Newspaper of Evening Star, April 4, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 4, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. couhaoe. rr iaRBT cormvai.t.. Cnangrf Nothing caa withstand % Long a wroupU, undaunted land! If the heart* within her Tn??- wo ttiem* Ives and ttioc, *n.ou freed giant, Liberty! < >h ! no mountain-uymph art thoa, When the hHm i? on thy brow, An<l the (.word ii in thy hand, Fighting Tor thy owu good land ! Courage !?Nothing e.'er withstood Fieemee fighting f??r thrir g?>id ; Armed wi'h all their father'* faTie, They will wn and wear a nam T!~at shall go to cniles.* glory, i.ikf th?* tod?" of old Gre? k story, Raised to heaven and h??avrniy worth, For tiie good tbry gave to earitu Courage !?There is none so poor, None of all who wrong endnre, Non?* so humble, none so wea.-, But may flu?h his father's cheek; And hi* maiden's, d? nr and true, With the deeds tiiat he may do. He bis davs ru dirS as night, | 1I?' mat mak>* h.mself a light. I What! though eunken be the ran. There are Mars when day is done ! ] Courage!- Who will be a slave, That has strergth to dig a grave, And therein his fet ers hide, And lay a tyrant by his side? Courage !?Hope, howe*? r he fly For a time, can never di>-! Courage, therefore, brother m-"n ! Cry '? Godand to the fight again! (??? Capt. Abijah Webster, an old and respectable citizen of Ilarwinton, Conn., vr*s on his return home from Hartford when he got into the wrong railroad train at Fiainville, was left at Farming ton, and remained a day or two in a be wildered condition in the station house there, when he died, it is thought for want of such attention as the good Sa inaritan was wont to bestow upon stran gers. Two physicians saw Capt. Web ster. One said he was either stupefied by some drug or intoxicated; the other called it a case of apoplexy. But the de ceased was a temperance man.?Boston Post. Q^Jollybones says that his wife is the best travelling trunk ever possessed by poor mortal man. She ia not only al ways packed and ready for a go, but she frequently goes on her own hook?visi ting the neighbors, gossiping, and doing various ether feminine amusements, thus saving much time which otherwise would be required to leturn compliments, &c., and never needs looking after, acd never gets jammed by baggage smashers. She never costs any thing tor porterage, nev er needs repairing, and lastly, not only has*a shirt outton in her possession, but lingers and thread to sew it nn. Q^T* Bishop Potter has preachcd but three times in the city of New York since his consccration. and not at all in any of the large churches. lie has taken an active interest in feeble churches and mis sionary enterprises To these he preaches, and as the people are desirous to see and hear the new head of the Episcopal church, crowds flock to hear him. The bishop is highly commended for his judi cious course. Xy* A correspondent of the Journal ol Commerce, dating from Beyrout, Syria, February 11, 1S55, states that at Sidon thirty miles south of Bey rout, whilt digging for buried treasures in an ole graveyard, three copper pots, cach con tainin* eight hundred pieces of gold., me' the delighted, but not surprised, eyes o the adventurous diggers. Each piece waj of the vaiue of five dollars, and all bor the name and head of Philip or Alexan der, (400 to35y? U.)_ New York produced, in the yea: 1350, 10,357,4^4 pounds of maple sugar Vermont productd 6,340,357 pounds and Ohio 4>58fe 100 pounds. Almost al this large quantity is manufactured b; the rudest and moLt wasteful processes The value of the yearly crop of ma pi sugar in New York is nearly ?1,000,00(1 Sailing on* Rinxeks.?A ?Ieigh,rigge< r.p with sails, made the run irom lilei Haven to Skaneateles, N. Y., cn the ice in less than an hour, with a party of fivi persons. The distance, we believe, i about sixteen miles. OCT" The celebrated artist who crowec so naturally that the sun rcse three hour before its time, has recently finished : picture with such wonderful fidelity t nature that it can't be seen in the d*y time. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS A'tmr For Devt. fcnpre City New York.-..Havana.... A pi. Atlai.uc Jicw Vork Liverpool..Apl.' Lnioa Hear York Havre Aai. Ama........ Bor-lon Liverpool.. A;?! 1 Bilt?e..? Liverpool New York Mi' ? Washington r.rero?-n New York..Mar -Z America Liverp ml.... Boston .. Mar. 3 OC^-The California ? rrrt kue \'ca York 01 tLe 5th and U'jtb of eaeh ir.onih. AKXIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS Wlllardi' Ilotsi?h. a k j. c. wiiuu. E S Mitchell, Choctaw S dtodJarJ, U5N Nauon W D diaitli, do E S Stephenson. NY J II L-veii,!?r. NY A O Butler. d*? II V Want, >1J n VYoourud*. \VI J A Gove, Nil Itiaj!. Delaheld, U 3 En J T Crowe J, NJ gingers C II lltap, Fa Lt E F Leaie, Cat Browns' ISotel?t f * x. dhow*. JI J Kimball 4 lady, Ct T S Mitchell H iad/, NY J H*:i k son. Mi J B Mitchell Si daughter, J Rrec*, ir, da Pa J WUmo, do J p II McCoy, KY J nu.*-rs, England It G K riki.i, da J II ffcar. Ark I?- V >ung3 Va Hon J M Ma-rf>n (J W Younr, do L W Wvtr, Ky Katloncl Hotel?>. n. wtuiu T Grim-ley, Mo Mrs Taylor k maid, Pa J J t' nulin. NY 8 Smart, Vs J C Greenway an-J lady, ti t: Morris, P.i Va Mis? Morri-t, do Mra A E Campbell, do J Mastil, DC Mr? Stewart, ?!o J I) Horn, NC t* M like, N V V* II .bbH. jr, Ma-s II ScudJir and family, Lt T ?Vruht. DSN M.i.'-i N LI art nan, N Y Jif B Divia, Md III* ta wood IIobk?j. n. & A. KIRKWOOD. R"i Broad<?u?, Ky A lt Dennis &. lady, Mass J Faxqnh:mon, NY G L Dfwey k son, do Dr ii 8kiaa?r, do J Kean, O C*{.t A D l'tck and lady, R H Mvers, Pa DC VV S Col.ins & ladv, Va ?W VI r?rd. Pa J S Turner and >i?ler, do J A TlHewo,, T N A.-hly &, do J M Hanson, Va lalttd States Hotel?r.. c. mciMir. N Chapman, Mi \ J || MJ W Frier, o j h Siui h, La 3Ji>* L M Drake, Ma^a A A Taylor, Va Grn G It Rdit, Va I. Cory? If. f D Bry irly, do J Caton, NY W Blackl >ve, do Jfaaalon House* Alexandria, Va. a. nxw iox, raoraia i ob. lion 8 CIhIumi, DC J R Tumble, Md EB Hall, NY J L llouf, Ya Ci Sextoo, ir, do M<-s J Fh klin, do M Snt-ad, Va Miss L Fickhn, do J VV B -ar, do M Slaughter do N Pealc, do T R Fowl?