Newspaper of Evening Star, March 30, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 30, 1855 Page 3
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* J ' % V f V i? rt^ * I) ? ?. ' M au ^ 1 A il. Local Intelligence. ? tiailt PASS TBS Horas True. the 3?a roo for hotel fashionable " hops'' is over, bat, I as heretofore, the pleasures of the dance a^e icdulged in many % private circle Ani thns it a111 ever be?as long as there is a foot to I ?take end suitable muMc can be produceJ to I in tig ate the >4peetry of motion ' Let the dig nifled few, if they will, prefer the stately aituet, the many, 44 the million," will resort I to inch figures and measures participation 1a whieh baniahea all suspicion of rheumat I its, and proclaims " the spirit cf the age"? the 44 go ahead,' or, rather, go-afoot, active principle, becoming the "sovereigns" of this hippy land | We have heard of the fashionable 44 bops," I and of their magnificence. Spacious hills, fice bands of music, hundreds or ges jets, and, cortainiy not least, graceful fomalo forms, clothed in fashion's richest gear, and faces additi>nally beautified by tbe gayety and ex citement of the ho%r. They whc have attended such entertainments, while appreciating the I buiy and brilliant scenes, have a very good word to sav concerning the refreshments, served both in the form of liquids and of solids. But there are other 44 hops," conventionally so called; we should prefer to designate them 4> shuffles '* | Several nights ago, a large party of women I and men resolved en having "a dance."! Among their tenements, there was not one I large enough for that purpose, and ao they repaired to a vacant carpenter i sLop, in tbe rear of Temperance Hill. In a very short time, the building was lighted with tallow dips, and, to the sound of a fiddle, the party at once jogged on in their unrestrained amnse ment. The shuffling of feet, and the jarring of the loose floor, acted as a kind of heavy base to the screeching horse-hair and the feline entrails, while an occasional hearty outllur?t of laughter fell into tho orchestral movements as distinctly and appropriately as the octave flite amid the clatter of brass, and the grum biing of trombones, and the dreadful boating I of unoffending but groaning sheepskins For hoars, the merry-makers continued their di versions, stopping, now and then, however, to drink ?omething from a tin-cap, repeatedly replenished f:om sundry blcck bottles, the contents ef whieh may have been milk or water for aught we know to the contrary! We ha~e no doubt those poor creatures en jcr ed themselves equally as well as those, in cluding Queen Victoria, who danced at Wind-' for Castle to the music of Jullien's Prima Donna Va'se, performed by a monster band. Means of etjtptnent are suited to the cir mmatanees of all classes, and though it would rot be eonsiderod fashionable to danoe in a carpenter's shop, not a few of the children of our respected first parents may consider then:, selvee to be well favored if they have no other indiaeretion than this for which to atone. Capitol Extension.?Messrs. Provost and I Winter, the contractors for the marble work, have in their employ one hundred and eighteen stone-dressers, seventy reven carvers, and | ninety-five Iaborors. The aggregate number was much larger, but there has been a ruspen ?ion of hands on aocount of the non arrival of a efficiency of the rough material to keep them all at work. The carving in marble is both elegant and I beautiful : and this is seen more especially in the door j ?ms, whi-jh are fourteen feot in length- riehly consoled, bearing representa tions of corn with the husks and grapes with tbe leaves ihe marble casing cf both of the wings of the Capitol extends to the second s'ory, in- I olusive, with the exception here and there, cf a gap, whieh will shortly be filled with, the I smooth and handsome white material. We no iced, yejterday, that workman were setting the columns and pilasters, with richly I carved capitals, in the vr?tibu!e of each wing, fronting east, and which are to support the] great stair ca*e i la addition to the workers in marbie, there are employed eight or ten bricklayers, a force now snffioient to keep pace with the set<icg of the marble ; sixty laborers and thirty five car-| penters, and about a similar number of black smiths, in their respective shops in the vicinity. The number of persons employed on and about the Capi'ol extension is iargc enough to constitute a good sise-l village. Ail of their movements are conducted in remarkably good order ; every one understanding his business, and faithfully performing it. Contractors, superintendents, and over-lookers are men of character, ability, and sy?tem ; hence matters are properly ani beneficially conducted. Dar Goods ?The >pricg stock of dry goods which Col ley A Saars are now placing on their sheires. are at least equal to anything of the sort ever brought to Washington. We have seen many stocks of similar goods, and as far eouth as Washington we never beheld anything superior to them for variety, giod taste and elegance Shoppers should by no means foil to pay them a visit, if but to gratify their curiosity to learn how astonishingly the various improvements in the manufacture of dry goods are enabling those of the trade whose motto is 44 Qniok Sales and Small Pro fit," to lesson the price* of almost every arti ? ele of perjonai and household wear. SriDAY School Exhibition ?Tbe little folks of Kyland Chapel, Seventh Ward, gave an entertainment on Wednesday night, con listing of recitations, dialogues and singing The children of the Sabbath School were priv ileged to select their own parts and pieces. As an evidence of the extent to which they availed themselves of the permission, it may be stated that the performance extendi through two full hours Hat very few persons north of the can*! knew that the exhibition was to take Cece, else there would have been more ,4lev f taken as aiinisrisn fees at the dxui. Fiaa Vusiso*.?We?saw yesterday being unloaded before the door of the fine establish ment of the brothers Sheckell, opposite the oca ire market, a large quantity of fine venison, to be ehipped and broiled for sumuft use, such ii fi never before saw in this market at this imoo of the year Upon some of the hams the fat lay an inch tniek. We presume it oame from the Maryland glades, whence lb* Messrs. 