Newspaper of Evening Star, April 14, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 14, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. \Y AsmN\iTON 01T Y: 8 MUSDAY AJTZBIfODN.. April 14 217" Asvertiskjcskts should bo Landed in by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may Kot aj peer until the next day. ? #?? > Joe Printing.?'The public arc in formed that we are now prepared to cxe? cute job printing in all iU varieties, from cards, ball tickets, &c., to (show bill) posters and book work, as well and as low as at any other office in Washington, and with equal dispatch. Give us a call. . AGE5T8 FOR HZ STAB. 'Che following persons arc authorized to contract for the publication of adver tisements in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palmsr, N. W. corner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. Pettingill & Co., X< n?sau sLtc?? Boston?V. B. Palmzr, Scollay's Building. rjriBIT OF lEB MOLSESa PBES3. 'lbs Union controvcrt.3 tho New York Ccu. ~icr a id Enquirer s arguments in favor of ri^ht cf visitation oa the high seas, qaot ing Edward Everett and Jarcd Sparks in favor cf the American view of the question, and thcrwisa essentially using up tho New York j >urnal j argument, which u iit:io more than .i rehash of that of tho English Government. in o hor articled tho Union gives Spain and : .o E-giish people ''liret rate notices," saying cI uie termor : " Aware that a long Eeries of colonial op F"( ~.ou has utieily alienated a great majority ot t^e cro^le inhabitants of a country overy wny upeiior in extent aad ia natural resources to t1- t wnfch holds it in abject dependency, i*nJ h. t it richly merits the fcxecraticn3 of its viot.jn, the Government of Spain, laboring under ;h? convictiun of conscious guilt, is iy apprehensive of its consequences. She that (ho ho-d: the dominion of Cuba by c ha:-, r.r.d trembles at c^cry rumor; iika st.i?e ? uperstitiouB co~ard passing - 1 nc rcg'?.a ci dead, ehriaks at c. fry v-hi^erol the air nud from ovcry grate; :c . it- ir.ani^nate should rirc up in j- i;; against her. It is thi* that render? a.a ;o -en-itivs on the euijeet ef Cuba, and .o .?!. re:ctiiye c; tho Ln:icd Starrs Sfco ' r .. i i .:1 well the id ha.ed. and -eserve? 5 be L^tcd, by the crccles of that Lland, and : 'l.ougb sto has exhar^ted hei resources in 2 attempt to .?us..?n her rotten sjMam of <ic j tisrn. il is crcublii g to rain, aid only . * roi-cai ci the neutrality laws of the e i-iteti Statu to insure its speedy fall." mo -ditoi contend- that tho English pecple u:c ahe?dy very Eick of the war. and insists that " their martial spirit, iiko the valor cf Aore3 ia tho play, seems to have oassd c u: at the ends cf their fingers, and evaporated ia e.uloa&plating tho siege of Sabastopol " Too l*tfllig*ne?r is in a quandary about the intensions of the President with reference to Cab* nr.d Spain. Its editor repnblishe3 ei t:..c. froniniarypap-rs againstfillibu3tering, ..nd al o a^iit.-: the policy of obtaining Cuba; icmeoaly boinj eppoied to going to war fa ir. which wr,3 never dreamed of by oar Gov ernment, and others agreeing vi'h tho Int. I. itgtiJ'er ia deprecating tho ncquisiuon of the island oa any terms. In the couiaa of his it, mo editor is severe on the Administra ?.i'?n p^pors, and Lcpcj that they do not reflect tho views of the Government ia this connec ter;, ^duing among other rt flections : ? I rotapted, ia the lirit placo. by a desp ccnviction ot the extrome imj^licy fa; thia t. a ion oi oltaicitg *. y t ran'marine or insular I .b.-c-tcicrs hewevor valuable intrics:.call7? iue more valuibK: the moro ' to attack ?tnd iaore eo*tiy to dtleud?and ec >ming. in tk second pljeo, the tceking to obtain even a. desirable objoct oy means dish .norable to tne national cnorao'-er, ts well as prejudicial t j tho national interest, tho Editors of tnis ^uinal have folf it to b? a daty to the coun kTj t..- oppose this war rchome by tcarloesly i -^'iig hii^re their readers tno train in alt ?.n-3, as f-r as taey couil a?cer'ain it, in or. der to ixtcsc the misrepresentations cf the coir.oiaec: pre -es of the Government and the L'l enters. Iho vituperation which this op pofriticn to the sjhem?s of freebooters and party lots has brought upon D3 personally UuturL*little, il we can bo at all instru mental in thwarting their mifchievcus pu* l^m?. V. o know well, and hive held in times 1 ast as we hold now. that there are evils tor r. uation greater tnaa those of war, and that poao? an i a?l its miteri&l blessings may be boogh at loo dear a price; but if it be the 3 ?rj-\o ot onr Govornmeut to bring on a war 3;ain. and it should sccceed in precini :ta:.3? the country into one. now and under present cir^rndtances, it will piove tar nure dkrtsk/ous to the national character in the eeti mat.:a of "he rcct of the world, than it can po^iLIy bo injarious to Spain, even if'we c me ent of the content with the spoils of Cuba and Porto Kico to toot, and bha, the ?ally and tr.cnd o; our inikney, suffer ihcir lo^s f jic .xr. ' ily no mesns. however would wa do in iairico to the Chiof Magistrate and his respon ?itlo adviserj Hig p?jiicy may not hare so it!'.2erent a purpose as it may be the inter est cf hts iUter .erviceable journals to make if appear. We have seen tt?e President on deavorin? faithfully to have cur neutrality Uiij tnfo'rcl ltd. although he may natural ?y enough concur with his party in regarding ?lie acquisition of Cuba as a great point in the i>ei:.ocr*iic creed he may not be willing to go with them ia c-rrying it out, ytrfw et tufas Vtcweoid fain believo that he regards too ci t i -ientiooily the 'e.^nsibiiitics of his high tru.