*, do J Martz, do E C Marsha I, jr, do Dr R S Loma), do C B Fi-k, do (i Weaver, tie J S Barbour, jr, da C Ben C Lickiit* r, ?io J Shotttfrj, Va S Cain, do V J Sou hep r, NY C J lVCAUCff Kjf ELDORADO HOUSE, Pj. arcixu:, bet<r*m Thiid aii-f 1'j street^ ?'A.8Hl*UTO*, v. c. GLEflVNTRKYSOLD3, (I.aie <?f Wiliards' llotol,) RESPECTFI'LLVrcinrns thanks to his friends ami the public for iheir exceedingly liberal pa tronage sine* the opening of bis house, and he begs lo assure them that tbey will always be equity pleaded in Art ore Since his op?nine bis large patronage bas induced him to fit lip two large moms, in a handsome style where he is enabled to furnish DINNE1 AND SUPPER PARTIES, for from two to fifty peisons, in an urtaurptssed style as to quality, ns well as exccllence. mar 'JO?^olm THE KUTTJAL FIRE IiSURAUCE COMPA-* HT OF THK i ISTRICT OF COLOMBIA, CHARTERED by Congres?, offers to the property owners of the District safer and eheaper means of insurance than any other Company. ULYSSES WARD, President. CIIA^. WILSON, Secretary. M ATHEW G. EMERY, Treasurer, atmaiu. Ulysses Ward Jobn Van Ri?wick Thcnia* C agden P. W. Brwning P. Howard, Matliew G. Emery. J. C. McKelden. Office, CHujnl'ia Place, comcr Louisiana avenue an I 7th street. Offire hours from 3 to 6 o'clock p. tn. feb 26?eotf LAW PARTNERSHIP. SITPRE.M E COURT OF T HE UN I TEH STATES. ROBERT J. WALKER and LOUIS JANIJi have formed a copartnership under the name oi "Walker and Janin,"t'or the argument of cases in tlie Supreme Court of the United States, at Wafii ington chy, wheie both will attend throughout the future serums of that court. They may be addressed at Washington, N. York, or New Orleans. jan 19?/oSm* ORGANS FOR SALE. A SUPERIOR toned CHAPEL ORGAN; and a line Rosewood PARE* ?R ORGAN, tnrth now on exhibited! at lite Metrop ?l?ian Mechanics' Fair. They are from the manufactory of I1ENRY ERBEN of New York. _ ... For terms, &c., apply to Prof. SCHEEL, on 14tb stre? t, north ???" F. HENRY ERBEN. teb 36- ?Kf _ | RIO fl SLACK SILKS o! every wvith and quality, fro n 73 ccnts up, very ch-ap I laid an<l plain SiU?, Pmk, white aad lii'k watered Silks f<sr Mantillas White, psnk, Mue and mode col'd Siia-leys White, pink, bin-, grt n, corn and mode cslorrd French Mousselincs 15 picecs plain Bercge, in every shade at 25 cents, very chcap goods White, piiik, blue, cret n, brown, and mode colored Beret *s, in fine quality 100 pieces Lawns and Ja-krtuets in every quality Also, a well aborted stock of Domestic Grinds All of which will be soM at verv low prices. Customers will do well to give us a vail. WM. R RILEY, Comer 8th and opp. Centre Market, mar 31?1m TjUlLDIXG ASSOCIATIONS. Va'ual Benefit Buiidtng and Loan Associations, their history, principles, and plan of operation ; to gether with a statement of th? benefits attending them, and uf the distinction between American and Eogliih Societies, lie., 1 vol K'mo, price 50 cents. GRAY BALLANTYNE, mar 31?3: 49 9 Seventh street. CUPPING AND LEECHING. JCLIU* t JIJI^KRS 1X7 OULD respectfully intbrtn the public that he V\ is prepares to attend to the l>u>iness f l Cup pin? and Leechina at his Barber Shop, south aide of Pennsylvania avenue, between 13th and 13^ sis. Cails promptly attended to in all parts of the city, an 1 at v. ry n a^onable charges. mar 31?liu* BAR2INO BOUSE OF FAIEO * BOUESZ Opp>,itfe United Slat?* Treasury. I>ONDS, Stocks and other tecuriues purchased > and Interest at the rate of six per cent p* r annum al lowed on deposits when lei; tor ?0 days or louder, jan 24?6in [No 532.] Notice of the establishment of the. o?irc of Surveyor G'neraf of public land? for tit". Territory of Utah. IN virtue of the authority contained in the net np proved February 21, i*56, entitled "Ah act to establuh ih? office of surveyor peneral of Utah, and to grant laud for school and university purposes, the President of the Cnitcd Sta'e.-s has direetrd that the offie<* ot" snrv* yor *enera! of said Territory be located at Great Sa t Lake City until otherwise or fl deted. ' Given under my hand, at the City of Washington * I tlii? twenty fourth day of March, aim" Domini 1855. JOHN WILSON. Commissioner of G^netai Land Office, nnr 29?2awGw FINE GROUND PLASTER. CJ. UIKK &, CO. have always on hand, at . their Mill, a fu!i supply Of FINE GROUND PLASTER, which they *?rc piepa-ed to fur;.i?h to fanners al lo*r ca?h prie s. We have al-n made arrancfni?nti to deliver it al the Steamboat Wharf at<ron. Alexandria. Va , March 30? eo6t* D S . n 0 fi S 2 ' ? INVIGORATING CORDIAL .4 PHENOMENON IN MEDICINE. Health a:id lif2 L^NQTURNKD. by Ml. ?C-Rr2-S INYIGORATHTd ELiXT B OR COiiL.'AL.?az Sr^t ths proper ;ie3 attriba,?"i t?> Prof. MOBEWi INVIGORATING BL1 Xlf, OR CORDIAL wsr# d jsmsd iVoclc uj. Th? i>ob:io oflan d.Mlrad, mtlS net b#ic<x tbs sirapjr uni snV.ima truth? aracucc^i bv th? uImovrr?r^~ Uat !?zti, urisaiacls f*cts ittr?.i.?.i by tea o> the iiijlLeat class a^l chsrert^r, new tnomoh q| ov?? *..i deubti. I!<CRiU)ULlTY 18 OVEK IGHOWN bj a i&au of tc*Uii.ony whiah U parf?cth Irrsphitafcle. Th# rictiitc, la til etae?,thc dcplorafclr ?Tils ariidiif i-r zi or a1>a3c cf the varkut crjana wh! :h isaxe up tLavonJr/fcl aachite caii?c jua. Itreztort-itoiij'lvijjor every deJJcato fano '.<*n eoflpti-t'-l -i;u that invslencus c^apocud igesoy of ajatter ?cd miiil, C60bd?ary Vj the re-pry A-M^ier, ej huy. sn lift. To persons cf fe?l<l8 taasco Ifcrfrsms, ord<*S:ient in vital puwsr, it id rsccra higher mental attributes. Its h?n??eial effects are net con Soad to either or to sn/ aja. Ths feeble glr! tha aiii-* wifj, tbe fct!w, era*;?ted youth. th? uv?rw- ix suacl bu the victim of neivous &*? prewio.n, the Individual EuCeriEj from geuerai de bliiiy, cr from ti e of a cingls er^an, will all tind imn;ai*.te end p#rman?nt relief troia th: d?e cf this i3TOZ3parable renovator. To thos? who have a p'adlfpodtloa to paraly;i3 It will prove a complete and 'ictalUiig feguard ajaiuM tLat i.?rri bl^ usalady. Th*re nrc raany, jnxh.po, wl?c so triced ai'.h their coBctitatk-ys, that tLty thiak th*iaaelv?e beyond the rea'hef nir-diciue. "Lei Lot aven th?:edespair. The E'.idrdeals with di^tK a it exists, without r??erenr.b cau?