Newspaper of Evening Star, April 6, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 6, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. *V A SIII ^QTQN PIT Y: Mai . FTKSFOOW Aprils AoyiETiaBKMirTS should be handed in by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may not appear until the next day. Wri.IT OF THX Mji.di?0 PiESS The Union it altogether upon the different point* of the Cuban question to-day. The editor regards Mr. Scale's account of the plot of Louis Napoleon, to send a secret agent here te ascertain how far the Doited States are mi serable politically an 1 in a military point of view. Ac , *o.. a? true beyond a question, as *( Mr. Soele makes this communicntion to his Government uj or. his official and pergonal re sponsibility ; and this i? an ample guarantee that toe information is in all respec's reli able." The InttJUg'*csr publishes a translation of ha CroHico * version of the recent proceed ing* in the Spanish Cortes relative to the fu ture of Cuba, and takes occasion to explain that the originally published translation of a portion ef what ihe Minister of State said on that occasion is incorrect,?that translation having represented him as declaring that '-the island of Cuba cannot continue to be an integ ral part of the Spanish territory4c. When, on the contrary, he said that the island " cat; never enu? to be an integral part of the Spaa ish territory bat by one of two modes," Ac The Elections The result of the recent electlets may be summed up as follows: the Know Jiothi^ir* v?- .? licit nkvu? island and Connecticut by handsome majorities. In the municipal elections of Ohio, they have car tied Cleve land by b??me i>00 majority, and lost Cinoia nati (which they carried last fail by about <000 majority.) by about 800-c-untirg the votes polled in the Eleventh aad Iwelfth or Thirteenth Wards, where the ballot boxe* were destrojed. In the other cities of that State they seem to h-vo gained about njmuoh in one us they loie in another. In Virginia they have gained in Richmond some 250' voter over the majority for Scot, when Pierce car ried the State by ?T 009 votes, moro or les>? In Lynchburg their majority is 9, which is279 less than when Pierce oarriel the State, as abevo ex pi aire J 1ir According to a full statement of the nuiobar of H^gs packed in the West this year, there is a fal'u g off in the number as compared with Itct year of 349 000 head, and in the nutn ber of round* equal to 443 000 The orop is 20 per en' less than last year, and 2* per cent h eavicr tbsn that of the previous season A new hotel is soon to be opened in Broadway. New York?the Brartdre'h Hons?, at the correr of Lispenard. Canal and Broad. *?y. I>r Brandre h, of pill memory ard ref - utation, owes the blcck and this building, jt-si completed. together with the furniture of the hotel, costs him over $000 000. tyA new (team fl-e engine has been in vented ami recently tes ed in Cincinnati, which it is said, throws all others, of whatever kind, in theshade. I; way prepared for opur aticn in fourteen minu'es and the maximum rate of throwing was 235 fee', through an inch and three-eighth ncxzel. T3TThe grand Jury of New York brought in u bill of indictment against Adam Luta for hiring a person, name unknown, to beyoLd tho limits of the Unhod SUles, with intent to be enlisted in the service of the Queen of Greet Britain, lie hai sincc been arrested. 13TA Sailor s Letter from the Crime*, thus describes the furkuh camps: ' Some of these mud hu:s are highly finished off; fjr instance, we saw one with a glass window, one with a chimney, and one with a woooden door, to wni:h was suspended by a piece cf string, a '**fe stone for a knocker." felTA glass factory at Roccocos Creek, N. J., was blown down by the gale on Monday' and seven or eight persons we>e killed iy The operative strike ape ears to have aubetfed. On Monday, the Amoskeag was running about two tbi.dsofall its works, and one half on the Manchester and Stark mills .... General Fruto Chamorro, President of the Republic of Nicaragua died on the morn ing ot ?he 12 h of Marcn at the hacienda of Qufu-dpj. whitLer he had gonain the forlorn , |e *4/e5U5l?c*tirg a system worn cut bv long ew'cued illness, added to the erea es; exerticrs exercsed in behalf ef the Govern ment wa:ch bad made him its chief, and a^ai .it a ktring revolu'ionary party, most of whom it is alleged, had comc from a hitherto .riendly J>tate to effect his overthrow. .... J. W. Fabens, United State* Commer cial Agent for San Juan, arrived at New York It mi u..dI-rstood that be will return to his post on the 12 h * .... A subscription has been opened by the miny frier,da of the late Barnabas Bates to ?srect a handsome monument to hie memory in Mount Auburn D?ar Boston, where he is buned. Th sgentleman, it will be recollected, for ,en jean intimately associated in the grea. movement for cheap postage .... Aaron Rogers, of Newbury, Masi , a soldier of the revolution, and supposed to be tte oniy survivor of the guard who was on do<y at the time that Andre was executed died on Saturday,?ged 94. .... Rev. John A Broadu.