Newspaper of Evening Star, April 13, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 13, 1855 Page 4
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KVfcaNING STAR LIFE IS BWIIT. "Oh, life it nrttt,*1 mid a merry child, ?'And I lore, I love to roam In the meadows green, 'nea'b the ?ky serene Oh. the world is a fair / horn* There an- tree* hung thick with blossoms fair, And (lowers eav and bright; There's the Boon's cleer rsy, and the sun-lit day? On, tt.e world is a world of light!" ?'Oh, life is sweet," raid a gallant youth, A* h?* conned the started page; And he pondered on ihe . avs bygone, An i the is me of a former age. There was hope in his bright and beaming eye, And he longed for np?r tears ; He c.ung Iwli e, lie dared lU sUlfe, He felt no dread nor feara. "Oh, life Is sweet," came merrily From the hps ol a fair voting bride ; And a happy -mile she gave the while T>? the dear one by ber side. Oh. life is sweet, for we -hall live Our constancy to prove ; Thy -orrn ?s mine, my trials thine, Our soiace in our love. "Oh. lifw is sweet,'' said a mother fond, A-> She rax. d <>n her hopeless child ; And she closer pr x e?llo her gladdened brsast Hei babe, who, unconscious, untied. "My 'ife shall be for thee my child, ? Pore, guiltless,a* thou art, And who shall dare my soul to tear Fn >m the ue that forms a part ?" "Oh, I fe is nwcft," said an aged sire, Whose eye was sunk and dim; His lorm was bent, his strength wad spent? Could life be sweet to him? Oh, yes. for round the old man's chrir Hi* children's children clung ; And each dear face, and kind embrace Made life seem ever young. Thus life is sweet, from early youth T?? weak, enfeebled age; Love twines with life through care and strife, In e\ery varied stage. Though rxugli, perchance, the path we tread. And dark the sky above, In every state there s somettyig yet To live for and to love. Maciitnb to Record thb Beating of the Puls*.?Professor Bierordt has been exhibiting a machine at Frankfort, Ger many, to record on paper the beatings of the pulse. The arm of the patient is placed in a longitudinal cradle, and screwed down sufficiently to keep it steady. A small erection on one side holds a sort of lever worked on a hinge, at the end of which a pencil is inserted, the point of which has been dipped in India ink. This goes into a cylinder upon which paper has been stretched. The lever rests upon the pulse, and at every moment records the action upon the paper. If the pulse is steady a reg ular zig-zag line is drawn on the paper ; but in cases where the pulse is rapid and jerking the line goes up and down, making long and uneven marks. [Scien/t/u: American. How many Pounds in a Ton??Judge Grier, of the United States Court of Penn sylvania, has decidcd that a ton of coal is 2.240 and not 2.000 pounds. The qu-stion came before him on appeal from the United States District Court, in an action to recover for coal furnished a steamer. The judge said a company ol grocers might as well meet and agree to reduce the number of ounces in a pound, and make the smaller number the stand ard of a pound for their customers, as for coal dealers to agree that the weight ol a ton shall be 2,000 pounds. His de cision conflicts with a decision of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania* which decided a case in Pittsburgh a few months a^o, that according to the laws of Penn sylvania a ton weight was 2,000 pounds. At a late town meeting in Mar blehcad, Mass., it was voted that thi stock of liquors in the hands of th< agency, belonging to the towr., be dis tnbated equally among the legal voters and that the casks, measures, funnels and other utensils of the agency, be sole at auction. >JOYEM_LNTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS .. Leatt For Davs. \ n,f'D New York Havre Apl. Boston Liverpool.. Apl 1 Washington Bremen New York. Mar ii America Liverpool Boston .. Mar. 3 ft^The California steamer- leave New York o t!ie 5th mid ititb of each mouth. 1 ?KI VALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS Browas' Hotel?t- f. A a. brown. B L Irnund, Va E P Aistro;-, Va ?AK|rfcp?rriek, do D R Mc Aletander, do T W ?A dii.nis, Pa R II Harris and lady, do J O'D nuell, do J L hanks, o M Mc. beraon, Md T A Levenwortli, Ga ,, , K J Stmenney and lady, WJ B ail, do Va ' Berry. do Miss Senrenney, do , ~ .. '.?'k td" r E Sredles, Md I ? Mo|li?g?h. a I, DC W B Deacon, NJ > S .neman, Pa Miss M Budd, do y?,H,.Hu,;5? A J Myers and lady, Md V L Huntley. Md R H Phill j*, Va J L Hernert, NY S K Brick, jr, Pa P C Lauglev, Term W W Hill and lady, NY B L Hunt. Md G L Kickinan, Md L L Long, Mass ? Th s Bell, Pa M S K <~?-ru<m. Md J Alton, no B Davenport, Va W W Henshw and lam. ID.anu.n, O NY J Miller, Ky I) H Mu I ford and ly, do Mis- Miller, do t' O Wilson, Pa W B Slack, Md Mrs Boyd, Va H C l?or?ey, Va J || Eaton, Pa Ml1 T l> McCoweO, Va W G Ridgely, DC Wtllarda' Hot?l?a. a. A j. c. willabd Lyman B Smith, NY R 8 8 Andros, Mass John 8 AnaWe, do W T Clou-b a wile, NJ h r L Lrof s, d,, Mr * Mrs J W Paul and * a'trman, Mass d>ugh'er Pa ij H Binning, Md Capt W K Palmer, USA Me rv R s.tntord. NY Wm M Yambb, USA rl B chroede*. USA Isaa.- Fletcher, Ma*s dr Hardi**, NC Jno Glunson, jr., Md Mr Allen, eo (*?>, Gratiot Lieut V Morgan, USA John Frost, NY J H Winder,doino Flood, pa Jamee l uroer, Mich A T Molter, NY G A ii'Hyrae, Ga A II ii ibert, ?i0 ,'"T ? !,!'H *?