Newspaper of Evening Star, March 24, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 24, 1855 Page 3
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kvkning star. Local Intelligence. Fc* t5 thk Ma rut. ?Any om who ha* a ta*te for fan. and an hour to spare in the morning, will be amply rewarded for a walk throngh the market*. Thi* morning u we earn* within earshot of the hubbab and nose, ahot of tha pleasant effluvia of raw meat A3 , the firat sight that greotod our eyes waa, on the aide walk, a pair of enormous awkward overgrown roosters, tiod by a long atrirg to the coops containing their leefer brothers and sisters A nice young gentleman left hi.? fel low loafer with the rem irk that he would have some fan oat of that Jakey, and ad dressed the market man aa followa: ? Say, old fe lah, what aort of animal is that' ' '? Shan ghai, sir; fine order nr. fat aa batter " " What doyon aak for him " Only $1, sir " ? Any fight in him; I doat want a fighting cock for my dinner; I'm too pugnacious now Lord to Joo. oot. tit/*.?, tho f.Vm.r, who begins to amell a rai, "jast you feel hia legs; no apura sir. Nice young man puta hit hand on the rooster s leg. and Shanghai jives him a dig in the wrist with a spur tiiroo inches long, and *harp aa a needle. Nice young man ocnaigna Shanghai market mar and ail to the lower region*, while Shanghai gives a triumphant crow, and the market man, in a fit of laughter, step* on a big dog's foot, and is bit for hia awkwardness, and then be <waars like a trooper. As we leave that groupe. we see an old lady in a good hnmor talking with a young man she aaks him " Are you here to provide fi>' your family ?" 41 No, marm," eays he '?i? but jast bad my breakfaat; ao J-J, famiiv *-<i no i mj ho.,. jj thioislld,' ho COT?lod< ? h, , on h,. V e next visited a Jtttt#r ^ai(| ^ old 1 sly in a mortified bonnet asking the dealer ? batter now ?" ?? Quarter ner fip. marjp ?? "J don't want that kind you kaow. A waEt 9ome bearding house butter ." 0 ? tfa. well here a fine butter, only three fipe knd real arriatocratic thu.,: ?? Give me four pounds of it." She got it and went off leaving a? wondering how the aristocratio batter ooald he sold lesa than the common kind, but the dealer enlightened as by Baying, " Why how green you is?that butter's arristocratio be saase it's of such high rink? he, ha. he?" We said " Oh!" and left But at the next stall we met Reynolds, of the El Dorado, buy ing all the tender pieces As he caught our ?je. be asked a bystander, and branishing a inje beefs tongue, " Why is this tongue un like yours and mine.0 ?-Dun know?give it ?p " Because it never told any but the nth ' He came near being oleared right up, tat the laugh was against his opponent, who lad to leave. We heard that a boy had been taken up the sight before for Etealing from the market waguna, and waa now before Capt Birch Into the watch-house we went, and found him quite a little fellew. It seems that he is one of the gang of thieves who pass round in the crowd unobserved, and help themselves to any thing they can find. This boy is not more than ten years old, and this is the third time he has been oonvicted of a like effence A short time since his father foand him in the market at night, and took him home and locked him up, but in the morning he wa? mimng He has turned up in this manner? the first that haa been heard of him since his escape. He will now go into the work house, where he will have the instruction of the com bined talent in the thieving line. How much we seed a house of correction for such boys ! Da Hall asi> tab Board Or Hkaltb ?We understand that Dr. James C. Hail adheres i to his determination not to serve as a member of the Washington City Board of Health. He declined, on being notified of his election as a member of the Board Subsequently, dis regarding his decision, probably in tho Lop* of inducing him to serve, the'Board elected him to be their President, which honor he also declines Ibis will be a subject of very general regret among the citixens of Wash ing. more especially as hereafter the Board's affairs are not to be under the direction of ita late President, Dr Thouiaa Miller, than whom no other more efficient gentleman ever filled such a position. It seems generally to be un destood that Dr. Hall'a declension arises from his indisposition to countenance the depriva t tion of the city of the services of Dr. Miller, as the head of its Bonrd of Health. However, j we trat and believe that the Board will even tually induce some one of its medical mem bers to undertake the laW and responsibili ties of that arduous position, who will prove in all respect* competent to the task. There is nothing in which all in Washington have a deeper interest than in the perfecinn of the Corporation's sanitory regulation*; j r-cautions and arrangements. FntST Pbbsbttbhi*-: CiirRca. 4: btrbkt.? Ihe eloquent and '.ogical discourses of Kev. B Sutharlan^ touliaue to attract vary large and attonti^e congregation* to this time hon ' ored hnv0 of worship. The pointed and per suasive character of hia appeals, especially f*r W<rsl Sabbaths past, has been the means. J we understand, of arou*iag the church to in* creaaed labor and prayer, and the impenitent o: hi* hearers to anxious attention to the ?'chief ooncern" of all men?the salvation of their souls In view of the evident tokens of deep feeling and interest in the ehurch and ecngregration. we learn that Mr. Sunderland contemplates holding a series of meetings, for religious service running through the whole of next week. The subject of the diseourse fir to morrow (Sabbath) morning will be "The conjunction of tha Divine and Human agsnciea in securing the final deatiny of ai*n,>: from the text " And as many as were ordained to eter nal life believed ?