*, pastor of the Baptist church in Charlottesville, has been elec ed Chaplain of the University of Virginia . ...Senator B odhead, of Pennsylvania, is on a visit to New Orleans. ....Col Green, oi the Boston Post, sailed in tha Atlantic yesterday for Liverpool. ....The Rev. Bishop Baker, one of the Bi-htps <>f the Methodist Episcopal Church, baa left New York for California, tbe sconc of his labors ....A relapse has taken place In the health <1 Mrs I>aniel Webster, her nervous system .V"2J 6?n*rally sustained a severe shock, ssi the tfficts of her lata accident. As yet she is net entirely free from danger A German count named*Zeigenhorn, shot himself in the head with a pistol at Al. bany, oa the 2d inst., by which he was so much injured as to render his recovery doubt ful. Cause unrequited love. Seventeen peersdied in England during tha year 1854, and the changes in the House of Commons amounted to 47, or about 7 J per cent, on the number of members. * ... ? Capt. F. F. Wynn, of the schooner John Bushel!, from Plymoutn N C . dird vary suddenly on board of his vessel, whieh was moored ut Calvert street wharf, Baltimore, be tween 10 and 11 o'clock, on Wednesday night. J. S Orr, profanely called tha "Angel Gabriel")^ hat issued a proclamation from Gla?gov. Scotland. His design is to free down trodden h unxenity. W?M!16T0* NEWS tSD GOSSIP. British Recruit* for the Crimea ?We con tinue from yesterday's Star our artiole upon thia subject. Whilst referring to the deplorable condl tioa of the English Government at thil eon juncture, end its still sadder prospect for the future; and whilst presenting the suggestion that it Is the United States of America only that oan possibly avert the ultimate destruo* tion of the British Empiie; and that a neocs aity may probably arise for the rendition of our assistance within the next ten years; we would also asiure the Englbh people that if they aet rightly they may confidently rely on suoh aid. Whether England is assailed by Russian or Austrian payonetr, ot the treachery of their present Imperial ally when he has u<ed her best blood sufficiently to answer bis ends, it will be all the same. If our old country kin will, when the orisis comes, smotber a little of their false pride, and appeal ojwn'y and above board and in a respectful and friendly and proper way to the Amerioen people for help in their calamity and danger; and base that appeal solely on the ties of an cient conaenguinity, or as George Canting enoe beautifully said " the ties of a oommon origin, a common language and oommon I*wa;" if they would transfer to us all of the Bahama Islands forthwith for an equivalent, and make Spain sell us Cuba for a fair con sideration, instead ef setting Lord Howden to intriguing with the Frenchman Turgot at Madrid to prevent it; if they would eeaae try in all aorta of ways, to thwart us in our honest and juii wishes at every Court, and in every place where ahe has a diplomatic functionary; at Spain, in Prussia, the Hague, in Peru, at Ayres, in the Braiils, and even in Equador, and at the Sandwich lalanda, and at Honduraa, and in "Greytowo;" and learn to '? mind their own businesa;" if they would abandon the stolen islands of " Routan," and, iifiae, if they would promiae to be neigh, borly and trade fair, and not aeck to chisel as in this place and gougi us In the other, they may rely upon it their invocation thuj becomingly made would not be unheard or unheeded. Just let Lord Clarendon ap proach Mr. Buchanan, and what we say will be verified. We uotioe the British ministry confess in Parliament th*t muskets are scarce ! Why we can provide half a million, and 150 oOO of Hartley's rifles in 30 days. What a h^ppy and glorious scene might open (if the British rulers had any gumption) to the gate ot an astonished and admiring world. Look atthe sublime spectacle ! The descendants of the Yankee rebels against George the Third ?jurying all old feuds and gallantly rallying to the relief of the worthy female, hid gracd daughter, the present Mistress of the British Empire' Oh ! it would be a theme worth} the pea of a Homer We could furnish her tens of thoaaands of volunteer toldiera and seaman, chivalrous champions on the land and on the sea, with clear heads, stout hearts and strong arms, and beef and pork and fljur and o'ho- useful things for war ; and England and the United States united could defy and repel the combined world. It will be the aalvation of England that ahe may be convinced of the practicability and necessity of such alliance When she sees it is indispenaible, wo oan pro vido her alao with what she seems to need grievously in another line. Her want of good s ate-men," up to the age, is quite aa urgent as that for good generals j.nd good soldiers Her navy, if all were aa sagacious as Napio. a-id I?un:as, will perhaps do But she needs i~tn in civil office that have sense enough to d if cover when it is wise to g-j to war, and when ' is wise to avoii it, and who will heed the "id western hunter's maiim, ? When you go on a be cartful to pick your company, a,id not go in a crowd that will claim all the gav:e and >/uarrel before the hunt is up!" 