Newspaper of Evening Star, April 4, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 4, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON PITY: W3IHES3&Y ATrSR^Ogy April 4. ?7* ADVSETI3E3TSXT3 should be banded In Vy 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they isay net appear until the next day. SPIRIT OF THE MOFHIIfQ P3ES3. The Intelligencer pnb!i:hes extracts from various foieign papars bearing on Concha's communications to the Sfnnish Government relative to Cuban aCoirs and the acticn cf the Certea on the dispatches in question. The editor doubt* the accuracy of the representa tions is question so far as the action of the Cortes is concerned, proposing to wait for the Madrid papers to get at the truth of the ac counts We take this to mean that he does not believe that tho policy of froeing all the slaves in Cuba has beta avowed by the Span l?h Government The substance of thees ex tracts has already bean published in IheiSizr, except the following, via : "Fur a lcDg tiiae past Gen. Concha had a presentiment of this conspiracy, from the as rasrinaticn cf tb- man who hal taken L^pci (Castaneda) ai d the abortivo plot of Baracoa 'i he polico a' leng'h succeeded in unravelling the thread of ir. and it appears trom thedecla ration made and the papers sailed that the plan ot be cot spiracy bad existed long before the arrival cf Gen Concha in the island; the conspirators bad considerable resources; that altera! rising wrs contempla'ed in Cu ba; and that tho whole wes combined with an expedition w'cich was to leave the United States under tb e orders of Gan i .? I- ?? ? --- ?"?* juaoey. This expedition had at i's disposal four largo fteam9.-s?the Pampero, which was to sail from Galveston, Texa<, with 700 men; the L?.iniel Webster an'2 tfce Prometheus. which were to leave Savanah with eqnal forces; and the remainder, to tho tuoibe'ot 3C'JO men, were to leave Jfew York in the Massachusetts. This la?t vessel h*s been detained by American authorities, in virtue ot a demand to that effect made by the Spanish Consul. The conspirators deferred the execution'of their plans :n order to wait tie is ue of Mr Socle's mission. " On the deci ion of tbe results cf that iri? aion the ex,edi t n wa? to depart immediately fjr Cuba In order to support it armed bodies were organized throughout the inland with recogniz d chiefs; they wcro disposed iu such ft mitbner that in a given time of two or three daja theso bands could start from point3 agreed upon lLo Amoiicaa fili buskers had suc ceeded in deceiving the vigilanee of the press and of our consuls in tho Unitrd States by propagating the rumor that they wcro about to proceed to Costa llica. "The oonspir^ey having been discovered, the Captain Gei.sral concentrated all the fcrces cf the i?lind at 11. van* acd at Los Tuno*, af er leavirg eff>*tivo garrisons in tfce tewns of Santiago do Cuba and Puerto Prin cipe. The po nt m?st menaced, Trinidad, was also cccupied by the trc;?ps ct the Governor In order to increase hL? force, arnoj were placed in the bands of af<.w companies of Gallician emigrants who hud been brought to Cuba by lue Fcij^o fcotoirayor Company, the military who had served th^ir time were again called into service, preparations were made for or ganixing io o uiili ia regiments the 4 Penirsu l*r' resident in Havana, und reinfo. cen enis were dtmande 1 from Puerto Rico. In addi tion to the adoption of the?e cnergetic meas ures, the Government arreate 1 and inipiiioned a number cf persons who were reputed to be members of tbe junta of ^eocral insurrection or commanding generals or chiefs of organized bands. ? AS Havana there were arrested Rimon Finto, heal of theODnepirasy, a rich Catalan, very intimate wi.h the Captain General; Cin tra, an eminent aJvooate ;* Jose Antoniolijhe vtriia. a dis'irg d bed writer; and the engi neei of tnerailioad freni Matansisto Havana, Carlos Rosea, Ju in Cadalso, the two young B?lvines. and jfinelo. ?? otn?r arrets were ma le at Matansas. Bc jucal, Guines Cienluegc-, Puere do Golpe, (V l!a Clara ) Cardenas Finer del Kio, Trini dad, ltruco, <to. A number of persons have ?flsd. 1 his hliiir is bting aciively followed op by the Government I'in'o, the head of the e> tapiracy, is deeply compromised, and im portant papers have been tucnd in Lis hcu:e. lio.i raols who had beon pe in.tied to return to Cuba are aaocg the num',er cf the mo t dangerous and most deeply compromised con. tpir-ttnn. " 1 a conarq^erija 0f t!'e xnetjures adopted by General C>Dcba, 5.COO i.;en are concen trated at Havana and 3 OOi) at Las Tanos. J he in litary o.'gan!^ati< ns '?vhicn have t een ?ffected raise to COO men the number cf the dele derstf the ?o*.3rni?ent of the island. t is exp>ectd the Amerisan eteauiers cf wai h we have spoken will he detained by the au'haiii.cs cf the United States on the de xnaLd ot o >r Ccnsul AH tbe Spani h ships have b; e j sent out t'j wat".h iae e^emy. Large tracsport ttean;?r? have also been got in r?adines4 to convey troops to all 'he points thst ?<ie >ikc>lj to c-? 1 f.?r proteciic-a. "The CwUiCil o? Mi outers iietened with &uch interest t0 the report of M. Bastilles It was decided in Council that there should leave Cad son tf-e 12;h for Havana a battalion cf .tfantry uaich ia at presert cn the island of -an Fernando, kid th-t by the 1st of May there ?'