> (Acs* xiii. 48 ) and in the evening tha subject will be 44 l'rge?rcy and r singleness of aim indispensable ?0 the success of the Christian race, from i'hilippians iii. - 13 and 11. A wi s* ? emts ? At the Cireus (eat night the performance g*ve entire satisfaction; the lit tle children in Cinderella bringing down the hou?e in appreciation of the manner in which aiany of them rendered their fairy characters. Cinderella will be repeated this afternoon and sight, and as it i* the laat opportunity of wit. Beating it* representation, tnose desiring to see it should not fail to attend. On Tuesday night the door-keepers. 44 supes," Ac., receive a benefit. Give them a full bouse, for they , are a sat of very polite and accommodating genttaaeo. The People'a Theatre last night was wel filled. Mi*s Howard and Mrs Waleot and Mrs Wbaiey deiightod e?ery body with their matchless acting. This evening an admirable bill is offered which will no doubt bring out a foil house. Everybody should sea the beautiful snow ^ vene of Lake <ienev;?, Napoleon before hia ' karmy. eruption of Veauvius, Ac., Ac., at Odd ^Fellow's Hall Clocka, jewelry, Ac., are dis tributed . ee to the audience. Tub* Exchasob.?Thore waa a very large meeting of tho members of thia association, last evening, at their Chambers, in the Star Buildings Miny new members were admitted, and thsre w*s * re-election of it* officers, there btlug a constitutional infor mality in the election that transpired s^me week* ago Tae foHc?wing is the re*uit of their balloting? : S Bacon, Pretident: J B Dodson Vice President, John F Ellis, Secretary; Wa WaU, Treasurer. Directors?S P Pranklio. Hudson Taylor^ Thomas Parker. B F Morsel!. J. C. MoGuire, John B Clagett Wal er Harper. Beoj Beall, George Burns, Wm F. Bayly, W. B Todd, Aug E Perry There were twelve applicative for clerk to the a*0ociatiou, and. upon proceeding to bal. lot. T C Magruder wi! doly elected Ihe Board of Hi rectors, we understand meet ob Monday night n?xt Acctjohs ?Every market day it ie usual for persona who have for sale which thev cannot dispose of ??th*rwi*e to off*r them at rublie auction in the vao%nt sp-jt opposit? tan ' sank of Wa*hing-on , eoiiatable.- who have dl ? trained articles for sale alao offar theui at tho same time and place The*e sales often afford - seasement, at others thc7 are rather dtetrasa leg to wita'ta This aorair.a the atticdanoe t, bid and buy was large, and .ill w*rc sharp, L.ttk awtioneers ani Wdiei* Th: ?!?? !a.ied :*M near boob. Rosa's Bxxepit U to tako plaoe on to the Mil for the occasion, appearing la an ojhor column of tho Star of tkistftornooo A sjlvor goblet is to bo given u tho prite for tho beet oonundrum presented in the oouree of tho evening, and toother silver goblet for tho thTriV. r#2*' nu,nlntUn tlaee around rooztog. M He Rosa appear* as a linger, fn<l ?q??strio?, goiag through a Of D0T%1 Hid UtODlftkiBff. M Will as most pleasing performance, in the course 0 d* a'eeple ehase aot, on Epulish huntress aot, and various other octe in tho ring, entirely novel hero She is . also to be sustained by the entire strength of the talented company. She is by long odds the most talented female equestrian ever ap pearing in Washington, and nightly wins on. bounded applause. Altogether, the hill M'lle Rosa offers is exceedingly attractive, and will doubtless, insure her n crowded house on this occasion of her benefit Miss FAjtwr Moal^T-rfcls;talented young lady, who has been playing at the Hollid&v street Theatre in Baltimore for a fow months past, with so muoh credit to herself and satis IiiotioB to the public, has been induced to at. fear here next week. Miss M has earnel a hT?n tbis oouatry and rmnL^ *n<1 ber ?^?b!e manners have rendered her a grcit favorite. She will appear ihsS^fr ynWt,,at lrdD ,Ull;iD hw f-vori.e whl3ft!L L ui,*? lh ih? in n * U l4id Tinl Mi* Fmu>7 , * MeS M err Lies has been oon ?y critics an extraordinary piece of "-Qg, rating as high as Miss Cushman. Miss M or ant is a musician, too, of no ordinary power, possessing a rich contralto voice, which the public may have an opportunity of hear ing during her engagement. We hope the manager) will be sustained in his effort# to bring out the best talent. Uaios Choir Association.?The Board of Managers of this body met last evening, in the 13th street Baptist church, and elected the following officers: Conduct* r? F. A. Tucker. Chairman of Board of Managers?Thomas J. Magruder. Recording Secretary?Thot E Lloyd. Corresponding Secretary?F. Qlenroy. Treasurer?Thomas MoGill. The monthly rehearsal will be held on next Monday evening, in the above named ohuroh, (Dr Teaadale's,) when the oantata of the Pil grim Fathers will be put in hand, which will form the chief attraction of the enniversary meeting in May next. Rbturh to Bcsirbbs.?By reference to our advertising columns it will be seen that C. W. liavenner. E?n.t having retired from business, has sold ont his entire establishment to Thcs Hdvenner, his father, well known in this eity for many years, and greatly esteemed for his kindness and other estimable qualities. Tbe business goes on as heretofore, the only differ ence being the change of proprietors. Iupcdesce.?A drunken fellow, a stranger, entered a clothing store on the Avenue, yea. terday, and attacked the keeper. lie was handled roughly, and afterwards taken off by the police. What was done with him wo have not heard. ?? Watch Rrtcrss ?J as Bennett, disorderly in market, fine and costs ; Jos Straub, do., do. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE Georobtu W5, March 24,1855. Both branches of our oity councils were in session last night. All the members of eaeh board were present. In the Lowe? Board, a message was received from the Mayor, covering a communication frrm the Clerk, asking for certain appropri tions; referred. Also, one asking an appro priaticn to cleanse, repair, and paint cortaln portions of the Town House; reierred. And one covering the accounts of Gales A Seaton. and W. Terrell; referrod. Mr. Bangs presented tbe petition of certain persons, asking for flag ways on Gay street; referred. Mr Myers presented a coinmoni^ation from Lewis Smith, in relation tn public pumps; re ferred. Mr. Bangs, from oomciittee on streets, re ported an ordinance, laying a tax of 11 cents per front foot on the property of R. Cruik. shank, and 51 cents per front foot en the prop | erty of Mrs Ann Washington, on Congress sreet. to liquidate a claim for oertain improve ments; passed. Mr. Bang* reported ah ordinance providing for certain dig-ways on-Gay street; passed. LsH on the table in the Board of Aldermen. Mr. Bang reported an ordinance providing for the improvement of the footways on the west side of Washington street, from Gay to Road streets; passed. Laid over in the Board of Aldermen. On motion of Mr. Semmes the message from the Mayor, in relation to a new charter, was taken up and referred to a special committee, tonaitling of Messrs. Semmes, Osborn, and Welch Ihe bill from the lewer ooard authorising the levying of an additional front foot tax on certain jroperty cn Congress street; was In tho Board of Aiuormen. referred to Mr. E. Pickrell. The t*G boards then went into a joint meet ing for the purpose of electing a toWn sur veyor anl messenger to the two board Mr. S. Boots was eleotci to tbe former, and Mr. S. Sebastian to the latter. 1 intended to say, yesterday, that the Arri vals of flour by canal during the week had amounted to 12 000 bbli. Washington Senti nel p!ea3e correct also. Our Corporation fish wharf has been rented to Mr. Edward Craig for $707 3J. Mayor Addi-on gave, on Thumiay night la*t; a complimentary supper to a large num- | oer of bis friends of Washington and GbCrge town Prosperi's band was in attendanoe to 1 lend enchantment to the festivities of the oc casion. Kb the floar or grain markets. Spectator. BALTIMORE CORUESPONDENCE. Baltimore, March 2.1, 1855. I learn that our much esteemed townsman, Jerome Bonaparte, will leave in the course of a few weeks for Francs, where it is his pur pose to reside permanently, after due arrange ments shall have been made. . Ilia preseat de sign. huwever, is to vuit Paris and make ar rangements for a future roeidenoe there with his family. It may be known to your readers that he bee me a citisen of France on hislast visit, and if I mistake not had titled honors conferred upon him. Young Jerome, bis son, is uow at the Crimea, holding a lieutenant's commission in the French army, with prospects of promotion, if successful in a military career, not only to high rank, but eves to the imperial throne There is o wonderful magic in the name of Bonaparte with the French nation, and no one oan tell, should fortune smile, dis covering at the same time Napdleon genius and talent in this young man, to what degree of eminence he may rise. There is a wide and inviting field before him, with chances of placing himself upon the throne ef France. Such an event may be remote, but it is within the range of probabilities He always bore a high reputation here, and was marked by nature for his amiablencs* of charaoter, to gether with firmness, bravery, and intelli. geoce it will be a matter of regret to lose from among us so valuable and highly esteemed a ei;isen as Monsieur Bonaparte, but the residue cf hid days may possibly ba passed more agree ably in a country where he stands so nearky related to nobility, and where bis very name is a spell-word Should ad verse ci ream* tanoes, however, occur at tho Crimea to tnwsrt the fanpe* and prospects of his eon, a diflercnt course may be pursued. Lady Bonaparte is a native of Baltimore-a plain republican, and to find herself amidst the royal or impe rial family may prove Iws pleasurable than tbe dfmeetlc eomtorts of a superb home in iho oity uf munumants 'J he reoeat military appointments to the new regiments have not only given *reat satis faction, but prove to bo highly judieiocs A better ."election could nol poeeibly hare boon n.-id*. ( have the pleasure of knowing *01110 of tbem?one in particular. ^eptain Pali ?* Pr?*?nt on tbe recruiting eervioo in Bald .f* ?ooomplighed gentleiaan a Siw b.'SSSJ*4 2?^.f2J?S?S; 3 ??u~ ?? .W* V?****1"* with great aaxiety the it rival of the steamer Atlantic now Hn. 'rv question whether the C?m i$ deU Jtili i! main# ope* to doubt, a?d will naifi rSIa confirmation. I Uv/not ... ? K^iJj?Uler opinion, and .hall believe him ali^SfuSk7 hinUlow. 00nTln06 mt ** hu laid j Wo aro without much news to-dav rs BuiIomi btuk.u^f^i ^ cESS^S? u.J??"11/ warning a | dennn <n ' * there fs mora confi Of w JterD ?nCH Clr'lM We aooounl. theiT?? !!matry mwhanta moating I"*'- .??*H?,na?ta promptly, whioh mat It t^riuu^TT^?ittt "?? roaciij on tho atroot at Rto ?>? l._? .' ''W^now .'.'uL Mh"T0n ??" ? P?r M?t.' nmrkat tend#mo7 toward. unsettling the Exohange on London 9JalO primlum. Rodmick. I. ? d,UoU<i' ln N?T?k,l? . ?y?t?D of fngbtfQl ?t0rtl0I1 ud tontpUe, On. man MUri U.t thouMnd. of dolUn had been wrong from persona kooping publlo i fhltH. ,1"" F0Urtl1 W"* bj th? !?"" ?f that district. The Tribune adds: "oid^aMVr^AV" d,>gor?ed frw,7 it is now I i' wa?d to come out and toll tha truth & fittrisre ',?* $ wr*?h n7tK ?? inS down uP?n them the n j?d1 ?? P?,,Cr ??veral officers aro oon 1 i unpleaaant business, but one in part-.oular Pl?7?d the boldest part i a d. I victim?8 This oKa?*!*1!* moneJ from his victims. This official, it la undeietood win ' Dation^rih*4 t^4Uj UDtU hia al,e??d P^rtici-1 LlWiA'SnS? iTf h^,bLfwJ V." New York a few days since a im?. of Custom House offiolala, headed by ?1-? Ch'rS d ** fh# e*t4bll?1?ment of Thee' ewelr5 .