Newspaper of Evening Star, April 19, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 19, 1855 Page 3
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KV^NING STAR. Local Intelligence. A Deligbtpil Trip?Tbb Fisbiko Sborx? Th k Uraad Plasc ?had DihuBb at tbb Wbitb Uocsk ?A number of oar prominent citisens participated, yesterd ty, in the festivi tiei attending tbe annuil opening of tbe W hite House Pavillion?a delightful summer resort on the western hank of the Potomac, about twenty miles distant from Washington. The party went down in the line stealner Ihomss CcHyer, 'un^er the command of Captain Ged ney,) which had been chartered for the occa sion, and wai gaily docortied with national flags. Tbe weather was moat propitious?a fairer or lovelier day never dawned, to glad den the heart of a man, or to brighten the faoe of nature. Oar own limpid and beaatiful Potomac was calm and tranquil as tbe sleep of innocence, ruffled only by the sporting jtaveleta that were chased upon its bosom by gentle and *ool'ng aephjrs. xne company reached the White House about noon, after a delightful run of two hours, daring which an abundance of good thing* were partaken of on the boat, and kindly and social sentiments exchanged by the joyous participants in tbe festivities Shortly after landing, the party were gratified by witnees ing a seine-haul?upwards of twenty-five thou sand herring and three hundred shad, besides innumerable 44 smaller fry." having been gathered in by the hardy fishermen at one iwpop of the immense seine This, though oonsidered a good haul at this baekward sea son. is by no means a fair sample of the yield of that watery mine of wealth. A hundred thousand herring and two thousand shad are frequently caaghtby one haul at this landing There are now seventy five hands employed at this shore under the direction of Col Burke. At 2* o'clock dinner was announced, and the eompany, with appetites whetted by the pare and refreshing air, wended their way to the large dining hall, where a scene was pre sented which woald have pleased and gratified the most fastidious or epicurean taste. The tables were graced with all the luxuries and delicacies of the season, both xpirttual and material, prominent among which were dis played, in all their freshness and richness, the ever-memorable and never-to-bo- forgot ten Plank Shad ' And, oh ! they were de licious ! Their sweet fumes seem yet to linger in our olfactories, and are as balm to the hap py recollections of that joyous dinner-scene : Af er the party had done ample justice to the bounteous repast, Capt L M. Powell, who was seated at the head of the table, arose and stated that at the instance of several friends, and in accordance with his own feelings, he would propose a sentiment in honor of their old and esteemed friend, Philip Otterb^ck, sr., Esq.. who sat near him. The gallant Captain, after pronouncing a glowing eulogium upon his venerable frierd, offered a toast compli mentary to him, which was received with " all the honors." and greeted with hearty cheers By general req:est, Mr. F. McNerhany was called upon to respond in behalf of Mr. Otter, hack, which he did, offering, in conclusion, a toast, which called oat Mr Edgar Snowden, Editor of the Alexandria Qaiette. Mr. 6 , after a brief response, offered a sentiment oomplimentary to Col. Jno A. Washington, (a descendant of the illustrious father of bis country.) who briefly returned thanks. Mr Randolph Coyle propored tbe health of the gentleman (as he is a modest man we omit his name) who on a former occasion ate srvtn flank-d shad without rising from the table, and deserved to have his name inscribed in letters oi gold upon tbe imperishable tablet of fame! The toast was drank with an bounded enthusiasm. At this poin4 the company arose, and after spending an hour or two in various amuse ments. shortly before sunset turned homeward, reaching the Washington wharf about eight o'clock, and bearing with them tbe most pleas ing and agreeable recollections of a 1 the incu dents of the day. Qreat oredit is due to the gentlemanly les sees of the Pavilion, and especially to Mr. Ot terback, for tbe elegant entertainment pro vided on this interesting occasion, and for the unexceptionable manner in which the whole affair was conducted. Dbatb op Job* Am, ? We are sincerely pained to learn that our esteemed fellow citi ?en. Mr. John Agg, late a clerk in the Post Office Department, died this morning at 9 a m , at his residence, near tbe Naval Asylum, nerth of the city Mr. Agg was a native of England, and first came to this country, seme twenty-five or thirty years ago. as a theatrical manager. Ilis profession was literary, and during a considerable portion of his residence among us, he was connected with the press, as editor of the National Journal, formerly pub lished in this city, and. subsequently, as Con gressional reporter and correspondent He was a gentleman of exalted personal obaracter and rare accomplishments from books, and possessed fine horticultural taste, shedding light on scciey wherever he was well known Bis death will be deeply regretted by a large eircle of friends in and around Washington. His funeral will take place to morrow after noon, at 4 p. m , from his late residence. Tbi Eclipsb?Thousands of our residents were gratified, last night, with a view of the occultation of the planet Venus; persons in tome parts of the city standing in crowds to witness the oelestial spectacle, ihe predic tions of the astronomers proved true. In Baltimore, according to the Amerioan of that eity, the phenomenon could only be seen from elevated positions, hut this was not the ease in Washington. It was observable from the streets, though the moon and Venus were near the horison. The planet hid itself under the dark edge of tbe moon a few min ntee before nine o'olock: the one, as it ap peared, blending with the other; but the two, after the lapse of twenty minutes, were again visible in the heavens. It was a ealm, beau tiful night; tbe weather pleasant and May like; and the spectacle was in a high degroe interesting to all who witnessed the phenome non. Mbtropolitab Mbcba.ucs Ijcstitctx ? At B meeting of tbe Metropolitan Mechanics' In ftitute, held last night, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year President, Joseph Henry; First Vice President, Francis Mohun; second, Charles F. Wood; third, Joseph Bryan; fourth, Wm B. Todd; Cor responding Secretary, Thomas Rich ; Record