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Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 3, 1855 Page 2
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evening star. WASHINGTON PITY: TUESDAY ITTKBHOOH April 3 ZIT Advertisements should be handed in by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may not appear until the next day. SP1B1T OP THE MOUSING PRESS The Intelligencer rejoices that there seems to be a procpeot that Spain will asaent to some arrangemen' by which her relations with the 17. 8 Government arising out of Cuban af fair* may be settled by the island authorities, avoiding the irritating and dangerous delay which is now incident to their settlement. The editor in his comments on the aubjeot, says: '-The value of seme adequate arrangement mast be apparent to all, by which mutual ex planationi would often lead to the speedy set tlement of an apparent wrong instead of wait ing for months?with the aggra vated exasper ation which private interest or sinister de signs may ffive to an open misunderstanding ?the remote action of the Government at Madrid?a government habitually deliberate in its treatment of diplomatic questions, though it has ever shown itself as honorable as it is puncciliouain all international trans actions.' The Union discusses the recent judicial murder of Ramon Pinto at Havana, sajing of affairs on the island : ?' There are no laws io Cuba, save such aa a nomadic Governor, equally remorseless r.s to lite or money, chooses to make for himself There is no \ re?s there A rigid and armed wall exclude* its j eople frem the world, and the world fr m them They seise mails there, open letters and seite those to whom they are addre? e<i There ia no trial there by jury or otherwise. A secret tribunal decides on life and death. with.m calling a witness or ar rai<nin/ the a 'cused cxcept to torture him into confc sun or relying for evidence upon a con victed felon. No civilised man or woman can go out of that bland save m its governor wills, and no civilised man or woman can enter save with his permission A brave roldicr is tried !n sec re' there, or not tried at all. but doomed in secret; he is pinned in public view in an armchair, and his neck twisted off and the belli of relig on ring a sanctified chime They shoot men in the back there, and order African savages to brutalize themselves, aud drag the n- bie and dead victims naked through the streets. They shoot Americans in the back there?men who never knelt, save to their God, and always die with their face to the enemy. They kill women there The armed and public spy walks masked there through the streets, and points out the victims of hi* ve? Might after night hordes of Africans are poured into that "society" to threaten with universal assassination the peo ple of the wh<>le community, should they re volt or should a disgusted world revolt for them Pries s ring their hymns tethe garote. and pray for the slave-ship That island lies in sight of Florida, in American waters and there and euch is the ttatiu quo which an Anglo-French alliance would protect with British and Frenoh fleets.'' The same paper copies a chapter from the Blue Book to show that nearly half the officers of the Lulled States revenue marine service are not foreign born as alleged by some of tho Administration s enemies, and that there is not a single foreigner among them ail. The Union also quotes from the Kichmond Enqui rer a notion of the fact that a few years ago Mr. Flournoy. the Know Nothing candidate for Governor of Virginia, held that all the public evils existing in his ttate arose from the existence of slavery there, and joins the Virginia journal in severely reprehending Mr. P.'a sentiments in that connection. The S*ntm>l deprecate* the idea of a union of the New Yoik Hards with tho Softs, and plvaia hard that at least a score of them will prove true to their opposition faith The edi tor, in the coarse of this article, ia exceedingly savage against the National Adminstration. msinwios XENVS ASP GiMlP. Oar Large Cities ?A season cf short crops would make tad times indeed, in the large cities of the United States, aa the experience in New York of the partial failure of the last Mason's crops shows. We have in all our eities of considerable numbers many more idle people than are to be found in European cities ot like population. Thi; is owing to two oauses?to the greater eaie with which the ne cessaxie? of life are procurable in this country, and to the failure of tne Government (munici pal or State) to compel the Idle to labor, as ia done throughout Europe to greater cr less ex tent ihere every man's business and meaiui of living are known to the authorities, and if there is a fa it presumption that one's means or ways of living will make him sooner or later chargeable to the State or eity. or if it is judged that he lives dishonestly, he is at onoe compelled to work or is punished for his oontumacy?otherwise the half-starved mobs of the cities of Europe would soon dispose of all mitt era to suit their whims of the moment. L>uribg tue past winter the American public had a foretaste of what suon mobs would do, if they dared, in the never-to-be-forgotten speeches made in the New York Park. We are lree to oonfess that what occurred then and there, shock our faith in the capacity of our great cities to be relied on properly to govern themselves, as the people of the coun try at ler^e are to