Newspaper of Evening Star, April 3, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 3, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. [Mini sraa. AEBIA ?r m. clat rinu. Come tack a.ain, unearthly dr "am! Let me yet feel thy heavenly beam? Patb? my soni u i? * stream Of heavenly lgbt: hack again 1 why mock me to * Oh, life la dark and full of woe, Its fading lights mil dimmer grow? Come back again! "Where hadstthoa birth? Voc in this brain Racked by toil, due-* and pain, fhnckltd b it* fleshv chains? vV tieace comet tboa t I* , hi rain ! I've anight to trace Ttuae linage in the human ra e; No charm of woman's form or face Is like to thine. I see thee no*-?God ! what a light Path b rst upr>n my dizxy sight ? And now 'us past?oh ! is it right To mo k roe so Ah! why ?o softly dost tbou glUe Opofi my thought*' dark i-oeblsd tide? Art thou to he my spi it'* biide Revoud the tomb? O! that thrilling angel glance; O: th-sdeep, <fe iciwis iranee; How my lingering bosom pants To cla^p thee here ! I know thee uow; that mi ty liand Doth beckon n e, a? wiiha wand, Far off to the Spirit L.-rnd? Oh, >ad on! Is it lawful to keep a dog which barks, howls, and yells all night long? And if lawful, is it humane, is it Chris tian, is it neighborly ? We don't mind a perpetual bark, at the rate of a hun dred and twenty reports per minute, up to three o'clock in the morning say, but after that time it very disagreeably dis turbs the melodious hum of the mosqui toes, and is apt slightly to interfere with one's rest. They say that every dog must have his day : but those in our neighborhood seem determined to have the night also. The gentleman who owns that brindle pup will please notice. If he don't, we may be inclined to do so wtth a revolver and three cents worth of lead. O" A Freneh writer, in the Courier des Etats L'nis, thus sums up the four greatest excitements of New York city since his residence on our side of the water: ?? Fanny Ellsler?Jenny Lind?Louis Kossuth?Bill Poole. So that, to ensure the greatest enthu siasm of the metropolis of the new world you must either? Dance in a state of semi-nudity ting with the reputation of a spotless virgin ? Discourse with stormy emphasis upon private interests disguised as public ones? Or, die a gambling rowdv, by a rowdv gambler's hand." Variety! The Buffalo Courier states that emigration from New England to Kan sas is commencing thus early in the sea son. A party numbering between one hundred and fifty and two hundred came over the New York Central railroad on Wednesday, and went Kansas ward by way of the suspension bridge. The party were principally young married men and their wives who had taken their all with them, and with a firm faith in the virtue of perseverance and energy, contemplate laving the foundations of wealth and fame in a new land. Hy The question of foreign military companies has lately been submitted tc the Governor of Ohio, and as to whethei he will withhold the public arms frou independent volunteer composed in par or entirely of adopted citirens. He ha: decided that there is no law which au thorizes him to inquire into thecharactci of these companies. Massachusetts is thus far, the only State which has <1* termmed upon the disbanding of its for eign military companies, though the question has been broached in some of the other States. A missionary, writing from the Crimea, complains of the profanity ol the army. To overcome the habit, ht proposes a cargo of tracts. These art food, but to produce effect, they should e preceded by flannel shirts and who < boots. As long as men are uncomforta ble, they will swear, tracts or no tracts. MO\ EM?NTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS en:, .ire City Ne^York-.. H^aaa.. 4 S!5SCLaw"~ *nrk I.irerptjoi.. Apl! S I n^T * *or*-*-*A?P<nwall..Apl .< ' UJ"n ..New York Havre *?1 - A"ia "?|. , u^llxr l.iverponl..Anl. 11 Wa / ?-Liverpool New York Mar 24 ttreut^n New York. Mar 3 America...... Liverpool.... Bo?io>i .. Mar. ai 4?-The California ?eawer* leave New York or the ith and 20th of each monu. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. H?ui-a. a a j. c wiLLaao. H T iKf' Rai5 Jo1 P" > V* IB ?r,n\? v Bo?'1 * NV Mr vv Ho" VV ? ym,Ul ?r -Morm NY Judg* Walkar, SB J* ? B7er,y-y ? W Tnompeon, do vy Ro-kw^ll a lady, VY J Re.d, ,'.0 ' A Hunt Mim j b sc O MJanntleroy, USN H Hammond, do Mr* Hewal a daughter E R Crocker, Ala ' * % _ _ * Browns' Hotel?t ?. a m. aaowa. L R Winchester, La W p Deaakla and ladv L L Thomas aat lanuly, Ark C* - Dr ? VViilcox and ladv 8 M Cochran and lady, Va , Mian Wdlcoi, do If Cochran. Mew J L *?Het.x, do J H Stevens, Ala F Neal, Md 6 T Steven-, do C W Bowie, do J G Coflman. Va J 8 Sumson, Pa J H Loekett, Md J Galbraith, do T 8 Soillvan, Tex Hotal * n. wiLna? M Tarr, Mass R N Walden, Ala X O B-.wie, Md N G Gilnian, Pa Capi W R Glover, Ky A G Fowls/, Va T P Perkins. Va M Tirrell, Han J Malcolm, jftl T Orimaley, .Mo f Miliroui, NY Hoa>?-j. a. a a. xtaxwooo. P Gilbert 8( 8 Wh tncy, Pant de St N L Barker, Mus .Mine B nirnsoQ, NY G K W#?t rw1 W B 8n>der, Pa N p Ce?in do BR Hail, .NY WaSET'v! W Willin, MT BP Worce^e? DC U WhtaiaM, NY R Msrru Md ' VmtfM BUtsa Hotsl-,. c. Ba0K)tvt C 9 Beale, Va R H Key, Tei Dr Howell, Md EC Langdon. O O W Tayieor, do Baatloa Hons, Aluaadrla, Va. a. jrswrov, morairroa. ? W Todd, DC LN Conrad, NY w ? ? v'muan9 IM J C Ben bam, Cal C Brenuce, Ky W f Hilery, do Miu Hilery, lid 1 F Upton, Va W H Dolaney, Va J C Ganael. do A Moss, do T A Robinson, do A Thurmaa, do W Evans, do J W Walker, do ? do IC Brown, do ^ / 8 M Ott, do i n 40 E C Marshall, do Tea H Herbert, DC Dt A J W??, bo M. WILLIAM. LADIFI' J)RF8? AITO TBIM 111*0 STORK Pi. svtnae, between Seventh a d Eighth street* MWILL!AN would respectfully announce 10 ? th" Ladies of Washlniton that he bu Just received from the Northern cities a complete nock of GOODS, among which mat be found New style French liress Trimmings Flue French Plower* and Ribands A l??rge lot of Bonnets. in silk, scrape, and straw,of the latest patterns And an ? xcellent assortment of handsome F.mbroi denes of all kinds Dresses ntade in the latest Paris fashions at rea sonable rates. Pinking and Fluting, and Kid Cloves eleaned. mar 31?eolin* ? i . u JOSEPH OAWLKH, CABINET MAKER Jfc UNDERTAKER, PIK.NSTLVAttt* *???