Newspaper of Evening Star, April 13, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 13, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASUINQTON UITY: FRIDAY AFTER50 ?* April 13 V?J~ ADviKTiaaiourTB should be handed in by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may not appear until the next day. Job PaiJCTiNO.?The public are in formed that we are now prepared to exe cute job printing in all its varieties, from cards, ball tickets, Ac., to (show bill) posters and book work, as well and as low as at any other office in Washington, j and with equal dispatch. Give us a call. ^ AGENTS FOB 7HB STAR The following persons are authorized | to contract for the publication of adver tisements in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palotr, N. W. corner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. Pbttlngill & Co , Nassau street. Boston ? V. B. Palmer, Scollay's j Building. -'TiaiT or l'HX MOSS LUG PiESS The Union cominenda aa iru*le from the Mobile Register up?n the right of bearch, wherein the writer, of course, holds to ultra democratic party doctrines in that connection The same paper also discourses of the protest of the British Consul at Quiti, joined by those of France, Spain and Peru, against " the transfer of any interest in the t$>Uipages Islands" to ihe United States" by Ecuidor 1 he loag article on that subject is designed, we presume, to ridicule Britain's propensity to meddle in our affairs. The Intelligencer condemns the personali ties in newspaper and political (oral) discus sion whioh are in yogue among us of America, and rejoices to find at least ono anti-fillibus tering journal in Mississippi?the Brandon Republican. In the eircuit court, at Boston, yester day, Judge Curtis delivered an opinion in the case of Theodore Parker and others, for alleges participation in the Baius riot, saying that the inilctmer',3 were void, on the ground that the Proof* wa3 net sufficiently set forth?that it was not alleged the Commissioner the Burns ca:e had iegal cognisance. All the aocused were, therefore, ordered to be discharged The result was received with applause nTThe election: in Jersey City and Ilobo ien hare some significance. The issue was, whether the grog shops sh.mld be shut up on Sundays - so w to kecp awaj ^tors froa> ew York. The Hobokonites. unwilling to shut the door in che face of the frienls over ihe river, ?elected men in favor of "Liberty." And the Jersey City people did the same. ^ k? three mile race wbi^h came cfi at .New Orleans cn tho 10th faut, Browc Oiok beat Arrow." 5 30i. and 5.23, >euer time than that made by Lexington a .ew days since Lecompta will probably be ihe receiver of the purse, bat n>t rau aC*i .? u Lexington on the 14th proximo. Kailroad Cohvbhtiosb.?A meeiingoft President, Director, and Superintendents of Tiaaily all the Northern lice 0f Kai!roads ?g ,h? CiU#? ?f York aDd *?*? with those on the Mississippi and Missouri mers was held on Wednesi^ at Albiny Nearly every railroad in the Northern and Northweetern Statee was repre-ented The 'iTl m#etiD? to fix a tariff onfreight nin/T13^'3 th<> Um8 ?f depar'are ^fible^thE8'80^, t?*CCOm0dat*' M far as possible, the several line, of railroads connec ',E*,he *caP?rt towts with the western waters. PKBSONAIj. .... Ihe Hon. Z.dok, th. duUnguisbrt Of rare .UC0?., ~Tool.1r. Si'" ?" a. a publfc" a? F "" ? H?? Bob,r' Wolker arrived i? .... The Hod. Roto choat. ha. not b,?. so alarmingly ill ?<> rented. It now Esw*papers repre the Boston Courier tjjirha?h,Jbe autborit7 ?f his knee by strikh^ ! had mere'^ brai?? publish this,uSSt 4 "?fa! W? j? foundation "rA1:;"' "" news. toixs manufacture ?z.VT- frTMr Afp1"<,d ?'kmi"'. "."Lteu'? "" Coo: & ,h. ,!.aor^rorfe^e^,t?r' T.T"~ hie part oae of removing loMinne.'oi",''"''?110*'' wi'h a View of studying or vrl^ioir tV .0Wa" profession 7 8 Practicing the legal for. Qoveroor of x1; "'"^^^'""^VhVfrogh' Ch?eh. ' JO"lW"? Ionian Catholie -w 27,1 or -MarV5SiiL'U.Sd?J<' blind. '?*"> bo w ?ntirtly ... Hm B Denton a well known lawyer of Boaton. shot humielf dead vest^raaB ing, in that ?ity. JMterday morn .... William Taylor, extensi/ely known as a publisher and bookseller, died yesterdav his residence in Brooklyn, N. Y. 7 *'r#deric ^ratney, a Polish patriot ?* m editor of the '? VoJkatraotd " J .... The seventy-ninth anniversary of the i?X.* *?? Qimj wae yMterd?J celebrated K* Qa "-Uu?k Hastings, of the Albany TVs 011,18 -s follow,: are particularly^dowP*on^ tbl?Stat? which of all kinda-the Albany s*a't?^ ? furrineW Kochestor American, a?d' th, finTth? mercial Advartiaer-and ye- ??. 4 Com* tha leading men of the*, f apeA f "J' extraction. Lacy, one ot fht, ^ rei?n the Begister, was born iut'nijlami prwe'0" ?? the Hoc heater American, was born in ScoUan? Md until he wu 14 vaars of age^fi ,*.OU,ua,*nt around ^'nburg Pa^ji1 ^t?!tf S' * Commercial?tha man of the li?h ^ oharacter ? waa an En*. !L? ^ ?r'ranJ 1#ft th? *rmJ 0D? under l h ,r uj one drummer and two rop? ends , */',, * who ?xa now ' rallying f ,UtU?on' ^ inaiit that erieg Of ?h?eDCf* ar,derinin* the lib ?wT p~p'?