Newspaper of Evening Star, April 18, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 18, 1855 Page 2
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' VEXING STAR. ASHIJIOTON OJTY: WBDN ?T DAY mJiEIOOW April 18, The Star lk Baltimore.?Mr. Joh* L. Cokxollt is the agent for the Star in Baltimore, and will nerre any one wish ing it every afternoon. 4>er8^ns eub? scribing will bear in mind that he alorn can collect the subscription money. 'PLclit or ia* mjAiso f&iu The InttUUgeueer, oomraenting on a lettei in th? Journal of Commfc*, iiji : 4* Tht grave nature of the intimations in the above letter oontin^ .rem a source geaor ally careful and reliable, would inspire us with mneb anxiety abtu. .bo intentions of the Government and the hii*rd? of oollision in the Cuban wa'ers if we thought it possible th'.t the Administration could hare given authority to Commodore McCauley to oommit an act of war on an armed \ e<sel of a friendly Power for "bringing to'* or "visiting' an American vessel Mmply to fcfvertain her na tionality and peaceful enarscter. As gentle Dei all learned in tit law, the President and every member of the Cabinet must know that he has no constitutional power to avenge or punish by hostilities what he may deem to be an aggression, or an 44 outrage," or an indig nity to our flag on the oeean Many cases in the his;oty of th? Government under former Presidents show that they ware all well aware of this constitutional disability in the Executive head to authorise an act of war. It is not necessary to state ibis to gentlemen so well informed as the President of his Cabi net are; but others may not be so well read in the Constitution and history of the country, and may not know that President Jackson, so re-:dy by his impetuous nature to redress ?very suppose! injury witb instant battle, did not venture to adopt any hostile step either against Fiance or Mexioo for wrongs which be thought demanded reprisals; but be went to Congress for autherity to issue letters of narque All power to make war is confided to Congress alone, and is of courre denied to the President. The lerter of the Constitution is too plain to be misunderstood or for any President to d<<ubt, and ne would assume a fearful responsibility were he to transcend his authority la ? matter of such va't coose qaence to the publio safoty which the Consti. tuti p. bad *) carefully entrusted to the dis cretion of Congress alone Redress for casual wrong or damage committed on our vessels or commerce or citisens by the cruisers of another country must by the publio be sought from the Government of the <>ffending party, as in the case of the steamer Black Warrior; and. unless ocr Executive means to repudiate the law oftiois. as well asset at naught our own C-'institution, it will pursue the same peaceful, honorable, and proper course in any other oas? to which the menaced, harrassed. and alarned condition of Cuba may give rise near its shores." In this article it will be perceived that our neighbor argues earnestly to show that the ' President is precluded, absolutely precluded, from defending American ships on the high sea Ir'.m Spanish guns. "Bringing to' and "vuititg, ' as practiced by Spain, mean* firing cannon balls at our vessels engaged in lawful commerce, at points on the ooeai without tho jurisdiction of Spain. As Rpait manages such represen alien-*, if her policy ol firing at our ships i. Continued, before the fir3l reply i? received to our Government's com plaint against the f.rst offence, the Ferolana may sink half the American res3cls passing anywhere in tho neighborhood of Cuba. Nc .ne has contended that the Executive branch of the U nited States Government may law fully make war. Yet, an Executive branch u of little eervice indeed, if it has not sufficien authority to defend American ships again# acts of war made by Spain without adeclara. xauon of war The Union again argues the Cuban ques ti<^ with the IiitrlUgettcer, saying, in the CO free of its remarks: ,-liut while we have been striving to allaj 3ny such unfounded alarm, the intelHgencei had hf>t only been busy in encouraging tb? idea that lawless expeditions from this coun try were to be justly apprehended, but that our Government itself had not only dosigm which it would not avow, but was striving tc bring aboat results which all right minded and patriotic men would deplore. "We have apprehended Collision, and have expressed such apprehension, not on account of the aerlon cf our own Government, or its eitiseas, but on account of the ucjustifinbW invasion of clearly eetabliihed and aimilted righ s by Cuban officials " # # ? '?The misfortcne of the Union is (it misfor tune it may be called,) that when an American citiaan leaves his owe shores for the benefit of tho genial climate of Cuba, feeble in health and unoffending he cannot be saved from im prisonment W e do not envy the intelligencer tb? irit wfci^h prompt* it to scoff at our readv ?ytiipxhics in a case like that of Dr Peck. "Making all due allowance for 'he Iatelli g-ncer s instinctive propensities toward the foreign side of every international question, we cannot find for its course a higher motive th;.n tha" which may be supposed to actuate a thoroughly partisan press. To what act of thi- Aiminutration can it point to give sane tiui. to its unworthy imputation, it it go tack to March 4, lao3, and come down to the present hour '*???