ing Secretary. Peter M Pearson; Financial Secretary, Henry Janney; Treasurer, Wm F Bayly; Librarian, HollisAmidon Direc tors : Pbineas J. Steer, Thomas Creaser, Val entine Harbaugh, Charles Edmonston, Wm. H Ward, A Baldwin, Samuel Lewis, James O'Neil, and Thomas Berry. There are twenty four directors, one third of whom are eleoted every year for the period of three years The ninth person here named was elected to sup ply tbe plaee made vacant by the election of Wm F. Bayly to the office of Treasur r. Ah Alibi ?A little fellow was knocked in the head, several days ago, by a colored lad After tbe former had sufficiently recovered from his injuries to walk out. he described the assailant to off^er Wise, aocompanying the last named to one of the brickyards, and iden tifying him in the person of John Carroll, who, he said, just before the attack, was driving a certain horse, which was pointed out. Mr. Richards, the proprietor, swore that the horse was not only in the stable all that day, but that Carroll was at work in the yard Carroll has a brother employed at ano'ber brickyard, who resembles him very closely, and also drivee a horse bearing a resemblance to that of Mr. Richards Bat the injured boy de elared that John was the person who hsd as ?aulted him. As an alibi was proved, the case was promptly dismissed Frcit ?Our farmers and gardeners in the District, and the sdj >i ni ng counties of Maryland and Virginia, are rejoicing at the prospect of a fiae fruit eeasDn, believing that unless some unusaal change should occur in the season, there will be a plentiful yield. We learned from a gentleman, who has bat recently ar rived in ibis oity, that when he reached his home in Tennessee, after the session of the late Congress, be foacd tbe peach trees in blocan and the ground frtsen hard and it con tinued to freese for several days after. The fear is that the fruit in that region is destroyed ' by the frost. We hope the yield will be suf ficient in our neighborhood. Otjii Ptblic Scaooi. Horns as thit a*b.? Ths following extract* are taken from t printed report of the Trustees of Public Sohoola which wu laid on the tablet of the members of the City Councils on Monday evening The report shows the oondition of the sohool houses as tkep art. We shell to-morrow print an ab stract of a report presented by the Trustees to the Conceits on the same evening, in which they propose to oorrect some of the evils of the present system of renting cellars for school room* by the purchase of Morrison's well known bnilding on K. street, whioh is well adapted for school purposes 1 "In regard to these apartments and build ings, [occupiei as school hou?es in this city,] it may be laid, in general, and subject to the exceptions herein made, that they are ill adap ed to the purposes for which they are need; they are deficient in space for the ac commodation of the pupils and teachers; in facilities fer ventilation; in suitable means for the admission of air and light; and they ire so oontracted, as necessarily to oompel teachers and pupils to breathe a vitiated at* moephere. thereby inducing weariness, lan I guor. headache, nervous irritability, and pro moting the development of pulmonary and . other diseases. In many instanoes which have been brought to the notice of the Trustees, pupils have suffered from serious illness, the citu<e of which might be traocd to the publio school rooms. Some of the sohool rooms are imperfectly warmed, badly located, difficult of approach, have little or no ground exoept the publio street for the recreation of the pupils, or for the necessary outbuildings, and are un attractive, if not repulsive, in their external appearance ; and furnished with but little ap paratus and With but few of the instruments and means of instruction, Whioh almost every where are considered indispensable in well regulated and well provided school rooms." ***** " In the First District all the sohool apart ments are rented with the exception of one old building, which was formerly Jefferson's stable, but now is used, by permission of the Government, m a school-room Its condition has been brought so often to the notice of the Councils, and its unsuitableness is so apparent that any further remarks upon it are consid ered unnecessary. The Trustees earnestly renew the recommendation, which has so often been made, that immediate steps be taken to provide for the wants of this District, either by the purchase or by the erection of a suitable school building. " In the Second District the sobool-bouse in Judiciary Square is the property of the oity. It was o iginally designed to accommodate two Teachors and one hundred and twenty pupils, it is actually eocupied by four Teachers and two hundred and twenty nine pupils." * * * * * " In the Third District the building oocupied by the Male Department of the District School is the property ot the city. It was originally designed for one Teacher and about sixty pu pils, it is actually occupied by two Teachers, and the number of pupils is limited to one hundred and forty, ihe accommodations are so poor that only one hundred and eighteen are members of the school at the present time" * * * * "Ten Teachers, and about seven hundred pupils, which is the limited number, are placed in five basements of Churches, which, with one or two exceptions, are, in part, below the surface of the ground, and may not im properly be called cellars ; they are more or less damp, generally with low ceilings, dimly lighted, and badly ventilated, and with no separate play grounds for the two sexes; much inconvenience is experienced from hearing the school exercises and recitations by two Teach ers, at the same time, in one small apartment. Nice of the remaining schools are kept in separate rooms, which generally have the characteristics of those that have been already mentioned." * * * * "ihe expense of the system of renting school rooms is a large item, and one whicn is annually growing larger, while at the same time the difficulty of obtaining rooms, even of the indifferent character which has been de scribed, is constantly increasing '? The amount appropriated the present year for rent of rooms is $ 1.675, which ii the in terest of more than $27,000 To this must be added the expenses incurred by frequent re movals from one place to another, also the losses arising from uot having, in many cases proper out-bou^es for tho security of wood and coal, and the expenses incurred by the care