-u>?? ui?. iwmsnTos um awp gossip. The Execution of ?atiamp?a?The follow ing communication will be read with interest. The writer is evident! j thorough!y conversant with Spanish law, as well as. with the state of things existing in Caba. Admitting that Estrampes was really a eitiien of the United States, (which, we confess, we are not inclined to believe, as the class of Cubans who seek to violate eur neutrality laws have, nearly all of them, been less than five years from the island,) there can be no question that his trial, as it took place, was a violation of the American understanding cf the treaty. Yet, we remember that if a party from Cuba should make such an effort against the United States ?Governmont, in Florida, as Ks'rampes avowed that he was making at Baraooas against Spain, our authorities, it matters not what party might be in power, would treat him pretty much as Jaokson very properly treated Aburth not and Atnbrister. Believing in ?he sound ness of the principle of doing as we would be done by, we took it for granted that that plain rule of action would in all probability be the guide of the Government of the Unitad States in the Estrampes case; more especially as E avowed, from the moment he was seised, that had returned to the island to revolutionise its Government. Our land is an asylum for the oppressed. It is not a point, however, from which persons who seek a refuge here from their oppressors in other lands may, at will, involve us in interminable difficulties with Governments and nations with whom it is our interest to cultivate amicable relations The following is the forcible, yet temperate, communication to which we refer: To the Editor of the Star : ' In your number of this evening fthe 10th) I read a remark, inadvertently maae I think, which strongly prejudices the rights of Ameri can ci'.isens abroad. You.ay that " the act of Fstrauipes returning within the jurisdiction of Spain for the avowed purpose of making war on that Government placed him practically beyond the aegis of American protection." ilad you said that the character of citizen of the United States should not save the life of Estrampes iT he were guilty, nor destroyed the right of Spain to judge him or any native born citisen of this country, and to prenounce sentence in his ca?e and to execute him. I aiight have concurred with jour views. But however evident the grounds for condemna tion may seem in this case, the principle sacri ficed. by renouncing the safeguards of inno cauce. is too important to the people of cbi 0 mfederacy, now and hereafter, to be lightly ijiven up. Spain possesses the right to punish those who trespass against her laws within her ju risdiction; but in the exercise of this right she ii bound by the treaty of 1795 to allow our citizens a trial according to the ordinary course of proceeding in law. Now, this con cession on the part of Spain comprises two distinct parts; one is the guarantee of a jud?- I nect by a civil magistral, exclusively con ducted under the common law in its mode of procedure and sentence; the other the ex clusion frim the jurisdiction of exceptional or military courts, and the military ordinance to rrhich the the Creoles have been subj-eted by j* Spanish roynl order, issued only siuce 1825 In the second letter of Mr. Webster in the case of Thrasher, he sets down, that to eon form with the municipal regulations of a for eign country does not impair the title of citi zens of the United States, without an express renunciation of the samo Estrampes had not domiciliated himself again?he had just ar rived in his character of cne of our citizers ihe point, therefore, to be ascertained is v?hether the treaty distinguishes between naturalised and native born eitizene; nnd i pay the tieaty, because the laws of Spain, from their earliest rectrd*, acknowledge the right of expatriation, and even go into details ?is to the mode in which a subject should act * a case of being forced to attack his ancient Lord. The constitution of 1837 contains an article conformable to the ancient laws, which has been inserted in the severul political charters of Spain, vis: ' Th? QUALITY OP SPANIARD IS LOST BY AO yPlRIHG NATURALIZATION IN A FOREIGN COUN TRY," Ao But the atrocities practiced in Cuba under ?ho administration of General Concha, are such as to excite now the indignation of even ; <bose who are less favored in their acknowl edged rights than the citizens of the United Mates W hatever pity the Intelligencer may 'ieign to bestow on the Cubans on account of what it calls the institutions of their country, it has no foundation Pity may be called forth by the lawless exercise of power not by i the institutions, liad as the system of mili tary commissions is, it is invested with its i peculiar guaranties in the ordinances of the army and in the revisal of the decision of the court by the Auditcr of War. Those safe guards, weak and insufficient as they are aave been put aside, and the absolute will of *he tyrant, under the dictation of a rancorous and vindictive set, is the law by which Cu bans and citizens of the United States are now condemned and execaled While we who have the right to ask for even more, hesitate a Spaniard, honest and noble in his heart, the Auditor of War. whose report in the sentences uas been withheld from the publio eye, ha* protested against the illegality of this course and in consequenoe of his refusal to sanction judicial murders