Newspaper of Evening Star, April 16, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 16, 1855 Page 3
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KV-'NINij STAK. Local Intelligence. Dids't SkkthbLtdiass ?Itwaa announced bj the pester of Wesley Cnepel, yesterday morning, that, in the afternoon, Rev Pah. tab se ge, a Missionary Indian, and the cele brated chief Mecngwudans. and hia two sons of the Ojibwa tribe, would apeak and ring tc the pupils of the Sabbath tohool Both chil dren and tdultawere invited to be pre^jnt. Notwithstanding the jcicinees of the weather there was a tolerable large attendance of men women and children at the hour appointed They all wanted to tee the Indians?a raee oi people whose publn exhibitions are alwayi regarded with interest by both the risen anc the rising generation The scholars, in the opening of the axer cisee, sung several hymns; bat the Indian had not arrived. Every time the door ?a opened hundreds of eyes were turned thith erward, in the hope to see the entranoe of th< red men ; bat the disappointment oontinued Then a gentleman from New England prayed, and the children again sung in a mennei sweet and heart touching; the girls, as tuual excelling the boys in this delightful exercise. As if to oomfort the obildren for the absenc< of the Indians, the Rev. R. L. Dashiel saic that they had promised to sing for the Unioi Chapel congregation ater the forenoon exor cisee, and that the minister of that church ha<j promised to despatch the Indians te Weslej Chape) after dinner Mr Dashiel then related several iaterestin* incidents in the life of Peter Jacobs. (Pah-tat ee-ga,) as recounted by the Indian himself, ii a religious meeting on Thursday right; anc delivered a brief but welcome address to th< auditory Next, Mr. Paine, a New England gentleman wishing that he was an Indian for at least ai hour?in order that he might gratifv th< children with his appearance, impai .ed somi geod advice to the little ones However, the children didn't see the Indians It is unnecessary to fay they were painfull] disappointed. Tax Sale?The extensive tax *ale by th< City Collector was commenced this morning at ten o'clock, in the Board of Aldermcnl room. There wpi a large number o! persor present, nearly all of them provided witj copies of the advertisement, picking oat eucl pieces of property as they designed purchasing One must not suppose, from the numerou square, lots, and parts of lots offered for sale that many of oar property holders are bank rupt. The fs;t is, the taxes of non-resident or forgetful persons are pe\mitted to sscrue and the law demands that all arrearges shal te paid by a spcMued t'*ne, else the real es tate is put uo to the highest bidder, as no* The purchaser of any propeuy at public s?l is immedietsly required to pay the amount c taxes due on the property, with the amount c expenses of tho purchase money to be pai within ten days after the expiration of tw years from the day of sale to the City Regii ter, this reeidue to be placed in the city treat ury. where it is to remain subject to the orde of the original pioprietor or delinquent. J within two years irom the day of sale, or b? fere the reoidue of the purchase money shal be paid, the original proprietor or delinquer shall repay the money advanced for taxes an expenses, together with tan per cent, intere; thereon, be can regain possession of bis prop erty. The sale affcrds a fine opportunity fo the investment of surplus funds. Re6i*B!?tal Parade ?Although the firi of May is generally set apart for regiments parades, we have not seen any order froi headquarters in view of suqh an event lion ever, the companies composing the Distric regiment, n if presuming that so general pa rade will be ordered, have commenced inakin their own private arrangements for a militar display at that time. Ihe Washington Ligh Infantry, Capt. Davis, have determined t pitih their tents in some convenient locality the National Quards, Captain Tait, are like wise making arrangements for an excarsio daring the first week in May. Those compt nies will, probably, be followed by others, i their separate celebration; ?3 that, instead ( a general, officially authorized regimental pi rade, the several volunteer corps will be tost tered in various directions. Why cannot we have a regimental parade conducted after the manner adopted in th North ? There is no better material ther than here, and certainly no finer parad greunds than ?e have in the vioinity of tb city. We should have regular dri'ls sccordin to Scott's tactics. These suggestions we mak with due respect to those who are especial! entrusted with the general oversight of ot finely uniformed vcluotaer militia. Disorderly Cobdcct ?Wehsve freqaeatl noticed assemblages of boys en Church pn mises at night, whose conduct was not ent tied to the praise of orderly citisen*, an fc whose vocal performances wee not ealeulate r to advance the eau?e cf good morals. The may not have intended any disrespect to th religious assemblages, and. perhspe acted i the matter with the thoughtlessness of youtl However this may be, we are glad to stat that the police are exerting themselves t abate the nuisance to whioh we have iust r< ferred On complaint of members of wesle Chapel, comer of Fifth and I streets, th Chief of Police, John Davis, with three < four of tb? corps, last night arretted five of noisy party of javeniles who had congregate) near that church. Subsequently they wer severally fined in the snm. each, of five dol lars and coe'?