be relied on. If the com ing season prove only as disastrous as the last to the agricultural interest, we will undouot* edly have terrible timea indeed among the population of the cities which cannot be said to have yet recovered from the effect of that season of scarcity. So far, it has not been fouLd necessary to incorporate into our sys tem much more than persuasive means of pre teivitg the peace and the observance of the rights of all, but the ocourreacea in New York during the season to which we refer above, oonvey a warning?a very strong warn*i ing, indeed?that the day is approaching when the authorities will be compelled to have means at hand to supply the lack of proper in tentions and true loyalty to our institutions on the pari of the idle, unthinking, and irre sponsible of the large cities, the lack of which those occurrences made manifest. Napoieou III.'s Purpose in Proposing to go to the East-?The following extract from a letter written frost Paris, by the aooomplished M Galliardet, on the ath ult., and published in the (Prench) Coumer dej Etats Unit, of New York, on Saturday last, whioh is trans lated for the Star, ts full of meaning, and strikes us as affording the true solution to the proposed act of Louis Napoleon, which in Eng land is pronounced by some as a scheme of madnee*, and is received by the majority of thoee active in puolio affairs there with no little jealousy. The ideas are all in keeping with the iLgsuab Emperor's character, and as the Eastern aad European world is now molded mentally, there is method aad genius ta h, if it u quit* erratic : " The Emperor of the Preneh, still con vinced of ihe decisive importance thai the taking of this town oanalone have, persists, it is laid, in going to the Crime* in spite of the death of Nicholas and in spite cf 'be strong remon "trance* of Austrii, who dreads to find herself placed by an aocident and a revolu tion between the re-establishment of the re public in France or that of the legitimacy, which would he equally hostile to her. These objections, supported by England, will, in the end perhaps, shake the obstinate decision of Napoleon ill. The preparations for hia de parture are. nevertheless, going on, and a project is imputed to the Empress of going from Constantinople to Jerusalem to make a pilgrimage to the Hcly Places The idea is a pious and poetic one, and would oreate a great sensation in the East It is but another rea son that Eogland and Austria should regard with jealousy the presence in the Crimea and Turkey of the imperial oouple, which could not but give to France a strong religious pres tige and a great military preponderance. The war and its conquests would become morally entirely French." A Roorback?The following from the Wash ington correspondence of the New York Her. aldy of Saturday last, is wholly destitute of foundation. Shero is not the slightest truth whatever in it: "All of the Virginia clerks of influence that can be spared from the several department? in this city have permission to visit their seotions of the State and aid in the election of Wise. 1 am not informed whether the expenses at tending their travels are paid, but their sala ry is to be allowed them the same as if on duty." Appropos, it may be well for us to caution the heads of bureaus against permitting any clerks ui.der them to be habitually passing around tbe streets and the several departments, during office hours, on any pretence whatever other than in the discharge of the duties for which they are paid by the Government. Up to very nearly this time the practice bad been dis continued, and the Administration had won the approval of all right-thinking persons by breaking it up. Instances of it have lately talien under our notice, and we desire thus to put a stop to its renewal by calling the atten tion of those in authority to it. If not sum marily stopped, it will bring scandal on the h eads of bureaus here, and furnish a handle for the slanders of a thousand pens, invariably dipped in gall when.the Administration is to, be written of. British Recruit*.?liecently, the Govern ment here was advised that attempts wore toing mado by British agents to enlist recruit* for the British army before Sebastopol, in our Lie tern cities. I he Lieutenant Governor of ooe of the British North American Provinces, it seems, advertised fti a Provincial paper for barracks and subsistence for 500 recruits from the United States, and the paper stated 3,000 men were expected ; and that a Mr. Howe, a somewhat notorious politician in the oolonies, was in the United States attending to the mat ter. Thereupon Attorney General Cushing forthwith instructed the federal officers in New lork and Philadelphia to strictly en> force our neutrality laws, and several persons ware arrested, and the British Consul at Phil alelpbia, a Mr. Matthews, was accused of c impiicity in the business. He wrote a letter to a lawyer which he proposed to read in court, but tbe epistle is by no aims satisfac tory. \N e presume the Government will cause his dismissal and the arrest of Howe, if caught in our jurisdiction; and also demand the dis missal of the Provincial Lieutenant Gov omor. There is no little feeling on the sub ject hero, and the Administration are sup posed to be determined to enforce our law strictly in this case. *ite? fer New Custom House# Selected ?We understand that the Secretary of the Treasury has closed with the Mason's