with hfs name, the ruling party cry for his removal from office, and for the uncontrolled say of that tyrant whose acts and measures in this matter meet with the unconditional approval of Lusuriaga, the Spanish Minister of Fereign Affairs, as ex pressed in the communication of the 12th of March, published in the National Intellieen L. F. C. WASHrNOTON, April 10. The Attack of the French on the City of Shanghai, China ?The following aocount of this recent affair is from ?he pen of a friend now in China It is exceedingly interesting; "On the 14th of December, the French Admiral La Guerre, declared the city of Shanghai to be in a state of siege, and in structed the French Consul to notify his c-1 leagues of England and the United States of the same. '?The circumstances under which this declar ation was made are as follows: A few days previous, a message had been sent to the in surgent chiefs, requiring them to level a mud fort they had constructed on the ground fir mer y conceded to the French. This they had neglected doing, and on Saturday moraine ^V11^ a,?\rtyLof Fr?n<* soldiers pro ceeded to demolish the fort in question, but were interrupted by a party ot Insurgents from the city who ordered them to desist and upon then refusing fired upon the French and wounded one of their men The fire was re the Insurgents killed. Added to this, during the previous night a body of Insurgents issued from the city and pulled down a wall built by the Imperialists for the protection of the foreign settlement; and to prevent the passage of supplies into the eity " At J p. m on Saturday, (9th,) the French steam frigate Colbert opened a fire upon the city, which continued for about two hour* doing considerable damage to the walls and houses, and killing a few of the Insurgents. " On Wednesday morning (13th) the French made an attack upon the east gate battery, which they took, spiked the guns, and carried oft the banners. Ihe a;tack being made under cover of a heavy fog. the Insurgents were taken by sur prise; and made but little resistance It is said they lost 17 men killed. The French had none Since then, nothing has been done, and it is not known what the Admiral's inten tions are '* A f?w days since the consuls of Great lint iin and the United States wrote a letter j? ^*hel Chief containing proposals jor the surrender of the city, and providing ot hipaelf, his officers, and men ; 1 rel|?ed to accede to the terms proposed, 1 cannot conceive the cause of his fool hardi fnr hi.. * m?"^^nowthatit will be impossible for him to hold out against suoh poweriul enemies as the Fmeh/ar any length of tune. tt On the 38th of December a French frigate and the steamer Colbert opened fire upon the citj, which ?mcontinued for about an hour? bare not heard what damage was done, only two or three shots were fired bj the rebels in ] return" The fpaniah Language ? Bj tho extension of oar territory in virtue of the treaty of 1848] with Mexico, communities speaking tflsbeau tiful language havo been brought into the! American Union. Their archives, municip^ laws and regulations are in that language, f and tbose reoords must neoessarily be retorted I to in the settlement of their landed interests I for a century or more to oome. Besides, we I are in immediate neighborhood with Mexioo for nine hundred miles, the Rio Orande only separating us for that distance, after which I this noble river, with its tributaries, traverses the Territory of New Mexico from north to ( south. Our people are thw constantly brought I into oontact with the Mencan population along the whole sweep of cur southwestern boundary, and by oommeroial and other rela tions our intercourso is rapidly increasing! with Central America, with Peru, Chili, and I other political dominions of South Amerioa, | where this language is the vernacular These considerations should awaken atten-1 tiou to a mere general acquaintance with the language. The study of it should be intro duced into our schools, academies, and col leges, not only with a view to acquire a knowl edge of the language fundamentally, but to I acquire familiarity with it as a medium of] conversation. We Bay nothing of the future destiny of] Cuba in connection with our future as a na tion?our frequent commercial intercourse | with that island giving additional importance] to the considerations suggested. ? The Extraordinary Demand for Postage] Stamps.?The change in the law requiring payment of postage in advance in all oases, has caused a tremendous rush upon the de partroent for postage stamps, whioh is at pres ent answering the orders of postmasters at the | ra*e of about two hundred per diem. Post masters, to be certain of getting supplied! promptly, should be careful to state in their letters the name of the office, with the county and State in whioh it may be located; also, to state the gross amount of postages oollected I quarterly at the office for which the supply i- ] asked. Refunding Duties under tne Reciprocity Treaty ?The proper officers of the Treasury Department are just now very busily ongaged in collating and arranging the information necessary to enable the Secretary to carry out the provisions of the reciprocity treaty under which certain duties paid on fish and other j colonial produce are to