*: d'? Richard Talicot, NY uEr"-Vi c ^stlonal Hotel s, d. wiluid C H Carter If J J Moore, Md H Harl y NV C L Scollsy M D, Va Z 'a-st^r, jr, Md V Chiragg, NY Ge? prr.u.., >ld Jno A Camalierr, MJ I Thomas Jr, Md R Small, NY W L S To a usheud DC S W Hamilton, Md W j Ti ck. Md J W Jones, Va .? L ? -N'V G VV Richer & son, Md 1 R f r^aklin, Va B B Suddist, Va lbi !.,a. Y<>ung, Conn Du: can Smith, Conn .. ..G"rb,J Pa D W Rope, NY H ? II,rk, k lady, NY R II Jannan, Va rf"C W Actki??on k ly, Va W'GUoyd a lady, Va Wn Sellers, Pa 0 OCMo^p. 1 Stotoa Hotel?r. c. hacciiit. J. V, ? H Lilly NJ i ^.?r H Auston, Pa L A w?', do J S burner j o u , G Conovee, Md E Daw?,n, o J A Durmeu, Tei O H tJmJon W J Harris, do H Martin, Wj Kl.kwood ; ? A. KllrWf(MJD J Hackens, NY C Chambers, Tex R B Jenkins, Pa A Clare k'y, Md C L Roradus, Vo J R-mers, do F A Gibbons, Md T R Haymon, do W E Hooper, do D T Williams. Mis. H N Gftmbril, do C B Crtiron, O S Wtutholl, Pa ssalon Heiias, Alexandria, %'*. _ __ _ _ * ??wto?. raorairroa. 7* AV' A A Marshall, Va a n Ir**0' ? A Roters, do 1 B B'own, Va J A Washington, do Lacoy, do w A Stephenson, do ? 1 Ashbjr. do b vv Thomas, do A Leximead, Md B Johneon, d^V J W Carpenter, Vs C Brooks, Md W Brown, Md QPRINO *TYLE STRAW BONNETS, HATS ? and Flats, Mowers and RibH<>ne of every description, select*! with great care, togeth rkJfe 1 with svary variety of Millinery goods; also, a good assortment of Fancy Goods, Perftimery, Gloves, Hosiery. All of which will be sold low tor cash. Silk, Lace, Blond, Crape, and Lawn Ilat5 made to order at the shortest notice, and in the latest Parisian style. Straw Bonnets and Hats bleached. For^ale, a new set of Fluting and Crimping machine*. WM P. SHEDD, ap 9?eo3t [Organ] 502 Eleventh -treet. MANTUA MAKING. MISS MARGARET DYER respectfully announ ces to the ladies of Washingon and vicinity, that site ha* just returned to Washington, and in tends to resume her former business, and -olicits the patronage of her former fric?.d*. >o. 44 1 l*a. avenue, between Fourteenth and Fitteenlb iti. ap 9? 2aw3w* M. W1LL1AN, LADIE8' DRESS AND TEIMMIlfO 8TOES Pa avenue. between Seventh a. d Eighth streets. M WILLI AN would respectfully announce to a tin Ladies of Washington that he has just received from the Northern cities a complete stock of GOODS, among which may be found? New style French Dress Tiimmings Fiue French Flowers and Ribands A large lot of Bonnets, in silk, scrape, and straw, of the latest patterns And an excellent assortment of handsome Embroi deries of all kinds. Dresses made in the latest Paris fashions at rea sonable rates. Pinking and Fluting, and Kid Gloves cleaned, mar 31?coliu* DR. D HcPARLAH, DENTIST, Office?No. 332 Pennsylvania avenue, ne&r Ninth street, Washington, D C. mar 20?eolm* ELDORADO HOUSE, Pa. arenur,T?ffirem Third and 4% street*, WiSHJXOTOH, D. C. CLKMBftT KKYNOLDH, (Late of Willards' Hotel,) RESPECTFULLY returns thanks to his friends and the public for their exceedingly liberal pa tronnge since the opening of his house, and he beg* tit assure them that they will always be equally pleased in future. ^iuce h'f opining his large patronage has induced him to fit up two large rooms, in a handsome style where he is enabled to fun isli DINNE t AND SUPrER PARTIES, fir fr>m two to fifty prisons, in an unsurpassed style as to quality, as well as excellence. mar 20?eolm LAW PARTNERSHIP. ^ UPR5ME COURT ()F T H E UN IT RD ST ATF 3. p ROBERT J. WALKKR and LOUIS JANIX n ?ve frrnn?><i a e partnership under the name oi '?Walker and Janin," for the argument of cases in the Supreme Court of the United Stales, at Wa^li injton nty, whre both will attend throughout the future sessions of that court They may be addressed at Washington, N. York, or New Orleans jitn 19?eo3m* THE MUTUAL FIB? INSURANCE CUMFA. 37 OF THE IISTBICT OF COLUMBIA, -? CHARTERED by Congress, offers to the propert) owners of the District safer and cheaper mean. of insurance than anv other Company. ULYSSES WARD, President. CHAS. WILSON, Secretary. MATHEW G. EMERY, Treasuier. maMaoebb. Ulysse- Ward John Van Rlswick Thomas Biagden P. W. Browning V. Howard, Mathew G. Emery. J. C. MeKeliien. Otfice, Columbia Place, cower Louisiana avenu; an ! 7th street. Office hours from 3 to 6 o'clock p.m. feb 20?eotf beauWful spring goods. 1E have now in store a very larg# and splendn Vf Stojk of NEWr GOODS, at.d having b?*t-i bought at the large auction rales in New York Wi invite the special attention of purchaser , to call an> examine for themselves befor" making ^lieir selec Sons. We name a few leading articles. 25 pieces very rich black Silk, from 75 cents to $2 25 pe yard 100 do rich p ain, stripe and plali Spring Si* very ch- ap A larg- a-s ?rtinent of Spring Mon"9?-lin6e, Chally di Laines, Gingban.*, La vns, Bcreges, plain an' printed 25 of the cheapest plain Crape Shawls ever offen i in this market With an endless variety of new style Spring Shaw l and Scarfs at greatly reduced prices "'"hlfte Diapers, Nankins, Towelling. Irish Liner.s Linen and Cotton Sheetings, superior 8h:rt ing Cottons in great abuncance Winch will be sold low for cash or to our promp cus'omers. COLLEY & SEARS, No. 523 Seventh st. 3 doors above Pa. a v. mar -29?e.?iw IjlOR SALE?A VERY FINE SADDLE AM Buggy H' iRSE. The horse is young. ^C\, L' ntle and -min i, nnj of fine stock ; would in ike either a very ti#e carriage horse, or n very pleasant ruling nor?e. Also, for sale an excellent work horse, perfect' sound. Apply to No. *3 Dunbarton st, Gwrget'r mar 1?lawtf , SEWING MACHINE AGENCY. rpiIE undesigned, having been appointed sol ?. agent for the sale of Wheeler, Wilson la Co. S^-wu.g Machines in the District of Columbia, t? xpectfully notifies the public that he is prepared 1 turnisli any number that may be ordered at short n< ttce, and to guarantee the i xtractions that may b necessary to enable the purchasers to work them t their entire satisfaction, and to keep them in pei feet or tier. There admirable Machines, having inform ly n c?