of many small ccjooI bouses, instead of a few large ones; much time is also lost by Teachers and pupils in consequence of sick ness occasioned by breathing, for a long pe riod. impure air. or by colds and other diseases induced r>y exposure to the wet and mud through they are sometimes obliged to pass, in order to reach their respective schools ' In the opinion of the Trustees, the pres ent mode of renting school rooms has nothing to recommend it on the score of economy, health, or public convenience." * * * ' The Trus'ess accordingly renew the recom mendation made by a Committee of the Com mon Council in lt>42, which the experience of twelve years has proved to have been eminent ly wide and judicious, and whioh was referred to with commendation, in the last annual re port of the Ik/ard, in respect to the expedien cy of commencing immediately the erection of substantial school houses, in those parts of the city in whiah the most pressing necessity for them exist. "The Trustees, in conclnsion, beg leave to re fer to former reports of the Board on this sub jeot, and more especially, to the annual mes sage of the Mayor, presented to the Councils in month of Ootober last." The White House Pavillios.?We yes terday noticed workmen busily engaged in cutting dowu the high bank on the western and the woods on the southern side of the pa vi!lion,so as to give freer scope to the southerly and westerly winds, and thus render more airy and pleasant this summer resort. The marshy g-.ound in the vicinity is also being filled op. A large bowling saloon is also in process of construction These improvements will add greatly to the attractions of the pa villion. The Slajideb 8cit?Wm. T. Dove against' J. H. McB!air?was continued to-day fj The following named witnesses have been examined for the plaintiff: Charles H Win, der. Rev. Charles A Davis W. P Moran, W. B Lee, James Young, Charles E Davis John H. Eaton, and A. Q Southall. 'ihe evidence was with reference to the pro pagation of the alleged slander by Mr. McBlair. The testimony for the plaintiff has been brought to a close; and that for the defence will probrbly be oommenced this afternoon. Fibe Mo sic.?The store of our next door neighbors, Hilbus 1 Hits, is often occupied as a free concert-room, during the day, for the private accommodation and gratification of the lovers of instrumental harmony. Yester day. Mr. Ahrend, than whom there is not, perhaps, a more accomplished performer on the violincello. together with M il Boye, the pianist, and Mr. Palmer (formerly known as Robert Heller) whose skill on the last named instrument is a matter of notoriety, gave a ? charming impromptu concert at Hil bus <k Hi'i's music saloon. ?? Stealing Eggs?Joe Williams, a colored boy was taken to the guard house last night by several gentlemen, who arrested hioa tor obtaining at various times, one hundred dosen eggs from John L Wilson. He pretended that he was sent from the mail boat for the eggs, asking for twenty-five dosen at a time. The last lot of eggs was reoovered; but Mr. Wilson is still the loser of seventy-five dosen Williams was examined this morning before Captain Birch, who sent him to jail for trial at the Criminal Court. Tax Wester* Hosa ?We learn that this new fire company, recently organised in the First Ward, will receive its new hose carriage on the first of May, when the company will parade for its reception. We are to'.d by a member of the company that the oost of the carriage will be about $800. We hope their brother firemen will give them a cordial wel come into the service. Thb Rev. Robert J. La wr eh son, formerly of this oity, was admitted to the offioe of an el der by the New England Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, recently held at Chelsea, Mass Thb Alarm or Fire, laat evening was false; the ringing ef an engine bell for the call of a meeting having been mistaken for an invitation to haul out the machines to suppress a conflagration How WE Litb in Washington During the Recess ?The Kirkwood Hons? is already fimoas for its good cooking. The following, whish i? its bill of tare for dinver, a day or two sinoe. we publish bj way of showing bow folk* In WMhington live daring the Congres clonal resets, merely adding that we never set down to a better eeoked dinner: Soap?Mattofi. Fish?Barbaoued bam Boiled?Ham and oabbage; ltg of raatton. caper sauce; oorned beef and tnrnipi; ohick ena. paraley aaaoe Entreec?Wild dacka, with jelly; mutton chops brailed, a la soubise; chicken vies. American style; macaroni and cheese baked; robbina broiled on toaat; calf's feet, piqaant sauce; turkey wings, Madeira aauoe. Roast?Beef, real, lamb, (mint aauoe,) mut ton tarkey Vegetables?Boiled potatoes, turnips, pars, nips, carrots, spinach, mashed potatoes, onions, oyster plant, hominy, sweet potatoes, oabbage, beets rice. RelisneT?Jolly. oelery, horse radish, pickles, cold slaugb, old cu^*8? Pastry and Dessert?Bre^ pudding, (m?? sauce.) apple pie*, tomato pies/rhuoir? tart<j lemon cakes, pear pufTi. Fruit?Apples, raisins, nuts. French coffee ?? Fish ?Yesterday at the shores, shad were selling at $11 per hundred, and herring for $7 and $7 50 per thousand. This morning, rock and peroh were 25 cts. per bnnoh; large rook, 25 cts. to $1, each; shad, 37f cts. per pair; herring, 12* cts per bunch. End of the World.?This is the day ap pointed by the Millerites for the dertrwtion of the world. The time has been so often set, and so many disappointments have occurred, that the prediction is properly viewed as the "tale of an idiot." The Ball to Night.?The dancing-loving part of the community, must not forget that the ball of the Eagle Club of Georgetown will t->k? place to night, at Forrest Hall The ar rangements are snch as muet prove in all re speots satisfactory to the participants. Lecture.?After the concluding lecture for the season, at the hall of the Columbia Fire Company, Capitol Hill, to night, vocal and in strumental music will be introduced. The pablio will be admitted without fee. Hay is selling in this city at two dollars a ton. It costs as much for the livery of ahorse now-a-days, as it doep for the b}ard of a man in a respectable boarding house. Watch Returns.?Hugh MoCormick, va grant ; dismissed Susan Tavlor, colored, va grant ; workhouse 30 days. Wm. Parker, dia orderly; security. John Burns, drunk in the street; fine and security. Baltimore Annual Conference of the A. H. E- Zion Church in Amerioa Wednesday, April 18. The