Newspaper of Evening Star, April 2, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 2, 1855 Page 3
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KVt.'NIN<; STAR. Local Intelligence. School o? Dssio* ?The closing exercises of the winter term of the Metropolitan Me ebonies' Sohool of Art and Design took placs em Friday evening An appropriate addraui vu delivered by Prof. Whitaker, the prinoi pal of the school Ho Ant spoke of his own relation to th< sohool, of the unusual interest manifested bj tbo vtpils, and said that, although the nam her in attendanee had been less than the pro eoding winter term, yet the result of their bors had been of a highly satisfactory an<i pleasing character, displaying, in many tu< stances, a rapid advancement in individuals who, hitherto, had knows little or nothing of art. lie next spoke o( the relation existing be. tween Scionce and Art, and showed the de pendenoe of one upon the other; said that al though Science may make deep ressarches may develope many hidden mysteries, maj disoover new truths, yet when she wishes te delineate theee facts, sho must eall to her aid the manipulations of Art; whether it be tb? geologist describing the struotnre of the earth, the machinist exhibiting his skill in meohan lsm, or the astronomer with his far-seeing eye stretching outward through infinite space. On the other hand, Art is dependent upon Science for mueh of her sucoess, as in the preparation of eolor by the chemist, and in the manufac ture of suitable instruments to perform her labor with. In short, they are twin-ohildren, bora of the same parent, and essential to each other's growth and development. In speiaking of the past and present of Art, and of the enthusiasm manifested for works of ancient times, he said that the productions of that period were not adapted to the wants of the present age; inasmuch as we live under a different government, and in widely different oircumstance?; that they had their use, per formed their mission and ehonld be rather our study than subjects for imitation. Then, art was was for the few?the aristocratic portion of the community and the artists were few also, confined to men of ran genius only. For modern times, and for this country, it most be for the people and thoroughly demooratio in tuehareeter. To us, as a people, It is neces sary in every department of life We need it in the workshop, in the manufactories, in our plaoes of worship, in our halls of legislation, and especially in our homes. Hew much more valuable become even the commonest things of use, when art, with her magic wand, invests them with bith beauty and eleganoe How mueh more delightful and happy are those homes which teem with works or art. How powerful the influence of some quiet scene, perhaps, of the home of our childhood, to quell the fury of passion and soothe the disturbed spirit. Who oan estimate the influence the picture of some dear departed friend may ex art over our minds and hearts, reminding as of happier scenes and happier days. Ho was not afraid of makin ; art too common Let the people be edueated in it, let it enter the school-room and become a regular branch of study, and the tastes of the people will be a roved, and the artist will find sympathy support. He may be obliged to make greater proficiency, because tho tastes of tho people will demand it; but his works will be appreciated, and himself become great and noble through his effort He thou closed by urging upon all a more careful attention to the elements of art, and to a greater proficiency in their calling rathei than to a desire to produce great pictures, whioh only few might possess. Among the geniuses of the present time he most happily alluded to Clark Mills as an example of what may bo done by genius and perseverance com bined. He was a man in humble life, a me ?hanio by profession, stepping forth from hi* obscure position and solving for the world the long-contested problem, whether a self-sup porting statue might not be made. This ii bet one example of what may be done by America, with her wonderful power of inven tion, her indomitable verseveranoe, her exten sive country with its sublime and varied scenery and almost unlimited resources. After the lecture, a distribution of awards from the principal took place. Specimens ol the work of the pupils were exhibited in va rious parts of the room, and certainly told well fer the sohool; and we -vere heartiiy glad to see some notice taken ef these truly merit orious productions To Miss Lydia Kesley, for water oolor paint ings, was awarded Canova's Graoee Master John Key, for drawings from the model; Ra phael's Head of Christ. Master David Burr, for drawings from models and penciling*; a volume of Clark's Drawing and Painting Master Eugene B. Burr, for penciling; Row bottom's Sketching from Nature. Jas Hogan, for water oolor painting and crayons; Ra phael's Head of Christ. Mr. Cnrtis for archi tectural designs; Raphael's Head of Christ Mr. Miller, for deeigns; coloied engraving Gilbert Towles, for designs, Houses of Par liament and Crystal Palaoe, in oil prints. Silas Moore, for designs; colored engravings Tax Absbbtimo Jcbor ?We mentioned, on Saturday, that William Wise, one of the jurors in the poisoning case?the United States against Pharnella Skioker and Delia llasel? escaped from the jury room, sicee which time the Criminal Court has oausod the following minute to be entered on the record : u William Wise, having been sworn on the 2Sth instant as a juror in the case against Pharnella Skinner and Delia Haael. aua the jury having been ooofined in their room until this morning, when they were brought into court, and upon being ealled over, it appeared that the said William Wise was absent, hav ing escaped from the jary room sometime during the night agaicst the will aiid efforts of the