Newspaper of Evening Star, April 19, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 19, 1855 Page 2
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1 VENING STAR. \ SUINUTON liTY: THURSPAY AJT?KHOOH April 19. GZf Apvkrtisbmknts should be handed In by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may ?ot appear until the next day. Job Piikting.?The public are in formed that we are now prepared te exe cute job printing In all its varieties, from cards, ball tickets, 4c., to (show bill) posters and book woHt, as well and aa low as at any other office in Washington, and with equal dispatch. Give us a call. AGENTS FCK TL? STAB. The following persons are authorized to contract for the publication of adver tisements in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palmer, N. W. corner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. Pottlngill & Ck>. Nassau street. Boston V. B. PA.LMBR, Scollay's Building. r'Vl*n Olf fcOdKISu PR&B.:, The Unxon is indignant at the prospect of the removal of Judge Loring by the Massa chusetts Legislature for faithfully executing the fugitive slate law, saying : "The fugitive slave law, pass?d tn accor dance with the solemn guarantees of the con ?tiiutioQ, aod demanded by everj considera tion of go ^d faith among the States, is now deliberately defied by the know-nothing legis ? I datures of the Free States. There is not a southern whig press that has not declared that the notification of that law bj the free otatea Would lead to a disruption of the Union. They would submit to anything but that; while bere we see these same papers openly affiliating with the contemners of this law, and ardently asking o'hers to do the same. Ju Ige Loring s ease, however, caps the climax. He is one of the first men in New Kn^laud. a law. yer of great research, a thorough scholar, and a virtuous cititen Ibo very men who de mand that he shall be sacrificed pay the high ??: tribute to his intellect and integrity He is doon.ed. however, because he has aimed to be true to the constitution of the United States doomed by the fanatical American party doomed by the enemies of Wise of Virginia, of Johnwjn ?n Tcnnnessee, of Clark in Kentucky, and o. itll those bold and gallant spirits who *r< laboring to rescue the South from the threat ening danger of abolition know.nothingism A whole legislature Against one man'.? a Eang of al>oiition fana'ics and religious bigots owlin* like so many beasts of prey in the tracs of an upright judge!?this is the spec tacle in the legislature of Massachusetts; this the scene enacted within sight of Bunker Hill where W arren fell, and in the vicinity of Faneuil Ilall. where the Adamses pleaded for liberty, and Webster spoke for the federal I. n'on W hat ot the outs'do influences press ing upo n the indammal>lc representatives of a combined fanaticism? There we see inso lent negroes?elevated to a social and political ?quality which is denied fo the white adopted citizen?banded in a common cause with infi dels and traitors wht denounoe (iod and the American Ooverrtrent in the same breath; these make up the public opinion that stimu lates at,d sustains the Know Nothing legisla tors in their onset upon an upright and fear lees judge tbe type of a sterling American citizen. We hope the Sou'!*, will study this admonision wisely and vol! ?* The Union alio insists that the measures of the President upon Cuba and all its collateral questions m^et the hearty approbation of every member 0f its Cabinet Tje Intelligencer seems to be hard run fer mares nests just now, as it to-day gives cur rency to the New York Evening PosVs silly roorbacks charging that Secretary Guthrie wrote a friend in Louisville that it is the pur P?*? '^f the Government to make a war with Spain. 4c. On the day before yesterday we took occasion to deny this story in all its parts, after having ascertained that there wa3 not the slightest truth in it whatever. Our neigh bor, who is prone to charge organship upon us when by so doing the Administration may possibly be injured, does not seem able to see our contradictions of stories injurious to it, which, by the by. might as easily first appear in his own columns as ours Our organship is simply our industry. A Saoomia Affair.?a difficulty occurred in Buffalo, N Y , yesterday, between a man named Forbes lately from California, and another by tlfe name of Schaler, of Buffalo, in which the former shot tbe latter, although not considered dangerous The origin of the affray Is said to be Schaler's intimacy with Forbes' wife Forbes has been committed for an ex amination. 1"it Pool* Mlrdkr?Juuge Cowles has decided to take bail in the sum of $10,000 each for Morrissey and Irving, and $20,000 each for Hjler. Ling, and Van Pelt. Turner and Pan dene were not admitted to bail. These parties were engaged in the Poole murder, which oc. curied in }iew York city some time since P*a Huts.? The Norfolk Herald statesthat within a year just closed $20,000 worth of pea nuts have been shipped from that city to the Norwh, through th^ agency of a single house PEBXONAL. .... The Secretary of the Nuvy left the Washington navy yard this, morning on his w?j home, in the U. S. steamer Lneineer, Master E S Olmstead, U S N , in command, ?tie will reach Norfolk to-night. Judge Gilchrist, of the Claims Court, is at Williards .... The Hon F P. Stanton ef Tennessee, and the Hon F. Kives of Virginia, are at Browns. ....Hen Alexander Ram?ey, formerly a representative in the Congress of the United States, at,d late Governor of Minnesota terri tory. ha.