8heckell obtained most of the fine venisoa sold by them in the eourse of the past wiater. The lot they are new getting in Is a eight, whieh, to an epicure, is well worth jee IxporrAjr Conaacriox!?We have been reminded that there was an error in the pub lished conundrum which won the ailver pitcher at tbe oircus on WeJneedev night. The official eopy reads ae follows: 44 Why is Ham Duvall like Horatio Maryman?" Answer: 44 Because be im good at catching pigs *? We are at a losi to perceive how even this rendering of the attempt at wit improves the so oalled conun drum Mi. aiai. Miami and Samuel Umberfield, who broke jail two weeks ago, and who were captured Uie day after, were tried in the criminal court, yesterday, for that offenoc sgains', the lawfl. They were found guilty, aaatenoed each to nine month's imprieou ment in the county jail. Beeide, they will heve to serve out, in that place, the twelve ?01thi for which they were previously sen tenced for their first offence Bad Bov ?Yesterday a colored boy named Andrew Jeckseu was arretted and taken be fore Squire Bates for striking * small boy aimed Bart in the face with a brick. Tbe blew broke the little fellow s noee, and proba bly will disfigure him aa long as he lives Tfee Magistrate fined Jackson for throwing ponce in the street, and held him to bail for court in the case of aisault. Throwing stones it becoming to be a very common practioe, and |? n very iac^ervui one. Co**ts.?Whea complaints are made about disorderly boys the complainants should always be ready to give the names of tbe of feaJi'og parties, and it is useless to tell a pub lic officer of this or that violation of law if the evidence is not brought to prove tbe charge. Ike Coua-.ilJ, too, by remitting fines, give the ofioers very little encouragement to do their daty. It u almost telling them that they have exceeded tueir powers. Watch ?There were cone th'i IW&iPf. f^her for trial or lodging Musical ?'The Union Choir Association have issued a circular to the ?ariom musical societies an i amateurs througbont the Union in lation te the contemplated Musical Conven tion to be hald io thisoitj, commonoing on the 8f.h of Maj a?xt, to continue four successive dajs and evonings, and to close with a public concert. ? % The committee of arrangements consists of Msssts T. L Potter, P A. TuckeT, T.J Ma gruder, Thomas McGill, George Sheriff, and F. Ulenroy. They say that the snocess whioh has invariably attended such conventions, when properly conducted, whether held in city, town, or Tillage, oonvinces them that it will make an abiding impression on our com muoity in favor of the cause and claims of sacred music, and will not less abundantly reward nil who therein participate. The Union Choir of this city is now coa p< sod of seme eighteen choirs, attached to va rious churches of Washington, and numbering upward of tbrsc hundred members. The ot jsot contemplated by them is one of importance, and no aoubt will attract larga numbers of musicians from the differeut States of the Union The a*sooiation has been in existence about a year, and the projected move ment speaks well for the persevering en'er f rise with whioh their affairs have been con ducted ? Miss 1-annt Morant?This young lady'* Meg Merrillis last evening, was exc?eiingly well received by a very crowded and discrimi nating housv We do not remember ever to have seen its representation more ap plauded in this city, where it has been played by Cbarlette Cushmsn and several other very distinguished actresses. In the other leading parts of the piece she was well sustained, though here and there an actor was imperfect in the text, and words were introduced in the play wholly foreign to it, which Is in bad taste. To.night Ingomar is to be performed, a piece which suits Mfts Morant's powers cap itally. It will be worth seeing, doubtless. Mr. Manager, tell your fftage carpenter thaf he will do well to attend to his wing soenes more promptly and regularly. Last night he left chamber scene wings ?' on" with a grove roene for, perhaps, ten minutes. Gone ?The cirous company which has been performing at the National Theatre for tho last few weeks, has taken a sudden departure We are not sure that they oleared muoh by ihoir visit to Washington. We only know that some of the employes are grumbling vary moch that their wages have not been paid. The Hacks.?The officers of the fifth did trist police have been looking up the hackmen who leave their hsu k? standing in the street. This is a violation cf the city laws; and the enforcement cauws much ill-feeling between the officers und tue hackmen. Wire Wairrua ?Yesterday Patriok Con ner was sent to jail by Justice Pates, in de fault of security for his appearance at the Criminal Court to answer the charge of whip ping his wife. It is becoming quite common tor the "baser sort" to indulge in such di versions. There were three or four suoh oases last week. Tar. Poisoning Case?In theca-e of Phar nella Skinker and Delia Hasel, charged with poisoning Cassa Williams and her family, the jury have not ye*, agreed upon a verdict. They had, up to the hour of our going to press, been confined in a room, in the City liall, for twen ty six hourj. Wedding Parties?While at the railroad depot yesterday afternoon, we saw two happy couples, who, in the oourse of the day, had been united in the bonds of matrimony. They to< k passage for the North, wedding tours being quits fashionable, now-a days. [communicated Mr. Editor:?Can you or any of your readers inform me of the origin ot playing tricks on the lstct April' Qukrt. 