually low prices. WALL it STEPI1KNS, 3254 Pa. avenue, next door to Iron Ifall. leb 19 (Sehlinel&.Newe) H VANCY QOjLS, PEBFUMEEY, &c. I'TCHINSON Si MIJNRO, are now opening at the r ctore. No. 310 Pa. avenue, a splendid assortment of GOODS, irf the al>ove line, enume rating in p**rt ns follows, viz: fine Cabas, Dressing Casts, l'o te Monnaies, I .&rd Cases, Jewell Boxes, Shells, Shsll I'.oxms, Jet Ornaments, Lubins', Piver's und other choice Hxtracts, Pomades, superior Bay Water, Coa>k*s and Brushes in sr? at variety, and in *hort everything to be usually found in a first class Fancy Store, and they cordially iovile their friend# and the public to give them a call. Their Store is the fin>t door west of Messrs. Har iier to. Co.'s, between Ninth and Tertth sts. mar 2?tf TRAVELER^ 1 IKEUTUKY" * Mott Bedell's Line. NEW YORK, ALEXANDRIA, WASHING TOM CITY, AND DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PACKETS. 3piIlS LINE OF PACKETS 8AIL8 WEEKLY I from pier 14 East River, New York, and oftener necowsary. and are composed of the f??llowiii? first class vessels: >c\v achr. A. V. Bedell, Bedell. master. Now >chr. Mutt Bt drily A. V. Tred* uU. gclir. Ann D., Win. Oliver, master. Rthc. Volant, L. A. Smith, master. Bchr. Commatuier-in-Chief, Wofl Jin, master. 8chr. Green way, Wilson, master. These ve?sela are all last sailer?, and tlie masters men of experience in the tnnK and the ouly regu lar line of Washington City packets. MOTT BE-'ELL, Wall street, N. Y. S. S. ilASTERS k SONS, Alexandria, Va. THOM *8 RFLEY, f? li 1?era Washington and Q. C. CROH IVKLL'S BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN NEW YORK BALTIMORE & BOSTON, WILL dispntcb a Steamer daily from Baltimore and Now York, and twice a week from Breton to Baltimore and Baltimore to Boston. Thie line afford* unequalled facilities to the but-i ness men of the District of Columbia. The Agents at eiiher point will receive freight and give a through kill of lading to Wa?hin?toii at the lowest rates at freight and no commissions charged. Applications for freight promptly attended to by the following agents: A. C. HALL, 58 Exchange Phce, Baltimore. H. B.CROMWELL. Comer Washington and Albany sta., N. Y. JNO. W. SC'HANK, jan 14?d3ui foot of India Wharf, Bo*t?n. FUR TIIE WEST AND SOUffa. BALTIMOREAND OHIO RAlbROAD. IMPROVKO AKR*N *RM?NT8 FOR TRAVEL! IMPORTANT CHANGES 0VSC1IXDUDK1! ? I fha> completion of th? vSHriS^yOentrsl Ohio Railroad between Wheeling sad Coiutnbus. uniting, as it doee, by ?o short and direct a line, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad with all portions of the West (and North an J Southwest,) gives this route greatly increased advantages to through travelers in that direction. Oa and af'er MONDAY, November V7, 1851, the trains will be run as follow: FOR THROUGH PASSKKOERS. Two fSaat trains dally wfll run In each direction first?The MAIL TRAIN, l*evirg Camden 8tatk>n at 7 ft. m , Inst-ad ot8 o'clock if? heretofore, fexcept ou Sunday.) and arriving Wheeling at 2 40 a. ra Besond-Tfae E\PItK=S TRAIN, leaving at 5 p. ia , instead of at 7T>. ia.. ne heretofore, and running through to WLeellng in about 17 hcurs, reaching there at 10 25 a. m. This train wiU step at Wash ington Junction, Sykegvtlle, Monoeaey, Harper's F-rry, Martinsburg, Sir John's