Newspaper of Evening Star, April 17, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 17, 1855 Page 4
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KNING STAR. STRUCK! The world hardly knows aught of the vari ety of Genius with which th* conductor of a newspaper neoe^serily becomes acquainted We receive. perhaps, a dosen effusions dailj of a o 1am fairly '-sampled" in th* lamentatior we publish below Our tender sympathy moves us to do all we oan for the essentlall] :ove-sick, *e we print the following, precisely ?w written: FOB THI STAK. TO MIS8 BETTIE, 0? A . Wilt thou not jpvt vent to a sigh When I am tar away from thee, Nor let a tear riffuse thine eye, Or a thought be entertained of ia? ? Thou the rruel words have spoken. Which nought could ever have excelled ; And a devoted heart hath hrokea? Where pe.u-e and happiness once dwelled. And as the uroe im drawing near For bidding a long and last adieu, To one whoae name shall evrr be dear, Is it with pleasure regarded b/ you? On thinking w? ne'er more shall meet, Has filled full ruy cup of sorrow ; While to you the thought is sweet, That we part forever to-morn w May he tc whom thou Shalt resign, The heart which I would prize so fondly, Ne'er have cause to wish twere mine; But love thee tru!y, and thee only. B. F. H. A, New Wrinkle?Female Inow-Nothings. The following card appears in the Portlam (Me.,) Transcript: Having been ehosen President of the Femal Native American Society, I return my thank to the ladies Society for the confidence the; hare reposed in me, electing me their leade" in so noble and benevolent a cause?a cau-e ?hat will elevate the minds of the rising gen eration, and establish a protection of femal< rights, that shall prevent their being tramplec upon as (hey have been, and are at the presen day The rales of the Soeiety will prove ai, both to the poor and the rioh?1< the poor they will prove a protection in al ;arti of the United States; to the rioh the; vill be a medium through whose agency thej ran select good Native Amerioan servant-, o moral and intelligent characters. No on will be admitted to the Society but those o good moral character: no Roman Catholic o Jesuit, or any individual ^ubjevt to the Pop of Rome. All wishing to become members o ?hi? society must be born in the United States is also must their parents. Those wishing t term asociety oan enroll twenty-five names with a chosen leader, all answering to th< above rules Seal and direct to W. Hal] President of the F N A. Soeiety, Camden Me. Wkllmax Hall Pres't it seems that the strong-minded women o >iaine have undertaken to arrange Know No thing households, leaving to the men the dut; <f attending to the political features of th A o)eric*n organisation The Members Elected to the U. 8 Housed Representatives from the North 'York Courier and Enquirer con meeting upon ?-^gran(j rMUu0f the Coagre: sional elections thr^..? ^ North gBy>; "The eleotions in Cunnectiout a^i Rhode I land, complete the entire elections for men oers of Congress in the free States In ti ?ar: C agrees those States sent ninety Admix ^ration members and fifty one opposition. I the vex: Congress the entire number of Ac ministration members elected from the Frt -ta*es is?we believe we do not err in the oon putatioc?twenty.three; the entire number < opposition members is on? hundrtd and sii :'-"n? ^f thj Administration members, oi come* from Maine, five from New York, or from >ew Jersey, five from Fenn-ylvania. t* from Indiana, five from Illinois, one fro; Iowa, one from Wisconsin, and two from Ca ifornia It would be very diffioult to classil the opposition with reference to particular pa y distinctions. Many were elected as Whig many as Free Soilers, many as Fusion mei and many as Know Nothings." Butone as ae same characteristic marks them ail ?the are anti-Nebraska to a man. There was no a man am-, ng them to whose election thischai acte.-i^tic was not sine qua no a Liberal an even Uz a* iho people might be in respect t ' taer distinctions, they were uniformly an .uncompromisingly exacting in resoect to thii Even where the Know Nothing element opei ated with the greatest power, it invariably a< *e?i in conformity with the anti-Nebrash ^?liOmeat of the people, and in no case has Nebraska Know Nothing been elected, or e?? nominated " Emigration ?The Commissioners of ?m gration report the total number of alien em gr-mts arrived at this port from 1st oi Janus iy to the 11th of April, at 16 218, being b? li'tle mere than half the number 'nat arrive during the corresponding period -f last yea From the 4th to the 11th inst., only 42 alie emigrants are reported as having arrive< i. he total receipts of the Commissioners sine w i t January lasi. amount to $77,147 6] ^ th? r-ggreg?tc disbursements during th same period amount to $199 650 24 ?JV 1 Jour Com. VWI>uri ng the week ending on Thursday ?2-a April, there were shipped pertheSchuyl ?i. l 22 tot* of coal, and per the Philadel thia and Reading Railroad, 46 368 tons \ .u vals at principal hotels MatleaaA llotel?k. d. willazd j NY BR Williams, Mass L V* ehrkange, MJ T P 8cou, Md t? l> Kelly, Mm* E L Rogeis, do J I > B-iwiiHg. Md 8 L Morloa, Va >1A Bowling, do Dr C A Ueigcr, ?a Mum E ? (towhng, do U V Sturges, SY 11 Howling, do a Partz, do 1> '? Ihgges, do Dr Lathrop, do H Ciark, do Capt Maeoi J L Stan-bury, do Mr Richardson, Md S R J2c*?oa, Va Browaa' Hotel?t. p. k. s. bkowh. J U Lang, Ala W Hunier. Pa ? J W Hoiuer, Ark ?? StoWe' do C Harding, Va Iv i ^ A A Holchki*. Ct \\ J* Millard a lady, Ga J W Davi?, Md l^.y J Vm J W Clark, NY r.- J,ort"n k ,ady? 40 A FeJiienheuaer, Va o.*?lclltU L Spiff, do B 0 Rous??au, Va I] AnUenion, Md ^ lllardi' Hotel?h a 6t t. c. wauu W Mitchell, lady lich'd, Uon W H Wiue, Pa J FarJug, DC C Kiofgold, UHN J Dodsou i lady, Pa Dr Steven* and fanuly, L A Coop?:r, Md N\ E J WiJIcox, Pa Mrk IIigj. or, do H J Ca?toa, NC Vu.-j. Kelsey, do J A Mathewson, Can Mr Keiaey, do Mrs Mathewson, do Mr Brent, Md J S Copp It lady, Ct Klrhwoed flowse?j. b. Si a. aiazwooo. f 1??. *?1 B J Temll, Ky 1. M Dennb>, do Mrs N Alexander, do I* ? Raskisa ft family, DC H Hfaton, Va h * ? AFrwbk 111 'i SSZFLAuinn* ? w Lane, Md II Fa. kUnd Mex A D Peck, DC F Brandu, do T Wil^n W de la Veca, Cuba a P.