Newspaper of Evening Star, April 3, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 3, 1855 Page 3
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Local Intelligence. Citt Copmcilt?Board of Aldtrmtn ? This bodv met lMt night at the usual hoar, the president. Mr 11 ill, in the chair. Bills from the lower Board were laid before the Board, and disposed cf u follows : A hill appropriating $500 for purchase of npparaftsa for the American Fire Company; ri/crred to the ire departmenteommittee A hill to oontinae the improvement of Ver mont avenue between 12th and 0 street!; re ferred to the improvements committee A hill for the relief of G. W. Uttermuhle; referred to oommittee on olaima A hill to amend an act entitled an net for the relief of Wm K Kiley ; referred to the finance o mm ttee An eel to authorise the rebuilding of a b:i<Ly in the Seventh Ward; passed. AM an act appropriating $750 for the pur chase of hoee for the Northern Liberty Fire Company; referred to the fire department oommittee. The ohair laid before the Board invitations from the President of the Perseverance Fire company, and R. J. Falconer, to witnees the trial, at 3 p m. on Monday next at the City Hall, of the said Faleoner's new coupling for hoee; accepted. Mr. Reed reported back from the lire de partment oommittee a bill far the purohase of 4ve hundred feet of hose for the Perseverance Fire oempany. The question being on Its third reading - Mr. Pepper moved its amendment by add ing a clause directing that this hose should be provided with Falconer's coupling. Mr Reed opposed this amendment on the ground that, as yet, there was really no tell ing what tbe value of the Falconer ooupling was, as it was untried. After a fe* remarks from Mr Borrows ex plain# that it turned out well, the Mayor and inspector of the fire department could of their own motion purchase the right to use It. Mr. Pepper withdrew his amendment; and then the said bill was passed. Mr Fitipatrick reported baoh from the polise eommittee the lower Board's bill giving the board of health power to cause hog pens or styes to be removed whenever they might deem them deleterious to the public health, with a recommendation that it do not pass Mr. F explained that the board of health had already sufficient power to abate them as nuisances; wherever they regarded them as such After a few further remarks from Mr Bor rows and Mr. Fitipatriok on this bill, it was laid on the table. Mr. Bayly reported from the claims com mittee a bill for the relief of Amelia Balti more?refunding the amount of a fine for the violation of the dog law; passed Mr Clark, by leave, withdrew the petition and accompanying papers of T. M. Brush. Mr. Magruder reported from the improve ments committee a bill for tbe relief of Chas. 8tnar*, to pay him $460 for work done; passed Mr Bayly reported back the bill for the re lief of G W Utterauhle; passed Mr. Pepper reported back from the improve ments oommittee; a bill appropriating $500 to continue the improvement ot Vermont avenue between Uih street west, and 0 street north; parsed Mr. P. also reported back from the same committee, a bill to pay ilans-jn Brown $30 for work done in the Fifth Ward; p\*sed Mr Borrows enquired of the chairman of the fiaanee committee whether he had reoeived the usual monthly bank report of the condi tion of the corporation's affairs with the Bank of Washington. Mr Magruder, in reply, stated that he had not reoeived the report in question for three months pas: A lower board's bill to establish a hook and ladder company in tbe Fourth Ward was re ceived ; referred to the fire department com mittee Mr Reed reported back from the fire de partment eommittee the bill appropriating $750 for the purohase of hoee for the Northern Liberties Fire Company, and providing for the use of Falconer's improved bose-coupling, if the Mayor, Inspector of the Fire Depart ment, and President of the Company approve it; passed Mr Houston addressed the board informally agaiest squandering the publio money on the fire department Mr. Pepper, in reply, held that such expen ditures were necessary, as without them the people of the city would soon be w thout Buildings to be burned down. Mr. Magruder introduced a bill appropri ating $600 for grading G street north, we?t of 21st street west, and specifying what the grade thereof shall be ; read twice; and then, debate occurred upon this bill between Mr Pepper against it, contending that do such bill ?hoald specity the grade, and Mr. Magruder for it, explaining that the provisions of the bill were simply to carry out a well matured plan whieh embraced the wishea of the prop erty-holders The grade in quesiion, he re marked, had long since been agreed on, and was approved by the surveyor. Mr Houston made inquiries as to the extent of the work necessary to carry out the provi sions of the bill, and was replied to by Mr. Magruder; when the bill was passed, and the heard adjourned. Cowvmon Couneil.?President in the chair, and all the members present exoept Messrs. Stewart and Gill Mr Plant presented the petition of Henry Oliver; referred Mr Clements presented the petition of Kep pie A Co , for a reservoir in Fourth Ward; referred. Mr. Clements presented en invitation from A. Hatch, president of the Perseverance Fire Company, to be present at the trial of Faulk aer's hose coupling, Ac , on Easter Monday; accepted Mr. Barr, from the committee on ways and means, asked to be discharged from tie con sideration of the petition of various persons on Pennsylvania avenue, as the muter was mnder consideration in another oommittee. This wu done, and the petition referred. Mr. J W Davis reported a bill to grade New York avenue, and appropriating $5,212 for the purpose out of the ward fund; passed. Also, the Aldermen's bilVfor a gravel foot walk on E street