_>/uld be reutly to emfeaik for Cuba scfiicieat troops to c&mploU ia that isiaLd the elective torce of 30 Cuo u.en. Tho Governor had ordered ibe judgmtiit by eourclls of war, coDloiin&blj to a.tenor lawn, ofarmrd band# of more tbiiB three mta who might be found traverting the interior cf thoial-nd." The Union answers tho Inttiliq-nar'* plea that Sfain had a legul ri^ht to stop tbo El D.rado, iaccejbfully, and quotes John Quincy Adsms to prove that thirty-two yaars ago the Ioiicy of tbo acquisition cfCuba was eminent Jy ocr national po:icy. The editor also quotes a Spanish mili-ary j ublication to prove that Spain is hoping to bold the island only by orautj the slaves against their natters. Taa Baltuore ilLrrsbicAK asd Arqcs.? This paper cf yesterday af einoon announces that, iu cor:junc.ion with A. G Alien, who hai very recency loen ?'*oetatei in the con duct cf tho Rr^::ulicati, W. U. Hope, late of the Wa^hirgion Star, has also purchased an interrstin that e^tabli bmcnt, and will here af er be connected witn Mr. B. U Richardson With such ab'e and experienced gentlemen we dcubt not that the Democrats of Bal imore trill not only have an acceptable organ of their party, but a newspaper which, in all other respects, will be enlistel to the generous support of the 0'>mmCEity. Ifce psper is to be generally improved and presented uaier a new head?tho Dmly Hai ti more Rrpullicaji?eupeiior psper, and wi h entire new type. lh? proprietors have audsd to their report orial corp.-!, and promise to spare neither labor tor expense to furnuh the earliest and fullest details of everything interestieg to business men and to the public goneially. Tho ccmmuni'y of Loiton are in a e'ate of great exci'ement relative to the infa mous proceedings of a gang if ridiLly men who recently visited a female school near that city, under the charge of Sisters cf Charity, under preteice of bcirg a committee ap pointed to examine sach establishments byj the Legis'.a ure of the Sia'e Every newsps per in that city, without dis inction of farty, wii.h has so far alluded to tho lubjsef, unite \i denouncing their oonJuct as impertinent, usgentlemanly and Uochtislian. We shall puh^h an a:ccu&tcf thii sj 11 grtoeful affair |9-B?rioir, WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Am?ricaniiing our Consular System ?We have reason to believe that the State Depart ment have succeeded id c?-rying cut entirely the plan cf Secretary Marcy to secure the services of citizens of cur oountry not only as United State* consuls, but as United States consular agents every where. There are to have been near five hundred persons, in a!l, acting as American consuls, who weresu* jects of foreign powers on Mr. Alarcj's advent to his present position. Many of the agents in question wore not required, having been ap' painted by our consuls abroad rather to gratify the particular appointees than to discharge duties in conneotion with American commerce. This was particularly the case in Qermany, where each an appointment was regarded as a mark of distinction worth seeking, and, we fear, was not unfrequently bought wrh gold irom the real consuls commissioned by this Government, wLose legitimate emoluments frtm their several officers were, in meat cases, very beggarly. Mr. Marcy early saw the pro priety of putting a stop to this state of things, ?nd went to work energetically to correct it. Congress, at its last session, it will bo remem bered, emphatically endorsed the prcprio'y of his action in this matter by incorporting in tho diplomatic and consular bill all the new features in our system whioh he had so stren uously insisted on, without being aided with the force of law to sustain him in his puipose and measures. We look on his reforms in this connection as among the most important changes which have taken place in the con. diet nf i r-vitu anjirs for a quarter of a century, though it may be somctimo yet ero our fellow citiians can appreciate thom. An Excitement amorg the Wavy Officers.? For some days past nearly all the Navy officers in Washington have beenxnervou?ly anxious about the probable complexion of the Board of Examiners to form the retired list in the Navy under the law of tho last cession to that end. This board is soon to be named by the Executive, and will exercise functions in the proper management cf which the whole ser vice, as well as the public (interest,) have much, indeed, at stake. This anxiety on their part is thercforo quite natural. Some wag played eff a jjke upon them, yesterday, which crea.ed a hearty laugh over the Department. There ware quite a number of* these gentle men there, all eager to ascartain who are to be these executioners cf the inefficient and promoters of the serviceable, when some one wrote out quite a fancy list and left it, during the momentary absence of Mr. L. B. Ilardin. upen that gentleman's desk, where it would have been appropriately, had it been official. The fi; at who discovered it soon promulgated the news, and in five minutes it was all over the building. carrying consignation to seme and joy to cther3. When it wes discovered that tuo list was a hoax, tho:? who had been most essentially sold by it w&r? ^nite indig nant until laughed cut of the sorlous temper in which thsy took the bog*\t *990. They will wait more patiently next tirv*. The Mexican Boundary Ea*?**.?Xh? fol lowing le.ter giving an aooouetcf tfee progress of one of the American parties engaged in surveying tho Mexican boundary will be read with great interest: Camp e* the Colorado, ) Opposite Fort Y urn a, California, > r? . February 12. 