-ived tiie highent premiums where vw tbey hav been exhibited, can be confidently relied on to d ail the varieties of family sewing, as wcii an those ? tailors, clothiers, shirt makers, manma m.ikt-s, So soon as our arrangements can be complete we shall have an office pen, where the taa ?inn? can be seen running at all times during the day aji l where specimens of the sewing may t?e htul. Tlie price for a Machine complete In ail rejp? cfc has beeu reduced to ?10u. P. J. STEER, Washington Place, Serenth street mar 31?eo2w ORGANS FOR SALE. ASUPEItlOK toned CHAPEL ORGAN; and i fine Rosewood PARLOR ORGAN, both nov >n exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechani<s' Fair They are from tbe manufactory <?f HENRY ERBE? of New York. - For terms, fcc , apply to Prof. SCHEEL, on 14tl street, north of F. HENRY ERBEN. leb 26 eotf (Mo. f 33.] Notice of Withdrawal of certain Lmuis it IVisco/tti/i. HERKA*. in pur'uanes of a ioi >t rssolutiot ? f of Gin^rftsS, ent ll-d "A rrsilution . xpUna tory of an a< t ^a**-d Augu?t th.rd, eighteen hun (ired and fif y four," *pp ovel Ms-eh 3,1855, relst lo< to the Fox anl Wisconsin river grant, the ef f-;t < t which is to snlarg* s id gra t from thr^w tr fi7s see ions In width, the J*rrjident of the Urntsa Si tet has, by hh ordsr bearing Jate the ninlh day of March ultimo, directs that certain to?nrhipt 'tcat*d i? ta^ or Wiscoiut-i. on esch side ot th- Porte^e i anal and the Fox river an l the lak-s hr> ugh whic . it pa^aAs, (including ih? lands h?'e ?tore with drawn and witbheid for ?aid grant,) sha:l b" withdrawn from sals or entry for any purpose whatever until further orders SoT'Ci is th>Te*.re hvrwby giren that e?id lands s^tua ?d as hereinafter desc.-ibel haTe this day bena withdrawn from ^ale or ?n>ry vwotdlogly,to wit: In the district of lands su^je-tto sale at Mekasha Xorth of the bate line and east of the fo urth princi pal meridian Township 12, on the left bank of the Wisconsin river, ard townships 13 and 14, (f range 9 TownahJye 12,13 and 14. of rauge 10 Townsn<p 14, of range 11 Townships 14, 16^i6, 17, and 18, of rtuge 12 Townships 15,10,17 and 19, of range 14 Townships 17, le and 19, of range 14 Townsh p 17, 18, Itf. snl 20, of range 15 Townships 15,10, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21, of range 10 Tcwnsnips 16, 10,17,18, lit, 20, 21, and 22, of rang* 17. Townships If, 10,17, 19, 20, 21 and 22 of range 18 Township* 10, 17, 18,19, 20, 21, 22, and 23. of range 19 Township* 21, 22, 'Ji-i and 24, of range 20 Townabips i2, U3 and 21, range 21 In the district of lands subjee*. to sale at Mixxbal P>iht : Xorth of the Uue line and of the fourth princi pal meridian. Townships 12, 13 a?d 14, cn the left bsnk of the Wincocmn river of range 8 i In the district of and4 rutyect to ^ale at tiiKYucj' Pourr: Sortk of the line and ea*t of the fourth principal meridian. Townships 15 and 10, of raoge 8 T'wns*tps 1? and 10, of rarge 9 T'.wptblps 15 atd 10, of range 10 Townships U, 10 and 17, of rang* 11 "??? 0wb?ral Laud at the olty of W-shlc-gtcn. Lbl? tL'.rd day of April, Anin I)cir:lni one thousand sight bund ?d and Q ty By order of the President: ap Commission? JZ3* ?1L*0N' vommiH?oner of General L?nd OAcs ifovli * boYPt BLIND MAKERS k UPHOLSTERERS, i ? OLJLD respectfully inform their mendaand VV the public generally that they^'^w ' ? ?re prepared to attend to all orders in ;j25 thf r line of buiiocw* ?jittiisu All kind, of ufhol8terino neatly eiecuted; finch as?Cutting and^ja Making carpets, Fitting down Matting air and Oil Cloth, Making and fitu; e upejj lied and Window Curtain*. Hair. Shuck l|! and other Mattresses, Pew and other fll, . Cushions, Spring Beds, Lounges, Easy, and sick Cnaire. We have In store? Window Phades and Trimmings, Cords and Tassela, split Blinds, ??'de Paper tor Curtains. VENITIAN BLINDS made in any style, and old ditto repaired to look as well a9 new All kinds of old Work repaired, and all or ders thankfully received and promptly attended to for 'ash, or a perfect understanding before hand. If you want the worth of y <ur money just giveus a call, at No 391 Pa. avenue, south side,betw. 9tb I and 10th streets mar 30?tt Sipkctaclks, EYE CLASSES, fcc., Gold, Silver, and fine Steel Spectacles, Eye Glaf 9l c partunilar attention paid to the selection of Glas*e? adapted to the eyes of wearers. M. W. GALT fr BRO., jejrekrs, 194 Pennsylvania avenue, inar 98?tf IN IV OTITIC ?I received this ilay a new nij-<ort ^ , ment of SLEEVE BUTTONS and STUDS, of the latest styles. Also, a variety of other new Goods: as Vest Chains, chatdains, Bracelets, Puis, Earrings, Rings, etc. Great inducements offered to purchasers. if. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th et?. (to- netr Points put to Gold Pens at short notice. Diamonds remounted, and Jewelry made to order, mar 29? tf "~2E"?lian pianofortes. /ti Another of these beautiful instruments made by T. Gilbert & Co., Boston, can now be seen at our music Depot. ? , Also, a splendid papier mache case parlor Melo deon, made by 1'. o. Gardner si Co , Conn. IULBUS & HITZ, mar 96 Star huimijfis. NEW SONG. 