~-rather expensive sport. W trust that this example will have its du weight, and deter the repetition of disorderl; conduct, not jn'y on church premises, be eUewhere in the city. Tbi Taylor Forgeries.?We hear of n efforts to caase the arrest of Lewis Littlepag* Taylor, the absconded forger The officers o the Goverment have no authority under th law to spend money for any such purpose, an no others seem disposed to make the expend! tare requisite to that end. We have no donb that he eould be essily traced up and secure* if any shrewd polioe officer would undertak the business. In the meantime an impressioi is prevailing in Washirgton that he bad a leest one aooomplioe who was privy to al hid forgeries This fact should be prosspt ly enquired into by our police officers. It i sarelj possible to trace up more concerning this affair than either the nublie or the poiioi Ere at this time acquainted with. Th Mario* RirLES will parade this Efter Roon. and at night givo their first annual bal at Carusi's Saloon. The lovers of dsncin( may expect a good time. From what we hav< heard, we jadge the entertainment will bi handsomely patronised. It eannot be of her, ^wtse. as the company have all exerted them selves to make it a grand affair. There will be a large turn out of their volunteer brethrei of the staff and other companies, as well as i prrfect avalanche of bcautifol, modest, and charming young ladies. Ah Alarm.?We learn that many person/ residing on the Inland are alarmed forth* security of their property, as legal proceed icg are pending affecting the title of seven 01 eight souares of ground in that section of th< city Not a lew of the persons directly inter ested are poor men, who, by seving a litth money from the wages of their honest 'toil have invested the same in humble homesteads Caccht at Last ?A few days since, w? mentioned the fact of s colored men escaping from the efficers by leering from the second story window of e house in which he was witb en unlawful Essembiege On Ssturday b< wes Errested by officer Martin End taken be fore Justice Mersell, where he gave his name as (Jeurge Jaoobs, and was ordered to pay five dollars fine End costs lie said be thoaght that his lesp ought to release him from th< law, bat the magistrate did not coincide in that opinion. ?? Nombcrivo the Ho?8R8 ?F. Labarre earner of C and Tenth streets, is engaged it the manufacture of numbers and shields to in dica'.e 'tosses. They are beautifully executed? silver plated; and are furnished at reasonable f ric?s t hey who are not yet pr< vid -d with 'fc ??e articles c?n be furnished with all the ?fferttt .;yles at that gerMcmsn's establish ment A boo supposed to be mad was killed in ?eorgetown on Seturday Isst ,.J"E ?Doa't forget tkaitktaaplen mir.K00^' ??Kpri,i.n? th* T*?T "?P0?tlM Of mirth, appear to night a^Odd Pellowa' Hall in thia city, performing an exoitina ?ro gramma, interaperaed with daneing 1>y the Wefal flojd and agile Brown, aod witti miSkuu U"ift?-r ??^ng Jokes bv the ini miUble Harry Lehr. We learn it ia the pur> J08? *^e button-makers of the coon try to tender Harry a serviee of "bones" for the hM copfwred upon their trade. When the preaenUtion oceara, we'll adviae oar readers - Pkoplb's Thbatbh?The proprietor of thia popular plaee ef amusement, hai engaged the aervicea of Mm'lle Zoe, who baa the reputation of the moat aaperb danaenae in America, and those of Mensienr Wieahoff, the celebrated Terpaieioria?for aix nighta only, Thia even ing they will apeear in the ballet of the " Nymph of the Cbase." The newapapera ol other oitiea, where they have attracted oyer' flowing aiaemblagea. spoak in the highest ?jiras of their ardatic merita. In addition t: their performance*, will be performed by the theatrical oompany the drama of 41 Love in Humble Life," ana * The Iriah Tutor " Aw OrFiNgrvn Puddl*.?We are requested u Crli Jm attention of the Commissioner 01 the Fifth Ward to a water pond lying in front of a dwelling (No. 57) on North A atreet, be tween First and Second atreet*, near the old Capitol, which, owiug to the effluvia thai aiisee, ia very offensive to pedestrian a and othera who paes that way; and if it ia allowed to remain in that condition it will make fami lies in that ccation of the city aaffer the con sequences of fever and ague. So look to il Mr Commissioner, and remove the nula?nc< by filing it up. Cross Firibq ?On Saturday afternoon. th? residents on Third street south were amused by a sparring match between two of the fe mt>l# fiiiiejs, Elisabeth Vanoe and Anni P.orns The "muss" ended with the arrest ol the parties by ollcer Stoddard. He conveyed them before Justice Moraell, who held both t< sc Jurity, each charging the other with assault and battery. Elisabeth Walker was also or dered to give t xjurity t> keep the peace. Justice Moraell alao ordered Elisabeti Vance, Anne Bums, Eliza Bosher. and Man ileisier ecch to pay a fine and ooets for usini prefane aid indecent langusge in the streets A* Extraordinary Fbat.?This morning, between eight and nine o'clock, while Mr Green, the dairyman, was driving along in hii bu8gy? and while he was turning from Penn aylvania avenue into C street, near the marke house, the bolt holding the shafts of the vebicl< broke or became detached; and, as a conse 11 quence, in a moment the horse and shaft; were left on one side of a large mud puddle the body of the buggy on the ether, and Mr ? Green in the middle of the puddle, he havim if I been pitched out and alighted on bis feet >f He was splashed from head to feat; but bon d this misfortune with commendable philosophy ol I Enforcing the Laws.?Our police officer are beginning tD enforce laws that have beei .. overlooked for a long time That wb'oh re [f lates to minors running with fire apparatus i >. I being enforced by the officers, and several ar II rests have been made We are glad to se< it they show no favors. d I ?t Wa-ch Rituems ?Jsmes Haney, drunl >. and disorderly, workhoms 90 days; Samue ir J Iland, col|d, out after hours, ine and costs John Robinson, drunk and disorderly, work hone 90 days. * Mayor Wood, ef New York, has pre pared a circular, to be addressed to the Unite* Stares consuls at the principal ports in Enrope with a view of obtairing from them sueh in formation as will prevent the immigration t< this country of the indigent and destitute o I paupers and conviotr. He eays, speaking o > I New Yerk : n " This city hri been made the great entre i- P?1 *or the d*l"Teiy of thoseoutcssts and ban n ished mendicants The authorities here hav )f deteiinned to submit to this no longer, an< iJ ar? r?