Newspaper of Evening Star, March 26, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 26, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. OVK CHILDHOOD. it n. runtct Th sad?y?t *0 listen, To I at sou wind's gentle tweU. An.I tl.inn we bear tbe music Oftr children know so *rd', To caxe ?n the even, And the boundless fields of air, And feel ajain our b->>hond wist To roam like angels there 2 'fiiere are miny dreamt ol gladne-s That clin; around the pa-t ? And frotn the tomb of feeling Old tbanght* ome thronging fast? The form* we love so dearly, It; the happy days now gone, Th" heainitul and loreJy, Bo fair to look upon. ? Tho??* bright and lovely mnldcn* \\ ho seemed so formed for blis*, T? o g't riou- and too heavenly Fni'mcii a world as tine ! W'uo.-e noil dark eyes seemed swimming In a na ot liquid light, Antl win >w lock, of gold were streaming O'er brows so sunny bright. U iiose smiles were lik? the sunshine In tne spring time of the year? Like the ciiangefu! gleams of April 1 h? y folio \ ed every tear I Tii^y have passed?iike hope? awar ? All thtir lovJinesa has AM? ?)?? ! many a heart is mourning That they are with the doa?|. Like? the hrieht lmds of niucirr They hare iaiMi froua the ettin ? Y? t oI??it i* u iovely death To l;.d" frani earth like th- m: And jet - the thought is cadJenht* 1 ii n.use oa sucr. a? they ? A-i l..ei that ali he beautiful Arj |OSiiR* fast <;way ! Tia: the f?ir on.: v. hoiii we love, ?i'?? to each lovhig brea-t, l.i!? i tendrils of th:: c.iutin* vine, n !'-h W tot re lUey rest. An J < an wi- hat think of the?e .n the soft an : gentle rpring, WitB the tree* are waving o'er u?, And the (lowers are blossoming! For we kn?w that winter's coming Wit!i his cold and stormy i<ky? Awl the ?loriou? b auty round as I- hiaoming but to die! Lcsus Nature-?On Sunday evening last a slave on the Duncan plantation, a I'tw miles above this town, was delivered cf a still-born famale child, which is an objcct of great curiosity. It has two cp-ues, two necks, two heads, three legs ar.'l three arms, yet but one body ! The heads and necks are perfectly formed, avr] ic? tho proper place and position, exccpt that theie are two of them; so sr<' two ol the legs and two of the arms, bat ti e extra onos are malformations ' he third arm projects from between the shoulder-biades, :?r.d is tolerably well farmed, even to the hand, the nails of which are Itfpger and more clawish-look ing than usual. The third leg is much i tore deformed thin the arm, being only about one half the regular length, and ending in a foot that looks more like a great toe, with an immense claw at tached to it, than anything else we can think of. It a'so protrudes from the < *ok. between the os sacrum and the os coccyx, but nearer to the former. The eh;itl is of the usual size and weight, Having attained nature's appointed time, crd was alive * ^.hort time previous to it * ill-birth. It is now in the posses fci< n of Drs. Lyman & Smith, who have it preserved in alcohol, a^d suspended in a Itr^e glass jar, in which position many h?.ve wj.u^td this wonderful freak ol na urc.?[Franklin {La.) Banner. A Knotty Point Ssttlbd.?A cava iitr in our vicinity the other day tried tc put do* n his opponent with this ques uoa: " If Noah Jul send out a dove tha never returned, where did it go to ?" '? Wi.y, retorted his antagonist, "1 suppose sotni'uodij shot it." MOVEMENTS OK OCEAN STEaImERS ?V.m.- Leatt for Daut. ? ??????..... 'U.i....... I.i v c r|iO' *1... Mar. ^ il. fmaua I>reaten....New York..-Feb. & J... sysai..J?w York..Mar. I -tuoie New Yorl..Mar. 1 A ir l.iverpoot Ito?ton....Mar. 1 ? Livt r^H>l.... U;>Fton .. Mar. S v -T:-- L"?l r.>r?"a kteara^rs leave New Ycrk t>i it ? ? i v ' ? e^ch ne nth. /. , /i'L' PRINCIPAL 110TLLS U'lHsr- a. X j. c. wilt-axd. J ti F-jrch, III \V II flarnrf, USA J A H'a lunsiun, Vn <1 f Wilcux, do t v ^ ^ talker, Mirh ^ .4 U'*i;a e, XI XV II Ro?*eU, NJ ? ? J ? r.ti- ? nr, I'M B L R b> rw. I'a < J ? S: iioi< L> B Canibrni^e, Jl?.? P Q ivMiUny, Va I* Archer, Tea ilLem;?,ao J R Bartleit. Bf 'I j Ke- .ian. Pa C Farrall, NC il \\ King. Teen J Cabill, Ya iLon PA;d?. l.a J 1 mas a lady, O t . ar.tar.i, \Y *V J Kejuold-, Va CC ii en a lady, Mi G ? Masoa, do ItStiONal Uotd?3 p. WitLARP U* S l?rc..-, .Md Dr N B Hiiutb, Md J'rr-i r. Vn It Morrow, do II Uiih, >!i A V Tn art well. NY s M ?i xi#, Ya VV F r-'iuith, Ky IV l< ?V? brier,?. ? ** Hartuian, i'a r L?Ai>.4lo G A iM'-'ris4, Mo ) i* Taj tr, do Li >n J Wendi l>, Mieh yf f Qa< nWtiy,is o 0 Del, do i 11' J H Heath. DC % .? ;ii -r. >i-l '? Jorao -, Va J I vi stiii.', ?io t W 'I ayUure, Md T Tiuiper }. do ' Ncwioj, Pa j ivrrv, 4u J Newto?. Jr, d"> i* IV l. . ?. rt *'?l Couldsng, >?d W i Kt: d, A ? I>r Dare, do \\ ft::., y. He <i liadiev, Ml ?' B Periy. Ky J Puuitio, do PJ NiMUsile M-? ?ieu Bran ley, Pa W Ke n, *id A lio kine, do ? S.-u in. ??** Miss Moraut, Md J Aic !?, t* S \V I ri s-fniHii, Va It Wo-.tMn Mrt F.J Towu^ant, NY M > rrrv. >7?I II II Uoodlow. Va f \o?ii?i. do J 8 Sandler. Pa J J Hocica, Va Rrowns' H?st?<?t r. a m. saown. \ F S Thomas, NY OPhnman.VY vLS Us:t!e, M??s T N>sbs, lio H 1 :!i!Vr, Va J llowr, ?!?? T V ??? .' G I'rtnjer, Va - ? E K L-h?-'m ??. O R K Armfleid, Te* T ."I tt a. M B L Jud^on, NY W blimpw:, ??U VV D Barkte, Va .1 Ci ham. Ark C Clark, do <; V lie; b, T? :u T II O.-bourn, X Y ,\ Vi?g! in, c?i S lialley, d > w flln'feley, Mi!y, child J X Perkins, Ala y ?ervan;, Co r- *V Fur> el|. Va T) 3 Hinckley,?!? R W Kyu'l, Pa j C Dart in. N V F II Joces D. r M rcer. Md ? Myers, NC i Cu iar, \ u J Ij'-lsufc, ?*C W Cuxtan, \'C L Berry, Hasa Kl k /sontl IJoitan?J. H. & a. kirkwoop. W B R. >a?,Hs, Ms.^ ii D Mercer, Va J D Co!n>e?uJ, |?C J ilamiller, M J S l l-rk. Md T N Sau leeser, do ii W Doubly, XV T King, do 8 I. SUilMss, NH. I, D V >wland, do A H Heut, .'aurfhter and R M Hmoot, XY si*ier. la o Thouias a son. Mass H H I. Hu'iman, Europe J W B-.e fubrongb, Va R K Robinson fc family, ?.* J Kuioey. <ln Ma-< M < i.jiir. XY E II t^lmtinston, DC K H Wyviil. 5M H <i VYmohNfr, Md J S M>*seli,jr, do J k Maway, do el A Movscil. >l0 A Winclt* ster. do A S Kuum y, O Dr T S Merci r. do .^aullou llouss, Alexandria, Va, *. aawTon, rRiifRieioa. K ttalie?h. NY J Hurst. Md h pAi h. Pa E A Pre?.m;ui, NY VV 11 F. ii ?