Conference met pursuant to adjourn ment, Superintendent Wm. H. Bishop pre siding. The meeting was opened by Elder J. P. Thompson, associate Chairman. The minutes of the previous day's session were read and adopted. The discipline questions wore then entered upon. A preamble and resolution relative to the support of the ministry were offered by S. T. Jones, and numbered to be taken up in order. The business committee reported on docu ment No. 1. \Y hereupon the Conference re solved itself into a committee of the whole for the purpose of further considering said report. Rev J. P. Thompson was called to the chair, and Elder J D. Brooks appoin'ed secretary. J. J Clinton read the document referred to, and also the report of the committee ; where upon a spirited debate took place, wherein many members participa'ed. At its close it was moved that the document be recommended to the Baltimere Annual Conference for its concurrence anl reference at the eneuing An nual Conference to meet in Philadelphia. The committee then rose, reported, and the Conference adjourned. (T y-BAKKR'S BITTERS.?This home manufactured reroe dy for Dyspepsia, Nervousness, sod other diseases ari sing from disordered stomach, etc., is rapidlv winning its way to favor wherever It is Introduced. We "were shown a letter on Saturday last, from a gentlemen in Hanover, who declares that after six years' Intense suffering with Dyspep sia and nervous headache, during which time he used with little or no effect, a great variety of medicines recommended by others, he lias !>een perfectly cured of both annovances by the use of four bottles of BAKER'S PREMIUM HITTERS.? With such unquestionable endorsements, we think that those who are afllrted, and yet fail to try this remedy, deserve to suffer. Capt. lUker Is one of our most reliable r-ittiens, and we feel satisfied that under no circumstance* would he re commend the use of his Hitters where he did not think that X' od would result from so 4oing. Kor cholera inorbna such like complaints we know these Bitters are excellent, having had frequent occasions to try them.?Richmond Slor. Hall. Price 6C cents per bottle. To be had of CHARLES STOTT A CO.. Washington, D. C., CANHY A HATCH, and SETH 8, HANCE, Baltimore, and by Druggists every where. apr 10?lw [J"y=-NOAH WALKER A CO.. Marble Hall Clothing Empo rium, un?!er Browns' Hotel, respectfully announce that their display of Spring and Summer Clothing Is now ready for inspection, comprising an aosortment of Coats, Vesta and Pantaloons of the newest and richest designs In material, triminlug ami workmanship. To gentlemen who stndy excellence with economy in fashionable articles of dress an opportunity for se'ecting Is offered from one of the largest and most attractive stock of goods ever offered In this city at a very reduced scale of prices. ap 17 T"/3* PREMIUMS at THE FAIRS?WHITEHURSTS still In the ascendance ?The Juries of each of the late fair* at Baltimore, Richmond, and New York awarded their hlgheat premiums to J. H. W. for their superiority of Pho tographs, Stereoscopes and Daguerreotypes exhibited. Mr. W. also received two Medals at the World's Fair, Lon don, and a premium at Crystal Palace. New York. Also, the flrst awards of the Maryland Institute for three years past. Wbiteburst's Gallery In this city Is on Pa. avenue, betw. * ^ and 6th streets. fob 17 [r~7?V PHENOMENA IN MEDICINK ? Rroncliltli, Cough, ' Dycpeu* a. Liver Complaints, Scrofula, Ac.?For all diseases .if the Female System It stands preeminent. A Glergytnan Just Informs us It has cured him of Bronchitis of a de*.>ei-ate <-h?racter?particulars hereafter. HAMPTON S VEGETABLE TINCTURE?By Us mild ac tion on the stomach, liver and kidneys, will cure Dyspep sia, Oough, Asthma, Bronchial and Lung Affections Pains In the Back, S'.le and Breast, Consumption, Scrofula, Rheu matism, Gout Nearalgla, Fistula, Bowel Complaints, Piles, Worms, and Nervons Debilities?with all diseases arising from Impure blood, and Is the greatest female medicine ev er known. This Invaluable medicine Is working wonders upon the human frame. See advertisement to-day. mar 7 |r~7?AB A SPRING AND HUMMER MEDICINE. Carter's ' Spanish Mixture stands pre eminent above all others. Its slugularly efficacious action on the blood ; its strength enlng aud vivifying qualities; its toulc action on the Liver, Its tendency to drive all humors to the surface, thereby cleansing the systsm according to Nature's own prescrip tion , Its harmless, and at the same time extraordinary good effects, and the number of cures testified to by many of the BS ist reepe-table citizens of Richmond, Vs., and elsewhere, most bo coucluslve evidence that there Is no humbug about "? The trial of a single bottle will satisfy tli* most sceptical of Its benefits. ? .?See advertisement in another column. r>^-*DR. HOOFXAKD'S CELEBRATED GERMAN BITj TERS. There are few things which afford us greater plessurf then sitting down to write a notice of the celebrated Hoof land German Bitters, because we are fully conscious we ari conferring a public beneht, and our heart tells u? that bj our notices many have been induced to take these Bitters, end been rescued from death by dyspepsia, liver complaint Ac for the cure of which It is certain It is prepared anil eold only by Dr. C. M. JACKSON, at the German Medlcln? Store, No. 120 Arch street, Philadelphia. Bee'advertisement. nxar 3?$m fh' r'Z D. G1 I.M AN, Druggist, has removed to 518 Seventl LK-' street, opposite to the Pstrlotlc Bauk, and is now pre pared to fill all orders for Medicines, Paints, Oils, and Glaei on accommodating terms. Strict attention will be paid U physician's prescriptions at all hours of the day aud ulght The night bell Is ou Uie right of the store door. ap 14?lm rr-y>A CARD TO THE LADIES.?GOOD NEWS FOR THI sick. DR DUPONCO'8 UOLDEN MONTHLY PILLS, the best and most infallible remedy ever discovered for re llevlug aud curing all painful, distressing, aud difficult men struatlon, and reraoviug all periodical obstructions, acd tr regularities arlslug frcm whatever cause. These Pills are I complete TRIUMPH IN MEDICAL SCIENCE. They are prepared by ? process which coucentrates the tugredtenis luto a small bulk, thus rendering it unueccssarj for delicate females te take large doses of uauseous drugs Dr. l>a)K>oco'a Pills are the result of over THIRTY YEARS EX PERIENQE In the treatiueut of the diseases of females. - They lieve been advertised for a little over one year, yet SEVERAL THOUSAND BOXES have already beeu sold, and the demand for them rapidly In creases wherever they become known. They have l>eei thoroughly tried Id Washington, and found to act like t charm. Sold by all Druggists In Washington, Georgetown and AI xaudr'.a, Va. mar 1?eoJm* ?V Joi Sbillihotow receives all the new Books and New papers as fast as pnbllshed. He 1* ageat for Harper's aud al tae other Magaslnes, and oar reeders will mlways And i large and good sssortmeut of Blank Books and Stationery a his Bookstore. (J3eon Building, cor Pa. aveuue and at. JlAltilllCO. On Hie 12th instant, by the K?