*, between l"th a?id lSth streets, (Fust Ward.) Old Furniture repaired and new made to ordrr.? Coffins made and Funerals attended to at the short est notice. A share of patronage is solicited, mar 31 - eolm FOR SALE?At the SENATE STABLE south of the Capitol, three good work Horses, and one fine buggy l>ay Horse. Apply at the Stablea, or Senate Post office. mar 513 ?colm* RETURNED TO BUSINESS. ro MY FORMER CUSTOMERS AND THE I PUBLIC.?I have this day opened a new stock and am prepared to i?t up all ordtrs in the very vcst jtyia for those wjio may favor rue with their pat re n ago. J. HIGGLES, Merchant Tailor. I) ftreet, 39*, next d%, t0 t},e Southern Telegraph Office, Seventh street, mar 2rt?eo6t WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. Ornci Washinotoh Aq KDrcT, \ Washington, March 7, 1855. j PROPOSALS are invred for graduation, stone arul brick masonry. druns, tunnels, and other works of the Washington Aqueduct. Proposals received up to the 8th of May will be epened ai noon of thai <1ay. Maps, profiles, and specifications of the work will ba ready tor examination on and after the uOih day ot April next. Proposals will be received f<.r the work ofparticu lar culveris, Indies, fee., aa described in the plans and specification. Portions only of some of th? works can be com pleted under the present appropriation, but all ths contracts for unfinished work will be subject to fu ture appropriation* by Congiess. The Engine* r re serves the right to prescribe the amount of work to be done and rate of progress under tuch contract for each appropriation, an<l, in ease of the appro priation not holding out sufficiently, to decide wnen anti what works shall b ' stepped until funds become available. In ca^e of the en'ire stoppage of any particular work for want of funds, the reserved ten per ccnt. will be pud, if, in th? judgment of the Engineer, iti'i work his been properly executed so Tar as it lias gone. Payments will be made in specie checks up<.?n the United States Treasury, upon ?.Ue monthly estimates of the Engineer, reserving 10 per cent.; and it will be a condition ofall contracts that the workmen shall ba paid their full wag>-s monthly and in specie. All bids sh uld be -ealed and endorsed " Propo sals for work on the Washington Aqueduct." The United States reserves the right to reject any or all the bids should they not be deemed advan tageous, and to make such arrangements a. n ay he considered most conducive to the progress ot the work. Every offer must be accompanied by a writ'en guarantee, signed by ?ne or more responsible per sons, to the effect that he or Ihey unde take-that the bidder or bidden* will, if his or their bid be accepted, enter into an obligation, within ten days, with good and sufficient snrnie?, lor the completion nfthe work undertaken; said guarantee to be accompanied by the certificate of the United States district ju^ge, United States district attorney, navy agent, or so;;i?j officer of the General Gov. rnment or individual known to tne Engineer or Department of Ws.r, M.\t' the guarantors are able to make* good their guarantee. Form of Guar**?*. To Capt. M. C Meigs, U. 8. Dmuow^: iVe, the uudcrsigned, resideeu ot , in (he State of hereby, jointly aud severally, cove nant with the United States aad gwuamy,'m c.o tne foregoing b.d oi Ue accept, that In r they wilt, within ten da>s after (he ?ccepuncc of said bid, sxecute a contract for the same, with good and sufficient sureties, to perform the work or turnish the articles proposed, in conformity to the terms ot the aitverti-ement under which it ws made,; and, in case the ?aid ?|,(rU|d fai, t0 enter into contrac- as aforesaid, we guaran'v to make gov! the difference between the ojfer bv the ?did and the next lowest ruulcr. A. R. I hereby certify Uiat, fo the best of my knowklle and suffic'ieiu? nanRd KUaranto" "e good M. C. MEIGS, mat 7_w.a,ySS!S? "?>? HOWARD LIFE INSURANCE COM. u ^ ? J'^XY OF NEVV YORK. V1?1 ??'1,1 Washington, Agtnt. I Howard Life Insurance Company, *- 1Q* ample capital, and every facility for .** lendmg iu operations up-m tiie mo*t secure bu*i -, againit Life ,'"ur,n? uP?n mutual plan arc enii lied to a proportionate share of the profiu ; a J'n the joint stock piaa by which they pay a low er ? 2 ot afemium, but do not shire pr?rtts are grants either for life, or for a limited -J"' H1?W*rd ?"""""ends itself to persons in all tanons, but especially to every head ?fn?amiiy Military or Nava* Officers off or on dutv m-v' insured in ume o: peace. y y be Persons insured in this Comtiaav have th?. Sr.Si'nyr aui"bc' ? yw eitra premium - Special permits for Calromia, Australia or ihe l.nlWlCi:,s^no,H' nt a r?"^ed rate of premium Tenth" No,th D,tfeet' 0?? <1??r cast of ? ?? . mar 3?eolrn Mcfarlajl .13 JiiN T X si m Oflce?No. 332 Pennsylvania avenue, near* street, Wash.ngion, D C. "b mar 90?eolm* ' l itlted States Patent Office, t OV .w Washington, M^r. V2,1845. ?fJ|H'K,L'8 W- Copsla.nd of New ^ extension < f a p.,t? "J" ?r*nted to him fot an improvement In "the ATe10w st.-am ?nK ,? ^ r ^ M hy ves e **fct 8 'T"0"' for ??ven years from the ?xpir it (.n JuTp ^*htDt' \hK!b UX** the 11th da* cl June, eighteen hocured %rd lit tv-flve R.tlr^?(r^r,,d th,tJh" ^ l^'tion hw heard at t?? aim *Mon(1*y. The 2*th day cf ^ mA *nd 411 ??? noOfi^' to app^r and show eanse, If any th^y havo *1-* fttid petition ought not to be granted. ' Psraons opportnf t*e extension are reonired to forthln w Fifte'Jt V?'* .thtlr objections, specially set forth in writing, at least twenty davs before the day of hearing; all testimony filed hy Either party to be M?d at th? said hearing must be taksn and trans whir^Jtll ,h* rDl^s of e, ..r 111 ** on application. ,n.the wiM ^ olo??l on ths 18 th day or. fay; d?r.ositk>ns and other papers r? hTflrJtW tim.?1,y muufi " fl,0d ln th? oi or ?f.th4t ; ^ wywoents, ill any, within ten days thereafter < Ordered al?), that this notioe be published In tl* n ^ !U*,,nc*Lr' and K*<?ning SUr, Wa?hir.