south, in the Sixth Ward, pases i Mr. Duncanson, from the committee on ?Launs, submitted a report and bill relative to the paving and paving stock of Pennsylvania avenue, between 17th and 22d streets, and whieh was brought before the oommittee by a communication of tbe Mayor upon theeubjeot. The repert reviewed the whole matter, pointing oat the negligence of those whose duty it was to attend to the matter. Laid over for fature notion. Mr Daneenson also reported the Board of Aldermen's bill paying G. Vanderwerken $512 for damages occasioned by the falling of Ik matt bridge; laid over. Mr. Bueey. from the committee en polioe, reported the joint resolution^ go lute an election for police magistrates in the Seoond and Third Ward? on the 9th of April; passed Mr. Walker, from tbe committee on the fire department, reported a bill appropriating $S0Q towards purchaaing an apparatus for a Hook and Ladder Company in the Fourth Ward; passed Mr. W. also presented a remenstracce of Ulysses Ward and others, against building the new engine-house for the Northern Liberties Fire Company npon the site proposed by the special committee on the subject; referred The following bills from the iieardof Alder men were received and appropriately referred: Bill remitting fine imposed on B Guev Ul. Bill allowing James Mitchell $100 for dam* ages, occasioned by lowering the grade on Bleventh street. Bill remitting fine imposed on K. Barker. ! Bill regulating the wharfage of guano, oys ter sheila. Ac The bill appropriating $2 W0 for dredging and improving me c*aal was then taken up and pa?sed Tbe Mil prescribed the duties of the eolleo tor of taxes, Ac , w*a then taken up Mr Busey moved to amend by cafising the collector to deposite to the credit of the fund to which It miy belou*, all moneys oollectei bj him, withiu seven Jays after the collection of the same; amendment agreed to, aad bill passed. Bill appropriating $200 for tbe barinl^f tfce eatdoor poor, passed BUI appropriat'Bg $570 to grade Fourth ?tre?t from New Xprk avenue to Q street; re err# i Bill paying Margaret Tilghman $8 for ioense paid for stand in Northern Liberties market; referred. Mr. Kelly introduced a bill appropriating $400 for cleaning alleys and gutters in the First Ward; passed. Mr. Barr introduced a bill paying the sealer of weights and measures the extra salary heretofore granted him; passed. Mr. Plant introduced a bill to grsrel Thirteenth street from New York avenue to I street, and Eleventh street from B to C streets; referred. Mr. Barr offered a resolution requesting the Major to call the attention of the committee of publio buildings to the neoe<sity of im proving the squares formed at the intersection of Massachusetts avenue, Eleventh street, and M street Mr Walker moved to amend by adding also the pavement in rear of the Judiciary square from Third to Sixth street. Agreed to, and the resolution as amended was adopted. On motion of Mr J. W. Davis, the bill for the relief of G. Vanderwerken was taken up. Alter a short discussion ia relation to the amount, and other particularities, in which Messrs. Busej, Davis, Smoot, Ruff, and Dun o*nson participated, the bill was passed. The bill, reported by the committee on claims, in retard te tin paving of Pennsylva nia avenue, Ao , in the First Ward, was taken up After a long discussion, in which many of the members participated? Mr. Bmoot moved an amendment providing that the payment shall come from the general fund ip place of the fund of the First Ward; lost?yeas 3, nays 15. The bill was then refused a third reading yeas A, nays 12. A oommittee of three (Messrs Smith, Ball, and Clements) were appointed to revise the laws in regard to the inspection of lumber. The board then adjourned. Captcri or ? Sscbbt Socibtt?Last night, between nine and ten o'olock, informa tion was given to the police that a number of male colored persons were meeting, in secret conclave, in the cellar of a house on D street, between Ninth and Tenth streets, which they bad rented of the white proprietor of the premises. Accordingly, a police possee pro ceeded thither The door was opened in obedience to the rap of one of the officers, wben he and his companions made a forcible entry. The members of the society exhibited much alarm when they saw the white faoes rushing into their midst; and the officers of the association at once removed their glitter ing regalia, and hastily gathered up their books and archives. The entire party were, without ceremony, escorted to the watch house. Placed in the partitioned enclosure in the business office of that establishment, they presented the spectacle, not of a company of loafers but apparently genteel colored men. Captain Birch read to them the law which firohibits free or slave blacks and mulattoes rom assembling unlawfully or meeting in score'; the smallest fine for which offence is five dollars. The municipal statute likewise subjects police offioers te a fine of fifty dollars in the event of their failing to enter and break up such associations. The fact that ;he prisoners bad assembled in secret or private meeting was proved, and also that all those who were present at the watch-house were in the cellar in D street, with the door locked. The Captain having asked them whether they bad anything to say, one of the blaoks requested the examination of certain books which be placed on the desk, whioh consisted of the Holy Bible, Seneo*'s Morals, and Life in Earnest Among the private papers was one in the form of subscription for the pur chase of a slave woman named Elisa Howard, the virtue set on her by her owner being$650 To the liberating fund, Hon Gerrit Smith paid $30 and Hon W. 11- Seward $5 ; lion jT It Giddings was " down" for $1 00, but the cash was not paid. Several cf our respectable cit izens had likewise contributed There