Newspaper of Evening Star, April 9, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 9, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. THE THIHGS OF OTHER DAYS. The pleasant tiiins^ of other dajn, How have they pawed away? Flow faintly t > our straining gaee Returns life's sunny ray. As dews before the morning sun, Gems afti r fems depart, Hope'* Wowoms wither, one by one, And fad*' upon the heart. The voices sweet of other vcars, ThHr tone* so soft and low, That whisper'd music in our ear?, Are silent, long ago. The hearts that shed around our own The sunlight of their rays ? The eye* that fondly, warmly shone Are tied with other days. The pleasant thing* or other days, They turn them sadly back, To trace, amid the misty haze, Their bright and early track. They see the light of sunny skies, They watch the opening flown, Ami seek amid their crun-on dyes, The bloom of vanished hours. Hiey steal with soft and silent tread, Tttro' memory's dim domain, Like shadowy spirits of the dead, Meuroing for life again. The past hath op'd if* mighty tomb, And o'er the present, stray* The* spectral forms, but ah ! their b'.ooin Has lied with other days. The pleasant things of other day?, They never may reluri','d with those sunny toys, That o'er youth brightly hum. Tao1 all the moming glow is o'er, Still thro' the twilight plays A blessed gleam, like that oi'yorc, / Which lighted other days. New Mode of Warfare.?LondDun donald, in a petition to the British House of Commons, offers to disclose a simple yet irresistible means whereby ordinary implements in war might be dispensed with, and speedy and successful results insured. His lordship says: " Let not my motives be mistaken. I have no wish to command a licet of 100 gunship, or to at tack first-rate fortresses by encased batte ries or steam-gun boats; that which I de sire is, first, secretly to demonstrate to competent persons the efficiency of my plan.^yind then toobtain authority (during eight or ten days of tine weather) to put thtm into execution. The means Icon lem- ] plate are simple, cheap, and safe ia execu tion. They would spare many fives and millions of money, great havoc and cer tainty of results. Their conscquence might, and probably would effect the emancipation of Poland, and give freedom to the usurped territories of Sweden." [Cy^Some one telU a good story of a broad-backed Ken tuck ian, who went down to New Orleans for the first time. Whiskey, brandy, and plain drinks he knew, bat as to the compounded and flavored liquors, he was a know nothirg. Reposing on the seats of the court of St. Charles, he observed a score of fashiona bles drinking mint juleps. "Boy," said he, "bring me a glass of that beverage." When he had consumed the cooling draught, he called the boy. ?'Boy, what was my last remark?" "Why, you ordered a julep." "That's right don't forget it?keep bringing 'em." MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. Same. Leave For Can*. Union New York Havre Aj>l. 7 Asia Boston....... L.i verpool.. A pi X1 W.ifihiagton... Bi-'mrn New York-.Mr.r 28 America..... Livupool....Boston .. Mar. 31 StJ- The California steamers leave New York on th? Jth and iittili of each mouth. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. National Hotel?i. o. willard Mr* J S Wright and two M R H ->ok, Md ch'ldran, III b GntSn. Ga J M Brews ei, do J P Brooks, da J P Neill, Min Dr Chiiitrs, Fa J TV Brown, Va CI Britten, NY R S Mott, Ga J P Anderson, Va J W Freeman, do D C Anderson, do R Summtraon, Va E A Marge, do XV F FarL-h, do J L lie- shell, do Miss R Stockton, do S W Ficklin. do F Kent, do J A Trptter, Fa F K Wrrght, Ga A L Millson, do R J Hill. Jo Col J R Powell, Ala VV Smith, Sr, La M G de Z .irriga, Mcnte J Su'.h? rland, NY video W W Pnow, do G 8 alvarrach, do 11 K. Bail, do Mast J W Adams, Kun J M Bland, NC kel'a J G Floyd, do J W Craln, Md VV Gwynn do Ex-Gov T G PrtU, do J M Hockadav M.i-t Pratt, do L A Abbott, Ml BrowUoUI-t. r. & M. irdwr, J L 8'ar.sbury, Md R Hall, Va J Van D<n? n. jr, Va F L Ives, do A B Noland, Ala W L Brown, do T L Pintar??. Fa E O Fitzgerald & lady, do 8 C Spavld'ng, MY J M Boyle, do J R J ones. Del 8 Caldwell, do I> E Betisoa * lidy, NY C Hifffes, Md J Nason. do JH Walker, Va 8 W Lee, jr, do L T Clemmcns, XC 8 W aKer, Fa A Markley St lady, do J Williams on, Md A Longeltitt W H Twnsc, do D l>u?m. Va R 8hnw, do J Gamsnn &. lady, Pa L Clark, do E P Molineaux, do J Mill ford H lady. Pa l)C Dana, Va J 8 Miller and lady, Ire- J B Duan, do IjiiiI 8 Beyer, d<? J W Bond, Pa ItJiss B Gilliam, do J R Kent, \'ii Miss B Win'worth. do ? P H Bell, Tex Z J Perry, Md A J Perkins, Va I Williams, O 8tenart, do J M Mcrcer, Md VV K Hines F StOwc, do H H l>ent k son, Pa United States Hotel?r. c. backnit. D Furrow, O l)A Harron, Can A 8eal, Va W Stover, Ma-s H M Wili.ams, NY W Alston J M C ?ek, do J Davis, Va I. W! La ck, Va A Tanquay, do W Walbou, Pa J 8tantord, () C E S.-?reraiice, NY C A Dewey, Md J J L<tJe, Va 11 L Opey, Va 11 A 8awt i:,da C Shepherd, do T H Line, do A Fua-oek k lady J Alv.nd. K?nkel*3 8 Adams, O J II K* mp, Va P I low it ?, 8C A Se-I, do J P Taveuer, Va Wlllardi1 12otsl?a. a. k j. c. wivlard. Mr Laht Ilr B Ktnnedy, Md J A Hock well, Ct A Piazinu a 3 daughters A B Gray, Cai Va E Warner, Mich Mrs Culis Si serv't, do C C Child, do J W Simontop, NY J VV Cor Lit & lady, NY A Sioxer, Me Hon R J Brent, Md W H Miller, DC Hon H May, do Com Nt-u ton, USN J A Semple, USN Capt WiLon, do J Htfru, Va G M Newton, NY M Oltwrtl, Vt J G Gallaher, Va L Downing, MI J W Sedgwick. NY W 8hcppaid. do J C Greeu a laay, dd II A Dupuy, III M Alvar?i,.VM tiov W Mwliil, O \V S Kennedy, Md L W 8pratt. NC B B Wiiliaias, M^sa .*?' "Wwood Horns*?j. h. Si a. ki&kwood. J Renwick, V? c B Young, DC L Pa ^ " Pri ttymaa, Md W L;?,ir, La f T B H A!a o V^p* 'j11? J A ^dburn, do A \V Byon, do I. R.