Newspaper of Evening Star, April 6, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 6, 1855 Page 1
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? . VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., FRIDAY,'APRIL 6, 1855. NO. 704. _ It I the evening star PI BLISDED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT 8UNDAY.) /it thf Star Building, ronier Pennsylvania amine and Efevtvtk street. By W. D. WALIiiCK, Will be served to subscribers in the cities of Wttb Imt.x). Georgetown, Alexandria, Baltimore and Philadelphia. at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, pyaNe weakly to the Agents. To nail subscribers Ui? mkMnption price u THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year in advance, TWO DOL LARS ft* SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR for THREE MONTHS. Q^Siholx corns on cairr. PAWTPB^ SPANISH MIXTURE. TMn Gremt Parlfltr of tha Blood I Hot a Particle of Korenry la It! An I?s*jat:u Rjwxdx for Scrcfulm, King's Rrfl, Rheumatism, OtHtinate Cntaneoas Eruptiona, Ptms>lea or Puatulee on the foes, Blotthe?, Boils, Chromic Sere Eyee, King Worm or Tetter, Scald H?*i. EBlfgeineot aad Pain of tha Boaes and Joists, Stubborn Cloera, Syphilitic Disorders, Lumbago Spinal Complaints, anl all the diseases arising from m injudicious use of Mercury, 1m prud <noe in l-lfc, or Imparity of the Blood. THIS nlaatl? Medicine, ahich has become oele> brated for the aombar of extraordinary curse, effected through Its sgency, hv induced the propri etors, st the org nt request of their friend*, to offer it to the public, which they do with the almost con fidence in its virm?e asd wonderful curative prop ertl s The following oerttlcatee, ?elected from s large number, are, howerLr, stronger teeumomy than the mere word of tha proprietor*; and ere all fro a gentlemen well known* in th-?ir localities, and of the higheet respectability, many of th-m ree'ding in the dty of Ricnmosd, Vs. P. BOYD IN, Keq,, of tha Exchange Hotel, Rich mond. known everywhere says he has seen 'he Med. I sine sailed Caana's Sptsnsn Mlxtuxs. alministered in over a hundred cases, in nearly all the diseases for which it is recommended, with the most aston ishingly goad results He says it is the most ex traordinary medicine he hit ever seen. AGUB AND PEVBR-GREAT CURK.?I hereby ssrtify that for throe years I had Ague and Pever of the moet violent description. I had several Phy ?Joans, took l?rge quantities of Quinine, Mercury, and I bel'eve all the Tonics advertised, bat all with out permanent relief. At last I tried Carter's Spanish Mixture, two bottles of which ?ff~ctually eared me, end I am happy to say 1 have had neither eh!lis or fevers sinne. I oonsider it the best Tonic lu this world, and the only medicine that ?ver reached m7 case. JOHN LONODiN. Bxatxx Ditch, near Richmond, Va. 0. B. LUCK, Esq., now in the city of Richmond aad for many years in the Poet Office, has such oonftdenos In the astonishing effi-acy of Carter's Spmish Mixture that he has bought upwards of ?h bottles, which be has giy.?n away to the afilated.? Mr. Look says he has never kn ran it to fail when taken wording to directions. Dr. MINGS, a practising Physician, and formerly cf the City Hotel, in the city of Richmond, saye he has witnessrd in a numbn of fostanoes in* effects ol Garter's Spanieh Mixture, which were most truly surprising. He says in a ease of Consamption, da :-?c i-nt on the Llyer, the good *9feels wers won derful indeed. SAMUEL M. DRINKJtR, of the firm of Drinker A Morris, Richmond, wm cored cured of Liver Com plaint of three * ears standing, by the use of twe bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture. GREAT CURB OP KCROPULA ?The Editors or tha Bichmonl RepuMi-an h -d a se-vant employed tn their press room, cured of violent Scrofula, com bined with Rheumauem, which entirely dialed him from work. Two bottles of Carter s Mixture made a perfect cure of him, anl tb*> ti ter j in a public notice, say they "cheerfully rerom menl it to all who are afflicted with any dilate of the blood." ?TILL ANOTHER CUR J OF S3R07ULA.?I had a very vai uable boy cured of Scrofula by Carter's Spanish Mixture I consider it truly a valuable medietas. JAMES M. TAYLriR, Conductor on the R. P. and P. R. R. Co.. Richmond, Va SALT RHRUM OP TWENTY YEARS STANDING CU *ED Mr. JOBTN THOMPSON, residing in the city of Richmond, was cured by three bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, of Salt Rheum which he had for nearly t?eau> years, and which all ths physicians Of tha sftj eonid not <*ure. Mr. Thompson is a weli know* -iartliant in the city of Richmond' ana his to met* tfyirarkable. WM. A MATTHEWS, of Richmond had a servant cored aJ Arphilis, in the worst form, by Ca'ter*? "pan's* Mixture. He says he cheerfully rea m Beads it, and oonsiiers it a very invaluable medi cine. EDWIN RURPON, commissioner c4 the revenu*. mji he hsi ?-en the good ? ffecU of Carter*!