'Jaeen Victoria is really un obj.ot of syro pa hy in ter present fix She has a short sup. i Ij and bad assortment of civil and political counsellors, lacking the ability to make the wu (in whi:h ahe is joined to unsafe allies) I ?it her successful orpopular. Theyoontinually t -tray flagrant unfitneaa to manage her affahs ?nd partial changes don't mend the matter, cr over the first disgrace, or avert that whioh ia in prospect. Mr. Roebuok's quack prescrip tion ahould be put behind the Lack lew, and Koebuck aent to the Crimea in peraon to aid practically ia actual reform Politicians, office-aeekera, cliques, personal and family I are the bane of the English Government, and the true cease of the sad and disgraceful con-1 drion of the Eastern army. The Tery fiwt thing she ahould do is to kick ouAnd keep out the old fogies of ail parties and factions and c.iqaes and families, and bring forward smart aamtious, loyal young men, eschewing law! yera and fledgelings of old families about the court, and preferring those who have their for. tULes to make, honors to win, and families to tuund, as her civil counsellors And next, all her worn out, superanauatcd, effete generals, .-an* of the peninsular wars, should be re! I tired All the Lords Eitsflunkey and Fita I fogy, Mark Spoouey's, and Sw "Forth," should I reformed, whether colonels or msjora, and J ao the dandles Sir Charles and Sir Julius, and :he likes of the Hon. Mr Squirt, or Mr. Bios I stom, or of tiarry Primrose, Esq., who may be captains or lieutenants, ahould be given leave to oome home. Put in their stead country-bred I men, who know how to get over a fence with-1 out tearing tneir breeches, who krow a mule from an ox, and oan endure hardships without wilting, and who will have a feeling heart for their fellow soldiers, and especially won t butt their heads against a atone wall till they have ascertained the comparative thickness of the subjects of ooliiaion. City bred, ball-room, dandy eiquiaitea, even if nobly born, igth all the laudation and juifo that oan bo got into the newspapera by being paid for, will never make good soldiers, and especially successful commanders I Brother Jonathan can apare (juecn Victoria, if ahe will aak, the tervioes of a Scott, and a' Jesup, and a Wool, and a Persifer Smith, and a Harney, and a May, end a full regiment! more just as good, for their army; and a Stew, art, and a Morris, and a Shubrick, and a Kearney, and a Perry, and an Ingraham, and a II oil ins. and hundreds more for their navy, all worthy to serve with Napier and Dundas, because they are ?? prudent as well as brave;'' aud in the plaee of her present imbecile red tape, blathering civil and political counsellors, I every State in the Union could provide a score I of flrat rate men. Why don't her Majesty make the propoaition? We send her this and yesterday's star by the next steamer for her D "J? uu"P?n> though we suspect that Lord almeraton'a feara and apprehensions will in duce him to keep it out of her right. I Now, in all thia business there is one thing that is to be distinctly understood: Our coun try insists on being unequlvooally impartial; I for impartiality it justice. Soma of oar peo pie think the lata Caar fight, in part for tha i Christian religion, and free trade, and free seas, and they ara in favor of ell three of theee doctrinee; and his treaty, that free ships should naka free proods, hai htlped'him won derfally In their good ofinUn; and othera don t like the sight of four or fire fellows pitching into one* If thaXrhnean fight is in any sense to be considered a ? free fight" for all comers and goers, it mast be really free as to all parties, and every one shoald be at lib arty to take the side ha likei best If the young gentleman who ia now Char or Emperor of Russia (we believe his name is Aleck, and learn he is quite an agreeable men) shoald conoeive that ha is about gettiag into serioas 'rouble, he, too, is at perfeot liberty to profit by the hints we hare above gIvM. And| deed, we would Suggest to oil, that in order to .r^are the fighting being Mttll done each one cf the belligerents?Russia, Turkey, Kranoe> 'England, Kgypt, Sardinia, and Austria (if aha r?illy is "?? the ciotcd"? should send for a few prime pattern Yanhea b'hoya to teach them how te do it. They wouli repeat to them, in dauble quick time, Louisburg, Lexington, Bunker's Hill, Saratoga, Trenton, Princeton, Monmouth, Brandywiue, Kutaw, Yorktown liridgewatar, .Niagara, Chippewa, Lundy's Line. Plattsburg, Champ'.sin, Erie, New Or leans, Resaca, Palo Alto, Monterey, Baena Vista, Vera Crux, Cerro Cordo, Contreras, Churubuaco, Chepulfepeo, aid Mexico over again. And their sweethearh at home seed not be apprehensive, for there u no doubt th-y would hare sense enough not to shoot one another as long as there was acybody else to shoot. Bat badinage apart, we have referred to the attempted British enlistments in the United - ?2tea, because we wish to put ou record the vigilant efforts of the Federal officers to en force our neutrality laws, becave we wish the British pre-s to preserve their onsistenoy, by giving them due oredit therefore; and because wt ere furnished a complete aniwer to British ta?!