Newspaper of Evening Star, April 10, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 10, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. IffASUm iTOW'Cl ! Y: UfiiDAY ArTEENOON .?pril 10. OCT Adv KAiisaitjiNTS should bo handed in L?y 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may not ap|?ar uutil the next day. Job Printikg.?The public are in formed that we are now prepared to exe cute job printing in all its varieties, fiom cards, ball tickets, Jb., t<^(show bill) posters and book work, as well and as low as at any other oflice in Washington, and with equal dispatch. Give us a call. 3FI&XX OF IHS K jxiJJING FEESS. Tlie Utuon oriticiies the letter of Mr. flournoy. the Know Nothing candidate for Governor of Virgicia, contending that Lad ho lived in those days he " would have spared us the ' pisgkacc ' of a Lafayette, a Dc kalb, a kosciu.-ko, and a Montgomery." The same paper also comments on what the National InteMgtHc" said on Saturday last upon the execution of Estraiapcs, saying: "There in an excuse for this last expedient of the // Ulbgtncer, however. It is anxious to conciliate the present crusado upon the foreign-born citiscn, an 1 for tho moment gen trouiSy to forget that at least one of its editors first s:.w the light in a distant country ; and so it appeals to this sentiment to " make more definite " the naturaliiuticn laws! We cd *iso our cotemporary to beware. It maybe well for it to prepare for the future as well as it may ; hut it should take care, lest the very effort it i? making to court Spanish influence and to screen Spanish arrogance may seem tc etaad in rather awkard contrast eveu wi:h its Man dish men's and c quetries to the new party that l^ki to cxj'.usive Americanism as the end-ail of political science and the cure-nil of political errors." Tho Intelligencer quotes from the Union a paragraph,saying: ' Not a steamer arrives in tho United States from Europe or the Spanish Colonic? which dce? n >t bring with it further intimation that tne Jubl.c Mind, the Pres.;, tho Cortes, the Cabinet, and the Colonial Agents of Spain are, if possible, more than ever hostile to this Confederacy." Tho editor insists that thcro is eo truth in it. and, in the course of bis remarks on the rut/jeot. says : tl\\ e Jciuapd to know if this declaration is tr^e As ir is no? boras ont by Ray p*ib!ic ac coiiau whi *h bare rewi'.d us from Europe or clsewh-rre, it can only be foundsd on irforma t.ou derived through privau unofficial chaa i.els.or through c&;i?l informa'ton rtceired at tUe Department cf Stato. Now, we have reason to believe that no despatches have been receive! from irp.iin whi^h give any color to the Union's assertion. We believe, further, that the unpublished despatches in the Do partmeat of btate would contradiot the feiate iii^nt, as the lately published despatches them selves do; and that the declaration is only a part cf the reckltss gsits to foment a war be tween the two countries, to suoscrrs party in terests. to which we yesterday britfly alluded Lrging the Secretary of State to affirm oi contradict the Uuioa's declaration officially, the Intelligencer a'so says: " Let the public, then. be aathoritctively in formed how the caw stan Is, and whether the ?' jvernmtat is in po-sessios of any proofs of tie truth of a staement so important. If, contrary to all publi: evidence. j.nd contrary *? ^tror^; interest snd peculiar motive's wiich L pain ha; to cultivate the most frierdn reiation* with the United S at?s. it ghall c';c?r!y -ppear that her Government cherish^ a Wosnle sentiment toward us, and has com mitted or meditate* any willful insuhorag gression on the honor and rights ?f tho ccuti try. *0 be,* cur bellicose neighbor to bclicvi that we fhall lo qui.; as ready to soo sucl hofciiie kcla an J furpoc?d replied by warii k< measure* as tiia Una irself. Aithoagh it is CLongh to shook any one, who has seen wha' the and evils of w ir are, to hear ho* flippantly it is treited by partisan editors anJ lo ere ?ed Sllibustcrs, yet we vary well kn-?v< that even war ij pot devoid of counterbatanc 12-> c' n^iderations; and were a case made oul agiinst Spain us clear .a that which impoile*. us to the n'timc, ratio agiinst the mothei country in 1S12, we should bo as ready as wi vore then to see our country make the sam folea.u appeal to armj; but never for the ba? I urjOfe of wresting irom a fcoble neighbor i valuable property which wa may covet." PEIldOIVAL. ? ? ? ? Gr[ii and Mario arc about to visit Italy Ori.i tot having been to Mi^an. her naiiv< city, since she played Ad^giaa to I'asta's Nor ma, when L'alliui produced his masterpiece . ("hose-real name is the Count of Can uia v a Sardinian, and was formerly an ( ffi cer ?a the Hoyal Guards. It is ruaorei thai Mario Ji strotgJy disooiied to j>in the Sardi nian division in ihe Crimea. Miss Coutta, ii is rumored, w;?l remain in New l'ork, to so perxntend iiainum a Laby Show. Captain Isaac Newtcn, ths weil-known . eamloa; o?acr. was killod. in print, by the New Urk papers tLe other day. It waa an <iher Isaac 3Iewton who died .... Horace U Hazard, one of the proprie tor? of the llarard Coinpaoy'. Powder Works at LnSuW, Conn., died on Friday last, from the premature explosion of powder which he was proving. ....Mr Thos. Potta llindoock, familiarly known as "Major Uaadcock," a native of Ire land, tu: who h&o re^iitd nearly or oaitt lortvyetra in this country and the C.tnadas ? Med on Friday last at Lij re-idence in New rerk lie was a-.ociated with the presa ol that city nnco J S;^. v Ihe Kev. Vr. Cone has resigned hj membership in the Fxecative Ccmmiitee of the A?e;ican L'ap? s? Home Missionary Soci e-y because, as he ^ays. he ?? can no ionzcr terve in a partisan "Board." .... Asa M Wyman, of llockinghaia, VL, f '^?tM-cary pensioner, aged 101 vea-a, late.y walked on foot and alone a distance of e ght, to get his semi annual allowanco. ....