1S55. 1 Brov$t Ma nr W If ' Com. U. S. and M. Boundary Survey : Sir: I ha*;b tho h0D0r to ret ort the pro;rr6!5 of ttie work under my charge up to tho Lreseat time. An accurate survey of tho meauderings cf a portion of the Colorado river, and of the G,!a i?r a few miles above its mouth, hen be-n mado by a party under charge cf Mr. Schott, and tne maps tnereof are a.ready completed I he continuance cf the survey tf the former -r progressing under charge of Mr. ihe triargslation for determining the initial point on tho Colorado, twenty milfs below its junction with tho Gila, baa bnen carried on u.-der my cwn immediate direction. A ren erai topographical sketch of the country in ? his neighborhood is in process of completion ihe necessary astronomical observations for t me nni aumuth have beon made, *nd bar cmetrio and meteorological observations con Unued daily. The survey cf the Colorado progr*5=e? ?Jow. Iy in ccniequence of tbe thick growth of under bru*h upon its banks uauer K147"-!09 reived a commjuicaiion from Uo,n twreury of tbe Interim. nclon"*? Tm t d JiTf l? 7J?> d%,ed Lumber*; l?04, ard wi.l forward a copy of this to in I. u ,;iJ? l[ * onth?. fide of the boundary line. I my camp irom this piace io morfew to be more immediately in the vioici y of the point 10 which tbe work ba<* 'Togreised The pany^e'11 ***" * in readiceS3 10 o?om ij'rom the experience I have thus far had of the oountry already triarguIa?ed. I am of tk^r0? V measurement of the lko from the Colorado eastward will be a woik ol much nm. .Dd Lb.,. Mj own, Lu h!t '?l?r','1""n 1 c" procure, tend to bi.o? 11 r"'n(iy desert, destitute ot water for a great distanre, and any work upon it will iQtoivo considerable difficulty in the transpor tation cf wa*cr and supplies for those en gaged I regret exceedingly that I have not been authorised to employ a physician. A recent application from me to General Wool, o_>m mailing department cf Pacifio. for an a-mj surgeon to accompany the e.-cort has been un successful. Tbe following are tho checks drawn by me upon the Asiis ant Treasurer of tfee United states, New \ork, 6irce my last advice : 2 '? Kb: M?j N- W. Browne, $350 00 No. 2j Jan. 24ih, George F. Hooper, 261 36 rt-. . . Still 3d Tho quarterly papers np to December 31. I8a4, are complete. As each voucher required your special approval, I bold them till we meet tut may state the io.lowing as the con dition of our fundi up to that d-ite, via : Amount placed at my crcdit with tbe Assistant Treasurer of the United fctates at New York f",0,130 00 Expenditure* to 31st Dee , 1 *bi.. ^3 770 Ui $ti,3i? i7i Amount of balance in N. ? York not drafn up to that dA*c. 64 Cash on band December 31, 1854 5,164 6,359 57i Ibe above embraces all expens s of outfit,, but does not ir.clulethe woget of mon who are all yot to be paid from tbe original date of their respective employment. 1 am. sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant, N. MienLirc, Lieut Top. Engineers, U. S. A. The Buxored Approach cf a Gectral In dian War ?We find that at the Indian Bu reau In this city the accounts saying that the diiTareat tribe] and bands on the northwestern frontier are preparing to a^ssmbie shortly on the upper waters ef the Missouri, to tho num ber of some 10 0C0 waniors, to make a de-cei t on tho settlements and tho overland emigra tion of this spring and summer, find not the least credit. The bureau, it will be recollect ed, ia in constant correspondence with en agent who ia etationei in the zcldit of each tribe, whwo buiiaosi it wvali la to inform their chief bore if any such scheme were Id contemplation. Their opportunities of ascer taining the troth of the matter are oortainly far superior to those of anj other whites what ever , and as the bureau has received nothing f.-cm any of them confirmatory of the story, its head discredits it ?r? toto. The Four Few Bfgimentt ?The War De partment a*c just now inning a general order, explaining the relativo rank, <fcj, of the offi cers of the four new regiments. We find them placed officially in the order In which they stood on the original publication of their sev eral appointments, and therefore neod not republish the list. Tho following notes with which it is acoompanied, are likely to be of much interact to our military subscribers, and wo therefore publish them this afternoon, as follows : The two regiments of cavalry will be re garded as a distinotarm, and promotions there in be regulated accoriingly. Promotions in the ninth and tenth regiments of infantry, will be made as in other regiments of the in tantry arm. Oiiginal vaoaucies will be filled by selection. The assignment of the subalterns to com panies, is intended only as a temporary ar r&n.oment. Tha oolonels will make any coanges therein which tbey may deem condu cive to the interests of thair regimants. The hoadqu irters of tho first and second regiments oi cavilry will be csUblishei at Jefforsou Birracks, Mo., and Louisville, Ky , respectively; the neadquarters cf the ninth ialantry, at Fort Monro*, Va., and of the tenth regiment at Carlisle Barraoka, Pa Tho recruiting for the new Tegmenta will be con ducted under the superintaalenco of their Colonel.9, to whom all tho cfucor* appointed ?su, n^urain^ly, in;mediately report by let ter, giving their address, ?nd suggesting the places in their neighborhood wheie recruiting rendeavous could, probab.'y, be opened to the best advantage 'lhe lour additional regiments will be uni formed and equipped as follows : 'ihe first second regiments of cavalry, as tho present regiments of dragoons, cxccpt he trimmings cf tbe cap ana ooat, whioh wiil be yellow instead cf orango. ine ninth and tenth regiments of infantry (riflemen) as the other regiments ef infantry, with the excaption of tha knapsack straps and waist belr, which will be according to patterns in the Quartermaster's and Ordnance departments. 