Lodge and the trustee of the academy in Newark for the pur chase if one lot, belonging to both these par ? ies, for the site of the new custom-house to be built in that city. The price to be paid is $50,000. The property is situated on Broad street, near the equaro. The building no*? u;on it is the same in which General ,Waah :i,gton presided over the Masonio fraternity ilere, during his never-to-be-forgotten "cam p ugn in the Jerseys." We hear further, that the Secretary has also closed with Messrs Cheney Ames and Richard Talloott for the purchase of a lot oa Ooeida street, between First and Second streets, in Oswego, N. Y., for the site of the new custom-hocee to be built there-132 by 2O0 feet. The price to be paid for it is $12 000. his is decidedly the cheapest, handsomest, aad best located site purchased for such a purpose by the Government, we apprehend for tome years past. The plans for the buildings that are to be erected on these two sites are now being pre. pared, and we presume that shortly proposals for their construction will be called for. Accounts of the Late Collector Bichardeon. It turns out that according to the books of the Treasury, Jacob Richardson, late collector at Oiwego, N. Y., ia a defaulter to the tune of $~02,000, for the reoovery of whioh his bail are now being sued. The aggregate amount of tho bonds under whieh Richardson's defalca tions occurred, is but $45,000, which will doubtless be recovered, and, perhaps some thing more. It will he recollected that Rich ardson died not long since in Canada, and that for some time it was currently believed that the account of his death was a ruse, put out to aid him in eluding the offioers who were after him to arrest him, under the penal clause of the sub-treasury law. Turning over a Hew Leaf?We understand that the Third Auditor of the Treasury has issued an order directing that from the 1st of April, Inst, a record shall be kept of tho ex act amount of work done by each of the nu merous clerical employees in his bureau, with a description of tha peculiar sort of work done by each. This, we presume is to facili tate the preparation of his quarterly summary of the business transacted by his bureau, and the oondiiioo of that remaining to be done, which he is hereafter to make, as is made by most of the other bureaus of the Treasury Department. Cloee Sailing ?We hear that our old and so highly regarded fellow citizen Lieut. Junius Boyle, U. 8. N., the oommander of the South ampton, just returned from the East Indies, wrote from Tahiti, Sandwioh Islands, for a member of his family to meet him in New \ork on the 31st of March, on whioh day his ship actually arrived there, having made the voyage t-round the Horn in the interim. The Southampton touched nowhere between the Sandwich Islands and New York. A Smashing Roorback.?'- An lnstanoe of hnISrn??ut ?oonuolJ ** h?re given. Several hundred tons of coal within the last two years MNtoN*T)r l?o ! e^.? i ditor"neu for ue of our oTT^ ' ?^lli*ng lik* following from $7 to $8 f?' &???*??? ^ to Gibraltar *11 & ? kii0 ?vermJ5? F#r t?ni ??7 I tea. In edditten te the oo2 r f?r H the United States, the removal from the vessels that carry it to its place of stornge ia an additional ooit of $2. Coat to the United States. $17; a batter quality to be had on the apot, $4?loss to the United Statea. $13 par ton. It will be interesting to point out into wboee pockets this fair peroentage goei, the nnmber of tona of coal sent to the Mediterranean in the last two years, and the quantity that haa bean oondomned aa unfit for use, and the amount actually used for the benefit of the Government " Ihe above precious atory ia, of courae, from the New York Heralds Washington mint. We hare ascertained that there ia not a word of truth in it. No ooal haa been aent in the last two years from this oountry for the use of our steam marine in the Mediterranean. Every ton uaed by it there in that time haa baan purchaaed on the apot whore wan ed, and at pricea no greater than were being paid by all others purohaaing ooal in the same markets at the same time. Spanish and French Land Measures.?By the inoorporation into the Union of the ancient province of Louisiana, of thePloridas, and of the territory acquired from the Republio of Mexico, we have necessarily to adopt, and be controlled by the Spanish aad Mexican meas urements in the recognition and survey of valid titles derived from the authorities of those countries. Those measurements are as follows: The lineal arpen used in th? ancient sur veying systems in Louisiana and Florida is in the ratio of 12 arpena to 35 chains. The Spaniah square league ooitains 7,056 arpena, equal to 6,0t)2.50 acres. In California, tho square league is called "mm silio de ganado mayor1'?its area ia set down in the Senate Report of 1848 on "Cali fornia claims" at 4,428 acrea. The Mexican vara ia held by the Land De partment to be exactly equal to 33 American I inches Tkia ratio of the Mexican vira to the American yard would make the area of the "eitio" 4,540.27 aorea. We notice that the approaches of the French fortifications to the Russian outworks are usu ally given in metres. The Frenth metr$ is eq::.! to 3.28 feet. tIs iical Eesignation, Appointments and Chang-a ?Col. J. D. Toll, of Michigan, has resigned a third class olerkship ($1,600) in the Pension Office. Lynde Eliot, seoond class clerkship, $1,400, transferred from Patent Office to same class (not