^ney, Pa j a Reynolds, do A Maddex, Va United States Hettl-i. e. iicmr. J Johnson, Tenn J K Gardner NY C A Harvey, NY EM llill, Vt' C F Edward*, Md W Darton, Maan iV H isled, Va D Wad?worth a laniilv J H ? hmawith. O NY 7* D L ^penc-er, do R Moore, Va P P Hoover, Va OB i otfuth, do i Vannerson, DC J T Walton, NY Mansion Ilewee, Aleiaadrla, Va. a. NawTon, raorairma. M Cooper a two ladies, C Wilson, DC i Brown, NS J H Foirtaz, do T B P Ingram, Va B C Boe?* iu, do M Kixey, do ' W Mcllhrnie) . Jo I' Minor, lady ft 'J dsugh l Kofers. do ters, do W H llirdgrave.ilo J F Eber*ole, do A Bu< kman Pa J Meut, do 1 W Hhaw, Ark FRUIT TREES, GARDEN SEEDS, Ac. IIE undersigned offer* a large collection of X Poach tree*, also Apples, Tears, Plums, Cher ries, Grape Vines, Gooseberries, Currants, Raspber ries, Rhubarb Roots, fee. English Garden feeds, fresh trom the growers, combining all the best variety of Cabbages, Cauli flowers, Lettuces, Radishes, Onions, Beets, Beans, Celery, Turnip, he , with ail the finest ve*etablcs in cultivation .. . Plower S.eds in great variety, among whicn the following: Asters. Stocks, Portulaccas, P' tum3'", Phloxes, with manv new and rare J offered at the lowest prices. JOHN BAUL^ Seed Store, corner of 7th and H street . ap 18?eo6t* , . $20,000 worth of Dry Good* ? o be void immediately at a Great Sacrifice RB. HALL., No. 373 North Seventh street, # above I, is now in receipt of the greater portion of hits purchases for the spring trade, and would call the attantion of purchasers to his large and varied assortment, believing tha an examina tion of his stock will entitle him ta the preference. In Domestic Goods I present a line varving in style and variety, from any other house in the city, em bracing th? best fabrics of the vnrio.i3 manufacto ries, whilst many other kinds ol goods have be. n purchased at the late Auction sales in New York, at a very large per centage below the original ?ost. 3000 yards plaid Gingham 8 cents original-cost 10 cents 6000 do fine Calico, fast colors 6 cents, worth 13 10 pieces good black Silk,35 cents, worth 50 Plaid Silks 44c, worth 75 Plain silk Tissues 3i cents, worth 50 50 pieces Berege de Laines, 12 cents original cost 18c Yard wide figured Lawns, 6 oents 50 pieces fine dotted Swiss Muslin 13 cents 50 do do Embroidered Curtain do. 13 cents, worth 25 10 dozen beautiful Shawls, 62 cents 5 boxes handsome Bonnet Ribbons, 6 cent9 20 pieces fine Irish Linen, 2Sc, worth 50 50 dozen fine Linen Shirt Bosoms, 35 cts., worth 50c. 50 pieces heavy bed ticking, 8c, worth 12 6000 yards bleached and unbleached Cotton, 5c 100 dozen Linen Towels, 6c Ladies Handkerchiefs only 3c Gentlemen's silk Cravats. 3$c 100 dozen Hose and half hoss, 6c Ladies' and Children's Gloves 4c A complete assortment of Swiss and Cambric Edg lnr?, Inserting, Flouncings, Under sleeves, Swiss and Cambric Collars at extremely low prices New style Bonnets, only 25 cents. In my Boot and Shoe Department I have great bargains to offer?Ladies' Slippers 37 cents; Misses Slippers 25cts; Ladies Toilet Slippers 62 ct?; Misses GaitersC3 cts. Ladies fine Gaiters $1, worth $1 50; Ladies half Gaiters 75 cts; Boys' Shoes 35 cts, Gen tlemen'. and Boys Congress Gaiters, Oxtord Ties, and Fancy Shoes in great variety, very cheap. The above named bargains, together with many , other articles have been selected with especial rel f 1 ert'nee to the wants of my customers, and I am pre ' I pared to offer to purchasers such inducements at 11 ure seldom equalled in this or any other city 1 R. B. HALL, No. 313 north Seventh st., above I. ap 10?eo6t JOSBPH OAWLKR, CABINET MAKER & UNDERTAKER, PEHHSYIVAHIA AVBNVK, between l'th and 18th streets, (Fiist Ward.) Old Furniture repaired and new made to order.? I Coffins made and Funerals attsnded to at the short e?t notice. Qg- A share of patronage is soliaiied. mar 31?eolm ^__ Proposal! for building Light House on "Sev en foot Knoll, ' mouth of Fatapeoo River Maryland. TREASURY DEPARTMENT, ) Office or Lioht Hocse Board, V Washington, D. C. March 27, 1865. ) PROPOSALS will be received until the 30th o Apnl next, (on which day the bids will bt opened) lorfurnishing the materials, (ofwrought ant a.-tiion) and building a light-house, upon screw pile foundations, on "Seven fool Knoll," at th< mouth of Patapsco river, Md , by the 30th of Decern b* r next. 11Detailed drawings of the plan of the light-hou* c"n be -een at this office (No. 67 Winder's Build Should any bid be accepted, a contract will be ex ecuted ai once. No payment will be made until the whole work 1 completed; and bpfore it is received It must be ap proved by the agc.t of the Government appointed t< superintend the work?said ag? nt having power tt reject all materials and workmanship not in accord ance with the terms of the contract. e The right is reserved to reject any and ail bid 0 I that may not be deemed advantageous to the publn 0 I int? rest. a | aii bitia should be tealed and addressed to the un dersigned, endorsed "Proposals for Seven-foot Knol Light House." EDMD. L. F HARDCASTLE, mar2&?eolm Engineer Secretary. I, I K OWK5 * SOS, 1 MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT f TAILOtiS, t I No. 212 Pennsylvania Avenue, - I ll/'OULD respectfully call the attention of theii i I vf friends ar.d the public generally to their new ?j I 'lock ot Goods just received from New York ant j I now on exhibition?consisting ot CLOTHS, CAS SIMEKES and VESTING8, togetlier with a, ~ full assortment of gentlemen's furnishing ar t.Clss. They would remark that the selection was. niad< pnnctpal'y by the junior partner of the firm. N. li.?Thev have a new style of Gloves s me .mng superior', called the "JOSEPHINE KID," t< which they invite particular attention. ap 6?eoJw (Int&Union) PATENT ICE PITCHER. I HIS PITCHER Is similar in appearance, an< equally convenient to those in common u*e,bu is so constructed that when the cover i9down ever] part of its contents is doubly encased from the at mosphere, the.effeet of which is that one and a hul pounds of ice placed in three pints of water wil la^t nearly seven hours, whereas, the same weigh ? f ice in a like quantity and temperature of wat-i in a common