'iney will also be furnished with bugles instead of drum:-. Iho ooat for foot troops, and the trou?ers for all corps, will hereafter be cut according to patterns in the Quartermaster s department By order of the Secretary cf War : S. Coopkr, Adj. General. Note ?The pattorns reforrel to above are those of the uniform cf the Fiench chasseurs a-pied. Tho Canvaax in Virgiaia.-Whaicver may be the opinion elsewhere, the friends of Mr Wisa in Washington, and very generally throughout tho State, feci perfectly sure that he is destined to triumph in the approaching | contest. Tho character of the opposition to him?the mode in which the canva33 against him has been conduoted for the most part?has certainly served so to arouse the Democratic party of tho Old Dominion as we never before siw them eicited over a Stato election. They very naturally dread the possible iffeci of the element of secrecy, as being used sgaiast them, and are doing their ba;t to ba able to overcome any combinations that may be rnado againsuhem Mr. Wis3 himself frels thorough ly assured that hie majority will ba even great er than that of Lis party when they fou>ht undor tho banner cf the redoubtable Joe John son. Within the la3t month, a largo number of Democrats who were members of the Know Nothing order, have gone back to tbe'.r old I 1 "'*?>' <!???, ?l:i. Whigs, many of them prominent men of their party, have declared in his favor on account of their disinclination to various features in the creed and policy of the new organisation. On the whole, if tho anticipations of the Dem ocrctio public mon now in Washington are not grossly deceptive, the losses which tho op position will sustain in Virginia, on account of merging themselves in the new organisa tion, will lully equ;;l their gains from the Democratic party by co doic^* "Sccord Evidence."?The following is a summary of the opinion of the Commissioner of Pensions, approved by tha Secretary of the Interior, of tne meaning of the word.; "record j evidenctj, ' as they oceur in section 3 of the Bounty Land Law of March 3, 1655 : i*ef?r<12 of offi3iaI ?r public transactions made by officers appointed lor that purposo, J trans^ciions of such officers us are required by law to regi-ter tLeir own proceed iog?; transcripts from these registers properly authenticated; registers of military service ynttD ??cer "ho has charge of the mu.tcr roll or orderly bojk of the oompany, or i the pay roll of the regiment or corpa; tran scrjpu irom these rolli certified by a pub.ic odi^ witn whom they are legally deposited,! on,worn copies of rolls made by creditable! persons will be received as evidence of tary service under said act. Also, the records J3"' ,,koWiDg ^at certain individual* served as lhe qu^tu. for such towns in the Rev olutionary war; records of historical societies D!Dg ?TIdence of military service of in dividuals whose names are not found on the SrP47 10118 ?f ^ corP-^redi!od 4 As a general rule, any entry rasDeoting miluay service made by a porson in the duy and time of the transaction, whose duty re quired him to observe and register the fact ioe requisites ntccssary to make suoh entries duiiss??bie are?first, that the entry appear to! nave been made cotemporaneously wuh the act; and, sccond, that tha entry be made by a person whose duty required him to noto and register the transaction The proper applica. tion of this rale will enable a person to estab lish a claim by record evidence or evidence quasi, record " Iho above should be preserved by everyone at adistancu having business with the Pension Bureau. The U 8 Brig of War Bainb ridge-The .%-avy irirua&t have advices of tho sailing of this tea* from Norfolk, on the 2i instant, to tu(,u.e her station as one ef tho Braxil coast iquadron. The Current Operations of the Ireaeury DeparuBODt?On yesterday, tho 4th April hero were of Trewury Warrant, entered on the books of tho Department? I covering into the Treasuri ' from miscellaneous sources.... o OTft lor covering into the Treasury ' ? Irom customs 1 ? For the War Department * ??= 864 52 For the Navy Department J5 55? 00 Dot repaying for th, Interior rw ' partment ^ 9 n 13- lh. PLiladelf bl > L?dg?, of Sa,?d I -ho coal lua:Do?3 (hi. ?Kin3 c fine promise. LarSo ,ale3 hav. beo? mi(lB the retail dealer in tbi. oily, ,nil on ? that we are core warrant a material redaeticn in pricei. 1 Aj John Chester, an EnglUhman was' mending a belt with an awl, in the rifle fae-1 tory at Hartford, hi? hand slipped, and the awl pierced hi* heart. Ho died in about ten' niAQtev. PERSONAL. ....Grin and Mario it is stated gare sixty ?iz performances in this country, of which forty-three were in New York, seventeen in Boston, four in Philadelphia, one in Baltimore end one in Washington. The aggregate re ceipts were SI93 000 and a fraction, of whhh the expenses fell short rather more than $22. 