Newspaper of Evening Star, April 7, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 7, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: SATTTBPAY AfTEETfOON April 7! ADVKftTLS?itaifT3 should bo handed in by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may cot appear until the next day. . ? ? fiFiair o? the uuiiiviive press lb? Union is #gain on Cuba, arguing to enow that this Government, though anxious to obtain the island for thirty years past, baa steadily abstained from taking it by foroe as could have been done almost at any moment. The erii or says: '? The policy of annexing Cuba has been a subject ot national interest and national dis cussion for more than thirty years. Daring this wb"!e period th? great importance ot tho arqaisiticn has been felt and declared by the le4jii.g statesmen of both parties, under every administration from Mr. Monroe to tho pres cn: tiu.e Mr torsyih. as minister to Madrii in 1^:2; Mr. Adoas. as Secretary of State in 1823; Mr City, as Secretary of State in 1S2'?; Mr. A. 11 Everett, as minister to Spiin in 1*26 ; Mr Van Buren. as Secretary of State in lo.J; Mr. Stevecson as minister to England ia 1-37; Mr. Webster, as Secretary of State in ISIS; Mr Irving, as minister to Spain in 1843; Mr. Upshur, as Secretary of State in 1 M; Mr. Buchanan, as Secretary of State in 1-17, Mr. Sanders, as minister to Spain in hb?ail these leading and iatiuential mem. Ics of both parties and of all administrations to enumerate those 6ince 134S; concurred in the sentiment that the annexation of Cuba to ibe United States was of vast moment, w ttler viewed ia a political, moral, or com ^t/fftnan thirty years there cannot be S"-: \ truthfully to have been any real division of imoG on this subject. The annexation of lu^a ha* i>een made m exesption to tho gen er. 1 ryle ot territorial acquisition by the most ] r miaent and earnest opponents of'that poli ty. When it is known by every intelligeat i- m that during the iast thirty jears there h;-? not been e ;y when cur gDvernment could nut a:< *a made Cuba her own if she had da te .^ined to exert the power she possc?.<od, the inquiry pertinent: Vitkj has the annextion no; been tli icied ? If we are a nation of fil iibose'-s?greedy for more land nnd indiffer ent whether we get it legally or illegally? how does it happen that whilst we have been acquiring boundless domains in other quar ters we iiave nut taken Cuba, wiiioh has eeen all the tune wuhin our grasp? We would be glad to fee this questi:n answered by some o. the foreign organs which now charge that we ore prov >siog an ui;just,collision wuh Spiin. hs a j.retcx'. lor gratifying our land stealing pro euslty by sieging upon Cuba.'' Ihe gams paper insists that the Abolitionists are the 7. .naves ?f dtspctism, insomuch as they aro tte spies and pimps far Spain, aiding her ia retaining the Island of Cuba. lae luulhg^Hctr tbiakj it ur.fortunate that wlat it cbarac*.eiue? as the Union's vagaries should bo laid at the door of the Administra tion, and points out what its conductors be Leva to be the impropiiety of the courss of Union io " acjusiDg all who qoosticn i-s own wisdom, of aiming a blow at the Pres ident," adding? ? Wh n we d**ire to express disapprobation f{ the President's eour->o we *halldo so plain y. not ::frtr tae semi-cffi'nat manner, perhaps, b^ qui'o inteiigibly. Ue the contrary, with < u' wishing to iuvad: ine province oi the cf fL-i*! pap?r, we have do doubt that the Presi de has ?ivea tvrTy rear-;nable proof of bis ce.-ire t?. a?e the. neutrality laws faithf i'ly executed, a: i, 66 far aa we aro advised, has fpartd uj me-tns ia Lis power to have them execute! \\ he her he approves of the mi ehir* us attests made in Congress to repeal those 1 v?j, which now constitute our only se curity toe peace, wc cannot euy, as we know Sot Kela'.ivi to tha exeentian cf Lstraapvs, tlie same journal says: ' We Have by the U. b sieamer Ful:on, un derthe command ot Lieut. Mitchell, arrived at Norfolk, advices froa? Havana to Saturday l.taT, on wi:i:b day Entrumpo:*. a Cuban, iva3 ex-eutei for being engaged ia a conspiracy tur 1 i!e subversion of tte :-overnment of the It appears that this uufortunate mm ~al teen int.,? Uui:ed Sia'es and had te oorne naturalized, and probably acted under Ia.a delusion that that would protect fciia ?gainst cha penalty of trcaa^n in his native C'-tfLtry. n? ft:*r that the decision of our OavcriiiuaB: n the ewe of the Ilucgarian ? 1 hav? ^e effect to lead other f.,r ?igu.barn fitu-nt. 0r half finished citiaon ? difficulty, and it were m-t dev utly to be w.;?cd ihnt toi gre s would take the matter a, the subjset of naturaliastion acd ?i. s l-.ilcnts aLd lights mo;a defiaita, and 10. i' defendant on the coastiucUona t: ?. iLutKr.ccs of the hour, posiihly to the i-&katu W tie peace of the country." I ccrtitirg for tLo Crimea j-i^cro is ia u New York paror, of the day before yesterday, a very Ion/ dtfenca by ' A liri iji Amorictn ' of Sir John Gaspard Le Merchant, Lieut. Govemcr of Nova Scotia, a qaonium fillibn -ler in the Arg'o Spanish Le n tha? tome years ago went under Gen. Sir La y Do Evans to medd.o in the civil wars of fc. in In tLis defutco. the complicity of ?ir J -un ia the violation of our laws is virtually audited, and it is asserted that it was not in 'cLdcd to actually enlist the men in the United but they were to be enrolled in llali .ct atier thoy were shipped there. It seems th... tne preiext invented for their shipment, t"_at they were eaployed to work on the Pro \ii. .. i r..ilri?ad<, was not ft and to answor. Il p ied!?, cecsura is cc^>I upon Sir John's I,-- tj ia the United States f?r their "indis cretion." We presume Mr Jlowe is the per j 1 .. r.IluJjd to. We ehauld net be surprised i; tc T'.r'c tcLcme wa.i an intrigue of L!s to ret r Job3 cut of the Provii.ce. Tte Lient O is, of cturje, highly puffed, as well fo: his owa nut-ifieent personal qu tli'.ies ss ler tLc poste.