Newspaper of Evening Star, April 11, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 11, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR WASHINGTON CITY: wedicmday AyrnurooifApril u Job Printing.?The public are in formed that we are now prepared to exe cute job printing in all its varieties, from card*, ball tickets, Ac., to (show bill) posters and book work, as well and as low as at anj other office in Washington, and with equal dispatch. Give us a call.' SPIRIT CP THX MO&HIHG PRESS. The L uion baa still another Spanish outrage this morning. Stephen Ellis, jr , muter of the American brig P. R. Hickman, from Boston for Matanxas, avert, that ac he waj steering for the port of Matanxas, shot a were fired orer and around him from a Spanish guard ship, oom ' pelting him to come-to and to submit to an inspection of the brig's papars. He was prob ably more than a marine league from shore. The papers being found " all right," the brig was j ermi:ted to pursue her voyage unmo lested. The Union further comment! on the influence of the National Intelligencer in frightening Sp?in into committing outrages on our people and commerce. Speaking of tho^o acts of the colonial Government, the Union sayj: 'A dangerous usurpation like the right of search, or the right of visiation, exfrcised against an Amenoan vessel, is not the less of foLsive, and will not be lens readily and less 22? 2?rep? !*! \nd res?nt*d- because it has been stimulated by false and foolish fears ii rJEl ' .w!,en .wr?ng is done to our citizens a tu ,a, or injustice inflicted upon our oom ? h k J 'uit ,h? on the tuber hand, to advise the Spanish people from time to time, that their true interest u to eo on m the career of insult and or ignomv-for ' that is its vocation"?and it may be agreable to the same newspaper to willfully exaggerate every event as to the expeditions said to be in 8??^S1U? ?gaicst Cuba, and at the same ume to declare that a war is to be set on foot against Cuba?for such has been ita course from the first; but this will net blind the eyes P*.0*1? torthe faot when . y tolerate an intolerant and intolerable despotism in eight of their shores, they do not \V?aI ? 9t^?b7 ,and 800 ^"despotism shel tered b hind the "laws of nations," and the lealous championship of an "American ' sart? jan princiPie not and while it seeks to extinguish every "Park of national liberty on the shores of Cuba riih?- a haDd8 Vp0a the h0D0r <""* the rights ot tho American people." In reply to a remark of the National Jn ultigemtT that -the sale of Cuba wou'd be the sale of Spanish honor," the Union insists that it would bo no more so than was the ssle of Louisiana a sale of French honor. The Intelligencer, in reply to a comment in an Albany paper, explains that the El Dorado was not fired into;" but that shots were sim . 1 - j fir ?d by the Spanish guard ship to brinir her to, and adds: tha^thl' iV'n" 1fir,t lim? w? have heard 13 Dorado wis fired 'into,' and of Html"' "hS 10 ouiaage. Had the steamer not 'come to ' .;owevor, the Spanish cruiser would have been >s.iued by naval law3 and usages in firing into ^er, and there is not an officer ia the JVDe?KC? v we arPr?kend, who will not hi? * y* W0Qli' an(*er lh3s? cireumstances, have into the stealer. "JV e endeavored by a few plain arguments of a sentinel to a citv and island in momentary expectation of hostile invasion was justifiable in speaking ereryship orvesiei approaching the island. We said there" m under the sun, possessing a navy thfn, -I01' m 11,118 t0 t'me' done the same wL*8ard t0 th? L,ague ? P?s?Kv* ^ S United States fti/ate i>V. ? fint discovered the " Littl* f v- ? * 'argues from the Car*a Of ih. Wd. SSlr-SH 3u i.' h'p; chii'SSSE deeded on his conduct pronounced the Sat .J ?6 ihable, and our Government approved the hL/ifJ! tt0 Court. In fact, the r^ht tS hail a: sea. without regard to maritime iuria 1C, '0D; u.not aniversally acknowledged is PIKSOJI1L. ? ?t.d r.Tol.tion turned up in UalifiurWiSS t ' jn. j?Sf hi. wSESE ** The last that was seen of him there he ??? u inirg away from BOme coiUnental me'ee a cannon m pursuit at his heels. ....A light mulatto married woman is rfw. jng[private rehearsals in Philadelphia, previous to h r appearance in public, as a readJJtf ^ P ?ei8: a 1% Fanny Kemble Butler Mia* b?ly and Cher, ThJ^pSiS?ZSZ' iy some ability. evident ....llorK. Pratt. ? citlwo .f B.ltlmor., ir-i> lien?bo?t in (Lege j,j', t0 cr,ft "I" Web.,., will b, '? '"proviof KCitit froa th. eff? , cl ?<"".'7 occasioned her illneas ?-cident which ? *. h.. Senator Mason spoke d.ring four hours ?? ?? ?>. w VJ3$? .... li?nry W. Ihomu. 0( F.jrfu iUMd?h""?lr CUrk' " ?" *?*. Km VCtJ ">? Prohibitory liquor bill r?* Beekw. the noble to Margaret rescued the crew 0f ^ *? hw<>???Hy a November siorVC f0D?r CoEd<?o*or test monial is a biSJSl l1^* ?ri? The the cover of which appear, fn ? on bodying the facts on ?hich ?hiD!?7.p/ion em' A pjosent of suitable clothing m>d* the te,ti uonial. 