Newspaper of Evening Star, March 24, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 24, 1855 Page 2
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ING -STAR. WASHINGTON PITT: SATURDAY AFT&SJIOi'H March 84 DfS ;OI UTI05 OF C0FABTWSB4HIP Notice is hereby given, that the oopartnar slip which b-s heretofore exi?ted between tic undersigned ia the publication of the Evemmg Star newspaper, is this day disiolved by mu tual consent W. D. Wall AC* having pur chased nil the property and interest of W*. Ii. Hope in the said Exiting Star and its bnsinesj, will pay all the liabilities of the late firm of Wallaoh A Hope, and alt those indebed to it are hereby notified to make p-yao-t to him. W D WALLACH, WM. H HOPE WASeuaTOM, March 24, 1S55. TO THE PUBLIC. Ia retiring fr^m the Evening Star news* paper the undersigned embraoes the oppor t a nit y of returning his thanks to the public for rbe liberal msnaer in whioh this Journal b&s been sustained since his connection with 1: The success of toe Evening Star ia ^q. equalled in the history of newspaper* tot te-n in existence two ye*.rf, ^ jt, dmil.y ti aa a:icn is more than ^,110 thatof any :wo o; er newspapers published in this oity, ?.-Li.d it. ait^ueing columns show a liberal u.^-rt. "[a leaving the tonoern, the under sized jcmu.its it lo the entire control of W I> V,, who is fully competent to man -o" i tu 'he entire satisfaotion of its ntimer - us read< rs. Soliciting a oontinuaneo of pub lic fa.or lor the Evening Star, he respect fully take* his leave WM H HOPE M.tS&iyGTOjr, March 24, 1855. ZO !HE PATBoSn OF IKV, BT.*R. ?ho underiignel having purchased from Mr A'iiLUN H Hops, all that gentleman's Merest iL '."at Ei*>ti'ig Star, desires to iu >~.-r?n tao i ut>lio - hst. he shall oontinue its pub icatiou from ihis day, alone. Blnoe the 5th A iuly, 1353, he has writtea nearly ill ihat ^pp^aied ia its columns, and has obtained lcr j; * circulation ucpre edentod ia iho history of xiy other i ewe paper ever published in a ei?y A (he population of Washington ; as well - a r pu a;ioa, of whioh he m?y jasiiy be pro.j ia* much as it is much more exten sively quoted than any other new?p*per pub lUb.d ?_i the I tiled States. It shall be his c-r'j to increase it: eixoulation by laboring 43jl u"y to imprsTe ii in all its departments, at a al.o by >teady adherence to what he be ?evu? to bj in the belt interests of society, -out thought of pnrty- He trusts that he h^3 dem uetrated that his editorial labors are to be materially beneficial to the inter tsta ot aihingu>n: lieorgetown. and Alexan dii ? aal aaks Uave to uke the liberty of re minding ais te.low-citixend of'the three eister Sine .batif tb^r would, at< communities, reap the ->d.ant>ges to accrue from tee influence and sxeitions of ao active and efficient news richer, devoted to the protection of their inter ims in every possible way, they must sustain it liberal I j with their patronage, and the iiLOie of ia conductor with their countenance mi ?. uij.aiay. lie is determined not to know puijr iu conducting the Star, but to give all .iies 'tie benefit of the truth devoting Kb col uiLu: :t! e most part to the publication ot *e?i:imate Washington news, and to the pro tecion f the interests of the Di-:tric; of Co ? un.tia a.d the region immediately surround ir.g ir, a= involved In the action o: either branch of the Government of the United States. W D WALLACH ^A.sofliu*, March 24, 16bb ' 'Hill UP TBI a .c.*iSU Pit^b Tbt lutrlliget-fier replies to the Union'* ? a-tmr.iele < n the Spanish outrages, ur ina tbet tae firing of the Spanish cruiser acros. the b -*i of tbe American steamer El Dorado, wr? ^ sreiy the exercise of tbe usual auty cj tic ecLttne! That it was but equivalent to a cry cf Wnogoes there?" with theoider fohnlt. which is Le sentinel's du'y to utte: on the ap iro?ch if a auspkieus vbitpr. According to the Inteiiigencrr, the Spanish crotoer wa# d.i:g a ecntinel's duty and Jxe EI I>orado wat appr^achicg the coast cf Cuba in the night .1 ' f ita was Iy obliged to 4<come to?' until tbe t-paaia- connsaaOer could satisfy L-.ncseif as to her "haracter. We. alio find in the IiJttUigeneer evidence (ha. the thousand aid one falsehoods being published with refer ence to Mr Scale, have at length goaded that genticMB into appearing in propria person* .i. tie tewipepers. He writee to the editors the fjllcwitg letter, vii : Yea*, Mztropolitaa Hotel, ) March 22. 1*65 j U-.ii >lort of tkg NtiiloI Jj/ttILtgniictr i 3it>-rj Eiuors: My attention ba^ just been CJi.'d \<j * republioation which appeared in your Luaber of the 19th iustant ot ?n article Jr; m tie :?ew York Times of the 17J>. allud inft to a certain subraptitious eorre?pondence iti J. it w.uld seem, between H. T Perry. L ^ , my Secretary of Legation at Mi*d id' a . i; e Department of State at Washington, ard clic oriijg Tetters which had p*<<eed be twfeu .h-t gtn leown and mjself subsequent to u.y leparture trom Spain in August, last li-d iivt tbe article of the ' limes" gone be ? o.-atra' paper I should have av oided noticing I ? Cutneoia; but whan the grave IntleliaeLcer atea not to transfer i; to its eolumns I a ay we'I surrender what scruplea I had ugaiost -- r-g iLyseii on the aitcatitn of the rub d ?,# permitted u? haaard a word of aa ?war. i^o ai licle of the Times intimates that* my rejerve uud discretion ?ince my return to V a hu gton could only bo induced by the ap p.eten^i n that tbe above correspondence ;ttu.d be aent to the public; and you, airs, not c iy ?.eit. to endorse that intimation, but i.r.??s :o make it more eignitcant by the re ^ arf. that the story narrated in it is cf too :_ jrh in ereat to be withheld from your read. : r i.ihouga it be celcuutea to mystify. u.