Newspaper of Evening Star, March 27, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 27, 1855 Page 3
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Local Intelligence. Tl* Citt Coc?cils.?In the Board of Al dermen, last evening. Mr. President Iiili in the chair, a oommuni-ation from the Ci* y Sur veyor reporting the cost of Fonrth street west from New York avenue to 0 street, was laid before them; referred to the improvements committee. The Chair preeented the petition of Amelia Baltimore; referred to the claims committee. Mr Clark reported back from the committee on public schools a lower Board's bill for the establishment of a primary sohool north of New York avenue; bill passed Mr Pepper reported from the canals com. mittee a bill authorising the purchase of a dredging machine, passed. Mr Magrudcr reported from the finance committee a bill for the relief of Rebeeca W. Billings, administratrix of Win. W. Billings, a former collector of Corporation taxes; passed. Mr Fitipatrick presented the petition of James Barnes; referred to the claims com mittee Mr. Borrows frettnted the petition of Isaao Ten Eyck for itjuemnifioation for losses in num bering the city; referred to the claims com mittee ? Kt Pearson reported back from the claims committee a bill for the relief of Margaret Tilcbman, passed Mr Clark introduoed a bill making appro [-nation for the burial of the deoeased out-of doors poor; passed. Mr Pearson, from the seleet committee of the Seventh Ward members, reported a bill for the relief of James Mitchell; passed. Mr. Pepper, from the canals eownnittee, re ported back a bill making an appropriation {$2 for the Washington city canal; passed Mr Magmder reported from the finance committee a bill te increase the amount of the bond required from the corporation tax eollec. tot, by amending the act fixing that amount, so as to make the bond to be required, after the Major shall have signed the bill?$25 000. Mr Magmder explained that the amount which of late years the colleotor at times ne cessarily has in his hands, ia much larger than was contemplated when the original act was passed, making the ehange this bill proposed necessary Mr Bayly, after a few remarks, moved to strike out $25,000, and insert $30 ,000: which being agreed to nem. con , the said bill, as amended, was passed. Mr Pepper reported a bill from the canal* committee regulating wharfage on guano, alato and oyster shells. Mr. Pearson moved its amendment by add ing-'sand;" the amendment was agreed to, and as amended the bill was passed. Mr. Pepper also introduced a resolution requesting the Mayor to call the attention ot the Commissioner of the Publie Buildings to the expediency and propriety of causing the curb stones to be set and the foot-way paved in front of the public squares lying between Third and Sixth streets west, and Maine and Missouri avenues, conformably to the provi sions of the city charter, and of otherwise im proving said squares, planting trees. Ac , reeo lution passed Mr Pearson reported from the claims com mittee a bill for the relief of B. Qucvall, passed Mr Bayly introduced a resolution for a joint meeting to go into an election for police mag-trves for the Second. Third and Seventh Wards, on Monday, the 9th of April next. Mr. Pearson moved to strike out the Seventh Ward. Mr. Bayly called for the yeas and nays on that motion, agreed to?yeas 7, nays 4. The question then recurring on agreeing to the resolution, it was agreed to after a few re marks from Mr Borrow? against it The Chair laid before the Board a long com munication from the Secretary of the Baard of Publio Schools relative to the condition of the Corporation a school houses and their rent; referred to the committee on schools, and ordered to be printed in pamphlet form. Mr. Pepper reported back from the com mittee on improvements the petition of James Galligan anu others, with a recommendation for its reference te a committee of the Alder men fr?m tne Fifth Ward ; so referred. Mr Borrows reported from the committee on improvements a bill to grade Fourth street west from New York avenue to O street; passed Mr Bayly reported a bill from the com mittee en claims for the relief of R. Parker; passed A bill from the lower board in relation to heg pens or styes, giving the Board of Health Cower to cause their removal When regarded y them as nuisances; referred to committee on police. Also, an act to pay H Brown $30 for certain work ; referred to committee on improvements. Also, a resolution from lower Board for a joint meeting of the two Boards on Monday evening next, to elect five members of the Board provided for by Congress to supervise the action of the two commissioners appointed to eodify the laws of the District of Columbia, passed The Board then adjourned Common Counnl ?The Board met at the usual hour; the President in the chair. Petitiona were presented by? Mr J W. Davis that ol ? Lusby and others, referred Mr Ruff that of W. S. \ enable and others; relerred Reports from committees were made by? Mr J. W. Davis, from the committee on im provements, the bill appropria:ing $500 to im prove Vermont avenue; passod. Mr Ball, from the same oommittee, the bill appropriating $218 for the grading aod gravel ins Fourth street from D to ?, passed Mr. Dnncanson, from the committee on elaims. the bill repaying O. W. Uttermnhle $9 94 for taxes erroneously asse^ed; passed Mr Newman, from the same committee, ad versely upon the petition of J Gnttenson. Mr. Bossy offered a joint resolution for the two Boards to meet on tne 0th of April for the purpose *f electing five competent persons to revise and eodify the lawa of the District un der the late act of Congress passed The bills from the Board ot Aldermen Appropriating $100 for cleaning alleys and gutters in the Fifth Ward; pasfed Remitting the fine of James Watson; re ferred Granting Samuel Walker permission to erect two frame dwelling houses on Tenth street east; rejected Bill making an appropriation for a gravel footwalk on E street aoutn ; referred. Bill for the