8 woompanied tF-Sia has won agood~many victoria, of jar? but he occasionally receives a ch** to Frogrew A mong the latest disasUrs to his cau*e. m3y u mentioned his defeat in the municipalfJectknsat Chester, Pennsylvania: Hartford, Connecticut; and Pattetaon N Y afld cthar parts of Ohio, prftoul/. WASHlHflTOH NEWS AID GOSSIP. The United States Government on tht Cam Of Xatrampea ?Our neighbor of the National Intelligencer seems to be in a quandary over the Better of the views of this Government with reference to details Qf our affaire with Spain. Their eo earnest ouriosity in such matters has set as to iaboring to aeoertain what those views may be. We have, for the time being, almost wished ourself the "organ" the Intelligencer calls as, (when, bj so doing its conductors fanoy thej can make a point against the Administration,) in order that we may relieve them?the editors of the Intelli genetr?from the agonising suspense in which they seem to be plunged. But, a la*, organ ship is not our province or our privilege. We can only surmise, after gathering a hint here, there, and everywhere from unofficial sources. Nevertheless, we rarely come to incorrect con elusions after such inveetigations, in which a ook not unfrequently goee further in aiding ui to make up our mind than an elaborate ex planation to throw du?t in our eyes. In the oase of Estrampes, we have hunted in vain to find the first sign leading us to believe that any serious question is likely to be made with Spain over it, even thongh it may turn out that be was fairly entitled to the American naturalisation papere carried back by him to Cuba. It seems probable that if this Govern ment questions the right of Concha to dispose of him as he did, an effort will be made to ehow that under our laws he was not entitled to the rights of Ameiioan citisenship. Ilow ever, be thai as it may, we can hear of nothing going to impress us with the belief that the Government of the United States will be like ly to call Spain to serious acoount for her act in Ms case; insomuch as even though a natu ralised American citixen, his act of returning within the jurisdiction of Spain for the avow ed purpose of making war on that Govern ment, placed him practically beyond the aegis of American protection. Our neighbor will please to take notioe that we give this as simply our own opinion of what the Govern ment will and will not do in this case, based wholly on a multitude of signs which float around ns, all unofficial, and also, we may truthfully add, indescribable. The Gaml of Louis ITapoleon?-We find that it is thought by not a few experienced publio men, that Louis Napoleon is playing a very deep game on England. They maintain that he is goiDg to febastopool to strengthen the interests of his government in the East. They believe that the city will fall at la*t> and that he will be the hero of the action of which that event will be the finale?will take due measures to appear to the world a? ' he hero of that great occasion. They hold that by so doing, his influence in Eastern af. fairs will at once beoomeunmeasurably greater than that of England; and that then he will repudiate his engagements with Britain with reference to the future of affairs on this side of the Atlantic, laughing heartily at the idea that the Queen's Government should expect iim to interfere directly or indirectly in favor of abolitionism, and aiding ns in all things wherein we may have questions in issue with his present ally, in order simply to weaken her pewer, so that she (England) may be the iess ablo to oppose obstacles to the success of his schemes with reference to the future of affairs in Europe, wherein his interests and those of England nny be likely to olash. Interesting Particulars Connected with the Execution of letrampes, fto , Ac -A Cuban gentleman, in New York, who received from h s friends by the last arrival from Harana much information concerning the execution of Estrampes, has kindly forwarded to us copies of such portions cf the letter as he deems likely to interest the Amerioan reading publio. Thus, the letter praises the Archbishop for his pertinecieua and noble efforts to save the life of the condemned man. It was said around the palace that shortly before Estrampes was executed, as a last effort, the Archbishcp placed in the hands of a little daughter of Concha a letter from Estrampes, which she delivered, aocompanied by the good priest, falling on her knees and bezging her father to have mercy on the condemned man But Concha, on reading the letter, repulsed her and her good companion *ith anger and indig nation. lie at one time consentei that the body might be interred ia a coffin, and as the friends of Estrampes chose. But suddenly ohanging his mind, he eountermanded that permisrion and had the corpse carried off in a cart, with those of three subjects from the hospital, and tossed into a hole with them. It is not yet known where, in Spcin, Felix, who has been sentenced to ten years' impri*! onment, is to be confined. The probability i that he U by thi? time on bis way to Spain! It was thooght by the Creoles