< e. gb; xoaj soon be tnrown on thesuMeot ' - l a >B.agiord that your keen right, Meksrs. i- i-"Tt cvu.d hardly be obscured t y tae mists , ' * i-iirrative as I have some reaaon to iiowtbaiterj ^riy, and long before the j . e of ne publication in the Times, you had o a:uedi aeevai to the very papers alluded to 1U,. ' , -if? ?"* f*on: lh<ir P?ra?al to have eonvmion that 1 could in no x.nner ofcjec: to their beiCg exposed to the } ub.w gate \ oa certaioly might, at any ime have obtained my fuu for ^ ^ e iit$ to your readers ? If ll Oc true that, in mj of , Uon, in tna very man t had taten to my bosom ?^ juib be be.uugel no. to my poiitioal oread' I tad a spy and a traitor, it will never hurt o let tne w^ad kn.w how he earned on hs. latamous trade Piea.e. tirs, icaert this letter in your text nTJiaoe., and t-elieve me yo?r very humble aad obedient servant, Fisaaa Soolb. Ihe cduors say that they did see the aorree p*ad?DM in quection, is Mr. Soaleamru; i: was noi shown idea with Mr Perry'* kt?wl?dgeor content, and that thay had re J.*j: a.d to this time from alluding to it, beeause iad b^en shown them in confidence The. !<?o? that it had othefwj* fr)X lh# MW^.| papers relieved the editors from the obligation to refrain linger from alluding to it. j The Union?* leader is to ideality Know Nothingistn with Abolitionism. The tame paper compliments Mr. Henry A. Wiee on hif devotion to and powerful advocacy of progress, aad rejoioes over the faet that the Methodist Episcopal Conference, reoently in session in Baltimore, voted unanimously to non-concur in the anti-slavery resolves of similar Oi/cfer enoee of Wisconsin and Northern Ohio. Those of the Wisconsin Methodists propose substan tially to prohibit, on the part of the member ship and preaobers, "the baying, selling, or hoi ling human beings as slave*; and thoee of the Ohio Methodists prohibit the buyiug of men, women, and children with an intention to enslave them, and require the emancipa tion of slaves when it oaa be accomplished without injury to them. WASHINGTON NEWS AND G0SS4P. Mr Letcher, of Virginia ?An evening oo* { temporary, noticing .a news item in the Scar of the day before yesterday?a statement that a Mr. Pennybacker from Mr, Letche?'* Con gressional District had obtained a clerkship in 'Cab Pension Office?espies a mare'i nest in the faot, and oommtnte on it as though under the impression that the salary is either to go into Mr. L.'a pocket, or that it was expeoted that the appointment referred to would sccure Mr Letohei's re-election to Congress! As strange as the idea that a grown-up m n can be bi: t-n with such an impression may appear, our talented and enthusiastic, but somewhat 1 green'; neighbor, seems to be so p;>seesiei We have to inform him that for m iny years ja?t, it has been the custom in awarding cler ical offices in Washington, to equalise them a; near as possible among all the States and Ccn gretoiona1 Districts thereof. The plan is just and proper in all respects, and it is to be re gretted that it has not been more rigorously followed. Sow. the award of the o'erkshlpln I question to a resident of Mr L 's district wai I of course, made in accordance with that idle; I iod we announced the fact that it would go tu I that district, having accidentally obtained tliu I information, only byway of saving more or I less of cur Virginia readers in and from other I JUtrkts of the State, from labor in vain to ob I tain the place. Offices in Washington never I go a begging There are an average of per. I haps one hundred applications for every place I under the Government to be bestowed. I Writing of Mr. Le'-cher in this connection, I remiuds us of the faot that there was no other I member of the ia t House of Representatives I whose absence from the Hall would be more I injurious to the public interest. He was by I long odds the most influential member of the I iast House of Representatives of the United I Mates, effecting more than any one of his com I j eers His eaemies^and every man who hat! I a design upon the Treasury of the United I States, whioh would not bear the test of severe I scrutiny, became hostile to him to a greater or I less degree?have caused him to b* roundly I abused and misrepresented in the newspapers, I far end wide. In ihat way the country has I received wrong impressions wl'b reference t* I him Among his fellow members, however, I he w<is signally Loted as a man of great tin I phasis of charaoter. clear and quick perc*p 1 tions. convincing oratorical abilities, untiring | industry, fine lirgal and parliamentary attain I meita, and integrity if purpose s<> abiding t I that he invariably refused to do many thicks I in the course of the session'* legislation to I gratify friends, whioh, thcugh involving a de J paxture from the duty of stem Justice to a I u.ember's trust, are, nevorthele s, of common I occurrence in Washington I We repeat, be w&3 the most effective member I of the last House ef Representaiives. and was I a) acknowledged to be by all bis oompeers in I the hall; his influence arising wholly from <be I confidence which all had in him. whose pur 'I in beiug there was to discharge the do ;I ties of their position with fidelity. George <1 W. Jones, of Tenn , it scetna, is about to de ? I aline a reelection While "the Galphins" r| will shout with joy over that fact, those know 'I leg Washington well, who appreciate the ne rlcessityfor economy> discretion, and perfect good lai:b