*v. L L. Gillis, Mr JEREMIAH R. HURLEY to .Visa CECILIA VIK U1NIA, eldest daughter of the late Jno. R. Heudlry both of tbis city. * la Georgetown, on the l~tJ instant, by the Rev Bernard A. Maguire. Pre-Ment of Georgetown Col lege, Mr. 1). A. O'BYRNE, of Savannah, Gc<rgia to JOSLPillNE, daughter of Bennett Cletutnu Esq. Oo the i2tb instant, by the Rev. R. L Dashiell Mr. SAMUEL C. MIDDLETON,formerly of VVoot ford c uuty. Kentucky, t? Mis* MARY E. BIRCK HEAD, of this city. Oa lb* 17th instant, by the Rev. W. L. Child. THOMAS A. BROOKE and MARY KERVAtf] DAVIS, both of this city. Want* VITANTED?A GOOD NURSE. ALSO, a Girl .. fo *?neral housework. Reference required. Apply at 359 C street, between 4)| and 6ih. ?p 19 - 3t WANTrD ? A MARRIED MAN, with a small * * .k"*?!1/' *? "upnrlntend a email aim 4 mii<* from the city. A Protestant preferred. Apply to J. O. H , at this office. ap lg 3t? I1TANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL A 8ITUA nlain JSEj* 2?*? and Chlun^nuud and to do plain sewing She can come well recommended Address "B K," at the Star Office. ap 19?It* WA*NTFD-TWO G,RL* ts A PRIVATE ftimily, about 1* miles from the citv ; one as ^*'arid one '? w*sh and iron, and to do the gen eral housework between them. References given and required. Wages *6 each. Colored girls pr? lerred. Address Box 325 VVaihingion. ap 19?2t* * WANTED-TIIE SERVICES OF A\~AC~ Uve and intelligent colored lad. Apply to ofl4n WM MALSTER, ,? o 06 Pa' *Vfnur> near Tenth street, ap i?-3t WA??D-VA LA,,)Y To ADOPT A female j , VPiM- E'jomre at No. 466 F street, be tween Second and Thiro, JSnglish Hill. ? 2p 18?3t* WAN T E D?A WAN ACCUSTOMED TO horses wants a situation as a driver, and to take care of Horses. He speaks French ifuently. Can be found at B. JOST'S, First Ward. ap 18?3t* WANTED ?A WIDOW LADY with a small boy, between eight and nine years of age, wishes to secure a home for herself and boy In consideration for it she is willing to assist in the sewing of the family, and to help in the general housework, though not able to do all, is willing to do what sne c?h. Any one wishing a housekeeper she will undertake thai a: W?j?es enough to clothe her. elf and boy. A note addres*Cfl to ?'J VV,"at this office, will be attended to. ap lv- 3t WANTED?TO HIRE IMMF. FATELY.?One strong pair 01 Horses or Mules, wnh a good Ploughman, to fallow some Corn fand One month employment cenainly, and perhaps two or three Enquire at Examiner's Room, No. 8, at Patent Of fice. ap IG?tf AN EXPERIENCED HOUSEKEEPER wantTa Situation.?A middle aged lady, accustomed for many years to manage the details of a Isrge boarding house, as housekeeper, wants a situation She can give satisfactory reference as to her enersy, industry and experience, and the fidelitt with which she discharges duties confided to her. Address "L S," at this office. ap 13?tf WANTED-A COMPLETE FILE OF THE WEEKLY (Washington City) STAR since its publication up to the present date, for which a liberal price will be paid ifs^ntto this office. Hp 3 "tf Boar din?. BOARDING-MRS. beckenbAUGH having recently taken the first new brick hovse south of the Lutheran Church, on llih strret, betwetu G and H, is prepared to accommodate a few gentle men with c ,tnf'.rtable rooms and boarding. The lo cation is a pleasant aid healthy one, and no pains will be spared to render comfortable and #ive satis factio<| to those who may favor her with their pa tronage. I can also accommonnte a small family with two comfortable rooms and bo?rd. ap 19?if B?>AIIDINCJ?Several ladies and gentlemen can be accommodated with good board ond lodging on and after the first of Mav, in a healthy and very pleasant pan of the city, by'making innnc diate application at No. 8 Louisiana avenue, nearly opposite the City Hall. A tront basement room suitable for an office will be rented low. ap 19?3t* BOARDING?A large front Chatnbrr fur nished for rent, with board, where there are no other hoarders in the house, at No. 440 Ninth st between G and H. ap 18 -2t* Boarding.-a lady having recently taken the hand ome dwelling, No. 3 Union Row, on F street, between Sixtn and Seventh, has several fine rooms for families, newly furnished Also, single rooms for gentlemen, mu^h larger than are generally appropriated to them. Th- s tuation I is central, being n*ar the Patent, Post Offices, and Indian Bureau, and high and healthy for t:ie spring and summer. Transient and table boarders accum inodated also on reasonable teru;s. ap 17?dlw* BOAllD, <fc< -MRS. BATES, on the south west corner of Pa. avenue and 9th street is pre pared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, with or without hoard. Every effort will be made to ren der those eomfurtx ble who may favor her with their pairoriage. ap g_tf _ 1 . _ . For frale and Kent. For rent or sale?three mediim size three story Rrick Houses on the corner of 9th and M streets For further particulars enquire at the corner of 12th and L sts., No 3 8#. ap 19?lw* For rent?the old established gro cery stand, (with the good w.ll of the estab lishment,) formerly occupied by the la e Elexiu? Sun ins, on the southeast corner of 13th and F streets west. To a responsible person the rent will be moderate. Apply at No 360 F street, ap 19?3t* fl REAT BARGAINS Fiik CASH.