third class, as stated in the Union,) in the Pension Offioe. George P. Smith, of Pennsylvania, appointed to first class clerkship?salary, $1,200 per an num. W. H. Thomas, of Wisconsin, appointed to first class olerkship?salary, $1,200 per annum. Ihe Operations of the General Land Office. The officers of this bureau are just n#w busily engaged in preparing instructions to the Gov erument'a different surveyors general, with the view of having them properly accommodate the immense rush of emigration to the new lands of the Great Weat this season, of which the sign3 (prognostications) are said to be un precedented. A Titles Commissioner Appointed ?Hon. John Law, of Indiana, haa been appointed commissioner to ascertain and adjust the titles to land in Indiana, under the act approved July 27, 1854 to act in conjunction with the receiver and register of the land offioe at Vin cennes; compensation, $8 per diem and ex penses Squared his Accounta ?We understand that Allen W. Hatch, late collector of ouatoms at Milwaukie, haa handsomely paid up tho bal ance found due from him to the Government by the United States court for Wisconsin. Bounty Land?At the Penaion Office, yes terday, 4,700 applications for bounty land under the aot of March 3,1855, were received;' also 370 miseellaneous lettera. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On Monday, the 2d April therj wfre of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For paying Treasury debts $69,624 24 For the Customs 4,201 40 tor covering into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources.... 415 72 For covering into the Treasury from customs.... 3,639 73 For the War Department 92,754 00 For the Navy Department 138,374 52 For repaying in the Navy Depart* ment 2,143 53 For the Interior Department 4,518 57 PERSONAL. ....Mrs. Carolina Schroeder, wife of the Hon. Francis Sohroeder, American Minister to Sweden, and daughter <rf W. W. Seaton, E-q., of this city, died at Stockholm on the 24th of February last. This lady was very mueh esteemed by all who enjoyed her acquaintance in tLe midst of us, and her death, therefore, cannot fail to produce profound sensation in the circles where she was most loved. .... The death of Lieut. Arthur Lewis, U. S N , announced in the Union this morning, , took place on the 30th of March last, at Bow ling Green, Caroline oounty, Va. .... The Know Nothings in several States are dividing off into several cliquea and outer ie3. In New York there are three factions: 1st, Barker's party, ealled Hindoos; 2d, the Allen party, oalled Originals; 3d, the Utica organization, called bogus or Seward Know Nothing*. In Massachusetts, New Hamp shire and New Jersey there are two faotions in each. .... Mrs. Telitha Twiggs, wife of Major General Twiggs, died recently in New Orleans. ....Hon. Henry A. Edmundson has been re-nominated for Congress by the Democratic Convention in the Montgomery district of Vir ginia, and has accepted the nomination. .... Mrs. Cass, wife of the Hon. Lewis Cass, Jr., United States Minister at Rome, died sud. denly in that city on the third of March. .... Miss Anna C. Lynch was married on Saturday last to Vincenso Botta, late of Sar dinia .... Hon. William Appleton, of Boston, do olines the public dinner tendered by his con stituents. .... George P. Fisher, Esq , of Dover, has been appointed Attorney General of Delaware. .... Signorina Parodi is aboat to retarn to the United States. Tub Tkupbratirb on thb Rio Gbandz.? We have a letter this morning from an olBoer stationed at Ringold Barracks, on the Rio Grande, some one hundred and twenty miles above Fort Brown, whe says that on the 8th inst. the thermometer stocd there in the shade at 100 degrees of Farenheit! ? n,i Poisowbd by ? Rat ?A few days ago, a young lady at a boarding-school in Flushing^ N. Y., had her hand bitten by a rat, whili she was in bed, asleep. It soon commenofu swelling and a physician was called in who pronounced it to be badly poisoned, and ex* presaed the opinion that it might have to be amputated. The young lady has been com* polled to leave school, and is now at her homo 10 Brooklyn. She says that she was awakened in the night by a nibbling at her hand, whet she grasped the rat and threw it from the bad GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE Tke Weather, \c.?Removals and Appoint ments?Arrivals of Flour ? Accident ? Shawl Found?Vacancy on the Canal? Aiarkrts, Oft. Gbombtowb, April 3, 1855. Up to the present time. April has exhibited none of the qualities of the lamb. Ever since [t oame in, the weather has been remarkably sold for the season. The wind blowing a gale from northwest, which, together with the per*, feet clouds of dust continually floating through our streets, has caused it to be almost imposai ble for pedestrians to navigate them, and caused but littlo business of an outdoor char acter to be done. The following removals and appointments have been made bj the Major: John T Don* aldson appointed obtain of the night wateh, vice John Clements, removed; Walter B Pom* roy, as istant, vice John McCauly, removed; John Harrison, day scavenger, vice John Hess, removed; James Chamberlain and E. Hughes, night do , vice Shirus, removed. A considerable quantity of flonr has reaohed oar market the last few days by oanal. The arrivals, yesterday, amounted to some 4,000 bbls , mostly on consignment.' A few nights since while a party of youths were amusing themselves by