Newspaper of Evening Star, April 13, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 13, 1855 Page 3
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! v lySINQ STAR. Local Intelligence. St. Joseph's Male Oaphae Asylum.?The cars and proteotion of the orphan are subjects which present themselves to the mind and commend themselves to the heart of every good Christian. It afford* as pleasure, there fore, to state that efforts are being made by come of oar moat respected citiser.s for the permanent relief of the large class of desti tute and friendless children whom poverty an i death have thrown upon the public streets. Already two large institutions are in existence having this object in view?the Protestant Orphan Asylum for boys and girls, and St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum for girls exclu sively. These two institutions have accom plished an incalculable amount of good, but another is still necessary. The many publio and private improvements undertaken in the city during the last few years, and now in progress, have necessarily brought here a large number of workingmen, who in many instances die off. leaving little children to eat of the bitter fruit of orphanage. It is for the relief of such as theae that St Joseph's Male Orphan Asylum has beon organised. Already considerable progress has been made, demonstrating the energy and peculiar fit nets of the gentlemen selected for the task. A charter has been obtained from Congress, a system of collections entered upon, and, so far, carried out most successfully; while to render the accomplishment of the object more secure, a kind-hearted gentleman of the city has, with great liberality, agreed to give a suitable l-?t of grounu upon which to locate the institution and for its general purposes We hope that every one will contribute his mite towards so noble and desirable an object The following gentlemen are the Trustee* named in the act of Congress chartering St. Joseph's Male Orphan Asylum, all of whom have ac cepted and are now actively and earnestly en gaged in the discharge of their duties, vis : Thomas Carbery, John Carroll Brent, Richard 11. Clarke, Gregory Ennis, Hugh B Sweeny, Thomas Feran, James L. Harvey, Willi m H. Ward, snd Nicholas Callan. [communicated ] The Ball op the Scott Guards, which took place at Carusi's Saloon, last evening, was truly a brilliant affair. The eye wa< first attracted, upon entering the hall, by the beau tiful wreaths of evergreen, bung in rich pro fusion around the room bearing inscriptions of all the glorious victories achieved by the gal last Seott during bis long and triumphant career. At the upper end of the hall, between two national flag*, was suspended a portrait of the "old chieftain," whose beroio deeds are indellibly stamped upon every American heart, and the brilliancy of whose achieve ments challenges the admiration of the world. A beautiful wreath, inlaid with flowers, made by some kind ladies on Capitol Hill, occupied a conspicuous place The ' stars and stripes ' were looped in festoons in different places, while the beautiful banner, presented to the corps by a kind and liberal friend, gracefully waved over the entranoe of the hall. The scete was, indeed, picturesque and pa triotic But we were roused from our reverie by the soft strains of the music, as it swelled upon the evening breese, and the light foot-, s'epsof the merry maids and gallon: beaux, skipped cheerily, merrily through the dance Throughout the whole evening, joy and mirth reigned supreme Our military triends turned out well, more especially the juvenile compa nies of Union Infantrv and Washington Hifl*6. Major Key worth. Lieuts. Baden, t* list, and Pedicord, of Mounted Guards; Mr. Powers, of the Infantry; Mr Masruire. of the Greys: Air. Plant and others, of the Amcric-n K'flermn. vere present from tho older companies cf the ba'sllion. Much prni'o is due Li?ut. McKean for biB skill and tas'e in arranging the wreaths and irscriptions, and our old friend Eckhardt, at tae corner of F and Ninth street, for the sup per, which was served at 12 o'clock, acd the c.'nfec'ionery. The 'ball was kept up with spirit, and nothing occurred to mar the festiv ities of the evening. S. Coxvict Labor?We have received from Mr John F C Offutt. Secretary of the House Carpenters' Society, the following, acd publish it for general information : "The House Carpenters' Society of Wash ington city take this method of returning their thanks to the fire companies that ha?e parsed, or may pass, the following resolutions; also, the press. City Councils, and citiien3. for the active part they have taken toward suppress* ing convict labor in our penitentiary : "Whereas, arrangements are now being made in the penitentiary of the District of Co lumbia for the purpose of furnishing work for the building of houses in our city, thereby coming directly into competition with our in dustrious mechanics, anl compelling them either to work for a mere pittance or seek work elsewhere, where they will not have to compete with felons and convicts; therefore, be it . That we the members of the Co lumbia Fire Company will refuse to work upon, or attempt to save from destruction by fire any house that may have any work up^n it exe cuted by convict labor. '?K'.tolvcd. That a committee of three be ap pointed whose duty it shall be to find out such boLding3 as may have any of said work upon them, and place the number and -location of such houses in the engine house, so they may be known by e?ch member of the company. "And b* it fwiker lie tolled, That a eopy of the foregoing resolutions be transmitted to each fire company within the District, and re quest their concurrence in the same." I. 0 0. F ?The semi annual grand visita tions ifor examination) by the officers of the Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows, D. C , were this week commenced. Mechanics'Lodge, George town, was visited on Wednesday night, and Friendship Lodge, First Ward, last night The other Lodges, we learn, will be attended to in the following order: Eastern. Friday, 13ih. Covenant, Monday, 16th; Excelsior, Tuesday, 17th; Union, Wednesday, ItSth; Co lumbia, Thursday, 19th; Central, Friday, 20th; Harmony, Monday, 23d; Oriental, Thursday, 0 28th; Metropolis. Friday, 27th ; Beacon. Mon day, 30th; and Washington, Tuesday, May 1. It affords us pleasure to learn that the Or der is in a sound oondition, and continues, as heretofore, to