*t. do JC Wood, do Jn J W Tvler, Va C Kin?, NJ T R-?i* e k. i s II Mc Afaiiaws, Ct P Tiu< ?dale, Mui J H Ham, MJ U G I- irk. r-on, Va J C Collins, tia Li T r5 .VIt rcer, Md Miss M E Colllus, do A lion J S P. u.iUtou. Va M Glaze, La I' A W ashlncton,tfo ? O D Merrtr, Va A N Yerby. d<> Dr W R R?s?, do F Lewi?, do Dr G D White, do ?" B Philippe, do T Coyle, do K A fniiipps, d ? P Martin, do S ii James, C\ M ii Swllivaa. do i * GENUINE GARDEN SEEDS. J OHM iA?L bajsto ennouucBthatbehaijurt completed his supply cf ths a bora, all aarUuliy ?elaeMa ton ths atocfcs of tha ben grrm-?rs Is Ena laad and the Continent, vix i Pnoc-; Albert :*J oth er (VlTPeu. etriy abort top Radish, Early V or k, Large York, London Market, early Batter**, Shil lings Queen, Flat Dntcb, Drumhead ?M other very choice Cabbiura; Purple Cape Brocole, Cauliflow er, Lettuces, Onion*. Beets, Beans, Carrots, Para nips, Coles' Crystal White Celery, "avoy a Lwk, ] Turnip*, Cucumbers, Melons, Tomattos, Herbs ?c. with all other vegetable seeds In great variety, com prising the well tested standard kinds with the new Varieties, superior in quality, and economical In price, to which he respectfully calls the attention of those w ho require h real ge = nine article. His lonz | experience in the seed trade fully justifies blm in jl saying that his seeds cannot fail to give greit satis- y faction. Flower seeds of the rarest and choicest kind?, sa i lected with great caru and what are specially suited I to ibis climate, are offered in single packets or col lections, at veiy low rates. Market Gardener* and others are respectfully in vited to inspect the seedi and scale of prices. Catalogue* can be had on applicati >n. Seed Store, corner 7th and M street*, mar 14?eo6t * SKW POSTAGE ACT. NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC AND IN3TRUC TION8 TO POSTMASTERS. NOTICE is hereby given that, agreeably to an act of Congress approved March 3, 1*56, the following ratee of postage are to be charged on and after tke first day of next, in lieu of those now established, to wit: On every single letter conveyed in the mnii be tween places in the United States, lor any duiancs nut exce?ding tlirce th<?usari.i unlet, thice cants; and for any distance exceeding three thousand utile.-, ten cenlj. From and alter the first dav of Apul pre-paynieut oil letters i? req un ed?-excepting upon such as are. to or fioni a foreign country, or to officers i ft lie O^wrnment on cfficial business. The franking privilege remains unchanged. i r-nn and afu r the first day of January, eighteen bundled and fifty six, poetin asters are required to place postage stamps upou all pre-paid letter* on which such stamps may not have been placed by the writers. By the 3vf scction of the act tue Postmaster Gene lal is authorized to establish a uniform system for ] the registration of vx'uable letters. This provision ol the law will bo carried into effect, and ipeoiai in ert ucticus therefor will be tailed to Postmasters as soon as the nece*sary blank* c:in Imj |?repir-d and di tribnted J AMES CAMTBELL, Postmaster (Jen'I. Post Orrtcn Dei-arthsctMarch 9,1855. mar 10?3tawtAprill WASHINGTON AQUEDUOT. ~ Orricu Washimoto* Aq'epvct, 1 Washington, March 7, lii")5. j PROPOSALS are iuvr.ed for graduation, stone and bnck masonry, dams, tuon?ls, ami other works of the Washington Aqueduct. Proposals received up to the ?t!i of Mn> will he ojfned ai nooa of that day. Mapi, profit?, and specif!cations of the work will bj ready tor examination on ?nd after the 20th it?y ol April next. Proposals will be received for the work of particu lar culverts,, &c., a^ described in the plans and specification-. Portions only if some of tha work? can be com pleted under ihe present appropriation, hut all the contracts for unfinished work wiil be subject t<? fu ture appropriations by Congress. The Ecsine* r re serves the right to prescribe tlie amount of work to be done and rate of progress under such contract for each appropriation, and, in case of the appro priation not holding out sufficiently, to decide wiicn and what works sluil be ?t pp^d until funds become available. In ca.-e of the e.i'ire stoppage of any par icular work ! >r want of funds, the reserved ten per cent will b.: p?d, if, in th?! judgment of the Eiurineer, the work his been properly executed to far us it has gone. Payments will be made m specie checks upon the United States Treasury, upon ibe monthly estimates of the Engineer, reserving 10 per cent.; and it will be a condition ofall contracts that the workmen .-IihII b* pail their full wag- .< iiitwthiy and in specie. All bids sh uid be t-aleJ and endorsed " Propo sals for work <>n th-; W'a.-hirtgtoii Aqueduct." The United States reserves the right to reject any or ali the bid.-; should Uiey not be dccnted advan tageous, and to make such arrangements a. n ay be considered most conducive to the progress ol the work. ? Every offVr mtl-t be accompanird by a written guarantee, rune-1 by one or more responsible per sons, to the effect that he or tliey undo.take thatthe bidder or bidder3 vv ill, if his or their bid be accepted, enter into an obligation, within teu days, w itii good and sufficient sureties, tor the completion cflhe work undertaken; said guarantee to be accompanied by thn ceruficate of Uie United States district Judge, United States d^st-kt attorney, navy ag^M, or eouie officer of the General Gov rnmtnt or individual known io tne Engineer i r Deportment of War, that tiie guarantors are able to make good tlieir guarantee. F*rrm o f G'.crantr*. To Capt. M. C Meigj, U. S. Engineer*: W>, the undersigned, residents tit , in the State of" , hereby, jointly and severally, cove nant with tl?? United States and euaranty, in case the foregoing bid of b- accepted, that heor they wiil, wiitnu ten da s a'ter the acc eptance ot said bid, execute a contract for the same, with good and rufficient sureties, to perform th? work or furnisn the urticl^s proposed, in conformity to the terms of the advertiseinent under which it was made ; and, in case the said ? should fail to enter into contract as ai<ire*aid, we guaranty to make go >d the difference between Ihe offer by the and the next lowest bidder. A. I!. ? !J. I hereby certify that, to tue best of my knowledge and belief, the above naiir-d K'l&fantor- a?e gi.M.d ?iMfleirnl. &f, M. C. MEIGS, Captain of Engineers in t'liars*'. mar 7?eotMay&kwtf HOWAUD LIFE INSURANCE COM PAXV OF NEW YORK. H- C- SPALUlSI({tol Washington, Agent. *1'HE Howard Life Insurance Company, jMissrss. 1 ing an ample capital, and every facility for ex tending its operations upon the most secure basis, make* everv insurance again41 Life Kisks upon the most favorable terms. Parties iusuring upou tiic mutual plan are enti tied to a proportionate siiare of ih? profits ; or up<>n :h> joint fcfock plan by which tliey pay a lower rale of premium, but do not share profits. Policic? arc gian:*?d enhcr for life, or for a limited p< riod. The Howard conoueiioS :i.sclf hi persons in all ?tHtioiir , hut i-apccitliy to every he,id of a family. Military or Naval titficu <,|.r i f on duty mny be insured in time ot peace, Persons insurMl in this Uoiiipany bavt the privi !ece of cio?sing tlie Atlaiitic, to ports in Europe, at all seasons of year w-ifioui eitra premium.? Spccial permits*foi California, Au.