<?eorge Wataon Stevens, son of lion Wm. Stevens, of Lawrence. Ma~s , and courio ?f Oorerncr Steven,, cf Wsshington Tcrri. lory. \as dr??wted whiie attempting to swim a.bocSum thutk a siiijli bat rapid creck that pun into the derails, en the l<J:h of Feb Juary. lie was 2d years of age. .... It ii announced that his Eminence, the Cardinal Sccret .ry of State, is about to pub lieh In two large vo!um<? all ibe pontifical rnr lioly Father Pop^ I'ius IX from it? lT}tilS Cf hli tU ti? C,0!e of .... Wm Janes, who conducted a h??.vy Tork ci!? f'" lF;nl? e^gbt .?Mr, 1J J*"M' "ud .... 111. BUck Swan U aocot to mak. a ?rtwltaal cities i'i ?>' -l" ?l<cticn tela Ihere ?" ?? Jloadaj ian tk. Ciij ... tificates to each or the .Democratic candidates They were declared elected, and have ai? ElCtv: their acceptance by taking the oath of oC.e, end will enter open theii duties at a proror time. Wo have baen inarmed that the legality cf tuI! ' ^ :o.n-' " ^ ^ >?<ttd in tar court* , r^-:aia tru? 0r *? cannot poa iti.e y ilhrm. Ihe re.?u!t. if the report b< true, however, can hardly be a matter of uoubt Ihe new Ci.y Couneil will contain i m#j nty of American ref rmed men, while th? ot^er city elective fffiyerswili be of the oppo sition political party 'ihis uiay bo well it tna end. and serve as a mutual check ag&ins w""s ***-<?'??>*?" WASIHKGTON SEWS AMD GOSSIP. The Kansns F.lsct:on ?According to nil the accounts on the subject which Lave reached us, every member chosen in the recent eles* tion cf a Territorial Legislature for Kansas, is a supporter of tbe Nebraska b it; a "pro slavery man," aa dubbed by bij opponents. The Abolitionists, with the New York Tri bune at tbeir head, already set up the cry of foul play, oharging that thousand of Mis souriats voted in ttie election who were not entitled bo to do. From the returns from the nominal abolition precinct of Lawrence, it strikes us that a good portion of those so pious ly sent out by the aid societies to frame the institution* of tho Territory to suit Massachu setts and Connecticut, r&ther than the customs, requirements and advantages of the region in which Kansas is situated, have taken the lib erty to vote as they pleased, after getting out there by the favor of Abolitionism. We doubt seriously whether there wero more illegal votes cast on the one side than on tho other; though it is, of course, alleged that the so dis tasteful result to those who speoalated in so-called philanthropy in this business, brought about by the votes of citiiens of Mis souri. Thousands who had been citizens of that State, doubtless, did their share in the work, though at the time of doing it, they were quite as legally citiiens of Kansas as any of those who were sent there through charity and a desiro to meddle in the domestic mat ters of a far distant eommunity. Nay, they were as legally entitled to vote there as any others whatever. Every man of them ha4 loeated his claim or purchased land (pre-emption rights) there from those who had loeated original claims. They had all takes steps to move tbeir families and effec'a from their late homes in Missouri, and were alsent from the Territory only with the view of winding up their business previous to conveying their people and property over to their new homos. It was a common under, standing among them to get back to the Terri tory iu time to take part in choosing their Legislature. Iience the fast that they returned iu so largo parties only a day or so before the polls were opened. But for the cffait in New England to mould the institutions of Kansas to suit herself, it strikes ue that there would have been very slight prcspect that slavery would, in tho end, be adopted there. They (New England) have generated a controversy ia which it has been made apparent that no other eeotion cf the Far W?t ts so well suited for slave lnbor as that, and in which also the blood of Mirsouri has been so stirred up as to induce thousands cf pro slavery men to settlo in Kan?a? U but to head cfT the schemes cf abolitionism, who would not otherwise have dreamed of going thither ; while others who do not go in person do their best to induce others to go, in crder to make it very sure that tbe constitution which the proposed now State adopts in time, shall not contain features tha' will materially lessen the value of slave p:op cry in Missouri. A Misapprehension.?It turns out that these public officerj, who, writing from Fort Leaven worth, represented that there were thousands at families '?squatted" on the tract of teiri tory known us tho ^Delaware Trust' lands, were greatly mistaken. The CtrnmltsioDer of Indian Affairs has re csntly caused a corpuscf the whites who aie on those lands to be taken, and the report of the result of that investigation (which bears date on the 27th of February last) snys that there-are bnt forty housos iu all. worth on an average bu: $100, in the so-called city of Leavenworth, and two hundred souls; two trading houses and two dwcllisgs, occupied ? by the traders, their iamilies and their as sistance iu the so called tcvrn of Ojaukee; and but a single house and family in the city of Whitfield: This report goes on to say that the only Signs besides, of the presonce ol the white man on these trust lands, aro here and thero huts or cabins, such as are