generously disperse its blessings among the objeotj of its care. The Cgecert. at Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy Yard, to night, by the Washington Glee Club and some of the lest vocalists of our eity, promises to be highly interesting; th* selec tions ot music having been made with a view to the development of the rare vocal capacities of those who will contribute to the entertain ment. Apart from this, the object is one which commends itself to every friend of re ligion and good order, namely, for the benefit of the Baptist Church in that part of our city. New Odd Fellows' Hall ?We learn that the Odd Fellows in the First Ward are earnest ly agitating the subject of the ereetion of a hall, for their own and other purposes, in that part of Washington, and have appointed a committee to select and report on a site, as a preliminary movement. The First Ward is without a hall for public meetings. Such an accommodation vould probably be furnished in the same building which is contemplated by the members of that popular and charita ble order . In a Bad Way ?Lost night, a white man, laboring it is reasonably suspected, under the effects of strung drink, was discovered in the street, acting as if he were endeavoring to escape from badly-inclined pursuers?but those were merely phantoms of the morbid brain. He was conducted to the watch-houae for lodging and dismissed this morning There was no other lodger there for the night ; a fact pleassct to rccord. PC?MPL!ME*TARY.?We learn that the clerks of the General Land Offije are making prepa fations for presenting to Dr. Charles S. Frai ey, late the ohief clerk of that bureiu, a tes fmooia! in token of their high respect for bim both as a courteous gentleman and an efli-ieut public officer iuk kuNKEl.v?It will be remembered that those favorites appear at Odd Fellows' Hallj on Monday and Tuesday evening? to give their farewell soiraw. Unpaid Letters?Sine* the flrtt of April, noout one hundred and fifty unpaid letter! have 'awn drbpped into the W&ahington oily post ofiice. In acoordanoe with the law, a list of them ia prominently posted in the veati bnle, for the information of all oonoerned. Although the law requiring pre-payment hea been extenairely published, and attention es pecially called to the aubjeot in all the newa- , papers, yet some people remain ignorant of | thia legal requirement. We learn that on Monday week, the aeeond day the law went into effeer, the drop-box waa closed, in order that depositors should present their lettera at the window, with at view to in sure prepayment And in thia connexion an anecdote ia related. A man offered his letter to the clerk, at the same time declining to pre pay. He waa aaaured that the law waa imper ative; still he failed to be oonvinoed. He thought that "the receiver of the letter should pay the toll." The clerk happening to tnrn hia head away from the window to anawer an inquiry addressed to him from the inside, the man, availing himself of the opportunity, slily slipped in bis unpaid letter, and waa in the act of departing, congratulating himself that he had triumphed orer the clerk, "on thealy," when he waa re-called, aMsreminded of his folly in attempting to outwit the wide awake official Hiram Powers ?To day, at*noon, in the sanctum of the Star, a fine bottle of Long worth's "Sparkling Catawba" waa duly opened and diapoaed of in compliment to our abvent fellow oitiien Hiram Powera. At the aame moment Mr. P. waa to have opened one of the same sort in his studio in Kome, in eompli* ment to his many friends of the American presa who aided him in getting the order given to him by Congress at ita laat session His old friend and patron, Nicholas Longworth, of Cincinnati, ever mindful of the fame and for tune of our talented oountryman, kindly aent u? the wine through the handa of S. York At Lee, Esq ; and haa, we presume paid a like compliment to day to all the editorial admi rers of the genius of Powera in Washington. Assault a?t> Batter v.?Yesterday after noon Augustus Fresh, Jacob Goverraaater. and George Staffney, were arrested by officers Wilson, Kemble and Westerfield, and commit ted to jail bv Justice Donn, for committing an assault and battery on Henry Seiti. Martha Staffney, the wife of one of the parties gave security for her appearance at court, and Mo ses fiiher was discharged on the same charge. Musical Cokvemtion ?The Union Choir Association of this city have, we learn, pro cured from Professor Henry the use of the Smithsonian Institution, for the great musical convention to beheld in Washington in May next. The Arrivals at the hotela are as numer ous as oould be expcoted at this season of the year, considering that there are neither ordi nary nor extraordinary excitements to attract strangers from abroal. Mad Dog ?Yesterday afternoon a dog, sup posed to be afflicted with hydrophobia, was shot in Ninth street north. nry* card to the ladies.?good nkws for the SICK OB DCPONCO'9 GOLDKN MONTHLY PILI.8. (lie bent and most Infallible remedy ever discovered for re lieving and curing all painful, distressing, and difllcnlt men ?Lrualion, and removing all periodical obstructions, acd Ir regularities arising frcm whatever cause. Tbes* fills are a complete TRHMPH IX MEDICAL SCIENCE. Th*y are prepared by a procea* which concentrates tlie Ingredients Into a small bulk, thus rendering It unnecessary for delicate female* to take large doeee of nauseous drugs. Dr. Daponco's Kills are the result of over THIRTY YEARS' KXTKRIENGK in tbt t-eetment of the diseases of females.? They here been advertised for a little over o m year, yet SEVERAL THOl"SAND BOXES have already been sold, and the demand for them rapidly In creases wherever they become known. They have been thoroughly tried In Washington, and found to act like a charm. Sold by all Druggist* In Washington, Georgetown and Al xandria, Va. mar 1?eo3ni* rr-^BAKER'S PREMIIM BITTERS, without doubt, Is on* L^-/ of the most popular medicines ia this SUte, and the great confidence thmnch its friends, has caused such In creased demands that the proprietor has found it necessary to Increase his facility for TLanufacturlug the Bitters, s<> th*t he may be able to all all orders promptly. Our most able physiclat.8 are using it >u their regular practice foT Its grest virtues fa cae-s of Dyspepsia, Nervous Headache, Dis ordered Bowels, and as a general alterative of the whole ?ystem, Ac. Read the rertiOcate of the Rev. J. Boggs, of Union Hill Station, beiow. Volumes of the it tine kind have already been furnished the proprietor. Richmond, Sep*, t, 1SS4. I take great pleasure in testifying to the vlrtce of Raker's Premium Bitters as a remedy for obstinate indigestion, a re lief of the attacks of dyspepsia and headache, and by their use I have escaped my annual attacks of chills. REV- V J. BOGGS, Pastor of l'n!on Hill Station. Price &C cents per bottle. To be had of OHARLES STOTT A CO.. Washington, D. C., CAN BY a HATCH, and SETH b. HANCK, Baltimore, and by Dru4f"t* everywhere. apr 3?eolw PHENOMENA IN MEDICINE ?Bronchitis, Cough, ?