Run, Cumberland, Piedmont, ltovlesburg, Newburg, Fetterman, Farm ingisn, Cameron and VioundHville only, lor wood and water and r?.en's. Both tbwe trains _make prompt and regular connection with the M the Central Ohio Ro&-1 *'or Caobridg", Zanrsviile, New ark, Cclumbu<, Cincinnati, Louisville, Dayton, Sandusky, Toledo, Letrolt, Indianapolis, Chicago, 8t Louie, etc. Passengers N-aving Baltimore by the Mail Trvn; will reao- (Cincinnati for dinner next day, while by the Express Train they arr ve there at 12 the next night, being \ept but one night on the route b7 *ith*r train. PaMisen^en" for the North? ert via Cleveland and all intermediate potato can make a direct orneo tion with :ho trains upon th ? Cleveland and Pitts burg liuilrord at all times when the Ohio is navta* hie for steamers b*twe?n Wheeling atd WeUrviUe, by leering Baltimore in the Mail Train at 7 a. m. Rc:urr.|ng, the Trains leave Wheeling as follows: The L'XPRts83 TRAIN at 4 30 p m., reaching Bal timore at 8.,'h) a. m. The MAIL TRAIN at 11.45 p. e? . reaching Buitlmnre at m 7 p. Through tickets by b-.-at from Wheeling for Cluci.'.nati, M?d'flon, Lnuisv:lle, 8t. Lcuis and other River v'iti-s. ill hs sold at * 1 times when the stags of wain will admit. Mjaf Through ticket* between Baltimore and WaanJojton, and all the important cities and towns ia the Wf-et, are sold at th* Ticket Off o*s of ths 0 mp*ny. FOU WAY PAFSKN^fcRS. THii MAIL TRAIN, leaving Cisden Ft at ion will take rtBS>n5er<? fr.r ail the ?;-ur.l stopping place? on thu Rr.rd Ke'nrnlng, this train leaves Wheeling ? at 11.15 midnight, Cutib^rlund at 10.16 a. mn and arriv. a at Baltimore at 7 p. ra. TH!! FRKDEiaCK ACCOMMODATION TRAIN, for 4 p ick c . oTiving ?it Baltimore at 12.3'J, noon Tlifi EI.LI03TT\3 MILLS ACCOMMGDATFON w:.l fc'* r-;n dallj', (t?xs pt Sundays,) as follows: Learo IWir-d'ii Station at 8 a. m. and 8 p. m. L?avc Eilicoit'c at 7.IJ0 a. m. aud 6.30 p. ra. WASHINGTON liKANCII liAILROAD. TF.AIN8 RUN A8 FOLLOWS: JEAVr.uaiiy, ticuft - ..-day, *t d and a. m. J f nd C and 5p r:. On Su?da7 ?t 0 a ui und 5 pm. Leave Baiiimora s.t 4>< ai.1 tt i. m; and 5 and 6 pn Oa Sunday At 4.% t tuaad 5pn. Thr (.-oniir "tinus with Baltimore St Ohio Ila'.Jr. id fur tta Wy?t srs f-j traWia learin.r a; (J ;? n aud 3 pw. Foi rhLtiil, lifu Jz ff Vcrk at G. an 1 &ta and 6 pm. Kor AnnapcIIs at 9'-> a in and ipm. For Norioilt tt 3 p tn. T. II. PARSON 3, Agent. Partlcn'ar attention <e called to the P.u'.e requir ing h risjcrsible vour4i?r fi.r any person ?f ^lor who r.i *y vi h to pa e (>t r ;he roiwl. (1-fC 13?dtf OiiAKOE AND ALKXAHDBIA RAILROAJ). On an J after Tuesday, 1^7^854, Cars lea?? Alnsandrla da:ly for Q.inJors .1 villa r.nd intefw-diate stations at 7 Y o'cloct, a. m., ou ILa arrival of the boat from Washington, giviugampla time f.?r breakfast on board. Con necting ?.1 Mcuaixa* .lunct^n with a train for Straf bur?, at Warrenton Ju r.ticn with a train fbr V,'ar renton, Fsd at anrdonsville with th? trains cn tli? Virginia Central iUdlroad ton Uichmond, Char lot us will., and Staunton. ? The cam i?av? Oordonavilie dally for Alexandila and InUrsa-nilati Etat?on?>, at V before 12, a. ra., on the nrtivsl ol the trainj ot thd Virginia Central rail roai froti Bichmc ad, Oharlcttesvill#, and Staunton THROUUU TlOKBTS. ? Frcra Ali-xardrJ* to M'arrsnton,. |2 00 " Ocrdo.iBvilrc 3 60 " tharlott^avUla......... 