- Hpani^h Mixtare in a number of SypbiHtic ea?s, %ad sxys it is a perfect ?ure fvrthat nomble disease. WM. A. HARWOOD, af Richmond, cured cf old Bene aad 0leers, wheh lisablM him frem walking. Took a few bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, aud was eaaMed to walk without a crutch, in a ?h -rt time pemaaen'ly cured. Principal Depots at M. WARD, CLOSE A Co* Na 88 Mai dan Lane, New York T. W. DYOTT A SONS, No. 182 North Seoond st Philadelphia BENNETT A BEERS, No. 126 Main street, Rich ??ad, Va. And for sale by <THARLE8 8T0TT, Washington. D. 0; HENRY PES!, Alexandria, and by Druggists every where. Prio* $1 per bottle, or eix bottlee for $5; ?et? 11?ly Private Medical Treaties rax PHYSIOLOGICAL VIEW OP MARRIAGE, IT m. B. LA CROIX, H. D? ALBANY, y r. Pages aad 130 Pine Plain and Colored Litho graphs *nd f latea. ISP Prima oaiy 90 Cmati *fg ?Seat free of postage to sll parts of the Unload CHEAPEST BOOR KYER PUBLIbHEL, * nd containing near', j d uble the quantity o* r?a :ing ma iter in that of the PIPlY CENTS OR COLLAR PUBLICATIONS. It treats on the PHYSIOLO GY OP MARRIAGE, and the | secret Uflrmitie; and disorder of >outh and maturity, re sulting from excesses, which destroy the physical and me a tal powers, with ob-ervations aa marriage, its duties and di*qaaiificatior>s, and their remedies; with liihograpta, illartruing the anatomy aad physiology, and <liseat?? of ths repro-1 Oactive organs of both sexes, their structure, uses and functions. A popular anl comprehensive trea-1 tise on the duties >nd casua)*'..^ t single and mar ried life?happy aaJ truitnil aS'la^ies, mode cf ne emring them -infel'eitocs -'d Infoitile ones?their ?bvlation aad renjova.?1 JDOort^iu hliits to tboee contemplating mstrir^rny. tLat will overcome ob )eotioos to it; nouo. bawev?r. should take this im portant sep without *rtt consulting its page*? memmeatariee on tbe uiseases and medical treatment at fsmalee from infancy to old are, each case gnph temlly illustsate-i by beautifol lithographic plates? nervoas debility, its onuses and cure, by a process at oaoe so simple, -ale and eS?ctual, that failure is Uapoerfbia?rulee for dai'.y management?an essay on Spermatorrhea with pracileal observations on a safrr, and more rocoessfui mode of tr?atmen??pre aactk'nary hints on the evils resulting from empiri cal practioe?an eeeay on all uiseases arising from*rr*tivn, with pNin and simpls raise by which aii persons can care themselves without meroury? remedies for these sell inflicted miseries and disap pointed bor?3 ?o unfortunately prevalent in the vouag. It [e a truthful airi?er to the marrisd and those oontenylsting marriage. Its perusal is par ticularly imcomKiend^d to perKms entertsicing se rret doubts of their Dhy=i=*J condition, and who are ccnsciocs of having baaarded ths health, happinnas | and privilege to which every human being to so titled to. Price 26 sen ts per oopy, or five copies for one dol lar. Mailed free of postage to any part of the exi ted States. N. B.?Those who prefer may oocsaltDr la Csou upon any of the disease* upon which hi* book treats either ?>erscnally or by mail. Medicine scat to any part of the Cufcrn according to directions, safol) packed and carefrlly secured from all observation. Address Dr. M. H. Ll CROIX, No 31 Maiden Lane or Poet Offlce Box 679, Alheny. N. Y. Office open daily from 9 a m to 0 p m, and ca Bmnday from i until 6 pm. Off- Offlce He moved from Kc M Beaver st, Id 31 Baldma Laae, Albany, N. Y. *se T * MARTIN'S UNRIVALLED GUITARS.?Three of ihe*e euperb instruments are now on exhi bition Un f limited perm.!, ato ir Mu?ic Store. The cbannuig oeaaiy ot their tone elicits the universal eucoaiiiur* of Professors and Amateurs. HI LB US A HITZ, mu Hole Agents. LOOK U E R E!!! MORE BOUNTY LAND to jILL who served in any wi* -ince 179U, whetlier as Officers Soldiere. Sailor*. Meruit, tJterk^, Indians, Cbajv lauis, Wagon rs, "i ?-.imsu-rs, Lund^ur n, (or U?eu widows or minor children) who have not yet received toll 160 acies, mU have bem in service H d?ys, will do well U- write to u*.fO*tpaid, and their L rnd Warraitis wnl be forwarded to ih^n lor tiie above auanuty, and no chars*- if they do not set it. LLOYD & CO* Claim AgtntV Office, opposite IT. S. Treasury, WaaliW?l"?' l-rty, II. C mar 5-3m | VP.DNANCE MFMOPANDA; Pertu*ioti Locks " " sr.rt Pnmtre. by I t U. S N., in ciia f nfrvpriwenMl <1?-j;.irtn.? i.?, 1 v 1. w ith er:? s avi. r ; !???? ?l 1RAK? K I.AM.OIt. ' MltW DOCTOR HOOFLAND'S CKLKBKATKD 0crman Bitters, nuuin vr DR. C. ?. JACK80W, PhiladV, Pa., WILL BPrXCTUALLT CURB LITER COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, JAUNDICE, Chromic or Nerm>us Debility, Diiecuet of tk* Kidney ?, and ail dieeaeet anting from a dU ordered Liver or jtniii Such as Constipation, inward Piles, Fullness, or Blood to the Head, Acidity of the Stomach, Nau sea, Heartburn, Disgust for food, Fullness or weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Sink ing or Fluttering at the Pit of the Stomach, Stoim ming of the Head, Hurr ed and difficult Breathing, Plu'tering at the Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sen?abons when in a lying Posture, Dimness ot Vision, Dots of Webs before the Sight, Fever and Dull Patn in the Head, Deficiency of Perspiration, Yellowness of the Skin and Eyes, Pais in the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs, fee., Sudden Flushes of Heat Burning in the Flesh, Constant Imagin ing uf Evil, ;uid great depression of Spirits. THE proprietor, in culling Uie attention of the pnhti r to this preparation, does so with a feel ing of the utmost confidence in its virtues and adap tation to the diseases for which it is recommeuded. It is no new and untried articls, but one that has - stoed the test of a ten years' trial before the Atneri can people, and its reputation and sale is unrivulled by any similar preparations extant. The testimony in its favor given by the most pcomtnent and well known Physicians and individuals, in all parts of the country is immense. The following from North Caiolina is respectfully subi.itt-d, referring any who may still doubt, to my "Memorabilia," or Prac tical Receipt Book; for Farmers and Families, to be bad gratis, of a'l the Agent* (or the German Bitters. Principal Office and Manufactory, 190 Arch st., Philadelphia, Pa. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLISA. Certificate of Dr. W. Smith, qf Pine Hill, Rich inond County, N. C. Putt Hill, March 4th, 1854. Dr. C. M. Jacrson, t'hilnd* Iphit?Dear Sir: I have been .i subject of Dyspepsia, in its worst f rm, for the last five years. Such was my condition li?? twelve months that the physicians and all who saw me said I mu?t die. While in this condition. I was carried to the watering places in Virginia, 1 ennes see and North Caroliua, but was net benefited by any water to which I was taken. While on my way home, I stopped a week at Rutherford ton, a emal 1 village in North Carolina, to try the effect of some Chalybeate water in that piaoe. About the last of the week, I went into a drug store to ft some medicine for my child and myseif. There were several of the village physicians in the store, nnd one of them seemed to take some interest in my rase and, after asking me sotne questions, said he had been a dyspeptic, and had been greatly bene fitted by the use of " Dr. Hooflind's German Bit ters," prepared by yu, and he insisted that I would try the Biitwr* He also called the next day at my room, and instated so much that I would try them that I asked him to get me one bottle. He did it, and I commenced taking it as directed, and I do say I was more benefitted by it than all the water and medicine I bad ever taken. After reaching home one of my neighbors came to me for a prescription and medicine, (he a dyspep tic,) and i gave him nearly all the Bitters I had left, which effected much good in his case. He has often called on me for more of the same k nd of medi cine, saying he was more benefitted by it than any other he had taken, but I have not been able to get any more for him or myseif there fore, please ship me a dozen or more as soon as pos sible. Respectfully yours, W.SMITH. D. R. HOOKER, Roger's Store, Wake Co., N C., October 24 1853, says:??? Having experienced very {reat benefit from 'he use of " Hoofland's Germ in titters," in Chronic Dysentery and functional de rangement of the Liver, and its concomitant evils, I am desirous of obtaining a nuantity of it for the benefit of my community. Yo? *411. therefore, pleas'1 send a lot, he. he. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. ATWOOD. Htntsville, Yadkin Co , N. C ,Nov. 1st, 1853. Df C. M.Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow me to ex press to you my sincere thanks for your discoveiy of a nndieine which, to say the least of it, ha-> ef fected a cure that all other medicines, that 1 have taken, have entirely failed to do. "Hoofland's Ger man Bitters" have cured me of tb? most stubborn and agrravated case of the piles that, perhaps, ever fell te the lot of man My case is not a nranger in tew community, as I am well known in this and the -urmunding counties, and can truly uy that my re covery has astounded ail my friends and relations, as I had tried everything reoommended, and nothing did me any good until I was prevailed upon to fry the Bitters. You are M liberty to make any use of this communication, for the benefit of the afflicted, you may think proper. Truly v?urs, WM. J. ATWOOD. These bitters are entirely vegetable, they invigorate and strengthi'u Uie system, never prostrate it, and can b-; used for infants as well as adults. Ft sile by respectable dealers everywhere, and by Z. D. OILMAN, Washington; J. L. RlDWELL, Georgetown; and -L It. P1EBPONT, Afexandria. mar 1?ly R* EV. JOHN LANAHAN, PASTOR OF THE , EXETER STREET, M E. CHURCH ?A strong desire to benefit the afflicted induces him thus to ccrif>. We chal cnge any other medicine to present such a mass of testimony from gentlemen and ladies of high standing of our own wed-knowu citizens, who testify of cures of COUGH, BRON CH1TIS, RHEUMATISM. DYSPEPSIA, he Baltimore, January 94th, 1855. Mesrr*. Mortimer t Mowbray : I take pleasure in sa>ing to you that I have used your "Hampton's Tincture" with very great profit. From a serious t iroat affection, my general health had become very much impaired, when I com menced U> use '-Hampton's Tincture." I found it- effects upon my genernl health most salutary.? My uervous system and digestive organs soon right ed up under its use. I nave several times recommended it to my friends, and in every case, as Tar as 1 have been in formed, they have use it with success. Yours truly, John Lanahan, Pastor Of Exeter st., M. E. Chtkch, Baltimore. BLEEDING 6FtHE LUNGS. Raleish, N. C., Feb. 8, 1855. Mestrt. Mortimer \ Mowbray : 1 do here if certify that about twelve months ago I was taken with a severe hemorrhage of the Lungs and bad four attacks of it I was advised to try Dr. Hampton's Vegetable Tincture 1 procured one boule, and after taking which, I was satisfied that I was much better ; and that, after taking the fourth bottle, 1 was entirely well, and now I enjoy as good hutlth as ever I did in my life. I can, and do, with out the least liesitation. recommend ths Tincture to allperaons afflicted in my way. Yours, Geo. W. Weakley. CURE FITS-READ ! Mere to the Sick than Gold.?Prom one of the most respectable Druggists in South Caroiuia. Charleston, S. C. Sept. 21,1853. Mean*. Mortimer h Mowrrat:?The rale of your Hampton's Vegetable Tincture is increasing every day, and everf bottle soid recommends this valua ie medicine to the afflicted. Several