were scraps of poetry in manuscript, including " Tbe Lone Indian's Dream," and the printed constitution of a society called " The Daugh ters of Jerusalem." similar to one the ( col ored folks" have in Richmond, Va., the object of which. ?? stated iu the preamble, is to 4> re lieve tbe sick and bury the dead." The con tents of a paper box was also examined by the Captain, consisting of sets of handsome regalia fur the officers of tbe society. At the tu?ge?'ion of an effioer tbe negroes, twenty-four of them in number, were sever ally searohed, e*ch one in turn going down ?tairs for that purpose; but nothing tending to implicate them in erime was found on their persons. Acoording to their own statement they had met lor benevolent purposes. Some of them were released last night, and the other cases were disposed of this morning Tbe following are the names of tbe persons arrested: Slaves?Walter Clements, Charles Mason, Rich aid Henry Sanders, and Joseph Jones. Free?James Williams, Joseph Johnson, John E. Bennott, Chester Taylor, Chat. Brown, James Curtis, Henry Dunlap, Wm. Simonds, Geo. W. Gaines, Lewis Norton, Daniel Wil liams. Peter Uempsley, Aaron Jones, Reuben Doss. Edmund Duckett. George Sands, Jame^ Clagett, George Lee, Grafton Johnson, and Aquilla Barton Bennett, Taylor, Lee, and Barton were sent to tbe work-bouse. Joseph Jones reeeived six lashes, and the others were released on the payment of the fiae and oests?$5 58 each. The occurrence to which we have above re ferred created this morning quite an interest among the colored population of the eity. Spbisg Fasbiorb.?With the incoming of spring is tbe reception of new stylet of dress suited to that ever welcome season, and in the pursuit of the fashions our fair ones can never be charable with aloth. Our readers will find at Mrs. Hill's, south side of Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets; at Miss Morley's, north side of Pennsylvania avenue, between the same streets; at Mad. Delarue's, No 338, Pennsylvania avenue, north side, between Twelfth and Thirteenth streeu, Miss J. Thompson, at Hutchison A Munro's, Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets next door to Walter Har per's; and M. Willian have all opened very recently excellent stocks of spring millinery goods John T Evans, tbe fashionable and go-* head hatter, has a large and varied stook of spring bonnets for the ladies, to be made op by the ladies at home; and Maxwell A hears a stock of new style Paris mantillas, such as bat rarely been seen in Washington. All these goods are well worth seeing even by those ladies who do not wish to buy. Nothing superior to them were ever iaported into this market ? Tib Frail Sistbbhood.?We have hereto fore published accounts of the arrest of many abandoned women by the local authorities of the oity of New York According to a state meat et the Commercial so established an in. alitution bad street walking by abandoned wo men become, that those persons seemed to have acquired a proseriptive right to the prin cipal promenades after sunset, and oertainly ? zeroised it with very determined impudence and rudeness. In the lower parts of tbe city, a gentleman could not esoort a virtuous lady past the prineipal hotels, or the crossings of oertain streets, without a most painful oertain. ty that her eyee and ears would be saluted with behavior and language most revolting aad disgusting We publish this statement for the purpose of saying, in connection, that, as appears by the New York papers, a lady residing in Fair fax eounty, Va., has written a letter to May or Wood, in which she offers to take one of the frail women and reform her. She desires the girl to be sent to herself and husband. The IitUr is said te be a respectable butcher. The letter was sect by the Mayer to the Mag del an Asylum. Cautio!* ?It seems that some maliciously disposed person is in the habit of tearing the atre and other bills posted around the city. It is presumed that the individual who in dulges in this practice is afflicted with ?ome such mania as impelled the New \ork vitriol man to the eonrte whieh has probably con signed him for a lifetime to a prison, or at least in the charge of keepers The offenee to wbiob we first above refer is severely punish able under the laws, and many persons inter. ?Sted, as weU as all the police offioen, are keeping a sharp look cut to eateh the offender. This woid to Um wm shoald be tiUBtiMt People's Theatre ?The play of Guy Man. nering wu repeated last sight at this popular place of report?Mia Morant sustaining the character of Meg Merriles. Not only this lady, bat moct of those who (attained parte I* the play, acquitted themselves in a manner that highly delighted the large number of spectators in attendance There was evidently ao improvement in the acting, as contrasted with the prerioos representation of that beau tiful drama. To night, Miss Morant plajs the part of Juliana in the deservedly favorite comedy of the "Honey Moon." The out is a strong and excellent one. "Fortune's Frolic" oonoludes the evening's entertainment. There will, in all probability, be a full house. The worthy manager deserves the patronage of the pnblio for his efforts to preeervo an innocent and in structive means of enjoyment Dar Qoons.?Riley, in ' Dry Goods Square," at the oorner of Eighth street and Louisiana avenue, has just opened a capital assortment of spring goods, embracing something of every thing one might expect to find in a Metropoli tan establishment of the kind, of long main tained reputation. His store has been well known for year* as one of the very bestplaoes in Washington in which to purohaae staple dry goods of all descriptions. He has for many years monopolised a large portion of the cus tom of the farmers in the country surrounding Washington?the people who are