in the legislation of Congress. ni!l deeply regret his determinviou. The loas cl the leg'slutive services a^d influeiiee of bo'h Mr. Jones, of Tennessee, and Mr Lelcber. ol Virginia, will be a severe blow to the public interest. However, one must know how aifaiio are managed here, to appreciate the value of these two gentlemen to the publio service. Mr. Letcher is a candidate for reflection. So there Is no fear that be will shortly be lost to the public service, though our talented and enthusiastic neighbor seems to think other wise. The wish, hewever, is so clearly father to his thought on this point, that it is hardly worth while to present faets to show that hj greatly underrates the character of Mr. Letoh er's oonsti;cents. The Artisans of Washington ?The fact that the east iron work for the new domes for the Capitol has been ordered out of Washing ton without affording our mechanics an oppor tunity to oontend fur it, has been the subject of muoh invidious eomment amo^g- the citi zens of Washington for some days past. We think, however, that when it is generally known 'hat the peculiar character of the work in question is such ss to make it advisable to procure it from establishments accustomed and prepared to furnish just such castings, our fellow-citisens will perceive that there is no design on the part of these entrusted with the superintendance of the building of the exten. sion of the Capitol, to send out of the Distriot of Columbia work that oaa as well be procured or executed here. The faet that the order for the castings of the new domes was sent to Bal timore has given rise to a rumor that M^jor B. B Fren^i, the Commissioner of the Public Buildings, designs procuring, in that city, the iron railings, whioh be is about to have erected in various quarters of Washington by direc tion of Congreai. Now, without having oon versed with Major French on the subject, we hesitate not to say, that it is impossible that this rumor can be true; as the Major knows well that this railing can be oast quite as well here a* anywhere else, and that our city me chanics will gladly execute the work at prises as eatisfaotory to the Government as any o'here will charge. The faot that the Government is always re ;uiring the execution of a great deal of mechaoieal work at this point, of various descriptions, has caused muoh capital and me chanical skill. Inferior to that ct no other oity in the United 5tates, to be concentrated here r or *rtiea?e are therefore oompetcat, entirely ojmpetent to the prompt and efficient execu tion or almoet all the mechanic's work the Government may require in Washington; and it wfll b? very hard, indeed, if any consider able am^nt of it (hall h# MQt awsy from then. Major French is the very last man ia ? : v? the world to do any thing of the sort, inaa much m he ii perfectly well ww of theif oompeteocy, and Is so ideattied with our^eity through themultitadaof personal acts of favor and kindnem which all eluui ef oar fellow cltiaea* have showered upon him for the last twenty years, u to render it certain that he will not apply elsewhere to hate work exe cuted that ean be as well and as eoonomioally done in the District of Columbia. The Secretary of War.?Those tn Washing ton who have tbe means of obtaining reliable information ooncerning public affairs inoident to the position ef hundreds in sooiety here, are not a little amused with the stories with refer I enoe to Secretary of War's fature whicb are being published in distant newspapers, at tributing to him the purpose of resigning bis position and again entering the army. More I than a year ago we took. oooasion to explain I that it was probable that there would be no I change whatever in the Cabinet during the I term for whlcb President Pierce has been elec I ted, presenting at some length the reasons on I which this conclusion was baaed. Sinoe then I nothing has oocurred, going in any manner to I shake our conviction of the correctness of our I judgement ou this point. 80 far as the par I tioular stories to which we refer are ooncern I ed, we have to say that they have not the {least foundation in truth. General Davis has very recently made new arrangements in I his houeehoid matters here, whioh in them I selves bear testimony of his intention of re I maining l^ng in Washington; which purpose I ho freely avows to all whoohooee to converse t with him on this subject We do not believe | thrt either the President or General Davie I hive ever entertained the reinotett idea of ] shfngirg, in any way, their respective politi I j<>l relations 10 each other. We make this I statement thus in detail, by way of setting at I rest all the rumors floating around on the sub I jeot, including that one saying that the poet of I Secretary of War ;has been offered to Mr. I Charles J. Faulkner of Virginia. 1 A Clerical Appointment ?Mr. Julius C I Kretschnnr, of Pennsylvania, has been ac I pointed to a first class clerkship in the office I of the Second An ii?or of the Treasury, vice I'1 W Belmain, promoted to a second class I cldikehip in the same bureau. j Construction of Cuatom-Houser?The bids I for the construction of the proposed new cus 1 tern houses at Portland and Waldoboro', Me., 1 were duly opened yesterday at the Treasury I Department. We presume that the Secretary I will declare officially the contracts in a day I or two. The Currant Operations of th? Treasury I Sep?rtaient ?On yesterday, the 23d March I there were of Treasury Warrants entered on f 0e books of the Department? Tor the redemption of stock $4,388 18 For paying Treasury debts 860 00 or the Custom*13,677 01 For covering into the Treasury from customs 45,918 78 or tbe War Department........, 6 809 44 Por repaying In the War Depart ment.... 4,895 14 For the Navy Department........ 