107 in a Porter Honsc. The Eighth Ward Police were informed, about 10 o'clock on Tuesday night, of a dis tuibance then going on at the Porter-house, Mo. 338 Hudson street, known as the " Wea ver 6 Arms," and two officers repaired to the place and foued a man named John Soott lying dead npon the fl)or, and three men figliiiug in another ro<m These were all arrested and taken to the station house, where alsj the body of the defused was brought. It was thought at the tiuie that Scott had been killed in tho fight, but yester day Coroner 0 D.nnell held an inquest upon the body, when a different state of circum stances wa* reveiled. It appeared io evi dence that he came to the place intoxicated, and continued to drink freely ; that he and one Daniel Dewer commenced skflarking and continued for some time, without exhibiting any angry feeling towards each other. Some hours afterward, they resumed their play, when the deceased became angry. John Connor, an acquaintance, then interfered, and tetUed him in a chair, after whioh he became more excited, and called to bis son, wbo waa in a back room, to come to his aid. The son came, and e*.ruck Connor in the face, and a regular fight em>ued in the back room, and while it w-s going on, tho deceased, who was sitting in the front room, fell from his chair, and died of apopiexy. It was in evidenoe, further, that deceased was cf very intemperate habits, and that no violence had been in flicted upon him. The Jury rendered a ver dict of death by serious apoplexy, suporin duced by intemperance. The deceased was a native of England, 47 years *f age.?..Y Y. Tribune Emigration?The commissioners of emi gration report the total number of alien emi grants arrived at this port during the present year, up to Marsh 23, at 15.077. This is about 3,000 lees than arrived during the same time last year. The commissioners anticipate quite a decrease in the aggregate emigration for tLe present year. They estimate that tho German emigration for the year will amount to about 175,000, and th* Irish not far from 00,000. The number of emigrants that arrived during 1854 exoeeded that of any former year by 34,278.?N. Y. Journal of Commeres. Destruction of a Prison?The State pen itentiary at Nashville, Tenn , was destroyed by fire on the morning of the 29th instant. It originated in the cabinet department, and in a short time the entire portion of the building devoted to the different branches cf trade was a mass of flames. Tho east wing then caught, and was damaged so much as to be useless The cells were thrown open, and the prisoners eonveyed to an hulosure within the walls. One eonvlet named Connor was smothered tc death, and one escaped. The loss is estimated at 9100,600. Removal or Mechanics.?We learn that a eonsiderable number of oarpenters and other mechanics, who have suffered severely duiieg the winter that is closing, have been induced to proceed to certain Southern States by re ports of the excelleat wages there to be ob tained. Another portion of the same class have bhaped their course for the rising West, believing that a new country must offer many ehanegs of making a living when a crowded city will furnish but one. This emigration, and the speedy opening of the building sea son, have brightened the prospects of the oar. pentsr trade, at least, and 44 nard times" will soon be bnt a memory?Pktf. North Amur. Slave Excitemeitt ?A dispatch from Cin cinnati, dated the 29th iost says, "A oolored girl named Kosetta, brought here from Ken tacky, by an agent of her master, and who was declared free by the State court at Columbns, has since been arrested under the fugitive slave law; but Judge Parker decided that whenever a s'ave by consent of the owner, setj fgoton Ohio soil, he is free, and he there fore decided the girl free The United States Maishall attempted, to arrest her, which caus ed muoh excitement, and a mob being appre bended she was finally eonveyed to the Wood ruff House, where she now remains." GfThe Boston Times notices a breech loading oannon?a six pounder?capable of being loaded and fire! ten times in a minnte by half the force nsually required for ordinary cannon. It says the mechanism of this piece is very simple, and oan he readily understood by the dullest comprehension. At the experi mental trial at City Point, a six pound bell wee thrown a distance of three miles and ft half with marvellous aoetraey. tyihetwo noted Pagilists named Jttatt Turner and McLaughlin alias Pargena, hav ing bean indicted as principals with Lewis Baker, in Uie murder of Bill Poole, are kept confined ia separate cells, to avoid their com municating together. Pargene appears bold while Turner appears haggard and eare worn. Tbsj will probablj ba arraigned next Tues day to answer the tarrible crime.?Ne* York Tim?s. |y A marriage between a Prussian noble man and a dantruae, contracted at Gretna Oraan in times wbansuoh marriages were legal, haa given rise to a trial in the Prussian Courts cf Justice; which haa bean coingonfor a Ions time, and is jo at concluded. The husband claims that the marriage was not binding; the wife resisted. The Supreme Court of Appeals have decided that the marriage is perfectly legal and binding on the parties. ttf* The New York Third Ward police, du ring Wednojday night, arraated twenty five female street walkers, and sent thorn before Justice Bogart. They were all sent to the island, except three, one of whom got off in oonsequenoe of haying a child two waaks old Eight ware arreated in the Fourth Ward, and uken before Jnstioe Bogart. Writs of habeas corpus for twenty-nine of the females were sent up on Thursday. py A convention of Christianised Jews is to be held in New York oity in May next A correspondent of the Roohestar Advertiser says that a prominent matter to be brought before the convention is the consideration of the re turn of the Jewish people to Palestine, and to take measures to co-operato with Jews in Eng land (who have already moved in the matter) and other parts of the Eastern world. WexANS Rights ih Illinois.?The follow ing resolution was adopted by the House of Representatives of tha Illinois Legislature: ? Resolved, That a Una of $500 ba hereafter imposed on any lady who shall leoture in pub lie in any part of the State, without first put ting on gentlemen's apparel. A Novel Plxdob ? In Sullivan county, Ind., one of the candidates for oounty clerk was pledged to give one half the proceeds of the office to the widow of the lata olerk, and tho other promised in the event of his election to marry the widow. r-"7= KLA9T!C B1KKKI. KNKMA SYRINGE, a nest, porta ble, an<1 moat convenient and esnlly Btuutd article ??er Invented. Also, Maw'i Self Injecting Apparatus, of brass and white metal. Trusses of tha most approved kinds, of all sizes AUioiir.ii il Supporters and Shoulder Bra??a. A larji supply of the above mentioned artlclea Jnst re ceived by z i>., Dealer In Drag*, Medicine*, Paints, Oils, Window Olaaa, Pa. avenue. w>r j8 iT y="NOAH WALKKK k CO., under Browns' Hotel, are prepared to *h->w one of the most Complete assortment of RE ADY MADKCLOTHIKO ever offered hi the citizens of till* DUtiict. Their stock embrace* everything that is new aud fashionable for the *?a*.