Newspaper of Evening Star, March 29, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 29, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. NOW. An-f! for th* diy i? passin*, While you lie dreamiuf on i Vonr brothers are cased in armor, And forth to the fleht are pone: Y<~ur place in the ranks awaits you ; E ich man has a part to play ; The past and the future are nothing In the face of the stern to-day. AM?e from your dreams of the future? ? ?f saining a hard-foucht field ; ?yf storming the airy fortress; Of bidding the giant yield ; Your future has i!eeds of glory, Of honor (Cod grant it may !) But your a*iu will never b-* stronger, Or needed a? now?today. Ari?* ! If the pact detain you, Her .-unthinc and -t<>rni? forget; No chain* ?o unworthy to hold you A* those of a sain regret; Sn l or bright she is lifeless eFer; ?'a*t Sier phantom arms away, N^r Uok hack, save to learn the lewon Oi a nobler stnfe to-day. A'i?e! fo: the hour Is passing; The S' und that you dimly hear, It your en~my marching to battle; Rise ! nge ! tor the foe is here ! Stay n^t to brighten your weapons, Or th^ hour will strike at ia>t; And. from dream* of a coming battle, You wi>l waken and find it past. The Portsmouth, Va., Pribst Cask. The Southern Argus, printed at Norfolk, has the following upon this subject: To the Editor of the Norfolk Argus: Pear Sir:?My attention was called a or two avro to an article copied from the Was'ningtoYi Organ, 'lhe facts are simp ly these: Last Friday week on my re turn from Old Point I found on my ta lne a dispatch from a Mr. Edward B. Pmcell, of Cincinnati, O., a priest, I be lieve, not an Archbishop, as was stated, of which the following is a copy: Cincinnati, March 13, 1855. Jiev. Cntho ic Print: i ?; Mrs. Chsrlotte Cooper a member of :. :r congregation in Portsmouth, er has hLoku? IIer parents are in great dis tress to know. Edward B. Pl'rckll. I requested a gentleman, a member ol :iv congregation, to accompany mo tc Mr. Cooper's house to make the inquiry, i pcrth'roan was witness to every v i l -po';eii during our interview. We ' Mr C?-op<r at the door; I enquired t -ir>. C. kt was at home; I was an . r. : m ! ..2 atlirmativo. I handed him . Oi-patch and requested to see hie wife in 'u: - presence, for a moment, as a :n.Wr ul' the Catholic Church; I was no sir, my wife is not a Cath 0 .c. I replied, 'I should bo extremelj s -ry lod.ubt your word, yet I cannoi ? ivit until i hear it from her own li;'S. sinj ! take this occasion to state tc you, kindly, but tirmly, that she has a n^ht to liberty of conscience, a righl rc.i.voon to every human being, and one 1 uvLr stand, guarantied to her by yoi before your marriage.' I was then re quested in no very polite way, to leave 1 i t ihu e is no necessity whatevei 10 contra-bet in detail the silly falsehooc ci tbe article. Indeed, I hove never seer the lady at any time. m i> all in substance that oc c '? i ne gentleman that accompanies sue ana Mr. Cooper know its truth. Very respectfully, Francis Pelvin, Catholic Pastor. Portsmouth, Va., March 24,1855. "ZT Children are raised in Japan wit ap .iw y s >nieofthe grown folks ar occasionally rai->ed with a rope?roun t;!^ m-k. For children, and grown folk* Japan huUs out inducements that shouli not be slighted. . A person writes from Cincinnal about hogs :?44 The only way to see tb city i?- to w.iit until a military compan turns o . a ;.i then get between thei ran* ;. iht'7 always carry their muf kit - at a low trail to clear the streets < poi kers." At a social party one ovening, tl qn-stion wis put 44 What is religion? "''''I1-11"-' replied one ol the parti *? religi n is 3n insurance against fire i next world, for which honesty is tfc best policy." 3 I >TEU?KTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS , ? ' r Lear* For Davs. ' "-:I Rreaien....New York.. Feb. S ' Haare New York..Mar. 1 j.ivirpool Boston.... Mar. 1 ' Liverpool.... Boston .. Mar. 3 i .-T Cr. .fornia st'amers leave New York oi i - ot.t ;iB(i ?f"th fit each month. ?V ALS AT FHINCIPAL HOTELS IV liltrils1 'ioidl?a. a k j. c. wiluid. HToyd. \Y J J Archer, Md 1. R t a-e, Mi.-h Dr Thorn, Va ?' 1 A :i. -, Mi?> C March, da i? t <i > |. Lauber. Pa .- i to, I iA E V tlillyer, NJ '"v? Va C T Gray, no J M; .in, ]?n J It PHers, NY V? \ * ' ' ^Y A Ayres, do .Mi * N br?vijort. do .?sr.r.nal Ilotsl -a. d willaid r II > >tiili, DC M: Ryrna, Va ? ? >1 Buckt r. Va C Le'Roi, M<1 A - i ?< I' f. i.'u vV M yevf^rs Pa >\?i ii Id, Nl J Leary, Md \. ' 11? d, Va W Boucher, do h !:?>? iji.d, do J Baker, do JCtaau J R Belt, do V. M*ell lie Itt \\r L ^ N l.-i v, NY VVTaze. Pa ' r'1 . Mr, FUudron, NY |. U L.p :,?u do W A Smith h lady, Va W r <} <;node, do IT ?ir? MJ H H P. F? M urud. r, do J j*wift. do Mi \ A ?Iacruder, ?o I' Ilubner, i A .ji- v..I.J, do Mrs Feote \y ?i i'< Ik, Md -. ,>!**? Gen J p Brawley, Pa /. ?. Mil-11, I I A Hopkins, do ' I nner, Va J C Schenck, NY ?: ?do K Mitchell, do ? '? ' '?? Mil i) II Tillmchast. USA ; ' ? >1- e.e, t S Col \V I) Bowie h lady, Md -? 11 i? i ii.. Fa J M Smith, do f ?!>?.', do K G Hunt. Pa % r w White, SC Mrs t^tuy ve<?ant, do ? :n'Y, V it Mi?.s Rutherford, do 'V '* " li-f'-n, U3 J ? Aur?1gv, NY J n, . lit U rr,?.?,| llnmf-J. H. a a. K11EW00D. , 0 ?'' ? A \V Ooms, Md >f i C T V '*? Mise A Perdwr, do f 1 La. i ,, I r*nri Miot 8 Perdur, do t t f u v Vr' J ?.y*M F, r*u'> *> ?. JNK^kweUfc'od^NY < ?? V. n. rlon, do C J r^Z"***!!' Pa J J \\ Il'iri'il!, (Jo \ Voii ?ifirh VV wkXKmS,'"* ? n'icJ rtatea Hotel??. c>),t ? : mn. Vd J II Jam'mm NY ' '? toaju, tio J K Hackney, do W C \\ Ihiliuar, do J VV Steveim, G i; Hue: e? J Prince, Va ? ?V Buihjp 6l lady, NY - ?? > >lou Homo, Alti?ndn?, Va. a. iiirroi, paoFmirroa. J V5<l*?of, V? VV S Ocshqrn, Va A V .r;,..-, ,t? G ? witkhaai, do II S '.V?rt. ao J (\'ei^ab?r. do J Rjrjcr. do j jJchrack, do E 1." Mar^h^ll,d?? Mrs Romer, do A H Sch?.lieid, NJ j Hood, do J M !