^lhin ar il W Nichols, NY I! M 8txo?7, L ' 8 Whitney J H Beck, Va A D Jrmmp Pa R C MenJenhall. Imi J W Byrd, Va 8 Elliott, do Xtailoa liouK, Aiexnntlrfa, Va. a. HRWTOa, rROPRlKTO*. VV Lyles, Md C R Howard, Va A Herbert, DC J 8 Oden, do H Mc Williams, NY J A Washington, do Mr Haskins, DC VV Lenox. DC R T White, Va J 8 French, do II A S.enuecke,jr. MJ J Martin,do T P If tiger, do Mis* Morant, do V Huger, Va J F Olfkld, Va 31iss VN i.'hams, DC TMorphfy, do J W 8taluaker, Va C A Newtou, do W t' Butlrr, do J W Tebb#, d* Jk ^ E Luckett, do A Bell, Tenn VV B Ross, d?j AD Hemphill, DC 8 MeChirg do \V 8i?ear. Mo C U H?'dge>. do I. Tyler. Va L, La ^ Ci a^lord, d9 if t arr, Ky ' ELDORADO HOXjSE, pi. attuue, bthoitti TUirJ utui 4J4 ?'isarff, WASHINGTON, D. C. CLEMENT RUflfOLDBi (Late of Willards* Hotel,) RESPECTFULLY rnturns thanks to his friends and the public for their exceedingly liberal pa tronage since the opening of his house, and he beg" to assure them that they will always be equally pleased in future. . Since his opening his large patronage has induced him to fit up two large rooms, in a handsome style where he is enabled to famish PINNER AN!) SUPPER PARTIES, for from two to fifty persons, in an unsurpassed style as to quality, as well aa excellence. mar 20?eolm TH* MUTUAL FIBK IH8UBAHCI COMPA RT OF TH* LI8TBICT OF COLUMBIA, CHARTERED by Congress, offers to the property owners of the District safer and cheaper means of insurance than any other Company. ULYSSES WARD, President. CHAS. WILSON. Secretary. MATHEW G. EMERY, Treasurer. managers. Ulysses Ward John Van Riswick Thomas Blagden P. W. Browning f. Howard, Matbew G, Emery. J. C. MeKdden. Office, Columbia Place, corner Louisiana avenue and 7ili street. Office hours from 3 to 6 o'clock p. m. fcb 26?eotf LAW partnership. SUPREM E COURT OF THE UNITED STATES, ROBERT J. WALKER ami LOUIS JANIN have formed a c^i?artner?hip under the name oi "Walker and Janin," for the argument of cases in the Supreme Court of the United States, at Well ington city, where both will attend throughout tltt future sessions of that court. They may l?e addressed at Washington, N. York or New Oricana. jan 19?eoflio* "organs for sale. A SUPERIOR toned CHAPEL ORGAN; and a fine Rosewood PARLOR ORGAN, both now on exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Fair. They are from the manufactory of HENRY ERBEN of York. For terms, heapply to Prof. SCHEEL, on 14th street, north of F. HENRY ERBEN. teb 26? eotf "beautiful spring goods. WE have now in store a very large and spfoodid gto :k of NEW GOODS, and havir-g been bought at the large auction sales in New York Wf invite the special attention of purchasers to call anil examine for themselves before making their selec uor.s. We name a few Iradinz articles. 25 pieces very rich black Silk, fiom 75 cents to $*2 - 25 per yard 100 do rich plain, stripe and plaid Spring SilkS. ' very ch* ap I A large assortment of Spring Monoclines, Chally d? Lsincs, Ginghams, Lawns, Bereges, plain and printed 25 of the eheape*t plain Crape SliawVs ever offerei | in this market Willi an endless variety of new style Spring Shawl: and Scarfs at greatly reduced prices Table Diapers, Napkins, Towelling, lri.-h L??ens Linen afd Cotton Sheetings, superior Shirt iiig Cot'ons i;> great ahuncance Whieh wiil be sold low for cash or to our prompi I customers. , ? .... (Wc must insist upon the payment of all billi which h-ive been rendered. COLLEY & SEARS, No. 533 Seventh si. 3 doors above Pa. av. mar 29?cflw " GOOD INVESTMENT. I H AVE the following and other securities whicl can be purehasud to pay from 8 to 15 per ctnt | upon the investment, viz: Iowa Scott County Bond 10 per cent interest, pay able in New York Sacramento do do do do ft Louis do do do i?o I Illinois Central RR. do do d? do I Magnetic Telegraphic Stock, paying 13 per Cent dividend The highest maiket rates will be paid for 20,C0( acres Va. Scrip and Land Warrants. 1 HAMILTON G. FANT, Banker, 433 Penn. avenue, ap 2?to5t (UnionS* Int) [No 532] I Notice of the fstahliahmznt ef the ofict ot Surveyor (jrneral of jyuhlw land-i for tk' T'rtitory of Utah. IN virtue of the authority contained in the act aji proved February 21, 1856, entitled "An act t I establish th: office of surveyor general of Urali, ?n 1 to grant lat:d for school and UNVUlVy pBTpoRS, I the PWJjdem of the United BUHM iia-s directed tha the office of surveyor general of -;tii Territory L located at Great Sa t Like City until otherwise oi dered. Given under my hand, at the City ot Washingtot this twenty fourth day ot March, anno Dorni'ti lfc'5i 1 JOHN WILSON, Comtniisionei of General Land Office, mar 29?2awfiw FINK GROUND PLASTER. CJ U1SE & CO. h:;ve always on hand, a . their Mill, a full supply > f FINE GROUND PLASTER, which they are prepared to iunush to farmers a low ca?h prices. We have also made arrangements to deliver it a the Steamboat Wharf at Washington. Alexandria, Va., March 30?eo6t* m VIGOIiATING COIiDIAI A PHENOMENON IN MEDICINE TTBALTH RJBSTORfiD AND LIFl H LiNGTHMU EL', by DR. MOP,82^ UT?ia02LLTI2fa ILIXIR oa CORDIAL.?X*. first the propel ties attributed to Pr-f. SIOSSS'S INYieOEAIXNC EMXIK. Oil ?;0fci)IAL wer- <le?u<? fobaloco. Th public often deceived, could ;v*i IzIUm, the fllmpli ^nd eublirse truths sunouncti by tho <Lscc ?<rer. Bui fuels, undeniable t*ots Attested by witsecae*; o the hirfLt.: ciaaa ani ohirwc;?r, ate ucir triumph i*l? over ail dcubtf. IriCEKDGLITif IB OVER HKO ?V*N by a niai of tee lino ny which is perfect 1; rresistabie. Thi Bii*iSr?n?di3C, la all cux, the deplcrabl erlla ariahig fraza aEikuaeor wbes* of the vari-a n>A~: r-liich litisthe-JO'uWfui xiachiae call* sian. It restores so full Tiger every d. Jc;.:e fzz* dsn connected * ith thiit myst^rloua compc un: *rency of aatter ?n:l taisd, -coessiry to the re-jn litdum oj hi+:w.r. lift, 'i'o c-er?onfi Of f?r*t l? rDU^-U Itr franc, or d^acisat in vitai power, it ia riua mtadM as th* cnly sioass of cuaaiunloatlug ilia eaergy which le necessary to the proper enjoy men of ?H ihe natar&l upteti.te-. a." well as the Lighe: cental attributes, i:; beneficial effects are net con Caed to either aer ft to aay age. The feeble glil the tlLng wife, tb? listlew, arnevatsd youth, th. overworn can of bu3iaees, the victiai of norroiu d< Ereesjon. the inditidiiid eutiering iron general d? liry, or fron ihe waajness of a single organ, wil all find iancilats and permauent relief froia tb< use of thl" incomparable renr>Tator. To ttoue wh< haTe a predisposition to paralysis It will prove i somplfte and cnfalllng sale^^am s^sinr-t th-?t terrl hie tauJadv. There niany. Derhkps. who htve si trifled with their coaetitutio^s, that they thin! themselves beyond thr reach of medicine. Lit no even these d?s;.