-. c that the Yankees are disposed to med dl> tho affairs of the OKI Wold. And we have still another notive for this reference, whioh is, that it gives us occasion to express our opinion of the miserible folly and ?inpidiiy of the British rulers ii not having discovered before this that thy have hun dreds of millions of a ores of valuable vacant lands in their provinces on this lontinent and ia the East Indies and in Austrriia, which, if they had a spark of practioal common sense, they could use to arouse the sltggiah patriot ism and awaken the dormant Ityalty of their masses to Gil at once the ranks o.' their armies. Lot them follow the example >f the United States and donate to each Britah subject, as a bounty for enlistment for thr-;e years, five hundred acres of these lands, besides pay, ' k'ng? and subsistence, and ranspartation with their families, if any, to tie lands, and farther subsistence for six months at the end of the term of service, and depend upon it one himdred thousand reoruits will effar them selves in thirty days. Suoh a course would transform thousands of their ndigent and wretched agricultural " lower clasies" into respectable, because independect freeholders, w:!h bright prospects for themselves and their uescendants, instead of the pentry and cheer less gloom they now only see in the future. It would transport them into countries where the old English virtues could be cherished, because in their new residence the oomforts and enjoyments of life would not be exclu sively monopolised by the nebly born or wealthy few W hy this neglect in England of the labor irg classes ? Are they only cared for as they may contribute to the ease of the aristocracy? C.innct it be seen that the polioy indicated would promote the interests ef all classes? The military oapital possessed by the British Government in its wild lands would, if pro perly used, increase its military capabilities and streng'h three fold, and this with but lit tle additional expense. When will the British aristocracy learn wisdom?when will the les sons of history oease to be lo3t upon them ? j Metternich once said the British nobility owed a heavy dobt to the people whioh would some time be exacted from them; and for this Palmers ton sent him out of England. The ?? time he predicted is fast approaching, on '.as 'he nobility take warning and adopt pre ventives. Whan the disease once seises the body politic of England, there will be no cure. The aristocratic pillars of tho Bri-ish consti tution and the power and influence of the no bility will have departed?will crumble into | rains The measure we have suggested is ene of the best, because one of the easiest preven tives that can be adopted. John Ball might likewise if* really anxious to bo philanthropic towards eertain of bis faithful and valuable subjects in Jamaoia and thereabout, he could use them profitably in the approach'ng tommer campaign against Sebas topol, and when the war is ended, eoloniie those that survive it at the Cape or in Sierre Leone He might better their oaDdition, and it could not be made worse This hint is worth reflecting upon by the Privy Council and the War Minister. The Africanixatioa of Cuba ?We are in duced to place little oonfidenoe in the version which the Spanioh Government's organ in New ^ork; La Crovica, gives of the recent remarks oi M Lusuriaga, tho Spanish' Minis ter of State, in the Cortes upon tha fatare in tentions ef Spain with reference to slavery in Cuba. Accoants of any such affair so widely different from the truth as theirs would be if that of La Cronica were true, would instant ly co*t their Madrid correspondents their ?everal places. They have no inducement to misrepresent tha speech in question, while La Cromea has, as the oonduotors of that journal know well that if the other journals are oor rect a storm will sooner or later arise in tha United States which will be likely to cos: Spain Cuba. W e fear, therefore, that it i? misstating the truth, and that the Spanish Government, having cunningly waited until our Congress separated, and being under the impression that the next American House of Representatives will surelv b. uu .l.v.r, and opposed to th. ?,nUiuoo of Cob., tun ?t length formally broKhod the Ktemeof rerenge against tho Cubans for their under tha Spanish ,oke, which the? h"' long ,n.tained in oono.nln.ent W. .ball bylsd ind?d, ,f lhii inn out differently, thongh ?. confo.. ,h.t j,.t no. our fear. in thi. oonnnotion sr. much strongw than our hopes. ^ Mr. Wadaworth Hainan?, of Bt Uul. Mo., 10 * 4'" oU" clerkship ($1,200) in th. offlo. of th* Adjutant (loners! Tioe John MoN.b, appoint.! . Untenant in tha Tenth Infantry. Estrampee Garroted!?The United States steamer Fulton, Lieut. Mitohell in command, arrived at Norfolk, V*., yesterday morning, having left Havana 01 Saturday last, the list nit., three hours after the execution of Don Francisco E strum pes, acitisen of the United States, whieh took plaoe that morning. It will ho roeoiloetod that tbo Amorioan Consul, Mr. Robertson, p otestod again?t the oondnot of the Spenish authorities, in not al lowing Estrampes the benefit of the terms of the treaty after admitting him to bo entitled to the protection of this Government. lie (Et'rampes) was