^t to incur the ha?a'd3 and the countless eT,ls ot trar for an acquisition of unqueetiona b!e vaJue, even it ti could be lairly won. ? luU state of ineertitodo, however, is pain ful i puMie and people are everywhere an xirtrd'j inquiring what tho precise policv and plansoftbe Administration tcwardf! Cuba nit and the con urgencies likely to ariso in :a her wateis Wo whin we could :-.uther.U3cl. ^lighten cur readers cn this peint. but we '-rinoi. N.r doet the Government paper . r-.e any better purpose in this re=peet. i i -t organ ??voakj only to irritate, not to en it .-peaks only when even its Inencts .a a?Mie .u siionco, and is silent en all il tL? > ublic wishes to know The onlj known v. all t rhat the Government haj > .t t . ?. .it criti -a! c a.uiond of our naval for c'_ j it. iheuuli an cfi-er of cxperienee, pru ardabiii'y, from whom wemayexpeet r ' iiCr,*l'cn -a ti.^ durhargo of his dclioate * . Wi iv ami red by :?rict c.'dcrs. 'Ja those PiCLaLJy t*.o of pcicc or war hai:^ " ^JTho L'.sloa Times s:ys that so icarcc irohcasouis that city, at the present time, ihat a ganilemaa haj actually hired a church at Uc toalh End, as adauitcil fjr him.-oif and ianaiiy. iZn i^y an at Now l'oik fr.Q tho V\ est In lies, wi:h dat;s to thoi>Oth of ilarch, wo loam that there i3 much :iokncsa amorg t_r smppiag at Gon tiro?. Some ot tho crew a t tha U. H ship 1 si mouth wa* down with the fevor. ! T A cctumtiee ot the Pennsylvania llis tor?cal Soaiety has formally recommended the oUorv.noo cf tho anniversary ef the adoption ct 'J?3 v -ojutu'lon ot th-3 tniiod States as a new hv .day. j WttniSBTOS NEWS AND GOSSIP. Camo.s fir Ain'?r;caa firmy Traoiportatioa. Ti.c subject of istrodhcing the camel as a beast cf bnrdea in transporting military stores, As., oyer our great western plains wne, it we aro not mijtaken. first broachcd in 1S48 by M: jir Charles C. Wayne, of the yuarter mastcr'd Department. From that timo to 1853 ha urged it on tho attention cf the depart ment, we fancy, with little success. The pre sent Secretary of War, however, on assuming his present position, entered heartily into the idea, and Major Crossman, U. S. A., also de voted much time to securing for tho prfj;*ct (of the proper experiment) a tii-imph, labor ing with zeal in making the necessary investi gations to prove the feasibility of the schome General David, at each succeeding session since he as.- bo?n in office, has left no stone unturn cd to obtain the appropriation made shortly before the cajjurnment. Major Wayne has been solected, very properly, to conduct the experiment. To that end ho is about to start for the East, traveling overland from Liver pool or Havre 110 id to purchase about fifty camels in Persia, of tho kind which has been in use in that quarter of Asia for military purposes for centuries. Indeed, the Persian?, for ono hundred and twenty years, havo had a o&rj8 of artillery called "Zambourek," in which dromedaries play a conspicuous part; insomuch a3 the guns arc transported on the backs cf tho:a animal.?, from which they aTe al:o fired. These guns carry a leaden ball woighing about half a pound. Those dromedaries are accustomed to a climatc almost identical with that of the region in which it is prcp:sed to use them in the United States. For lour months in the year they are accustomed to snow and much mud. These animals range in value in Persia from fifteen to sevcnty.fcve dollars usually, vary choice ones bringing a hundred and fifty dollars at times. Ihe United States Ehip Supply, In which they are to be brought hithsr, is to leave a cargo of stores in tho Mediterranean for our fquadron stationed there, on her waj out. Aftor taking in her return cargo of camels, aha will probably mako far Indianola, 1'esas, and thero land them Two or thre scientific gentlemen arenowecg:ged in iaves tigating facts connected with tho climate of various parts of the United States, in order to ascertain where it will be Lest to have them past their first winter. It will be rcccilectcd that they travel comfortably sixty miles with out feed or water, end live on food which ether animals of burden rejest. We are firm believers that tho experiment will succeed and hope yet to sco camels used as ordinary bess's cf burden in cur country. r 83:go?Eonts of Land Warrant?, originally' P'hoi th8 V. arrestee is Ecccased?Ignorance of the fact that Military Land Warrants are Ui.der coreUaction of law, rtul and not per sonal piorcr'y, very frequently onuses much trouble and expense to parties holding war rants unicr the aLcvo named circum3taLce.t Where a warrantee dies, leaving a warrant undisposed cf, tho prcpoity therein at onco defends to the heirs at law of such dcccdent. ?.hc.e heirs are all ol law;ul age, they may a sign tho warrant, under tho certificate of the probato court of tho domieil of the dece dent, that the heirs named are such bona fidr. and the only ones living. If tho heirs aro minors, thoy must act through a guaraian, whose character as such must be attested by the liko probato court, and under order frcm 3uch court to sell. Heirship must always le proven in the same manner *s abovo. In all ?a..c3 the uato of the demise of tho warrantee is to be proven through said court. It not unirequently happens that the warrant bear? data subsequent to tho deccaso cf the person to whom it issued, whoa its issue is a nullity, and it thould ba surrendered to the Pension Office, for the issue of a new ono, cither to the widow of the soldier, if she Le alive, or to his minor children. If tuero are neither, the claim laj sed. It will be seen f/cm the above that Military Warrants cannot be informally transferred, from hand to hand, like chosos in action, but must be formally carried through a legal and sometimes intricate course of proceeding?. Rew Mexico.?This great inland Tersltory has a surface of 24G,V34 square mile3, equal to li8,037><i)0 acrcs. It is bounded on tho north in part by Utah Territory, or tho 37th parallel of latitude, in part by Kansas, or the 3Sth parallel, on tho east Ly Kansas and the St^te Oi Itxas, or tha 103 deg. of longitude west from Greenwich; on tho south by Texas and Mexico, and on the wegt by the State of Cali. f-rnia. Its principal city is S^nta Pe, (Uoly Faith.) 