-sicn cf the most valuable British eejital for cSlce?illoatrions kimfolk Whoth cr iLe Lr :ght is a hero or a humbug, sn asa or a coloac?? whether as meek as Mos s or as r J gjua, er of plebian or 2;oblo biith, or a j.veuile cr a, has littlo to do with tii> inft(.ctions of cur laws, ibo rer?uasiona tf Lo "Lriiub Ameriwtu,' five times repeat cu in thf New York ar icle alluded to, in pa ti.'.'.io a: ?i dolorous tones?'\L<r them go ' 1J9 til Jc>. I go!" are not haif as ctgtnt as 1 hich e^uU Lc argued in behall of the C:,ba .1 cru'oij, if they should be excited by Ce Lcw.' ofi.jLrampM execution, to again rally to ih< rcrcua . f that is.and from the futgi of hj a.n.U d. po;L'aa. t?e a.e .rea ly tuxprisad to learn that the ? . Leg?tla;are ha-.c r?j;?cted the states can-l ko pr< p^iticn cf iir. llitcks, the head man ct the British Government ia that Pro YiLCe to donate ( to hundred acres tf lacd to t tc P. i:i.L ru'jscU who would eniist in the Ciiu.ei: \rar. This is na? only rtnk di*Lycliy, Lu. it.!1 jjrt->'j?.?tii pe!:cy. A> the elwse of tie war, Caaaia West would recsive thourands cf'.a to *e ue such lauds who aculd cr.ricL that Prounea it the mearn.e Led been _____ y.AkY.z IawmXcj Youk.?The House o? l^pri.ti-vativti has concarrcdia iho Senate's tn.endxtn s to tho liqacr a vote of 60 tc 45. A motion to reconsider has been lost. 1-e (jo^ortor s fi^naiura is only xeqaircd to p^ke it 4law. > WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. An f ffanded Clerk ?Some one, who s'gns himself "Clerks," attacks aa vigorously in tho oolumnsof an evening cotemporary, on aocount of an article lately appearing in oar paper, oalling on the head* of bureau to pat a stop to idle sea? on the part of a few persons in the Government service under them. ? We have to write few words in reply. Whon the clerks under the Government stood in need of a friend, they fonnd ene in the Sfar?one laboring with all possible xeal, and laboring successfully, too, to bettor their condition. We refer to the occaiion when Congress were to determine whether or not to increase their compensation. Subsequently we have suffered no opportunity to pass wborcin we could do them, as a class, a good tarn. Those now in charge of public affairs here have striven faithfully to equalise the labors of those for the proper discharge of whose du ies thoy are responsiblo. This is a fact too notorious to be contradioted. The result has been that for the last year or two there have been lees com plaints of unfairness and inequality in the amount of duty required from gentlemen in publio employment here, than ever before. We never before knew a time, in all our ex perience in W ashington, when the great mass of the GoverLment clerks in this city were as well satisfied with tho distribution of their duties a> throughout the past year. This great mass are faithful men, and we purpose to look out for their interest only in this connection. ^Ve are not willing to see thu Wthfni m?ny ? t..... vu iwt ine accommodation of the un faithful few. ilence the paragraph to which "Clerks," evidently one of tho latter clasi, take3 exception. Wo bolievo the best way to present the recurrence of a state of things under which A, B and C must do the work in addition to their own, for doing which D ia paid out of the Treasury, is to stop the prac tise iu the bud to which we referred. Every Administration on being seated in powor here strives to work reforms. Yet it is rare to find their g>od intentions holding out more than two years. This is a fact notorious to all old residents of Washington. In this case the two years have just passed. As it is necessary for the reil interest of the great mass of the Gov ernment s employees at this point, we felt it to be our du'y to note publicly the first evi dences r.f a disposition on the part of a fow persons to break the rule which has operate 1 so nrnoh for the comfort cf the so great majority of the clerks who strive conscientiously to dis charge theii whole duty. We took it for granted that those to whom honest labor is irksome would fiod fault with the paragraph in question, and misrepresent and misapply it, as docs the writer to whom wo are replying, who is evidently 6omeolerical politician by trado, whose chicf aim is to threw upon his ollepguee the labors which he should, rightfully, perform while absent from his post on one pretenco or another. Jfe is conscious that the cap firs him, and so l^cks brains as to step forward and put it on. ilia waole article bears evidence that ho feels our rimarks as applicable direotiy to himself We are content that he should thus appro priato thera and he may growl at us to his neart a content. Bat we have to aFsure him that when we again find him throwing labors on his colleagues, lor doing which in propria p-isoua ho is iegula-ly paid, we ihall take the liber y, for ihe credit of tho many henor ub:? an 1 faithful gentlemen on whom ho b:icg? discredit, of correcting his derelictions beioro they come to a pa?g which miy mike it neces sary to deprive his wife and chiidrcn of bread, for tho ?3ke cf the service in which he is nominally engaged. Characteristic ?It seems that the Legisla ture of Massachusetts were somewhat unfor tunate in their selections for the now so infa mooj "smelling committce."