buiit to mark the loca tion of tha claims of those who have under tiken, illegally, to "prcspect" in the territ>ry in question, soma of which are occupied by the builders It will bo rocollected that an effort was made last winter to induce Congress to on a change of the treaty witJ the Delawares, by which these lands should be given up to the speculator and squatter, the latter being little more than the tool of the former in this case. I he ohief argument in favor of this action by the Government that came to us in western newspapers representing the interests of the speculators, was the well nigh ntter impossi bility of driving off the lands the thousands of white families that have settled upon them, and the crucity end hardships which that coureo would infliot on them. The official survey (faking of the census) mentioned above, shows the eatire want of foundation of the re port- to which wa refer. The lands in ques tion are very valuable. This Government is cider a p'edge to the Delawarea to hold them in trust and eventually to dispose of them for their benefit only, and the speculators are doing their best to take them by the right of the sharpest and stroEgest. Our impression is thai they will come cut of the contest with out carrying their point. The Business Mon of Washington.?It is a note-worthy fact, that the late trying season in monetary affairs in all quarters of the' oountry, and more especially at the North, passed over tho business men in Washington and loft them unscathcd, with the exception cf two houses only. E sewhere, not only mer- ? chants, but manufacturers end employing mechanics tumblod over by scores ere the crisis wa? passed. This tells well for the en ergy and forethought of the great mass of these among us, who in the conduct of their business necessarily ask and give credit. The exparience of the season in question will how ever, doubtless havo the effeot of modifying the credit system as in vogue here not a little. Such a result will not enly be bcnelicial to these in Washington who give credit, but also to the tone of sooiety at large. There never was abettor model than that of John Randolph, " Pay as you go ; pay as you go, sir." Rigid adbererce to it very rarely fails to bring wealth, we care not how small the means of the man who practices on that rule may be, on commencing life. The Sound Lacs ?A communication in a recent number cf iho JVational Intelligencer, signed "Observer," urging Denmark's claim of legal right to exact the "Sound dues," against which this Government protests, has just fallen under our notice. Its conclusions are, of course, in favor of Denmark, and against the United States, u involved in the controversy in question. As they all hinge on ?rroneouj premises, they art all wrong, m a matter of course. Th? writer bases his argu ment on the fact that the Straits are not more than three milos, a marine league, wide any where, which, he contends, gives Denmark municipal jurisdiction ever them?makes them her property. He is deficient in his reading of international law, or ho would remember that where a Straits conneots two open seas, as in this case the Atlantic and Baltic, it is, undor international law, free to the navigation of the world, it matters not what may be its breadth. This fact demolishes his argument, acd, of course, his conclusions. Bis fears that Prussia may be indignant on account of our efforts to obtain our rights from Tenmark in this matter are groundless; as Prussia hap pens to be as deeply interested in the triumph of our positions as we are! This is a feature in the case well known to every diplomatist in Washington. The Arctic Expedition*?-The following offi cers are to be attached to fcieut. Hartstein's Arctic expedition: Lieutenant Charles C. Simm9, to command the tender. Passed Midshipmen Watson Smith, William S. Lovell, and Joseph P. Fyffe, and First As sistant Engineer Uarman Newell. Mr. S. P. Griflia, formerly a passed midship man in the navy, and in charge ef the Hescue in the Amerioan expedition te the Arctic un der Lieut. De Ilaven, having volunteered his services, is to be attached to the expedition in the capacity of master's mate. Passod Midshipman Lovell was also in the expedition nnder Lieut. De Haven. Tonnago.?The following wts the tonnage of the port of San Francisco on the 31st of December, as the Collector's rOturns: Registered tonnage................56.015.64 Enrolled and licensed .28,549.18 Licensed under 20 tons 2,750.10 Total..... 87,344.92 Of the above tonnage there were employed in steam navigation : Registered tonnage * 10,063.63 Unrolled and licensed 13,361.18 Total in steam navigation 23,424.81 The above affords a very gratifying exhibi tion of the increasing importance of our young city of the Far West. ADcclension ?We understand that Capt. Benham of tho U. S. Engineers, to wh?m tke president tendered the pout of Major of the 10th Regiment of infantry, one of the newly crcated corps, yesterday declined that position. Capt. B. has long been employed in official duties in connection with the Coast Surrey, which is perhaps more agreable and desira ble than any other duty to which an officer of tho army can be assigned, can be. We thus account for this gentleman's declcnsion of pi omotion, the deciie and ambition of nearly all of his brother officers. Clerical Changes, Appointment*, &c ?R. E. Whitiock, promoted from first class clerk ship to second class clerkship in the Sixth Auditor's tffise, in :he Place of li. W. Varden, removed. Salary, $1,400 per annum. Frederick Louis Grammar, Gf Blarylcnd, to first-class