-1 HAVE for V_X sale a Garden Spot of 10 acres, within a few minute*' drive of the market, with gool modern im. prtvernents. Also, a Farm of 100 acres, a few miles from the city, said to be worth $12,000, but I will sell it for $9,000 chsIi. AIm>, some valuable slaves, and a fine harness Horse, suitaiile for a doctor, as he is perfectly broke to stand without hitching. To secure great bargains call at 428 13th street, between F and G. GEO. F. MASSEY, ap 17?3t* Agent. OFFICES AND ROOMS FOR RENT?Three good rooms over our store for rent. Being in the centre of business, they are admirably adapted for Lawyers, Physicians, Agents, &c. M W. GALT & BRO., 3514 Pa. av.,betw. 9th anl 10th st*. ap 17-3t jlOR RENT?THE STORE HOUSE NOW OC _ rupied by Barnes k Mitchell, on Pa. avenue, between 8th and 9ih streets. Possession given on 15th May next, on which time the present lease ex pires. Apply to JAMES DIXON, Esq , of this city, or the subsctiber, "Cottage," M -ntg' merv county, Md TIIOS. CONNELLY, ap 16?lw* Handsome furnished parlors two suits of Parlor* and Chambers on the first and second floors, handsomely furnished, ii for rent with or without board. There is gas in the house and a bathroom. Apply at MRS. NICHOLSON'S, No. 870 H street, corner of Eighteenth. ap 13?ltn* FOR RENT?SEVERAL handsome PAR lors and Chambers, with hoard. Also, Table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, 5*33 F street ap9 Rents reduced to suit the times. $150 a year will be received for the rent of those new and convenient cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood shed and other conveniences attached. Pumps ot pure water are near the door, and cominunicat on is had with Georgetown by Way of H and Seventh ?treets and Pern. Avenue, morning and afternoon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the departments. To secure the advantage of this great* reduction of rent immediate application must be made to the undersigned, either by letter, or at his house &t Kendall Green, alter office hours, where the k?ys| may be had and the houses inspected at any time. Several of these residences will be sold on liberal terms. WM. stickney, No 4, Kendall Green. N. B.?-Rents paid quarterly tn adiarue. apr 9, 1855?tf "T^ALUABLE BUILDING LOT AND STONE \ Foundation for sale at a very great sacrifice for cai h or short credit, beautifully located on 3d St., near the City Hall, being a part of Lot 15, Square 5 3SI, having a front ot 26 feet and 93 feet 3 inches deep,and has the privilege of a brick wall adjoin ing. Apply to E. K LUNDY, No. 1518 Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C. ap 6?tf For rent?three new frame houses, containing six rooms, each situated on Pierce street, between L and M streets, being but four squares from the Railroad Depot; would make good tesidences. Rent moderate. Apply to CHARLES THOMA, oil the opposite side ot the street, ap 4?lm* A CERTAIN CHANCE TO MAKE A for tune ?A lady having acquired a competency in the Millinery business, is now desirous ot di>. po ing of her establishment, and retiring into private life. Her location is one of the best in the city, an J is a rare opportunity for one acquainted with the business. For terms and particulars apply at this office. mar 29?lm HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully snd healthily loratcd Building Lou, 24 feet front by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, bought at the eiceeding low price of $75, payable $3 per month Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th St., above Odd Fellows' Hall, jau a?bin JOHN FOX, Secretary. F Auction Sales. By (>RKBI * ?( UT1, A?cU?nt?n. VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS a the First Ward at Auction ?On MONDAY, the 33d in stant, we shall MM, at 3o'clock p. m , in lr>nt o< th? premises, Lota Noa 13,14 and I*, in Square No 77. T&e above described property i? situated at the crrner of I street north and 23d'street west. The wtW? f a front on I street of 105 feet 6 inches, and on 23d atree', 130 fact 10 inches, and lonn a beautiful squa/e, but wMI be told in lou to ?uit pur chaaera. Terms: One third cash ; balance in 6, 12, and 16 months, for notea bearing interest from th? day of the gale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken GREEN fc SCOTT, ?pl!>--d Auctioneers. Bt fRKKI A. SCOTT Anctloucera. 1 EXECUTOR'S 8ALE OP THREE BRICK _j Houses and Lots at AtJction.?On TUESDAY, the 24th instant, we shall sell, in f ont of the prem ises, at 6^4 o'clock, p. m., two Rnck Houses and Lou. being lots .'1 and C, in subdivision of part lot No. 6, in square No. 459. The above described i roperty is situated at the corner of 6th street west and Louisiana avenue, ,md well cilcu'ated for business pnr|?>scs or < flices. Terms: One-fourth cash ; balance in 6, 12 and 18 month a, tli" purchaser to five notes tor the rfefrrred paym< ny>. bearing interest from the ? ay of sale. A dred Riven and a deed of trust taken to secure the pn> o*"the notes. All conveyanc."."* at cost of purchaser. GREEN A 8' OTT, ap 19?rt Auctioneers. tiy JK. b. WUIQHT, Vucitoneer, GEORGETOWN. "T^ERY DESIR \BLE PRIVATE RESIDENCE V at Auction.?Ry virtue of th?* authority v?*eted in m-: by the last will and testament of Emily Cor coran. deceased, I will sell, at public auction, on WEDNESDAY, the "id Mav next, at 5 o'clock p m. to the highest bidder, on the premises, the very de sirable lot, and dwel mg heu?e thereon, late the r<a id^nce of !he deceaaed, situat< J on West st.. lie tween Congress and Washington streets, Ge-.rg*" town, one of the most desirable parts of the town far a private residence. lli? houee contains two pari r?. two kitchens, and o:her ro >tns. in all 14, besides a fine cellar; and is suit&ble for a farge fainuy. There is a good cis tern in the yard, and other covemeuces, including a stable, separated from the house lot bv an alley rpering on Washington street; and the titl** to the whole is believed to be unquestionable. The it rn.s of sale are r n . thfrd cash, and the bal ance in out and Cvro years. with interest: the d< - (arrtd payment* to be srcured by a deed of trust ?>n tne property. If the terms are not complied with within five days Iro . the day of sale, tiie subscriber reserves the right to re-sell the propeity. on one week's pub lie notice, at shs risk and cost of the delinau'iit pur chaser. All conveyancing at cost of purchasf r. H C. MAI THEWS, Executor or Emily C??rcoran, deceased. EDWARD S. WRIGHT, ap 19?cots Auctioneer. M \ y GKLSN A SCOTT. A?