^lved to use every means at their com t- mand tj prsvent it entirely, ?f possible. There is no doubt that Congress will, a ?, . -assion, adopt some preventives whicl e ^"1 prove pericatly effejtual to this end. Un e td then howeve', we must guard against it a e best we may " e I ~? g HT By the fire whieh occurred at Jer e soy City on Friday morning, the Erie Rail y road Company lost their building, with eigh passenger and five freight cart, and a larg i ,qua1Dtjty,of dr7 S??d8 other freighta in y tended for the West. The building was i large old one. The freight burnt up was o i- considerable value, the loss of whioh will fal id f" the Erie Railroad Company. The t>ta d lossi Is estimated at between fifteen and twen 'J i*^thousand dollars, including eurht thousan< |A dollars worth of dry goods Tne fire tool E place tn consequence of a Mr. Adams, em th? derot, lighting a fluid lamp wit] "? I ? j near The flames coamuni 0 cated with a barrel of fluid, aod he seised i to c^rrw i1 out, when It burn, burned him bad j ly, and broke one of his ms A Windfall -Sergeant Peter Clark, of th J U. S. Marine Corpa, and latj Orderly Sergean ^ of the Marine Guard at Pennsacola, has be [. dome heir to an estate in Ireland worth ai; e j thousand pounds per annum. He haa beei is the D. B. Army for 18 years. a hM amoved to tin fteveut I par* 4nd ?? nn? PM I n11 0 for Morflrlne* P*lnu (M)a |i7? 0 ?S.,C.' ??"?>?? Strict .Itent.on wjll V D.ld^ ? I i i t,D boon of the d?j and nliitu f " 00 r,?" of **'? C * ' iT. V.?.u ^c?r>fal?, Ac. ?For .1 1 ?AMPT?.N 8 VKGKTAB^i'? C ? m \^n ,uJ,Bre**t> Oonmnjptlon. Scrofula Klieo t I SL r<?taU, Bowel Oompl?lnts P.|e? Worm., ud D?blllU??^wIth .11 S iflS I rr0S,i?oarT?t2T1?l?d ** medicine ev MOD thehnJ.^!. '* work'"< wonder m^oo ththanrm fiuri. 8?mar 7 ? I ANDSIUMIhT MEDICINE. Carter' 6 I IU r fm* f* ?Uud* P" wnluent above all others 1 IU rtn<;ttu r j efllriclon* actlou on the b!o<-J; lUat^eurth enlaca. 4 v,vl. .n^uall.lea; ,U i??io ae^MM (touHr ?u teodea. y to dr'*. all Uoaiori to the earr?ce there" clean, the tjtUm aocordlu, to Natnre'e own pre .crip I 2**l4? ' t',u" *tm* "m* Mtraordluary gooi I lA}hw.n!!i,lfcer of cnr? tw"lfle<1 to by m?uy of th !Tn ! Richmond, Va., .nd elr^where j | mo.t b? co"ciualTe evidence th*. there la no humbug abon Tue trtai of a ataxle bottle will eatl.fy the moat tceptlca ?? He b?ref ?. ???Saaadre lae-nart In ar other tolamn. reoalvaa all the naw Book* aad Haw . ?? Pabllahad. Ha la aaaat for Harper * and al th? other Xa^iituM. and oar reader* trIU alwar* Snd i i "i. ,ood aaaortmant of Blank Booka and Stationary a I I Bookalora, Odaon Baildlns. cor Pa. aveana and t)| at ' ?7*?KJItiHOOrLAln>'8 OSKMAS BIT Theea are faw thlnfa which afford na greater plaaiQn Uian a Uln? down to wrtta a notice al the celebratad Hoof Und ii- m-n Bluara, h?raaae we are fmlly conaclona wo an Oorifefr.a? a public baneflt, and oar heart tella 0* that bj oar nottroe many ba?e been ladanod to take theee LIUera and beeu iearned from .loath by dyopapola, lleor complaint 1 Sc., for tfce core of whl-h It la certain It la prepared aoc aold only by Br. C M JACKSON at the German Medlcln. Store, No. 1M Arch street, Philadelphia. Sea odrerttaamant. a>r TT" rwumiis at the paibs.?wHiTBHrssrs (till U Lie aacoadaaca. ?The j or lee of met of the lat< aire at Baltimore. Richmond, aad New Tork awarded theli h1<heet premium* to J. H. W. for their aopeiiorlty of Pbo tocrapha. Starwiacope* and Dacnerreotypee exhibited. Hr. W. alao received two Medala at the World'* Pair, Lou Son, aad a pr?m1am at Crystal Palace, New Tork. Alao, the ftret awards of the Maryland Institute for thre< years pest. Whlteharst's UaUery la this city la on Fa. aroiiue, betw I | and 6tli streaU feb 17 r^NOAS WALK SB a CO , under Browns' Hotel, on <+~S p^ep^red to el?w oaa of the most complete asaortaieui of UK A O Y MADS CLOTHING ever offered to the cltitens o this l>l*:rlct- Their stock embraces everything that Is s*? 1 I and faal onable tor the soasoa, mauafactured with MlMM : I elegance, for which ttaalr Clothing la celebrated. I I mar IT Boarding. T>0ARU1B6,?A family wranting board during I > Ui?f reciaa of Congresa, can obtain it at a pica* ant and a comfortable iiouae on New Jnrscy avenue near, und aoutlt of the L'apiloi, No. 559. Or, tb* application af a mean of xiagle gentlemen would rt: eehre due attention. ap 16-3t* BOARD, *c -MRS, BATES, on the >oulh wr?r comer of Pa. avenue and Jrth atreet i? pre pared to accommodate centlemen with ioorii, wi^ or without hoard. Every effort will be nitule io r?? der ?hi <e coml'iKi; We who may favor her *v th then paUuiiage. ap 5?U For Bale and Bent. F OK RINT-THE STORE HOUSE NOW Oc cupied by Barnes fc Mitchell, on Pa. avenue, between 8?h and 9th street*. Powession riven on 15th May next, on which time the present Tease ex pires. Apply to JAMES DIXON, Esq , of this city, or the subscriber, "Cottage," Montgomery county, Md TH08. CONNELLY. ap 16?lw* F~URN18HED HOUSE TO RENT ? 8U1TEB of Rooms or the entire House may be obtained well tarnished, with gas, lie , situated on Twelfth street, third door from the Kirkwood House. Apply at the Kirkwo id Heuse ap 14 - 3t* HANDSOMEFURN1SHED PARLORS.?TWO suits of Parlors and Chambers on the first and second floors, handsomely furnished, is for rent with or without board. There is gas in the house and a bath room. Apply at MRS. NICHOLSON'S, No. 970 II street, corner of Eighteenth. ap 13?lm* (H)R RENT-SEVERAL HANDSOME PAR lors and Chambers, with board. Also, Tnble and transient boar^. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, 933 F street ap9 Rents rkduced to suit the times. $150 a year will be received for the rent ot those new and convenient cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood shed and other conveniences attached. Pumps ot pure water arc near the door, and communicat on is had with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh streets and Penn. Avenue, morning and afternoon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the de|>artments. To secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent immediate application must be made to the undesigned, either by letter, or at his house at Kendall Green, after office hours, where the keys may he had nnd the houses inspected at any time. Several of these residences will be sold on liberal terms. WM. STICKNEY, No 4, Kendall Green. N. B.?Rents paid quarterly in advance. apr 9, 1855?tf F OR RENT.?FOUR NEW AND CONVENI ent Brick Houses, brown mastick fronts, con taining parlors with marble mantels, dining room, kitchen, servant's room, and five chambers cach, and situated on Thirteenth street, Island, near the Riblic