Newspaper of Evening Star, April 7, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 7, 1855 Page 3
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evening star. Local Intelligence. Jt* DlfTlICT PRESBYTERY.?We, in yes terday's paper, gave a brief notice of this pottery, and with a view of correcting an error into which we inadvertent! y fell, we, by recurs'. publish the following: rbe Presbyterv met at the First Constitu tional Presbyterian Church in Baltimore, on Xafsday evening last, at 71 o'clock. The opening discourse was delivered by Rev. W X Era, of Rockvllle and Betheeda churches, the last moderator (Rev. A G Carother#) beirg too unwell to officiate. Rev. W. T Era was elected commissioner to theiGeneral Assem bly, which meets at St Louis, Mo, in Ma, sext, and Elder John Douglass, of the First Chnrch. Washington, us the laj delegate to that body and Rev Wm McLais, of this city, and Elder W G. Knowle*, of the First Con stitutional Church, Baltimore, as alternates. After a harmonious session, the Presbytery ad joarned to meet in ihe Western Presbyterian Cbarch in this city, on the first Wednesday of October next Ladies Attend! ? In addition to the depots of articles worn by the fair sex, mentioned in the Star some days since as being places where novel, fashionable, and inviting stocks of goods nay just cow be inspected, we find that Mrs G. 11. Gates, No. 3ft8 Seventh street, opposite Hyatt's dry goods store, ha* very re cently placed en ber shelves a beautiful as jortment of every thing desirable in the way of gloves, bonnets, bonnet trimmings collars, andersleeves. do. So also, has Mrs. Pieree, at No. 494 Eleventh street, between Pennsyl vania avenne aad E street, whose spring mil linery is such as to set the mouths of half the ?ex in Washington to watering. Nor should we forget the new assortment which is to be found in the so fashionable establishment of Mrs. L Davidson, at No. 303 Pa. avenue, be tween Ninth and Tenth streets, where one will Me any quantity and styies of loves of fancy hats, French flowers, ribbon and strew b jc ncts. Ac., Mrs J. Lane, Bridge street, between Cengre?s and High streets, George town, opens her beautiful assortment of fasb. iouable spring millinery on Tuesday next, to which we direct the attentica of our fair leaders in that eity. Commitments.?The following oommltmect* were mado to the jail during the March term of the Criminal Court: Sarah Jane Norton, larceny, 6 months. Michael Murphy, Wm. D. Ganndr, and Samuel W. Umnerfield, riot, 1 year. Thomas Pratt, (eol'd.) la.ceny, 1 year. Peter Douglas?, (col'd.) larseny, 1 year. Wm Oibb<, (col d.) lrrceny. 9 nnnths. George iiaglm. (col d.) residing officers, 2 ?onths Milium White, uailsious mischief, 3 years, (this boy broke into a warehcuie in George town. which was vacant, and the Court eeci^ed that it was not burglary.) Julia Hughes, malicious mischief, ft months. Jacob Role-?, assault, 9 month*. Michael Murphy and Samuel W. Umber field, breaking iail, 9 months. Lemur! Bechctc. {col d,) assault, 20 days, and pay a fine of $1 j and costs. There were no convictions to the peniten tiary this term The Grand Jury presented sixty-nine eas?s at mis term The above are among the cum ber convlc'ei Some oajes were dismissed by scquiUil, end others continued. Pictceks ?Mr. Editor: Having observed the announcement in ycur widely spread jiarnal of the arrival from England of original water color pictures 1 was induced to pay a visit to the store ot M?s*r* Tayl. r and Maury. During a tour in Fnrope 1 was a frequent vis iter to the va-iocs picture gallorics, and mora especially at the (zhibitiou of the societies of painters of water colors in London, who have attained great perfection in this art. it was therefore refreshing to look on the pictures recently received in cur ci'y. afcar so long an absence from those galleries, where I have lin gered in silent admiration cf the effects pro duced by the modern school of painters But to see it was a matter cf suprii-e to find that out of ihe eiiht pictures at Messrs. Taylor A Maury's, only one should have been sold. I belie?e, however, that it is the want of means lather *han the dc!ire to purchase. I would inggest that in order to affjrd an opportunity to seme of car citizces to bccome pesse sor?, that they be put up at raffia Sueh means are often rasor'ed to, and are not conti.iered pro judicial to the artist's reputation. 1 know of several who accord me in the proposi tion. A. ii Reports or the Police?Walter Evans, ?ecuriiy Thos Keatly, riot; security for peace. Hender#on Fowler, leading horse on the pavement; fined Cal*ert Drury, riot; dismissed. Wm. Willis, assault; dismissed. Hender->cn Fowler, watering horse at a pump; fined. Do, riding on pavement; di-missed. Daniel MeGinnis, assault; security for peace Matilda Wharton, vagrant; dismissed. Ran dolph Pitts, profane and stone fighting, twelve lashes. Andrew Kidwell, arsiult end battery; jail T B Real, threats; sjcuri'y for pea:"e. j M 0 B. ieo, eelliug without license. Samuel Pine, assault; dusmirsed. Tnoataa Lang alias John Doe, diunk ; wcrkhcuse 30 days Thos. Lucas, stone fight; security for peace. Chas. Meage*, ass'tuit; security fur peace. Owen Magee, assault; eccuri y tor peace. Mx5DiciTT.?Therj are, probably, fower persens in Washin^ten evenly subsisting on eharity than in any other oit/ in the world of the same population. Tneie a e not, in all our ?ity, more than a doxsn petfjas over the ago of ten years, who solicit cha-ity in the street?. Of eourse such persous will levy their contri butions on Pennsylvania Avenue, s> these of that calling whom one sees there really com prise the city's stock of street beggars 'lhere is n? better criterion for judging ihe amount of suffering frvin want than In th?s number of street beggars to be enoeuntered in a day's tramping around business thoroughfares As an omnibus would hold all Washington's per sons of that c!ass, it may fairly b* assumed Uat few souls indeed among us suffer fur the want of the necessaries of life, of any sort. Tee Tolice, under Captain John Davis, are not Icsily employed now a-dajs; tho oity being remarkably treefr^a from disturbances requiring their intervention; more to than fo; many years p?