-the committee to visit and examine thoaa shocking place*, the female sjhools kept by Sisters of Charity, who? good wo;kJ have been the theme of praue cf the philanthropic, the enlight ened and th* truly honorable for half accntu ry at least. Proof of this fact ij to be found m the following which we take from a late number of tho Boston JUrald. The nann.-r ies to which the editor refers as Laving beer. vi*;ted by this man, ure houses of ill-fame: Cc'H^iArRDI'1'vRT Labors op o*e op the V.0MM1 iTr,c o.\ AtJ5NERiKs ?One of tho com mitteo of the Legislature, appointed to exam inotha nuiinoiioaof the Commonwealth, per formed somo extraordinary feat, in the way of n.ves.igation last evoning and suffered siie in consequence. This gentleman who represents a town in western*MassacbusSte 2khed?him8 ?f 7 ,T?r ,aw' aDd has distin u i/n ii -? y L" zoul in "arching for idden iniquities in our nunneries Yesterday he visited Lowell, with others of the commS toe, for tho purpose cf visiting the nunneries of that city, and laat evening he made a tour Kor'irJ^thTc'lfy^ ?" street, and it appears that the nun? in that in eiitution treated him very Udly, for when he emerged from its cloistered walla, he was ex cefcnely luebriatod, and his pockets had been erTJ f0d CJUt A ?;in? boys ^ ?aB?u a'Zroucdod him until ho was tak.n icte the National House, and kindly provided for during the night. Le*.i3laturo P"a an order to indemnify the Committco on Nunneries lor the f* f?urd?1?ry lahfiT* and ?xp?useg incurred by them in their vocation? These visits to Nunneries, especially those established luthi3 city, arc awfully expensive." It will, doubtless, striko all right thinking men that it is by no means wondotful that the now tamuui commitfeo behaved themselves like blackguards and brutes in the female school in Rozbury, with aucb men scri jed above aaor.g i;8 members. Pretty f#?l. lows ara tu=h genii men, indeed, to be ic trusted with the duty of gu;irdiEg pubHc 1 morals and the of tree Christianity ' which are the functions, it i8 pretended, the committee in queaiionj^as raised to discharge! mmTJ Evidec?? -A day or two since, we r u n * Very n9f of en opinion of !bi Pen-ion Gffija, confirmed by the So;.-e tary of the Interior, upon the subject ?.f record evidence before that bureau. As but an in distinct undemanding cf that ruling can be Obtained from our abstract of it, we'deom it Us', to publish at length the letter from which the jynopris in question was made : Prssion Orrics, April 2 1355. ion have uscired ma to givn vou mv opinion hi to the true mraoiug tli0 word* "r^ord evidfenec," as ,?ed in The 3d reetlon of t-e aoi ontitied "an act in addition to ci?rtain ?nd Kfif til from these rrrsier^ properly%uthcnti3' fa are reoord evidence. lUgUiars of service are juaaUy made by ancfficer whohS Charge ot the muiier roll, or czderly book of the company, or the pay roll of the reg-'ment or corps to which ho belongs. There rolls are mado cotemporaneously with the transactions they are intended to perpetuate, and as they are subject to the daily supervision of those whose scrvioes are thero narrated, they are regarded as possessing as high evidence of verity m any record. These are, therefore, record evidence of military service. Tran scripts from these roll*, oortifieJ by a public officer with whom they are legally deposi ed, or sworn copies of these rolls made by oredible persons, will be received as record evidence of mi!itary service under said act. But thero may be other record evidenco of military service. For instance, the records of many towns Bhow that cortaiu individuals served as the quota for such towns in the Rev olutionary war. The historical societies in many of the States contain evidence of the military ssrvice of individuals whose names are not found on the muster or pay roll of any corps Many well accredited histi ries furnish evidence of individual military service that cannot be elsewhere fcund. It is not to be supposed that those and other like proofs of servico are to be disregarded. It may be dif ficult to establish any general rule upon this subject to which there may sot be many ex ceptions But as a general rule, I will say that any entry respecting military sorvice made by a person in the day and time of the transaction, whose duty required him to ob serve and register the fact, will be regarded as reoord evidence of suoh sersice. The re quisites necessary to make such entries ad missable are?first, tbat tho entry appear to have been mado cotemporaneously with the act; and. second, that the entry be made by a person whose duty requirod him to note and register the transaction, 'lhe nroper applica tion of this rule will enable a person to estab. lish a claim by reoord evidence, or evidence quasi record, and will prevent the evils arising from the admission of parol evidenoe fo ptove r;,VrV tcrvlu*?' ??1,a Which have been a t rui ru 1 source_pf the numerous frauds hereto fore committed upon this department, and against which Congress intended to provide by the introduction of this provision with this aot. I remain, yours, Ac , L. P. Waldo, Oommlfsloner. J. S. Edwards, Esq. Vigcettea. As the j.rea?ury Department contemplate hereafter having vignettes on their warrants, so as to distinguish the pur pose for which each may be drawn without requiring delay to read then?, Mr. J. Golds borough Bruff, our talented fellowcitiien, who i? employed &3 a designing draughtsman in that branch of tbe Government, has recently oompleted a number of designs to that end. 