>n, mansfactured wit!? taaie aud elegance. for which their Clothing la celebrated. mar ST rj-T" PRKMII MS AT THK FAIRS.?WHITKHURSrS atlll In the ascendance.?The Juries of each of Uie lata fairs at lUUlntore, Klchiooud, and New York awarded their hlgheat premium* to J. H. W. for their superiority of Pho tographs, Stereoecopee and Daguerreotype* exhibited. Mr. W. alao received two Medals at the World'a Pair, Lou dun, and a premium at Crystal Palace, New York. Alao, the Qrst awards of the Marylaul Imtitute for three years Wlitteburst's Gallery In this city la on Pa. trwn^ betw. *\i and 6U1 (traeta. fob IT fl?BAKKR'S l'REMIl-M BITTKR9.?Mr. Editor?Yon ' would be astonisned, though true. In mj* travel through Virginia a short time since, to hear of the faith and reconi menlatlon that i* given to |! IKKK 8 PRKM11M BITTKRS. Several ladles and gaiitlemeu said they had had the Dyspep sia for many y**ars. but never had found anything to make a cure of It but Maker's Premium Hitter*, an4 some would aay It had cured them entirely of the nervons headache, and other* would lay If It had not been for these Bitters tliey would have died with the cholera. So we say, success to BAKER and hi* PRKVIl'M BITTERS. Every family should keep a few battles on hand. Price 5C C4iiit? jer bottle. To b? had of CHAKI.K4 8TOTT k CO. Washington, D. C.. CANBV k HATCH, and KKTH S. HANCE, Baltimore, and by Druggists everywhere. mar M?eolw f>-7? THE P0RTHV OP PHYSIC.?AYBR'8 PILL*, glide sugar-shod, over the palate, but their energy, although wrapped up, I* there, and tell* with giant force tn the vary foundation* of dijeaae. There are thousands of sufferer*, wh> would not wear their distempers if they knew they c^ild he enred f >r 1> cents. T^ry Ayer"* Pills and you wl!l know It. Purify the blood and disease will be starved out. Cieante the system front Imparities and you are cured al ready. Take this beat cf all Pnrgatlves, and Scrofula, Indigestion, Weakness. Headachs, Backache, Side Ache, Jaundice, Rheu matism, derangements of the Liver, Kidney*, and Bowels, all derangements and ail diseases which a purgative remedy caa reach, By before them like darkness before the Hun. Reader, If you are suffering from any of the numerous complaints they enre^suffer no more?the remedy has been provided for you, aud it la criminal to ueglect It. 1 hat Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is the best medicine for a Cough, la known to the whole world, and that Ayer's PIUs are the best of all Pills, Is kuowu to those wh* Lavs used them. Prepared by DR. J. C. AftK, I-owtil, Macs., ?Aud sold tr Z. D. OILMAN, Washington. Q. VI. LINTHICl'M, Georgetown. J As*. COOK k CO., Fredericksburg, aud by all Ctnicglsta every ?iiere. fub 17??oSm "-?p-DB. HOOFLAND'S CELEBRATED GERMAN BIT u*-/ TERS. There are few things which alTird n* greater pleasure lhau sitting down to write a notice of the celebrated Hoof laud U?rmiD Bitters, because ws are fully conscious we are conferrl!>g a pnblic beneflt, and our heart tells us that by our notices m.?ny have been Induced to take those Bitter*, aud been rescued from death by dyspepsia, liver coinplalut, *c., for the cure of which It I* certain It I* prepared and *old only by Dr. C. M. JACKSON, at the German Medicine Store, No. IN Arch street, Philadelphia. See advertisement. mar 1?Im ,T~7*A PHENOMENA IN MEDICINE? Bronchitis. Congh, 'Dy?pe^sla Liver Complaints, Scrofula, Ac.?For all H sea?es of tlis Female System It stsuds preeminent. A Olergyuian just Inform* us It has cnrM him of Bronchitis of a desperate character?oartlco'*-* hereafter. HAMPTON S VEGETABLE IIN(*T1 KE-By Its mild ac tion on the stomach, liver aud kidneys, Will cure Dyspep ?ia, CougD, A'thma, Bronchial and Lun; Affections, Pali.* In the B.tck, Sid* aud Brea't, Cousuinptlon, Scrofula, Rheu in attain. Gout. Neuralgia, Fistula, Bowel Complaints, Piles, Worms, and Nervous Deullitles?wrth all diseases arising from Impure hi .od, aud Is the greatest female medicine ev er knewu. T ils tu?elaa'ule rned'c'ne Is worklug wonders upon thehuman frame. Seeadvertlaement to-day. iuar 7 "V^^NKTBALGIA.?This formidable dlseas*, which seems 'i?' snems to baOle the sLlll of physicians, yields like magic to CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. Mr. F. Boyden, formerly of tii? A*tor Huase, New York, and late proprietor of the Exchange Hotel, Richmond, Va., I* one of the hundreds who have bean cured cf severe Neu ralgia, by CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. Since hi* cure he has recommended It to numbers of otb era, who were cutTerlng with uearly every form of disease, with the mo*t wonderful success. He says it is the most extraordinary medicine ke has ever seen used, aud the best pnrlUer known. ?.?Seeadvertisement In another coining. Ipjsi Suillik'itox recctvsa all the new Unok* and News cai er* a* faat as pnbllsbed. He Is agent for Harper's and all the other Magaxlnes, and onr readers will always find a large and good assortment of Blank Books and Stationery at bis Bookstore. Odaou Balldlug, cor Ta. avenue and 4M sL MAUltlJlili. On ihe i9th inntaui, b llfv. E. P. Plielps, Mr. F. J. WA I'EKS and Misx EMILY A NALLEY, all of this city. On tbu 241 initaMt, bv tbe Rer J M. Mfiiry, Mr CADBtt VV DO/.IEU and Miss EMILY SUIT. PIKII. On the 27ih instant, FRANt.'IS C LORD, aon of John B. and farah Lord, ?ged SO iitotiiha. Ou tbe 36*.h instant, JOHN, oniy son of Joltn and Elizabeth Robinson, 11 month*!. Ou ibc 2ith inelaiit, GEORGE WILLIAM ROD GERS, youngcBt son of' Robert find Elizabeth N'a*ii, aged 5 months. Wanta. Areripectable YOUNG GIRL WANTS A ?ituation an Chambermaid. Ha* no objection to take care of childrrn or to tew. Address Mary, at thin offie?. mar 3*1? 2t* AN OMNIBUS DRIVER WANTED.?A p?rsou well qualified to urive an omnibus uuy fiod a go.>d bituation by applying at llie counter of the Star office. mar 30?3t WANTED-BY A STEADY MIDDLE AGED J J man, a situation in aome reipec'.able employ m?