pitcher, only lasts about two hours Being composed of metal, it is of course more du rable than the ordinary china pitcher. This, takei in coinaxion with the convenience and luxury o always having ice water on hand, and tftr iinm? nsi saving of ice, renders it decidedly the most eco nomical pitcher now in use. Fur sale at the manufacturer's retail prices by C. W. BOTELER, ap 5?eo6t Iron Hall. , U/IO & WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. Owes Washiwotob Aq kduct, \ Washington, March 7, 1855. J PROPOSALS are inviled for graduation, stont and brick masonry, dams, tunnels, and othei works of the Washington Aqueduct. Proposals received up to the 8th of May will Ix opened at noon of that day. Maps, profiles, and specifications of the work wd 1* ready for examination on and after the 20th daj ot April next. Proposals will be received for the work of parties lar culverts, bridges, he., as described in the plane and specifications. Portions only at some of the works can be com peted under the present appropriation, but all the contracts for unfinished work will be subject to fu ture appropriations by Congrew. The Engineer re serve* the right to prescribe the amount of work to be dona and rate of progress under such contract for each appropriation, and, in case of the appro priation not holding out sufficiently, to deride when and what works shall be stepped until funds become available. In case o( the entire stoppage of any particular work for want of funds, the reserved ten per cent, will be paid, if, in the judgment of the Engineer, the work liss been properly executed so far as it has goo*. Payments wilPbe made in specie checks upon the United States Treasury, upon the monthly estimates of the Engineer, reserving 10 per cent.; and it will be a condition ofall contracts that the workmen shall b? paid their full wage* monthly aad in specie. Ail bids sir >uld be sealed and endorsed "Propo sals for work on the Washington Aqueduct." The United States reserves the right to r?gect any or all the bids should they not be deemed advan tageous, and to make such arrangoanta as n.ay be considered most conducive to the progress ol the work. Every offer must be accompanied by a written guarantee, sinned by one or more responsible per sons, to the effectjlhat he or they undertake that the bidder or bidders will, if his or their bid be accepted, enu-r into an obligation, within ten d^tys, with good and sufficient sureties, lor the completion ui the work undertaken; said guarantee to be accompanied by the certificate of the United States district judge, Umted States district attorney, navy agent, or some officer of the General Government or individual known to tne Engineer or Department of War, that the guarantors are able to make good their guarantee. Bids will be opened in presence of bidders if any of them choose to be present. Form of Quart To Capt. M. C. Meigs, U. 8. Engineers : We, the undersigned, resideain ol , in the Suite of , hereby, jointly aad severally, cove nant wiUi the United states aad gaaranty, in case the foregoing bid of ???- be accepted in at he or they will, within ten davs after U?e acceptance of said bid, sxecute a contract for ike same, with good and sufficient sureties, to |>ertonB Ike work or turnish the articles proposed, in conforaaity to the terras ot ihe advertisement under which it was made ; and, in case the aid ??? shoaid fail to enter into contract as aforesaid, we guaranty to make go *1 the difference between the offer by the said aad the next lowest bidder. A. B. . ?. .. M . U. D. I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge md belief, tne ahov* named guarantors are good and sufficient. ? ? }? M. C. MEIGS, Captaui of Engineers in Charge, mar 7?uotHay8Jiwif iror.LL * BOYD, BLIND MAKERS k UPHOLSTERERS, iT^OULD ref-pectftilly inform their friends and W the public generally that they are prepared to attend to all orders in?gpi~ the>r line of business. " . - All kinds of UPHOLSTERING neatly executed; such a*?Cutting and _ Making Carpets, Pitting down Matting I and On Cloih, Making and fitting up ? B?d and Window Curtain?. Hair, 81iuck *" anil other Mattrewn, Pew and other Cushions, Spring Beds, Lounzes, Easy, am Chairs. We have in store-Window Shades Trimmings, Cords and Tassels, Split Blinds, Wide Paper for Curtains. VENITIAN BLINDS made in any style, and old ditto repaired to look as well as new. All kinds of old Work repaired, and all or der* thankfully received and promptly attended to for cash, or a perfect understanding before hand II you want the worth of your money just give us ? call, at Ne 901 Pa. avenue, south side,betw. 9th and 10th streets mar 30?tf SPKCTACLBS, EVE GLASSES, lie., Gold, SQver, and fine 8teel Spectacles, Eye Glar t-es, he QCp' Particular attention paid to the selection of Glasses adapted to the eyes of wearers. M. W. GALT k BRO., Jewelers, 194 Pennsylvania avenue, mar 28?tf NOT IC K.?I received this day a new assort ment of SLEEVE BUTTONS and STUDS, of the latest styles. Also, a variety of other new f*oods : as Vest Chains, Chatelams, Bracelets, Pins, Earrings, Rings, etc. Great inducements offered to purchasers. H. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th ?t'. (fi^Neiv Points put to Gold Pens at short notice. Diamonds remounted, and Jewelry made to order, mar 39 ? tf ? TTIOLIAN PIANOFORTES. IlTi Another of these beautiful instruments made by T. Gilbert h. Co., Boston, can now lie seen at our Music Depot. Also, a splendid papier mache case parlor Melo deon, made by 1\ G. Gardner h. Co , Conn. HILBUS fc, HITZ. mar 36 Star Buildings. tf' NEW SONG. WHY DID I LOVE FALSE FLORA, words and music by W. B , of this city, and dedi cuuw to Inrz Allison, the fair Guitarist This song has a most charming melody. Just pub lished and lor sale by HILBUS & HITZ. up 4 LOOK HERE!!! ORE BOUNTV LAND TO JILL who servpd J-**- "? war since 1790, whether as Officers Soldiers, Sailors, Mamies, Clerks, Indians, Chap ains, Wagon Masters, Teamsurs, Landsman, (or their widows or minor children) who have not vet rec' ived full 160 acres, and have been in service 14 .lavs, will do well to write to us,postpaid, and their Lsn-1 Warrants will be forwarded to them for the ' ? 