grounds, convenient to Pa. avenue and the epartments. Runt very moderate. Apply at R. H. CLARKE'S office, corner of Sixth street and Kouisiana avenue, or at D. B. CLARKE'S Drug Store, Eleventh street, Island. mar 6?eotl BUILDING LOTS FOR SALE?A VARIETV of Building Lots in the* vicinity oTthe City Hall. Also, in all other parts of the city, on accommodat ing terms. Enquire at Mrs. ADAMS' Boarding House, opposite to Browns' Hotel, to be seen from 8 to 9 a m, or 3 to 4 p m. Also, an address through the Post Office will receive atteigion. mar 5?eo2m DAVID MYERLE. ?pHIRTY-ONE BUILDING SITE*. CONTAIN I mg about five acres each, on a credit of 10 years within twenty-five minutes ride of the City Post Of fice for sale, lying between Washington and Bla densburg, distant from the central portion of the city Irom to 3J{ miles. The tract presents a front on three public roads, is in a good neighbor hood and rapidly improving section of the conn<ry. We will sell the above lots on a credit of 10 year* and on such terms as we are sure will insure to the purchaser an easy mode of payment. On many ol the above lots there are fine groves of oak trees, ol the original growth, and also some fine Springs ol water. We offer these lots to residents of Washington, who would reside in the country and at the *anie lime be able to attend to business in the city. Also, a tract of good land adjoining the same of about thirty-five acres, improved by a good dwel ling house; has on it a fine spring and spring bouse, two groves of large oak woods and is well fenced. For the above either improved or unimproved city property will be taken in exchange at a fair valua tion. For lithographic plats of the ground and furthei explanations of the terms of sal* inquire of JNO. B. K1BBEY, No 4 Columbia Place, Corner 7th street and Louisiana avenue, mar 21?eol2t FOR-RENT.?THE HAMBURG LIME KILNS, situated on square No. 63. These Kilns hsve recently been put in complete repair. To any ont wishing to enjrage in the lime btisine..j a favorable opphrtunity in now presented. Apply to the sub scribers at their Lumber Yard, coiner 26th and C streets. H. N. & J. W. EASBY. ap 3?e<<2w BURNISHED ROOMS?MRS. G. ANDERSON 1/ has several furnished Rooms which she wishet to rent: situated over the Music and Stati'-nerj Store, second door from the Kirkwood House, Pa avenue. apll?eolm IiOR RENT-A THUEE STORY BRICK House, with large back building and fino large yatd, situated on East Capitol street, nearly oppo site Uie reside?ice of B B. French E-<q. Possession gi\ T immediately. Apply .o the subscribers, nor ner abih and D sis. H. N. & J. VV. EASBY, ap 3 eo2w FOR SALE OR RENT IN THE FIRST WARD A two story brick House on 20th street, neai M Rent $7 per month, or will be sold for ; one hundred cash, and on the balance 6 years' ere 1 it will be given, payable in monthly ineta'meiits and prope ly secured. Appiy to T. W. JOHNSON, ap 13?eo3t* Dry Goods Stare, First Ward. I^OR RENT- TI1E DWELLING AND STORE . on 11th street west, one door from Pa. avenue, north side, adjoining Farnham's Bookstore. Applj to GEORGE A. W. RANDALL, mar 2?cotf corner 19th and D sts. FOR RENT?THREE NEW FRAME HOUSE8 containing six rooms, each situated on Pie ret street, between L and M streets, being but foui squares from the Railroad Depot; would make good residences. Rent moderate. Apply to CHARLES THOMA, on the opposite side of the street, ap 4?lm* Acer-tain chance to make a for turn- ?A lady having acquired a competencj in the Millinery business, is now desirous ol dispo; ing of her establishment, and retiring into private life. Her location is one of the best in the city, and is a rare opportunity for ore acauainted wit.i th< business. Por terms and particulars applv at thii office. mar 29?lm TTOME^FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthilj II located Building Lots- 24 feet front by 130 feel deep, on graded streets, can, urti' spring, be boughl at the exceeding low price of $75, payable $3 pel month Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th et., above Odd FeHows' Hall, jan 9?6m JOHN FOX. Secretary. Wants. WANTED?TO IIIREIMME 'IATELY.?Om strong pair of Horses or Mules, with a goor Ploughman, to follow . ome com land. One month employment cerainly, and perhaps two or three K lquire at Examiner's Room, No. 8, at Patent Of lice. ap 16?tf A HOUSE WANTED, CONTAINING not lesi than eight rooms, including kitchen, and t< be located between the Capitol aid Navy Yard. II suitable, a liber?'rent will be paid. Address "H Hunt," Navy Y?rd. ap 16 - 3t* WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG woman to do chamberwork and sewine f-hf has no objection to assist in the housework. Pleasi address "A B," at this office. apl6 ?It* WANTED?A GOOD COOK, WASHER AND ironer. One accustomed to a restaurant pre lei red. To a competent person good wages will be given. Apply at the " Eldorad ? House," 46? Pa avenue, between 3d and 4U streets. ap 16?2t* WANTED, BOARD, WITH TWO FUR nished rooms, by a gentleman and his wife, two children and nurse in a family where there ot few or no boarders. Address "J B H," Star office, ap 10?3t* WANTED?TWO YOUNG GIRLS WANT situations to do general housework. Bettoi reference given. Apply on 12th street, between i and K sts., No. 935. ap 18?It* A N EXPERIENCED HOUSEKEEPER wants a J\. Situation.?A middle aged lady, accustomed for many years to manage the details of a lurge boarding house, as housekeeper, wants a situation. She can give satisfactory reference as to her energy, industry and experience, and the Adelitv with whirl) she di'tcharges duties confided to her. Address "L 8," at this office. ap 13?tf CANVASSER WANTED.?AN ACTIVE IN telli.ent man is wanted to canvass for popular Catholic Works in the District of Columbia. In a suitable person, who can produce salisfactoiy refer ence. Liberal terms will be made. Address (post paid) "J M," Washington, D. C. ap 13?otf WANTED?A YOUNG LADY FROM VIR ginia wishes employment by the month as a geamstres-^in some respectable fam'ly. She is olsc willing to attend to aay housework with the excep ticn of cooking and washing. Call witluu the next ten days at Mr. Doughaday's, on 2d street, between B and C-t ap 11?lw* WANTFD?A COMPLETE FILE OF THE WEEKLY (Washington City) STAR since its puM'cation up to the pretent date, for which r liberal price will be paid if sjntto this office, ap 3?tf " MILLINERY. MRS. CHOATE [Will open her spring style of BON-. NETS at her Room*, 46 Louisiana! avenue, on Tuesday next, the 17th instant. Kirr.w work Mcached and altered at the shortes notice. aP W?S*w Auction Balds. ?r o. IWeOriRE. AMtlMMr. ELiS2AnLllTRNrrii.RE' CHO'C* Oil Paint wTriifrsnA v1p,nf ?atct,'ke ?? PuM'c Sale. ?UthT7J..a5S? J ??,n,in*;April 95th- *? 