put " in capillar 6a Ftiday morning, on whieh day Commander Kngle and Lieut. Mitohell visited him. He was perfectly calm, and was smoking. He reoeived them with a smile, and with as muoh urbanity as though preparing to bo married rather than oreouted. Priests were with him, and were kind and attentive to blm. There was a great multitude at his execu tion, a large number of troops being present. After the fatal instrument was fastened upon bis neok, he exolalmed in Spanish, an instant before the fatal turn waa given to tho lover, in a voice so loud as to make him hoard distinotly by the large crowd, above tho sound of drums, " Liberty for ever! Death to all kings!" fie acknowledged tho offenoe for wbioh ho was executed, and justified it?gloried in it as an effort to strike a blow forolvil liberty. Wo owe many thanks indeed to Lieut. Com manding John K. Mitehell, U. 8. N., for the promf tness with which ho has put us in pos session of these interesting details, and also of late files of Havana newspapers. Clerical Appointmenta and Promotions ? James Reid, of Distriot of Columbia, has been appointed a first class clerk in the Sixth An ditors Office (of the Post Offioe Department,) at $1,200 per annum. John Bedell, of New Hamp?hirc, has been promoted to be a third class clerk ($1,600 pe(, annum) in the office of the First Comptroller, vice Col. L. L Taylor, of Miss., removed. William Stickney has been appointed to fill tho vacancy occasioned by Mr. Bedell's pro motion. A. B. Claxton, of the Distsiot of Columbia, has been appointed a first class clerk, ($1,200 per annum,) vioe Wm. Stickney, promoted. United States War Ships Arrived ?The U. S ship Portsmouth Commander Dornin, ar rived atNorklk, Va , on Wednesday last, from the Pacific. All well. The U. 8. brig Perry, Lieut. Commanding Fairfax, returned into Hampton Roads on the same day, leaking. It will be recollected that she sailed from Norfolk ten days before bouud for tho coast of Africa. The U. 8. war steamer Fulton arrived at Norfolk on Wednesday night, also. She is just from Havana, after her cruise to learn something of the lost "Albany." Nothing was heard of that ship. The following is a list of the Fulton's officers, vis : Lt Commanding?J. K. Mitohell. Acting Mas ter-Watson Smith. Purser?Maroy. Assist ant Surgeon?Dungan. Passed Midshipmen? Cummings, Wilson, Irwin, Weaver. 1st As sistant Engineers?Long, Quin, Barker, Wood en, Kimball. Captain's Clerk?8. L. Leecti. All well on board the Fulton. Lieut. Mitchell bears dispatches for the State Department. The Proposed Search in tho Arctic Seaa for the Kane Expedition ?The steamer (pro peller) wbioh is to form one of the ve tela of Lieut. Uartstien's Arctic expedition is being fi ted out with great energy at the Philadel phia Navy Yard. She will be ready to take her departure from the Delaware as early as the 15th proximo, to sail finally from New York on the 1st of Juno. Lieut. Hartstien is now in Washington arranging with the de partment points oonoerning tho personnel of the expedition. 'The Naval Medical Boird ?now in ses sion in Philadelphia, have concluded tho ex amination of the candidates for promotion to the grade of Passed Assistant Surgeons. There were five in number, and are all understood to have passed. The candidates for admis sion?some 25 or 30 in number?are now to bo examined. Tbo board is expected to be in session for a month or so longer. Promoted and Transferred ?As intimated in our paper yesterday, Joseph 8. Wilson, Esq , has been promoted to be ohief olerk in the Qeneral Land Offioe, vioe Dr. Chas. 8. Fraily, resigned. This promotion, it strike* us, in creases the labors of Mr. Wilson, without in creasing his salary. Dr. Frailey has been appointed to a clerk ship in the offioe of the Secretary of the Inte rior at 1,800 per annum. Mr. John Hood has been transferred from the fourth class clerkship to whiohDr Frailey has been appointed, to be the ohief olerk of the new Bounty Land division in the Qeneral Land office, at $2,000 per annum. Promotions and Appointmenta in the V. 8. Revenue Xatino Servioe.?Second Lieu tenant Joseph Amaseen to be first lieutenant, vice W. N. J. Godwin, resigned. Third Lieutenant Henry C. Hunter to bo seoond lieutenant, vioo Joseph Amaseen, pro moted. Samuel B. Caldwell, of Contcctiout, to be a third lieutenant, vioe Hensy C. Hunter, promoted. George Walden, of Maine, to bo a third lieutenant. Transactions in the Treasurer s Office.? The following are the transactions of tho money branch of tho Treasurer's offioe for Thursday, April 5, 1855: On account of disbursing officers? P?id?86 checks on 24 accounts.. .$42,821 22 Reoeived?3 deposits 8,702 51 On aocount of Trea?ury proper? Five drafts paid or credited to disburing ofihers....? 10,666 84 Reoeived - For 2 trans fer drafts????????? .$35,000 00 Received?For 1 other deposit...." 6 64 85,006 64 The Custom House to bo Built in Detroit, Michigan ?The Secretary of tho Treasury has just issued orders to have proposals called for the construction of tho now custom-house at Detroit, Miohigan. The Currant Operations of tho Treasury Department.?On yesterday, tho 6th April, thera were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For paying Treasury debts $16 570 It For the Customs ^ U *g? n< For oovering into tho Treasury ' from Lands , UA424 on For the War Department !!!'