'Ihat of warrants connected with collecting revenue from customs represents a box of goods with a barrel standing by it, an open manifest upon the box, and a trident laying i across the manifest That for revenue from lands, &c , represents a compass with telescope on the extended tripod, and the scales balanced aorcss the tel escope with a wreath of tropical vegetation gracefully rising up around the tripod. That for the judicial expenses' warrant rep resents a book labelled "Laws U. S.," on which the fasces stand, ovor which tho scales of jes tice hang, surmounted by the cap of liberty. That for the warrants issued for the redemp tion of the public debt represents a hand thrust out from clouds, in which the thirteen s ars are seen clustered, with American coin baing scattered from the hard. Ihat for the Interior Department warrants ii a raagniEcen buffalo roaming the prairie, ihat for the'War Department warrants?a pluxol helmet resting across a sword, with different sized balls und bullets lying around. That for naval service warrants represents tao prow and breast of a man-cf war, floating, ready for action. And the design for miscellaneous Treasury warrants represents a Treasury vault, with jtae Ln?ted States coat-of arms on the door, and fcsccs pillars, with a Treasury key Iajing a: ita feet, and tho American eagle surmount ing the whole. Wo have seldom seen so perfect a collection ox designs as tho;e, which do as much credit tothe artist in their concoption as in the skill with which they have been executed. Ihe Feorias.? A day or two since, we pub j I^hed some facts bearing on the titles to out | lots in Peoria, III. We were thus reminded of the oxistance c-f the remnant of the Aborigi nil tribe from which Peoria takes its name They are one ot tho oldest tribes known to ^urth American history, occupying the site of Peoria, 111 , when tho celebrated grant (not recognised by thL- Government) was made by Fritco to Renault. Thoy are now very few ia number, and are located on theO^age iiror we?t of the Missouri, and west and adjoining the reservation of tho PUnkadhaws, where they have 5*4,000 acres of land only. -luzuriatja't Speech.?The Baltio's mails seem to us to fet at resl the question as to the truth of the different versions of Luzuriaga's late speech in the Cortes at Madrid. Before they came to band, wo were of opinion the version published by La Cromca, was incor rect. We now have tho specch in extenso, and find that if the questioned portion be translate! according to tho ideas of the cor respondent of La Press*?so as to make him deolare the purpose of the Spanish Govern, mont to bo to abolish slavery, it will be to make him contradict the drift of all tho rest ef his remarks. We may also add that the Madrid oorres. pon ient of the other Paris papers, credit him as La Croiric% does, with having pledged his government not to interpose against the insti tution of elavery ia the island. As in all mat tcrs our purpose is only to publish the truth concerning public affairs abroad as well as at home, we hasten to acknowledge what now seems to be the error into which we fell yes terday. Commander Ingraham on hig Way Hoaia ? V, e have very late advices from Spczxia. Tho United States sloop-of-war St. Louis, Comman der, sailed from that port on the 15th of March, ultimo, for the United States, ihe Cumberland and Saranao were thereat that time. All were well on the the three snips. At sunrise, on the 1st, Commander In graham h&fcted tho St. Louis s flag, and Com- \ mouore Stringham hoisted his broad penant on the Cumberland ?his flag ship. As the St. Lou,, sailed oat ?f |wt ,b, w#f |||||M with three hearty cheers from tbe crows of the toL L" re Th. Afrioan Com! Squadron-Letters ere in Washington from Commodore Mayo in command of our s-,o.d,oo or, (he coei ? AH ice, who, oa th, 7,h of February last at the mouth of the river Gambia with hi* flag-aUp, the Ccnstiiolion. AU ?.t0 M as usual on board of the Constitute am ,t. *'* of "jaaJton, ?;ept the Dale are on their way home, having .etved out the'reg. time for a oxuise. & TheChkf Feat?ree~c7th.BslUc'a Hew.-' arc information o( the fact that tba French have received a fair and admitted defeat be fore Sebastopol, in their attack upon one of the eity's fortifications. And also the faotl Uutf Turkey begin* to grow tired 0f <t(i good natured friendj," the ailie* She protects that she hu no deposition to give up Molda via and Wallachia, to any Power. She made the war to prevent Russia from taking thorn, and now finds that the allies propose to appro priate them to themselves, an alternative which, she plainly intimates, is far worse for her than their ooeupation by Russia. The Steam frigates now under Construc tion.?The work on these six vessels and their maohinery is understood to be progressing quite as rapidly as can be wished. It is | judged that the Merrimack (under construc tion in the Boston Navy Yard) will be ready to be put into commission as early as the end of September next, and that the next one that will be ready to go to sea will be the Minne sota, being bnilt at the Washington Yard. Tots he Acoept 1?We are beset on all sides, with the question?" Has Captain Bsnbam, of the U. 8. Engineers, acoepted the position of Major of the Ninth Infantry, which has been offered to him by the President in appointing the field offioers of the tour new regiments?" We cannot answer, and as yet have not been ablo to find any one who oan. Transactions in the Treasurer's Office.? The following are the transactions of the money branch of the Treasurer's office fcr to-day, April 7: On account of disbursing officers? Paid?36 chocks on 19 accounts.. .