10 o'clk ?h* HlhThta nf Roberts, u. a. A., on the Heights of Georgetown, l shall sell all hi> h? p??'Mre "J Howehold MtaJTcoSpJ^ ' Beautiful Tete-a Tete Sofa., arm. recntinn .V< parlor Chairs, finished in pltiaii Pair ofDlvam, arm and sewing Chair., finished i. rich erimaon fcrocatelfe Elegant rosewood and walnut Centre Tablet with white and Egyptian marMe top. ' Beautiful Chine?i Centre Table, riohly carved and inlaid Madeira Wood Chess T.Me, a rare and beautiful piece of f urniture Chinese Work Table, elegant Bronse Figure. Mantel Ornaments, Gilt Bracketa, Vases* Four choice old Oil Painting. A number of beautiful Paint Kg. and Engravings handsomely framed, amongst them a larre sired Painting of the Battle of Chap?lt?>n4 painted to order, from drawings taken on the' spot Fine Tapestry, Velvet, Brussels, and three-ply Car pets Rfl?(Mku nd L*C? ?a;ta,n?> Cornice and Shades Walnut hair cloth Sofas, Chairs and Rocker Supeiior Walnut Writing Cabinet, Etagerc Splendid solid rosewood Chamber Furniture Walnut and mahogany Dres ing Bureaus Wardrobes, Wasbstands, Toilet Sets Bedsteads Bedding Superior hair and husk Mattresses Solid rosewood Chinese Bedstead, elegantly carved and >nlaid with sandal wood and ivory Mahogany extension dining Table, Side Table. Marble top Sideboard, Butler's Tray French China lea and Coffee 8ets Granite Dinner 8ets Castors, Table Cutlery, CI ass ware Cane and wood seat Chair.. Lounge Bronaed Hatrack, hall Lamp. Oilcloth Superior Cook Stove and Fixtures ^ith a 'arge and e*c?"ent assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Term : All sums of and under ,$30 cash; over $30 cisely m0rTimg of,he above sa,e at 19 o'clock pre For particulars see advertisement. The premises may be viewed on the Mondav and Tuesday preceding the sal?. ??naay and anr JAMES C. McGUIRE, ?pr Ift?eod Auctioneer. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. A?lr%^?V?E8nSi^A0vFSS?A^ ,8jHnr^,V4,?,e,0ck' ,n fronl of ,he auction i?AS, *"w?rk Terms cash. By order of the Administrator. ?plt-d MS. C. McODtBF, K A uctioneer 8RBK1I * SCOTT. Anetlonttn. E^RAME HOUSE AND LOT AT AUCTION if fron.DnT!lURSDAY' 19,h '?"',we^??er. l ot Vn / ?he crennses, at 5 o'clock p. m., part u Lot No. 4, in Square 73, having a front on north K betweMi 21st and 22d streets, of 25 feet, running ck 146 feet 11 inches, to a wide alley, with the improvements, which are a good two-story frame Terms; One third cash j balance in 6 12, and 18 ?e?Se n?le* beRring int'-re8t from the day of A deed given and a deed of trust taken GREEN ft. SCOTT, p d Auctioneers. By GRKKN * SCOTT, Auctioneer YALT ABLE BUILDING LOTS on 21st street at Aucfon.-On FRIDAY, the 20th instant, at n O clock p. m., in front of the premises, two hand some building Lota, having a front ofiiK feet each on 21st street, between G and H streets north, be innSPTH.? "7ina; Lot8 IVo, 8 8nd 9>in : u ,T?StW0 ,ou ,,ave a ,f0nt of 45 feet, rurning back 100 feet, With a 10 foot sid? alley. Tlt'e indisputable. Terms: One-third ca*h; balance in 1 and 2 yenrs for notes bearing interest from day of tale. A deed given and a deed of tru.t taken. GREEN & SCOTT, aPr ^ d Auctioneers. By J C acOURK, Auctioneer T^EAUTIFUL COTTAGE RESIDENCE ON On WPr!vp^n*?vGporrtown ?t Public Auction. On WEDNEt?DAY morning, April ?5th, at 10 o'cl'k precisely, o.i the premises, I shail .>ell that del ght R^?nlT-re!,,d *TO,,nd8 be' io Col. B. 8 Robels, U. S. Army, situated on the Ilei-hts of Georgetown, at thecorne- of Eighth and I.igh streets. The buildings corsist of a handsoaie and well-built cottage, containing ten roo??., with large k-tchen, pantries, and bath rooms, a fine barn and carwag- hou^, summer house, wood shed, and other out-buildings, all in excellent condition. J hi. prope-ty has attached nea-ly three a res of ground, h'ghly ornamented, well-fenc.d.and in nci fect order; choice fruit fees, flowers, and ornamer. tal shrubbery adorn the place in great prolusion : an inexhaustible supply of pure spring water, a large cistern that never fails, are a?so fo nd on the place. Many handsome residences surround this prop erty. Its healthful location and poximity to the cities (!f Washington and Georgetown cannot fail to recommend it to persons desiring a beautiful rural residence. Title ^disputable. Terms: One fourth cash, the residue in three equal payments at ft, twelve, and eighteen months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust ou the previses . J AS. C. McGUIRE, ap JO?d Auctioneer. ByC. W. BOTELBR, Auctioneer. POSITIVE SALE TWO TWO STORY Frame ,he Island at Auction?On WED n tSDAY afternoon, April 20t!i, at5 o'clock, I shall seH, on the premises, part of Lot No. 7, in Square No. 636, together with the improvements thereon consisting ot two two-stoiy Frame Houses, one lo cated on Third street south, between South D sL fuid Virginia avenue, the other on 8outh D street between Third and 4*. row, The Houses have recently been erected, and a? I have received positive instructions to sell them with out reserve, an excellent opportunftv is presented to obtain a bargain. i0Te?': One third cash ; balance on a credit of 6, 12 and 18 months, for notes bearing interest secured by a deed in trust on the property. . . J C. W. BOTELER, ap 14?d Auctioneer. By J. c. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. CHEAP LOTS FOR SALE AT AUCTION. On MONDAY afternoon, April I6th, at 5 O'clock, at my AucUon Rooms, I shall sell seven building Low, each 18 feet 4 inches front, by 173 feet 7 inches deep, comprising lots Nos. 8 and 9, in square No 653, on Half street Wesi. south of the Capitol, on tlie Island. Also, Lot No. 2, in square No. 6, divided into three lots of 19 feet 4 Inches front each, by about M feet deep, situated on Virginia avenue, near the ^V**" ?,esc ,<'t? valuable for sand used by bnckmakers, and thefr cent-guitv to the canul basin, or for building lots. Teraw .