-tralia, or thr Bandwic^ iiland-, :it h Miictd rato of premium. Office No. 33 6 North Dstrrct, one door cast OFFICE Nn. 5 15*' SeventJi street, three doors from Odd l ellows' Hall. SPECTACLES and GLASSES suited to every sight, on a true and sci entific principle See circular*, to he had at the office. feb 28?1 m* proposals Voa oil pos uoaKnoum TREASURY CKPABTMENT, ) Orriog Liuht Hoi-sk Roup. > March 10, 1M5. j SEAI.K'i PROPOSAL.1? will be received at ibis offic* until 1 o'ciocit, p. hi , on Monday, tly: ?2?ih ?!m> of March in-tan', 185.S, for euppljing the light-hnure e-t .hi:- huient with five thousand M?) gallons b:*st quality t-pring rtraiuod spcrin til, hi strong, ruiall, iron bonod casks, in prim". ord?r, free troin leakage, containing from thirty to forty gallons each, and not ew<>< ding an aveiage of thirty fivo gallon- each, to Iff' delivered on board of a ship at the city of New York within ten day^ after witten eoiiee jo the contractor chall have been received by him, fiec of" charge, other than tuf contiact price, to tile United Sta??? The oii contracted for under the for.",joinij propo i?af? to be subjected to the usual tests of sp^'cific gravity, tejiperaiure ot which it will remain limpid, by burning an such niher means as may be thought ? by the person or persons to whom that duty may be assigned by the Light-House Board, before | U wul be accepted. All tests and inspections to be made p*ior to the trans|<ortation of the oil fmoi the contractor s warehouse or other place of depoeiie. The oil to remain lunpiJ at a temperature of 43 degrees of Fahrenheit or lower. All bids must be sealed and endorsed " Proposals for Oil for Light houses," and then placed in an other envelop*? and directed to the Secretary ol the Lixht-House B->ard, Washington, D. C. The board, under the authority ofue department, rcserv % the right to re ect any bid, though it may be the lowest, from other considerations than its amount. Ey order of the Light-Aouse Board: THORNTON A. JENKINS, mar 13?eot56m if Secretary. LAW PARTNERSHIP. SUPREMCCOUKT OF THE UNITED STATF8. ROBERT J. VVALKKR and LOUIS JANIN have formed a e jiirtnarship under the name "i "Walker and Janin,"f?r the argument of eases in the Supreme Court of the United Slates, at Wash ington city, wlteie both will attend throughout tbe future seaaioos of that court. Tb?Tr may be addrsssed at Washington, N. York, or New Ort? n? . e<Oin* A BOOK OF FACTS and An ntf"' <2^BeMimtc I>U. overy for 18S3, 1 volume frRf" rR<NCK TAYLOR. POOPOSIlLS F34 KAIL Bid*. Qtnsn Dztahtmst, (HEALED PROPOSALS wtn ba received ^oftbts 0 Department until 0 o'clock a. ai., of th? 23d of April otxu for tarn:.hlag fbr four yeari froul ti2^li day of July nait, la such quantities and ai such UniM u may be required and ordered lor the mail ?emco, mail bag. of the following description, to Ca.Ttv.t Mail B'fg*. Size No. 1, (43 Inches in length, and 83 iochra in circumference,) to be made oi cotton canvas, wealing 15 ounce* to the yard of 27 inches width u?e yam of the labric to be doubled and twi?ted and ft VC-fOi?. Size No. 2, (41 Itches it. length and 48 inches in ^ruUiBicrcnci'j) to bt) uiid't of cotton i'3Dviu9t weighing 1; ounces to the yard of27 indies width! and the cloth to bo woven in every respect like lint of the first size of bag.. Siz- No. 3, (33 incites ia length and 38 ih<he* in circumference,) to lie made of cotton canvass weighing 10 ounces to the yard ot 22 inches width.' and th ?cloth to be woven as above described. The canvass bags of sixes No?. 1 and 2 are to he made Willi a sufficient number of eyelet hole*, and provided with strong cord to secure their months. All nre to be well and distinctly marked ** U. {(. Muil," and to be nutnliered eceordiag to the size* aborn upecifled. _ Leather a>ul C* Pouches. Size No. 1.48 in. in Icsuflb,and60 In. circumference Size No. 2. 41 d-> ?i? 4* d > Size No. 3.34 do ?!<> 42 ? ?1<? Size No. 4. 36 i'o do ,11 Size No. 5. 26 do d'i -J9 do The body of the leather pouches is to be made of good and substantial bag leathtr, wcli t.tnnrd, weigh ing for Noi. I and 3 not b-?s tiinn 8 onno's, and for the smaller sizes not ic- ? -thmi 7 nunc** to the mi. font; tJic bottmi and dap to be of good Airlin* Icaiher, well tnuned, and flse same to bo ivell and strongly secured with the best iron rive ?, tvcil tinned. The canvass pouches are to be ir.a^e of denicly woven estiva:*, s ? a i to resi>t water, or i>? leaM equal to that of which the po'iehe? now in ih - service are mad*. LtmtkrranH Canvas* Horn-will Brg<, in ?id<i!e bag* form.) Site No. 1. B-wiy 4? inch? long, and 42 inches in circiiriiuirncr at the \vir|e?t fftrtu ; ends or bottom-* of* ine, 14 by 96 iuclic^ Size No. 2. Body 44 inches long, and ;? inches in circumference at the widest pan- ; ends nr bottom of eame, 13 by 24 inches Sire No. 3. floiy 42inches lrn^, and .12 inches in circumference at the wide* part*; c.<d? or bottoms of same 10 by 20 inches The leather horse mail bags arc to be mad" of *o<>d and substantial bag leather, well tnnned, and weighing not l?s* than ? ounces to the square foot and the seams to be well mid strongly sewed ? or if rivetted, to be so don? a? not to ctTafe th" hor-eor rider. The canvas horse mail bags arc tn be made of the ?nme quality r>i fabric as the pouch** above de scribed. Canvass afd. heath-r Drcp-letter rocrft (with eide pockets.) Si*e No. 4. 30 invin;h,and ."W in circumference Size No. o. 26 do do 28 do Canrat* Ncjrrpaprr Mail Bagt. Size No. 1, (48 inches in length andt>3 inches in circumference,) to ba made of cotton canvas* w ii-iiin-r at lean 15 ounces to the y ird of 22 inches width; the yam or the fabric to be doubled and twisted and five told, an.1 the bag to be sa constructed a# to bi. locked and to hive a hand?* at e-.c'i ? :.d. Size No. 2, (41 inches long and 4* inches ;n cir cum!?rence,) to be of the same material and man ner of construction with size No. 1. Proposals lor improvem-nts in the construetion of atiy ol tlie abnvc-dt ^crib-'d mail-b.igs, or in the ma terials there )f, ire invite i; anl liie relative value and adaptation to the service as wtll as price of such improvement will be considered in determin ing the lowest and best bidder. No proposals will be considered if not accom panied with samples of each article bid for, showing the construction,quality ol materials, and workman ship proposed, arid a'?o with evidence ef the com petency and ability of ih'? Littler to execute tV work according to contract. The specimens must b- delivered ct the Repair men! un or before th:* Sil . f Ap.'U n^vi. ar ?! will, in connexion with tte j?fu|>aju!4 tnr.