# ??From this, principle there has never been the slightest deviation We challenge the JutUltgineer to an investigation. We have a ri^ht, we t elieve, to demand, in view of its extraordinary course, where it h^ fonud the ?videnee upon which it predie^tes its daily in siru.i'">ns <?! Pad faith ai,e sinister purposes on the part of the Present Dees it findthis ?vi'ence in the proclamations of the President? a?** i* ???,? ** l^? me**ge of the 14th of Jiarch, IfM. Doeo it findit in any annual niessafe . Does it find it in the message of the 1st of August. 1854? Does it find it the a'-served publication of all that conoerns our relation* with Spain during the late ses sion of Congress? We boldly affirm that it finds it nowhere, either in declaration of pur pose or in act. And we affirm, with equal boldness, that nothing has been published in ttau journal to furnish the ground of its justi fication We knew that the President was not merely pledged to the scrupulous and hon orable observance of all rights which could attach to the possessions or ci'isens of foreign powers, but that he was pledged even strong er in the high and true principles and impul ses of his head an i heart to whatever belonged to our flag and the security of American citi zens. ? ? ? # * ? ?? We need not state, in support of this po sition, iiia: since the induction of the present ad ministration, although the condition of Cuba has excited the sympathies of our citiiens generally and although individuals may have te.t disposed to aid the Cubans in their efforts to emaLcipete themselves fre? despotism, no man c?n say that the action of the Executive nag n?t been prompt and decisive to check su^h incipient movements. There has not been^nor can there be, in our opinion, any unlawful stepe really threatening the island oI Cu a trom our shores without cotio? to our governmei.t Ihe government takes care of its own responsibilities, and the Cuban author ises ought to understand and appreciate this They have been furnished with abundant evi denoe, and they should remember that the presumption that we have either the indispo sition or the want of power, implies a conclu sion than which none can be more offensive " PoLmca 15 Alexandria. Va ?An es teemed friend in that city writes us that the withdrawals from the Know Nothing lodges of Alexandria. Va., have been quite numer ous during the last three or four weeks; four* teen h withdrawn on the night of Mon day of last week He says, further, that nearly all the Democrats in that place con nected with the order, and many Whig*, are making preparations to leave it. WMniMTDN NEWS HUD WI<8T. Prussia: her Position on the War Question; her King, 4c ? Nothing hns of lata given us greater pain than the ctrrent e^ort of a por tion of the press of the United Statea to re echo the slanders against Frederic William, personally, and with reference to (he policy for his state in conneotion with the war which hs has deemed it prudent to carry out Under all the olrcumstances, each oondnct on the part of Americans who Indulge in it is in very bad taste indeed, to say the least of it. One of our first treaties of amity, neutrality, Ac., was made with Prussia. We refer to that of 1783, negotiated by John Adams. It is older than our confederacy, or rather than its con stitution. From that day to this Prussia has been our fast and really generous and sympa thising friend. Her peop-e, 0f #11 others, de serve our kindest regards, insomuch as they are marked by more traits and characteristics approaching our own, than any other European people. Prussia's population are the best educated?the most enlightened from books? in the world. Her men of scicuce, taken as a class, are better informed than those of any other nation, while her masses are even more generally and more thoroughly eduoated than our own, though three-fourths of our "free born" Americans probably think differently. Prussia's King is more nearly the representa tive of the people than any other crowned head living Three facts prove the truth of this assertion: First, the fact cf the so much greater general intelligence (education) of his subjeots than of these of any other monarch. Next, the fact that every man in his kingdom bears arms Thirdly, the fact that there is no cen*or*hip of the press in his dominions. Under such circumstances his government can not be otherwise than a popular government. His army is popular, not pretorian, because every one of bis male subjects, with few ex ceptions, is a member of it at some period of his life. Frederic William himself is emi nently a gentleman ani a Christian, bis per sonal walk in life being notoriously worthy of ail praise There are few more accomplished an 1 usefully informed men than the King of Prussia in Europe, who, by many loDg years of earnest labor for the advancement and im pr >vement of the condition of his people, has n'Ten substantial earnest thai he does nothing in public affairs that tails to be based on ex alted principles of far-seeing patriotism. Now it seems that his policy with reference to the current war disgruntles England. He has. so far, steadily maintained Prussia in the atti tude of consistent and inflexible neutrality, though the ?Uies have exhausted all possible persuasions and ether means, save invading his dominions, to forco him to become their ally. He evidently sees that he must be the final umpire, and very commendably determ ines to adhere to a position in which ho can in due