bailiff who had the jury in charge, oom plaining that he was Mek The Court there upon commented with much severity upon the oonduct of Mr Wise, and remarked that he was not only aatjeet to rummary punishment by fine and itnpm jrment at the discretion of the Court, but was, perhap!, liable to indict ment for thus obstructing, as far as depended on him, the coune of justice. There was, as it happened other pending indictments lor the same offence, in one of which so remaining another jury bad been sworn this morning The Court concluded by directing tho name of the said William Wise to be stricken from the list of petit jurors for the remainder of the term." Bcbiiso or ran PB.urBBnaar Wainr ? Mr ttditor: Permit me to state, for the infor mation of the readers of the htar, and to Firevent misapprebensicr and misunderstand og in relation to the burning of the old and dilapidated wharf attached to this institution, that it eaught fire to-day from the sparks from a passing steamboat, as it had often done be fore, sad such was theforoeof the wind at the time it belfled all exertion to extinguish it until it was burnt down On the alarm being given, two of the three guards on duty, (it being Sunday when the prisoners are locked up and the remaining guards off duty at their homes,) accompanied by three of the prisoners, were detailed to pre vent its progrers; there were also on the ground Majer Mordeoai, commandant of the Vaited States arsenal, with a small foree from thetestablishment, as also several fire compa nies and citisens, who uied every exertion to extinguish the fire, but without avail,?the high wind and decayed wood being too much to overcome. Allow me to return, through the oolumns of the Star, my thanks for the prompmees and willingness manifested by all in their efforts to preeerve the public property under my oharge Taos Th 'Rhlit, Warden U. S. Penitentiary, D. C , April 1, 1855 It . Palb Scaler was celebrated, yesterday, by the Catholics of our city, as by those in other parts of the world The usual distribu tion of blessed palms took plaeo, and appro priate discourses were delivered in the several okurehee of that denomination in Washington Holy week has now o^mmenctd, to be accom panied by the ocstomary services. Tho long fast of Lent will cease next Sunday. Rcb A?boc*d ?The steamer George Page, while on her trip from Alexandria, yesterday morning, at 9 o'clwjk, broke her rudder-chain, ard the wind bl?w her ? high and dry on the PUts Slwe hoisted a signal of dUtrees, and the little fei ry- boat Alice Pox went to her as sistance, fctat could not get near enough to serviceable [ towST/i JIJ"*? ~ SgMawrtasSS duty oq the market premises \ f.ii^i ?- _____ Ul i?? ?Sl7t* ?U?dinf eleven for aoquit *. j othar juror holding out utinit the I Si*?/' ? . Richard Stoops, tfediastnt. ?f on*, ia conjunction with his brethren. | ttgned a paper recommending to the Coart that the case be dismissed; and it was dismiss ed accordingly. Pharnella Skinker and Delia Basel, having beon acquitted on one of the pending indict menta for poisoning Mrs. C. Williams and her family, were held to bail, on their own re J oognisanoee, fer their appear an oe to answer at fI the next term of th? Court Miss Kobavt ?This charming actress was again greeted with a crowded house on Satur day evening last, on hei aeeond presentation of Julia, in the Hunch back, on wlKhSSSS she was far better suttainad than before, all those appearing in the piece being perfect in i'JEZS*.If"? " th9J wwe^whenshe ! j?j? ** character at Iron Hall. No Julia was ever better reoeived in Waahine s^riis."t*1"th? ?r"? $nTrrii?Jt,b?^,iin performs Meg Merriles in Gay Manneimg. We understand that it ia U^e ^h l0n. ! ?*n*Ser t0 P^ont the whw-h 2m?B7e??pg without the mutilation i!!i S T ?d xta- tff#ct on Th??d?J night T^t '^mTh ?W1Dg 40 th? fa0t ,hat U WM put on the atage at very short notice. Miaa Morant ia by long odds the best Meg Merriles ?,Ter porfotmed in this country, ax wfn H0ttK??Ufihman'and in rendering the fn Tr^ n ^ IL?88 greati* deI,?ht ?? w*? go to Iron nail this evening. Miss Tyson on I Saturday night also won many rounds of ap. plause in Helen, in the Hunohbaok- j Finis is Albxandbia Couwtv, Va?Yes Lnr,?*7tnere "9T*imo fires in Alex andria County, Va , in thia neighborhoood One began at Qalpin's, on the Leesburg turn pike. It originated from earelesa brush burn I YeeterdHrta? I7' JP5*Dg ?P ***** at n0on yesterday, and extended rapidly to the south ?!i-Weit I ??m? mi,w' destroying much ftneing and cord wood ready for market I -ii^f /uur hundred persona were employed all the afternoon in efbrts to arreit it. It h?d i #nt,relJ ??bdued this morning. At four p. m., yesterday, the barn of Mr Judson a Northern man, who owns and keeps ' iue n?w ?emmary at the Falls chureh, took ore rrom the segar of some lounger, it is thougut, and waa entirely ooosumed. He had barely time to save bis oarriage and horses all the reet of hia property in the barn being I Thig flr* e'tended to the premises of -Wm. Taylor, who keeps a wagon stand on | the turnpike below the Falls ohurch, and burned nearly all hia fencing. The laat we heard of the Oalpin fire was that it had destroyed thefeneing in the neigh borhood of the Episcopal theological seminary, and was with great difficulty prevented from destrojing all the fine and oostly buildings of establishment, all the professors and -students of the seminary and high school working for hoars, Sunday though it waa to stop the conflagration. Mr. Leuis Baily is a a?