*il>llh, .Md Q MoMertUillh, do ? > *f.n, NY R w Carter, do I W IfC A D Brown, NY it M aKOoa, Mo ELDORADO HOUSE, >? arenut, between Third and 4)4 itreeti, WaSHIHOTO*, IK C. CLBKIHTRRTMOLD8, ? (Late of Willards' Hotel,) RESPECTFULLY return* thanks to his friends and the public for their exceedingly liberal pa tronage since the opening of his house, and he ben to assure them that they will always be equally pleased in future. Since his openinc bis large patronage has induced him to fit up two large rooms, in a handsome style where be is enabled to furnish DINNEtl AND SUPPER PARTIES, for from two to fifty peisons, in an unsurpassed style as to quality, a* well as excellence. mar 80?eolm THE MUTUAL FISK IR8UKAHCX C9MPA HY OF THK 1ISTBICT OF COLUMBIA, CHARTERED by Conjtre??, otTers to the property owners of the District safer and cheaper means of insurance than any other Company. ULYSSES WARD, President CHAS. WILSON, Secretary. MATHSW G. EMERY, Treasurer. KiRifllU. Ulyvees Ward John Van Riswick Thomas Blagden P. W. Browning P. Howard, Mathuw O. Emery. J. C. McKelden. Office, Colombia Place, corner Louisiana avenue and 7th street. Office hours from 3 to 6 o'clock p. m. feb 2S?eotf LAW PARTNERSUIP. SUPREMECOURT OFTHEUNITED STATES. ROBERT J. WALKER and LOUIS JANIN have formed a c 'partnership under the name oi "Walker and Janin,"for the argument of caspa in the Supreme Court of the United States, at Wash ington city, wheie both will attend throughout the fliture sessions of that court. They may be addressed at Washington, N. York, or New Orleans. 1W?eo3m* ORGANS FOR SALE. A SUPERIOR toned CHAPEL ORGAN; and fine Rosewood PARLOR ORGAN, both now on exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Fair. They are from the inouulactory of IlENRY ERBEN of New York. For terms, flic-, apply to Prof. SCIIEEL, on 14th street, north of F. HENRY ERBEN. feb 38?eotf I. owes. s. w. OWIH. K. OWES & SOBf, MIL1TA11Y AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, PKMN* i LVaHI A AVKXn, Between Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets, WASHINGTON CITY, D C. Naval and Military Uniforms executed In the neatest style. mar 1?eolm [No. 530.1 By the President of the United States. IN pursuoaoeof law, I, FRANKLIN PIEROK, Pres ident of tlw United State* of America, do hereby declare aoi make known tha" a puri'.i* sale will be beui at the land office at Acoiarx, in the State of Mississippi, rommearing on Monday,*hs tvsniy-firtl day of Miy next, t ?r the disposal of all tint portion of tlw s?ct?on* ant parts o! Bastions of land bearing odd numbers wichiu six miles en <u h side of the Uw< of the Mobls amd Oeio rivik railhoad, in tbe ntat-s cf Alabama anl MimIoS ppi. Fukye t, to th> dcubl* minimum pr'.ce of two dollars anl fifty cents i I per acre, ss pr< vided by the act ot 20ih September, 1 lf5U,aaJ*xcept?d from praluation as to pries by Ith* art of 4fi Aa.-u-'. 1854, which were advertised to be offered for sale la proclamation No. 49*2, bear ing date 23d May, 1*53, bat subsequently witt drawn untii fur Ji*r notice for the proposed ra from Bratdon to Montgomery by public no:i:e No. 49-1, be?iiag d*te l'J:h August, 1853; cud tho s use not being eul jrct to private entry at tfee date of s id withdrawal, were consequently not restored to mar ket by general notice No. 522,da'ed uth cep'-eraher, 1854, situated in the undermentioned town.*hips, to wit: North of the bate line and tail of the ChocUno mm Idian. Township four, of range t hi -teen Townships thru, fourjivi, and tim, of range four teen . T cvTuhips three, four, fire, six and term, of rar ge fifteen Townships three.four,five, six, and seven,of range 11 sixteen I Townships five, iix, aul *?-vex, cf rsnga 6?Ten* 1 1 teen Township seven, of range eighteen. Notice 1* alsu fcerefcy giren that all ihi land.i elt u?*-el outside of the st# miJ-e limits cn tvh eide of the abovs road Tti'.hdnwn acd no* trtuoe restored to rri?ate ?ntiy as abova state I, which will be tub j*t to entry at oa? dollar and tweaty-five oe its per acre, cr (il tor actual settlement and preemp tion) at the prie-? pres rlbed by the graduation act of 4th Augmst, 1S64. tntb* following-named districts ao? townships in the Sates of Miss amp pi and Ala bama, will be subject to entry and location on anl h after Monday the nineteenth day of March next, to e wil: j In the distrist of lands hu ' ject to salo at Augcsta, a Missi9-i?pi : 5, Sjrtt\ of the bast line an l >-zit cf Choctaw mm J dian. Tewru hips t^reeffoitr^fite, pix and SfVeii, cf range I twelve ie Townships three, four, five, rix, acd *eren, ot range thirteen Towash'ps three, four Jive, t Lm, and seven, of range fourteen Townfhip even, of range fifteen Townships thr?e, four, ani five, of racge sixteen Township* thrr?, four, fjoe, six, and teven, of range sewnteen Townstips three, four, Jlvt, six, acd teven, ef raage etghtr#u. - In the district cf lant; subject to Bale at Lsmopo ie 1 us, Alabama : Sort\ of the bzt: lin? and voett of the principal me ridiai. J, I Townships IMrt^en. fourteen, fifteen, eixtoen and n | seventeen, of ran^e two Town?h<pi tbirteen, fourteen, flt Uen. tixtten end tevenieen. of raoge three Townships thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, tixtetn and sever t?en, of range four Townships thirteen md fourteen, of range five. ). The townships designated in r>m?n 'e tersare wholly within the limits of six end flfteon miles re >g soectively on each ?ideof said read, and th^se in 4 italic* are partly wi'.hin si id limits, ss designated 7 on the diagrams wbirh will be furnished to the re H spective district officers by th*? Commissioner of the General Land I'ffioe. The landfl w111 be soH. reject to the ripht of way I gr%nte1 by th:; act of 20lh fceptcmoer, I860, to tbe 11 states sf'.ie'sij for sail railroad, not ? x^eo<iicg one hundred feet cn each side thereof, snd therefor" the paiticular .recti of lan?i which include the road will be sold ss oontalnlng ti?