Newspaper of Evening Star, April 20, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 20, 1855 Page 3
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KVKNING STAR. Local Intelligence. TcBLir Scao^L Htses.?Th sa who read la our p^ier lu; c vaniig the extract from a late reporf of the Trustees oa the condition of the public school houses, which aie gener ally small apartments rented fr-m private individual?, mud have been convinced that the health cf the pupils and teachfa. r.o lc?s than the public wants demand aspcedy change. Ihe chancer cf the ci'v suff?rs when tho school? ere kept in unhealthy buildings that are repulsive in appearance, and iil-Piaptcd to the purposes for which they are u?ed. In a report which was presented to the Councils on Monday evening, signed by all the Trustees, with the exception of one gen tleman who was too sick to attend to business, arecommendation is made to purcha.-e the Rugby Acadefuy, for the use of schools in the First District. It will be remembered that ap propriations havo heretofore been madeand ex ponded for the erection of school houses in b11 the other Dis.ricts, bu* no expenditu e for this purpose has bean muds in t-ie First District In the Second District a building was erected a few years since at aa expense of but little less than $5 000 ; and Ust year an appropria tion was made for another of J> 000 In the Third District, a bidding was purchased and fitted up la?t yeai nt an expense of more thsn $2.GOO ; and. in addition, a lot was purchasod f.?r the bettor accommodation of the Third District School. In tho Fourth Dis'ricS a-, excellent building h *3 b?en ereced at an es pen e little short of *1 000 The Trustees now ro"o:nmeni that the want' of the First District, whica have b<;en so lo- g neglected, thall 1e at length provided for. Th? purchase of Morrison's building is recommend ed by itaadaptation tc the want* of the schools by itslooatim. by the remarkable terms on which it is offered to tho city. And as a moM-ure of econ- my, as the r?nt and care of school rooms in the First District now amounts *o $763 annually Great difiiiulty is also ex perienced in obtaining school rooms at any Crice, and, in conscqutnce. the irust-.^s have een compelled to direct the removal fr >io the Fint District into the Second of two teachers and about one hundred and twei-ty puviSs The Rugby Academ ? building is sutii:ient y to accommodate many of the sehccli of tha district, and for a considerable time to oome ro appropriation wiil be required for the erection of school housci. The building is four stories high, the main part being forty-f?-ur I y fory feet, and the back building ol the same height, a: d fifty four by thirty eight feet. It twenty eight rooms exclusive of the attic It will iurni.h excel lent accommodations lor four double pria-arj schools, each having from o^e hundred ai-U twenty to cne hundtci and ti.' y pupils ; an<J four other school.*, vii: the m?:o prirary, the male department of the district, school, tt^e to* male depar ment of the pame, and one tome for pupils of a more advance:! gtade, whicb might be nnde the foundation of a high school Each cf these four rooms will accounK.<iat< about sixty pupil-*. There will remain beside; recitation rov.iu? T.>r cach which is i'^e!] of the utmost ix(Kirtasce ; a pailor izj vir-it ors; and accommodations for the janitor a.. his family who would hare the caie of tt( building The site cf the building is an admirable one agreeable, quiet, pleasant, in every respcct healthy, wiin ample ip*ce around it. fron-ini fifty-four feet on K street, one of the wiles and pleasanteat stree.* in the city, and run ning back or. 14 h stroat one hundred and filtj feet, comparatively rc ired ^nd jet ncsi enough to the more fettled pt-r i ns nf the citj for all practical purposes. en! of the way <>! floods of water and wLif'.wii. -s of du.k lhs building exhibis g?' d arcbUecturai propor tions. and is well Cited to in-pire children auJ the community ?eiiO*ally with rer-pect fur tLt object to whic':. it i<? de.< ed. The rooms ar? spacious, lofty, and well lirhtei. It has t southern and western front, from which quar .'era come the coolest and pl?:?iar.?est win?is ir aummer. It n? ?.i'U9?ed opposite Franklif Square, In which the pupils can toke exercise this square, whea improved after the pian cl the lamented Dcwnir'g. will bo one <.i" the modi heau'iful spots in tLe cr y. This property is now valuable, 2nd will eventual.y be mu'h more so. I: is offered t. the Corporation t ?r $lti OOu; ono-fourth cash, the r?