c'eik^hip in the Sixth Auditor's Of fice. Salary, $1,200 ptr annum. Henry Keiidig, of New York, has been ap pointed to a first-class clerkship in the Pension Bureau. Salary, $1,2C0 per annum. To go oa the Expedition.?W e near tnat a younger son of Judge Kane, cf Philadolphia, Dr. John K. Kane, who ha3 recently gradu ated with the highest honors at ihe University (medical) of Pennsylvania, is to go out as the surgeon on one of the ships of the expedition so soon to start for the Arctic seas in search of theunfortunalo expedition of his elder brother, The 2?oii in tho Councils ?The reader will find in oar local columns tc-day aa account ol the "high time " in joint meeting last night between Aldermen Borrows and E7ans, ovei Know Nothingifm and kindred topics. It wai a rich fcene. Both became unduly cxcite^, and might have been heard perhaps as far oL as the National Hotel. ^ " Other Clerical Appointments.?Mr. Solomon Q. llenton, ol' Vermont, was to-day appointed to a firs: class clerkship ($1,200 per annum) it the Peniion bureau. Mr. Jacob A. Shindel, of Lebanon, Pa , was to be examined to-day for appointment to a similar position. We take it for granted that bis appointment will be made out ere cun down. Tho United States of Slo^p-of-war Fal mouth has been heard of at Gonaivos, (Island of St. Domirgo.) at the Department. She was thero on the 27th of March, ultimo, and it is inferred from the letters that all were well on her. Light hooso Kotper Appointed ?Lewie M. Trombly hau been appointed light house keep er at Clinton river, Michigan, in place of Robert Mcldrum, removed. The Currant Operations of tho Treasury Department ?On yesterday, tho 9th April there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of stock $28,911 37 For paying Treasury debts 1,166 02 For the Customs 657 60 For the War Department 134,794 52 For repaying in the War Depart ment 16,364 60 For the Navy Department 117.852 75 For the Interior Department 1,587 66 GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. New Church Organization?Capt. liaktr? Serenade?Alarlets, 4^ Gkorgktowm, April 10,1855. On last Sabbath afternoon, the now Metho dist church in West Goorgetown was regularly organised. Rev. Mr. Speakes, the pastor, delivered quite an in'oresting and impressive address. Several short addresses were also made by lay members. The ocoaenn was one of great solemnity, and all ho participated in the services soemsd to be actuated by feel ings and purposes of no ordinary character. At tho conclusion of the services, twenty-live person? come forward and united themselves with this Btatien, and last night nine others joined. This organisation has been made un der very tavorable oiicumstanses. They have already a flourishing Sabbath school of seme eighty odd scholars, and a fine house of wor ship rapidly approaching eomplotion. They have also been favored with a talented youvg ministers, whose ministrations have given uni versal satisfaction. The steamer Columbia, Capt. Harper, from Baltimere, brouaht to our city this morning are unu'ually heavy freight, which argues woll for the business of merchants generally. Capt. Samuel Baker, formerly cf the steamer Salem, has gone to New York to take charge of the steamer which has been purchased by the Alexandria and Potomac Company, which is intended to ply as a passenger and freight boat betweon tho District and the various landings on tho Potomac to its mouth. Capt. Baker is a gentleman in every sense of the word, as woll as a careful and skillful captain, aad will dwbUon giyo uniforial satisfaction to thoie whom he has gone to serve in another quarter. Yesterday being Easter Monday, it was ob served as a holiday by the Catholics generally and many Protestants in this city. Fisher's fine band of music serenaded many of our citizens last night, their tervioes having been engaged by several yonng men; until fear o'oloek this morning, the strains of mnsio reverberated through oar streets. Flour market firm at $10. Sales of wheat at $2 45, for white and red. Spectator. BALTIMORE CORRESPONDENCE. Baltimore, April 9,1855. This is one of the Easter holidays, and many of our eitiiens are observing it in the way of abstaining from business. The streets and sidewalks, daring the afternoon, were throng* ed with thousands, who were spcotators to the various fire companies as they moved along, fully manned and equipped, to make, aj is customary on Easter Monday, the annual test of their apparatus, In seeing which oaa throw farthest. These exhibitions are usually look ed to with muoh interest by those oonneoted with the fire department. All passed eff quietly and in order, each apparently satisfied frith their own achievements. Some of the engines threw an incredible diatance. Balti more firemen are hard to beat. There seems to hang a mystery over the abandonment at sea of the fhip James Ches ton, belonging to this port. The mate and crew are now in this city, but Capt. White has not yet arrivod from Wilmington, where he was last heard from The accounts thus far published are by no means satisfactory. Capt. W. was highly esteemed, and it will require unequivcoal testimony to reinstate him in bi? former position. The mutical performances at mest of our Catholic churches, and especially at the Calh edral. were exceedingly attractive, and tne ceremonies very imposing. Easter Sunday is a great day in Baltimore, as well with adults as egg-picking juveniles. I have recently seen several firmers and others from different parts of the country, all of whom concur in representing the spring crone as very cheering. They