-nt. Good references to character, &c. can be given. Address "C D E," at this office. mar 30 ?3t House waste d.?the advertiser wishes to purchase, for cash, a good two titory bin: t Dwelling, suitable lor a small lauiilv, situated north of Pa. avenue. Address "S F A," through the Poit Office, slat ug location, price, 8tc. mar 12-Im* Boarding. V| RS ANN II. SCOI T, oppoeiti Jai kson Hall, 1Y1 is now p-epared to receive Boarders, by the day, week, or month. She has several large front pkhhs Fuitable for a lady and gentleman, mar 29?3t* \cubannerman, CORNER OF NINTH i3X and E streula, has several good Rooms vacant suitable lor faoiilies, which she will rent with board on rensonable term<?. She can accommodate six or eight gentlemen with table board. mar 29?3t HOAB.UIIVG.-Six or eight genteel boarders, by the month, week or day, can be accommu dated at Mrs. DEMENT'S, No. tfTT B at., opposite the Me ropolitan olfi -e. . mar9-3w* Boarding?mrs. duvall, no. sat Pa. avenue opposite Browns' Hotel, has ?everal very desirable rooms, suitable for families or single gentlemen, winch she would tent with board, on reasonable term*. She can al?o accommodate 6 or 8 gentlemen with meals, without lodfing. wlr 8?if Auction Bales. By U&KEI St ICOTT. A??tUn?*ri. STLENDID CHINESE AND JAPANESE AND other lliusehdd and KiU-hen Furniture * *ur tion ?On THURSDAY, the 5th April, we eha'.l sell at 10 o'clock a. ni., at the residence ef Lieut. Baich ot the United States Navy, in tne Six Buildings, on Pennsylvania avenue, between Twenty fir.t and Twenty-second at*., ? very superior uartatat ol Furniture, viz: Splendid Japanese Centre Table, inlaid with pearl Do Chinese do do ivory i Do Japanese Ladies' Cabinet and Writing Desk, Inlaid with pemrl, set Japanese Waiters Do Chinese Work Table and Teapoys, inlaid with pear! Do Chinese Chess and Backgammon Ken and Board Do Chinese Paintings and Costumes Do do large Punch Bowl and Toilet Set Do do Circular Hed*tead; inlaid with ivo ry, a perfect curiosity. Do assortment of Japanese and Chinese Orna menu and Curiosities , Pine rosewood oval Centre and marble-top Sofa Ta bles Pine Chinese Inll and other Lamps, gilt glass Chan deliers Fine China, GIa*s and Crockeryware, among which are one Chinese Dessert Set, white French China Dinner, Tea and Coffee Sets Fine gothic gilt frame French plate Mirror and Bracket Fine Mereen and Brocatelle Window Curtains and Ornaments Fine walnut gethic, castor, arm and other Chairs Fine cushioned Lounges and Ottomans, What-Nots and pedestals Fine walnut Chamber Set, eomprinng guhic Bed stead, Wardrobe, Sofa, Arm Cha rs, dressing Bureau, marble top Washstand, and single Bedstead Fine wain ?t Set, comprising French Bedstead, La dies' Dressing Stand, Psyche Glass and Wash stand Fii.e Feather Beds, Bedding, Hair and Shuck Mat tresses Fine iron Nurse Chair, bronzed iron Settee atnd Chairs for hall I Fine Tapestry, three-ply, ingrain, and Stair Carpets | and Hug* Passage Oilcloth and Straw Matting Two jars Nutmeg, preserved in their natural state Quarter cask Madeira Wine, sixteen vears in wood, four yearn in the East Indie*, nne Small lot fine Consta^cia Refrigerator Mahogany dining and other Tables Cooking and other Stoves And a good assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Terms of snle: l|30 and under cash ; over that sum a credit of sixty ajd ninety days, for notes satisfac torily endorsed, bearing interest. The subscribers must confess that in their attempt to describe the Furniture they have entirely failed Suffice it to say it is superior to anything wo have seen, and we would respectfully invite the ladies and gentlemen of Washington, Georgetown and A> exandiia, and the public In general, to attend the sale and see for themselves GEE EN fc SCOTT, mar 30 - d Auctioneers. P. S.?The public are respectfully invited to call on Wednesday, the da/ previous to sale, and ex amine the Furniture. G. fc. S. A' For Bale and ttent. CERTAIN CHANCE TO MAKE A FOR tunc ?A lady having acquired a competency in the Millinery business, is now desirous of dispo* ?ing of her establishment, and retirinz into private life. Iler location is one of the best in the city, anJ is a rare opportunity for me acquainted with the business. For terms and particulars apply at this office. rear 28? lm TO LET?THE DESIRABLE TWO STORY Dwelling on the north side of West, between Washington and Concrete streets, Georgetown, and late the residence of Charles E Eckel, deceased. For terms apply to M. ADLER, Agent, mar 28 -3t T*HE RESIDENCE OF COL. ROBERTS, U. S. A., continues to be offered on pr vate s-tle. It is one of the best appointed Cottages in the District, containing three acres of Ground, a large garden, excellent water, arables an i outhou"e? in perfect order, and ornamental grounds, Iruit trees, fee , in the best condi ion. Fur information apply at this office. mar 28?2w FOR RENT?ABOUT FIFTY ACRES OF | Land across the Long Bridge, in Virginia, and east of the Alexandria Canal. Apply to R P. fc A. DODGE, _mar SB?1 w Georgetown. FOR RENT?a HOUSE ON I ST. NORTH, between 13th and 14:h its., opposite Franklin Square, containing ix rooms, three attic rooms aad kitchen servants; and bath house in bick building. Good cellar., under the main b-jilding. PoMcssion given on the 1st April. Apply at the house or to Mr. J. J. Miller, coincr of 7th street and Louisiana avenue. mar 27? ROOMS FOR RENT?TWO OR THREE new ly > uraUhed and very doirahle Rooms for rent wnh board, at 403 F St., Union Row. mar 26?lw Y?OR SALE-A FARM IN MONTGOMERY county, Md. This land adjoins the properly . which David Peuuli lately bought of the heirs of| W it. Gaither, and the lauds of Mrs. I'eale and l)r Duvail. It is about four nules from the Seventh st. pldiik road, arid between nine and ten miles from Washington. This land is mostly covered with , wood, the soil is very kiud and high susceptible of improvement. It is well watered with several streams of never (ailing water, ami contains a large amount of land capable of being converted into meadows. The tract contains one hundred and seventy-two acres. There is on the place, in the process of completion, a very neat Cottage, contain ing lour rooms : a.