'tefhy DID I LOVE FALSE FLORA, words v\ and music by W. B , of ihis city, and dedi | cated to Inex Allison, the fair Guitarist This son? ha- a most charm me melody. Just pub lished and lor mile by IllLBUS HITZ. ap4 LOOK HE RE!!! \ f ORE BOUNTY LAND TO ALL who served yl in any war since 1790, whether as Officers Soldiers, 8 tilors. Marin -*, Clerks, Indians, Chap lains, Wagon Masters, teamsurs, Landsmn, (or i their widows or minor children) who have not yet ree' iv -4 full 160 acres, and hive been in service 14 iv. \ will do well ti, write to us. postpaid, and their ln : Warrants will be forwarded to them for the tb \ auantity, and no charge if they do not get it. LLOYD &. CO., Claim Agent'? Office, opposite U. S. Treasury, washington City, D. C mar 6 -Jm JOS. NEFF'S PREMIUM VIOLINS AND VI olincellos can be seen at our Music Depot. Amateurs and the profession are invited to call and try the-e excellent instruments HILHUS si HITZ, Agents. A good Contrabass lor sale low for cash, if imm*j | diate application be made as above. mar 93 ' | banking HOUSE OF paiko & kouese, Oppf+ite United States tvesitrjt. kONDS, Stocks and oth<* mwarittss ptut-hased l j and sold. , Interest at the rate of six per cent pr annum al lowed on deposits nen left ior 39 days rr longer. |an 24?6iti oougus, COLDS, HOARSENESS, ksllcf la f'ivs rainntca. TYLER 3 VOMPOMfD QUM ARABIO SYSVf. ?acr??ing demand Tor this narst, | an 1 eficaeiooe remedy far all pulmonary hio enable! the p-o'-rietcr tr. r-kjaes th? i i t?i? so an ' o pitta it will:! ;j * he reach cf al' clvse* i i It* superiority ovef filrjua. prepatnt.^n* k crai^fnt oht?;<>>?4r>s whv bu' -j c;* i>yi vi(:ieit?t of its e??c;-.-y when tii? u?vu.! reaf lit b'.ve failed; al?o v' tfcouand cf onr m'-st r?!* citiiv'ni ~ho i!?d it in tveir <a;n!!ier | b..:h s- prcv.-0'we <snl c*j"e with never fa'lia* tjae i *c? f r the last twenty ye?r?, dorieg which p?rio . W>'\ very little from rdv*r'.!sin t *c., it h? rr?r:?'! ' epresd reputivion r.7?r the whole i ;kio^ | in of reoei:t CUdl cuvytf, F''>artfnett, fs^ it git*5 iiaaadiate relief, and s?n- r&ily cures m * d** cr t*td, ^itbr.nt interfering with di?t or basii.5 *, ot ?r*srlnc: th? -^yftem raore 6tt?<vptib!e c! co:<3c, i ebvesis taaes, Asthma. Whcop-ng Cough, Croup i Affections r,f Itu L'jnos, a ontawr i t*"r, it is alwaya very beneficial, and eelioaa iali 1 whf n ecritnenc^l in tirn* to perfect a ct:'?. Fr?oe d 50 cer.te a bcl:le. whc>?a> *^1 pat*' rr? \ na!ra, stou t ly. rmtriy A Co. alexoadna l..y A jc | 0 ??.-^etctti hr Mr. C5?1'/"-. i J- TTLSITS HUM An FTC CAATD ? DROtt a miailar conjt>o?itlcn tc th* 3bovs, but !n t m*'de! aid m->r* poi*?bl* ; th-:y act like a iharm oc a trcnble?o:a? cncgli, ai.d cl^tr the thvoa: an*' voioe; ihey eonttln no injurious drag, are pariloti Uriy twriniaendert for children, fiequsnters ?nu' l;- &^a?2ibuee, public speakers. biujers, ?3 r?rfrs l'i>4 itcd 26 oerts par ??o*. ?cr pals at uk' 't asd caudy 2tcre;. o.-tt 17?tf -1 INVIGORATING CORDIAL A PHEft0MEN0ist IN MEDICINE, ttealtu restored a*?? LTFI xi. ij:s<ith*n5p, by l:<.. ^loofs a tkvxg0iiat:*?q ?ltslt; OH ooliihaf..?at Crit tr.j r.rop" ties httributfi to Pro-. j10*^3/?'3 invigc1lsiin^ fcLIXth or vof.DIAL v;re defaii-d jkbcjotij. ti11 pul'iie .'?aa tcutd nsf tetezc V.m rlzzpb and sablicis trnths stinour .*^1 by th?? <jt2otter?r ? i--it f&cts, lnisiilame ettcate-1 by wit' esisa o1 the bigbaat ci4.18 raj ii? now triumph .rer doubt... if.'chsiiullty 13 otzh iir0*?ri by a c?a-2 of ??ftimior.y is ?rc-rlumi. tha strxih isftjedl^?; la all can*:, ths deplorabli ?riis arl;ing froic ajei5u3? or sbxiee cf tb? v?tfoa? i^^uns ttlilch ntkn uy the *7 *1 j' *f?il machine callad a2d. It rest^ree to fell v jcr ?very sulr.ate tunr vi??n ocnnectod with that nysterious compound ?jfeony cf uail;r nd aslcd, nfcejsnry to tiie juction oj hurtC ? ?iff.. To t>ev3ona of t>eb!o on*:?? iar tritme, or deficient ln Tital p' wer, k is yoc^m .leaded as the only m?an^ of communicating thii ^n?rgy which if n?ees?*ry to the proper enjeymer;! o( all the amtaral appetite", s.s well as the bighc* mental attributes. its benetlrial effects are not orn aned to either sex or to any age. tha fesbla girl, th? ailing wife, the libtlese, ernevated youth, the overworn man ct buslneeii, the victim of nt rrctss de pression, the irdividnal suffcring from general >]<*? bility, or from the wenknes^ of a s'ugle or^an. will all find Immediate and permanent relief froa th? use of this in^cuipareble renovator. To those who hare a predisposition to paralysis It will prove a complete and ao&illng safeguard against that terri ble malady. There are many, perhaps, who have so trifled with treir con^titationa, that they think ibemmved beyond the reaeh of medi'^ine. Let not ?ven thf_edef(air. Ills hlixir deals wltn disease aa it exists, ?^itheut reference f- oaure?, aud will not nly remove the disorderitoelf. b-it RKSUILD tqs broxrn conbtttution The ierangementfl of the system, leading to est ?ouij iise^ei, ncd the farms of nervous diseiee it miu are to nuinf ious thut it vr<rald require a column to enumerate the malaaie* for which tfcds prepara tion is a specific. A few, however, may beenume rated, vu: nouraigla. tic dolereaux,hea1ache. incip ient paralysis, hysteria, palpitation of the heart, spi na affections, muscular delii lit?, tremers, flatu!?noe, a pnc'ung sensation in the fie^h, n'jtnbneus, torpid ity ot th liver, mente.1 depreerion, wet-knees of the will, indlspi^'tion t? m.^e, falntneas aft^r exercise, broken sleep ai 1 terrifviuj a :auh, inability to r> main in ca? p'.ao* -1 position, weakness of the pro -reatiro organs, ?exuai icc rapeteccy, melancholy, monomania, floor elbue, - nking at the stomach, fe male irregularitiM, a chrot.u tendency to miscar riage, emaciation, and all oouplaints grow inn out ol a free indulgence of the [ assiarjs, and ai; barrenness that does net proeeed trom organic cause# beyond the reach of medicine. Whenever the organs to be toted upon are free from malformation or strictural dUeanee it is averred that MORSE'S INVIGORATING KLIXZR will replaoe waaknees with strength, incapacity with efficiency, irregularity with uniform and natural ao tivity, and this not only without hazard of reaction, but with a happy effect on the general origaniiation. Bear in mind that all maladies, wherever they be?ic, /inuh with the nervcus system, and th?t the paralisation of the nerves or moUon and sennrtic-u is physical death. Bear in mind aUo, that for every kind of nervous disease the kiiier Cordial it- tlm only reliaMa preparation known CAUTIOR. Da. U jMM'9 iimaobarwg cj&nui. has been coca ?erfHte'' by some unprincipled persons. In future, all the genuine cu tlal will biv* tle Eroprl?tcrV fac simile pastel jv*r the oc.rk of tt-.