time restore peace to Europe After flat taring, courting, and coaxing in vain for twelve months, England now tries upon him her game a?ainst Nicholas, which did iuore than aught beside to bring on the present war?the game of misrepresenting his official ats and ma ligning his personal character. It is found that he is not to be bullied into involving his country in an insane war, as Austria has been, nor is he to bo bribed into doing, like Sar dinia. So, as we before remarked, the game of misrepresentation and detraction i? being essayed against him While Lcrd Lyndhurst and his fellows are grossly falsifying the policy cf his (Frederic William's) government, and misiepresenting its power, in Parliament, the English press, with few eAception^, is describ ing him as though he was the most debauched and unscrupulous monster in his conduct, un. hung. He can well afford to laugh at Lynd hurst b false statements as to his importance in the present crisis, insomuch as with a wave of his hand?and all well informed persons know the fact?he can bring into the contest five hundred thousand bayonets, all devoted with heart and soul to the maintenance of his po?icy, as that necessarily bat represents their will, as explained above *Ve regret more than we can explain that the portion of the American press systematically re-echoing British pretences and sentiment, have followed British example with reference to Frederic William and his Government. We owe to him our Zoll Verien treaty, with all its beneficial results Our German oommerce is emphatically Prussian, because all of it. not immediately from Prussia, comes to us through the supremacy ot Prussia in German councils. We have all to lose and nothing to gain by giving credenoe to and re echoing the slanders to which we refer above, against a gentleman, who, as an individual, is socond, in all commendable points of character, to no o her person in Europe and in comparison to the reigning monarch of England is as superior as sijjerior can be; Victoria being, as a ruler, a perfect nonentity, and, as an individual, lit erally little more, indeed, than a truly aston ishing populating-machine. W e trust that we are to see few more Amer ican newspaper articles chiming in with Eng lish and French abuse of Frederic William, over whom they (France and England) would hector in Europe, while essaying to hector over us in Ecuador and the Gulf of Mexico. Our policy is clearly to sympathise in this case with our tried friends than whom none other has been more unfaltering and effloient than Prussia. # Money Matters in 8an Francisco.?-Accord ing to advices at the Treasury Department' there was an almost unexampled scarcity of American coin in San Francisco at the date of the latest advices from there United States (treasury) transfer drafts were worth 2}, and American coin i per cent, premium. The mint had been turning cut from five hundred thousand to a million dollars per month, which was quickly bought up and shipped off by the merchants, who use for their transactions there for the most part the $50, $20, and $10, slugs, turned out from the Assay Offioe with the Government stamp as to their value. The law Compelling the Superintendent of the mint to oeafe operatiens temporarily, in order to make the "annual examination," was being com plained of by the merchants, who besought that officer to postpone that operation until the first of July next, when it was hoped the money pressure existing there would be at an end. The law being imperative, that func tionary oould not comply with their wishes. The Beverly C Saunders's Case Ac.?There can be no doubt that the government will be paid every dollar recently awarded to them by Chief Justice Taney in the then case (before the United Statea eourt for Maryland) against Mr. Beverly C. Saunders, late oollector at San Francisco. The judgment was for between $48,000 and $49,000, the whole amount claimed with the exception of a small offset for a printer s bill paid, whioh was allowed by the jury There hii never been a qaeation m to the payment in this ca>e of whatever the jury might award. ' The Oollier oase is to be diipoeed of Tery ??on la New York The decision In the Saan dors case covers many of the points thttein Involved. In the Collier ease a large awtTu cannot fail to be made to the government. The Accounts yf Lieut. Be&le, late Indian ? gent for California.? We learn that the ac counting officers in the Treasury Department have^/jotty patted the aebounts ofr this gentle man, allowing all his claims for disbursements. It will be recoltefted that objection was origi nally made to some of his claims for payment, and his transactions on Government aocount were consequently subjected to more than or dinary scrutiny. His friends will, therefore, be glad to learn that the result sustains all his original representations. We feel it to be our duty to oall particular attention to the facts stated above, because as we were among the first to announoe that the Government officers were questioning the pro priety of some of this gentleman's official trans actions. We repeat the result of the investi gation is a complete triumph for Mr B. The Hew Orleans Cigar Smuggling Case ? it is now understood here that the smuggler, whose $80,000 worth of cigars were lately seised at New Orleans, had long been at such trioks, introducing his oigais, worth from $26 to $50 per thousand, under the name of " cigaritos,'' (tobacco