'luantity, and no charge if they do not get it. ? . LLOYD & CO., Claim Agent'* Office, opposite U. 8. Treasury, Washington City, D. C ma, 6 -3m JOS. NEFF'S PREMIUM VIOLINS AND VI olincellos can be seen at our Music Depot. Amateurs and the profession are invited to call >ind try these excellent instruments HILBUS h. HITZ, Agents. A good Contrabass lor sale low for cash, ifimmel diatf application be made as above. mar 33 BAlHEIlf8 HOUSE OF FAI&0 4 IIOUKSE, United State* Trtammy. P JtOCks and olher rurchased and sold. Interest at the rote of six per ce?t pn annum al low^on^eposits when left for 1? 4ayt or toiler. OOUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, R?H?f 1? five atlnuui. TILERS COMPOUND GUM ARABIC STRUT, incr?%slE^ demand for tfcip most pleasant safe, and efficvNnua remedy for all pelmonarv aim a*-*, har enabled th? proprietor to reduce thr pnoe so as to place it within the reach of all cliwe/ K? superiority over i.imilar preparation ir at tested by many em'nent rhybidans who have bete aye witne.?as of its efficacy when tile tisna! rene dies have fail sd; aL-o by fhou-and of onr most re . pectable citizens win have used it in their femflie S* PrcTrRtlT* ?d cure with nerer failing TOc m 1 tW^atZ Jnring wh5<* P*ri<* w in very little aid from adrertising, Ac., it ha aTa-aally spread reputa'ion over the whole Union In eves < fireoent OUi Couphu, H-.znen>u, i; give- immediate relief, and generally cures in a daj S*wlV?out Interfering with diet or busin? ?, or rendering the system more susceptible oi ^r^riie cawa, Whooping Cough, Croup Hroncktfu, A?cctum$ of the Lungs, ani Contu?; lt>n, it is always ferry b-neflaia). and seldom folic when commenced in time to perfect a cure. Prioe 26 and M oents a boUle. Sold wholesale by Patterson * Nairn, Stott * Jo p"' * '? JBj' TTLHSrs QUM ARABIC CJ1NDT DS0T& t0 ^ but in m mild" ?7-rtV? P?rtabJf ?*"= ; they act liHe a charm on rWf3?Bgh', %n<1 Clw thrcnt and , <?otain no injurious drug, are p*rtku .r.ny re^otimecd?d fcr chlldrea. fre^uerters 8pwk'r? *3 . i. a .2}^ aud 86 ?*nts per box iuT-U* ?0,,*t>n>g ,rid itoree. in vigoratMg cordial A PHENOMENON IN MEDICINE fJBALTn RF^TOEED AND LIF* XA LXVOTHUNKD, ly * if r t v tJ moms-9 iNVfGop.Arura , SLIXIh Olt OORliAL.?At P*s* ?he kuxSo'aASmti "?n<io?lr^ act *-b..iar truth? ".cnoutio^d b7 ihe dfacoTercr'~ ?hlVl*Kt*'.<,ri. Ubi* fikCtP ?"eetod by wltneeaee ol tae highest clars and cherruiter, ar? new tri'mnh "llhnWN*!! dCUht*' INCa^ULiTY 18 0Vs? r^rc?e 7 % oftMtt?t>?ywhich is perfectly The Kuzii remedies, In all caa?5. the d*nisv?.ki. or ?bu"? oftbe various ^ nPth? "'ood' -fal machine oall^i gssfesss fsfrfn^m To 0?feeble mu?ni ar irame, or d' fioient In vital power It Is nwv>m smsssss:'sztS'js^ ??>?hr SSSSSSSSt&SS Uauanlra bajond til. nub oi l, It exi*ts, without referanoe to cauMs, and will no* ?? aly remove the dlaordsi itartt but RlBUHiD TH* BROK1N 00N8ITTUTI0N *ouJ iwSTfn^J!,0^ gTttt>E:' Idling to net 4ni ^ tonu of nervous diseaHe It r ^^grMaU?n th, fl9^? numb^t,^2: Irill^ d?PMtri&n, weaknstj She inu. Indisposition to more, fainfaess sftor ?M?C *}?*P 4." 1 terrifying dreams, inability lo^ ?r_P r r wakneei of Se pro* orgsnB, wxual iDoompeUscy H^saasris th. ??mS53S D or8"ic Whenever the organs to be acted uoon are r>*m ^m malformation or rtrictural di^e^ u is areSS in "fOM'a ^Soratino *lixbb will replace wstknees with strength iBiatuWf* _i,w S?SBC7,H!^nUrlty i?5SSj!S h,T y,ulnd ^ not on,y "^ot haXittSaSi "sasiisaan'Sib?S5S begin, finish with the nervous svst^i ? ?rs caution. I*T190*Ari*^ Coanui hae been eoun /?5 'SVPersons! S;^ bottle, and the fWiosin^.wcrdj blown in the? g!Sp Dr., Cordial, H' Hla?? ProprUter, I.t, ^|4jrg? QortW is rut np highly concentrated, I. Prioe.-ti per bowleg two for %ii; dx tor $13. I New York. ? aqbntb. Washington?Z. D. QILMf^J. Baltimore?S. 8. HAN<fi. Richmond? BINN?TT k BUll 0. fl. RING, Proprietor. 1M Broadway, h CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. Vfe? G?e?i Pirlfltr ?f th? Blood I Hot a Particle of K?mrj la It Km lint vlublb Rbmbbt for Scrotals, King's Evil, L'heuui-it'aaa, Obstinate Outansoua KraptfeU, Piinvl'"1 2r PtuluiM on tha fice. SlotOhes, Boil*. Chronic sow Eyes, King Worn or Tetter, Scald Hwl. KnUr^fnwt ui<l Pain of iht Boom and /oiuu, ptabbom Ulcer*, SyphLltic Disorders, Lontajro Spin*! Complaint", an! all the diseases j rbri :g from aa injudicious uae uf Mercury, Im prmd in<>> in 'ife, or Imparity of the Blood. IiHIE valua'1* M.*dksin?, which ha* becoifie oel? brated for the number of extraordinary can*, exacted through ita agency, ha* induced the propri etor*, at the urgent request of their Mends, to oftr It to the fRtblie. which they do with the uunoet eon* flaeno* in ita virtues and wonderful curative prop frtl a The following certificate, (elected from a largs number, are, however, stronger testimony than the mare word oftbe proprietors; and ere all from gentlemen well known in tb?ir localities, and of the highest respectability, many of th-m residing In the city of Richmond. Va. V. BOYDEN, P.oq,, of the Exchange Hotel, Rich mond, known everywhere says he has aeen the Med icine called Carter's SrABnsn Mixture. administered in over a hundred cases, iu nearly all the diaaaaee for which it Is recommen .rd, with the moet aston ishingly goed results. He sayo it Is the moat ax traerdinary medicine he has *t;t seen. A3UB AND FVT1K?GREAT CURB.?I hereby certify that for three years I had Ague and Fever of the moet violent description. I had several Phy sicians, took large quantities of Quinine, Uarcury, and I belter? all the Tonics advertised, but all with ont permaneu: relief. At last I tried Carter's Spanish Mixture, two bottles of which effectually cured me. and I am happy to say I hare had neitber chills or fevers since. I consider it the best Tonic in this world, and the only medieine that ?ver reached mv case. JOIiN LONGDrN. Biavxr ditch, near Richmond, Va. G. B liTJCK, jfl?q., now in the city of Rich-nond at.1 for many years in the Post Office, has such ooaflienoe In the astonishing effloacy of Carter's Spanish Mixture, that he has bought upwards of 68 bottle*, which he has given away to the afflicted.? Mr. Luck says he has never known It to fall when taken aooording to directions. Dr. MINOR, a practising Physician, and formerly of the City Hotel, in the dty of Richmond, says he ha? witnessed in a number of instanoee lh? eff.ots oi darter's Spanish Mixture, which were most truly surprising. He says In a case of Consumption, de pendent on the Liver, th% good effeot* wers won derful indeed. SAMUEL M. DRINKER, of the tin* of Drinker A Morris, Richmond, was cured cured of liver Com olaint of three vears standing, hy the use of two bottles of Garter's &r.ani?h Mixture. GREATOURE Oi" SOROFUl A ?The Editors of the Richmond Republi^&c h da swsat employed in their press room, cur?