^s, au4 will &ot .tiy reisrre th? disorder itcelf, b'ot RLltUILD Till) BiiiJiRII CONSTITUTION. The ier^ngszoeut:} of the sytiUm, leading ia ner vous jiseoeer, and the forms of nervrus disease It Mil, ar? soeumerouc! thatit would requiresocluuui to enumer^l ? ti^ aaladies for which this prepara* rt'.ion is aspMr.fe. A few, however, may beenuin* rstod, vix: uauralgla, tio dokreaaz. r.ta'ache, l.iclp hnt paralysis, hy^teri.i. palpitation of the r.eait, spi na- affuctioai, mu*oulti <i?*bilii?, ttemvrs, fiataienre, a pne <viu^ seiMation in the fleen, numhoecs, torpid ity of th liter, meutal d?preasion, weakness of the will, icliepv-itkn t * n ^ve, faintness after exercise, brt ten &le?p ai i tsrntrir.7 drisss, iuability lo re main in on* pl?oe - i jk./Uoo, weakness of tli- pro* rraatiTe orjans, aezaal uxeoo?p#tency, melaneholv, monomania.Cuor albut, - nkin^at the stomach, n? male irrtgularitias, a d.roni: tend-mey to mlnoar riaxe, emaciation, acd all ooxaplaints growing out ol ? fr** lodol^enco of the pawtona, and all barrennee* that doe? c-t pro.'fd trooi organic causes beyond ta? r?aeh ?f nediciua. Whsnsvtr the orgacs to be aeted upon are fi-ae from malformation or r^M:turai eases It is avsrrad that HORSE'S UtYiaORAHNa ELIXIR will replace *ailtne?s with strength. Incnpadty with ettdancy, irregularity with uniform and natural ac tivity. this not snly aKhout h^xvd of res^-tion, but with a happy effect on the general organixation. 49"Bear in mind fir t ail maladies, wherever thej begin, r-nuA with th? nervous system, and that thr par&iisation uf the ntrve* or motion and xeniation b Bl-ai daath. llaar.artni abo, that for everj of nervous dideaee the ttlixar Oerlial la th? only raUatola praparaUnn tar * a. CAUTION. Ds. Moira'a IvnooaAfmo OotoKL Lai bees oomz twf'ltad by aoas ocpr'ndpled persons. In future, all the gsuuine Ccraial will have the croprlHor*! fte rtmiie p-^ated over the ocrk of eacl bottle, and tna frllocln; vr-<ris blowo In the g'.ass Dr?t Moraa'a larlsoratlag Cordial, C. U. AlftU. Proprietor, I.I 4V The Ootdiai U pat up highly eaar-sstratad, ia yiat bottles. Frtae,?$1 par Settle; two Jbr $5; six for 0. &. RING, Propristor, 1?3 Briadway, New XoA. Ball by Druggist? throu?hcut tha United gtataa, Oanadaa, and West Iailar. A'iEKTP, Wachir <ton~2. D OILVJL*. Baitiou ie?8. 8. ilA ,XJL *l<:hu.i.nd?BRN:i^i.T A BJSlJk ?M ?0?90'J PROSPERl'S CORNET BAND NO. 1 MR. FREDERICK PROSPEEl begs leave to in loiiu his liieoda and f urner patrons that this band has been fully re organized and is now under hi* direction, and ho is tally prt pared a band of the most Scientific Musicians in the city, to fur nisli music for Ball?, Parties, Parades, Pic Nics, Ex cursions, flic., at the shortest notice possible, by ap plying to FREDERICK. PROSPER!, Leader,CHAd. PROSPERI, Conductor; HILBUS k IHTZ'8 Mu sic D^pot, or at PETER TALTAVUL'8, opposite the Gajrriaon^ Garrison street, Navy Yard. A RARE CHANCE FOR A MAGNIFICENT PI AXO.?We hive on exhibition at the Fair at the Smithsonian Institute, four superb PIANOS, which were made expressly for tli s fair and may be relied upon a? superior instnun<?nts. We will dia pose of them upon very reasonable terms, give any reasonable time on thein, divide the payments into small notes, in fact, make any reasonable arrange ments to suit purchasers. We have also on hand in store the largest and most reliable as-ortment of Pianos ever offered in this city, froui the renowned manufactories of llal let, Davis, & Co., Boston,and Bacon h. Riven, New York. Old Pianos taken in exchange. New Ma9ic and an assortment of every article pertaining to the miuic trade. JOHN F- ELLIS, 306 Penua. avenue, near Tenth street. mar 13?if FANCY MILLINERY. f^^MlSS AMELIA PRIBRAM and ? tafl^r havcopened a FANCY MILLIN-KjH ERY SToRE on Pennsylvania ave *^*nue, between Tenth and Eleventh streets, south siJe, No 27 7, and would respectful ly call thp attontion'of the ladies of Washington and vicinity to their handsome and varied assortment of import'-d and manufactured Millinery, latest styles; New Yo-k, Paris, an I London fashions ol Straw, Silk, Crape, La.-e, Velvet and other Bonnets. Also, dress and other Caps. All orders in th<; Millinery line thankfully received , and faithfully attended to. ' mar 9?1m* PALMER S PATENT LEG. TI1IS AMERICAN INVENTION stands unrivalled both in this country and in Europe. It is worn by 1,000 persons, and with most astonishing success. In competition with 30 other substiiutes of the best 1-rench, English, and German manufacture, it received the award of the 0?r.iT MXBit, at the World's Exhibi tion iji Losnon as the best artificial limb known. In this country it has been tinrty times exhibited, in competition with all others, at the annual Fairs in the principal cities, and has, in every instance, received the award of the liizhest or first pi em nun. And as a crowning honor, by the unanimous approval of an interna tional enuncil, the "First Premium"?. only Silccr Medal Liven for Limbs?was aw ard"ed the inventor3 at the New York Crystal Palace. Pamphlets giving full information, sent gratis to every applicant. B. FRANK PALMER, 375 Chesnut street, Philadelphia ? feb 23?3m "V^OTICSC?I received this day a new sasort 1> ment of SLEEVE BUTTONS and STUDS,? f the latest styles. Also, a variety of other new Goods : as Vest Chains, Chatelams, Bracelets, Pius, Earrings, Rings, etc. Great inducements offered io purcb.iFers. II. SEMKK.N, No. 310 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th st". G&- New l'Jnts put to Gold IVns at short no ice. Diamonds remounted, and Jewelry made to order, mar 29?tf L0CD0N WALTZ. COMPOSED and dedicated to the -ounf ladies ofLeesburg, Va., 1 y Prof. J A. Young. Avery pleading composition, published at ilie Music Depot o? HILBUS fli H1TZ. mar 13?tf BEAUTIFUL SPRING G0CD$. wE have now in store a very I it* and splendid I T sto;k cf NEW GOODS, and having been bought at the Inr^e auction sales in New York We invite the special attention of purchaser* to call and examine for themselves befor'; making their selec tions. We name a few leading art clea. | -2o pieces very rich black Silk, from 75 cents to A2 - ! ?