wrapped in paper for smoking.) It ii thought, also, that the custom-house em ployes, through whose hands the goods passed exclusively, at least sympathised with the smuggler. We presume that their official heads are off by this time. Their ezouse for f kiting to detect this smuggling earlier is, that the want of customhouse accommodations rendered it impossible to examine cargoes in detail. In this case they allege that they were thus compelled to take the importer's wor.l upon his sample (cigaritos) exhibited. The Cfllccrs of the Cyano ?The following officers have been ordered to the United States sloop of war Cyane. soon to sail from the Boston navy yard to join the Home squadron, vit: Commander, J. B. Wilson; Lieutenants, K. L Tilghman, J N. Barney. Isaac G. Strain and Jas. Uiggins; Master, A. M. DeBree; Surgeon, S. K. Addison; Assistant Surgeon, Wm. G Hay; Purser, Henry Etting; Midship man, Jas C. Walker; Boatswain, Wm. Ray, (Juuner. Jas. D. McClosky; Carpenter, Wm. F LaighWn; Sailmaker, John A. Birdsall. The Secretary of the Navy is understood to be preparing to leave Washington, to-morrow on the United States steamor Engineer, for a trip to his homo in North Carolina, taking Norfolk in his way. On arriving at Norfolk, we presume, he will pay a visit of inspection to the navy-yard and the various national ves fels lying there at this timo. Buiintia Of the General Laud Office for the week ending 14th April, 1855.?Letters re ceived and registerod, 59S; letters written on official BUtjects. 538; patents written, 1,927; paionts examined, 3,35(5; patents transmitted, 1,025. During the same period, there have been posted 5,261 entries of public land for oasb, with military warrants, declaratory statements, Ac , and 6,565 pcres of scrip issued. Light-House Keepers Appointed.?Gilbert Bray has been appointed iighuhouse keeper at Half Moon Shoal, in place of Ambrose Crane, resigned ; salary $500 a year. Thomas Langdon,has been appointed assist, ant keeper at Red Fish Bar, in place of Wil liam Morris, resigned; salary $300 a year. Light-House Supply-Vessel Guthrie, Capt. Springer, lately returned from a winter's voyage in the Gulf and on the coast of Flori da, with oil and other light-house supplies, sailed again from New Bedford, on the 6th inst, for Amelia Island, and thence East. Seeds from Chiaa.?Dr. D. MoGowan, mis sionary at Ningpo, China, has been authorised t) purchase, and send to the United States Patent Offioe, seeds, stones of fruit, Ac., from North China. Ihe Proposed N6W Appraiser's Store-House at San Francisco ?We presume that the Treasury Department this morning received tho bids offered for the construction of this builling. It is thought that it will be built for some $60,000. The New Custom House at San Francisco. The treasury Department have advices that the work on the new San Francisco custom house is progressing rapidly. The seoond story is nearly completed, and the roof will be on by the first of June. Preparing for a Bainy Day ?From inform ation, in which we have respect and oonfidenoe, we learn that Louis Napoleon has beon invest ing large sums in California, in the names of other parties. The Naval Bstiring Board ?It can hardly be that this commission, (board,) about the eom position of which so muoh anxiety is evidently felt by all the officers in the servioe, will be selected before the return of the Seoretary of the Navy from North Carolina, whither he goes to-morrow as explained elsewhere in this afternoon's Star. m ?? ? The Steamer for the Kane (Arctic) Zxpedi. tion will be ready for service about the 5th proximo, acoording to advioes received at the Navy Department This is sooner than was expeoted. A Clerical Appointment?Mr. Joseph W. Huston, of Michigan, has been appointed to a 1st cites (1,200 per annum) clerkship in the offioe of the Sixth Auditor of the Treasury. Captain James Armstrong, U. S. N., has been ordered to the command of the East In dies Squadron. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On ?j|terday, the 17th April ther- were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of stock $23,303 64 For paying Treasury debts 28,709 61 For the Customs 25,598 00 For covering into the Treasury from customs*???????????????2,125 10 For covering into the Treasury from Lands 7,124 51 For the War Department 11,207 25 For the Navy Department 487,851 16 For the Interior Department 16,688 99 For repaying for the Interior De partment 15 25 Mortality.?During the week ending on Monday morning there were one hundred and eight deaths in Baltimore; eighteen of which were by consumption. Uf California Emigration has again be oome quite large. For steerage passage about $150 is charged, against $50 or $60, the sum oharged a few weeks ago. PEBNOIfAL. ....Rev Dr. Aohille wasreoently lecturing in New Orleans; hia last lecture being on "the P.eforiration In Italy, from the earliest age down to the preeent day.'' . ???C:a. Vanderbilt. of Hew York, haf ad ^TZZoiri a letter to several members of the New Jersey Legist at are, who are desirous of bringing him before the country for the Pres idency George Law, It it wall known, here tofore "defined hit position" to members eftbe Pennsylvania Legislature; both of them lean ing to the "Know Nothing" ride of politioal question. These gentleman, it it eoaroely necessary to repeat, are extensively concerned in shipping, and this may indnoe aome people to belfere that, therefore, they are