quickest and shrewdest id finding out where they will be sure to get full returns for their money in vested in any purchases whatever they make. Bu on roua Goaad.?A well dressed man has called at the residences of some of our oitiiens in the West End, within a day or two, asking, in every oase, for the ladies, refusing to give his nhme when demanded by the ser vants, and behaving in other respects in a manner to create suspicions of his objects At some places, he appeared as the friend and companion of a mute who prepares visiting oards; at others, as the bearer of a letter of introduction to the family, which, however, he refused to deliver exoept in person to the lady. This individual, or these individuals, have been playing this game for some days. Look out for him or them. All Fool's Dav ?Mr. Editor:?If your correspondent,41 Query," is really igaorant of the oiigin of April Fool's Day, and desires in formation, I will throw a ray of light on bis mind, hoping at the same tine to benefit other similarly benighted querists. I read in Roman history that the first of April was the day dedioated to Venus, the, goddess of love and beauty, when the young persons from tbe country came into the city to participate in the enjoyment of the scenes. As they were unsophisticated in many oity sports, they became the subjects for the tricks of th" oitisens These playful jokes increased At each successive oelebration, until at length they were so prevalent on that day as to in elude the oitixens also, and thus finally the day?first of April?roceived the title of " All Fool's Day " If not satisfactory to "Query," I would reoommend tbe reading of the history, as I write from memory, and may not be entirely correct in reference to details. W. W. ?. Franklin Bcilmng Association ?There was much eagerness manifested, last night, at the first monthly meeting of this association, to secure stock, and with the stock previously taken there were more offers than could be ao commodated, tbe shares being limited to two thousand; many had to go away disap pointed At the salesof money much spirit was evinced, and bids were quits high?50J, 50. 4^4. and 51 oents being tbe rates al which it sold. We understand it is in contemplation to organize another association at an early day. Robbbrt.?Mr. A H. Voss, jeweler, Seventh street, second door abovo II, was robbed last ni^bt A glass in tbe show-window having been broken, the thief, provided with a hook, attached to a stink, "Gsbed' all the valuable articles within its reach, and es;.iped with them So intent was the rogue in the pursuit of his business that he evidently cut himself with the glass, as stains of blood were thia morning discovered on it and the sash. The Ioes falls heavily on Mr Voss, an industrious mechanic, who has but recently oommenoej business. ? Fire.?The residence of the Misses Chisemj on Maryland avenue, near Sixth street. Island, took fire, yesterday afternoon, by a spark from chimnev catching in iheroof and beitig fanned into a blme by tbo high wind that was pre vailing. A neighbor, fortunately, discovered it before it bad made much progress, and with commendable promptness and energy put it out without even the inmates knowiDg that their house had been on fire. The Great Salh or Washington Citt Property.?The reader is referred to our auction sales column for the card of Mr. Chaa. j W. Boteler, auctioneer, for the project of a general sale of all lots whioh Washington city property holders are willing to offer. Mr. Boteler has a high reputation as an effective salesman, ani will, aoubtloss, dispose of a large amountofvaluablo property in this novel enterprise of his, whioh is well worthy of pub? lie attention. Double Trick.?Among tbe Sunday amuse ments?first of April?a young gentleman tied m string to a bright half dollar, which ha plaoed on the pavement, and as one passer-by after another would stoop to pick it up, the trickster, concealed from public view, would pull the string towards him, thus changing tho locality of the silver; but an old gentleman who had seen that game in his early days, put his foot on the money, out the string, and pock eted the treasure. Merchant's Exchange ?We direct the at. tention of such of our readers as wish to know what are the objects sought to be accomplished by the Merchant's ?xehange, to the circular to day published in tbe Star. Mr. Thos. C. Mae;ruder the clerk, will visit Georgetown with a view to solicit the merchants and oth* erdof that oity to become members of the as sooiation. Western Wilds.?Stanley's beautiful, muoh adorned, and truthful Panorama, will be exhibited at Odd Fellow's Hall, commeno ing to morrow afternoon, at half-past three o' clock, and aL&o at night. Centre Market.?Our principal Market was well supplied this morning, and the prioef remain about the same as during last week. They afford but little encouragement for housekeepers. Thb Lbarned Momjley, whioh performs its tricks to the sounds of the organ, is tbe prom inent street amusement. Crowds are drawn to the exhibition, and the juveniles especially are diverted by the entertainment. Watah Retches.?John Warner, drnnk and disorderly; workhouse BO days; Ann Kehoe and Susan Mattingly, vagrants, do ; George Kendall, laroeny,jail; John Wade, assaulting a female, do. rr-T^BAXER'S PHEUrrif BITTER8, without doubt, 1l on# ' of the mint popular medicines In this State, and the great conSdenee U>r> xgb lis friaoda, taaa cauee'l audi created demauda that toe proprietor has found It necessary to lactate* bta facility far Biaoiifkctermg the Bitter*, ?o U?et he may te able to All all or Jar* promptly. Om moat able physicians are using It In tbefr regular practice lor ft* great virtue# lu eaten <>f Dyspepsia, Jfervoua Hesluhe, Dis ordered Bowels, anil aa a general alterative of tbe whole ?retain, Ac. It*ad tbe certltl. au> of the Bee. J. Boggs, of I'nlon Htll Mtition, below. Volume* of the lame kind harp already been furnlahed tbe pioprletor. Richmond, Sep*. 