-mi?icder in tiva an&ual pajn.e:.ts T:? city has the opportunity of parch air. g it a( that rate till next lue-day ; troni that d^: till the first of May. .nother party u^s the icfuial of the props 'y f^r $lfi 5<>0 The bill which pawed the lower Board fv i the purchase of the property at propTiites foi this purpose the t'S 0 >0 he??t"fore arpro^ri a ed for tho erection of a building in th.s D'c irict. and which has been drawn by tht trustees from the city treasury, and jl.OUU from the general lund. 'ike proceeds of the aale of the Jtffa'f -n stable > ryj erty, t.^ which the city will, d-.?ubtle3?: have a title in afejord ance with the strong recommendation of the Secretary of tho Interior, will about meet tho second paymett. At my hundreds ol donar* will be anoually j-avtd to '.lid Corporation which is Duv expcude-1 for rent i hi- -ub?e t is now before the Aldeimen, and will, dtuot less. eome up for eo^id^ration eu TdoQday stx: Diilt OnsERVATiux muft convltti every redacting mind in cur ci'v. (wri eaolie >rg* town correspondent,) of the groat necessity cf a house of rofug*, or more strir.geut polio a regalation for ths government of juvenile de licquenta or rigid ?nj'wrocment of those al ready in existence It u?ust bo paialal !?> every philan'bropitt to sea, in certain localities, the large cumber of b >ya from iix to fifteen yei'i cf ag^, prowling about tbg wharves, streeU, is., and often engHgin? ia mischief of a malioious and dishonest charac. tar, instead of being at school, where their firvlii would be cultivated. a:id their mor;;ls proteo'jed The saue parties a-o cf on suf fered to run tiie ."tree's a: night until a late hour, and often ann&y tho peaceille and quiet portion: of our eitisea* by congregating to gether, and indulging in eur.-ing, sweanrg, veiling fighting, and other vulgarities, as bus been the ca*j for se/cral eights, near the corners of Green and Dumbarton streets We ?ineerely hope that either tiic parents or police will make an tffjr; to remedy this growiug evil. Tbk Wxstzr* Ma:.ket.?Mr Editor: Per mit me to suggest, in to eaelosicg the Western Market rpaee, that tho railing ?hall not extend beyond the baiidisg line it will be perceived that the railic ? arouud the epace opposite the old mirkct. and also opposite the National Theatre, extends beyoni the line some three feet, thu encroaching mate rially on tha p*th?way. Notwithstanding cur ?treats andaido walks ara very wide, they are Den* too much so Our city L rapidly increas ing; aad it will be found ere long that a few more lest added to the ?ide-*aiks, especially on the aveuue. would be desirable It is to be hoped thatin fu'ure refer once will be had to this important matter. Maliciocs Misrnier ?Yes erday, a cat dog belonging to a gentleman residing near hi. Faul'a Coglish Luthorau Churah. wss poisoned by some i*rson or pers>n* unknown; and io other parts of the city we have heard of sim ilar proceedings To say the least, this is a repreheaa?bLe u.eans cf rport as a familiarity with poiata. aai the maiic ous use of it for the killing of dunb ureatares, m iy. perhaps, prepare sume youthful u.ind to txy iu tHe'ctf im human beings Tin D:x?s ?We n>tice that our fel'.ow citieeo. Mr tieorge Parker, has er.closeJ the donea or more tr*?a near bis reridenoe corner of F?ur and a half and C streets, with beau tifal boxes, open work, madw of both wr' ugnt and cast-iron ; the cos: cf each, we learn, being abytt %li. They OJtstitute sooiewhat of a novelty in this eity ; and wo al u io to the sub jact to show that the spirit of taste and im provement is certainly aiding beauty to the ?atienal metropolis. Tic Slikder Scir?Win vs John H McBlair?was continued to-day. The examination of witness a f->r the plain tiff ha. icg been concluded th it cf witcesiea for the delate ia progresjir.g. Wm W Da>ip, Wm U Digga; a.d i\ G McUluo have been examined for the lattor. Wh?a wo li-ft the ?oart heuie to day the oouuiel < f the re^pac'lve parties were arguian a point cilnw, the jury, meantime being privileged to rrgi'e them- : solres at buaaa a oo^kery table in U*4 fesU hoir Eyidiscb of a Bad IIcaht.?Last nigh*, Abort ten o'clock, an humble IrUh woman made eomplaiot to Capt. Birch, at the gnard house, against a man who was brought thither by a police rffi ^er. relating her story substan tially ae follows; I keep a boarding house; thin man came with his wife to my residence, and I accommodated them , I believe the woman to be respectable ani amiable, but she has re ceived the most bm'al treatment at the hands of her husband; at the table she dare not look up?if she does she meets the scowl ar d frowns of her husband; he several days ngo tore some of fcor clothing to shreds end da s'royed her bonnet; the poor creature, alarmed for ber safety. fled to the cellar, where she hid hrrself; afterward the man ordered hiswi.o to leavo the premises, but she is a stranger here, sir. and did rot know where to go ; in* deed I pity her, {wiping away a tear ;J I toid her ehe aizht -deep with me. net knowing but that be might severely injure her; I am a wid >w and have two little children to stm?i^le for; I love to live in peace, and I do not knew that 1 am safe while that man is in the houie; he may murder us. or set the place on fire The woman related the atcry under the so lemnity of an cj h. and there was no doubt whatsoever that a le spoke forth " tho words of truth *nd soberness " ?? What have yju got to say1" oleerved the Captain, addrascing the accused. 