qualified * to guide the ship of State." ....Captain Themas B. Cropper, a native of Acoomae county, in Virginia, and for a long time the commander of one of the Liver pool line of packets, recently died in Califor nia He was forty-five years of age, and hia disease was dropsy v ..A correspondent of the Pittsburg Poet nominates M^yor Wood, of New York, as the democratic candidate for the Presidency. ... .The Know Nothings of Louisiana have nominated C. Derbigney for Governor, Mark Boatber, Lt. Governor, end N. J. Heard of the second, and G. B N. Wailesof the third dis trict, foi Corfgreds " ... .The Rev. Andrew Marshall, the colored pastor of a Baptist oharoh at Savansh, Geo , was 99 years of age on Christmas last, and on the 8th lost, preaohed a sermon, having among bis hearers ex-Postmaster General Granger, of New York, and the Rev. Dr. Choules, of Newport R. I. ....Among the reeent arrivals of public men here, we notice that of Henry Welsh, Esq , of Philadelphia, who is attaohed to the American Legation at London. He is at Wil lard's. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. City Councils?Fires?Lecture?Guardians of Free Schools, Ire. Alexandria, April 18,1855. Oar City Councils met last night, but little business of general interest was consummated The revenue bill occupied the attention of the iower board, various amendments having been submitted, and they finally adjourned without foal action Another '.lioendiary attempt (the third with in forty>eight hours) was successful yesterday afternoon. An old and dilapidated frame building, on Davis' Point, was set en fire nbout 2 o'clock. The Sun and Hvdraulion companies, with the suctions and nose oar riages from tbe remainder, were quickly upon the spot, and in a few minutes after their ar rival the flames were quenched At 10 o'clock last night, smoke was disoov erod issuing in thick volumes from the brick warehouse in in Sharpsbiu alley, occupied as a storehouse by Mr. R. H Miller. The alarm oi fire soon gathered citisens and firemen, and plentiful streams of Cameron water deluged the house. The thick volumes of stifling smoke given torth by the burning of thickly packed straw within, for a long time impeded the success of our firemen, but after two hours' struggle, tbe fire was subdued, aod qaiet once more reignod over our city. The building w%d damaged to the amount of $400, and Mr. R H Miller, will lose about the same amount Yesterday afternoon Ann Preston, M.D., gave bor introductory lecture on the means of preserving health at the Lyceum Hall to a highly respectable audience, the remaining lectures are to ladies only. The guardians of tbe free Bchool have chosen Mr. Elias Harrison, President, and W. N Berkley, Secretary. S. R Adams fills the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of R^v. J. T Johnston. The Board of Health as remodelled is as follows : Northern District, W Mankin and Ogden B Thomas; Middle Distriot, C. P. Shaw, J. Entwisle. jr , R. W. Wheat; Southern District, J E. Henderson* W. B. Riohards, jr , G. R. Witmer. At the fiah wharf this morning, herring are going off easily at $7 per thousand, and shad at $11.50 and 11.75 per hundred. Ami. BALTIMORE CORRESPONDENCE. Baltimore, April 17,1855. Spring has come upon us in good earnest. Nature begins to wear a gay, vernal, inspirit ing, renovating aspect. The city is crowded with strangers, mostly merohants, who havt come upon business. The streets and side walks are thronged with thousands, old and young, male and female, blaok and white, ugly and beautiful. Tender maidens of six teen, with love's tints upon their cheeks, and its molting melody in their eye??youn? beaux paled o'er with a cast of sentimentality, full of hope and dreamy affection, are seen in all directions promenading, and forgetting aught bu. the wild romance of Cupid. Old men feel the renovation of youth, whilst withered maidens are rejuvenated and all nature con spires in harmony with perennial life. O that we could but have one eternal spring! Buds, blossoms, trees, plants, and flowers?murmur ing rivulets, meandering streams, softaephyrs, roseate skies, aad virgin moonlight are all congenial to the poetic feelings of this delight ful season. Don't you think this is poetioal for one who has had his heart shivered by the thunder-belts of love? One who has knelt long years ago *t the shrine of beauty, and been brought down to the matter-of-fact reali ties of existence?one who has exchanged sen timentality fur bricks and mortar?poesy and romanoe tor bread and meat?boquets and hyaointha for flour at ten dollars a barrel? and Sentimental songs for the importunities of babies. The examination of Capt White and his I two mates, charged with wilfully abandoning the ship James Chester at sea, was to have taken place to-day privately before the United States Distriot Court, but owing to other busi ness of a pressing nature, it was postponed until Thursday. If the offence alleged oan be es tablished, these men must undergo severe punishment; but there iB extreme doubt whe ther any sncb purpose can be sustained There is no testimony suffioient to make good tbe charges. The whole matter still hangs in mystery, and is likely so. Great distress now prevails amongst the poor, in oonsequence of the high prioe of breadstuffs and almost every other neoessary of life. Common flour sold to day at $11 per barrel. Wheat, $2 55a2 70 per bushel. Corn, $1.04al.06. Potatoes, butter, meats, vegeta