- One fourth cash; the balance in 3, 6, ? and 12 months, satisfactorily secured, bearing in terest. Title indisputable. * ap 12-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. PEREMPTORY SALE of #17,000 Alexandria Coupon Bonds?On TUESDAY auern.?cn, April 17rh. at 5 o'cleck, at the Auction Rooms, I ?hall sell, in lots to suit purchasers, $17,000 Alexan dria Coupon Bonds. Terms cash, in current funds. JAS C. McGUIRE, ap 11?d Auctioneer. By C. W? BOTELER, Auctioneer' EXTEN8IVE SALE OF CITY PROPERTY by Catalogue, at Auction?The subscriber do sires to call the attention ol those having city prop erty to dispose of, that he is now preparing a cata logue descripUv. of each piece of propeity to be of fered at Auction, on or about the 25th inttant. It is his intention to advertise the sale extensively in r the city papers, and also to gi>e general circulation of the catalogue, which will doubtless have the ef fect of bringing together a large number of capital ists desirous of making investments. Persons wishing to sell will please hand in by the 15th instant, a description containing number of the Square and lou front and depth, and, if improved, the character of the improvements. The charges of offering will bo made moderate. C. W. BOTELER, ap 2?eotlSth Auctioneer, Iron Hs'l. By GREEN * SCOTT. Auctioneers SEVEN VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS AT Aecfion.?On WEDNESDAY, 18tn instant, we shall sell, at 6 o'clock p. m., 34,237% feet of ground, having a front on C street south 148 feet 5 inches, and 9th street east 283 feet 10 inches. The above described property is handsomely lo cated, distant from the Navy Yiud but a few min utes' walk. Terms: One-h?'f caaa; balarce in on* and two years, the purchaser to giv?- notes for the deferred payments, bearing interest from day of sale A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN<4 SCOTT, np 9?cold Auctioneers. DR. D. HeFARLAN, dentist, Office?No. 532 Pennsylvania avenue, near Ninth street, Washington, D. C. mm 9fr->eoIm* HAViNG LEARNED THAT REPORTS ARE it circulatiou that the National Hotel is shortly to be closed, the proprietor deems it proper to say to the patrons of the houae, and the traveling public goerally, that all su<"h reports are without tounda 'ii?n,and that the Hotel will be krpt open for the ?c< omniodaUon of visitors. ap J?iu2w K. I>. WLLLARD. Auction Bales. By J. C. ??OVIKB, A?ctl?attr. I Peremptory sale of a building lot in tire First Ward.?On TUESDAY aftemoo . April 17th, at 5'o'clock, oa the prvmises, I shall 0 :11, without reserve, Lot No. 19 in Square N? 51, fronting 44 feet 10 inches, on fid str-et w^rt, betw. nor.h L and M streets. running back 122 feet inches, to a 30 foot alley. Title perfect. ' Terms: One half cash; tin; balance in 3 and 8 months, for notes satisf.ctorily secured, bearing in terest. JAB. C. MeGUIRE. ap 14?d Auctioneer. By GHKKI * SCOTT. A action e?rn. /~1 ROCERIES, LIQUORS, ('ROCKERY, Farth OT en and Glassware, Store Fixtures, fcc., at Auction?On WEDNESDAY, the 18th instant, we siall sell, at 9 o'clock a m , at the Grocery Store of I). Hines, I sq , corner of Pa avenue and SOtli st., First #Vard. the remaining stock of Goods in Store. We name in part? Tea, Coffee, Liquors, Wines Rrushes Tea Canister* Store Fixtures. Stan J Cuks, Binns Stov, Lamp, ?c. Terms: All sums of and und<T$30cash ; over $30 a credit of sixty days, lor notes satisfactorily eu dorsei bearing interest. GREEN & SCOTT, ap 14 ?d ? Auctioneers. For Rent, on reasonable terms, the Store, which is one of the beet locations In the Ward for business. By C. W. BOTKLKK. AsitUmir. WALE OF SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD FURM ?5 ture at Auction?On TUESDAY morning, ihe 17th instant, at 10 o'clock. I shall sell, at the restj deuce of a gentleman declining housi keeping on the corner of 8th and E streets, opposite lh? General Post Office, a handsome collection of Household Furniture, consisting in part of? Kosewocd French Sofa, Cliairs and Arm Chairs, covered witii plush Carved Rosewood Centre Tabic, marble top Chinese Quartette T<*Mes, carved mahogany Chairs Arm Chairs and French Sofas, covered with plush Brussels, three ply and othet Carpetings Fancy Receptio i Chairs (Jilt 11 am e Mirrors Marble top Pier Table Alabaster, French China and Bohemian Glass Vases Bronzed Cardelabras Mahogany Centre Table, marble-top Do Sofa Do Hat Hack, w th Mirror back Walnut Etagere- do. Writing Chair Carcel, solar and other L..mps , French China Dinner Set Super.or plated Castors Cut G!asswa;e and other Table furniture Handsome Enamelled Cottage Chamber Suit Mahogany Wardrobes Do French and other Bedsteads Do Dressing Bureaus and Washstands Wairut and other cane seat Chairs Hair, chamber and step Carpeting Hall Oi'cloth, Pol'shed s.eel Fire Sets Paror, chamber a.>d Cooking Stoves Kitchen Requisites, he. ^?ifh many other articles Rendering it altogether a very attiactive sale. Terms of sale: $40 and under cash"; over that sum a credit of sixty a?d ninety days, for approved en dorsed notes bearing interest C. W. BOTELER, ap 12?d Auction* er. BY J C McGl'IKE, Auctioneer. PEREMPTORY SALE BV ORDER OF TRUS tee of extensive stock of Dry Goeus.?By vir tue of a deed in truit the subscriber will sell at public sale on WEDNESDAY, Apiil 18th, at 10 o'clock, (and continue from day to day until the whole is dispGoea of,) at the old stand of the late fi m of Hall &. Crotbrr, on Seventh .