* quantltiee respectively shown by the offi - al plats. The sectioDH will be cflaxed at tbe public sale in tbe<rder in which thiy are adv. rtiswi; the sale will be kept open for a sufficient time to admit of offering all the lands, but not exceeding two week*; and applications to make private entries of the land* offered at public sale under this proclamation will not b<: rereifed until after the cloee of the two wee is. Oiven under my hand, at the city of Washington, this seventh lay of Pebruarv. Anno D -mini one thousand eight hundred and flftv-fiv<?. KUAN KLIN PIEH0J5. By the Frwident: Joha WaeOH, Commissioner General Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE SUniON CLAIMANS8. Under tbe act of C-<t_gTefl4 approved 3d of March, 1863, entitled "An act to extend pre emotion rights to oertaln settlers therein mentioned," the pre-emp tioa la?s wer* extended ever the abeve mentioned alternate odd numbored sections within six miles on each side of the ronte of the road, where the settle ment and improvement were made prior t) the date of alio tmen*, if proven up and paid for at the rate of two Collars acd fitty cent* per acre, bqfore the day fixed for tbe public sale ; and by the act ap proved '47th Mareh, ISM, entitled "An art for the relief of settlers on lan4s reserved for railruad par poses," persons who settled aid improved the above named lection* prior to the daU of uritfidrawil will be entitled to p*? emptions at tbeordicary minimuui price of the public land*, cr at the r-ite of one dollar and twenty-five oents p*r acre, If proven up and t paid for bef-r6 the day flx-*dfor the pub ic sale;? Therefore, every person entitled to the tig^tof pro emption In any of the alternate odd numbered sec tlonsabove mentioned, wi bin six miltjol the route 1 of the road, uoder the act of 3d March, 1853, above referred to, on settlements made prior to th* 4th of Pebruar^ 1853, (the date of allotment) or under the act of 27cl> March, 1854, on settlements made prior to the d?tn cf the original withdrawal of the lands from m*rk*t, likewise every person entitled to pre emption o rider tbe act nf 27th March, 1854, in any ot tbe 'and* outiide of the tix mile limits dejected to be restored to ry on the 17 th day of Match next, is required tr es.ablisl. the seme to the sitisftction of 'he ransta? and reoeiver of the proper 'and office, and make payment therefor al the price fixed by law as toon at practicable after seeing this notice, and before the d*y appointed for the publ e sale or restoration to market of the lands embraoing the tract ciaimeJ; otherwise such <-lai u will b* forfeited. JOHN WILSON, Oommisdo&er of General Land Ctfloe. fsblO? lawlJw W ANDERINGS IN CORSICA, CORSICA; Picturesque, historical and social, with u sktlch of the early life of Napoleon, tran-lated from the German by Edward Joy Morris?price $1} 0 l.ecture on English Literature from Chancer to Tennyson, by Henry Ueed, price $1 U5 Just publuhed and for sale at TAYLOR fc MAURY'S, mar 22 Bookstore, near 9:b St. 7T?OLlAN P1ANOPORTES. l\ a Another of these beautiful Inslrumenu made by T. Gilbert It Co., BoaPm. can now be seen at our Music Depot. Also, a splendid papier maehft case parlor Melo deon. made by T. G. Gardner H. Co . Conn. ! H1LBUS k HITZ, mar 96 Star Buildings. PROPOSALS ron KAIL BAGS Post Orric* D*FAtTMnrr, January 12,1855. SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at thin Department unUl 0 o'clock a. m., of the 93d of April next, for furnishing for four years from the lat day of July next, in such quantities and at such tlmea aa may be required and ordered for the mail service, mail bag* of the following description, to WI ? Canvas Mail Bags. Size No. I, (43 inchea in length, and 69 inches In circoaference,) to be made of cotton canva?s weighing 15 ounces to the yard of 27 inchea width the yarn of the fabric to be doubled and twisted and nve-foH. Fize No. 9, (41 inchea in length and 48 inchea in circumference,) to be nude 01 cotton c&nv&9? weighing 15 ounces to the yard of 27 inchea width! and me cloth to be woven in every respect like that of the first size of bags. Sire No. 3, (39 inchea in length and 38 inchea in circumference,) to be made of cotton canvass, weighing 10 ouncea to the yard of 22 inchea width, and t?K: cloth to be woven as above described. The canvass bags of sizes Nos. 1 and 9 are to be made with a sufficiei.t number of eyelet holes, and provided with strong cord to secure their souths. All are to be well and distinct! v marked ,4 U. S. Mail," and to be numbered according to the sizes above specified. * Leather and Canvass Pouches. Size No. 1.48 in. in length, aud 60 in. circumference Size No.2.41 do da 48 do Size No. 3.36 do do 42 do Size No. 4. 36 (<o do 36 do Size No. 5. 26 do do 28 do The body of the leather pouches is to be made of 1 good and substantial baa-leather, well tanned, welsh ing for Nos. 1 and 2 not lew than 8 ounce*, and for the smaller sizes not less than 7 ounces to the sq. foot; the bottom and flap to be of good tkirting leather, well tauned, and the same to be well and stro igly secured with the best iron rive s, well tinned. The canvass pouches are to be made of densely woven canvass, s ! as to resist water, or at least equal to that of which the pouches now in the service are made. Leather and Canvass Horse-mail Bags, (in saddle bags form.) 8ize No. 1. Body 48 inches long, and 42 inches in circumference at the widest parts ; ends or bottoms of s-inie, 14 by 26 inches Size No. 2. Body 44 inchea long, and 36 inches in circumference at the widest parts; ends or bottoms of same, 12 by 24 inchea Size No. 3. Bojy 42 inches long, and 32 inchea iu circumlerence at the widest parts; ends or bottoms of same 10 by 20 inches The leather horse mail bags arc to be made ol good and substantial bag leather, w?ll tanned, nnd weighing not less than 7 ounces to the aquare font, and the seams to be well and atrongly sewed ; or, il rivetted, to be so done as not to chafe me horse oi rider. The canvass horse mail bags are to be made ol the same quality ol fabric as me pouches above de scribed. Canvass and Leather Drop-Inter Pouches (with Eide pockets.) Size No. 4. 30 in. in length,and 36 in circumference Size No. 5. 26 do do 28 do Canratt Newspaper Mail Bags. Sixe No. 1, (48 inches in length and 62 inches in circumference,) to bd made of coiton ennvass. wr ighins at l^ast 15 ounces to the yard of 22 incbei width; the yarn of me fabric to be doubled and twisted and five-fold, and the bag to be so constructed as to be locked and to have a handle at eacli end. Size No. 2, (41 inches Ion* and 48 inches in cir cumference,) to be of the same material and man ner of construction with size No. 1. Prop-sals for improvements in the construction ol any of me above-descrilH?d mail-bags, or in the ma terials thereof, are invited ; and me relative value and adaptation to the service as well as price ol such improvement will be considered in determin ing the lowest and best bidder. No proposals will be considered if not accom panied with saajplea of each article bid for, showini the construction, quality of materials, and workman ahip proposed, and also with evidence of me com petency and ability of the bidder to ezecate me wort according to contract. The specimens mast be delivered M me Depart ment on or before the fid day of April next, ami will, in connexion witb the pro;***!