370 mile* frcm Independence, Missouri. Thcro is a good wagon road tho whole dis tance; which may bo traveled on horsoback in from twelve to fifteen days. In all probabil ity tho two places within the next twenty year. * w;ll be connected by a railway, and then tho journey may be performed in less than a da.,! It wiil bo observed that out of the area cf tbid Territory may be creatcd half a doitn States, each greater in extent thau tho State of Tcnneasoe. Widiws Applications for increase of Scun ty Lands, Lo.?The following which a:e among the regulations of the Tension Bureau may be filed away ta advantago by any one, agent or applicant, interested in obtaining bounty lands ;rom the General Government, viz: "Widows who have reoeived forty acres cf land, and who are ajplyitg for the additional ono aundrcd arid twenty acres granted them under ihe late act, v.ill tot be rrijuireJ to fur nisb proof of their marriage anu cho death of their husbands, wher. that evidence ha* al ready been furnished and is en file, is this or any other department ot the Government; but it will be necessary to furni3h proof of con tir uid widawh >od. The number cf tho war rant previously granted should be stated in the new application, but it i? not absolutely inJispensacle that it thoald appear. " Ihe certifi.ato i f a noUty public, with his official seal atirchtd. is sufficient, provided he is not :m a^ent lor tha claimant Aeccuif auy. ingpratf mu>t be furnishod of the genuine ness of theuigna ura. and ihe tact established that h 2 commission had not expired at tha time the application was m^do. "A case stated is not established, and the Peniion office refrains from giving an opinion on suppositious cases, as tho facte furnished seldom corro-pond with thoje which appear in the formal application." Intern ting frcm Cuba.?We have another very late letter from our attentive and so well informed correspondent, it will be pereeived from it that the Spaniards on the island be lieve in tho corre:tne*s of the version of Lu lariaga'g speech, first publishol by the Paris Prase and Lj Befgt, which alone accounts Lt tho commotion they were in when this let ter was written : Tho pile oi governmental grievances is in creasing so rapiiy that I hive hardly time to keep pace with them I roally think Gen. loncbu haj lost his miud, although some of bii friends pretest! to say vuat fco ,w 4isj>ciod to do right, bat that his advisers m?tke him do rrronj? IH< nots^ lis is a man undoubtedly unprincipled, blood Ihir.ry, and htvin" a mor tal hatred of the Unite I States. Notwith tMndirg hi profession.* all hisaots contradict them lie would, however, never dare to do what he has done and is doing ml en assured 94 F.ipport from Franco and England. In tbi? confidence ho will go on in spite of any ro monstrance PlacinS?f seven gua'd=! on board of the snip J h 13. vhurch isamo3t high handed step, i hope ho will send a company <>f marines on board Oi the Princeton, to be fed in the same way. "I havo said nothing about the renewed alarm existing among the l'oninsular Span iardsinterested in plantations or negroes in relation to Africanization; but it is so?from what cau^e or upon what grounds I cannot say at present. The British Consul-General (Crawford) has coasod his intercourse with the American Consul ior a month past. '? I again repeat, there i3 great uneasiness teit among Spaniards on the Lland." Revenue Marine Officers Ordered ?First Lieutenant Arthur D. Stanford, ordered to revenue cuttor Washington, at New York, in place of lirst Lieutenant John Faunco, pro moted to Captaincy, and ordered on special 3ervice. Second Lieutenant Ilenry C. Hunter, ordered to the revenue cutter James Campbell, at New London, in place of Stanford, promoted. The New Revenue Cutt;r Joseph Lane, now a. Norfolk, \ a., is under orders for the west coast, and the following oGoers have bees as signed to duty on board: Commander Ilenry B. Nones, Lieutenants Weorge R. Sheer, Anson S. Rogers, and R. G. Auchinclc39. Navy Officers Ordered.?Lieuts. Edward D. Thomson (to command her) and R. F. R. Lewi3 have been ordered and have reported ur duty on the I oited States brig Dolphin, now fitting out at Norfolk, as we explained yesterday, to join the African ce^st squadron. Watshai6n appointed ?Tho Commissioner of l'ensiors has appointed Chas. II. Venafcle, r bom as Lucas, and George B. Pomroy, watch men for the Pension bureau, under the late bounty land act. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, tho 13th Apiil ?hers were of Treasury Warrants entered on :he bee if of tho Department? For the redemption of stook...... $13 087 29 ?cr paying Treasury debts 7,7e2 72 For the Customs ?????.....?. 16 299 34 For covering into the Treasury from cumins. 2 409 6*5 eor covering into the Treasury from miscellaneous sourccs.... 8 717 63 For covering into the Treasury from Lands......... o j? rorth<i War Department 6,614 61 For repajing in tho War Depart ment 5.231 For the Navy Department......... l 4% 59 i'or the Inter ior Department 40,336 bi tor repaying for the Interior De partment ...? 6,460 10 Additional Foreign Ifows By the s.eiiaer Amirui, whoso arrival at Halifax on Thursday wc announced in our telegraphic column yosterday, wo have the following additional nav.s: GREAT BRITAIN. In the Bxiti.