$10,500 21 On account of Treasury proper? Paid 2 drafts 252 00 Recoived ?For 1 trans fer draft $5,000 00 Received?For other deposits 1,683 78 6,583 78 The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 6th April then were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of stock .. fC92 13 For paying Treasury debts 50 750 62 For the Customs _? 9 244 2y For cohering into the Treasury from customs 4 420 29 For the War Department 69,211 66 For repaying in the War Depart ment ? (1 323 91 For the Navy Department 6 205 40 For the Interior Department 12 861 71 For repaying for the Interior De partment 11,797 58 The Amkricait Mokthly Magazinb for April has been sent to us by Joe Shillington, who never forgets us on the rcceipt of his pe riodicals, a business In which he is extensively engaged. This magazine advocates the Na tive American or "Nnow Nothing" prino'ples. The April number is embellished with a por trait of <he Hon. N. P. Banks, and contains a biographical sketch of that gentleman, besides other artiolos, and the ' Editorial Cabinet." CyAs a little girl named Anna Lawrence, a pupil in the Webster School, Cambridge port, Mass., was jumping rope, she stumbled over a stone, and in falling broke her back. I sKT\TEn meeting of the CO 'umhM Typ^t pineal Society will be htld ! ih a evening at^T^ o'clock. i r;f?ARD ?F managers of the Y. M. Christian Association will moet at avenue SVTITHr? AV^Vif Tel,lb l a\enu_, S.Vl LKDAY. <th instant, at 7 V d m _ , II- BRADLEV, Jr., "P Rec.See. r^<Rr<V- TIIOS. n. SARGENT, D. D. will preach in the We>ley Cl.apcl, corner 5th ami F streets, on Sacbath morning at II o'clock, ap t ? It* [|f-^vSOIREE DANS ANTE-PROF. H. \V MUNDER will cive another one of his de lightful Soirees on WEDNESDAY EVENING t'ie I 11 t!i ivistai t. 1 I Ladies that have been In the habit of vtsitimr these Soitees a.e politely solicited to invite their friends- ap 7 ?4t i NATIONAL fJREYS, ATTENTION.?Yon I ar-* neitby uoufied to attend a special meeting lot the Company on MONDAY EVENING Lthe 9ih instant, at 7^ o'clock. It is earnestly requested that every member of the corps shou!d be punctual in his attendance as business of tne utmo*t importance will be submitted for vour ccnsidera | tion. Let not a member fail in his attendance. By order: JAS. STONE, Rcc S?c. ap 7?dim f-^^THE MONUMENTAL CLUB HAVE the pleasure of announcing to their friends and the citizens ol Washington generally that their fiJsto.Ar,uu:i1 ,{j" wi" be S,ven at C\rusi'a Saloon on the 25t 1 day of April. Particulars in future advertisement. ftp 4?Gt* CORRKSPO?CE3CK. Washington C.TT, April 4th, 1855. MosMoRAirr: Appreciating your line histrionic talents highly, and being desirous of making some suitable return for the gratification we have enjoyed in witnessing your representations at Iron Hall, the undersigned propose, with your consent, to give you a complimentary benefit. Wc respectfully request a reply to this note. BEVERLY TUCKER, J. C. McGUIRE, C. II WINDER, YV. R SLOVER, W. D. WALLACH, E. D. WILLARD, J.MARTIN, WM.C. CORREY, W. B. WALWORTH, JOHN W. WELLS, A. F. KIMMELL, and others. National Hotel, April 4th, I855. Gentlemen: In answer to your kind" note of the 4th instant, tendering to me the compliment of a hen efit, I beg to return my ma,t sincere thnnks for the honor you have conferred upon me. It will always be a source of gratification to me hereafter that my humble efforts should have been so warmly appre ciated. As my engagement in Baltimore will not permit me to remain here after this week, I will name Saturday night, the 7ih instant, as the opportunity aflbrded me of accepting jour kind fa vor. I beg leave to remain, Gentlemen, Yours respectfully, FANNY MORANT. To W. D. Wallacii and others. ap 7?It Clocks, clocks, clocksi?if you 1 *;!nt ,a e0?? Clock, warranted to keep time, ca n at the store of J. ROBINSON, ? 1 Ay Pa- ave >?PP<>- Browns' Hotel, ap /?aim FISHING TACKLE. WE have just opened our first invoice for the season, embracing? Fine and low priced Rods, Reel?, Lines Hooks, Hooks on Out and Wire G mn Swiiels, Floats, Mii.imw Nets, fce. To which we invite the attention of Antlers. E. TUCKER & CO.. 353 Pa. avenue, nearly opp. Browns', ap ^o3t 1 1 SPRING FASHIONS. MRS. J LANE, Uridse street, between Congress and High, will open on Tuesday, lhe#*n\ 10th instart, a nrn-t extensive assortment ofaJ& 'i) MI^'NEBY' consisting of Lace, Crape and /pi' Silk HATS, including Stnw of every description, with a large assortment of French Flowers, Ribbons 7-3f MR8 J *" ATTENTION, OLD SOLDIERS. A I my?!d ,ri^n<l8 for Whom I Obtained Bounty h,Jle" quam ties thi n 160 acres are dam of tSSnni^lU,eir Mn,e" 0,,d 1 mi'ni?r?n cSIaSfr. for Book? ?> thai their d? Sa n<ldjtlonaI Bounty Lind enn be made tand for win, nrr''"y U,?"e wl,? fai,e?I ?? obtain w '"t of time, are entitled to 1G0 acres and C"?i by calling on mo. ^ Advwe gratis to those ntldiers seam*.. .~a .