44 Did I molest you? " he remarked, speck* ing to the woman. *? Didn't 1 treat you with respnet? " '-But," repl'ed tho widow, in a manner which plainly shewed that she was a fricDd to her ahussd sex, "yon treated your wife in a shocking nunne-, and ycu cannot deny it." "It's my vrile. and 1 o'a>m to d<? as I eboosc?manage my domestic aifiirs in ray o*n way, and ask no odds," exclaimed the eo callr.l husband, wi h an air of authority; and whicn Fhowod ho we3 callous to that nfir.e meat which is always so much admired in the social relation The Captain : " Can you give security ? " Prisoner: "No, sir, I'm a stranger hero. She's net my wife " Tho Captain: '-Ycu said she was; but whether she it your wife or nof, you ought to be ashamed of yourself to treat any woman a? jcu have done. Woman should be protocted, not abased by man. You ought to be ashamed of y<ur?elf." The reproof, however, had no eHect upon the man The Captain : '? If you can't find security you must go to jail, which is the best place for you." " But, as I said"? lie was here inter rupted by the exclamation of the Captain, ' I want no further remarks '' And one of the assistant at the guard hou-e escorted the prisoner to a cell cn the first (1 >or. The Lame cf the man is Thorua* 0 Brian. Ho was this morning committed to jtil in de fault of security to keep the peace Thou h he denied last night that tho woman whom hs had so cruelly treated is his wife, he avowed this mornir.g tlip.t she ig The man wjuM have excited no pity if, like the unprofitable servant, he had bean " beaten with many stripes ' Orphans' Court ?We alluded, several daj e ago. to an interesting ca*e pending in tfcc Court, before Judge Puree!!. This morning, the esatnma ion o!" a number of witnesses having been concluded, T. Parkin Scott. E-u commcnced the argument for bis client, Ea ward Law Rogers who jn-.ys that the letters of administration heretofore granted to Henry M37. on tfco personal estates of the la'e Thom n and Edward Law, may be revt k->d ; he claim ing. through his counsel. (Me ar*. Scott and H. S Cox.) that he is the counn or next of kin r.f the deceased Mr. Scott reid both the petition of Mr Ko^jsrs and of Henry May; the latter denying this assertion, and praying the court to disxiss the application of Mr. lingers, with costs Mr. Scott, in the course of his argument, said that Thos. La-*. Sr . was formerly a resi dent of Wuhirgton; by birth an Englishman, and c::ue to this courrry, as the records sbnw, towards the close of the lust century. He hi d tfc?-e srer?Thomas, Eiu.und and Oeorge Tie last (iied in infancy; atd the other two lived in a weiterii Ltate. Mr. Law being a widower, contracteu a second marriage with the grandm >:her of Mr. Ednand Law Kog*r%. Eliaabs h Parka Custis. Ho then proceeded to show the fruits of that marriage, and to ns. tablish the fact that Mr ilog^rs is next of 1 in of 1 homos ar.d Kdmand Law ; and he con ire ered virions points in tie arguments ci Mr May ; am or g the'n the allegation tgainet Them-8 Law. Sr., of bastardy, referring to English as well as American proof in support of legitimacy. Hasdsohe Improvements.?Wo are glad to ;ee improvements going on in our oi'y. and it gives us pressure to notice the public spirit manifested by s.'?me of our citizens. Work men arc now busily engaged tearing dowa the buildings owned by Messrs. Z. D Oilman anl Wm. H. Ward, two do-j*s west of Browns' liotel On the si*e where stood the unsightly pile, sew c.nd handsouie four story buildings will, in a few months, be erected They will be about seventy five feet deep, fronting cn Pennsylvania avenue twenty-two feet etch, and ru .niog through to C street Very httte attention hns heretofore been paid to str.