<l of vv-<ifat Scrofula. com bined with Rheumatic, which entirely disabled Mm from work. Two bottles of Carter s Spanish Mixture made a perfect cure of him, and the Edi tors in a public notlcc, ray they "cheerfully recom mend it to all who are afflicted with any disease ot the blood " WILL ANOTHER CUR* Of SCROFULA.?I hi J a very valuable boy cured of Bcrofula by Carter's Spanish Mixture I consider it truly a valuable medicine. JAMBS M. TAYLOR, Conductor on tbe K- F. and P. U. It. Oo., Richmond, Va. SALT RHEUM OF TWENTY YEARS STANDING CUiED Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, residing in the dty of Richmond, was cured by three bottles of Carter's 8panL*h Mixture, of Salt Rheum, which he hid for nearly tr-enty years, and which all the physicians of th* eKj senld not cure. Mr. Thompson is a weli known --"atsaant in the city of Richmond? and hi* lima:-) rwtrkable. W*l. 'i.a?ATTUEWS, of Richmond had a servant jored *? rtrnhiiis, in the worst form, by Carter's Spanish Mixture. He says he cheerfully recom mends it, and considers it a very invaluable medi cine. EDWIN BURTON, commissioner of the revenue, says he has -een the good effects of Carter's Spanish Mixture in a number of Syphilitic cases, and says It in a perfect enre f"r that horrible disease. t*M. 0. ITARWOOD, af Richmond, cured of old Sot?? ac-l Uleers, which disabled him from walking. Took a few bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, and wae eGaMed to walk without a crutch, in a short tint* rarmanen Jv cured. Principal Dej5?B at M. WARD, CLOSE A Co? No. '>9 Maiden Lane. New York. T. VV DYOT? A 8*>NS, No. 182 North Second st Philadelphia BENNETT A BEERS, No. 126 Main street, H!sh irond, Va. And for sale by CHARLES STOTT, Washington, D. C; HENRY PHSL, Alexandria, and by Druggists everywhere. Price |1 per bott'.e, or 6ix bettles for $5; sep 21?ly Private Medical Treaties OH TUX PHYSIOLOGICAL VIEW OF MARRIAGE, ML. B. LA CROIX, M. D? ALBANY, N Y. 2?>0 Pages and ISO Fine Plain and Colored Litho graphs and Plates. ?l* Prlee oaly tl Casta. f| f^'nt free of postage to all parts of the Union's* CHEAPEST BOOR EVEB PUBLISHED, and containing nearly d uble the quantity oi reading matter In that of the FIFTY OK^NTS OR DOLLAR PUBLICATIONS. It treats on the PHYSIOLO GY OF MARRIAGE, and tha secret infirmities and disorder of youth and maturity, re sulting from excesses, which destroy the physical and men tal powers, with observations On marriage, its duties and disqualifications, and their remedies; with lithographs, illustrating the anatomy and pty Biology, and dbunaas cf the repro iuctire organs cf both aixef; their structure, usee ?ad fuootions. A popular and comprehensive trea tise on the duties and casual*!**. f single and mar ried life?happy and fruit a' il'>.ii.*s, mode cf se curing them ? infelio'-tous at.i1 .nfrrtlle ones?th'ir obriatiou and removal?*aiport?ct Lints to th<?* oontrmplatiug mstrizirny, tfc*t wll! overcome ob jectious to it; non;, b&wever. should take this im portant s?ep w^hout first consulting its pages? aommentarW on the diseases and medical treatment of females from Isiancy to old a?e, each case graph ically lliuetratea by beautiful lithographic plates? nervous debility, Its causes and cure, hy a preceae at one- to ?impie, -afe and effectual, that failure is ict possible?rules for daily management?an essay on Spormatcrrhoaa with practical observations on a safer, and more successful mode of treatment?pre cautionary hints on the evils redultin^ from ampin sal practice?an essay on all diseases arising from Indiscretion, with plain and simple rules by which all persona can cure themvlvee without mercury? remedies for thorns self indicted miseries and dimp pointed hopes so unfortunately prevalent in the ycung. It is a truthtal adviser to the married and those contemplating marriage. Its perucal is par ticularly recommended to persons entertaining se oret doubts of their physical eondltien, and who are xnscioup of having hasardad the health, happineee and privileges to which every human being if en titled to. Prlee 26 aents per oopy, or five copies for one dol lar. Mailed free of postage to any part of the Uni ted States. N. B.?Those who praier may oonsultDr.IaCxoix Sn any of the diseases upon which his book treats er oereonally or by mall. Medicine sent to any part of the Union according to directions, safely puked and oarefnlly secured from all obeervation. Address Dr. M. B. LA CROIX, No. 81 Maiden Lane or Port Office Box 679, Albany. N. Y. Office opon dally from ismbOpn, and cn Sunday from w until 6 pm. djr Otttoe Uemovad front No fS Bearer st, to SI Haidaa Laac, Albany, K. y. ?ieeT AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENSE LET TUB SICE HBA* THB TBUTH. Captai* KbsjaJHI.?Wherever known bis tcsti mony will b? conclusive. But lest those who do not know the Captain should l>esceptical, Dr. Daw son St Bro., with others of the best known and most highly respectable citizens of Easton, endoree his wonderful cure by HAMPTON'S VEGETABLE TINCTURE. tlASTON, Oct. 4,1854. Mestrt. Mortimer & Matcbray : Gentlemen?1 feel it my autv to ynu and the pub lie to certify to the effects of Hampton's Vegetable Tincture. I was for more than five years laboring under a disease of Chronic Rheumatism, and the great part of that time 1 was so helpless that I had to be helped from my !?ed and dressed in my clothes I became reduced to a mere skeleton. Alt the ined icines I took done me no good, and I continued to grow worse. I heard of Hampton's Tincture and Utought I would give it a trial. At this time 1 did not expect to live one day after another. I N no. take it (the Tincture) for the Rheumatism, but in a short time I was well <>f that disease. Prom tht effects of your 1 incture and the help of ?l?