are somewhat backward in appearance, but this is considered favorable to an abundant harvest. Thank Providence for such promising indications that we may hope for full orops, for breadstuff* are now rising to bo high a price that they are almoat beyond the reach of those Jtho con sume them. Wheat is selling at $2 40 to$2 50 a $2.58; flour, $10 a $11.50; corn. 95c. a $1. These are enormous prices, placing tho articles almost beyond the reach of porsnns who get moderate salaries. What adds to tho dilemma is the fa:t that everything else is high in pro portion. If prices go much higher, I tear there will be trouble. The Argus, (now tho Republican,) has picked up in 'he way of enterpme materially since your old partner, W. 1J. Hope, Esq., be. came attached to it. There is no reason why this paper should not have a very large pa tronage, and be at the tip-top of the ladder. I saw our mutual ftiead, Hon. Joshua Van sant, to day. He looks well?has his natural Jleasant smile, and almosr, entirely recovered rom the bronchial effection that troubled him during the late session of Congresj. Col. John S. Oil tings and lady are expected home in a few days. His health has greatly improved. We have had sereral vessels arrived from Rio to-day with large supplies of coffee They bring no political advices of moment. All was quiet in South America at the data of their departure, March 1st. There is some anxiety here to know what course the Govern ment will pursue regarding the recent gar roting of Estranipes in Cuba. Our money market contioaes easy, and money is abundant. Business active, and the city full of strangers., Fight Eiitwee:< Americans and Span iards.?A few days ago Mgor Beauregard of i thoU. S. Army, and a dozen other gentlemen from New Orleans, vUited Prcotorvilie. (L*.,) on Lake Borgae, where a Urge number of I Spanish fishermen generally assemble. The ;.ar'y ^ n' t bcou there long before they is alleged, insulted by the fishermen assembling ingargs, shouting "hurra for Q en Corchand singing Spanish songj. and ma king other demonstration? cf defiance. The Spaniards then madeun eff-jrt to take po*tea aion ot the buggy of Major B. and Mr. R. Proctor, and meeting with re-is'.ance from tho&a gentlemen they attacked them with bowie ? knives. This led to a general Sghr, all the Americans assembled and fired revolvers sev eral time?, when the Sp;tniarda!retreated, but soon appeared with guns, and fired as much : from ambush as possible. The result waa, that fire or six Spaniards wero shot and badly wounded, while on the American side only one person, an Irishman, who took sides with the Americans was injured. Cry the poktuv of physic.?aylr-s piles. glide *n~*r shod, OTtr the palate, l>ul their euergy, althnngh wrappc l up, 1-t there, and tell* with giant force on the very foundations of disease. There are thousands of suflerers, who would not wear their dutemi>?r? If they knew they oould he enred fir us cents. Try Ayer's Pill* aud you wl!l know It. Purify the blosd aud disease will be tUrvoil out. I'VtuM the system from Imparities and you are ecrod al ready. Take this best of all Pnrgstlve*, and Scrofula, Indigestion, Weakness, Heads-Hacka<he, Sifle Ache, Jaundice, Rheu matism, derat-gemenU of the l.lver, Kidney*, and Howela, all derangements aud all dlssases which a purgative remedy can reach, tl v before them Hie dark need before the Sun. Reader, If you are saiferln,; frem any of the numerous 1 complaint* they cure -sulicr no mure?the remedy 1mm been provided for you, and it is criminal to^ieglect it. That Ayer'e Cherry Pectoral lit the b ut medicine for a Cou^h, is kuowu to the whole world, aud that Ayer'a nils ai e the belt of *U Fills, is known to those win have used them. Prepared by DR. J. O. AVER, Lowell, Mass., ?Aud aold by Z. D. OILMAN, Washington. U. M. I.INTHICI'M, UeorgetDWn. JAM. COOK k CO., Fi ed? tlcksburg, and by a',1 Craggista ?\erywhore. feb 17?co.u fT"r*A PHEKOIIKVA IX MEDICINE.? R-onchttU, Coojrh, J"-' Dy. p?]>eia Liver Cok plaluto, Scrofula. *0.? Kor ail diseases of the Female System tt stands preeminent. A Olergyuiaii just informs us It has cured htm or llronehltla of a desperate ch i rafter?rart'.calars hereafter. HAMPTON S VKUKTAUI.E TINCTVRK?By Us mild ao tlon on tho stomach, liver aud kidneys, will core Dyspep sia, Cong'?, Asthma, Broncbinl and Lung Affection*. Paths iu the Back. Hid- and Brea?t, Consumption, Scrofula, Rhea uttism, Uout, Keeralgla, Kistuia, Bowel ComplaiuM, Piles, Worms, and Nervous Debilities?with all dl.-eases arising from impure blood, and is the greatest feraalo medicine ev er known. Th's I;ivaluable med'clne is working wonders upon the human frame. 8<? advertisement to-day. marl rr-^DR. BOOPLANIVB CELEBRATED GERMAN BIT ^ TERB. Tlier?**re few things which afford n* greater pleasure than sitting down to write a notice of the celebrated Hoof laud German bitters, because we are fully cousclous we are conferring a public benefit, and oar heart tells as that by our notices many have been Induced to take these Bitters, and been rescued from death by dyspepsia, liver complaint, 4<\, for the cure of which It is certain It is prepared and sold only by Dr. C. M. JACKSON, at the German Medicine Htore, No. llio Arch street, Philadelphia. Bee advertisement. mar S?San PREMIUMS at THK PAIRS.?WHITKIR'KST"3 ' still In the ascendance.?The juries of each of the late fairs at Baltimore, Richuioud, and New York awarded their highest premiums to J. H. W. for their superiority of Pho tographs, Stereoscopes and Daguerreotype* exhibited. Mr. W. also received two Medals at the World's Fair, Lon don, and a premium at Crystal faUce, New York. Also, the tlrst awards of the MarylauJ Institute for three years past. Whitehurst's Gallery In this cttjr Is on Pa. avenae, betw. and Oth streets. feb IT ?