sympathiiing with Estrampes, that had theCahawba's mails reached the island three days before they did, Lis life would have been spared; ag it was be lieved among them that in those mail, came ?trong remonstrances from a SpanUh offioial agairst the high-handed measures of the Captain General, which were regarded in Madrid as likely to precipitate war with the United States. An Official Letter Concerning the Expected ?iss Paupers. The following extraot from a recent letter from the Swiss oonaul at llavre to the Swiss Consul General (Mr. Hits) in this city, will be read with interest ? their u.r:a dx poor-cr, rather, destitutes wisa.J wchbe longed to some district or comiti! -hfch W? ThUDd Mr*" him 4t anJ Ume ' WhWh 2 The qualifications of a Swiss citiien never rvh0.!"??"ta "h,t c?untrj i>. ?. r i v ! 1" "nigrants in question w?r* each entitled on their arrival in New Orloms t? thareceipt of fifty franoi ?. l*' V* WM no 1? sxistenoe whioh oauld bar ?uoh emigrants the privilege WM ?E7|.J 0f the Ul,ited was the last person I supposed would know ingly offer any objections It baicg satisfactory, the three hundred Swiss OrU# m?rf0W in th? ,h,P G!obe for New Is it sinful to be poor f Is a poor man necessarily a rsuper ? CnppJw are not allowed to leave their com Siaa.10 Swil"rl*n* nnless they hare ample that"?* *!? V#JJ Mver? ?n Switserland, so S^a J dli* w'h ?bK,g#,i t0 Work for <iz States riMiM * ,hou,d ** th* United mSSSiSie** wbo uu th#,r fe,|?w Industry iJd LbriU?' !U! Pr?T"bW for their J Ba ?vbriety, though they be poor. The Groat Kail Letting?Thia morning, the work of opening and oomparing the bide for tiM mall contracts for tho aoetion (one fourth of the United SUtee) jut advertised for, vu duly oommenced. This work ie being performed bj the Firat and Second Assistant Postmaster Generals, aided bj a host of clerks* all of wkom are under the immediate sup<i? vision of tbe Postmaster General in person, we bear. yet, comparatively few of the bid ders are in Washington, tbongh by the time the Department will be ready to announce its decisions, a large number will doubtle? be in attendanoe, as usual. Transfer*.? The following hamed clerks have been transferred from the General Land Office to the Pension Offloe: Jamee H. Peabody, G. T. Dearing, J. 0. R. Clark, 0. M. MoGarr, D. Webster, and W. F. Bherrod, eaoh to first class olerkships. The Waldoboro', He, Custom-house?Yea terday, the Secretary of the Treaaury acoepted the bid oi Mr Joseph W. Cobum, of Boston, Maas., for the oonatruotion of the new custom house at Waldoboro', Me. The prioe to be paid is $11,000. The Winter Cruise of the Duane ? The fe venue cutter Duane, Capt Richard Evans, stationed at New Orleans, returned from her winter's cruise on the 31st ult., during whioh she boarded and spoke 92 vessels, rendered assistance to 3, and aailed 2,630 milee. A Collector of Cue tome Appointed ?Con stant Morton has been appointed eolleotor of customs at Edgartown, Mass., vioe Joseph T. Pease, removed. Clerical Appointments ? R A Matthews, of Georgia, has been appointed to a first-class clerkship in the Pension Office Salary, $1 200 per annum. Mr. Rowan T. Hopkins, of Tenn., has been removed from a $1 200 per annum olerkship in the Sixth Auditor's Ofice, and Mr. J. H. Moore has been appointed in his stead. A Light Homo Keeper Appointed ?Joseph W. Brown, keeper of Light House and Beacoi at St. Joseph's River, Mioh., at $450 per an num. -? Redemption of U. 8. Stocks.?This morn, iog, $100,000 of U. S. stocks were received a< tbe Treasury Department for redemption. The Current Operation! of tho Treasurj Department.r-On yesterday, the 10th April thera were of Treaaury Warrants entered en the bosks of the Department? For paying Treasury debts $4 774 20 Pot the Customs.???????????????? 20,8^9 29 For covering into the Treasury from customs... 44,619 18 For oovoring into tbe Treasury from miscellaneous sources...* 4,519 05 For the War Department 2,900 93 For the Navy Department 35 000 00 For the Interior Department, i ?.?? B.T68 61 For repaying for the Interior De partment ? 3,580 89 List of Patents issued from the United S'ates Patont Office, for the week ending April 10,1S55 - each bearing that date : Warron Aldrich, of Lowell, Mass.?For im proved lathe. John Andrews, of Winchester, Mass.?For improvement in drills for arterian wells. Nelson Barlow, of Newark, N. J.?For saw teeth. Horace Boardman, of Plattsbargh, N. Y.? For improvement in steam boilers. Solomon E. Boilers, of Rochester, Mars ? For improved maohiae for raising and trans porting stone*. Lyman Brainard and Levi Newton, of At tica, N. Y.?For improvement in rotary har rows. Byron Boardman and George C. Sweett, of Norwich, Ct ?For improvements in machinery for winding up lines, twist, or eord. Stephen M. Cate and Edmund Jordan, of Waterbury, Conn ?For improved arrange ment of dies and stocks for ornamenting metal tubes. John Chilcott and Robert Snell, of Brook lyn, N Y.?For improvement in noot forms. Thos. C. Connolly, of Washington, D. C.? For improvement la