^'1?rrrfbl# 8?ff?r*r in h" w?od, having lost about fifty cords that were ready for market Major Butt and his neighbor Mr Osten, lost fencing; and a small bouse on Mr Qalpin's plaoe, oecupied by a f ee colored family, was destroyed. ? " muS\A*ya" 2* A'RIL? WM accompanied with fierce winds, which continued all day. blowing the dust, in dense olonds, throughout tho streets of the city, much to the discomfort of pedestrians, and not to the pleasure of eleanly housewives. Notwithstanding this state of things, the various churches were, particular y in the morning, filled wi:h atteo tive worshippers The high winds continue to-day. Not a few hats were blown off the heads of the inoautious of the male gender, who were m consequence, afforded a fine op portunity of showing the extent of their speed in pursuing the rapidly retreating caaters. ? ??" ? *^ec being oonfined in the jail of this county, was sent to Mount Hope as a pauper lunatic, aome time ago. He made his escape from that institution, and returned home He was again apprehended in this city and conveyed to the jail, from which he together with other inmates of that establish ment, was discharged on Saturday last, the criminal court being engaged in winding up the business of the term. On Saturday the unfortunate individual was again arrested? being dangerously drunk ?and again sent back to his old jail quarters. Mrxas A Mabiqah'b Circcs?A loeal paragraph crept into the Star a day or two ainee, saying that aome of the persons con nected wi.h this Cirous. left Washington with> oat paying their board bills. On inquiry, we hear that the gentlemanly proprietors of that establishment complied with all their obliga tions incurred in Waehington. If any nf their employees have failed to pay their bills, the fault is not that of Myers A Madigan, who paid them thrir dues promptly. xue Poisokiro Cask.?The second trial of rharnella Skinker and Delia Hsrel, charged with poisoning CassyiWilliams and her family took place on Saturday, and resulted in a ver' dictol not guilty. There are three or four '.tjer indictments pending against the same pirties The following are the names of the juror? ic the case last tried : Thomas J Crane ?V. T. t'pperman, Walter Stewart, Thomas Crown, Jere Simmons, Jesse Plowman, Rich ard Stoops, Jo* T. Fenwick, Henry O. Mur ray, Charles F. Cummin, Wm Flcnoer. and John E. Dement. Dibchargxd ?The following named priso ners were on Saturday, ordered to be dis charged from jail, the grand jury not having disposed of the oases : James Scrivener, Pat Rady, Benjamin F Thomas. Othello Webster, Catharine Montagu Charlotte Pepaico, and James Chesley. Tut 3te\mkr Sah Okdkky, belonging to a ?on of Mr. ?Jeorge Page, caught fire on Sun day momiug, kb^Bt ono o'clock, while har. b<?r?>d at Aquia Creek, xnd burnt to the water's edjre There were seventy oordi of oak wood on board The captain and crew scarosly ee caped with their lives. We learn that there U an insurance of $C,GOO. lajOBKD.?On Sunday afternoon, a small boy, named Conner, was run over by the suc tion carriage of the Franklin Fire Company, while members of the latter were drugging the machine from the fire at the penitentiary wharf Ihe littie fellow's legs were severely injured, and he was taken hoiae on the top of the Auction, some kind friends superintendiug his removal thither. John J. Proctob, wood measurer of Alex andria, Va , died suddenly in that oity, last night, of diseaao of the heart. Watch Rbtcbns ?The returns show the names of Peter MeCally, Chaa. Sift, Augustus Sligan, and John Camming, lodgers. Wol Pendall. free negro, profanity; fine and costs. James Mason, do. do. Patr&k Kelly and W Quiglev, assault and battery, sent to jail John Tyler, E Davis, and Frank Minor, free negroes, out after hours; fine and oasts. DllCl). On the 2d >n*tant, Mm. ANN McGOWAN, relict at Bernard McGowan, hi the 79iii year of her age, a native of Dublin, but for the last tifty years a resi dent of tiu? city. Although retiring and unobtrusive, she had few to equal, and none to excel her iu rectitude of thought, integrity of purpose, and pure disinterestedne**; and few characters deserved moie the title of the just Her lo?? t> the tamily is her own gaui,?tiiey must look for help from above, for " Earth hath no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal." Her funeral wdl take place from the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Lapnrtc, ou Eleventh stie*>t, be tween E and F, on Wednesday afternoon, at 4 o'clk, where the friends and acquaintances of the laiaily are respectfully invited to attend. On the 1st instant, J EASE TKSl/tiDELL FECK, *>n of Kobi-rt W. and Sarah tt Ba w The friends of th<- fanuly are respectfully invited to jtle-;d the funeral from their residence, No. 154 Pennsylvania avvnae, between 17th and 18th streets, on Tu--a4i.iy nsorninir. at 10 o'clock 1)ANORAMA FOR SALE?ONE UNDIVIDED th id interest in "Huntley's Western Wilds," f,*J be purbhosed on accominodaUaK terms. Address "M," Star oAce. * aiir ?t_iw* TRKASURBR'S ITATEMENT, Showing th* amount at his credit in the Treasury, with assistant treasurers and desig nated depositaries, and in the Mint ami brandies, by returns received to Monday, March 26, 1856; the amount for which drafts have been issued, but were then unpaid, arid the amount then remaining subject to draft. Showing, also, the amount of future trans fers to and from depositaries, as ordered by the Secretary of the Treasury. In what pi am. Treasury of the United 8tat?e, Washington, D. 0 Assistant Treasurer, Boston, Massachusetts.. Assistant Treasurer, New York, New York Assistant Treasurer, Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Assistant Treasurer, Charleston, South Carolina Assistant Treasurer, New Orleans, Louisiana Assistant Treasurer, St. Louis, Missouri. Assistant Treasurer, San Francisco. .