-a th.* ba.-is of the contracts. 8sr Ct>po?i'e<l by bidders which may with xif.rty trjd c*aveairace be u?ed in Ui" mad .-ervice will hf; for ?? tK- rates nro posed by them. A decision on the bide ail! fee xiade on <.r bi fore the llrvt day ..f May bctJ, a^-i the bidder or bidders ch<e. n will be required ?o eater into contract on nr before tae 15th day of !?*n ut*t, with t.-oni end sufficient sur.-iics tW a r? rfj?? w. ; of the obligations as enrere?J tsta. All the. articles .-ouUactcd f*?r in u> b* delivered at the contractor's ezpecre, at Ho?:on. Ma^sachu wttsi New York and Buffalo. N. V.; Phtladelpbia and MtUburg,i, Pa.; Baltiaiore, Md.: Washington, D.y. ( narleston S.C.; Au-usta (;a.; Monigoitery * ^rw '?r e8n*? La? Trim.; houia V'h Ky ; Cincinnati, Ohio; and St. I*iuLs Mo., in such quantities aud at su? It toiK-s as the f) ">art luentmav rcqnir. ; and they are to be rigidly i.i spected Ixjfore delivery, a:id none ere to be received wn cb shall b< inferior to the hpenmen- <r cunJ aru To enable bi^lery lo cstinnte the number of the tJiir?.rrnt kiudtfpf b!?jr- which will prQ?? ib*y ho r. quired, thry are itiioitued tiiat tiier? were fur nis.Ji.-d for the use of the Department, during the year which end^l 3U h June laM 2 i:t5 leather pouch*-#; d.978 canvass pf>uches; 450 leather horse mail bay; 695 canvass horse in-el b.'2" ; and 17 110 mail be;... = ? wTVeJ>r?^Us f",v" ndors^d " hroroiui* for Mail B*f<, and be addressed to the " Pcstma ler General.'' J AMI'S CAMPBELL, j.ui lo lii'.vi-,.v Postmaster (ieneral. BEAUTIFUL WHITE TEETil. HLaXiK'V1 V AND A SWLL1 BliEATH. All who are desirous of ohtahiiu;' t!ie*t lM?ne TO<vriiUvv %Uj'ii *' LJ} M.A N ' H t;KLEI?R\TEH TO )1 II-ASH. T.ns delicious article c-oinMnes so many mt r.tono-w qU;dities, thnt it has now be. vM,,u wiU> t!lK citizens ,.t New Y< rk, Philadelphia and l!.**liniore. D. n^sts tee scribe it in their practice most successfully, and awa' bV'|?t W"JrC'' laudtUons ar:' J"*""?* ir;^ cmns are iiair,?|L j?en 1 by "f u?f'5 iu action upon them is'n.iid. sf>othmg and elective, it cleauses the teeth ko the roughly, that they are made to rival pearl ih TJi!'.I'lnlTf "!'i tbruugb the cionih such a ~ ,u fre?hness, thai the breath is rendered ei quisu. ly sweet, lit disinfects all tho^ "..puriSs w hich mh| to produce decay, ar.d as a coascqu^nce, wuen these are lemoved, th. t -tli mu.t always re main sound. J It is used and feconuot4td?d by ail the eminent Dentists In New York, I'hiln.WpNa^S other cues where it has Ih- n introd 1" dL All sUoiiid give it a trial. JrXr*??'Lby?'Wl? ZERMAN, Drutgi't and Lbemist, Nmth and Uaih;u?n.j Mrfaels, I'hTls delphia, and sold by all Drnggistx evcrywlisrc, at ?er.ts ncr bottle. W. If. GILLMA&, -^ "t f ?r \Vashingtun t'lt v. ''^AIMN, PASTOR OF THF t ExirrcR si heet, 'm V ciiubcii -5 -iio,ig dt'rtrc to bi-'ietii tiic afliictwl induces h-m nus to ctrity. We elial enge a.ij- oilier iuedieiii<i Slow,'KHEtffiisSr SAfflSJ.?; ?*' 1. ,, Baitimobb, Jatiuan- 21tSi, lhi5 1/rstjTf* M.irtitncr 4" MouJyray ; I take pleasure in saying to yon that I have u-ed >our 'Hampton s Tincture" with very groat rrorit ,e,l('U8 t ir?at nfft'cUo"? ">>? general health had become very much impaired, when f com menoed to ?sc Hawptonv'Tincture." I it tilecls ujion my general health most salutary ? My nervou; system and digertive organs soon right ed up under lis usa. - ""*iu I have several times recommended it to iUV friends, and in every c?e, a, ffl) ^ , hnJ U^n > form, d, lliey have urw it with succefm. Vours truly, (V,, . L**AUAV,Paitor ? L*i !? r it., 31. L. ChQrcli, Haltiniore. ULLUDlNti OFTHE LUKOS. ? .. J. . B4ufi?u, N. V., Pcb.8,1B53. Mnvrt- Moiiinrr Mowt'ray. I ,'itrc y cv,nity Uwt aLoul months ago i wutl * severe hemorrimge or the Lungs and had/our attacks of it I was advised to Uv Dr Vegetable Tinctura r S-LreV/one bottle, and after taking which, I v/a* situlied that T^V', nQd !u,lt> kfi" Uking thefuiirth i^ iit' 1 y a,"J now I enjoy a- go<M iHalth as ever I did in rny Jde. 1 can, and do vvith in'iii tw a^t ,:*!fltatica recommend the Tincture to all person:, altlictod in my way. ? TToura, Cko. W. Wcaklbt. .. . CURE PITS-READ! ore to Me Sick than Gold.?yrom one of the mnsi re^I?ectable Druigista m South Carolina. %m ? CiiAacESToa, S. C. Sent. 21.1853 MeKsrs. Mjrtimkra Mowbh.*- t*.. i ,\ '' Increw.n, planters hare trie,I it in different cases mfh woS-' hasK fo3 T, b^? 8e",nH il Ly htt'f do,en<,? 11 d.ui neen iouiid tu be the greatest remedy for r'lt-ii. mane affections, and a wonderful cure ha* been performed on a negro boy, suffering Trim Fits I wiii them1 3t)U A number of crtiflcates if yon Pali l.T!' *e"t,t'aen your?, VV. O. Ta'oTT. i ?1$. sarBaass: pepsia, Nervousness and General Weaknem ' As t *"ic"J eUM"? ?? Mlw Sold by MORTIMER 4 MOWBRAY 140 R.lii asiftatas; cv.v,^": ? W a.liinpon; .!)? I,v n a p r? ,i, r tewn ? and f* r it_? V H. F. Ct in, Osnife ^V^'wbe'a. P ITTNAM'S MAGAZINE (<h March wae-tf* FBASCK TAVI.OR. I I. JHI, . , I I'?III. I II I _? l_ I I ^ I TciA V lLUvo' ? IU^TuKI ? ' 11 ? i ???^1^^??m hlozt fe*delTs Line, ?EW YOKKyJlULXANTiKlJix WABRIXQTOX I CITY, .ISP DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA P JACKETS miiw LINfci OF PACKETS HAILS WEEKLY JL (loia pier 14 Eaat River, Sew York, and ofteaer tfnecwsaiT, and arc (-otnpnoed of tiie PJIowlo; flr?t-. tlaes TWifli: flfew A. V. B#Ml, B?dell, master. * Sew schr. Molt H-Hsll, A. V. Tredw^l. Scltr. -inn D., Win. Oliver, master. 8oU . J'olunt, L. A. Smith, master. STcli.-. CoBimanleT-in~Cb\if, Wogi jm, nins'er. Sciir. Chrcenwoy, Wtlaon, master. Tho?e veascls are all fan amler-, and the raartcr* Boon of experience in the trad*, anl the only trjru lar line of Washington City packet*. >J 0*1T BBOELL, Wall street N. Y. 8. M. masters & SONS, Alfmndria, Va. TIIOMU3 RILEY, fi-'n I?Cm VVxshington and D. C. CMOI1 WKLL'S BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE r.KTWEKV NEW YoDK BAi.TiMorn *? boston, \iriLfj iljapat-'h a 8t?imcr daily from Bnltimote )f and NcwYurk, kihI twic a week fr<Mii Boston to BtUimose and Baltimore ?i Boston. This tin*! affords uitequaUeri lactliiiee to the bn*l newt mud of tin Pisuici of Columbia. The Agents at either point will rucclvc freight and give a lltrough hill ofladinjt to \Va?!ji??tou at the lo^frt rotes ot freight and 110 cirimtK-ions cliargrd. Abdications for fmi(ht promptly attended to l?y the f-dlowing agenr^: A. U. HALL, ori Exchange Pl*ee, Baltimore. II. B CBOMWELL, Corner Washington and Albany tf*., N. Y. JXO. VV. SCHAXK, jan 14 ?