relief of Wm Rupp ; referred Bill for the relief of Rebecca Billing; re ferred Bill appropriating $7 000 for the purchase of a steam dredging maohine, und appointing the Mayor and a member from each board the committee to carry the same into effect, passed. Joint resolution for the two boards to go into joint meeting on the 9th of April, for the purpose of electing polioe magistrates in the Second and Third Wards; referred A communication from the Mayor to notify the board of having signed certain bills. A communication from George J. Abbott, Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the Pub lic Schools, communicating the condition of the school-houses , referred. A communication from the Mayor in rela tion to the paving of Pennsylvania avenue from Seventeenth street to Rock Creek ; read and referred Mr Barr introduced a bill for the relief of Wm R Riley, passed. Mr Kelly, frem the committee on fire de partment. reported a bill appropriating $750 for the purchase of hoae for the Northern Lib erties Fire Company, which was amended, authorising the apnlication of Foulkner's coupling, it the Mayor, inspector of Fire Ap paratus, and the President of the Company approve; passed Mr Bamberger introduced a bill for build, ing a bridge across James' creek in the Sev enth Ward , passed Mr. Cross, from the oommittee on fire de ?>artment, reported a bill appropriating $500 or the purchase of certain apparatus for the American Hook and Ladder Company; paaaed Mr. Smith introduced an act to pcovide for the punishment of slaves who violated the p<enaJ laws; referred. And the Board adjourned. Wattb Krnnvs.?John Si Purking and Lhailes PLu-er du rJeily iu the ti-tatie, fine *nd costs David Moore, de; dimiased D ,M Al?xahd*ia ?The Ul-1 ? Maguire, B. J , lectured last night in St. Mary s church, Alexandria, on the "8upre macy of the Pope " The major portion of his discourse was occupied in an exposition of the r^ftKnUrt iwially printed by Cathoiw theologiane tn support of the primacy ii* K?man v ec in Christian church. . ^^rting, near the oloae of hia disooarae, to the temporal power now held by the Pope over hia dominions in July, he aaid he ?u first enthroned there by no divine, but a hu man right, aa legitimate aa any other Euro pean potentate, sabjeot to the same rales and fettered by the same Constitution*?that of Royalty to the interest of the people as they The power exercised by the Popes in the middle ages was, he o ntonded, a power con* ferred by the international usage of the time a power whioh was always eiercised for the people and against their oppressors, and which a change in the relation of States has entirely destroyed. The power was held entirely by human right, and assented to by the parties upon Thorn it wm ekeroised ? TV c^olloe of thii country art not sub J?0*}? Pofc*1**- The authority of the Pope as a temporal prince is foreign, and tnBWiote the American C&'holiP* owo liiin do thfh do th? Emperor of all th* Ru? As b?sbop of the universal Church he was no foreigner?he was a cos mopolite. The Church was a spiritual broth erhood, distinct fiom the temporal, and there fore foreign to the temporal. Cathclictty ?u ever the friend to eivil lib erty. What were the Italian republios of the past ? What the South American of the pres ent? Th* Catholic Swiss Cantons were the QQost democ ratio. For fourteen hundred years, perched high above tbe clouds on the Appennes, the little Republic of San Marine, founded by a Cath olio monk, and populated exclusively by Catholics, had oontinued te live, and lived yet, a monument almost as old as the church itself; of her compatibility with the most-ultra democracy. What was the faith of William Wallace* At what shrine kpeeled William Tell? What vyu Robert Bruce? What Mareo Botiaris ' Or, coming down further, who periled more in our own Revolution than Charles Carroll, of Carrollton ? Catholic St. "arj's gave freedom when Plymouth and Jamestown denied it. The past wns a witness of the undeviating faith of Catholics to their country. It was now paid in high places that they were unworthy tho privileges of freemen. Thiswaa new light since the days when Catholic and Protectant blood flowed together to achieve the independence of common country; since Protestant and Catholic thus went through thestruggle shoulder to shoulder, sat down at its close a? brothers, to enjoy what their common labors had won. He concluded "You, my Catholic brethren, are the children of a persecuted God, the mem bers of achuroh which was always persecuted. Rest new content. The future will do you Justice. Pray for those who apeak all manner 'of evil things against you. Be faithful to your country. Do good to all mer?, and so mould the tenor of your lives as to pass fr-m a world of tribulation below, to a world of lore triumphant with Christ for eternity." Miss Morant ?The debut of this aotresa before a Washing'on audience, last evening, at Iron Hall, was very suceeasful, judging from the continued applause with which ner rend ering of Julia was greeted. She possesses a graceful figure, being cf medium height and exceedingly well proportioned Her counte nance is Roman, and her eyes large and very brilliant. As an actress her style is nervous and striking?emphatic. She is a fine reader, possessing, too. a melodious voice of much com pass without being deep She is evidently an artist of much professional experience, and comprehends the strong points of her pieces thoroughly. Our impression is, that she is destined to become a favorite in thia city, as her performance of Julia was as well received by a hignly intelligent audience, as we ever saw the same part received in Washington, where it has been performed of late years by all the actresses of celebrity we have had in the United State*. Mr. Whalley's Master Walter took the audience completely by sur prise; as from his extreme youth little was ex pected of him in that charaotcr, to very diffi cult to render. He played it exceedingly well. We were particularly gratified with him on this occasion, inasmuch