*;?! Hhu.lijk>ton reoel ail the new Books and New* papers as fast as published. He Is agent for Oarper'a aud all llie other Magazines, and oar read^ra will always Slid a large and good assortment of Blar.k Books and Stationery at hia Bookstore. O 1e.,n Hull Unr. cor Pa. avenue aud 1% sL n^pXOAH WALKER A CO., onder Browns' Hotel, art prepared to show one ot tho most complete assortment of RK.tOV M AUK CLOTHING ever offered to the citizens of this Dijtrict. Toelr stock embraces everything that is new and fssbionable for the eessou, d .ntfii tared with taste aud elegance, for which their Clothing la celebrated. mar 27 rK-7?AS A SPRINT. AND SUMMER MEDICINE, Garter'* U*-' Spanish Mixture hUnds pre-eminent above all others. IU singularly efficacious action on the blood ; Its strength ening and vivifying iiualltl s; Its tonic action ou the Liver, its tendency to drive all hiimorj to tl*e snrfhee, thereby cleansing the system acco-ding to Nature's cwu prescrip tion; its harmless, aud at the same time extraordinary food effects, and the number of cures testlAed to by msiiy of the most respectable citizens of Richmond, Va., and tlsewbere, mast be coucluslve evidence that there is no bnmbug about it The trial of a siagls bottle will satisfy the moat acepUcal of its beneflta. ??*8ee advertisement lo another column. For sale?a second hand turning LATHE will b* t-oltl cheap if applied for soon. Apply to THOS. LEWIS, ea lOtli street between Pa. avenue and E street*. aa 10- U* DR. D. McVAULARt DENTIST, Office?No. 332 Pennsylvania avenue, near Ninth street, VVa*hin|{ton, D. C. mar 30?eolm* CLOTH SCOURER AND WASHES. MRUs tt SHILIiiriU will clesui, in the best manner, Merino Dre?ea, Shawls, and woollen Garmenu of every deecription lor ladiec and gentlemen, and would alao take in waahlng. Rcaidence between Noa. 373 rud 377, Third atreet east, between Maryland avenae and C at., Capitol iiui* pv91-eo0i* OFFICIAL. Frmkhn Pisrct, President of (he FntUd SiaUi of America, to all vkom it may uomfrn: Satisfactory evidence having been exhibited to me tint Ionacio de EuriuoB has been appointed consul of Spain at Mobile, in the State of Alabama, and that Polycarpui Von Schneidan has been ap pointed vice consul of Dermark at Chicago, in the Stale of Illinois, I do hen by recognize them as such and declare them tree to exercise and enjoy such functions, powers, and privileges as are allowed to the consuls and vice consuls of the most favored nationr in the United States. In testimony whereof, 1 have caused these letters to te made patent, and the seal of the United Slates to be hereunto affixed. Given under my hand, at the city of Washington the 8 th day of April,. A. D. 1855, and [L. s.j of the independence of the United Status of America the seventy ninth. _ . ? , FRANKLIN PERCE. By the President: W. L. Marct, Secretary of State. NOTICE.?ALL PERSONS INTEREST ed in the Annual Assessment of taxable Iirooerty in the city ot Washington for the year 855 are heriby informed that the Board of Appeals will be in session in the Assessors' Room, in the City Hall, on WEDNESDAY, the l'th, from 9am to 3 p. m.. and will continue in session frrm day to day (Sundays excepted) during ? he same hours for the purpose of hearing and deciding up >n all appeals until the 26th instant, inclusive. T. F. HARK NESS, Secrftary of the Board of Appeal, apr 10-dt26ih KN1GHUS TEMPLARS NO. 1.?Wash ington Encampment No. 1, will hold a stated assembly on WEDNESDAY EVENING, April 11th. B. B. French, Esq., M. E Grand Com mander eiect has provided a banquet for the occa ?ion, to which all Sir Knights in this city are invited, ap 10?tt FRANKLIN FIRE COMPANY.?TnE members of ihe Franklin Fire Company are tequesied to attrnd a called meeting, at tlirir Engine House, TUESDAY EVENING. April 10th. By order of the President: GEO. R. CROSSFIELD, ap 9?St Secretary SOIREE DANSANTE ?PROF. II. W MUNDER will five another one of his de lightful Soirees on WEDNESDAY EVENING, the Uth instant. Ladies that have been In the habit of visiting these Soiiees a.e politely solicited to invite their friends. ? ap 7?4t THE MONUMENTAL CLUB HAVE the pleasure of announcing :o their friends and the citizens ol Washington generally that their frvt Anuual Bull will be given at Carusi's Saloon oil the 25t i day of April. Particulars In future advertisement, ap 4?6t* IOST?A PLAIN GOLD RING, WITH BLOOD j stono setting. Device, an oak branch. Inquire at this office. np 10?21 GLSVINK JET BaiCBLKTS EE ccivfd and for sale at extremely low prices at ap 10-3t LAM MOND'S. 7th st. TOY-?. KASCY NOTIONS and useful ar tides in great varietv and cheap fer cash at * ap 10-2t LAMMOND'S, 7tli st. Dr. vvm. p. vot'so Offers his professional seiviccs to the citizen; of Washington. Office and residence No. 313 north Ninth street between L aad M. ap 10-It* " NIX CUM WEEZBN CULLY." WEDNESDAY NOCTES. RATIONAL THEATRE. BGNJHTON WOlfK EHT X A 8 SI 0HW B0. HOP DE DOODEN DO. ap 10? 9k CtHANGE GF TIME.?Soiree Dansante, at Ca / rusi's Saloon.?Moris. J. COCHi.U b?