bles, and all else are equally high in propor tion. A good barrel of family flour cannot be had under $14. If this condition of affairs continue muoh longer, there must be gTeat distress. Thank Providence summer is com ing. and we have promise of abundant vege taiion. It would not surprise me to see a sud den tumble in prices ; and if so, speculators are warned to be on the look out. Roderick. GP"The New York Legislature, at its late session, passed a law authorising the Common Council to pass laws to prvent all persona ex cept firemen and policemen from approaohing thevicinity of fires. This, it is thought, will have the effect to maintain better order at fires. EyCapt. Norton, of whaleship Northern Light, at Fairhaven, reports having seen "a large ioeberg, about 500 feet high and six miles long." % THE philodkmic SOCIETY OP Georgetown College.?Notice is hereby given that there will be a meeting of the Philodcmic Society of Georgetown College on thursday, the 19th iimi-nt, at & p. m., at which the son resident members are respect! ully requested Jo be present. HARVEY BAWTREE, R. C. COMBS, ... sco IT B SMITH, ftp *tt?Ji* Committee Correspondence. rinvo SECOND HAND pianos for sale i or rem upon reasonable term-, at the Washing ton City Drpot for the tale of Hallet, Davis k Co., Bacon &. Raven, and other Pianos. JOHN P. ELLIS, *P 4 306 Pa. avenue NKLIN FIRE COMPANY?Tff? "rubers of the franklin Fire Coarany ?r? requested to attend a special meeting to be Ik Id at iheir Engine Hoose WEDNESDAY EVENING, April 18th. It is very essential that every n ember *1 the co ?? pan? should be present, aa business of the cnretest mportance is to he transacted Br order of tb? President: G R. CROSSFIELD, ap 17?St Secretary. NOTICE ?ALLPERSON.* intf.RE8T ed in the Annual Assessment of taxable property in the, city ot Wa?hin*ir n for the year 1855 are henby informed that the Board of Appeal* will be in session in the Assessors' Room, in the Cltv Hall, on WEDNESDAY, the l'th, frm 9am to * p. m., and will continue in session frrm day to da* (Sundays excepted) during the same hoars for the purpose of hearing and deciding up >n all appeals until tie 9fth instant, indig?e. f r. n ARKNES8, Im Secretary 9die Board of Appeal, apr 10-dt96th Lost?on h street, between fourth and Ninth su., a pair of Gold Spectacles, in a hmwn morocco rase. A liberal reward will ba paid if len at Dr. DPER'S, No. 4T1 E street. ap 18?>t* Lost?on Monday evening, between 4% and 7th streets, on the north side of Penn. avenue, a small Octave Piute Any one findiug it and leaving the same at this o(Bce will be rewarded and confer a great favor upon the owner. ap 18- 3t* LKS?nR8 OH THE PIANO BY MISS MTDDLETON, 3*9 Ninth sr., near L. ap 18?It* FOR SALE?at THE CAPITOL STABLES, a large covered (Carryall, suitable for a Huckster, and one good Paraily Cam all Apply to JAMES HENRY, Post Office, House of Representatives. ap i8?3t* A GOOD FAMILY HORSE AND CARRIAGE for sale.?Not having at present u?e for them, I will sell, low, a good safe P.nnfly i Horse. and a light Carnage, which can b? seen at Hazel's Livery Stable, (formerly Bohrer's,) Beali sueet. Georgetown. ap 18?lw UKK COGNAC BRANDT 35 a casks "MarteU" London Dock, pale and dark 20 do "Bruneau" do Of my own importation and for sale bv B. I. SEMMES, ap 18?3t (Intal) 399 Pa. avenue. P CHEAP GROCERIES. Hams, Shoulders, Saiaktd Reef, dkcj JUST received a choice lot of HAMS. SHOUL DERS, and prime SMOKED BEEF, best in market, and constantly on hand Layer Rais ns, Malaga Raisins. in whole, half, and quarter boxes; . . ures, In jars; Pickles, Preserves, choicest brands of Wines, Liquors, Cigars, Tea-, kc., Crockery, ol all description, Patent Soaps, Soap Pawder, Small Hominy, Heckers' Farina, Syrups, Molasses. Sugars and C?ffee, very cheap, with a full assortment ot the finest Groceries, and such articles usually fouiid in a Family Grocery. Call and judge for yourself at F. MILLER'S. ap 18?lw 301 F street, corner of 19th. OLD RTB AND MONON G All EL A VYbCkcy 75 bbls Westmoreland county, Pa., pure Old Rye, from 7 t? 15 yean old 350 bbls "Yannissee" and "Magnolia" Whiskey For sale Ly B. I SEMMES, apl8-3t (Intel) 399 Pa. avenue. NEW GOODS. IAD1ES, you are invited to call and examine mj j new stock of FANCY GOODS, BONNETS RIBBONS.TRIMMINGS and FLATS Just receive* from New York. F. F. MYER, Agent, ap 10?3t* No. 13 Market Space. BOOTS AND SH0BS~ tnURUB 4k COCHRAN, | ^?08 Pennsylvania Avenue, are re ceiviag their Spring and Summer sup-^^ ply of GENTLEMEN'S BOOTS, SHOES, ANL I'L'MPS, comprising every new style, and all of th? approved styles heretofore worn. Our assortment of toadies', Boys', and Cbildrens' Boots and Shoes will be found very complete. We have had our otir stock made up with greal care this season, and are enabled to off i to our cus tomers goods that cannot be excelled, if equalled The puhlio g' nerally are respectfully invited ti call and examine our ?tock and prices, which they wi'l find to compart favorably with any house in th? city. BURNS &. COCHRAN, 408 Pa. avenue, bet. 4% and 6th su. ap 18? 3t PURR WINKS 50 it casks "Cogswell" Canary 10 uo Pale Bucell&s 10 do Red do 10 do Palhetins Imported direct from the Vineyards of the Domin icans, of Corpo Santo, Portugal. 