<. Md; Kvening Argus a^i ^r I ^ientlfic Amuricmn, New York and Iaquir r, Cinelnnafl, Ohio, onoe a week U>t three successive we?ks previous to the 8?th day of May next, the day of hearing. 7 charles mason, per containing this natio! ' nUed 8t*t#* Oflee. ) /ytb. waUo.' v which takes place on the day of June een hundred and fifty fi*e- J?ne, eighth P^SKJ-^JbV^ P!*1"011 the r?*ent office on Monday, the 11th dav of an^ir112^?IlOCk' m'and a11 P*r*>ns are noUfled to appear and show cause, if any they have whv >..<a petition ought not to be gran tied y ?? ,^"2^Wp.p??na ?*t?wion are required to ills In the Patent Office their olyections, special 1 v in writing, at least twenty days b?fore the day ot ?f?i?nf:VKt*itl,n0ny rtle<1 by "ither Party to be used at the sail hearing must be taken and transmitted in accordance with the rules of this office, wh'iS wiU be furnished on application. The testimony ln the ea<* will be closed on ths [ ? depoMtlons, and other papers relied on as testimony, mart be filed in the office on or before the morning of that day; ths arguments, if any, within ten days thereafter. ' t^'notioe be published in t It union. Intelligencer, and Evening 8tar. Washing Phii^' Md i Evening Argas, PhiUdelphia, Ps.; .ad Scientific Amerkim New "? ones a week tor three successive weeks n?. ??.. ?h. llth d.T 0( Ja^TTx" CHARLES MASON, _ Commissioner of Patents. eon tat nlns this notW ?? A'!?51S^i.T?!lJtEDi,^OK FACTS wd &rsr-?? THE SUPERB PIANO, Manufactured expre?4y tor me lateexbi lion in this city, by Bacon fc Raven, and which received a mbdal, is now on exhibition at our ?tore. This magnificent specimen of ?uperior ?kill will be returned to New York at an early d>v u 'lew disposed of. We are nuthonaed to sell it upon very reasonable terms. Wa tevetisD for sale that beautiful instrument, manufactured bv Hftllet, Davis * Co., Boston, which received U?f first diploma at the recent exhibition. YiL ve nn hand a large and superior stock of Pianos from the aboVo manufactories. Old Piano* taken in "change. JOHN F ELLIS, 306 Penna. avenue near Tenth street, mar ? PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND NO. 1 ^ 1VI PROSPERI begs leave to in ?' l.vJL lorm bis friends and former patrons that ibis band has bw* fully re-organized and is now nnder his direction, and fie is fully prepared w,th a band of the most Scientific Musicians in the city, to fur nish music for Balls, Parties, Parades, Pic Nics, Ex cursionn, Jkc., at the shortest notice possible, by ap 1 KOSPtRI, Conductor; HILBUS It HITZ'S Mu sic Depot, or at PETER TALTAVUL*S, opposite the Harrison, Garrison street, Navy Yard feb 1??am* ' A R A^ff?CHwNKE fok a magnificent PI A^??We have on exhibition at the Fair at tne . mi'.lisonian Institute, four sui>erh PIANOM which mail'' ezprt-wly relied upon as superior instruments. We will di? po*e of them upon very reasonable ? -ive ? * nasonable time on them fh. ^ small m>tes i- r . ,1' "de the payments into man .1 (|IC(> make ^ reMonaWe ?..?ts to suit purchasers. We have also on hand in store Oic largest and most reliable assortment of Pianos ever offered in this city, tiom the renowned niRnuf ictortes of Hal let, Davis, & Co., Boston,and Bacon It Raven, New York. Old Pianos taken in exchange. New Music and an assortment of every article pertaining to the music trade. JOHN P- ELLIS, 3O0 Penna. avenne, near Tenth street, mar 13?ti fancy millinery. MISS AMELIA PRIBRAM and Iter have opened a FANCY MILLIN-H^B ERVSTuREon Pennsylvania ave-lHJP ?nue, between Tenth and Eleventh^*** streets, south sile, No. 377, and would respectful ly rail the attention of the ladies of Washington and vicinity to their handsome and varied assortment of imported and manufactured Millinery, latest styles; Baru? a"'' London fashions ol Straw, Stlk, Crape. Lace, Velvet and other Bonnets. Also, dress and other Caps Ail orders in the Millinery line thankfully received and faithfully attended to. ^ 9_im? PALMER'S PATENTTiEa ri'FiIS AMERICAN INVENTION I stands unrivalled both in thiscountcy i Europe. It is worn by 1,000 persons, ' "*ith most astonishing success. In ? iietition with UO other substitutes of the best hrencli, English, and German mn? iifacture,It received the award of the 8?k?TsiDii at the Woei.d's Exhibi tion in London, .is the best artificial limb known. In ihis country it has been thirty times exhibited, in competition witli alt others, at the annual Fairs in the principal cities,and has,in evety instance, received the award of the highest or first ptemium. And as a crowning honor, by Hie unanimous approval of an interna tional council, the "First Premium" - ^ lg. only Silver Medal given for Luab??was awarded tlir inventor, at the New York Crystal Palace. Pamphlets giving full Information pent gratis to every applicant. B. FRANK PALMER, , u ? 375 Chesn?t ?treet, Philadelphia. feb 2o?om NOTICSC ?I received this day a new assort ment of SLEEVE BUTTONS and STUDS, of the latest styles. Also, a variety of other new Goods: as Ve?t Chains, Chateiains, Bracelets, Pius, Earrings, Rings, etc. ' Great inducements offered to purchasers. ? o,? ? ?? SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. avenue, ber. 9th and 10th st\ ISO- Aeu> Pvinti put to Gold Pens at short no;ice. Diamonds remounted, and Jewelry mad* to order mar 29 ?:f Proposals for building Light-Hous; on "Say Mi foot Knoll," month of FaUpsoo River, Maryland. ' I TREASURY DEPARTMENT, ) Orric* or Liort llot-SK Boars. V nr\r%*- U. C. March 27,18?. J I>?