-K ottie. and tba foilo*lns wcrdc blown in the j'.oas dr*oria'i Inrl jrora!in(r Cordial, C n, !u?u, Proprlator, S.Y, The ooi^lal is pat up highly concentraud, !l pint bottiee. pr**,?*3 per bottle; two for |i; rtx tor ivi. 0. h, iling, propnttor, in broadway, sn v0tk. hoij> oy throofhou! ths Oaaadas, we^t Indies. AGENTT. Washington?s. I>. giltt^i?. baldau^re?8. 8 ban(l;. Riohmond?bfnnbtt i. ii&KUu CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. Vllt Grant PirlAir of tilt Blood I T.ot a Partiela of Mercury In It 4s Ixt Li.tsu Ruict lor Scrofula, King's Evil, : ttbeomatis a, Ob?tiiate Cntan-.^us Eniptions, Pinile? vt Pustules on tha fao-, Blotches, lioils, Cbr>;.;. : Sore fly*, King Worm or Tatter, Staid 9oa<'. Tda-geicent and Pain of 'he Bones and Join'a, Staboorn Ulcers, Syphilitic Disorders, Lumbago Spina! Ccuplauti, an i all the di?*a*- ? arising from an injudicious uje of Mercury, Im prud icce in Life, cr Imparity of ?be Bood I^HId valuabl* Medicine, * hich ha- becora* cale? i l?rat-d for the number cf vxtm-rdinary cures. sff?ct?d through its ageacy, baa ind ao?d the propri etors. at the org nt request of thrir fttenda, io offsr it w? the pubilc. which tb-j do with the utmost ood a-.'.enst in its ?lrtu*s and wonderful curative prop ?tl s The following certificate, lelected Jrom a large number, are, bower cr, stronger testimony thaa tho msre wo_d cftbe proprietor" ; and are all Croc.' gentlemen wo!l known in th ir localities', an-l of th* highest, respectability, many of tb-m rat-Ming ? e the city of Richiao d. Va. F. BOTDKN, Esq,, cf tba Exchange Hotel, Rich mond, known everywhere nays he ha* seeu * he Med idne called Carter's Spahsh MizTUU,alm<niatereu in over a hundred cases, in uearly ail the dies sgef foe which it 1* recommenced, with the most aston ishingly good results He aajs i: is the most ax traardinary medicine he be? '-ver peen. AO UK AND KKVK'l?03EA? CURE.?I hereby certify that for three years I bad Ague aod Feve of the mo t violent de.icriprion. I hid several Phy ?i Jans, tooh Urge quan -ties of Quinine, Mercury, and I bel eve alt the Tonicn advertised, but all with out permanent relief. At last I tried Carter^ Spanish Mixture, two bottles of which ?fl-ctnal!* surad me, ant I i.a happy to say I hare ha 1 mit'iei sbllls or fevers since. I consider it the tert look in this world, and tha enly medicine that ?ver reached my case. JOHN JX>NGD^. Bravex Ditch, near Richmond, Va. 0. B. LUCK, 15eq., now in the city of Richmond and for tniuy years in the Poet Office, has such ?nfld?nc* in the astonishing efficacy of Garter's 3p .ni?h Mixtura. that he bao bought upwards of M bottles, which be has given away to tha afflicted.? Ur. Luck says he has never known it to fall whan aken nooording to directions. Dr. MING8, a practising Physician, and formerly .'f the City Hotel, in the city of Richmond, says he !?*? witnessed in a numb"? of instances the effects ol Oarer'a Spanish Mixta re, which were mon? tru'y -urprlfi.ig. He says Ir a case of Consumption, d.v nend-nt en the Liver, the good effeett warn won derful indeed. ? BAMLEL M. BRINELRR, of the fiim of Drinker k Slprri't, Richmond, was cured cured of Liver Ocm pl-slot of three rears stan-iipg, by the us;: 1 two ^r'tlaa cf Carter's 8pan> h Mixture. GRKVf CORK 0* rtJilOJULA -Th? Bd.tora of the Richmond P.epnblicnn h d e !?*'v*nt employed in thuir press room, curt J of Scrofula, c^m binf4 Rheumatism, whi>-h entirely disabled him from work. Two bottles of Cartor's .*p&c^o Mixture mtde a perfect cure of him, an-i the Edi tor in a public notice, nay they ''cheertully re?-ia mtn * it to nil who aro a9<;cied with euy djsse*e ol theblooi!," nTILL ANOTHER CUR3 0? SOROFULA.?IlnJ a yery valuaV.e boy cur*d of Scrofula by Carter's Spanish Mixture. I conciucr it truly a valuable mettkine. JAMES M. TAYLOR. Conductor on th? 3. P. an-1 P R. R. Co , Richmond, Va .'AfiT [UTEUM 0? TWENTY YEARS STANDING y CU r 3D Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, rosidln< in the city of Ricomon !, vas cured by thr^e bottles of Carter'? ipanirjj Mixture, of Salt 'Rheum, which he hsd for aearlT t-wty years., and which all the physicians of the. ei'-I nuld not cure. Mr. Thompson is a well fcwn? ? ; "'vhr.nt in the rity of Richmond:' and bis b m? i>\ -ir^'arkable. \y*&.2ZATTHE v?8, of Richmord had a servant rar*? ct t'37h:iis, in the wor3t form, by Ca ter's -if finish Mixture. He Ray3 he cheerfully recom* a^ndaIt, andconridats It a very invaluable me.'i "ioa. EDVViN BURTON, oommissioner of th?? revenue, iays he haa seen the good effects of Carter's f ptnish Mixture ;n & number of ?yphilitio cases, and iays it is r. oejf'iot ?ur-, f> r that horrible <iiaease. ?7M. G. !i AiiV70<)D, ef Fichmood, cur?rl of old rfcres smI iJloera, wh ch disabled hia f.em walking. I'oolt u bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, aud rjuufcl-1 to wa'.k without a orutch, in a ehcrt ?liae p**maoetj iy cured. iTinuipal L'epots at M V7AS.D, CLOSE k CoH No. -8 Maiden I>ne, N?w York. T. vV DYOTT A SONS, No. 162 North Second ht^ PL '.fcdelchia BKNNETT A BEERS, No. lib Main g^aet, Rich oond, Va. And for sale by CHARLES 8T0TT, Washington. D. C; IIENKY PKEL, Al^xu Miria, and by Druggets ?rerywb?re. Fricj $1 p-r bottle, or fix bott>s f^r 13; seD 21 ?17 Private Medical Treaties os rai HI BIOLOGICAL Y1K V? OF MARRI AGE, BT BE B. LA CROIX, IS. D? ALB ANT, N F. if.O Pugss and 130 Fioe F.ain and Colored Litho graphs and i lates. ?T Price omy ?5 Casts. T* 43Tcrnt fr*- of postage to ?21 parts of the Unionist CHEAPEST LOOK EVER PUBLISHED, f nd containing B?i?rly d ub!e the q'lantity of rra 'iug matter in that of the FIJTY CitNTS OP. IK)LLAR PUBLICATIONS. It treats on the PHYSIOLO GY OF MARRIAGE, and the secret 1 flrmitlerand disorder of ,outh and maturi-y, re sulting from ex< sss^fl, which destroy the physical and men tal powetg, with observations on marriage, its duties and disqualifications, end their remediee; with lithograph-, illustrating the ?natomy and physiology, and <!is*e*is of the repro ductive organa of both sexes, their structure, uses and tunctitfns. A popular and compreh?ci.iys fr?a tise on the duties and casual" ,e f aingle and D)ir ri^d life?happy and *ra.v.