be refunded, and out standing duty-bonds to be canceled. This very great preparatory labor will be finished in a few days, when, it is presumed, the Sec retary will promptly make decisions on all the cases of too kind in question arising under the treaty One party ulone claims at least I $25,000 as being due to him under the treaty as above explained. The United States oteamer Waterwitch. Tqo Navy Department have advices from the j stenmer Waterwitch, Lieutenant Commanding! Thomas J. Page, which vessel, on the 5th of] February, was at the mouth of the Paraguay river. All were well on her. The Lieut Commanding, in- his dispatches, confirms all j the facts embraced in the account, some tiina] since published, oi the firing into his ship by Paraguain force?, by which ono of uxs men ] was wounded, and has since died from his] wounds. Navy Officers Ordered ?Lieut. Samuel Ed wards and Master Francis G Clarke, have | been ordered for duty on the United States steamer Dolphin, now at the Norfolk navy yard preparing to sail to join the African ] Coast squadron. A Clerical Promotion and Appointment.i A. B. Claxton, second class clerk in the t irst Comptroller's office, vice John Furgerson, re-1 signed. Wm. Furgerson appointed first class ] clerk in that office, vice Claxton, promoted. A Surveyor of Customs Dead and one Re. signed ?The Treasury Department have ad vices of the death- of Martin, late sur veyor of the port of Alton, 111. Also, of the resignation of Wm. H. Merritt, surveyor of the customs at Dubuque, 111. Applications Ur Bounty Lands.?Up to la^t evening, 65,000 applications in all, for land under the bounty land law of the lust session of Congress hid been received at the Pension Office. A Light-Hoosa Keeper Dead.?Thomas Un derhill, keeper of the light-house at Little Watts Island, is dead. An Appointment ?The President has ap pointed John J. Gage, of Miss., to be Receiver of Publio Moneys at Grenada, Miss. The Current Operations of the Treasury Depir.rcont.? On yesterday, the 12th April thera were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For paying Treasury debts $2,972 30 1?or the Customs*??.?.????? ..?.?. 10,877 35 For covering into the Treasury from customs*... 10,105 16 For covering into the Treasury from Lands 100 98 For covering into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources.... 67 29 For lb* War Department......... 56,180 00 For the Interior Department 114,639 33 ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Democratic Address?The KunkeVs Con cert?Huttroad Commenced ? tte-opening Commenced. Aluahdkia, April 13,1855. Last night the Democratio Association met at the Lyoeum 11 all. A large number of their opponeuts gathered also, and the extensive saloon was crowded In every part. J. Buck ingham, Esq , presided, assisted by the Demo cratic electors. Mr. J. Horace Lacy of Spot sylvania, having been introduced by G. L. Gordon, opened in a masterly effort, and for nearly three hours enchained the attention of that large audience by such an address as it has rarely been our good fortune to hear. VN ithout denunciation, with calm argumont, glowing eloquence, and sarcastic wit, he sus tained the position of the Virginia Democracy, analysed the opposition* and proved by the applause which nearly brought down the house, that his appeal to the people of Alexandria had not been in vain. The meeting closed with three times three for Henry A. Wise. At the same time Kunkel's troupe gave their opening concert at Liberty Hall. Never wero they more successful. "Old Uncle True" bj Master Adams, and George Kunkel's sad " Old Sexton,' were alone worth the prioeof admis sion. We learn that but one more oonoert wiil be given here by theso popular favorites. Ihe new engine of our gallant Sun Fire Company will be here about the 20th of May A notice in the morniug papers oalls on al subscribers to pay up. Messrs. Studds A Wlnsor, contractors, com mence on Monday the grading or the Alexan dria and Washington Railroad Smi'.h A Perkins are making arrangements to re open their car-works next month. Am. FOUR DATS LATER FROM EUROPE. . Arrival of th? Washington. * New York, April 12 ?The steamship Wash ington from Ilarre via Southampton, with Liverpool dates to Wedneediy, the 18th alt, arrived here this evening. Her advices are four days later than those received per steamer Baltic The steamer Canada had not arrived oat when the Washington left. . The proceedings of tho Vienna Conference appear to be unsatisfactory. The allies do not insist on the deetrnetion of Sebastopol, bat propose other conditions disagreeable to Russia. - Odessa advices of the 24th alt., state that the Russians, in spite of repeated attacks, maintained their podition on Moant Sepone, whence their gans play upon the French lines The weather continued fine and the health of the troops improving. The advanced bat teries of the British were making considerable progress. According to information reoeived from de serter*, the Emperor's death bad not been promulgated in Sebastopol. Omar Pasha arrived at the allied camp on the 12th, and on the 13th the Russians opened fire from the heights of Balaklava, but the English, assisted by*General Knoys, routed them. On the 17th the Russians attacked tho whole line of