<OPOSALS will be received until the 30th of X April lien, (on which day th- bids will be opened) for furnishing the materials 'of wrou?ht and oast iron) and building a light house, upon 'screw pile foundations, on "Seven foot Knoll," at die mouth of Patapsco river, Md., by the 30tb of Decem ber nefct. Detailed drawings of the plan of the light house can Mi seen at this office (No. 67 Winder's Build ing.) Should any bid be accepted, a contract will be ex ecuted at once. No pajment will be made until the whole work is completed; and before it is received it must be ap proved by the agent of the Government appointed to superintend the work?said ag nt having power to reject all materials and workiranship not in accord ance with the terms of the contract. The right in reserved to reject any ard all bids that may not be deemed advantageous to the irablic interest. Y All bids should be sealed and addressed to the un dersigned, endorsed "Proposals for Seven-foot Knoll Light-House." EDMD. L. P. HARDCASTLE, mar28? eolm Engineer Secretary. R. H. G1LLET, 7 Counsellor at Law, r??deu<? In Franklin Row, corn?r Ok'K >n1 ilor?' enth ?rro?t (Jm BEAUTIFUL WHITE TEETH. Healthy gums, and a sweet breath. All who are desirous of obtaining these bene SfeiS-H *?. Z E R M A N ' 1 CELEBRATED TOOTH-W ASH. This delicious article combines ro many meritorious qualities, that it has now be come a standard favorite with the citizens of New Y'rk, Philadelphia and Baltimore. Dentists pre scribe it in their practice most successfully, and iwur?u7t "?UrCe th* mOSl flaUerin* ^udanons are efinc'Iri!I?d1fn^ Wewd?8 P""* are immediately ben ?H?*nint and ? |Tecuve. It (Icaases th* tM>th c<! tn^roughly, Ihnt they are made to rival rwari in diffuses through the mouth such a delight u! freshness, that the brsath is rendered ex^ quisitely sweet. It dismfe-ts all those im^rit.L which tend to produce decay, and as a coB.rqP"nce wh<?n these are removed, the teeth must aJwav* rn main sound. 7 It is used and recommended by all the eminent Dentists In New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, mid r...c,^es wh('re has be. n introduced. All should give It a trial. " - ? Prepared only by FRANCIS ZF.RMAN, DrugcM lln? kV ' Catharine streets, PhiSa delphia, and ?old by all Drngnst* evrrywbere, at 25 cents per bottle. ft. u. qiLLMA^ jan ?im Agent for Washington City. A BOOK WHICH EVERY BUSINESS MAN IN THE DISTRICT WANTS.?The Washington City Directory, only 75 cents a copy, half price, caa be had at ALLX. ADAMSONfi, on Seventh street, opposite to the Po* Office, where he keeps con stantly on hand a fine assortment of Blank Books Pens, Ink, Paper, Playing and Visiting Cards, Gamea! ?c. He is agent for all the cheap publication;. Magazines and Kewspap#rs. London Illustrated News. Bell's Life, Timea and Punch received by *v?ry steamer. New York Herald, Times, and Tribune received every night and delivered to subscribers. mar 26?lm JOHNSON ON MANURES, 1 vol,London \ aux on tilling and verilizing land, do Morfit on Manures, Philadelphia Dana's Muck Manual for Farmers, Lowell Dana on Manures, New York Ruffin on Calcareous Manners, Richmond Brown's American Muck Book, New York Prac tical Treatise on Manures, by ihe British So ciely, for the diffusion of useful knowledge p^n.d?.m,,ny w"rk* on Agricultural Chemistry, on Fruit Culture, Bees, Cattle, Drainage, Tree Plant ing, and other branches of Gardening and Husband oi imported from abroad ^?a.f ? FRANCE TAYLOR. K KW^Glovesf" JU,t reCei*ed 8 "upwior lot of Also, a fine arUcle at 50 cents. New style of Gent's Summer Cravats 393 P. ??WALL * 8TEPHBNP mar 26?2w avenue, next door to Iron hall. Military history.? Drinkwater's Siege of Gibraltar Bchimmer's Sige of Vienna by the Ttyks Knoliy t Russian Campaign of 1819 ^Jmnini's Military History of the Waterloo Cam ?nrAIf'VHi^ry oftb* BennJ Artillery Nolan s Cavalry, its history and tactics i?^ Napier's Peninsular War s?m.?r!" B,?ttle* an^l in the Peninsula Samuel s History of the British Arm* British Military Biography 7 Gleig* Brituh Military Commander* Stocqueler's Wellington, Robiuson'a Plcton All. ???.* *a,)tM,>ruu?h? many other* The Subaltern in the Peninsula Marshall's Military MiscelJanv Schiller's Thirty Years' War And many others of the same class French tu?jrnu?. VATxbi1' Tit/lVULKhtl' '?IKMiTiwY. Matt Bedell's Line. jgL HBW YORK, ALEXANDRIA. WASHINGTON CITY, AND DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PACKETS. 3riHTS LINE OF PACKETS SAILB WEEKLY I from pier 14 East Hirer, New York, and oftener necw^ary, and are composed ot the following Arst claai vessels: schr. Jl. V. Bedell, Bedell, wsw>. New ichr. Mott Bedell, A. V. TredweU. Schr. Ann D., Wm. Oliver, muster. flch*. Volant, L. A. Smith, master. Bchr. Commander-in-Uktef, Wogi jin, Schr. Qreenwmy, Wilson, master. These vessels are all fait snilcra, and the masters men of experience in the trade, and the oniy ntgu lar tine of Washington City packet*. MOTT BEoELL, Wall street, N. Y. 8. 8. MASTERS k SONS, Alexandria, Va. THOMAS 1ILEY, fob I- to Washington and D. C. CROMWELL'S BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN NEW YORK BALTIMORE k BOSTON, TETILL dispatch a Steamer daily from Baltimore ff and NewYork, nnd twice a week from Bostou to B illimore and Baltimore to Boston. This line affords unequalled facilities to the bud ness men ot the District of Columbia. The Agents at cither point will receive freight and give a through bill of lading to Washington at the lowest rates ot freight and no commissions charged. Applications for freight promptly attended to by the following agents: A. (J. HALL, 56 Exchange Place, Baltimore. H. B CROMWELL. Comer Washington and Albany sts., N. Y. JNO. W. SCHANK, Jan 14?d3m Foot of India Wharf, Boston. FOR THE WEST AND SOUTH. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. IMPROVED ARRAN iKMKNTS FOR TRAVEL! IMPORTANT CHANGES OF SCHEDUVE! 1 ? J. iH?an The late oomplctlon cf t*>.? Ohio Railroad betwe n Wheeling and Oolumbos, uniting, as it does, by so short and direct a line, the Baltiaiore and Ohio Railrad with all portions of the Wert (and North and Southwest,) gives this route greatly increased advantages to through travelers in that directic n. On and afer MONDAY, November 27, 1844, the trains will be ran a* f IIoite: FORTHROUOU rASSKN<lP.ll3. Two fiurt train* dci'y wil >ua la earh 4'reetinn First?The MAIL TRAIN. 