-et architecture; and no city is so well calculated as this for showing fir.e buildings. Tho store front of the building to be occupied by Z D. Oil man. one of our old established Jruggists. is to bo of iron. ?ad the pla c glass windows ten feet high. The altitude of the store is fifteen feet in the char; second story twelve feet; third story, eleven feet; fourth story, ten feet, ail ia tnc cle~r The windows are cir 'ular, hav ing iron columi a on each side. The cornice is terra cotta, supported by hai dsi ins brackets, four feet long The front is designed to rep resent brown stone?mastic or stuoco will be used. The ceiiar will be finished, and ceiling eight feet in tho clear. Mr Ward's building ii in every way similar, except in the store front. which is to he of brown stone Tho bl ck when jlaishcd, will be ore of tie fir.est improvements on that great thoroughfare? Pennsylvania Avenue. Messrs. Wm H Baldwin A Kenning, are the architects, whose office is on the corner of Eleventh streo: and Pennsylvania avenue, over flarnbam's book stoie, where we would advise all our friends who contemplate build ing to call. Cr.-ss Firing ?It is cot very ploasant to r*porl any police case in which respectable p-rsoiB are connected, especially if those per ajus are females. This morn'ng, a batch of ernes was given us, which grew out of a quar rel between families in the Second Ward, and whic-h. to deal fairly, we are obliged to ins&rt Mrs. Boss vs. Mi*s M. Morau, and Miss M M or in vs. Mrs Kocs, and the United Statej re Miss Bridget Orady They appeared be fore Justice Clark who held all to security for peace. Ladies should not get into quarrels, especially on ti.e street. Povsp ?The t oy O'Lcary, who was ?'o badly b;aten some nights since, and which offence was ch-ir^ed upon th'Oj others namud Miles, liagc r ty, and Scott was found yesterday on the Virginia side of the long bridge He was ! in a s'.upid condition, very we*lc, and wzs car. j ried to Lis mother s, in ;he Seventh Ward This morning, the a-eu.-ad were ail at the guard home lor trial, but had to remain un ler tecurity for a fur'her h-aring as the physi cian attending 0 Leary dcci<ied that it would be dangerous for him to go oat of his room. URi itKUiiJisibi.e ?We ha\e frequently no ticed that thougntlfcss boys takogreat delight in tormenting a yyang man, generally known by the name of Oeorge Washington, who is of unsound mind, but altogether harmless We would merely suggest to he juveniles that an less they sh *11 oo oo their sport t hey u? ay tf> made to pay dearly tor it either by fine or im prisocmsnt Humani'y shoal i prompt them to tenderly treat the uniortunate. Ioocatios ?A public meeting is to be held at the Pour.drry church, to-night, to consider the propriety of eet-iblfchtng a school or ool lego in this city, cn the joint st"ck principle, to be and;r tho pation:vge of the Methodist Episocpai Church. At it AOAijf.?CovBnaal, the nan who was ?rent to Jul for attacking a lady and her hns* bf-nd on the street, end whi endeavored to eat ofiI:er Barnacloe a haods, tried his fighting qualities a >on one of h:.s fellow prisoners thr mornini;. We ate infer mad that the jailors hfci to ioteiteie aad Qoafiio him chsely. Thc Sals of the furniture and effects cf tte late Thomas Ritchie, President's squire, h? b?en postponed until Thursday next, the 2<V.h instant, at 10 o'clock, A. M. WATrH Returns.?Letha. aoolored drurk in the 6treet; di?mis?cd by Justice Mor sel!. Thoma.i O'Rripn, ill treating hia wifo. and Patrick Kosfo, fighting, were sent to jail by Captain Birch. Baltimore Annual Cosfersuce of the A. M. E. Znn Church in America. THtTRpnAr, April 19. CoBferesco met, Superintendent Wm. II Bishop presiding. The session was opened by B. Mack?!I. The minutes of tho previous day's meeting were read and adopted. The chairman of the committee of the whole reported to the Conference the doing* <fi the committee. The document was taken up for considera tion. It was moved that the Confcrcnce concur with the document No. 1. with the exception of that portion of il which relates to a Lay delegation with eqn*l power, rights and priv ileges in the Aunual Conference with the ministers, and with tho additional exception that delegates to the General Conference shall not act or vote on appsals from the Annual Conferenco to the general Conference. After considerable discussion, the motion was agreed to Document No 2 relating to the support ol the ministry, was taken up next in order, and e'icifed quite a spirited debate up to the hour cf adjcomment. r=P AKTR'S FITTERS.?This Imma manufactured reroe J dy for Oy?re|>ai?, Nervousness, and other diwwot ari '1'S fr.Hii disorder e l et-uiaoh, etc., |? rapidly winning !t? u iv to lavor ulieraver it is Introduced. We vera shown * letter on S iturdjy last, from a irentleni-n in Hanover, who j declares that after six years* intense MilTeriuic with Dyspep sia ami nervous headache, dtirins which time 1 e used w.tli little or no effect, Aureal \ariety of medicines recoiinendeil hy ?,thei *, he has heeu )>erfe--tl v curwl of both annoyances hj | the 11 so of four bottles of IIAKKK'S IMtKMU'U B1TTKKS.? Willi p ik* 11 unquestionable endorsements, we think that lhos1 who are