4 25 '> Staunton 6 So Flraaburg 3 60 " ! ?yncLburg 0 76 '? ** Vt'l2ci?eUr S 50 Luray 4 25 " New Miiket 5 00 " Middleburg a 26 or Ljt:ch'jUJ?. roan acting with ths etagas at CiiariotttetlUe, ca uibedaye.. \/edn?8day!, and fri dara. if. r I may az.' !*;- cormtctluj wlA ths e crca tit Ca^por, c a 1 Cfedij-^Thursduys. and Sat woay. For -.VlOiMieeUr daii}', ccaneeLLnz with LLe Etaitefi at Piodjicat For Mjddlabnrs d&il/, cnnnsftlBg with ths fctaxes at the I lalttB. Per older: W. B. kSOOKETT, i-g-ut. uov T?3fcf FOR MOUNT VEHNON. - TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. LTaro Tc-uud trip $1; from Al?z< audrit 76 c<aLi ?ii-s 'illOalAB OOLLYKR leaves Wn-'J.iiigtoti at '? -:; l I! ixandria at BU o'clock. t'ju. ii- > l:&rj lr i l.' 'j-itol ib? ttebout at 8^ o'cllt. Coaeht'irs iOceuU. Per on^ wieUng tha C> f.chea will leaTS their reil 4s'i'?i". vi Lli O -jo. es, ibuT- Pa.k?r. Keu^hmeutp ca the boaf Cot *^3 ?atf SJAM'L QEDNSY, Cspt TIIS ?EW 1'ORlt *. LlVfciRPOOI^ UNITED STATUS MAIL STEAMERS. friIE SHIPS COMPRISING T!IIfl UNI ARK L TICK? AVLAIiTiC, Capt. West PACIFIC, Oftpt. Nye, BALTIC, Capt. Com stock, ADRIATIC, Capt. Oration. Thaoe ships have been built by contract, aapreai ? !y for Government service; evary care has been t&k-m In their aaustrucUon, as In the Xngtnes to insure strength and speed, and their actr mmoda* tionn for pawengers a's uno-iuallwd for elegance and comfort. Price of passage from New York to Lit rp?>?L In firotrnliin ? ?? ??e??*4ee**???e ???eee aaeese ????ee eeee?ee**e?*ee 4?? 8ecowd v,ab.u - 70 Rxdur.lve a be of extra riae stftte rooms 300 From Liverpool to New York ?30 and ?20. An experienced nurgcon attached to each ?hip. No berth Can be Sdcured until paid for. For freight or pa'sag* apply to RDWARD K. OJLLINS * CO., 6C Wall street, Ne? Ycrk. BROWN, 8IIIPLHY * CO, Liverpool. K. O. ROBERTS A CO* 13 King's Am.a Yard, London. JOHN UUNROK A CO, 28 Ru^ Notrn Dame des Ylotolre?, far'.". QBO II. DRAPER, Havre. The owners of f be** ?hlps will ar.t be accountable lor gol 1, sliver, bullion, ep-xls, iswalry, precious stones or metals, unless bills ef lading are eigne* therefor, anl the value thereof therein expressed, nor 10?41y ?rth?p - [WO WOI ,Prat. , do hereby 11 ij . .. , ?v ?? ? ?? r?~" ? ^1* will bv [ ** tha land oBfl* at ABouara, In tbe State of Mnataoppi, commencing on VctUay.f he twenty-fir* I day of May next, for th? dlspoaaf or til that portico of sections and p*rta o! msUou* of lani bearin ? odd onmbr* within six m'les on e*:h atfe of th line of the Masai axv Ohio Kirn aiiuuun In the I States cf Au wa anl Mibtsb m, nth)- t to th? double minimum pr*? of two dMUre end flftv cots I f?*er*lM by '??? act Ot JUth Bepiember, i960, aad excapttd from graduation te to price It I the Act of 4th A?U)., 1S64, which were atvertiaei I to be offered fbr ssle lo prxxlamatlon Mo. 493, beai ling date 23d May, 1844, but aubaequently witl drawn no til farther notlc.' for the propoaed railroad from Br?vd"0 to Mout^emery b/ patl'.e D3ti:e No. 4*4, beating date l?th Augnat, lt&3: end the earn* not being subject to private utry at the d?teofa#J withdrawal, were eonaoicvctly not rvtor J te mar k t by general notice Mo 5-?, dsttJ 6th September, 1*5*. situated in Ihe uuieri^tnt'cuej townehi:;. to wit: Xorrt of the base line atA rati of the Choctaw mm iian. Township four, of range t Li* teen Towuhlpt thiee, four Jive, and fi?, of range four XoTQ.hlps three, four, fly*, *;* and tcven cd ra~ge lift-en Townships three,fpurtf*je, Mr, and seven,of r*n^e I Mzteen i AJrow?