^Nom^iUQ,,?t,,rer aud i*P?T*r of joweiry, at ?o. 119 Naasau street and too!* possession of hia entire atock, alleging tha? ?omo or all of it had boon smnzzled The i W^LdS?"!?. ?w~Mk"> of ttJgoata until ?eanwday tho safes oontaining the dia ' hu?ndMdD?h? J*T#!rJ' to th* T?,n* of on? I hundred thousand dollars, being kept sealed S.dTg?th#1dm# til* ??arohTaa pro nsl,y'tha I#?,tim?to importation I fbr^iifh W?a ??ti?f?ctorilj accounted tor, with the exception of a pack aire of dia Uuuo :iL?^r Prw,0M $toa"> ^Q<d at which the officera took - _r I gUK? ^The'matt100- had b*?n smug, g ed The matter u undergoing investigation. Hr Bermuda dates to the 6th of March! have been received. Tho project of steam communication between New York, Bermuda. Bar bad-.oa a?j Demarara still attraoted at tention. The weather was oold and stormy. Two hundred and six liberated convicts had been shipped to Ireland by the authorities. Xkw Hampshire Electiom.?In 219 towns ^ be vote for Governor siands as follows ? j Metcalf, ,'K.N Dem ) *5(t Baker, (Dem ) tfi rri Ben, (Whig). ;;;; Powler, (Free Soil) J ^ 0Ter BiI others 1,041 I n ^ 'D0W i* J*t * foot ,nd ha,f d*?P in ra tleboro', Vt, aad the Connecticut river ia yet frosen over as far down as Holyoke. ,o cK">>ki.b^ f?r r?irty! i7, ??SJi ?"h ?ui7/?wto,t,e cio^ ??Dt?iic.ii. H; w,rnM"bSSS?,n prp par-h?trr.C7jltMnc',^r??"tt fr ^ 10 P"^*"''.nch t,1m.'rh2*'%,the ,rU' W" fclra at H?ltlmor?, R'rhinond ?*cV Ut* blgb??t premlna* to J. u w' far thJir ?w?r<t?d ib?lr **1 V ?<! tWO At th*? VnrM'a f i * ?i"1 * pi*mlain *t Crystal P?l?ce V?w Vork ' i ?r???.:?? ?Uo7?:fsr tW# Cl" ?vanu^ SSviiT ! s-issi a H7*?*i,MHOO,LAVD'8 CIUtBBATBn UtKU.vN i)ir Th*r? ?r? ffw things wblh ator-l n? frMi.r d^tT*,^rlU the olabrauyi Hoof lH? xcan butartf, WAU?e wear# fuliy <x?imc!oiin w# ?r# conffrnug ? public boneCt, and o?r heart telli n? that l.y o?r ondrM .b.v. lnau^ to SST- ttSUMuJg and ik?u rearaed f,OT,, de?tn by 4yipnw,^ ,lv(r tv,m.>i(k|nt' Ac., for tha rnr-of wblch it In ceruin It ta pr-parM ?U'! ?old ODlt by Or. C. M. JaCKSON, at tba Oerm^ J ?Miclie . .ora, No. lw Ar.'b atraet, PhUadalphia ?? rtwrtlwmt. _ morl-am J^-NKt RALOIA.?Tbu f<u Qitdab1* tHn^a^a, wbf L a*?a,? k.r. V. Hoyden, forrn?-rlr of the Aflor Haoa#, New Y.^rk aud lal??proprietor of tl.a *achanf. Hotel. Kir|.raond Va ta one of tM hnndre-le wbu bare b*?n cored of ae vere' Keu ralgla, by CARTKH'S SI'ANHH MIXTl'HF. -i8,hl* COre hJ h.** r*c?n??n??><l#^ H to number* of r>Ui * *'* ' were suiT?rln.i with nearly every l. riu of diteM>~ With tli? Hl<i|( W(>!ifl?rful IBCCItHH. ' **e "*} ? 11 '* ",p poet extraordinary medicine ha hai ..^d, ?,.d Iba beat pnrlher knowft * ' ^ ,>>!*fead*?n>tgni?ait ln anollier colmno. 1 j1 K\ny **DK CJ.OTHINU FOB 'itNTI KITS AND Ki)?b w ih!!iS"Ufc<?,,rrl ">thuatean< elejanceby NOAH WALKKR a CO., under Browaa' Hot??S. Thfelr atoak embrace the Pall tot or bnrtoul Overcoat, Ov-raacks, ebaiK-d and TMana, black and bla. Ololh nreaa Coita, ^l v?i * colore, C?Mlu,er, Bneiuesi 8?lte^ W<-h Velvet V??U. 8ilka,*c., black d.^akln Cat:,im^ floored Caaalmer and platu Caawimer PanUloona. Por th.) youtlt?Jacket*, PanU, Veet<, Overcoat*, Mc. A* t),ey ara their own utauoiactnr?r* they are enabl-1 nod will *?ll ?t the very lowj*t pricee. Mhtru of .nperiw Collar*, Slovea, Tle?, Ac., of !??? etylaa alwaya <>u band. dee ID rr^?ACABI>TOTHE I.ADIES.-OOOD NEW8 FOB TUB MICK. UK DI PONOO'K UOLDEN MONTHI.V PII.LS. the Wat and most infallible remedy ever dl*cover?d iir r^ lievin* and cnrln* all palnfol, di*tre*alnc, and difflcult ni?n ed u*t!on, and ri-niovin* .11 periodical cb*t ruction a, ar..l ir re;;uUrltlea arlaiu? frcui whatever cauae. Theae PltU Are a complete I it 11 M . h n MKDICAL 8CIKNCE. Tfiey are prewar ft by a proceea which rt,neWiti*{.., the Inirr-l^nts int.i a small bulk, tbu* renderiuK It uunect-^^ry ftir delicate females to uke Urge do*e* of nauacon* Uruits Dr |)nin>n< u's Pills arc tho rt-su!t of o>er THIRTY VKARS' EXPKitlKNUK iu the treatment of tb? diaeasen of females ? They hew been ?dvert-e.| for a little over one year rat SEVERAL TUOlbAND BOXES h*ve ?lrevly bean Bold, aud the demand for them rapidly in crease-* wherever they b.< .ma known. They hav? b?*u thoroughly triad In Waahington, and fouud to act like * chum. Sold by *11 Druggist* In Washington, Ooor^etnwu and Al egaudria, Va. ^ mar 1?euSm* 9WJ?I 8|!luii?tos receive* al! the n#w Book* and K?w? paper* a* fa*t m? puWlUked. Ila la agsat for Harper * aud all th* other Magaslne*, and oar reader* will alway* And a larga and good aaaorUaant of Blank Book* and SUtb-aerv at hi* Booketura, Odaon Building, oor Pa. arena* and alt OIKD. This morning,the !24th instant, vt the residence ul Gen. Eaton, MAftQAltET ROSA, widow of the lit e Lieut. John B. Randolph, V. 8. Navy. Her friend* and those of the family are requested lo atteud the Itinera] on Mondav next, at 4 o'clock p. ui. Yesterday mornln*, ilie 231 Instant, Mrs. AGNES I1AMILL. daughter of the late Charles Bell, in the 65th year of her age. li?.r funeral will take place from the residenc: of Iter son in law. Mr. 1. f. Mtidd, on I) ?t., between 7tn and c:h, to^nnvrow (Sunday) afternoon, at S o clock. The friends aud acquaintances of theftm Hy are respectfully invited to attend. * f? G^?rS^?own) ?? the 90th inst, JNO. AUAMR. in ih*i 39th year of hu ag?, long a faithful and en ergetlc officer el said town, after a long and pre tract'-d consumption, which h? b"re with christian firutu'le and reuffuatiun. Hie languishing liead u at rest, lla thinkiegs and askings are o'tr, Hu Quiet,, iinicoveable breaat Is heaved by affliction ao more. ? r* SALE-At the SENATE 8TABLE south <* Capitol. t!ir*r jo jJ-*v0rk f|ur(tHH, an(| out line buggy bay Hur??. Apply at the Stable., or Bm*tt Pan OlSce. mar 3.1-eolm* For Bale and Rent BE fORRSNT IT THE fe-jSaJSs1SM ticulara apply to J. VAN Rl8WICK* Seventh traet and Canal F0no.