<I3m Too? of India Wharf, Bo-ton. FOR TilR WEST AND SOUTH. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAlhttOA D. l>i! I'.OVRi) A1 RAN .1 >1 <?:<? ? Wii TRWJiLI ivroi.TAxr < u Ay gas of scnzDUDSttt Ihs 1st-* completion of tin Central Ohio Railroad between Wbr linjr and Cn.umbus, uniting. as it do**, by to | short anl * !!?#, ?i<a PsUisore and Ohio Rall?:;id a I portions of the Wart fan's North and ?outh?ei?f.) gireathis rc-nto rreatlj ?nerer.*d aivaatage^ to liiro^jih traveler* in that dlrrctHn. 0a end ?f er MoNPAY, mb-r v7. 1W4, th? traiud iriii b? rca tB ibJlcws: FOR THROUGH PAJiRNOrT.-' T?ro l*st chains di<i,y tr.i an In each d'rMi:m First?Tl?? MAIL TRA\ .?, V?.t1 Casian Station at 7 a. m , ltjs:?'id oJ 8 'c?v!; 13 ^rretufor*. (exi^pt j o-a SanisT,) n^Tl&j; *\t Wbeoling fit 2 40 a. n 3'wn I?Tua hXPRTiSS TEAIN, leaving at & p in , lnda?d of nt 1 p. ta., u heretofore, ?ud ranutrg thronsh '.o Whe^'iog *0 about 17 hears, reaching th?r? ?.t 10 25 a ra. TMs train will it p at Waeh< ington Ju'.Ktio i, sykasvllle, Uonooaoy, H^rpar'a ? rrv, MariinsVjrg'tilr Johu':i Rao, Cuinberland, Pi-diuont, Eov!e-,b; rg, Nevbur^, Tetterman, farm* la^.:?3, Ci-2<*r.->Q und Al^aaJivllle oaiy, fcr irooi and w?t? ai.d cna's. Both tfcwe traica mnk^ prcmpi h.T-1 rwrvJar conncstion wi h th* c<ro ot tha \ Coi tra'. Ohio Roa 1 for Ctmbrids ?, Zan ariile, New ar5r, Oolatst Cin'innst!, Loaisrill^, Tajtoo, Sandcaey, Tol-i ?, Lctr, it, I'cdUnapolis. Cbitwro, Bt Par-^E^JTB :?aving halticsoie by th? MaliTr t?; wl'l rns?f. linrinttati f<?r dttntr next day, v'ai^n by th- Vzpre?B Traiu they arr ?? thsre hi t'J thft nett night, being kept bat one ulgbt on tb ? rci.l? Vy ?!Ui-r train Paaaapgara for the Tta CIeva'and and a'l iateru^liata pointa ran m^ke a dlroct .crnec tioa vtth Us traiiiB u?on th' C^crelard u?id P.tta bor,JC rla:!rord at all times wh?-> tte Ohio navigar hie f*r itesiotr* bctrroen Wb??llng ard W?llfTlUe, by !fwring EaUIuiore !n ?ha Mail 7ra!n at 7 *. a. itetor?>iBK, ih-s Trnin^ leave Wheeling as follewa: TheEXPF.rSS Iii-lNfct430o reaching Pal tbjOre ?. in. rae MAIL TRAIN at 11.44 p. D . r-Pcv I-* L'e-tliorre at ia 7 p. (r?~'Xhrc.azh tictcti by boat trora Wlieellng for Cinri nati, Louirrllle, 8t. Lonts and oth'r ltlvar Ut?rs, - PI b* sold at a 1 Ume3 wbet tha stage of *-*t?-r v ill adiat'. f&r Thr.-'O^h ticket*; 18t-re;n Bsltioor- av,d Witt injrton, and all the important ria.-a end towns ta th? West, sre sold at t'aa Ticket Of2e?a of the O-.-mpauy. FOR WAY PASSENGERS Till! VIAIf> i KAIN, leaving Camden Ptatios *i!l take ptsa jcv-rrs f">r ?!l tl^ u ual stopping plaee^ on th? Itord Jtetcrning,'Wa train !???-?* Wheeling at 11.43 midnight, Cumb*slacd is* 1016 a. D1 an*J irrlv;>s at Baltimore f*t 7 r> m. T11J4 FRkDEMOK >CCO:dilOr.ATIOM TRAIN, fcr Frt J::ri ;k a;:d i t rmedi-.:^ plsu^o, will start at 4 p. a , <ia;l7. (trxacpt bus e?r) arriving in Freder ick at 7.4fi ;to ur."i!uh' ?111 Icive Trelerlok at C a. li.. a> .'.ri.-g s;t Hnlt'.uore -.t l'-i SO, r.coti 'i iV. K'.b'O MILLS '-CCOMMODATiOTi wi;l be i 1st d-il'.y, (,.xc-pl ZcnsliTg,) ee follows: fctatk-u at d a. m. and 3 p. m. Leave J?ll:colt's HiiLi at 7.'M a. m. and 6.S0 p. m. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS RTjN \g FOLLOWS: IEAVt ?iu!ly. ? v^-pl ?..-.nds7, at 0 aud 8;^ e. a. J and 3 and ft p id . On Seals? at 0 a a anl 5 p ta. Leave Be.hiiarr? at <J4 r?d 9 a e; a?Jd 5 and 8 9 ia. On Sna-1"- > at 4.V z r.i 5 p a. The *s>un?t; r.n r.i'ji LilLlmc.r<! t 0L1? Ra'ho^d f?r tic 'iVeat. tre by tialsis learinK H?* a and U p ta. ? jr Philadelphia NV? York at 6, apd 6J j a a aijd 6 p m. V'it Anu&uolLi ai SJ4 a u aau 5 p ra. For Noriotk Kt U p ai. T TI. PAR.?0:>T3, Ag-ct Ptriiffu'tr attsniion Lj called to the Rn:e repair* lag a responsible vouah?r tor any pereon of color wbo mj wi n to psus or.r :h? read. d"C IS?Jlf 03AHOS AND'ALKXASDSIA RAILEjAD. Oil and, after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1854, TUK t>w leave Alesaridiii da'ly for Gordon* rille and iutem?(lutA Nations at 7X o'clock, a re., o.' Ill* art-Ta! at th? boat from Waeh!n;W.n, g'vlT.^ .-.airl j tsino t>r br?i.iua*t on board. Con necting at ManaaMis Junction vita a traiu for Rt?a> buri<, fct Warrenton .Ta- ction with a trida lor War* reab?a, Kill at Gordons?ilie witn th# trains on tiie Virginia 'Jcatra! Rcilro&J ?-rRi.'hziond,Cha:ijtUa vil'.e, ana St^untr n. Th^oars iearo GcrdcnsTil-e duily for Alexaedrfa and ic^.-rc :ilai! etauoas, tt before ia, a. a., on tha arii(?l < t tbe ti&lna ot the Virgirja Central rail road ftoiu Uicluaosc, Charlottcsyille, and ?Uanton T 'ROUGH TlOKffg. From A'?xan-M?to Warraaton $2 00 ** '? G'.rdoneville 3 60 41 " ("Jiirlottesvllle......... 4 "6 " ** J.tauntcn 6 90 " " EtTwbtirg S 60 " ?' iijncbbarg ?6 7a u i4 / Wlacb?at6r 8 60 44 " Xe* Market 6 00* '* " Middle burg 2 23 For tyurbbor^; fr-aaeoting with tha stag-M at ChirlotUril<o>, oa Mbndey?; Wtdn?jedtys, and ?n dava. For Luray and l?aw Market, contacting with the ? aged at Culpepa/, cu Ii.esday0, Thursdays, and Sat urday. For Winchester daily, connecting with LLs ?taga? at Pleiaaopt For Midlife burg d?ily, connecting with tha attgee at the Plains. Per order: W. B. EEvCHETT, f i'at. no? 7?dtf T FOR MOUNT VERNON. On TUESDAYS and FKIDAY8. Fare round trip $1; from Alez aadrin 7 b c?nw?Tbe TUOJJAo GOLLY ?11 reaves WasbHgton at tf aud AI (j.andrla at 9U o'clock. (I'la'lhs Uavo thn Capita) for tka bout at 8)% o'clk. Coach fare 10 ecnts. Per?n4 wbihing tbe Coaches will leave their resi dence with Geo. k Thou. Parker. Refreshments oa Lh? boa4.. Oct 28-dtf SAM'L GKDN6Y, Capt THE 3EW YORK * L.IVICHPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS!" fHIPS COMPRISING THIS LIN1 ARK THE? ATLANTIC, Capt. Waat PACIFIC, Cart. Nye, BALTIC, CapL Com stock, ADRIATIC, CapL Grafton. These ships have haen built by contract, exprear- ? ly for Government cervica; every care baa been J taken In thtdr construction, as in the Engines to ihsura strength and apred, and their accommoda tions for passengers are unequalled for elegance and t'omfort Price of passage from New York to Liy rpool, in first eaWn..; 4190 Second Cabin 70 Exclusive use of extra die state rooms,.,.. 800 Frt^m Liverpool to New York ?30 and ?20. An experieoeed surgeon attached to aaoh ship. No berth 0%n be secured until paid for. For freight or pa?eage apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS k 00., W Wall atraat, Ne v York. BROWN, SHIPLEY * OO, LtverpooL E. G. ROBERTS k CO , 18 King's Arms Yard, London. JOHN MUNR0E * 00, 26 Rus Notre Dame das Yictoirei, Taria. GEO EL DRAPFR, Havre. Tha owners of the?e ships will not be acoountable for gold, silver, bullion, rpeci< jewelry, predona Itonee or metals, unless bills or lading an signed 1 therefor, anl tbe value thereof therein exprewrtl. I ncv id?dly ' NAVY SUPPLIES?