of our Cantera have tried it in different cases with aston timg success, and are getting it by half dozens. It has been found to be the greatest remedy for rheu matic affections, and a wonderful cure has been performed on a negro bov, suffering from Fits. 1 will furnish you with a number of certificates if you wish them 1 am, gentlemen, yours, W. G. Trott. Call and get pamphlets gratis, and see cures ol i Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dys Epsia, Nervousness and General Weakness. As x male medicine or for delicate children we believe it unequalled. Sold by MORTIMER fc MOWBRAY, 140 Balti more street, Baltimore, and 304 Broadway, N. York Chas. Stott <1 Co., J. B. Moore, D. B. Clarke, Clarke h Bowuxs, W. Elliot, and H McPhbk son, Washington ; also, by R. S. F. Ci sel, George town ; and C. C. Bejlky, Alexandria, and by Drug gists everywhere. feh 21? tt (IfATCHKS, *Y jewelry, SILVERWARE, DIAMONDS, PEARLS. FANCY GOODS, he. Itc. Ai extremely LOW PRICES, by CANF1ELD, HRO. h CO , 999 Baltimore street, Baltimore, Md. mar 14?tr \A'i PATENT AMERICAN ACCORDEONS. Several of these new and improaed instruments just received and for sale at the Music Depot o? HILBUS it HITZ. AUo. 6 doi> n of Faa's new and cMap instruction Boo**, prv-t- 26 cents. The public are anvuitd to eianinc three Ac conic ?r? h iving received the first premiums in rvr-ry rx luliit on exhibited. HILBUS M HITZ, mar M Sole AgeuU. TftEAacftv Dbpabthkht, March 5,1855. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the holder* of ?lock of ifee United States described In the fol lowing notice of 3d January last, that for the pur pose of completing the purchase of the amount therein named, this department wilf continue to purchase, upon the terms of said notice, to the ex tent of the residue of th* sum proponed not yet ob tained?aay 91,156,585 05, if said Mocks are offered an4 received here prior to the first day of June next: Treasury Department, J p n uary 3,1855. Notice is hereby given to the holders of the fol lowing described stocks of the United Stales, that this department is prepared to purchase, at any time between the date hereof and ine 1st day of Mar.'h next, portions of those stocks, amounting in the ag gregate to $1,900,000, in the manner and on the te ms hereinafter mentioned, to wit: In case of any contingent competition, within the amount stated, preference will be g ven in the order of time in which said stocks may be offered. The certificates, duly assigned to the United States by the parties who are to rec?ive the amount tnereof, must be transir itted to this department; upon the receipt whereof, a price will be paid compounded of the following particulars: 1. The par value, or amount specified in each cer tificate. 2. A premium on the stock of tile loan authoriz d by the set of July, 1846, redeemable November 12, 1856. of 2Jf per cent.; on the stock of the loan au thorized by the act of 1842, redeemable 31st Decem ber, 1862, of 10 per cent.; on the stock of the loans authorised by the acts of 1847 and 1848, a id redeem able, the former cm Ih 31st December, 1867, and the latter on the 20th June, 1868, of 16 per cent; wd on the stock of the loan authorized by the act of 1830, and redeemable on the 31st of December, 1864, (commonly called the Texan indemnity,) 6 per cent. 3. Interest on the par of each certificate from the 1st of January, 18.V>, to the date of receipt and set tlement at the Treasury, with the allowance (for the money to reach the owner) of on? day's interest in addition. Payment for said stocks will he made in drafts of the Treasurer of the United States, on the assistant treasurer at Boston, New York, Philadelphia, as tlie parties may direct. But to certificate will be entitled to the benefit of this notice which shall not be actually received nt the Treasury on or before the said l?t day of March next. JAMES GUTHRIK. mar 6?dtlunel Secretary of the Treasury. NOTICE TO FLUTISTS.?EISENBRANDT'S superior Premium Diasonic Flutes and Cla.ion ettes will be on exhibition and for sale for a few days at HILBUS k HITZ'S Music Depot. mar 19 ' DKAFNB8S CURED.-The following is taken from Scott's Weekly: DEAFNESS?We understnnd that the success which has followed the use of SCARrA'S ACOUS TIC OIL, in ca-esof Deafness, has been astonish ing, thousands of persons i nving been cured, whose cases were considered hopeless. The calls for this medicine are from all parts of the country, it being, we believe, the only aruclc before the public for the cure of that distressing diseaso. Be particular and buy of Z D. OILMAN, Wash ingtou, D. C., and S S. HANCE, Baltimore, Md.,as there is a counterfeit article in the market. feb 28??m O TEW ART'S SKYLIGHT DAGUERREAN ^ Rooms, over Gait's Jewelry Store, Pa. avenue, is where the public can have splendid pictures taken at more reasonable prices than at any other room in the city. Call early. Satisfaction always given. mar 7?lm ORNAMENTAL PAINTFRS, G. n. V ARK ELL * J. W. MANKINS, Louisiana arenue, between 6Ih and 7ft streets, Next to Yarnum's Building--, HAVING associated themselves to carry on the House, Sign, and Ornamental PAINTING ia all us branches, will be thankful to receive all or ders in their line of business, and will use every ex ertion to give sati>faction. JOBBING in Glazing and Painting promptly at tended to. Give us a trial. inar 27- tf W1 C. WAU.H1N Kit, WATCHMAKER, NEW WHEELS, PIMOVS, AND EVERY KIND OF REPAIRS TO WATCHES, No. 330 Pennsylvania Avenue, (Between Ninth and Tenth streets,) mar26? lm* WASHINGTON, D. C. A