$669 285 36 Depositary at Buffalo, New York .. Depositary at Baltimore, Maryland Depositary at Richmond, Virginia Depositary at Norfolk, Virginia^ Depositary at Wilmington, North Carolina Depositary at Savannah, Georgia...... Depositary at Mobile, Alabama...... Depositary at Nashville,Tennessee... Depositary at Cincinnati, Ohio Depositary at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Depositary at Cincinnati (late) Depositary at Dnbuque, Iowa Depositary at Little Kock, Arkansas Depositary at JefTernonville, Indiana .. Depositary at Chicago, Illinois Depositary at Detroit, Michigan Depositary at Tallahassee, Florida A . ay office, New Ycrk Branch mint, San Francisco, Cal Mint of the United States, Philadelphia, Penn Branch mint of the United States, Charlotte, N. C Branch mint of the United States, Dahlftnega, Qa Branch mint of the United States, New Orleans, La. $669,285 36 4 ?5 si $75,081 44 4,070 881 25 3,956,3-15 59 139,571 25 85,887 71 501.008 79 4,167,355 57 18,394 15 24,080 88 193,800 72 45,954 58 78,208 32 23,839 21 23,396 52 68,194 96 52,700 37 9,360 41 11,911 20 90 39 72,310 36 107,387 95 56,514 43 68 125 81 109,796 13 39,864 40 4,744,500 00 809,943 64 2.428,354 16 32,000 00 26,850 00 1,567,717 07 23,604,724 19 So** "is * S<s J ? $56,115 73 139,703 73 8U,508 0-1 42,305 75 32,705 97 313,758 22 335 254 99 687.679 51 751 94 50,144 92 1,153 66 45,093 57 91,783 39 16.712 15 2,558 75 7,852 29 2,039 95 307 76 57,042 67 6.951 76 36.369 18 4,487 91 16,533 81 4,365 00 1,000 00 2,694,180 65 Transfers Transfers Transfers Transfers Transfers Transfers Transfers Transfers Transfers ordered ordered ordered ordered ordered ordered ordered order* d ordered to trea?n?y of the United States, Washington, D. 0 to assistant treasurer, New York, New York to assistant treasurer, New Orleans, Louisiana to assistant treasurer, St. Louis. Missouri to assistant treasurer, San Francisco, California to depositary at Norfolk, Virginia to depositary at Mobi'e, Ala to branch mint of the United States, San Francisco, California, to branch mint, New Crleen", La $18,968 71 3 931,177 52 3,141,837 49 97,265 50 53,181 74 187 331 57 3,832,100 58 ????*???????? ?* ??? 23,308 94 143,655 80 44.100 92 33.108 75 2,0-15 8 i 6,684 37 65.636 20 44.844 08 T.aj0 46 11,603 44 20 39 15,267 69 100,436 19 20 145 25 63.637 90 89,262 32 35,499 40 4,744.500 00 809,913 64 2.4?8,354 16 32,000 06 25 *50 00 1,567,717 07 21,579.828 90 669,285 30 20,910,543 54 544,980 00 $91.455,523 51 400,000 00 510,000 00 320,000 00 300,000 00 1,387.500 0-) 200,000 00 20,000 00 200,000 00 5" >0,000 00 $3,837,500 00 Transfers ordered f'ora assistant treasurer, Boston, Massachusetts Transfers ordered from assistant treasurer, New York, New York Transfer* ordered Jrrm assistant treasurer. New Orlrans, Louir isn* Transfers ordered from assistant treasurer, St. Louis, Missouri Transfers ordered from depositary at Detroit, Michigan Transfers ordered from mint of the United States, Philadelphia, Pennsytvan'a Transfers ordered from branch mint of the United States, New Orleans, Louisiana. 65,000 00 2,009 500 0-) 5,020 00 875,000 00 25 000 00 oo 20,000 (0 $3,292,520 00 April 1?It Wants. Apartments wanted for a gentle, on or near the Heights of Georgetown. Apply to Mr. Rcdfern, Grocer, First Ward, ap 2?3t* A GENTLEMAN WITH (118 LADY AND SO* six years of age, desire board in a genteel pri vate family, in a retired rart of the city Address "II H G," throush the City Post Office. nuir.'tl "h* WANTED?A ROOM WITH BOARD IN THE First Ward, by a gentleman who will, if de famish his room. < Address, for one week "M," at this office. mar 31?tf? ' \WjANTED?A NUMBEROF YOUNG~LA T ? dies who understand dress making. Apply to M. WILLIAN, between 7lh and 8 tu , Pa. avc mar 31?2t* AN OMNIBUS DRIVER WANTED?A parson well qualified to drive an omnibus miy find a good situation l.y addressing " 3," at this office, mar 30?3t WANTED- BY A STEADY MIDDLE AGED man, a situation in some respectable employ m< nt. Good references to character, kc. can be given. Address "C D E," at this office. mar 30? 3t House wanted.-the advertiser wishes to purchase, for cash, a good two-story bnc* Dwelling, suitable for a muall family, situated north of Pa. avenue. Address "S F A," through the Post Office, Mai ng location, price, kc. mar 12-lm* Boarding. SEVERAL GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOVf modated with rooms and board, at No. 45 8 rwelfth street, between O and H streets. ap 2?2w* BOARDINO.-MRS. DUVALL, No. 331 !'a. av?nue oppo?if?> Browns' Hotel, has wveral very desirable rooms, suiuble for families or single geiitleim n, wrtnch she would rent with board, on j reasonable terms. She can also accommodate 6 or (J gentlemen with meals, without lodzin*. mar 8? lm MAO MID UI. KTOW,another excitin* work from the pen of that wonderful delineator of human paawons, G. W. M. Reynold-, author of tiie Mysteries of the I 'ourt of London; it is equal to his hitherto best efforts, and will be largely sought after Cattle Builders, by the author of Heartsease and the Heir of RedcliU'e; it is a capitol story and fully sustains the high reputation of the author Blackwood's Magazine for March. Everything in llie Stationery line All the new books published received immc.'ia'e ly afterward- and for sale at SHI ISLINGTON'S Bookstore, Odeon Building, corner st. and Pa. ave. inar 31? SPKCTACLKg, EVE GLASSES, flic , Gold, Silver, and fiue Steel Spectacles, Eye Glas ses, kc (IQH Particular attention paid to the selection of Clas-ee adapted to the eves of wearers. M. W GALT k BRO., Jewelers, S!44 Pennsylvania avenue, mar 28? if ORNAMENTAL PAINTERS, O. n. VAU.1K1.L * J. w. MANKIND, Lo"Uiarut avenue, between 6th and 7th street*, Next to Vamum's Buildings, HAVING associated thcinsrlvt's to carry on llie House, Sign, and Ornamental PAINTING i.i all its branches, will be thankful to receive all or ders in their lin?j of business, and will use every ex- j ertiou to give satisfaction. j JOBBING in Glazing and Painting promptly at tended to. Give us a trial. * mar 27?tf C. WAR1UNIR, " WATCHMAKER, NEW WHEELS, PINIONS, AND EVERY KIND OF REPAIRS TO WATCHES, No. 330 Ptuuiylvanla Avinnt, (Between Nintli and Tenth streets,) mar 26?lm* WASHINGTON, D. C. TO THE LA DIES J**! MISS S J. THOMPSON jgttjij now prepared to show our largeK^9| 3pP^aiif1 well selected stock ?