-h Parliament, the Sardinian convention has been discussed Englat.d en gages to borrow money at 5 per cent., and loan tho samo to Sardinia at 4 per cent Roebuck's committee continues their inqui ry into the management of the war. Certain documents called for connected with Admiral Dundas' conduct have been refused by the House of Commons. There was a motion mode in the House to render the Indian army available in the Eu ropean war. Parliament was to adpurn over at Easter until the loth of April. Nine ships of the advanced British squad ron for tho Baltic sailed from Deal on the 2tth ult. Mr. Buchanan had attended tho dinner at the .""cancan s Hcjpital, London, and returned j thanks for the aid rendered to 1.500 sick American sailors. Lord Palmorston pre sided. * Forged bills rf la jing have appealed in the Liverpool market to tho oxtent of .a4 000 sterling, all shipped at Charleston, South ?Jarolina; by James C. Nicholas Tho fraad was accomplished by the insertion of the word handled alter tho units in tho body of the bilis. FRANCE. lleportshavo been received of a f reach di vision to bo sent to Bessarabia. The Paris Prcs3 states, but the statement is] contradicted by other papers, that the allies havo absented 10 a truce. . Ihero was no logs of life by tho recent burn ing tf the French hospital at Constantinople. It has been cffinally announced in tho fifon-. iteur that the Emperor Napoleon and Eagenio will visit Queen Victoria about the middle of April. SPAIN. The Vienna papers stato that Spain and Portugal have eeccdod to the Western allianoe and signed a treaty at Paris on tho 21st ult It needs confirmation. A despatch from Madrid, under date of I alar oil 23, announces that E-;partoro resisted tho demand for a dsmocratio modification of the Ministry by different leaders of m li ua who nssemb!o at night. Attempts at dis ordor had boen made but failed, and Madrid I was tranqail. 1 AFFAIRS AT SEBASTOPOL. Tha London Times' special correspondent uescribts the condition of the army a? having much improved, but the actual works of the siege were making no progress to justify a iavorable prediction. A formidable Russian foroe has aisombledi around Eupatoria, virtually besieging the place, bat the Russians oould not hold Eupa toria if captured as it is completely under the guns of tho English fieet. j Lord Raglan 3 latest despatch announces that a steady fire wm gobg on without any, change in the aspect of iiTiirs. Important operations however, were going on. Ihe Rui sians continue te strengthen their works rt* cently thrown up in advance of the Malakotl Tovrer Efforts were making to destroy thorn and nightly encounters took place between the French and Russian riflemen. The latter' have been repeatedly dislodge!, but again re- j turn to their pits under oover of the Russianj batteries. The doaih of Mon?chikoff is reported. FROM ASIA. The British frigate \ iper had destroyed the Martello Tower and barrack? at Dijimitara, which the Russians recently constructed for the defence of their communication between Anapa and Kertsch. The Circassians were msnaced by land, and were still erecting batteries, but had failed to make their promised attack. They had, how ever, taken and burnt a small fort at the head of Sonjak bay. PRUSSIA AND AUSTRIA. The difficulty between Austria and Prussia is increasing The Prussian Cabinet has re tcrted on the Austrian circular of March 8, by sending a circular to the Prussian repre sentatives at tho German Courts respecting Austrian intriguer with the Germanio Diet Ike language of the circular is quite hostile to Austria, and chargcs Austria with disso lution in threatening Prussia with military dangers, while to the rest of Europe she talks of peace. SWEDEN. Notwithstanding the declarations of neu trality by Sweden she is fitting out a fieet provisioned for three months. ' CHINA. Shanghai dates, to February 6. state that tho Freuoh bad again attacked that city, but were repulsed with scmo loss by the insurgents. The wuutry around Caatoa u iu (be tu&dj oi the insurgent?, who cffioially notify their in tontion of maintaining a stnct blockado. There are rumors of another repulse of the French. TUKKKY. The export of oorn from Bessarabia has been prohibited. RUSSIA. A manifesto from the Holy Synod of the Russian Church has boou promulgated, incit ing the Kussian nation to war in tho defense of their faith. BELGIUM. A new Ministry has been formed. THE VIENNA CONFERENCE. Public attontion was ooncentrated upon the proceedings of tho Vienna Conference, which is represented to have met with great difficulty in tho settlement of the 3d point, although the demand of the allies had been much moder ated The Rucsian Plenipotentiary had re ferred the matter to St. Petersburg for the decision of the Czar, and the debate cn the point had boen postponed until his reply should be received. Meanwhile however, the Conference would discuss tho 4th point. The French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Droujn D'l Iluya, has been to London to con fer with the English Cabinet upon tho mo mentous question involved in the third point. THE LATEST. Losno*, Friday night.?The French Minis ter of Foreign Affairs left here tj-nlght for Paris, where he will stay two days and then go on to Vienna. Ho was olosoted with the leading Ministers three hours to-day, and sub sequently had a lengthened audience with the Queen. He will bear to Vienna the irrevoca ble determination of the o'lies on the third p >int. It is not true, as first roported, that the Conference proceeded to the fourth point. Everything hinges on the third point. Tho Wostern Powers did not domand tho demolition of gcbistopol, but tho reduction of the Russian power of the Black Sea, and offering, in return, to