*wP| ^Df-' ***? and tfvm, of range reV.?r I tun Township teven, of range eighteen. Notice i? also hereby gi*en that all Ihe land* t.t l-uatel outside of the u?mie limiti on etch si le ??i tie above road withdrawo and no1. toator:?d to private entijr m atcve state 1, wfcich * ill be rub I jeet to entry at one dollar and twenty-fivt ce -te per a^re, or (M tor actual n?ttleacent aad pre emp tion) at the pric?* pre# ribed by the graduation act of 4th Augnst, ltC-4, in thefoll-iwiag-neaaad district* and townships in the States of Midi aeippi and Al* bam a, will be subject to entry and location on and after Monday the nintlttiUh day of March next, to I wit: In tbe district of lamb subject to sals at Acoceta Mississippi : North of the ban line and tail cf L\e Choctaw m?r? dian. T->wn?thlps thr",four,JLo?, Mr and s:ven, cfranee | Township* three, four, fir*, ?:x, and teien, ol tange thirteen J Townshlpe three, four Jiv* ttx, and seven, of range fourteen Township teven, of range fifteen Townships three, four. an<l fivt, of range s'xteen Townships three, fonr, Jive, six, and mm, of range seventeen | Tnwusbips three, four, /te, six, aad teven, ft | range eighteen. In th* district cf lands subject to tale at Psmopo ltb Alabama : | \ortn oj thi bast lin'. and wtt of ihe principal me vidian. Townships thirteen, fourteen, flfL-tn, sixteen and seventeen, of range two Townah pa thirteen, fourteen, fi tten, t&tren and teynUen, of range three I Townships thirteen, fourteen ,ff!em, tixtern and | seventeen, of range four Townships ihlrtcen and fourteen, of range five. The township dfri^ated in r^man !? ters jr? wholly within tn* lliaits of sir and fife *n mil-^ r>i I spectiwlj on ?acb ?id^ of paid r. ad, and thoc* la italici are partly wiihin a??d limits, aa .lemgnat-d on tbe diagrams which will be faruUdi?a to th?> r> I spective diatrict oflioers by the Commih>.ion"r of t:.< [Jeesra! La~d 1 flise. The lands will be eoH. su'j ct to the righi tf w<iy grants! by the act of i^Oih f^ptem>r, ISOy, "to *??? State6 Hfi reniJ for sai 1 railrr ul. not ? x tiding one hundred feet on ea-h t-ide thtm.f. *nd therefor- th^ paiticuiar ^rait c flan-*, wkkh include thsroaJ will be solJ as a?talniim the quant tiea r.-spectire'.e shown by the fii*'i?* pia'e. The sectiouf will b C aJ the rnblie sals In the rider in "T'lurj. tfcfy (;.c *4-.*! j fhe * ^le I will be kept pen ft - n;dfteiei;t tim- to ctdmit of loChiiug all tht liiias, *ut ml eicsejing two week^; atid HpttnliaM tj iriki private entri^of the offered at pi* l;!t ?*?.}?-..rdf-r ihL? p.-f=cS?iK?a.tiii? will not be r*-eiv*U .? . ^r the f'.<3i cf thi t?70 | weeks. ? Givnn nn : r -y - siiat tiie ^ty of Wn-iidngtcn, | this r. venth T tv cf Kcbraei ?/. Anno D-niini cm j thou'andei;.h; hundred and fifty Cv4. _ t , FUANKl/IM rikitCE. J;y the Pre'Jdent: John Wilsoj*, r^srm'-ricner ?leneral l and Offl *. SOTIGK TO PRF VMMION OL4IMANfl>(. Under the net cf Cosjiev aorrovel 3d of Marrfc, ISM, entitled "An act Vo eitecd pre empUvin rights | to ceruin settler* thsreiu awntione l," tbe p-e^^ajp tln j l?