the allies, but were driven back with great loss. Projects for converting Sinope into a strong fort and for ereoting extensive sea fortifica tions at Sebastopol, are favored by the British Qovernment. Prince Gortschakoff ariived at Sebastopol on the 20th ult. On the 14th the Turkish cavalry at Eupato ria made a sortie but were repulsed. rX)n the 17th three battalions of Zouaves at tacked the new Russian redoubts before Se bastopol, but they were driven back with great loss. ? On the night of the 15th the French troops carried the line of ambuscades occupied by the Russian sharp shooters, and at tho same time the Russians made a'-'sortie bnt they were repulsed. The alliaooe between Sardinia and the Porte was signed on the 15th ult. Preparations continued to be made at Con stantinople to rroeive Napoleon. In the mean time both he and the Empress will visit Queen Victoriu on the 16th of April. France agrees, says the London Morning Herald to send 50,000 additional troops to the Crimea after the olo^e of Vienna Conference, provided England will furnish the means of conveyanco. THE VIENNA CONFERENCE. It was understood that the Conference had agreed upon the first two points, and that the critical third point at whioh the question of peace er war turns was under consideration and would occupy several days. The demoli tion of Sebastopol would not be demanded On the other hand another de?patoh says,' all oonjeoture as to the result is idle " March 27, Evening.?The state of political horizon hr* again become gloomy, and the Conference of the day previous on the third point, was anything but satisfactory; the conditions required of Russia being very dis agreeable. MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS. Sardinia U in the English market for a loan of ?2,000.000 at 4 per cent. In the English House of Commons the sec ond reading ot the bill to abolish newspaper stamps paired by a large majority. Sir Charles Wood stafSd that it was intended, as soon as tho ports in the Baltic and White Sea open, to o^tablish a strict blockade. The committee of inquiry into the conduct of the war continued its sessions, and the rev elations wore still more appalling At the annual mooting of tho British and Americnn Land Company, a highly satisfac tory exhibit of the state of affairs was made. In the House of Commons, Mr. Phina moved an address to the Queen, praying that in the peace negotiations, exertions bo made for the reconstruction of Poland After a debate, in which Lord Palmerston opposed the motion on the ground of creating further difficulities, it was withdrawn. Dantzio advices of the 17th report the navi gation opened there. At Rima the ice re inained unaltered. The bulk of the British Baltic fleet at Spit head expected to sail on the 2d of April. Parliament has agreed to Sardinia's request for a loan of ?2,000.000 sterling, one million to be immediately advanced from the public treasury, and the other million a year hence, if necessary. The Madrid correspondent of the London Times states that the Spanish Cabinet has '?een discussing a strong note addressed to the Government by Lord Howden, the British Minister, on the subject of religious affairs, Ac ; and it was a question whether the letter should not be returned to the author. Lord Howden got wind of this, and threatened tbat ;f such an insult was offered, he would, within six hours, suspend all intercourse with the Spanish Government. A satisfactory adjust ment was Accordingly looked for. MARKETS. Liverpool, Maroh 27, P M.?Richardson, Spence A Co.'s Circular quotes Cotton?the market has been firm and steady and prices unchangod, with sales during the three da\s of 20,000 bale*, including 3,000 taken on speculation, and 2,500 for export. The mar ket closing steady. Breadstuff's.?The market generally is un changed Flour?there has been but little speculative demand and the market is Wholly unchanged; Western Canal Flour 41s. a 42s : new 36s. a 39s ; Philadelphia and Baltimoro 43s a 44s ; now 39s. a 41s ; Ohio 44s. a 45s. Wheat?white lis lOd. a 12s. fid ; red 10s. fld a lis. 3d Corn is steady and prices un changed; white 42s a 43s ; yellow 42s. 6d. a 43s ; mixed Corn 42s. fid Consols have advanoed and closed at 93. TheNuskery Ihqcisitios ik Massachu setts?The Committee of Investigation on the Nunnery inquisition reassembled on Wednes day. The witnesses present from the Seminary in Roxbury, were Mary Aloysius, the Lady Su perior, Mary Josephs, who was at devotion in the Chapel when the Committee entered it, and Miss Crabb, the young girl whose slok room was entered. Theso parties were exam ined at considerable length, and generally sustained the testimony given yesterday by the Lady Superior. Messrs. Win. B. May of Roxbury, Stetson of South Scituate, Holbrook of Weymouth, aal Streeter of Roxbury, who participated in the visitation of the Roxbury Catholio Seminary, were examined Their testimony did not modify, except in a trifling degree, the ohar ges alleged against the Committee The wit nesses testified to partaking of a good dinner at the Norfolk House, for whioh they supposed the Stato would pay Another hearing in the matter was to take place yesterday evening. Confidence Game?The Kinney Expedition. Offioer Hope, of the Mayor's office, on