-id four thousand new Chestnut Rails ready for fencing. I will sell the whole tract or eighty acres ot it with the house. The terms of rale are one fourth cash ; the bal ance in one, two and three years, secured by a deed n? trust. LOUIS MACKALL, Jr. Ge irgctown, March 2?2awtf Furnished rooms for rent-i very handsome parlor and chambcr for rent, suitable for a gentleman and lady, or sin le gentleman, with or wi'.hout board, at J. P. CRUTCHET'S, corner of Sixth and D streets, No. 47 7. mar 26?eo3t* * IMIIRi'Y-ONE BUILDING SITE-*, CONTAIN ing about five acres each,on a credit of 10 years within twenty five minutes ride of the City Po^t Of fice for sale, lying between Washington and Rla :!en*burg, cistant from the central portion of the city Irom 2^ to miles. The tract prest nts a frmt on three public roads, is in a cood neighbor hood and rapidly improving section of the conn ry. We will sell the above lots on a credit of 10 years and on such terms as we are sure will insure to the purchaser nn easy mode of payment. On many of the above lots there are fine groves of oak trees, of the original growth, and also some tine Springs ol water. I We offer these lots to residents of Washington, | who would reside in the country and at the same time be able to attend to business in the city. Alsn, a tract of good land adjoining the same of about thirty-five aTC8, improved by a good dwel-1 ling house; has on it a fine spring and spring hou?e, two groves of Urge oak wood', and is well fenced. For the above either improved or unimproved city property will be taken in exchange at a fair valua lion. , For lithographic plats of the ground and further | explanation 'of the terms of salu inquire of JNO. B. KIBBEY, No 4 Columbia Place, Corner 7th street and Louisiana avenue, mar 21?eol2t Rural re treats? several of those cottage residences at Kendall Green being now vacant, application may be mane v> the undersigned for renung the same, with privilege of purchasing on liberal term*, either by letter through the poet office, or at his residence after office hours. The location is healthy commands a full view of the city, is but a mile and a quarter from the Post Office, and is in every respect desirable. Gardens of two acres each are attached to every house. A permanent omnibus line communicates with Georgetown, bv way of Penna. avenue, twice a day, at the usual fare. WM STICKNEY. mar 22- tf STORAGE.?Those having Furniture, Dry Goods Groceries, fcc., to be stored, will find ample ac commodations in the large, airy, fiag stone paved, and Dry Basements under the Star office, corner Pa avenue and Eleveutl; st. Apply at the Star office. J an 31?tf HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Building Lots, 24 fett front by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of f75, payable $3 per mouth. Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Hall, jan ?J?6m JOHN FOX, Secretary. A SPLENDID HORSE AND BUGGY, fcc., for Sale,?The subscriber offers for sale, on a credit of four months, with interest, for good paper, a very fiiw bay Horse, five years old, without blem ish or fault; so gentle that a child can drive him, aud ol good style aad act on. Toe Buggy is nearly new, with :op, and of the most approved style. Also, a fin" pair of dapple gray If ARES, young, ia fine order, and without fault, wiih_ Carriage and Harness complete, the Carriage i>e.iij( nearly new and fashionable. The Horses I have owned for a year, and can guarantee their qualities. I w 'l tell the horses and carriage on a long cred it, s ? 6, 12 and 18 months for good paper, ?atis ac to 1 / endorsed, with interest, or the whole at a lib *1 discount for cash. JNO H JOHNSON, Grocer, Cor.7th aud ? Ms., opp. Qeuf Post Office. Auction Rales. By J. HeG CIHil. SALE BY ORDER OF TflE ORPHANS COURT, of Furniture and Household Effects?On TUCS DAY ntofninr, April 3, at 10 oMocfc, at Ut* rr?1 >!? nee M the late Win. H r?g.% tm Fi lit ureet. b.? tween E and F street*, I shall sell, fcy of the Orphans' Con;t, all bit Furniture and Effects, Ei si 02? ahogany hair ?f>nns Sofa, Chain Do Cantre and Side Table* Drc?sing and plain Butvana, bedstead* Wasbstands, Toilet Sen Superior Feather Beds, BoUtem and Pillows Hair and husk Matties; es Blankets, Counterpanes Comforts Cane and wood seat ?'hairs, Lounges Carpets, oucloth, M~t'ing Dining niid Bleakest Tables French and Stone China, Glassware Silver Spoon* aud Forks, superior Table Cutlery Plated Castots, Curtains and Shades Cooking, Radiator and Air-iight St>ves T? getber with a general assortment of (leasehold and Kitchen Furniture* By order of R C PAGE, Administrator. JA8. C. McGUIRE, m,r Auctioneer ORKKJI A VCOTT, Aastlaassrs. Household and kitchen furniture at Auction and H >use to let ?On WEDNES DAY, tba 4th of April, we shall se!l, at 10 o'clock a m, at the residence of a gentleman declining bouse kee|iing. at No. 333 Ninth street, two doors above north L street, an excellent assortment of Furniture vix: Mahogany Sofas, parlor and rocking Chairs Do velvet covered castor aim Chairs aad Ot t mans Do marble top centre and pier Tables and Bureaus Do dining, bi cakfast and ?ard Tables Do Bookcase and fine large portable Ward robe Girandoles, solar, ball and other Lamps China, Glass and Cr<<bkery wart* Gilt and other pier daises High and low post Be 'steads Wardrobes and Waihstands Fine velvet, Tapestry, 3 ply, ingrain aad stair Car pets t Parage Oilcloth, Bearth Rugs and Matting Refrigerator. Stoves Andirons, Shovel and Tongs With a good assortment of Kitchen Requisites Terms: All sums of and under 925 cash; over $2. a credit of sixty and ninety days, ft>r notes *4li*t*c orily erdorsed bearing interest. Toe House is also for rent, a fine two story and basement brick, containing ten good and conveui cntly arranged rooms', with high ceilitga, store r ?om and c oseu complete, hot and cold water conveyed through the house, and a pump of exceUent water in the yard, and a side lot with fine fruit trees, Bipes, and b.:inf near the Northern Liberties' arket. For further particular* apply ou the premises. GREEN h SCO I T, mar 89 ?(1 Auctioneers. Bf ORBKM dfc SCOT r. Auctioneers* Household and kitchen furniture at Auction ?On MONDAY, the 2d dey <M April, we Kliall sell, ai lOoVloca a. m., at the rc>i deuce of Mr. W. C B.nVr,atNo AOS Penr.sylva ma avenue, comer 15th ;^.,aii excellent assortment of Furniture, viz: Mahogany Sofa, parlor an ? rocking Chain Walnut Dresbi j; Barnaul, French n*d?teads Cherry, French, and otbei i eu'stiuds, and Waah ataads Feather Bed*, B -dding and Mattresses Girandole*, China, gl*?