evacuate Russian terri tory. Ihe Russian Plenipotentiaries having no pjwer to act on this proposition, remitted the matter to St. Petersburg, and there the matter rests for the present. All tho Plenipotentiaries at Vienna have sent to their government for further instruc tion?. Prince Gcrtpchakoff on the 25th moved in the Conference, that Russia be admitted to a participation in the deliberations. One thousand English Lancers have arrived at fcuez. from India. PERSONAL. .... Horace freely, the piincipal editor of the New Yoik Tribune, has gono to Europe. ....Rev. John C. Backus, D. L>., of the First Presbyterian church Baltimore. and Kcv. Vf Henry, of the Soa^h Church, Wash ington city?minister*; S. Baker Esq , Wash ington city, r.r.d Dr. J. Ridoabt, Annapolis? layman, have boon elected delegates t> repre sent the Presbytery of Baltimore, in the Gen eral Assembly of tho Presbyterian Church, (old school) t) meet at St. Louis on tho 17th of May. ... Samuel Watts, of Portsmouth, has been nominated for Congress by Vie American party ofthesccond Congressional district cf Virginia. ....Patrick Ma'ner, while in a fit of insani ty, jumped out of the fouith story window of bis residence in New York, on Thu'sday night. He was not killed, nor were any of his bones broken. His wifo was comraittod to prison a few day3 ago. for stealing which is saopo3ed to have worked upon his p-ind, so pi to dispose him to tie rash act. ... .Cfiicers of tho Spanish army, who have heretofore been found to veiunteerinsufficient r.utnbeia fvr service iu Cuba, now manifest | censiuerablo backwardness in coming forward for that particular service. But tho Govern m^nt has issued orders for a compulsory de tail. - ... .Dennis Renault a passmger by the steamer Washington from Havre, has been ar rested on a charge of 6>uu<:giing diamonds. ... .Du:ing the foESlon of tho New Jersey Conference, at Newark. Bishop Weo-?h intro duce the Rov. J. B Finley, of the Cincinnati Conference, the pioneer of Methodism in the far West, and for many years missionary fi the Wyandott Indians E. CHURCH SOUTH, EIGHTjj ST, between II ami [ streets north?The Rev Mr. C owliso, of Alexandria will prrarh in this Cburih on to morrow (Sunday> at II o'clock a. in., and Rev. Jas. A. Dchcaw, at 7;^ p. iu. ap 14?li* ij ij ATTENTION, M Mil ON RIFLES.?YOU & *.re hereby requested to meet at your arm ry *?] Hon .VONUAY, the 16iii iiiktant, at 2 o'clock ill ill p. in , in lull uniform. By order ol'the Captain : J AS. L. FOX WELL, ap 11?'.t* First Sergeant. BOON RIFLES BECJ LEAVE TO inform their friends and the public gene rally thr.t they mund giving a Grand Pic Nic and Excursion to the White House on WEDNESDAY, tin' '2Jd of May. Particulars iu future advertisement. ap 13?3t ?-r^?NOTICE.?ALL PERSONS INTEREST fif'CS* ed in tho Annual Assessment of taxalile prouerty in the city ot Washington for the year l?o5 are hcrtby Informed that the Board of Appeals will be In session in the A?ses?ors' Rotm, iu the City Hall, on WEDNESDAY, the1 ?th, frum 9am to 3 p. iu., and will eontinu : in session from day to day (Hupdays exc? pted) during ! be same hours for the purpose of hearing and deciding up jn all appeal? until the 26th instant, inclusive. T. F. IIARKNESS, Secretary of the Board of Appeal, apr 10-(it26ih ^HT RANGERS, CITIZENS, AND PAR ticularly young men are invited to visit the New Rooms of the Young Men'* Christian As sociation, at the corcer of Pennsylvania avenue, Tenth and D street*, which are open evtry day from 4 to 10 o'clock p. in. The Library contains more than 1200 vote., and the Reading Rtoin is well supplied with English and American Periodicals, both secular and religious. The Rooms lately occupied by the Association cn Seventh, near E, are tor rent. App'y to SAM'L FOWLER, Esq., F near 7th st. ap 11.13,14,15 LOST?'1 his morning ingoing to market I lo.t on Seventh otreet, between E and the market h<>u-e, my pocket-book, containing ijjJS in money, hein; in two $3 unit*, two $5 gold pieces, ai d the balance in email gold. Any one finding the same and Having it at the Star Olljee will be suitably rewaided. JOHN C. ATZERODT. Ape 14?3t* Wasuixotoh Citv, D. C., April 14,1625. If B- EDITOR: You will oblige us by correcting j>l that error which appeared in the American Organ, concerning th? Atrican Methodist Episcopal Ciiurch. It says the Methodist Episcopal Conler uace uieets i.i this city on the 14ih instant. Now the African Methodist Episcopal Conference takes place in Baltimore City on toe 56th insiant. In behalf or the Official Board of Israel Church, apr 14- 3t? ITIOR HIRE? . GOOD COOK, WASHER AND . ironer. Also, a Girl ten years old. Enquire at No. 55 8 Seventh street, opposite the Centre Market, ap 11?It* CHILD HINDI'S KURSlfiltYCllAmS, Rocking Horses, Jumping Ropes, Rolling Hoops fiic , for ssle at LAMMOND'S, 7Ui st. ap 14?3t T'kCW DOLLARS REWARD.-Losi, on the 13th instant, between WUIards' Hotel and the City Hall, a Poremonna'e, containing three notes drawn by John H. and A. W. Kirkwocd in favor of Wm. T. Dove, and by me endorsed, $152 each ; one note drawn by Zephaniah Jofie?, $160, in my favor and by nie endorsed; a!.-*o a note, drawn by William T. Hook, in ?ny favor, for $54; several oilier notes a id papers not recollected. Tne reward will be paid upon the return of the papers to the undersigned. WM. T. DOVE, apr 14 -tf 1 MLK DOLLARS H16 WARD.?Whereas John P. Pepper and R. Parham claim to have left sevt a Framed Engravings in my store, while I kn()w of only four, and a-i they will not desenbe to me the three that are missing, ! will pay the above reward i"?r some information in regard to th> m, or for the re<urn of them if any one has received the Framed Engravings in question from the (aid Pep per, Parham, or mysell. ALFRED HUNTER, ai' 14- Next to Adams' Express. MICHAEL NOURSE, NOTARY PUBLIC AND AGENT FOR BOUNTY L\ND CLAIMS, AND FOR THE CONNEC TICUT MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COM PANY OF HARTFORD. He has in his possesion the Rolls of the Militia of the D:ftnct in the War of 1818, and will prepare declaration* and papers for applicants, ?