77,878 42 For the Interior Department 6,862 50 * ? Kati Atlksforo, a story of the Refugees, sy Charles J Peterson; published by T. B. Peterson, 102 Chestnut street, Philadelphia? <66 pages, boned in muslin. This bonk wo 1 i^reivod this morning, and find that it is 1 true tale of tbe times that "tried men'scouis" ?no1, only a faithful picture of the manners oi '76, bat a most thrilling story. It is no mere ' catch-penny'1 fiction, but one of equal valus ulJ interest; full of stirring incidents and strongly drawn scenes; intensely interesting on e/ery page, yet so beautiful in style, and so true to nature, that it can be read with de ? light by the best educated men of the country ty It turns out that all the parties imj li catcd iu the murder ef Poole?Baker, Hyler, Linn, Vsn Pelt, Faudeen, MeLiugblln, Irviii, , and Morris ej, are native born citiaens of the Uni'ed State?, not Irishmen as was some time since alleged It i? due to trutn and justice that thie? correction should be made Known. rr Major Neighbours has returned to Sao Antonio, Texas, aud gives the importcnt In formation that he is furnished with the means to keep the Indians on the Texas reserve to gether and feed them. The ooloniiation sys tem is to be the fixed policy of the Goverr* ment. PERSONA!,. ... .The American Organ endeavors to make lion T H Bayly a Know Nothing ....The RiohinondExaminer trios to; woo "extra Billy" Smith back to the Deuobratio tanks with Soft words. It isall in vain. Tbe Examiner is wasting its time on the Exv.Gov ernor, it would be well to let htta alone, tike Epbriam "he is j>ined to his Hois." . . .Ex-Guv. Conway, of Arkansas died on tho 3d inst ....James D Taylor, editor of the Cinoin. na'.i Timoe. has been nominated for Mayor by the Know Nothings of that city. ... .A letter from Col. Clemens has been published purporting to be a oontroot with Flores ut hcuador, containing the following stipulations In consideration that Cal Cle mens eball furnish tbe material aid of 2,000 armed Americans, with ships and munitions ot' war, to be employed in the overthrow of the present government of Eouador, Gen Floree agrees to convey, and assure to the said Clemens and associate*, a small empire of lands upon the head waters of the Amazon river, together with certain rights ofcommeroe and mining, as also an order upon the revenue receipts of the port of Guayaquil, for $300,000. ....Thomas J. Mitchie, Esq , of Stauntoa, Va , one of the ablest lawyers in tbe State, standing at the head of the Virginia bar, who has heretofore always been a whig, avows his determination to support Mr. Wise and take ;fce stump in his behalf. He hss publicly re nounced hii allegiance to tbe Whig party, and deolarod his purpose te support the Democrat ic candidates. He is to address the Democrat ic Association of Staunton at its next meeting. ....J. C. Breokenridge, the eloquent Ken. tuckian has taken the ttump in Kentucky, against Know Nothingism ... .The Governor of New York has appoint od C. C. Burleigh the long haired abolitionist and woman's rights lecturer, Harbor Master of the city of New York ... .The Heme Sentinel says there it at pre sent in tbe Post Office at Rome twenty one bags ofdooumenta, books, Ac., sent by mail, for Hon Caleb Lyons, M. C., fcom Lewis and Jefferson Dlstrlot. Those documents came from Washington and are waiting here to be eent north. JSach bag will weigh not far from 150 pounds?making the whole weigh over li tons. ....It is rumored that Mr. Edwards and Jno Rom Dls an emtio Esglishman who writes very good poetry, have purchased one half interest in Putnam s ilagagine, for $12,? 000. Park Goodwin will, it is said, resign the editorial ohalr to G. W. Curtis ... .The father cf Matt. Ward, has lost his suit against the oity of Louisville, for fhtury dor e to his honse by the mob Th* demwtrer 1 was sustained OFFICIAL. FrankJih. Pierce, President of the UmUed Statu ?/ Jtw?a, to all w4*w it BatM-cSary evidence having been exhibited to M that Esw ab* von ?s* Hrrvr hM been appointed vice consul of PrMna, tor tna port pf New York, I do hereby recognUr htm as such, and declare Ida tree to exercise and enjoy such functions, power*, and privilefw aa are allowed to the rice consul* of the moot favored nations In the United Bute*. In testimony whereof, 1 hare caused theee letter* to be made patent, and the teal of the United States to be hereunto affixed. Given under niy band, at the city of Washington the Slat day of March. A. D. 1865, and [l. *.) of the Independence of the United States of America the seventy ninth. FRANKLIN P! By the President: W- L Marcv, Secretary of 8tate. .FIFTH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH* on ? corner 5th and i street* ?The ordinaton and installation of the newfy-eieciii Elders will take pluce to merrow (Sabbath) at 11 o'clock a. ??. The Pastor, Rev. A. G. Cabothim, will preach a sermon appropriate to the services. The Lord's 8upper will be administered in the evening ai 7 k o'clock. ? mar 84?It* .NOTICE.?TH? MEMBERS OP THE George Washington Club are requested to meet at the Club Room ou next MONDAY EVEN ING, at 7fc o'clock, as business of importance to them is to bs transacted. By order of THE PRESIDENT. mar 94?It II^^MET. MEC. INSTITUTE?NOTICE ? ft. All persons having accounts against the Met. Mee. Institute will pled-e present them forth with for settlement, as h is desire i