pullicg an empty wagon about the streets, a email boy named Duvall, who was riding in it, was thrown out and seriously injared. Who oan tell us what was the matter, that the whole neighborhood of Green and Dum barton streets was kept in a state of alarm for several hours before day this morning, by the loud screams of a female, apparently a for eigner, calling for the night watch. On Sunday morning last, while the water was being let out of the oanal basin, a son of Mr. Henry Burrows found lying in it a very fine embroidered crape shawl, which, from being tied up in an old bandkerohief and sank with stones, is supposed to have been stolen, it is evidently new, the sale mark being still on it. Any person baring lost a shawl, oan see it by applying to Mr Burrews A few sbaa and herring? arrived at our wharf yesterday. The former sold for $22 per hundred, and the lstter at $20 per thou sand. As yet very little has been done by the fishermen on the Potomac, and fears are enter tained that if the present very unfavorable weather continues a few d.iys langer it will very nearly, if not entiiely, destroy their pros psots for the season. Mr Lam by, the very effioient superintendent on the lower portion of the canal, has resigned his office and returned to the Washington aqueduct, where he was employed as superin tendent when that work was first commenced It is supposed the vacanoy on the oanal will be filled by the Board of Directors of the canal company, which meets, we believe, in Wash ington, on Thursday next. I ho flour market is firm with an upward tendency; holders are asking $9 37Ja$9 50, and buyers offering $9.25a$9 37i. No arrivals or sales of wheat sinoe our last, consequently we can give no reliable quotations Sale yes terday of 1,800 bushels of corn at 91o. Spectator. THE MEBCHAWT8 EXCHANGE?ITS OB. J?CT AND AIM. Mbrcbaht's Excbawgb, ) Star Bindings, Second Floor, j One of the leading objects sought to be at tained by this organisation, is the frequent and friendly conferences of the merchants and business men of this oity at their Exchange, which will no doubt prove mutually advanta geous, and result in establishing a sort of head quarters where the reflex of their opin ions and experiences in business, will he ro corde.1 for future referenoe and guidance. It will, moreovor, be a part of their duty, and strictly within the province of tbis asso ciation to give an eye to the legislation of cur City Councils and Congress (our national legis lature) when laws are being enacted for the government of our District, especially those relating to the currency, and the chartering of insurance companies, banks, Ac. In all other cities in the Union, the merchants and business men take the initative in matters of this kind; why should they in our oity falter or shrink from the path of duty here under the shadow of the eapitol ? The liberal and kindly disposition ever manifested by our City Councils and Congress during a series of jears past to legislate for the general weal, has been apparent to the most suoerficial observer1 and when there has been delay, doubt, or hes itancy, it would seem to have arisen solely from the absence of that official or authorita> tive data so essential to intelligent legislation. Our business community are annually sub jected to heavy losses arising from and inci dent to the transient character of our popula tion during a large portion of the year. They shall seek, in proper time, so to arrange the basis on whioh the credit business is conduct ed in this city, that the evil will be lessened, if net entirely eradioated. It will be the constant aim of the associa tion to lend its aid and sanction to all enter ?rises having for th*ir object the honor, wel are and prosperity of the Distriot. All merchants and business men of fair standing aan be admitted to membership. On motion, it was unanimously agreed that the merchants and others of Georgetown be requested to become members of the Exohange On motion, it was resolved that the editors of the newspapers published in this city, be respectfully requested to publish the above. SAMUEL BACON, President. Joan F. Ellis, Secretary. Naval Intelligence. We olip the following from a late number of New York Sun: The U. S. Storeship Southampton, Juniua J. Boyle, commander, arrived at this port yes terday, from Tahiti, whence she sailed Deo. 27th. On the 19th a Frenoh squadron of four vessels sailed for New Caledonia. The 25th the whale ship Goloonda, Capt. Dougherty, sailed for the United States The captain and orew of the ship Jupiter, of California, had arrived, having been eight days and nights in an open boat; their vessel foundered to the 'south of the group. The John Laud arrived in oompany of the whale ship J ilowland, the former having sprung aleak and making much water. The whale ship America was undergoing repairs, having struck on a sunken rock off Caps Ma rai. Left in port U. S. S Portsmouth, Capt. Dornin, to sail in a few days for home; also the whale shipe Callao, Maringo, Cavalier, Isaac Hick, and Chas Phelps The steamer City of Norfolk was daily expected from Sid ney, en route for California The following ia a list of the Southampton's officers: Junius J. Boyle, lieutenant commanding; Geo A. Stevens, master; Arthur M. Lynob, Assistant Surgeon, James H Rochelle, passed midshipman; Thos. J. Houston, do ; Fredk. A. Boardman, midshipman; Sin Danahan, Capt's Clerk; Francis Garrison, actg master's