*i? EJ-vtGt lilKT OF I.ETTEK* Remaining in the Po*t Office, Washington, D. C.. Jpril 14, 18.\5. [OidrrtJto be uJrcriueAin St??,' agreeable to the following section of the I'o<J Offut butt*?it being the newspaper having the largest circu lation of any daily paper published in Wmnhin-tou: S*c. 5. Jlnd be it further enacted, Thit the lift ol letter* remaining uncalled for in any p:??t otlirein my city, town, or village, where newspaper* shall be printed, shall, herealter, be publonce onl) in the newspaper which, being issued weekly, 01 ohener,%hall have the largest cireulalion within tlx range of the delivery of mid office, to be decided bj the postmaster at such office.] VPrrsona applying for lett?i In ths following list, wl'l pUaaesay Uiey art idtiitmid. LADISS' LIST. AlUuldt, M!m SaIlee E Ayton, Ml?? Sarah H?*?, Ml?a Mai y J Brak, ?<t? Ella* W Hmrcii, Mia* Keb?*thlan Burke, Mrs lirldf' I ItHle, S?mantlia r, Mlaa Mary Juno Clarke, Mm Mary K Cook, Miss Jan? Lecoant CUik. Sin Ei u Caahel!, Mr* A timeline Campbell, Mrs Jam<*? Carrnne. MI<j Jatie t? Collna*. Mr* C?tb*rtno Coleman, Mr* Col!* Cumoti, Mia* Sarah A Carro'l, Ml*? Sarah Cuahlev, M!*t Marearat li*4e, Margaret?colored Homing, Mr* Klizn Jano liowling, Mr* Drusllla Itavi*, Mrs Paulina W 2 Dnvau!, Ml** Haralna Dctcbard, M ra Catliarlue Derby, Mr* L 8 llorwjr, Mr* Anna 3 Emu*. Mr* Sanh Z Kvan*. Ml?? Lucy il Koy, Mr* Faulty Kowler, Mrs K Footer, Mim W.tllnds Fsncusson, Mr* K'!? n Frisbeuner, Mix* I. Fergusor, Mrs Carllue Maber, Mrs Kely (Ireen, Mi*s M.irls Loll Green, Mr* Mary Green, Mr* Li/iie Gsrr"t?j Mr* Rebecca GtrUi.J, Sarah Hill, Mr* Ann* Hirk*, Mr* J ? Hall, Mr* E R lt..r|te, Mi*a Sarah lU'.ten, Mrs Emily Mes'llcy, Mr* Alllce Hooper, Mi*s Sarah Haven, Mr* Minerva E Jeanlng*. Mizzle June*, Mi*s Sarah J one*. Mr* Sarah Jeuuliig*, Miad K A Jeiiulup*, Mis-i Jano, Ml?>? Elizabeth INITIAL.?Mr*. J V. OL Johnson, Mrs E!iz? I.eoDn. Mia* Rebecca Lee, Mr* Kllen A Lee, Mm H P Morse, Elic* Mill*, Mia* Mary J Milea, BrMpei M.-?r?e, Mr* E K Monroe, Mrs Morton, Mr* Marti a Mafteraon. Mary A Morgau. Mr* Ellzateth Mlnnerker. Mr* Chrletlatt Martin, Mr* Ann Ka*ee. Mrs James 8 Msdcila. Mr* R-t->ccs MrCarihy. Mr* Ki.iabetli MrLatie, Ml** llrli!ir?*t M<-l>*ui?t, Ml**!*a Mai; ruder, Mi** M*rtb? I'araon*, Ml?* Mai.aii<la Pearaoa, Mlley Philips, Ml** Alice Ann Pa. m.-i, Kll? I'arkee, Mra Krancl* E Puuipr-y, Mi** M,ijr t Peterson, Ml** E :2 Ryon, Ml** HrMeet li >I-;.reclit, Mia* Mary KoIhtkoo, Mary Klnplc, Mr* Martha Knliln*nn, Mm s A Kkketi*. Mi?* Minnie Ually. Mr* I> Smith, Mm Ennira N 8inith, Mr* Kilza Smith, Mr* Margaret Sleigh, Mary L SmallWf?>d, Mr* Eliza Swret,Mi** >*rah M Smith, Mm E P Klteay, Ml*? Oualy Stephenaon, Miaa Alice Sara|>eu, Mr* S?r?' ny, Mr* E D Sestnn, Mra Mary htevviiaon. Ann Theyitou, Mr* Ekiinbeth Wihle. Mi** Mary Auu Wilaoti, Mr* John WortlilnRton. Mr*Elixab<Ul i William*, Mr* (Mlicnn? Wfl)*Ur, Mr* Mm> Wfcslcy Mra Eliza A<t am 4, Tlie-"1ore Andrew, Kicharil Allen, Juo Alain*, H J 2 Arnold, G A Avery, H Baliey, Walter T Bel!, W P Barker, Win D lloyd, Tim* 5 Rull"*r, Tbo* 3 Barton, <Vpt T B Brady, Silai Buel, S C Buf.trworth, 3 F lirowu, K C Briscoe, It C Ba&'Toit, Mi Brady, J no V Bryan, J?.im B'ker, J- a Birch, Ja* C liursor, J F Bottein, Black, J R It. yd. l)r J 2 Brooke, I**ac lirob-iU<h, li W D Bvwea, Ceo Badger, ?!?.?> E Bray, Geo W 2 Baliuger, F 2 Burr, E B Baylor, C G S llaliard, Byr n Brooks, Boyd lladls.elil, A CampbeiL W II Corrie, W C Cole, wm Crock*, Wm (' ran, W W Cloary, Tinnthy Callai(han, Thoa Cooper, Tlios Coyl. S B Crjppcr, S Cra\? ford, II C Chapman, Jno Cam; beil. Juo Cock, J F <'onnea:y, Jno Crittenden, J D Carrran, Jno Con el y, Janiea Cornell, Jno C Colicon. Jno A Chase, Juo D OEN'TLEMEKS* 1.1ST Fal: hauka, Jno B MrI.aBC.Jto Fare, Jno Foot*, Com A H Fiurk, Henry Farrall, Franrla Fitzgerald, E H Grow.*, Wm C.i?klns, T McUeynoMe, J no MeOiltey, J B McJC iu. Capt J L 2 MrG'iire, Wm Nay If. r, Wm S Newton, Capt W J Kcg*on. Cna* Grogan, Ser^t Tbo# Nolan, Patrick Olcnu, H:iml F Ge-luey, Sam I Giddinga, S S Gall'gti.-r, K!ch Gro\e, M J Rowland, J E Galbralih, Jno 2 Guerrero, Jo* tirlmsley. Col T <ira..-.u. K!w C j G! Hey, Dint Gutiirin. Alfred Grigg, A Ilale k Uro llan.llon, Win Hollaui, ('apt W H Ilaner, W ut ITannou, H m Houaer, Wm Hunter, I.t Tho* T H--Ige*, ih^o'iore Harris, & B Hill K J H. .l*rt, PT Hathaway, M D Hamilton. Mr Hall Jno U Hc.'iiuuu, Joe Hail. J** T Halo. J P Harding, Jo# Heater, Juo P Hallniaii, Henry Hall, F Hal', A C Hoot in, Joe Harri.*, Jno HaUh, Jo* P Nnnrse. Rev Jae Neit/^y. Geo Oucal, Patrick O'Neal, Wm (Jliiinu, C.i-aar Power*, Wm Pollard, V 8 Parker, Tlios J 2 Pnreell, Patrick, tjen J B 3 Pa'n-r, Tapt J N Porter, Ctpt III)] Perry, Chaa M P Ige, A F F mock. Li A al K'.risa, TIi'mi Ki.ler, TiiC* Q B.-ynnld*. TI103 Kickey, Mahlou Ka.lcliff, Jno W K.oir, Jacob Kng^lea, J A Ricketti:, O C Ro?. Ii. zlwin K.Vrt-', Capt UenJ filed*. Wm Hiulth, "Vin Steven*, Wm, A Co Seym nr, P 8t.el.lard, I.t I.tither S*nr*ter, J T Bhe iir. Js::sc4 Si^j.lien*. Juo F bolt, Ira Siuclalr, Jos Bhannon, Jno H Staart, J B f'-riitx, H A Heenesey, J.-rew'h Sujith, Henry Joi.n-t ij. Vv' M S; n, H 1 Jo>ies, Wm W M Johnson, Win Jone*. Tlics Jackson, Saml A Jn'iDv ii, R W*, R w Thitton, Col J E ltimai, Jno Key, R H Keleey, Reuben Krutt, J.unes A Kerr.e !y, Juo P ! Knight. Ileury Kiug, t?t*n H Key. Clia* H Kimble, Cliarlee Le Ituc W U I^Uhear, Wm M Laugdon, J J 9 Carva, !