10 casks Royal Wine Company's Port, war ranted 15 do Burgundy Port For sale by B. I. SEMMES, ap 18?3t (Intel) 3V9 Pa. avenue. STILL THKY CORE I GREAT DESTRUCTION IN DRY GOODS i ONLY think, yard wide Lawns only 5 cents. Yard wide Lawns only 8 cents Yard wide bleached Cotton only 6){ cents Do Furniture Chintz, only 5 c< nts Beautiful Barege Delaines, only 8 cents Do Colored Brilliants, only 23 cents Do do Chintz, only 90 cent* Bleached Sheeting 3 yards wide, only 35c. Irish Linens, only 31 c. Ladies' cotton Hose, only 8;. Do black Silk Mits, only 35c. Plain Br regis, only 20c. Figured Bereges. 10c. Dress t'ilks at awful low prices Wnite Crape Shawrs at awful low prices. Also,a large lot of Domestic Goods, which must A sold to close business about the 1st July. "NO HUMBUG." Come early, and get the greatest bargains ever of fered iu this market, at the WASHINGTON STORE, ('ate Magruder & Calvert's,) No. IS opp. Centre Market, bet 8th and 9lh sr. ap IP?lw SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS ! JOHN H. SHOOT, South t He of Bridie street, near High, ntOKOITOWH, D. C , HAS received and is now offering a very general a-sortment of SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. In his stock will be found a good assortment ol of n??' ttvle Light Spring Silks Beet make black do Bereges. Grenadines, Tissue* Blk modes and bright eol'd Cballiee Berege and Cballey Delaines, Moussclmes Real French Chintzes and Brilliant* Organdie and Jaconet Lawns Real imported Lawns, fast colors, at 19%c. Real French and Scotch Embroideries, cheap Plain striped and plaid Bonnet Ribbons Emb'd and plain Linen Cambric UandkerchicL a great bargain Jaconet, Swiss, Nainsook, and Pleid Muslins Rich figured and dotted do Ilajou s Kid and Alexander's Silk Gloves, all colors Ladies, Misses, and Gents' Hosiery, all kinds Parasols of every shade and price Rich English last coiora^rints at 19% With a first rate assortment of MEN'S AND BOYS' WEAR. Also, Sheetings and Shirtings of the best makes in Linens and Cottons Table Cloths, Damasks, Napkins Towellinp, Fur niture Chintzes, while Spreads Domestic Goods generally. Having made large purchases from the Philadel phia ana New Yerk auctions, I ain prepared to of ler great inducements to cash or prompt customers. ap 18?lm ? J. H. SMOTT. YIR8T GUARD ANNUAL BALL or TBB MONUMENTAL CLUB, AT CARVBTM SALOON, WKD1BBOAY KVEB1NG, April 93. TIIE Monumental Club have much pleasure in announcing to their friends and the public gen erally that their first Annual Ball will be given as above. The Club pledge that no effort on their part will be spared to make all who honor them with their presence, a pleasant and agreeable time. A superior band of music has been engaged for the occasion. The Supper and Refreshment department has been plat ed in the bands of aa experienced caterer. Ticketa, $1?admitting a gentleman and ladies, to be had of any member of the Club, or at the door on ?he evening of the ball. ^ No hats or cape allowed in the room except those worn by different Clubs. Committee of Arrangements, M F Flanegan, S Savage, J W Franklin, T Withers, AJ Baker, S Dawes. Manager*. t J Withers, O Pulaski, M Gait, CRupett, B Coe, W Berry, B Franklin, C llunt, 8 Croggins, J Key worth. Moor Manager*. J Franklin. 8 Savage. ap 18-WSMTuW ODD FELLOWS' HALL, {Pfmrf Ya i ) FOB ONE NIGHT QKLT * OPERA TROUPE tv,fl give a Grand Soiree on wcosiMDAt r-TKiuro, a?-??i? - Admission 5? cents. rvw, open k ***? yfor' * o'clock. JNO. T FORD, Agent A GRAND SOIREE CARUSPS SALO N, SATURDAY EVfNING. t V HEM the drawing and dWtnbsrton of the spies f% did Lares valued st ft 3nO,n??w am ertibitmn at Madime Delaine's, Pennsylvania avsau<, *ili take i lace _ .. Price of tiift Ticket f 1 ; a few wore of wfcieli v? to be bad at Madame D? la rite ap 17?3t* (later A LL 8TRAXOI lit i\ vim ing tbe City atei old see Huner's C?i% 1-?uc of the Curiosities ?* U?? Patent <Hbce. Also, tii- Description of Poweli'k t?r?at Picture. feb? 3m* WA?nta?rr*f, April 17lh, 1655 A8 there appeared ia the Star a publication aevm- . in* to be an obj-ct to ?et the public r ind 1 ;t**inat tbe Conference sit'.ing in tl.:s city, in couse- 1 ?1?ience of the similant) of the titlea of the two dif f- rent denomination*. New, there was no neces for Una, a* the one ?uttnc i? d? nominated the African Methodist Ep?* op*! Zi-n Church. Wesley connection, aad ao pub'i*hed in the American t>r gan ; while the one in tha' publication, that take* ?ilace m lUltimore on <he tfth instant, ta dt-noou uated the AfncanMethoitv ? Episcopal (IwrchawVy. Tbe diiference 1 leave tl e < nblie to jn're. ap 17 It* . RICHAR1> BROOKS. HARQAIM POU CASH?Toya in great variety and very cheap, Cotnos of every de scription, Porte Montis ??, B*ek Purses, China Or- - ?laments, Perfume Stands, hurry"s Tncopherous, Lyaa'i Katbairon, fcc., for anle at ?*tremely low price* at LA*MOND?8, 7th st, ap 17?3t NOTICE.?0. k A. RAILROAD. The splendid Steamer GEORQE JPAGE will leave her slip, foot of Seventh street, daily, at 6 oVIoek a. tn, for Gor don-ville, Charlottesville and Staunton. Rreakfa* on board the boat ' This boat, by travelers, is calico the Floatine Pal ace. E. A. RYTHER, Captain. ap ?7 2w* NEW MILLINERY. MRS. HAS*IN beg* leare to inform the ladies of Washington ?"'<! ?i* vicinity, that f be/" wM I open on Wednesday, the 18:h icstantr a her residence, No. 5 8T. corner of lttbl ?nrl C streets, (Island,) a variety ol M1LLI-,' N'iltV, consisting o{ the latent siyU of Bjnnet*, R.bbons, F.owers, Ac. Also, a variety of <*her Fancy Articles. Lining and trimming Bonnets, 25 cents. P. S. Orders filled at the shortest notice. . pl7 3t* BROWN* AMERICAN POULTRY YARD, 1 vol, New York Dickson :tn?i Mowbray on Poultry, 1 vol, London Gaide to Service, the Poultry Maid, I vol, London Use Pig, by Youatt, 1 vol, Pfaila. #' Pigs and their Treatment, by Richardson. 