<( Millinery lHpP which she ha- just opeued, of the la teststyles which wc are selliug at the lowest prices, and we cordially invite the ladies to call early and have th;; first selections. I We would also respectfully call their attention to our large and hand handsome stock of Fancy Goods Perfumery. Gloves, Hosiery, kc,. which wc can sell at unusually low prices. HUTCHINSON k MUNRO, Nn. 310 Pennsylvania avenue, First door west of Walter Harper k Co.'s. mar 28? ?UELL * BOYD, BLIND MAKERS &. UPHOLSTERERS, w OULD respectfully inform their fnends and the public generally that they ?^ ?Vjl are prepared to attend to all orders in??^u their line of business. All kinds of UPHOLSTERINO neatly executed; such as?Cutting and,! Making Carpets, Fitting down Matting j and Oil Cl?lh, Making and filling up Bed and Window Curtains, Hair, Shuck kjessafi and other Mattresses, Pew and other qfc?ill' Cushion*, Spring Beds, Lounses, Easy, and ?ick Cnairs. We have in store- Window Shades and Trimmings, Cords and Tassels, Split Blinds, Wide Paper for Curtains. VENITIAN BLINDS made in any style, and old ditto repaired to look as well as new. All kinds of old Work repaired, and all or ders thankfully received and promptly attended to for cash, or a perfect understanding before hand. If you want the worth of your money just give us a call, at No 391 Pa. avenue, scutli side,hetw 9th and 10th streets mar 30?if UfATCHKR AMD JBWILRY wf^^havn on hand a good supply of line watches and JEWELRY which will be sold very cheap to Miit thr times. Gold Le vor Watches hs low as $2i>, warranted Is keep (ood time. Call ami see tor yourselves at the store ot J. KOHJNSON, 340 Pa. ave.. oppo. bmnu' Hotel, mar 88 dim ? A For Bale and Rent. ?^e for rent and furniture for DALE?The house is a new three ptory anca, with attic and back kitchen. The furniture if*-! .M* ?n ??? only a shor; um<>. 4iS,e *** month- Inquire at the Douse, No 381 L street norUi, between Fourteenth ? F,^enth *lr*eu) or at room No. 42 Regi*tei >s office, Treasury Department. ap 2?31* C^OR RENT?WILL BE FOR RENT ON THE pt April, the house on t'a. avenue, near the corner of 15th streets, north side, occupied at pres ent by Mr. W. G\ Butler. No. 202. This house is conveniently situated for the purpose of renting the rooms to a great advantage being near the deoa; t incnts and public office*. Apply t? ? O. E. P. HAZARD, mar ui Jt ou ^ premises. A CERTAIN CHANCE TO MAKE A~7oiT ?".!* ~~A ,,u,y haTin8 acquired a competency in tne Millinery business, is now desirous ot duoo ing ol her establishment, ;ind retiring into private liie. Her location is one of the beat in the ray, and is a rare opportunity for r-ne acquainted with ilic business. For terms and particulars apply at tins olhce- mur 29 ?lm The residence of col. roberts, u. s. A., continues to be offered on pr v;ite sale. It is one of the begi appointed Cottages in the District containing three acres of Ground, a large garden' excellent water, stables and outhouses in iierfect order, and ornamental grounds, fruit trees, &c in the best condi ion. For information apply at this office. mar 26?2w r|WIR TY-ONE BUILDING SITES, CONTAIN 1 ing about Ave acr?>8 each,on a credit of 10 years within twenty five minutes ride of tbe City Post Of fice for sale, lying between Washington and Bla aem-burg, .listant from the central portion of the city from 2% to 3* miles. The tract presents a front on three public roads, is in a {rood neighbor hood and rapidly improving section of the counrv. We will sell the above Iota on a credit ol 10 year* and on such terms as we are sure will insure to the P"rc,I*8er *n eaBy m(M,e o'" Payment. On many of the above lots tliere are fine groves of oak treea, of the original growth, and also some fine Springs of water. 8 Wc offer these lot* to residents of Washington who would reside in the country and at the same time bfi able to Attend to business in the cify. Also, a tract of good land adjoining the same ol about thirty-five acres, improved by a good dwel ling house; has on it a fine spring and spring bou e, two groves of large oak wood?, and is well fenced. *or l?e above either improved or unimproved city property will be taken in exchange at a fair valua tion. For lithographic plats of the ground and further I explanations of the terms of sale inquire of JNO. B. KIBBEY, No 4- Columbia Place, Corner 7th street and Louisiana avenue, mar 21?eol2t ROOMS FOR RENT-TWO OR THREE new ly furnished and very desirable Rooms for rent with board, at 103 F St., Union Row. mar 26? 2w* For rent-about fifty acres of Land across the Long Bridge, in Virginia, and east of the Alexandria Canal. Apply to K P. & A. DODGE, mar 2^ ? 1 w George town. IjlOR RENT-A HOUSE ON I ST. NORTH, between 13ih and 14th sts., opposite Franklin Square, containing ?ix rooms, three attic rooms uad kitchen servants; and bath house in b^ck building. Good cellars under tbe main balding. Possession given on the 1st April. Apply at the house or to Mr. J. J. Miller, corner of 7tn street and Louisiana ' mar 27 RURA1. RETREATS ?SEVERAL OF THOSE cottage residences at Kendall Green being now vacant,^plication may be mane to the undersigned for renting the same, with privilege of purchasing on liberal ternix, cither by letter through the post office, or at his residence after office hours. The location is healthy commands a full view of the city, is but a mile and a quarter from the Post Office, and is in every respect desirable. Gardens of two acres each are attached to every house. A permanent omnibus line communicates with Georgetown, bv way of l'emia. avenue, twice a dav, at the usual fare. WM STICKNEV. mar 22?tf