7, 18?i. I take great pleaaure in testifying to tbe virtue of Baker'* Premium Bitter* ae a remedy for obetinate ludigeetlon, a r? lief of tbe attacks of dyspepsia aod headset a, and by their ua? 1 have escaped my auuual attack* of chilli. REV- P. J. ROOKS. Pastor of I'ulon HiU Htation. Plica K oenta per bottle. To be had of CHARLES SToTT A CO., Washington, D. C., CANBV A HATCH, and SETH 8. HaNCE, Baltimore, and by Druggists everywhere. apr I?eolw ' Boarding. j Boarding.?a lady residing in a healthy part of the I?!and has a few vacant room*, ip * Inch 8he woulu like to accommodate Boarders. Single R. nilrmen preferred. Application* to be nia-ie at thi? office. ap 3?2t* Board in a private family can beob taliwd by two angle gentlemen. The foouia are pleasantly situated and comfortably lurniahed. They will be retard < it her *iih or without board on accommodating (eraia. Address "GH"City Post Office. ap3-3t*_ SEVERAL GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOM modated with rooms aud board, at No. 45 8 f wtilth street, between G aad H street*. ap9?8w* . Tor Bale and Peat FOH BENT-^A WE'.L FURNISHED U,f,n ,he F,nM W?rd- mav b? TwZ10" *?""*"> ?'' J?8 C. G. KENNEDY, ap j - Jt oyer Savtvea Rank FOB RENT?THE HAMRURG LIV1E KII.NS, pn^v hpi?n?,,q,Uare N? 63 These Kll"S " ? ircently been put in complete repair. To any one wishing to engage m the lime buainem a favwable ?PJ&??,yfh5s ??w Patented. Apply to the sub scribers at their Lumber Yard, ciuncr 26th and D stfeets. H, X k. J. W. ?ASRY. ap 3?eo2w FOB p?NT~FROM THE FIRST OF MAY?A 8n<* w*,'"rr*nj,pd two story ' ? Dwelling lloiMr, oti the west tide of Tbir '?'n, ?treet, two doors ?ouih of Penua- avenue. Apply at the counter of he Star office. ap 3?if FOB RENT?a THREE-STORY BRICK House, with large back huilding and fine large *ltua^ 0n East Capitol street, newly oppo se the residence of B B. French Esq! Possession jn ^ Appty to Ibf pub^enberf, cor ner 36th and D Ms. H. N. fc J. VV. EASBY. ap J - eo2w H? a a? p ?^.RENT AND FUBNlTUHe FOB f_?,~r"e hou?e is a new three story nricx, with attic and back kitchen. The furniture is all new, and has been in use only a shor. time. ? h(?'c,'5,a-K P*r month. Inquire at the !t s-r?> V? bUeel norlh? between Fourteenth F?eenUl ?reets, or at room N?. 42 Register's office, Treasury Department. ap 2-3t* P?R RENT?WILL RE FOB RENT ON THE l?t or April, the house on Pa. avenue, near the corner of 15th streets, north side, occupied at pres ent by Mr. W. C. Butler, No. 802. This house is conveniently situated for the purpose of renting the room* to a great advantage being near the depart ment! and public offices. Apply to ?- E- F- HAZARD, mar 31 3t on the premises. A CERTAIN CHANCE TO MAKE A fOR tune?A lady having acquired a competency in the Millinery business, is now desirous of dispo. mg of her establishment, and retiring into private lite. Her location it one of the beat in the city, and is a rare opportunity for rne acquainted with the business. For terms and particulars apply at tliis office. mar 29?In THE RESIDENCE OF COL. ROBERTS, U. 3. A., continues to be offered on pr vate sale. It is one or the best appointed Cottages in the District containing three acres of Ground, a large garden, excellent water, stables anl outhouses in perfect order, and ornamental grounds, Iruit trees. ?c ir the best condi ion. For information apply at this office. mai 26?2w R7 ? OOMS FOR KENT?TWO OR THREE new V ly furiished and very desirable Rooms for rent with board,4if 403 F St., Union Row. mar 26?2w* FO R RENT?ABOUT FIPTY ACRES OF Land acrons the Long Bridge, in Virginia, and ? ast of the Alexandria Canal. Apply to ^ , R. P. & A. DODGE, mar 2* 1 w Georgetown. 0R 8ALE 0N REASONABLE L i r<K.if A two Story frame House, with back building, containing six rooms, on 13^ street, between B aud C streets south. Apply to C. A. DOUGHERTY, next door. A three-storx Frame, with basement, on N. York avenue, between 4lh and 5th sts. went. A three-story Frame, with back building, on I st. north, between 4th and 5th sts. west. Apply for the two last mentioned to JAMEl W. BARKER, on H street north, between 12th and 13th sts. west. A Iso n two-story Prame. with back btiildin??, on Montgomery street, Georgetown. ? DICK60N fc KING, feb 7?eotf Georgetown. For RENT.?FOUR NEW AND CONVENI ent Brick Houses, brown mastick fronts, con taining parlors with marble mantels, dininj room. Kitchen, servant's room, and five chambers racli nnd situatej on Thirteenth street, Inland, near the iiiblic grounds, convenient to Pa. avenue and the Jeparinients. Rent very moderate. AppJv at It. M. CLARKE'S office, corner of Sixth street aid Eomaisna avenue, or at D. B. CLARKE'S Dm-' Store, Eleventh street, Island. mar 6?eotf ~ FORRENT-THE DWELLING AM) STORE 011 ilth street west, omo door from Pa. avenue north side, adjoining Farnham's BooKstore. App'v to GEORGE A. W\ RANDALL, mar 2?eotf comer 12di and ?} sts. IJOR RENT?A HOUSE ON I ST. NORTH, between 13th and 14th su., opposite Fianklin Square, containing nx reoius, three attic rooms ami kitchen servants; and bath house in hick building. Good cellars under the mam buildmg. Posvefvioti jtven on the 1st April. Apply at the liou?e or to Mr. J. J. Miller, corner of 7th street and Louisiana avenue. mar 27 BUILDING LOT* FOR SALE.?A VARIET of Building Lots in the vicinity of the City Hall. Alsd, in all other pirts of the city, on ing term*. Enquire at Mrs. ADAMS' H.