&ir. The Elixir deala with dineasau It exists, without referesoe to oauses. and will nol ?. a.17 removs the disorder I t^elt bnt EKBUII.f) THB BKOKBN CONSTITUTION. The dsrang?ai*uts of the cysteta, l**dico; to ner toas diseases, sna the forma of nervous a.ii*u<a it self, are so nrxnerous thst it weald require a columi to enumerate the aieladier- for which thii prepare ration Is i?ep?ciSe. A few, however, rr-jy beencme rated, vis: neural/i*. tie dolereaux, healaohe.tnclp lent paralynie, hyioer.a, palpitation of the heart, epi n?' affections, nnnenlar debility, tTem?-ra,Catulence a pr.cklng sensati' n in the fiesb, ntimbneni, torpid Ityotth- liver, mental deprewiion, weakness of th? will, indL*po-rttion t? iii"7e, faintneas after eze#ciee( broken sleep an i teirlf/inT dreacu, inab'litr to re main in pes place' r pm Idon, wea!.ne?s of the pro creative orga^J, w?*ual inccmr^teacy, rae'.ai-clioly monomanLs, Cu;r albu?>, - nkirg at th* stomaeh, h male irr?5alarltl*i, a chrooto tendency to mi;ear riage, nmae.ation, and ail complaints gro^ing-tat ol a free induUenre of the tassioae, and all barrennesf that does aat pr> ceed from organic causes beyond the reach of m<%lieina. WL*n?T?r the organs to l>? aotad cpon are fre? frcm nalforaadon or strictural diseases avsrrsd ' **** MORflX S IimaORATINa KL1I1B will replace we .*nesj wlUi r^rength, ineapad^ with afiloiency, irrc^uli-.rity with uniform and natural ao tirity, anl thiii net c-nly without hasarl of reaction, but with a happy effect cn the general organisation. ?9?I>ar in miad that all maladies, whether they bc^ia. f.r,uh with the nervon* system, and that the paralliatioa of the nerves or motion and sensation is physical death. Bear ia miad aho, that for every kind of oervocs <lif?s5e the Klizsr Cordial ia the only reliablft prepaistlon knewn. CAUTIOS. Da. Mviii'i ijTiociAtisj Coar-LU hit been coun te/ffeit?] by jk ine unprincipled perc?i_s. In future, all the gtauise Coi-dial wiil haTe the propriatcr'g ft.? ?!ml!e pasted jver the cork of each bottle, and tha tbllo "log words bio? a in the glass Dr., lorst'i la ?igoratlag CordUl, C. a. RIAU, Proprietor, M*T. ,4V The Corral Is put up highly ooaoeatrated,la pint bottltr. P?r bottle; two for %l; six far $12. 0. Q. &INU, Prc^iiator, ld2 Urcudway, New Fork. AaiKTP, Washington?I. D. GIL?'4S. E%:tiEMrffr-8. 8. IIANOS. KlohJiocd?B1NNV1T A BIldJL UMi 80?OOU PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND NO. 1. MR. FREDERICK PROSPERI begs leave to in form bis friends ami former patrons that tbis band has been fully re-organized and Is now nnde his direction, and he is fully prepared with a band of the most ScRHtiUc Musicians in the city, to far nish music for Balls, Parties, Parades, Pic Nic*, Ex cursions, 4tc., at the shortest notice possible, by ap plying to FREDERICK PROSPERI, Leader,CHA8. PROSPERI, Conductor; IIILBUS ?fc HITZ'S Ma sic Depot, or at PETER TALTAVUL'S, opposite the Garrison, Garrison street, Navy Yard, feb Tahiti* A RARE CHANCE FOR A MAGNIFICENT PI ANO.?We have on exhibition at the Fair at the Smithsonian Institute, four superb PIANOS, which were made expressly for th.s lair and may be relied upon as superior instruments. We will dis pose of tliem upon very reasonable terms, give any reasonable time on them, divide the payments into small notes, in fact, make any reasonable arrange ments to suit purchasers. We have also on hand in store the largest and most reliable assortment of Pianos ever offered in this city, from the renownsd manufactories of Hal let, Davis, & Co., Boston,and Bacon & Raven, New York. Old Pianos taken in exchange. New Music and an assortment of every article pertaining to the music trade. JOHN F. ELLIS, 300 Pcnna. avenue, near Tenth street, mar 13?tf FANCY MILLINERY. ^fcs.MISS AMELIA PRIBRAM and Sis-ffe^ SXfejter haveopened a FANCY MILLIN-EBB OMr ERY STORE on Pennsylvania ave-E^^ nue, between Tenth and Eleventh streets, soutii side, No. ?77, and would respectful ly call the attention of the ladies of Washington and vicinity to their handsome and varied assortment of | imported and manufactured Millinery, latest styles; New York, Pari?, an-1 London fashions ol Straw. Silk, Crape. Lace, Velvet and other Bonnets. Also, | dress and other Caps. All order-" in the Millinery line thankfylly received and faithfully attended to. mar 9?1 in * WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVERAND PLATED WARE AT REDUCED PRICES. WE offer our entire stock of elegant GOLD WATCHES, RICH JEWELRY, PURE) SILVERWARE, , at greatly reduced rates. Persons would do well to examine our assortment.. which is by far the largest, most fashionable, and best selected ever offered to our customers. M. W. GALT & BRO., 324 Penn. avenue, between 9tli and 10th sts. mar 12?tf $50 REWARD. RAN AWAY from the subscriber, living in Not tingham District, Prince George's county, Mary land, on Friday morning last, tin lGih instant, my 1 negro man EMANUEL, who calls himself Emanuel Gough' lie is about 25 years of age, dark comolex ion, has a full set of teeth, has a scare on his fore head, one on his right arm, near the elbow, is five ] feet eight inches and a qu'irtir high in his boot*. Hi had on when he went away a suit of drab cloth | and a black slcuch hat. I purchased him of Mrs. Sarah liar wood, Saratoga street, Baltimore, and she has a brother of his living with her; and his] mother (a free woman) also lives in Baltimore. His wife belong- to John L. Dufief, Esq., near Darneo-1 town, Montgomery counry, Maryland. 