VALUABLE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE.? The block of buildings known at the "Union Buildings," and now occup ed by the Union news Eaper establishment. They are situated on E street etween 13th and 14th streets, and fronting directly on Pennsylvahia avenue. The lot is 70 feet front by 130 feet deep. Tbe property is susceptible of divis ion and re arrangement, and its positi n such as must rank it among the best business stands on the avenue, and is yearly increasing in value. Tbq time of the present lessee expires on the 1st Septem ber next, on which day possession may be had. Also, that large three- story Brick House mi 17th street west, (opposite thu War Office sad three doors south of G street.) Also, that three story House on 17th street west, next door to the Government Building, at tbe corner of F and 17th streets. Should the ab-ive property not be sold as^rivute sale prior to the 15th of May, it will be sold on that day at public auction. Terms will be made favorable to the pnrchas-r. App-y to CH. H WINDER, Corner of Seventeenth and G streets, mar 19?2awtM?yl0 VILLA FOR SALE?THE SUBSCRIBER of fers at private sale the villa in which she at present resides, with tight acres of land, situated at Ellaville, on the Washington and Baltimore Turn pike Read. The h use is new, with all the modern improvements, and the situation has m?ny advant agssfor persons engaged iu business in Washington us it ij within five minutes' walk of the Bladcusburg Depot oil the Railroad, and itiern is also an omni!>tit running twice a day between Washington and Ell.v ville. Application to be made to the subscriber, living on the premises. MARY 8. VAS3. mar 27?2a wit HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Building l^ou, 24 fett front by l? fe?n deep, ou graded streets, can, uutil spring, be bought at the exceeding low price ol %75, payable ^ mouth Title indisputable. Union Land OfBce, 7th St., above Odd Fellows' Hall, jan 9?<kn JOHN FOX, Secretary. Auction Salt p By C. W. BUTKI.KR, Aiietl??(tr. PEREMPTORY BALH OF C^LLECII, HOR SES, Mu!?, Rockaway, lie. at Auction.? On THURSDAY morning, April 5th, nl 11 o'clock, 1 ?ball sell, in front of ay store? One elegant Callrch, nearly new, cost $*00 One pal* bay Horse* One pair young Mules One Roc kaway Settof Do?M* Harness Pale poei ively without reserve Terms: One-third cash; residue in two and four months crcdit, for approved endorsed note*, hearing interest. C. W. BOTELW, ap2~d . Auctioneer. By J. C. HeUOlBK. AmIIom*'. EREMPTORT SALE OF TWO GOLD LE VER Watches snd 4'haMM.?On TUESDAY evening, April 3.1, r.t 8 o'clock, at my Addon Hoonrf, I ohall sell lo rover advance a - Two fine Gold Hunting ia?e Lever Witcbcr, full Jc?vo||ed. Also, several Gold Chain*. Terms cash. JAS. C. McCUlRR. ap2?d Auctioneer. By QRIBI * SCOTT, Auctioneers, ON THURSDAY AFTERNOON uext.S'h Inst., nt 5 oV:lock in from r?l the premises, we khal' ??II the Building Material* in ine ? kflnn^itif to Mr. Z. D. Gilraan and Mr. ?V. II. Ward, on Pi-mi sylvan it: avenue, near Browns' Hotel. Tlie pwrcha ?or* will be required lo ta%? duwn the houses and remove the ??.me within two week*. Terms ?t tlie ?*Ic GREEN K SCOTT, ap 2?d Auctioneers. ? By C W. ROTRLKR, Auctlsattri ^XTENSIVE SALE OF CITY PROPERTY j by Catalogue, at Auction.?Tiie subscriber 4' sires to call the attention ot those having c:ty prop erty to dispose ef, that he is now preparing a cata logue descriptive of each piece <>f projwrty to be of fered at Auction, on or about the 25<li Infant. It is hit intention to advertise the sale extensively in a!: the city papers, ar?d also to give general circuliti n ot the catalogue, which w.ll doubtless have tiic ef feet of bringing together a la'ge number of capitsl ists desirous ot making investments. Persons wishing to sell will please hand in by iha 15th instant, a description containing number of the Square snd lot, front and depth, and, if improved, the character ot the improvements. The charges of offering Will be made moderate C \V. BOTEI.ER, _ap2?eotl5th Auctioneer, Iran Hall Hy J. C. McttUIRK? Anetlottir. QALE BY ORDER OF THE ORPHANS COURT, ^of Furniture and Household Effects?On TUES DAY moming, April 3. at 10 o'clock, at the resi dence <>t tlie late Win. H Dage, on Filth street. h* twesn E and F streets, I shall sell, by order of tte Orphans' Court, all his Furniture and Effect, com prising? Mahogany hair spring Sofb. Uhain Do Centre and Side Tables Dressing and plain Bureaus, Bcustead* Washstands, Toilet Sets Superior Feather Beda, Bolsters and Pillows I lair and husk Mattresses Blankets, Counterpanes Comforts Cane and winid scat Chairs, Lounges Carpets, Oilcloth, Matting Dining and Bieakfast Tables French and Stone China, Glassware Silver Spoons and Forks, superior TaMe Cutlery Plated Castors, Curtain* and Shades Cooking, Radiator and Air-tight Stoves Ti'gethir with a general assortment of Hou-eho!d and Kitchen Furniture1 By order of R. C PAGE, Administrator. JAS. C. McGUmE, mar 29? d Auctioneer By ORKEJI 4k SCOTT. Aa?tton?*rs. Household and kitchen furniture at Auction and House to let ?On WEDNES DAY, the 4th of April, wc shall sail, at 10 o'clock a m, at the residence of a gentleman declining house keeping, at No. 333 Ninth street, two doors abc ve I north L meet, an excellent assortment of Furniture viz: Mahogany Sofas, parlor and rocking Chairs Do velvet covered castor arm Chairs and Ot tomans Do atarble top centre and pier Tables and Bureaus Da doing, breakfast and card Tables Da Bookcase and fine large portable Ward robe Girandole?, solar, hall and other Lamp* China, Glass and Cr hkeryw.irc Gilt and other pier Glasses High and low |M>st Bedsteads Wardrobes and Washstands Fine velvet, 7'apcstry, 3 ply, ingrain anJ stair Car pets Passage Oilcloth, Hvarth Rugs and Matting Refrigerator, Stoves Andirons, Shovel and Tongs With a good assortment of Kitchen Requisites Terms: All sums ot and under 925cash ; over?i'. | a credit of sixty and ninety days, fur notes s itirifcic only endorsed bearing interest. The House is also for rent, a fine two story and basement brick, containing ten good and convent ently arranged rooms, with high ceilings, store r<om and c os?