mate; Ansel L. Burton, purser's steward; Wm. W. Newton, hospital steward; Theodore Luastoff, passenger. Sbagbab, January 1.?The U. S. schooner Fennimore Cooper, of the surveying squadron, and theU. S. propeller John Hancook were refitting. The U. S. sloop Vandalia was on the station. Kansas Elbctiob ? A dispatch from Wm ton, Mo., says that the tioket of the friends of the Nebraska-Kansa* bill, on the north side of Kansas river, had a thousand majority, and that there was no opposition to that tioket in Barr, Oak, or Aehison preeinots. Know SoMBTRIBGS AGAINST KNOW NoTH isag ?The Washington correspondent of the New York Courier, in a recent letter, says: " The Enow Somethings, an offshoot of the Know Nothings, are making efforts to estab* lish an organ whioh shall resist the tendency <A -the latter society to Southern opinions re specting slavery." Great Snow Storm. Montekal, April 2 ? It has been snowing hard here fo the last 15 hours HeaTj drifts have accumulated whioh are likely to impede the trains. OeousBVRA, April 2.?A severe snow storm, accompanied with a heavy northwest wind is prevailing here. The thermometer is ten de grees above feto. b THE WRITER OF THIS WOULD like to know the nam" of his female friend, in order to remunerate her for h>>r great art of kind ness in an anouvmous letter a few days ago ap S?lt? MR" MERCHANT8' EXCHANGE ?THERE will be a regular meeting at the mom over the Ptar Ruil>iing*, corner of lltb street. THIS EVENING, at 7?^ o'clock. ap 3 - It M NOTICE.?THE MEMBERS OP THE NA ti nal Guard are hereby notified t* attend tli? regular monthly meetm.- of the Company on WEDNESDAY EVENING, the 4th instant, at 7U o'clock, a* business of importance will be submitted for consideration. By order: T. E. LLOYD, Secretary. ap3-2t* a i UNION GUARDS ATTENTION.?THBI n A members of the Corps a e requested to attend P Pthe usual meeting on WEDNESDAY, 4ih in ft ft slant. Punctual attendance is necessary as some busi ness of importance will be transacted. By order: THOS. BRIGC3, O. 8. ap 3 - 2t WASHINGTON CITY BENEVOLENT SOCIETY.?The next regular meeting of tins Society will be held on TUESDAY EVENING, the 3d instant, at 7^ o'clock, in Temper*lice Hall, on E, between 9th and 10th streets. Punctual at tendance is requested. By order: GEO. HARVEY, Treasurer, ap 2?2t ATTENTION. PRbSIDENT'8 MOUNT-1 flL ed Guard.?You are hereby notified to at /JP1 lend the regular monthk meeting of the ' ?8 corps on TUESDAY EVENING, the 3d t>f April, at 7 o'clock. It is earnestly requested that each and every member of the corps should be punctual in his attendance. All members who bavs been absent for tiie last J two meetings of the corps will And it to their ad vantage to attend this meeting, as the constitution wiil be strictly enforced against all who are absent. By order of CAPT." PECK. JOHN McCUTCIIEN, O. S. mar 31-3t THE SCOTT GUARDS BEG LEAVE to inform their friends and the public gen erally that they intend giving a grand Military and Civic Ball on THURSDAY, Annl 12, 1856. Particulars in future advertisement. mar 27?eo4t* Treasury Notes Ontitandlag April 1855. Amount outstanding of the several issues prior to 22d July, 1846, as per records ot this office $102,811 64 Amount oi standing of the issue of22d Jul., 1846, as per records of this of fice 7,850 00 Amount outstanding of the issue of 28th January, 1847. as per records of this office 1,850 00 J 111.411 64 Deduct cancelled note, under act prior to 22d July, 1846, in the hands of on* of the accounting officers 50 00 $112 361 64 TREA9rRT D*rAFT*IlfT, R-gisier's Office, April 2, '855. ap3? It V. BIGGER, Register. Having learned that reports are I in circulation that the National Hotel is short*) to be closed, the proprietor deems it proper to say to the patrons of the house, and the traveling public generally, that all such reports are without founda tion, and that the Hotel still be kept open for the accommodation of visitors. ap 3?eo2w E. P. WILLARD NOT1CK.?DURING MY TEMPORARY AB sence from Washington, Mr. J amis Evblbtb ia authorized to attend t* my affairs, and all person* having business with me arc requested to call on hiin at No. 275 Nineteenth street west. ap 3 -5t* C. GRATIOT. MRIAA BOILERS, all sizes, for sale by W II. IIARROVER, ap 8? Seventh st, near I'a. avenue. | DOZEN CA8TAGNET, IVORY fc ROSE X ? wood Bones just received at the Music Depot of HILBU8 fc HirZ. ap 3 ? IJOU SALE ?A PAIR OP BAY MARES, seven years old, well-bred, sound, stylish, AV-? gentle, spirited and capital goers. They are well broken and perfectly free from tricks, anu will particular I v suit any gentleman who is fond of driving. The owner pans with them only because iiis purpose is to retrench his expenses. They cau lie seen ai Southron's (late Birch's) Stable, on 14th street, south of I'a. avenue. For terms, or an op portunity to try them, enquire at the connter of the | Star office. They will be sold a ba.gain. ap 3?tf 50 REWARD, " STOP THIEF?Tlie subscriber's Locker in the Centre Market was broken open between Sat urday, the 31st ultimo and Tuesday, the 3d instant, and there was stolen therefrom one pair ef Baiter's Spring Balances, weighing 120 lbs Batchins and others using or dealing in such scales will please stop them should they be offered for sale. WM. WILSON, Butcher, ap 3?tf Centre Market STONE! ST0NKJ7STONE! JJU BUILDERS, Contractors, and others a?