>r Hart'-vell Jone*, Benj K Ca-r. tooW King, S D Clark. I'd Mid F G ~ Coil Klin, E-lgar Carroll, Clia* Caiter, Bei uar l Drake, Wm II liurvea. Wright 2 Dent, W C Drummond, W W Duncan, Titos Droney, Tlios Duariug, St Clair Davidson, 8 G De Haven. Salul Dement, R.chard Duncan, It J K Dane, Dr Joba Dick, Ja? 4 Dover, tin Davis, Gen G ii 3 Drew, Daul Dewey, Dr O Di-mar, Clias H Hurr*. Wm A Dairtett, Aarr.u W Marshall, Wm*, WET Morgan, Tho* M Wm Mulverblll, Tlru Ewiug, Tho*, Jr Miller, Nathl Evans. Tbo* M:?J*y, Max Kill*, Capt Obed M Major, Juo Eluard*, J*s MulUn, I.t Jro bvniia. Dr Jno Moury, Jtio U Eiumons, I.t lieo F >'alone. Jro Sti'ivrs, Ge-> K Slhbald, Ofo Se.p. F Smith, Franklin, Edward Slo.*, Daniel S lier*ar, Dr Cha* 2 8cl.itegai.s. (.'bai lee James, Hem y Talbot, Wm Taylor, S T Ti>- inj *on, Sm'tb Tallmadge, N P Taylor, Col L L 5 Tt i rnberry, Jno Tucker, Juo C Taste!, Joe M TulL I~?ae P Tubb*, J P Taylor, Jaa M Trlpler, Byron t'mphrle*, Geo I'nderwood, J W H I^, Rev Jno Volimary, Goo Lee, Jno VilUmile. Gen Lewis, J W 8 Vance, Mr Lambert, Jno 2 Var.len, ii W I^ngT-jr l, James Warwick, W D Lewie. Lt II H Warwick, Wrn T Lawrence, Francis Wieiing, Mnj ThoS N Slore, Warren B Whltiug, S S 2Ia.\ae;i, Wsrh'n Waldo, Samuel Monroe, Wiuder P Winter, J French. Squire 2, N B France, Mr French, Mr Foxal!, J ad Wight, R S Wm???ii & Richards Wade, Patrick Wilder, M P Walker, Mr Wilbur, J T O Wilkius, Juo Walker, Ja* T 2 Worthin^toti, Jos S Wright, Jno B W i l*on, J do M William*. I*aac Wool, Rev H M Weet, Henry Willsou, Henry T W,l.?r, David Worrell,.CUas B Francisco, FAS Mod !, F B^nhur, A M M.^re. D^uiel Mill*, Dr C A M*n:i, A BIovus, Mr McGuire, Bryan SlcMarrow, Ju j INITIALS. E>:c>'s!cr Lodge, I. O. (>. F . No. 17 ; Assist. Surg--on U. 8 8. Pilnx-ton; Uarduer ; G. C. P X. Y. iA. F. T., 3. April lt JAMES O. BARB1T. P. M. MILLINERY. TO TI1K LADIES. MRS. WiiLELLK begs leave to in Storm "le Udies of \Va?ltiugtoii an*l iLs viclni'y, that the will op'n, Man day, at her residence, No 37 4% i-t, ? south 01 l'a. avenue, a variety of M1LL1XEUY, coriciiitini; of tlie iatttft style of Uonneu. which <Jie will sell at very low price*. La?ies will flod it to their advantage to her a call. All orders executed at the ehortest notice. Hhe lma several tine room* for rent ako. ap 14?lit* NEW SPUING STYLE OF IIATS AND BONNETS. .11 aim & s iuc buuscijoer ifTfx EVANS, Pa avcrue 330. L tween Twell.h and Thirteeuth streets, to day new riprii'g style of HATS, a n?^?. auu in.auu* ful article; and aUothe new ctyle of Flexiblel Hats and Gonil jnien's Cap>. To accommodate the Ladies, and whose raironage he re^p^clfully solicits, lie has 'connected with his business the sale of BUN NETS, both Straw and 8ilk, together with Ribands 111 all their vaiiuie*. Uis as^otum at is ex tensive, and will le sold for al lea -t a third lest ti;- n 1 similar a-tides can now, or have heretofore been, | procured in this market. ap 14? Iw PARLOR GRAND PIANO. INt'E his late advertisement, the Mibsctiber liai received live more tquaru Pianos, and one Parlur Grand l'laoo. | which again complete his u&ual large and elegant assortment. - ? ? - He invites the attention of ike publ<c to the Par lor Grand l'iano, Wic ptriect duplicate of the oue recently received and imiuediatt l> so d,thus di.<a|? pointuic many persons who dcsiied to see it. This novel instrument, invented nnd ju?t perfected by the celebrated Chick* ring & Sons, combines all the qualit'CM of touch and t-ne that an artist requires | and a grand piano atfbr:!*; yet, by its compact and elegant form, it is p'-ifectly adapted to the parlor.. It has elieiti d the hii;tiest encomiuma trout the first I Pianists in the country, and the great demand ut tests iw popul&iuy. His slock ol square Pianos embraces magnificent Louis XIV, central and square instruments, of I ever, scale and style, Irom the old and unrivalled factory t-f Cbickering k Hons, Boston, and from oilier approved Boston and New York manufacto ries. The subscriber can and will sell Pianos lower than th< y can be taught in the fac:cri?s and brought here. S?*cond-hand Pianos taken in pan payment. Aiwavs on hend a ccmp etc stock of Guitan. Flutes, Vinltnt', &c. New Music eonsuntly received. RICH AKD DAVIS, Te?n. avenue. apr 14?3t . PATENT LAWS AND the Patent Office; or, a Guide to Inventor*' a;.d a book of reference for Judges, Lawyers, Magistrates, and others, with appendix, by J. G Moore, author of The Mectric Telrgrjtph, fcc. i Westward Ho! The Voyages and Adventures of Sir Arnyds Leigh, Knight, by Charles Kintreley The Night Lamp, by John Macfarlane, D D Howard Grey, a story for Itoys Visits to European Celebrities, by Wm B ?pragui* D D, with autographs of du'iiiguisbed men The Miscellaneous Works of the Kev. Matthew | Henry, V DM, containing numeious snrrains and papers now first priM-d fiom the original manu scripts, 9 oettvo vols, $4 1 History of tho Bible, flrom the Creation of the World, by John Fleetwood, D D, with engravings. GRAY & BALLANTV^'E, ap H?3t 498 Seventh street. MEMOltfftiF THE COUNTESS OF BLES sington, by R. R. Madden, M. R. I. A., two v<*?. ? FRANCK TAYLOR. op 7 Amusements. PKOPLK'fl TI1KATBK, LATE fAOTim Benefit H'Mr. J. H.TWLOR and U>t iriVi nf hi* and last nppe:.'ance of Mm CIlAtLOTTE WYETTE. THIS EVENING will be presetted ibc tragedy of HAMLET. Ophelia, Miss Wyettc ; HamM, Mr. Taylor; Crave I??inrrr. ?l?hn Weaver. To conclude with the laughable faree of THE OMNIBUS. Pat Rooney, Mr. Whalley Julia, Mm Tyson ap 14?It* ODD FELLOWS' HALL. POSITIVELY THE LAST DAY OP STANLEY'S WESTERN WILDS THIS (SATURDAY) EVENING. Afternoon Exhibition at 3% o'clock p m. Even ing at '% o'clock. Admission 25 cent*?children half price, ap 14 OPJER_A