* form me basil or the contracts. Specixcaa deposited by biddun which may with safety aad convenience be used in me mail service will he paid far at tha rates pro posed by them. * A decision on the bide will be made on or before the first day of May next, snd the bidder or bidden chosen w;ll be required e? enter into contract oa oi before the 15th day of ica* next, with bond and sufficient sureties for a fcukrfcl of th< obligations as entered isia. All the articles contracted for are bo be delivered at the contractors expense, at Hrwion, Massachu setts; New York and Buffalo, N. V.; Philadelphia n r pa-; Baltimore, Md.: Washington ?J'hajteton 8.C.; August^Ga.; Montgomery Sewr.?r,ean8' La; Tenn.; Louis ville, Ky.; Cincinnati, Ohio; and St. Louia, Mo., ii aucb quantities and at such times as the Depart meut mav require ; and they are to be rurid'v in eprcted before delivery, and none are to be reccivec which shall be inferior to me specimens or bland arn b^. To enable bidders to estimate the number of th? different kinds of mail bags which will probably Im required, they nre informed that there were fur nished for die u?e of the Department, during tin year which ended 30,h June last. 2,135 leathci pouchee; J978 canvass pouches; 450 leather h?r?e mail bags; 60ocanvass horse mail bags ; and 17 11( canvtaa mail bags. 6 ???,?? ;h,?uld ** " Proposal, toi 3faii Bagt, and be addressed to the " Fo*tmatU\ Qtner?yi, ln ^MES CAMPBELL, jan law!2w Postmaster General. DE. H 0 & 8 5 ' 3 invigorating cordiai A PHENOMENON IN MEDWWE IJSALTH RESTORED AKD UJJ n LENGTHENED, by DR. Monsa'3 INTTCGItATTWJ , t" . J0twlAL were deemed fabulous tt>? eouU Hiittt th: dap], ftt* f^rimn6nr, I ^E?0na:w! by thn rer - But facta, msdeaiahle facte attested by e the h.ghaat elau and character, are now trluauh T^wVh, bt5' pfCRKjJt?LITY 18 0V*? EtSSZbh 7 8 which 13 perfect!, It7V ? 0J feefcls muSTu. ?*?>?,r,not . oitiicr 66K or to tcv &??. Thn ftxavi* -_a_? the ailing vife, the llstle^^^ youth flfe it n /MtoSSuVt*. 11" eomfUte and ur.failir.g azilcet'-hat tlt-f Ue malady. Ther. are wany/p? ^^ who tr.-ad with taalr coziiiatiiUonj, thai they tiilnk fw j y?=d thf> reach of me^Ine ,Th? deals with diseiw L It exiate, without reference to oauaea, and will nni ^TMtnor, the dlaordar lte?lf/buT ^ W>1 D TUH BBOa*N ooNsnronoN The ierangemanta of the system, leadlnc to n?r forma of nerrotu dlmrc It toinmZT'0'", ,twould '^nlrea^n!; to encmerate the maladies for which this pre-ara KriSft n^l affection, muicular debility, tremars, ftatufe^ .pnc^ae^tlon In the fleet nurabneaj tZ?? l^ii ? n*nU1 derreesion, weakness ofUie will, .ailspi-jiion U more, faintneaa after ezorciaa. ?^?e?n ? J tBrrifJrln? dreams, inability to rt? SSHZ T p]Z? 'r ^,tlon' of the J? creative organs, rcsnal inrompctency, melacoeolv of p^ons, and^UrreDn^i jjsfctinssiix'Slihi^ d^UnTs^aSd' "SSStrwith effldency lrre^uUrtiy with jssssjls ^ 1101 on'y without hazard ofrBaSr^ begin, faith with the nervous n ?017 ^^3 _ ? OAUTIOI. a.^1 i?^il fl I*VI00**rai? OoawAt has bean cotia t^JUL nnprlncipled persons. lit tuturSj ill the gsouiQ^ Cottila] will k?wa ?v proprietor's fac eteiila ? tbe Wlo? Proprietor, W.y. The Cordial is put up highly concentrated, ia pint bottle. Price.- 13 p?r Wattle; two for $6; sli fcr $13. 0. H. RING, Proprietor, IVi Broadaty, i<?w York Bold by Draczists throughout the UniMI .jtr-*, k?das, and Wact Indies. AQKKTT* Washington?Z. It. QllMAS. Baltimore?A. 8. HAN Cat Richmond?BIN NITT A BSU& TRAVELERS' PIREOTORY. Mott Bedell's Line. NEW YORK. ALEXANDRIA, WASHINGTON CITY, AND DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PACKETS. FTIHIS LIVE OP PACKETS SAILS WEEKLY JL from pier 14 East River, New York, and oftener ifneceeeary,and are composed of Uaafollowing firat ctass vessels: New schr. A. V. B*UU, Bedell, master. New echr. Mott BedtU, A. V. Tredweil. Scbr. Ann D., Wm. Oliver, master. Sch". Volant, L. A. Smith, master. Scbr. Commaruler-in-Ukief, Woflum, master. . Scbr. Oreenway, Wilson, master. These vessels are all fast sailers, and the masters men of experience in the trade, and the only regu lar lino of Washington City packets. MOTT BEuELL, Wall street, N. Y. S. S. MASTERS fc SONS, Alexandria, Va. THOMAS RILEY, feb 1?Cm Washington and D. C. CROMWELL'S BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN "V NEW YORK BALTIMORE fc BOSTON, TYTILL dispatch a Steamer daily from Baltimore fV and New York, and twice a week from Boston to B.dtimore and Baltimore to Boston. This line affords unequalled facilities to the buai ne*s inen of the District of (Columbia. The Agents at either point will receive freight and give a through bill of lading to Washington at the lowed rate* ot freight and no commissions charged. Applications for freight promptly attended to by the following agents: A. C. HALL, 58 Exchange Pl?ee, Baltimore. H. B CROMWELL. Comer Washington and Albany sts., N. Y. JNO. W. SCHANK, Jan 14?d3m . Foot of India Wharf, Boston. "for the west and south. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. IMPROVED A&RAN )EM*NT8 TOR TRAVEL 1 IMPORTANT CHANGES OFSCHEDUDMIt The lata completion of th? 