>d I am now getting in good health. I wish all the afflicted to try Hampton's VcgetaL.e Tincture, as I have done, with the same effect turn it has on Your obedient servant, Isaac Bbrjavir. We are acquainted with Isaac Benjamin t solo him some ol Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, and bt neve the above statement correct. Dawson k Bro. From our knowledge ol Captain Benjamin we are confident that the above statement is true and an elaborated. J- A. Johnson, Charles Robinson. Call and gel pamphlets p-atls, and see enre^ ot Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neur;upia, Itvs pep?ia, Nervousness and General Weakue ;s. As a female medicine or for delicate childieu we believe it unequalled. Sold by MORTIMER A MOWBRAY, 110 Baltl more street, Baltimore; and 3IM Broadway, N. York Chas. Btott A Co., J. B. Moork, D. B. t larsb Clabxb A Bowuno, W. Elliot, and H. McPher aoN, Wa hington ; also bv R. 8. P. Cissbl, George town, ami C. U. Bbrrv, Alexandria, and by Drag psto avery where. jM b?? DOCTOR HOOFLAND'S crlbbratkd ?crman Bitters*! rurtuB n DB. C. M. JACZ0OV, FhilaTa^ fa., WILL *rr*CTUALLT cuu urn COIPLABT, DTSPEM1A, JMWWCB, Chronic or Jfervout Debiiihf, Ji'iihi of (ft* Kidney, and all jiwww mrmmf from a dio- j Such as Constipation. Inward Piles, FuIIdmj. or Blood to the Head. Acidity of the Stomach, Nau sea, Heartburn, Disgust for food, Fullness or weight in the Stomach, Sour Eru nations, Sink tng or Flattering at the Pii of the Stomach, Swim mtng of the Head, Hurr.ed and difficult Breathing, PI altering at the Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sensation* when in a lying Posture, Dimness ot Vision, Dots of Webs before the Sight, Fever ajid Dull Pain in the Head, Deficiency of Perspiration, Yellowness of the 8kin and Eyes, Pain in the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs, fcc., Sudden Flushes of Heat Burning in the Flesh, CoMtant Imagin ings of Evil, and great depression (^Spirits. HE proprietor, in calling tne attention of the ? ? ? :.v. - T public to this preparation, dees so with a feei ng of the utmost confidence in its virtues and adap tation to the diseases for which it is recommended. It is no new and untried articls, but one that has stoad the test of a ten years' trial before the Ameri crn people, and its reputation and sale is unnvailed by any similar preparations extant. The testimony in its favor given hy the most prominent and well Kfiown Physicians and individuals, in all parts of | ihe country is immense. The following from North Caiolina is respectfully sub nitt d, referring any who may stiff doubt, to my "Memorabilia," or Prac tical Receipt Book lor Farmers and Families, to be had gratia, of all the Agent* tor the German Bitter*. Principal Office and Mai.ufactory, 190 Arch su, Philadelphia, Pa. TE8TIM0NY FROM NORTH CAROLINA. Certificate of Br. W. Smith, of Pine Hitl, Rich mond County, N. C. Pink Hill, March 4th, 1854. Dr. C. M. Jackson, Philadelphia? Dear Sir: I have been a subject of Dyspepsia, in its worst firm, | for the last five years. 8uch was my condition for j twelve months that the physicians and all who me said 1 must die. While in this condition. I was carried to the watering places in Virginia, Tennes see and North Carolina, but was net benefited by any water to which I was taken. While on my way home, I stopped a week at Rutherfordtun, a small village in North Carolina, to try the effect <?f some Chalybeate water in that place. About the last of the week, I went into a drug store to get some medicine for my child and myaeif. There were several of the village physicians in the store, and one of them seemed to take some interest in my case, and, after asking me some questions, said he J had been a dyspeptic, and had been greatly bene fitted liy the u*e of " Dr. Hoofland's German Bit ters," prepared by y u, and he insisted that 1 would | try the Bitters He also called the next day at my room, and insisted so much that I would try them that I asked him to get me one bottle. He did it, and I commenced taking it as directed, and ( do say I was more benefitted by it than all the water and medicine I had ever taken. Alter reaching home one of my neighbors came to | me for a prescription and medicine, (he a dyspep tic,) and i cave him nearly all the Bitters I had left, which effected much good in his case. He has often tailed on me for more of the same knd of medi cine, saying he was more benefitted by it than auy other he had taken, but I have not been able to get ar.y more for him or myself si; - . there fore, please ship me a dozen or more as soon as po* stolc. Respectfully yours, W.SMITH. D. R. HOOKER, Roger's Store, Wake Co., N. C., I October 24.1853, says:??' Having experienced very ?cat benefit from the use of " Hoofland's German liters,-' in Chronic Dysentery and functional de rangement of the Liver, and its concomitant evils, 1 am desirous of obtaining a quantity of it for the benefit of my community. You will, therefore, please send a lot, &c. fcc. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. ATWOOD. Htntbvillk, Yadkin Co , N. C , Nov. 1st, 1853. Dr. C. M. Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow me tu ci prerc* to you my sincere thanks for your discovery of a medicine which, to say the least of it, ha* ef fected a enre that all other medicines, that I have ;aken. have entirely failed to do. "Hoofland's Ger man Bitters" have eured me of thw most stubborn and aggravated case of the riLRs that, perhap*, ever fell t? the lot of man. My case is not a stranger in j litis community, as I am well known in this and the | -urrounding counties, and can truly sav that my re covery has astounded all my friends and relations, as I had tried everything reoommended, and noihing did me any good until I was prevailed upon to tr> the Bitters. You are at liberty to make any use oi I this communication, tor the benefit of the afflicted, yuu may think proper. Truly yours, WM. j. ATWOOD. These bitters are entirely vegctaUe, they invigorate and strengthen the system, never prostrate it, and | can be used for infants as well as adults. F?r sale by respectable dealers everywhere, ami by Z. D. G1LMAN, Washington; J. L. KI DWELL, Georgetown; and J. R. PIEKPONT, Alexandria, mar 1?ly WATCH ICS A BID JKW KLKY. ?I have on hand a good supply of fine WATCHES and JEWELRY which will he sold very cheap to suit the times. Gold Le-^^^L ver Watches %aa low as $25, warranted to^^^* keep good time. Call and see tor yourselves at the store of J. ROBINSON, 349 Pa. ave., oppo. Browns' Hotel, mar 28?dim _ STOP YOUR COUGHING. JUST received, per Adam* & Co.'s Express out case of Mallard's >ew York Goi<! Medal Gl'M DROPS, consisting of Banana, Vanill a, Uaspbsrry, I Lemon, and Horehound flavor*. Also, a complete assortment of lii* celebrated Chocolates, of universal reputation a.ij without | rival in the United States. For sale at Z. M. P, KING'S, 5165 Vermont avenue, corner I street, mar 16 tf B W BUUK8 at SHILLINOTON'S BOOKSTORE. The Immaculaie Conception; or, The Mother of God; an exposition by the Right Rev. Bishop Ulla thorae Growth in Holiness, or the Progress of the Spirit-1 ual life, by the author of All for Jesus The Metropolitan Magazine for April. The Slave of the Lamr, by Wm. North Everything in the Stationery line All the new books published received immediate ly atterwards and for sale at SHILLINGTON'S Bookstore, Odcon Building, corner 4jf at. and Pa. ave. apr 6? tir ANDERINGS IN CORSICA, CORSICA; If Picturesque, historical and social, with a sketch of the early life of Napoleon, translated from the German by Edward Joy Morris?price ?1 $Q Lecture on English Literature from Chancer to Tennyson, by Henry Reed, price $1 25 ' and for salf^t TAYLOfi fc MAURY'S, Just published and for i TAY mar 32 Bookstore, near 9th st. FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. SMALL BUILDING LOTS of 10 feet er more. It various t arts ot the City, Mil Georgetown. ?? prices, and terms to suit. LLOYD A 00. BCILDI I O BTOIK, for sale, deliverable at the Canal, or Wharves It Washington, Georgetown, or Alexandria. LLOYD * 00. lftth street, opp. Traasurx Department. \r THE SUPERB PIANO, MANUFACTURED expressly tor the lateexhi lion in thiB city, by Bacon It Raven, and which received a hkdal, is now on exhibition at our store. This magnificent specimen of >uperior skill will be relumed to New York at an early day, ui less disposed of. We are authorized to sell it upon very reasonable terms. We have also for sale that beautiful instrument, manufactured by Hallet, Davis fc Co., Boston, which received the first diploma at the recsnt exhibition. We have always on hand a large and superior stock of Piano* from the above manufactories. Old Pianoe taken in exchange. JOHN F ELLIS, 80? Penna. avenue, near Tenth street mar 22? 'I'O MEMBERS OP CONGRESS fc OTIIBRS. i SILVER SPOONS, FORKS, Itc.?M. W. GALT & BRO. iiivi-e special attention to their i stack of pure Silver Table, Dessert, and TeaSpoons I and Forks, Ladles, Butter Knives, and all other ar ticles of pure Silver Ware, which is larger aud more varied than ever offered to their customers. M. W. GALT k BRO., SB* Pa. avenue betw. 9ih and 10th sts. fieb 23?tf f^\A'8 PATENT AMERICAN ACCORDRONS. J; Several of these new and improaed instruments lust received and for sale at the Music Depot o' I1ILHUS * UITZ. Also, C dozen ol Faa's new and cheap instruction Books, price 25 cents. The public are invited to examine these Accorde ons, having received the firM premiums in every ex tiibition exhibited. HILBUS k HITZ, mar 24 Hole Ajr^nU. OHNSON ON MANURES, 1 vol, London Vaux on tilling and vertillzing land, do Morfit on Manures, Philadel|ihia Dana's Muck* Mauual for Farmer*, Lowell Dana on Manures, New York Ruffin on Calcareous Manners, Richmond Brown's American Muck Book, New York Practical Treatise on Manures, by ihc British So eiely, for the diffusion of useful knowledge And many works on Agricultural Chemistry, on Fruit Cultare, Been^ Cattle, Drainage, Tree plant ing, nnd other branches of Gardening and Husband ry, many ot them imported from abroad mar 29 FRANCK TAYLOR. PERRY'S AND GILLOrT'S STEEL PENS various kinds and sizes, bought in person fiom the makers and warranted genuine, uu 0 P&ANUK TAYLOR. TMAVKLkK*' tHRKUTORY. M Mott B#d*U'i Line. dk MKW TORK, ALEXANDRIA. WABHIfiQTOM CITY, AND DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PACKETS. fTlfilB LINE OP PACKETS SAILS WIULY X from pier 14 Ea?t River, New York.aad ofleaer Iforceeiiary, and arc cotnpneed of the wtortf flm cJaxH vt*e? In: ?ew nehr. A. F. BrdtU, MfJI. MMr. New uciii. Mot: Rr4mU, A. V. TrwdweE. Schr. Ann D., \\m. Oltw, master. Scto.. VoUmi, L. A. Smith. muter. S*r. CommmiJer in- Cktef, WogLa, MMr. Pchr. Grerairay, VVflinn, muur. These vessel* art* all fast sailers, mm) the mMM men of exp?-rienco in th<' trade, an.1 the ooJy rt|a lar iine of WaaMitdnn City packets. MUTT RSI ELL. Wall street, N. Y. 8. S. MASTERS k 80NS, . Alexaadria, ?*. TllOMfS EILEY, fek 1?6<n Washington aad D. C. CRIIH WKLL'H BALTIMORE STCAMSHIP LINl BETWEEN NEW TOU BALTIMORE A BOBTOII, WILL iHspatch a Steamer dally from Baltimore and New York, and twice a week froM Boston to Baltimore and Baltinn?re to Boston. Tliif line afford* unequalled facilities to lb* ba*ft n??