*?' Dyspepsia Liver Complaints, Scrofula, Ac.?For ali diseases of the Female System It stands pre eminent. A Glergytnan Just Informs us It has cured him of Bronchitis Of a desperate character?particular* liereailer. HAMPTON S VEGETABLE TINCTt'RK?By ita mild ac tion on the stomach, liver and kidneys, will cure Dyspep sia, Cougb, Asthma, Bronchial and Lung Affections. Pain* In tbe Back, Side and Breast, Consumption, Scrofula, Rheu matlsm, Gout, Neuralgia, Fistula, Bowel Complalnta, Piles, Worms, aud Nervous Debilltlee? with all diseases arising from impure M-w>d, and is the greatest female medicine ev er knawn. Tula Invaluable medicine Is working wonders upon the human frame, bee advertisement to-day. mar 7 7-7?i>r. hoofland's celebrated german bit TER9. There are few things which afford us greater pleasure than sitting down to write a notice of the celebrated Hoof land German Bitters, because we are fully conscious we are Conferring a public bencSt, and our heart tells us that by our notices many have b?en induced to Uke these Bitters, and been rescued from death by dyspepfla, liver complaint, Ac., for the cure of which it Is certain It is prepared and ?old only by Dr. C. M. JACKSON, at the German Medicine Store, No. 1 JO An li street, Philadelphia. See advertisement. mar 3?3m vry the POETRY OF PHYSIC.?AYER'S pills, glide tc?' sugar-shod, over the palate, but their energy, although wrapped up. Is there, and tells with g*ant force en tbe very foundations of disease. There are thousands of sufferers, who woalA not wear their distempers If they kuew they oould he cured for 31 cent*. Try Ayer's Pills aud you will ktow it. Purify the blo?d and disease will be starved out. Cleanse the system from Impurities aud you are cured al ready. Take this beet of all Purgative*, and Scrofula, Indigestion, We- y iees. Headache, Backache, Side Ache, Jaundice, Rheu d n, derangements of the Liver, Kidneys, aud Bowels, ?li derangements and all diseases which a purgative remedy can reach, Uy before tbaru Uke darkness before the Sun. Reader, If you are suffering from auy of Uie numerous complaints they cure?suffer no more?the remedy has been provided for you, and It Is criminal to neglect It. That Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is the be-<t medicine for a Cough, Is known to the whole world, aud that Ayer's Pills are the beet of all Pills, is known to these wh? Lav* used them. Prepared by DR. J. C. AYER, Lowell, Mass., ?And sold by Z. D OILMAN, Washington. G M. LINTHICl M, Georgetown. J AS. COOK A CO., Fredericksburg, and by all Druggist* every wL. ore. fab 17?eo2ia n?7?A9 A SPRING AND SUMMER MEDICINE, CarUr's Spanish Mixture stands pr< emlpent above all others. Its singularly eBcsdous action on the blood ; its strength ening ant vivifying qualities; Its tonic action on the Liver, Ita tendency to drlva all humor* to the surface, thereby cleans**!* tit* system according to Nature's own prescrlp lion; lis harml6??, aotl *t th** *.tm? tlm* extraordinary good -fleet*, and the number of curee testified to by many of the M >et rcape'table ciUxsus of Richmond, Va., and elsewhere, must be conclusive evideuca that there Is no humbug about ""The trial of a ilugl* bottle will satisfy the most sceptical of Us benefit*. ?.?See advertisement In another column. PRKMIl'MS AT THE FAIRS.?WHITKHT RST*S still ill the aacendauc* ?The juries of each of Uie late felrs at Baltimore, Richmond, and New York awarded their higbeet premiums to J. H. W. for their superiority of Pho tographs, Stereoscopes and Daguerreotypes exhibited. Mr. W. also received two Medal* at the World's Fair, Lon don, and a premium at Crystal Palace, New York. Alao, the first awards of the Ifarylaud Institute for three years past. Whttetiurst's Gallery In this city 1* on Pa. avenue, betw. 4)4 and 6lb street*. fab IT WJ?i SatLUB?Toa receives all th*n*w Books and New* papers a* fast *s published. H* Is ageat for Harper'* and all lb* other Magaxlues, and oar reader* will always Oud a large and good assortment of Blank Books and Stationary at hia Bookstore, Odeon Butldlng, cor Pa. avenae and 4)( st. fV?^NOAH WAl.KIR A CO., nudsr Browns' Hotel, are 0?-e prepared to show oae of the most complete assortment of HKA'JY MA 1>K CLOTHI.V> ever offered to tbe cltlieus of this District. Their stock embraces everything that Is new and fashionable for the seaaon, manufactured with taste aud elegauce, for which their Clothing Is celebrated. uiar R, lAKKlKD. At Trinity Church, on the 10th inn!ant,"by Ihe Kev Mr. ('uniiiioe*, Mr. JOHN H. DAVIS, to Mi? SUSAN 6. KI DWELL, both of thia cily. DIKU On the 12th i?laat, Mr*. ANN VV'AKl), con ott of the late Wm. Ward, in the 60ih year of her ?*e. Iter fntieral will uke place to morrow, nt 2 o'clk, from her late rendcncc. corner of 7th and VI streets, when her friends and those of the family are re quoted to attend. * Mn the 10th instant, after a short but painful ill ness, JOSEPH THAW, Jr., in the Unity -evciilli year of hi* age. STONE! STONE!! STONE!!! nofifted that L'urb. Flajr'oping and Buil.ling iTONES. Also,^TONE-STEPS, SIi.LS, fcc., J^IJILPEKS, Contractors, and other. areJi.Teby m , wjl be furnished as mual from thoee well-known quarries owned by W. U. C. Murdock, nnd worked until rpcer.tly by the late Timotjy O Niale and nis brother. Por (tricea aud iernn ap^V to the snl? scalier at No 07 K street, and ?t J- XiM Kiswick's luiaL>?r yard, Seventh street bridge, Wash melon WM. COLLINS, ap 3?2w* Agent for tbe Proprietor For Bale and Font. HANDSOME FURNISHED PARLORS?TWO suits of Parlors and Chamber* on the first and second floor*, handsomely furnished, it for rent with or without board. Therte ia gas in the hoase and a bath room- Apply at MRS. NICHOLSON'S) No. #TO H atreet, corner of Eighteenth. ap 13?lm* For sale or rent in the first ward A two-story bnck Home on 20th street, near M Rent $7 per month, or will be sold for $850; one hundred cash, and on the balance 6 yoare'cred it will be given, payable in monthly instalments and prope ly secured. Apply to T. W. JOHNSON, ap 13?co3t* Dry Good* Store, First Ward. Dwelling house for rent?the Dwelling House on Pa. avenue. ue~r 15th st, No 90ft, over K slier k McKenny's Bunking House, is now t?r rent, being near two hot. Is, and also the departments and public offices, inak-s it a desirable location for the purpose oi renting th? rooms to a profitable advantage. Apply to O. E. P. HAZARD, ap 11?3l* on the premises. I?OR SALE?TWO NEW THREE STORY Frame Houses, fronting 36 feet, and containing s?