1 vol. Dublin Kandall's Sheep Husbandry. 1 vol, New York Mor>ell's American Shepherd. I vol do Blacklock on fibeep 1 vol, ??'a-g?*w ap 17 PRANtTK TAYLOR. Hays? 500 bales of prime N. Y. HAYS for ul? by HARPER fc BOCSH, King street Dock, Alexandria, Va. ap 17?3t* I (1ST.?ON POCRTEENTH STREET, a Gold j Ring, with a white single stone wet iu it Tbi* p- rson who will return it fo Mr RARflAtTGH, at lit* Drug Store, corner of Seventh and G *t?., siia'l receive .f 10 reward ap 16 3t* I^XTHA PINK 60LD VBIT, POII, j and Guard Chai*u?, Seals, Lock' U. Ac.?J*st received a van??l awwtment of the above. We invit" particular attenti 'n to our unu*ual!y large aseortmeut of fine gold Locket*, superior to ar,y hervlofore offered, suitable fo? miniatures. 6k.c. M W. GALT & B? O., Jetseler-, 334 l'a. a v., between 9th and 10th sis. ap 16-3t NUMBERS FOR-IIOUSEST" IT* LABAfeKK. corner of Tenth and <* st- . wl o . is a prat tical manufacturer in metal, has an assortment of Silvei y.ated NUMBERS of v irio n patterns He will make numbers for houses hot< Is pews in Churclic, and for hacks, to suit nil n-te-, and is confident at the low price they will he n<ad^ tint it will suit the pnrcha-er tp 16? Im NEW MlLLTNFRY. MISS THOMPSON has just received another invoice of ilmae fashmraMe Ciape and ?ilk HATS, from New York. Those ladn-sjUS, who tailed to supply thems? Ives at our ln#t fl ' opeuing are now cffereJ anether oppirtunity, and would do well to call early and have the first eelec tions, as we ate selling ihttm off rapidly. Orders solicited and promptly executed. HUTCHINSON k Ml'JIRO, 310 Pennsylvnnka avenue, ap 16?d^w (latel ro6t) NEW SPRING STYLE OF HATS AND^ BONNETS. EVANS, Pa avenue #3S,bpfween Twelhh and Thirteenth streets, to-day introduces the new Spring style of HATS, a new and lieauti - lul article; and also the new style of FksiMedi^ Hats and (Gentlemen's Cap*. To accommodate the Ladiea, and whose I atrona^e he re*p?TTfully solirrt*, !<? tias 'connected with bis hummus the sale of UOM .NBTS, both Straw and Filk, t?-gethet with Ribands in all their varieties. His assortment is ex tensive, and will be sold tor at least a third le?* than similar a tides can mtw, or have heretofore been, procured in thia maiket ap 14? lw ? fKi~nOLL A UVRE w ARn.-Lmt. i i tbe 13ih instant, between Willards' Hotel and the City Hall, a Porttmonnaie, containing three notes drawn by John n. and A. W. Kirk wood in favor of Wni. T. Dove, ar.ti by spi tadorxed, $153 each ; one note drawn by *?ephar.iali Jones, *16o, in my favor and by me endorsed ; also a note. drav. n by William T. Hook, in my favor, for ; sev< r*l other notes and paper* no: r?-ccllected. The above reward will be (>aid upon ihc .rtum of the paper* to the undersigned. WM. T. DOVE. * apr 14? tf A A CARD. m Economy u tke rtaxL tc Great Eeduetion in the price of Hata 4 Caps 'I'll E underaigued, having tuade arrangement* 1. with a N?w York Hat 'Jompuny to be con stantly supplied with the veiy best Moleskin or DRESS HATS, fct up in the latest style, ofit-rs ui> hi at the unprecedented low price of worth from feur to five dollars; second quality, $3, worth from R3.50 to and a very gi-od fac'hi< n able Hat at S'2^0. worth from %3 to" SJ.50 Also, Reobe * Co's Hats, at a much leas advance than they have been here tofnge stld in thin city. First rate beaver Hats $3,5 ?. All kinds of swli HATS and CAPS very low. In order to sell at tbe above low prices tht cash syst< m must be adopted ; consequently th< ? who purchasa will not be charged from fifteen to tweiity five per cent, as an offset for bad debts. ANTHONY, (for many years in the employ of Todd ti Co.) No. 3, Columbia place, 7th at., ap 13? tf 9d door north of Penn. awuue. d W&SHIfGTO* STOt'fe UlCPlfT BV, S. E. comer of Pa. ar. and Utventk tirtfl, Sole Agency for CHILSON, GOULD It 00 'S Warming and Ventilating ipparatiu, M POND * CO/8 (of Boston) Union Double-Oven rooking Bauer, J. L. mott'S (of New York) INVINCIBLE DOUBLE-OVEN RANGE. Constantly on hand, and receiving LATROBE STOVES, for heating two atones; Parior and Cliiai ber CRATES, Enamel ed and Japanned Oeckmg, Hall, Parlor, Chamber and Dining Room S IOVES; Plain, Tinned and Enamelled Iron HOLL??W WARE; Bloek Tin, Planished and Japanned W ARE in great varietv. All of which will be sold at the lowest possil4e tates, that will compare favoral ly with anv Esuib lishment south of New York. An examination of my stock isearne^tlv ? licited. ap 13?3m JAS SKIRVING. NOTICE OF C50PARTNKHSHIP. Henry barron k bolomon siover have this day formed a Copartnership for tlii purpose of carrj ing on the Wood aad Coal buaineea in all ita branches. Our yards are situated on the comer of 91st and I streets, Washington, and on the moal, near Semmes'a planing mill, Georgetown At either of the above places persons in want of Wood and Coal of the verv best qnality.andonthe mot reasonable terms, will at all times find an assortment equai, if not superior, to that in any yard m the District. All Oiden filled with caie, promptness, and dis patch. BARRON fc STOVER. Georgetown, D. C., April 10tli, 1855. apr 12?dim Memoirs of the countess of blb*C Finfton, by R. R. Madden, M. R. f. A., two *<>??. FRAN UK TAYLOR.

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