as his acting fully boreout ouropinion i reviously expressed, that in Mr. Keenan's stock company there is the material for very soon making one of the beet theatrical oorps in tbe United States. Mr. Allen's Sir Thomas Clifford was very cleverly done, too. Together, these two gentlemen fully sustained the Star of the evening. To-night, will be presented tbe " Lady of Lyons." wherein, judging from the peculiar ities of Misa Morant's style, she is destined to make a decided hit. Tub Victors?M'lle Rosa was greeted with a full house la*t night, on the occasion of her beoefit at the National Theatre About one hundred conundrums were offered in competition for the silver goblet. The price was avarded to Arthur Spring, for the following: Why were young Stewart Holland and Cap tain Luce, on board the steamer Arctic, like the motto of the Franklin Fire Company7 Because in danger they both "strive to save " (Trie motto of the company is 41 We strive to save ") The following, by S. C F , received much applause : Why is tbe National Monument, in the bands of the Know Nothings, like a felon on the gallows ? Because it is to g? up with a |jerk' Another oonundrum was likewise greeted with violent outbursts of applause: Why is an empty whisky barrel like a tombstone 7 Be cause it is an emblem of departed spirits. The following time was made in the foot race?running round the ring ten times : Leonard Grey, 1:0; Patrick Coleman, 111; Henry Fridley. 1:14; Frederick Plant, 1.18; Thomas Clark, 1 22 ; John McDonald, 1 24 The cup was won by Leonard Grey, who also won the chau.pion cup of Baltimore. Indicating the Streets.?The Mayor of Washington is authorized by the City Coun cils to have iron plates, with the names of the most prominent streets indicated en them, placed at the oorners of such streets, where ever it can be well and permanently done, provided the whole expense shall not exceed $150 We now went a time indicator?a town clock, with an illuminated and honest face, and a tongue loud enough to be heard all over the city by those whose locality will not ena ble them to see for themselves. National Theatre ?To night i> set apart for the benefit of the worthy doorkeepers of this establishment. A rich bill of oquestrian i-m and other attractions is presented. Tbe Washington Harmoneons have volunteered, and will sing a variety of glees, duets, and solos A greased pig, in the course of the even ing, will be let loose in the cirole, and the person who first catches him and holds him by the tail will be entitled to tbe pig ! Anybody is free to enter Although we should not fan cy such sport, we perceive that there are not a few who will avail themselves of the oppor tunity to try their hand, grabbing at the oleginous. kinky protuberance. Many a leud laugh will greet the performances. Western Wilds ?Stanley's beautiful pan orama will again shortly be exhibited in thia city, at Odd Fellows' Hall. Apart frem its pictorial beauties, persons who accompanied tbe surveying expedition, under Governor Stevens for a northern railroad route to the Pacific, and several delegations of Indian tribes bear testimony to the general accuracy of the artistio production. Hocse Carpenters' Society ?The follow ine officers were recently elected : President, Henry Trine; Vice President, Geor?e Swee. ney ; Recording Soribe, J F^ C. Offutt , Fi nancial Committee?Epbraim luebmond, J H. Johnson, and J T. Moore. The rates of wages have been fixed as fol lows: From the first of March to the first of December, $2; and for the other three months, $1 75 a day. RwrRE or a Bloodvessel ?A few days ago, Mr D. Cress ruptured a bloodvessel, and has been confined to his bed since the acci dent vyo regret to learn that there i* but little chanoe tor his reoovery. OauJ r^ntlT-ui ' g0t int0 ? 3^ Jf0"J Mth, * W0#d?n-Ufge4 pensioner Sand tha pensioners wife, brought therobleot 0f thl ^rimSial Cottrt oto onaaj. A brodmstiob waj th*da t,M ?# 8&BSSSSS& in?T tk '' *?H tak? PIlc? to morrow even, ing. The exercises will consist of i.teTe Jfn* dialogues, recitations, solos and rin*in k will probably be tried to-morrow* mUuma' close theMM Mytbe^^' SgpasassyWafS aft! It. prio., UforV 1 GEORUETOWH CORRESPONDENCE Th? Weather ? Churches ?- pr/),?# r 3,.am t^-AnSl-SSZ, {" * Gkormtoww, March 27,1855 The weather with as continues very cool and unfavorable to sll manner of gardenia* operations. Everj morning we have more or less ice and frost, whioh necessarily ohill the earth to such an extent as to destroy the germ kind" 0f Meda which ha? been flU'u Pi In waIm ,004,iti??? where the land is muoh exposed to the sun, and shielded from the north winds From pwent appeal wi"b* b?k?8 ?>. and Trinity, (Catholic.) the regulaf poor's officiated. At the Methodist, the pastor, Rev. B. F. Brooke, resumed his ministry for another K" M' Satherlwd " ] the Metbodist Trotestaat ebareb At the Presbyterian church, the congregation ?. served by the Rev. Dr. Stanto^ who lu pastor Rev^M^ Atk"U,>Plj ?# r'ace of l" pastor, Rev. Mr. Atkinson, who is now serving as one of the agents of the Metropolitan i'res JJwiity ' Whiah " t0 b? ?wted in .? ? ?uJoh? Dew?J will preaoh in the o^? ? thl8 eveniDK at 74 o'clock Th. ?k rthU mPrnin8 look" quite lively. The number of vessels receiving and diecharj ing cargoes ,8 quite large. The following ar rived yesterday : Schr. Extra, Wheatley iial timore, to J. Libby A Son; Sohr. Zion, Fields.! pt i'^iUiy?.i ?' Scbr" V anquish, Riggins PhiladelphU, to Barrow A Orme; Schr. V??tch' man, Moore, Laurel, to the master Schr pSit Kh ' ?a,ti??rr' t0 E P'Ckrell A Co ; nM? t? n 4 A"nnPl.ckr?". Dukes, Philadel phia, to Ilyde & Daviaon; Steamer Columbia Uarner, Baltimore, to do ; Packet Schr. Ann R Johnson, Philadelphia, to do ; Schr Ne braska Gaikell, N. Y., to J D Road; Sch? Jas. II Ashmore, Whitmore, N. Y., to Peter w"d7AcAla?'a nBml)0r of ema11 craft with CoxVnV* <?Le4S0d t0lear,n ,hBl Mc"rs R. S. Cox, Col. lhompson, and W. A Bradlev are making arrangements to establish a Jtoam If nK betw?en Analostan Inland, the foot, of High Street m our ciry, and the Stone liouse in your city. Wo sincerely hope that a mil Wl" *BCCeed 11 w?'