-l866-'6 6. Kavr Dffunior, ) 253QfttdPrcr1*:cMjg^Clfl|Ai^- r 81FULAT* PROPOSALS, rnVd aod* <?dotwsfl ?Proposals ?* *avy BappBW wtu te recM*e4 at thfc Bursa aattl 8 o'btoek p. m. oa tetnrtey,?? ? | 14th ?'of April iMt for fami.hlrg ted ??!???? ina (o? reoelTtaf tee d?r* acttae, tx mpt *or bfcewlt, fo? which firs days' Md ? ?h?llUrT?Kr*T;^ , twsBty thoa?a?d poaad- reialwd) at the Called Stites caTj yards ?' Cbeilestowa, Ma*eacbu Brockya, Vew Trrk, aed Gspot.Tlrginie.Mrb nautitie). cwfjr cf lbs f Uowiag articles m may be r*qalred or ordtred from tb* e ntrestors by ?be ehtef of tbl* bureau or by tb* re-p ctlTe ecmm Min ing (JmiTo. the Mid naTy.varV, d?i?5 u?e fwrsl jaax- ei-d ng Juno 80, 13c6, vi*t: Flour, bLoolt, wabkey, *?*gftT, t*\J <>?*** ,r*a st'iHt1, riu; gar, pickle*, b*ini and ^'"?"d app1?* The fl >ur ?h?il besaparftno, and ?* the manulbe tare of wheat grown ic the y<j#r lfc# or l-o4; but shall in nil riMi ^ mantUM- ur*i frcm wheat of | the crop innudUH^mfittM tbe dates *4 t be !<? qaaitlaa for the r>sui?; sha'l beperfe^fy sweet. K'? in -11 re*p*4sof tb* bi-t qcahty. aai1ba 1 '?e dellv eied in (tool ehlpptua outer, fie* o" all charge to the United 8tu>?, la the best a?.w. w?I! aeaaoae ?,r>uud Irigbt be-rels, or half barrel*, aa tte cese may Be th'? stave* an J h-aTi^s to Ins of whl ee?kcftbe best quality, strong aad ee'.rhcored, with Knag hoop* argued es?h head. std *iaal in owe lty i* barret at ?a?d navryard*; two haJf b%ir?>* to be wandered a* ? be:.< 1, *;:d not more than < i* siith tbe requt-ed quantity to te n hair barrels Tb> biscuit t-hall o* made wbcllr from swot t *a ?erfloe flour. rf the manufacture cf tbe ysat 1W ct ms but ahall la sb csse.s lw maaofa.torvd don^ fl ?ur made of the crop Imim d ately pnead'avh* da^aa of tbe requMtioai fjT ?h* a?me: *nd abali te tnliy rqa?l in qvali y, aad rorfo'.ni in fiw ahipe to the ?inifle* which ar- 1 p^ll*d in tb** il i ua*y yax J; *&ail !??? pr periy laktd, tbcrociifi Iv Kiln, ia?.lel, ar d d'.niTed f;e? cf cWge to th-Oaltfd 8ta*??. ia good, ft ntd, acll dried.bMght fl^ur barrt-la, a* al?\e d<*?cti'*d. with the herd w*li fecar d: rr in air aid water-tl*bt whi.-h^y (>r a: irlt b?:rrli, a' lb< op;i"a ol tb? i?t? A i. Iheah e^ey r-h%U l*e inai* "Wy frctn ys n iouad nod ux?:"iiantahlc, tbl b! fi ty pff f'n*. aU-?ePtps'far .rlla* t> the t'nit*d rutf*caei-su. Loup? ptaaiari. It phall ba d^rtTer^d la goo-l. r < -w souai,hHgh ,threequ.rars bepd, weU-ae\?- n*l white OAk barn'ia, witti white e>k h*a lr. tb^ I * to be male of ihw p'eso h< allrg and well jaul d: taa ftaTe? aot to be law than 5m inch thk k. b&i *b* aevia aot 1cm than % iash thu k ; acd raeh b?i rrl i!i J1 be exqv ?d. iu a id ton, with on- tlim r?< KJ t.'oivho-pon eich bLJge 1 ^ lech in w'dt^iol l-l <i J inch tblrk. and cn- three pennr hoop on oav ehiat*, 1.K Inch '.a whlt'i, a^d ^14 h loch t:i?ck, a* p?r dla^ntm 1 he whole ?o b ? pa* la srord ?h'n>lrr ord??r, five of ail c^iargo to th* United Btat **. Ths renar shali be a-wmJIng ?o auspl a at In 'aid nary yard*; and be dry and fi: 'or pickin.. Tee t>-a shall b-? of Rf<oi quaUty Toan^ I!yv>c, equnl to th? 'amp'-? ut aaid naiy yarU. iha c ffeeafcal be 'fc" b'rt Cuva, iMr:rll5g to Hmp'e Tan ricu shall le of tbe T:ry b wt qn ilby, aLd cf th* crop ?n melialtdy pro:wliug J?e daUs ct tha re qaidrioai lor th? race. Tba m"la?-*6 abaU b? felly ?qa.l to Ibe Tory I ??t quab'.y of New -^rleani m>la??', a ?d ?a? I U d*l- *? erel in we leeascned "fi cat t*rr 1?, with whl ? p ni hc-ad? not We thaa H ,rcb th'ch ; the r'aT?3 not lea than inoh thick : thebarrVa to te thr^ quarters hor-pe and. ia add ton t-? h vafcuritoa hoops, ctc oa each fe<l?e, 11 iuch in wld;h aid n* <ix' Iroh th:tk. and one on ea*h eh mj 'i Inch in width, ai.d 11G icci thick, and ?> ail b. tho::u?h!y ccofe ed acd plar.d in the b stfhl^pirg oODdi'.lon The vinejar Bha'lbe of th? flr?t fju?l*t7 fi-er Tit egar, e4ual to the a'ard-rl ?>f the Uuit?d fcUUa Ih rjiecora; a, and ?hal contain no olhrr th?r n>-t--c acid; aodihili be de'i* r?d in Urr#1* a im lar in al: reav??ct? to thefe r^tdrtd ?or molaa es with the 'ear. p.ion th it n>\iU. oak itiTt* anl hmis ?h?ll be ?'.:in?>!d for Ted oak c a e? aad wh;te piae h-als, arid shall be thorough!/co; per?d *c l planed la the be#t (.h.pplnj i nlo-. 'the pickles ehall b put up 'n Ir o bound cifk^ aaleachca-h fhail ooaU r. ooc gailoa of onlo-.*. ooo ga loa of ptpperA, ?ad th:rU?ea gallons rfrDall euijuafceri, acd tba fcb*o-? la " 'h alall we|. h ninety pouads, and 'hey only be paid for; ar.d ese^ casl cli?-r bi lr1 witn *b,t 1 w?'* T;n4iff*r a: least 4i dwr*** oftlrangth, end t-quait-. i r-n h T>e**r: tbe Ckik', t?g*tabl-?e> aad Tin^gar sh*l'. Ouf< rm and be e^ail in all rwpeota to ie fainpl * d^p ailed at tbe abcTo named nary jAfds, and :ha oo.rtractors ?h?li warract aod gsar-nty tba: they wdl ke -p gowl aad ?0and fcr kt leiti two y; are. Toe b aa3 stall be of the rt ry bejr qaall'y w dte beans, and sha'l be of tba crjp*!mm--diatp j |rrr>d Eg the da'es cf he rrquUttioo f -r the *a^.e. l h* dried app'es ahe'l ba of the be t qua tty, acd ?kill be prcf a ed by if?-d*yinj ccly. and sba I l-e of th? crop of the aafaain lm?n?lii'.ety p -ecella^ the datea oi the re^iu ?ii f w ?? r the s^ni'-. All tbe foregoing d acr bel art"cl?*. emb;acicg cask*. Imrels, half birrah aad ^oxes, sfctll Ks mi - ject tf* SHuii itapectloa a? th* ebsef nf tbi-? burs-.u tas.y direc', the Icst^ih: chl er to be 'I P >a*?-d ? y (h? NaTy Leper m*:-t. A 5 '.n'p^t'.ocs tt^ be at tue p ace cf deliTory. Bi;cu?t may, i?' wjt?t, lo i^spcct f. 1 at tbo piaoe of maau t'ecture. but wi.t in all <-as* be eul\ject to a inspection at tbe placd cf d*-llr ery before bkli ars signed tberofor. Tlie rrlcei of al! tli t fir go nj artic'ei to be tre eaaa-* thr >cghout lha yoar, aud b id rs may c ITer S.r one or more artb lea. All tbe osaia. 1 arre'i, ted half Une'j. boxes, r.r racka^te.a^a'1 be marked wlt i tbeir content-) ai.d the contraet'r's nuce Al. the barr>e aad half torrelicf flrnr, bread, and pi.ktU tha.l hare, la addition t" th- a^re, tbe y? r wh *a mu?afactatel or jut up, ra rkel apia 'hsa. Tb?r samples referrel *o :.n til* ?lTeiU'emin4 tre tbo e ?? iec ed fir ths ensuing fiscal r^r, and hitr r.o to SmO at h rt b tn f evict' 'ty tr'-.i The qahttUy cf thei"? arUcl~< ^r^kh will be r quirsd c-.ncot b>- prwKv etiti d. Tory will r.roh -- ?ly be ab .ut? To b? ctl rel lor F!oar ?... 