'Central Ohio Railroad between Wheeling and Cc'umbos, uniting, as It does, by so short ani direct a line, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad with all portions of the West (and North and Southwest,) gives this route greatly increased advantages to thrqngh travelers In that direction. On and after MONDAY, November ?7, 1864, the trains will be run as follows: FOR THROUGH PASSFNQIR3 Two fast trains daily wil' run In each direction first?The MAIL TRAIN, 1-avirg Camden Station at 7 a. m., Instead ol8 o'clock as heretofore, (except on 8anday,) and amving at Wheeling at 2 40 a. cl Second?The RXPR588 TRAIN, leaving at 5 p m , instead of at 7 p. m., as heretofore, and running ttronjh to WheeMng in abcnt 17 hours, reaching th?r* at 10 25 a. ra. Th's train will etep at Wash* ington Junction. Sykeaviile, Monocary, Hrrper's Frrv, Martinsbnrg, fir John's Han, Cumberland, Piedmont, Lowlesburg, Newbury. P<>'.terman, Farm iagtao, Camerc-D and Moundsvi'ie only, for wood and water and meals. Beth thee* trains make prompt a?d regular connection with ths cars of the Central Ohio Road for Cambridge, Z%n?svill?, New ark, Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, Dayton, riandusky, Tol?d">, 1 etroit, Indianapolis, Chioago, 8t Louis, etc. fa&wngers leaving Baltimore by the Mail Tr**n; will reach Cincinnati for dinner next day, while by the Express Train they arrive there at 1*2 the next night, being kept but one night on the route by elth?r train. Passengers for tbe Northwest via Cleveland and j all intermediate points can a direct r-cnneo> ; tion with (he trains upon the Cleveland and Pitta burg Railrord at all times whea the Ohio Is naviga ble far steamers between Wheeling and Wrllsrille, by leaving Baltimore in the Mail Train at 7 a. m. Returning, the Trains leave Wheeling as fbllews: The EXPRESS TRAIN at 4 30 p. m-, reaching Bal timore at 9.50 a. m. The MAIL TRAIN at 11.46 p. ? , reaching Baltimore at m 7 p. 49"Through ticket* by boat from Wheeling for Cincinnati, Madison. Louisville, St. Louis and other River Cities, will be sold at a 1 times when the stags of water will admit. 49" Through tickets between Baltimore and Warraington, and all the important cities and towns In the Weet, are sold at the Ticket Offices of the { Company. j ICR WAY PASSENGERS. TIIK MAIL TRAIN, living Ceraden 8tatioa will . take psssengere f?r all the umal stopping places on ! the R^>ad Returning, (his train leaves Wheeling ! at 11.46 midnight Cumberland at 10.16 a. m., and J arrives at Baltimore at 7 p. m. THE FREDERICK ACCOMMODATION TRAIN, for Frederick ard loUnnwdUte tlaoee, will star* at 4 p. m., daily, (except Suu-iayO arriving in Vreder ick at 7.40 Returning will leave Frederick at 9 a. m . arrivine at Baltimore at 12.30, noon THE ELLIOTT'S MILLS ACOOMMODATI0N will be run daily, (exc-pt Sundays,) m follows: Leave Camden Station at 6 a. m. and 3 p. m. Leave Ellicott's Mills at 7.30 a. m. and 6.30 p. m. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRATNS RUN AS FOLLOWS: LEAVE di\iiy, except Sunday, at C and 8# a. m. and 3 and 5 p m. On Sunday at o a m and 6 pm. Leave Baltimore at 1% and 9am; and o and 8 On Sunday at 4 X a m *nd 9 pm. The connections with Baltimore k Ohio Railroad fjt the West are by trains lrarirg at 0 a m and 3 PB Vor Philadelphia and New York at 6, and 8}f am and 6 pm. For Annapolis at 8){ a m and 6 pm. Vor N on oik at 8 p a. T. O. PARSONS, Agent Particu ar attention is oalled to the Rule require ing a responsible voucher for any person of color who m-<y wi-h to pass over the road. dec 13?dtf OBAEGE AND ALEXANDRIA RAILB0AD. On and after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 18S4, THE Cars leave Alexandria dally for Cordons villa and intermediate stations at 7 if o'clock, a. m., on the arrival of the beat from Washington, giving ample time for breakfast on board. Con necting at Manassas Junction with a train for Etras burg, at Warrenton Ju- etion with a train for War renton, and at Qordonsville with the trains on the Virginia Central Kail road for Richmond, Charlottes ville, and Staunton. The oars leave Qordonsville daily for Alexandria and intermediate stations, at before 12, a. m., on the arrival of the trains of the Virginia Central rail road from Richmond, Charlottesville, and Staunton. THROUGH TldKKTS. From Alexandria to Warrenton $2 00 ? ** Qordonsville...... 8 60 M ? Charlottesville 4 25 M " Staunton 6 90 u " ctnusburg................. 3 60 u M Lynchburg ? ????? 6 76 " 44 Winchester 3 60 M <4 LtlffiT 4 QA *????????????????????? * M " 14 New Market 6 00 " " Mlddleburg 2 26 For L?n6hbu;g, oonnecting with the stages at Charlottesville, on Ubndays, Wednesdays, and Fri days. For Lnr&y and New Market, connecting with the ? ages at Culpcptr, an Tuesdays,Thursdays, and Sat urday. For Winchester dally, oonnecting with the stages at Piedmont For Mlddleburg daily, oonnecting with the stages at the Plains. Per order t W. B. BR0CHETT, Agent. nov 7?dtf FOR MOUNT VERNON. On TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. Para round trip (1; from Alax andria 76 ot>nts?The THOMAS COLLYER leave* Waeldngton at 9 and Alexandria at 9U o'clock. Coaohts leave the Capitol for tLe boat at 8Ji o'clk. Coeah frire '0 o?mt9. Persona wishing tbe Coaches will leave their resi dence with Geo. A Tbos. Parker. Refreshments on the boat. Oct 28?dtf 8AM*L QKDNKY, Capt. VUiC NEW TURK * LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS? The Hnips oomprisinq this line are THE? ATLANTIC, Capt. West PACIFIC, Capt Nye, BALTIC, Capt Corn stock, ADRIATIC, Capt Grafton. These ships have been built by oontract, expresF ly for Government service; every care has been taken in their construction, as in the Engines to insurs strength and speed, and their accommoda tions for passengers are unequalled for eleganoe and oemfort Price of passage from New York to Liverpool, In first cabin ?MM*aaaeaa? ????? ?????????????????? ?????? ???????? 4iao Second Cabin 70 Exclusive use of extra rise state rooms 800 Itom Liverpool to New York ?30 and ?20. An experienced surgeon attached to each shlpt No berth can be secured until paid for. For freight cr passage apply to EDWARD K. OOLLIN8 * CO., 66 Wall street New York. BROWN, SHIPLEY A OO , LtverpooL B. G. ROBERTS A CO., 18 King's Arms Yard, London. JOHN MUNROB t 00, 26 Rne Notre Dame des Ytetolrea. Paris. GEO. H. DRAPER, Havsa. The owners of the*e rhlpe will not be aooountable for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, preeions . stones or metals, unlsss bills of lading arc stoned therefor^ and the value thereof thereto expri?sfl. j NAVY SUPPLIES?1855-^56. Natt DxpAirvniT, ) Bureau of Provisions u] Clothing. v Mareh 16, liM. j SKPARATB PROPOSALS, wlal tod endorsed "Propose'* for Navy Supplied," will be re-e?i?ed at this Bare* anil S o'bliok p m , oa Patarday. tbe 14th < a ' of April next. for furnUhiog and deliver lag (on