1 will give a reward of twenty-five dollars for his apprehension, if taken in Prince George's county, and fifty dolla-s if taken elsewhere?in cither case he must be brought home or secured in jail, so thai I gel him again. THOS. R. EARLY, mar 23?tm P. O Nottingham, Aid. SILVER. WAUK, PLATED WAKE AND FINE FA!SC? OOOOS.-Silver Coffee and Tea Sets, Sugar Bowls, Cream Jugs, Goblets, Cups, Spoons ai:d Forks. Also, a great variety of magnificent Fancy Silver Ware, suitable for presents. Plated Coffee Sets, Castors, Baskets, Spcons and Forks, on best Alhata. The articles are warranted as represented, and will be sold at a small advance. II. SEMKEN, 330 Pa. avenue, bet. 9tli and 10th streets. mar 25)?tf KEHLEHER & PYWELL'S COLUMBIAN LIVERY STABLES. Eighth, between D and E s-trceets, Washington, Horses taken at Livery. Horses and Bugg.cs fur hire. Messrs. K. & P. ha* on hand a fine lot of Horses for sab , and fresh droves are constantly arriving at their Stable. mar 29?2w* NOTICE ?I received this i*ay a n>:w assort ment of SLEEVE BUTTONS and STUDS, of the latest styles. Also, a variety of other new Goods : as Vest Chains, Chatelains, Bracelets, Puis, Earrings, Rings, etc. Great inducements offered to purchasers. II. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th ana 10th st" . .ft?" Neiv Points put to Gold Pens at sln.rt notice. ] Diamonds ri mounted, and Jewelry made to order. mar 2J?tf LOUDON WALTZ. COMPOSED and dedicated to the icung ladies ol Leesburg, Va., ? y Prof. J. A. Young. A very pleasing composition, published at the Music Depot of HILBUS fc HiTZ. mar 12? tf T > It: 11 BLACK 5II.I?S ol every width and JLV quality, from 75 cents up, very ch< ap Plaid and plain Silks. Pink, white and bl'k watered j Silks for Mantillas White, pink, blue and mode col'd Shalleys White, pink, blus, green, corn and mode calored French Mous-dines 15 pieces plain Berege, m every shade at 25 cents, veiy cheap goods White, pink, blue, green, brown, and mode colored Bereges, in line quality 100 pieces- Lawns and Ja-konets in every quality Ai<o, a well assorted stock ol" Domestic Goods All of which wiil be sold at very low prices. Customers will do well to give us a call. WM. R. RILEY, Corner Btli st and opp. Centre Market, mar 31?lin WATCHES AND JEWELRY.?I have on hand a good supply of fine WATCHES and JEWELRY whichw.ll be sold very cheap to suit the times. Gold Le ver Watches as low as ^25, warranted to keep good tune. Call and see lor yourselves at the store of j. ROBINSON, 349 Pa. ave., oppo. Browns' Hotel, mar 28?dim [?i CUPPING AND LEECHING. ?JCL1U* EJHMNERH WOULD respectfully inform the public that he is prepared to attend to the bujlness of Cup ping and Leeching at his Barbershop, south side of Pennsylvania avenue, between 13th and 13.K sts. Calls promptly attended to in all parts of the city, and at very reasonable charges. nur31?lni* BAHKIKQ HOUSE OF FAI&0 & F0UR8E, B Opposite United Stale* Trvm*/y. ONDS, Stocks and other Mcvilust purchased and sold. Interest at the rale of six per cent per annum al lowed on deposits when left for St 4aye or loader, jan 24?6m PAHASOL*. 130 very rich and cheap Paraaois, all colors S'rnw Bonnets and Misses'Flats, great variety Rich Bonnets and Ribbands 130 dozen Linen cambric Handkerchief* in fancy boxes, at.$1 50 per doa-rn; we think a g#od bargain Embroidered and Clear Lawn Handkerchiefs in great variety 500 yards Swiss Edging, 12c., worth 25c. 30 dozen black Net Huts, from 50 cents up, very cheap 25 dozen best French Kid Gloves, all shades My stock is large and well assorted, and pur chascd at the very lowest prices. Customers w II be pleased to favor me with a call and they shall be attentively ci^own through it, and the goods offered at a small advance WM. R. RILEY, Comer 8th et., opp. Centre Market. mar 31-lm SPECTACLES. GOLD, Silver, Light Steel, and 8ilver.platcd Spectacles, suitable for all <*qfes and all kinds of eyes. Al.-o, Gold, Shell and Horn Eyeglasses. Pebble*, Perifocal, near sighted and all other i^tod of Spectacle G asses kept constantly on band, and wil be set in old lrauies at short notice and at a ?mall expense. For sale very low by E. K LUNDY, No. 138 Bridge street, Georgetown, I). C. mar 21?tf TO THE LADIES. MISS S J. THOMPSON is now prepared to show our large und well selected stock if Millinery which she has just opened, of the la test styles which we are selling at ihe lowest prices, and we cordially invite the ladies to call early and have the first selections. We would i Iso respectfully call their attention to our large and hand handsome stock of Fancy Goods Perfumery. Glove.?, Hosiery, kc,. which we can sell at unusually low prices. ' HUTCHINSON k MUNRO, No. 310 Pennsylvania avenue, First door west of Walter Harper fc Co.'a. mar 2b? [OS. NEFF'S PREMIUM VIOLINS AND VI fj olincellos can be seen at our Music Depot. Amateurs and the profession are invited to call and try these excellent instruments HILKUS & HITZ, Agents. A good Contralmss lor sale low for caan, if immcf dmte application be made as above. nui 'XI WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. Office Washington AQf Borer, 1 Washington, March 7, 1653. J PROPOSALS arc invr.ed fur graduation, stone and brick masonry, dams, tunnels, and other works of the Washington Aqueduct. Proposals received up to the 8th of May will be opened at noon of that day. Maps, profihs, nud specifications of the work wiil be ready for examination on and after the ?Oih day ot April next. Proposals will be received for the work of partict lar culverts, bridges, kc., ns described in the plans and specification!