? certainly be a great convenience to tho farmers and ear "to in the bftbif of trading to our markets. The old ferrv does not now furnish them with anything like ?uf ficient facilities for crossing fho ri?er S.ring the busy seasons of the year. It frcquentlf occurs that carts, Ac., are detained early in the morning, while on their way to market ""ee hours, and it his sometimes tha?/mirkJ! ? ir own?" haT? b&d to take their market stuffs upon their back, and cross1 market af4Uedaot' 80 a3 t0 be ? timo for the The flour market is firm, with an upward tendency, bales at $8.75a|9, as in quality More buyers than sellers. No sales of wheat' S!??0" ? r ?d 00 chang? >n price. Sales i this morning of 1200 bushels white corn at I yZC' Spectator [V r'XO >H WaI.KKR a CO., uo<1?r Browun' Hotel, nr? l-r?i ,?r?t l. ilmw ne r.| the m ?t *?>*? >rtm*-nt | ?f HK \ l>Y M AltK OLOTHINtt ever ??ffervl t>- the clUltM of I till* I'ietrlrt Itielr Pt<" k embr*r?? everything that in new [ ?rvl fatihionitble for the m?DQt?< turett with taste And | eleg.Mice, fur which tbeir Clothing is celebrate*!. _ m*r 27 nry* premiums at thk kairh?whitehi ust's *tlll1n the ??ren<l?nc??Thejarlexof e*ih of the late fair* ?t Haltiniore, Rl< hinon'1, ?n l New York *w*r ted th?>lr hiKheet (irenalnms to J. H. W for their snperiorlty of Pho W)gr?i>he. rttereo?rop?>e ?nd l>?gaerreot7i>eN exhibited. Mi. W. also received two Medal* at the World'* Pair, Lou 4ou, and a premium at Cry?tal Ptlare, New York. i Al?i, the tlret award# of the Marylaud Institute fur three | year* past. Whltehurst's Qallery In this city Is on Pa. aveuae, hetw. SH and 6U1 street*. leb IT V~yk PHENOMKN \ IN MEDICINK ? Kroochltls, Cough, |ty*pepala. Liver Complaint*, 8cr<'fnla. he.?Por all d!*e??<? ol thl P?m*le Hyst'm It *taud* pre eiu'lient. A Clergyman just Informs us it has cored htm of Bronchitis of a dexperate ':b?rarter?particulars liereafter. H AMPTON S VEGETABLE TlNCTl'RK?By its mild nr. tioo on the Kt"marh, liter and kidney*, will cure ltypep ?la, A*th?a. Bronchial and l.nn* Affectiou* Palks In the H?> k, Side and Brea*t, Consumption, Scrofula, Klien matt*m, Cout. Nearalgla, Eistnla, Bowel C'omplaluts, Piles, Worms, and Nervous Debilities ?with all dlse.tsen anelng from tmpure bl >od, and Is the greatest female medicine ev er known. This Invaluable medicine 1* working wonders upou the human frame. t*ee advertisement to-day. mar 7 IT?p-UR. HOOKLAND'S CKLEBBATEU GERMAN BIT TER8. There are few things which afford n* greater pleasure j than sitting down to write a notice of the celebrated Hoof laudUerman Bittei*, because we are fully cousclou* we are conferring a public benetlt, and our heart tells ns that by oar notice* many have t>eeii lodnred to take these Bitters, ?nd been rescued from death by dysoepaia, liver complaint, Ac., for the < ure of which it is certain ll is prepared and sold ouly by Dr. C. M JACKSON, at the Ccrmau Medicine Store, No. l'JO Arch street, Philadelphia. Bee advertisement. mar J?SB fT'^'NErRALGIA ?This formidable disease, which seems ' seems to taffle the skill of physicians, yields like magic to CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTl'RK. Mr P. Boyden, formerly of the Astor Hense, New York, and late piopnetoi of tbe Exchange Hotel, Hi'limond, Va , Is one of the hundreds who have been enred of severe Neu ralgia, by C A RTK.K'S SPANISH MIXTURE. Since his cure he has recommended it to nnnibers of oth ?rs, who were sutlering with nearly every torm of dl?eo?e, with th* most wonderful success. He say* It I* the most extraordinary medicine he has ever | ?eeu used, and the beet purlfler known. *a?3eeadvei ttsemeut In another column. IT?y*\ CARD TO THE LADIES ?GOOD NEWS KUR 1HE I* y SICK. nu Dl'PONCO'S GOLDEN MONTHLY PILLS, the best and most Infallible iemr<ly ever discovered tor re lieving and cnrlng all |>alnful, ilistresxiog, aud difficult men struation, and removing all periodical destruction*, ai:d ir- I regularities arising frcm whatever cause. These Pills are a | conipl^ie TRIUMPH IN MEDICAL SCIENCE. Tiiev are prepared by a process which couceutrates the lugrtwilents into a small bulk, thus rendering it unnecessary for delicaf* females to take Iaige doses of nauseous di ngs. Dr. Duiionco's Pills are the result of over THIRTY YE A RS' EXPEKIENGK In the treatment of the disease* of femal-s.? | They hove been advertised for a little over one year, yet SEVERAL THOUSAND BOXES have already beeu sold, aud the demand for them rapidly In creaxes wherever they become known. They have been I tliort-nglily tried In Washington, and found to act like a| charm gold by all Druggists In Washington, Georgetown and Al xandria, Va mar 1?eo3m* ?TJot Sbillinutom receive* all thenew Book*and New* papers as fast a* published. He I* agent for Harper'* and all the other Magaxlnes, and our reader* will always Oud a large and good aseortment of Blank Book* and Stationery at hi* Bookstore, Odaon Building, cor Pa. avenue and *t. MAHUIKU. On the 25th instant, by the Rev. John C. Smith, I Mr. DAVID F. GLOVEK to Miss REBECCA' JANE IIILL, all of thin city. On thi; '22<1 instant, tiy tho R<;v. H. A- H. Marks, Mr RAYMOND SKIDMOKB to >1i- MARY A. CAULK, all ol this city. I)1IC1>. On the -Jfith instant, MARY ELIZABETH, wift of Thomas A King, in Uie sfcld year of her age. OAA barrels tar &\J\J 100 barrels ROSIN Daily expccictl per schoonor "Providence," and I for ?ale by FOWLE Si CO., mar IV?lw Al??iaiiilria, Va. P' leiHON VVe are daily svertviog trotn Fort Fnrnace, a fniiTior arnrlf of No. 1 Charcoal Pig Iron, which will be void low by Howard &. i-ooit, iuar-'4? toj^w Alexandria, Va. For Bal* and B?nt F OR RENT4?A HOUSE ON I ST. NORTH, between 13th and 14th sts., opposite Franklin Square, containing mx rooms, three attic rooms aad kitchen servants; and hath house in back building. Good cellars Under the main building. Possession given on the 1st April Apply at the hons# or to Mr. J. J- Millc'j comer of ?th street and Lodislana avenw. mar 27? VILLA FOR hALB.?TMe SUBSCRIBER of fer* at private saie tlie villi in trlllcb she at present resides, with eight acre* of land, situated at Ellaville, on Die Washington and Baltimore Turn pike Roadi Thfe hrme is n*Wj with all the modern improvements, and the situation naj hiatt* advant ages for persons engaged in business in Washington as it is within five minutes' walk of the Bladensburg Depot on the Railroail, and there i? also an omnihiu running twice a day hetwern Washington and Ella ville. Application to lie made to the subscriber, living on the premiss*. MARY 8. V08S. mar 37? 