-ts complete, hot and cold water conveyed through the house, and a pump of excellent water | in the yard, and a side lot with fine fruit trees, Srapes, and betn2 near thy Northern Liberties' larket. For further porticu'ara apply on the premises. GREEN & SCO IT, mar 29?d Auctioneers. By J. C. McGUfUE, Auctioneer CATALOGUE SALE OF STAND\RD AND MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS -l Auction On TUESDAY afternoon, 3d April, at 5 o'clock, at the Auction Rooms, I siiall sell a large and valuable col lection of Books, embracing all the 1*>t and favorite p'>ets. Also, Franklin's Works complete Lord Bacon**, !!umc, Smellet, and MiRcr'a His tory of England Statesman's Manual Irvlng's, Cooper's, and the Wavcrley Novels, complete, in superb bindings, fce. Also, richly bound Family Bibles, beautifully il lustrated. Terms cosh. JAS. C. McGUIRE, mar 31?d Auctioneer. By J. C JtteGUIRlC, Auctioneer. TIRUSTEE'S SALE OF IMPROVED PROPER ty:?On MONDAY afternoon, April 2d, at 5 I o'closk, on the pr? mises, by virtue of two deeds of | trust to the subscriber, one dated May 10. 1817, a>id recorded in liber W B , No. 134, folio 163, fcc , the other dated June 10, 1P47, and recorded in fibei W. ft,, No. 135, folio 470, fcc-. two of the land records for Washington county, in the District *f Columbia,' I ?hali sell, on the premises, lot* numbered 10, 1 ij 13,14, 15, and 1G, in square No 355, fronting on i lth street west, between F and Gftrcets south, with the improvements, ct nslsting of an excelleul two story brio* dwelling house. Terms : One third cash; the residue In ?dx, twelve and eighteen montlia, with interest, to be secured to the satisfaction of the trustee. NICHOLAS CALL AN. Trustee. JAS. C. McGUIRE, mar 7?eo Auctioneer. By Gnicicaf * SCOTT. Auatlonccra. Household and kitchen furniture at Auction.?On THURSDA Y, the 5 h Ap.-i , we shall uell, at the rexidtnee of C. I. Lombard, Esq , on north 11, between 4th and 5th streets, No. flOT, an excelle t assoi intent ot nearly new furni ture, viz: Mahogany parlor Chairs, Lounges and Rockets Do centre, dining and other Tables 1 fine painted Cottage Chamber Set Parlot, passage, st?ir and chaml?er Carpets Bedding and Bedsteads Hair and sliurk Mattresses China, gtass, crockery, stone and wood Ware Cookms, airtight, parlor and other Stoves With a good fb*p.>runent of Kitchen Requisites 2 fine old Violins, music and other valuable Books Lot of Potatoes and Red Ash Coal With many other articles which we deem unne cessary to enumerate. Terms: All sums of ?nd under $25 cash ; over $25 a credit of 60 and 90 days, far notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest. The House is also for rent, a good new three atr.ry frame, containing seven good rooms and a cistern holding two thousand gallons, a good cellar and ex eellent out buildings, and within five minutes' walk of the Post Office. Rent very reasonable. Inquire on the premises GREEN k SCOTT, mar 31?d Auctioneers. ELEGANT VELVET CARPETINGS TO BE SOLD AT C08T. CLAGETT, DODSON k CO. resj-ectfully call the attention of persons intending to furni?h their drawing rooms, saloons, parlors or other rooms to this announcement. They have determined fur a time to selJ off their stock of superior and beaut' ful Royal Velvet Carpeting at prime cost for the CtXih. As these goods were purchased by us at a ruinous sacrifice to the consignees and importers, prices which are believed to be less than the cost of man ufacturing, lions* keepers now have an opportunity of supplying themselves, wi'h the most elegant Car pets at a price less than the common Brus*tls are selling at. The same kind of goods we advertise are now selling at the public sales of second hand furniture, after having beeu used two and three years, for more than we now retail tlieiu for. This is an opportunity seldom to be met with>and should not be lost. Remember the terms; Cash on delivery or ap proved paper, at short date, with mar 30-eo3t CLAQE rT, DODSON k CO. WATCHES, JEWELRY, AND SILVER n'JIRE Always on band a large assortment ot the glove, which we offer at the lowest rates. M. W. GALT fc BRO., 2e 394 pa, aveuae. TFi.RORArmr RBPOBTCn FOB TBI DAILY BVB2YI1VQ STAR. Heuon to Qtuh Indictment*, Ac Rev Yom, April 3 ?la the Coort of Oyer ?nd Terminer this morning, a koUib ?u made to quash the intfTctments against Mor riasey, Hyler, Irving, and Linn, who wore Im p'ieated in the Border of Poole. If the me ?ion be oot greeted, then e motion will bo made to adioit tbem to bell. Then has boon some Ulk of incensing the bell of Irving, who If at ill at large, to $26 000 Writ of Error Oranted in Dr. Boole's Ceoe rniUAUBLf ha. April 2. - U the Soprano C)ort tktis morning, Ctlef Justice Lew?* gave doolsien granting * writ of error in the case of Dr. Lcale, on the gronad that the jury which tried (hat ease, instead of being sworn to rondcr nrordic* according to evidenoc, wcio sworn to try the gailt or innocence of the de fendant; and, also, that the defendant in be ing sentenced .o so'itnrj confinement at laborf wae sentenced to imp; Is nment a! hard labor. From p'ew Orleaus N rv io?K April 2 ?A dispo'cli from New Orleans an ounces the arrival rf ?he Daniel Wobster, wh>ch reports that Ire Sisr of tho W est had sailed for N?w Vork Ti'h $300 000 ia speoia. Baltimore K- rkets. Balvibobb. April 2 -Fl nr-T. auctions morning have rea lied over l,0v0 barrels Howard street eold at 2!