* and crockery Ware framed Mir>or, and other Looking Glasses Venitian M<ndsand Window Curtains 3 ply, mgiaiii, and stair Carp<-u Fine passage and step Oilcloth and door MaU I' ind Breakfast Tabies Cane ar.d other Chair* Andirons, Shovel and Tongs, Fenders Cooking, airtight, and other Stoves With a good let of Kitchen Requisites. Term- ca?h. The above described Furniture is nearly new and of good quality. Persons wishing to purchase wiH do well to attend the sale. The Hou>e is lor tent. Inquire on the premises. GREEN fc SCOTT, mar 27?d Auctioneers. By J- C. UcGl'lUK, Auellouttr. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF IMPROVED PROFER ty:?On MONDAY afternoon, April 3d, at 5 o'clock, o:i tlie premises, by virtiie of two deeds of trust to the subacrilter, one dated Mav 10. 1847, ami recorded in liber W B , No. 134, folio 163, fcc , the Other dated June 10, 1847, a:id recorded in libei W. B., No. K<5, tblio 470, flic., two of the land record* lor Washington c? uuty, in the District *f Columbia, I shall sel , on the promibes, lots numbered 10, 11. 13, It, 15, and 16, in square No ?>5, fronting on lift: street west, between F and G streets south, with the improvements, c? nsisting of au excellent two sUiiy brick dwelling house. Terms : One third cash \ ihe residue in six, twelve and eighteen months, with interest, to be secured to the satisfaction of the trustee. NICHOLAS CALLAN, Trustee. J AS. C. McGUIRE, mar 7?eo Auctioneer. By J< C. SIcOUlUK, f uettont*r, I^XECUT"R'S SALE OF VERY VALUABLE 4 Improved R<al Estate.?On MONDAY arte, noon, April 16th, ar 4% o'clock, on the prea.ixe* the subscriber, as executor of Ui?? la:e Chas. B. Da vis, will sell at public auction, the we*t halt'of l*ot No. 5, in square No. 377, fronting about 3 -? feet opi E stret-t north, between 9:li and 10th streets west, running hack about 150 feet io a 30 foot alley, With the improvements, consisting of a two etory Brick Dwelling House and baric buililmr. containing 12 iooin?, with a small brirk otlioe adjoining. This property is han-N melv located within a few minutes' walk oftbe Post Ollice, Patent Office, th? Avenue, and Ce .tre Market, and is very deairable as a private residence. Immediately after the above, I shall sell, on the pr? mises, Lot No. 4, in Square 105, fronting about ?25 feet on H sire? north, between Itjth aid 19th sts west, running bnek 130 feet 9 inches to a wide alley pin reved by a substantial two story br;ck dwelling House and bick building. This property has a good paved side alley, in addition to the rear alley. Terms: One.)ialfca*h ; balance in six and twelve months, for notes bearing interest secured by a deed of trust on the premie. GEO. A DAVIS. Executor. JAS. C MfGUIRE, mar 90?2a?fcds Auctioneer. By <J> C. McGUlkE! Auctioneer. SUPERIOR FURNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD Effects at Public Sale.?On MONDAY inorn ing, April 2d, at 10 o'clock, at the residence of J VV. Simontou, Esq., ou Sixth, between D and E streets, one door u .rlh nf Unitarian Church, I shall sell all uf his excellent Furniture and Household Ef fects, comprising? Handsome carved walnut Parlor Suite, finished in rrh Maroon |du;b, consisting of large French Sofa, pair of Tele-a Eetes, pair Arm Chairs, pair Gothic Reception Chairs, and Parlor Chairs Fine rosewood marble top Centre Tables Superior in*hO|>any Secretary and Bookcase, What Not Handsome French plate Pier Glasses, Bracket Ta Mes Fancy Chairs, Marble top Light Stauds, Astral Lamp Elegant Damask and Lace Curtains. Cornice, fcc. Velvet, Brussels anil Three-ply Barpej^, Rugs Piano F,>rte ami Stool, Ciraudole* Handsome Gilt Ciiandelier* and Gas fixtures French China Vases, Ornament* Three flnc Oil Paintings, two by Richards and-one by McLeod (Views near Washington) Enamelled t'ot>age Sets, Bureaus, Washstands Mahogany Elizabuthian jtidsteada Wash?taiid* Superior Hair Matlre?s*s Bolsters and Pillows Dimask covered L'.uuge, Divans, Crib Walnut hair *piing seat Chairs, Rockers llairack. OilcLth, Stair Caipet Straw Mattiug, Drugget, Rugs Mniiosauy Sideboard, Dining TalUos French and stone China, Glassware Table Cutlerv, Chafiiiig Dishes Kilver plated Castors Excellent Cooking Stove an! Fixtures Together with an exce.lent assortment of Kitchcn Utensils Terms: ?30 and under cash; over that sun a credit of 60 and 80 days, lor notes satisfactorily er.dorsed, bearing interest. JAMES C. McGUIRE, mar 517?J Auctioneer. By ORKK1 A SCOTT- Auetloaten. Household and kitchen fuknituuk at Auctiou.?On FRIDAY, the 30tli instant, we shall Bell, at the residence ot J L Davis, Esq., at the Cottage at the corner of nor-h N and 13th *:*. west, an excelle t assoiunent ot Furniture, via: Mahogany and velvet covered parlor set consisting of two Tete a Tetes, one large Arm Castor Chair, six carved back parlor < hairs, two Ot tomans One fiu<- toned mahogany case Pianoforte Mahogany Dressing Buieaus Dining and Breakfast Tables Mahogany and gilt frame Looking Glasses Feather Beds, Mattresses and Bed>a<?i<.s Cane and wood seat Chairs, Washatands China, g:ass, crock* ry. stone and wood Ware Passage Oilcloth, Straw Matting Cooking, airtight and other Stoves WiJi a good assortment of Kitchen Requisites Terms: AU sums of nd under ?25 cash ; ever $25 a ercdit of 2 and 4 months, for i.otes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest. GREEN k BCOTT, mar 24?d Auctioneers. STOP YOUR COUGHING. JUST received, per Adams It Co.'s Express one case of MaU lard's New York Gold Medal GUM DROPS, consisting of Banana, Vanijta, Raspberry, Lemon and Horehound flavors. Also, a complete assortment of his celebrated Choci lates, of universal reputation and without nt al in ih* Uuited States. For sale at Z. M. P, KING'S, Vermont avenue, corner I sU< et. TELEGRAPHIC BBroBTtD roa m DilLT EVENIWQ PTAF. H_??5 DAY* LAI Ml ft Oil EU?0PZ Arrival of SteamftT Asi?. Halifax, Maich M ?The ittimfr Ami ar rive 1 here last night, with date* to tt>a 17th No event of striking importance has Imo-? pirel since the Atlantic's advices lVolij attention ia centered on the Ytonracot.ferrr;o which ?u for mall j inaugurated en the 16th llopes ind fears era tqullj balanced as to the probability of peace. From the teat of war the m at important statement ia that tha allies have rc-opaui t their fira a(>oo 3eba?topol with g^od effect lathe llriti:h Peril an sot Sir. H^tu'k'i ecmAiiitce u still prosecuting the inquiiies into the oondaat of tha wa* The manifesto of tha new Czar to his artaj, is interprated as a warlike demonstration THE MARKETS. Litkipool ?Cotton?Thara is eonsiderab'e aaimaticn. notwitbs'.an Jing the decline npm pre*iota quotation*,'wh eb, ia s. me c.sw, reached |d. Bales for tha weak ware f<7,000 belts, and tha apinaers were liberally supply iag themselves. Breadstuff's wara firm, and priees b id slight ly tdvanoed. Cora was quiet at ab.