* f veby notified that Curb, Plag, Coping and Balding STONES. Also, STONE-STEPS, 8ILLS. kc., will be furnished as usual from those we<l-known quarries owned by W. D. C. Murdock, and worked until recently by the late Timothy O'Neale and his brother. For prices and terms apply to the sub scriber at No. 67 K street, Washington WM. COLLINS, ap 3?lw* Agent for the Proprietor. LIME, PLASTER, /1EMENT, H.MR, kc.?Just opened two large' kilns of splendid wood burnt Lime.?A. k L . P HOOVER have this day entered into co-partner ship; and, having made several additions to ibeir fine kilns, are now manufacturing from 800 to 1,0(;0 birrels of the best wood burnt Li ne per week, which will be sold at the lowest market prices Also, constantly on hand a large quantity of the finest PLASTER, CEMENT ani HAIR to be found in this city. All those who are in want of these article* will certainly find it to their advantage to give them a call. A. fc L P. HOOVER Potomac Lime Kilns, 27th street, one square south lower bridge, near Geoi'n. ap 3?d3w NOTICE TO BUILDERS AND HOUSEKEEPERS ? Having made large additions to our stock and arrangements for a constant supply, we now offer, at modcraie prices, for cash, a good assortment of Building Mateiia's and House furnishing articles, such as ? ltutu, fast and loose Joints of all sizes Parliament Hinges, Patent Blind Hinges A variety of strap Hinges Gimlet Point Screws, Brass and Iron B Its Axle Pullies, Patent Sash and Blind Fastenings A variety of Mortice, Rim aud oth?r Locks A complete assortment of Carpenter's Tool* rocket and Table Cutlery, Spades, Forks Hoes, Garden Tools, Charcoal Furnaces, Cookms Stoves Grates, Collins's improved Parlor Stove, a very com plete arrangement for heating a number of rooms Wooden Ware, a good variety of Brushes, Brooms, Bird Cages Probably the best assortment of Children's Gigs to Tie found In the District Patent Ventila ing Ref igerators, for convenience and utility the best article ever offered in any market To all of which we invite the attention of our trrends and the public. JOHNSON, GUY fc CO., Pa. avenue, between 10th and llih us. ap 3?eo3t 1'HE RICH KINSMAN; or, the History ol Ruth.l the Moabite-s, by Rev. Slephen U, Tyng, D D Travels in Europe and the East; a year in Eng land, Germany, Italy, Palestine, &c. by 8. lreneans Prime, 2 vols, 12iuo, fifiy illustrations, price two dollars. Coleman's Historical Text Book and Atlas of Bib lical Geography, new edition, octavo, f 1 50 For sale at the B okstore of GRAY fc BALLANTYNE, ap 2?3t 498 Seventh sireet. NEW GOOD. GENTLEMEN'S CLOTHING.?We are now re oeiving our spring supplies of n?w Cloths, Cas stmerea, Tweeds. Casbmerets, Summer Cloth*, Ltn en Drills and Ducks white and colored Marseilles, Silk and satin Vestings. &c., embracing the greatest vaiifcty of rich new and tashionable Goods for gen Yemen's to be found in this city, which we wLl make to order in the most superior style of woikmansbip and finish much cheaper than the usual city prices for goods of equal quality. WALL * STEPHENS, np 2-3t 335 Pa. avenue. H FINE WATCHES. AVING made a considerable addition to my | . stock of BOLD arXTINO FaTZNT LEVI* and ladies' watches Of first quality, heavy 18 catatf cases. Also, SILVER WATCHES for boys. I offer thein at greatly reduced prices. The mov menu are selected with great care, and every Watch is warranted. Persons in want of a fine timekeeper arc invited to examine my assortment. H 8EMKEN, No. SSO Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and lOtfc sta. mar 80 FOR SALE?A P1RST RATE WORK HORSE, ? year* old, aad perfectly sound. Apply at * _ ARjJ Y'* Confectionary, Q*or??own. Amusements. PKOPLK'I THEAThb, m _ mte varieties. L,u,r?' ^r* Mv.?.;w, Mr. Wiitii. R?-?nrm?t ?r Mi- f?nky moraiit 04 Mr. J. H. AI*LEN. THIS EVENING will be plated TUBnoNFYMOON luliurn, Miss Morant; Duke Vt?. Mr Alien' Jacques. Mr. M>mr. ' T ) fonrhle with the l*n;h*bte farce *f fortune* frolic Robin Roufh?#-l Mr Norton ; Dolly, Mim Tnnt. Prices of ?Orchestra Chairs 50 cts.; P?j. queue 37rent* ; K guUr Tick-1 25 ctuta . fn vate Boies $3 and $5 Callery for colored persons 25 real*. *> 3 STANLEY'S WESTERN WiLD?, OR GRAND NATIONAL PANORAMA OK THE INDIAN AND HIS COUNTRY' Will open for exhibition WSD?F>DAV, APRIL. 4(k. 1UB, AFTERNOON AND EVENIltO, AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL, Afternoon exhibition Wednesday, for ladies and children, to commence si 3U e'sluck ; Evening at 7* o'clock. Admission 25 cent*? children half pnc?. mar 31 GKA1TD CIVIC AHD MILITARY BAiL or TRK WASHINGTON YAGERS. EAITER MONDAY. April S, 1SS?. AT CARUSTS SAiJOON. THE WASHINGTON YAGERS respectfully an nounco to iheir, both eivic and military that their next ball will be given an MONDAY NIGHT, April 9th, at Carusi *s Saloon. The Committee of Arrang-ments pledge them m lm to uw every effort to make the Ball pleasant and agreeable to ail who may favor them with their company, and have no doubt ahall make every ou*. feel at home Weber's line Cotillon Band will be present and. pei form some of their finest pieces of music. Tickets fl 50?to be had of the l'??iiii?? of At rangeicents and at the door on the ntgtu of the baU, Committee of .IrrangrmmU. N Happ, J B??h'-r, M Kuppel, P Sct.weitanr, E Veiv'.t, F Miliar, F Bergenshausen, J Angermann, mar 31?dtb OEMID FIBEMEK'S AFD CIVIC BALL TO at Gin* BY TBI Colombia Fire Company S o. 1. AT JACKSON HALL, EASTER MONDAY NIGHT, Apiil 9th, IMA 'I HE members of the Company pledge tbemselve* I that nothing will be left