Wed* nesday afternoon arrested a man named Wm. O'Rooke, an Irishman from Philadelphia, obarged with having procured $40 from Albert Sterne, under the following circumstances: It seems that O'Rooke had a small office in the above-named city, for tha ostensible pur pose ot procuring young recruits for the Kin ney 'expedition to Central America. Young Sterne, being out of employment, and in hopes of bettering his condition, made up his mind to join said expedition, and for this purpose applied at O'R.'s offioe. After making his er rand known be was told by him (O'R ,) that it would be necessary for him to raise and plaoe in his (O'R's) nands $40, as seourity for his faithfully fulfilling the contraot, Ac. The boy made these faots known to his mother, with the additional' intelligence that ho wi s to receive $25 per month for bis ser vices and found. His mother, anxious to aid bor con in securing so good a situation, imme diately set about raising the required amount, which, after some trouble ana sacrifice, was procured and plaoed in the hands of O'R. Tba day following this, Mr. O R pleaded ludden business in New York, and asked the youug man to Htay in his office and attend to his business during bis absenoe. The boy, not Buspeoting but all was right, oonsented After waiting in vain lor the return of Mr. O'Rooka a month, the young man bwtoN m pioiooa, and laid the matter MM Major Cod rad, who iatuad a warrant for tha apprehen sion of Mr O'Eooka The boj took this warrant, and immediately started for thi? city, and ?pon arriving here laid tha matter before Mayor Wood, who at onoa place the matter in Ofieer Hope's hand*, who shortly after found the gentleman in rhambers street, and brought him before Jo* tioe Otborn, where ha (are op the money vol ttntarily. This being all the boy wished, O'Rooke was told that ha might depart, whioh he did in stanter. The boy has retained to Philadelphia wall satisfied with the dispateh with whioh jostioe is administered in this city.?N. Y. Exfrttv. Wur Not*?The "Vegetarians" of this et'y I invite signatures to a petition to the Legisla ture, to "snppcaai tha brutalisiog practice of | eating animaJ food " Tha caoae of moral re form, they think, would be greatly subserved, by prohibiting the oattle market They are j prepared t> show that eating the flesh of beasts has a tendency to assimilate man's na tare to tha nature of the beast.?N. Y Em pr$sa. _,THE BOON RIFLES BEG LEAVE TO | ? inform their friends iiyl the public pne rally that they intend giving a Omnd Pie Nic and Excursion to the White House on WEDNESDAY, the 33d of May. Particular! in future advertisement. ' ap 13-3t H MONTGOMERY GUARDS.?You are re quested to attend a special meeting of the Company on THIS (Friday) EVENING, a? the hall of the Washington Light Infantry. WM. O'SULLIVAN, ap 13?3t Secretary. NOTICE.?ALL PERSONS INTEREST ed in the Annual Assessment of taxable property in the city ot Washington for the year 1855 are hereby informed that the Board of Appeal* will be in session in the Assessors' Room, in the City nail, on WEDNESDAY, the Pth, from 9am to 3 p. m., and will continue in session from day to | day (Sundays excepted) during the same hours for the purpose of hearing and deciding up'in all appeals ] until the 26th instant, inclusive. T. F. HARKNESS, Secretary of the Board of Appeal. apr 10?dt26th STOIjKH?From the Looking-Glass Store of J. Wagner, 253 Pern, avenue, a small Oil Painting, 8 by 10, with a gilt ornamented frame on it. All persons are cautioned not to purchase the same. A sir table reward will be given for iu return to the subscriber. JOHN WAGNER. ap 13?It* TO PKRIOMS OF B"TH 8BXES WANTING EMPLOYMENT?Young men. | waiting for appointments under the general govern ment, or other parties out of business, will be taugM five oiffereut ways of making a goad living, or may realize a fortune in an easy and genteel manner, ] bv addressing, post paid, enclOMn? one dollar, t< Dr. PAUL KORNE, Washington, D C , Box No 400, Ftating means, age, capacity. and previous bun net, * ap 13?4t* FISH! FISH!! FISH!!! rp IIE subscriber has taken a stand at the I Georgetown fish wharf, and is prepared at ail times through the day to fumish persons in warn of good fresh Pish, just out of the seines, at ihe lowest market price, wholesale or retail. ap 13?It* JOHN SCHISM Mr. W. HENRY PALMER, HITHXRTO KNOWS A3 ROBKK.THKbL.ICR, HAS much pleasure in informing hit friends an?! the public in general that he has det- ruiined on lo. atini; himself in this citv, and is prepared to receive pupils for instruction on the PIANO PORTE. HARMONY and COM POSITION. Heis permitted to ref?-r to Mr George Riggs, Jr., and Mr. A. T Kieckhoefer, and any communication addressed to J him at Hilbus h. Hitz's music store, Pennsylvania avrnue, will have immediate attention ap 13?tf a A CARD. ^ ? Economy tt the road to wealth." Great Redaction in the price of Hats 4 Caps rp II E undersigned, having made arrangements | 1 with a New York Hat Company to be con t-tnnify supplied with tlie very best Moleskin or DRESS HATS, got up in the latest style, offers mem at the unprecedented low price of ?3,5"), worth from feur to five dollars; second quality, ?3, worth from *3.50 to f4; and s very ;ood fa?h.-? able Ha! at $2,50. worth fmm $3 to $3.50. Also, Be?