>ut pro vious ratej Milligan qaoUa Western Canal floar at 42s. Provuiona generally had undergone no change. Lard was vary mnch depressed and at muah lower igwraa. Tha London monay market wara easier Consols wara steady at 93*. Arrival cf the Staamar Philadelphia Nbw Yobk, March 30.?Tha sieamer Phila delphia from Havaaa, arrived here last tight, with da as of tha 23d, which have leeu an ticipated by the Crescent City. Ameriean nomination Per.rt.aai>, Ma, March 30 ?The Know N0U5 ings and temperance men nominated !\? l Dow for tha Mayoralty, last night. Eerietu Railroad Accident. Pmiladblhbia. March 30.?The ezprrsj train which left Pittsburg on Wednesday even ing ran against a rock, which had fallen np^n 'he track near East Altona. The engine ten der, baggage ear, aad one passenger car wc ro thrown off the traek. The engine ran 15 J yards and overturned, making it a total wrcci. The engineer, fireman, and brakesman were seriously injured, and twelve patscngers weie slightly s53Jbd. The train was delajcd f ur hours in consequence The acoid i t was caused by the neglect cf the watchman. The Temperance Question in Hew York ALBABr, Maroh 29.?The final vote in the Sinato upon the Temperance question will be taken on Tuesday nest Temperance in Wisconsin Chicago, March 29 ?The Legislature of Wisconsin has parsed a prohibitory law which ?laes not contain the features objeo'ed to by the Governor, 'ihe vole on the p&sr'.ge of the bill was about atwe-third one. Baltimore Markets. Baltimore, March 30 ?Floor ia firm : ?i!ea <>f Howard street at (9 2Sa$9 37 Wheat? Sales of good to prime while a: $2 23a$2.30. Corn is bitter ; sales ol wliite at 6*a90c., yel low at 90o. Xew York Market. New Yonic. March 30 ?Cotton is dowsbmJ %nd dull. Floor is upward and Armd Ohio at $9 46a$9.81; bouthern is better; sales ? t$9.25a$10 Wheat is unchanged, wi:h a 'imitad business at previous r&tto Cora is upward, acd prices are a triJU higher?*al*i ?f Western mixed at 9Se9SJc. Pork a t*fii higher??a!cs of eld maM at $!4tos$l4 S7t. Ueef is upward and firm Lard ia upward asd firm at former rates. WLiaky? sales wi l'u;p at Mo. New York 6toek Market. New Yore, March 30 ?Stocks epened f.rrn and closed dull. Money la nncbanged bales at the first board of Missouri 6 s at 94i; Ohio 6's 108; Virginia C's 96*; Morris Caoil 14;; New York Central Railroad 931. Cuiabertaiil Coal Company, 32j; Reading Rkilroad Canton Company 27?; Erie Railrrad at 49:; Cleveland and Toledo Railroad 68k. DENTISTRY. UD. DONALDSON, Dentist, late of the fi.-ut ?>? a Hunt a. Doualdeoii, coiilniuea to :imnufacture and insert those beautiful' ftnrcelani tettb, mitb or without guru*/ lor spec miens ol which (made ai d *!? posited by Urn late linn) was awar.U-d the fir ? premium at the Mechanic#* Institute Fair, recently held in this city These tet-Lh are cyved and shaded to unit each particular case, and ineir resemblance to ibe natu ral organs is so perfect aa to docwive tiie snoot ;prac tised eye. Particular attention alto paid to filling and prw serving ibe natural teeth. Charges moderate and all operation* wanautod. Office southwest coiner Seventh and Due ? en traace on D. mar VI?6m 7AKK KOT1CE. NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. I) VV. BROWNING, Mer? hant Tai.?>r, ti?i,!^r t the l.'n.ted Stales ju?t rvc? iva i u Urge supply of Spring and Suuiuiw Good*, and i? now prepared to offer gre:it bargains to ail in van: of g<Mhl and faahiounble clotbtug. His ** fe*ea?y ma:fe Clotliuig " wiJl be sold at the felluwing low prices: IVh le suits, Coat, Pantaloons, and Vest, of f in clotb or^caavuuere, fur J12. Fine UlacV Frock and l>r^ss Co.xts, m $10 to $15. Good Business Ooata for $7. Black and Fancy Pants, ironi ft to ?7. Marseilles ?ud Silk Verts, from $3 to $5. ^ He keeps aixvays on hand a large a*?crUt:eTit ot fnncy aiticles, eucb us Stuns, Gloves, Ciavats, I'm Ueilas, kc. "Sole Agent for the sale of Scott's Fashions.* mar 19?tj. $50 REWARD. RAN AWAY lioaa tiie subscrit*er, living in Nut tingtiam District, Prince George's county, Mary I ind, on FriJay niorning Ian, ths 16th in?tant, iry negro man EMANUKL,\vho calls hims< If Bmai.uel Cough- He is about 25 years of *gf, dark com Iti ion, lias a full net of teeth, has a scare o*? hi.- f >r ? head, one on hi* right arm, n^ar the ?IIx>*a, m tiv.i feel eight incheD and a quarter li*gh in tua boot*, tie had on when h? went away a suit ondra!> cloth and a black slouch bat. I purchased h:io ol Sir-. e>arah Harwood, Saratoga ?tr?H>t, Bahiruore. ai <1 ?be has a brother of bis lirutg witb her; and his mother (a free woman) also lives in Baltimore. Hn wl e belongs to John 1.. DufiH, Esq., near Darue - lown, Montfomery coun'y, Maryland. 1 witl gitre a reward of twenty-five dollars for liii? apprehfmien, if taken iu Prince George's county, and fifty dolla a if taken elsewhere?in either cn*?j he m?*t b? bro?ight borne or e^eurtd in Jail, ihut t gei uim ag?in. TllOS. R. E\RLV, mar 28?if P. Q. Nottingham, M4. COME LEARN YOUR tATF, MRS OJCOUOIC.Iate of England, wt?h?'? U> inform the ladi-a and gentlemen or \V l>n and Georgetown that she can be eren ami n li mited on tiie pa?, present and future events, a! the lite residence, No 84; F utreet, between ai.-t tnj Sid atresia, First Ward, opposite the Obe? rvat ir>. Her name ia on the door. in from 9 a m to 8 p n. lies 25?gentlemen 50 cen's. feb ft! - It* 10 MELMBERS OF CONGRESS k OTIJIILS. I SILVER SPOONS, FORKS, fce.- M. IV. It BRO. invi e special attenti?n tc iheir stc?ck of pure Silver Table, Desecrt, tnd'I'a and Forks, La1l<^, Butter Ki.lvee, and Ml ot: er ?r licJ?K ol pore Si!v<r Ware, which is larger and ' ? rvJ varied than ever uilorcd tn their cwioinrn. M. W. GAI.T K BRO., Pa. av r.ue Wi tw. Mi aad luth au. feb W-tf ? >va a ILo'r CVlii

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