*t. This stare of things is peculiarly gratifying to the lovers of good order. Nor are the Auxiliary Guard, nnder Captain Birch, over prewd with business < f in exciting character. They have, however, to be on their beas, to look to the safety of ?r oitisens and to arres. offenders against Ue laws. The c?scs which are prerented un 4*r this department are generally dip posed of bj fine or imprisonment in the work house. Laboe ?There are complaints of want of *>rk among mtny of our mechanics, espe cially of that claa* whose occupatiun is bousa koiiding They find idleness not only irk exce, but unprofitable lhere is, e~mpara Lvely but little doing in the workshop* thrvugh f?t the eity, acco-dieg to our Information. ve trust ttat thcrti who universa ly desire ?npluyment may nut longer have occasion to Obmplain of its scarcity. Eastxr Balls.?On Monday night next * the Washington pagers give a grand civi:1 and military ball, at Camp's Saloon ; and on ti.? same night, the Columbia Fire Company will give a grand firemen's and civil ball at Ja:kson liall Jadgirg from what we hare heard of the Errangemen^s, we donbt cot that the rcspes tive managers will redeem the pledge to make these balls in all respects agreeaole to thoie who may faror the ^ with their attendance. Extkssive Paviku is now g^ing on in F arteenth street, from I to BouLd.-.ry, oa one si le and from K to Boundary on the other The work skirts many vacant lots which must be considerably enhanced in value by this improvement, executed, we beiieve, ai pri vate expense Ausut two miles of pavement will be comprised in the operations. Market Pbke* To-Dat.?Beef,fresh, 12a 18c. per pound; do salt, 8al2c ; do. dry, 10a 16e ; mutton, 10al2o ; poik, fresh, 12o ; do. salt 103. Rock fr-b, 2?e. per bunch; shad, 5Co. per pair, herring. ISc per hunch; perch, 2oo. per b?nch. Potatoes. 50a7oc. par peck; but ter, 3U-U0. per pound; eg^s, l?a2v;. per dos. T? Co*PLHfK*TART BbXEPIT To-NlGHT. ft will Jbe perceived in our advertising columns that Mill Morant is, to-night, to be the re cipient of a complimentary benefit, tendered to her by many gentlemen who have witness-' ed her performance at Iron Hall. This ii to be positively her last appearanoe here. The piece chosen for the occasion is the "Honev moon in which she plays Joliana to well. We take it for granted that by the time the car t ain rises the house will be too fall to hold another person. "J?" Ct?"DCC* -One of the eoanty eon stables went to a house in the eastern portion of the city jseterday. to distrain the tenant I he husband being absent the lady resisted the offloer who, being rather impatient and ungallant, began to enforce his intentions with the aid of his elab. We are told that the ady was severely beaten; bat that some other ladies came to her assistance and "walked" into the eonttables "affections"?giving him a pretty fair whipping. Th* ease will come up for trial to-day. ?? Advahtaue or Aoveetisieo.?On Thars day. a gentleman inserted an advertisement in the Star, offering three servants for hire SiQce that time there have been between lbrty and ffty inquiries concerning them at the oounter of thfr tffi e We mention this fact for the purpose of showing that servants are scarce in this city?at least g^od ones?and that those who advertise in the Star wisely in vest their money, and have their purposes fully arswered. ? ? naorning. the wife of Hamilton Martin, a oolored man, living on L near the corner of Fourth street, wis the mother of only five children, but on Good /lu ** L number was increased to eight Th# three new comers are girls. An acquaintance who has seen them says thev were all crying at the same time. Comi xo.?Those old favorites of Washington, kunkel s Opera Troupe, announce a series of entertainments at the National Theatre, com mencing on Tuesday evening next, as will be seen by reference to our advertising columns. Watch Returhs.?Tho only persons in the guard-home this morning were unfortunate parsons who were there for lodging This has been the case for the iaet three days. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. C ondition of Capt. Dorry and Jjaryue Wm. Chase?Appointment on Caval?Inspec tions of Flour?Markets, \t. ? Geokoetowx, April 7,1855. We regret to learn :hat the family and friends cf Capt. Dorry, of the barque Win Chase, are quite uneasy about his condition. When the vessel struck on Hog Island, tears were euter tertained that sho would go to pieces, and the clothing, Ac , of the crew, together with the provisions were landed on the Island, and while the crew were eDga^ed assisting in get tirS her off, the Captain who had been con fined to the cabin sick for ssv^al days before tho accident went on shoro to take care of them. After the vessel wa3 got off. it was found im practicable to return fer him, consequently he was left on the Island, sick and enfeebled, where he had no kind of shelter from Saturday until Sunday afternoon, the time of the mail ing of the last dispatch from Norfolk. Wt also learn that parties in Norfolk, who had entered into a written contract to get the baik off tor fcS.GCO, after they had reached the Island, attempted to take the advantage of the captain's situation, and refused to render any assistance until he signed a second contract agreeing to give them some $4 000 and 20 fer cent, on the cargo. We presume, how ever, that the last contract wiil be of no effect that the parties will have to abide by the terms of the first. Since our last notice of the accident, we have learnod that some thirty to firry hogsheads (sugar and molasses) of the cargo had to be thrown overboard. The last hea-ing from the