1- ,*!rg Camden Station at 7 a. to , instead ot 8 ?i'elor!? heretofore. (except on Sunday,) and aMvin* at Wheeling at 2 40 a. m. 8e?nd?The BXPRacS TRAIN, leaving at 5 p m , instead of at 7 p. m., as hrrstofor#, and running through to Wheeling in about IT hours, fteahh g there at 10 26 a. m. This train will (top at Wash ington Junction, Sykesville, Mon^cacy, Harper's F-rrv, Martinsburg, 8ir John's Run, Cumberland, Piedmont, F.owlesburg, Newbury, Fettermaa, Farm ingten, Cnmeroo and Moundsville only, tor wool and water and meals. Both tkeee trains make prompt and regular oonnoction with th* ears of the Central Ohio Road for Cambridge, Zanrsvllle, New ark, Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, Dayton, Sandusky, Toled% Letroit, Indianapolis, Chicago, St Louia, etc. Passengers leaving Baltimore by the MailTr*'n; will reac** Cincinnati for dinntr next day, while by the Bxpress Train they arrive there at 12 the next night, being kept hut one night on the route by either train. Paeeangers for the Northwest via Cleveland and all Intermediate points can mike a direct ? on sec tion with ;he trains upon th* Ovelaed and Pitta burg Rallrord at all times when the Ohio is naviga ble tor steamers between Wheelin* and Wellcvlile, by leaving Baltimore in the Mail Train at 7 a. m. . Returving. the Trains leave Wheeling aa follows: The BXPRjko.- TR.lIN at 4:10 p. q, reaching Pal timore at 9.50 a. m. The MAIL TRAIN at 11.46 p. j m . reaching Baltimore at m 7 p. Through tioketa by beat from Wheeling tor Cincinnati, Madison. Louisville, St. T.ouL? and ether River Cities, * 111 be fold at a 1 times when the stage . < f water will admit. 49" Through tickets between Baltimore and Wasnisgton, and all the important cities and tewns In the Weflt, are sold at the Ticket Offioes of the Company. FOR WAY PASSENGERS. THE MALL TRAIN, leaving Camden Rtatto a a 111 take passengers fur all the usual stopping places on the Road Returning, this train leavee Wheeling at 11.45 midnight, Cumbsrland at 10.16 a. n, act arrives at Baltimore ot 7 t>. m. THE FRfcDRKlCK ACCOMMODATION TRAIN, for Frederick and intermediate places, Will s'art at 4 p. m, daily, (except Sua'tnys) arriving in Fredas iekat7.40 Returning will leave Frederick at 9 a. ?&., arriving at Baltimore at 12.30. noon THE ELLIOTT'S MILLS ACCOMMODATION will be rnn daily, (exept Sundays,) as follows: Leave Camden Station at 0 a. m. and 9 p. m. Leave JUlieott's Mills at 7.30 a. m. and 0.80 p. m. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS BUN AS FOLLOWS: LfcAVK daily, except Sunday, at C and a. m. and 3 and 5 p m. On Sunday at G a in and 6 pm. Leave Brit'crrc at 4^ and 9am; end 5 and 8 t la. On Sudsy r.t * if a m and 5 p m. Thr, connections with Baltimore A ?hlo Rallf ad for the West are by trains leaTiag at 0 a ra ana 3 IB. For Philadelphia and New York at 0, an! 3)/ am and 5 pm. For Annapolis at 8% a m and S p m. Fjr Nor.oik at 3 p m. T. H. PARSONS, Agent Partlou ar attention Is oalled to the Rule requir ing a responsible voucher for any person ef color who m->y wlah to pass cv .r the road. dec 13?dtf ORANGE AND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. On and after Tuesday, Nov. 7, I rR Cars leave Alexandria dally for Oor-ions* villa and intermediate stations at 7^ o'clock, a. m- oo the arrival ot ths boat from Washington, giving ample time for breakfast on board. C? u xxaetiUttg at Manassas Juneti>n with a train for Straa* 9urg, at Warrenton Ju ction wit1! a train for War rectca, and at Gordonsville with the trains on the Virginia Osntral Railroad for Richmond, Charlotte*, ville, and Staunton. The oars ieave Sor ionsville dally for Alexar.drli and intermediate stations, at ^.before 12, a. na., on the-arrival of the trains ot the Virginia Central rail road from Richmond, Charlottesville, and Staunton. THROUGH TICK UTS. From Alexandria to Warrenton..... $2 00 m ** Gordonsville ' n 8 60 " " Charlottesville......... 4 25 ' " StauntoD.....^. 5 VG 41 ** Strxiburg ^... 3 50 Lynchburg 6 75 " Wicahister .T.*.? 8 to * Luray 4 ha New Market..6 09 _ " " HIdileburg 2 25 For Lynohburg, wnn'?cttng with the stag* at Ch&rlcttegiille, en Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fri dav.i Vor I.uray and New Market, connecting with the s aiu at Colpcptr, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sat urday. For Winchester daily, connecting with tha stage* at Pledssont For Middlaburg d^liy, eonnestlng with th* i at tha Plalnu. ,-a* . P*r order: V/. 1* FP/V.'JEWWP, Agent. nov 7?dtf FOR MOUNT \ EltNON. On TUESDAYS ond FRIDAYB. ^Pare roand trip $1; from Alax andria 76 eents?'the THOMAS OOLLYKR leave* Washington at 9 and Alexandria at Q% o'clock. Ceaeb?s leave the Oapltol for Ut* boat at 8X o'clk. Coach fore 1? oeat*. Per*5ni wishing the Coacbefl will leave their res! dt-nce with Geo. & Thoa. Parker. on the boat. oot 28 -dtf 8A1PL QEDNy V, Capt VHJC IBW TORE 4 LIVERPOOL UNITED 8TATE8 ^^MAIL STEAMER The ships comirisinq xuia uns ahj TH*? ATLANTIC, Capt. Weet PACIFIC, Oapt. Nye, BALTIC, Capt. Cemstock, ADRIATIC, Capt. Qraftuu These shir s have been built by contract, express ly for Government service; every c?*rs has been taken In their construction, as in th? Engines to insure strength and speed, and their acoc inmcd v tkms for passengers are unequalled for elcginoe and comfort. Pnce of passage from New York to UvgtpooL In first caWn 4120 Swond Cabin 70 KMhsstve use of extra siae state rooms. 300 From Liverpool to New York *30 and ?20. tn ?nrg?on attached to each ship. No berth oan be secured until paid for. Fot freight or pa?*ag* apply to EDWARD K. OOLLINS A CO., M WaU "to**, New York. BROWN, SHIPLEY A OO, a o. Boanis 4 00. u,"r??L U King's Arms Yard, .London. ' >e 1* J0Pf MU?R?b * OO. Ylctoire?, Paris. GEO. H. DRAPKE. Havre. "hip# will wot be accountable SS.^SS2: ffift JSS7; therefor, anl the value "? *w??- - W-dly NAT* SUPPLrES-r-1856-,5fl. Watt Ddutiiwt, 1 Bums of Protiriow an 1 CVrthina. V March 10, liM. ) QIPARATC PROPOSALS, sealed and endorsed O '?Proposals Ibr NaTy SappUos," will be re-si*ed kt this Bars* until 3 o'block p. m , oo Pat rJsy. 