1200 bbla per bbi Bi c jit 1,800,0001m p-t lOO lha W hiskry 35,000 gs'a per gal gosar 0u<j 1 a..^p> i lo Tea 20,000 lbs..?. j^r lb 0( ffee lu 00) lbj......i-?-r lb Itioe 203 003 lbs j er lb M: la re ? 50 000 ?a> per ?rl Beaas 6 tXW bn h.... per bii*h Vltiegar W.(*00 ga's per ^al trbd apple*.. u'J.U0t? !b? per tb Pickles IttO OCU lb? per lb Tbe quantities of any or al" m~y be 'ucreafled -t dimlnikhed as th?t w ni "e n:ay h*ie?ft r rcqul.*e Tae contracts will th*r*f ra be tuade, not f.r sp^-i fie quauatle , but for ?aih q -actltte# a^ the s?it t-e may rtq ?lr? to ?e dellrer'd at thoet- navy-jard'. ic ?pi ctlTely. Cootiaotirs not ret^dit g a! th* p'aoff eh-re Je Uterine art- required niu?-t estab*i--h a:eic't >s at such places, that delay may artin UmLsbini wl.Bt may ba r quired and wh n a o ntra?t"r laiU promp'Jy to comply wi;h a r<quii-ition, tbe Chlel of the Bartau or 1'roTieioos aul CI thin/ chall L-c ar iboilze l to direct t-arcbase- to bs uude to tup. y t*?e defie'eecy, ded r the peachy to cxpmn 'J ic thf contr?<t; t>- recr rd of a r quisiU-a, cr & da{ li ea> copy 4Ui*rr?f &t the Bareau of ProTbflons a-J Clothia^, or at tl her of the aaTy-y?ris afor>ta?d, sh&ii be ev.A nee that 6U'h reqni'sitioa bai tei-n m^ le acd receded te^ar- e oSerg must bj u.ale Kr Mach krt>'..-> at each cf tha tfcre Mi b-tj yards; and tu ra e more than oneart'ele it oouUimd in toe effr. U* cLiel of tbe Bureau will have the right to a^oept nr* or more of tb? arMolea oor taii e ! iu each offer, aul rv jectthe remaiodfr; tnd bidder? whose nrow/la are a*ep'ed (aad tone others) will b? fxthwith Bo'lfi*d| aad as ? a-!y ai piattieuble a ?x>'traet wili be trananiitttd tc tbeui fur rxecutioa; whbh (va *ra tm'iitbe retorted to the RvMaau wlthla tea 'ays exclua'Te of the time require! lor ill? r. galar transmit Hon of ths ma 1. Two or uiope approve 1 PUft:e3,5a a auia eq-al to the erimitiI rmouutof t ie re-p?<tlTe cootrarU, *1 I required, *ad tea per cent>?m in addit'oa will ba with! el i fxom the amount tf til payments on ec^ur t tberorf asco late*al a carity in a'ltLt'.or, to sccare its (erf imaacc, and not iu any tT?iit 'o bo paid uatiltiKia all re^pcots coupii-d w| h, ticciy p*i egB|'m of the tmoaatif al. d<lner\? mads wi.l b? Mil by tfc.e aaTy a/ent wltMa thirty days af er b IU duly autLent>i?.-j ghMi V.aTe been prt*seut-d to him. Clank f rmt of pTopoaals may b? obtained on a> plication to the navy agents at Portsmt u*J?. Ktw lUmpsh re; Beaton, New York, Pbl'adelrhia. Balil rots, Washington, No.^lk, Pen*accl?, and at thl tureaa. A record, cr duplicate of the letter laformlng a bidder of the acceptance of bi* proposal, will be deemed a notification thereof within the meaning ot the act of 1846, and his bid wiU be made and aooept edia conformity with this understanding. Every offer made must be accompanied (as di rected la the act of Congress mating appropria tions fox the aaval service for UM r4T, approved 10th Augu?t. 1844,) by a written gaaraa ee, signed by one or more responsible persons to the effect that he or they aadertake that the bl Idar oi bidders will, if his or their bid be aooepted, enter into aa obli gatioa within lea days|witii good t ad saffideat sar*. Usa, to furajsh the article proposed. Tbe bureau all aot be obligated to propceal ?*>u*id?r uaiees accom paaied by tht guarantee required by law; tV eo?ni patrateccy of tbe guarantee toby th* owrtifle^ ly the^navy agent, district attorasy, ?r some effioer ci the general gOTentmeat known tcthe buivsu The attention of feildors is called to tbe sample* anl di scription of articles required, as in the la spection for reception, a just bat tigid com pari*< n will be vade betw?ea the ar ioles cflbred sad 'be rsmple a d contract, r-c-iriag none t'aat fall below them; sad tbdr attention Is a?so psrtiru'i rly di rt cted to tbe anB'Xed Jo'at resolution, in atf it oa to tbe act of the 10th Aogast, 1840: M ? latraetftotu i\e ad af C^ntt prared litfl. "?xc 0 Jud UU further txadtd, Tba'from and after the pa aage of this a:t % very pro osal tor aa T.l suprue* lavltea by the Beer tary of the Navy, under the proviso to the general appr'aeiat-'on b U ?"Jh* "V *?g?* third, eighteen boa deed and f rty (hrea, thall be aoeoa^taifed by a written guaraqflA, ahtaed by one a? mora re* pond hit pers^a*, to the effsH that Its or tbsy uadeHake %<t the bid !?r : r blJJa ? if u, , w. ?3*pt*L cats' -at-. ar. ct>n?ati a tn toeb tloea ?t?r bs p?o i?4 by the fee^str ?? to. Hoi ?Kb geotf end nHBdm: rentfe*, t. fOM*, ! pl.m pivp mo. No prcfoani dm I be i *m MxayuM by ou^b mr?nu? |f mrtM~ ^ ?"* ptaar- tx a p*apaaal sad a nottfi attoa tkmtf ? the bidder or; Mddsra. h?Of k?y ab?li tall to at ur Into on ob.igatfca wliala tt e tin* pra*e!b>d by tie 8k ettry enkf Fit* with good end nn ties, for tu-ti-hiof tr* tuppde*, iben t? ? Sftatmrt or th? Strr ri-*U proce?d *o o-ntn r; wl-h him othe - t?r*cn <?r p?r?n- %: fo- afahtnjf tb? md an; p tev aad s*bII Jr.rthwih raore the diflsr. are h . t??n th^ tiin-Mii: o n'ain?j in ths picprsa) k, cn?T?- M aud tin imcuotlcr which bo ?w b"t <*r.n*:ac * M furr.l k!n| tho eaki supplies :cr tio *t> * ' nHi rf tJe prepopeval to b* *ba-ged up a ta.rsr ?? dMM r cr bidu* r?, aid 2 L? rr t fcelr nti? ?atar rt|'U*r-n'nr?; and thesim* cist b< inns'd ? atoJy rucov^i^i i,v the Unit <1 fU'oa, fcr th? Mt ot th? >arj Dap rliifnt, in an ac(V o of dsbt ago a t ?dth?r or 01*? f M.d ^rou : PubWe, No. T.] J<HBIT RltWH TtOX re,?ov? tn t * tot clothing, aul fo>??I *tores for the omaf thoi fry tV .V Itflfe <i*d H?iM if tites of tke L'tuleii Nu't ?/" mi C?nftwts ?? ttmHerf, That aU 14-ia lor tupiiies cf provMoo*, clothing aud cuiall u.res tor the use .4 ths ua?? may be n^JeMed. at lbs r>i ?Jon of th* ?'..-|*rtmeot, if made '?/ ono who *.? cot ? "own a* o Buc.fiirtnrrr of. or regular d'sler in. tb? artirla |>m|ioi^d to U ftirrUbod, whkh fttc*. or tho n-Tora?. ito?f be db 'InrtJ/ A-aU?: ?n tiw? ><H? ' ff rtd; that tb? Kida of (?rr'^na arb? uwy have uii-d to tcm-lT vtLb 'ba !*?;ttIiiioaa of aey r.-?rrk? U iLpt irsir Lara prrr o:i?ly mtwJ into wltb Uh* UnfU-d ftatw aball. at tha opM-n of tijr <i?-j?ajtm*nt, r?J?ctad; that It *nra ti an onp b I be tffcrtd "nr th? aupp?jr of an irtVla on ?'< WLt ot any ona party, ei.hnr in bia own nwu\ or ib th? naui>> of L*? ;?artn?r. ri?rk, or %nyetb?rp>n?(.. tl.a wh-.:?ofM<(b bib. aball ba r* jsTieil al tb?> < ut th? drpartm* ut; and tfudro* p.\rtu<rs of au> firm td all iotV retire m au'? ib* r.?: ro'h o'b?-r; and Out, whantrer ?.t may La drtfoird iiHf.-fMn, fur tb" irtertat r>{ tba *??#r? m^nt anl tba hiu'tb of tba cn-w* of tba United S'ntf a TMeb, tn j r rurr j.