*e w?re e*ver rha s^re u>o*i... 5 ! alternate odd nuuib-red see'ionn within s-x mike c n eerh side of the ronte cf the r>?d. where tb* aiittle u>ent iind impro?"m?at w?r > nmlt-pricr t; th?? da'e of alLtx*n% if proven up ard pss i f.-,r nt the mt? of two dollars and fitly ?;nt< p?r acre, betcre tfcc day fixe<i for the public fa!^; anl by the act ap proved t7th March, l&M. en?:led ?An a t for the relief of sutlers on ltaa^ r.surved for railr~?d pu''. j port* " p-rsona who settled a: d improved ihe aKve nstf j sections prior to the <Lzt? of vn : nlrawai wiil be eutitl?^lto p'e emptions ntth*ordinary mioioum pr5?*e c f the pnblie lu&Js, cr al tbe r^te of nU? d<i)!ur I and twenty-five cents p.-? in?, if prc ven ap had I p->id f?r b<;f re the day fix d ior ihe pub Jc sa^c: Th- reiore, every per on enlitUd to the xig' tct pr.^ empti u in any of th<; aliornat^ otfd r:cmb<;ri d .*?? <? ; t on* above mention*!, wlrhln six mil.* of the rc: te of the road, u 5d-r the cci cf :Jd iteck, 1- ra, *b re [ rvfeired to, on settlement* made prior t?> tbe 4th of J Ftbru ify, l?M,(the date ol H;k5taont) ( r nu l*r ?hc [ uct of -27 ct? March. 185^, on ecttlemir.tH mads pr or [ to the dit' of tbe origin*: wi hJrawiU of the ?cds from ra#ii.^*, Ii>??b? cv?rv p.-r?on entitled t?. o-o | emplion -jader the *^ct cf 27th MweV, ISii, in ?nv ol the iar.d^ on.'rirfe of t.'ie ?ts sitle l:m ta dlro t. I U. J be reitorei to m-ry oo *Le 17th day of March next rrqolml t-> estafclis.: tb? to the eiti f ptii.n 1 of rha register aud rece'v-i oi the proper !a d o?.?. aud uiakn payment therefor ut ihe prlc fx 1 l? law as soon at practicable tfter se^jn^ this t tice ar.d b-if'tre the d-y appointed for the ruhl e 6&!e or ation lo mrrktt of the lauds nmbraciag the tra-H cl-?im?J; cthe.?i-e such dal a vilibe fi.rl- ittd JOHN VTXLSON*, Cc^iI^i^^:io>>er of Jeurral L-.n J ? febia-lawia^ TOBIAS^ k ? 2FFICK No 5I? Seventh einet, thrJe doors 1 Ml' Felloww Hall. 8PiJCTACLE8 and suited to every ngljt, on a jrue and sct einitic principle Sec circulars, to he had at tb? I feb 28-hn BEAUTIFUL WHITE TEETH. GUMS, AND A SWEET EUEATII. All w lio ire di'snuUft of oUtainin* tlipso ben/i fiU, should wst* ZEIIMW'S KI P -RATKI,, TliOTIl WASH. Tl.ud,lki,?s?udn;,;^,! I,iany nier.tor.ouH quuliiies, Uiat it has now be n'Ul ll'"' Of New \ork, Philadelphia and Raitunore. Dentists urn jjenb.: it iu their practice most succt^jiluiiy a-.d awardtd!*01"00 flaltf>rin" U^UoJi ar. d anJ L!tet5ine aro iiuii.ixiialtJy ben efitted by its use; iu action upon Uicm is mild sooUnn,. ,?d elTecuvv. ii clcakaea^t^ i thcrouglily, that they are made to lival pear! in Tr JUr T'ra". dlflui* ihrou^li the n.ouUi mch a delight.ul rr?^lni-;ri8, that t!?? breath is rendered ex quiHtely *weot. It disinfe-u all iho^e imnttriiiL which tend to produce, d. c ty aad aa a couseouen v other cities where it has Im;. n in'ro^luccd ' Al' should give it a trial. roaucea. Al. Prepared only by FRANCIS ZliRMAV nn.,.,i . and Chemist, Ninth and Catharine Wets, Phffa I delphia, and sold by all Dr,,-,^ eva i j SS E Si a y-11 <SG?