^trdin House, opposite to Browns' Hotel, to be rcen from 8 to 9 a m, or 3 to 4 p m. Also, an address through the Post Office will receive attention. mar 5?eoSin DAVID MYERLE FOR RENT.?A comfortable FRAME HOUSE situated on First street, between B and C sts. near the Railroad Dep->t. BARBOUR h. SEMMES, mar 29?eo3t Grocers, No. 67 Louisiana av. FOR RENT?a MEDIUM-SIZED HOUSE. ON Maryland avenue, between Sixth and Seventh streets. For rartic'ilar* enquire at the Fancy Store of T. GALLIGAN & CO., under Browns' Hotel, mar 31?3oet Rural retreats?several of those cottage residence?at Kendall Green being now vacant, application may be mane t<, the undersicned for reniing the saine, with privilege of purchasiim on liberal termeither by letter through the post office, or at his residence after office hours. The location ia healthy commands a full view of the city, u but a mile and a quarter from the Post Office, and is in every respect desirable. (iaidena of two acres each are attached to every house. A permanent omnibus iiue communicates with Georgetown, by way of Penna. avenue, twice a day, at the usual fare. WM STICKNKY. mar 22?tf LIOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily IX located Huilding Lou, 21 fett front by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of $75, payable A3 p<r month Title indisputable. Union Laud Office, 7th at., above Odd Fellows' Hall, jan 6m JOHN FOX, Secretary. Wants. WANTFD?A COMPLETE FILE OF THE WEEKLY (Washington City) STAR since its publication up \n the present oate, for which a liberal price will b? paid if e.'ntto this office. ap 3?tf A YOUNG GERMAN LADY WISHES A SIT uation aa Seamstress or Chambermaid in some j re? pec table family in the city.. Address "L N." ai at this office. ap 3?it* WANTED?A SITUATION BY A MIDDLE aped woman, at child nurse or to do the house work of a small lamiJy. Address M. D? Star office, ap 3?It* AYOIJNG MAN, OF SOBER, INDU8TRIOUS habits, wtw writes a good band, is desirous of obtaining a situation as porter in a etore or any oth er place where he could make himself usetul. Rest of reference given. Address ?E C," throoeh the City Post Office. BlSr 3!Lii? WANTED?A WOMAN COMPETENT TO no a!I the cooking and housework generally tor a family of three persons. Immediate applied lion may b= made at 6*4 pa. avenue, between 1st and 2d streeu west. None need apply but such as ta?Jp al^lt* 8re Wil"nz to whtt agree to do A8PTUATION WANTED BY A YOUNG wo man asChamberm 1 id or sea in-tress, or to co traveling With a lady, or take care of children The best o; reference can Iw given. Enqui-t at this of a' 3W'af?ayS' " 0 cIock'tbe 4th APART51ENTS WANTED FOR A GENTLE n an, on or near the Heights of Georgetown. APP'J'toMr. Redfern, Grocer, P.rst Ward. ap2-3l* A GENTLEMAN WITH HIS LADY AND SO* six years ol age, desire hoard in a genteel pri a ^ 0< ,he cif? Address mnr?l Ula Ci,y p'??* Office. WAl?'I?:,ir'l.RPOM WITH BOARD IN THE r ?. u. ' y a man who will, if de sirea, furnish his room. Address, for one week, "M, ' at this office. n?ar31-tf* W' ANTED?EMPLOYMENT FOR A COLUII ea man, accustomed to driving a cart In* quire ot tiM sutecriber^ Pa avtutue, Ij .wten ldtk aa 1 11th stieets. mar 31?e< 3t WM. BL MOOBE. AS.ALESWOMA!? WANTED-WANTED IN a fnncy Store on Pa atenoe; n young la^y i$ pleasing address, who has had some experience as a saleswoman, and can give satisfactory references as to qualifications, kc, will Jjrar Of * good situa lion by addressing "Amicus," City Port Office, with real Mint aqdadto*. mar 3i~3teo Auction 3a1eo. Br GRBBW * SCOTT. AactloMtri. Household and kitchen fitrnircRE ?I Auction.?On THURSDAY, the } h A|wi>, we shall se4i, at the residence of Mi*. Spngg-, ?mi the south side of north C, between 31 mud at*., st 10 o'clock a m., a lafge aMorunent of Furniture, tit: Feather B da and Mattresses Redding and Bedstead* Bureau", Wa-drobe?, Wa*h?tand* and Chairs Di- mg, Breakfast and card Table* 'I'hrae pty, ingrain and oth.~r Carpet* Chum, (la>:.<, crockery, .uid *t"ne Ware Sofas, Lounge*, cane and'wow<i sea: Chair* Cooking, airtight m?4 other Stove* VVi'h a laryr i^rtmrnt of Kitchen Rfq?i?ilei With manr oilier articles which we derm unne cessary to enumerate. Terms : All sums of-nd under f25 cash ; -ver a credit of 60 and 90 day*, for tones satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest. GRFIN A BCOTT, ? p 3?d Auctioneer*.. By BARNARD * BUCKET, G??rg*towa Household effects at auction-on FRIDAY morning, the 6ih in*t, at 10 o'clock we will *eJI. at the residence of the Re*. Henry Sli cer No. 55 Second street, all the Househcld Fur mture We name in part? Mahogany S ta and Rocker Do psflor Cham, Fier T-blcs Parlor and Chamber Stove* Do hall *nd do Carpet* Mahognnv S'd?hiard and Dining Tables Wardrobe, Walnut and French Bedstead* Dreas ng and other Bureaus Gilt and other Mirrors, Currains Fir t rate Cook Stove, Kitchen Table* Wood, Stone, and Tinware, fcc. With other articles not enumerated. Term* : All sums of and under J^iocash; ever $25 a credit of stity days for s tisfac or ly endorsed notes, bearing .interest. BARNARD k BUCKEY, ap 3 -d Auctioneer* By J. C. HeOUIRE, Anetloneer. CATALOGUE SALE OF 1,000 HARDY EV er blooming Rose*, Fruit Tr.*es, Ac ?'hi FRI DAY afternoon, April 6th, at 3V< o'clock, at my Auction Rooms, I shall sell a large collection of E? er blonmirg Roses, comprising Perpetual, Hybride. Hourbon, Noisette, Mom, Monthly Moss, Standard and Running Roses Also, Ckine?e Wnteria'* Tree Peony, Boreas, Came'lia, Japonica*. Orangs Trees, Parlor Plants, Ornament Sfirubs, lie. Also, Dwarf Pears Apples, Cherries, Apricot*. Pe eh Trees, 8tc. Thi? collection comprises the newest and be?t kinds of Rose* and Fruit Trees known, f om A ?Iardi*, Florist and Nurseryman, Washington, D C. Term* cash JA8. C. McGUIRE. ap 3?d Auctioneer By J. C. KeSVIRB, Ametlonser. 'PRUSTEE'S SALE OF IMPROVED PROPER 1 ty:?On MONDAY afternoon, April 3.1, at 5 o'r|o?k, on the premises, by virtue of two deeds of trust to the subscriber, one dited May 10. 1(<47, ano recorded in liber W B , No. 134, fwlio 163, fcc , thf othe* dated June 10. 