articled, and yet fail to try this rente ly, deserve i< suiter. Ca|>t. linker Is one of our ni<-?t reliable citizens, anil we feel s*ti'!l?"l that under no circumstance* would he re coimuend the use of his Bitters where he did Hot think thai ^ od would result f-oin so doing- For cholera morbus sucl; !ik? coai|>lainta we know tlu se Bitters are excellent, having had fr^nt-nt occasions to try tiieui.?Klclim-jlt 1 Mor. Mail. l'rice 5t cents per l?ott'e. To b? had of TH ART.ES STOTT t CO.. Washington, P. C CAN HY X HATCH, and KKTI1 S. 11ANCE, Baltimore, and bj 1)1 OKgists everywhere. apr 10?lw [f-y=NOAH WAI.KER Jt CO.. ?I;irble Hall Clothing Err.po rinia, under Browns' Hnti-I, ri'?j-e<-tfullv annum)'* that t'leir display of Spring and Summer ClnihitiK is now ready for inspc lion, comprising an aseoi tuient of Coats Vests and Paiitaloous of the Uewest and richest designs ii material, trimming and workmanship. To ire&tleuien wh? study excellence with soobobit |i fashionable articles o dr??s an r i pol l unity for se'ectinc Is offered fr..m oi.e of thi la'Kb: t and most a'iract >e Block of Rood* ever ottered it tl-U city at a very ie?u. _.l scale of price*. ap 17 rr~y PRKMIIMS AT TIJK FAIRS.?W IIITEIIt'HSTS Ptlii In th? *?ce:. ; t!ic> -T!:* juries of ?n h of the lati fairs at Bal>imr>re Richmond, and N?w York awarded thcii highest premtusj-i to J. II. W. for tlimr superiority of Hio t?<i apln, NU:reo?<' [ i ? and Ua?;iierreotypes exhibited. Mr. V. . ?!?<? re~e!ve.| two Medals at the World's Fair, I.on ion, a lid a premium at Crystal P*la-e. New York. A:?o, the drst ..wards of the Maryl.u] Institute for threi years p isI. Whitehnrffi Gallery in this city 1? on Pa. avauue, 1-etw 4 H aiifi C... streets. feb 17 n?7?A PHSNOMENA IN MEDICINE.?Bronchitis Cou^h I I)y?pe >a'a Liver tepisiult, Bcrofala. 4':.?For n diseases o| tlia Fema'e System it stands preeminent. A tiier^yiian Just informs u' it has cured li'in of lironcbUl. | of ft desjH* are character?osrtleu'a - hereafter. HAMPTONS VKOKTAHLE TINCiTKK?By Ita mild ac tlon oil the stomach, li' cr ami kidneys, will enre bynisip lla, (Viugh, Ast iii'a, Bruecblnl and Lang Affections l'?lui in he Ba-'k, Si le an 1 llrea t, Consamptii/n, Scrofula, Khea matism, Oo'it. NearaiRla, Fistula, Bowel C'unpWliis, Piles Worms, and Nervous Debilities?with all dlteas?-s arlsinj from ln;pure bl ml, and Is th" g-eatesi feiual" med'cine ?v er known. Tl?>s invaluable me Ic.lie la woritiDf wonderi u,oa the human frani? Seeadverti'eme'itto Jay. mar 7 ?>^7=?AS A 8PKINO AND SI'MM EH MEDICINE, CarHr'i ?' bpan^fh Mixture stands pre eminent above all otl.( ra, Its iliotularly ettlc ciocs ac'.iou on liie blood; Its Jtri'i-^th euiuK I'll vtrtfyiUK qualitl s; 11^ tonic acth.n on the Liver Ita tend-n^y t" drive all humors to the ?orVe, therebj i lexnalng the avsi-tn ?ci 'iiug t ? listt;:3"? own j?*-e*cr'.p lion; Its hsrmleas, and at tliesaiun tif??- extraordinary goo? effscts. and tie nnirbtr o"cure< testified t.? by linny of tli< LI '?t respe taoi" citizsoa ol Ki 'imoiid. Vs., .in I New1 ere, uast be 7ou?lus!ve Ide .c* ti:a. there Is no banihu^ abou I t.e triai o! a s.b^.1 battle '*!11 eatlif/tlie most sceptical of Ita '. euetils. advert!2ewetit in amt' er rofi?.?, fv?p?sa. tioo?land?} ceucsrated i?e::uan bit U?f TSiS. Thero are f?w things which afford r.s grea'jr ple.-.-nri th?n Bitting 1iiwi to vi i !te a notice of the <-el brated Hoof lau 1 liernisn Bitters, bw:aus? vre ?ra fT.lly c;iin.. ion:i we iri ooiifcrrll-g * JuMV benefit, and r jr ber-.rt tells us that bj our notices luany have been I: duccl t-> take these Bi'teis and l-e?-i reseat 1 from death by ilysnep*;*, liver c< trplaliU Lc for the cure of wl?l-h It la certain It is prepared ntif ?old only br Dr. C. M. J AClCSnv, .a tl.a Ueruiau lleillclut Store, No. ISO Arc,* etreet, Philadelphia. ^ a ! vet tieeli.srit. mar 3?Stn t? iill.MAP, 1/riggi-.. i as r-ii: .- od to ri2 c.?ve-*t Street, op'.oslle to the P I'.rl.iti) H u.'t, a:rl is tjow I.U pared to liii all orders for Me-ln i e?. I'.i'.uis, (>tls, and tila?i o"i accomi.i.Hla-Ini; termj. Strict attenti i. will be ^al I t. iihyslciali s pre*) ri. tioiis ?t all >.f tiie i*ay and tllght 1 he Light be.I >* on the r'.^ht of the do..r. ap 14?lni ?STJor Pan lis?i om receives a!! tl.??i?w K - ks r.nd N-*"' tfcaera ^ I?i? fc* V"'llfhel. He l.i ageat for Harper's anda! tie otlie?, and our i-oii.m ?til always And i hirj) good a'sorttt-nnt of kiauk Boo'.s a'.d ^.aiionery a b!? Bookstore. O-taon Bullying, ror Pa. avtane and 4H ??. MAKKIKD. On the lPtli in?lrtr.t, by lite Hpv. Vr. Ph?