2awtf Rooms For rent?two or three new ly furnished and very desirable Rooms for rent with board, at 409 F St., Union Row. mar 36?lw FOR RENT?A DESIRABLE RESIDENCE, with from 13 to 15 acres of ground, situated on the Heights cit Georgetown, It has a fine orchard, Btable, carriage house, dairy and ice house attached, an i cxcc lent water on the place. Possession given the 1st of April. Enquire of Mr. J. OR WE, Bridge street. Georgetown. mar 36?3t* TOR E N T?A FURNISHED TWO STORY Brick House, with gas, etc., on F St., between 19th and 20th streets Possession given immedtate ly. Apply at ^o. 3?3 H strict north. mar ?9? For rent?will be for rent by the 1st of April next, a two story frame House with hack buiiding, contaning seven rooms, situated on H street, between 12th and 13th streets. To a good tanant the rent will be moderate. For fnrther par ticulars apply to J. VAN RISWICK'S Office,corner Seventh street and Canal. inar24?3t* Rural retreats ^several of those cottage residencies at Kendall Green bejjisnow vacant, application may be mane l?. the undersigned for renting the same, with privilege of purchasing on liberal lernn, either by letter through the post office, or at his residence after office hours. The location is healthy commands a full view of the city, is but a mile and a quarter from the Post Office, and is in every r^pect desirable. Gardens of two acres each arc attached to everv house. A permanent omnibus line communicates with Georgetown, by way of Penna. avenue, twice a day, at the usual faro. WM ST1CKNEY. mar 2-2- tf Building lots sale ?a varif.t? of Building Lots in the vicinity of the City Hull. Also, in all other parts Of the city, on accommodat ing terms. Enquire at Mrs. ADAMS' Boarding House, opposite to Browns' Hotel, to be w;en from 8 to 9 a m, or 3 to 4 p m. Also, an address through the Post Office will receive attention. mar 5?eo3m DAVID MYERLE. For rent or sale on reasonable TERMS? A two-3to;y frame House, with back building, containing six rooms, on 13^ street, between B and C streets south. Apply to C. A. DOUGHERTY, next door. A three-story Frame, with basement, on N. York avenue, between 4th and 5th sts. west. A three-story Frame, with back building, on I st. north, between 4th and 5th sts. west. Apply for the two last mentioned to JAME3 W. BARKER, on II street north, between 12th and 13th sts. west. Also a two story Frame, with back building, oil Montgomery street, G-.-oreetown. DICKSON h KING, feb 7?eotf Georgetown. For rent.?four new and conveni ent Brick House*; brown manick fronts, con taining parlors with marble mantels, dining room, kitchen, servant's room, and five chambers each, and situated on Thirteenth street, Island, near the Fublic grounds, convenient to Pa. avenue and the >epartments. Rent very moderate. Apply at R. II. CLARKE'S office, corner of Sixth street aid Eouisiana avenue, or at D. B. CLARKE'S Dru* Store, Eleventh street, Island. mar C?eotf ]TIOR RENT- THE DWELLING AND STORE . on 11th street west, one door from Pa. avenue, north side, adjoining Farnhaia's Bookstore. to GEORGE A. W. RANDALL, mar 2?eotf corner 12th and !) sts. VALUABLE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE ? The block of buildings known a? the "Union Buildings," and now occup cd by the Union news Cpcr establishment. They are situated on E street ttveen 13th and 14th street*, and fronting directly on Pennsylvahia avenue. The lot is 70 feet front by 159 feet deep. The property is susceptible of divis ion and re arrangement, and its poeiti n such ;is must rank it among the Iwtst business stands on the avenue, and is yearly increasing in value. The time of the present lesseo expires on the 1 t Septem ber next, on which day possesion may be had. Also, that large thren story Brick House on 17th street west, (opposite the War Office and three door? south of G stre :t.) Also, that three story House on 17th street west, next door to the Government Building, at the corner of F and 17th streets. Should the ab >vc property not be sold at private sale prior to the 15th of May, it will be sold on tliat day at public auction. Terms will be made favorable t? the purchaser. Apply to CH. H. WINDER, Corner of Seventeenth and G streets, mar 19?2awtMayl5 For rent or sale-three new brick Houses on N, between 12th and 13th sis north The buildings contain eight rooms, kitchen and eel Ur, with pantry, closet, wardrolies, dumb waiters, and arc handsonuly finished with marble mantel centre pieces. They are located hi a desirable part of ihe city, near the market* and have many othei advantages. Terms ot rent or sale moderate. En quire of Mrs. MORRISON, corner N and 11th sts. mas 24? eo3t* Rooms to let-in the rear, suita ble f?r mechanical o|?era!inns, on Eighth street between D and E, west side. HENRY JANNEY, mar 21?d?w 348 Pa. avenue. STORAGE.?Those having Furniture, Dry Good? Groceries, &c., to be stored, will find ample ac coinmodationn in the large, airy, flagstone paved, and Dry Basements under the Star office, corner P? avenue and Eleventh st. Apply at the Star oflicc. jan 31?tf HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Building Lots, 24 feit front by l.'JO feel deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of $75, payable #3 pei month Title indisputable. Union Land office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Hall, jan 9?(jm JOHN FOX, Secretary. Wants. WANTED-BY A STEAI?Y MIDDLE AGEf man, a situation in some respectable employ meiit. Good references to character, &c. can b< given. Address "C D E,'' at thjs office. mar 98? 