undone to make It one of the best balls of the season Professor Louis Weber's celebrated Cotilloo ban 1 ha? been engaged for the occasion Firemen are requested to appear in uniform. No hats or caps will be allowed in the hall except those worn bv firemen. Tickets ONE DOLLAR? admitting one genOe man and ladies; to be had at the prinmpal hotels, and at the door on the evening of the bah. EXECUTIVE COMMITTER Thos. Young. Jas Lowe, Thos. Iiwyer, Jas Martin, Isaac Beera. Rrctpiion Commit! ft Jas Martin, Jaii Coleman, G F SmaJIwoed, T E Young, II Pardy, R Harmon, F H Sage, A MeDermott, M Mareeron, I Beera, C R ?tinson. Joa Marcar at, PJEnnis, D VV Jsrboe. mar 20,23.27,29,31,A pr2 3,4?,6,7,fc9 LL STK A.1G? H* A1 ^ risi'ing the City Should see Hunter's Oat alr-o. I'i? Description of Powell's treat Picture aloeue of the curiosities of the Patent office, fe.b 2:t?3?n* HOK? KAKKo, 4PADKH. SHOV ELS, he.?A full a-sorunent of Garden im (dement* just received and for sale by ' ELVANSk THOMPSON, 330 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th sts. ap 2?3t (Organ) PARIS MANTILLAS AT NEW YORK PR1C ES ? A large lot of Paria Mantillas from a New York importing house, will be opened to-momw morning, tor exIubi'Jon and sale, for tiro day* only. 1" a room over our store. MAXWELL k BRO., 338 Pa av , betw 9:h and 10th sts Remember, these goods will only be offer d for aale two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, and as the cash is wanted for tliem,they will be offered at very great bargains. M- k BRO. ap 2?2t SPRING MILLINERY. MRS. M. A. HILLS respectful^ lannounees to the ladies of Washing ton and vicinity ii:at she Ms ,ust re-1 'turned from New York will, a large and vaned assortment of Spring Millinery, oooipna ing in part, Straws in every variety, from 37jfc to $13 Misses and Boys' Hats, from 37 jfc te New stylea Lawn Bonnets, Ribbons, Flowers, Feathers, Drees Trimming., Caps, Head Dieeses, kc. *95 Penn. avenue. South eids, berween 9th and 10th sts. ap 2?lw m FASHION ABLE WILLI I9ERY -Miss MORLEY baa jus received and will o|ient on Tuesday, 'April 3d, a handsome assortment of SPRING MILLINERY, at her store, No. 309 Pa. avenae. ap 8->* TO FAMILIES. SEWING for families, such as Bosoms. Collars, Wrwtbandv fcCj executed with the 8<-w:ng ma chine (Wheeler k. WttaonV) wh ch was on eilubi tion at the late MeehanirV Gair, by Mrs WM A. RICHARDSON, No. 435 M street, between 13th and 14th streets Orders describing'Ihe manner the won is to be done may be left r.t the Kirkwuod House, and a* soon as executed will be delivered to any part of the city. Pricea reasonable. ap 2 ? 3t* MRS. WM. A. RICHARDSON. TO THE LADtES MRS. M. A. HILLS will open on Thursday, April 5, a splendid assortment of SPRING MILLINERY, to which the Indies nre invited to attend. No. 2T5 Pennsylvania avenue, south side, between Ninth and Tenth streets. ap 2?fc WILLARD'S HOTEL, Old Point Comfort, Vs. I'HE Proprietors take great pleasure in informing their many friends and the public generally that this magnificent Summer Hotel is now being fitted up in the most modern and comfortable style for the coming sen sol. The house will be opened on the fir%t of June, with nothing left unprovided that may promote the comfort and happiness of it* guests. The proprietors also take much pleasure in saying that they will be prepared snd happy to accommo date from the firti oj May any who may favor them v:Ui a call Board per day $2 00 By the week, per day 150 By the month, per day 125 Bath, free for the guests. apa-tf C. C. WILLARD 1 BRQ8 PARASOLS. 130 very rich and cheapPjrasols, nil e?lof? S*raw Bonnets a?d MimwTFlats, gieat variety Mich Bonnets and Ribbands 120 dozen Linen cambr?c Handkerchiefs In faoev boxes, at fl 50 per dos<>n; we think ? good bargain Embroidered and Clear Lawn Hand kerchiefs in great variety 500 yards Swiss Edging, 12c.. worth 25c. 30 dozen black Net Mitts, from 50 cents ap, rtr} cheap 25 dozen best Trench Kid Gloves, all sha les My stock is large and well assorted, and par chased at the very lowest prices. Customers w II be pleaned to fovor me wilta a call and they shall he attentively ?hown through it, and the goads offered at a small advance WM. R RILEY, Corner 8th ft, opp. Centre Market. mar 31?lm LOST?A PROMISSORY NOTE, DRAWN B1 the undersigned, dated February 12. lttt, u> favor of C. S. Fowler, for two hundred dollars, and payable sixty days after date. All i? t?om are bnteby cautioned agtiost negotiating Mid note. mar 31?3t C. ?. FOWLER It CO NEW SPRING STYLE OF HATS AND BONNETS. X7YANS, Pa avenue, S30, between Twelfth and ?e ^ lul article; and also the new style of Flexibl<^^% Hats, and Gentlemen's Caps To accommodate the Lsutie?, and whose patron age be respectfully solicits, he lias connected ( with his business the rale of BONNETS, both Straw and Silk, tog tber with Ribands" in all their varieties. His aasoument ts e*f and will be sold for at least a third le* thsn i articles can now, or have heretofore been, procured in this market. msr 31?lw NOTICE TO CONTKACtOIQ: PROPOSALS will be received at the office of tha Washington ami Alexandria Railroad piny until the 6 J> of April, for Graduation,JI? patron m tonry, and Cro*< ties for said road. Plans, and specifications can be tei o by calling on the on ikminid it the o?cc of Wilifr Leooi, Ho. w Louisiana avenue, bet weep Si tth and Seven th sts. 0. C. WHARTON, apS-44? A* li.i

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