000. From this last sum deduct four thousand dollars to cover expenses incurred pending the negotiation and previous to the closing of the contract, and there remains eighteen thousand dollars a3 the net profits of the enterprise. ... .The New York Eve Post says it is au thoriied to state that the rumen in circulation as to Mr Belmont's intended resignation of his post of Charge d'Affiirs at the Hague, are wholly unfounded. .... Prof. Alexandor Kennedy died recently at Alton, cf intemperance and exposure. He was for many years a teacher of Elocution, and formerly the sucoessor ofSheriden Knowles in that department in the Royal University of Dublin. ....Rev. C. L. Brace, Agent of the Chil dress' Aid Society of New York, has received f.ota a former pupil of his, lately deceased at New Haven, a legacy of $15,090, in trust for that society. ....A dispatch received from New York says that Mrs Daniel Webster, who was se verely injured on Friday, by a fall from her carriage, is now improving, and there is a fair prospeot of her recovery. Her wounds are principally about the head. ....Capt. Graham of Now York, is in Mo bile, endeavoring to to secure subscriptions for the establishment of a line of steamers be tween the two ports?employing the steam ships United State3, St. Lawienoe, and Ocean Bird. ....Madame the BaronessDs La Grange, the prima dona, will arrive in New York next week, in the Baltic,and oommence immediate, ly an engagement at Niblo's in Italian and German Opera, and at Concerts. . ...G. H. Wiesse of New Orleans, has been appointed by the Governor of Louisiana, as Commissioner to the great exhibition in Paris. ....The Black Swan gave her first eoncer', in Baltimore on Tuesday night There was according to the statement cf the papers of this morning, a very good attendance, inclu ding quite a number of ladies. ...? Tho types maie us eay, in our last is sue. that Lieut. Arthur Lewis; U. S. N , whose death was anuouaoed in the Union's Wash, ing'on news column yesterday morning, died in Virginia on the SOch of March ult it was on the 30th of November last, as we wrote the paragraph. #?r The Hon. Cuas. S. Eextos.?We pcroeive that this gifted gentleman, late the clerk of the Court of Appeals (supreme) of the State of New York, ha3 formed an editorial connection with the Milwaukee New.?, which cannot fail to prove of greai advantage to that journal, inasmuch as Mr. B. has long been one of the best informed, clear-headed and nervous politi cal writers in our country. We knew him well when in Congress, and though differing from him as widely as it was possible for men to differ on issues in which the slavery ques tion wa3 directly or indirectly involved, we farmed a high estimate indeed of his charac ter as a man and a statesman. He was em phatically a member cf fev words in tho Hall. Yet he did the thinking of at-least twenty or thirty of his fellow members. We sincerely wish bim prosperity on hi3 return to his old profession of a journalist. FUSTUEE FilOSL CALIFORNIA. The steamer Star of the West arrived at New York josterday evening with two hun dred pasrengers and $2^9,000 in treasure. She b:ings San Francisco dates to the 9:h u!t. Gen J. Estroda hai succoeded Chemcrro in (Ka rlifAntift" ftf nffaita, anil Is Commander in-Chief of tn^ arm/. The news from C-ilif>? nia is of little inter est. Busineis wa? excocdisg'y de^reiied acd monetary all airs stringent The house of M?n Well?, Fargo Jk Co. was going ahead as formerly, bm it was dcubt.ul when Mesrs. Page, Bacon A Co. would iesuxe?all the ether bank failures are bad ones. At fc'onora the depositors broke opan the vaults cf Mess s. Adam? & Co., through a committee, and pa:d themselves, leaving a balance behind of $d,COO. The Kem ltiver digging? havo boon attrac ting thousands of persons, and it is represent ed as the riches: yet discovered. Blske, who shot Alowry, the eontractor. at Sa n Francisco, who swindled bim out of $1, 3U0, has been tcund guilty of murder, but re commended to mercy. John Fabcr, who hilled Mansfield, of the San Joaquin Republic, has been pardoned. Nearly every article of merchandise has de clined. 1; was reported at San Francisco, thai AN vin Adams has been hild liable, as a general partner, for the debts of Me^rs Adam' & Co. The publishers ef the '-California States mar." have sued SaiatorGwin to recover $22, 000 damages for a breaoh of contract, Mr. Gw in bavirg failed to sustain the Statesman according to contract. Tho Statesman wes Mr. G win's Sacramento Organ. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georgetown, April 4,1855. Tin body of the unfortunate man, Patriok Malony, ooachman to Mr. Crampton, English minister, wh <se sudden disappearance was noticed soma weeks sinoe in the Star, was found yesterday in the Potomac, near Semnies' planing mill. It appeared from the eridenoe beforo the coroner's jury, that he was a man of very intemporate habits, the last time he was seen being at a grcg thop kept by a Mrs. Tonaif, on the evening cf the 11th of March. The jury wero unable to detormine whether he was thrown in or fell in. The bark Wm. Chase has been got oif from Hog Inland, with but little damage. The cargo sustained no damage. Rev. Dr. Maguire, presiuent of Georgetown College, will preach in Trinity (Catholic) churjh on Thursday night next. Business along our river and canal wharve3 looks ra^hf r more lively and encouraging. The flour mar kef remains firm and active at $9 37ib$9 50; sales