3t A WHITE WOMAN, AS LAUNDRESS FOf a?mall funnlv. that can come well locommciid cd, wanted at No. 6 Louisiana avenue. mar'. 6?3t* WANTED?A GERMAN BOY TO LEARN tin Blacksmith business, between the age of 14 and 16 years One who can speak some words o the English language preferred Impure of R. L JKNKI XS,Unioniown,near the Navy Yard Bridge mar 26?2t* WANTED?A YOUNG WOMAN TO DO THt work of a small family of two persons. Ap ply at 34 Washington street, between 4th and 5th and G and II streets. mar 26 - 2t* House w a n t e d?the advertises wishes to purchase, for cash, a good two-story bnc< Dwelling, suitable for a small family, situated north of Pa. avenue. Address 44S F A," through the Post Office, stat ng location, price, 6lc. mar 12?1m* Boarding. Boarding.- Six or eight genteel boarders by the month, week or day, can be accoinmo dated at Mrs. DEMENTS, No. 511T B st., opposite the Metropolitan offi -e. mar 9?3w* Boarding.?mrs. duvall, no. 331 Pa. avenue opposite Browns' Hotel, has severa very desirable rooms, suitable for families or singlt gentlemen, which she would tent with board, or reasonable terms. She can also accomm?datc 6 01 8 gentlemen with meals, without lodging. mar 8?tf PATENT AGENTS OR OTHERS WANTINC Offices will fii.d two very suitable and well lo eated 100ms on Eighth stieer, the direct road to tin Patent Office from :he avenue. HENRY JANNEY, mar 21?dlw 348 Pa. avenue. PRINCESS ALMONDS, Palm and Madci ra Nuts 1 bale Princess or paper-shcll Almonds 2 do Province Almonds 3 do Palm or Cream Nut? 2 casks Madeira Nuts Frith. SHEKELL BROTHERS. No 40, npp.i?ue tiie ft litre Miik't. mat 23?iw AC\RPENTER.-FOR HI BE ON REASON able terms, for the balance of the )ear, a col ored Carpenter. Inquire at this office. uiar 23 -4t Auction Bale* ?F ?? WEIGHT, iMtlMNr^ Genteel furni^uee^t'auction.?By content of all ptrtiN concerned. I ehaU sell, without reserve, on FRIDAY next, U?e300i inttm. at 10 o'clock, at the House now occupied by John Van Horn, (aa the Farmer** Hotel,) on Bridge at,' all the Household Effects, consisting of Spring aeat Sofa* and Rockera Dining, centre, card and pier Tables Carpet*. Oilcloths and Matunga Large Mirror, Window curtains Clock, Chains Tables Crockery and Glassware 12 good Feather Beds, Bedding and Bedsteads Cookihg, Co*' and other Stoves With a vanetv of Kitchen Furniture. Terms cash. E. 8. tVRIOHT, mar 27-3t AtlcHnn^r. By ORBEN * SCOTT, Aactloattrii Household and kitchen furniture at Auction ?On MONDAY, the. 2d d-?y of April, we shall sell, at 10o'clock a. m., at the resi dence of Mr. W. C Butler, at No '4OS Pennsylva nia avenue, corner 15th at., aa excellent assortment of Furniture, vit: Mahogany Sofa, parlor and rocking CTiairs Walnut Dreasirg Bureaus, French Bedsteads Cherry, French, and other Bedstrads, and Wash etrfada Feather Beds, Bidding and Mattresses Girandoles. China, glass *nd croekery Ware G>lt framed Minor, and other Looking Glasst-s Venitian Blinds and Window Curtains ?1 ply, ingrain, and stair Carpets Fine passage and step Oilcloth and * or Mat* Dining ind Breakfast Tablca Cane and other Chairs Andirons, Shovel and Tongs, Fenders Cooking, airtight, and other Stoves With a g<*>d lot of Kitchen Requisites. Terms ca:.h. The above described Furniture Is nearly new and of good quality. Persons wishing to purchase will do well to attend the sale. The House is lor rent. Inquire on the premise*. GREEN k SCOTT, mar 37?d Auctioneers. fly J. C. McGCIRE, Aastlonssr. SUPERIOR FURNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD Effects at Public Sale.?On MONDAY morn ing, April 2*1, at 10 o'clock, at the residence of J W. Simonton, !5si., on Sixih, between II and E streets, one door n ?rth of Unitarian Church, I shall sell all *?f liis excellent Furniture and Household Ef fects, comprising? Handsome carved walnut Parlor Suite, finished in rrh Maroon plush, consisting of large Preneh Sofa, pair of Tcte a Ertes, pair Arm Chair?, pair Gothic Reception Chairs, and Parlor Chairs Fine rosewood marble top Centre Tables Superior mahagany Secretary and Bookcase, What Not Handsome I'rcnch plate Pier Glasses, Bracket Ta bles Fancy Chairs, Marble top Light Stands, Astral Lamp Elegant damask and Lace Curtains, Cornice, lie. Velvet, Brussels and Three-ply Barpejs, Rugs Piano Forte and Stool, Girandoles Handsome Gilt Chandeliers and Gas fixtures French China Vases, Ornaments Time fine Oil Paintings, two by Richards and one by Mc'icod (Tiews near Washington) Enamelled Cottage Seta, Bureaus, Washstand* Mahogany Klizabeihlan Bedsteads Washstands Superior Hair Mattresses Bolsters and Pillows Dmiask covered Leunge, Divans, Crib Wa'nut hair spring seat Chairs, Rockers Hatiack. Oilcrth, S:air Carpet Straw Matting, Drugget, Rugs Mahogany Sideboard, Dining TaMes Freneli and stone China, GlaasWare Tabic Cutlery, Charting Dishes Sil^r plated Castors Excellent C ?oking Stove and Fixtures Together with an exce'lent assortment of Kitchen Utensils Terms: ?30 and nnder cash ; over that sum a credit of 60 and 90 days, for notes satisfaetoril) endorsed, bearing interest. JAMES C. McGUIRE, mar 27?d Auctioneer. 1y ORRKR * SCOTT. Adetlon?tr? CIONFECTIONERY, CANDY JARS, COOK j ing Copper*, .Manufacturing Too s, &.<?. at Auc tion ?On THURSDAY, the 20th instant, we shall sell, at the Confectionery Store of Royal E. Miller. E~q., on 7th street, opposite the National Inteili genccr office, at 12 o'clock in., the remainder of the stock in the establishment, with the Manufacturing Tool*, via: one Sugar-almond Kc'tlc, one Copper Kettle, one Bra-s Kettle, Saucepans, marble-?l.~tb Table, Toy Moulds. Glass Jars, |,<mon Drop Cut ter, Kiss Cutter, Stove and Furnace, one Soda Fountain, with Syrup Bottler,Tumblers, Signs,and alt complete. Terms: $25 and under cash; over that sum a credit of 60, and 90 aars, for notes sau.