*. Portions only of some of the works can be com pleted under the present appropriation, but all the contracts for unfinished work will be subject to fu ture appropriations by Congress. The Enginet r re serves the right to prescribe the amount of work to be done and rate of progress under such contract for each appropriation, and, In case of the appro priation not holding out sufficiently, to decide when and what works shall be stopped untilfuads become available. In ca*e of the entire stoppage of any particular work for want of funds, the reserved ten per cent, will be paid, if, in tht judgment of the Engineer, the work has been properly executed so far as it has gone. Payment* will be made in specie checks upon the United States Treasury, upon ibe monthly estimates of the Engineer, reserving 10 per cent.; and it will be a condition otall contracts that the workmeu shall be paid their full wages monthly aod in specie. All bids should be sealed and endorsed " Propo sals for work on the Washington Aqueduct." The United States reserves tbe right to reject any or all the bids should they not be deemed advan tageous, and to make such arrangements a. n ay be considered most conducivc to the progress oi the work. Every offer must be accompanied by a wntten guarantee, signed by ene or more responsible per sons, to the effect that he or iliey undertake that the bidder or bidders will, if his or their bid be accepted enter into an obligation, within ten davs, wuh ?ood' ami sufficient sureties, lor the completion of the work undertaken; said guarantee to be accompanied bv the certificate of the United States district Judge, united States district attorney, navy agent, or some officer of the General Government or individual known to ine Engineers Department of War, that the guarantors are able to make good their guarantee. Form of G?arcnlte. To Capt. M. C Meigs, U. 8. Engineers: Wc, tbe undersigned, residents of ??? in the State of , hereby, jointly and severally! cove nant with the United States and gvaranty in case the foregoing bid of? be accepted, that he or tiicy will, within ten d?i* s nflcr lit*? tcccptJinco of said bid, sxecute a contract for the same, with gcod and sufficient sureties, to perform tbe work or furnish the articles proposed, in confounity to the terms of tlie advertisement under wliich it wa? made ; and, in case the said shnild tail to enter iii*o contract as aforesaid, we guaran'y to make goad the diflVrcnce between the offer bv the and the next lowest bidder. A. B. I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the above named guarantors are good and sufficient. ? p M C. MEIGS, Captain of Engineers in Charge. raar 7?oot*ay8&wtf |>NTo. f 33] Notice of Withdrawal of certain Lands in IViscemin. WHEREAS, in pur-usnc*?-f a joi'vt resolution ofCon:jr??fi, ent'tld "A resolution explana tory of aa at t varied August third, ei^bt?--u br.ii dred an1 fifty four," *pprove3 Ma; cn 8,1865, relst ins to tte Kox and WJjoo>'','n river grant, the ef fect ? f which is to enlarge s.ld gra t from thrco t/> flvestp jons In width, th? Itesxdent of C-.r UnxUd Si-.Us has, by his ordsr bearing Jate the ninlh day of March ultimo, directs that certfcin to^mhips s-ttiat-d in the 8tate or WiscofsiN, on < aeh side of th* Porteze canal and the Fox river an4 the lak?e through which It paeeei, (imludiog ;he lands bare withciawn and withheld for laid gr.vit,) ei>?*l te withdrawn from ea:e or entry for any purpose whatever until further orders Norrcais th-refore toreby glxen that cilii lauds altua ed a? hereinafter desenboi have thi6 day Wa withdrawn from sale or entry accordingly, to wit: In the district of lands subject to sate al Mk-j?wja North of tlit bate line and east of the fo urth princi pal meridian Township 12, on tie left Uuk of the Wisccnsin river, and townships 13 en J J -1.? f range 9 Townships 12, l.'lar.d 14. oi rat ge 10 Towusn'p 14. of rarga 11 Towu-fcips 14,15, 6, 17, and 18, of ring? 12 TowDeb'ps 15, 16. 17 &Ld i?, of range 16 Tow. ships 17,18 ard 19. of rang* 14 Tow or h p 17, 18, 19. an! 20, of rang*IS If, h,P* i5'18' 17, 18' i9' 20 aud 21? cf r4n2* Tr wncr.lps 15, 16,17,18, 13,20, 21, and 22, of rang? 17. ' Town.-h:pj 15,16,17, 19, 20, 21 and 22 cf ran*e 18 Town-hipa 16, 17, 18, ly, 30, 21, 2a,aU23, of Town^hlpn 21, 22, 23 and S4, of rAng* 20 Tcwneh ps S2, '/3 and 24, ran.e 21 In the di.trlci of lands sulject to said at Misca.iL PoiJfT: Korth of the base line and 07st ofthefoui Uk pal meridian. A.oxrri3h]pR 12, 13 a*"d 14, on the left bink of ths Wisconsin river, of range 8 In the district of JuiitU subject to sale at &Ttv&ti6' rOIXT: North of tht base luxe an,I cast of the fourth principal meridian. Townships 15 &d4 16, c:f range 8 Towns-ip? If. and IG, of xargc 0 Townships 15 and 16, of ratge 10 Townpblps 15,16 and 17, of range 11 I Given under my hand, at the Caner*l Land OSee, at the dty cf Washington, thh third day cf April. Anno Domini one thousand eight huni e?J aifl fi ty five. Bjr order of the Pr-6ident: JOHN WILSON, Conimlsaioner ofGen?ral Land Office, ap 6?2aw6w BEAUTIFUL WHITE TEETH. Healthy gums, and a sweet breath. All who are desirous of obtainin ? Uiene S>ene liu, siK.uld u^ ZER MAN'S CELEBRATED TOOTH-WASII. This delicious article combines so many meritorious qualities, that it has now be come a standard favorite with the citizens of New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore. Dentists pre scribe it in their practice most successfully, and from every source the most flattering laudations are awarded it. Inflamed and bleeding gums are immediately ben efitted by its use; its action upon tin m is mild, wuHlur!" and effective. It cleansea the teeth so th< r.?iighly, that they are made to rival pearl in whitene?s, and diffuren through the mouth such a dcligiitiul freshness, that the breath is rendered ex quisitely sweet. It disinfects all tho^ iaipuritics which tend fo produce decay, and as a consequence, when these are removed, the teeth must always re main sound. It is used and recommended by all the eminent Dentists in New York, Philadelphia, Baluwore, and other cities where it has be.n introduced. AH should give it a trial. Prepared only by FRANdS ZERMAN, Pruggi-t and Chemist, Ninth and Catharine streets, Phila delphia, and sold by all Druginsts everywhere, at 25 ^ . W. II. gillman" jan l. ?Jm Agent for Washington City. A BOOK Wiiich every business man in the DISTRICT WANTS.-The Washington City directory, only <5 cents a copy, half nrice can h?