}p?. Mr WILLIAM rf. I. WVRENdON to ELI/ABLTU A 8TONE, both of thia city. * Wants. WANTED? A GOOH Nl'K^E. ALSO, a CSi-l m to ti<> general hoii-f work. Reference required, Apply at 3:514 C street, between 4 *, and Clh. ap 13 - 3t WAX ITD-A MAKItlhU MAN, witli a small family, to siipniiiiD n'l m snta'l ann 4 nnli-s from tlii: city. A 1'iote-tai.t prefcrrt-d. Apply to J. O. I! , at this nfli ;e. ap 19?3t* V[fA\TED?TWO G1RL^ IN A PRIVATE l family, a'onHt I iniies from the city ; one n c-'.ok,a id one to wasii am! iron, and to t!o the u<=n e.-al bou^ework ln:tw?;en thr>m. References given and required. Wd<e?$6cach. Colored giris prc icrred. Aduiesii Rus 325 Washington. r.p ia-2t^ \IT"ANTED ?THE HKUVICE* OF A.V AU \ live and intellig'int colored lid. Ap,>!y to WM MA.'.STER, 300 Pa. avenue, r.tai Tenth street. ap 19 -3t 11/ANTED?A LAliY TO ADOPT A fcin:tl fV L'feild. EjMjuire at No. 400 F Miett, he tween Second and Third, English iinl. ap |S-3i* WA N T E D?A M \N ACCUSTOMED TO ho.M > wanti a ?itua'!? n r.s a driver, and to talk*-* cam Lf Pe sp Fri nrli fluently ? Can lie found at B. JOS P's, Fust Ward. ap 18 -3t* Wf ANTED?TO HIKE IMME IATELY.?One Kr.'iig pair ol Uorsee or Mule?, with a good Ploughman, to fallow rc:ne corn land One month employment cer'a:nly, and p-rhaps two or three Enr{uire at Examiner'* Room, X i. H, at Patent Of fice. ? ap 16?if A N EXPERIENCED HOUSEKEEPER tvanis a j\_ Situation.?A middle aged lady, accunomed (or many yua.a I j manage th^i details of a I rgc IxiarJiug l?ou>e, asiiou-seket per, wanu a tituatio.i. Siie c-nn rive eatisfactory refe.'i'nca a^ to her eneray. industry and experience, and the fidehl witli which nbe di-ciiarges nuuce confided to her. Ad ?fi'tm "L 8," at this olhce. ap 13? tf VV J ANTED?A COMPLETE FILE OF THE , t WEEKLY (Wellington City) STAR .-me lts puhiieution up to the pre ent date, for which a iiheral price will be paid it dJiii to this office. ati il 11 NEW MILLINrRY. T\ TISS 7IIOVPSON has just received anoilier invoye of iliose fa-hi<u:ui>l.> Ciape an ! *T Silii H A'Ps, ft. in New Voik. 'i liose ladi.iej^^ <!J who failed to supply Iheinaelvus at ouriu.-i opeismg are n'iw oti'eru 1 aiiein r opp rtuuity, and wciiid do well to call early and have itje first selec lions, as we are selling tufc n off lapidiy. OrJcr/suiicitiv! and prompilv fa^cmed. llUTLHIXrioN 6i MU>R0, 310 Pennsysvaiua aveiiue. opl6~ d2w (Intel eofil) KID fil.tiVES.?Received thin day, by ex pie*., 9^ d> *en more of tbo-e fine Kidloves, at fifty cents a pjiu. WALL 3t STEPHENS, Fa. uv-jnue, next tu Iron llall. ?p!a-3t SA E?AT THE CAPITOL STAULES, a . large covered < 'nrryail, Biiitab|c ft f a fitickler, and o?ie good i'ui,..iy farryaU Apply to JAMES HENRY, Pott Office, House of Representatives. ap ;8-3f LIME, PLASl'EH, tlEMCN'T, 4??.~J.i?t fpaiaed two largt J K?i?? ol itpicn-lia wu3)l bur."t Linn.?A. & L. P HOOVER have this day entered into co partner "hip; nJ, having made several a,!diiio*? to their line kilos, are i.ow luauufacfJiing front SQ(f to 1.0el< barrels of the best woo l buiin Line per week, which wiil be sol J at the I nye?t mnrket prices Alm?, c. Jirtantly on hand n larpe qu mtity of the fincat PLASTER, CEMENT ana HAIR to be found in this city. All tiioae who are In want of these articles will certainly find it to iheir at-vantage to sive them a call. A. & L P. HOOVER Poutmae L iue Kilns, 27th etr> ef, one wjuire ?ouil? lower bridge, nt-ar Geot'n. ap J-4Uw For Sato and Rent. \ TAUT ABLE TRA<T3 or LAND NEAR the j Eity, at Priva'e Sale.?Fur file, four very do *irablc and eligibly situated tract* of Land, contain iH2 abotit titty acres each. pan'y in Montgomery county, but principally in Waehincton county, DC. opposite the farm of Joseph H. Bradl-v, E*q ', about 4X mil''" from WkhiRKion, cmimunicating witli it by a new and commodious road now under cou ?tructi?n The soil i* excellent, and weli adapted to com and wheat The situation is prominent an*' h"alihy, and the land well watered. There are tlree tenements on the premise.*. This property is p culiarly suited to scntlemen hiving business in the city for beautiful country res ideneeg. A piat of the property can be seen at the office of the iiit^cnher. John Parker, Esq., living adjoining, will show the property to any who may wi-U to see it. EDW. 8WAXX. No. 26 Louisiana avenue, neat City llall. ap 20 -eolni For rent?a t vvo-s roiiv fr\me house containing four iccm*, on G street, near .he branch, No. 896. P.ent moderof. Apply to JAMES GOitM AN. ap 20?It" ?i Willards' Hotel. For rent or sale?three meimcm size three story Pnck Houses on the corner of 9:h and N str?'< ts. For further particulars enc,;ii,-r at tlie corner of h?th and L sts., No. 382. ap 1?1 w* FOR KENT?THE OLD ESTABLISHED GRO eery stand, (with the good w.ll of the estab lishment,) formerly occnpie I by the 11 e Elexius Siniins, on this southeast corn* r of I3ih aud F nir? ets west. 