*^Vo^ yNev*BRICK ?l howii on If, b*(w?Ho Itih And 13th mi bami, The building* contain etfht rooms, kitchen and cel lar, with pantry, closet, wardrobes, dumb waiters and are handsomely finished with marble mantsl centre piece.. They are located in a SeSLbKE of ibe city, near the market, and have many other advantages. T<-rms ot rent or rale moderate Fn quire of Mrs. MORRISON, corner N and 14th sts _mas 94?eo3t* THREE HOUSES FOR~1ALE?A family wishing a neat and comfortable dwelling House nas an opportunity here of ob aioing a now frame 8*veo rooms, on north 1 street, bet 4th and 5th ?*eeU. near the Rev. Mr. Carothers - Cburcb, and within five minutes' walk of the North ern Liberties' Market Term*. $1250 - to be paid as follows ; $200 cash ? balance In monthly payment*, running five years. ' Address No. f 33 City Pott Office. mar S3?3t* Rural retreats ?several of those cottage residences at Kendall Green being now vacant, application may be mane u. the undesigned for renting the same, with privilege of pnrrhSrfii* on liberal term?, eitber by letter through the pes? office, o? at his residency afto offiae hour* The location is healthy commands a full view of the city, is but a mile and a quarter from the Post Office, and is in every respect desirable. Gardens of two acres each are attached r\> avcrv DOUBT. 3 A permanent omnibus line communicate* with Georgetown bv way of Penna. avenw, a dav, at the usual tare. \VM ST1CKNEY. mar ta-tf TWO PI-EA8ANT furnished ROOMS FOR A re"1- of JOS. H ARB AUG H, No. 403 3.=vuntb street. mar 21-4t? T>OOMd TO LET?IN THE REAR. SUITA rdK,nw"ll'Srti'?,0n """? HENRY JANNEY, mar 21 d'w 348 Pa,aveVue. ffURNlSHED HOUSE FOR RENT The sub scrib?ir will rent his House with the Furniture \o 40BThirt l? KCareful and punctual tenant, >o. 405 Thirteenth street, between G and H. It ruay be examined and the terms &*ceruiincd at the CO S96* For sale, a norw* and Carriage. mar 16-9t? CHARLES DUMMER. VAT?fE? RrKA,V. ES,TATK FOR SALE? p?ii,i;.r~ ,, * boil.hngs known a* the "Union Burtding*,? and now occupied by the Union news f! inli" r?V.. y are wtua,e<1 on E street ? P^!JL?J' f nr?^"' ?n<1 fronting directly ,"!? 7 a'"l!Venne- Th? "ot it 70 feet front by inn '5** depP* The property is susceptible of divis ion and re arrangement, and iu poslti-n such aa inuet rank it among the best business stand? on Use Tim-HfJi " yBfrtjr increasing in valu?>. The Urae of th? present l?*se? expires on the in Hentem beI,n"h.?n.Whic,Lday PO^e^srion mav be had/^ Also, that Urge three-story Brick Hon* on I7tb X " t"?w" ?"M *"d rtory House on 17th street wesl. next door to the Government Building, at the corner oi r and 17th streets. Should the above property not b? sold at private sale Pnor to the 15th of May, it will be sold on that dav at puMic auctioii. % Terms will be made favorable ta the purchaser. APP'yto t Cli. H. WINDEH, 1(1 ? Corner of Seventeenth and G streets, mar 19-2awtMayi5 V<rrS FOR **ALE?A VARlETt w Building Lou in the vicinity of tHe City Hall. ai>o. in all other parts of the city, on accommodat ing terms. Enquire at Mrs. ADAMS' Bjardina House, opposite to Browns' Hotel, to be rcca fr?.n, ?k ? 8 3 to 4 p m. Also, an address through the I ost Office will receive attention. mar5-eo2ai DAVID MYERLE. T1IE LAST CHANCE. IF the remaining Lots in Square 915, and south o* Hgriare No 915. sf Mined on Maryland avenue wtween 8th and 9ih streets, Capitol (Jul, are net ao.d by the l?t ,4pr I, tbey will be withdrawn. Terms, or $3 per month. cm. P.DVER, Office on D. next to corner of 10th street, mar 8 - en?Jw po?pR,VT ?JR SALE ON REASONABLE A two-?ory frame House, witli back buildine. contaming six room", on >3^ street, between B aiid C sti'etu 64iuth. AppJv io C. A. DOUGHERTY, n?t door. A three-rtory Frame, witli basement, on ff. York avenue, between 4th and 5th sIh. west. | i A three-story Frame, with back building, on I st. north, between 4Ui and 5th st*. west. Ap^y tor tbe two last mentioned to JAME i \\ BARKPR, on H street north, Uetw?*?n 12th and 13th | sts. west. AIto a two story Pram#-, with back building, On Montgomery street, G onretown. r t , , DICKtfON it KINO, frk 7~eotf Ceofge?owp? FOR RENT.? Fpt'R NEW AND CONVENI enl Brick floilses, br-IWn aiastick frfintj4 con ?"lining parlors with marble nutate!*, dining room, kitchen, aervant'k room, and five chambers each, and rtt'iated on Thirteenth street, lslRnd, near thf public ^rouadfc, lobveiucnt to Pa. avenue ?nd the Jepartments. Ront very moderate. Apply at R. H. <'/?ARKE'S office, corner of Sixth street aid r.oui-dana avenue, ?r at D. E. CLARKE'S Dm/ Store, Eleventh siren, Uiand. mar G- -eoti FOR RENT-THE DWELLING AND STORK on 11th utreet west, one door from Pa. avenu< norih side, adjoining Farnbam'H Bookstore. Annlv <o (3EORGE a._W. BAQIDALL, max 2?eoti corner 12th and D ?w. STORAfii*.?Tho^e having Furniture, Dry C00.U Groce/ies, St?., to be ntorod, will find ample ac coiuinodnnoii* in tbe large, airy, flag stone paVed. and Dry BaM:inenu un.lrf the ritar office, corner Pa avenue and Eleventh et. Apjdy at the Star office, jan 31?tf . HOMES TOR ALL.?Beauutnily and healthily located Building Lots, 34 feet front by 130 feet det-p, on graded strewn, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding loX pricc of $7r>, payable $3 per month Title indisputable. Union Laud Office, 7tb St., above Odd Fellows' Hall, jan 9?6m JOHN foX, Secretary. Want* WANTS A SITUATION AS GARDENhR, or as Gardener and Overseer. No objection to , go into Uie county. The best of reference Eivrn. I Apply in person or by Iftlur, to Mr. JAC03 BAR KER, No 03 Seventh ?trcei. mnr24 WANTED?A GERMAN BOY TO LEARN the Blacfcaniith business, between the age of 14 aud 16 years One who can xpeak some words of the English language prcierred Inquire rd? It. L. PEIlKINS,Untonlowu,iiear tbe Navy Yaril Bridge. mar '23?2i* fpHE ADVERTISER WISHES TO OBTAIN 1 the services of a young man as salesman and general a^sittant in a fancy goods store. Tbe age lequired between 19 and 23 years. Address "M A E,'' <Jity Post Office, giving name, address and ref erence. mar 23? 