GREAT BARGAIN. E have one of Knabe, Gaehle 3t Co.'s Louis XIV. style beautiful rosewood 7 octave PI ANOS, which has been slightly damaged and which we are now authorized to sell at a great bagain. Terms of j ayrnent made easy. . JOHN F. ELLIS, Piano, Music and Stationery Store, mar 39 ~ 300 Pa avenue, near 10th ft. DENTISTRY. RB. DONALDSON, Dentist, late of the firm of . Hunt Ik Donaldson, continues to manufacture ami insert those beautiful porcelain te*th, with or without gums,' for specimens of which (made ar.d de posited by the late firm) was awarded the first premium at the Mechauics' Institute Fair, recently held in this city These teeth are caped and shaded to suit each particular case, and tneir resemblance lo the natu ral organs is so perfect as to deceive the most prac tised eye. Particular attention also paid to filling and pre serving the natural teeth. Charges moderate and all operations warranted. Office southwest corner Seventh and I) s s.? en trance on D. mar 21?6m TAKE NOTICE. NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. PW. BROWNING, Merchant Tailor, under a the United States Hotel, has just received a large supply of Spring aud Summer Goods, and is now prepared to offer great bargains to all in want of good and fashionable clothing. His " Ready made Clothing " will be sold at the following low prices: Whole suits, Coat, Pantaloons, and Vest, of thin cloth or cassimere, for $12. Fine Black Frock and Dress Coats, from $10 to .$15. Good Business Coats for $7. Black and Fancy Pants, tiom $ 1 to $7. Marseilles nnd Silk Vests, from $2 to $5. He keeps always on hand a large assortment o( fancy articles, such as Shirts, Gloves, Cravat, Um brellas, kc. "Sole Aient for the sale of Scott's Fashions.' mar 19?tj. TO THE LADIES. MISS 8 J. THOMPSON lis now prepared to show our largel and well selected stock >f Millinery! which she has just opened, of the la test styles which we are selling at the lowest prices, and we cordially invite the ladies to call early and have the first selections. We would also respectfully call their attention to our large and hand handsome stock of Fancy Goods PHtawry. Gloves, Hosiery, kc,. which wc can sell at uuusualiy low prices. HUTCHIN80N fc MUNRO, No. 310 Pennsylvania avenue, First door west of Walter Harper & Co.'s. mar 28? NOTICE r BUILDERS AND HOUSEKEEPERS. Having made large additions to our stock and arrangements for a constant supply, we now offer, at m'idera'e prices, for cash, ? good assortment of Buildiug Materia'* and House furnishing articles, fiich as ? Butts, fast and loose Joints of all sizes Parliament Hinges, Patent Blind Hinges A variety of strap Hinges Gimlet Point Screws, Brass and Iron B >lts Axle Pullies, Patent Sash and Blind Fastenings A variety of Mortice, Rim and other Locks A complete assortment of Carpenter's Tools Pocket and Table Cutlery, Spades, Forks Hoes, Garden Tools, Charcoal Furnaces, Cooking Stoves Grates, Coilins's improved Parlor Stove, a very com plete arrangement for heating a number of rooms , Wooden Ware, a good variety of Brushes, Brooms, Bird Cages Probably the best assortment of Children's Gigs to be found In the District Patent Vcnula ing Refrigerators, for convenience and utility the best article ever offered in any market To all of which we invite the attention of our fhends and the public. JOHNSON, GUY & CO., Pa. avenue, between 10th and llih Ms. ap3?eo3t PERRY'S AND GILLOTT'S STEEL FENS various kinds and sizps, bought in per.-on ff0m the iiukrrs and warranted g> nuiue. mat 6 FKA.VOK TAYLOR. GBAND CITIO AJIO MILITARY BILL or THE WASHINGTON YAGERS. BASTJCH NOHD\r, April 9 1855. AT CARUSrS SAuOON. THE WASHINGTON YAGBR8 respectftilly An nounce to ibeir friends, both civtc and military that their next ball will be pvrn oa MONDAY NIGHT, April 9th, at UariM '* Saloon. The Committee of Apaog-menta pledg* them selves to use every effort to make the Ball pleasant and agreeable m all whe may favor them with thir company, and haw nodoybi abaU stake every one feel at home. Weber's fine Cotitfm Bu4 will be present and perform some of thek finest pieces of music. Ticket* ft 50?to te had of the Committee of Ar rangements alMf at ttr door on the night of the ball. Otmmiitm of Arrangement*. N Happ, J Ba-her, M Ruppel, P Sehweitzer, ? Veidt, F Miller, F Berg< nsfcauwn, J Angennar.n, mar 31?dth em .id mlaiEirs awd civic ball ? II GIVEN BT TBI ColumbU Fire Company F o. 1, At JACKSON HALL, EASTE ^MONDAY NIGHT, Apnl Mi, 1856. 'I HE menrtK. - of the Company pledge themselves I that notbiiifc will be left undone to make it one of the best balls of the season. Professor Louii Weber's celebrated Cotillon band has been engaged for the'occasion Firemen are riquested to appear in uniform. No hats or cars will be allowed in the hall except those worn by lremen. Ticket* ONI DOLLAR?admitting: one gentle I man and ladies to be hail at the principal hotels, j and at the doo on the evening of the ball. EXICUTIVE COMMITTEE. Tbos. Young. Jas Low, Thos. Dwyer, Jas Marin, Isaac Beers. Reception Committee. Jas Martin, Jas Coleman, G F Smallwood, T E Young, H Purdy, K Harrison, F H Sage, A McDermott, M Marceron, I Beers, C Robinson, Jos Marcerm, P J Fniis, D VV Jarboe. mar 20,23^429,31,Apr^,3,4.5,6,7,&.9 COM3 ONE! GOME ALL! ! GRABD MLITARY AND CIVIC BALL!I or THE SCOTT GUARDS, Ar CARUSl'S SALOON, THUB8DAY, Ap II 19,1855. fpHE SCOTT GUARDS respectfully announce to 1 their friends and the public generally that th< y will give a bal on THURSDAY, April l-2th, 185i, at Carusi s Siloon, for the purpose of aiding the corps in purclasing their arms. The entire success of ou r first ball inspires us with renewed confidence, and we pledge ourselves to use ev ry ejert.on in eur power to mak*- this, our second effort, ?qual if not superior to the first. J'ickets $1 ap 5.7.9,10 11 M2? THE COMMITTEE. FIRST ANNUAL BALL or THE MARION RIFLES, AT CAKUSTS SALOON, ON MONDAY EVKXINO, Ap'l 16. 