*be t Co's Hats, at a much less advance than they have been here tot're sold in this city. First rate beaver Hats $3,5?. All kinds of soft HATS and CAPS very low. In order to sell at the above low prices the ca#h system must be adopted ; consequently those who purchase will not be charged from fifteen to twenty-1 five per cent as an offset for bad debts. ANTHONY, (for many years in the employ of Todd Si Co.) No. 3. Columbia place, 7th su, ap 13-tf 2d door north of Penn. avenue. FIRST ANNUAL BALL or TIIK I Western Hose Company ~o. 11 A.T TBI WASHINGTON ASSEMBLY ROOMS, OH WEDNESDAY EVENING, April 25,1855. THE Committee of Arrangrntents have much pleasure in announcing to the friends of the Company and the public generally that they will sp ire no pains to make this the beet ' all of the season. . Fleet'1 celebrated Cotillon Band has been engaged far the occasion. Tickets $1?admitting a gentleman and ladies, to he br.dof the Committee and at the door on the eve ning of the ball. No hats or caps allowed in the room except those worn by firemen. Managmri on tkc part of Citi*?ns. Hon J W Forney, Hon J T Towers, Maj W B Scott, Corpl D C Lcc, Dr W B Magruder, J I) Hoover, Clement Hill, Bi verley Tucker, Waiter Lenox, John Clark, B B French, R Wallach, ? (.'has S Wallach, Abram Upshur, G W Riggs, Clark Mills, C H Winder, W T Dove, E C .Morgan, D Ratoliff. S Redfern, S 8 Parker, Wm Brown, Captain Carrington, W F Bayly, Luther Smoot, Andrew Hoover, R J Roche John F Ennis N Caltan. On the part of Firemen. S E Douglass, E S Wright, J Brandt, R Doyle, J A Tait, A Hatch. E G Evans, J T Sutcr. Committee of Arrangements on tho part ofUu Com William Riggles, ''ft N Keefe, Edward Hanley, Jos H Hilton, Robert Muttin, J F Edwards, Reception Committee. J F Hughes, J W Carr, W P Ilagerty, F N Holtxman, C W Drury, G Edwards, TDewdeny, G Mickum, T J Parker, J C Hager, J H May, B Tinekle, Floor Mamgert. F Booth, Lewis Bobersou, ?Justus Cozens, John R Spalding, Robert J King, P A Hager. " ap 13?eo6t* WASHINGTON STOVE MAMJPACTORY, S. E. corner of Pa. av. and Eleventk tired, Sole Agency for CinLSON, GOULD fc 00 '8 Warming and Ventilating Apparatus, M POND fc CO '8 (ot Boston) Union Donble-Oven rooking Bange, J. L. MOTT'S (of New York) INVINCIBLE DOUBLE-OVEN RANGE. Constantly oh hand, and receiving LATROBE STOVE!*, for heating two stories; Parlor and Cham ber GRAT ES, Enamel ed and Japanned Cooking, Hall, Parlor, Chamber and Dining Room 8 I OVES; Plain, Tinned and Enamelled Iron HOLLOW WARE; Block Tin, Planished and Ja,<anned WANE in great varietv. Al| of which will be sold at the lowest possible rales, that will compare favorably with any Estab li*hinent south of New York. An examination ot my stock is earnestly solicited ap 13?3m J AB. SKIRViaO WATCHES, FOREIGN AND NATIVE JUST received, from Europe direct, a case of Pocket CHRONOMETERS, Duplex and Lever WATCHES, all superior timekeepers, aid cheap We call attention to samples of Watches of Amer i ican manufacture, handsomely gotten up In gold j and silver cr? M. W. GALT fc BRO., 39* Pa. av , betw. 9th an! 10th at>. ap 13? 3t NEW SPRING CASSIMBRES.- We have this day received another large and fine assort ment of Spring Cassimeres o? beautifufctexuire and finish, comprising a mos* elegant selection of fash ionable spring styles, which we will make to ana* ure in the best manner, at short notice, at our usnal ly low prices. WALL fc STEPHENS, 399 Pa. avenue, next door to Iron Hall, ap 13?3t GRAND CONCERT , rOR TBI Benefit of th? Sixth Ward Baptist Church, TO BE OIVtR AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL, NAVY YARD. VG'?*ITD COBCBR* Will be Pna on FKfDAY EVENING, (he l.'Hh instant, by the W FH1RGT0W GLEE CLUB, a *i?!ed hy several gentlemen who hire kindly toI untcen-d their servires They will give a "-election of Popular SONGS, DUETS. QU A BTETTES, CHORUSES, kc., which, frwm their pleasing char acter, they flatt r themselves will give general sat isfaction . Prof Fokktscb wi'l preside at the piano fhrte. Tickets TWENTY-PIVE CBNTS I'oacert to ooainx-nee at 8 o'clock. ap II?St* OPKB A A F RTQUK. THE KUNKELS AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL, On MONDAY and TUESDAY EVENINGS, Ap'il 16th and 17th, which will positively ba their FABKWKLL KITBRTA1III1ITI. Door* open at 7 o'clock, commence at 8, and con clude by 10 JOHN T. FORD, Agent. 49" On WEDNESDAY EVENING. April 18th, the Kunkels will perform at <?dd Fellows' Hail, Navy Yar.i; and on Thursday Evening, the 19th, at M tr^politan Ha I, Richmond, Va. ap 18?6t ~~ ODD FELLOWS^HALL. STANLEY'S WESTERN WfLDS will be exhibited THIS (Fn av) EVENING far the benefit of the Protectant Orphan Asvlum. Afternoon Exhibitions both days for Children at 3. Evening at 7 % o'clock. Admission 85 cent*?children half price, ap 13 LIBERTY HALL, ALEXANDRIA. OPERA TROUPE Will have the pleasure to appear before their friend* in Alexandria, on THURSDAY, FRIDAY and SATUR DAY EVKNIKG8. April the 12th, 13 h, and 14th. Admission 548 o?nts?Gents without ladies, to the Drew Circle, 37U cent*. J NO. T. FORD, Ageot. ap 10 4t (Alex Gaz k Sentinel) All strargbrb vi.