*veii rooms each. The houses are situated three square* north o" the State Department, The prsp erty will be sold low, and accommodating term?. Apply io J. T. MARR, ap 10?5t* No. 431 New York avenue. FOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAR lops and Chambers, with board. Also, Table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'8, 933 F street ap 9 Rents rkduced to suit the times. $150 a year will be received for the rent ot thote new and convenient cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood shed and other conveniences attached. Puinps of pure water are near the door, and commumcat on is had with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh streets and Penn. Avenue, morning and afternoon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the departments. To socur* the advantage of this great reduction of rent immediate application must be made to the undersigned, either by letter, or at his house at Kendall Green, after office hours, where the keys may be had and the houses inspe ted at any time. Several of these residences will be sold on liberal terms. WM 8TICKNEY, No 4, Kendall Green. N. R.?Rents paid quarterly in advance. apr 9, 1865?tf TTALUABLE BUILDING LOT AND STONE V Foundation for sale at a very great sacrifice for cash or short credit, beautifully located on 3d st., near the City Hall, being a part of Lot 15, Square 533, having a front of 26 feet and 93 feet 3 inches deep, and has the privilege of a brick wall adjoin ing. Apply to E K. LUNDY, No. 198 Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C. ap 6?If FOR RENT?THE HAMBURG LIME KILNS, situated on square No 63. These Kilns h ve recently been put in complete repair. To any one wishing to engage in the lime business a favorable opphrtunity is now presented. Apply to the sub scribers at their Lumber Yard, corner 26th and D streets. H. N. & J. W. EASBY. ap 3?eo2w fj*UKNISHED ROOMS?MRS. G. ANDERSON hat several furnished Rooms which she wishes to rent: situated over the Music and Stationery Store, second door from the Kirkwood House, Pa. avenue. apll?eolm For rent-a three-story brick House, with large back building and fine large vatd, situated on East Capitol street, nearly oppo sit* the residsnce of B B. French Esq. Possession given immediately. Apply to the subscribers, cor ner 26t!i and D sis. H. X U J. W. EtSBY. ap 3 e"2w ^OR RENT-THE DWELLING AND STOIjE on 11th street west, one door from Pa. avenue, noith side, adjoining Farnham's Bookstore. Apply to GEORGE A. W. RANDALL, mar 2?eotf corner 12ih and D sts. Having learned that reports are in circulation that the National Hotel is short'y to be closed, the proprietor deenis it proper to say to the patrons of the house, and the traveling public generally, thai all su~h reports are jvithout lounda tion, arid that the Hotel will be kept open for llie accommodation of visitors. ap 3?eo2w E. D. W1LLARD '?IO RENT FOR SIX MONTHS?THE PLACE X (3-t seres) above the Heights of Georgetown, formerly owned by Joseph Nourse, and latela occu pied by the Rev. A Ten !'-ro':ek, as a school. For terms apply to Mr. RIDGELY, D-ujgist, Seven HulUings. ap 9?eo3t* 1.; OR RENT, the Hou-e for many years occupied by the late Hon. Daniel Webster/and since his death by the Hon. Mr. Preston, of Kentuek . Also, the large and spacious Dwelling adjacentt? the same. Will a!s3 be finished and for rent in a short time, two new Houses for dwellings and stores, with fancy fronts,on S' vrtth street,little als>ve II street. The two first d\^:l!ing?are beautifully situated on D street and Louisiana avenue, between 5th and 6th, and for private residences are equal to any ill the i ity. For terms apply to the subscriber, at his residence No. 432, in the same square and street. apr 9 ?3teo JOHNSON HELLEN. F For rent or sale on reasonable Terms ?A three story Frame, with basement, on New York avenue, between Fourth and Fifth streets west Alto, a three story Frame, with back building, on I street north, between Fourth and Fifth sts. west Apply to James W. Barker, residence on II street north, between 12th and 13th streets west. DICKSON &. KING, ap 5?Thif Georgetown. VILLA FOR SALE?THE SUBSCRIBER of fers at private sale the villa in which die at present resides, with eight acres of land, situated at Ellavillr. on the Washington and Baltimore Turn pike Road. The h< use is new, with all the modern improvements, and the situation lias many advant ages lor persons engaged in business in Washington as it is within five minutes' walk of the Bladenshnrg Depot on the Railroad, and ihere is also an omnibus running twice a day between Washington and Ella ville. Application to be made to the subscriber, living on the premises. MARY S. VASS. _mar27?2awtf For rent-three new frame houses, containing six rooms, each situated on Pierce sireet, between L and M streets, being bui four squares from the Railroad Depot; would make good residences. Rent moderate. Apply to CHARLES THOMA, on the opposite side of the street, ap 4?lm* A CERTAIN CHANCE TO MAKE A FOR tune ?A lady having acquired a compctcney in the Millinery business, is now desirous of dispo ing of her esiabli*hm^^, and retiring into private life. Her locatkm is^B^of the best in the city, and is a rare opportuniiyior one acquainted with the business. For terms and particulars apply at this office. mar 29 -lm HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Building Lots, 24 feet front by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of $75, payable $3 per month Title indisputable. Union Land ? Office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Hall. jan 9?6m JOHN FOX. Secretary. Wants. AN EXPERIENCED HOUSEKEEPER warns a Situation.?A middle agsd lady, accustomed for many years to manage the details of a I: rge boarding house, as