-:I al,:ai.seg, n.-*ie cf se fluring them infel'oitop.e *'?> iofe.tfle ones?t>^lr sovi?tiou and repx7a.~iar;-ortunt hir.t* to tJj'--? sootemnlatiuK rastrir.cny. tri^t will overcome 0b jectioiif* to it; Bona- tit.*^r. should take this Im portant s ep w? ijout f^at consulting its pages * ui4ientaru*8 o i tld ulsetises ?ci ruedicM treatmtnt at fearing frou_ ir^ncy to old ai?, each case graph '?call? il'ustratra by beautifui Uthograpbio plates ? ceryoan debility, iti e.vup<*4 <? ud cure, by a protean a* enc^ Kt circuit1, -fe an l ?ff-ctual. that laiJur<? is lra; ;-?fcbi??rules for dally maciag*roeat?an esas.y m Hp rmatorrhcea with j raciical ot serv&tions on a ^afsr, aud mr>r? eucceaaful mode of tr?a'ment?pre ?uti.->nsry hints on the evils resulting irom ampiri ml practice?an eway oa all diseases r.risiag from Indi&Tetlon, with plain and uimple rules by which all peruana cs^j cur^ themselves without merenrv reme<li?>s f^r those self inflicted miseries ana dlssp jointed hop?u so unfortunately prevalent in the young. It ia a truthful advlrar to tho manled and chos? of/ntemp'.ating marriage. Its perusal Is (nr ricuiurly recommended to persons entertaining se jret doubts of their phyaicu^ndltlon. and who ere %nFdoas of having haiard^^s health, htpplnr w ?nd priviiege9 to which every human Leing is en titled to. Price 26 cents per copy, or five copies for ono dol ?tr. Mailed fri^ of postage to any part of the Uni ted States. N. B.?Those who prefer may consult Dr LaCkck apon any of the diseases upon which hU book trerts either er^nally or by mall. Medlolne s^.nt to any part of the Union according to directions, 6*f<.l> packed and carefnlly cocured from all observation Address Dr. M. B. LA CttOIZ,No 31 Jdkidan Une ar Post Office Box 6/8, Albany. N. V. Office opon daiiy frc m D a a t? C p m, and cn Suudsy from ? until 6 pm. O" Office Kamovad from ho 68 Beaver ?* to 31 liliildaM Laaa, Albacv, li. y. dec 7 AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENSE LETTHK SICK UBAR THE TRUTH. Captain Benjamin.?Wherever known his tcsil inony will be conclusive. But lest those who do not know the Captain should be sceptical, Dr. Law sun & Bro., with others of the best known and most highly respectable citizens of Eaxton, endorse his wonderful cure by HAMPTON'S VEGETABLE TINCTURE. Eauton, Oct. 4,1854. A/enT?. Mortimer if Mowbray: Gentlemen?I feel it my duty to y?u and the pub lie to certify to the effects of Humpton's VegeiaLle Tincture. I was for mor?* than five years tailoring under a disease of Chronic Rheuitiati-iA. and tht great part of that unie 1 was so helpless that I had to be helped from my bed and dressed iu inyclothes I became reduced to a mere skeleton. All tftc med icutes 1 tor.k done ine no good, and 1 continued t<> grow worse. I heard of Hiunptou's Tinct'ire and thought 1 would give it a trfal. At this ume I dil not expect to live one day after another. 1 I'd noi take it (the Tincture) for the Rheumatism, tun ir. a short time I was well ?.f that disease. From tht t ffecu of your'1 uicture and Uic help of <<od lam now getting in good health. I wisli alT the alfiicted to try Hampton's Vegetab.t Tinctnre, ai 1 iuve d ?ne, with the saute effect uial it haa on Your ibedient servant, Isaac BenjaJUK. We are ac<|iiainled with Isaac Benjamin, him rums ot lianipton's Vegetable Tincture, anub* drve the above statement correct. Dawson k. Bro. Fiom our kitowN dp) of Captain Benjamin we art confident that the above statement is true and tin exageratud. J. A. Johnson, Charles R-jbinsok. Call and got pamphlets gratis, and pee c.ires oi Cough, Bronchitis, Kheumatism, Neiiuni'ia, llvs pepsia, Nervousness und General Weakue ?s. As a ?emaU medicir.i or for dalicsta childien we bdmv? It unequellel. * ' 8otd by MORTlMfcR h MOWBRAY, iiObadi more stieef, Balummat and KM Broadws.y, N. Yoik Cbas. Stott k Co., J. B. Moore, D. B. Claris Claris fc Bowlinb, W. Elliot,and II. McPher son, Washington; also. b^R. 8. F. Cissrl, George town, and C. C. Berry, Alexandria, and By Drug jmm awarj wh?:*. jaa 8~tr [No 680 1 Bjr tkt Pr?ild?at oflh* CtlUdlUtM. IS j orrawwoflw, I ?R ANKUN PTIRCM, Prm , idrat of th? Unlt-d fctat#- of Aukertcm, 4o hereby dect&re and make known tfca' a puWiJ Mle *IU N? hoid at the Und oflks* nt aobgsta, in tbe Su e cf i Mississippi. commencing on Mondar,1be tw*nty-firit , day of May next, for tV? disposal of all th*t portiou of .he faction* oni p-ru o' sestions of land be?rin< ? odd cumber* within six m lee on each *Vle of th<? j lin- of the Mob-lb ito Ohio mm ftanjtoatt, In the Stat** of Au ava an I Mu&isa m sufcj*t to th- t dc uble minimum pnoe of two dollar* and fifty cent* i Br aero, a* prt Tided by the act ot 20th September, , 50. aud excepted from graduation u to price by , the act of 4th Amru*:, 1854, which wer- alvertip*; to b* offered for a?le in p-oeUm*tion 492, b??r inn date 23d May, 1B&3, but subsequently witt drawn ucti' farther oot.c> for the pror*** d -a.lrrad from Brandon to Montrraery br pubhc no ieo No. 491. bearing date 19th August, 1663: and the timi: not being suty'ct to private ?ntry at the date ot *4d withdrawal, were consequently not rr stored to mar ket by general notioe No. 622, dated 6th ieptember, 1*54, situated in the undermentioned township*, to wit: North of the base line and east of the Choctaw men dian. Township Jomr, of rang* t hi teen Townships three, four Jive, and dm. of rang* four teen Tovmhips three, four, flTe, rtx an.1 mven, of ra- ge flft-en Township* three, four,fi-sf., sir, *??