bark she was in Norfolk. eloarn from Mr. Lamby, the superintend cnt. that there are about one hundred and forty bands now employed on the Washington aque duct, and that everything is moving on finely. Harris Baa ton has been appointed si<reri?. tondent on the lower ?eotion of the Chesape ike and Ohio canal, in the p!ace of Mr. Limbv resigned. Rev. John Lacaian has engaged a dwelling houso in our city, where be intends to reside d uring his presiding Eldership of the Potomac district. The inspections of flour in our city for tie quarter ending March 31, amounted to 54,501 barren; 1,104 half barrels; and 189 barrels corn mjal; total, 55.242 barrels. About 35,000 barrels of this was inspected in the month of march. The Rev. llenry glicer and his family have left for Baltimore. It must be very gratifying to the old gentleman's feelings to know that be carries with him the universal good wi-hes and kind regards of the people among whom he ha* resided for several years past. List n:g!it and the night before, we were lavored with refreshing showers of rain, which niust prove very beneficial to the surrounding farms and gardens. Flour-market firm and advancing; holders demanding $V 75, and buyers offering $0 62* bmall sales yesterday at the last named figures. Sale of 1.000 bushels prime white ?heat at |2 45. No change in corn or oats since our last Arrivals?Schooner Clepatra, Williams, ba.isbury, to Libbey k Son; schooner J. Rns sell, , Fhiladeiphia, to Dickson A Gordon. Spkctatob. P?UM>NAL. .... Paul R. George, of New Hampshire, is a candidate for the Unitjd States Senate! .... Lord Erskine, the eldest son of the cel ebrated Chancellor Erskine, died at Brighton ?nti' was mliiiater plenipotentiary to Washington in 1806. .... Dr. Richard H. Thompson, the newly appointed Uaalth Officer for the port of New lot*, was yesterday sworn into offioe. ... An autograph letter of George Wash ington was sold at auction, in London, for ?5 .... Louis Kossuth announces by advertise meet, that he has formed a permanert engage ment with the Lordon Atlas, and solicits sub scriptions for that (weekly) paper. .... Chauncey if. Holcomb, E*q., a well known and extensive firmer of Delaware, and whose agricultural addresses before various agricultural Societies afforded so much inter est and ins:ru^tion, during the past lew years, died at New Castle on Thursday. .... Among the passengers in the George Law, whioh left New York on Thursday for California, were benor Xirano, late Poruvian Minuter, end F W Rice, late Consul at Aca tulco, Mexico, who has gone out to Lima Peru, with his family, to reside. .... Hon Ralph Metcalf, Governor elect of New Hampshire, is seriously ill at his resi dence in Newport. .... Airs. Santa Anna has had tho renowned badge of Maria Louisa conferred on her by the Queen of Spain, to the groat delight of the flatterers of her husband. VW V, e have received the April number oi De Bow s Review. It contains the usual amount of current information, under the beads of " L'terary and Miscellaneous;" "Ag riculture and Horticulture;" " Home and For eign Commerce; " Mining, Manufactures, and Internal Improvements;" and " Education " The leading article is entitled the " South and the Union : The Union?past and present how it works and how to save it." The eon tents are of an interesting character. Tub Anvext Dilusiok.?The Portsmouth (N H.) Chronic'.o learns that "considerable interest is manifested as tho time fixed by some Ad?entists for the end oi the world draws near. Ten of their converts were baptised on ^.ocday noon. They cxj.eot to be caught up on e iyth prox., while the earth and its in habitants are burning up." Additional News from Europe/ BY THE BALTIC. Oar paper of yesterday contained, under the teie^Taphio bead, a dispatch New York* communicating ecretal important item*, which were brought by the steamer Baltic. 6he ar rived at that pgrt on Friday with one week's later adrioe* from Europe. We, this morning, received the details, but do not find them to acoord, in interest, with the glowing head-lines and heavy capitals whioh preface them in the newspapers repub lishing the intelligence. The following is in addition to what we pub lished yesterday: THE VIENNA CONFERENCE. The first of the four pointi which hss been unanimously agreed to by the Vienna Con ference, reads as follows: The abolition of the exclusive protectorate of Russia in Moldavia and Wallaohia, and the privileges accorded to those provisoes by the Sultan, thus being placed* under the guarantee of the Five Powers. A dispatch from Vienna dated Friday even ing says : The Conference is progressing most favorably, ihe second point was either set tled to day, or will tie to-morrow. The Emperor has given strong evidence of his design to abide by the plans of his father, and that be will make no concessions. Ru mors are current of a new basis of arrange ment, including the freedom of the Black Sea. opening of the Danube, and the erection of Turkish forts, As , in Asia. TURKEY. The Porte has determined to maintain un diminished its sovereignty over the Darda nelles and protests against any of the Chris tians in the empire being placed under any foreign protection. The Porte also desires the participation of Russia in the pending Con ferences. Ali Pasha, the Turkish Minister of Foreign ACairs, has been summoned to Vienna. FROM THE CRIMEA. The official reports of the storming of the Malakhoaff redoubt on the night of the 22d of February have been published. The Anglo French souadron of twenty-b7e steamers was on the w?y to Uentoa to embark Sardinian troops for the Crftnea. The Russians havo sunk three or four more ships tf-war off Sebastopol. GENERAL ITBMo. Advices from Odessa to <he 14th say that Prince Menscbikofl had died of fever at Sim pberopol. This is doubtful. The French hospital at Constantinople had been burned to the ground and 96 persons perished. The palace bsglerb^g, in Constantinople, has