housekeeper, wants a situation. She can give satisfactory reference as to her energy, industry and experience, and the fidelity with which she discharges uuties confided to her. Ad .ress "L S," at this office. ap 13?tf CANVAS8ER WANTED?AN ACTIVE 1N telli.ent man is wanted to canvass for popular Catholic Works in the District of Columbia. In a suitable person, who can produce satisfactory refer ence. Liberal terms will be made. Address (post paid) "J M," Washington, D. C. ap 13? rtjf A FEMALE IS WANTED IMMEDIATELY to do the work of a family of not exceeding 4 grown persons, who can bring good recommenda tions of character and capacity, and who will he s uislind with 116 per month. Apply at No. 4- Car oline Teirace, I st. between 13:h and 14tli. ap 13-2t* WANTED?A WOMAN WITHOUT INCUM berance, to cook and wash tor a small ftmily Colored persons preferred, as there are others of that class in the family. No objection, however, to a white person. To one capable and honest a good home and wages will be given. Address "C L," at this office. ap 12? 3t WANTED?A FEMALE TEACHER to lake | charge of a Si hool of Small children at Pleasant Grove, near Washington, D. C. A I.beryl salary, with board, will be given. Apply to GEO. T. MASSEY, Agent, No. ?4*8 Thirteenth ilreeU apJ2?3t* WANTED-A YOUNG LADY FROM VIR ginia wishes employment by the month as a seamstress in some respectable family She is also willing to attend to titty housework with the *icep lion or cooking and Call within the nest ten days at Mr. Doughaday's. on 2d street, between B and C. ap 11-Ivy* WANTFD?A COMPLETE FILE OF THE WEEKLY (Washington City) STAR since lis publication up to the present date, lor which a liberal price will be paid it s.-ntto this office. ap 3?tf t Auction Bales. * By C. W. BOTKLER, Aac.lceeer. SALE OP EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD FUR niture at Auction?On MONDAY morning, . 10 oVIock, I shall Mil at the residence or Kalnk Raskins, E?q., corncr of I and 19th streets, all of hi* Household Furniture, which Is .f superior quality and nearly new, consisting in part of? Walnut and Mahogany Sofas Do Book Case Do Sideboard, marble top Do Arm Chairs and Ottomans, covered with ? plush Bronzed and Gilt Candelabras Walnut Centre Table, marble top Do F.tagere, Handsome mantel Ornaments Gilt fraire Mirrors, marble Slabs nnd gilt Brackets Walnut and mahogany Par or Cbalrs Do and other Wardrobes Do Trench Bedsteads D) Washctands Ladies' handsome Writing and Dressing Cabinet Superior Feather Beds and Bedding Curled Hair Mattresses Brussels and three ply Carpeting Mahogauv Dining Tables Large and Handsome Canton China Cinner Set Elegant Cut Glas-ware Superior Table Furniture, Clocks Iron Hat Rack a:id Settee Child's Gig. Refrigerators Kitchen Furniture, Cook Stove, ke. Terms : All sums of and under $40 c as If, over $40 a credit of 60 and 90 days for approved endorsed notes, hearing interest. C. W. BOTELER, *P 12?d Auctioneer. By ?J. C. McGl'IRK, Anttlonscr. CHEAP LOTS FOR SALE AT AUCTION.? On MONDAY afternoon, April 16tii, at 5 o'clock, at my Auction Rooms, I shall sell seven building Lou, each 18 feet 4 inches front, by 173 feet 7 inches d ^ep, comprising lots Nos. 8 and 9, in square No 6."on Half street west, south of the Capitol, on the Island. Also, Lot No. 2, in square No 6, divided into three lots of 19 feet 4 inches front each, by about 63 feet deep, situated on Virginia avenue, near the comer of 26th street west. The?c lots are valuable for sand used by brickmakers, and their conuguity to the canul basin, or for building lot*. Ternj*.- One fourth cash ; the balance in 3, 6, 9,1 and 12 months, satisfactorily secured, bearing in-1 terest. Title indisputable. ap 12?d JA6. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. By C. W. BOTKLKU, Auctioneer. SALE OF SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD FURNI ture at Auction.?On TUESDAY morning, the \ 17th iDStant, at 10 o'clock, I shall sell, at the resi? I deuce of a gentleman declining lious: keeping on the corner of 8th and E etreets, opposite the General Post Officc, a handsome collection of Household Furniture, consisting in part of? Rosewood French Sofa, Chairs and Arm Chairs, I covered with plush Carved Rosewood Centre Table, marble top Chinese Quartette Tables, carved mahogany Chair* Ann Chairs and French Sofas, covered with plush Brussels, three ply and othei Carpeting* Fancy Reception Chairs Gilt frame Mirrors Marble top Pier Table A to bast er. French China aad Bohemian Glass Vase? | Bronzed Cardelabras Mahogany Centre Table, marble-top Do Sofa Do ? Hat Rack, with Mirror back Wainut Etagere, do. Writing Chair Carcel, jolar and other Lamps French China Dinner Set Superior plated Castors Cut Glassware and other Table furniture Handsome Enamelled Cottage Chamber Suit Mahogany Wardrobes Do French and other Bedsteads Bo Dressing Bureaus and Waslistands Wanut and other cane seal Chairs Hair Mattresses, chamber and step Carpeting Ha'l Oilcloth, Polished steel Fire Sets Parlor, chamber and Cooking Stoves Kitchen Requisites, fee. With many other articles Rendering it altogethrr a vefy attractive sale. 'I erins o' sale: .'540 and undercash ; over that sum a credit of sixty aad ninety days, for approved en dorsed notes bearing interest C. W. BOTEl.ER, ap 12 -d Auctioneer. By C W. BOTKIiEIl, Auctioneer* I EXTENSIVE SALE OF CITY PROPERTY j by Catalogue, at Auction.?The subscriber d? -! sires to call the attention ot those having city prop city to dispose of, that he is now preparing a cata logue descriptive of each piece of property to be of fered at Auction, on or about the Bjth iu-tant. It is | his intention to advertise the sale extensively iu ail die city papers, and also to give general circulation of the catalogue, which w II doubtless have tiie ef fect of bringing; together a large nuii.bcr of capital ists desirous ot making investments. Persons wishing to sell will please hand in by the 15th instant, a description containing number of the Square and lot, front arid depth, and, if unproved, the character of the improvements. The charges of offering will be made moderate. C. W. BOTELER, ap 2 -totlith Auctioneer, Iron Hall By GRJCKN <fc SCOTT. Auctioneer.. SEVEN VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS AT Asetion.?On WEDNESDAY, 18'ti instant, we siiall sell, at 6 o'clock p. in., 34,237feet of ground, having a front on C street south 148 feet 5 inches, and 9th street east 283 feet 10 