*gs leave to inform the ladies and gentlemen ot Washington that, in order to'e th* Scott Guards, hi? Soiree will take place on Friday eveninf, April 13ih N. B. IIis May Festival Mall will take place or Tuesday, May the 1st, on whirli occasion the mwi admired minuet and grr.vot de vestris will be danced by a miss and master. Many other interesting an-j characteristic dances will be performivi by his pu pits Purther particulars will be given in due time ap 10?Jit* riHIR COLLECTOR'S SALE OF CITY 1 Property for Taxes, as advertised in the Nation :?l Intelligencer, wiU tike pla-e :>n MONDAY, th? 16th instant, at the City llall, in the Aldermen*! Room, commencing at 10 o'clock. The list em braces a large aim unt of property in al! parts of the city, anJ the occasion presents * favorable npportu nity fur all persons desiring to make *afe and profiu blii investments Persons intending to pay taxes or property advertised are requested to do so befort the day of sale. R. J. ROCIIE, Collector, ap 10 ?dllGth PURE GROUIfD PLASTEBL BY Uu* uugle ton, or laigir quantity, always oi Iiand und for sale at our Siuuu Mill, lower etic or Union st., Alexandria, Va We are ;reparwl to deliver it at anv hour at Pag* Wharf, toot ol tseventh street. Orders attended to with despatch. ap 10?eo5t C. J. WISE k CO. HARD TIMES. |\RY GOODS at prices to suit, at No. 10, oppo a-* site Contre Market, between Eighth and Ninth | streets. Yard wide Lawnj only 5 cenrs Do do do 10 csnts Do Giogli^ms, 4 cents Do do 64 cents White Spool Cctton, 1 c?nt J Yard wide bleachcd Cottou 6 V cents 7-8 do unldeacbed do, do Yard wide B?d Tick, ? cents Do fa?t Calico, 5 cents | Colored Brilliants. 99 cents French Chintx, 20 cents Dre s Silks at half their original cost. Also, a large lot of Goods which must be sold tc close business about the 1st July. If vou are anxious to get the greatebt bargains ev er offered in the city, come at once to the WASHINGTON STORE, ap 10?lw late Magruder & Calvert's. LIBERTY HALL, ALEXANDRIA. OPERA TROUPE Will have the pleasure to appear before llieirfrieadt iu Alexandria, on THURSDAY? FRIDAY and SATUR DAY EVENINGS, April the l*2th, 13.h, and 14th. Admirsion US oents? Gents without ladies, tc I the Dress Circle, 37)^ cents. 1 JNO. T. FORD, Agent. ap 10- 4t (Alex Gaz 8c Sentinel) $20,000 worth of Dry G-cods. fob* ?old immediately at a Great Sacrifice RBi HALL, No. 373 North Seventh street, , above I, is now in the receipt of the greatei portion of his purchases for the spring trade, and would cali the attention of purchasers to his large and vaiied assortment, believing that an t-xaniua tion of his stock will entitle him to the preference. In Doincstic Goods I present a line varting in stjle and variety, from any other house in the city, em bracing the best fabrics of the various manufacto ries, whilst many oilier kinds of goods have b??-n purchased at the Lie Auction sales in New York, at a very large per centage below the originul cost. 5000 yards j laid Gingham 8 cents, originally cost 10 cents 6000 do fine Calico, fast colors 6 cents, worth 13 I 10 pieces good black Silk, 25 cents, worth 50 Plaid Silk* 44c, worth 75 Plain silk Tissues 3: cent*, worth 50 50 pieces Reregc de Laines, 12 cents, original cost 18c Yard wide figured Lawns, 8 cents 50 pieces fine dotted Swiss Muslin 12 cents 50 do do Embroidered Curtain do. 12 coots, worth 55 10 dozen beaut it ul Shawls, 62 cents 5 boxes handsome Bonnet Ribbons, 6 eentl 20 pieces fine Irish Lin^n, 25c, worth 50 50 doxen fiwe Linen Shirt Bosoms, 25 els., worth 50c. 50 pieces heavy bed ticking, 8c, worth 12 I 6000 yards bleached and unbleached Cotton, 5c I 100 dozen Linen Towels, 6c Ladies Handkerchiefs only 3c Gentlemen's silk Cravats, 25c 100 dozen Hoss aad half, 6s Ladies' and Children's Gloves 4c 1 A complete assortment of Swiss and Cambric Edg lng?, Inserting*, Flouncings, Undersieeves, Swiss and Cambric Cellars at extremely low prices New st) le Bonnets, only 25 cents. In my Boot and Shoe Department I have great bargains to offer, Ladies' Slippers 37 cents; Misses Slippers 25cu; Ladies Toilet Slippers01 cts; Muses Guiu-rs 62 cts, Ladies fine Gaiters $1, worth $1 50; Ladies half Gaiters 75 cv; Boys' 8hocs 25 cts, Gea tlemen't and Boys Congress Gaiters, Oxford Ties, and Fancy Shoes in great variuy, very cheap. The above named bargains, together with many other articles have been selected with esrvcwl ref erence to toe wants of my customers, and 1 am pre pared to offer to purchaser* such inducements as are aeldom equalled in this or any other city. R. B. HALL., ap lfr- No, IT| north S?mU? it, U Amnaententa. ptOPLB* *"e*"eVa*.ETIE3. Thud * if lit <?? Mr. TAYLOR, the Tragedian. | THIS EVENING .1. M CAMEaTER Mrs. Beverley, Mia* Wyetts; Mr Sewilry, Mr. Taylor ; Stukely, Mr. Wballev. To conclude with tpe lttirM THE MISTAKEN FATHERS Del ph. John Weaver Emily, Miss Tyson. ap 10?It ODD FELLOWS' HALL. K A B V ICR UULIUAYIi STANLEY'S WESTERN WILDS, A GR\ND NATIONAL PANORAMA OF THE INDIAN AND JUS COUNTRY! On exhibition This Er^nint, (1-wl'r Monday,) and far onl. a few days longer in this city. Afternoon exhilitons far ladies and chil rrn, on Tuesdnv, Wednesday, and Thursday,t? con.menee at 3\4 o'clock. Evening exhibition* ai < % o (lock. Arrangements are miking ?or all the t'bUdren of the Public School * to see the W estere W ilds Admission 25 cents?children half price.. ap 9 national theatre. THE MERRY SEASON! J OPERA TROUPE Forifw days, will be with their fnend.? in Washington, On MONDAY, TUESDAY, AND WEDNESDAY EVENINGS, April SHh, 10;h, aad 11U?. Manv New and Attractive Feature*, with SHOTS AT FOLLY AS IT FLIES, And 80NGS, characteristic of the Season. gVJOHlSK AND TKARS. Kerry Laug^Ur ard Touching Pathoa! Aimisson TWENTY FIVE CENTS Gentle men when without Ladies are charged 37cents to the Parquette or Dress Circle. JOHN T. FORD, Agent. ap 7?4t [Union k Intel] eSAHD VOCAL AJTD I* STRUM EFT A L Concert of Bacrad Maaic. FOK THE BKNKPU OP 'llYLAND CHAPEL. THE CHOIR attached to Rvland rhapel Will five a Concert of Sacred Muaic in the Church, on Tenth and D als., (inland) on TUESDAY EVEN ING next, the lotto infant. Tbey will be a^?oud by several ladie? and gentlemen well known ft* their musical jutamnu-nts. The t'onceflwill be under the direction of Mr. F. GLENROY. Prof. SCI1EEL *UI preside at tbs Pi anoforte. Concert to commence at 8 o'clock. Tickets 39 cents ; ta be had of the member* of the Choir and at the door of the church on the sve nin-r of thd Concert. ap 5? 