. 70,030 01 For repaying iu the War Depart ment f q to* ni fvc the Interior Department.....'! 'lM 17 Tke Cincinnati Flection Slots. The Cincinnati Gazette. the landing Know Nothing papar in that city, in the ooursa of remarks upon tko tubject of tha recent riot, ?aya: " No man, who uphold* law, order. and re Chilean Institutions, ean for on* moment np Id the peraona who have oommltted the cut rage upon tha ballot boxes in the Eleventh and Twelfth wardi of thi* citv We eare not what the provocation may have been?to de stroy the ballots taken at an e'ection U a grots violation of law and jaatioe. and aa anca should be punished to the fnll extent of tha statute. We know that the American party view these nets of violonoe, as We do. with un mitigated abhorrence They bare been com mitted by irresponsible individuals, who, J claiming kindred to the party, aautne to act in its name. The American party fool deeply the defeat they hare mot with, but they wish no retribution by violence and wrong They have been stricken down, but they would not rise br Illegal or dishonorable Cleans. They bide their time, and the sime will oome when the principles they uphold will ho vindicated and made to triumph in this city by force of numbers and by strength of intelligence. The supremacy of law and obedienoe to it is an Amerioan principle. Neither mob violenoa nor Its abettors will over And supporters or apologists in the men wbo form the groat | American party." Expbssbs or a Lcuislativb Visit.?A short time sinoe, the Legislature of New York made a visit to the city of that name, and were extensively entertained at Bleokwell's Island. The expense of the reoeption was $5,633 90, embracing the following items: Music, |81; cigars, $35; meat, $137; bread $14; sundries $389 33; oysters $86 76; ohampagne, $317; brandy, $S6 35; spoons, $50 35; boat $160; Astor House bill, $4,486 73 OITICIA1. Dkpartmutt or State, ) Washington. April 4th, 1636 j The following supplement to the London Gazettr of Friday, the 9th of March, 1655, has been official Iv communicated to this department: Foaztox Ornca, M-rch 10,1855. It is hereby notified that the Right Honorable the j Earl of Clarendon, K. G., her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for Foeigo Affair-, has received a desp tch from Rear-Admiral Sir Edmund Lyon*. I G. C B., commanding her majesty's naval forces ii the Black sea, dated "Royal Albert," off Sebamopol 20th February, 1855, and addressed to th* Lord* | Commissioners of the Admiralty, announcing that, in conjunction with Vice-Adumal Kruat, c ommand ing the French squadron in the Black sea, be had, ] on and from the 18th of February last, raised the blockade of the Da nub \ which was established on and from the first day of June, 1854, which was no tified in the London Gaaelte, of the 13th June. 1864, J and which ha* since been duly maintained. It is hereby notified that the cruiser* of the allied fleet are, and will remsin, stationed off the mouths of the Danube to capture aay vessels laden with articles contraband of war destined lor the use of lbs enemy. NOTICE?THE MEMBERS OF THE I First Presbyterian Church and Congrega lion, 4% street, are earnestly requested to aUi. nd the meeting for religious service at the church this evening, at 7 % o'clock. Prayer meeting at 7% and preaching at So'clock. The subject of the discourse will be directed mainly to prufeasgp of religion. It KNIGHTS TEMPLARS?The annual meeting for the election of officers of the Washington Encampment No. 1 will be held FRI DAY EVENING, at Masonic Hall, corner 9th aud I) streets, at 7 o'clock. Every member is expected to attend, and all Sir Knights in good standing are invited. C. W. BENNETT, G. C. W. J. RHEES, Recorder. ap 5?Si ,THE MONUMENTAL CLUB HAVE the pleasure of announ~ing o their friends and the citizens ol Washington generally that their fi?st Anuual Ball will be given at C.rusi's Saloon on the 25t i day of April. Particulars in future advertisement. ap 4?fit* MONTGOMERY GUARDS?YOU ARE| hrrehy notified to attend th ? regular meet ing of the company on FRIDAY EVENING,! the 6th irstant, at tha Hall of the Washington Light Infantry Particular attention is necessary on this occasion, as business of the utmost impor.ance will be trans acted By ord?r: WM. O'SULLI VAN, 8ec. ap 4?3t * SOI TH CAROLINA AND FLORIDA FLOORING. 