> had .1 Xl.EX. AUAMSOnS'oS opposite t(? the Post Office, where he keeps con ^tantly on hand a fine as^oiirnent of Blank Hooks, Pens, Ink, Paper, Playing aud Visiting Cards,Games, ?e. He is agent for all the cheap publications. Magazines aud Newspapers. 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THE SUPERB PIANO, MANUFACTURED expressly for tbe late exhi uon in this city, by Bacon & Raven, and wmcb received a medal, is now on exhibition at ??.r118tor*\ Tllia niagnificent specimen of mperior skill will be returned to New York at an early dav. urlesd disposed of. We arc authorized to sell it upon very reasonable terms. We have also for sale that beautiful instrument, manufactured by Hallet, Davis k Co., Boston, which receivod the first diploma at the recent exhibition. We have always on hand a large and superior stock of Pianoe from the above manufactories. Old Pianos taken in exchange. JOHN F. ELLI8, <106 Penna. avenue, near Tenth street, mar 22? W~~ NEW SONG. , HY DID I LOVE FALSE FLORA, words and music by W. B , of this city, and dedi cmea to Inea Allison, the fair Guitarist I nis song has a most charming melody. Just oub Bshed and lor sale by UfLBUd fc U1t? | TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. Mott BedeU a Lime. NJEIV YORK,ALEXAST>RIA, fTASmSGTOF CITY, AND DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PACKETS. 311113 LINE OF PACKETS SAILS WEEKLY L from pier 14 Ea*t Uiver, New York,and oftenor necessary, and are composed of the fallowing first Class vessels: new schr. A. F. BtrfeU, Bedel!, master. New whr. Molt BnUU, A. V. Trcdwdl. Schr. Ann D., Wm. Oliver, martyr. Schr. Volant, L. A. Smith, master. Schr. Commandcr-in-Ciuef, Wo*l jb, master. Schr. Orrmiruy, Wilson, master. These vessels &ri: aJI fast sailers, and the masters men of experience in the trade, anil the only regu lar line of Washington Citv packet*. MOTT DlBOELL, Wall street, N. Y. 8. "8. MASTERS & SONS, Alexandria, Ya. THOMAS RILEY, feb 1?8m Washington and D. C. CROMWELL'S BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN \ NEW YORK BALTIMORE fc BOSTON, WILL dispatch a Steamer daily from Baltimore and New York, and twice a week from Boston to Baltimore and Baltimore to Boston. This line affords nnequalledfacilities to the bu?d neas men of the District of Co'umhia. The Afntt at either point will receive freight and give a through bill of lading to Washington at the lowest rates <>t freight and iio commission* charged. Applications for freight promptly attended to by the following agents: ' A. V. HALL, 58 Exchange Plr-ce, Baltimore. H. B CKO.MWKLL, Conor Washington and Albany pts.. N. Y. J NO. W. SCIIANK, jan 14?d3in Foot of India Wharf, Boston. FOR THE WEST AND SOUTII. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAIlAiOAD. IMPROVED ARRAN'iSMKNTH FOR TRaVKL! IMPORTANT CliAXOtS OYSCHhDUDR! I The late completion tf the antral Ohio KUiroad b?rt?re*n Wheeling aod Col umbos, nmttug. as it by ro abort ani direct a line, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad with all portions of the We?t (and North and Southwest,) ffivee this route greatly increased advantages to through travelers in that direction. On and affcr MONDAY, November 27, 1664, the traiua Wiii be ruu as follow?: FOR THROUGH PASSENGERS. Two last trains dally will run In each direction first?The MAIL TRAIN, letting Crunden Statl-n at 7 v m., inst*4d ol 8 o'clock heretofore, (exoept oo 8and?7,) and arming ?t Wheeling at 2 40 k. m Second?Toe EXPRESS TRAIN, leaving at 5p. si., instead of at 7 p. m., as heretofore, and running through to Wheeling la about 17 fccurs, reac^Uug there ?t 10 26 a. m. This tr&io will rt'-p at Waeh ington Junction, Svkesville, Monocacy, Il-roer'a It-try, iitrtia.iburg,"Sir John's Run, Cumberland, Piedmoi't, Rcwlesburg, N? wburz, Fetterman. Farm ingt?>i, Cameron and iIound*vi!?e only, for wo->l and water uud meals. Beth tfc? e trains rxxie pro.opt snl regular cjcncctSon wi:h th- c*rs of the Central Ohio Read ?>?? Crt'nfcridg-, Zan- sril!?, New arSr, Oolomtme, CiaMnnati, Lodnilk^ I-nyton, Sanlcrky, Toledo, Letrsit. Indianapolis. Chicago, Ft !.~Tiir, etc. Par-aeng-rs learing Italtimore by the Wail Tt?'d; wiil reic% Cincinnati f-r dinner next dUy, while by tha Kxprsss Train tfc^y nrrve therw a: 12 th? next nigbt, bring kept but one eight on the route by eith'r train Fawwngere for tfce Ncrthw^st via Cleveland and all intermediate pcioia can make a direct tocne> tion with he trains upon th? Cleveland tnd I^tts burg Ra-lrord at all times wbea the Ohio 1- navigv bl? for steanw-" between Wheeling acd Welii-ville, by leaving BaltiaKiv in ihe Mail Train at 7 a. a. Letnming, the Trains l?ave Wheeling as follows: l*he EXPRESS fR.MN at 4 4iO p m., reaching Bal timore at 9.50 a. m. The MAIL TRAIN at 11.45 p. D . reaching Baltimore at m 7'?. Through ticket* by b. at itom Wheeling for Olnel- natl. Madison. Louisville, 8u Louis and other River Ciiie*, * ill be ao'>d at a 1 times wi.ea the stag* cf wat^r will alxair. 48" Throu/h tickets t*tw?en Baltimore ai d Wasuiugton. and all the unoortan: d(ir? ?nd towns la the West, are sold at uio Ticket Offices cf the Company. FOR WAY PAS3EN1ER8. THfi MAIL TRAIN, l*nTln? Camden Station will take pg?a>E,ger3 for all &]?: u>ual atopj 5ng pi.icaa on the Ik-ad Relurnic^, this train lsaves Wheeling at 11.45 midnight Cumb.^r'and at 10.15 a. m., and arrives at B\ltimore at 7 p. n. T11K FlttDEnICK ACCOMMODATION TRAIN, frr Frederirk and ir.t?emnli?t? r'ac*. will a*art et 4 p. m., daily, (except sun iart) arriving in Freder ick at 7.40 Kefurris^ will le*r* Fn?le;ick at 9 a. m., arrlriog Mt 1'altimore :it 12^0. wa THE ELUCJlTA MILLS ACCOMMODATION will be rxin daily, (ezept Sanii - e,) as follows; Leave Caiud-n Station at 6 a. m. and 3 p. m. Leare Eilicott'a Muii at ' JO a. m. and C.G0 p. ra. WASHINGTON BrXnCII RAILROAD. TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS: LEAV ~i daily, except Sunday, at 8 ani 3# a. a. end S and u p n?. On Suaday at 8 a a t.nd 6 pm. Leave Baltimore at 4>? and V a a; ani 6 aad 8 p n. On Sunday it i X am and 6 pm. Th<i ccnneetlons wi>h Baltimcre k Ohio Ralln id for the West era bj uains leaving at C a xa and 3 pra. For Philadelphia and N?w 7ork at 0, and 6)? a a and 6 pm. For Annapolis at 8X a a and 6 p 3i. For Nonoix at 8 p m. T. H. PARPON8, Agent Particu'ar cttentlon if called to the Rule reqcir> tag a responsible voucher fcr any person ef color who may wi<>h to pa?8 ov.r the read. dec 18?dtf CBAKOB AND AL2XAUDBIA EAII. BO AD. On and after Tv.csday, Nov. 7, 1854, I^liE Cars leave Alexandria daily for OorJon^ vlUe and Intermediate Nations at 7J^ o'clock, a. m., oo the arrival of th^ beat from WaeMajtr.u, giving ampl<? ticse fcr breakfast oo board. Ccn neeting at Muna..vaF Junctien with a train for Ptra.