been repaired and put in order for Napo leon's accommodation. RUSSIA. The Popo has sent an embassy of oondolence to the Emperor Alexander. It is reported that GorteohakoSf has been ordered from 8t. Petersburg to take Eupatoria at any price. r Letters state that Russian preparations in dicate the eventual evacuation of Bessarabia without contest The Grand Duke Constantino directs the fleet a ad the ministry of marine. A nocturnal levy of recruits was made throughout Russian Poland on the night of the B-Utic ,<5C " breakiDS UP generally in the ENGLAND. The flying British squadron, the first install ment of the Baltic fleet sailed from Spithead for Kiel on the 20th ult. Ia the House of Lords, Lyndhurst and Cla rendon had spoken severely against the vacil lating concluot of Prussia. The proceedings of tho Roebusk committee we/e drawing to a close. FRANCE Lonis Napoleon hid received the Imperial guards and made a .hort patrioiio speeon. BELGIUM. u Mini3tr* ^ad 1)6811 formed, but only he.d office one day, and the crisis therefore continued. CHINA. The attempt of the Frenoh to storm Shang hai had proved a failure. ? A SPRING AND Sl/MMKK MEDICINE, C*iKr'i tu .i., L'*ture *Uu'1? Pre eminent above ull others. "? singular y elljc.o.ous action on tJl(, fl?*.??i ; Its itrength 1 vivifying qnalltDs; It* tonic action on the Liver, t0 a" ,0 u,? surface, thereby J" tt,e according to Natures own prescrlp* mtfmriJ {"/J, ' a? *' "'to extraordinary good ?fleet*, and ?<?innmWr of cures testified to by insiiy of the cUuena of Richmond, Ve? and elsewhere, miut be cocci usiva eviueav* that th0re Is no humbug abcu* ?mb2?au*"taBl,k#,tlBWal "tllfy th? sceptical ?e'S?e adveriU?sment lu another rolnron. JT"y*CrLINARY ARTICLK.S.?Coze'* SLiirkllug G?latln LX-' for msklng Jellies Coupet's sl.f et and stred lslnglsaj for <JO Tapiock and .Sago, for puddings London Mustard, very superior Afr can Cayenne Pepper, geuuioi Taacan family .Salad Oil Otirry Powder Pure Bermuda and Florida Arrowroot Flavoring Kitrac'e and Vanilla Ueans Al*o, Medicinal l.ttjuora, imported eiproesly for Invalids Old Hennessy Brandy, pal* Old Port Wine, pure juk-e P*'? U|rger Wine, an excellent tonic and tnv!g oratliij cordial, pirlicul*rly LuneflclAl to pbrit'iiii tuf frosi a iy.*k aud utrvuus ?imi? of the ttomach. For tale by Z. D. OILMAN, Drngglst, cear Browns' Hotel. Cash pirchaseri and punctual customers aolicltef. ap ?? 3t lT7*A '"SKOMKNA IV MKDICINKH-onchltU, Coogh, Dyipe.mla. Liver Coir plaints, Scrofula, Ac.?For all dtseaees of th? Fema'e System it stands preeminent. A Glergyinau Just lnforma us it h?a cured him of Bronchitis of? dcipe-ale character?particular! hereafter. HAMPTON S VEUKTAbLK TlNCfUKE?By Ue mild ac tion on Ut? etomacb, liver and kidneys, will can Dyspep. tia. Cough, Asthma, Brouchial and I.uug AlTectfoua Paiua In tb" Ba< k. Side and Hrea-t, Ojiisumption, Scrofula, Kheu matlaiu, Oont, Neara'gla, Fistula, Buw?i Complaints, Pilea, Worms, aud NnrvoO* Debilities?with all diseases arising from Impure bl3o1, and Is the gre.i'.est female medlclue ev er known. Tula luealuable ijied'clne ta woiking wonder* upon the human frame. See advertisement to-day. mar 7 HOOFLAKD'd OKLKBBATKU GKHMAN BIT TKKS. Tbei? are few thlaga which afford na greater pleasure than aittlng down to write a notice of the celebrated Hoof land German BlUera, because we are fully conaclous we are ConferriLg a public benefit, aud onr heart teila us that by onr notice* many have l<een lLduced U- tak.e these Bitters, and been rescued from death by dyspepsia, liver complaint, Ac., for Uiecu-e of whlc'u It ts certain It is prepared and aold only by Dr. C. M. JACKSON, at the German Medicine Store, No. 1M Arch atraet, Pbiladalphla. See advertisement. m4r j_gm rKj? p::kmil'ms at thz fairs.?whitkhi rsts still in the ascendance.?The Juries of each of Uie late hiri at Baltiinoro, Richmond, and New York awarded their highest prooiiuma to J. H. W. for their superiority of Pho tugrapba, Htereuacopaa and Daguerreotypes exhibited. Mr. W. aiso recelrixt two Medals at the World's Fair, Lon. don, and a premium at Crystal Palace, New York. Alio, t ie Urst awards of the Marylanl luatitute for three years paat. Wbluihurnfs Gallery lu thla city la on Pa. avenue, betw. And (th streets. fab 17 VJob Smili.i.v?toi receives all tho new Book* and Newt Sapers as fast as published. He I* agent for Harper's and all le other Ma^a^inea, aud onr readera will always And a large and good aseortmeut of Blank Books and Stationery at hla Bookstore. <M?n Itnildlng. cor Pa. avenne and at. rTy?NOAII WALKKR k CO., nnder Browns' Hotel, are ' |>re??reil to show one of the most complete assortment of RE ADY MA 1)K CLOTHING ever offered to the cltWens or this District- Their stock embraces everything that is new and fashionable for tlie season, mannfactured with taste and elegance, for wtiich tUair Clothing la celebrated. mar 37 DIKO. On Monday, Uis'2d instant. LEWIS EDWARD, iulai.t son of Virginia aud William Naali, ajj?id ?ix weeks. Lines written on the death of Mrs. Anna Cavanacgu, formerly Miss Anna Me Naughton It I ha-1 thought thou couldit have died, I might not weep for thee; Put I forgot when by thy side, That thou coul Jvt mortal be. It m-vcr through uiy mind had passed, That tiuie cooM c'r be o'er, And 1 on thee shouldst look my last, And thou t>houl<bt uuilc no more. And still upon that face I look, And think 'twill smile agnin ; Ami still the thought I will brook, That i must look in v*tn. Dut whrn 1 ppeak thou ."ostnot eny What thou u?'er l?-71 unsaid; And now I feel as well I may? Sweet Anna, thou art dead. When the morrow's son is ehming Tney will take thy cherisned form ; Th?