machines tor recording vot?3 in legislative bodies. Jaaon W. Cory, of Crawfordsville, Ind ? For improvement in seed planters. Jcsiah J. Dutcher, of New Haven, Conn ? For improvements in looomotive boilers. Wright Duryea, of New York, N. Y.?For oard eihibitcr. Benj R. Karnes, of South Newry, Me.?For improvement in portable door fasteners. Salathel Ellis, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement in framing for buildingeonorete walls. Henry C. Garvin and J H King, of Hagers town, Md ?For tool for boring hubs. Moses Thompson, of Henrico county. Va ? For improvement in furnaoes for burning wet fuel. Chas. B. Hutchinson, of Auburn, N. Y.? For mode of guiding reciprocating saws. James H. Jones, of Solo, N. Y ?For im provement in railroad car coupling. Ferdinand Klein, of Newark, N. J.?For improvement in firearms. Alex B Latta, of Cinoinnati, O.?For im pro-.ement in steam generators. Walter Lackey, of Worcester, Mass ?For improvement in straw cutters. Robert F. R Lewis, of Anapolis, Md.?For spiral wheel for replaoing railroad cars upon the track Wm. Loughridge, of Weverton, Md ?For improvement in graduating the tension of oar brake) Wm Loughridge, of Weverton, Md ?For stationary hydro pneumatio engine for extin guishing fire. John F. Manaban, of Lowell, Masa.?For improved machinery for boring wells Saml. N Maxam, of Shelburne Falls, Mass. For improvement in machine ibr paring ap pies. A. II. Morrol, of Marlem, lexas.?For im provement in oultitators. Benj. T. Norris, of Lynn, Mast.?9of ma chine for mortising blinds. Samuel P. Parham, of Trenton, N. J.?For im} roved gas regulator. J. Rodefer, of Cinoinnati, O.?For improve ment in bedstead fastenings. Ira Rose, of Akron, O.?For improvement in straw cutters. Charles Rose, of AUentown, Pa.?For im proved Venetian window blinds. David Russell, of Drewersburgh, Ind.?Fot improvement in atraw euttera. Bamuel T. Sharp of Danville, Mo.?For im provement in atraw outters. David M Smyth, of New York, N. Y.-Fof improvement in platform balanoes. Thomas C. Simontnn and Loren J. Wieks, of Pateraon, N J.?For improvement in atraw cutters. Albert S. South worth, of Boa ton, Mass ? For plate holder fo- cameras. John & Thomas Sweeney, of Birmingham, Pa ?For improvement in adjdfttable friction rollers. John B. Hall, of New York, N. Y.?For ap paratus for feeding paper to printing presses. Wm. Ibomas, of Bingham, Mass ?For im provement in oabin chairs. Is^ao R Trimble, of Baltimore, Md.?For improvement in wooden sitlioe pieoe fur rail ways. Ante dated Oct. 10, 1854 iliram Wells, of Florence, Mass ?For de vice, allowing circular saw spindles to yield. C. N. y> hi to, of Concord, N. C.?For im proved implement for boring the earth. David E Paynter, of Philadelphia, Pa., as signor to Israel M. Biasell, of same plaoe.? r or improved paint mill. J. M. Stone, of Manchester, N. H., auicdot to the Manoheater Loeomettva Works.?For improvement in lathes for turning loeometive Rt ti$u49. Bamuel Palm, of Brookport, ?, Y.,an4 ?tej>h?B<?. WUUtM,g( JaawriUo, Wis.?For improvement la harvesters. Pat ented July 1,1851. Benj D Bandere, of Holllday's Cove, Va ? For improved winnowing machine. Patented June 19,1849. Design ? John Gorham, of Pravidenoe, R. I.?For design for spoons. Additional Improvewunt.?Ebeneser W. Hanson, of Philadel phi a, Pa.?For improre [ ment In pen holders. Patented Dee fi, 1855 The Kamehusetti 1? tannery Committer. The legislative special oommittee, appointed to investigate the oharges against the cannery oommittee, held an adjourned meeting at the State House yesterday morning. The com mittee had summoned the ladiee oonneoked with the school at Roxbary, one of whom, the Lady Superior, Mary Aloysia, wae present at the opening of the meeting. She was aeoom panied by 8amuel May, Esq., who stated that the had with her a statement of the transac | tion signed by fire ladies who preside ever the school. The sergeant-at-arms then adminis tered an eath to the Lady Superior, after Which the statement wsa read by the chairman of thb oommittee It is mainly the same as that published in the Roston Advertiser. The com? mittee then proceeded to an examination of the Lady Superior, who testified as follows : I should judge that the oommittee num bered about twenty individual*. I attended them in thai? examination of the heuse. One of the committee, who gave his name as Mr Evans, tarried after the others bad left, and told me he was onoe a Catbolio in St. Mary's Church, Baltimore, and that he desired to return to the churoh. He ashed m^ if I wonld give him permission to vlsi me, ?aying ho would like to have some pleasant Conversation with me. I declined giving him permission. He asked if the Bishop would object to his visiting me I told him he would not, though we reeeived but lew visitors. He shook hands with me twice, and appeared I very familiar. I was much offended at his I conduct then, and feel more indignant every time 1 think of it I told the Committee when they entered the house that a lady was si?k. ! When the members of the committee