- been elected Mayor of St. Paul, by a large majority. ? ??? Col. H L Kinney has published a let ter in the New York papers, in relation to the new organisation. 4*The Nicaragua Land and Mmlng Ctmiany," which, be says, has no connexion with '? the Central American Com. " The interests of the latter being all ?u the Mur^aito territory, while those cf the former are in lands obtained from Mr Fabens, our present Consul at San Juan, who has ? '&r8? purchases from individuals, and wbo is concerned in the present enterprise. ? company, he remarks, is formed for agri cultural and mining purposes .... Hon. R. C. Winthrop has been elected President of the Massachusetts Historical So oiety .... Rachel, the great French tragedienne, is compelled to abandon her project of visiting this country ; the Minister of State not wish ing that Pans should lose one of it* brightest theatrical ornaments, and making use of his legal power to retain her in France. .... One young man in the vicinity of Bos ton shot himself lact week, because he oould not get a wife, and another because he oeuld not get a divo ce .... Dr Henry Brugsch, wbo was sent at the close of 1S62, by the King of Prussia, upon a scientific mission to ?gypt, is about publish ing * he results of his researches The pubH eation is to appear in numbers every two months for four years WMBIIICTUI SEWS AHD S0S8IP. Tne State of the Frontier.?W? took oeoa lion to say, not long since. that the chief of the Indian bureau ia now of opinion that the Sioux and other apper Missouri tribes wonld not make a foray on the settlement* and emi gration this season, as was not long sinoe ez> pec ted. We bare every eonfidenoe in the Commissioner's means of forming a correct judgment in the matter, because he has expe rienced and trusty correspondence among the various tribes suspected of hostile intentions Nevertheless, there is every reason to believe, that the preparation made to oheck and punish them, in case they should undertake hostilities, has alone warded off the attack We understand that the authorities here whoee duty it is to proteot our frontier fellow eitiiens in sneh an emergency, have been almost overwhelmed with petitions fo? stich protection, based on the ipprebenrfoP^ oF almost all who are witftfn <triKng distance. Among ethers, we perceive that as ;ate as the !wh J*"' lh# I*?-latur? Nebraska made to ^ ? Apartment a pressing representation ?" what they believed to be the imminent oanger of a general Indian war. It will be recollected that, in accordance w 'ha call of Congress, the Department sent in at the last session a detailed account of as many of the recent murders, robberies. Ae., I perpetrated by the Indians in question, as the Government had information of; a list so formidable as to create a general impression that failure to give the frontier requisite pro tection had operated to make the hostile tribes, rather than the Government of the United States, the supreme power almost everywhere between the extreme settlements in Missouri and Iowa, and those of California, and Oregon and Washington Territories. The result was the authorisation of the four new regiments, to be employed in the re-establishment of the Government's authority in that quarter, peace ably. if possible, but at any rate to re-estab lish it Happily, the news that troops suffi cieUt promptly to punish any outrages will soon be in the field, bids fair to prevent the necessity for shedding Indian blood there We are thus particular in stating all these facts, because we perceive that those who hate the President, finding that their story that ho desires to make way on Spain will not go down with people of common sense, are getting up a cry that his purpose is to create an Indian war. l'hey find a willing and fitting mouth pioce. indeed, in Colonel Benton, who makes it a rule of his life to malign and misrepresent any Executive who fails to lend himself to the two great objects ef his ( he Colonel's,) labors in connexion with public affairs of late years?the first, "blowing'' him into undue | importance, or in other words, ministering to Lis personal vanity; the second, billeting the Colonel's connexions on the Government, so as they may realise vast sums of money through opportunities so created for them British Recruits in Yankeedom for Crim Tartary-Alas for poor Sir Gaspard Le Marchand, H B U. Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia, and the would-be commander of the American volunteer legion to take Sebas U>pol?" his cake is all dough " The Yankees wont go to the Crimea. They prefer working on the Nova Scotia railroad to dying with glory in the valley of Balaklava, or in the slaughter pen before the Russian batteries at Sebastopol. Sensible Yankees thefce. Ilis Excellency's pathetic beseeching to the b hoys ooght to be reported for the edification of the publio We presume ere this the ambitious Sir Gaspard has thought it possible that the cunning and intriguing Howe has been play, iag upon his military vanity to make him ap pear ridiculous, and disgrace him in the esti mation of the Government and oause his recall. The people of England won't be made a laughing stock to gratify the military vanity of any of the old fossils of the wars of by-gone days, and the open and armed violation of tie neutrality laws of the United States by the Nova Scotia military patriot-, will, we are satisfied, be rebuked The following extract fro?s