1M7, and recorded in libct W. B., No. 135, folio 470, k.c., two of the land record? for Washington county, in the District ?f Columbia. I ehall sel , on the premie, lot* numbered 10,11, 13,14, 15, and 16, in square No 355, fronting on lit | street west, between F and G streets south, with the ' improvements, ct nesting of an excellent two story brick dwelling house. Term* : One third cash; the residue in six, twelve and eighteen month*, with interest, to be secured to the satisfaction of the trustee. NICHOLAS CALLAV. Trustee. J AS, C. McGUIRE, mar 7?eo Auctioneer. The above sale Is postponed uu til THURSDAY afternoon, May A!, same hour and placc. N CALLAN, Trustee. JAMES 0 McGUIRE, ap 3?lawAda Auctioneer. By C. W. BOTKLBUi Auctioneer. PEREMPTORRY SALE OF CALLECH, HOR SE8. Mu.'es, Rockaway, &e. at Auction.?On THURSDAY morning, April 5th, at 11 o'clock, I shall 6elf, H? front of my store? , One elegant t'allech, nearly new, cost 8G00 < hie pnir bay Horse* One t?ir young Mules One Rockawsv Sett of Double Harness Sale positively without reserve. Terms: One-third cash ; residue in two and four months credit, for approved endorsed rotes, bearing interest, C. W. BOTELKR, ap2-d Auctioneer. By J. C. tlctiUlRK, Auctlonttr. Peremptory sale of two gold lf., VER VVatcli-* and Chains.?On TUESDAY evening. April 3d, at 8 o'clock, at iny Auction Rooms, I shall sell to cover advances - Two fine Gold Hunting ca*e Lever Watches, fu'j | jewelled. Also, biveral Gold Chain*. Terms cash. J Ad. C. McGUIRE, ap 2?d Auctioneer, j By GflEttH A H"OTT, Anctlonsnra, ON THURSDAY AFTERNOON n"Xt,3lh Ins'., at o o'clock in fror't o! the premise*, we shal s^ll the Building Materials i? the houses !*>!,.ngin: to Mr. D. Oilman and Mr. *V. H. Ward, on Penr? sylvnnie avenue, near Bro'vns' Hotel. Th*pur<"fc ?. sers will be required to lake down the house* an^ remove the same within ;wo Keeks. Terns at Uie sale GP.EEN fc SCOTT, ap 2? d Auctioneers. . By OB.UUX At SCOTT. Auetlnnenrsj ^PLENDID CHINESE AND JAPANESE ANlj other Household nod Kit< hen Furniture at auej lion.?On MONDAY, th> ?th of April, we ahall aeH at 10 o'clock a. in., at the residence of Lieut. Bale!) ot the Unite-1 r-'uvr-s Navy, in ttie Six Building*, on Pennsylvania nv.-nue, b- tween Twenty first anl Twenty second sU., s very roperior a*?sriment o( Furniture, >is: Splendid Japanese Centr- Table,inlaid with pearl ' ho Chinese do do ivory Do Jap.n:ese Ladies' Cabinet and Writing Desk, inlaid With pearl, set Jnpanvst Waiter* Do Chinese Work Table and Teapoys, ualaii with, pearl ? Do Chinese Chess and Backgammon Men and Board Do Chinese Paintings and Ccatume* Do no Inrge P .neh Bowl and Toilet S?t Do do Circular Bedstead, inlaid ivitb iv<? Ty, a perfect curiosity. Do assortment of Japai>ese and Chinese Orna oients and Curiosities Fine rosewood oval Cent e and marble-top Sola Ta ble* Fine Chinese hall and oilier Lamps, gilt glass Chan deliers Fine China, Glass and Crockeryware, among whick are one Chinese Dessert Se.t. white French China I>?nner, Tea and Coffee Sets Fine gothic gilt frame French plate Mirror and Bracket Fine Moreen and Broctk-Me Window Curtains and Ornaments Fine walnut gatlnc, castor, arm and other Chairs Fine cushioned Lounges and Ottomans, VVhat-Nots and pcd-ktals Fine walnut Chamber St*, comprising gothic IWI steml, Wardrobe, Sofa, Arm Chsirs, drcss?ii| Bureau, marble-loj) Washstand, and single Bedfl'ead Fine wain at Set, comprising French Bedstead, La dies' Dressing Stand, Psyche Glass and VVash stand Fine Feather Beds, Bedding, Hair and Shuck Mat? freasM Fine iron Nurse Chair, bronied iron 8ettre and Chair* for hall Fine Tapestry, three-ply, ingrain., and Stair Carpets and Rugs Passage Oilcloth and Straw Matting Two jar* Natoieg, preserved in their natural state Uuarter cask Madeira Wine, sixieen year* in wood, four year* in the East Indies, fine Small lot fioe Conataccia Refrigerator Mahogany dining and other Tables Cooking and other Steves ? \> ; ? And a good assortment of Kitchen Requisite*. Terms of sale: $.'<0 and under cash ; over that soul a oicfliioi sixty a*d ninety dnva, for notes *atis!ac? torily endorsed, bearing interot Tlie subscribers must confeas that in their attempt to de*i ribe the Furniture they have entirely failed. Suffice it to *av it is superior to anything we have seen, and we would respectful!v invite the ladiea and geatlemrn of Washington, Georgetown and Ai exnndna, and the ptiMic in general, to attend the sal* and *ee for thenineives GREE1N A SCOTT, I mar30-eo Auctioneer*. P S.?TV publie are respectftilly invited to call on Saturd:?y, the dav pirvlou* to sale, and ex amine the Furniture. G. A. 8. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer C1ATALOGUE SALE OF STANDARD AND ) MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS nt Aocu<?.?On TUESDAY afternoon, 3d April, at 5 o'clock, at tha Auction Kikums, t ahall sell a lar?e and vali'able col lection of Books, embracing all the bust and favorite poets. Also, Franklin's Work*complete Loid Bacon's, Hume, Smellet, and Miller'* His tory of England Mates man'* Manual Irving'*, Coover'*, and the Waverley Nov?ds, complete, ia superb hiuding*, Ac.i AIM, richly bound Family Bibles, beanalnliy ii> iustrated. Term* caih J AS. C. McGUIRE, mai 31?d ^ AucUoows?. PA0?rd ^L^-?NE UNDIVIDED can Jr.LiKl'T* m?wn> wnd*, 5!,"C?" ^^trnT TRI EGRATHfO urorrai DAILY BVBKINQ 8TAH. Conneetie*t Edition HA?rrot?, Apfll t ?The tntmil election in thia Sute for Governor, Lieu'enaat Oover nor, Secretary of State Ct??p4ioll#r. wvh members of legislature, and members of Con | gre?s, took place to-day The result aa f*r I aa known, ia aa follow: Io thirty towns. Inghar dan., for fewer, nor. leads nil other eaadilatai. Minor K. [ N. leads Dutton. whig, largely, and ha Call* a | little abort of Tbere appaars to be do election by the peopla. 