>a*9 37. Wheat? rri $2 20a$2 30; white, $2 30a$2 40 (lhe letter point is the price wheat haeoommended fvr many years in this market.) Corn ia up w?rd ; sales of vrbi o at 8Sa?lc ; yellow at fl aV2c. Odtt urc much higher and the offe'inira small?pales at 47??Oc Zaw York Karket Xew Yobk. April 2 ?Cotton is downward and dull. Floo- is improved, and a trifle higher Good Ohio at $9 60 a f? 0* Soot hern /? "*& 8al6e ftt|v S7?**l? Wheat firm. C,ro?Western mixed 9s*??e i?ork is a trifle Irghor??old mess, $14 S7a$l5. Beef ia un changed. Lard is firm -upward. Whu-kr is very unsettled at 31 Jc. 7 NEWS BY THE ASIA The foreign loiters and papers by tho Asa!, hare arrived at Now York; and from them! among others, the following additional items h .ve been culled r In England, peace Is regarded as probable without tho raseeing of Sot>aj.?poi beinc a preliminary step ? The imports of gold into England ware large. Ihe bank was shortly expected to re duoe the rate of diseoant it was rnmorod also that England was aboat to raise a loan of ten millions sterling The celebrated Don Carlos died on the 10;h nit. The 8paolsh Government is anxious to ne tiate a loan. It is reported that a aerious revolutionary cio emeot. beaiei by Maaaina, had been dia c verei ia Rome Beth the French end Aus trian troops were belJ in readinoss to su?> pros it. r The Frenoh rockets had set fire to Sebastorel in sevoral plaoes The of Menscbi koff is confirmed. Rush* has again prohibit ed the navigation of tho Lower Danube Tho .'i lies bad despatched instructions to Vienna that the death ?f the Czar had not changed their views regarding the war. The new Emperor Alexander, of Resale, had .esulved on the re organisation of Poland. Tne King of Prussia deairea negoti.auona to be temporarily suspended, but consents unro aervedly to sign the Vienna protocol. The Late Execution at Havana A oorreapendent of the N. Y. Timee, writing from Havana of the execution of Raman Pin to, says: "Tbe morning of the 21st, at sunrise, it was communicated to the prisoner, who received it with a pl ?oid smile, and said that he wai prepared for it, Knowing the formula, he rate with no bitter worda upon his lipe?no malioe to rankle ia his bosom, aad lighting his cigar it?, took the arm of the officer, an i was con ducted from the Punto Castle to the ehepel or tho Royal lecon pria*n, some 300 yards re moved. The customary church rite and instruction were bestowed; his friends wore allowed to 6ee him; bis business of life was concluded with his lawyers; and his laat will and teatament signed in the presanoe of witoeeaes. near 1 o'clock on the morning of the 22d. At 7, A M , he walked from the chapel to the plaoeof execution exhibiting a ootnpoaurc that was the baet evidence-of a soul at peaee with the world Ilia foes were political; he bad mo l-craonal enrni'y to forgive or to disturb his last moments. His face was strene and bright ?a* a pleasant smile seemed *o live upon hia lip, and beam with every took he geve to pas ting frieLdship "There never was such a throng of living beings gathered upon tho Golgotha plain of Spanish jn*tia to witness so sad a spectacle, lie walked unaided, ascended the steps, and looked for a moment ui?an the aeene. exchanged a ew words with his confessor, and addreaaed a few worda to the people, which ooutd be beard only by tho.-c nearest the platform He seated himself, and in a few uiomrnts be waa severed from tne living mass that surrounded him Tke shock to this community wae mnob greater than that caused by the execution of Lope*, when all admitted the jast esplarion as one of the chances in the gsme he played, and there was nr. law violated to obtain the death ?4 lie leaved a wife and large family?I think nine children, one a year old, liis age is said to be fif;y-one?and bom in Barnelonv Ho was universally esteemed for his noble and chivalrous character." The Havana oorresponucnt of the National Intelligenoor gives the following description of Pinto : 4 Ram>n Pinto was fifty one years of age and he has left a wife and seven children here lie was a Caul an. horn in Barcelona of respectable parents, a protege of the cele brated Duke of Aigecn who was the most dis tinguieh?d favorite with the King Ferdinand VII , and to whom was made the largo grant of royal domain in Florida Pinto, at the in stance ef the Duke, went to Madrid and ac quired bis education in an institution aider the royal patronige He waa devoted to the Sricsthood by his elevated friends; but this id not fill hi) aspirations, and after his aea dexnic couraos ware concluded he declined ta king orders, and be lost advtntage and posi tion that was intended for him by his protec tors. He waa one of the volunteers in the battle in the streets of Madrid the 7th of Ju ly, 1820, when tbey repulsed with much de. struotion, the royal guards, and took their places, ia the palace of the King. Frem Mad rid he passed with the guard of the King to Cadis, among ethers of the volunteers, and be waa in a small fortificationconneoted with th? exterior defences of Cadia when it was deliv ered to i he Freneh in vesting forces The gar riaon were nearly all put to the sword after they had performed prodigies of valor, and Pinto wss one of the five or aix left alive The subsequent changes disgusted him, and he em barked from Cadis near thecleee of L820." Tar Liynou Law abd vhb Fibkmkb'The Sunday Law was, as we learn f oo a telegraph despatoh, enforced In Philadelphia yesterday, moa'. stringently. Net a single drinking shop was open. The refectories sold eatables only. The new law regulating the fire department went Into operation on Saturdsj night at 12 o'clock. Fifty four expanses have acoepted Its provisions and conti jue in eerviee Twen ty four reject the law and have gone out of serviea Peering that a riet might eeeur last night, tbe Mayor bad the pottee on dety all night, but beyond a few faUo alarm* of Are all was quiet.

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