*> per yard 109 do rich p'ain, stripe and pi tM Spring Silte, very eh-ap A largi- assortment of Spring Mowsselii:^, Chally Laine<, Giughan s, La.vns, Beregps, plain and pointed 25 of the cheap^'t plain Crape Shawls ever offered in this market With an endless variety of new style Spring Shawls ard Scarfs at greatly reduced prices | Tabic Diapers, Nankins, Towelling, Irish Linens, Linen and Coiton Sheetings, superior Sinrt ^ ing Cottons in great abuiicance Wliich will bes >ld low for cash or to our prompt customers. ' C37- We mnst insist upon the payment of all bills winch have been rendered. COLLF.V & SEARS, No. 533 Seventh tit. 3 doors above Pa. av. mar 29?eu2w ELEGANT VELVET CARPETINGS TO LC SOI, I) AT COST. C^LAGETT, DODSON &. CO. respectfully call J the attention of persons intending to fumi-h their drawing-rooms,saloons, parlors or other rooms to this announcement They have determined fur a time t > sell >ff their stock of superior and beauti ful Royal Velvet Curveting at prime cost for the Cd.vA. As these goods were purchased by us at a ruinous sacrifice to the cnsimiees and imp .liters, prices which are believed to b.; less than the con of man ufactures, housekeepers now have an opportunity ?u Mipplying themselves, ?i ]> ihe n:o tefey .nt Car pets at a price leas than the common Bru^eis are selling at. The same kind of c >ods we advertise arc now selling at the public sales of s *cond Iiand furniture, after having been ud two and three years, for more than we now retail theni for. i his is an opportunity seldom to be met with, and should not be lost. Remember the terms; Cash on delivery or ap proved paper, at short date, with interest, mar 30-eo3t _CLAGE I T, DOD -ON & CO. GOOD INVESTMENT. I IIAY E the following an! other securities which can be purcha-cd to pay troin 8 to 15 per cent, upon the investment, viz : Iowa Scott Comity Bond 10 per cent interest, pay able in New York Sacramento do do do do fir do do do do Illinois Central RR. do do d* do di5ideiid4faplliC e'?Ck' pay,ng 13 cent* The highest market rates will be paid for 20,COO acres \ a Scrip and Land Warrants. HAMILTON G FA NT, ,Bi) _ Banker, 4358 Penn. avenne. np 3-eo5t (Union? In ) CLOTU SCOUUKR AND WASHER. 1VT I HKILI.IJiO will clean, in the uV.^in.n ^ maHner> Merino llresses, Shawls, and I n . Ir,,lt,llS. ?f * Very <,e'!C,>l?t??>? lor ladies and gentlemen, and would also take in washing. b,'ireC? Xos 373 nd Third street I east, between Maryland avenue and C st., Capitol mar 31 ecCt*# l)AUASOLS. ~ i-'r*?*Llery r,ch chpaP P-'Mols, all colors S raw.Bonnets a-d Misses'Fluts, great vaiiety I Rich Bonnets and Ribbands l-'Odoxen Linen cambric Handkerchiefs iq fancy bargain 1 l,er doun; we tliink a good Embnndered^ndyClear Lawn Handkerchiefs in I 500 yards Swiss Edging, 12c., worth 25c. I chcaj M,!U' fr0m 50 cen,s uP?v^ 25 doxen best French Kid Gloves, all shades ^?,l,EOrte<1' \ jazzzte as a,&z r ^ U.e 8o?ls Cflvn d ?, . Si JvmoI U,n,n,b ">an,) r?rr, Q ? WM- R- RILEY, _niar 3I-lm ?t' ??p" Ccntfe Market. I hEW SPRING STYLE OF IIATS AND ?pit..,,. bonnets. ng' I'^rM^lSny6^? i^'ig J?and wbose patron WJJ hi, buMiiess^hTBale o?tB,oVNnETt:d CO in airtheiT^S' Hls^m R'.band in this market! ' bave ^etofore been, p:ocurcd SPECTACLES. rfir T o. mar 31?lw G ' S^ctodes'/sSble Ki ^ Silver-plated of eyes. ' u,ulo,e ,or *!I agts and all kinds Pc bUPeh fot al3 uia"rg' d"SeH" of Spectacle G apses' kS m , and al1 0?her ^ ?'il be fet in old frames m It ? y ?!' hand' and small txptnse. For sale very l?m i,y' Und at a 1148 Bridge ttrcetEG.KorLl:iVDYA mar 24-tf 8 rcei? ^^orgetown, D. C. 1>0 MEMBERS OF CONGRPvITTT^T; SiLVKK SPOONS Forica w WfI GALT & BKf). invi e s'pec^ atJ' ,^?-M - ev>ck of pure Silver Table Dfmi, f, i?" t,J lhe}r and l^orks, La !!es, BrnterKnives -inli ?.':a :ipoons tides of pure Silver Ware, w'ur'i'i^? other ar OTHERS. W. TRAVELKRS' THRFAJTORY. Mott Bedell's Line. NE W YORK, ALEXANDRIA. WASHING TON CITY, AND DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PACKETS. This line of packets sails weekly from pier 14 East River, New York, and oflener if ncceesary, and are composed or the following fin=t Class voesula: New schr. A. V. Bedell, Bedell, master. New ?<?lir. Moll B?dtU, A. V. Tredwcll. Schr. Ann D., Wra. Oliver, master. Scti-. Volant, L. A. Smith, master. Scbr. Commander-in-CKtrf, VVogl jd, master. Sehr; Greenvay, Wilson, master. These vessels are all fast sailers, and the masters men of experience in the trade, and the only regu lar line of Washington City packets. MOTT BEDELL, Wall street. N. Y. 8. S. MASTERS fc SONS, * ' Alexandria, Va. THOMAS KILEY, feb 1?6m -M Washington and D. C. . CROMWELL'S BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINK BETWEEN NEW YOBK BALTIMORE * BOSTON, mBSBmXSSm TTTILL dispatch a Steamer daily from Baltimore W and NewYork, and twice a week frojp Boston to Baltimore and Baltimore to Roston. Tbis line affords unequalled facilities to the bun nens men of the District of Columbia. The Agents at either point will receive freight and give a through bill of lading to Washington at the lowest rates ot fraiglit and no commissions charged. Applications for freight promptly attended to by the following agents: - A. C. HALL, 58 Exchanse Pl*ce, Baltimore. H. B CROMWELL, Comer Washington and AR?any sts., N. Y. J NO. W. SCHANK, jan 14?d3in Foot of India Wharf, Boston. FOR TIIE W EST AND SOUTH. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. IMPROVED AtRAN 1BMKNT8 FOR TRAV1L! IMPORTANT CHANG AS OF SCHSDUDE11 f&a ugadmiKJ The late completion of the Central Ohio Railroad between WharliDg an?l Columbus, uniting, as it do*s, by ro short a ad direct a line, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad with all portions of the West (anl North and Southwest,) gives this r:ute greatly increased advantages to through travelers in that direction. On and afar MONDAY, November 27, 1864, the trains will be run as follows: FOP. THROUGH PASSENGERS. Two fa?t tiaino daily will run in each direction first?TLe MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Station at i a. m , in;te*d 0^8 o'clock as heretofore, (except 00 Sunday,) au 1 airing at Reeling at 2 40 a. m Sc'-ond?The KXl'RMSS TRAIN, leaving at 5 p m , in^te^d of at 7 p. m., as heretofore, and runnioz through to See ing :n ahout 17 hours, rfacbin* th?re at 10 26 a. m. This train will ttcp at Waih ington Junction, gyketmlle, Monocacy, H rpei's 1 try, Martmsburg, 8ir John's Run. Cumberland, I leJmont, Rowlesfcurg, Newbury, Fettr.-man, Farm, ingtsn, Cameron and Moundsville ouiy, for wcol and water and raeaU. B th ttere trairs mak* prompt and rccular connection wi h tin ct the Central Ohio ltoai for Cauibridg-, Zm- sriiie, New ark, Columbus, Cin~innati, l.ouis*illt?, Dayton, Sandasky, Toledo Letroit Indianapolis, Chicago, 8t Louie,etc. P&wngerp leaving Baltimore by the Mail Tn'n; wi ! reic- ClEcinnati U.T dinn*r next day, while by the >.xpreH? Traiu th'jy arrive there at 12 tbo next nighf. heing kept but one bight on the route by either train. PasMugers for the Northwest via CleFc'aad and all intermediate points can make a direct trcnec tion with -he trains upon th% C eveJand ^nd Pitts burg Ra:lrord at all times tte Ohio in naviga ble for steamer* between Wheeling and Wt-llrviila by leaving Baltimore in the Mail Train at 7 *. n. ' I'eturriug, the Trains it-are Wheeiicg as follows: The EXPRtSS TRAIN at 4 30 p m., reaching Pal tinore at 9.50 a. m. The MAIL TRaIN at 11.46 p. m . reaching Ba iimcre at m 7 p. *5-Through ticteti by b*at from WheeMng for Oinci natl, Madison. Louisville, St. Lou's aud othf r River Cities, ?? i'l be sold at al times when the sit?# if watrr will admit. ^ xn*&' Through tickets between Haiti more and Wasnington, and all the imrorfant cities *nd towns la the West, are sold at the Ticket OXces of the Company. FOR WAY PAS8E?TER3. THE MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Ptatioa will take ptsa-?Eger3 f<?r ?U th?> u?ual stopping plasea on theiRjftJ Re?i;rning, ihis train leivea Wheeling at 11.45 midnight. Cumbrlard at 10.16 a. m^ani arrives at Bi!tii2c.x> at 7 r a. Tin: FRk.DEa.ICK ACCOMMODATION TRAIN, R-r Fred^'wk ?.ad intermediate places, wl'.l s'art at 4 p. m , ua:ly (--Xfvpt Sunday-) tr.iT!E? in freder ick at 7.40 K?tur?in2 xill ?re<leiick at 9 a. m^a-r^.r g Baltimore ?? ] L ?0, noon THE EiXlOTTS Mil,LP. ACOJMHODIT'ON wi!l be run da:ly, (fsc?t rcuia- s.) aq fullows: li^are Oamdrn Statjrn at 6 a ra. end 3 p. m. Lea re Kilisott'o Mills at 7.UU a. in. aud 6.30 p. n. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS BUN A3 FOLLOWS: JEAYP dsily, ercapt tucday, at 0 aa 1 3V a. n. J i d 3 esi 6 p m. On H jn?lny at C a m <Uid 5 pm. Leave Baltinjro at 4% tjd Jam; and 6 aad 8 r n. Ou 3twi"y r.t a ricnl ? n m. The ccinetttlons Lai timers & Ohio Railroad lor th? Weft trs Ly ircins kaviag at il a a and J pm. For PhHadalphia tzi New Yoik at C, a^J CU ata ar d 5 p ui. Vor Annapolis at8J<JananJfcpia. Fcr Norfolk at 8 p tz. ? T. H. PARSONS, /e.r-nt Par^;cu er p.n?nt!op Is c?Med to the Rula ie^uin log a refpcnritle voucher for any peroon ?f color wjo m-'y vi-h to pass ov r the road. des IS?dtf j CHANGE A5D ALiXANLRIA ILAILEiAD. On and after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1854, THE Cars IcaTe Alexandria daily for G ricn* vilio and intern diite !-taUonfi at 7Jk" o'clock, I 0n tJl* &rriva1 ol the bo:;t iron Wa-Mngtcn giving time for breakfast on boa-d. C- n nectius at Maua'sai Juncti.n w.'U a trai^for Stra^ burg, at Warranto a Ju ction wit:i a train fcr War renton, a-^1 at Gordoni<#ill" with the tr?in* cn the Virginia Central RaSiioaj lurRkhmouiLCharltittt* ril'.e, End St&untou. Th> cars ieave Gordonsvilie daily fcr Alexandria and interne linte staticuB, at y. beiore li, a. m., on the arrival of th^ trains of the Virginu. O^tral rail road from liichmoad. Chariot V'srille, unJ cUunU<n THROUGH TIcKLTc, From Alexandria to Warrenton 00 ** GorUons^iile 3 60 u CharlotteeTLie 4 25 Staunton 0 oo Btrasburfc 3 CO I^n^hbur5 ? 6 76 Winch-eltr.... 3 60 " Luray 4 ^ u New Market C CO . " ? MUUeburg 2 25 For Lyn^nbarg, eonuectir? n.ih ti.s at I on M?ndaJ"? Wednasdfcys, aild #r; Jor Luray and New Martet, Tdlh the I Cuipcptr, on Taesdi-yd,Thniodays, and Sat ^,ncJesi? ?^'7, coEntctlng \rJLh the stipa 15 t itiiDlOT't ! at tts widiibUrg lLd,T' ??nil^Ua? with the stages novT^dt/'1 W'D*Ia0CKKTT' FOR MOUNT ViiRNON. TUESDAYS and F ft ID AYS. ?pK?Fur? round trip $1; from Alax andna 76 cents ?Ihe THOMAS COLLYER leav? Washington at 9 and Alexandria at 9% o'clock Cnachss Itava the Capitol tor tLe boat at 8^ o'dk. L-osch fare ' 3 cents. Per-wus wishing the Ooarhea will leava their red with Geo. A Thos. Parker. * Refrwhinents on the boak. Oct 28?dtf 84..VPL G2CN*Y, Capt. *!inJiEW YORifc 4l LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES I MAIL STEAMERS. J1THEII1Pd 0,JUPRli31Na LINE ARB AXLANTTO. Capt. We^t PACiriJ. dapt. Nye, BALTIC, Capt. Cemetcck, ADRIATIC, Capt. Grafton. The^e ships have b?eu bui't by ccntract, eypres ? ly for Government Service; every care has been taken in their conatruoiiou, as in the KnSinea to insKra strength and ep^ci, and their accomnjoda tions for passengers are unequalled for eiegnnoe | and eonsfcrt. " Prjca of passage from New York to L!t rpoel, in flrstoabln ?..a.?..h .fl'io Ffoond Cabin 70 Exclusive use of extra siie state rooms.'.'.!!"'.'.'...' SoO From Liverpool to New Yori ?.'>J and 120. An experienced sur^u atti red to a^ch ship. No berth can be secujid unKJ paid lor. mO? fraiglit o? pa<i3je a;?pij to kvWAED K. COLLINS k CO., WftU 6tr#et? N?v York. BROWN, 2HIPLSY A CO, r. o. Eormra i oo.,U,,rp<,<,L ? Joril? kWrm?Lm4o,l 26 ?Vfiot?