yesterday of some 000 to 700 barrels P. N. T. No wheat arriving; a good nrtiolo of red would readi.y demand $2.29a$2 25, and white $2.25s$2 30. Sale this morning of 500 bushels corn at 91o., and of 600 bushels of oats at 53e. Spectator." Marvellous Cubes.?We have always been slow to believe the wonderful cures which one medicine after another pretends to have made?but slow as we are we will own up when we are fairly oonvineed. Those of our readers who aro acquainted with the oases of Mrs. Beach and Mr. Farwell, will not think us li 'htly turned, when we confess our bolief that Ay er'e Cathartic Pills have virtues for purifying the blood whioh excels anything within the range of our acquaintance hither to. For those who are npt cognizant of the facts, we will say: she had been sfilictedfor over eight years with scmftla which only grew worse, in spite of all tiie remedies she could emp'oy, until she took Ayer's Pills. Under their influence one after another of hor sores have healed, until she is apparently as free from the eomplaint as ourselves. He haa had liver oomplaint with pain in his side that disabled him from work for a long time; aU other medicines had failed to afford him any permanent relief, but a few doses of Oyer's Pills eared him, and he ia now steadily at his old post of oonduitor on the oars ? Mitl. dlttQton Daily Courier, ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Council Proceeding* ? Election cf Wood Miasuttr?Accident ? Funeral ? County Court, tire, Auuur&si*, April 4,1855. Oar City Councils met last light; awarded the public printing to Edgar Soowden at five eighths less than the ordinary advertising charges; directed the appointment of a clerk to the gaa house, at $600 per annum ; and de cided that when a merchant is transacting business under a license his stock In trade does not constitute taxable personal property. tn the joint meeting the two boards elected the old Board of Health, with a few exceptions postponed the election of treasurer, and pro coeded to ballot for measurer of wood and bark, the following gentlemen bsing nomin ated: Messrs. J. P. Taylor. J. W. Nails, R. T. Ramsay. J. 0. Moore, Thomas Taylor, J. Travis. W. C. Reynolds, G. W. Walker, Jacob Roxbury, J. 8. Lmmerson, and J. T. Audley Mr. W. C. Reynolds was eleoted on tbe eighth ballot, reoeiring 13 vote* oat of 20. Tbe elec tion of the remaining effhars was postponed, and the joint meeting dissolved. After the transsotion of other business, the Council ad. journed. About 10 o'eloek, smoke was discovered issuing from the *vicdows of Christ Church Tho alarm of fire was given and in a few min utes oar firemen were there. The doors were broken open, and the discovery made that the furnace pipes leaked, and thus filled the building with smoke. A man named Whallan had his finger shot off by aoeident yesterday on Princess street near Henry. The faneral of the late John S. Proctor took place yesterday afternoon. The Free masons and Odd Fellows turned out in large numbers to pay this sad tribute of respect. The County Court closed their April term ye?t?rday. They have been engaged prinel. | pally on the license question, la whioh they decided to grant no lioenies to Fishtown, and the trial of Crump, who was ssnt on to the I Circuit Court. Fi.h come up very slowly. Wheat is ex tremely scarce. 3:839 tons 16 cwt. of coal were received via the canal daring March 8,235 barrels of flour were infpscted the firs* quarter of 1855. Some few buildings are going up this spring Ami .LECTURE ? JOHN H HOUSTON. E-n _ will deliver a lecture at Columbia Hal:. Capitol Hill, on THURSDAY EVENING, the 5th in-iarit, at 8 o'clock. The public are respectfully invited to attend. Lecture Tree. ap 4 Bj-^r^THE MONUMENTAL CLUB HAVE the pleasure of announcing :o their frienrg and the citizen? oi Washington generally tint then fi'Bt AnuuiJ Bull wi.l be given at C.rusis Saloon on the 25t i day of April. Particular, in future advertisement. ap 4?6l* MONTGOMERY GUARDS.?YOU ARE hereby notified to attend iln regular meet in-of th? company on FRIDAY EVENING, the 6ih lactam, at the Hall of the Washington Lisht Infantry. Particular attention is necessary on this occarion. as business of the utmost unpor.ance will be trans acted. By c.rdir: VVM. O'SULLIVAN, See. ap 4?."U jj-^r^JACKSON BUILDING ASSOCIATION. Tnis Association has b?-eti fully or^aniz^d by the election of the following named Officers and Board of Directors: G. W1LLNER, President. CHARLES WALTER, Secietary. J. ANGE2M ANN, Treasurer. Directors.?J. Aigler, J. Walter, E. Loeffler, J. Kiliian, It. Schwarze, C. Bohn, F. behliget, H. VV. Berirmann, M. Lauxrannn. 1 he fir?t regula* m >n<hly meeting for the payment of dues w II be held on the first Tuesday (1st) ol May, at the German Hall, Eleventh street, between F and G. N. B. Only bankable funds can be acceptcd by the treasurer. Ry order: CHAS. WALTER, Secretary. No 55$ Seventh street, opposite the Centre kct. ap 4?It* NOTICE ?THE MEMBERS OF THE NA ti nal Guard are hereby notified t? attend the re^u ?r in ?ntlily meeting of tiie Company on L WEDNESDAY EVENING, the 4th instant. o'cl >cit, a-; business of will be submitted far condJcration. Byorder: T. E. LLOYD, Secretajy. ap 3 - 2i* i f, UNION GUARDS, ATTENTION.?THE A A members of the Corps a e rvqueHten to attei d VJTthe usual meeting on WEDNESDAY, 4ih in II it etant. Punctual attendance is necessary as eome busi ness of importance will be transacted. Byorder: THOS. BKIGGS, O. 8. ap3-2t ~SP RING FAS II IONS. SIRS. A. H P E ! R Has received and will open NEW MILLINER Yy THURSD \Y, Apt J 5. leii. MILLINERY ROOMS, NO. 330 D STREET, ap 4?3t MRS. L. ALIEN, ol li.Vj. 30 5 Pi. avenue, letuten Xin'h pi "I ^??1) r.nd Tenth streets, sont.i side, JySSlt j ifWwill op? n on Saturday. 