inches. The above described property is handsomely lo cated, distant from the Navy Yard but a few min utes' walk. Terms: One-half cas.i; balance in on* am! two years, the purchaser to give notes for the dufeiTcd payments, bearing interest from day of sale A deed given and a deed oi trust taken. GREEN & SCOTT, ap 9?eotd Auctioneers. By J. C.PlcQUIRK, Auctioneer. EPEREMPTORY SALE of ?17.000 Alexandria Coupon Bonds.?On TUESDAY allemocn, April 17ih, at 5 o'cleck, at the Auction Rooms, I shall sell, in lots to suit purchasers, $17,000 Alexan dria Coupon Bonds. Terms cash, in current funds. JAS C. McGUIRE, ap 11?d Auctioneer. tfy GKKKN * SCOTT. Auctioneers. VALUABLE FRAME HOUSE AND LOIS at Auctiou.?On TUESDAY, the 10th instant, we shall sell, in Iront of the p-emises, at 5 o'clock, p. m., parts L'lts Nos 12 and 13, in Square No. 543, with the improvements, which are a good two-sto ly Collage House, containing tiv<: good and convc niently arranged rooms, with passage and kitchen j and cellar, and all necessary outbuildings. The abov? described property fronts on 4% street, I 45 feel C inches, between K and L sts. south, run | ning back 100 feet to a 15 feet alley. Title indispu'able. Terms of wale : One-quart'r cash ; the balance a [ credit of 6, 12 and 18 months, for notes bearing ift?| terest from the day of i-ale A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN 3t SCOTT, apr 4?d Auctioneers. The above eale Is postponed In consequence of the rain until FRIDAY, the 13th in stant, at half past 5 o'clock. GREEN fc SCOTT, ap 11?d Auctioneers. Boarding. A LARGE AND PLEASANT ROOM ON THE | J\. second floor for a gentleman and wife Also, vacancies for single gentlemen, may be ob . tained by applying at No. 473 Sixth st., between D and E. ap 12?3t* BOARD, &c ? MRS. BATES, on the south-1 west corner of Pa. avenue and 9th street is pre pared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every effort will be made to ren der those comforti hie who may favor her with their paironage. ap 6?If SEVERAL GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOM-1 modated with rooms and board, at No. 458 fwelilh street, between G aad H streets. ap 2?2w* PARASOLS. 130 very rich aqd cheap Parasols, all c?lors S'raw Bonnets and Misses' Fluts, great variety Rich Bonnets and Ribbands 120 dozen Linen cambric Handkerchiefs in fancy | boxes, at $1 50 per doscn; we think a good bargain Embroidered and Clear Lawn Handkerchiefs in! great variety ,r>00 yards Swiss Edging, 12c., worth 25c. 30 dozen black Nei Mitts, from 50 cents up, very | cheap 25 dozen best French Kid Gloves, all shades My stock is large and well assorted, and pur chased at the vwy lowest prices. Customers w II be pleased to favor me with a call ami they shall be attentively shottn through it, and | the goods offered at a small advance WM. R. RILEY, Corner 8th st., opp. Centre Market. mar 31?lm flHlOMAS'S AMERICAN FRUIT CULTURIST| | Elliott's American Fruit Grower's Guide Floy's Guide to ths Orchard and Fruit Garden Cole's American Fruit Book Downiug's F. uits and Fruit Trees of America Lmdley's Horticulture by Downing Pardee on Strawberry Culture Anderson on the Hothouse And many valuable works oil Agriculture and | Garden'tog in all their various branches ap 11 FRANCK TAYLOR. PARIS MANTILLAS AT NEW VORK PRICES?MAX WELL hi hRO. will ipen fcoHher lot ol those Pans Mantillas, on Thursday, the Pith instant. They will be foI<I at New Yoik iricss. MAXWELL k BRO , Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th ap 11?eo3t BT J C. MeGUIRK, Awettoaser. PEREMPTORY BALK BY ORDER OF TRU8 tee of extensive ?toek of Dry Gfiodi ? By ww tue of a d?ed in trust the subscriber will o?tl at public sale on WEDNESDAY, April l8Ui, at 10 o'clock, (and continue from rift? t?? day until the whole is disposed of,) at the old stand of the late fi m of Hall A Brother, on Seventh ?treet,Uie moat eitenaive and valuable stock of Dry Good* ever offered at public wile in the District of Columbia, amounting to over forty thousund dollars is value, and comprising, in part? .... Between thirteen and fourteen thousand dollar* warth of desirable Dress Silks. Three thousand five hun :red dollars worth of Vel vet, Brussels, T.iree-plv, and Insrain Carpets, Fur>, Oil-Cloth*, and Canton Mattings. Twenty three thousand dollars worth of assorted B'KjIp, such as Bere_es, Bcrege Delaines, Mxisaeline Delainesofall kinds; i laid, stripe, and plain Cambrics? embroidered Crape Shawls, some very rich; Bay State Bhawts, Cashmere Shawls, long anJ square; French Merino*-*, Bom basin', and Alpaca*, a large quantity ; French, English, and American Lawns; ,'rench and English Ginghams. Cal icoes, Cloths, Cassiiueres, Vetf'ngs, Lin* n Drillings, Boys' wear; Tweeds, Cassinets, Table Cloths, Damask Napkins, Br<*ca?els, Curtan Muslins, Silk aid Cot < on Hosiery, Silk anu Linencambric handkerchiefs, Twil led Jeans, I'.lack and Green Summer Cloths, Parasols, and Bonnets ; Ciash; Marseilles and Allendale Quills; Penitentiary Plaid ' "ot tos, Fulled Cloth, double and single width; Sheep's Gray Cas-mets, Kiraeys. Kid Gloves, Lisle-thread Gloves, Kentucky Jeans, Under shirts and Drawers, Silk Mantles, Cloaks, Grass Cloths, and a groat many other goods too numerous to mention. The goods will be ?ld ink;* to suit merchant". Terms of sale: $!0<i and ui def ca?h ; over that sum and under $400? oeditof two and four months; over $400 a cre.Ut of two, four, and six months, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. No goods will be delivered until settled ror. RICHARD WALL \CH, Trustee op 12?d JAS. C- McGUlRE, Auctioneer ~By B IRJTAHD * BCC^KY, flesrettown LOT3 IN GEORGETOWN.-Will be sold on the premises on SATURDAY next, at 5 o'clk, fsur pretty sized Lots, each 18 feet front by 120 f . deep, on north side of Beall street, equidistant freni Green and Washington streets On these lots there is a mound of earth, which, if the purch^a?r oi the whole were to grade and sod, wou'd make a most beautif I elevation for a cottage site, overlooking the town, c ty, and Potomac. These lots are in the vicinity of th-; elite residen c s of the town. Terms: One-fifth ca?h on note well endorsed at 60 tiays; balance at 1, 2. 3, and 4 years, witn inter est. BARNARD A BUCKET, op 11?d Auctioneers. By J. C IHcOVlllK. 