^ ows who are unable to pay. ' Refer to any honest man in Washington, ap N?' LIST OF LBTTBBS Remaining in the Pott Office, Washington, D. C., Apnl 7, 1855. [OrderUto he aitmtmiin the? Etihiwo St**/' agreeable to the following tret ion of the Post Ofl&t Lew? it being the newspaper having the largest circu lation of any <*?Ly taper puUuhe.l in Washington: Stc.5. JlnA he U further enacted, That the list "f letter* remaining ancalled for in any post office in any city, town, or villaae, where newspaper* shall be minted, shall, hereafter, be published once only in the newspaper which, being imaed wevkly, or tfiener, shall hare the largest circulation within the range of the delivery of said office, to be decided by the postmaster at such office.] ?TTsrsonsapplying for 1 sties ta lbs followUg list, wll Mflk?r?n*>i LA DIM* LIST. Adams, Mrs Ann Adams, Addi* M Allan. Mrs B Alls*. Mrs D Broftks, Mid Martha Brown. Mr# Sarah A Beard, Mrs M A Beech, Mrs Jan* C Brown, Miss Priscilla Bell, Miss Marl* A Bridge, Mrs Birch, Miss Martha Bell, Mrs P Brown, Mrs M A ? Brown, Mrs Rosins Burch, Miss Julia A M Birch, 11 las Sarah Jans Bailry, Miss Martha A Butler, Miss Harriet Butler, Mis* Mary Berry, Mrs Emma C Baker, Caroline M Barrett, Mrs Jennet P Butler, Mrs Nancy Believer, Mrs O W Bowler, Mis* Martha Bylie, Mrs M L Bailey, Rebecca Clark. Harriet K Cross, Mrs Hlrain B Cook, Mrs Jans Carroll, Mrs Thomas L Carter, Lnulss Clayton, Virginia A Cbaworth, Mrs M R Chandler, Mrs Henry Clagstt, MissElisa Conroy, Mrs Chaworth, Mrs L B Campbell, Mi*a C 2 Cahill, Miss Honors Carver, M Us Amelia A Carrel, Miss K Cassldy, Mrs J Coulon, Miss Catbarins Colclalsure, Mrs Daniel Dent, Mm Augustas 3 Dlggs, Miss Harriet Dashlell. Mrs I> B Dudly, Miss Mary Dufley,Mrs M M Dorsey, Mrs Ann Davis, Paulina W S Duvall, Mrs Strah A Dudley, Mrs Drucills Dailey, Miss Acn DutrUard, Mr* Catharine Evans, Mrs Agnes Evans, Mrs Klchelberger. Mrs Amelia Edlen, Mt?s Nancy English, UimCK Eirl, Mrs Maria Evan*. Eliza L Eveletb, Ml.a Mary Early, Agnes M Foy, Fanny Fowler, Miss H 9 Fergnrson, Mrs Martha Gellet. Mrs E C Gilman, Miss Martha Goodrich. Mrs Bolen Grayson, Mrs Caroline Qoldstooro, Miss Josephine tiinsell. Miss Martha F Hunt, Miaa Jane Hill, Mrs Ann S Hai.-'>i?on, Mi>s Fannie A Hubbert, Mary Harlan, Miss Adelaide 1 Hljrdnn. Mrs Ann Hauptman, Rachel Haseltlas, Miss H I Hvbbsrl, Miss A Hazel. Mias Caadelt* Jones, Mr* Msry KUea Johnson, Miss Ann Irwin, Msry C S Johnson, Mrs Carotins Lee, Msry Lows, Miss Virginia Lose. Mrs W T Lahey, Miss Coharlns Laary, Mis. Ellsn Ligbtfoot, Mis* Mary L Learning, Miss Elizabeth Lyes, Mis* Margaret Mankln, Mrs Lncy B Msddo*. Prlcells Mahorney. Miss Fanny Miller, Mrs Murry, Miss Ann Mlntnrns. Miss Stella McCrsssen, Margaret Nelson, Mary Nelson, Rebecca Osbourn, Ostberlae O'Sulllvan, Johanuah O'Donnel, Marv O'Connell, Misa E Poor. Miss Sarah I Poole, Rachaal Pynne, Miss Mary Portorfleld, Mary E Porter, Mrs Mary Pearson, Miss Madeltns Peyster, Mrs P De Peters, Mrs Elisabeth Peddlcurd. Miss Bel-ecra Rosa, Ellxebsth Reeves. Misa Anals R Rosa. Martha M Ruff, Sarah Jans Ryan, Johanna Kubtason, Mary Rally, Mrs Rollins, Lucinda Readon, Mrs Ha.gsl Solomon, Charity Kims, Miss Harriet Smith, Virgluia R Smith, Jnlia A (smith, Mrs Feytoa Sm'th, Mrs Jobn Smith, Miss Sarah J Baffell, Mias Elizabeth Spencer, Sarah Jans Stewart, Mrs Lluis Stewart, Mrs Sarah G Snnderlin, Miss Lonisa J Stridor, Miss Laura Thompson, Miss Elizabeth Tltomas, Mrs Jane K Taylor, Sabrina Terrltt, Mrs Mary Taylor, Mrs S A Tolbert, Elizabeth Thomas, Miss Msry Torrey, Mr* Sarah Tyler, Mia* Sallle Tboma*. Mrs Sarah A Vari.cll, Mrs Susan Vaxentura, Maria M D V del A M Valdez, Miss Maggie R Watt. Mrs Elisabeth Wkeately, Mrs Margsrtt Walker, Mrs Whltall, Miss Rachel C N GENTLEMEN'S' LIST. Anderson. Win Adauia, Win Allen, Mr Ashford. John Aelear, Geo 2 Aud<rson, G M \l?t*i>, C H Ash'vood, II W Bayiey, Wm h Beck, Wm Barrett, Win Btane, Wm Boyd, Wiu Itrl.iton, Saml Borland, Solon Butler, Richard Ban es, O H Ruck, O A Bromell, Mathew Baker, J no A Burch, Juo T Bryan, J no Boyd, Jeremiah ii?te, J no Brown, Hon J 8 Barbour, J L Boone, Jro T Buist, Geo Limb Broadbent, G Bates, Edward Bntler, E Bead.D L Bradsliaw, Dr Ba.lard, Byron Brondl, Autonis Birdsall A A Co Bock maun, Aug B ihrer. A L Ciendenin, Wm Cr ? - haw, W T Cook, W L Cnasc, Wm Clarke, Wm C<rnes, V.'m Coleman, S J Chase. S O CVrdell, K L ClnyUfii, K P Clarke, Isaa.' Cjntiier, Isaac Clark, George or Vincent Cissel, Geo W Co >k, ??*" T Cunningham, V R C.nirp. IsaMC Coiiuell, David CalBan, D A Cue. David M Crawford, Chas A Colbman. C S Carter, CbiS Canigen, A W Clements, A W Dencison, W H D> ling, Wm Dick, W A Daahiel, T B Dryle, Stephen Dsugertleid, B T Donovan, Michael D'tdpe, Mr Duke, J S Danihy, Jere Dant. Geo W Day, Bev Geo H Dv-naby, Deuis Davega, Dr C Donrti, B 2 Devlue, Bernard IMck.on, A ltigcett, Aaron Daaghton, A B Easton, Thos Raton, SOB England A siot bouse E.ars, Dr Jno 2 Evsbs, H E^ksb, Krancis Elsworth, Chaa Frazier, W H Fox, J W Floyd, Thos E Fiupatrlck, Col R Fisher, R Kowles, N E Falrall, Jos P Krei, Jacob Puller, Jere H Fowl r, James J Kisrden, Henry Fridley, Geo W Foote, Klislia 2 Gordon, W H Gibson, W A Gilpin, Col W Orliues, Thos Goodkua, Col S E Green, Gen Rufu Graham, Mr Guild, L Grllflth. Jno H Gore, Capt J A Gray, Jonn It Goshln, J Thomas Gardner, Juhu Gould, Juo A Goiilcmith, Henry Oliesliu, Dr G R 2 Uittings, E L Gray, Chas T Go?<lrlili, A lea Grigg, A Uoubs, Wm, Jr Howard, W A Harvey, W 0 Hunter, Lt Thos, Timothy Howes, Saml W Hewey, R S Horan, Philip Howell, Col X G Hunt, Lt L C Henderson, Lor'zo Hrbau, Fred Habn, Jos Howard, Isaiah S Htrbiu, Juo W Hall, Geo Holland, Cm Hooe. Francis H Harrison, Cha? Howard, Benedict Hsyien, Aloysius Hood, Ahuer T Hall, A C IIoflmaistT, Ang Jordan, Wm J.-inmison, Bobt J cwelle, R B James, L W Johnoon, J G Johnson, Jss S Owen, Jests O'Connor, Michael Owens, Ml' hael Palmer, W Parker, Thos J Poor, K L PmdeU, K H Patterson, K Pipert, Phillip Parqner, !' J Pratt. Oi>on Paul, Janes Perkins, Lt Jno N i Price, Janes Perkins, Lt Jno M Peck, G?