7Ui instant, aTlw mo-t? xten^ive hud beautiful assortment of Spring , MILLINERY, con-isti?>t of Crape, Silk, Lace, | Spotted Crape and Grass Linen II ATS, including Straws of every description. Also, Misses' Dress 11 - * and Flat.-, lie. L. ALLEN, ap 4? CHEAP GOODS. JRICHEY CO., 40J Seventh afreet, will ? cctn-nence this day, and continue till 1, ffl the 1st ofMav, to sell at cost, a::d many arti clis below first cost, their entire stock ol Goods, consisting in pin of? Embroideries, Lncc?, Bonnets, Ribands Flowers, Indie-' beautiful .Morning Rcbee Millinery Go<?ls, tindery, Gloves Worsteds, Perfumery, Die?s Trimmings And a variety of Fancy Goods. All of which will be bald at great bargains for ca*h only. ap 4?3t REFRIGERATORS, WATER COOL ER*, ICE CRE\M FREEZERS, he. RECEIVED this dav a srpplv of Waterman'* Patent Ventilated REFRIGERATORS, univer-< sally ackn wledged to be the best Refrigerator ever | presented to thj public." Austin's Patent Magic Ice Cream Freezer, war ranted to j roduce a superior Cream in five in.nutes. Water Coolers, all s zea, together with a general aspi.rtrucnt of House Furnishing Goods, all of which will be sold at reduced prices. C. W. BOTELER. ap 4?o 6t Iron Hall. COW LOST.?Strayed on tlie 1'Jtb of March, j from the subscriber, residing on the/ Island, a WHITE COW, ab iut kit years \ old. The tops of her horns are sawed offll and a hole hi each car. Any one returning t?e cow or leaving information at this office ?o 1 can get her, | will be r warded if required. _ap 4?3t* JAS. GALLAGHER. TWO SECOND HAND PIANOS FOR SALE or rent upon reasonable term-, at the Wa'hin^ ton City 1> pot fur the rale of Hallet, Davis k Co., Bacon ik Raven, and othsr Piano*. JOHN F. ELLIS, ap 4 SCO Pa. avenue. w NEW SONG. IIY DID r LOVE FALSE FLORA, words . _ and music by W. B , of this city, and dedi cated to Inez A*li.->on, the fair Guitarist. This song has a nirwt charming melody. Just pub lished and lor sale by UILBUS k. HITZ. ap 4 THE FIRST GRAND ANNUAL"B ALL I or THE WILL BE GIVEM AT FORREST HALL, GEORGETOWN, On THURSDAY EV2H1NG, April 10,1855 1MIE M?*mbfrs of the Club pledge themselves that no pains or expense will be spared to nidke it one c f the nintt plea aut Calls of the Season. Scott's Cotillon Band has been eugoged fcr the ] occasicn. Refreshments will be served up by an experienced | caterer. No !Uts or Caps will be admitted in the room, ex cept those worn by the respective Clubs. Tick'ts ONE DOLLAR, admitting a Gentleman I and Ladiue, to be had of any of the mutnbers of tLt Club. Committee of Arrangement*. Uriah D. Harrison, J. E. Calhoun, W. A. Cunningham, T. B. Da\U, Uriah D. Hilton, Thomas Dowllag. Manager* J, B. H lton, T. B. Waugh, John Carr, A. H. King, A. B. King, Otb kl Fieth. Gabriel Eitch.Unah D, Uarrieon, THos. Dowling. ] Amusement*. PKOPLK'I THB1TRB, LATE VARIETIES. LW?f0| Mr* Kei^a??????Miniffr, Wr. Wkatca Re-engagement ?f >fiss FANNY MORA NT Mr. J. H. ALLEN. *"? THIS EVENING will be predated inoomai. Parhema, Miu M >rant; Insromar, Mr Alio; My. ran, Mr. Weaver. To conclud* witii th?- l*ur,h?b'r iaree of FORTV WINKS; or, Tee Know Notbw?. Tobias Horolliwer, Mr. Weaver; Mia Pattella Min Tyson. Prieca of admission:?Orchestra Chain SO ets.; P?. qu> it'- 37^ cents ; Regular 1ick?t i6 cent* ; Pri vate Boxes $3 and $6. Oallarr lor colored persons Mcgfc t? STANLEY'S WESTERN WILDS, OR GRAND NATIONAL PANORAMA OF THE INDIAN AND 11IS COUNTRY* Will open for exhibition WKOI1IDAY, APRIL 4th, lift, AFTERNOON ANI) EVENING, AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL, Afternoon exhibition Wednesday, for ladies apd children, to commence at o'.lock ; Evening at 7% o'clock. Admiwou ii cents?children half price. mtr 31 A LL STRARORKI /5L ?W*tag City Should see Hunter*? Cat also. Din Inscription of Powell's (treat Picture alorue of the curiosities of the Patei.t office. feb S3 ?An* Notice?during my temporary ab sence from Washineton, Mr. James Eriura is authorized to attend t? my affairs, and all persons having business with me ar. requested to call ob him at No. SYS Nineteenth street writ, ap 3-5t* C. GRATIOT. 1 O DOZEN CA9TAGNET, IVORY fc ROSE 1 ?t wood Bones juat received at the Mumc Ikepot 6f HI LB US fc HirZ ap 3 ? FOR SALE ?a Pair of HAY MAEES, 7 >e?re 0 d nexi tfiring, w< ll-br< d,w urd styli?h, gentle, spirited and capital pifri. Th> y ate well broken and perfectly free f ro.u trick*, ami ?*ill ptrticularly Miit any gentleman who it lond ??f driving. The owner parta with them only be< au*e hi* purpose ia t?