-treei,the most extensive and valuable stock of Dry Goods ever offered at public sale in the District of Columbia, amounting to over forty Iftou-and dollars in value, and comprising, in part? Between thirteen and fourteen thousand dollars w?rth of desirable Dress Silks. Three thou^ard five hundred dollars worth of Vel vet, Brussels, T tree plv, and Ingrain Oarpets, Rugs, Oil-Cloths, and Canton Mattings. Twenty thr^e thousand dollars worth of assorted goods, such as Beretes, Berege DHaines, Mouss'line DHainesofall kinds; f laid, stripe, uid plain Cambrics- embroidered Crape Shaw's, some very rich; Bay Slate Shawls, Cashmere Shawls, long and "square; French Merinoes, Bombasins, and Alpaca", a large quantity; French, Eng'i?h and American Lawns'; French and English Uingtiams. Cal icoes, Cloths, Cassimeres, V? stings, Linen Drillings, Boys' wear; Tweeds, Cassinets, Table Cloths, Damask Napkins, Brocatels, Curtain Muslins, Silk and Cot on Hosiery, Silk anu Linencambric handkerchiefs. Twil led Jeans, Black and Gr-en Summer Cloths, Parasol*, ami Bonnets; Crash; Ma-seillcs and Allendale Uuilts; Penitentiary Plaid ot tou, Fulled Cloth, doubie and single width; Sheep's Gray (^assinets, Kirseys, Kid Gloves, Lisle-thread Gloves, Kentucky Jeans, Under slurti and Drawers, Silk Mantles. Clocks, Grass Cloths, and a great many otner good too numerous to mention. The goods will be ..old in lot to suit merchants. Terms of sale : $10t> and ui der cash ; over that sum and under $4C0a credit of two and four months; over $400 a credit of six months, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing intiiest. No goods will be delivered until settled 'or. RICHARD WALLACH, Trustee ap 12?d J AS. C. MeGUIRE, Auctioneer Dy J. C. MtfJCIEKi Auctioneer* EXECUTOR'S SALE OF FURNITURE AND Household Effects?On THURSDAY morning the i'Jth instant, at 10 o'clock, at the residence of the late Thomas Ritchie, on President's Square, I shall se'l, a large portion of the Furniture and Household Effects, comprising? Rosewood Pianoforte. Stool and Music Stand Rosewood Tete a Tele, arm, reception end fancy Chairs in satin damask Handsome damask Curtains and Cornice Large French plate gilt l' ame Mirror, with slabs and Bra ktts Damask and chintz covered Lounges Mahogany hair, spring and cane sent Chairs Handsome Centre Lamps, Candelabra#, Bronze Bracket*, Mantel Ornaments Mahogany Sideboard Etagere, Side Table Solid mahogany Extension Dicing Table China, glass and Crockery ware Brussels and three p(y Carpels, Oilcloth Hat rack, Hall Lamp, Rosewood and Uall Chairs Enamelled and Cot'age Suif* Walnut and mahogany French Bedsteads Walnut Wardrobes, Dressing Bureaus Washstands, Toilet Sets. Tables Superior curled hair and husk Mattresses Bolsters and Pillows, Marseilles Quills Bed and Table Linen, Chamber Chairs Furniture in servants' rooms, &c. Together with a general assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Terms: ?20 and under cash; over ihat sum a credit of 60 and 90 days, for notes satisfactorily cn dor. cd, bearing interest. By order of W. B. B. CROSS, Trustee. ( JAS C. MeGUIRE, apll?d Auctioneer. By J. C. WcGUIJAK, Auction#*? REAT SALE OF SUPERIOR CABINET FUR X nlture and House Furnishing Goods, by order of the Orphans' Conn.?Ou TUESDAY luornmg. Apri! 17th, at 10 o'clock, (and continuing from day to day until the whole is disposed of.) 1 shall sell, at the extersive Warerooms of the late John D. Brown, known as the " Anolle Hall" building, all his large and va'aable stock of Cabinet Furniture, comprising? Suites of elegantly cirwd Parlor Furniture, in rose wood, walnut, and mahogany, covered with brocaiellts, plash, damas& and hair c!otb Richly-carved marble top Dressing Bureaus, Cen tre, Soft, and Pier Tables, Sideboards, Beau fets, Washsunds, Cabinets, kc., of every de scriptioa and style Elegant Wardiobes, Dressing Tables, Etageres, La dies' Writing Cabineu, Secretary, and Book cases, Musis Stands, Fancy Tables, What Nots, Writing Desks, arm and parlor Chairs, Rockers Sofas, Tete a-Tetes, extension, din ing, breakfast, and refreshment Tables, flic., beautifully finished, in the various woods of every conceivable style and value Gilt, rosewood, walnut, and mahogany-framed uook lng-gla^ses, of every description Counting housa, office, and parlor Writing-Desks, of the most approved patte ns, from a cele brated manufacturer in Philadelphia High post, French, Italian, Jenny Linn, and Cottage Bedsteads, of all the various patterns Superior curled nan, spring, tind husk Mattresses Very la>-ge assortment of Lounges, cane seat and back Rockers, office, dining, and chamber Chairs Handsome gothic, reception, hall, and fancy Chairs, in large quantities Enamelled Cottage Suites, Sofa Bedstgads Extensive assortment of plain Furniture, compris ing? Bureaus, WarJrohes, Bedsteads, Tallies Washstands, Cribs; Cradles. Towel Stands What-Nots, flic., of walnut and mahogany Also, a large quantity China and Glassware, Clocks, Buckets, Tubs, Dusters, Clothes Homes, Flour and Spic?; Boxes, Baskets, Door Mats, ke Iron Safe, Office Desk and Fixtures, Fur niture Car, kc. Together with the lease of the building, whi^h is belfteved to be one of the best locations lor the house furnishing business in the city. Tenns: $50 and under cash; over Ihat sum and under $100 a credit of sixty and ninety days ; and all sums over $100 a credit of one, two, and four months, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. P. S. The attention of the trade in this and the neighboring cities is specially called to the sale of this slock, which is probably ihe largest and best ee lec.ed south of New York. Every facility possible will I ^afforded for pack ing and forwarding goods purchased at the sale. By order of the Administrator. JAS. C. MeGUIRE, apr 9? Auctioneer. KMOIKS OF THE COUNTESS tiK BLBs" melon, by It. K Madden, M. R. I. A ,i* j vols. FKANCK TAYLOR. TELEGRAPHIC. KKTOBTKD FOB < DAILY EVEimra ptah. Lateet from Hirrn. Niw York, April 16.?The Cahawbe bu arrived with Hitui dttn of the 11th in*. The city rtadni in a quiet atate. bat eon tin *??