enter ed her chamber I wa? present. Tbey bent so I closely to her that she has sinoe stated that she felt their breath 1 had previously desired the patient to remain auiet as if asleep if the committee entered While I was oonduetiog I a part of the oommittee, other members were going about the house themselves, examining I the closets, sinks, Ac. I was not present When one of the gentlemen 1 took hold of the Rosary Upon being aeked I if ene could describe the man who desired an I interview with ber, the witness replied that I she could not well desoribe bim. but that she I could reoognise him if she saw him, I Mr Evans, of the Senate, was tnen intco I duced, whereupon the witness said that he was ' I not thegentleman whoTequcsted the interview, I and gave his name Subsequently Mr. Hiss, I of Boston, was introduoed, when the wituers I said that was the gentleman who gave his nnme as Evans The Lady Superior was then further ques tioned by Charles Hale, jr., Esq. Samuel May, E?q then interrogated the witness ss to the scene in the Chapel, but her answers did not vary materially from previous testimony. The Foole Oration. The last service* to the late William Poole w?r* rendered on Sunday, at the Appollc Rooms, N. Y., in the presence of about two hundred persons. The audience wasalihost exclusively masculine, there being but five fe males present A Rev Mr. Hood opened the services with prayer, after whioh the oration w<*s delivered by Captain James M. Turner. After entering into a detailed history of the early career cf the deceased, which we omit on account of its having been already printed, he said: Poor Poole! who that knew him does not not lament his Iocs ? Generous to a fault, and brave as he was strong. Beautiful in his or* ganisation, en industrious man, and a good citizen ! A coble speoimen of God's master ly oreation. He was by trade a butcher, and few excelled him in his professional avoca tion Mr. Turner spoke from experience, for he had himself been a spectator during Poole's hours of business. The press had oalumnia ted the deceased?what they had said was al together false and unjust. It was glorious to see him (Poole) defending the ballot boxes; and the speaker cited an insianoe in whioh he had gratified numerous spectators with a con templation of that interesting sight. Some people had doubled that Poole made usa cf the observation, "I dio a true American," but who ever thought of questioning the authen ticity of Lawrence's immortal words, 'Don't give up the ship? ' And numerous other pa triots had made use of memorable phrases whioh were not doubted, why then should that declaration be oalled in question, of a man who had proclaimed himself the standard bear er of the party he belonged to The speaker concluded by saying that Poole had "died as he had lived?faithful to his God, his country, and his friends!" Mr. Hood then pronounced a benediction, and the meeting dispersed. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Weather ? Council Proceedings ? Revenue Bill?Balloon?Meetings. Alexandria, April 11, 1855. The hail storm of last evening leaves us this morning a oool atmosphere, which a warm sun promises to render genial before night. Our City Councils met last evening, having a slim attendance in eaoh Board. In the lower Board, Joseph Grimes, a member eleet from the First Ward, appeared, was qualified, and took his feat; $2,000 were appropriated for the use of the Overseers of the Poor; a communication from the Friendship Fire Com pany was referred to the finance oommittee, and another from the Hydraulion Fire Com pany to the real estate oommittee; Devaughn's bill for $50 50 was ordered to be paid; the finanoe committee reported the revenue bill, and, after the blanks were filled, it was laid on the table The Counoil then adjourned. Tho items of the new bill are as follows : Real estate per $100 of value 90c ; last year, $1 10; annuities and rent oharges, 90c ; slaves over 12 years, $2.50; {this is a new item?slaves have heretofore been taxed as tytheables;] furniture per $100, 50c.; white males over 18, $1 60; last year, $1; oarriages valued at $100, $10; $250 do., $f: $100 do., $5; under $100 do., .$4; omnibnsss, $15, (new item;) hearse, $15; last year, $10; wagon, $4; aart or dray, $1; horse or mule, |d; oow, 50e ; when more than one kept, $1; last year, 25o ; fire insurance oompany, $100; agent of fire insurance com panies, $100; marine insurance company, $50; attorneys with praotice of over $300 $10; un der $500. $5; physicians, $10; wholesale com mission merchants, first elass, $40; second class, $32; commission merohauts, first class, $30; seoond class, $15; flour merchants, $20; auctioneers, $100; slave dealers, $100; ex ohange brokers, $100; bill brokers, $100; houses of private entertainment, $30; boarding houses, (new item,) $10; bisouit bakers, (new item,) $20; loaf bread baker, (new item,) $10; build ing assoeiation, (new item,) $10; dentists, $15; dsguerrean artists, $10; livery stables, (new item,) per stall, 50o ; exhibition