'ho 14th <"a? of April text, for famishing sad deliver e(on reoeirhn too <1 eye* aotiea, except for bKcnlt, which 8t? dey*" actl * dull kt (|1t?o (tt ef-rj tvMtj tkowud pouEd' esquired) at the I'siUI States navy-yard* at tberleetowa, NuMtha ttt*, llro.klyn, Nsw Torli, nd Orspo L Virginia, su-h quantities, tnly ef tb? fallowing articls* a* may be required or ordered from the e-ntrestors by ?Ve chief of thin bureau, or by the m^ctivs (ymm'tJ log officers or the Mid DiTy-iwd', during the fecal year ending June SO, 1M6. ill ' Flour, biscuit, Wftlsksy. sugn-, lev coffee, rics, molessas, vinegar, pickles, betas and dried apples Tne flour shall be sapeifioa, and of the manutsr tare of wheat grown in the year 18t3 or ISM; but shall In all oases t ? manufactured from wheat of the erop immediately preoeling the dates ef the re quisition for 'be Mine; shall be perfectly sweet, ard in *11 respects of the beet quality. am shell be de'tr eml in good (hippies order, free o' all charge to the United State*, in the best n*w, well-seaeone\ sound bright barrels, or half barrel*, as ?be esse may be? th-stores and hepl'dgs to be of whl eeekofthe beet quillty, strong snd well^hcopfd, with lining hoop? errand each head, and equal in quality *o sample barrel at said new yards; two half barrels to be considered as a barrel, and net more than ore sixth the requited quantity to he In hair barrels Th* biscuit fhall be inade whclly from sw?*t su perfine floor, of the manufacture i f the year 1854 or 18$i. but Aall in all eases be manufactured ftox flour made of the crop Immediately preceding ih* d%*ee ef the reqai-dtions tor th? same; and shal. be fully cqaal In quality, and conferm In rise ar.d shap? to the samples which are d< posited lathe Mid nary yard; shall ho properly baked, thorough It kiln dried, well packed, and delivered if charge to the United Htatee. iu good. kul<L wtl dried, bright flour barrels, as ahove d? scribed, elth the he^d well focur-d; or in sir ard water-tliM whiskey or spirit barrels, a' the option of the ba MQ. . ? ? ihcwh'akey shall be made wholy from gran aonnd and merchantable, and bs fi ty per cut above proof aovrdlng to the United ttales cuiv-u houas fitanlari. It fball be delivered in good, tew. sound, hrlgh , three qu ?rters hocp?d, wall sev^n-i white oak barrels, with whit* otl: hoe. 1% the Wa l? to be made of three piece hMdi and woll painU d; tne stares not to be lees than % inch thick, and th# be vis not lees than yA Inch thkk; and cach b*rrel fh^ll be cx-p^rtd. In addition, with one three-pe.&y iron-hotpon e:ch fcilg* lVfc Iccbin width,and 1-1C fc inch thi'k. a-id on- threepenny hoop on ea ! chime, 1inch In width, ard 1 l? b inch thick, perdlerram The whole tr? !>? pu'in gocd ah'i pin* order, free of all charco to the lrnlt?d Statue. Ihe sugar shall be according to sampl'S st th - 'sid nary yards; and he dry and fit for pockiu;. The teA fhsll be of gooi quality Yotug Dyson, equ?l to the t ample; at said naTy yrrda. The crffee sha 1 be 'he best Cuba, aeceriicg to aampls The rice shall be of the rery beet quality, and cf the crop immediately preceding "he dates of die re quisitions for the same. The mclas ts shall be fully equal to the rery le t quality of New jrlean* molass-is, a~?d sha'l be del i r ered in we l-sea?rned red oak torr l', with whl ?. p nt heads not leu* than H ^ ataves not le?s than % in-sh thlrk; the barrels to be thr?e quarters hoopw, and, in adhtion. to h?re four iron hoops, one on each bilge. If itch in width snd n* slxi e?nth Icon th^ck, and one oa each ohime ' i inch in width, and 1-16 iuca thick, and sbail be thorcughly ccope ed and plac&d in the brat tblppi^ g condition . , The rlne^ar shaUbe of tiie first quality rider r": - egar, equal to tbv stand vd of the United Metes Ih-rmtoorsBia, and sha 1 oontnin no other ih?u aeetifl acid; and shall be de'lrrrrd in barrels nni lar in all re*p?ct< *o these required lor mo!as es with the exo-piinn th*t tviuU oak starts and bee If fh*ll be subsututed for red oak e'a-ee and wfut?i pin'i head*, aod ?hall be thoroughly coopered and pla?M in the best shipping <;nl*r. "j he pi<*kle? shall b- put up in lam bound e*ek< and ea;*h cash bhall contain one gallon of onto:*, one gallon of peppers, and thirteen gallons cf ;ms '<' cucumber*, a&d the teire'-itb'es in ? ach shall we f h ninety pounds, and they only bo paid for; and eact caak shall then ba filial with white w'.ne vinegar oi at 'east 42 degrees offtfergth. and equal to French rice^tr; the o?sk?, r*g?tables, and rlnagar shall oonf rm aud be equal in all r-specU to ise sampl'S deposited at the a bore named nary yards, and the act ore shall warraut aud gasranty that tLey will ke^p good and oound tor at l**ut two rears. The beaos eball be of the rery best quality w?it* beans, and shall be of the crop immediately frf-c^d lng the dates cf'he requisition f r the Mace. 'j he dried app'es shall be of the beet quality, and shall be prepared by tun-drying rnly, and shall be of the crop of the autumn immeiiitely preceding the dates of the requ sitiens tor the sam*. All the foregoing d sen bed srt'.clea, ?mliraciag cask*, barrels, halfbarrelii and l>oxef, ahull b- eu1: ject to such inspection as the chief of this burr^u may direct, the inspecting offi er to be epjrinled ^y the"Nary Uepar meet AJl inspeatiocs to be at toe place of delirery. Biscuit may, hewsrer, beln?p*ct el at the place of manatacture, but will in all caee^ be subject to a final inspection at the placd cf delir ?ry th-iore bid? are signed therefcr. The pricai of ell the Ibr'go n? artlc'ei to be the same thr:ugbout the rear, and bidders may offerf t one or more article". All tbecsfits, tarrela, and half barrels, boxes, or packarts, s>*a 1 be marked with their contenU Ja* the contractor's name Alt the barrels and haif barrels of flour, br^ad, and pi:krls (ball hare, iu aduition t"> the abcre. the ye*r when manufactutel or put up, mirked upon ihem The famplea referred 'o in tMs adrertl'enwn' sro tho-e s*lec ed for the enaaing fiscal year, and hav no r ftrinc* to tucK at hzvs bten prtviouUf ex/tt hib*l*i. The quantity of these articles which will be re quired etneot be precisely stated. Tfcey will bly be about? To be offered for. pioar 1 900 bbto per bbl Bi cult 1,800,000 lha perlOO iba Whiskey M.OOOgala.^?per gal Hugar 200,000 1 a...^per lb Xea 10,000 lbj per lb Coffee ... 10,00 ) lb^ per lb Rtee 200 000 lbs per lb Mcla*se 50 000 gals per r 1 Beaos 6 000 bmh.... per bush Vinegar 40.WH) ga's per gal Drb d apples... ? 