160,000 feet Charleston % Flooring 50,(Xi0 ft. Jacksonville \ do All of superior quality, at Van Riswick's Planing Mill, and for sale in tots to suit purchasers by WATERS, ZIMMERMAN * CO . ap fi-eo3t Alexandria. Va. ROSE COTTAGE WALTZ, composed by R. T Jackson, Principal Musician Sixth Regtmtnt United States Infantry. An easy and pleasing Waltz, just published and for sale at the Music De pot of HILBUS k HITZ. ap 6 - 3t KID GLOVES.?We have just received another large lot of those fine Kid Gloves at 50 ccnts a pair. Call and get a good supply. WALL k STEPHENS, 399 Pa. avenue, next do?r to Iron HalL apfi- St II: FLOOR MATTING. Ill AVE now in store a large stock of Chineae floor | MATTING ofsnperior quality which 1 am seil ing at a very low price, having bought it in New York very early in the season, it being among the first lots arriving ami will be sold without regard to the advance in the price since. .Matting put down at bbort notice in the best man ner. L. V. CLARK, Paper hanger and Uph Isterer, 948 Pa ave , betw. 12th and 13th sts. ap 6?3t* BONNETS?BONNETS. MIS8 8. J. THOMPSON is now prepared to f urnish Ronnets of ever description at mode rate prices, and is constantly making additions to our already large and complete assortment Ladies about purchasing would do well to call and exam ine our stock, as we are sure they cannot fail to be suited as regards either style, quality, or price. Our stock of Gloves, Hosiery and Fancy GooJs is complete and worth v of attention also HUTCHINSON k MUNRO, 310 Pa. ave., betw. 9th and 10th sts. ap fl?fit NOTIOE~TO THE LADIES^ ri^HE subscriber would respectfully call the atten X tion of tbe ladies of Washington and viotmty, to her assortment of new Goods Just / opened, on Seventh st., consisting inj VHT part of? [ Straw Bonnets, Flats, Boys' Hats, latest style Bonnets, Ribbons Rich ami beautiful face and outside Flowers Newest style wire and buckram Bonnet Frames Lawns, Crapes and Silks for Bonnets i londe and other Laces Wreaths, Headdresses and Dress Trimmings Ladies' Kid, Silk and Lisle Thread Gloves Lawn, silk and caasbric Handkerchiefs Collars, Undendeeves and Chemisette And aJI good* usually to be found in a Millinery and Fancy Store. MRS. G. H.GATES, No. 308 -Seventh st., opposite R. Q. Hyatt's Dry Goods Store, ap 6?eo3t R OWVS A ?OW, MILITARY AND NAYAL MERCHANT TAILOttS, No. 212 Pennsylvania Avenne, , WOULD respectfully call the attention of their | friends and the public generally to their new stock o! Gooes just received from New York and now on exhibition?consisting of CLOTHS, CAS SIMEhES and VESTINGS, together with a_an full assortment of gentlemen's furnishing ar tides. nA They would remark that the selection was -JUL made principally by the junior partner of the firm. N. B.?They have a new style of Gloves, a*.me , thing superior, called the "JOSEPHINE KID," to which they invite particular attention. ap 6?eo3w (IntkUnion) NOTICE OF REMOVAL. NEW FURNITURE STORE?ROTH WELL k| BROWN have removed their House Funrtli ing 8tore to the large and handsome building on 7th street, next to OdJ Fellows' Hail, where we have , for sale a large and varied assortment of elegant per-1 lor, chamber and Cottage Furniture. Also, Car pe tings. Oilcloth, Door Mats Glass and China Ware, Clocks in variety Wooden Ware, Basket Ware, Velocipedes Children's Carriages, Rocking Horses Mattresses of hair, cotton and shuck .Office Tables, Desks, Chairs, kc. Japanned Tin Ware andiBathing Apparatus They will keen constantly for sale a full assort ment of house furnishing Goods, and will sell on tiie most favorable terms. ap 6?eola FARINA BOILKRO.all sizes, for sale by| W. H. HARROVER, ?P 3? Seventh at, near Pa. PKCPLB'J TI1RATRK, LATE varieties Lmte, Mr. Ktivtii M wiwt. Mr. Wtttn. Rf-?inpw<a( of Miss F*NVY MO RANT m4 Mr. J. H. ALLEN. THIS EVENING will b? preyed RERTRAM. Imogine, Miss Vorant Bertram, Mr. AUea To conclude wi'b the Htifhsble ffciw of SPECTRE RRIDEOROOM. Dk koi>, Mr. Weaver Gt orgi to, Mm 1 >saa Saturday. Complimentary Kenefl: to Mm< FANNY MORA NT. Prices of cdiatPMoo:?Orchestra Chair* 10 eta.; Par quette 37^ ceriu ; Regular Ticket 13 cents : Prf vate Boxes and $5 l?all*-ry fur colors pevsnos 25 cents. tf I OEAID V0C1L AMD DltTBXrXKVT4L Concert of 8acrod Music roa thi vanarrr op R Y LA N D CHAPBL. 3HHE CHOIR itUckd to Rjrland ("tap* I will girt. I a Coueert of Sacred Music in it* Cb*rrb, nm mtlt and D ?ts.. ((.land) on TUESDAY EVEN INQ next, the 10th Inttant. They will bs ami tod by several ladies and gentlemen well known for th? ir mu>ical attainment*. The Concert will be under tbe direction of Mr. F. GLENROY. Prof. SCiiEEL nUl preside at lb? Pi anoforte. Concert to commcuce at R o'clock. Ticke'a 88 cents ; ts be had of ibe ?fibers of the Choir and at tbe door of the cbuseh on the sve ninf of the Concert. ap I STANLEY'S WESTERN WiLD?, . OR GRAND NATIONAL PANORAMA OF TBS INDIAN AND HIS COUNTRY ! Is now oa exhibition AFTERNOON AND EVENING, AT ODD FELLOWS' BALL, Afternoon exhibition Wednesday, for lad fa* ar 1 children, to coonaence at 3}f o'clock ; Evening at 7^ o'clock. Admission 25 cents? children half mar 31 ALL STB AS OK US visi mg tbe City Should nee Hunter's Oat sieo. Hi* Description of Powell's groat Picture i?o?ue of the cuncai:ies of the Parent cflre. feb *1 - 3m* FOR iJlRB-TWO NFGRO GIRL8 AND ONR Negro Boy, 19 year of ap-, of excellent cl ter and Siavea for life. Knqune ni this office. ap5 4t CHI LUKE ft 6' ROf.LIMO HOOPS, Battledores, Jumping R pes,Grace Hoops,Cars and Balls, with a tr htjI rim?