< arwen/>f ran;* rixteen iowoshlps five, <ic, and stim, of range re Tea te*n Towrah'p teven, of range *igbt?on Notice I* also i ere by g??en tbat all he land* *'t uate* outside of tbe iHmilr limtU on each aide of tbe above road withdrawn aid not triae* roatcred to vrivate entry ae aboy* utatol, which will he mo jdot to entry at one dollar and twenty-five oe te per acre, or (if lor actual settlement aud preemp tion) at th* pric* pre* ribed by the graduation act of 4th August, 1864. in the following-named district* and township* in the State* of Mia* mippi and Ala ba-ca, will be aubject to entry and location on and after Monday the nineteenth day of March next, to wit: In tbe district of land* subject to sale at Acocbta, Mississippi : North of the base line and east <f the Choctaw meri dian. Township* three, four, five, six and aeven, of rang* twelve Townships thr^e, four, fire, r'x, and wwn, ol range thirteen Township* three, four Jive, rim and seven, of range fourteen Town?hip erven, of range fifteen Towashi^* three, four, an! five, of range sixteen Township* three, four, five, six, and term, e! ran *e seventeen Townships three, four, five, *ix, and leveti, a1 range eighteen. In th? district ct lan 1a subject to tale at tx*op> ltb. Alaeama : North oj the base lini and west qf the principal mt ridia*. Town-hip# thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen and seventeen, of ranee two Townrh ps thirteen, fourteen, fi'teen, rixteen and tnmiten, of range three To?ro?fcipa thirteen, fourteen, fifteen sixteen an-". 6ev?Lt"*?n, of lange four Township* thirteen and fourteen, of ran^e five The township* designated in r man fet'ers are wholly within the limits of six and fifteen mil** re Sffctively on each Hde of said read and'hose n italic* are partly within *'id iim'tr, as deeigna ei on the diagrams which will be furnish*! to tbe re spective district oflloeis by the Crmmi*:ion *r of the General Land <?flioe. The land* will be soM, subject to the right of tray grant*! by the act of 20th September, 1850 to th* State* * foresaid for said railroad, uot excteling one hundred fett on each side thereof, and .herefore the paiticular tract? cf lanu which include the road w 11 be b 14 m containing the quantitu* respect Tely shown by the offlj al plats. The Mction* will bf offered at the public sale in ti e ;rler in which th?y are advertised; tbo sal? will be tept cpen for a Fufficient time to admit of offering ait the lands, but n^t exceeOiag two weeks, and applications to ma^te private en'ries of the lands offered at public sul* uuder this proclamation vitl uot be re- eived until after the c:c*e rf the tw^ we?ts. ' Gireii under my hau l, at the city of Washington. th:s;evon'h day cf Februsrv, Anno D^tciai one thju<>and ei^h: hundred and fllty fiv-. PUANKLIN PIERCE. t*y tLe Pr??*ident: Joh.t Wa*o!?, Comm'seionet General uai.a uuact. NOTICE TO PRTi-KM P1I0N CLAIMANT?. Under th? act of Oragten approved 3d of March, entitled "An ect 'o exteLd pre empties rights to ccrtain settlor* therein mention?*," the pre emp tio t la * were extend id < ver 'be above m-c'iote-J alternate o^d nuwbeifd P?cti'.as within s'x miles f n ench Btdeo! the route of the road where the settl* E. ^r^t and improvement were mad' r.-Vit to the da'e of nil tzimt, if proven up and palJ for at the rats O.'tffoaollara aod fitly cent? per acr*, before the d*v fixed for the public sale ; and by the act up proved ?7th March, 1864, *atitl?d "An act for the r-lief of e-'.tlera on lands reaerved for railn>ad pur poses," persons who settled ard improved the ab<>ve named ?entiona prior U> tbe date of withdrawal *ill be entitled to preemptions at th?ordlnary minimum I ri.-e of the public lands, or at the r-itc of ?>ne dollar and twenty-five cent* p<>r acre, if proven up end paid for brf ie the day fixed for the pub.ic sale:? Therefore, every person entitled to the ;igHof pre emption in any of the alterant^ odd numbered sec t on*above mentions', witbin six nilesot tbe route of the road, uoder tbe act of 3d March, 1853, abr v* rt ferred to, on settlements made prior to th? 4th of Febru iry, 1^53, (the date ot allotment) or under the act of 2< i\ Match. 1854, on settlements prior to the dat^ cf tbe original wrhdra#al of the iard-s from market, likewise everv p-rhon entitled to p-e empticn under tb<? act "f 2tth March, 1864, in any o: the iands o&Cj>de oj the tix mile limts dire -ted t be restoraJ to eu ry on the 17 th day of March next is required to ea^itlis! the *ame to the sati?f.ctiun of he re uter and receiver of the prcj>er la- d oftce. and makn pavment therefor at th? pr'c* fixed ly law as vw as i-ractxoable after se?in* this notice, and before the d y sppointtrd for the publ c sale < r re'toration to m.-irk^t of the land* embracing the traci claimed; otherwise such rlai n will b- forfeited. 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This link op pacret* sails weekly from p!T 14 East River, Nrw York,tad oflraer If nccMMii. und arc romp- roii at the follow teg ftm cles* v> -<*. i.?: ??w . ! r. .i. r. Rrtrll, Bod ell. mh?.. N?w tirhr. Hot' BeHeU, A. V. Trrdwell. Sehr. .Inn I), VVm. OtiTer, I *ch-. L. A. Simtb, mwr, Sehr. Comrnand*r-i?-Ckuf, Wogij. , Thll' vv"'"on, master. These .re *i| fa* ^,lerv. and the I *Une mutt befell 8. 8. MASTER;':^- T ? fth 1-fc THOIf%? V?