> retrench hi* expcr.uea. They caw b? seen at Southron's (Ivte Birch's) Stabls, rn 14th a tree t, *? uth of Pa. aver.ue. For terms, or an op portunity to try them, enquire at the counter of the Star office. They Will be ail gain. ap 3?!f 8'4 50 KKWARB. STOP THIEF-The subscriber'-. Locker tn thw Centre Market was broken open between Sat urday, the 3lst ultimo and Tuesdav, the 3J instant, *nd there wji stolen therefrom one pair of tklwr'a Spring Balances, weigiutig luO ib* Butchers others using or deaim? in micIi ?c.ilw will plea stop them should thev b< offered for ?ale. WM. WILSON, Batcher, ap 3?3t Centre MarkeL "STONE! STONE!! ST0NeT7|! BUILDERS, Contractor*, and other* are hereby notified that Curb. PIag. Coping and Building STONES. Also, STONE-STEPS, SILLS, fcc.t will he furnished a* usual from those we I knuvi quarries owned by W. D. C. Murd'>ck, 2nd wt.iked until recently by the late Timothy O'Ntale and hia brother. For prices and terms apply to the sub scriber at No. 67 K street, W ashingmn VVM. COLLINS, op 3?lw* Agent tor tlie Proprietor. LIME," PLASTER, (^EMHNT, 11 MR, fcc.?Just opened two large j ki'ns of splendid woid burnt Lime.?A. k L P HOOVER have this day entered into co-partner ship ; and, laving male several additions to their fine kilns, arc t:ow manufacturing from 800 to 1.000 birrels of the best wood burnt Li lie per week, which will be sold at the lowest market preen. Al??, constantly on hand a large quantity of tbo finest PLASTER, CEMENT and HAIR to be found in tiwa city. All those who are in w ant of these articles wtH certainly find it to their ai.vaatace to gite them a call. A. h. L P. HOOVER. Potomac L ine Kilns, 27ih street, one square south lower bridge, near Guot*n. ap 3?d3w f|'IIE RICH KINSM \Nj ??r, the Histcry ot Ruth, J tlie Moabite s, by Rev. S;ephen H. Tyag, D D Travela in Europe and the East; a year in Eng land, Germany, Daly, Palestine, fcc. by 8. Igneous Prime, 2 vols, 12uio, fifty illustrations, price two dollars. Coleman's Historical Text Book and Atlas of Bi^ lical Geography, new edition, octavo, $1 M For sale at tlie II ok store of GRAY It BALLANTYNE, ap 2?3t 49 8 Seventh street. FINE WATCHES. HAVING made a considerable addition to my stock of GOLD HI it;NO PsTE*T LEVEBS, and 1.4DIBS' WATCHES Of first quality, heavy 18 carat j cases. Also, SILVER WATCHES for boys. 1 off.*r them at greatly riduced priree. Th? movi ments are selected with great care, and every Watch is warranted. Persons tn want of a fine timekeeper arc invited to examine my assortment. II BEMKEN, No. 330 Ta. avenue, betw. 9th and 10th vts. mar 39 ? ?? ROKLL A BOY D. BLIND MAKERS & UPHOLSTEKEPS, WOULD re-pectfully infmrn their friends and the public generally that lhcy|p*?j^*5^^j are prepared to att'-nd to all orders inff -^ i the.r line of businet-a. u All kinds of UPHOLSTERING W neatly execut<d; such as?Cutting and J Makine Carpets, Fitting down and Oil Cloth, Making and fittii't up j Bed and Window Curtains. Hair. Shuck and other Matiressea, Pew at.d other 1 Cushions, Spnng Beds, Louiuea. Ets>, i^-id eick C airs. We have in atore- YYinuow Shades and Trimmings, Cords and Ta?sels, Split Blinds, Wide Paper for Curtains. VEN1TI AN BLINDS made in any atyle, and old ditto repaired to look as well as new. All kinds of old Work repa;r??d, and all or ders thankfully received and promptly attended to for cash, or a perfect understanding before hand. If you w*ut the wouli of your uioncy iu?t give us a call, at No 201 Pa. avenue, south side, betw. 9th and 10th streets mar 30?tt \Bl>; UlhLl JNKRY ?Mias MORJ.CY haajuatl receivf^d and will 0|ku, oa Tuekday.l ? Apr:13J, a ha>idsome assortment of SPRING MILLINLB Y, at her tture, Ko. 300 Pa. avenne. ap 2- 3t* MAO MIDDXjKTOBI,another > ieiung'work from the pen of that wonderful delineator of human passions, G. VV. M. Reynold*, author of the Mysteries of the Court of Lon.ton; it is equnl to hu hitherto best eff <rt*, and will be largoy eo<ight aft r Cattle Builders, by the author of H -aruease a>.d the Heir of Redc'.iti'e; it is a cnpip.i story aad ful>y sustaius the high leputation of he author Blackwood's Magaxtne for March. Everything iu the Stationery line All the new books published tectived imme'iaw* ly afterwards and for sale at SHILLING TON'S Loot .-tore, CM eon Building, corner 4^ *1. aud Pa. ava. mar 31? PKCTACLK8, " EYE GLASSES, kc , Gold, Silver, and fine Steel SiK.cuu.tea, Eye Glaa* ?eg. kc CC?" Particular attention paiJ to the selection of Glasses adapted to lite c}es of w i arers. M W GALT BR1., Jewelers, 32 A Pennsylvania avenus. mar 28?tf ANOR.AMA FOK S\LE-ONE UNDIVIDED third interest in ''Stanley's Western Wilds," can be purbhased on accommodating terms. Address '?M," Star office. mar lw* HAIR WORK. ORNAMENTS of H?lr, such as BraeelcU, Ckat elains, Ci.ains, Breastpins, Earrings, Finger Kin?*, made to order, of any desired design. All orders faithfully attem'eJ to. Specimens may be seen at mv store. H. PEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. av., between 9ih and 10th sta. Mar 30 M SPRING MILLIN&Y. m MRS. M. A. HILLS respectfullyi [announces to the ladies of Wasluug I ton and vicinity that she kas ju*t re-1 turned from New York with a large and varied assortment of Spring Millinery, oompru1; inginpart, Straws in every variety, from 37J(e. to $15 Misses and Boys' Hats, from 37J<e to $5 New styles Lawn Bonnets, Ribbons, Floaers, Feathers," Dress Trimtnitif-. Caps', Head Disssr. he. 905 P? nn. aiswg. South side, between 9M and JOui ?w. ap 2?lw TO FAMILIES. SEWING for familTes, roch as Wristbands, fcc., executed with the St wtng iD chine (Wheeler * Wil.oH's^whch was ^oa^i-xlubt tion at the lafe Mechantcs^Palr, by Mrs^M- . . RICHARDSON, No. Si# M *rv?t, t^twsen 13th and 14th streets . u ? v_ Orders describing iihe macncr the work Is tow done may be left at the Kitkwood Ilwwe, wd " soon as execatod will be delivered to any part o. Uie city. Prices reasonable ???.nncnv ap 8- 3t* MRS. WM. A* RTf HAROSO*, ,

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