1655. rrHE Comtrittee of Arrane??nionts have much 1 pleasure in announcing to the <riends of the Company and the public the First Annual Hall (if th>* Marion Rifies as above Frederick Pn>s|>en's celebrated Cotillon Band has been engaged. Tickets $1 admitting a gentleman and ladies to be had at the u-ual places, of the Committee and at the door on the evening of the Ball. All persons other than'Mil.tary, arf^requested n<"l to wear thoir hats or caps in the Hall rooin The Ball will be opened with the "Marions' Grand Match," (comp?t-?d for the occasion,) at 9 o'clock. Committee of vfrraneerr.evU. capt r !*l Sbcckt II, Sgt J L Fuxwell, Lt J B Sears Set S Gait, Ensign W J Walker,. Stft W H 11 Towers. ap9?eo3t&<1tb (Organ) WILLARD'S HOTEL, Old Point Comfort, Va. TMIE Proprietors take great p eas-ire in informing I their many friends and the public generally that j this magnificent Summer Hotel is now being fitt d up in the mo?t modern and comfortable style tor the | c ming season. The house will be opened on the fir. t of June, with nothing left unprovided that may promote the coa.fort and happiness of its guests. The proprietors also take much pleasure in ?aymg that th.-y will be prepared and happy to acconuno date from the first of May any who may favor them with a ?all Board per day $2 00 By the week, per day 150 By the month, per day 1 95 Baths free for the guests. ap 2?tf C. C. VVILLARD k BROS. I REFRIGERATORS, WATER COOL ERS, ICE CREAM FKEEZERS, Ike. RECEIVED this day asepply of WatermanV Patent Ventilated REFRIGERATORS, univer sally acknowledged to be the best Refrigerator ever presented to th>; public. Austin's Patent Magic Ice Cream Freezer, war ranted to produce a superior Cream in five minutes. Water Coolers, all sizes, together with a general assortment of House Furnishing Goods, all of which will be sold at reduced prices. C. W. BOTELER. ap 4?ec6t Iron Hall. PATENT ICE PITCHER. THIS PITCHER U similar in appearance, and equally convenient to those in common u*e, but is so constructed lliat when the cover is down every part of its contents is doubly enca*ed from the at mosphere, the effect of which is that one and a half pounds of ice placed in three pints of water will last nearly seven hours, whereas, the same weight H ice in a like quantity and temperature of wal-f in a common pitcher, only lasts about two hours Being composed of metal, it is of course more du rable than the ordinary chiua pitcher. This, taken n co meiioii with the cor.vt nience and luxury ol always having ice-water on hand, and the immense ?aving of ice, renders it decidedly the most eco nomical pitcher now in use. For sale at the manuf cturer's retail prices by C. W. BOTELER, ap 5?eo6t Iron Hall. PICRION? WITH DKFKCTlVE vision are invited to examine my> extensive stock of all kinds of SPECTA-" CLES and EYE-GLASSES. Glasses^ of any kind, such as Cataract, Parnbola, Penscopic, Double Concave, Doable Convex, and Colored Glasses, put in at short notice, with great care, and persons in want of glasses may be sure to get those which benefit the eye. Circulars "Defective Vision," gratis at H. S KM KEN'S, 330 Pa. avenue, betw. 9Ui and 10th sts. mar 30 , HAIR WORK. ORNAMENTS of H?ir, such as Bracelets, Chat elains, Chains, Breastpins, Earrings, Finger Rincs, made to order, of any desired design. All orders faithfully attended to. Specimens may be seen at my store. II. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th st*. Mar 30 JOS. NEFF'S PREMIUM VIOLINS AND VI olincellos can be seen at our Music Depot. Amateurs and the profession are invited to call j and try these excellent instruments HILRUS A HIT7, Agents. A good Contrabass lor sale low for cash, if imtiitl diate application be made as above. mar 23 | TABLE CUTLERY, ALBATA FORKS AND SPOONS, fcc JU8T received a large assortment of superior Ta ble Cutlery of every variety. Also, every stfle of the finest quality ALBATA FORKS, SPOON'S, TEA SETS, CAKE BAS KETS, CASTORS, Ac. M. W. GALT & BRO , Pa. ave., betw. 9th and 10Ji su. mar 13? u' ~ STOP YOUR COUGHING. JUST received, pvr Adams fc Co.'s Express one case of Matllard's ?ew York Gold Medal GUM DROPS, consisting of Binana, Vanilla, Ra*pl??rry, Lemon, and HorflMMiiui flavors. Also, a complete assortment Of his celebrated Chocolates, of universal reputation and without ri\ al in the Ignited States. Tirsileat Z M P, KING'S. 865 Vermont avenue, comer i slie t. mar 10?U KVKNING STAR. THE BE4VTY OF THE DEAD. That celebrated painter, C. R. Leslie R. A., in one of his lectures, a volume of which has recently been published, re lates the following' singular facts : "I knew a man of the highest order of mind, a man of fine feelings, but of great simplicity, and, far above all, affection, who standing before the corpse of his wife, said, "It gives me very pleasurable sensatiors." And yet he had truly loved her. The lines to "The Glacour," in which the present aspect of Greece is compared to a beautiful corpse, are fa miliar to, every leader. Lord Byron, in a note to the passage, remarks that 44 this peculiar beauty remains but a few hours after death." But I have been told by those who are in the habit of making casts that on the second day the expres sion is generally improved, and even on the third day it is often still finer. 