the Halifax Journal shows that even the Dutch, Irirfh, and French recruits rurrep titiously obtained in Philadelphia, New York and Boston, object to being shot by the Rus siana for pay : "Still they Com a!?The second installment for the "Foreign Legion," so called, amount ing to some sixty people, arrived in the city on Friday morning from Boston, via Windsor. It appears that they were induced to come here under a promise of employment on the Railroad at the rale of $6 and $8 per week, and were not told anything about joining a foreign legion until their arrival at Windsor. Mr hen they arrived in town, they refused to en list as rec raits. On Saturday morning they waited on his Excellency, who endeavorod to induce them to enlist but they indignantly re fused to consent to anything short of a fulfil, ment of their engagement. We believe ar rangementa have since been made to have tnem employed on the Railroad " The Uneducated ?The following id the num ber of persons in the United States, over twen ty-one years of age, who cannot read or write, compiled from official records : State, fcc. Mak?. Females. Total. Maine 3.259 2,888 6,147 New Hampshire.. 1,662 1,295 2 957 \ Ci Uiont. ????>??? 3,601 2,588 6,189 Massachusetts.... 11,578 15.961 27,539 Rhode Island.... 1,330 2,010 3,340 Connecticut 2.037 2.702 4 739 New York 39.178 52.115 91 293 New Jersey 6,007 8,241 14,248 Pennsylvania.... 24 330 42.548 66 928 Delaware 2 012 2 524 4,536 Maryland 8,557 12,258 20,815 Dist. Columbia... 601 856 1 457 Virginia.... 30,244 46,761 77,005 North Carolina... 26,239 47,327 73 566 South Carolina... 5,897 9,787 16 634 Georgia 16,552 24.648 41.200 Florida 1,736 2,123 3,859 Alabama 13,163 20 594 33 757 Mississippi. 5 522 7,883 13.405 Louisiana 9,642 11,379 21 221 4.988 5,537 10,525 Arkansas 6.810 10 009 16 819 Tennessee 28,469 49,053 77,522 Kentucky 27,754 38 933 66 687 Missouri 14 458 21.823 36 281 Illinois 16,633 23,421 40 054 Indiana 26,132 44 408 70,540 Ohio 22 994 38,036 61 030 Michigan 4,037 3,875 7 912 Wiaoonsin 2 930 3,431 6,361 Iowa. 2,928 5,192 8,120 California 4,237 881 5118 Utah 88 65 *153 Oregon 86 71 * 157 *iew Mexico 13,384 11,751 25,085 Minnesota 389 260 649 Total 389,664 673,234 962,898 Small Balances Dae the Government.?As the law stands, the aocountidg officers of the Treasury Department have, up to this time, been compelled to refrain from calling on offi eials reported by the other department* to them as their disbursing offioers for balanoes shown to be in their handa; insomuch as the law presumes that they may at any moment be ealled on to disburse such funds That is, while such persona remain in the public ser ? vice More or lees of those rated by law as disbursing offloers, owing to constantly occur ring changes in the Government business, here ceased really to disburse money on Govern ment acoount; some of them having had the same balance returned agaiust them from four to seven years, in all whiob time they have been oalled on to make no payment on Gov e-nment account. We understand that meas ure? are now in course of arrangement to oall In all auoh existing balanoes The Administration's Formal Reply?to the Intelligtncer't request to know theft in tentions toward Spain.-In a brief artiole, this morning, the Union publishes what, among public men here, seems to be undsrstood to mean a lormal disavowal on the part of the Administration of responsibility for that jour nal s views with reference to our Snanisu re lations. We quote th? article as follows; w? has never conned to have in organ. So far as its do mes io policy is ooncerned, it speaks through its acts; and in relation to foreign diplomacy it publishes, upon the oall of the representa tives of the people, what it has done We, 'use, just as every other free press may take, its avowed principles and its performance, i ftelyng upon the first, we have never felt tbat with our American impulses we were likely to go widely astray The only party which holds up the doctrines of Jefferson. I Madison, and Jackson?the true sentiment of that party, gives us a better idea of what this administration is likely to do than anything which the relation of organism would oonfer; and this we have neither sought nor held. The only relation of this press to the adminis , tration is thai the latter does not fled fault ] with our sentiments, and that we hare found no occasion to disapprove of its acts." The Humored Africanis ati )n of Cuba?Im portant I?We have satisfied ourself that the last steamer from Europe brought to more than one foreign legation in this city information that Mr.^rry, shortly after the delivery of] M. Lusuriaga's now famous speech in expla nation of the future Cuban polioy of Spain, wrote that gentleman (the Queen's minister for foreign affairs) for an authentic copy of I the speech in question, to be forwarded to this Govenment; and tbat Mr. L. as promptly sent it to him, embracing a pledge that Spain would protect and cherish slavery in Cuba. We take it for granted that by the mail bringing the letters in question, the Government reoeived the correspondence to which we refer above. The Norfolk Navy Yard?Mediterranean Squadron*?Captain Breese, the present com mandant of the Norfolk yard, has been de tached from his command, to take effect on the 10th of May, and has received preparatory orders for the command of the Mediterranean squadron. Commodore Mckeever, lately in command of the Braiil squadron, has been selected to j succeed Capt. Breese at the