1 be Hem aerate, aa I far aa hoard from, elect JR, and tbe know no. thiogaand whi<a 21 to the Legitlatare Sav I eral strong know nothing di-triota are jet te | bear from The result in the first Congreaaional dlatrtct j between Jama* F Pratt, dem ,and Eira Clark jr , opposition, ii doubtful la the 31 diatrlot. Sydney Dean whig end know nothing ii elec ted by a large majority [sacoan dispatch ] Naw Yobk, April 1 ?Tho lateet retarna from Connecticut indicate that the State haa gone anti-admtnirraticn, though there !? no eleotion of the Governor by tha pooplo. Ing ham ia apparently ahead, bnt ia hard preeaed by Minor. The deaseerats in Net Haven, however, claim the Legialatare aefar. I lee tie a. IsDp.rBWDRnca Mo , April I ? Ratarns re ceived here from Kan?as ahew that the pro Xebra?ka ticket haa been elected Bull Creek, Lawrence. Douglas. Doniphan, Tecamaeb. | SbiwDee Mission, and Hookey Point gave ma | jorities varying from 200 to 800 Tbe election was oonducted in a quiet manner The editor I of the Kansas Free State was dueked in Eew river by a mob, io consequeooe of a speeok [ made by hin. There ia probably no anti-slavery man I elected to the Legislature. A large proceaaion paraded heretooelebrafte the Tictory. DistraasiEg Fffecta of the Gala-Eight Per aona Billed Nxw Yoax, April 3 ?A new large glass maonfectory iu the town of Frogresa, at tha mouth of Ranooeas creek, N J., was blown down yesterday, barfing twenty-five persona in the ruins. Eight dead bodies hare been ta^ en out, and several peraona severely woand* I od. Among tha killed wae a eon of Alderman PpJmer, of this city. The damage to the property, which belonged to Mr. Jalivs Eel* ler, will ftmoaot to sear $20,004. Mnnieipal Elections in Obi x ClbveLA5D, April 3 ?Cattle, the Know Nothing candidate for Mayor, waa eleeted to | ?!ay by about 500 Majority over ex-Governor Wood, Democrat. In Columbus the Enow Nothing* have feewo | victorious also. In Toledo the anti-Know Nothings have ear | ned the election. Flection of Cantors in Verm on Borrow, April A ?Returns have been r? ?wvea of the election of State oeaeirs la Ver mont. The Know Nothing tis^et i? *t>ead about 1 700. The vote i* tmall Heavy Snow Btom in Mew York Straws*, April 3 ?The ear* which lef. Lmghamton at seven o'Hoek. yesterday worti ? *?g. did not reach hare until half p*at seven i 'nit morjiing?a diatanee of onlv eighty fades, j They encountered snow in drift* of twelve tc 1 fifteen feet doep T Fffectt of the Gala. Easro?, April 3. ? We have experienced ? , violent gale of wind here for the last tjro davs. Tbe rail* of tbe Cectrnl Railroad were blown frosa tbe top of the high #*%>ne bridge at Clic ton, New Jersey, ana pre rented the passateof I the trains. Baltimore Markets Baltimore April 3.?Breadstafij generally are unchanged UoWatf street flour ia quoted a- $? 25*9 50 ;* CKy Mllfb held at $9 S?a9 50 but no sales imported. Ree floor UMM 50. Wheat?red. |3 15e2 25; white, S3 ]??2 40? ao tfa saotione Cpm is held at b6*91e for white, and 0U92 for yellow?buyers ho.dint back. " w f ew York Market. Naw Totx. April 3 ?Cotton ft unchanged with a limited demand at rates previously quoted. Flour is improved, a&d a trifle uiijher Good Ohio at $9 62 a $ 10 Southern is better; saleiat|9 37ia|10 12*. Wbea*i?up wardand Arm; saleaof Southern white at $2 40. O wn?Western mixed. 9*?$1. Pork is a trifle higher?aatos of old mess, et $15. Beef is [ upward and firm. Lard is unchanged. Whisky ! u; Ohio 32a32io. ~ ?1' ? r ? T Election Biot in CisoianatL Cikcishati, April 2 ?Tbe municipal eleo tion in this city to day wa* a most exaitine struggle. A large vote waa polled. Ine re salt is not yet known. Tbere was mooh fight icg in the various wards?particularly in the eleventh, a large German ward. It was report ed that the Americans were not permitted to vote, and they (tbe Americans) took possession of the polls and destroyed the ballot hoxas and 1 tickets. Several jerious rows oocurred this afUrneee, | 2nd one American and two or three Germans are said to have baen killed. In the eleventh ward, the ballot boxes were destroyed, and Dr. Briwn, a eiUeen of the ward was killed. The Kuow Nothinge ral lied and took a cannon from the forwign?w Mod. turning it upon tt m, fired, killing a j number and wounding others?how ma&y can not be ascertained at present There is an immense excitement. TUeKbow Nothings are marching ibroagh tbe streets with cannon, and they are oidared se mm*in the eleventh ward. A further oollision is ex pected. It is suppoeed thai the Know Nothings will have a majority o1 fro? six eeven ho&dred Auction Bales. iMy GRKBJ1 * SCOTT. Aastteaasra Household and kitchen runxrrutr at Auction aixl Houh; to let ?On WEU.VEF DAV, the 4th nf April, wr shall eell, at 1Q o'eJocu a m, at the retrace ot a gentleman drclin'me houiw keeping, at No. 3X1 Ninth alreet, two above north L ttree', an excellent utortnient pr Furauure via: Mahogany 8nrts, psrtor and rockinf Cbairv Ue vefvet covered caasor arm f%air*aad Ot -vman* I>9 marMe top centre and pier TaMOt and Bureau* IV? fining. b'eakfa?t and card Tables Dc iMvikcastr and fine targe port aide Ward robe (?inn.dotes, solar, baH end i.ther Lamps China, Glaus ana O bkeryware Gilt and other piex ?}la?ed High and lew poet Se M< adi WarJrcbeaand Waxtetand!* Fme velvet, Tapemry, 3 ply, mgraln and atair Car pew Pa^aag* iaicloia, Hearth Euga aad MaUiag Refrigerator, Stoves Andi ons, Stievel .wid Tong? With a go<Ml aSufirtm. nt of Kitrhjrc T?r qii ir>ire Terms : All ?uid< of a?J under g35 caslt; over !?*> n cretin of ?u.|> ap4 ninety days, eotrs sidsTac orily e. dcrvaj b? *rwx intereal. The House is al?o for reut, a fine two ^tory and biuemetit brtrk, roaiatixng ten ptx*4 For riirrher par^C^jW* ? ' oa i be ' '' Gift -.u 4 >?ki II Oil - h uxfh ! A *1

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