*o W Pottle, K V 2 rbeVe, K W Perry, C M P?P?, Charles Pollen, C W Pearce B Y Li<lgel< y, CI i as Kntnfel-ler, X Uichardso'i, W Richard*, Wm Randolph, Col T J H Johnston, Lt Col J ERobins* u, T S Joh'.son, John Johnson, Henry Jacob*, Geo Joslin. Dr ? M Johnston, B H Jofces, Benonl Kearney, Lt Wm Knight, S K Keruan, Jss Kluss, Jno King, Dr T F, Jno P Knowles, Jno Kilpatrkk. J L Kid<ler, B O Keaton, A C Low, W W, S A Louo, Thos Llu'.on, Sitfnl t Ltadtey, Mr Leecli, Mr, H Ix>ve, Jno L Langdon. J J S Lumpkin, J U % lee, Jno Lynde, J W I^iroombe, Jno Liler, Hesry Laugton, H Locsdale, H N Lytle, F L->chery, E Luiupktu, Clias Leiter, B F Lamb, A B Laukert, Geo Mena, Ynsef 9 2 Mann, Wm, Jr M?ckay, W R J Moore, Wm Maxwell, W Murry. Wm A Maxwell, S Moore, Lt T Mendeuhall, 8 C Mangan, It It J Metzoroth, R Masoa, Philip Meader, Oliver Milburn, Bev Mr Morse, Leonard Murry, James Mahtr, James > Moorhead, James Miller, Jonathan Mathews, J esse Miller, J W Mullay, Lt J Miles, J W Masters, J W Morgan, Henry Moors, Hiram Mitchell, H S Mngraw, H 9 Mathews, H C Miller, Geo B?-ed, Philip Keiiard, ilau'l Ver gsia Roger*. Joseph Ryan, James lieed, Geo 2 Rogerson, Geo Robinson. P C Kirhey, Rev F W Koclia, Edward Kundell, Lt C H Rosello, ALthony Rtern bergh, Wm J Smith, Wm T Ncbultze. W Smith. Wm A Co Spar, Silas Shi bcr, S L Slsnmouds, S Srencf., Dr B T htnart, Presley hllney, Patr? a Smith, Kariou Smith, M Sbepperd. Mr S<'hade, J Stuarte, B Shellleld, Jno Skeheru, James Smith, J Hawkins Smith, Jo* H Sheets, J S Smith, Juo G Smith, Jos Smith, Jos B Sw ingle, Joelah M Sahui, Jo* Stuitb, Jiuaes H Swift, Col Juo Stewart, Capt J A Smith, James Gary Stewart, Jos B bhtppen, H Kcuti, Ephraim Stewart, Com Chaa Stewart, Chas A Sinsms, Lt C C Storis, Cordial Scbreppler, Caspar Stew art, Andrew 3 Smith, Anthony Thomas Jos Tanstll, Ma| T W Taylor, ST I Tnriey, Simon Trlpolet, James M 3 Thornton, J T Townahend, D 8 Tucker, C H Tulljr, B Talbert, Andrew Tracey. Capt Albert Underbill, Stephen Varnsil, Geo Wood, Wm Wade, W G Wallace, W A Mesaerachmldt, Oao White, Dr W H Mndd, F S Marmeduke, Llgs Maynerd, E D Mason, Encch Moors, Danisl Mnldower, A W Mullan, Arthur Manning, Louis C McKsnsie, A L McMillan, C A McElllstrlm, M McCauslaud, M McGawley, P McCraith, R Waring, Dr W B Wood, W J Wendell, Theo Wllliama, Saml Wallea, Stepbsn Wells, Samuel Wlllcox, Lt (J B Wade, Nicholas Wilcox, N G Wadswortb, J H Williams, Jno K Willson. Dr J M Wilson, J H Williams, J tin W McKensie, Thos, A Wlls..n, Jacob Sons Watterson, H McEiuny.ThoiusoD Washington, Geo Xorria, S C WiliUms. F Nonrse, Pemberton We'sse. Ferdinand Norm.vle, Michacl William*, Edwards No wit ud, L D Nelson, Jesa? Naylor, Joabua Newman, Horatio Nail, Tbos Nutz?, Prancls Osborn, C Olbin, C Owen, J L Ogborn, Joel E Uamniuud, Vacw'k OMlngar, Jos INITIALS. 8?cty. Oolnmbla Lodge. No. 10; Grand I^idge, I. O. O. P.; Publisher City Directory ; Busineaa Row; V. 8. Steamer Fulton; Bavarian Consul; J. D. E.; T. B. N. ; B. J. D.; 8. J. B.; Marmlon. April 7 JAMES G. BERBET, P. M. Wead, E N White, David Wilson. Dewltt 0 Wheeler, C S Wyncko. a Col Wright, CC Wood, Chas Worrell, Chas B M ilson, A U Wilson, Gen A P Young, L W NA T IONAL THE A TR E. THE MERRY SEASON! OPERA TROUPE, For a f. w da} s, will bo with their friends in Washington, On MONDAY, TUESDAY, AND WEDNESDAY EVENINGS, April 9ih, 10:h, nnd 11th. Many New and Attractive Features, with SHOTS AT FOLLY AS IT FLIES, And SONGS, characteristic of the Season. SUBfSIlIIB AMD TKAR1. Merry Laughter and Touching Pathot! Admuron TWENTY FIVE CENTO Gentl* men when without Lidi< s are cbar^cd cent* to the Parquclte or Dreaa Circle. JOHN T. FORD, A?enL ap 7?4! [Lilian & Intel] N dun AVAL HISTORY AND BIOGKAPI1Y.?AL len's Battles of the Butish Navy 3 vols, Lon Sketches of the last Naval War, from the French of Capt. La Graviere, by th? Hon. Capt. Plunkett, Royal Navy, 3 vols, London Life of Lord Rodney, by Lieut. Gen. Mundy, 1 vol, London Barrow's Memoirs ol Admiral Sir Sidney Smith, 2 vols, London. FBANCK TAYLOR, ap < Memoirs of the countess of bles ?infton, hjr R. R, Madden, M. R. I. A., two ?o"- FRANCK TAYLOR. ?P ? Amusement*. - KOPLK'J TUKATRK, LATE VARIETIES, i, Mr. Keen** Mmm?, Mr. Wimt. Complimentary Benefit to Mi?? PA WY MORANT. And positively her la-l appearance. THIS EVENING will be ptfwaM THE HOVKYMOOIf Juliana, Miss M< rar.:; Puk" Atanza, Mr. AUen , Jaques, Mr. Weaver To conclude with U?c petite comtty of MATRIMONY Del en 1, Mr. Taylenre ; CIsra, Mtsi Morn-it In which ahe will perform a fa rot tie ai; on the Qui. tax. Monday, first night of Mm CHARLOTTE WY ETTE and Mr. J. H. TAYLOR. Prions of admission:?Orchestra Chslrs 90 eta.; Par quette 3??4 cenu ; Regular Ticket t5 cenu ; Prl vate Bom 53 and $5 Gallery for colored per* na SS?nf. ' i>7 Q&AND VOCAL AUD 1R6T1UMUVTAL Concert of 8 acred Music. roa thi aaaariT or ? R YLAND CHAPBL. rpilE CHOIR attached to Rviand ChapH will give I a Concert of Sacred Music in the Church, on T^nth and D at*., (Island) on TUESDAY EVEN ING next, the 10th Instant. They will be am i*d by several ladie* and gentlemen well known tor their musical utummenu. The Concert will In; under the direction of Mr. P. GLRNROY. Prof. SCHEEL will preaide at ib? Pi anoforte. Concert to commence at G o'clock. Ticket* 95 cents ; te be had of the member* of the Choir and at the door of the church oa the eve ning of the Concert. ap 5?4t STANLEY'S WESTERN WJLDS, OR GRAND NATIONAL PANORAMA OP THE INDIAN AND HIS COUNTRY! I* now oa exhibition AFTERNOON AND EVENING, AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL, Afternoon exhibition Wednesday, for I adit* and children, to commence at 3}$ o'clock ; Evening at 7X o'clock. Admission 25 centa?children half price. mar 31 All itsarobri visiing the City should aee Hunter's Csta I *ue of the Curiosities of t? e Patent oflVoe. Also, his Description of Powell'a Great Picture. feb 9J ?3m" ROSE COTTAGE WALTZ, composed by R. T Jackson, Principal