Norfolk yard. A Clerical Removal and Appointments. T. E. Boudinot, second class clerk in the Sixth Auditor's office, has been removed, and Joe* II Jordan, of Maine, appeinted to the clerk ship thus made vaoant. Mr. Edward A. Wbipplo, of Pennsylvania, has been appointed to a first class clerkship in the same office. An Aimy Officer Besigned ?Capt. Thos. J. Lee, of the United States Topographical En gineers, has resigned, to take effect on the 30th of April inst. f he Current Operations of ths Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 18th April ther; were of Treasury Warrants entered on| the books of the Deoartment? For the redemption of stock f 16,492 92! For paying Treasury debts 15,115 98 tor covering into the Treasury from customs..,, 57.583 84 For covering into the Treasury from Lands..123"T2 21 vOT lfa? Department 37*83? 60 For repaying in the War Depart ment 24 HAS For repaying in the Navy Depart- ' ment..... 2 P71 32 For the Interior Department. 119^473 SO ?The Methodists ard the Removal or Judge Lorirg.?It is said that when the news reached the Mothodist Conference, in session a'. Chelsea, Mass., on Saturday, that the ad dress for the removal of Judge Loring, had possod the House of Representatives, the whole body, some three hundred strong, rose to their feet and gave three cheers ? Boston Telegraph. Mile ard Whisev.?In consequence of the probable stoppage of the breweries and distilleries in New York, and the present re duction of work preparatory to that stoppage, the milk dealers have already raised the price of that article 25 per cent. The people of Qotham have, to a certain extent, a pro hibitory milk as well as a prohibitory liquor law. CFTbe Cincinnati Paid Fire Department oost, during the year ending April 1st, 1855, the city corporation the sum, of $90,576 17, whioh maintained a Department embraeinj 16 oompanies, 380 members, 493 pipemen, dri vers. watchmen, and officers, J8 engines (in cluding the two steam engines,) 34 hose car riages, 29,863 feet of hose. Immigbatior.?A large number of Kuropean immigrants arrived at New York on Tuesday. The James Foster and West Point brought?the first 750, and the seoond 430 in the steerage; the Francis A. Palmer, from Havre, 415; am the Devonshire, from London, 136, Attack dpor ah I htelligesce Orpins.? Considerable excitement was created yesterday morning, in Rivington street and its vioi nity by the collection of about a thousand German and Irish laborers, in front of an intelligence office kept by a Dr. Charles Meyers, at No. 15 in that street. It appears tbat the Dr. had advertised for a large number of laborers to go into the country to work at $7 50 per week, and a considerable number had called upon him, and paid him $1 each, as a fee, but after wards thinking that they had been swindled, they mustered a large force and repaired to the Dr. s place to seize him, but he not being there they captured his clerk, and took himto .he Mayor s offioe, where he made affidavit that he had only been hired the day previous and was ignorant of any attempt te defraud the laborers. He was then discharged, and a WM i8?ued for the arrest of Meyers. iV. T. OUH. Seeing tie Elephart?Passengers who travel by the New York and New Haven cars have a grand chance of "seeingthe elephant." Going from New York, the oars pass the farm of P. T. Barnum, a mile or so before reaching Bridgeport, Ct. On that farm, and in plain view from the railroad, an elephant may be seen every pleasant day, attached. to a large plow, and doing up (he "sub soiling" in first rate style, at the rate of about three distinot double horse teams. Ihe animal i? perfeotly tractable. His attendant rides bim while a colored man guides the plow. The elephant is also used for aarting large loads of gravel in a cart arranged purposely for him, and in drawing stone on a stone boat or drag, in piling up wood, timber, Ac., and in making himself generally useful.?iV. Y. Infant. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Q?obqitowh, April Id, 1865. Pertong living or doing business along the l<ne canal, between this end the Point of | Rocks, will doubtless be pleated to leara that thHfIJ?iK0t Coogreu ia now undergoing a lurw.e\fThL' 0liDg anJ Modeling, for the the 30th i^r0h reftt,arIy? ?n and after noint Ppnni,? Mn above mentioned ? Personal knowledge of the parties who have the matter in hand we feel publ,? that'the dif fort> hMTi inhi iV which beieto fore been subject to on thia rente wi'l fateiv w." arffi?s "? ? ??? aiso ie*rn that the proprietor! have ??r hope ,b?y win woceed ?MIMrtetioc of the mails from the Distrim to the Point of Rooks. The on thl Sn?0*1 ??0e8 ar# "ituat#d immediately on the route, and we are assured that persons ?5II6,fi J" ?o?d of eMh? cftea meet with OOBsiderable delays, trouble, and diffloulties ?.ii- oorrespondenoe: Great falls, tor the aocommodation of those en. RK? ?.nJhi! Wat6r work? = 8?Ma, Kdward's Ferry, and Monocacy This route being mush shorter and toofre direct than the one the mail now has to go, it is confidently believed that they could be delivered by it mueh more promptly and in less time than they now are. blour and (rram Martet.?Th? former ia at2 is f 6J! |li-00' 4nd the latter at $2:10 a $2.45 for red wheat, and $2 45 a $2.55 for, (Torn^' -!S rif,teAr?ay ?f 2 000 bushels Of corn, white at $1.09, and of 500 bushels at *110- Spbctator. From the Cincinnati Enquirer, April 13th? The Pi qua Poisoning Cue. In yesterdays Enquirer we gave a brief eo count of the arrests Mrs. R^gaL at pfaw h?d *??? li# ?har$? of murdering her Lsl confessed V""* !t WM *aid' ehe had confessed We have since received the Day ton Journal of the 12th, which gives the full particulars of the affair, as elicited in the Bome ?f *hi<* wfii ne read with interest by our readers Th? Journal thus describes tho parties: w.'