to have all out standing blls settled by the 1st of April. mar 22?3b. P. M PEARSON, R?c. See. - - 7 PIG IRON? We are daily receiving from Fort Furnace, a superior artiq)e of No. 1 Charcoal Pig Iron, which wiil be sold low by HOWARD 8t POOR, mar94-eo2w Alexandria, Va. A SPLENDID HORSE AND BUGGY, fee., for, Safe,?The subscriber offers tor sale, on a credit of four in nths, with interest, tor good paper, a v*ry fine bay Horse, five year* old, without Mem L-horiault; so gentle that a child can drive him, and of good stvls and act on. The Buggy is nearly new, wnh top, and of the most approved styte. Also, a fin" pair ot dapple gray .MARES, young, m fine order, and without fault, vith, Carriage and Harness complete, the Carriage oeuu; nearly new and fashionable. T!ie Horses I have owned for a year, and can guaianu.e their qualities. I wiil pell the horses and carriage on a long crwc say 6. 13 ailB 18 months for good paper, tabs ac torily endorsed, with interest, or the whole at a lib dweount for cash. JNO II. JOHNSON, Grocer, Cor. 7ih and E sta., opp. G6nt Poet Office, mar 24?dlw COPARTNERSHIP. THE subscribers having formed a partnership for the transaction of th* Dry Gooos business, under the name of JOHNSON fc SUTTON, will keep a well selected stock of Dry Goods, Shoes and Clothing, in the new store formerly occup ed b. T. W. Johnson k Co, where they will be pleased to serve their former patrons and the public generally with all articles in their line, on a? reasonable terms aa the can be had in any part of the city. GEO. J JOHNSON, ROB'T M. BUTTON. All persons indebted to the late firm of R M. Sut ton k Co., are requested to close their accounts by note or otherwise, at the shortest period my 24 - 3t* R. M. BUTTON fc CO. NEW GOODS, PJ. 9TEKR, Merchant Tailor. Wellington ? Place. 7th street, has opened his new4 Spring Gjod?i embracing the choicest styles ot the tensnn. Gentlemen preparing for the season nrw opening will do well to see our, gooda before purchasing els< where. Our stock is compu te, and almost everything ne ressary to a fall outfit, may be bad without going farther. *mar 24?SkW4t 4 SPECTACLES. GOLD, Silver, Light Steel, and Silver-plated Spectacles, suitable for all eyes and all kinds of eyes. Also, Gold, Shell and Horn Eyeglasses PrbMcs, Perifocal, near sighted and all other kind of Spectacle G a**es kept < onstantly on hand, and wil be set in old frames at ?bort notice and ai a email rxpciue. For sale veiy low by E. K LUNDY, No. X518 Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C. mar 94?tf English literature. Lectures on English Literature, from Chancer to Tennyson, by Prof. Henry Re? d, 1 vol, $1 25 Wandrrinps in Corsica ; or Corsica, picturesque, hi-< orical and *<>cial, with a sketch of the early life of Napoleon, lsimo, $1 50 Travels in Europe and the East, by Samuel I. Prim ?, with illii?trations, 2 vols, A2 Tl?e Minister's Family, by Dr. Hetherington Baxter's taint's Re?t, Svo, f9, only unabridged I edition. Kollo'a Tour in Europe, by Jacob Abbott?Rollo in London, illu-trated, 5?> cents Mareo Paul at the Springfield Armory, by do, il | lu-tiated, 50c A new eup^ly of the Footsteps of St Paul, and the other books of this most popular of religious wri ters Juet received and for sale bv GRAY * BALLANTYNE, mar 94-3t 498 Seventh etreet. SPECIAL CARD. NA TIONAL THEATRE. COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT TO M'LLE ROSA, The GHEATIQOEBT BIE5NX of AMERICA, As a token of esteem from the citizena of Washirg ton for her talents as an Equeatrienne, Vocalist, and Danseuse! MONDAY NIGHT, March 98th, 1655. A SPLENDID SILVER GOBLET will he given FOR THE BEaT CONUNDRUM, To be read in the presence of the aulience, and their applause te decide who is the winner. SPORT FOR THE MILLION. GREAT FOOT RACE. A SILVER CUP j will be given to tbe person who runs in the quickest I1'. titac around the ring ten times. M ' L LE~~El 0 8 A in her beautiful act of the SHEPHERDESS. 1st tiuse. IVTlle ROS A In a Favorite Song, Mile ROSA in a Pas Sue|, Mile ROSA as tbe English Huntress, 1st time, in appropriate costume in her celebrated STEEPLE CHASE ACT. A HOST OF OTHER NOVELTIES, for which see bills of the day. Box Book now open?eeats can be secured for the occasion. ? mar 21 - kiTvSd - ?-V f \ MATUEMATICAL, PHILOSOPHICAL, AND OPTICAL INSTRUMENT MAKER. INSTRUMENTS iu the line of his profession made and repaired with accuracy, neatness, and dispatt h. QjhMODZLS MADE roa PA TESTES*. Also, fur sale,rare and Scientific B.oks,Minerals, Foaetlh, Shells and Coins. No. ST6 Pa. ave., betw. 10th and 11 :h sts. mar 94?3t TRUNKS! TRUNKS! 1"*0 make room for a new s'ipply ot Trunka, Val ues, Hat Boxes, Carpet Bags, Satchels, kc. we ofl'er for sa.e without regard to cost prices, the re maining portion of oar old stock. Ail parsons wish ing peat bargain* should give us an early call. WALL k STEPHENS, 3S5 Pa. ave., next to Iron Hall. Also, three doors rnst ot National Hotol. mar 94?3t (Intel fcNews) FAA'3 PATRNT AMERICAN ACCORDEONS. Several ot these new and improaed instruments just received and for sale at tbe Music Depot of HILBU8 k HITZ Also, 6 dosen of FB I's new and cheap instruction Books, pri-e 25 emits. The public are Invited to examine these Accord* or.s, having received first premiums In every ex hibit on exhibited. HlLtsB# fc HITZ, mar 94 Sole Agents onn hAKRELBTAR 100 barrels KOSIN Daily expected per schooner "Providence," and for sale by fOWLE fc CO., mar 19?lw Alexandria, Va. lil Remaining in tke Jfort* D' ^ [OriertiU M *ton1i*tiiu lbc"SvsiMi*e Siab," H tks /pUetrfng notion #/14? W Ojta