3t IITANTED?A situation AS COACHMAN ff or dining room servant, who m.dcrstan is his biisines* perfectly well iu both capacities. Addn ss " W S," at this office. marBl-4t' House vv ante d.?the advertiser wishes to purchase, for ca?h, a good two story brick Dwelling, rmtable for a sivnll family, situated north of Pa. avenue. Address "S F A," llirough the Post Oflice, stat ug locauon, price, &c. mar 12?1m* - ? , Ml Boarding. BOAROI19G??Six or eight genteel boarders, by the month, week or day, can be accoimiio dated at Mrs. DEMENT'S, No. '417 B St.. opposite tin* Mo'ropolitan of#* :e. mar 9?3w* BOARD1MG.-MRS. DUVALL, No. 331 Pa. avenue opposite Browns' Hotel, has several very desirable rooms, suitable for families or single gentlemen, which she would rent with board, on reasonable terms. She can also accomm:date 6 01 8 gentlemen wiUi meals, without lodging. Wanted, a good dining room servant, hat can conic well recommended. mar 8?tf TAKE NOTIOR. NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. PW. browning, ileroiiaul Tailor, under . the United StaUfe Hotel, has just wee?ved a large supply of Spring and Summer Goods, and is now prepared to offer ereat bargains to all iu wan* ?if rJud ?i?d fa?hionuLle clothinc. liis " Ready made Clothing " will be sold at the following low prices; \V"h- l? suits, Coat, Pantaloons, and Ve?, of tMc cloth or ca^sisicre, for $13. I'ms Dl'jck t"ro? k and Dress Coata. fr??m ?19 to ?15. Good Busiuens Coats for $7. Black and Fancy Panto, irem ??"? to f7. MaraeiMes snd Silk Vesta, from $2 to $5. Hp ke#p? always on hand a large assortment c,l fincy arib-les, su<*h as Shirts, G'oves, Cravats. I'm breli ia, Stv. ' Sole Ageat fir iht #ale ot Scott's Fashions." m;?r !??y. fUBkS ?* W..1DT1LWI, A??tl*BMr. TJUSn?.nA,v*A8ALE AT AUCTTOl*<?On JU MONDAY afternoon, the Silk Ihuil at 4 o'clock, will he sold at public auction at fee Mtb ?oolao Bhildlng, the limber remaining, which hu been in use torn* Ore late exhIMtioo The Laaber will be nU in lot* to be taken away the next oay. The Lumber la the ball will be taken down Ky person ? employed for the purpose. Terms caeh C. WTBOTELER, mar 94?9t Auctioneer. By ORBBSV dk SCOTT. Aactl?meera. Household and kitthe^ furnfture at Auction.?On FRIDAY, the 30th instant, we shall sell, at the residence or J I.. Darts, Rsq . at the Cottage at the corner of north V and lltii *?$. weet, an exeeileit msoitmsnt of Furnitur, viz: Mrbofany and re|v( t covered parlor cet. consisting ?f. t,wo 1 Pte a Tetee, one large Arm Castor Chair, tlx carved back parlor Chain, two Ot tomans * Dining aad Breakfast TaMee ? En<J fi't frame Looking Glasses cll!!^ P' d^MaUre*** a*d B??"t?H"? Cane and wood -eat Cbaira, Waahstands D ' *',??*? cn>ckery. st< ne and wood War'* P"-sage Oilcloth, Straw Mania* Coofang, airtight and other Stoves ^?^ri^>0ad,.,U,Snrtn^n, ?f Kl*hen R'<H?tsUes TIT?* A" 'um" - nd under #ii caah ; over ?5 aerfdu of Q aud 4 mo.ih., for endorsed, bearing interest. y mar 34 ?d C;1EEN I SCOTT, an-o Auctioneers. ?F i. c. HcOlIlRK, At fpRITSTEE'8 SALE OP HOUaiE AND LOT A* *mrd~?n FRlr)AY aPemocn, hers lilt' in 2 ' "V1" P^mises, the <uberh here will sell, by-vinos of ad fed ?t trust, dated the 'InrJ "'y record"?? in Liber J. A. ?? *?? fo,to* 319. *c\. on*1 of the Uftri records C?" nt> ' '-?l *?? 1 >n Square 626, situated at the corner of G strs-et south and 9th st. eust, under a grr un?l rent of *20 per annum for the period of ninety-r.ine years, l rum September IBth, * will the improvements, consisting *f a tiro ?tory frame Dwelling with back building. Terms at sale. ? ^ J NO. IV. McKIVf, RICH H. CLARKE, STrn'!e*** JAMES C. McGUIRE, mar 24-latvAds Auctioneer. By ORKKSf * SCOTT, Aaetlonnn. HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN FURNITURE il Aucui>n.??u THURSDAY, the tfcid iust T'' i?^ Lal.ihe residence of Mrs. Welle, ?.n Ut iu^'i, ?P ' D?M Pennsylvania av>nue, ut 10 clock a. m., an excellent assortment of Furni lure, viz ? Rosewood velvet covered Sofh Mahogany Divans, parlor and rocking Chair. \Valnui marble lop Sofa and Centra Table Mahogany dining, bn aktast and card Tables Do dressing and other Bureas Maple ami walnut French cottage and other Bed stands Do pointed Wardrobes and Washstand* Parlor and chamber Window Curtajn? aud Blind* Cbioa, giats crockery .uiJ stone Ware Silver-plated Castors, Spoons and Forks, Caudle sticks Feathor Bed*, Bedding Straw and shuck Mattreaaes A large lot of tabh.- and house Linen (?irandoles. solar, hall and other Lamp* 3 Ply, ingrain, and stair Carpets and Matting Hearth Rugs, a large lot of Oilcloth Bronzed Hatrack, Lounges and Looking Glasse* Andirons, Shovel and Tongs, Fenders i-ooking. hall, air-tight anrt other Stoves With a large assortment ot Kitchen Kequisiter Willi many other articles which we deem unn? cessary la ernunerate. rerins: All sums ot and under ^^5 ca^li; ovtt fcj > a credit of sixtv and ninety days, for notes snistac orily ecdon-ed boarlng Ihterest. ? GREEN ?i SCOTT, mar 16?d Auctioneen. Bale '? poatpomad un til rlESDAY, the >7'Ji instant, same hour. GREEN A SCOTT, ftar 23?d Auctioneer*. By J. C. HcGUIUK, Aactlonger. T7\CELLE\T FURNITURE AND HOUSE J_i keeping KfTecli, Superior l'atrilv liors*', Ac. ut 1'ublic ?a'e.?Oil TIIUKSDAY morning, the '2ytb instant, at 10 o'clock, at tne residence of Prof. C. C Jewett, eonier 15th and II streets, I sl.all set' a por ti 'ti of his Furniture and Effects, ampiii ing ? Crimson plush^eovered French Pofa, Arm an;l Par lor Chairs Hand: orne cl tm^k tnd chintz co%ere-l ?p mg Lounges Fancy Cliaiie, Ottomans Footstools Beautiful Egyptian mar'4e top Centre and Pier Ta blee Engluh. vefvs' .ind other Carpets Slusle .Stand. Canton Ti*apo\*s, Tea Trays, &c. Mahogany scat Chairs Can" seat do B'?iue Hat Tree, Hall C'haJ? )I?hogaiiy French and Iron Bedsfead? Superior spring and hair Mattresses Ham!