recalling tan days' actios, *izmpl for biscait, for which At* da jt act! a shall ba gfvea for every twenty thousand pound* required) at the Celt el Btates navy-yards at Ofaarlsstoea, MaaaekuetU, Brock'yn, Haw'Tort, aad ttespo t, Virginia, snob qaan Utiaa, inly of the following articles aa may ba required or ordered from tba extractor* by tba abUf of tbia buraan. or by tba fatp ctlra or mmind Ing oAoara or the aaid navy-yards, daring tba flacal year ending June 80, I860, vfl: Flour, hire alt, whiskey, suga-, taa. erffe?, rica, molasses, vinegar, pickles, be ins and dried apple* Tbe flour shall Ns superfine, and of tba manufsc ture of wheat grown io tba year 18o3 or 1965; but ahall in all caaaa te manufacture 1 fron wheat of the crop immediately preceding the datei ef the re quisltieu for the pame; ahall beperfact'y sweet. and In *11 respects of the b*et qcallty. an i iha l ba delir ami lu good shipping or^ar, free o'all ebarga to tbe United State*, in tba beat n -w, irrll iremnr \ sound bright barrel*, or half barrels. ai tba ease may be? the etaves and healdgs to be of whl e aak cf tbe beat quality, strong and *eirh<oped, with Iin!ng hoops around each bead, end equal in qnaiity sample barrel at said nsvv yards; two half barrels to be ooaeidered aa a barrel, and not more than oce sixth tba requited quantity to ka in bal. barrels Ths biscuit ahall Ih made wholly from sweet iu per flue flour, cf the manufacture of tbe year 1864 or 1866, but shall in all case* be in an ufa tu red ft ox tijur made of the crop Iil mediately prrced'nr ;h? da*es of the reqiUltioni fir ?h* same: and ebsl. te folly equal in quali y, acd conform in visa and ehapi to tbe samples with are d poaib-d in the said nary yard; shall be property baked, tbcrougb It kiln dried, well peaked, aod delivered f.e- cf charge to the Cnited staler, in good, sound, a ell dried, bright flour barrels, as above descried with the head well reeur'd ; or in air atd water-tl?ht whiskey or sririt barrel-, at the option of the bu r 6-u The wh rtey fh*ll be made whoJ'y from gra'n *ound and merchantable, and bs fl ty per e*nt_ alove proof acr.rdinx t"> the United t UtM custom houee atandard. It (ball be diiiver-d in good, r ew sonnd, brigh-, three qu -rt? ra ho-n d, well sea* ned white oak barrels, with whit* oak head-, the hea-ts to ba made of three piece leading acd well pa nfcd: tne staves not to be less than % inch thick, an J tbe beads not leas than % inen thick; and each l? rrei shall be oocp?rtd. io add.tion, with one three-peony iron-bo?pon each bilge 1V$ ioehin w<dti,and 1-16-i inch thick, aud on* ihrce-pennv hoop oa ea:l chime, 1 inch in width, aid 116 b inch thick, as per diagram The whole to b? put in (jocd sh'pping order, free of all ohargo to the United States. The augar shall be according to stmpl s at th? raid nary yards; and be dry and fit for picking. The tea shall be of gool quality Ycung Hyson, eqdal to ths samples at said navy yards. The ocffe? sha'l be 'be beet Cuba, according to ?unple Tbe rice shall *e of the vry L?st qaili'y, acd of th? crop ?irme1iat*ly preceding *he dates of tar re quisition* for th? fame. The m?las!*s aball be folly equal to t!? very le't quality of Sew Cleans ra .lw*^ avd shai be del. v tred in we l-eeascned red rak carr-1% with wbl ? p ne head* not Iwe ihan 1| trch th'.ch ; the e:i?rei not le^e than % in :h thi k; the barre'a to he three quarters hoop^l, and. In sdi Uon. to four iron boops, oce ou each Mge, icch ia width and n fixteebth icch th'ck, and oae en each chime U inch in width, acd 118 Icoh thick, and shall be thorr ughly eoopo el and plactd in tte brst thlpplrg condition. The rine/ar sha'l be of th? flret qualite cHer vlr egar, e-jual to tbe stard'rd of the United Kites 1 h^rmzcopsBia, and shal contain no other thtn aoetlc acid; aad-hill b?; de*lvr?d in barrels s-mi lar In all rwf^tti 'o these r^jnirtd for molas as, with the exe mption that while oak staves and heads 'hall be substituted for red oak s'a*a* and white pine heads, and shall be thoroughly coopered and plaaed in Um best shipping order. The picklea shall b? put up in ir-n bound casks aad each ca-h ahall contain oae gallon of oclo.-.s one gallon cf peppers, and th'rteen gaUoas of email cocumkers, and tbe vetetab'es in e?ch shall we'.pb ninety pounds, and they only be paid for; and eaek cask sh*l\ then be fille<l with white wine vinegar o> at loast 42 degrees of ttrength, and equai to Fr-mb vinegar: the ctk?, Vfg-tablee, and vinegar shall roaf( rrn and be equal ia all r erects t-5 be eamples depr^ited at the above uamed navy yards, and th( oof.tractora shall warrant acd gs^rsntytha' they will ke*p good and soand for ct lesst twoyara. The brans shall be of the Vrry b*yrt iuali*y white beans, and shall be of ths cr;p lmmedntely rreced ing the date- cf he requisition f r the saie. 1 he dried ajp es eha:l be of the bert quality, a?>d sbaU be prepared by mn-dryinff enly, and sfcall be of the crop of the autumn immediately preceding the dates of the re^u'sit'on* :or thn sam^. All the foregoing d scr bed art'clca, embracing easks, barrels, half barrels and boxee, ?bail be en - - Jeet ti sadi inspection as tbe chief of this bursau may direct, tbe inspecting offl er to be spp inted by the Navy Depar msnt. Ail in?p^Uon? to be at tbe p'ace of -ielivery. Itiecult may, hew^ver, be irspcct el at the place of manufacture, but will in all case* be subject to a final inspection at tbe placd (f deliv ery before bid* are signed therefor. The price* of all thi for go'n* ar'ic'ei to bo the ram? thr.nghcut the year, and b Cd?rs may tfforllr one or more article. All tbe casks, Varre's, and helf barrels, boxes, or packa|es, s>>a 1 be marked witb their - ontents and i the contract' r*s name All the barrels and baif| barrels of fl >ur, bread, and pi kels shall have, in addition t-> the abeve, the ye?r whec manufactart?i or put up, mtrk?l upon ihea. The samples referred to in this alvertWmcn* ara tho-e selec ed for the ensuing fiscal yeer, and Kav no reference to ?uc.\ at hivi been previeuJm exhi hibttti. The quantity of these articles which will be r.? quired ctnnot be predsoly stated. Ttey will nrob> bly be about? To b? offered for. J!001"; - 1 200 bbls per bbl ? ??? 