-nt of T#ya and Fancy Nations, puiraide for presets, received and lor sale very cheap at L %M.MOWD'8, ap 5 3t Severth St. ROSE BUSBES, Ac. *HE planting season being at band, a splendid lot of perpetual blooming ROSE RUSHES, on their own roots, Fears, Floras. Cherries. Aprieot*. Ap . ... - - fc. aM 1" 1 pies, Grape Vines, Strawberry PI.ANTl greens, may b? had at the Wa?hingtmi Nursery, 5th street, between K and New York avenne ap 5?St* M <;RI KFfTHS. TO THE LADIES. * MRS M. PIERCE wiil open, on Saturday, April 7th. a p^endel ?n>?rtmeiit of HPK1NG4 MIL.LINERY, to which the ladies are lnrv^ t- d lo call and examine No. *94 Eleventh atreet, between Penn. avenue and E street. Ail orders promptly attended to, ap 5? 5t* FRENCH MILLINERY. MRS. M. L. DAVISON, tM*0 303 Pa ate ' and IOTA st? .f ^ Ke-p rctTnlIv announces to her customers and the !adie< of Washington and the vicinity, that she will open on Saturday, 7tb instant, n splen<tid a-sortincni of Fancy HAT8, Fr nch FLO WE 58, Ribbon and Straw BONNETS, tic. ap 3?3f NSW BOOK" st SHILLIN0TON S BOOKSTORE The Immaculaie Conception; or. The Mother of God; an exposition by the Rght Rev. Bishop Ulla thome G owth in Holiness, or the Progress of tbe Sf4rit ual life, by the author of All for Jesua The Metropolitan Magazine for April Tbe Slave of the Lamr, by Wm. North Everything in the Stationery line All the new bo iks published received immediate ? ly allerwarus and for sale at SHILLINGTON'8 Bookstore. Odeon Uuilding, corner 4)f st. and Pa. ave. apr 5? NOTIC*.-DURING MY TEMPORARY AB sence from Washintton, Mr. Jambs Evklstb is authorised to attend to my affairs, and all person* having business with me arc requested to call on bim at No. 878 Nineteenth street west, ap 3-5f C. GRATIOT. c FOR SALE?A Pair of BAY MARES, 7 > old next spring, well-br< d,?uid stylish, fV^. gentle, spinled and capital go? r*. Tb? y are >Wy well-broken and perfectly free fro.-n tri< ks. amTwiTI particularly suit any gentleman who is load of driving. The owner parts with them only hrcauae Ma purpose utorctrentb his expenses. They can lie seen at Southron's (late Birch's) Stabl*, on 14th street. *outh of Pa. avenue. For terms, or an op l>ortunity to try them, enquire at the counter of lbs Star office. They will be acid a be. gain. ap 3?tf ~ STONE ! STONE!! STONETTi BUILDERS, Contractors, and others are n< reby notified that Curb. Flag. Coping and Building aiTONE8. Also, 8TONE-STEPS, Sli LS. he., will be furnished a? usual from those well-known quarries owned by W I). C. Murdock. and worked until recently by the late Timothy O'Niale and bis brother. For prices and terms apply to tbe sub scriber at No. 67 K street, Washington WM. COLLINS, ap 3?1 w* Agent for tbe Proprietor. LIME, PLASTER,~7~ CEMENT, HAIR, he.-Just opened two large j kilns of splendid woo.1 burot Lime.?A. IL.P HOOVER bave this day entered into co-partner ship ; and, having made ?? veral addition* to their tine kilns are cow manufacturing from 800 to 1,000 barrels of the beat wood burnt Li'iie per weak, which will be sold at the lowest market prices Also, constantly on hand a Urge quantity of the finest PLASTER, CEMEKT and H AIR to be found in thia city. All tho?c who are in want of these articles will certainly find it to their a-, var tare to give them a call. A. fc L P. HOOVER Potomac Lime Kilns, 27th street, one square couth lower bridge, near Geot'r. ap 3?(*3w FINE WATCHES. HAVING made a considerable addition to uiy stock of uold HCNTine patskt tevxaa, and i.aoiu' h atches Of first quality, beavy 18 ca at| cases. Also. SILVER WATCHES for boys. I offer them at greatly reduced prices. Tbe mov menu are selected with gr at care, and every Watch is warranted. Firsons in want of a fine timeaeep.r are invited to examine my a-*ortnient. H 8EMKEN, No. SIO Pa. avenue, betw. 9tnaad 10th sta. mar 30 IOKLL dk BOYD, BLIND MAKERS A UPHOLSTERERS, WOULD recpectfblly inform their friends and the public generally that they :j are prepared to attend to all orders in VS the r line of business. All kindd of UPHOLSTERING neatly executed; such as?Cutting and Making Carpets, Filling down Matt.a? . and Oil Clotli, Making and fitu? g up j Bed and Window Curtains. Hair, Sbuck | and other Mattresses, Pew and other 1_ Cushions, Spring B?dn, Lounees. Eas>. and nick C ain. We have in sf??re- Window Shade* and Trimmings, Cords and Ta?wels, Split Bi nds, ^ ?de Fape: lor Curtains. VEN1TIAN BLINDs made in any atyle. and old ditto rer?aired to look as well as new. All kin Is of old Work repa<r?d, and all or der? thankfully received and promptly attended to for cash, or a perfect understanding before hand If you want the worth of your money just give us a call, at No *9\ Pa. avenue, south side,betw. 9th and 10th streets mar f SPECTACLKR. EYE GLAS8E8, fce , Gold, Silver, and fin- Steel Spt ctaclea, Eye Glas ?es, he . Particular attention paid to tbe aelectiOB of Glasses adapted to the eyes of wearers. M. \V GALT fc BRO-, Jewek rs, |j)4 rennsvlvanih avenue. mar 28? tf SPRING MILLINERY. MRS. M. A. HILLS respectful ri [announces to the ladies of wattling j ton and vicinity that rhe has just re4 ? turned from New York with a large and vari. d assurUnent of Spring Millinery. e">tnr>tU* log in part, Suawa in every variety, from 37>^c to f 13 Miases and Boys' Haia, from 37 i<c lo |6 New styles Lawn Bonneu. Ribbona, Flfwert, Feather*, Dress Trimmings, Caps, Head Dresae*. lie, 998 Penn avenue, South side, between 9tli and JOth sts. ap 2?lw

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