1 have, in several instances, been asked to make drawings of the dead; an<l though, in every case, I have entered the room where the body lay somewhat reluctant ly, yet I have invariably felt reluctant to quit it. At Kreutzborg, near Boun, there is a church, under the pavements of which lie, in one vault, the bodies of twenty five monks in open coffins. The dryness of the air has preserved them from de cay, though the last buried has lain there more than a century. I visited the church with a party of ladies, who at first hesi tated to descend into the abode of death. We all went down, each carrying a light ed taper, and such was the fascination of this singular scene that we lingered in it for some time. The air was perfectly pure, and we seemed to be in another world, with its own eternal interests ef facing for some time all other interests. It seems to us a mistake that death should be represented by poets or paint ers as a hideous phanton. We could not contemplate those withered faces of old men?for they seemed all old?and think of death otherwise than as a gentle friend. Their attitudes were varied, and all had a kind of grace, which, though we knew it to be arranged by their friends, seemed peifectly natural One. the gardener, had a chaplet of witherid I leaves round his head. AH were clothed ? in the dre^s of their order: and their clothes as well as their bodies, though ; the last were dried to mummies, appear ed to be little destroyed The cast, very imperfectly taken, by Dr. Antonomarchi, from the face of Napoleon, is more hand some than any bust or portrait of Liiu, and, indeed, has the look of a much jounger man than he appears in the latest portraits. This is easily accoun. cd for. Idleness had reduced the super abundant fleshiness of the lower part of his face, and brought it back ti the con dition of an early period: and death, by leaving the mouth slightly open, had de stroyed that expression of selfish deter mination which the thin, compressed lips give to every portrait of Napoleon The profile of the cast is the most per fectly beautiful profile of a man I ever saw. THS JAPANESE Two Japanese went on board the flag ship of Commodore Perry, while at the port of Simola, Japan, and requested that they might be carried to the United States, which request was refused. Some days after, an officer in passing through one of the streets, saw two men caged, one of whom called the attention of the offidflr to their condition, and thrust through the bars a board upon which was the following, as translated by the interpreter to the exhibition. It was supposed that they were the same indi viduals who were a'terwards, it was said, executed at the capitol. 44 Wheif a hero fails in his purpose, his acts are then regarded as those of a vil lain and robber. In public we have been seized and pinioned, and darkly impris oned for many days; the village elders and headmen treat us disdainfully, their oppressions being grievous, indeed; there fore, looking up while yet we have no thing wherewith to reproach ourselves, it must now be seen whether a hero will prove himself to be one indeed. 44 Regarding the liberty of going through the sixty States (of Japan) as not enough for our desires, we wished to make the circuit of the five great continents; this was our hearts' wish for a long time. Suddenly our plans were defeated, and we find ourselves in a half-sized house, where eating, resting, sitting and sleep ing are difficult, nor can we find our exit from this place. Weeping we seem as fools, laughing as rogues?alas! for us, silent we can only be. (Signed,) 44 Isauh Koo-der Kwa-nou Mange." Every one in Japan is not only a spy on his neighbor, but members of families exercise an espionage over one another. They were, therefore, discovered by the Japanese authorities, and their fate was as above stated.?American Beaton. PETEB 1UKKS IN TROUBLE Numerous have been the complaints recently preferred against mock auction eers by strangers in this city, who have been taken in and done for. Since the present Mayor came into office, these com plaints have been of much more frequent occurrence than before, and in most cases the money has been returned to the vic tim by the interference of the Mayor and police. In some instance !, however, the funks have objected to giving up the money to the victims where they have though; pro per to prefer a complaint, as above stated. A case of this kind was developed at the Mayor's office, a shoit time since, the particulars of which are stated to be as follows: It seems, from the affidavit of John Kirkpatrick, of Newark, N. J., that he, in company with John Murpby, of the same city, were walking through Chat ham street, and hearing suue person THE WEEKJiY 8TA.R. Ttato ?irirMml raaaM? mm4 Km Jownl ? ow tainiac ? P?aw? of latereaueg f*adtn? tbui can be foend ra any other?1? pabtutod or Pauirday Single oopy, par MM fl ?S TO OLTM. WW S W TWI ^ 1111 | , ||fc gig r ?? | w * to.. ?. ?? ?????? m??m ??i??i ? ? ??.....? C*?H, UTtkUKT Ul itTlMa. Q&- 8;afle copiea (In wrapper*) can be praearH at the counter, taamMUirly after the tuu* ef Um paper. foea?Taaas eatrra. raaTaarrcaa who act a* a|wi wm be tttmm i a c >naau?j?a? <*twenty per c??t. crying 44 going. going. gone!" inside of a store in Chatham street opposite, the Park, they were induced to step inside. Upon en t. ring the store some