'J'o a responsible person the rent will be moderate. Apply at No 260 F street, ap 19?3l* FOR RENT?THE STORE IIOCSE NOW OC eupied by Barnes fc Mitchell, on Pa. avenue between 8ih and 9;h streets. Possession given on 15th May next, on which time ?he present lea'C ex pires. Apply to JAMES DIXON, F.>q , of this i iiy, or the rubsciiber, "Cottage," M utewrr county, Md THOS. CONNELLY, ap 10?lw* ANDSOVIE FURNISHED PARLORS.?TWO suits of Parlor.- and Chambers on the first aud second fl >ors, handsomely furnished, is fir rent v. > I. or without board. There is ?as in the bouse and n bath r<wim. Apply at !M l?S. N;? HOLSON'S, No. 27 0 11 street, corner of Ei^hteeaih. ap 1J?lui* I^OR RENT?FOUR NEW AND CONVENI ' ent l.rick Houses, brown mastic k front*, con taining parlors with n.arl-lc manttls, dining room, kitche i, servant s room, end five chambers ? aeh and situate! on Thirteenth stre< t, Island, near the public grounds, convenient to Pa. avunue and t!i" Departments. Runt very moderate. App'y at R. I!. CLARKE'S cilice, coiner of Sixth street e id Louisiana avenue, or at D. I), CLARKE'S Diuj Store, Eleventh street, Island. mar C?coil H T70R KENT? ROOM* Fl'RNISHED IF KE qi'ired, i.s an < !? vated and healrhy | art --l" Uie city, s<iu;h Fide t?f the Smiili.ntian lii-liiuticn. i'o' f r in, which are inoder-te, aptly ?n the pr- i.iises at the co:tier of Tenth and H streets No. 145. ap 17?ct3i* ftHR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAU lors and t'h'onbers, wiih board. ANo. Table a*i;l iran-ievl board, iuqui.c at Mr; SMITH'S, 233 F street ai-9 1 I BNTS REDUCED TO SUIT THE TIMES. 1 V $150 a year w !l be received for ti*- rent ot tbo*e new and convi liient cottages .it Kendall Green, with two acre s of ground, stable, wo:?d : <1 and other convenience.! attached. Pumps ot i ue vv iter ar-1 near the door, ?>'d cominuaicat on i- had with Georifetown S<y way of II aud Seventh .tree!* and Pei.n. Avenue, n.ornn.g and ati- moon, at tl? usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the departments. To secure the advarnagf* of this gr*at r duotii^n of rent immediate cpplicalizn mu-t be made to th. iwd.^ij. ed. enher by litter, or at his house ivi Kenda I Green, alter office hours, where the k-y may be had ;ind the housts insj ei ted at any liiti-?. Several of th'.se re?" <v v. i ; !>? ....Id on ULeral tersys. W'l SI it;KJJ!,V, No 4, Keit.i iil Giecn. N. P.?R<-nt> paid quarterly in udiaixe. apr 9.1"i5- t'" r>UILD!\G LOTS FOR SALE?A VARIET > t Huiidinx I"?i> i:i the vicinity of t "c Cry Hsil Al-o, in alt other p >ris of the citv. ??n a<*conimo I in? terais. Enquire at Mrs. ADAMS" B *.f'?!ir-^ Il'iusi*, njijiOM'.e to Protvns' Haul, to be -ren itm . 8 to 9 a in. or 3 to -1 ;?ill. A -o, an aidress thn u^h the Post Ohice hiii receive uii n'iou. mar5?c.iJ:u DAVID MXF.RLE Jj*URNISIlED ROOMS - MPS G AM ERS' ?% a ha? sev-:i,ii furiii-'.i< ii Ii<. i.> -.vl i -h :!. ? wi-l.. to rent: sitaate.l over tlie Mu- c as d S ati m .*> Stor**, second d'-Kir from the Kukwo..d l(ou =? Pa. imme. If II rolat T?OUKRM'r THE DWELLING Vdi ST< RE on lJth street w-t, o::-- oe-ir fr; :n Pa. avenio . n-jttli r.ide, aJji ii in; I- rnham"- Sto-.^itore. Apply ti GEORGE A. W. ILW'DAL.L, Hnr 2?totf corner 12tli mid i) sts. I.IOK RENT-THREE NEW FRAVE IDtCSES, . containing six loonis.each situ*jted on Pierce street, between h and .VI streets, bes!i'? but four square*froui the Rai'roaJ Depot; would mak; good tesidt nc s. Rent moderate. App'y to CHARLES TIIOMA, on the opp-Jttta side of t!nj street, ap 4?ln?* A CERTAIN CHANCB TO MAKE A 1< it tune ?A lady bavin-: acquired a comp? tencv in the Millinery business, is now desirous of dopo ing ot her establishment, and retiring into private life. Her location is one of the be.-t io tiie city, an ? is a rare orportuaity for ?ne acquainted with the hit im ps. For teiais and particulars a, ply at tLir otfice. mar 29-1 m FTOMES FOR ALL.?F.tautiful y and healthily IX. lO'-ated Bgiidiioj Lots, 21 feet front by 130 feet deep, on graded ? Uents, ewn, until >;>roia, be Ih.iijhi at the exceeiinjf low price oi payable $3 p? r month. Title indisputable. Union i.and Office, 7th el., above Odd Fellows' Hall, jan 9? Cm JOHN FOX. >e. t*-tary. Eaavdi ii?. rHOARDING?VRS. BECKFMt \?JGH H WING i recently t;.keo the Ijrrt new hriek ho se toirl; ut tlin T<utheiau Chur Si, on lLh sirret, between G and 11, is prepared to arc. i.i.uoe -.te a few cet tle inen Willi coinf--r!able rooms and b->a;ding. The |.i cation is a pleasant and Lea jay ? ne, and no { am hi!! be s^areu ti scrub r coni urtrtUe stn?l i ivo snti; factiod to those wno uiay favor lor with liieir p.v tronaee. I can also ucr'uiuiocKle a sina.l family with two comfortable roonustud bo;.rd. ap 19?if _ LHOARDING.