hall, (new item,) $20$ billiarJ tables. $25; personal estate not otherwise taxed, per $100,50c ; hucksters. $10; beer houses, $25; taverns, $50; wholesale merchants, first class, $20; second elaas, $18; retail do., first elass, $15; seoond class, $10; shopkeepers, first class. $5; second olass, $2; lumber yards, $40; eaoh story of an oocopied house, 50o ; last year, 25o ; male dog, $2 50; female dog, $5?double if more than one is kept; agent of brewery, (new item,) $20; pop and beer maker, (new item,) $10; the wood measurer and guager of essks to pay 30 per oent. of their receipts, and all the wood brought to the oity by railroad to be measured by the wood measurer. The great balloon man, Mr. E. D. Tippett, is in town, exhibiting his model and selling ten cent pamphlets. The board of guardians of the free schools meet this afternoon at the eouneil chambers, and to-morrow night J. H Laoy addresses the Dsmooratte Ass eolation at Lyceum Hall. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Philodemie Society?Tk* Drnwta at Qtorgt? town College?Market*. Gborc stows, April 11,1865. The Philodemio Society of Georgetown Col Iff*, hiring oo m pie ted their eriangements, intend to eelehrate the lending of the pil grim* of MerjUsd, et St. Inigoee, on the 15th of Key. They leave here on the 14th, and oelebrete on the 19th The Hon. Joseph R Cbeod!er is the orator of the d?y. The Pro vincial Council of Maryland will hare eon eluded its session, and no donbt tome of its talented member! will be aeleoted as chaplain It will be a pleasant trip, and we expect a large party from this place. The Dram alio As.Odiation of the College gave their usual entertainment for the Easier holidays on yesterday evening. The pieces for the oeoasion were Richard III., (Mr. B .l tree, at the rtquest of the Atsooietion play Jag the erook-backed tyrant.) and the Golden 'armer Richard was well played tilt ugh out | whioh was evinced bj the loed and tre S^uent bursts of applause throughout the per ormnnce. We have freqcently seen the ptoee, end we acknowledge we have ssen it not half so well done, on a regular stage., At the fall of the eurtain, Mr. Bantree appeared At tho loud and frequent ealls of the audience and thanked them for their kindness. The Golden Farmer was admirably per formed, tod drew donn rouods of ipplmii throughout. Taking it altogether it was the best representation we have ever seen given bv the asscc'ation. Flour and grain markets unchanged. Saocuiin Occcershcb ?A girl nsmed Jane Wood, who has for some time labored under a deranged state of mind, wandered from her parents' residenoe in Roekaway, L I., some time last week. The country round about was scoured, and on Sunday her remains were found about seven miles from her home, nearly half burned up. The woods in that section of the island being on ire, it is thought she fell asleep in wartning herself, and was burned to deatb. - ^TRANGERS, CITIZENS, AND PAR ? ?;? ticelarly young men are invited t*S visit the New Rooms of the Young Men's Christian As sociation, at the corner of Pennsylvania avenue, Teuth and D streets, which are open cv ry day from 4 to 10o'clock p.m. The Library contains more than 1200 vol*., ami the Readme Hoom is well supplied with EngliMi and American Periodicals, boiii secular and religious. The Rooms lately occupied by the Association on Seventh, near E, are for rent Ap?yA?,8/.!rL FOWLER, Esq., F near 7th st. 8p 1 1,13,14,1 * *-^2^NOTICE ?ALL PERSONS IN I BREST wv3a ed irt the Annual Assessment of taxable property in the city ol Washington for the year 1855 are hen by inlor^d that the Board of Appeals will be in session in the Assessors' Room, in ih. City Hall, on VI EDNESDAY, the lHh, fr??m 9am to 3 p. m., and will continue in session frcm day to dr-y (Sundays excepted) durmg he same hour* for the purpose of hearing and deciding up n all an .eal* until the 5H?th instant, inclusive. T. F. H ARK NESS, ape I0-dt26lheeCrt,ar7Of,bC f-^^KNKJHU.-t TEMPLARS NO. 1?Wa^K ineton Eieain'incut No. 1, will h<?ld a stated assembly on WEDNESDAY EVEXIvg AprilI 11th B B. French, Esq.. M E Grand Cir mander eiect lia* provide a banquet for the n-p* sion, to which ail Sir Ktiigh'sln this city are in?i.ed. ap 10?it dansante-prof. h. w aUHDEI Will give another one of hi* de hglitful Soirees on WEDNESDAY EVENING, the 11 tli instant. Ladies that have been la the habit of vlritin# fhe?c ooiicci tiC politely solicited to mrit* thrir friends. sp7?4t GRAND CONCERT roa thi Benefit of the Sixth Ward Baptist Church. to Ue hives at ODD FELLOWS' IIALL, XAVY YARD. A OR AND fOSCIRT will be given on FRIDAY EVENING, the 13th instant, by the W BHIHGTOlf GLEE CLUB, assisted by several gentlemen who have kindly vol unteered their services. They will give a election SONGS, DUETS, QUARTETTES, CHORT SFS, h.c.y wh'ch, from Iheir pleading char acter, they flatter themselves will give general sat* isfaction. ? Prof. FogaTscH will preside at the piano forte Tickets TWENTY-FIVE CENTS Concert to commence at 8 o'clock. ap li_3i* RID GLOVES?We have just received 50 doien pairs of those fine Kid Gloves at 50 cents a Dair ,rta ? WALL * 8TKPHENS, 344 Pa. avenue, next do*r to Iron Hall, ap 11 ? lw DIAMONDS, PEARLS, RUBIES, Emiraru*. and all other precious stones set for Brooches, Crosses, Rings, he., in the highest style of the art. * ' ' Coats of Arms, Crests, Letters and all devices en graved on Stones. ^*-^kT * B^O., Jewelers, ' ? Pa av-? between 9th and 10Ui et*. ap lit- Jt PARIS MANTILLAS AT NEW YOKK PRICES-MAXWELL h BRO. will open 0t ?f U'?