60,000 Tbi per lb Picklea 180 000 lbs per lb The quantities cf any or all may be increased or diminished as the eerrlte may hereafter lequire The contracts will therefore be made, not fjr spec, fic quantltie', but for ?ucb qjantitie? a-, the aerr cc may require to te delirered at thore nary-yard' re- j sp?ctlrely. Contractors not residing at the plaoes wh?re de liveries are required muat establish aeenaiee at such plaoes, that n*delay may arise in lurciehing what may be required; and wh-n a o ntractor laiN promptly to comply wiib a ivquivition, the Chief of the Bureau or Prorlsiois and Clcthin!* sball be thoriaed to direct rurchaMS to be made to *upry the deficiency, under the penalty to be expma-1 hi the contract; the record of a r?qaisiti?a, or a dupl: M'e copy thereof at the Bureau of Prorislr ns and t loth lng, cr at either of the nary-yards afor.sad. shall be erid. nee that auch requisition has been made and reoeired t epara'e offers muit he cade tor each article at each cf tlie afciwai J nary-y trdu; and in care more than one article la contained in the effer, the Cbfcl ot the Bureau wi l hare the right to accept ore or more of the articias cot tain ed in such offer, and rw jact the ramaloder; snd bidders whose proposals are accepted (and none others) will be f rthwith itotlflf 1, and as early as practicable a contract rill be transmitted to them for execution; which con tract mcst be returned to the Bvreau within tea rays exoluaireef the time required for the regular tran?mt?aion of the mail. - Two or more at prove! sureties, in a sum eqeal to the ei'.hooted amount of tSe n^pectiru contraots, will ba required, ahd ten per oentum in addition will be withheld from th* amount of alt p;ymet.ts on aecoust thereof as oo lateral security, in addltior, to aecure its r erf rmance, and not in any erent to be paid ant ; It Is in all respects complied wi b, ninety per tfafem of the a Mount of afi delireriee made whl be paid by tbe nary agant wiihia thirty days after bills duly authenticated shall hare besn presented to him. blank f-rms of proposals may be obtained oa at pV.cation to the navy agents at Portam* ulh. New Ham pah ire; Beeton, New York, Philadelthia Balti more, Washington, Norfolk, Peoautola, and at thi bureau. A record, or duplicate of the letter informing a Udder of the acceptance of his proposal, will be deemed a notification thereof within tne meaning of tb? act of 1849, and his bid win be made and aceept' edln oonfbrmlty with this understanding. ?very offier made must be accompanied la* die rected in the act of Oongrass making appropria tions for the naral serrice Cor 18 Vi '47, approred 10th August, 1848,) by a written guaran ee, signed by one or more responsible persons, to the eflbct that he or they undertake that the bidder m bidders will, if his or their bid be accepted, enter into an obli gation within ten day?,wiu? good and sufficient surv tiea, to furnish the article proposed. The bunau wi 1 not be obligated to proposal consider unless accom panied by ths guaran tee required by law; tbe o>tu prtenteacy of the guarantee to by ths certified by ths^navy agent, district attorney, or acme cffict r of ths'genand government known to the bureau Ths attention of bidders is called to the tempi.* an! description of articles required, as in the in spection for reception, a just bnt rigid compirit-, n will be mads between the ar;ioies offered and 'he (ample a^d contract, receiving none that fall below them; and their attention is also psrtknisrly di rected to the annexed joint resolution, in add it on to the act of the lOftufcjigust, 1840: Imtrmet from th* actqf Congrm ryprovd Au^uti 1846. mSm 0 And baitfwrtUr saaafsd, That from ari after the pa?age of this act every pro. osal for na val supplies invited by the Secr tiryof tbe Navy under toe proviso to tiks general apprcpriat on b l Ibr ths nary, approved March third, eighteen hen deed ao^fjr^yjhree, shall he aasompanied by u I to tbe SBfti 5 STlBv? VI tXOA&l Into an cbllga'kn witb?n the t*ma pri_LiLlQL*' *?* Secretary of ha N?vy with xo+i ^ ** ttas, .or nirtij|,ic| tfc# IOdUIm tk*ft ?l a M.h :..r773i *t?^!iUlV?K2 rthe- pen n <w pars -ns fer famishing ths?2 j lie- atil n all forthwith tani tha <? ' cmouat nr?t?io*4 ta lb# gnara t J and the amount** vhM fcSTi__ ron'.*- ?: It ftamLhing 'ba ~>d whole i ?rl;.1 rf the propsporal to b? ?k.. T* *.?'BW s? 1 tiW?r or biiiilrri tbd hli rr tb^r antor rr guirtr or*; an.! thas?tce ms* ha ^ ?>J reroewad hy th# Un|t.d gu.^ fc(, tjj# ?o< Navy B^%rtin<rt, is an Ntloa of csta aitha. or ail of ra'd perwma.H 'Tth Rae?lrVTni* to Vita for pun --Ota- ,K. ST Jffpi#vw J f>v ^ ?SrfViX/ ftrid //mm a/ i Ae*eHfl? m, chmfrmm mm ?il bij? for pumIm l4 r? n? la clothing. and rmall ivw for tha ui* i ftha^Ttt ^t*r5j?ru?l, at tha option of tha ? made by one who ta not known m . ??XSli^ ef. or rffular feeler tha srtieie farniiaharl. vhirh tart, or tba rwrwraa. inuat ha Aa Unc*y stated in *sM*. ?*a^l*ii*o?S P?**a who may har* fa*!^ to aa^l* withiEa condition* c. any oontracta thar mJ7 Uva L^l ojuiy enters into with tha Unit* sLa/^^. tha opnrn of tha department, ba rtjaetad ? that ti ? or. than ona bid ha effer* 'for tS " article on aneouat of any oaa party. ^wL, J* ?** 8*?*i or Id tha n&me of bia j^t^aar alarh. tm any otha' p-r*n, tha whoia of aocE bad* ahnUbe tw j- <*t?*J at the optfoa of tha departmeat; m) thai r? partners of an* firm shall not ba aaeeired as sera tie* for ?arh oiher; and that, vhanarar It may ha iWmad nec?**rr. for fV interna f of tha anvvrm. m*nt *n<i tha health of th? caees of the L~ a had i?raUa vwael*. to procure part ton lar brands * float. whi<-h art katrn to keep baat oa dis?rat nattnu. the Runaa of Proviaioiie nnd sad ( athii.g. with tha appnb*:?o of tha fcarmury of t4.a >'arV. ha, and hrreby k, aattKirisad to rrocarr tha aaina cm tha baat tann^. In taa kat oy^rt ApproTad 27 M^rrh, 1M4. mar 17?la?4? AN APPEAL COMMON SENSF. UTTHI aici Hit TBB Ml IB ' AfTiiK HiiJtaii.?V\ berfver kaowB Im twtf mony will be cunciuaivr. Bat Irat Ui<wc who dfc n??t linoa- the Captain ah<>ald baaeaptical. Dr. liaww ?in k Pro., wath nthrmof the boat knoan aad irrat highly ra?p?rt?bla ritnan* of Ramon, andovw b? wondarful cure by HAMPTON'S TVGBTABLB TUrOTTE*. 1 ?, .. ? . Eimir, Oct 4, 1HM> Mrsmt. Mortimer <J- ,Vitp6riiy ; Oant,Vm?