-y will bear it to the church yard, And eor sign it to the worm. When Nature wears her rcbe of green? Oft as rt turns the rolling years, A youthful form at eve u t>een, iier ^ bedewing vviih his tears. * M. M. G. Oil. D. NcFAHLAV, DENTIST, Office?No. 3JJ Pennsylvania avenu?, near Ninth street, Washington, D. C. uici 90?voliu* Auction Bales. Bjr J. C. BKeGUlRB, ^nctlon??r< TRUSTEE'S PALE OF A LONG BOAT.?ON TUESDAY afternoon, April lOtli. at 5 o'clock, at Lasby's Wharf, I shall seii^ without reserve, One Long Boat, with Sails, fcp. Terms: A credit of 60 and 90 day* for satisfactorily endorsed note*, bearing interest. By order of the Trustee: JA8. (J. McGUIRE, ?P 7-at Aoctionccr. By J? O. leQCIRB, A?ctlo?m> Furniture and household effects at Public 8ale.?On WEDNESDAY morning, April 11th, at 10 o'clock, at the residence of the late Dr. Wothersjoon No.493 Seventeenth street, be tween H and I gtreets, I shall sell, by order of the by order of the Orphans' Court, all his Furniture and Household Effect*, viz: Mahogany French Sola, Ann Chairs De Parlor Chairs, F.tagere Walnut Divans, Rout and Fancy Tables Marble top Centre Table, do. Beaufet Cane and wood seat <'hairs Carpets, Matting, Oilcloth Hatraek, Hall Table, Stair Carpet Curiam*, Shades, Girandoles, r ocks Walnut French Bedsteads, Buream Washstands, Toilet Sets Excellent hair and hu-ik Mattresses Bed and Table Linen, Bolsters and Pillows Dining and Breakfast Tables China nnd Glassware Knives and forks Refrigerators, Silver plated Castors, kc. , Totether with the usual assortment of Kitchcn Requisites. Terms : All sums of and under $20cash; over $20 a credit of ninety days for approved endorsed notes, bear ing i nterc st. JAS. C. McGUIRE, ap 7?-d Auctioneer For Bale and Rent. Building lots for sale.?a varieti of Building Lots in Uie vicinity of the Ciiy Hall Also, iii all oilier parts of the city, on accominodat ing terms. Enquire at Mrs. ADAMS' Boarding Hou??>, opposite to Browns' Hotel, to be seen from 8 to 9 a m, or 3 to 4 p m. Abo, an address through the Post Office will receive attention. mar 5?eo2m DAVID MYERLE. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT AND STONE Foundation for sale at a very great sacrifice for cash or short credit, beautifully located on 3d st. near the City Hall, being a part of Lot 15, Square 532, having a front of 26 feet and 93 feet3 inches deep,and has the privilege of ^nck wall adjoin ing. APHyt? v 'o . " E K LUNDY. *o. las Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C. ap 6?if " ' FOR RENT?THE WAREHOUSE IN THE \ artsqm Buildings, on Louisiana avenue, re cently occupied by Me?srs. Rotliwell & Brown. Thr store and cellar will be rented apart fn>m the other stories if desired. SILAS H. HILL, ap .r??3t FOR RENT-ONE OF THOSE FINE IIOUSE8 on the north side of E, between 5th and 6th sts. is offered for rent. Pcagesstua given ou the 8th in stant. Also, a good shop or warehouse. Apply to DR. C. BOYLE, _ap 5 - 3t* 4}^ street. FOR RENT?THREE NEW FRAME HOUSES, containing six rooms, situatsd c,a P street, be tween L and M ^tree^, four squires from the Rail road Depot. Rent moderate. Apply to CHARLES THOMA, on the opposite side of the ttrect. ap 4?lm* A CERTAIN CHANCE TO MAKE A FOR tune -~A lady having acquired a competency in the Millinery business, is now desirous of dispo ing of her establishment, and1 retiring into private life. Her location is one of the best in the city, an4 is a rare opportunity for one acquainted with the business. For terms and particulars apply at this office- rear 29-lm TntE RESIDENCE OF COL. ROBERTS, U. S. A., continues to be offered on pr vat* sale. It is one ol the best appointed Cottages in the District, containing thr?>e acres of Ground, a large garden, excellent water, s'.ables an 1 outhouses in perfect order, and ornamental grounds, fruit Uecs, fcc , in the best cnudi ion. For information apply at thia cificc. mar -le?Xw ROOMS FOR RENT?TWO OR THREE new ly furnished and very desirable Rooms for rent with board, at 403 F st., Union Row. mar 28?2\v* Rural retreats ?several of those cottage residences at Kendall Green b<~ing now vacant, explication may be mane v, the undersigned for renting the tame, with privilege of parchasinc on liberal term', either by letter thr ugh the po*t offi'.e, or at his residence after office hours. The location is healthy commands a full view of the city, is but a nnle and a quarter from the Post Office, and is In every reject? desirable Guldens of two acres each are attached to every house. A permanent omnibus line communicates with Georgetown, bv way of Penna. avenue, twice a i'av, at the usual faro. WM 8T1CKNEY. mar 22- tf HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Building Lots, 24 feet front by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of $75, payable $3 per mouth. Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Hall. Jan 9?Cm JOHN FOX, Secretary. Wants. WA N T E I)?APARTMENTS IN GEORGE town for a gentleman. Apply to Mr. REDFERN, Orocor, First Ward. apr 7?3'.* WANTED-A SITUATION BY A MIDDLE aged man, with a small family, as Gardene or Overseer on a farm. Address P. II. at this office ep ti- 3t* WANTED BY A GENTLEMAN with a small family, a brick House, containing sot more than eight r om?, with a passage ; in a central loca lion, would engage to keep it in as gooe order as he finds it, desires to rent or lease it for a term of years Any one having such house will please address 'Maurice." Star office. ap 6?Iw YET ANTED?A HALF GROWN GIRL TO AS * ? sist in housework. Apply at 33!i C street, between 4,^' and 6lh streets. ap 5 3t THO. II. IIAVENNER. AN AGENT WANTED.?AN ACTIVE AND intelligent young man; who is well acquainted wi|ii Baltimore, who is willing o attend closely to business, will hear of nn opportunity of getting into a good business by calling immediately at the Suit office. ap 4? tf WANTFD?A COMPLETE FILE OF THE WEEKLY (Washington City) STAR since its publication up to the present date, for which a liberal price will be paid if sjntto this office, ap 3?tf WANTED?A ROOM WITH BOARD IN THE First Ward, by a gentleman who will, if de sired, furnish his room. Address, for one week, "M," at this office. mnr 31?tf* HOUSE W A N T E D.?THE ADVERTISER wishes to