f4, Imrgvtcirc* m Wmkmgt^m: 8tc.'S. .And te tl 'further rnmclti, That the lirtof letters remaining sncalled for fa ujr past office in ?jit city, tofVft, of Tillage, where newepepm aba" be printed, shall, hereafter, be pehiisbed once onl. la the newspaper which, being tssesd weekly, or oflmer,U??M?i Uu imrent eircmlmh*n witbtn thr of the del Urery of said oBce, to be decided bjr the postmaster at each office.] WrmouifflrlM for IMkt la tbs Minting list, Wtl1 >lMW??rb?yOTiHS?ISil. a IUDIM' LIST. Jonee, Mr* JoM|>heae Joaaa, MIm Martha Jooea. Mra Sarah C Joeetta, Mrs AM Jaefcaea. In /oka tmua. Mr* Joha XT Lobs. Mtaa Hannah K McAnllBe, Mlaa Kate IfcVnaM, Mrs McCarthy. C " Hoora Mrs ?oor*. Mr* Mil la, MIm Alias, Elisabeth Adama, Un M B Adama, Mim Mary ft Birch, JSica Sarah F B?aU, Mm B B Bur nee, Elisabeth Brown, Mrs Sarah J Batea. Mra Hear? T Brown, MIm Abb ? Bright, Mra ?allay, MIm H W Ballard, Mra Byron Hnhler, Mra Virginia Sutler, i'.l D * Box la, OatharlaS Sow la, Mra B B Clarhe. Mra T. China, Mra BTfaafcalb Cola, Phoebe C Car 11, Mra Mary Co tier, Mlaa C Chapaaau, Mra John Campbell, MIM Henrietta Cain an, Mra , Darnall, Mra Leak Dulanr, Sarah F Duncan. Mlaa Mary Daly, MIm Sarah El war da, MIm Basalia Edgar, Mra L Farley, Mra J Fitspatrlck, Mra Faller, Mra J F Fttspatrlck, Oatharlaa Felura, MIm Mary E Fitzgerald, Mra Oast, Klleri lirsmee, Mra Anita Urlflltb, MIm B T Gordon, Mra Siian B Gordon, Mra Hear? ?all. Mtoa Catharlna V Hugbaa, MIm Marf Hufhea, Mra Mary Asa Hayaea, Mra Mary J Hart, Mary M Uaury, Mra Robert Howard, MIm Jeanatt Henry, Mra Barak HaUay, Oatharlaa S Hamilton, Mra B Harria, Mra M J Rutcbieon, Fannie A Uodgaklna, Mra Mary Uarbard, Mra Oatharlaa Hemger, Mlaa Mary Jaaa Hamilton, Mra Ellaa INITIAL. ?Mra. M. A. ft. -BEBTLKMENS' LIST. tndra, Wm Budacn, T D t O'Neil, Jbo ' AlllaoB, Wm Harvey, Saml Fhllllpa, Wm F I Andrews, Tliao F S Hujrtaee, R B PhlUlpe, W B Andrawa. Col T P HaMler, Hern Le a Fcrrla, B^ O Mills,MIm Lydla Warve?. m?m ? Maglll. Wary A Mnnrcc.Mm Mary Madan, Mrs Marahall. Mra M A 4 Mahoraay. Faaay Malvln, Mlaa ft Haaaa. Mtoa Baehal I Nation, Mra Ass (rCVBDor, Jokaaa Lyaeh Oabonra, Mtoa (MUrla* Piatt, Mra S M Palaa, Mtoa Maiia W Fatteraoa, Mtoa Mary Fatar, MIm Mary Bead. Loalaa Rom Malrlaa Hyaa, Mra WllUaaa Moyn, Mra Rarxi 'iptj, Mra Margarat BumvI. Mra Mallada Rayaolda, MIm Man ? Mmoot, Mtoa Julia W Smith, Sarah ft Smith, Haanah Smith, Mra Jaaa Smith. Mra AngeUnt Karaler, Mra Santar, Ann M Button, Mtoa T Thoopa, Mark Taylor, J alia L Turner, Mra B Taylor. Mra Elisabeth Tucker, Mtoa Blaa ft Walt, Mra Martha A White, Baaao Wood, Mra Jana Wood*, Mra Jana Wyaaa, Mrs H S Adama, Tbau Andereon, Nelson Aliern, Michael A mlaa, Rev Joa ? Adaaaa, Joa Arnold, Hanry C Andrawa, 6 Aad re wa, Ma] 0 F Andrawa, Clirla Adama, Cbrla I Ball, Wm Brorka Baldwin, W G | Brooka, Tkca V Barron, T H Baker, Saml L Bailey, S 6 Bowra. Spencer O Brooka, R A Bagby, Bobart ' Baker, Reuben Brigs. B W Bnekirk, F C Batten, Natan Buf-.rd. N B Bock. Mr Braun, Lou's Bntler, Joa Bell, Jaa Brown, laato ft | Black, J A Bros!. Jbo A t Barker, Jao Brooks, Isaac Brady, Jao T 3 Barlow, Jno Barrand, Mid J T | Beuntt, Jao M Barrett, Jaa W Baldwin, H Banaon, G W Baralll, Qnlseppt 1 Bennett, G W Braun, Fpd , Banaoa, E W | Beall, D L Br' wn, Chaa B Blair, Capt BaWh, HUllraan Haeeler, J J 8 Hammett, Re* J t Harria, J Geo Harrison, J as F Hall. Jaci/b Harria, Jno A Harbangb, J B Hoover. Joa Herbert. ? H Hinka, E W A Co Hntchlnaoa, E D Hill. Clamant E Banter, Cbas T Hay, Capt Alas Joynea, W T Jobnecn. Wm Jobm, Faaaad Mid W F Ingram, T B F Inge, Col 8 W Jamen, R W Jobaaou, Joaa Jackaon, J F Jomm, Iaaac Joaaa. Jaa Joaaph, Joa Judm, Jno J Johnson, H ft Joaaa, Geo B Jonaa, B A 3 Jenilai, D Jordan, Dr C A JobnaoB, A S Rarr, Win W S Kelly, Timothy Boating. Tboa Knight, T King, Tlioa King, Robt Knlgbt, Perry Kaane, Michael KnlKbt, L L Kayaar, Joa A Kaifht, Jonathan Kemp, Joeb F Kimball, John S Kane, Joht Kane, H E Farqaar, T J Fratt, Oraou Fatera, Mr Flowteaa, Joa Fatera, Jao B > Preada, T E Frloa, J W Petara, John H Pattaraon, Gao W Praltt, Fraocto Pearl, E C Farkar, Bdward PerrlB, E U Penit. Chaa. jr ?adolphT&>lTba J >lCji Brcknar, Burn hard Berlin. F f. ?? ? f ua lirown. Jaa I C.inton, Lt Wtc I Chaaa, W L ? Corrle, Wm C Uorao, W W Chaee, W H Onwell, Wm Clark, W S Corbtn, Lt Tboa G Oolllna, Timothy Cola, Staph?q I Clapp, R B Coghlan, Capt P G Croaby, Gan P Cloaa, L M Cochair, Jno Qromb, Jao ConuMly, Jao C ddington, J ft i Clementaon, J Cnaliman, Jno Clareoe, Jbo W A CnmmtBga, Joa China, Jao Cochran, Jao 0 Creamer, J B Cocke, Capt H H Carter. Ga? H 1 CauUeld, Frank Crittenden, E 'V Crnmpton, K M Cooper, B<iw Clift, E Cibley, Cept Clay, Cam i un M Clark, Calhonn Carter, Bernard Calhonn, CX I A P Kraft, Felix A King, Cyrna B Klger, Gao R Ubbey, Col Fred Low, WW* Leet! it. Thoa J Lander, F W J Latimer, S H Learns, octavlna 1-umv'KlB. L S LmcU, Jno E Leake, Jno Liudalay, John' Lacey, John Lokay, Jatne* B Lewis, Henry G Longdoa, Gao T Loaq. George Larooaihe, Gao H Langley, G H Larbermaatrb, E RuMel Rohtaaon, Wm Roharteoa. S P RamMT, Saml Rliou. ft 8 s Bobariaon, Nara ft Roth, Law I a *laa, Jamee Jockwall, J w Bandolpk, Jao A Ranahaw, / A fttoley, Gau ftllay, Gen Klley, Edmoag Richard, Daniel Baaree, O C ?oharte, a B Rlaa, Aluaao ??paucar, Wui Haldaa, W Baary ?tawart, Wm D jjawert, Wm W??th. Wm If Smith. Tom Simpeon, T F Nanford, L "chla, Peter Smith. Dr Philip Sammy, Orlando *??'ald, Orln Stoddard, Dr Jf S-ore^ Moriia Stewart, Jamee H Sterling, J if ?mith, J M lawyer, J o sarcs; **" ? Sroffleld. /oa Stuart, Jam*' Simmee, Jno H On^J^raM, Dr J E J Jacob None, Jamee Smith, Capt J c Scott, H D Shaw, Geo 9 *chialdt, Ferdinand *aa vtr, K D Smith, U Caleb Himtuooa, CL^ Sutton A OampUli Bpeaoar, Chri>top'r Laamworth, E W Tbompaon, Wm Lorlng, ChM ft Locket, Alex Lipmaa, M K Marahall Wm Maan, W W Morrtoon, W c Mowhery, W Mnnday, Wm T Molond, W*n Maaan, Tboa Murray, S J Mciiianhall. 