-ractorily endorscd, bearing interest. GREEN h. SCOTT, mar 96?1 Auctioneers. By GEKK.Y <*. SCOTT Auctioneers Household and kitchen furniture at Auction.?On FRIDAY, the 30th instant, we shall sell, at the residence ot J L. Davis, E?q at the Cottage at the corner of north N and 13iii sis. west, an excellc-'t assoiiment of Furniture, via: Mahogany and velvet covered parlor set, consisting of two Tete a Tetcs, one large Arm Castor Chair, six carved bjck parlor Chairs, two Ot tomans One fine toned mahogany case Pianoforte Mahogany Dressing Bureaus Dining and Breakfast Tables Mahogany and gilt frame Looking Glasses Feather Beds, Mattresses and Bedsteung Cane and wood seat Chairs, Washstands China, glass, crockery, stone and wood Ware Passage Oilcloth, Straw Matting Cooking, airtight and other Stoves With a good assortment of Kitchen Requisites Terms : All Minis of Hid under $25 cash ; over $25 a credit ot 2 and 4 months, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest. GREEN k SCOTT, mar 21?d Auctioneers. By J. C. NeGUIRK, Auctioneer. I^XECUTHR'S SALE OF VERY VALUABLE j Improved Real Estate.?On MONDAY alter noon, April 16th, at 4^? o'clock, on the premise* the subscriber, as executor of the late Chas. H. Da vis, will sell at public auction, the west half of Lot No. 5, in square No. 377, fronting about 3 '? feet on E street north, between 9th and 10th streets west, running back about 150 feet to a 30 foot alley, with the improvements, consisting of a two story Brick Dwelling House and back building, containing 12 rooms, with a small brick office adjoining. This property id handsomely located within a few minutes' walk of the Post Office. Patent Office, th? Avenue, and Centre Market, and is very desirable a.> a private residence. Immediately after the above, I shall sell, on the premises, Lot No. 4, iu Square 105, fronting about 25 feet on 11 street north.between 18th and l&ih ?ts west, running back 130 feet 9 inches to a wide alley impreved by a substantial two story brick dwelling House and back buildiug. This property has a good paved side alley, in addition to the rear alley. Terms: One-halfca-h ; balance in six and twelve months, for notes bearing interest secured by a deed ol trust on the premises. GEO. A DAVIS. Executor. JAS. C McGUIRE, mar 20?2a?fcds Auctioneer. By J. C. ftlcGUIKIC, Auctioneer. 1 EXCELLENT FURNITURE AND 1IOUSE j keeping Effects, Superior Family Horse, fcc. at Public tale.?On THURSDAY morning, the 29th instant, at 10 o'clock, at trie residence of Prof. C. C. Jewctt, corner 15th and II streets, 1 shall sell a par lion of his excellent Furniture and Effects, couipris ing ? Crimson plush?covcred French Sofa, Arm and Par lor Chairs Handtome damask and chintz coveted Spting Lounges Fancy Chans, Ottomans, Footstools Beautiful Egyptian marble top Centre and Tier Ta bles English, velvet and other Carpets Mu.?ic Stand, Canton Teapoys, Tea Trays, fcc. Mahogany spring seat Chairs Cane seat do Bronze Hat Tree, Hall Chairs Mahogany French and Iron Bedsteads Superior spring and hair Mattresses Handsome rosewood Dressing Bureau Plain do Walnut, mahogany and painted Wardrobes Marble-top andplain Washstands Excellent Bookshelves, Curioins and Shades Mahogany Centre Tables, Bookcase Gilt frame French plate Minors Mahogany Sideboard, Dining Tables Crockery and Glassware, Refrigerators Cocking and other Stoves, Kiclien Utensils, he. Also at 51 o'clock ? A very superior large bay family Horse, about 8 ytars old perfectly sound and kind in harness Also, a fine Boston built Lance wood Chaise with Harness Terms if sale: $30 and underca?h ; over that sum a credit of sixty aad ninety days, for not's satisfac torily endorsed, bearing interest JAS. C. McGUIRE, mar 23?d Auctioneer. DENTISTRY. Rll. DONALDSON, Dentist, late of the firm of ? IInut & Donaldson, continues to manufacture and insert those beautiful' porcelain teeth, with or without gums,v for specimens of which (deposited by the late firm) was awarded the first premium at the Mechanics' Institute Fair, recently held in this city These teeth are cuved and shaded to suit each particular ease, and their resemblance to the nam nl organs so perfect as to deceive the mo?t prne ti.-ej eye. Particular attention also paid to filling and pre serving the natural teeth. i barges moderate and all operations warranted, office southwest corner Seventh and D a s.?en vance on D. mar 81?6oi TELEGRAPHIC. UrOHTKD Pim THR DAILY BVEHTWO STAR ?uHida la Swtoa. *< Bosrow, March IT.?Thos W. lioopar. p*j ing teller of the Merchant s Bank, hung hiin self thi? morning in the bank cellar. Hi* ac counts, m far aa known, appear to he all cor rect. The Canard steaaer Africa sail* to morrow at 10 a. m. Her mail* will close at b o'clock Jew York Market New Tons, March 27.?Cotton is ursoulei fioar it upward and firm?good Ohio $9 37* $'<>81; Southern ia buoyant. $'J *7n$y SI. Wheat ia apward and firm , Southern white $2 46a|2 50. Corn i? firm with an upward tendency Waitern m'i?d at WaV?>! Pork ia upward and firm. Beef ia unchanged, with a limited business at present rata*. l.ard y downward and dull. Wki -ky ii haavj . chi? 30*a31c. Hew York Stock Market New York. March 27.? Slocks are better. Money ia uachangnri Sales at the mornieg board of firiea at 4?; Virginia 6 s. CIctc land and Toledo Cumberland Coal Com pany. S3J; Reading Heilroed 85-, Canton Co. 18; New York Central Railroad Comf any 9:ii, PennsjlTsnia Coal Co. lflfi Czaas a*d Czariras.? The following is a liat of the Caars of Russia, with the dates of their ascending the throne, for the las: four centuries: John II , A D 1461, !>em?trin?, (murdered,) 1504; Basil V., 1>04. John IV , 1534; Theodore 1,1584; BobiseOod'??nc ff Id93; Theodore II. 1005; D*metrin* III. (tnmdered ? lf>05; Chousky, 1506; Michael h'edemwitz, 1613, Alexis, 1M5; Theodore ilI . lfl'fi. Peter I .theGreat, 1682; Catherine I . 172b ; Peter II , 1727 ; Anne, (annn.) 1730 ; John V . (mur dered ) 1740; Kliiabeth, 1741; Peter III. murdered.) 1762; Catharine II , 1762. Paul I., (murdered,) 179ft; Alexander I, 1*01, Nicholas. 