purchase, for cash, a good two-story brics Dwelling, suitable for a small family, situated north of Pa. avenue. Address "S F A," tinough the Post Office, stataig location, price, &c. mar 12?lm* Boarding. A GENTLEMAN AND LADY CAN BE AC commolated with Rooms and Board in a pri vate family where there are no small children. It is situated in one of tne raor-t pleasant situations in the city, and has larpe grounds attached it. The house is large nnd newly furnished. Terms mode rate. Apply to BARNES & MITCHELL, np 7?3t* Pa. avenue, near 9ih st. r| L\ GENTLEMEN CAN HE AC..OMMODA ted with boar.l at three dollars per week by ap plying at No. 4 9 North A street, between First and Second streets, Capitol IMI. an 7?3i* BOAKL>? dtc?mrs. BATES, on the south west corner of Pa. avenue and 9th street is pre pared to accommodate gentlemen with room*, with or without board. Every effort will be made to ren der tuose comfortt Lie who may favor her with their palronage^ _ ap 6? tf I)OARD IN A PRIVATE FAMILY can BE OB ) tnim d b/ two s ngle gentlemen. The rooms are pleasantly situated and comfortably furnished. They will be rented either with or without board on accommodating terms. Address "G II" City Post Uflic8. ap 3- 5t* Boarding .?one large front room handsomely furnished, wi.h uu adjoining one, suitable for a lainiy. Also, several single rooms, larger tiian aie generally appropri aed to gentlemen, cau be had on reasonable terms by application to No 3 Union Row, on F, between 6:li and 7lh sts. The situation is ventral, and healihy for the ap proaching season of spiing and sumin r. ap 5?lw* SEVERAL GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOM modated witb rooms and board, at No. 45 8 Twelfth street, bstwetu G and 11 streets. ap 2?2\v* BOARDIKG.?MRS. DLVALL, No. 331 Pa. avenue opposite Browns' Hotel, has several very desirable rooms, suitable for families or single gentlemen, which she would rent with board, on reasonable t?n*s. She can also accommodate' 6 or 8 gentlemen with meals, without lodging. piri Auction Bales. By J. C. KiOtJIRBi Auctlomser. VALUABLE THREE 8TORY BRICK HOUSE, Carriage Hou?e and Lot on 7th street for sale at Auction?The owner being slvnit to remove from the citjr, wiU sell, on THURSDAY, the 12th day April next, at 5 o'clock p. m., the dwelling house be now occupies, situated on 7th street west, between M and N streets north, and being num bered 25?>. The house contains nine rooms and an eutry. The main building m 19 by '34 feet, with ce ilings 10 Met high in the two lowest rooms, and 9 feet in the upper story. The back building ia of brick, 14 bv 19 feet with a brick paved Cellar, back of this is a shed suitable for keeping fuel, washing, fcc. At the rear of the lot ia a good stable and csr ria*e house, with paved alley. The front of the house is of preaacd brick, and It has a neat paling fence enclosing a small yard in front. The houae u new and well supplied with closets and every con fortable It is ia a rapidly improving part of the city and is worthy tha attention of purchasers, as it must be mid. Title perfect. Terms: One-fourth caali; the balance in 6,12, and 18 motdhs, w itli interest from the dae of salt. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. If the terms of bale are not complied with within three days from the day of sa!e, the property will be agam sold at 'he tisk and cost of the first purchaser. The property may be txamined any day previous to the fa!c. JAS. C. McGUIRE, ap<1 Auctioneer. By GREEK 4k SCOTT. AaetlMHen. VALUABLE FRAME HOUSE AND LOT8 at Auction.?On TUESDAY, the 10th instant, we shall sell, in front of the premises, at 5 o'clock p. m., parts Lots Nos. 12 and 13, in Square No. 543' with the improvements, which are a good two-sto iy Cottage House. containing live gi>od and conve niently arranged room*, with passage and kitchen and cellar, and all necessary outbuildings. The abf>ve described pro^rty fronts on street, 45 feet 6 inches, between K and L sts. louth, run ning back 100 feet to a 15 feet alley. Title indisputable. Terms of sale : One-quarter cash ; the balance a credit of 6, 12 and Id months, for noica besri* g in terest from the day of rale A deed given and a derd of trust taken GREEN & SCOTT, nr>r Auciior.ewa Bjr c* Auctioneer. T ARGPB.VLEOF FURNITURE,HOUSEHOLD Effects and Bar rouni Fixtures.?On MONDAY mornii.g, Af?ril HUh, at 10 o'clock, at the Mount Pleasant Hotel, corner of north A street and Dela ware avenue, the subscriber will sell, by virtue of a deed of trust duly recorded among the land record for Washington county, ?;ll the Furniture and Ef fects comprising? TWo mahogany hair spring Sofhs. three Rockera 18 mahogany sprint scat Chairs Mar'jle top Centre Tables Secretary and Bookcase Gilt frame Mirrors, 10 mahogany frame Glasses j-ply and ingrain Carpets, Oileloth Mahogany dressing Bureaus, Wardrobes 2 mahogany French Bedsteads 12 maple patent Bedstead* 12 VV^Hbaiunds 12 superior curled hair Mattresses 20 husk Mattresses, Bolsters and Pillows Blankets. Counterpanes, Toilet Sets Cane and wood srat Chairs D'ning Tables, Window Shades China and Glassware, Outlety Cook 8tove, Kitchen Range and Fixtures Bar aod Fixtures, &c. Together uiih a general assortment of Kitchen Utensils Tfrms: All sums of and under $25 cash ; over $3 a credit of 2 and 4 months, for notes satisfactorily endorsed bearing interest. TilOS. J FISHER. Trustee. JAMES C. McGUIRE, apr 6?d Auctioneer. By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. SALE OF VALUABLE PROPERTY ON THE Island at Auction ?On MONDAY afternoon, April ?th, at 4 o'clock, I shall sell, on the premis-s. p-rt of Lot No. 7, in Square 353, together witn the improvements thereon, consisting of two two-sto y frame houses, in one of which there is a storr, which is considered a good business location. In the rear of the store there is a large, convenient and substan tial two story brick bake house. This property is located on llth st, (the principal tho~oughfare to the steamboat wharves) between D and E streets south Terms: One - trtird cash ; the balance on a cred;t of 6, 12 and 18 months, with interest, secured by a deed in trust on the property. C. W. BOTELER, ap 4?d Auctioneer. Ify J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer I EXCELLENT FURNITURE k HOUSEHOLD j Effects at Auction, by ?