.M.r* Eliiabeth Regan, who stands charged with the murder of her husband bv the ad- , SJ'J,of poiwn, is the daaghter of Martin Cunningham, an old and esteemed cit ?en of Colesville, Miami County. She is apparently about twenty-two years of age SS'?d ?.gbVb'h,! blM "d b'?? wnm'.n cL 7- PronoQDce<i a good-looking KF .nu" "V member of the Metbodiet tpiscopa! Pharch. and was always considered by those who knew her to be a good Christian a kind and affectionate wife, and an exem plary member of sociefy. But in the face of mLUS m ?ommitt?d on? of the most cold blooded murders ever recorded in the annals anw!!!!* ? huebaDdJi? ?aid to have been an honest, temperate, and industiousmechanic Jl?, ?Ph IDS Wu11 for h" famfy, and J?PkP7 tS Wheti administering to the comforts of her he so dearly loved, but from whom he received the basest ingr'atitude'n w';J?me*D. Mowry also acitiionof Colesville, was arrested, soon after the commission of the murder, upon the charge above stated. He is dr^n??H ?r?P?,rty' haa * wif# and three chil dren and has always borne a good name He is about thirty five years of age, five feet ten inohes in height, and as ill-favored a man as one would see in a day's journey Mowry has \me"bor ,of ,h? Methodist Church, in good standing for many yean. Upon the conclus.on of tho testimony on Monday even ing, Mowry seemed in good spirits, and most of those who heard it were convinced of his ^nncencij' and deeply sympathised with him. S ill morning, after hearing the tea.imony of Mrs Regan, the public mind un derwent a great change ; the sympathies of a great majority were emistea in favor of Mrs Kegan, and nearly every one seemed fully convinced of the guilt of Mowry " ?irl' made a full confession of her guilt?the chief cause of whioh was her pas Ifftl k "TJ P? Iatt6T had' for a long I1*?' been importuning her to murder her husband. Some four months ago she wrote to him the following letter on the subject: . i\ t "Piqcta, Dec. 6, 18d4. Dear Jimmv; Once again 1 am seated to write a few lines to you. I said I would not write any more, bat you know I oan't refrain ?#?1, l\j "dJ"..1 bave been living in a perfect >! Ji y , allow me the expression, it is a hard one, but nevertheless true,) and I have been tormented day and night since I oame enonffb hhT me kiss vou, and that was 7/1 1 haT? had to suffer for it! I did not think he saw me, but he was watch mg me I am so near beside myself I hardly know what I am doing. He says I shall net go homo any more, and h* say* he will cot get me any moto clothes, and then I can't go out as much as I have Now, I can't stand this any onger, and I appeal to you for help. I have thought of one more plan; I am going to make one more proposition to you, and if you will do it I will grant you the request you have so ong asked of me, as soon as you do as * want you to do, or before, if you will only do as I want you. Now, it is this : You mak^ a proposition to htm to go with you to look at some new country-to Oregon, or Wisconsin. oth?r place?and name the period I! ? tJif k- ,sayB he hafl not tho means, ff hi wH?lmy?U W,H furDi8h him the means it he will go for company; then I will per snade him to go, and then you can go on horse twn hn1 0D A 0al"' Md 7?B CaD tak? y?Q' two horses and go the rest of the way?that is you ?et a good way from here, you can procure poison and administer it in oysters and he will never know the difference You can eat your oysters on the road, or you can kmw ^m^w,0mefarm ft0U8e' they will never ?.i, -! ! difference, and you can pretend to 10 k that you h*?e 10 ^rn baok. w hen you oan accomplish what I have J0 f J2\th\n ?ou oan ^egraph to me that e u Jea4; I will tell the Templars, and have them make up $30 and send to you to bear his you will come up aa soon as vou ? wm'^fnT1 teU. 700 all about it, and tLn I will gi-ant you the request. Crme up risht away; lean tell you better. Now, dear do come, you know I love you; you are well aware of it. I will write no mo "e tiTl sw you. Come up right away. My ink is pale " Yours, in life and death. From yois or " On* that Loves Yon.'' The plan not being adopted by Mowry she administered the poison herself. In the course of her oonfession, she says : "I procured arsenic at the drur store in Tippecanoe on Friday, came home on Satur. ?? administered it to my husband the dTark: 1 t0ldDr Br0Wn ell he took it himself; I repented of the act and wanted the doctor to save his life; I have known nothing at all since his death until the day before yesterday; I told Dr. Brownell not to say anything of it to Regan; I gave him only part of what I had; he oame home at 10* J?venin*..Bi?k; I gave him no wL n ? .iionday morning, when I found he was out of danger; I thought the matter was all over, and oonoluded I would give him an other dose; j knew Mowry was urging me to do it, it it were not for this same James Mow ry I should not now be in the fix I am- his words set heavily on my mind; I was wrouarht up to the highest pitch; that was the last I gave him. "R. C Davis was in the room on Monday when I gave him the last dose of poison ! gave it in chicken broth; I sent for ibis lint poison by Mrs Kelley's