*n? I frH u m? flaty to yag and the Mfc lie tn certify to the eflecia of iiaaip(o?>a v? Tincture. J waa fot ra<?re th' n five yi under a di?aaaa of riirotuc Rheumauain. and iha ereat part ol that u>ue I waa an hHpleaa That I had to be helped from sir bed and drraaed in my eiothw I fce?r.nie reducrd to a niarv akeietna. A)I Um BMd iciai'a I took done me no r<x>d, aad I eoauaaad at grow wonte. I heard of Hampton'* Tiaciurc aad thought J would five it a trial. At this u*e J did not cxpect to live one day after another. I j<d nw take it (the Tincture) for the Rheumauam, but re a ?hort time I waa weM ,4 that dia? aK. From t^ effect* of your 1 incture and the kelp of ii'A I am ?ow getiiat in ir*td health. I wi^h all the afflicted to try Hampton^ Veeetat* Tincture, aa I have d me, with the mum; uSrct tiut it lias on Your obedient aerrut, Isaac CayjAjvta. We are acquainted with I>aac Benjamiu, mm him some of Hampton's Vegetable Tincture.ami bt rfere the ihorc atatemrnt correct. Da win* k Rao From our knowledge of Captain Renjauiin wa in confident tliat the abort na;>*mrnt r? true and ru eiageratod. J. a. Jowaaaa. CllARill R'iBIIIluK, Call aad get pemphleta paas, and aaer iraaw Cough, Pronchu a, Kkeumatiam, Keuiatfia. lira pepwa, Nervousa*!* aad Ganeral Weakna^. A* a female mHicine or foe delicau child/a?? we b'-lier^ it unequalled. Sold by NOBTIMKR k MOWBRAY, IWRaiti more atr?>ai, Baltimore; and ?4 Bmadwav. N. York Cha?. Stott k Co., J. B. Moors. D. B. Clabrk A Bowiiiig. W. Fi.LioT.and H. MrPaaa ?oa, Washington; also, by R. S. F. CtaaaL, Genrge town, and C. C. Bkf.ry, Alt ran 'ria, and by Drug ri?^a everywbete. jen f*--w OOUGHS, COLDS, IIOAIISEINXSH, . ___ HtMaf In FIt* Rltnutaa* TYLRKa COMPOCXD (.CM ARABIC blhCt ff^HE increasing demand for thio most p;?wnt, JL itw, lad ^dm^oQA rt-oMj toral' palmoL^r/ ^LS* **ee> ha* eubled the pro? rlater to zWiaea the OTiee ao a- t0 plaoa it withto :h" reach of ?J rla^aa Ita aaperforlty nrr noat pfaiflar prepartttona ?? a' taetad by ?anr ?m!?ant rh?a<Hana who hare m?i era Witnaasep of \+y e?oacr wiian th- neaaJ raaaa <Ueo hara tailed; alao by thoaaaad of onr m at re ?peetable clUaaua who have na?d it ia thtjr airiii* bos h aa preventive and cure with never fiulli* i %?. fxae f r ttie laet twenty yaare, dortsg ?bk? aer-^-* With rery little aid froic a4v*r?iarcjt- 4' , ft h* gradually apread repnta*ion rrer the wbele Uaita In (aw of rn<!a?t (Wk Cftyti, 1/narmut, 4t, H g^vea ixsmcdlate relief, ard gra< rally euraa la a iay two, without intariaring with diat or boaua'i, ot readarin^ the aystea mwe cicorpdUe idoBot.? ohroo'c ca*e, AtL\a , Lr^\ Onw* Bmncki-'it. cf the Lung*, a*ut QmaMtf tirn, it l? always vtry b-n-f?**'. t.<4 ldh wh?n r--?nm-nced in time te jerf?ct a iTtoa ia and 10 oesta a botr>. Bold wh^'eaaie hy Patterw A I-ate*, ?t- tt k On, Bilgely A Oo. Alexandria hy i aei A titeveta. la Georgetown tyMr.CimeL TTLEirs am aAjlbic gjbitdt prop4 * siiaLiar -cropodf^n to the above, but ia a mfMal aai mare portable fora ; tliar aet like a charm ea a tronNaaoma Cough, and 'clear tha Mr ?o:ce; they obtain no injurioaa dm*, are ptrUow laxly raconnrnM for ohlldrea. U-equeuuvt of rah Ik aemmbllea, pobik ipeaktra. auueeri. A. Price ?.o-i 25 -sct? per hr?x. for eale at t&cxtt Imjr and Caodv Btorea. oetlT?tf PKllLADKLPIl t A LAGKR BKER DEPOT, 991 Pa. a?-?%*e. Mv?m 4 % and At* ilia^ WE have at all tunea the beat Philadelphia La ger Beer oa band, and offer it now for sale for #3 per keg, and in quart bottiea for A1 50 pv dozen. ? We send the Beer tree of coats to all parts of the dty. AS^ Many physiciana have recommended this Beer aa one of the be*t remedie* for weak atomacha. mar 5? Im- F. C. A W. GKRBCKE. GRATIS ! JUST PUBLISHED: A NEW DISCOVEBY IN MEDICINE! A FEW words on the Rational Treatment, with out Medicine, of Spermatorrhea, or Local Weakness, PTervoits Debili ty, Low Spirit*, Lassitnde, Weak ?est of the Limbs and Back. Indiap>?- j ?ition and incapacity fur Study auJ Labor, Dulio^s of Apprchcjiuoii} Lose of Memory, avrrwen to Socict), Love of gktlitude. Timidity, Self Distrust. Dixxincas, Heafl Ache, Invnjontary lhachargea, Pain in the Side. Affection of the Kyea, Pinaptes on the Face, Saxual and other uifirauuee in man. FROM THE FRENCH OF DR B. DE I.ANKY The important tact that these alarmingewnpiaiats ?*ay easily be removed without Medicine is, in th? small tract, el? arly demonatrated; and the entirely new and highly mecesaiut treatment, aa n ft opted hy tha autlior, fully explained, by 'means of which ev ery one is enabled to curs liiinaeif perteetly. aad at the least possible coat, avoiding thereby all the ad vertised noatnuaa m the day. Sent to any address, gratis, and post free in i sealed envelope, by remitting (poet paidl two poii age stamps to Dr. B. I)E LANEY, No. 17 Lispenard street, New York. jan 17?te PIANOS FOR SAJL? AND R?NT. XHE subscriber has always an hand a ment of German and Ame'iean PI-^KM OS, Kr>m the eery best manuia iuram^^^^^ which he offe^forsale at lower pfio-a tiiau can be purchased in the District of Columbia, aad m the moet accommodating terms. All Piaaos purchased from uie are warranted to give aatisfae tioo. Old Pianos taken in exebange. B. REISS, Pmfe-aor of Music. G, bntw. Fourteenth aad Fifteen th atrceie. eb ft?3m* FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. SMALL BL1LDIKQ U?r? of lo fast ar ro"re, H varicui ?*arts ol tha Cfty, aad Oeoytorm. a 19W prioa?. and term" to suit LLOYD k 00. ____ B V ILDIRQ ITOII, Per Mil, deliverable at ths Canal, at Wharyaa la Waahiogtco, (iecrgetova,ot Alexandria. LLOYD A Oa 15?th (treet, epp Treasury Departsaah frw-w ' WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVER AND PLATED WARE AT REDUCED PRICES. WE offer our entire stock cf elegant COLD WATCHES, RICH JEWELRY, rUU SILVERWARE. hc? at greatly reduced Persons would do well to examine oar a which ia by far the largest, moat faabieeaWe, beet selected ever offerad to our custotm^a M W CALT A BRO , 334 Penn avenue, Wrwren ?th an<! 10:b ? ' mar IS? if LOUDEN WALTZ. /'COMPOSED and dedicated to the oang Indies I I 14 Lessburj, Va., ? y Prof. J A. Yoang. A eery T-?^^lulua"" mTT1 U?Cf

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