person ap peared tc be offering for sale eu-iaia watches, upon which be (Mr. Kirkpat rick) was induced to hid, whereupon ?ne of them was declared his. for SI2, which he paid to another individual, who was acting in the capacity of a clerk to the auctioneer. While in conversation with the sup posed clerk, he (the clerk) took the watch for which Mr. K. had paid his 812, and handed it to the auctioneer, who resold it for $2, and upon being remonstrated with for such conduct, they told him (Mr. K.) that the watch was not worth more than SI, and desired him to par chase a good one for ?40. To this pro position Mr. K. objected, and demanded either the watch he had purchased, or the return of the money, neither of which propositions the auctioneer or his clerk would consent to give him, unless he would at once purchase the $40 watch, and also that ho would eive them $28 additional. Upon swearing to the above facts be fore Justice Osborne, a warrant was is sued for the arrest ef the parties impli cated, who were speedily brought before the Justice, There the defendants the names of Charles Toppan and Alonzo W aierman. They were held to bail for further ex amination in the sum of $500 each ; and i? order that ;he matter should not be settled by a compromise between the parties, whereby the ends of justice are often defeated, the witnesses were required to fiad security in the sum of two hun dred dollars, to appear and prosecute the case. From the zeal manifested lately, we judge it to be determined to root them out.?AT. Y. Express. THZ ALPS. My first view of the Alps was at Berne. I had taken a walk towards evening to the " Engischo Promenade," as it if called, a mile or so from the city: Thenoe a fine view of the city is obtained, with its towering cathedral steeple, and the ambergris- colored Aar winding around it as almust to insulate it completely from the main lard. I head seated my self, taken a cup of coffee, and bread and hon^y, was observing the people and the scenery, and occasionally coring my eyes in the direction of some huge white clouds, which seemed to hai.g heavily ca the eastern horizon. The thought oc curel to me if those clouds wi,re but mountains how jnagnificent would they be; they would b? beyond ail couoop tion or all description ; they would sat isfy the most intense yearnings of the imagination ; they would fi 1 foreverthat great desire of the miud to feel, if only on^e, an impression of the purely sub lime. I listened to the uiumc tor naif *u hour, sauntered around under the trees, and then strayed along the proiucnade a little farther on, away from the crowd ; but my eye still continued, from time to time, to fasten itself involuntarily in t^e direction of those white clouds. They were the most unchangeable clouds I had ever seen : and the impression gradually gew upon me that there was sotra.hmg unnaturally hard and angular in their outline. Can these, then, be mountains ? I confess this thought, as it first darted into my mind, occasioned a kind of trem bling and sinking through my whoie frame. Is it possible that those clouas in heaven, so white, so ethereal, so high above other clouds, that4these are moun tains ? 1 wo peasants were coming along at the time, their coats and scythes under their arms. I walked up to them and said, '* Will you tell me if those clouds there are ieally clouds or mountains ?'' They looked at me with some astonish ment for an instant, either at the energy of the action, or the singularity of the question, and then with a bow answered, ?? Mountains, sir, to your service." And there they were, indeed, the Alps? the high Alps, like the imperishable white pillars of God's throne, piercing into heaven, encrusted with a pure mar ble of snow, and faintly tinged with a ruby light, as if it were the smile of the Almighty. I had seen enough. I felt silent, and bowed before the greatness of the works of God.?Provxdenu Journal. Beautiful Extrict.?The following beautiful paragraph we extract from the address delivered before the graduating class of Kutger's College by the Hon. Theodore Frelinghuysen, and eotnmcnd it to the perusal of the young : " Resolve to do something useful, hon orable, dutiful, and doit heartily. Repel the thought that you can, and therefore you may, live above work and without it. Among the most pitiable objects in society is the man whose mind haa learned how to think, and the value of his immor tal powers, and with all these noble faculties cultivated and prepared for an honorable activity, ignobly sits down to do nothing ; with no influence over the public mind ; with do interest in the conceras of this country, or even his neighborhood ; to be regarded as a drone, without object or character, with no hand to iift and no effort to put forth to help the right or defeat the wrong. Who can think with any calmness of such a mis erable career ? And, however it may be with yoff in active enterprise, never per mit your Influence to go into hostility to the cause of truth and virtue. So live that, with the Christian poet, you may truthfully say that u 'If yoor country ttan<! noi by yoflr skill, At leva', yoaf f??lhea ha?? aot wrought her tail.' " A remarkable rel;gious interest it reported to exist among the Lithuanians in Germany, in connection with the la bors of Biptist missionaries. Six Luth eran missionaries from Germany arrived recently in Texas, to labor among the German Lutheran population, there being a great need of pastors there.

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