son; had previousW #e?t*lltt,e ?,rl ?. with a note signed with a fictitious name, but she could not get if told Mrs kelley that I wanted it for rats; gave mv husband no powder in a glass, but with a spoon, when Jamea Templer was in; it was a powder the doctor had left." rn^iD?h?.DR ~Wirdfiarich and famous. In 1854, the assessed valuation of real est"i in the ward was $31,535,000; the pewenai property was valued at $45 975 200- miE a total as^eased valuation of $67 510 20? ThU is six millions more thaa the lit valuation real estate in the whole StatA aination of I. i. more The public schools of San Francisco, says the Daily Sun of that city, ere very mueh crowded with pupils, and in every district youths ere daily refused admission because of the impossibility of fiadiag room for them. ^EDUCATION?THE MEfffeftfcS AND _ friends of M Church, (and *11 other* friendly to the object,) residing in the District of Columbia, are respectfully invited to meet in the Foundry Church,on TO-MORROW (Friday) EVE NINO, the 90th instant, at 6 o'clock, to conmder the propriety of establishing a School or Collefe in thi* city, on the J<"int stock principle, to be under th? patronage of the M. E. Church. ap 19-%* LECTURE?THE CONCLUDING Lec tare for thi? season will he delivered at Coumbia Hall, Capitol Hill, on THl^ (Thursday) EVENING, at 8 o'clock. After the lecture Vocal and Instrumental Mure will be introduce*!. The public are invited to attend. Admi?ion free, ap 19?It . ,, H ai ATTENTION, BEN. FR4NKLIN TARGET I A A Company No 1.? You are hereby notified to Ttl ul attend an adjourned meeting of the Corps a< M U he Hall of the Franklin Engine House, on FRIDAY EVENING, the 90th instant at 7* o'clk. A punctual at'endance i? necessary as business ofimporunce will be brought up for your consider ation. W. H. BEARDSLEY, Sec. ap 10?at NOTICE.?ALL PERSONS INTEREST ed in the Annual Assessment of taxable property in the city ot Washington for the year 1855 are informed that thl Board of Appeals will be in session in the Assessors' Room, in the City Hall, on WEDNESDAY, the l'th, fmm 9am to 3 p. in., and will continue in session from day to day (Sundays excepted) durinc the same hours for the purpose of hearing and deciding up>n all appeals until the 26th instant, incliMtve. T. F. HARKNESS, Secretary of toe Board of Appeal, apr 10?<lt26th DOG LOST.-M REWARD.?Lo-t, yesterdty,| 18th instant, a young brown aetier< PUP, with white breast, and tail uppedi with white. Had on a patent leather col lar, lined with red morocco, on the plate of which was engraved "C. A. Shafer, 10th street." The above reward w ll be paid to anyone leaving him at the store of Gait fc Br*., Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets. ap 19?3t* CANT0N TEA COMPANY, No 510 Sermtk free1. HYSON SKIN, an excellent, cheap and bealtliy Green Tea, Just received and worthy the at tention of dealers and consumers. Imperial Tea fnfcn 50 cents to #1 25; Gunpowder from 62 U to 91 50; Young Hyson from 3?.% cents up; Old Hyson 75 cents and $1; Black Teas of all descriptions, from % cents to f 1 50. The above are retail prices. Cash dealers will, find it to their advantage to give us a call. All Teas warranted to prove as represented ap 19?it Hall * henning. KID GLOVBS.?Received this day, by ex-1 press, 25d"ten more of those fine Kid Gloves, at fifty cents a pair. WALL & STEPHENS, 339 Pa. avenue, next to Iron Hall. ap 19? 3t Rah away?$io reward?john, my negro man. aged about 50 years ran awa> irom my farm in Alexandria county. Va., on Mon day, 15th instant. He stoops in bis walk ; had on a gray frock coat and gray pants He has a wife at VI r. A. Glad man's, on 9th street, near the boundary in Washington. I think he is lurking about there. He also has a sister at Mr. Marhury's, in George town. JOHN M. YOUNG, Coach Maker, ? Corner of 4# street atld Pa. avenue, ap 18?tf vJO A RB W ARD?Ran away, on the mern <3)?"ing of the 9th instant, from the residence of | Mr. Greenlea,, 334 Ninth street, EMILY, a d?rk mulat'o girl, aged between 12 and 13 years. Had on when she I-ft a blue cotton frock and apron and brown hood, e?be is probably concealed somewhere | in the city. The above reward will be paid for her apprehen sion it taken within the District and returned to Mr Greenlnaf, or a suitable reward if found out of it and secured so ttiat I can get her. EDEN BEALL, ap 19?9t# Montgomery county, Md. Florentine, mosaic, lava, and fine Cameo Jewelry.?Just received a rase of n. w and elegant Jewelry, consisting of Florentine Mosa ic, L;.va, and fine C meo Rrooches, Earrings, Bracelets, Ac., of the latest st>les, to which we call the especial attention ot purchasers. M. W. GALT fc BRO., 394 Penn. avenue, between 9th and 10th rta. apr 19?3t WOOD & CHRISTY'S CELEBRATED ORIGINAL NEW YORK WHO for eight years wrre fixed Mara in Gotham, and who, since the destruction by fire of their Hall in Broadway, in December last, have been playing With immense success in Philadelphia, are concluding a brilliant engagement in Baltimore, and will make their first app* arance in Washington on MONDAY next, for FOUR NIGHTS ONLY. BIRCH, that flinnlest of Africans, MURPHY, HUNTINGDON, COLLINS, and the reet of them will be here. Citizens of Washington have n6w the opportunity | Df hearing the best band ever organised. ap 19?V COURT OF CLAIMS. IN addition to the practice of law, as heretofore, | in all the Courts of the District, and in ibe 8u l>r? mu Court of the United fitaies, the undersigned wili devote liimself