&T 1 jan ?Jin Agent ft.r Washington City. HOWARD LIFE INSURANCE COM as o J'ANy OP NEW VOBK. mHF VV1^0' of VVlwhiHgton, Aeont. I HE Howard Life Insurance Company, nu-st *,s. *- ,n2 an iiinpli: capital, and every facility for ex tendutg its o^raUons upon the ilom w cure has.8 Ii'^,er tver> ,n"urrirrc? against Life Kisks up,n the'' most favorable term?. 1 Parties insuring upon the mutual plan are cnti tied to a propot tiuiinte -haro ofUic- profits : or nnon the joint stock plan by which they pay a low. r ra-e ol premium, but do not share profits/ 1 Policies Br? gianted either lor life, or for a limited period. ' " "Hie Howtrd conimendn itself to persons in all station-, but e. jMfialiy ro everv irad of n familv. I *?','l.'iry "r N:iv;l! Officers off or en duty may be iiiKureti in Uok; , l '^,ls Oumiony have the ptivi air?^>nT i ,'.!iC AUaj,u.??tu in Euro^:, at Special pennitL f i*,U'?Ul exlra preniiuiti. ? HandwiclTlsiande a?r j0"11?' Au:Jtral:1? "r l.'ie amcf No. aaS'Nurthn"? rat,: ofPrf,n'i,"c .Tenth Worth D at rest, one door ca-t ol mar 3-col in A VEHVm SILVERWARE. A ^ seu, of Spoons and Forks, and a varilt^^pTnov LV^' ware, suitable for presents via ? y. ^?vp" Ladles, Crumb Scraner^ f?*j. >..? f res, and warranted sterling. a u ,ow l*i jan 18?' 330 Ia avcnUB? ^"'^an.fSuJ am. pUTNAM'3 MAOAZINL for March. ~ tf FRANCK TAYLOR. AN A,P?A.L *0 COMMON SENSE. mony will be eoacianive. But ^^aTjL not know the Captain tb< uid be ?c^wir^rw nt *m* Bn>., with other, of u.* 1*5 ??? hijfhly respectable citizen* ?f Ra^,,. " woaot rful cure by ' DM HAMPTON 8 VEQBTAJJL1 TINCTTAm. Earroa, Oct. 4. lifca. Afetrrt Mviiimrr < lu' >?May: GeiiUe.M.-a?l |e?| i; mr duty to van and tt,?. ??k Ue u. eeriify trt the effect* of Hampton'* v" iu, Tincture. I was for mure than five year* 'it -*i ? under a di-ease of I'hronic ldieuma'tisro mil !tU great pa.l of that ti.s.e I m so helpless tint I had to be hHpediir?:?i my b.* and drensed Rl) ev^ 1 bec??e reduced u> a mere skein?. AU ih?^ iciaes I took done iue no good, and I com.. uZa?. ?r>??*?< itoriofEssvisssrts thought I would give it a trftil. At this mut I did not expect to jive on* day aftf.r another. I j?d not 5 " (M,f> P*cl,lre) **? the Rheumatism, b?it Hi a short tune I wa* well ?.f tint disease. From U* eff?ct*of your I inctare and Un; heJi. ol Cod I am now editing m! health. I wi>i ail tk afflicted to try Hampton's VtceteU Tincture,a* l have d ire, with the muu? eSvtUi^ it hii on Your obedimt servant, Ieaac BnrjaVm, Wt art; acquainted wi;h Isaac Reaiamtal him aouieof Hampton's Vegetable Tincture andbe ijeve Uie ?hftv statement cmt-cL n**?oN d nto. I'rom ?ur knowledge ?f Captain Benjamin we are confident tnm the above Kan-mem is true aad un exageraj-d. J. a. Jobhsm, ? ? , .. Cbaubs r?mmmm, (.1,11 Hi??l B>t (..imphleu wail*, and Mfr'uual Coush, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuiairia, Dy% pepdia, N.! voitKie ? and General Weakness. At a female medicine <<r l.?r delicate childien we believe it iineocalled. Sold by MORTIMER & MOWBRAY, IttBaiu more street, Balumore; and ,*H Broadwv, N. Yurk Chap. Stott & Co., J. B. Mooni, I). B. Cu??? t'i.