*ctlr?n?e-i. TIRADE HOU*E AND LOT AT AUCTION ? On THURSDAY, the 18th mat., we shall sll, in front of the rremise*, at S o'clock p. ni., part -i j Lot No. 4. in Square 73, having a front on n. ith K, b<-twe> n 21st and 2ttl streets, of 25 feet, running b-ck 146 leet 11 inches, to a wide alley, with the improvements, which ate a good U#o*etory frame house Terms; One third cash ; balance in 6 12, and 13 [ month*, for notes bearing interest from the day o'l th? sale. A deed given and s deed of trust taken GREEN & SCOTT, apr 16?d Auc.ioneers sly J. C. KIcOVIRK, Auctlon*?r TlEAUTIFUL COTTAGE RESIDENCE ON 13 the Heights of Georgetown at Public Auction On WEDNESDAY mornine, Apri! 25th, at 10 o'd'k precisely, on the premists, I shall t?ell that del ght ful cottage residence and grounds belonging to t'ol R. S Roberts, U. S. Army, situated on the liemht* of Georgetown, at the corner of Eighth and High streets. The buildinc consist of a handsome ani! well-built cottage, containing ten rooms, with large kitchen, pantries, and bath reionis, a fine barn and carriag- -h<-u>e, summer house, wutki shed, and o;h<*r out-buildings, all in excellent condition. Tiiie propel :_v has attached 11; arty three a res ef ground, highly orn vr-ented, wi|-fenced. ami in | * r feet order ; choice fruit trees, flowers, and ornam r; tal shrubbery adorn the place in great profusion ; an inexhaustible supply of pure spring w;ttee, a iarge cistern that never fai's, are a'so fo m! on the place. Many handsome r^sid? nces surround thn prop erty. Its healthful location and proximity t'? the cities of Wa?hiiijtt>n and Georgetown cann- t fail to | recommend it to persons desiring a beautiful run.! residence. Title indisputable. Terms: One fourth ca-di. the residue in tlir?reeqiiil payments at si*, twelve, and eighteen months,with interest, secured by a deed of trust on 'he premir- s. JAS. C. McGL'lRE, ap 16?d Auctioneer. By J. C PIcGl'IiiK Anit'oater< GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES, CHAINS &c. at Auction.?On FRIDAY afternoon, Apl 20th. at 5\ o'clock, at the Auction rooms, I shall sell an invoice of fine G-^ld Watches, comprising? Full jewelled Huntine Levers, Detached Hunting Levers, suitable for la.iies Also, Open-faced Levers, Lepine, Silver Hunting, and p'ain Watches Aig-i, a small lot of fine gold Guard, Vest and Fob Chain-: P.-rs ns 111 w ant will do well to attend the ssle, as the 300.Is will be sold without reserve Terms cash. J AS. C McGUIRE, ap 18?d Auctioneer. By WALL, 94HSAr.O ft ro , Audi. 7*ALUA'iLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON F f street at Auction.?O > MONDAY, 23.1 instant at 5 o'clock p. 111., we shall ^eli, subjert to a deed f trust, the west haif of Lot No 22, fronting thirty feet on the south side of F street, between 1-ith and 14th, running back one hundred feet to a thirty feet allev, improved by a frame Ruildiag and anew trick Stable. This Lot is in the best of localities, and in a fast imp ovine pari of the city. Tnle indisputable. Terms made khovrn at sale. WALL, BARNARD & CO., Aucts , 317 Pa. avenue, corner of 9th st. apl8-dts (Intel > By J. C. McGCIRE. Auctioneer. I "EXCELLENT FURNITURE AND HOUSE jj hold Etf'-cts at Aucti"n ?On T U E S D A Y morning, April 24. at 10 o'clock, I shall -ell, at the lesidence of E. Lallouette, E-q , on the south side of Pa. avenue, between 19Ui and 20ih sU.,aM his Furniture and Housekeeping Effects, comprising Handsome mahogany carved French Sofa Carved do Parlor Chairs, Rockers Marble top Centre Table, Whatnot Pair of handsome mthozany Card Tables Bronze Chandeliers and drop light for gas Excellent parlor and chamber Carpets Large quantity mi superior Oilcloth Bronze Hattree, Ha I Lamp Excellent mahoc-ny Wardrobes Dressing Bureaus. Toilet Set* Cottage Bedsteads, Washstands Superior hair and husk Mattresses Ros*- Blankets Maple cane-seat Chairs, Rockers Excellent damask Curtains, Shades and fixtures Bolsters and Pi'lows Comfe-rts, Spreads, ?tc. Terms of sale: $~l~> and under ca?li; over that sum a credit of sixty aad ninety days, for approved en dorsed not?s hearing interest The above Furniture is nearly new and excellent quality J AS. C. McGUSRE, apr 18?d Auctioneer. By GRKfcN 4t SCOTT, Auction**** "1 TALUAP.LE BUILDING LOTS on 21st sue. 11 V at Auction.?On FRIDAY, the 20th instant, at 5 o'clock p. in., in front of the premises, two hand some building Lots, having a front ot 22)( feet each on 21.-t street, betwe.n G ani H streets north, be ing parts of original Lots Nos 8 snd "J, tn Square K'2. The two lots have a front of 45 feet, running ba k 100 feet, with a 10 foot side alley. Title indisputable. Terms : One-third cash; balance in 1 and 2 years for notes bearing interest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN fc SCOTT, apr 16??d Auctioneers. By J. C. McQl lRK, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF IMPROVED PROFER ty:?On MONDAY afternoon, April 2d, at 5 o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of two dee (Is of trust to the subscriber, one d .ted May 10. 1847, and recorded in liber W. B , No. 134, ttdio 163, fcc , the other dated Ju?e 10, 1847, and recorded in libei W. B., No. 135, folio 470, 4tc.. two of the land records for Washington county, in the District ef Columbia, I shall sel , 011 the premises, lots numbered 10,11, 13,14, 15, and 16, in square No 355, fronting on 11th street west, between F and G streets south, with the improvements, c? ns;sung of an excellent two story brick dwelling house. Terms: One third cash; the residue in six, twelve and eighteen moqihs, with luterest, to be secured to the satisfaction of the trustee. NICHOLAS CALLAN, Trustee. JAS. C. McGUIRE, mar 7?eo Auctioneer. {ffj- Tli? above lalt la poitpon*?l un til THURSDAY alternoon, May 3d, same hour and place. M. CALL.AN, Trustee. JAMES C. McGUIRE, ap 3? lawfcd* Auctioneer NUMBERS FOR HOUSES. FLABARRE, corner ol Tenth and C w? , who , is a practical manufacturer m metal, has an . assortment of Silvei piaied NUMBERS of v;iriflBa patterns He will make numbers for hous<-**. Lotela | pews in Churclis, and for hacks, to suit all taotc*, und is cotifilent at the low pricc they will be mule , that it will auit the purchaser. ap 16?im ( TELEGRAPHIC. KBTOBTED FOB TBI DAILY EVENING* BTAJL The Weather la BAtrmoBi, April 19?Tba weather is vary warm. The thermometer ?tanat &2 is tha ?had*. ?? The Weather at Philadelphia Pbiladblpbia, April 19 ?The waather it exca?*ivaly hot for the neeca. The aextv? in tha shade is at 82 degree? Hew Tork Markets If?W Yoftt, April 19 ?Cotton is aaeksagad, with a moderate demand at prmoas rates Floor bas advsreed 12*3 ; go-xi Ohio $10 25 a $10*1*; Southern Si I a 111 62* Wheel ia opward and fins Cora is uncharged and la moderate demand at (r^vioas ra-as Pork ia a trifle 'ower. Old mess. $16 St; a $16 311 Beef is Arm with an upward teodecej. Whis ky?Ohio is better; sales at 36o Baltimore Markets Baltimore. April 19 ?Floor is Ann aod as changed; sales of 200 bbls Howard street ah $11 Wheat is inactive ; sales of rad at $2 65 a$2 75; white $2 70 a $2 60 Corn is rather dull; s^lee of white $1 00 a $1 03; yellow at $1.03a$l 04. Ntw Tork Stock HarkeV Nbw York. April 19 ?Stocks are loweraad m nty is plentiful. Sales thi* morning of Erie at 4$| ; Cleveland and Toledo railroad 72? ; Cleveland. Columbus and Cincinnati Hail road 103}; nmberland Coil Con pany 2?i, Readiftg Railroad 84; C^ntrn CompanvSft; Pennsylvania Coal Company 104j : Mew Tork Ceotril 93i; Virginia6's at 96* NEW SPRING STYLE OF HATS AND BONNETS. 