A FRIQUE. THE KUNKELS AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL, On MONDAY and TCESDAY EVENINGS, Apul I6:h and 17th, which will positively I* thiir FAREWKLL KRTKHTA1IHK1TI. Doors open at 7 o'clock, commence at 8, and con clude by 10. JOHN T. FORD, Agent. On WEDNESDAY EVENING, April 18th, the K'inkels will perloim at odd I cllo\?s' 11 a I, Navy Yar.?; and on Thursday Evening, the 19th. at M-trojiolitan lla'l. Richmond, Va. ap 12-Gt ALL STRA9GBRS visi'irig the City should sec Hunter's Cata logue of the Curiosities of the Patent Office. Alto, hi- Description of Powell's Great Picture. feb 23?3in* WlSnUtSTOS STOVE IJIOTJCTW. S. Em corncr of Pa. ar. and Eleventh tired, Sole Agency for CHIL80N, GOULD * CO 'S V. arming and Ventilating Ipiaralm, M- POND Si CO.'S (ol Rotten) Inion Doubfe-Oten Cooking fiange, J. L. MOTT'S (of New York) INViNCiBLE DOUBLE-OVEN RANGE. ?.n hnn?L aid receiving LATRORE ? U ?\ LS. for heating two stories; Parlor and < 'ham rTr,.G ,.A ! Knan,f''cd ""d Japanned Confcin*. Hall, I arlor, Chamber and Dining Room S i OVES; Enameled Im* HOLLOW \V ARE; Block Tin, Planished and Ja, anticd WARE in vaiiHv. All of which will be s< Id at the lowest possible rates, that v%ill compare favorably with auy Estab liihir.t nt ~outh of Ww York. An examination ol my stock is camestlv solici'ed. ap 13?3iu J\S t-KIRVINC. A CARD. ? t^u Economy it the road to wealth." JKL Great Reduction in the price of Hats & C*p?. II E undersigned, havin? made arran*tm< nt? 1. with a New York Hat Company to be con wUh v, y Mole? km or DRESS HATS, got up n the latest style, offeu theni at the unprecedented low price of MV) worth from Uur to five dollars; second quality, *3! worth from S3 .0 to 91; and a verv rood 1 a*hi<V able Hat at >2,50. worth from ,$3 to *3.50. Also, Ucbe A C0S1 Hats, at a mnii le>3 advanca than taiy have been here scld in Uiis citv First rate beaver Hats 53,5?. All kinds of s*it H KT* and CAPS very low In order to sell at the above low prices the cull sy It m mii-t be adopted; consequently thr^c who purchase w.U not be charged fr>m fifteen to twentv. five per cent a? an offset for bad det>u. ,, ANTHONY, (for many years in the employ of To*d ^ Co.) No. 3,Columbia place, 7th sc. ap 13-tf 2,1 door nonh of Penn. av? nue. TO PERIO-S OK Bv>TH 9KXES WANTING EMPLOYM h NT.-Youn "n, waiting for appointment? under the general jroveni' merit, or other parties rut of business will be taurl:t five different ways ofnn^inr a go^d living, or may ITJ JK 3 /0Tt"ne in an 80,1 manner, r? J,!*' I,n,d? *on? dollar, to i/M P*LL KoRNL, VVasbincton, D. C, Box No. 100. s.atmc means, a;e, empmcity, ami prenout hr,. nrss' ap 13-4i* Mr. W. IIENRY PALMER, HITHERTO KNOWN AS H ROBKR-f Ukl.LKR, AS much pleasure in mf.Kming Ms fiiends and the public in cm ral that he l.a? det? rm ned on 10. ating himself m this city, and is pr. par. d to receive pupus for instruction on th- Pf XO FORTF HARMONY and C< > V P< ??ITIOX. He )F perming 10 refer to Mr George Rigrs. Jr., and Mr. A T. Kieckhoeler, and any comuiunicaiion ad?!res?ed to bun at Hobus & Ilita's mutte fct.>re, Pennsylvania avenue, will have immediate -Uentiin ?l%ania ap 13?tf WATCHES, FOREIGN AND NATIVE. J "ST reC?'ved, from En'ope direct, a caae of MrHM;I,|? METERS,Duplex and Lever "ATCHEs, all supenor timtke, p. r?. aad ch. ap. We cat I attention to samples of Watches of Aiuer sffjsSEr- i:i*d*omt]y t?mm up ,u *** .aM n M W. GALT fc RRO., ?"** Pa. av , betw. 9ih anJ 10th su. ap l?i? Jt \TE;f SPRING CASS1MERES.? We have this 11 day received anotlier large and fine auso.t. ment of .>pring CuiMnieres o? beauuful texture an<| atush, comprising a mos* eh gait selection of fasfc lonabl; >pnng styles, which we will nnkt to ?,e.^. ure in the ken Manner, at *hon notice, at our usual ly low prices. ' oga pa *'ALL PTEPIIENa. ap 13-Jc a*?nue, ?? door to lion Hall. J,tAN*ltY wri" a Silect AJ SCHOOL in the Fnemis' Meetinc House l rVxt 'ihe'tfi'h" 18lh and 19th streeu> ?n MONDAY ntxt, trie I61I1 instant. ap ^ millinery. " feMtv II ^ CHOATE EjP v t'-r^'.", !,,vl" of Bov I WPTM.Th at ht r Looms, 46 Loui?ia?a| ilir tant UV< I'"r' ?n Tucj!day nxt, the 17th BJt?lW U?rk Ueachcd and ^^rcd at the .henea ap l'J?Qw ATTENTION, EVERYBODyT The a't. mion of tho*e lilting up their houses is respectfully called to uiy new Ind lane ment 01 Sp<ing patterns of Pap,;r HMyJ? Borders *c > * ?v..-,y variety, whOT'JTSli blcd to Offer at greatly reduced prices, and ruuuUti as ton as tAey can be j.urchaied in any Xotikt .n ciS l. f. 1 lark, a -a Pap^r Hanger and Uphoisterer, ap H- 3 * aVt"UUe' lMh *** 13^ ??*? NOTICE OF COPARTNERSHIP II ZZfuTr'ZZ Tc??!!.?S?? K,TutS^so" "? I ?UrUtVd Ws ibi:Ufcdon ll,e ?*?eraf2|? and wlr ?',!f *"!, 'l*??'^n^SiiaS Lzni.ei finj an enua* it ol superior,,10 that in any yard <n the District ' pa'ih Wtl1 cFlLZrn,"Vlu~? and'dl*. Pvr"" _ HARRON k ST^OVFfi ggT-X'D'c-Ap:il 10u'-lws TIIK COLLECTOR'S BALKOpPITV Property for Taxes, as advertised in the Nauun. ...nt Mincer, will take pla^e on MONDAY ih? 16th instant, at the Cuy 11,1!, the Alderrn'^^ Room, commencing at 10 o'elotk. The ii^^ braces a large amount of nr^ttertv .? .n ,^n>" -?ty. ?..d ????S.1" ssvsr1 ap 10?dt 16th ROCHE, Collector. HARD TIMES. ~~ arec?teG^MaiXbS;S EighiUd SSi rJTi<,e Lawns on'y 5 cenra gj Ginghams" 4 11?" Vard w-ide bleach.-d Cotton 64 cent* U. . *0 unbleaclied do, do Yard w,de B. d Tick, e ceita r, . "? .faRt Calico, 5 cents Lolored Bnlhann. 22 ccnu French Chintz, 20 cents si' ?*'^s al tlieir original cost. ^ ^Good? which mo? be told t? .lone buitnesvabout the lrt July. , MXkus to get U?e greatest bargains eT* sr offered in the citv. come at once to the ia , WASHINGTON STORE, P IQ?1W MagruUu li Calvct^l^ D

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