8 C Mcrgan, R H Mailer, Jno C Miller, Rezln A M jtt. Rlcbard. Creseliug, A WkCg Mollau. fti> hard DeBree, Jno Driagherty, Wm a Dooney, Jaa D^lauey, Thoa B t Douaboc, Tic. a Downey, Thoa Daria, Saml Dearborn, S W Duncan, L G Dawaoa, L L Dicklaaon, Jaa S Dunwortb, Jao DL-kerman. Jno A l>owdan, J R Dunn, Gao G Doran. E C ? Dill. Deacon, E DorMy, E T Da^hiaon. Dr Da boll, C L Elliott, Stephen Ellsworth, 8 Ecton, Aqutila E'der. Jno A Oa t fapry, Jaa Emria, J R Eldridge, Jaa Eeana, Henry Eagle, Capt H Kbert, Chaa Fllihugh, W H Ford, Capt Wm Franklin, W H Ford, T H F.?etar, Jpo Fuller, H M Fen wick. E1w Frank, Chaa Fuller, Albert From out, Andre Gale, James Grant, W H Glover, Cart W R GriMn, W H Galar, Thoa Grltnee, Robt Gooch, Robt Gorman, Mlchaal Glbba, L A A Co Gill, J R Graham, J H Grlca, Joseph Gelar. Ja<> W Gordon, H S Gi bert, Geo Grubh, Geo Graham, Gao W 3 Gitttaga, B L Gordon, D S Graaaa, 0 C < Garvla, B F GriMn, Gen J T Holloa, J 8 march U More, R Middtoton. R 8 Malheua, Richard Mlllor, Phillip Manual, Lew-la Marr, Jamea Moore, J b Martin, Jno M Magruder. J K Minor, Jbo Miller, Moaaieur J Montgomery, Jaa Morgan, J R Mallsky, Martin Mitchell, Oar.rge Malvern, G C Maxwell, U W Maxwell, G P Mitchell, Geo M Metaerotb. G Mi-ore, Edmund Mitchell, ESS Martin, 19 , Nahony, David , Morgan. Chrletop'r Wilson, R T Morrell, B D White, B Mitchell, A 3 Wood. Phillip Mayo. Abel C WbaaUey, V 0 Morria, A N White. M M Murrey, Lt Alex Williams, L P McGlll, A "Vllllams, Jao McCoy, B M Williams. J B McOawley, Lt C G Williams, Jao I McNamara. Denla Wise, Jao McOartaay, F A, Jan McLaughlin, H Wilbur. J T O McKay, J R J Wllliama. Iaaac McGinala, Jbo Wiser, J R McDowell, Capt J Wiliett, Jbo B McMurray, Mitchell Wataon, H A McCarthy, M Walker, ? T McKluney. Mr Moore, G W Muller, F McBaauy. Patrick McLean, Thoa Tyler, Tarrltt, WaaLlr.rton Turner, Thee T Truman, R J Thomas, PreelnB Tarrett A Mitchell Trambnll, Lyman Tyler. Jao Terhune, Jno A Tncker, C L Tucker, Jemaa C 3 Taleot, Col J Tanalll, G 8 Taylor, G W Tkompaon, E H TalbarV, Col Bcgaae Tall?ot, B J Tucker, C B Tbarber, Oi*e Tylar, Lt C H .Tin, Asa F Thoiupeoa, Allen Fpham, George I'mbaugh, M Herb't Tiucant, Fred'k 3 Velie, Jno C Vandenberg, H Wade, Willie G 3 Whaalar. W Weeks, W H Welaal, Wm Waldron, W A Warden, Wm Ward, Wm Whaley, Wm H Warren, Wm J Weeks. Whiting Wright, Lt Thoe Ward, Fraocto Wallia, Tbce Warren, S / MeGreth, Tboa Nugent, M Nawtoa, WHS Morria, S C S Nevitt, R K Nelan, Johu Mewby, i M P Neagle, J J Nllaa, Jokneoa Northrnp, H L Nearing, 0 H Nettleton, Gao K Otla, G W 3 O'Brien. Mlchaal Oliver, M o?li, Jao K O'Laary, Jno JAME8 ? Wllleoa, Heury T Wheat. H J Wataoa, H A Webb, Heniy Wtoa, Geo D Wood, Geo Wahle, Gotllb Winterhalter, Gao Wlnslow, Frank Wilson, F Werla, Francla Weet, Edwerd Walrl.-h, CBS Wheeler, C S Wlnchclman. C F Werna, Anthony Wagoner, A Young, Mr Tale, Liana Young, Lt W S Youug. M R Yatee, Gllee F 3 BBBftBT, P. M. Limk kiln for bale?part or the whole of it- Inquire on L street south, hetweeu 4th and 5th streets east. No 391, Navy Yard. mar2W*w* JEREMIAH VAN HORN. IRON SAFES. AN ^ Stearns ft Mar ton's Iron Safes, ,T,lll!Rlch'> ?proTrmeBt jOil received and tor sale bv * A* H- MOWELL, rnw ^:^rDer *nd Water Oeorget'n. n,?hi mar 29?3t , Wax Matches for sale LAMMONO'8, 7th st. INDIA Rl'BBKR COMBS ol every de scripUen for sale at LAMMOND'd, 7th sL mar 2S?3t LADIK8' IBW1SO BIRDS, PORTE Monnates, India Rubber Dnnking Cups, fcc . tor sale at LAMMONO'S, 7th st. mar 22- 3t DENTISTRY. RB. DONALDSON, Dentist, late of the firm of # Hunt k Donaldson, continues to manufacture and insert those beautifu porcelain te?th, with or without (urns, for specituens of which (deposited by the late firai) wa* awarded the Jirst premium at the Mechanics' Institute Pair, recently held in this C These teeth are carved and shaded to suit each particular case, and their resemblance to the natu ral organs is so perfect as to deceiva the most prac tised eve. Particular attention alto paid to Ailing and pre serving the natural teeth. < hnrges moderate and all operations warranted. Office southwest corner INvenUi mid D a s.?rn trance on D, mar PEOPLI'8 TH BATE (LATE VARIETIES.) Price* of admission-?Obiin 90 eta; Par. qwur .T??4 rent* ; Regular Ticket 11 MM* ; Pit vatr Ik'l'* |3 ud $& Fo*itiv*ly the LAST NIGHT OF Mr. WALCOT. THIS (SATRUDAY) EVENING, ? (>? which occasion Will b? presented ito admirable comedy of TDK HtDDLBBl OK, A C V R I O IT 8 CASE. Mr. Twiggleton (the Meddler).. .....Mr. Wilrot Mr. Aubrey.,.*. Mr. Norma Mr*. Aubrey.. _ Mr*. WitoM To conclude with the petit cn?dj of THE rVLLIEl OF A AMUT. 1'ierre Paliot Mr Waleot (Hike de Chartre*... Mr. WkiUtf Duke to Chartre a- Mr*. Wale at Monday, first night of MISS FANNY MORA NT. The celebrated Tragedienne, from the Deary Lw* and Holiday *tre*t Theatre*. war ???It ? CROWDED HOUSES! CHANGE OF GfFTS AND PROGRAMME! r TZJHAAftCO'f DISSOLVING VIEWS. THIS (8ATURDAY) BVENING, March *4th, Oa which occaaton each ticket will entitle the par chaser to a box containing one nf the fotiowi..f named article*: 14 order* for a beautiful Clock, purchased nf Mr. Robinson, Pa. avrnue, valaed at #3 SO each, which may be ?e?u in tin* ticket office, and will be *e nvcred oa the pre mentation of the order* to Mr. Har* 3 pair of beautiful Gold Ear Ring*. 