4 wettouser. Excellent housekeeping efff> ts at Auction-?On MONDAY morning, April 16ih, at lljtf o'clock, at the quarters of Lirut J. C. Cash, imide the Washington Navy Yard. I shall sell an excellent lot of Housekeeping articles, comprising? Handsome Plush and Leather covered Arm Chairs Walnut Etagere, Iron Hat Rack Excellent Ilair and husk Mattresses Beautiful French Chiua gold band Tea ware French and Stone China Bieakfast and Dinner ware Silver-plated Castors, Spoons and Forks Pa ian Marble Pitchers, Butter Tubs. Ac. Silver-plated Ivory haualed Desaert Knives Excellent Ta'Je Cutlery Bronze Candelabra* G assware, Chafing Dishes Scales and Weights Don framed oval Toilet Glassware Very superior Refrigerator Stoves, Till Safe, &.c. Tozether with the usual assortment of Kitchen 11 quieited. The above articles are all nearly u< w and of ex cellcnt quality. Terms cash. JAS, C- McGUlRE, apll?d Auctioneer Dy J. I. MeGUIitlu. Auctioneer. I EXECUTOR'S SALE OF FURNITURE AND Ji Hou*?hold Effect-"?On THIIRSl'AY morn-ng the 19th instant, at 10 o'clock, at the residente of the late Thomas Ritchie, on President's Square, I shall sell, a large portion of the Furniture and House held Effects, comprising? Rosewood Pianoforte, Stool and Music Stand Rosewood T#" a Tete, arm, reception and fancy Chairs in satiu damask H.ndsome .amask Curtains and Cornice Large French piate gilt fame Mirror, with slabs and Brackets Damask and chintz covered Lounges Mahogany hair, farina and cane sect Chairs Handsome C-ntre Lamps, Candelabras, Bronze Brackets, Mantel Ornaments Mahogany Sideboard Et'gcre. Side Table Solid mahogany Extension Table China, glas> and Ciockcrywarc Brussels and three ply Carpets, Oilcloth Hat raek, Hall Lamp, Rosewood and llall Chairs Enamelled and Cottage Suite Wa'nut and mahogany French Pedsteadj Walnut Wardrobes, Dressing Bureaus Wa-h>tands, Toile' Set?, Tables Superior curled hair and husk Mattresses Bolsters and Pillows, Marseilles Quiiu Bed and Table Linen, Chamber Chairs Furnituic in servants' rooms, ^c. Together with a general assortment of KiUlicn Requisites. Terms: $20 and under cajh; over that sum a credit of 60 and 90 days, for notes satisfactorily en darcil, bearing interest. J A3. C. McGUlRE, ap 11- A Auctioneer. By J. C. MtGUlUK, Auctioneer G1 BEAT SALE OF SUPBRH >R CABINET FUR f nitiire and House Fiirnishing Goods, by order of the Orphans' Conrt.?Ou TUESDAY morning, Apri' 17th, at 10 o'clock, (and continuing from day to day until the whole is disposed of,) I shall sell, at the extensive Wareroom- of the late John l>. Brown, known as the '"Apollo Hall" building, all his large and valuable stock of Cabinet Furniture, comprising? Suites of elegantly carvsd Parlor Furniture, in rose wood, waluut. and mahogany, covered with hroca elles, pltish, damns* and hair cloth Richly-carved marble-top Dressing Bureaus, Cen tre, Sofa, and Pier Tables, Sideboards, Beau fets, Washstands, Cabinets, Ac., of every de seription and style Elegan Wardrobes, Dressing Tables, Eta^cres, La dies' Writing Cabinets, Secretary, and Book cases, Music Stands, Fancy Tables, Wliat Nots. Writing l?e.-ks, arm and parlor Chdirn, Rockers, Sofas, Tete a-Tetes, extension. <tin ing, breakfast, and refreshment Tables, ke.. beautifully finished, in the various woods of every conceivable style and value Gilt, rosewood, walnut, and mahogany-framed Look ing-glasses, of every description Counting house, office, and parlor Writing-Desks, of Uie most approved patterns, from a cele brated manufacturer in Philadelphia High post, French, Italian, Jenny Lind, and Cottage Bedsteads, of all the various patterns Superior curled ban, spring, and hi|*k Mattresses Very large asso'tment of Lounges, cane seat and back Rockers, office, dining, and chamber Chairs . Handsome got! ic, reception,hall, and fancy Chairs, in large quantises Enamelled Cottage Suites, Sofa Bedsteads Extensive assortment of plain Furniture, compris ing? Bureaus, Wardrobes, Bedsteads. Tables Washstands, Cribs, Cradles. Towel Stands What Nots, Ac., of walnut and mahogany Also, a large quantity China and Glassware, Clocks, Buckets, Tubs. Dusters, Clothes Horses, Flour and Spice Boxes, Baskets, Door Mats, Ac Excellent Iron Sale, Office Desk and Fixtures, Fur niture Car, Ac. Together with the lease of the building, which is believed to be one of the best locations for the house furnishing business in the city. Terms: .*50 and under cash; over that sum and under ?lt>0 a credit of sixty and ninety days ; and all sums over ?100 a credit of one, two, and four months, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. , . P. S. The attention of the trade in tlus and the neighboring cities h specially cailad to the sale of this stock, which is probably Uie largest and best re lected south ??f New York. Every facility possible will be afforded for pack ing and lorwariling goods purchased at the sale. By order of the Adniini-trator. JAS. C. McGUlRE, apr g Auctioneer. Kv jTcTlilcOUIHK* Asells???r. AltGE SALEOF FURNITURE, HOUSEHOLD I _jEffects and Barroom Futures.?On MONDAY morning, April 16th, at 10 o'clock, at ths Mount Pleasant Hotel, corner of north A street and Dela ware avenue, the subscriber will sell, by virtue of a deeii of tru^t duly recorded among the land records for Washington county, all the Furniture and Ef fects enmpriring Two mahoganv hair spring Sofas, three Rockers 18 mahogany sprint seat Chairs Marble top Centre Tables Secretary and Bookcase Gilt frame Mirrors, 10 mahogany frame Glasses 3 ply and ingrain Carpels, Oilefoth Mahogany dressing Bureaus, Wardrobvs ?2 mahogany French Bedsteads \Z maple patent Beds'eads 12 Wasbsiauds l*J superior curled hair Mattresses 3<> busk Mattresses, Bolsters and Pillows Blankets. Counterpanes, Toilet Sets Cane and wood seat Chairs Dining Tables. Window Shades Ckina and Glassware, Cutlet y Cook Stove, Kitchen Range and Fixtures Bar and Fixtures, Ac. Together with a general a$iu rtment of Kitchen Utensil Term-?: All sums of and under $25 cash ; ovsr fdo a cre.tu of 2 and 4 months, ff >r notes satisfactorily endorsed bearing interest. TIIOS J FISHEK, Trustee. JAMES C. McGUlRE, apr 6?d .. Ai 1 TELEGRAPHIC. iiruntr roe tu DAILY EVEimfa 6TAH. Arrival of St?mar America. . THRI1DAY* LATIB FROM STOOPS Halitai, April 12?The Ameriea arrived here last evening with three days l?t?r Ku ropeaa Mfi THE MARKETS. Milligan A Evans quote cotton Id activw ?pcculative demand; aalea ef 82.500 baler. ulM to apeculatora 11,000 halaa; aalea to exportera 15,^00 1 he market ?m buoyant aad dotal wi b an active dethand; holder* vara supply ing freely Orleans fair 62; middling 5 S-16; Uj lauds fiir 51; middling 5 