>rd?r of the Orphans* Court.?On MONDAY, April U, at 10 o'clock a. m , at the resilience of the late Richard Dement, on 3d street, between B and C streets north, (near Trinity Church) I shall sell all the excellent Furniture anil Effect*, viz: Excellent mahogany case Piano Forte Mahogany hairspring Sofa, Parlor Chairs Superior Mirror front Secretary and Bookease Marble top Pier Table Mahogany Centre Table Mahogany rout Tables, cane sent Chairs Excellent French mantel Timepiece Girandoles, Engravings Lot of valuable Hooks Three-ply parlor and chamber Carpets Rugs. Oilcloth marble-top walnut SideboaiJ Dining and Breakfast Tables Oak dining Chairs, round table Silver Spoons and Ladles, silver plated Castors Table Cutlery, China and Glassware Two solid walnut French Bedsteads Dressing end plain Bureaus, Washstands Very superior feather Beds and Bedding Superior Cooking Stove and fixtures Together with a general assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Terms: $20 and under cash; over that sum a credit of 3 months, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing iutcrest. JOHN MARBURY, Administrator. JAS. C. McGUIRE, apr 5?d Auctioneer. By GREER 8COTT. Auctioneers. SPLENDID CHINESE AND JAPANESE AND other Household and Kitchen Furniture at auc tion.?On MONDAY, the 9th of April, wc shall sell at 19 o'clock a. m., at the residence of Lieut. Balch ot the United States Navy, ia the Six Buildings, on Pennsylvania avenue, between Twenty first and Twenty-second sts., a very superior assortment ol Furniture, viz: Splendid Japanese Centre Table, inlaid with pearl Do Chinese do do ivory Do Japanese Ladies' Cabinet and Wining Desk, Inlaid with pearl, set Japanese Waiters Do Chinese Work Table and Teapoys, inlaid with pearl Do Chinese Chess and Backgammon Men and Uoard Do Chinese Paintings and Ccstumes Do do large Punch Bowl and Toilet Set Do do Circular Bedstead, inlaid with ivo ry, a perfect curiosity. Do assortment of Japanese and Chinese Orna meuts and Curiosities Fine rosewood oval Centre and marble-top Sofa Ta bles Fine Chinese hall and other Lamps, gilt glass Chan deliers Fine China, Class and Croekeryware, among which are one Chinese Dessert Set, white French China Dinner, Tea and Coffee Sets Fine gothic gilt frame French plate Mirror and Bracket Fine Moreen and Brecetelle Window Curtains aud Ornaments Fine walnut gothic, castor, arm and other Chairs Fine cushioned Lounges aud Ottomans, YVhat-Nou and pedretals Fine walnut Chamber Set, comprising g >thic Bed stead, Wardrobe, Sofa, Arm Chairs, dressing Bureau, marble-top VVa&bstand, and single Bedstead Fine wain jt Set, comprising French Bedstead, La dies' Dressing Stan J, Psyche Glass and Wash stand Fins Feather Beds, Bedding, Hair and Shuck Mai lt esses Fine iron Nurse Chair, bronzed iron Settee and Chairs for hail Fine Tapestry, three-ply, Ingrain, and Stair Carpets and Rugs Passage Oilcloth and Straw Matting Two jars Nutmeg, preserved in their natural state Quarter cask Madeira Wine, stx'een years in wood, four years in the East Indies, fine Small lot fine Cousta&cia Refrigerator Mahogany dining and other Tables Cooking and other Stoves And a good assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Terms nf sale: $.'t0 and under cash ; over that sum a credit of sixty a.? J ninety days, for notes satislao torily endorsed, bearing interest. The subscribers must confess that in their attempt to describe the Furniture they have entirely failed. Suffice it to say it is rupcrior to anything we have seen, and we would respectfully invite the ladies and gentlemen of Washington, Georgetown find Al exandiia, and the public in general, to attend the sale aud see for themselves GREEN * SCOTT, mar 30 - eo Auctioneers. P. S.?The public are respectfully invited to call on Saturday, the day previous to sals, and ex umiuc the Furmtuse. G. Ju 8. MRS. L. ALLEN, 0T.1 <Yo. 305 Pa. avenue, between Ximh l\ jU&.jl Tenth ifrtcU, toutk side, j| ITW Will open on Saturday, 7th instant, most ext? n-ive nnd beautiful assortment of P|?iing MILLINERY, consis;ing of Crape, Silk, Laee, Spotted Crape aud Grass Linen HAT8, Including Straws of every description. Also, Muses' Dress ' Hats and Fleu, lie, kL, ALLEN. ?P?- V I TELEGRAPHIC. ?CPOKTBD FOO TBI DAILY UVMH1WQ BT Mare Foreign ftap?ri Now Yon*, April 7.?It hea been . Joined that the Swim poupera, reported by onr Cooanl nt Znncb, have been ahipped for tbi. country in ? tmm! bound to New Otleene. of a Dietingniahed Citinee New Tone, April Tth.-Wnltw R. JoM Eeq., late President of the Boori of Unier' writers, of thi? city died here lest tight. Baltimore Markets. #? Baltivorc, Aptil 7.?Floor ie npwnrd end higher; sale. of Howmd atreet nt fy 87* Grain ta nctire nnd higher. Wbeot?eolee of H85"*2*?: white. $3 45o$2.58 per nt Corn ie higher? aolea of white nt 94 *?5c; yellow, ?7aW. Ooto, 57*62* per booh. *ew York Xarkoc. April 8?Cotton !| npwnrd i&| firm. Flour ia unchanged. Southern ia eoiift ?tlM lt d 50 .110 si" Wh... i. ...S firm. Corn ia upwnrd, end n trilfe higher; aolea of weatern mixed nt $1 04 n $1 05. Perk OUoWh^SVjJi',, L'ri " Hew York Stock Knrkot. .3,W APril 7 ? Stoeka ore ino nnd ?eare. Money ia nnohonged. Snlea ot th* firat bonrd of Cleveland and Toledo rJiLS 7J; Kri. Kail rood, 521; Kciiu, Comberlond Cool Com pony uz? na. \ary C..,rV Railroad ?< ; TlLuii. <?.l? and Cmeionoti Roilroed, 10b; Louiaiono C'% MOBLL * BOYD, BLIND MAKERS k UPHOLSTKRIRS WOULI) reepectfully inform Uieir frteoda and the public generally that Uu IJ 'M'luy ? are prepared to attend to ail orders m? the:r line of business. All Kinds of UPHOLSTERING neatly executed; auch a.