-' me rosewood Dr: =sinc Bureau Pla'ir* jo Walnut, mahogany ai\d pa;ntrd Wardrobes Marble top and plain Washstande Excellent B K<kshelv?'s. Curtolns ami Sb?d? Mahogany C. nU6 Tables, Bookc*>r (Jilt fnune French plate Mirrors Mahogany Sid> toard, Dining TabS^/ Crockery and Glns^waie, Refiigeratoi* Co. king and other Stoves, Ki'chen Uteuril-, &c Alao at % o'clfk - A Very sh,>erior l?*rj;e b?v family Horse, tboul t1 ytaraold perfectly sound and kind in l<ariiets Also, a fine Boston built I nncew >od Ciuine a ilk Hamest Terms if s.-Ue: aud nmicr ? aali: over that sum a credit ot sixty a*d ninety day*, fbf not^a jatis!ae torily endorsed, bf.inug interest JAS. C. MeCUIRF, m ar "J3?d A uetioi ? rer. By J?.?' IffcGUIHE. Auetlon?tr. SALE ^)F EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD AND Kitchen Furniture.?? x?i TUESDAY morniig March 27th, at 10 O'clock, at the residence ot Doc '<<r J. G. Jewell on south lids of I street, lietween Jilt and iCfh. I {-Ijnil sell an excellent auMtgtmect ot Furniture, Whsf?iing in pa.?t of-? Marble top mirror tront Pier Tabi^ I)o s?ifa Tabic, lland^me Cluck M' hofany hair seat DiVans Soliil maliogany Eookcve and Secretary Do hair seat p^rldr and rocking Chair D<? Side Tables aud light stand Do Dressing Bur* au, Workstand Beautiful Anl?ess<in Matting Handsome Kilt frame French piate Mirror Kuby and Agate Vases, MuntH Ornaments Bedsteads. Mattresses, Co: f?fid ^eddlns Fine Cotiase Set, mtmh? ring 10 pieces I French China andGlasaware, Table Cuilety Silver plated Castors. Spoons, Forks Venitiau Blirlds, Cloth and Table Cov? is Bronze Hatrack, Fire Screen l'ra-6 Andir.>ns, Shovel, Tongs, Fenders Hearth Rug, Mats, Stair Carpeting and Rods Pedestal, Busts Figures and Pictures Refrigerator Together with a general assortment of Kitchen Requisites, ?l)ich it is unnecessary to mention. Terms: $3o and nnder cash; over that sum a ere tit of 2 and 4 months, lor notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest. JAMES C. Mr GUI RE, mar 19?d Auctioneer. GR.KKW A SCOTT* Auctfenssra. Trustees sale of groceries, J.t quors. Store Fixtures, he , at Auction.?On MONDAY, the S^ili ins ant, I shall sell, at lOo'ci'x a. in*, at the grocery store of Francis N. Roeiic, at llie corner of Thirteenth and F streets, by virtue of a deed of trust to the subscriber, bearing date the 'J2d day of February, 1855, and duly recorded, all the Groceries, Liquors, and Store Fixtures in the establishment, viz : Teas, Sugars, Coffees, Cigars and Tobacco Liquors and Wines ot' every description Crockerv, stone, earthen and Woodware Stand Casks, Measures, Scales and Weights \\ ith a large assortment which we de 'm mine ces-?ary to eniimerate. Terms: |^5 and umier cash; over that sum a credit of 6o, and 90 days, for note? sotisffcctorily emlorsed. bearing interest. JNO. C. HAMILTON, Trustee. The siore will be for rent immediately after the sale, and is considered one of the best stands in the city. GREEN A SCOTT, ' mar 18?eo's Auctioneers. NEW MILLINER?. On Saturday, March 34lh, Mis?. n.i yOBJ. Thompson will opeuourne#stockl of Spring Millinery, consisting ot the! very latest styles of BoNNETS, FLOWERS. UIBBONS, Ac , which she has select e l from the latest importations. She will a!su con stantly make to order every description of Bonnets desired and hopes to be aide to give sati?factk-ii to every customer nho tna> favor m wiih \htir p.^troif age. We would <Us.? take tbik opportunity lo Ci*\ to tlie remembrance ot" citizens and bti?:i;ers in the His uict the fact that Miss rhomi^on was the succe ? fill competitor, and lh?ref*-e romed the highest pre mium tor Bonnets at the Fair of the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute Just closed in this city. HL1CH1N80N A MUNRO, No. S10 Pennsylvania avenue, First door west o( Walter Harper A Co's. mar 21?6t 0>rgan) |ERK\ 'B AND GILLOnT'6 STEtL FENi F various kinds and biz%s, bought la person froai the makers and warranted genuine. mar 6 FRANCE TAYLOR. Clocks, clocks, clocks t?ifvoa * int n good Clock, warranted to keep tiaae. call at the store of j. ROBINSON. frb *-dla ^ Mr*} #pp0* TELEGRAPHU DAILY BTOmiO STASf ' As w go to praif wo are yet without telegraphic advioee from the steamer AUastic, mow doo at New York. Ultl FBOM C&LIFCEW1A Arrival of the Otorgo Law. New Tom, Mareh 14 ~(tnm Sandy Hook ) The George Law arrived here this mining with California dates of March 1st, three day* later than thooe brought by tbo ?oc<h-ra Light. The mail aad paaeongert w*ce bromjMdo** bj tho Goldoa Oato, in eleven days and four hours rinsing time Tho George Law left Aifinwall on the morn ing of tho 16th.- f h? bri&?* 234 passenger# Tho following aro tbo principn' eonyigoeo* ? Droxol A Co., $100.900; Metropolian Bank >10,000; A. Rich A Brci., $26,000; ?vella Fargo A Co , $16,(100; Adams A Co , *10 60<- . and other*? amounting in all to $317 Col. J. C. Froaont ii one of tho paasoagors. Wellf, Fargo A Co , i era mod pay men's cn the 26th, and all demands thai far baro b??n promptly paid. Adams A Co , hare tiled a petition for In solvency. Their schedule of assets aud lia bilitiea abowa a balance on the right side ?f sbont $100,000. Mr. Wood baa given up all bis private property, eatimated at 000, whieh goes to make np the above total of as sota _ e The fail j? of Robinson A Co., is a bad ceo. Wow York Market. ^'w \ ons, March 21.?Cotton i? upward firm. Flour is upward, and prices . re a trifle I *-2?? lLl' *'<* 0bi<> ?' & a.