1~WAN8, Pa avenue 5136,bftwecB Twelf h and Thirteenth s:r?-ets, to day introduce the rw new style of HATH, anew and beanti IM fui ariicle; and also the arw style of Fki Mctf% Haw and Gentl .-men's Cap*. To accommodate the Ladies, and whow atrmage he respectfully solicits, he has connected with l>u*in**MSthe vale of RON NETS, hoth Straw and Silk, together with Ribands in ill their varieties. Hi? aseor?ient m ex tensive, and wi!l be sold for at lca?t a thi rd low than Muular a tK les can now, or have heretof??re been, procured in this market. ap 14?lw fg TKS DOL.LAH* BEWAHD.-Ut, on I the 1.1'h instant, between Willards* Hotel and the City llnll, n Por emonr.aie. containing three Botes drawn kv John H. and A. \V. Kirk wood in favor of Wm. T Dove, and bv me endorsed, $ 1.V4 each ; one not?- drawn by Zephimah Jone*, #160, in tnv lavor an I by ine en<iorwd ; also a note, draw n by William T. Hook, in my favr, for #54; several other note- and papers riot rec<Jlected. The above reward will be paid upon Uk return of the papers to the undersigned. WM. T. DOVE, apr 14?tf J9| A CARD. Jfe C Q ' Economy w the road to wea/fA."^K Groat Redaction in the price of Hate 4 Cape fj'll II undersigned, havin? made arrangements I with a New York Hat Company to be con st. infly suppliej with th?? very best Moleskin or DRESS HATS, got up in the latest style, offers Ui?-iii at ilt? unprecedented low price of $3,50, worth from Kiir to five d-rf'ars; eeeonJ quality. $3, worth from TjO to #4 ; and a very r?od ?a*hi< a able Hat at $i,5<> worth from $3 to ?3 50 Also, He- be A Co's liats, at a n?u?D lees advance than they have b<-en here tot rc sold in this city. First rate beaver Hats $3 5-. All kind* of m?H HATS aod CAPS very low. In cr.-ler to s?MI at the above low prlcee the ci system mn>t l?e adopted; consequently tb??e who purchase Will not be charged from fifteen TO twenty live per cent, as an jflVet for bad debt* ANTHONY, (for many years in the employ of Todd Jt Co.) No. 3.C? luiuhia place. ?tli st., ->p '3 tf 2>i coor north of P. nn avenue. Brown s American poultry yard, i vol, New York Hiekson *nd Mowbray on Poultry, 1 vol, London Gui le to Service, the Poultry Maid, 1 vol, London The Pig, by Youatt. I v>4, Phiia. Pi-s and th'ir Treatment, by Richardson, 1 vol, Oabii Randall7* Sheep Husbandry, 1 vol, New York M?*.ell's Am* rican Shepherd, 1 vol do Ulacklock ou Sheep, 1 vol. ??'as*ow sp!7 FKAMCC TAYLOR. Hats mo bales of prime N. Y. HAYS for sale by HARPER B BOITSH. King street Dock, Alexandria, Ya. apl7_3t* MANTUA MAKING. Mf^S MARGARET DYER respectfully annonn ces to the ladies of Wnshing.on and vicinity, tint she lias just returned to Washington, and in to re^-urne h< r i-Ttucr business, a; d solicits ?It? patronage or her former frie ds. No SHI Pa. avenue, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth su. ap9? 2 aw3w* SlITRTS!-SHIRTS! NEW SlilKT ESTABLISHMENT! WASHINGTON, D. C AVING added to our es ablishment a depan luent for the manufacture of SHIRTS, we are prepared to make to order Shirts of superior quality Mild finish. attention paid to measuring, fitting and delivery at the shrrtest notice. Sample Bosoms, worked and plain Also, wotked and plain French Cuffs Boy?' Shirts of all qualities We shall eive this branch our especial attention, and use every effort to give satisfaction in pnee, ninke and finish. Shirts not fitting can he returned. Gcutletnen's Furnuhiag Goods in every style and quality. Sune ior stock of Gloves. WALL a STEPHENS, Pa. avenue between 9.b and 10th ?* Al-o. 306 Pa. avenue, 3 doors east of National Hotel. ap 11?ei<6( H WlKHIIiCTt!) STitVB SiHlPlfT 'KY, S. E. corner qf Pa. or. and EUventk streef, Sole Agency for CHIL?ON, GOCLD kOO'8 Warming and Ventilating Apparatus M P(?ND a CO.'8 (of Boston; Union Doublr-Oven Cooking Range, J. L. MOTT'S (of New York) INViNC'BLE DOUBLE-OVEN RANGE. Constantly on hand, and receiving LATROBE STOVES, for heating tw<> storiee; Parlor and Cham ber GRA'I ES, En.iiii'1 rA and Japanued Cooking, Hall, Parlor, Chamber and Dining Room S 1 OYES: Plain, Tinned and EiiHtmlled iron HOLLOW WARE; Bloek Tin, Pi'iniahedand JarAnned WARE in creat varietv. All of whii-h will be sold at tlie lowest possible rate?. that will cinpare favorably with any Estab lishment couth of New York. An examination of my stock is earnestly solicited. ap 13?3?n J \S SKIRVING. NOTICE OF COPARTNERSHIP^ ENRY BARRON k. SOLOMON STOVER H have this day fanned a Copartnership for th* purpose of earr ing on the Wood and Coal business in all its branches. (?tir yards are Mtuatcd on the corner of gist and I streets, Washington, and on the rooai, near St-nimes's piarong null, Georgetown At either ol the aliove places persons in want of Wood and Coal of the very tie*; quality, an don the mo-t reasonable terms, will at all time? find an assortment equa', tf not superior, to that in any yard in the District. AH orders filled with care, promptne.s, and die patch. BARRON k 8TOVER. Georgetown, D. C., April 10th, 1855. apr 12?dim GRAND OPENING OF MANTILLAS! ?|k*"AXVVELL? a BRO. are now opening (in the JjJL n-om over their store) the largest, cheapest, and moet complete a^ortmeat o* newest designs in Spring and Summer Mantillas, ccmpnsing all the novel'ies of the season, viz : The Cremona Dew Drop Leonora Moire Antiqe, talmas De Stael Moire Anuque Scarfs Applique Heloiee L ly Lavima N. B ? As tilts is a new branch of our busineee we are determined to offer M-ntillas at less pricee thaa any other house in Washi? g'on. MAXWELL a BRO., Pa. avenue, between ?ih and 10th su. ap 17?eo3: MICHAEL NOURSE. NOTARY PUBLIC AND AGENT P? R BOUKTY LUND CLAIMS, AND ?OU THE CONNBC TICUT MLTTUAI. LIFE INSI RANCECOM PANY Of HARTFORD. Hr has in his possession the ROL* 8 of the Militia of the District in the War of 18lt, and will prepar* declarations and papers for soldier* widows, and orphans. ap 14?eo6t Memoirs of the countem of bles. Mngton, by R. R. Madden. M. R. I. \.iwe vols FRANC* TAYLOR.

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