* *vasbir.jttoo and D. C. CFOMWKUL'H BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP UN* BETWEEN 1>U| *]l| new yowl >mli:v' ^ boston, WB $ELcU? 8l?n,rr daj,y from Baltimore and Nrw \ ork, and twice a week from ~ l""hlU' "orr ?nd Baltimore to Bo*ton. I nw lint- Tff .rd* nnif]uall?d facilities to the ii?*m men of the District of ('oiiimNa. The Arena sffisn rrcHve ??* *??* ? though Washington ai the lowest raieso? freight and no commission* charged. Analicatk* 58 Enhance PI 'oe. Raltimore. _ H. B CROMWELL, ?,f "aohlngton and Albany *t?., ltf. T. Ixn ? JNO- W- SOHA&K, * H-d3tn Pool of India Wharf, Bu^m. FOR THE >1 EST AND SOU TIL BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAI I\K(tA n ARRAN iRUKNfA FOR TKAVKLl" IMPORTANT CHANOiJS Of SCBMDUDM! I 55 ^Z2S?550 , Th< ,Ut* c?n option of the r*l whio Kfcilroad between Whehngand Columbua, nnltlM ai -Tdo^Vl^ RX-uitSTS ? ?nn L iv P'rtioc" of the WeM (an4 North ^Jthweatj girea tb<* route rreat'v inched T?o fc/?a TH^0iUGH PAPiENOERS. V-J*? *Tf win tun In each d?rarti?. ? - ~ Ai f j TRAIN, feavicg Camden Station X" 'a ?'' ?i 8 o'clock as her -tofor# fexrwnt oi i ondsy.) and a-Hrlc* :.t Wheeling at 2 40 a m TRAIV. |ea?mV.t fp ?? S??h to v v r,m ' M Jd rannSj - '?t i > v n. Tii5? fraia will rton at vr w t'f r? V 'UI,Ctl??? SjkMTltl., M,L.^ry, H.r^" i ;- jmo^t ^"^2:8ir^fchn'' n?T^n>blT^2 i!<*bur*1 N*wbar<, rntensun. Pars! Cameron and M^nnd*;Title on!v far mrjiA ?-b r iO*ap? and regular cc-nn?ction with th? e?m ?f C.?brilf^ Lo.^ilS 'aaduSkS^^ft Cin-mnaU, LoaimrUla, I^yU*. Vf % . Toled**, Indluta^nLa Chloaao MmSd^s I'^^erg leaving HalllJore by tba a;:y. wblW. by tfce S^Sj1?|^ a.ia:wasa!r? "*bm o? Paaaengerc for tba Northwest T?a (Her*'* -><t lion f<-:jU "'U msae. U?CD th> C.creland and Pltt? i .J ? r, all timen whe-: the Ohio ia nariim. zg&x&JS :vi f^KSi V.LS " ?1 ""?* -?"* ">"w. w "h \ur h 'icketa let ween Baltimore and "'l'tbe W^' "Ud iffl? dt?^ ?nd towns (JaAnT ??M*t tb? *?*??- of ^2 FOB Wat PAHSEN 'PRa Uki^<^5^Lr? p1'M'fvaTlBR ?tatkn win the ? k' U-U,!l Plvw oa at 114S mM . J? og' h * tnuB WeT^ Wfcaalina ?rriT???!i?^Cul,,b"Tta,:d ol a. m?aod .. at T p. in f ?L '?'KKDE ICS ACCOMMODATION TRAIN for Frederick %nd I t?rmHi*te rliw^ will m ? fUcU:r!r,lf -W !??'? ?rrJ-rkkT?T i?LLl^rT*,< MILLS /C00MM0D4TIO1V will ba rur. dvly, (^ Sni^.^?fclSi Uare CWi. n 4t ? n. and ?p n " Lea/a KiLcott's Mlila a; 7.30 a. m *cd 6.30 p. m. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. T W*vmVln KUN AS FOLLOWS: L 3 ?di p'"'" ?????< e* ?? ? On Sunday ??6*o?16 p m. p ^TB " w ibi 2 a b ; aa<l I and ? On Sunday at 4* ? naod 5 p n. fr-w;lh A Ohio B?3nai Wm* I,J train, >1,1,5 ? e . D ,^*3 y" Ts-1? k * '??PO'Uible Tourhar for *,27 panon a^ikk ? 0&AJ70E A1TD ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. On and after 'I\icsdnyf, Nov. 7, 1854, 'PHB Cars leave Alaxsndria da<'y for Gordon* I Tilie lntc ?-di->le tatlona at 7 M o'clock, a. m., on the arriTal ct tba br>at frcin Washington, ^iTing ampia titac frr breakf??t on bonad. Con aeotin^ at Maho-v-hs Jvnctt ?n with a tr?.:n lor Strafr t>urg, at Waxrentcn J a ction with a train for War r?uton, and at Qordrnrfille with th? trains on tba Virginia Oentml Hailrrad frr Hi hmond, Charlottan rilir, and beano ton The cars iaaTe Oor.l.?nlU daiiy for Alexandria bad irtermouiata stations, bt U before 12. a. u., on ina arriral of tfc* trains or th? Virginia Central rail road from RieLmr.xd. Cbarlottearilie. an1) Staunton. TIlROCQU TICKETS. Prja Alezaclriato WarrenU>n...M $S 00 * ** Gortfcnrrilla 8 60 u ?? Cuarlott^aTilla 4 26 ** ? filanctor...^.? 6 90 " " Etnebnrg 8 60 v- M Lynchburg 0 76 " '? Wlnchae>r...._..^.? 8 60 " M Lnray 4 86 ? M Hew Market 6 00 M M Middlebnrg 8 26 for LyncLberg, ncnnacttog tha atajea at GiAr'ottee.illa, on Uoniaye, Wednesday?, and Prt Jays For IiUray and New Mirket ecnractin^ with tha b ages at Odpeper, on Tur?tda>?,Thtxndaya, and Sat urday. fot Winchester daily, connecting with tha stages at Piedmont For Middi?burg dally, eoanccticg with tha rtagec at the Plains. Per order: W. B. BROCKBTT, Agent, nor 7?dtf FOR MOUNT VERNON. On TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. [Fare round trip $1; from Alas* andria 76 oent*?ihe THOMAS COLLYKR leaTas Washington at C and Al?zaadr*a at 0(4 o'clock. Coachat leaTe the Capitol lor tta boat at 8# o'clk. Coach fore 10 cant*. Persons wisblnj the Coaches wHl lears their rstl denas with Geo. k Thos. Parker. Refreshments on the boat. Oct 88?dtf BAM'L GRDNfT, Capt VHB IBW TURK. * LIVJCaPOOi, UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS? THE tfUII'S COMPRISING THIS LINK AH! T UK ATLANTIC, Capt. West PACIFIC, Oapt. Nye, BALTIC Oapt. G*mstock, ADRIATIC, Capt. Grartoa. There ahipa have been built by contract, expreat ly fur Government aarrice; every care baa been tai-n in their constru* ion, aa in the Bngines to Insure strength and sp'ed. and their aocc mmoda Uons tor paaeengera are unequalled for eleganoa and comfort. Price of passage froau New York to Mr -rpool, In ?*????????? ???? ?? eeaa???*e* ?????? ? a^?????????? ? 41*> Seoond Cabin. TO Rzrlusite use of extra rise stale room* 800 t'rom Liverpool t> New York ?A) and ?20. An experienced surgeon attached toeaeh f hip. No berth can be secured until paid lcr. For freight or passage apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS A CO., 60 Wall street Ne? York. BROWN, tsOlPUCY A 00, LiverpooL B. U. ROB tin r? A CO., 13 Ring's Arss Yard, Locdca. JOtiN M UN ROB A CO, A Rue Notre Dame drs Ti tcireg, luv. OEu H. DRAPER, U?n? The owner* of tl?e fhlp& will tot be aoocc&tabi* for gold, silver, bullion, ?pec<r, Jewelry, preciooa stone? or neUls, unlets bjls ef uiding ar? dgasi therefor, a?d tha value thereof Tst-ela expressed, ?a* lt?cly

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