_e Dsm? des Yictolres, Paris. QEO. U. DRAPFR, Iiavra. The ownerj of the--e thipe will not be acoountaUe for gold, eilver. ?ullion, specie, jewelry, precious ctones or metals, unloas bills ?f lMiing are signed (Tfo 5?0 1 By the Friitdtnt oflh#UnlU?l5t*4ii' IN tursuanc*oflaw, I.FHAXKL1N PIERCE, Tr?? Mint of the United State? of America, do bwe^ declare and mUi known that a pubtl* ??? *?" "? bfii at th* lanl offlc* at Aoectca, in tb? Staio of Miasrwrppi, romuea-inj on Monday, ?'he twmtf-first day of Mty nest, f*r tb? dbpoaal of all that portion of be aoctirna atvl pirta o! *eettons cfland baring odd cmn>re within six mil** on each aide of th* line of the Moaiti am> Ohio rite* bailaoad, In th? stat-scf Al&iAHa aai Missisarn. ?uty?s t to the d<"utl* minimum pr:oaof two dollar* a ad fifty cent* psr acre, tt pr. vkled by the act ?t i>Oth Bcptambor, USO, and excepted from graluation a* to price by the act of 4t& Aucujt, 1864, which were alrerUael to b* offered f-r sale In proclamation Ko 404, bear ing dat?"i3d May, 1&6S, hut subsequently wiU drawn unti' fcr.ber notfcitor the pr.ipT*?d ra*lrcad from Bra-don to Moot<cmer/ bv publ* nvi* No. 491. b?arioc d*t? 19.h August, 1463: and the same not being sultf ct to pr'wte entry at tVs d*te of *a4d | wit wirawa', were eonreicectly not reator^d U mar ket by general no'loe No tti, dated 6th September, 1*54, eitnatod in th* un-eraaentonal townrblpe, to wit J Sorih of the bau line and east of Use Choctmw i dian. Township four, of range thirteen Township* (A; ct, fowjive, and ctm, of range four teen Tj?n<hips three, four, Are, bU and 9ttm, of | r*rg? hfWm Township* three,four,five, its* m | riiteen Townthip* Atx. tie, anl MM* ^ - I teen Townebfp ifwn, of range eighteen. Notice i? *1*3 hereby given that all land* ?it I nate i outside of the ?** rnxLe timxts on each rid* of I the above road withdrawn and not *iie? reetcred to private entry as above state 1, wMch will be fub j j act to entry at Me dollar and twenty-Are oe ts per acre, or (if ior actual settlement a ad pr* emp tton) at the p-ic*a pre* ribed by th* graduation act | of 4th August, 1854 in the fb;|owing-nam?dd strict* and tcwoship* in the States of Mil* ssippi and Ala bare a, wi.l be ?cbject to erftry and l^cxtion on and after Monday the nineteenth day of March next, to rit: In the district of lands savj*et to sal** at Aroma, Mississippi : N?rth of ike bast line and east </ the Choctaw mm dian. Town.-hips (Krtc, four Jit e, six and ssren, cf racg ? tw*!ve Town* hips thrte, fourf fire, and seven, of range thirteen Townships three, four Jive. :ic; and seven, of range fourteen Tj*Q8hip teven, of range fiteen Township* three, four, and Ave, of rang* sixteen Town?hlp* thi?-e, fcur, five, nx, and screw, of range serfnteen Townships three, ftur, five, six, and itch. ?f range eighteen. In th* district cf lands subject to sale at Dxmopo us, Alabama : North o} tht bise lint and icett of the prir.dpil me ridian. Town-hips thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen and seventeen, of ratine two Tcwnsb'pi thirreen, fourteen, fit iron, sixteen and fevenieen, cf raugo three Towuebit * th rteen, fourteen, ffieen, nxtun end soviet* i-n, of ran^e four T.vwueiiips thirteen and fonrteen, of rarr? flv?4. The townships ?1<!?iiri>*t?-d in r man le tera are wholly wit'uin the llr:ita of six and fifteen mil?s re spectively on each ?id-4?f said r. a t, er.d th'&aiu italics are partly vi.Liu r. id limits, es dekignawi on the diagrams which will be furoii-h?*d to it-n re spective dKrict oSicers by the Ccmm^aioncr of the areral Lard Office. Tbs lani*" will be eol 1, ruf ct 'o thz richt r>f way granted by ih3 act of 'JO^h ct-ptem .t-r, i850, to ' I " ?tat??s afo:i?'r.ii for sail raj'road. not ? xveaing one hundred fett on each niie tliereff, and therefor* th* raiticu ar ra-.t'1 of land wh'?h include the road wi'l b2 srld ss cntvr.-'-g tha ^uacUtiO* rtff>?j Jvely Ehowa by th? cffi*ai plats. Ihe nectioa? will b^ clfrei at the r uMsc 6ai? in tfceorier in \ tb*y are aS?rr'ir-?<i; ,v-e st!e will b<? kept ry?ti f>r a eufrcieLt time to of offering all tb?* 1 ?nds, ' ut n .t cr>?i'Dg twn w??-ko; ard applications tJ Eiakf privit? ?-nt*i*s i f the la^ds eff r-d at public sale und^r tlji-pif^lama:i->o wi<l uot b?- resetted until aft<r the ciraa if the two wvets. Uiten uthIt iry han at th* r!tj cf"*Ta-'.Jetton, this teventh day cf Ft>bra?rr. Anno D-aura ore thousand el:ht huadreu ac 1 flftv ^v. fiiJLSKUS HKKC1. Py thePve:i J?nt: JOH!? WlLfiOif, Ooaim's.loner General Laad Ofiloa. NCTICS TO PRB-1 -IP^ION CLAIMANTS. XTnder the act <>f Coigtts* apvrf Ved 3J of Mar'h. lSitf. entiilei "An ?ct to ?xi*rd pie fcpti- n to cert iln lOilieTs *.h?rein tntfnti ined." the pre en;p tio i l.i e Tr?r? ?-xtendedover the above mt-mioced a:t*rnate &Jd i.mb:iw Sce'k>a->vii...n a x mil's <n each siJ -ot Oe route cf the r ad wli^re the settie n?ent and i^prj^ement raid' p.ri r t the da'e of 411. ttr?E , ifr roven up ai.d piiJ for at the rat? of twriCollarj a-^d fiityc?iit' per acre, before the dsy fixed for t;<e pu' lis sal;; and by the act ap prove<l 7th March, ISM, mNM 'Aa a-t Ihr the relief cf in tiers cn luu*Ss reserrt'd for railroad pur poses,'' p-rfon-" who sottlM a; d improrei ihe aoova uatL-e i ?fct?on- prior to the ili'e of tcUuirawjl ?i i be eati l^l to p-craption- atthf onlin* 7 invilmum I rli-n ?-f th ? r nb ic (and-J,or at the r^U1 of < ne d<i!li>r and tw -ntv-five cents p^r acre, ?f prcv.-n ap e^d paid fir b f re the day lix*dfor 'he pubis sale:? Therefore, e-.e.-y prr-ou enti'l-i to '.lis : ix*tof pre em tioa iii any of the ^';trn<it- ocd numbered p??v t on - a'jeve ^aeaticao ', wi hin sijc criloso* the route ol the rord, u d-r tb-? t?(f.1d M^r h, ah vc r? forred to, on rctt'oa.* ntn ai id; prio.- to th < 4th cf F?bruiry, 1353,',tho date of a lc meet) cr under he act < f t:< March. 1854, on s. ttleraerts lirde prior to tl?* dit-cf ihs criijiuai wj hlravral ?