~ Pana Mantillas, on Thursday, the 12ili instant. They will be sold at New Yoik prices . MAXWELL fc BRO, Pa. avenue, betweeo 9th and 10th sts. ap ll-eo3t GREAT INDUCEMENTS. TO THh LADIES.?Having determined to make a change in my present business, I will com m*nce this day to sell off my stock of well selected goods at erst. Ladies will find many articles worth their atten tion. I will offer great inducemenu to all who will f?vor ine with a call. A. TATE 314 Pa. av , betw. 10th and llili sts. I name in part ? S raw and Gimp Bonnets Bonnets and Flats for Children Bonnet and Cap Ribbrns Sa h and Fancy Trimming Ribbons Facc and Bonnet Flowers Real Thread and Valencennrs Lace and Edgings Point de Lance, French plait and other Laces Black Silk Lace, Mitts. Bobbin Edgings lie. Cambric and Swiss Band* and Flouncings r Jt? j . do. an<1 Inserting* Emb'd and plain Linen Handkerchiefs And many other articles too numerous to men tion. N. B.?A lot ol Dress Cape which will be sold very cheap. , - ap 11?eo3t NEW AND ELEGANT JEWELRY? MW G ALT & BRO. are now opening a mag ? uficent assortment ol new and elegant Jew elry. Purchasers are assured that their present stock, as regards variety, quality and style, 11 superior to any belore offered. Possessing peculiar advantages in procuring their goods, they are enabled to offer ihem much lower than the usual rates. M. W.6ALT fc BRO., 3?4 Pa. av , between 9th and 10th sts. ap II?3t More new books at , ? TAYLOR fc MAURY'S. Julia Kavanau-h's new novel, Grace Lee ; paner cover 75 c nts. cloth ^ Life of Sam Houston, with portrait, price $1 25 A Long Look Ahead; or, The flrst stroke and the Last, by A. S Roe; price $1 25 The Old Inn; or, the Traveller's Entertainment, price 91 ^ The Summer Land, a Southern Story, by a Child of the Sun. Bookstore, near 9th st. ap 11 THOMAS'S AMERICAN FRUIT CULTURIST Elliott's American Fruit Grower's Guide Floy s Guide to the Orchard and Fruit Garden Cole's American Fruit Book Downing's F.uit, and Trees of America Lindiey's Horticulture by Downing Pardee on Strawberry Culture Auderson on the Hothouse And many valuable works on Agriculture and Gardening ,n all their various branches *p 11 FRANCK TAYLOR. _ SHIRTS!?SHIRTS! NEW SHIRT ESTABLISHMENT' WASHINGTON, D. C HAVING added to our es ablishment a depart ment for the aaanuffcetur* of SHIRTS, we are prepared to make to order Shirts of superior qualitv una finish. 1 Particular attention paid to measuring, fitting and delivery at the shortest notice. Sample Bosoms, worked and plain Also, worked and plain Freucli Cuffs Boys' Shirts of all qualities We shall give this branch our especial attention and use every eflort to give satisfaction in nri.V make and finish. ' Blurts not fiuing can be feturaed. * Gentlemen's FurrUhiag Goods in every style and quality. Supe.ior stock ef Glove*. % WALL It STEPHENS, a. _ ??<nue between 9 b and 10th sts. . Also IV* Pe. avenue, ? doors east of National H<HtK ep 11?soft Amusement*. "NIX CUM WEEZEN CULLY/* WEDNESDAY NOCTB8. BORIHTOH WOIX BHT.* ? At SI 0BV Be. HOP DE DOODBN DO. ?p 10?2t NATIONAL THEATRE. THE MERRY SEASON! K-trNKEL'S OPERA TROUPE, F?r t f w day*, will be with ill*ir friend- in Washington, On MONDAY, TUESDAY. AND WEDNESDAY EVENINGS, April ?lh, 10th, and 11th. Many New and Attractive Feature!, with HOTS AT FOLLY AS IT FLIES, And SONGS, characteristic of the Season. lUIIHIVB AHD TEAR*. Barry Laughter ud Touching Pathos! Admi?son TWENTY fIVE TENTS G6rU? men when without Lndiet are charged *7Jj cento to the ParqueUe or Dress Cirtlo. JOHN T. FORD, Aml ap 7?4t [Union k Intel] ODD FELIjOWS' HALL. ' O R m M ? ? H T M ?>? ? . STANLEY'S WESTERN WfLDS. Afternoon Exhibition To Day for Children at 3Jf P._M, Ponh'e Ticket* nun b- presented to-night. i As'lums Thursday and Benefit* f^r Orphan Asylums Tharaday and Friday Evening* Admission 25 cent*?children half price, ap 11 LIBERTY HALL, ALEXANDRIA. OPERA TROUPE Will have the pleasure to appear before their friends in Alexandria, ofl THURSDAY. FRIDAY and lATUK* DAY KVlClflNOS, April the 19th, 13 h, and 14th. Admission SB o?nu?Gents without ladies, to the Dress Circle, 37U cents. J NO. T. FORD, Agent. ap 10 4t- (Ale* Gat k Sentinel} ALL ITkAROBRR visiting the City should ace Hunter's Cata logue of the Curiosities of the Patent Office. Also, hm Description of Powell's Great Picture. fehXi-te* CHANGE OF TIME. SOIREE DANS ANTE AT CARU-I'S .SALOON. MORS. J. COCIUl' beg* leave u> iafofin the ladies and grnlcmen of Waahmgton that, in order to accommodate the Scott Guards, his Soiree will take place on Friday cv?ning, April 13ih. N. B. Hi? May Festival Ball will take place on Tuesday. May the 1st, on which occasion the most admired n.inu<-t and gravot d? vestris will be danc?4 hv a mm and master. Many other interesting and characteristic dances vill he per:??rnie ? by liis pu-| pi Is Futiler pimcuiar." will be given in due ume. ap 1C?St* IOST?A PLAIN GOLD RING, WITH BLOOD j M'ini' *?tung. Device, an oOk hranch. Inquirs at this rffice. up 10?A POR SALE?A SECOND HAND TURNING LATHE will be * chea n if applied f?