assiduou>ly to the prosecution of Claims against the Government, in the above Court, Sstablisbed in this city by act of Congr? ss, approved arch, 1855.) w. ich has cognisance >f all claims arising under the Constitution, or founded upon any law of Congress, or upon any regulation of an Ex ecutive Department, or upon any contract, express or implied, with the Government of the United States, or any of its officers or agents. When the claim is estab'tshed in this cjurt, and an appropria tion made by Congress for the purpose, the claimant ] will be paid at the Treasury ot the United Slates. All claims against the Government must Hence forth be prosecuted in said court and not before Congress as heretofore. M. THOMPSON, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, ap 19?It Washington City, D. C. $20 000 worth Boots & 6hoes.' SPRING SUPPLY IROS HALL BOOT, SHOE AND TRUNK ESTABLISHMENT, Pa. ui*nue, between Ninth and Tenth ttrerU. JUST received and receiving daily my apnng as sortment of Ladies', Gentlemen's, Boys^^b^ and Childien's BOOTS and SHOES. Ml FOR LADIES. fK Ladies' colored, b'ouis and black Gaiters, McCurdy's, 1 25 to 9 00 Do morocco and kid Slippers and Tics, do., 62% to 1 00 Do carpet and velvet Slippers for bouse, do, 62 V worth I UO for Mutes and Children. Misses' colored, bronze and black Gaiters, 1 00 Do morocco and kid (also white) Slippers for the May Ball Children's wbite kid Slippers Do Gaiters and Slippers all colors For Gentlemen. Gentlemen's Patent Leather colored kid and black ' Congress Gaiters, some thing new Do do and calf Pumps, (French) and walking 8hoes For Boy and Youths. Boys' Patent Leather Pumiisfor the May Balls Do Calf Shoes of all kinus Youths' do do Do Patent Leather Pumps for May Balls. The above stock is perhaps the most desirable in the city from which to make selections. It embra} ees every variety, and will be sold at the lowest prices. 8. P. HOOVER, Iron Hall Boot, Sboe and Trunk Cstablishmt. sp 19?e?6t s PROPOSALS FOR WOOD A COAL. Orncz Ssc&ztakt or Sbxatb US. 1 April 17,1855. / EALED PROPOSALS will be received at this office until 12 o'clock on Monday the ?th May next, for furnishing and delivering in the vaults of the Capitol, on or before the first day of October next, one hundred tons of 9,940 pounds each of bent anthracite white ash coal, in lumps not less titan three, nor mo-e than six inches in diameter, and en tirely free of slate or other foreign substance. ALSO, for one hundred an i fifty cords best hick ory wood, to be measured at the expense of the con tractor, in the Capitol yard, sawed in two pieces, aud properly packed away in the vaalts ;-tbe whole to be subject to the inspection and approval of the Secretary of the Senate Security for the fait iful performance of the con tract for furnishing the above articles, to the satis faction of the Secretary of the Senate, will be re quired. Proposals may be separate, and should be endorsed "Proposals for Wood," a a "Proposals for Coal," and directed to the Secretary oi the Senate, at Washington. ap 18?law3w This If* TO GIVB MOT1CB that the subscriber hath obtained from the Orphan's Court of Washington County, in the District of Co lombia, letters testamentary on the personal estate of Jamos M Davis, late of Wa*hiu?_n county, de ceased. All persons having claims against the said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the voucher, thereof, to the subscriber, on oi before the 97th day of March next; they may other wise by law be excluded from aM benefit ofthe said estate. Given under my hand this96Ui day of March, 1B55 JOSEPHINE DAVIS, mar 99?Tbdw Executrix, Amusements. A GRAND SOIREE 4 CARU8U8 SALOON, SATURDAY EVENING. WHEN the drawinr and dUtrlbuOon of the spies did Lacea valued at $1 900, now on exhibition at Mad imo D.larue's, Pennsylvania avenue, will take?lac* _ .. Pncr of Gift Ticket fl; a few more of whiafa ara to be had at Madatne I>clan?e. ap 17- 3t* (IntH) LI* STRASOk RR viai ing the City should aee Hunter's Cata of the Carta**** of the Patent Office. Also, his I ?ascription of Powrti't Preat Picture, feh ai - aa* * Lost?on n street, between fovith and Ninth eta., a peir of Gold Spectacles, m a brown morocco case. A liberal 'eward will be paid if left at I)r. DPER'S, No ?T1 E street. ap 18-2T Lost?on Monday evening, between and 7th atreeta, on the north aide of Peaa. avenue, a final! Octave Flute. Any one flndiua It and leaving the ame at this office will be rewardad an I confer a great faror upon (ha oWxci. ap 18-3t* OR 8A! E? AT fllE CAPITOL 8TABLE8, a large covered Carryall, auiUble for a Huckster. ,?d Ftniily Poet Office, House of Repreeentativea. ap 18?A* I a GOOD PAMILY HORSE AND CARRIAGE^ for sale ?Not hav:rr at present u<e for ^ them. I will eell, low, a good safe Pami'y^^y Ilorw. and a light Carnage. which can b? sens at 11 a t el *s IJ very Stable, (formerly Bohrer'*.) beall atreet, Georgetown ap 18? lw PIJKE COGNAC BK ANDY 25 M cask* "Kartell" London Dock, paie and dark 90 do "Bnineau" do Of my own importation aad for sale by B. I. SEMMES, ap 18?3t (Intel) _ 399 Pa. avenue. CHEAP QROCERIE8. Tl-raa. Bhouldera, Sn?k*d flaaf, 4r| JUST received a choic loi of HAMSHOUL DERS, and prime SMOKED BEEF. best ta ?Market, and constantly on hand Layer Rajs na, Malaga Raisins, in wliole. half, and auarter boxes; 1, in jars : Pickles, Preserve*, choicest b'aada ..f Wines, Liquors, Cigars, Tea-, lw., Crockery, cf xll description, Patent Soaps. Soap Pander, f mall Hominy, lleckers' Farina, Symps. Molasses, Sugar* and Coffee, very cheap, wiih * M assortment of die finest Groceries, and such articles usually found in * Family Grocery. Call and judge for youruelf at F. MILLER'S ?