4t ALL STHAHOBR8 visiting the City should see Homer's Patn l?n?ue of the Cariosities of the Patent < Mlice. Also, his Description of Powell's Great Picture. feb*l-3m? ? Lost.?on Saturday evening, between Rev Mc Lain'sand W. A. Bradley's,an enamelled and Gold Watch Chain, witb pencil attached. The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving at Qua office, or Dr. Green's, C at., between 3d and . ap 0?3t* MILLINERY. MISS H. M MANN. l:Micce<wor to the Mic*es S. J. k M 'McGan, Bridge street, Georgetown' ?will open her carefully sriecu d stock of French MILLINERY and FANCY GOODS, on Saturday next. ICth inst. Wanted, a Milliner w ho is 'horougbly acquainted with the business. Wages no object lor a comi* - tent hand. ap >?8'? OPENING NEW STYLIS FOR MAN TILLAS. WE open this ntonuiif. April 8, our large and be iutil'ul stock of Spring and Summer MAN TILL AS, and respectfully invite the attfntion of the Ladies to an examu a<>on of the ?am?- Hefore making their selections, feeling quite ,ure that 'mm the extent and variety ol our asrorunent they cannot fail to be suited. ap'J-6t CLAGETT. NEWTON, MAY h. CO. "Cri^ITS TO EUROPEAN CELEBRITIES, by f l>r. Sprague, $ 1 English, pait and i?rcsent, by R. C. Trench, B. L)., author of "The Study of Words;" 76c Trea'ise on English punctuation, by Wi:son. Third edition, enlarged, 12 mo. $ I Ash ton Coita*e, or the True Faith. Illustrated. COc Hope Campbell, or Enow Thvself, by * Cousin Katf" | Catholic and Protectant Nations compared In their relations to Wealth, Knowledge and Morality; By Rev. N. Rousell, with an introduction by the Rev. Baptiste Noel, of London. 1 vol Signs of the Times, past and present, by Dr. Cum in ing The Daily Life, or precepts and prescriptions for Christian Livinf, by Jno. Camming. D.D , 75? C:;mmiag's Scripture Heading*, viz: Genesis, Eexo dus, Leviticus, Matthew, and Mark; each 75c Memoirs of John Fredeiick Oberlin, 40c Harper's Story Books, No. 5, Pianck, or the Philo sophy of Tricks and Mi^chn-f, small 4to., 160 p.,25c. GRAY fc BALLANTYNE, ap y? 498 Seventh st SPR JNGFASI1I0N S. LANE, Bridge street, between Congress and lli'h, will open on Tuesday, the, 10th instat-t, a most extensive a-*ortment ofj MILLINERY, consisting of Lace, Crape and Silk HATS, including Straw of every description, with a large assortment of Fiench Flowers. Ribbon* fcc. MRS. J. L. ap 7?3t* ATTENTION, OLD SOLDIERS. ALL my old friends for whom I obtained Boanty Land in lest; quant'ties than 160 acrr n are hereby informed that their names and a memoran dum of tieir time is on my Book, so that their de clarators for additional Bounty L .nd can be made with facility. Many of these who 4ail*d to obtain land for want of time, are entitled to 160 acre* and can oblain the same by calling on me. Seamen, Ordinary Seam* n, Marines, Clerks, Landsmen, (of the Navy) Wagon Masters. Team* steis, Sic,, tec., in any war, *>11 find it to theu ad vantage to call or send their caw* to me. Advice gratis to thoce soldiers, ; mmtn and wi4 ows who are unable to pay. Refer to any honest man in Washington. JOHN D. CLARK, Agent, No. 53T Twelfth street west, ap 7?lm* Naval history and biography.?al ten's Battles of the Bntish Navy 3 vols, Lon don Sketch^* of the las: Naval War, from the French ofCnpt La Gravierw, by the Hon. Capt. Plunkett, Royal Navy, 2 vols, London Life 'Of Lord Rodney, by Lieut Gen. Mondy, i vol. London Burrow's Memoirs ol Admiral Sir Sidnev Smith, 2 volf, London. FKANCK TAVLOR. ap 7 OF THE COUNTESS OF BLES by R. R. Madden, M. R. I. A., two FRANCE TAYLOR. ME8J Memoirs singto.i, Vols ap7 (BLOCKS, CLOCKS. CLOCKH !-If .vou J want a good Clock, warranted to keep time, call at the store of J. R0BIN80N, an 7?dim 310 Ta. ave., eppo. Browns' Hotel. BONNETS?BONNETS. IS8 S. J. THOMPSON is now prepared to iumi.?h Bonnets o! e?er> dckcnptnto at mode M rate prices, and is constantly making additions to our already large and complete Hssortwent. Lm'iea about purclia?ing mould do well to call and exam ine our stock, as we are tote tbey cannot fail to be suited as regards cither style,quality, or price. Our stock ot Gloves, Hosiery and Fancy Goods is cojiiiUte and wonhv of attention also. HUTCHINSON & MUNRO, np 6?Ct 310 Pa. ave., betw. 9th and 10th tts. ROSE BUSHES, Ac. THE planting teascn being at hand, a splendid k?t of perpetual blooming ROSE BUSHES, on their own roots. ** ? ? An . Pears, Plums, Cherries. Apricots, pies, Grape Vines, Strawberry PLANTS, and Ever greens, may be had at the Washington Nursery, 5th street, between K and New York avenue ap 5?6t* M. GRifrrrns. TO THE LADIES. MRS. M. PIERCE will open, on Saturday, April 7th, a splendid assortment of SPRING/^ MILLINERY, to which tbe ladies ar? lnvi-l ted to call and examine. I No. 494 Eleventh aueet, between Penn. arenoe and E street. All orders promptly attended to. ap 5?5t* 'EW^WORK, by the Author of the Heir o( Red The Castle Builders, by the author of the Htarfs Ease, in paper covers ; price SO cents; bound, 79 cents. Just published and f >r sale at TAYLOR h MAURY'S ?ai 90 Bwkitore, asar Mh ^ N'

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