Musician Sixth Regimmt United State* lufanlry. An easy and pleasing Waltz, just published and for sale at the Music De pot of I1ILBUS A HITZ. ap 6- 3t KID GLOVES.?We have just received another larg? lot of thnee fine KM Gloves at 50 cenu n pair. Call and get a good supply. WALL A STEPHENS, 322 Pa. avenue, next doer to Iron Hall. apfl-3? FLOOR MATTING. I HAVE now in store a large stock of Chinese floor MATTING of snperior quality which 1 am sell ing at a very low price, having bought it in New York very early in the season, it being among the first lot* arriving and will be sold without regard to the advance in the price since. Matting put down at thorl notice in the beat man ner. L. F. CLARK, PaprT hanger and Upli l?t< rer, 218 Pa. are , bctw. 12th and 13ih sts. ap6?3t* BONNETS-BONNETS. MISS 8. J. THOMPSON is now prepared to turtiish Bonnets o: ever description at mod - rate price*, and is constantly making additions to oar already large and complete assortment. Ladiee about purchasing would do well to cal' and ?um* ire our stock, a? ?r are cure they cannot to be suited as regard* either style, quality, or price. Our -tock ol Gloves, Hosiery and Fancy Goods ia comnl ue and wonhv of attention also HUTCHINSON A MUNRO, 310 Pa. ave., betw. 9ih and 10.h sta. ap 6?6t tfOK DIKE?I WO NLGKU GlliLS AND CN? Negr<? Boy, 19 years of . i i excellent charac ter and Slave* for life. Eaquue <u this office, ap 5 4t CI1ILDUEKS' UOLLI.HU HOOPS* Battledores, Jutnpinc R?pes, Grace Hoops, Curs and BalU, with a g neral assortment ot Toya and Fancy Notion?, suitable lor prcsen *, received and tor sa!e very cheap at LAMMOND'S, ap 5 3t Seventh at. ROSE BUSHES,&c7 THE planting season being at band, a splendid lot of perpetual blooming ROSE HUSHES, on their own roots, Peer*, Piuns, Cherries, Apricot". Ap ples, Grape Vines, Strawberry PLANTS, and Ever* green*, tpay !?;? had at the Washington Nursery, 5th street, between K and New York avenue ap 5?Gt* M. GRI r'FITHS. N N TO TUE LADIES. MRS. M. PIERCE will open,<n Saturday, April 7th, a splendid assortment of SPRING f MILLINER\ , to w Inch the Indies arc iuvtf ted to call and examine \ No. 494 Eleventh street, between Penn. avenue and L street. All orders promptly attended to. ap 5-5t* FRENCH MILLINERY. K. MR-. M. L. DAVISON, if ^^N'o. 303 Pa. ate., bet. 9th and 10(4 itt. ^ |jj lie>|>ecttiilly announce* to her customers and uie ladi< s of VVathinpton and the vicinity, that she will opnn on Saturday, 7th instant, a splendid assortment of Fancy HATS, Fr-nch FLOWERS, Ribbon and St?w BON NETS. Ac, ap 5?3t* ttW BU.*Ks *> t SIIILLINJTOV8 BOOKSTORE. The Immaculaie Conception; or, The ? other of God; an exposition by the Right Rev. Bishop Ulla tliorac G owth in Holiness, or the Progress of the Spirit ual life, by the author ol Ail for Jesus The ^Metropolitan Magazine for April. The Slave of the Lamr, by Wm. North Everything iu the Stationery line All the new books published received immediate ly afterwards and for sale at HlilLLINGTON'S Bookstore, Odeon Building, corner 4# st- and Pa. are. ?pr 6? OTlCB.?DURING MY TEMPORARY AU sence from Washington, Mr. Jakks Evelbtb is authorized to attend to my affairs, and ail persons having business with me ar* lequested to call on bim at No. 375 Nineteenth street west, ap 3-5t* C.GRATIOT. OR SALE?A Pair of BAY MAKKTs/T>ears old next?pring.well-br*d,ei.und.stylish, gentle, spirited and capital goers. They are >^v well broken and pertecily free from tricks, and will pmicularly suit any gentleman who is lond of driving. The owner parts with them only because his purpose i* ta retrench his expenses. They can be seen at Southron's (late Birch's) Stable, on 14th rreet, sc uth of Pa. avenue. For terms, or an op portunity to try thi-m, emjuire at the counter of the Star office. They will be sold a ba. rain. ap 3?if STONE! STONE!! STONE!!! BUILDERS, Contractors, and others are hwrebjr notified that Curb. Flag, C<oping and Building STONES. Also, STONE-STEP8, SILLS, Ac., will be furnished as usual from those weil-known quarries owned by W. D. C. Murdock. and worked until recently by the late Timothy O'Neale and hie brother. For pricc* and term* apply to the eufc Bcnber at No. 07 K street, Washington WM. COLLINS, np 3?I w* Acent for tbe Proprietor. LIME, PLASTER, CLEMENT, HAIR, fcc?Just opened two large j kilns of splendid wood burnt Lime.?A. ALP HOOVER have thi* day entered into co-partner ship ; and, having made siveral additions to their fine kilns, am i.ow manufacturing from 800 to 1 0?>0 barn-Is of the best wood burnt Lrne per week, which will be solJ at the lowest market price*. Also, constantly on hand n large quantity of the finest PLASTER, CEMENT and HAIR to be found in this city. All those w ho are in want of the* articles will certainly find it to their a. vantage to five them ? call. A. A L P. HOOVER. Potomac Lime Ki!n?, 27th street, one square south lower bridge, near Geot*n. ap 3?d3w FINE WATCHES. HAVING made a considerable addition to my stock of boi n Hujmwu patz.xt Livnta, ? and LADlta' WATCHES Of fir*t quality, heavy 18 carat| cases. Aiso SILVER WATCHES for bors. I offer them at greatly nduced j.rlce*. The movrments are selected with great carr, an J every Watch is varranted. Persona in want of a fine timekeeper are ln*Ued to examine my aasortmei.1. H SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and 10th **? mar 30 tWO SECOND HAND PIANOS rOK BALE or rent upon reasonable term-, at the R athiap ton City D.'pot for the rale of Hallet, Davis A Oo., Bac >n A Raven, and oihsr Pianos. M W| JOHN F. ELLIS, np4 3C0 Pa. avtanai 1

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