>p 18?lw 301 F street, comer of 12th. OLD RYK AND MONONUAHKLA H hi* key 75 bbls VN estmoreland county, Pa-, pure Old Rye, from 7 t? 15 years old ^50 b ils ,4Yanuissee" and "Msgno'ta" Whiskfey ForsaleLy B. I SEMMES, ap 18 3t (Intel) 399 Pa. avenue. NEW GOODS. [ADIES, you are invited to call and examine mr i new stock of FANCY GOODS. BONNETS. KIBBONS. TRIMMINGS and FLATS just reeeivad Imm New York. F. F. MVER, Agent, ap 18-3t* No 13 Market Spacc. A BOOTS AND SHOES! / ? KCttKK * COCHRAN. ? _ ^ikiOB Pennsylvania Avenue, are re ceiviag their Spnng and Summer sup-^^ ? ply of GENTLEMEN'S BOOTS, SHOES, AND t: I I'MPS, comprising every new style, and ail of lbs Hpprovod styles h retofore worn. Uur assortment of i.adiea', Boys', and Childreas' f oou and Shoes will be found very complete We have bad our our stock made op with great care this searoa, and are enabled to off-i to our eus t< m?T8 goods that cannot be excelled, if equalled The publio g> nerally are respectfully invited to tall and examine our stock and prices, which tbsy ? i!I flnd to compare favorably with any house in the city. BURNS A COCHRAN. 408 Pa. avenue, bet. and 6th sts. ap 18?3t __ Pl'RK WINE? 50 X casks "Cogswell"' Canary 10 uo Pale Bucellaa 10 do R?d do 10 do Pa'hetins Imported direct from the Vineyards of the Domin ican ?,of Corpo Santo, Portugal. 10 H casks Roval Wine Company's Port, war ranted 15 do Burgundy Port For sale by B. I. SEMME3, ap 18?3t (Intel) 399 Pa. avenue. STILL TUBT COMB I GREAT DESTRUCTION Iff DRV GOODS .? ONLY think, yard wide Luwns oaly 5 cents. Yard wide Lnwns only 8 cents _ Yard wide bleached Cotton only 6V cents Do Furniture Chintz, only 5 cents Beautiful B?r*ae Delaines, only 8 ceais ? Do Colored Brilliants, only 22 cents Do (to Chints, only 90 cents Bleached Sheeting 3 yards wide, only 35c. lush Linens, only 31 Jfc. Ladies' cotton Hose, only 8e. Do black Silk Mits, only 25c. Plain Bereges, only iOc. Figured Bereges. 10c. I >res* Silks at awful low prices Write Crape Shawrs at awful low prices. Also, a large lot of Dom stic Goods, which niue? be sold to close business about the 1st July. "NO HUMBUG." Come early, and get the greatest bargains ever of frred in this market, at the WASHINGTON STORE. (late Magnider fc Calvert's,) No 10 opp. Centre Market, bet 8th and fell sr. ap IS?lw SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS ! JOHN H 8MOOT South side of BrUge street, near Higk, saoaerrowN, n. c , HAS received and is now offering a very general assortment ot SPRING AND SI MMER GOODS. In his stock will be found a good assortmant of of nsirifyie Light Spring Silks Best make black do Bereges, Grenadines, Tissues Blk modes and bright col'd Challies Berege and Chaliey Delaines, Mousselioea ' Real French Chintzes and BulUaats Organdie and Jaconet Lawns Real imported Lawns, fast colors, at 19tye. Real Prcnch and 8co;ch Embroideries, cheap Plain *irip*d and plaid Bonnet Ribbons Emb'd and plain Linen Cambric Handkerchief* a great hargun Jaconet, Swiss, Nainsook, and Plaid Mualins Rich fiiured and dotted do Bajou s Kid and Alexander's Silk Gloves, all colors Ladies, Misses, and Genu' Hoatery, all kinds I'araanl* of every shade snd price < Rich English faat colors Prints at 18){ With a first rate assortment of MEN'S AND BOYS' WEAR. Also, Sheetings and Shirtings of the best make* ia Linens and Cottona Table Cloths, Damask*, Napkins Towellings, Fur niture Chintzes, white Spreads Domestic Goods generally Having made large purchases from the Philadel phia and New Yerk auctions, I am prepared to of ler gn at induoamenu to cash or prompt custou era. ap 18?lm i. H. SMOTT. BARGAINS FOR CASfl.?Toys ingreat^ variety and very cheap. Combs of every scnptlon, Porte Monnaies, Buck Purses, China namenu, Potfume Stands, Barry's Tricoptierous, Lyon's KattMdroa, Ac., for sale at extremely low prices at LAMMOND'S, 7ib at, ap 17?3t NEW MILLINf RY. MISS THOMPSON has juat received another invoice of those fashionable Ciape and aft' Silk HATS, from New York. Those ladiesjXl] # who tailed to supply themselvea at our last JpP opening are now offered anether opportunity, and would do well to call early and have the first selec ? lions, as we are selling ih?m off rapidly. Orders solicited and promptly executed. HUTCHINSON h. MUNRO, ^ ,, ^ 310 Pennsylvania avenue. ^ i _*P 16?d2w (Intel eodt) NOTICE.?O. k A. RAILROAD. r . "*" h Tha splendid Staamar 0E0RQK JKm^HbPAQE will laava bar slip, fool of Seventh street, daily, at 6 o'clock a. m, (or Gor donrville, Charlottesville and Staunton. Breakfast on board the boat This boat, by travelers, is caMeo the Floauac Pal. .. ^ E. A. R YTHLH, Captain. up 17- 2w* NEW MILUNERY. MRS. HA8KIN bega leave to inform the ladias of Washington and iu vicinity, that shet will open on Wednesday, the 18:h mauntl at her residence, No. 98T? oorner of 14thl nnd C streeu, (Island,) a variety oi MILLI NERY, consisting oi the latest atyls of Bonualp, Ribbons. Flowers, Ac. Also, a variety of otKr-m Fancy Articles. Lining and trimming Bonnets, 25 cents. P. 8. Orders filled at the shortest notice. ??n 3t* V TWO SECOND HAND PIAN08 FOR SALB^ or rent upon reasonable term -, at the Washing ton City Depot for the sale of Hallet, Davis A Co , Bacon k. Raven, and other Pianos. JOHN F. ELLIS, ?P* 909 Pa. avaawa

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