* men of the District of Columbia. The Agerrte at either point will receive freight and five a through bill of lading to Washington at the lowest rate* of freight and no commissions charged. Apple for freight promptly att nded to by the agents: A. U. HALL, 5S Exchange Pl-ce. Baltimore. H B CROMWELL. Corner Washington and Albany sta., W. T. JNO. W. Pf HANK, jan 14?dam Foot of I ndta Wharf, BoMaa. FOR THE WEST AND SOUTH. BALTIMORE AND OHIO KAlhKUAD. m PROVED ARRAN 4RMRNT8 FOR TEA TIL I IMPORTANT CHANGE8 OF 8CHXDUDMII The late completion of the itral Ohio Railroad bitw? Wheeling and Columbus, uniting. at It dose,!? m ?hort and direct a line, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad with all portions of the Weet (aad Nerth \u I Bonthweet,) gives this route greatly inertaasd * ivantage* to through travelers in that direction. On ani af er MONDAY, November 27, 1864, the tr .ins wil be ran as frlhrws: m through passenger* Two Curt train* daily wil' run in each direction first?Tte MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Mallow V. 7 a. m , instead el 8 o'clock ss heretofore, (except rvi Sunday.) and aftlvlac at Wheeling at 2 40 a. m. Seoond?Toe KX PRESS TRAIN, leaving at 6p M* in^t^ad of at 7 p. m., as heretofore, and rannlsg uirough to Wbee lng In about 17 hoot*, reaching t' sr* at 10 V- a. a. This train will step at Wash* irgton Junction, Sykesvlll*, Monooacy, Darye'l t try, Mar*insburg. Mr John's Ran. Cumberland, "t~usont, Rowlesburg, Newborn. Fntennaa, Fs i-gtvn, Cameron and Moundi-rille only, for and water and meals. Both these trains i prompt and regular connection wi'-h th? ears of the Central Ohio Road Iter Cambridg-, Zan-rville, New ark, Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, Daytoa, "andusky, Toleds Letroit. Indlanapotla Chiwgo, t>t :?uia,ete. Passengers leaving Baltimore by OS >l?i! Tr? n; wi-1 rue' Cincinnati f-r dinner next diy, while bj the fcxpre-<? Train they arrve there at l'i the next night, being kept but one night oa t'te route by eith*r train. Passenger" for tba Northwest via Cere'acd aad a!', intermediate poicts can make a direct oeMo tion with 'he traini upon th* Cleveland and Pitts burg Kailrord at all timer* whs; the Ohio Is navtfa> L'.e for steam?rn between Wheeling and WeUmrlue, by (earing Baltimore in the Mail Train at 7 a. M. Returofag. the Trains l?ave Wheeling as follow*: fhe KXPRK8S TR*IN at 4 30 p m., reaching JEal t? jote at fl.M a. m Tb# MAIL TRAIN at 11.U p. si . reaching BaJtbn^r* m 7 p. ?w^Tkrr.ugh ticktts by beat ft*>m Wheeling for Cioei->natl, *f% tle.:n. Ljuivriile, St. Louis and other River Citiea, ?ill be *c>id at 11 timer when the stage f wat?r will edmtr. Throuph ticket* between Baltimore aad Wifbio/ton, and all the important citi** and towns la the West, are sold at the Ticket Offoes of tb* Coapasy. FOR WAY PAB8EN~FR8 THE MAIL TRAIN", leaving Camien Etatioa win take paMe^gern for all the usual stopping plaoes oa the Rntd lletcrnlcg, ibis train leaves Wheeling at 11.46 ml )nl?ht. Oumb riaad at 10.16 a. m^ aad arrives at Baltimore at 7 p.m. THE FRkDEiiCK ACCOMMODATION TRAIN. Ibr Frederick an<l ii>rxn?dist* plaoes, will start at 4 p. m., daily, (except San lavr) arriving in Freder ick at 7.40 Re amlng will leave Frederick at t a. m., arriving at Baltimore at 12JO, noon THE KLLlO^n"* MILLS ACCOMMODATION will be run daily, (ex<-?pt Snndav*,) as follow*: Leave Cam j^a Htsticu at 6 a m. and 8 p. m. Le??e Kiliootl's Mills at a. m and 6^0 p. m. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS RUN AS TV>LLOW8: LIAVB daily, except SuntMty, at C and 8A a. m. and 3 ani 6 s m. On Suniay at #* a m anl 6 pm. Leave Baltic:re at and 6 a a; and 6 tad t p D. On Sunday at 4 jf a m and 6 pm. The connect: us with Baltimore A Ohio Railroad for the Weet at* 1; trains tearing at 6 a a and J pm. For Philal<!lph'fi Uki New York at ?, ari ata and 6 pm. For Annapolir at *}?? a m and 6 p m For Notidlk at 8 p a. T. H. PAR80N8, Agent Particu ar attention is called to the Rule requir? ing a responsible Toucher for any person el oolo: who mny wi-h to ] ass ov.r *te road. dec 18?dtf OEAHOE AlfD ALEXANDRIA RAILE'JAD. On and after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1854, ?fHE Cars leave Alexandria da<ly for Qordon? JL ville and intermediate stations at 7 X o'clock, a. m., or the arrival of the boat from Waehlngtaa, giving ample time for Lr*ekfaiit on board. Coa neetiLng at Mannssas Junotien with a traia for 8tn? burg, at Wanenton Ju?ctk>n with a train for War ronton, and at Qordomrrille with the trains on the Virginia Oentral Railroad for Richmond, Charlotte ville, end Staunton. The cars leave GorionsvOle dally for Aleiaadria and Intemeliate rtationa, at before 11. a. ?*, oa tae arrival of the trains or the Virginia Central rail road from Richmond, Charlott?nille, and Staanton. T <R0CGM TICKETS. From Alexandria to Warrenton $2 00 * " Oorlcnirrille............. 8 10 u " CharlottesviU*......... 4 tS u u Ptaanton 6 00 M M SoMburg 8 00 44 " Lynchburg 6 76 ? ? Winchester 8 60 u 44 Luray 4 26 * u New Market 6 00 * 44 Midileburg 8 26 For Lynchburg, connecting with the stages at Char!ctter*lUe, on llbndays, Wedneadayc, and Fri> days. For Luray and New Market, connecting with the s ages at Culpepcr, on Tuesdays, Thuradaya, and Sab urday For Win cheater daily, connecting with the rtage* at Pledssont For Mlddlaburg daily, oonneottnr with tb* stacM at the Plains. Per order: W. B. BROCKETT, Agent. nov 7?dtf FOR MOUNT VERNON. On TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. Fare round trip Si; from Alex andria 76 cent* ?The TUOMAS COLLYKR leavaa Washington at 0 and Alexandria at 9% o'clock. Ceachas leave the Capitol for the boat at 8 Jf o'clk. Coach fore 10 oenta. Persons wishing the Ocacbes will leave their rMfr dance with Geo. I Tboa. Parker Refreahaente on the boat. Oct 28?dtf BAWL OEDNOT, Capt VHB MEW YORK 4k LIVERPOOL UNiT&D STATU8 Hail steamers! 11HI SHIPS COMPRISING T1II3 UNI A&l . TUK? ATLANTIC, Capt. Weet PACIFIC, Oapt. Nye, BALTIC. Capt Cemetoek, ADRIATIC, Oapt Oratton. These ships have been built by contract, express ly fur Government service; eiery care ha* teas taken in their construction, as in the Engines to in bare strength and speed, and their accommoda tions for passengr re are unequalled for ?'egance and ooznfort. Price of pueage from New York to LiV?rpeel, In first eab>n ? ?? aaaeeeeaeaa* ??? aaeee* eeeeee aaeea* ?????? ??me?? .$190 Secr.nd Oabtn -? TO Exclusive use of extra >dae state rooaax MB From Liverpool to New York ?J0 and U0. An *xperi?nced surgeon attached to each &1 If. No berth can ba sec mid until paid for. For freight ar passage apply to BDWAJLD K. COLLINS k CO , 60 Wall street. Nee Y( ifc. bROWS', bUlPLMY A CO, liven roL E. Q. ROBERTS A 00 , 13 Rlnfr's Arms Yard, Lttdoa. JOUN tdUMROB A O", M Rue Notre Dame de* Tk-talree, Parte. GEO ff LRAPkR. Havre. The owners of tl e>e ships will not be acoonniahlo fur gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, prto.cas strnas or M?Uis, uuleM bills cf lading ars t?;nad therefor, and tb- value thereof therein expr*fc??d. no?" 16?41 y

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