>f tha !a-ds from mirier*, litrviw ev>-r^ p r oa enlitlai to pie emplion uuuer the act f 27.U March, 1864, iu any Ol tlie lacds outside qf the iix tm!e lim:ts directed to b-5 rector?iJ to u Tf on tfci, 17;h day of Maich ntxt, lc r<;quirel t" eK>Uis t"r.e i-eue to the sati f-cti- n lof ilia re .ister enl 'ece.T-r of the proper !a d ofTce, atid pajiasnt the efor at the pr'c* fxd by 1h-7 S'-> n as i rccUcab'.e . ftc-r se iuc this notice, ai d l?"i*.?re the d y > ppotnt.l for the ^.ubl c sale or rost^*r.ti"?? to mirk*-t of th; Uids embracirg tb? trac: cl. m#l; cthsrwue such ~lai i \?11!b?forfeited. JdllN Cc maiissioner of tieuural Land (.'floe. f?b 10 -lawl3w BEAUTIFUL WHITE TEETH. Healthy uums, and a sweet breath. All who ar? dwirousof obtaining these bene ou, s. uuld use ZEKM \N'1 CELEBRATED TOOTH-WASH. This delicious article combines so m.ttiy meritorious qualities, that it has now be come a standard favorite with the citizens of New Y. rk, Philadelphia an l Ba tmiore. iK uti-ts pre .scribe it in their practice nmst euceessfui'y, and from every source the most flattori:^ laudations are awarded it. Inflamed and Ll^-cding gums are immediately ben efil'til by its use; iLs action upon tliein is mild, soothing and effective. It cleanse* the teeth so thoroughly, that they are made to rival ptarl ih whitened, and diifuscs (hrou^h the mouth such a deli^httul freshacts. that the breath is re. di.rcd ex qui-itely sweet. It disinfects all tlio^e impurities which lend to produce decay, and as a cou=< queuc?', whr-n these are removed, the teeth must always re main sound. It i? used and reeiirmpndcd by all the tinlnen! De.m^ts in New York, riuUdelphia, Baltio-ore, and other cities ?h -h: u has be^n introduced. All should give it a trial. Prepared oniv by FRANCIS ZCRMAN, Drag^i t ;ind Chemist, and Catharine streets, Phila delphia, and solu by ail Druggists evervwh?r<*, ut cents pi'r bottle. W. II. CI ELM AN, jan 17?3m Agent for \Vnshin2t'<u City. A BOOK 1TTHICI1 EVERY HUKINESS MAN IN THE Vf DISTRICT WANTS.?Tiie Washington City Directory, only 73 ccnis a copy, h;ilr' price, can be had at ALEX. AD A.MSON'S, on Seventh street, opposite to the Poet Office, where he keept* con xlantly on hand a tine a.^ortioent of Blank U ?oks, Pens, Ink^ Paper, Playing and Visiting Cards,Games, See. He Is agent for ail the cheap publication*, Magazines and Nc wspapers. London Ulnstrated News, Bell's Life, Times and Punch rec- ived by (very steamer. New York U'raid, Times, and Tritu;ie received cvc.y nitfht and delivered to sub? libers. inar 2ft?I m VVT ANIiERINGS IN CORSICA, CORSICA; TT Piciiirestjue, historical and social, w ith a !*kctch of the taily life of Napoleon, trail tiled Irom the German by 1'ilwrrd Toy Morris?price $11 0 Eeetuie on Engli h Literature from Chancer to Tennyson, by Henry Reed, price $1 25 Just puUiaked an.l for sale at TAYLOR & MAURY'S, n;;u* 22 Bookstore, ne ir 9rh rt. R. O. G1LLKT, Coviiillor ?t Law* Odes ted r?eider.o* In Frankiiu Row, corner n? K aad Thirteenth strwit ?1 6m VHARLX8 UAMLiNii, Architect. (Pa. arenuc, be'u.-en Tenth and Eleventh streets,) W&SHINOTON, D. C. continue to furnb-li Plans, detail worUni Diawtngs. ami sj<eiCcaUons ol buildih^a ?* every descnpii-m,and also to superintend thor ><cc t on. * fi b I?.1' w THE SUPERB PI AW 0, Manufactured cxpre*sty tor uie lite cxhi tion in tliis city, by Bacon 8t Raven, and which received a mxdal, is now on exhibition at our store. This nioiiiulicerit specimen of tupciior skill will be returned to New York at an eaily day, unless disposed of. Wc are authoriaed to sell it upon very reasonable terms. We havto als? fur sale that beautiful instrument, manufactured hy Hallet, Davis 8l Co., Bostou, which received the first diploma at the reoect exhibition. We bate aiwiys on hand a large and aupen >r stock of Piuno* frooi the above m^nuiaciorie*. Old Putnc* taken in exebnnge. JOHN F ELLIS, 300 r?ana. avenue, new Tt-ittfc euvet roar 98 AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENST L" Tn" ,|CI ?*?* ims ratrra. . smtw Return*..?M ijcrrrrr known hi* t?*l mony will ^ wriurw. fi* ^ ^ ""/J** not know the f apta.n the.,.14 be pon h Pro., with other* of tliu best knean and .. <? hifbly reflects Me ettizena of Eaatnw -a', rL wonderful cure by ' ??*?? l?-s HAMPTON'S TMETAPIJI TIKCTTR*. WMTt. JfcrfuMT i '' '?? Gentlemen? I feel it my duty to > au *rul ik. lie to certify to the effects of (lampum ? Ve*? taJu* Tirctnre. I was tor more ttun five yean labam? tinder a disease of Chronic Khrbmvmn *nd ih< peat part of that tine I *n> M|iirw tUat I hii to he helped from my b**4 and di?M d in ?nv cln? v, I became reduced to a mere skeleton. All tV *,,*< ?ciaet I toe k done me tio pod, and I cownui^ t,i grow worse. I heard of Hampton's Ttrui'ir* ?nj thought ! would fi?"e ?* ? trW. At this tua<- | 4^ not export to live one day afler another. | |M take it (the Tincture) lor the hheua>ati>ai U.? i> a ahoft time I waww-M ./ ttia: di- a?<. p>r??, .s. effects of your 1 taeture and the help of God 1 am now getting in good health. I wish all the afflicted to try Hampton's Ver-taL* "nnctnre, as I lure d .re, with the aame tX-vt uiZ it has on Your obedient servant, ? leaac Biviiiif, We arc acquainted with Isaac Benjamin, roid him some of Hampton> Vegetable Tincture, artuL^ deve the ?hove statem* m correct. Dtwifli It Bm. Pmin nor knowledge of Captain B.njamhi we an confideat that the above statement m true and i.n exaferated. j. a. Johhmm. Cnaauts R itmon. Call and get pamphlets ?atu. and ??? c??m at Cough, Bronchiu*, Kti>uniati-m. Neui-.ria, live pejwta, Nervousne** and General Weakue,*.' As a female medicine or for delicate childi?i we believe it unequalled. . Hold l.y MORTIMER It MOWBRAT,t?IWu more street, Raltimore; and H04 Broadwrv. N. Yirk Cbas. Stott A Co., J. B. Moons, D B. Claucc. Ci.arve 81 Rowuna, W. Ei.liot. and H. Mr Pnsa ?on, Washington : alao, by R. 8. F. Cum. George town And C. C. Hkrrt, Alexandria, and by Drag gists everywhere. jan 8?tr 00DGI1S, GOLDS, H0ARSINM8, Hal >ef tm PIt? HI nut* a. TYLERS COMPOUND OCR ARABIC 8YMUT. I^UK increasing demand for this moet pleesaat, . safe, and eflcaeious remedy tcr all palmonai y dL<* aaee, hae enabled the proprietor Is reduea tfc? price ao an to place It within the reach of all cWa Its aaperiority over moet dm .