$? 7* boot hern is firm. Wheat in 3s5rL"?um f?1th#'n "? ? ~ '''? Co n Lb Qpwird. bat uof Qbo>?t.i - ingcct. Sales of 10,000 tushels oil *?t,?rB m:ied *. $1. Pork is upward and firm??*ld m* s $Ua W4-S7J. Beef it upward md firui Liri U downward and dull. Whisky is quiet Baltimore Markets BALTitfoae, March 24 ?Flour ii 11'm?sales ?f 300 bbla. Howard -treat, at $e 67j: ? itw Milla is unchanged Wheat?sale* ct 5 ifUO bu>he!i; red $210 a $2 17; while $2 2'? * %2 ?the highest price aiooo 1837 Corn?ealcs of 29 000 bushels; wWte 87 a 8b; yellow fe8 ? S9. Oats 64 a 66 Massachusetts Legislature Bostob, March 25.?The Matti.b't'ij As sembly to day refuaed. by a Urge innoritj, to amend the ten hour bill, so aa to m*kn it read eleven hours Virginia Feeenth Congressional Distric*. Alexaxdsia, March 23 ?It is reported day that the Know Nothings were ia eocniil here last night, frum the Seventh Co^gree sional District The gensraJ iuipre*si a is that no nominallm for Congress was made Operative Stnle in Macohsstor. Bostof. March 23.?The operative s*rike a4 Manchester still continues, and not? absorbs nesrly the entire force of themillr ia all prob ability several thousand persons. The AJ9 ts refuse to give In, and the strikers are march in* thrcugh the streets. Oce prooatiian ca Thursday afternoon was headed by * large oavaloade, seven fire companies in uniform bands of music, females carrying V?inner-, The strikers were out in numbers, and ho streets were a vast m^ss of people Such ??* citeiuent was never before seen there Tiro owcors of the mil's say that there is no profit oow ia going on with anvfscturing, end that they liavo no cbjeO'ioa tl s?op for a while TAkEV TO fBCUKK A DEBT. Anticipated Fxcitement in our Second Story. j AUCTIOX BARGAIXS OUTDO XE ' STRAW BONNETS GIMPS, FRINGES. PARASOLS, fcc. TO SECURE A DEBT we were runipcJItil to take a large lot of STR AW BOVVLTS?f !a*r ?-aso:?*i? Mjrlc, many of winch are ad.-ip:?-?i to u e pr^sf nt wwo ; also,a lot of PARASlI.S, OIMF??. PRINGR8, ke., fcc. We h??c thu day arrausci tiiese gojtir in a KMin ??v?r <>ur riore, (tnirancc through the store,) and th? v will l?e atld a< * .<??? ot 73 centa ca tt?e dollar. Ti.?v muct bf eoij in a f?w days to maK>* r."H?u f<>r other foo td. MAXWJXL fc BROTHCK, Tl?* vrtcsnai Kihhoii iit:d Tiiniming d . re. P.i. av., bctw'^n yth and li'Ui k-<. mar 'J2?t-oSt ELDORADO nOUsS! Pa. tirtntte, between Tkird and Wt?HI)i?TO!<, D. C. CLKMKIT RKTJTOLOS, tl.ite of Willards' lloteJ.) Respectfully r?.-tums tiMnki to i.isfrt#nd> and th^ |?ul?lic for tbrir exe^dinj;!} Iitrj:*; |M inning-- Mnce 'Iks openine of hU irour*1. and b< to a>?ure them thui day wiU always b* t^uCiy pl< rtied in future Since his openms In* la<ft patronage liu induced him to rit up twilir^e n ?bi?, in a hand-^ute at>ie wh?*re he i? *nnhlcd i^furnuli DfXNEit AND gCPrCK PAHTIErt. lor from two to fifty |?ei?oiis, in an unaurpaf^d style as to quality, weil as excellence. mar 20?eolai IR09T HALL. SALE AT AUCTION. THE undersigned bavins r^um^d lite Aurtwn Buainess, begs leave I" ofl'er hu ?enici? io au tond to sales (>( Household Puri.tiure, K? al L^taie, Stock*, kr. Particular ntleniion giv? u to tlt? ar rangement ar.d d>fpos?l of Hous?.ho;d Furniture, and the cn'ire st le (if desired) will l* s?4Ue<l up an t caslied in twenty-lour hour-' alter tiie deliv.ry t:" the gnods. Casta advance* on every d? sciipi n cf Merchandise consigned lor unlimib d s-ile. liv sy tO'ort will be mad?' to render Mitfatactorty ;J! -j'. 3 ??ntrustrd to hi? care. C. \V. EOTELF.R. mar 0?f?i3w |r?n M: II. THE MUTUAL FIRE IHSUEAJ?. 1CVKPA WI OF THE II8TBICT OF C0LUMB5A. /^IIIARTEREl) by Ct ngre*s, ofier? to the prop* rtv \J owners of the District safer aiul cheaper ni' iii.. or n;?urauce than anv otlier Company ULYSSES WARD, President. ? 'HAS. \VILHON,tlfcrf!.irv. MATHEW ?. EVERY, Treaeur'. - JUxtsiai in)-sseF Ward John Van RNwick Ttiomas B'agden P. W. Browning F. Howard, Mathtw (?. Emery. J. U. McKeiden. Offlce, Cotumbia Place, corner Loutmna art rue | and 7ih street. Office hour* from 3 to 0 o'clock p. tn ft-bag-eoU FOR SALE?A VLRY FINE SADDLE A*?D Baggy HORSE. The lH?rse ia >oun/. g*nt!e and sound, and of fine stock ; would make ?*itii ra very fine carnage horse, vi a very pleasant riding norse. Also, tor sale aa excellent work hone, perfectly Apply to No. 43 Dunbarton St., Ifoorgefn. 1?lawtf WATCHES. JEWELRY, SILV ER AND PLATED WARE AT REDUCED PRICES WE offer our aniire k ?*l elrgant fiOLO W A PC U E S, RICH JEWELRY, PL LZ Slf.VF.RWARE. nc , at ft ally reduced rate Penrf.n? would do wtU roeiainineour aaa<>rtia< nt. which is bv far tba largest, inoel fashionable, end best ?alert ad ever offered to our customer* M. W 6ALT k BE<5 . 344 Peun. avenue, betwe-u inh and 10th at* mar lit?tf COME LEARN YOUR FATE^ MRS 0 KOtLGB, late of EatJeryl, * iiitarni flie >a<h^s and geutlemen ni ffiLjy Srn ond Georgctuwn tlmt she can bt. st-eu a..d c< n sutte?1 on tfc? pnst. present and future even.*, at late residenee, ?fo. 84 F street, betweer *ad 2? I strceii, i'lrrt Ward, oppuaite tli'j 0!sk* .ai-ry Her name is on the do?tt. Hours frniu Vim to 8 o'clock p tn. Ladies 'J5?Gent.emt n jO cents feb ?&? Ian* STOP YOUR COUGHING JCbl ttcelved. per .\da.jiif 1 Co V. F.*f?. c ->trm ea?c of Ma iiaru'.. *?+ Y??t C;.if DROPS, ciriiM?ni( of B'?.ji?i \ a:>ii)a, Ear, ttnr>, Lttnoa, and Borehound flsvara. Also, a c<*nplc:e mm mnt or fc;s r?!c'rvted rtioeatatee, of universal repumUoR en!* wnhoot ii' al in <h? Ueiftd Sta'es. n?Se at ??? M. P, %6S VeriMOBi comer i ' m*i 1#??

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