^rtirnlar brandj t4 flcu< *bi h ?rs known i? krep beat on distant aiats.o^ th? Bsrr.'tt of l*>cvi^kxla and acd tlothing, <hk the ajcroba'ioti <t ih* ^?5?t?J of tta Navy, ba, atid bw^br 1", a*j'ii >rirad *o troccra tha on tb? t*rms. t^i n.a V?>*. rr, it ApjToard 27 .Mtr.h. 18M. niir 17? Jnw4ar AN APPEAL TO COMMON SEN8F. lot mi a;cc ni4t thi t*ctk. <-'*PTai.s iiuuaMiK.? >\ herrvpr Known hU l*v< moity Txlil bt c?nr!u?'v.. l!iu b at thoa? who i'o n<K hmnv Ui? Caf^Ain r-b> uJd t-cfH?rnl, Or. I>aw. X Bro., with otiH-rrtif tb? b-?t hum-n nr.d r o?t higiUr rrsjx-ctaWe numn of Caat<>n, sudors# ut* wofttlf r$VJ cur?* bF HAMPTON'S VSGKTAHLK TINCTUM.. v, ? . C.?aTO!?, Oct. 4,1?4. iHfwrt. ilortiKier 4 M*v*rcy : QentJeuien?1 ft?ci it ?*f\- <fur> to ;?m an?i tba puit lie V) cenily to ii>?' ; Sect- ?d liatapton'a VegctnUe Tiiicture. 1 for iu .r? thjo lire years laboring ??u-J?r .1 di-rvts* of ( t.r.?nlo Ilb?-utiiiHisaj. and tfc< great pan of thai ila.c 1 au an (???(p't-aa that I ba>i t?? be helpej Irom ray bod and ilre^eil in aiy c*<Hhs* I u- oiitjfe n durf d t? a m?re akcklmt. All the done inc n* t??od, and I c< 1 tinund ??? grow nors*:. i h?*arJ of Hauiptor.V Ttnetorc aid Ih'iuaUt I wuulj s^v^ it a Ubii. At this time I dt| n"t t-ipect to live one rfay after another. I l<?i roc tike ii (th?- Tincture) fi?r tl?e F.neutnac.-nt, b?:tni a abort tsiix? 1 wa? well. f that diwt^e. From the effects of yocr 1 in<-T?ire ar.d lim he!pot <;o.l t 4:11 now oettin* tn cood bealtii. I Ah all the aflheted to tn Hampton ?? Vagecj -* Ti!?<Wire, as I ban* ii ?re, with the him eject r. ai :t has on Yo?r >bediiut ier\&r.t, Isaac Brxjtnii. We are acquainte?l with I-aae R^njarm.t, r?dj htm Mine o! h.un|M':iiS Veget^b'e Tincture tui^br deve the above .^atem'-nt correct. IUwson k Boo. rroru our knowledge ?>f Captaui Berj^niln ore an confident that the above s*ATen>er,t L? true and un ?^xc^frated. J. a. ionooa, _ ? Charlss R .o:?aon. Cfd anl ?K pAninblfis oralis, and oeo r;>nw m t'UUga, Hr??nc.j;;;s, Rh^uaijiii-ii, WathirH, |)y? t?e|v?ia, Nervwknefls an?l General VVfikMA A? a feiuule modicm- or f<* deJ*cite children we b? i^-vc it ?'ne<;na!lcd. Hold by MORTIMER at MOWBRAY, 1W Raia ?ore Street, Baltimore^ and 304 Broadwe*. N. Yor* Cnaa. Stott flt C>, J. B. Mor.iu. D. B. Clabjl* CKaajkB fit Bowmno, W. and H. MrPaca son, Washington; also, b> H. 8. p. CisnaL, Georr? town, aud C. C. OtsEv, Ait'iuidiu. aiij by Dru? giats every Where. jan COUGHS, GOLDS, HOAHtiENKS, In '.It? Mli.ut! a. TTLc.E'S COMPOUND orv XXAJf/C SIMUf. I^iiE irerej.-itK deuiini foz tot* c ost pisOMM, ratj. jjj 1 iee.?dy luf nil pu!?a&oat/ v*. L1.5 fa.Un the f rWor *0 redac? price so si; to p!a^? !t ?r?'hin i%e rt-ach 0/ all da-i. Vt set-fTicritj rT?r n**t insiiar prrt>arat!oiis I: at tr^r-A Yy T".prt* ar-Iner t j hjsieluria Who baeo b 3 cf ?r? erietCT when tO?* uio^'. alc? Juts !ai:e2; alro by th^ara^id ot onr uuoi r* 2?crah;e whr, n?ej it in tbeir 'aaiPUs bo h as aad co?e with neT*r fnillng nu; Mas far tha t*st :*rutj ye^-?. dcrlnir which per^ l W;tb v?ry li-tic s.?d from air*rtii5}ii<. 4c., ItLv jrm jraJJy rpre?/l repv^a ion ceer the whei* Uolvo In care# of re- ect Cr-Vj Csyr^i, Boerterjm, Ar., !t gtre? r*iwi. %r-d ^en rally enno in a dat c* two, ?.,Uw,ui ir.t?T^.r;_g with diet or buahii ?, ut reTdenn^r the syeteia ccro sux?p7ltle A t^Lo-! ? a ehroolB c.-^#, VT-.-^p nj Coty\. (W Brvz^^i, AJ'.i'tcra of Uu Iask^, a^i ton, it3slnj?wn b?n??dil. and %:i? chrn eoBimesced in time to t rf,tt a cur?. Priee **? a& i U) com t br.ttl?. Ec'*d *bo:r"?'? by Patf?r?o^ A VjJrr. ?t?U A Jo R.v>'j A O.'. Aior*ai:ia by Vatl A 8t*.eu3 "la fi?i jetoxu V.y air. CU*1. *37 TYLkHSCVZlJilXIt Cjjn>7 DSxsiZ 0 almllai ook. to tha abora. bat in a mtfdar jxyrtabJa lv*ni j tbey act lijta a f on ? BdslkrCQj Cpcjh, end d?u ti? fktjit ano ?olse; ;h-y contain u:> icjaticas dra;. ar? r aritru laoommaI.??d tt? .Ll?uivn. ftejaertT. . be a3ee;aL|I<-.r, public speakeip. t'ng^rt, Ac. Pri s 12J^ : nd S5 'Ants per box. rot k> at uo?t L-rug ani Oandy Bteras. cct IT?tf PHILADELPHIA LAGFR BEFR DEPOT, H3?l Pj- u?c?ue, Irtwter. 4\ or. J fU\ strtH f V. hav? at all tim.-s the bear HhiKielphu l^e eer itcer on band, and offer ii now for sale tor jy3 |er keg, and iu ijuart bott>< fur *1 o. , dozi :i. f 1 ityVC t,K ***1 iTt ? C?rt* 10 *" 01 '*"? Mauy |M)-><iciatu l.aro recomtuen led ib?< IKer a? ?ne o, the ben icmedies for weak Ktomarh* " ?>?i?R' y. c. & yy. cbreckr. YVAJCMfc's AKU JGWKbKV.^I ... ' have tn h?nd a /;iiod ?upnlv o;' fine V\ ATCIIE8 and JCWfiLRY wluch will be sold Very eh -ap tj ^u 1 ibr tt:ni s. GiUd L? rer"Watcl e? as tow w warranted to* keep rood nnj?-. Call ara see tor you reives at the rtoreof J. BOIUNBOW, feb -'e?uli 1 rS ?,,p0, Brcuu"' Hou,l? GRATIS ! II t?T I UBIJHIICI): A \KW DISCOVERY IN MEDICINE! A 1 on Ule Kaimnal Treatment, witb \ <MJt Mcuici>ie, of Spenn;it<?rrh? a, or Local W rakM??. Nervous iiebtli ty, Low tMiiiits, Latitude, Weak a< ss ol the1Linti*s .-Mid Back, L^ Jiliou i nd Incapa-Jiiy for Study andl Labor, Ltullaeds of A|>prehrn.don, L(k? of Memttrv Self I>i'tract, Dtittness. Head Ache, Invoitii tary nwcliafjo, i ain in the Side, Aflfeetioa <4 tit* Ever m nla'j? ?a Pace' 8eJk,:al ^ other infconi 1 PROM THE FRENCH OF I)R B. I?E LANEV. ?r*cl lh*t U???; aloroilog complabits any ca ily be reused without MudH-ine ?- tn ti;.^ ?n.i 1 tract, clearly deti:ou?trnied: and the Entirely new ard highly successlul t/eau..ei,t, as adopied by the autlior, tuhy cxruin?d, by means oi which cv i*r>'one ii euabbd to curf bimt^il pe rfectly, aud at ihe least |A?-ible cost, avotairt" thereby all thr ad rer<ised nostrums of the day. "AN"S FOE SALB AND RENT. ?piLE subncnber !us ahvayt on band a aasuii' ^ Gen"*n *?>?! American ? )ery ^ naD>irarturersi^9iV n hit h be ofiers for sale at lower nncni * lhan can be purchased in the District of C<dumb?a m!ihlJ^f!^tI!!CCOin,"Ud",,n? lerH^ AU Piano, purchased from me are warrauted to faitstac Old Pianos taken in eachange. C Km BUREfffS- P*w(??or of Music, ?b S-ilmi Po?'i*?uUi and Fitteeaih imh?. ou?L^^r,fKD LABORING men. S 1 . ^0T8 of 10 fart nr more, to *?<**' *** Oec-g.U,w?.M pxk*t? toiult. LLOYD A 00. Per DvF * ? wIai!^ deIl7*r?bi* * tbs Qanal, or Wbarvas lo wattungtoa, Oecrgetowa, or Aiaxaadria. ,u. . ? llotd * 00 K 58,^; opp. Traasvy Dfpwlowk ORGANS FOR SALE. A8rPERI??K toned CHAPEL ORGAN; and , fine Rom wood PARLuR ORGAN, both now on Oahlbuion at tb? Metropolitan Mecbaau s' Fai>. They are from tba monolbotory o( HCNRY ?RRKN of New York. For terms, &o . apply 10 Prof PCHEEL. on buh atreet, nonh of F HEvRY f.RfltN. teb 9#- eou

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