Prea'raffs had slightly declined. aad iba market waa dull, with the exoeption of oorn. Flour?Weatern Canal, 38s ; Oh;o, 42a Whe%t, white, 12/i per bu*bel. Cora?yellow, 42 ; whie. 42a. Lard ia firm Provisions had gligbtly declined, aad the market was dull. ttma cloaed ateady. The London markets wtre inactive Money vraa easier. Console far money were qaoted at 93*. J HE CONFERENCE AT VIENNA Alttough the tbird p< intact with eeriocrf diflioulty in the confereoce. aad waa referred to bt Petersburg for a reply, ia the meantime the fourth point will be discussed There ia nothing important from the Crimea. Tho Canada arrived a it on the 29th. Hew Orleans Races, fce. Naw Orlkiks, April 12 ?Lecompte ia ia excellent condition, and will run with Lex irgton on Saturday. m Tte M xrltt.?Cotton ia firm; salea of 1,000 bales. Sugar 4ia4|o., having destined lit. New York Town F lection Fibrmoxt, N Y., April II.?At our town election yesterday the know Nothing eaodi dates were elected by large niajoritiea Tba exoitemoQt was vory great during the wh<>la day, there being a very large number of Irish men at this place employed by the New York and Erie Railroad company. Lockport. April 11?Tbe entire American ticket has been elected here by an average majority cf 5UQ. Serious Charge. Boston, Apiil 12?The Grand Jary have found an indictment against Capt Wentwortb, of the Mbooner A Hooper, and the erew. on the charge of feloniously attempting to destroy the vessel by boring hole* in her with an in tent to defraud the Columbian Insurance Com pany of Charleston, S. C., where the vessel waa in.-nrcd. Astonishing Elopement "at d<ty last week, (says the Cneinnati Coiiimtrclal cf the 10:h,) a wonan named Suiser eloped from her husband's residence in Morgin Township, Butler Coanty, Ohio, v?itb a young schoolmsiter named Pease, who bad been teacher during the winter in the tho vicinity an I boarding at Super's bouse. The infatuated woman had lived happily with her hush and for rear twenty years, and was by bin: the mother of seven interesting chil dren. fche took with i?r. her y<>uages. child, an infant, (leaving six with her husband ) and about five tbous-tnd in cash and negotiable notes. She w? s th* da*:gh**r of a weilthy old :armer. who died about a year ago. leaving a very handsome property to her. The notes .&he took with her were givon by the purchaser of a portion of the land inherited from her father: and were drawn in favor of her bur band On the day after her flight, one of her brothers, who was sick in her house died, and it is presumed that the sudden and strange disappearance of his sister may have given the shock that proved fatal. The husband of tha guilty fugitive was ia the city yesterday, searching for a clue to (he whereabouts of the wretched pair who have robbed him of his peace. He is almost erased with grief, indig nation and a lamo, and is cf the opinion that the flight has been in the direction of New York. It is feared that Pease had soma of tha notes cashed in this oity, but the fact has not been a*oertained This is one of the most remarkable oases of elopement of which we have heard It seems wholly unacoountab!e. jet "the heart is de ceitful above ail things and desperately wi ek ed." At home she was in very oomfortable circumstances Her husband had jaat fin ished a commodious t>nd elegant new hon e, and the eldest of her children was a daughter foir'een years of age A more interesting and happy family than the one now dishonored and broken, was a fortnight ago, would ha bard to find. Siicide AT Littleto*.?The Boston Trane cript of Monday says : Last evening, a widow lady, ab'jnt seventy-five years of ags. by the name cf Rogers, living in Littleton Centra, took tea as usual with the family with which she resided, and then retired to her room A little later in the evening a lady friend called in to see her. and was startled at finding her lifeless body suspended by a cord to the bad post. She was a most estimable lady, and no cause can be assigned for the aet exoept do mestic trouble. GREAT INDUCEMENTS. IO THE LADIES.?Having determined lo make a chance in iny present lusmes*, I will com* in* nee thi? day lo cell oft my stock of well selected good* at Cf st. Ladies nil! find many articles worth tbeir atten tion. I will I'ffer peat indue*-menu to all who will fiVor me with a call. A. TATE, 314 Pa. av , fc'tw. 10th and llth sts. I name in part? S:raw and Gimp Bonn* U Ronaets and Flat" fur Children Rennet and Cap Ribbons Saati and Fancy Trimming Ribbons Face and Ronnet Flower* Real Thread and Valencenne* l?ace and Edguig* Point de Lance, French pint and Other Lace* Black Silk Lace, Mitts, Bobbin Edging* ke. Cambric and S?w K?nd? and Flouncing* I to do Engines and Inserting* Kinb'd and plain Linen Handkereh.ef* And many other a ruck* too numerous to men lion. V R.?A lot ol Dress Caps which will be aold Very cheap. apll??o3t SHTRTS !?SnTRTS! NEW SHIR T ESTABLISHMENT! WASHINGTON, I). C HAVING added to our en ablishnient a depart ment for the manufacture of SHIRTS, we are prepared to make to order Start* of superior quality and finidi. Particular attention paid to ?uaxurinf. fitung and delivery at ihe shortest notice. Sample Bo5oms, worl e<1 and plain AIm, woikcd and plain French Cuff* Boys' Sliirt6 of all qualities We ^hal: give this branch our etmecial attention, and use every effort to give satiaUctioa ia pnee, make and finish. Shirt;* iH t fitting can be returned. Gentlemen'* Furnishing Goods in every style and quality. Sui<e:ior etock ef Gloves. WALL k STEPHENS, - Pa avenue between 9ib and 10th *t* Also. 304 P.i. avenue, 3 doors ea?t of Naiotul Hotel. ap 11?Hi Kill GL< IVE3.?We hate just received 50 doraa pairs of those fine Kid Glow* ai M emu a pair WALL k STEPHENS, 329 Pa. aveaue, next do?r to Iron Hall. apll ? Iw DIAMONDS, PEARLS, RUBIES, Emuarus, awl all other prec**!* stoaes eel tor Biooches, Cnmses, Rtfig*, kc., in the Inchest rtyle of ihe art. Coats of Arm*, Crest*, Letters and all de.rtees en graved on Stone*. . . M W. GALT a BPO., Jewelers, 344 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th ats. ap 11 - 3t *OR SALE At the SENATE STABLE south ? - ? * a. ? ? FOR SALE-At me nmiir, hiuii of the Capitol three good work Hon*?, and cne finp Lutfy bay Horse. .Apply at the Stable^fei Senate Post Oifice war 83? Memoirs op the countess of bles HStitea; bv R. K. Ma.Men, M K I. A., two vol* FRANC* TAYLO*. ap7

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