&awx Si Bowl:ko, W. Elliot, and 11. McPnta son, Washington; also, by R. 8. F. Cissil, Ceorjc town, and C. C. Biaav, Alexandria, and by Drug girt* everywheie. jan 8?tr OOUGHS, GOLDS, HOARSENESS, HtlUf In rin HlaaUi. TYLERS COMPOUND UUM ARABIC STRUT. THE increasing demand for thia most plnaaaat, aafe, and ticiaow remedy f'-r all pulmonary dtwaaes, haa epablnd the proprietor to reduce Uh> price to wU place it within the reach of all cUwmi. It* sup-rionty over Boat riailar preparattoua U at tested by many eminent vhy?Maoi who hars baea ?tc witoems* of ita efleacy when the ornl: diea have blind; also by thounnd of o?r ?pectable citisens *bc have uaed it in tk?4r I both aa preveative and cure with never hiliai i oesa f r the last twenty yoars, during whksh period with very llttlft aid trcm advertialng, Ac., it ha gradually apread rcputa iou over the whale Union. In cases of recent (Mil Ought, Bomrmmum, At-, it gives iiamedtate relief, acd gen. rally cures in a day or two, without Interfering with diet or buatoe r,?t rev spring the oyatem nore mesptiWe of (Mol, (a chrooic cases, Atthwia, Whoop ng Ocymk, (hum Brotickiitt, Af'dumt of the Itmfft, mma Conmmip lion, it Is always very b*neheial and seldom Mia, when commenced in time to perfect a cure. Price 26 and CO cents a bottle. Bold wfcf l*ia!e by Patterson k N*irc, 8tett A Oon Rllfcrly & Cc. AlejmJria by Peel A Bteveaa. la Ueoi ^u**d hy Mr. Clft. si. ?#* TTLKKS OUM ARABIC CANDY DROIR a similar eompoeiliou to ihs above, but ia a milder and eiar# portab'e ftnn; they act like a charm on a trcubWrme Cough, and clear the throat aad voie-; they oontain no injuricua drug are particu larly reoocimei?<i?d for childrea. freqa*nt*ra of pub ic a'.cembliee, public ^pe?k>-r?, siug'ii, Ae. Pri <e and 'it ce^Ls per box. lor pale at mo?t Drug and Candy Btorea. oet IT?tf TUE ART UNION OF LONDON. i'LAN FOR THE CURRENT YEAR. fJ^HB list is now open, and crery eubeenber cf 1- #:> 50 will b<- entitled to? I. An inipr* -sio* of a Plate, by J. T. Willmwe, A. R. A.,Iron! Uio original picture by J. J. Cha l??n, R. A., M A Water Party." II. A Volume containing thirty Wood Engravinir? il!'i?traiing rabjecu from I?ord Byron's IVw-m of ?? Childe llaraUe.M And III. Tlic chance of &btaia:ne one ef the ptixef to be aMottcd at tliu general meeting in April, which will include? T!?e right to select for himself a valuable work ol art from one of she puMie exhibitions. 8tatuue* in bronae of her Majesty on Horseliack, by T. Thoi neycroft. (,"opi<?s in hrocse, from an original Mod?'l in relief by R. JeiTefwMi, t?| u The Entry of the Duke cf Wellington into Madrid Sutuues in porcelain or parent. Pr?r.f Imprmian of a large Litliograidi, byT. fl. Mag'lire, afcer the original picture by W. I'- Frith, K. V. "The Three B< ws," from Mo liere's " Bmrgetii.s Cealilbomme.** Honorary Secretaries for W.uliing ton, Meet-rs. TAYLOR k MAURY, I!o<?k-*llers. jaa 24 PHILADELPHIA LAGER BEFR DEPOT, 3 y 1 I'j. ar aw, hcttrrrn c.nA C,th ilrteL WL liuvr at all tinn*s the b?-st Philadelphia La ger Beer on band, and oflW it now for sale for ??'! per keg, aad in quart bottles lor fl 50 |?er dozen. We .=cnd the Beer free of cokU to all part of the city. CW Many plt.vsician* have neommended this Beer as one of ilu- best remedies for \v>-nk atomach*. uiar 5?Im' F. C. fc W. CERECKE. Y*/ ATCIIICS AND JEWELRY li.ivc cn hand a c,M>tl supply of tine WATCH Ed and JEWELRY wliich will be ?iil:l vtrv cheap to suit tUe iiai<-t. Cold L?v v r W;iio!-es xs low as fii, warranted to" keep ?>Oil lime. Call and mi- for yourselves at ihc store..i J. KOHIN'SON, 340 Pa. av?'