1 magnificent Mosaic Bracelet. 3 banusome Gold Breavtptn*. 3 Gold Locket*?different riser. 1 splendid Gold Pen and Pencil. 3 band*ome Gold Peneil*. 0 Gold Fmger Ring*. 94 Silver Thimble*. 3 Silver Shield*. 15 fine Pen Knive*. to Cornelian Finger Riag* 71? article* of Perfumery, French Amdw, Fancy Go ?da, fee. The exhibition will commence at 8 o'clock. Ticket* TWENTY-FIVE CENTS only. mar to?- _ _ NATIONAL THEATRE. Incfeaaing popularity of tke Splendid Circns Company. * OF RYSR8 4 ?ADIOABi The be?t Equestrian Company in Ai AFTERNOON PERFORMANCE tlv>fy WRDRBI0AT and IATVRDAT# G rand change nf EQUESTRIAN NOVELTIES, In which appear' Mile Ro*a, Mr. Thiw Kin*. MoA* Le Ruen, A. Aymer, W Odell. Masfer* Mbdi gan, and ? Tiarles. Mr. H. P. Madtgan, William Fo*ter. and the THREE FAMOUS CLOWNS. Jim Myer*, Carlo, and Ham I .nag. The performance will conclude with the fairy spec * tacie of CINDERELLA, OR. FAIRY AND LITTLE GLASS 8LIPPEB. Character* by the juvenile troupe of Tkirt* LiUla CkiUren. ' name-now or raicaa. Private Boxe*, $4 ; Dress Circle and Paruuette, rntbm* Wtth ladies, 35ceni?; Sintle ;entJemeo 37# cents; Family Circle, 25 cent*; Colored Gallery 35 cot*. ? mar j ACARPF.NTER.-FOR HIRE ON REASON able term*, for the balance of the year, a col. ored Carpenter. Inquire at thi* office. mar 23 - 4t JOS. NEFF'S FREMIl'M VIOLINS AND VI olincello* can be see* at our Music Depot. Amateur* and the profession arc invited to call aud try tbe?e excellent instrument*. IIILHCS k HITZ, Agenm. A good Contralrtw lor sale low for cash, if imme diaf application be made as above. mar S3 *50 REWARD. RAN AWAY tiom the subscriber, living in Not tingham District, Prince G?orgeV comity, Man. I uid, on Friday iu(H-ni:ig last, the ICth mutant, ny ? # "f '??? ?vui atir negro man EMANUEL, who call* himself Emanuel G.ugh- He i* about iS year* of age, dark conolcx i'm, has a lull wf of teeth, ha* a scare oa hi* fore li-ad, one on bis right arm, near the ? lbow, ia flra leet eight inches and h quarter high in his boot*. F?? had on when he went away a "tilt of drab cloth and a Mack slouch hat. I purchased him of Mr*. **rah Harwcod, Sara toe* street. Baltimore, and she ha* a brother of hi* living with b*r; and hia toother (? tree woman) also live* in Baltimore Hi* wife belongs to John L. Dufief, Esq., near Darae town, Montgomery county, Maryland I will g*ve a reward of twenty-five dollar* lor hi* apprehension, It"taken in Prince George'* county, and fifty dolla * if taken elsewhere?id either ca*e he must be brought horn* or secured in jail, no that I get bim agtiu. THOS. R. EARLY, mar 23?u P. (I. Nottingham. Md. 1LITARY HISTORY.? Drnk water'* Sie*e of Gibraltar S himmer's Sige V icnna by the Turks Knolly** Russian Campaign ot 1812 JominiV Military lli?Mry of the Waterloo Cam paign Ruckle's History of the Bengal Amlhry \olaoV Cavalry, its history and tactic* Glcme:* Military Memoir*. Campaigna, Battles, and Stratagem* of War Military History and Detail* of the principal aul>? tarv event* of the la_-t cent my, $ vols Napiet's Peninsular War Napier's Battle* and fie^e* in tlie Feu MBit Samuel's History of the Bntish Army finuah Military Biography Gieif's Bntish Military Commander* Stocjueler-8 Wellington, Robinson'* Pictoa, Ah soi's Marlborough, and manv other* The Sulialtern in the Pemusula Mar-hall'* Miliury Miscellany Hchiller'* Tlurty Years' War And many others of the rame claa*. French Ear ni"^"1"'*6"11' FRANCE TAYl6r. SPECIAL NOTICE. ALL peraon* indebted to the subscriber are hereby notified that their account* arc being made oat and will b? ready for delivery bv Pricav and a i* earnestly requested that they will come forward and settle, either by cash or note at short date, u it is necessary Uiat my book* be closed by the 1st of April. All accounts standing open alter that date wiU lw placed in tiic hatirii of a collectors without reS^?S-^I"OCS' M" L* WILLIAM8. THE SUPJiRB PIANO, MAWUFACTUBED expreoslv lor the late exhi uon In tbts city, by Bacon k Raven, aad wni. h received a medal, is now oa exhibition at magnificent specimen of superior skill will be returned to New York at an earlv b? mlem disposed of. We are authorised to sell n UP?' *ery reasonable terms. >> e have also lor sale that beautiful instrument manufactured by Hallet, Davis k Co., Boston, which received the tmt diploma at the recent exhibition. m ^"VC ? ou h*nd a large and superior stock ot Piano* from the above manufactories. Old Piaaea Uken in eiehanw. JOHN F ELLIS, m.r oo 06 Peuna. avenue, near Tenth street. Inor ZCI? ANLiKRiNtiS IN ? ORS1CA, CORtfIC'V; ? ^,<^,uresM?e? historical and social, with a of Ihe early life of Napoleon, tran?l*ted from the German by Edward Joy Morris?price $K0 hectare oo Engliah Literature from Chancer to TcHyaoa, by Henry Reed, pnee ?1 SS Just published and for sale at TAYLOR k MAURY'S, .J**? Bookstore, near 9th *t. PATENT AGENTS OR OTHERS WANTING Office* will find two very suitable aad well lo sst szj* ^??<> mar 21-dlw HENRY^JANNEY^^ Palm and Madet ? ?*,in or Cream Nnu a cask* Madeira Nuts Sh' Nn an 8HKK|:LL BRoniEKs, mar Ja-lw ' Cppowte ,bc Market. pRKRCR dh IPABItH OLIVBl fre*h 1 unporutiou, for sale by * frMl1 m JPHEKELL BROTHERS, mara-3i ' c,ppo,,,lf, ^ c>Btre Mnrket. | * o^'herI". bVl? t Rifn ' roRlt8. M. W. 'lik^ ew,8p^iaJ to Uielr iiml nwJTTJm w TaWe, Drrwn, and Tea Sp^ua nd rr^rks, Ladle*, Bti'tvr Knives, and all other ar Mm of-m Stiver, whim h. lartrrand^r rtned ever offered to their customer* M. W. GALT k BIO., fch n *r *T "*** **ta4 ***?

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