# Ro*m. Apiply to THOe. L^WlS, ss lOth street bftwrrn Pa. avenue and E strata. a* 10 - It* G KNUimc JET BRACBLBT* RE eeivrd and for sale at extremoiy low paces at apl0-3t LAM MONO'S, 7th at. T V- FARCY ?OVtfBI and useful ar tie'es in great variety and cheap f.* ca>h at ap 10 - 2t LAMMOND'S, 7th at. THR COLLECTOR'S BALK OF CITY Property for Taxe?, as advertised in the Nation al Intelligencer, will take nla^eon .MONDAY, the 10th instant, at the Ciiy Hall, in tbe Aldermen's P.oom, commencing at 10 o'clock. The list em braces a large amount of property in all parts o< th? city, and Uie occasion presents * favorable opportu nity for all persons desiring to make safe and profit i ble investments Person* intending to pay taxes en property advertised are requested to do so before the davof sale. R. J. ROCHE, Colleetor. ap 10?dtlflth HARD TIMES! |\RY GOODS at prices to suit, at No. 16, oppo 1 " site Con ire Market, between Eighth and Ninth streets. Yard wide La whs only 5 cenri Do do do 10 cents Do Gingham?, 4 cents Do do 6]f cents White Spool Cotton, I cent Yard wide bleached Cotton 6 * cents 7-8 do unhh ached do, do YarJ Wide B? d Tick, 8 cent* Do fa?t Calico. 5 cents Colored Brilliants, 99 ccnta French Chintz, 20 cents Dre s Silks at half their original cost. Also, a large lot ot Goods winch must be sold to Close business about the l*t July. If you are anxinws to gel the greatest bargains ev er offered in the citv. come at once to the WASHINGTON STORE, ap 10? lw late Magruder k Calvert'*. Lost?on Saturday evening, between Rev McLaiu'sand W. A. Bradley s,an enamelled and Gold Wa'ch Chain, with pencil attached The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving at this office, or Dr. Green's, C St., between 3d and ap B?3t* F ARINA BOl LBRB, all sixes, for sale by W H. IIARROVER, a e3 Seventh at. near Pa. avenu". For bale-a first rate woRk horse, 6 years old, and perfectly sound. Apply at ARNY'S Cuiifectionary, Geoigetown. mar 28?eotf FOR SALE?At the- SENATE STABLE south of the Capitol, three good work Horses, and ons flue buggy hay Horse. Apply at thg Stables, ti Senate Post Office. mar 23 -eolm* TWO SECOND HAND PIANOS FOR SALE or rent upon reasonable term , at the IV a hing lon City D pot for the . ale of Hallet, Davis k Co., Bacon k Raven, and other Pianos. JOHN F. ELLIS, ap 4 106 Pa. FOR SALE ?A Pair of BAY MARES, 7 >eers oidneiispring,well bred,*und.siyli?h, fV^ gentle, spirited and eapital go* rs. Th? y are JHy well broken and perfectly f(ee from tricks, and wilt particularly sun any gt*nilrnian who is lond of driving. The owner parts with tliem on I y because bis purpose is to retrench bis expense*. They ran be teen at Southron's (lite Birch's) Stable, on 14th street, sog0 of Pa. avenue. For terms, or an op portunity to try them, enquire at th# eoanicr of the Star office. They will be sold a ba.gaiu. a83?tf __ MILUNERY. MISS N. M MANN. Successor to the Mis*es S. J. k M McGan, Budge street, Georgetown will open her carefully ?elect?d stock of French MILLINERY and FANCY GOODS, oa Saturday next. 15th inst. Warned, a Milliner who is thoroughly acquainted with the business. Wages no object for a compe tent hand. ap>-lt* MRS. L. ALIEN. 305 Pa. avemie, W?r? iJIll and Tenth s*re<*, touth tide, jAOJ ?jPPWill open on Saturday, 7ih inswnl, a fl ? mo>t extensive and beautiful assortment of Spring MILLINERY, con?sting of Cim?e, SUk, Lace, Spotted Crape and Grass Ltneu HATS, including Straws of every desenpuou. Also, Miss* *1 D?e*s Ilats and Flats, kc, L. ALLEN. ap 4? OPENING NEW STY LIS FOR MAN TILLAS. WE op?n this morning. April 8, our large and beautifnl stock ol Spring and Summer MAN TILL \S, and respectfully invite the attention of the Ladies to an exami anon of the ?am> before making their selections, feeling quite sure that from the extent and variety ot our assortment they cannot fail to be Hited. ap 9 - fit CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY k CO. Memoirs of the countess of rles siiigton, by R. R. Madden, M. R. 1. A., tws ?o?s FRANCK TAYLOR. ?p7 eLOCKS. CLOCBLS, CLOCKS I?If you want a good Clock, wauanted to keep urns, call at the store of j. ROBINSON, 3 RO Pa. ave., oppo. Browns' Hotel. sp 7?dim PURE GROUND PLASTER. BY ths single ton, or larger quantity, always on >iand and for sale at our Steam Mill, lower end ol I'mon a., Alexandria, Va We are | reared to deliver It at any hr^r at P?C? Wharf, foot of Seventh street. Orders attended lo with despatch. ?P H ofl C/J. WIBI k CO. i

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