* to be garrisoned by a strong fore* of vol unteer ? and regular troop*. All the atationa along the coaat are alee etrongly fortified and manned. Peck, who wii recently arretted la Puerto Principe, baa been releaeed frem prison npon the aecurity of a friend that he woald remain hi Havana until hi* eaae waa decided Carlos Castillo has been released and al. lowed to remain at his reeidenoe until the ?ailing of the regular packet for Cadiz. Btuineea haa been improving. Fine quali ties of eugsr hare an advancing tendency The U. S. steamer Princeton waa at Havana. The offioers and crew were all well. Iffeete of tha Reciprocity Treaty Oswaeo, April 16.?The Reciprocity Treaty with England, in refereaoe to egrieultural products of Canada and the United State*, begins to dereiope itaelf her*. Sioee the opening of nauigation large reocipa hare been regi8tered, including 64,000 bbls of tomx from Canada. ?? Baltimore Market*. Baltimore. April 10 ?Ploar continue* to rise; sties thia morning of 100 bhla ot supc* riot Howard street bran da at $10 75 Wheat is upward; aalea of red at f2.55s$2 60, white $2 65a$2 70 Ccrn la upward ; alee of white at $1.02a$l .04; yellow $106. Rye?aalea of Pennsylvania at $1 49a$1.50. Oats?Maryland and Virginia at 65a70e. Receipt* of all kind* of grain were fair. Hew York Market* New York. April 16 ?Cotton ia firm and upward. Floor hai advanced 6j eta South ern flour hf - advanced 25 a S7J ots ; sales at $10 37 j a $10 75. Wheat is upward and firm Com is firm with an upward tendency; mixed $1 07i a $1 08 Pork is a trifle higher; old mess $16 06* a 16 18} Beef ia upward and firm Lard is upward and prices are higher. Ohio whiskey 33 eta. New York Stock Market Kkw York, April 16 ?S'ocks are lower. Money is plenty. Sale- of Indiana 5's at 921; lecnsasee 6 s 94j; Canton Company, 26; ; Pennsylvania Goal Company. 105}; New York Central Railroad. 931; Erie Railroad, b30. 5li; Reading Railroad, b60,85]; Little Miami Railroad, 72;. GREAT INDUCEMENTS. j O THE LADIES.?Having determined to make a change in my present business, I will com. m-nce this day to sell off my stock of well selected g?<o<ls at erst. Ledi's will find many artie'es worth their atten tion. I will offer great inducement* to all who will f.vor me with n call. A. TATE, 314 Pa. st , b*?tw. lOtli and Ulh ate. I name in part? S'raw and Gimp Bonn< ts Bonnets and Flat* Tor Children Bonnrt and Pap Ribbon* Sa?h and Fancy Trimming Ribbons Face and Bonnet Flowers Real Thread and Valencennes Lace and Edging? Point de Lance, French plait and other Lacew Black Silk Lace, Mitt*. Bobbin Edgings kc. Cambric and Swiss Hand* and Flouncmgs l>o do Edgings and Inserting? Eiiib'd and plain Linen Handkerchief, And many other articles too iimentui to men ti'tu. N. B.?A lot ol Dress Caps which will be sold very cheap. ap 11?e?3t If'A iCIIfci?T I | JEWELRY. JtS'h SILVER H'ARE Always on hand a large assortment of the above, tvtiich we offer at the lowest rate*. M VV. GALT h. BRO., mar 2? 394 Pa. avenue "notice of cop art nprsui p. HENKY BARRON k SOLOMON SI OVER hav'- this day formed a Copartnership for ill purpose of carrying on the Wood and Coal business in ail its branches Our yard" are situated on the corner of 21st and I streets, Washington, and on the mnaJ, near Semmes's plan>ng mill, Georgetown At either of the aliorc places persons in want of Wood and Coal of the very beat qnalitv. and on the moat reasonable terms, will at all nmes'find an assortment equa , if not superior, t? tliat in any yard in the District. All order* filled with care, rroinptnetg, and du? patch. BARRON k STOVER. Georgetown, D. C., April 10th, 1855. apr 12?dim HARD TIMES. nRY GOODS at prices to suit, at No. 16, oppo site Contre Market, between Eighth and Ninth street*. Yard wide Lawns only 5 cenrs Do do d<> 10 emits Do Ginghams, 4 cents Do do 6%' cents White Spool Cotton, 1 cent Yard wide bleached Cotton cents 7-8 do unbleached do, do Yard wide B? d Tick, 8 cents Do fast Calico. 5 cents Colored Brilliants. *22 rents French Chintz, 21) cents Dre s Bilks al half their original cost. Also, a large lot of Goods which tuast be sold to close business about the 1st July. If you are anxious to get the greatest bargains ev er offered in the citv, come at once to the WASHINGTON STORE, ap 10?Iw late Magruder a CalvertV TO PERSONS OF BOTH NEXBI WANTING EMPLOYMENT-Youn* men, waiting lor appointments under the general govern ment, or other pa-ties out of business, will be taught five differeut ways of making a go *d living, or may realize a fortune in an easy apd genteel manner, by addressing, post paid, enclosing ons dollar, to Dr. PAUL KORNE, Washington, D C , Box No. 400, stating means, age, capacity, and preview ? net*. " ap 13??* Mr. W. HENRY PALMER, IttTHXBTO KNOWN AS llOBKHT IlKLLhlK. HAS much pleasure in informing his friends and the public in general that he has dep rminod on loratinc himself in this city, and is prepared to receive pupils for instruction on the PIANO FoKTE, HARMONY and COMPOSITION. He is permitted Io refer to Mr George RiggS Jr., and Mr A. T Kieckboefer, and any communication addressed to him at IMbus a. Hitx^ music store. Pennsylvania a/enue, will have immediate Attention 3p 13?tf WATCHES, FOREIGN AND NATIVE. Jl'ST received, from Europe direct, a case of Pocket t HRoNOMETERfl, Duplex and Lever WATCHES, all superior timekeepers, and cheap. We call attention to samples of Watches of Amer ican manufacture, handsomely gotten up In gold and silver cases. M W. GALT a BRO., 39* Pa. av , betw. 9th and 10th sts. ap 1??3t FOR SALE.?a Pair of BAY MARES, 7yeaie old next spring, well-bred,sound. stylish, gentle, ?pinted and capital goers. They are.^JQV. well-broken and perfectly free fro.ii tricks, ana wul particularly suit any gentleman wb? is fond of driving. The owner parts with them only because his purpose is to retreneh his expenses. They eta be seen at Southron's (late Birch's) Siabls, on 14th street, south of Pa- avenue. For terms, or an op portunity to try them, enquire at the counter of the Star office. They will be sold a ba.gain. ap 3?tf MEM)IRSOF THE COUNTESS OP BLE8 sington.?The Literary Life and Corraepend euce of the Countess of Blessington, b> R. R. Mad den, M. R J. A., 1 vol TAYLOR a MAURY'S ap 14 Bookstore, near Oib at. fTlAYLOR fc MAURY'S ELASTIC PEN No 87. I This pen, which is manufac ured by Perry a Co , London, expressly for Messrs Taylor a Maury will be tound unequal led in all the requisites ?( a good si eel pen. Sold in gross boxes, pnee $l,at their Rook and Stationery Store, near Vth st. ap 14 TPWO SECOND HAND PIANOS 1 or rent upon reasonable term-, at Uie W a?biaf> t?>n City Depot for the sale of Hallet, Davis Co., Bacon k Raven, and other Pianos. JOHN F. ELLIS, ap 4 306 Pa. avenue XTEW SPRlNG~CASSIMEBES.-We have , IN day received another large and fine a*>or nient of Spring Cassimt res o< beautiftil texture and ! finish, comprising a mos' elegant selection of fia h ' lOnable spring styles, which *ae wdl make u> inm ate in the kert manner, atehcrt notice, at our uwal lv low prues. WALL 8TEPHENS. 39)4 Pa. avenue, next dooc to Irou Hall ap li*??ia

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