1,600,000I'm p-rlOO lbs 35.000 gaU per gal ?uK?r - 2"0,0001^s per lb 20.000 lbs per lb S?flee ? 10 00J lb; t?r lb Rioe. 200 000 lbs per lb - 20.000 gals por grl Beans ? 6,000 burh....perbnah M.OOOga s per tral rrf-d apples 60.000 lbs per lb P,ckle? ? laO.OCOlta per lb The quantities of any or al'. may be increased or dimlnUbed as the aervi-e may here?(ttr lequire The oontracts will ther^f >rs be made, not for speel fie quantit'e , but for such quantities as the serv ce may require to te delivered at tho?e navy-vard; re spectively . * - ii C?ntract01? not residirg at th? p!a-e? where tie liveries are required mast erteblifh a^eccies at such places, that no delay may arlss in tumishin^ whnt may be required; and wh n a or ntractor tails promptly to comply with a requisition, the Chief of the Bureau of Provisions and Clrthinn shall Leaa t0 dlr*ct P?reh*?? ??? made to enpply t?! thf I"0*1-' to "PWH in the contract, th* rosord of a reqnssiti?>n, or a danli rT0f.*! ,he 8ar,*u of Provisions and SS'V3*'0^ (lthlT of th" n*TJ-y??'ds'd, shall be evid'n.'e that such requisition has been made and received. ??6rB ?oat h* ^ ?*ch article st th^ An.l9.tf0r^ailniV >irdH5 RDdin ? ? more n contiined in the offer, the ChL.1 of the Bureau will have the right to a-c?.pt ooe or Uetth0/ ??t?Jned In such oil J, and r? "d bllden wh** Propoml. (and cooe others) will be forthwith notified, and m earlv as practicable a co-tract will ,^r^d ^ ?*? IOT ?*ecut;?*'; which ecn tra-t muet be retarned to the Bureau within ten iays exclusive If the time required tor the regular tran'mirsion of tbe maH. * *?.TwoJ?r mop* ?rprovei sureties, In a sum eqral to tta ertimst-i amount of tie respective cod tracts, Tmi ?? 'S.vfV-? 1,11 P?r oentom In addition wJl bo withhali from the amount of all peymeats on acoouct thereof as eo lateral security, in addltior ?Ii??'/-rmaDC?'and not,n ?">yev.nt io be paid untiUism all reacts ootnplifd wi h, J" ?f 1110 #m;unt cf ali deliverer made wld be WOd by tbe navy agent wi:kia thirty p^nf,dr? him?ly aU;heDt^^ ^ have be^n proposals may be obtained on ap p.fcation to the navy agents at Tortsm u:b, New ^4,t0DKNfc/Wiw 0rk' pbiladelr hia Bal i bureau^ n> Pensacolc, and at thi. Ktfi reoo^V. ^ dupliaate of the letter Informing a bidder of the aooeptanoe of his proposal, will^>e ? notification thereof; within tiem^Iil of toe act ?f and his bid will be made and aooent edin conformity with this underrtandlnc F loth Au^Cl^,) by^tin gu^n:^^ *** nooented, enter into an oblll fwThthe^r ,u?('l?nt sun. SKfrJ ? prowed. Tbe bureau wi 1 Wto proposa! cr>nsid*r unlese aocom guarantee required by law; tteoom a9enb district attorney, or aome officer oi CtTfT"11 kn0W11 ttthe-bureau. , blJder" " <o the samplas ?L'required, ad in the in IriJl sT -L oeption, a just but llgid oompAri*vB , 'en "?? ar >c!m effered and -Le filma fixm tht act rft rmi M r.l supplies invited bv th? fc.r. ?a , _rr.w,?u ws-.oa tnird, eighteen hua deed and forty three, iball be aeecmpantad by a written guaranfW, signed by ons or mora r*rpoud bU pwtu, to the affejt that kl or thej undertake that the bidder it bidder* will, If bis or Itoir Wd to swptad, ftUr ??to an obHtatb ? ta to eh tin* as aaay to prese:1bed by tto Secretary of the Bavy, with food and scSdant sureties, to AtraWk to s?{. plies prop in. No pre-poaal *a 1 be roaaMared ua ?eaa acnotnpaaM by eu?h gnaranta*. If ?rter tto are |)!%dci of a propoaal aad a notill ation t ton of to tba bidder or! bidders, ha or ib-y shall (ail to at tar Into aa obligatka within tba t'uw praseMbed by tto toe-etary of >ha Navy w'th food aad mSeUot sure tiaa, for luralihlaa tba icppilaa, tbea tl ? Irnbry or tbf Kiry shall procead ? Bmtreet wl?b aoaaa other parte a or parr>aa to fa- aisbiag tto aaM aaa! ptUs aad aft all forthwith came tto diffaraaaaW twaan ibo amoaat eoatafcaed ia tto prspasal ao gaiiattinl aad tto amoaat for vbieh to aaj tore ooatrac e t for farai blag the aald ruppBaa tcr tto whole i erlod of the prop^poaal to to abated ap a-alnst aa d bl id r or Hldtn. aad bin or their gwai actor or gu.r*n'ors; aad the am* qit b? laaaM< ately recovered by tba Upited Sta ea, for the an of tba Nary Dsp.rtmmt, la aa action of debt agaia t either or all of ra'd p? rwai." [PubUo, No. T.] Jorirr Rfsotrrrc.* relative to b*ds for proitoi^c clot bin*, aad amal I Mores for tLs aoa of tto navy. Resolved by tke Senate aad Htmet of f^rtaala tree* of Uu United Staiii of Amenoa m Cba^reaf *s tembUd, That all bidf for fu^plia* of proi clothing. and amall stores for the u>e of tto may bo rejected, at the option of tto made by one who la not krown aa a maauii af. or regular dealer la, the article propreod to to famlabcd, which fact, or the rereraa. must ho Aa tlnctly stated ia the bide r(T?red; that tba bid a of all parens who may have Called to amily with tto conditions of aay cob tracts they may have previ ously eaters Into wltb the Uaitrd Statea ahalL a| the option of the department, he rrjerted; that it wore oae bid be offered for the supply of aa article on account of any one party, either la bit own nam*, or in the nam* of hia partner, cierk, or any other poraou, the whole of auch bide shall be re jected at the option of the departmeat; and that ra> partem of any firm shall not be BSMived aa mu tlea for each o ber; end that, whenever It aay bo doemed nec-eatry, for the internal of tto fevera nn-nt and the health of the orewa of tbo Palled iHtttfi wall, to prnenre particalar brands *f fioa? whi h are known to keep boat on dlatant stations, the Bureau 6f Picvirlona and aud Clothing, with the approbation of the Feeretary of the Navy, be, and hereby 1?, authorised to procure the aaaa on tba beat tertr*. la ma ket evett Approved 27 March, 18&4. mtr !T-1aw4w AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENSE. Lrr tbb sick U4i tbs tbftii. Caitaiw Pskjamin.? Wherever knowa hia laati niotiy will be concinaive. But leat tboae wlM da not know the Captaiu ab< uld be sceptical, Or. Daw. - >n it Bro., with oil lew of th? b*et knowa aad highly reapectable citixens of Easton, endorea bio wonderful euro by HAMPTON'S YBGITABLB TINCTCBB. EaaTOB, Oct. 4, ISM. Messrs Mortimer 9r Blotrbray : Gentlemen?I feel it iuy (futv to you and the pub lie to certify to the effects of Hampton's Vegetable Tincture. I waa for more tb-.n five yeara laboring under a di-ease of Chronic Rheumatism. aad the great part of that time I was ao hHp!ea? that I bad I t be helped from my bed and dre*>ed in my ciotboa I became reduced to a mere akoieton. All ibe Bird icin**a 1 t<vk doo?