-?Cutting and. Makin* Carpets, Fitting down Mat Lag i and Oil Cloth, Making and fittirg ?? 3rd and Window Curtains, Hair, Shuck and oiher Mattresses, Pew and other Cushions, Hpnng Beds, Loumes, Easy, ana, Liiairs- We have ii? store?Window Shades aa? I rimming, Cords and Tassels, Split Blinds, Wasa Paper lor Curtains. VENITIAN BLINDS ?a*? it* any rtyle, and old ditto repaired to look as well as new. All kinds of old Work repaired, and all or ?lerj thankfully received and pronely attended tu tor cash, or a perfect understanding before baud. If you want the worth of your money iu.i J? ^^Jue.^uthle be'w^ ana iota streets ^ t< I QPKCTACLKS, ^ ?> " EYE GLASSES, ke , Gold, Silver, and fine Steel Spectacles, Eye 6la? , ol C Particular attention paid to tlie stleattoc at Glasses adapted to the eyes of wearer*. M. W. GALT H BIO., Jewelers, <94 Pennsylvania avian** mar 28?1( SPRING MILLINERY. MRS. M. A. HILLS respectfully^^^?_ ayeanm uncee to the ladies of Washin?.^^B ?^ton and vicinity that she kia lust ^|P ** turned from New York o itb a I arte | tod varied awcrtmeiu of Spring Milftnery. eomprw tan in part, * r - Straws in every variety, from 37 ke. to 015 Misses and Boys' Hats, from 37fcc to 45 LM?n BonneU? Ribbons, Flcwere, reathirs, Dress Trimmings, Caps, Head Dreeeee. *c- .. .. .. a?5 Pcnn.avenue, bouth side, between JKh and 10th st* ap 2?1 xr J^^W^VVORK, by the Author of the Heir of Red The Cottle Builders, by the amhor of tbe Hearts t*a*e, tn paper covers ; price 50 eento ; bound. 75 cents. * ? Just published and f r sale at TAYLOR *. MAURY 8 m,r ? Bookstore, near IMi at. CLOTH SCOURER AND WASHER. MO*, ft SK1LLIXG will clean, in the best manner, Merino Dresses, Shawls, eni woullcn Garments ot every deecrifttion lor labile and gentlemen, and would al?o take in washing. Rtsidence b.-tweeu Nos J73 and 377, TTiird stre??? east, between Maryland avenue and C st., Capibtl W?ll mir si |,>UR S>ALj;-A FIRST 14Al t WuKK iiUkdK. A. 6 years old, and perfectly sound. Apply at ARNY'S Confectionarv, Georgetowo. mar 28?eou " Propoeala for baildirg Light Houae on ,tSeT en foot Knoll,' month of Fatopsoo Eiver, Mnryland. TREASURY DEPARTMENT, ) OrriCK or Liobt Hoi at Board, V Washington, D. C. March 27, 185A. I PROPOSALS will be received until the 30<h ef April nest, (on which day the bida will be opened t for furnishing the materials, (of wrought and ast iion) and buildmg a light-house, upon screw pile foundations, on "Seven foot Knotl," tbe ?uouth of Patapeco river, Md , by the 30J? cf Dscem b'-r next. | |IK tailed drawings of tbe p!an of the lifbt bewe cm be ?eeti at this office (No. 67 Wisd-r's Build mt) Snould any bid be acccpted, a contract will be ex ecuted at once. No pa>ment will 'oe made until tbe whole work Ie completed; and before it is received it must be ap proved by the agent of the Goverament appointed to ?-uperuiteiid the work?said ag-nt having power to reject fall materials and workaanthip net in accord ance with the terms of the contiact. The right is reserved to reject ony aid all bid* that may not be deemed advantageous to the LubUc interest. All biJs should be ttalti and ao'dreised to the on 'foreigned, endorsed "Pr poeaU for Seven-foot KaoU Light House." CDMD. L. F. IIARDCASTLE, mar26?eolin Engineer Secretary. SEWING MACHINE AGENCY. THE undersigned, having been appointed sole agent for the sale of Wheeler, Wilson fc Co.'e S wing Machines in the District ol Columbia, ie s.Hjctfully notifies the putdic that he is p. spared to furnish any number that may be ordered at short no i t ee, and to guarantee the i. stroctiona that may be | necessary to enable the purchasers to work them to { their enure tausfaetiou, and to keep tbw in per fect order. The-e admirable Machines, having at/breilv re ceived the higliest prcmioms wberever (bey have been exhibited, can be conlideotly retted on to do all the varieties of family sewiag, as well mm those of tailors, clatliiers, shirt makers, laaaiua Makers, lie. So soon as our arrangements ceo be coeapletcd we shall have an office < pen, where the Mbrhine* can be seen ruuning at all uses duruif the day and where specimens of the sewring may be h?.d The price fur a Machine complete in all reapccM has been reduced to $100. P. J. fTTKEk, Washington Place, Seveath street. mar 31?eo2w P^IO IROSl " " We are daily receiving from Fort Furaare, a snperior article of No. 1 Charcoal Pij Iron, whlcb will be sold low by HOWARD k POOR, mar 24-eo2w _ Aleaandria, Vo. For sale?a very fink saddle and* B*RJ.v HORSE. The lioiee is vonni.^y c-ntle and sound, and of fine stoek; woaliijX^ make either a very fine carnage horse, or very pleaoant riding norse. Also, for sale an excellent work horse, perfectly sound. Apply to No. 43 Dunbarton st, Ueorfet'o> mar 1?lawtf M. WILLI A H. LADIFS' DBESS AND TRIMMIHO 8T0BF Pa avenue, beiween Seventh and Eighth streets. M WILLI AN would respectfully ennoance to ? the Ladies of Washington that he has lust received from the Northern cities a complete ewefc of GOODS, among which may be found? New style French Dress Trimmings Piae French Flowers and H>band* A large lot of Bonnets, in silk, scrape, and straw rf the latest patterns ' And an rxccllent assortment of handsome Embroi deries of all kinda Dresses made in the latest Paris fohioos ot so.iable rotea. Pinking and Fluting, and Kid Gloves eleaaed. inar 31?eolin* JOIKPH bAWLBB, CABINET MAKER A UNDERTAKER, r?MTiTisu ivurc, between 17ih and i^th streets, (First Ward.) Old Furt.ii.ure repaired and nenr made to order.? Coffins made and Funerals attended to at the shoet e?t notice. (Xf- A share of patronage Is rolielted. mar 111 - eolin FOR SALE-At the SENATE STABLE eowtb of the Ca;?itol, three good work Hones, end one flue btuyy bay Horse. Apply at the Stablei^P AMe PiiO Odes, msr S3 ?eolm* FA KIN A BOILKftti. all siaes, for so^hf w. u. harroverT^ ? Be." wtb st, ik&t Fa. avcnu%

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