* ourg, at Warranton Jar etion with a train for War> renton, end at Qordoncville with the trains on the Virginia Central Railroad for lildimoud, Charlotte* vllle, tnd Staunton. Ths cats ieave Oordonavil'.e daily for Alexandria and Intermediate stations, at \A before 12, a. a .. cr. the arrival of the treins ot the VUtrlniaCentral rnil road from Richmond, Charlott??vlile, taid fetaantnu T 1U0LQH TICKETS. Vr:m Alexf.niria to Warventon $! 00 u M Oor?l jasvi'.le... 8 60 M u Oharlcttcsviile......... 4 U6 " " StKUutoo.......^ 6 90 M M Strnbarg 8 60 ** ? Lyrihbarg ? 76 M M Wlaaaen ur..~~.. 8 to u " Luray....^...., 4 26 M M Naw Market.... 6 00 ? M Mlddiehurg 2 26 ?ot Lynchburg, scnnectlng with the alagas at Charlottesville, on llbndays, wedneadaye, and Fri days. For Luray and New Market, connecting with the a ages at Onlpeper, on Tuesdays, Thnradays, and Sat urday. For Winchester daily, connecting with the stages at Pledaaont For Middl?burg doily, connecting with the atagee at the Plains. Per older: W. B. EROOKETT, Agent. nor 7?dtf FOR MOUNT VERNON. On TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. ?Fare round trip tl; from Alex andrlt 75 cents?The THOMAS C3LLYER leave* Washington at S and Alaxanurta at 9U o'clock. Coecluts leave the Capitol fov the boat at 8* o'clk. Coach tore >0 cents. Person] wisLing the 0ca:b;3 will leave their real dtnee wlLh Gee. ? Tboa. Parker. Refreshments on the boat. Oct 28?dtf BAM'L GEDNaY, Capt THE XKW FORK * LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS7 8HIPS OOMPRI5INQ THIS LIN I ARE THE? TIB1 1 TE ATLANTIC, Capt. West apt BALTIC, Capt. Cemstoek, PACIFIC, Capt Nye, ADRIATIC, Capt. Grafton. Those ships have been built by contract, express ly fur Government service; every care has been taken in their construction, as in the Enginea to lnsara strength and sp*ei, and their accommoda tions for passengers are unequalled for elegance and comfort. Price of passage from New York to Lir^rpocl, In first cabi $1-30 Seeond Cabin 70 Mzclosive um of extra siao et%te rooms 80V From Liverpool to New York ?30 and ?20. An experienced surgeon attached to each ship. No berth oan be secured until paid tor. Tor freight or paatuge apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS A CO., 68 Wall street, New York. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO., LlverpooL E. O. ROBERTS k OO., IS King's Arms Yard, London. JOHN MUNROE A OO , 90 Rue Notre Dame des Ti> toiree, Paris. GEO. H. DRAP8R, Havre. ThM>wner? of the*e ships will not be aeoonntable for gold, ailver. bullion, specie, iewelry, procfoaa stones or metals, unlese bills *r lading are signed therefor, and the rata# thereof therein expreastd. bot 10?dly AN APPEAL TO COMMON SE1SI. T TUB SIC* IIUI *1 HI -imBTB. Cattai* known hit tec! mouy will Ne Bui lest Uio?m *bo c'o not know the Captain ab'*iid be ec? po<<?l, |?r. | .??. ?>n A Bro., w?th atints <4 the K m known >uuj mn>t highly rtwpecUlHe ciuxcns of Caston, mdar*. b? wonderful cure by HAMPTOK'S Y*G1TAKL1 TIMCTTRB. Eutoi, Ovt. 4, ItM. Me^m. Merti.ner f Motrhrai: Gentlemen- 1 feel H niy dutv tn ywo and the pah Uc to certify to the eS>ct? of (Umptnti'a Vegetable Tincture. 1 waa lor m< th?n five your* Inhering under* disease of Chronic Kh< uinauam. and Ux great part of that Uice I *?*? so b?lptc?? th?t I hud to be helped from my bed jii *d dreased in my clothes 1 became reduced lo a mere skeleton. All the m*?<J icines I took done me no goo 4, und I cont?uo< .1 t.i grow worse. I heard of IUmf?wa,? Tineinre and thought | would five it a trfbl. At Utia tinn I did not eipe?n to live one day after another. I I'd net take it (the Tincture) fbr the Rheumatism. brim a abort tim?? I waa w.-ll ..f that iliwur. Froan the effects of your 1 inotun and the help of <? >d I run now getting in good health. I with all the afflicted to tr? Hampton 'a VegH?t..s Tincture, as I have done, with the aume effect thai it haa on Your obedient servant, Uuc BuJaJTIM. We are acquainted with laaac Benjamin. sold him aome of Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, and be lieve the Above statement correct. Dtwaon It Bno. Prom our knowletl-e of Ceptain Benjamin we am confident thai the above statement is true and un cxagcrated. J? A. Jonas**, Cn^nLKs K atwson. CaH and *et pamphlets gratis, and see ci?i?? at Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Nem.uria, Dya pep":a, Nervousness and tJeneral Weakness. At a female medicine or for delicate children we bulieve it unequalled. Sold by MORTIMER A MOWBRAY, 110 Ba d more street, Baltimore; and 304 Broadwv. N. Y^ifc Cm*. Ftott A Co., J. B. Moons, D B. Cl*rxs Ci arpk h Bowt.rwn, W. Elliot, and II. McPnsa ton, Washington; also, by B. 8. F. Cissvl, Geu.m town, and C. C. Bsrry, Alexandria, and by I>rug gists everywhere. jan 8?u OODGliS, GOLDS, HOARSENESS, Relief tn F?v? Blnntaa. TTLEieil COMPOUND GUM AM ABIC 61BUF. riiliB increasing demand for this nf*t plea^Lt, J[ sale, and e&ear:cus remedy tor al. paimci*. / 11.11 ag? has enabled the prcrrletor to reduc. price so as to plaoe It within the re?ch of all eb*M>>. Its superiority over moet tfnilar rrepanMons ij *;? tested Vy many eminent phrrt? who harnVo?n eye witnesses of its sAracy vhst. the usual rtce diee have failed; also by thotusr-dof oar m?3i r? spectabis citlsens ?ho have need it In their ?uje i?a both as preventive ani cure vith never failing su?. oesa f>r the lx-t twenty yews, dcrlag which psr^d with very little aid from sivsrttslng, ie.. It he gradual'/ spr?ad repnta lrn over the whole Union. In ca?? of recent <VcL Coughs, Hoarsenass, alt- It gives immeliate ra'.ief, a id sm?r?lly curas in a day or two, srithonl Interfering witu diei or baxina *, Of rcad^ring the aysvni cor* pooo-pJbJ* ol Cola . a ebrcais c-i??e. AA\ a, JThr-'wng (yov^ lk*4ichilii, Afccticru ef the lamfi, and C<mn.