-, oppo. Browun' Hotel, feb 3H?illni GRATIS ! JUST PUBLISHED: A NIIW DIS<X>VEBT IN MEUICINE! A I r.w xvi i <1 ? ;'i? iiir ImIIkh.iI Tieaunent, with* e?ttt M-dieiec, of Sjm iinntorrlii a, or Iam-;iI Weakness, Nervous Hebili ty, Low Spirits, La-eiiuife, Weak n*? of the L t. :? ai.J Back, Indi-po i silton and I.;iMj- .< ay for Study and' l.abor, l>u'liie#s oi Apprehension, I?ss of Memory, aversion to Society, i.ov of Solitude. Tiiuidit) , Sell Hi iiU-i, Ilixziness, Head Ache, Involanury Ofc-vliaiijt s, I'lid iti tile SnL*, ABrcUon of Lh-* Eye-, f'uuple4 on the Fa?te, bemal aud other iufimiiL< * ui man. PROM TIir.rUEXCII OF DR. B. DE I.ANEY. Tbe iir.i-Mijulfvt that alarming complaint" any ea.-aly be reiiiovi-d wiiliout Meilii ine is, in ihit small tract, clearly de.i.oi..-tiaied; and (he entirely new aad highly 8ticcessful treatment, as adopted ! y iIm author, luily explaitu J, L> loeans ol which cv ety one u ? aalded to cure himself perfectly, and at th?: lfa ~t pG3-ilde cost, aroiJing thereby all the ad mthei no.-iruui - of the day. Sent to any address, gratis, and post free in a sealed envelope, by reuniting (poet paid) two po*t age Kta:nps trt Dr. 11. DELANLY, No. IT I.isp?nard street, New York. jan 1??Sin PIANOS FOR SALE AND RENT. 1H1E subscriber has always on hind a aauxt. JL meat of German end American PI- -r V*.'OS, from tbnjpery in^inifacturep- fjfjji which he oflersfor sale at lower prices Uian can be purchased in the District of Colnmbu, and iu th-- iii.i?.t acc(itnm<Klaung terms. All Pianos purchased ir^'iu mc are uarrsnted to aauklac tion. Mid Pianos taken in exchange. B. REISS, Professor of Music, C, Letw. Fourteentii and Fiitecntli sueets. eh (i?iim* CI OLD, SILVER, STEEL A PLATED SPEC J TACLE3 to t-uit every age aul) e^e, Riding Specs, R. R. Classes, Eye' Protectory, Eye Glasses of all descrip-' ti?ms, Readiag Glassea, Gt>g?les; kc., - - Parabola, perifocal, Concave, Convex, aad Colored Gla^sej put ia frames at the shortest notice. Person* in want of glasses may be sure to get thoe v.iucii bene hi the eye at II- SEMKEV*S No. 330 Pa. uvenuc, be'.w, tftli and 10th As. jan LSI A1INY, No. 84 Itrid?e ttrtd, UforteUnen, & prepared to turni^h BaLU, Din sirs, SotrcM W^nuimii, Ac., with everything in the Confcc tionary line, in any part of the District, at the shod est notice, and on the most rea?o?able teims. jan 1#?tf 1 FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. SMALL BUILDING LOTS of 1? feet or Bore, ta Viuloui farts at the City, an J Ooe-getowa. at lew pti^ae, azil trims to euit. LLOYD A CO. BU1LDI N U STONE, For rile, deliferwble at th-? Canal, CT Wharves la '<7nM.lng?. : n, vieergetoTu, or Alezanlria. L! OVD A 00. lltb t, epp. Tr?a??;-y De??;ta?at. ir S -'r H. SEMKEN, JEWELER, No. 330 Pa. aicHu*. between 'MK aid HVA Atetts-. Offers for sale a magnificent a^exuneut of DIAMOND JEWELRY. Gold Bricelets, Breastpins, EarriiS?. Seal Riagv' Wedding Itincs, Fob and Vest Chairs, Seals, Lock ets, PviK ils, Tlumbleri, Tnnkt.-U, cic All articles are warranted as raprimnti^d and sold unu.-ti.ui v low. Ha 19 ORGANS FOR SALE. ASUPERlUit toned CUAPEL ORGAN; and a line Rdeewood PARLOR ORGAN, U'tb now on exhibition at the lleUopolitan Meehaith-s' Fair. ' They mc from Lhemrautaetory of HENRV ERBEN of New York. For terms, Ac , apply to Prof. SCHFEL. oa 14th street, north of F. HENRY ERBEN, leb M-aotf

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