-iing the City should see Hunter** Cata logue cf the Curiosiue* of the Patent Office. Also, Ins Description of Powell's Great Picture. feb23 3m I^LLttlt K JAW IKY will open a 8ekct j SCHOOL in the Frn nds' Meeting Hnu* on I street, between 18th and 19th street*, on MONDAY next, the 16th tnstant. ap 12?3t MILLINERY. MRP. ?HOATE Wm open her spring style of BON-I NETS at her Room*, 46 Louisiana! avenue, on Tuesday next, the l~th instant. * Straw work bleached an1 altered at the shortest notice. ap 19?9w ATTENTION, EVERYBODY! THE art< nti'?n of thoee fitting up their bouses i* tespectfullv called to my new and large assort ment ot Sprint patterns of Paper Haiiginc*, Borders Firepnnts, kc., of every variety, which I am ena bled to offer at greatly reduced, and eqnaUy as low as thev tan be purchased in any Northern city. L. F t'LABK, Paper Hanger and Cpho'sterer, 948 Pa. avenue, bet- 12:h and 13th eta. ap 19?3t? NOTICE OF COPARTNERSHIP. Henry barron & Salomon spover have this day formed n Copartnership for th* purpose of earn ins on the Wood and Coal business la all its branches. Our yards are situated on the corner of 21st and I streets, Wasbinttoa, and on the moal, near Seniines's planing mill, Georgetown At either of the above places persons in want ot Wood and Coal of the very best qnality.and on the mo t reasonable terms, mil at all times'find an assortment efjiia1, if out superior, to that in any yard in the District. All orders filled with care. promptn?*s. and dis patch. BARRON & STOVER. Georgetown, D. C., April 10th, 1855. apr 19?dim - WATCHER, JEWELRY. JiS'D SILVER WARE Always on hand a large assortment of the above, which we offer at the lowest rate,.. * M W. GAI.T k BRO., mar 98 394 Pa. arrosc THK COLLECTOR'S HAI R OF CITY Property for Taxes, as advertised in the Nation al Intelligencer, will lake pla?e on MONDAY, the Ifith instant, at the Ci:y Hall, in the Aldermen's Room, commencing at 10 o'clock. The list em braces a large amount of property in all parts of the city, and the occasion preM nts s "favorable opportu nity for all persons desiring to make safe ud profita ble investments Persons intending to pay taxes an , property advertised are requested to do so before the day of sale. R. J. ROCHE, Collector, ap 10?d:16th HARD TDOST ORY GOODS at prices to suit, a; No. 16, oppo site Contre Market? between Eighth and Ninth streets. Yard wide Lawns only 5 cenrs Do do do 10 cents Do Ginghams, 4 cents Do do cents White Spool Cotton, I cent Yard wide bleached Cotton 6a ?cuts 7-8 do unbleached do, do Yard wide Bed Tick, 8 cents Do fast Calico, 5 cents Colored Brilliants. 29 cents French Chintz, 90 cents Dre-s Silks at half their original cost. Also, a large lot of Goods which mu?t be sold 10 close business about the 1st July. If you are anxious to get the greatest bargains ev er offered in the city, come at once to the WASHINGTON STORE, ap 10?lw late Magruder k Calvert's. FAR1MA HOlLKKS.all sizes, for sale by W H. HARROVER, ? ?S- Seventh st, near Pa. avenue. 11WO SECOND HAND PIANOS FOR PALE . or rent upon reasonable term-, at the Washing ton City D?pot for the sale of Hallet, Davis k Co., Oacou fit Raven, and oth :r Pianos. JOHN F. ELLIS, ?t> 4 306 Pa. avenue II>OK SALE?A Pair of RAY MAKES, 7 ?ear? old next spring, well-bf. d^ound.sfyiich, IIV-^ gentle, spirited and capital goers. They are JWy well broken and perfectly free from tricks, and wili particularly rait any gentleman whe is lond of driving. The owner parts with them only bectiiM his purpose is to retrench his expenses. They caa be seen at Southron's (late Birch V) Stable, ua 14th street, south of Pa. avenue. For t? rms, or aa op portunity to try them, enquire at the counter of the Star office. They will be sold a ha.gain. ap 3?tf OPENING NEW STYLESSOR MAN TILHS. J WE open this luorning, April 8, our large an?l^| beautiful stock ot Spring and Summer MAN-^ TILL AS, and respectfully invite the attention of the Ladies to an exauin ation of the nine before making their relections. feeling quite sure that from the extent and variety ot our assortment tkey cannot fail to be suited. ap9?6t CLAGETT, NEWTON. MAY k CX>. Clocks, clocks, clocks i-iryou want a good Clock, warranted to keep tune, eall at tbe store of J. ROBINSON, 340 Pa. ave., oppo. Iircwus' Hotel, ap 7? dltu c LIME, PLASTER, 1EMENT, HAIR, kc.?Just opened two large _j kilns of splcndio wood burnt Lime.?A. kL.P HOOVER have this day entered into co-partner ship , ttnd, having made several addiuous to ibeir fine kilus. are now manufactuimg from 800 to 1,0 '0 barrels of the be^; wood burnt Line per week, which will be sold at the lowest market prices Also, constantly on hand a large quantity of tbe finest PLASTER, CEMENT and HAIR to be found in this city. All those who are in want of these articles will certainly find it to their advantage to give them a call. A. k L P. HOOVER Poioinac Lime Kilns, 27th street, on? square south lower bridge, near Gout's. ap 3?d3w ^ NEW AND ELEGANT JEWELRY. MW GALT k BRO. are now openina a mag ? titficent assortment ol new and elegant Jew atav. Purchaser: are assuri d that their present stock, as regards variety, quality and style, is superior to any be tore offered Possessing peculiar advantages in procurirg their goods, they a<e enabled to offer (beau much lower than Use usual rates M W. GALT k BRO 3514 Pa. av., between 9tb and loth su. ap U?31

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