* me no rood, and 1 continued to irrow wor?e. I heard of Hampion'a Tincture and thought I would give it a trfol. At thia ume I did not eipect to live one day after another. I I'd i>ac take it (the Tincture) for the Rheumatism, l*;t ? a xboit time I waa w: II ?.f that dia< a?e. From C* effects of your 'I inrture and the help of <J'?d 1 am now getting in good health. 1 wixh all lite afflicted to try Hampton'a Vegftab* Tincture, aa I have d me, with the aame effect that it has on Your obedient servant, Isaac BiffJamn. We are acquainted with loaac Benjamin , mid him aome of Hainptnn'a Vegetable Tincture,aa?iba tieve tbe ?bove ctatement correct. DiWaoi It Ban. From our knowledge of Captain Benjamin wo ar? confident tliat tbe above atatement ia trae and un exagerated. J. A. JonaaoM, CnaaLaa K ;a:waoi. CaH and get pamphlets yatia, and aie ere> at Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neui<wria, Dra f?epeia, N'ervouanc** and General Weakne,*. Aa a female modicise or for delicate children we bt-tieva it URequatled. Sold by MORTIMBR k MOWBRAY, i?0 BwU more atreet, Baltimore; and 304 Broadarav, N. Y<wk Cras. Stott k Co., J. B. Moore, D. B. Cuut Clarke k Bowuko, W. Eluot. and H. McPara ton, Washington; also, by R. 8. F. Cisskl, George towu, and C. C. Bbrrt, Alexandria, and by Drug eisU r v.\:? jar 8?4r 00UGI1S, COLDS, HOARSENESS, Rallef la rivt Blnaui. TTLRtTH COMPOCIfv GUX ARABIC STRUT. Inrraasinz ?leic<nd for this most pheasant, . Skfe, and eS^a'iou* r^a eiy for all pulmonary dktases, tu 6nal-l?l th* pr: ? rietor tr- rodnoa tto rrice ao aa to pic.* It within the roaeb of all rlaaaae. Its etperisrity over nort similar preparations Is at tested by cii-ny ez/sinetit pbye>eians wh? have i<o*i? cyo witrww** of its efPracr w!?an tha usual roma diea fctve failed; al#o by thon?*nd of oar most rw i<pmtable citifeo ?ho kare ur-*d it tn their 'amliias both as prsvoatira and cura with n?ver fe ting saa f :t the lut twenty years, during which neHad with very little aid fro?n aivertirinr. Ae., It hi rraduaiiy spread reputation or?r tl-a whole Ci In earee of recent CbUi Ccug/u, Mcmuntu, dt, It giTes itomedlate relief, at-d g?n?ra<ly runs in a day or two, without intert?rin?, with d*?t or biudne*', or roadering tto sys?ea more suac?ptihle ot <*'<l., ? a chronic caaet, AttKma, W\oop-ng Ongk, Oowp, BrmckitU, Affections ef Ike //wng?, wad Cmmmp tion. It is always v?ry b*netoiel and salioa taiia, when commenced in dm* to perfoct a earn. , Frloe 26 aad b0 eonte a bottla. Bold wholeaa'.a by Patterson k Nairn, Ptott k Oo, RilgelyftOr. Alsxai-irla ly Teel k Stevens. In Georgetown bv Mr. Qanei M9- m.E'irfiQUM ABAB7C CAXVI DROf ft a similar et aapoeltloc to rbs above, but ia a mlldec ani rtarf prrtable fora ; they act like a eham on a trcufclrfome Couch, and clear the throat anJ to ice; they couiaiu no Lnjiiridus drag are paxtlen larly reoomcsnd'-d for UJidr^n. frequenters ot pub lic assemblies, public speakers, ringers, Ac Price 13>4 and Bo cents par toz. For sale at most Drag an4 Candy Otaras, oat 17?tf PU1LADKLPBIA LAGER BEIR DEPOT, 881 Pa. av- nue, between 4 % end 6tk street. WE have at all times the best Philadelphia l.e gi-r Beer on i and, and offer it now for aale for $3 per keg, and in quart bottles for fl 50 per dozen. We send the Beer free of oo?ts to all parts of tbe city. hf Many physicians hav? recommended thia Beer as oye of the best remedies for weak stomachs. mar 5?lm* F. C. fc W. CEBKCKE. GRATIS ! JU8T PUBLISHED: A NEW DISCOVERY IN MEDICINE! A FEW urords on the Rational Treatment, with out Medicine, of (Spermatorrhea, or Local Weakuese, Nervous iH'bili ty, Low ttoinLj, Latitude, Weak ness of the Limbs and Back. Indispo-| ?tnon and Incapacity for Study and' Labor, Dullneaa of Apprehenotoa, Loss of Memory, aversion to Society, Love of Solitude. Timidity, Self DUtrusl, Dtaxmeaa, Head Ache, Iavoiantary Discharges, Pain in the Side, Affection of tba Eyoa, Punpiea ou the Face, Sexual and other infirm (tie* in man. FROM THE FRENCH OF DR. B. DB LANKY. Tbe important fact that these alarmingcomplaiats may easily be removed without Medicine is, ib ibis small tract, eUarty demonstrated; and tbe entirely new and highly succeaaful treatment, as adopted by tho author, fully explained, by means of which ev ery one is enabled tu cure himself perfectly, and at the least possible eon, avoidiag thereby all the ad vertised nostrums of tbe day. Rent to any address, gratis, and port free In a sealed envelope, by remitting (txwt paid) two post age stamps to Dr. B. DELANEY, No. 17 Lisponard street, New York. ^ Jan 17?3m PIANOS FOR SALE AND RENT. rV*HE subscriber baa always oa band a amort I ment of German and American ri-^239 ANOS, trom the very beat mar.ufactureniPFV^nN which he offers for sale at lower prices than can be purchased in the District of Columbia, and cn the most accommodating terms. All Piaco* purchased from me are warranted to give aausfac tion. Old Pianos taken in exchange. B. REISS, Professor of Music, G, betw. Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets. eb 6?am* FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. OMALL bUILMNQ LOT* of lo teat or cv>re, In O vrjv ns parts ol tba City, and G?o*g?U)wn, at tew pti^se, and terms to suit. LLOYD ft 00. 8CILD1SO ITOir For wis, deliverable at the Canal, er W iVaatilngton, Georgetown, or Alexandria. lloyd ft oo. llti treat, oaatrasnn DooartmamL It C8?1? * ^ W WATCHES. JEWELRY. SILVER AND PLATED WARE AT REDUCED PRICES. WE offer our entire atock of *4e^-ant GOLD WATCHES, RICH JEWELRY, PURE SILVERWARE. Sc., at greatly reduced ratea. Person* would do well to examine our assortment, which is by far the larreet, most ftobwaable, and beat selected ever offered to our customers M. W. GALT ft BRO.. 3#4 Penn avenue, batwoea thh and 10th sts. mar M?tf . LOUDON WALTZ. COMPOSED and dedicated to the ? ounj iaJtes u( Leva burg, Va., * J Prof. J. A. Yoang A very pleasing composition, puMiahod at Ibe Mwfc Depot of HILBUS ft IUTZ. mar 19?M

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