^v fion. It !s alway.; v>ry b?c?f.ciaJ. *nd seldom tkhM, wh?-n cc-nir*Boe4 in tunr> to ^eri'act a core. rrice 2b anu L3 cents a totdo. 8oi4 wholesale by Fatierw-u A Nairn, Ptctt 1 0#, BJdgely A Oi'. A'-mr. iria by Toei k Btevena. In Qeoicetown by Mr. Ciseel JHf TTLLtrr HUM ARABIC CJXD7 DBOFh a slidllar corsposi Jon to the above, but in a milder and cct- portable Sorts; they aet 11* e a charm ta [ a tronbiefczie C' -yh, and clear the throat tnd roiw; th<*ycr.ntaia ro injurious drag, are part:.a lax-ly reocxiunendM for children, frequenter* ol pn^ lie Mssembliee, public FpesAwrs, sincere, Ax rrice and So M&ts per box for sale at most Drug and Oaniy Btore*. oct IT?tf GRATIS ! JUST PUBLISHED: A NKW DISCOVERY iH MEDICINE! A FEW words on the Rational T n atne*t, with out Medicine, of Spermatonli'-a, . or Local Weakness, Nervous Deblii jrfKrj "1 ty, Low Spiriu, Lassitude, Wrak ness of the Limbs and Bnrk, Indieptv/ aition end Incapacity lor Study and' Labor, Dullness of Apprehension, Loen of Memory, aversion to Society, Love of S^ditude. Tun 1?:y, S**lf Dutrust. Disaincmk, Head Ache, Involnuury Ducliar^fs, Fain in the Side, Affection of th* Ey -a, Piciplta on thu Face, Sexual and other inQixr.ita in man. FROM THE FRENCH OF DR. B. DE LANEY. The i*n;>orta?l fact that these alarmingco.nflaint* j may eanly be removed without Meoicine n>, tn ihia | email tract, clearly demonstrated; and the etitiMy new und hishly succesetu! treatment, as adopted by the author, luily explained, by mean* of whkh ev ery one is cna'.iled to cure himself perfectly, and 4 the b-ast possible cost, avoiding thereby ni I the ad vertised nostrum* ??f the day. Sfiit to any address, gratis, and post free in a sealed envelope, by remitting (pwt paid) two post age stamps to Dr. B. DE LAXLY, No. 17 Lisptnard strvet. New York. Jan 17?3m Military history.? Dr nkwater's t>iege of Gibraltar 8- hiniiurr'* Si^e of Vientia by the Turks Knolly's Russian Cainpaig.i o| i812 Jomini's Military History ol the Waterloo Cam pnign Bucklc'e History of the Bengal Artillery Nolan's Cavalry, its history ami tactics GMme't Miliary Memoirs, Campaigns, Batiits, and Stratagems of W;;r Military History and lb'tail* of the principal mili tary events of the lat*t century, 5 vols Napier's IVnintular War Napier's Battles and Sieges in the Pemneula Samuel's History ol the British Army Britir-h Military biography Gleig's Briti-h Military Commanders Stocqueler'e VVellincton, K-ibinson'a Picton, Aii aon's Marlborough, and many others The Subuli?ru in the I'enin-ula Marshall's Mihury Miscellany Srhil'.er's Thirty Years' War And many others ol the tame class. French, Fr^. llsh and ?merican. FRANCK TAYLOR, mar 23 PALMER S PATENT LEG. This ax eric an invention stands unrivalled l oth in this country a:id in Europe. It is worn by 1 ,U(>0 pcrsorts, and with most astoni>hir.g success. In competition with JO other substitutes of the hprt trench, English, and German manufacture,It received the award of the orkat medal at the YVo&ld'b Exhibi tion ix London, a? Uie best artilicial iitnh known. In this country it has been thirty limes exhibited, in competition with all others, at the annual Fait sin the principal cilie*,and has. in every instance, received tiie award of the highest or first pi crniuui. And as u crowning honor, by the unanimous approval of un interna tional council, the " First Premium"? _ only Silver HetLJ given for Lnabs? wa* iiw;irued the inventor, at the New York Crystal Palace Pamphlets giving full infVn-mxtioR. sent crati* U> every applicant. B. FUANK PALMEU, 3YS Chesnut atieet, PlnJadel;uia. feb 28?3in 2J?OLIAN PIANOFORTES. /i t Another ot these beautiful instrumi nu u; by T. Gilbert A Co., Bott'>n, ca i now be ^eeu at cur Music Depot. Also, a sph ndid papier -nache cise pi.l * >i^l?>? deon, mode by F. G. Gardner .V Co , Cor.n. !iiLi>U3 A iirrz, mar 26 Hter itiiildin^a. JOHNSON ON MAN CUES. 1 ?ol, London Vaux on tilling and v< ti.izing loiid, do Mortt on -s. Ptilulelj t:.a Dana's Muck Manual f -r Fitfiaen, Lowell liana on Manures, New York Rulfin on Calcareous M itinera, Richmond B.own's American Muck B???.k, New York Practical Treatise on Manures, by the British So ciely, for the diffutimi of usef.,; knowledge And many works on Agricultural Chemistry, on Fruit Culture, Bees, Caille, Drainage, Tree Plant ing, and other branches of Gardening and Husband ry, many ot tin m imported lr<>m abroad. mar i9 FRANCK TAYLOR. L KID GLOVES.?Just received a superior .ol Kid Gloves. Also, a fine article at 50 cents. New style of Gciil'a Summer Cravats. WALL A STEPHENS. 394 Pa. avenue, next door to Don Hall. mar 2b?2w PIANOS FOR SALE AND RENT. rTMiE subscriber haa always on hand a assort] J. mcnt of German and American PI-^qjm AN03. from the very best manufacturcrs^FV^W which be offers lor sale at lower prices than can be purchased in the District of Colombia, and < n the most accommodating terms. All Pian>? purchased from me are warranted to give sal^ic lion. Old Pianos taken in exchange. B. REISS, Professor of Music, G, betw. Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets, eb 6?3m* FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. MALL BUILDING LOTS of 10 feet or more, la ^ various part* ot the City, and Georgetown, al lew prices, and terms to suit. LLOYD A 00. S BUILDING ITOIIi for aale, deliverable at the Canal, or Wharves Washington, Georgetown, or Alexandria. LLOYD A 00. 16th street, opp. Treasury DepartMBt, tr??lv WATCHES. JEWELRY. AND fSLTER WAKK Always on band a large assortment of the above, which we offer at the lowest rate*. M. W. OALT A BRO., * ?*? Ps. ma?^

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