*' preparations le at tested by many eminent physicians who hen bat a eye witnesses of it* efloaer when the ueual r*me> dies hare failed; also by thousand of omt moat rw spectable citlaens who have used It in their both asprereatiTe and cure with never failinf sue oees f r the last twenty year a. dnring which period With v>ry little aid trom adrertiaing. 4c., It gradually spread reputa'ion trer the whole Uniou. In cases of reeent Obl&t Onyfti, Hmrtrmtm, 4a, it gives immediate relief, arsd g?o rally cures in a day or two, without interfaring with diet t busier , m rendering the system more suaoeptib^e of Obhit, a cbrorlc rases. Ar".viwa, Whonp-m$ O-uffk, Otm.p, Branchiiii, Afftcttoni tif (As Lumff 1, ??.? Gniiw +? tinn, it is always very b*neflo?al an4 seldom ml \ when oosmecoed in time to p^rbrt a oura. Prise 3& ar.d to cents a bottle. Bold wbolesa'-e by Patterecn k Nairn, fttott M Oo Rl^ely A Co. Alexandria by Peal A Bterena. 1? Qear^town b? Mr. Gerel ttlmcs arm arabtt, cjutdt DB07& a riaUat r?mxto the shore, but In a miller anl cer* porti.ble form ; they act like a ham on a trccblerome Cough, and clear the threat ea4 voice; theyocntsun no injurious drug are partfcn* Urly recorusende<i for ci lldrrn. frequenters of yak lie weeniblies, puMie rpeak**ra, singers, Ac. m Price 1?>% and 15 cents per box. for sale at mr?t Drug and Oandy Storea. oat IT?tf FHILADKLPHIA LAUfcR BEFH DEPOT, 3 81 Pu. ac-nuc, brt.rci? 4 ar.J Mh I 1? have at all tiukre the b?-<i t'V il.??i? Ipbia La? T V fi< r B? t:r on hand, and 1 CW it now tor sale for $H p?r k? g, ai>d in quart bouk* for fi 50 per dozen. We fond the Deer free of cons to all parts of the city. ?4r Miny ph>*sician^ have recommenced this Deer one of the best remedies for weak stomachs. mar &?lm* F. C. A W^ERECKB. GRATIS ! JUST PUBLISHED: A NEW DISCOVERY III MEDICINE! A FEW ttords on the Rat1011.1l Treatment, with rut Medici" c, of Spermatorrhea, Of Locai Weakneak-, Nermus I >?-t>iIi tv, Lo-.v Spirits, LaaeituJe, W<ak Back. Inilispo / 4d a k*4 Incap i'ity for Siu.1v r.ut,' Lalwr. DuIloe?- of A^pr? hcnsio<i, Liii ut Memori, aversion to S??< :cty, Love of Solitude. Timidity, S? It I'ijtru-t, liizz:ni'^, H<*ad Ache, Involuntary Discharges, Tain 1:1 the Side, Affect km of th- Eyes, Pimples on the Face, fi*-iual au?i other utfirmicea in man. FP'?M THE FRENCH OF DR. B. DE LANEV. The impoitaot fact that these ;*!3.r<r.mgconstraint* may enciiy be rennred without Mvdi<-tne 1^, iii t!? s small tract. H< arly deraonsuaivd: and the ?-ntin ly new aad hiflily siiccewtal tn atni'-nt, adoptr?| hy tito author tMtly explained, by means of wLk-Ii rv ery one is ? riablt^l to cure himself prectly, and at the h ast ios>ible co. t, uroiiiwg thereby all the ad v< rns<'d nostrums ot the day. S-nt to any!re>-', cr-.;is, ?r.d poet free in a rated envelope, fcy naiittir? fjv ?t pjid) twopot aec ftamps to |tr. B. DE LAX. Y, No. 17 Lwpt ^ rd stroat, New York. j?n 17?Sm Military history? Dr nkwati r's Si. r -? ot'G.bralur S himmer's Sii{?! of v icnt,a iiy th?- Tuiks KnoliyV Russian Campaign ot lfl^ Jonum's Military History of tht Waterloo Cam paign B-tckle's H t .ry of the Renral Anil cry N? la.n'? Cav.t|i), u, history an,1 tactics Glen.e'# Military Meoio*ii>, Campaigns, Battled, au I Stratagems of War Military History and D tips of the principal jnrtt* tary events of the la>t eentury, 5 vols Napiet's Penin?ular War NapietV Batiles and Siepes in the IYuia?ula Samuel's History of the Buu*h Army Bmi>h Military llingraphy Gleig's Briti-h Military Commanlera ?t<>cqtie|er's W? hinctop, R,,Luzon's Picton, AU son's Marlbmougb, and many oth'-re The in the i'tun^ult Mir hall's Military Miscellany Schiller's Thirty Years' Wa? An I many others of the sam^- cl.isa. French, En*, lisliaad American. FRAN'Ck TAWLOR. mar 9.'l 7|^.)LIAN PIANOFORTES. ?f beaatiful instrumenu made l?y-1. Gil.iert A Co., Bom iii, can sow U. seen at our Mihc Depot. Also, a j-H?ndi f :.apii'r mache cose parlor doon, majc by i\ b Gardner & Co , Conn. IlILBUS A HITZ, n:&J * Star lluiWum. Johnson on manures, i vrn,Lo?km \ au: on tilling anil vertiiixmc laud, do M01 fit on Mam r s, Phila4el|4iia Dana's Muck M inual for Fanners, Lowell Dana on Manures, New Yoik llutfin on Calcareous Manners, Richmond II own's American Muck B ?ok, New York Practical To ansc on Manure's, by he UnUah So ciely, for the of useful knowledge Au.l mauy w.aks on Agr cultural Chemistry, on Fruit Culture, Bees, Cattle, |!rainr.._f. Tree Plant ing, Mid other branch's of Gardening ai.J Husband ry, many oi th- tu imparled iron, abroad. iaai *9 FRANCE TAYLOR. KID GLOVES.?Just received a superior lot of Kid Gloves. Also, a fine articl-" at 50 cents. Ntw style of Gcii 's Summer Craaats. WALL A STEP'ff.NS. .131 Pa. avenue, next door to Iron 1L<U. mar ?<>?-Jw PIANOS FOR SALli AND RENT. nrilE nhxriler has always on hand a ?s?>rt; 1 nient of German ot:d Amcucan PI-^yK^ ANOS, inun the very best nsant;faciur? rBWYy^^ which he offers i ?r ^ile at lower prices ti?au cau he purchased in the Dn-lriet ot' Colombia, and ' n the accciiimodaiiug terms. AH Piaaoe purchased ir^u me are warranted iw give saUktao tton. Old Pianos Liken in exchange. IV HE1SH, Profc.'.or of Music, G, b ;w. Fourieeutii and Fifteenth stxeeU. eb B-^lin* FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. SMALL BUILDING LOTS of feet cr t*>re, tn vari. uc f-&rts ot tbe City, an J Ooc irttowa, hi Id prices, and terms to suit. LUlk'O A 00. bvildinq atoic, for sale, deliverable at th* Canel, or Wharves la Washington, C serge town, or Alexandria. LLOYD k 00. 11'h itraet, opp Treaenry Departaaeat. ?v??lr WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVER AND PLATED WARE AT REDUCED PRICES. E offer our entire stock of ??lesant GOLD . WATCHES, RICH JEWELRY, hL^E SILVEUWAKE, ac , at greatly teduced rates. Persons would ?lo well mesaiuin"ourawrtmcot, which is by far tlie largest, most fashionable, anJ best selected evu o& red to our cu*'omera M. W. GALT A BRO 3514 Penn avenue, between 9th and 10th sta. mar 12?tf ATVHKS, JEWELRY, JlSD SILVERW ARE Always on hand a large assortment of the above, which we offer at the lowest rutu. M. W. OALT A BRO., ? V* ?rtAV| W

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