1825; Alexander II . lK5j GR<9D FIREMEK'S A J? I) CiVIC BAIL T" BE GIVKN BV I It* Colombia Fire Compauy I- o. 1 AT JACKSON IT ALL, EASTEt MO&9AY NIGHT. Ap?.l 'J\h. 1" II El member* of the ' Vmpany ple.l^e thcMurK.?? that nothing will be leu undone to make it otic of the b?t halls of the season Professor Louis Weber '< cdfhnti .I Cotillon hand has been engaged for the ca*?on Pircnien are requested to app?'*r iu uniform. No hat? or caps will be allowed in tli<" hall e? thom worn by nremen. Ticket* ONE DOLLAR?aduuttje: one g"ntl? man and ladies ; to i?e had at the prim i|?al bote'-, and at lite door on the evening of the ban. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Thos. Voung. Ja? Lowe, Thos. f)wy< r, Jas Martin. Isaae Rctr*. Rr<'j4\oii Commi/frr. J?j Martin, J?> ColcaUN, G I* Su' <l!vi..t, T E Young, II Pnrdy, K ll.irii?oti, F II Sage, A McDennott, M M arceroi. I Beer*v C Robinson, Jo? M irecr<4i, P J Rnnis, IMVJarb<v war J0,23J7 29,JI ,AprJ,6,^,*.'> IRON II ALL. SALE AT AUCTION. I^HE undersigned bavins resumed th?> Auction Itusiness, bo;" leave to offer Ins ser> i r? to ?? tend to sale* ol hold Purt.iture, Real K?uV', Stock:", tic. Particu'ar attention given io the ai raneement and di.<(?>*al of Household I'nniitui* and the entire ?lc (if desired) will hi- Mt:led np and cashed in twenty four hours' after ilte delivr ry of the g?H>ds. Cash advance? on ? v? ry <!? -- ri|?t?oii o'. Merchandise consigned for unlimited sslc. Every ??(Tort will be made to render eatisiaetorily all sal* s cstrust< d to hia carc. C. IV. HOTKLER, mar 6?eo3w }r.n; h ? JOS. NEFF'd PREMIUM YioMX* A Mi \l ollncelltM can be eeea at our Music H jiot. Amateurs and the profession arc iuvit> 4 to call and try these eicellent m<trmnr ut? i rtiLttrs x iiit/. A gv>d t^ontrabacc lor low t^r rash, if itnm?: diatf application be made a* ah ?v. mar 23 TRUNKS! TRUNKS TO mak<' rof?n for a new supply of 'J iun?:, Val ises, Hat Boves, i'arpet Has-, Satclieb, ki v offer for sa e v. niif.ut regard to<"<M|o. e-. \U*- rr maininr portion of our old .-t-ck All p>r n wi li ing great bargain? drnald give us an ? arli aJ!. WALL fc 8TEPHKVX 3SI3 Pa. ave., n< it V> Imhi IJall. Alto, Uirec d?tors east ot Naimuiil mar 24?Jt (lnteli\ew.?1 TAKE NOTICV. NEW SPRINli AND SUMMER GfKUS. PVV. RROWNING, Mcrcbaut Tailor. u?i?b i ? the United States Hotel, lias ju>t i<< ttv< d a large supj?ly of Sprinc and Summer floods, and n now prepw?.d to otf?-r gi?at bargain^ to all in want of good and fashionable clothing. Hi* "K?n<ly made Clothmg " will b?' to*d at tite i'tdlowir.g low prices: Wlr lc cUits, Coal. PaiiUlo'Uir, and tbni cloth or cas-iniere, |.?r $12. Fine Black Y*ro?'k and DrwCwt>< t*ai *!<) 915. Good Business Coats for $7. Black and Fancy Panis, Uoni f-t to ?/. Marscil'es :-nd Silk Vests, from .?? |o He keeps always on hand a laige a^aortntent of fancy article*, siicb a^ Sliins, Oloves, Craw*. L'tn brellas, Dlc. "Sole Agent for the sale <?l Scott's t'arliioL..' mar 19?tj. ?50 REWARD. Rax away Iiuiii the rub^ciibtr, livi. ~ it \ j{ tinghaui District, PrinceG?orge*scon?!>, Mai V land.on Friday morning last, th? 10:ij iu>;ant, u y negro man EMANUKI-,who c?lla liimx.M laoa<iue| Gouah- He is about 95 years ol .ice.durk ciiir i< x ion, hat> a full i>ct of teeth, has a scare o ? In t :? head, one on lits right arm, mar the rl!??vv. is feet eight incl?e? and a quarter hi^li in hi I t H.r had on when be w?*nt away a suit of /*ral< clotli and a black slouch hat I purchased S?:u. '?l Mk. ?^arah Harwood, Saratoga ?tret t, Baltim<?ii. .ai-l she has a brother of bis living ui;h lior, and fcn mother (a free woman) a'^o live- in Piittmorc. Hist wi'e belongs to John L. nofi^f, Erq., mar l?ame> town, Montgomery county, Maryland 1 wt I give a reward of twenty-five do|l..c for hi* appn henMon, if taken m rrince George ? ? onnty, and fifty dolla s if taken rl-?,wll^r^?? in either ca*?' lie must Ihi brought home or s?-ctired In i-ul, thai 1 get hiin agniii. TIIOS. R. E\KLV. mar 23? tt" P. O. Xottinghao, Md. TO MEMBERS OF CONGRESS OTHERS. SILVER SPfHlNU. F<IKKS, Aic.-M. IV. GALT fc. BIM?. iiivi ?? special ato nio'n ibeir stosk of pure <llv? r Table, r!, end !? a S|mtjii? and Forks, Ladles, Butte-r Koives. and other f tides of pure Silver Ware, vvhi<Mi larger ind unur varied than ever offered to their ru^tomei-. M. VV. G ALT h HK< 39 ft Pa. av nut betw. IHJi aj.J M:i! -is. feb 23?tf NEW MILLINERY. On Saturday, March J4ih. Mw> ? ? J. Thoini?on will open our nrw BHTof Spring Millinery,consisting ot t ? very latest stvles of BliVNLTS, FLOWERS. RIBBONS, fcc . which ^he ha. t ed from the latest importations. She w ill .?'?? nn stantly make to order every description of linnets desired and hopes to be able to give ?.aiit-la< *! >?? to every customer who may tavor u? with their pitr^n. age. We would also take tbiBOpportuntty to cat't" ?bc remembrance of citizens and Btrangers in ti?e I'. trlct the fact lha: Miss Thomj.sori was 'he su<-cc * fill competitor, and tberefo*c g;uned ?lu higln ?t pi mium for Bonnets at the Fair ol the Metrop lif-n Mechanics' Institute just closed in ti*?- eit HU rt'HINSON * Ml'NRO, No. 310 Pennsylvania av. nu?\ Ftrsl door wist of Walter Harper k Co ?, mar -Jl?6t (Organ) C1LOCK0, CLOCK", CLUCKS X?It > >u / want a good Clock, wsrrant.?! to keep time, call at the storn of J. ROBINSON. 349 Pa. ave., oppo. Browns' li-Mcl. feb 28?dim COME LEARN YOUR FATeT Mrs. GKOHOK. Isle of England, wih- -1 ? inform the ladies and gentb-men ol Wa -lung ton and Georgetown that she can l>e s* en nim! ? c-i?. suited on the past, present and futuse events, at il>< late residence, No 8ft F street, between nnd 2id streets, First Ward, opposite lite OIij mv*(??? .. Her name is on tlic door. Hours from 9 a m to 8 o?c!ock ti *?? Ladies 25?(>entlemen 50 cents i1'-' STOP YOUR COUGHING. JUST received, p? r Adams k. Co s Eipr< -s <nu case of Ma llard's New York Gold M.-Ual Gl M DROPS, consisting ot Banana, \ anilla, Ra^pUrry, Lemon, and llorehound flavor* Aiso a cwnpietc a.?sor'Uien. < t t:ia ulcliuicl Chocolates, of universal reputation at.d uitL a.t rival in the United States. For &&I+* hi Z* M. KIN<? '465 Vermont avcuue, cointi I *U c war 16?u

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