- A LADY HA\ I\'G FECENTLV ) taken the towljone dwelling, N>h J UnkMi how, on F street, between Sixtn and Seventh, lias several line rooais for famihes, litwlj' fumi-hrd Also, single rooms for "twlrniea, liiu'-n larger than arc generally appropriated to them. The s tuati n is central, bi inj; near the Patent, Post Gfllees, at:d In ban Bureau, aud high ami heatlhy for the spiii.g and suminer. Tran-itn- and .able buaiders acccin inodated also on reasonable terms. ap 17?dhv* IkOAKD, Ac -MRS. BATES.oa tbfl HOtk* ) west corner of Pa. avenue and 9i!i street is pre pared to aceommodat*' pentb'ineii wiiii r*?o:in, wiili or without board. Every effort will b-; mnde to reii-. der those couil'orU ble wno may favor her with their paironage. ap b?u" K OWLS A HOW, MILITARY Af?D NAVAL MERCHANT TAlLOlilJ, No. 212 rejimyiva:iia Avi aae, IlfOULD r?.s|eellu!ly call the attention of their f V l'rn nJs ai:d the publ c g-m ra ly to their new ^lock ol Goo- s ju-i received frein N? w York and now on exhibition?conn-tug ot CLOTHS, CA* S1MERES and YESTINGS, log- iher w-*\\ full uissut nent cf gentlemen'lirnishiug ur ic'ui. They wofjld remark that the selrction waj ?ns?u? pri,?eip<dly by the junior partner of Uie firm. N. 15.?They have a new Mile of Gloves, a. tin* thing .-up' ijvr. called the "JOSEPHINE KID,'' to which tbey mvi.e attention. ap 0?eu3w (lutSiUuion) fruit "trees, garden sfeds, &c. f|1IIE uudersigned offers a large collection of 1_ Peach 'r^es, also Aj.plt4, Pears, Plums, Cher ries, Otny: Vines, gooseberries, Currants, Raspber ries, Rhubarb lio-d?, &e. English Gaiden r'eeds, fresh Iroin the growers, coinbrising all the best variety of C.'.bbi'-e ., Ctvili flowers, Lettuces, Radishes,, Ueeis, Deans, Celery, Turnip, &c., with a'.l tne finest vegetables in cultivation. Flower S? ?J- In grtkl variety, among which are the following: Asters Slr-ck i, Portutaccos, Petunias, Phloxes, with many new and rare Ihii gs. all offered at the lowest prices. JoUN BAUL, S ed Store, corncr of 7th and H strtct-". ap * 9 - eoijl* NOTICE.?0. & A. RAILROAD. The 8;?lendi4 StoimorOEOitGK pi iiwfcaru !> i ('p will leavo her slip, foot of Seventh fctreet, daily, at ti o'elock a. m, tor Gor donsville, Cliarlntterxille and Staunton. Breakfast cn L ^rdtlic boat This boat, by travelers, is ca'Ien the Floating Pa' ace. E. A. RYTI1ER, Captu.q. ap 17- 2tv* ?>nVO SECOND HAND PIANOS FOR SALE 1 or lent upon term , at the Wa-hirg ton C ty E pot for the rale of Hallct, Davis \ Co., Bacon Raven, and oth-;r Pimios. JOHN P. ELLIS, ap4 9VQ i*a? avcuuf Auction Gales. By J- C. MiUl'lRt'i Auctioneer. I^XECUTOR'S SALE OF ri RMTl Rr. AND Household E'lW ts.?< ?n Tlirc^DAVmnm in2, April 111, nt 1" oVk>ck, at Iht rrridrnre nf tlif latr Thomas Pjtchm. on Frc-ideat's S<jii re, 1 -h?H ee|| a lar^* portion of the Furniture and Iluut-chold tlfecls, conn twine? Ron-wood Pianoforte, Stool, ami Mu?ic SUind l?o Tetc a Te.e, arm, reception, and fancy, Chans in sann damans Handsome damask I'nruins an.I Cornicc L.irie French pi ?te Gilt trainc Mirror, with and Uracils Puna-U and eiiintz covrrf.1 l.onnn Mahnguiy, hair, spring :nid cant: seat (T.airs han '?oire Onlf Lainp^ Caixl* If l>;a>, Itronze Rrarkets Manteliimam- nls Mahogany Sideboard, F.tajrre, Side Table Solid tt.aho^any nleiitim limine: Table China, Glass and CrockeryWHrc P.ruot !s and three j.Jy L'trpiK, Oilcloth Hat Rack, lln 1 Lamp R is- wood and Hall Ch&ira Enamelled t.nd Cottage V\ :.Inut and Mahogany I'ten h Re J steads D.? Wardrobes, I (resting F.ureaus Wasbstand*, Toilet Set.-, TsfcN Superior cur!? d hair and hnsk Mattrrwu H*)!-tPr? and Pillows, Mar edb-s Quits Red and Table L'nen. Chamber Cliain Fnrritur?? in fotvanls' room#, fctc. Together with a g-mral assortment of Kitchen Re-;ui-ite?. Term* : A!! Minis of and under $20ea<h; over $*2(1 a credit of 60 and 9w days for nruea ta.Ufact niy endorsed, kt amiy inli red. JAS. C. McGIIFE, op il?d Auctioneer. |$*Tli9 ofcfivc kale la ni'avoidably po-tpoiici until THURSDAY, Ap ill h ur. JAS. C. McGliiKB. ap 2J?d Auctioneer By J. t*. Alttil'lHIw Auc<ion?er. pOOl) AND WFI.L KEPT 1 UlMTCHF. AT \ 1 Auction ? O.i V. ON DAY in ri.ntj. Aj.r I 23 !. at 10 o'clock, at the rrs'dencc of M. Bevans. on the ierr?r of l ull ainl D sUet Is, I fcliail eei< ? ^r.od assortment of i uri.iture, viz: Mahogany Sol i, Gh ur- ana Tald s Do Br ?<ra-e. pili frame >':irror ri;r?-e p!y and ingrain Cirp is, Odciolh M :liostov j^rs sr-iujj ISt;.< au;, O a?h ta*J? itfd-tiaili, hs:r a .i hick Mau.csses Excellent i'taih- .- R us Bolctf rs and iMlr-w* Pod ami T-I?ie Linen, T i'e; ?eis T hie Cutlery, Fir" Irons, Ce?P;r* * hinti, Gin >*i d ?'me*try Ware G-rtm-oI e, Manwl Ornatn r.ts Lot of Gc>i!l;i. nm n;-t .vli.-h ?r#? D mnir.g's La-i l f-Cfip-; Gardening, Dickeu's Cattle Maa'ir, il I u--Hated by Lhe aviiies Spy f-;c. Together wi-'h a r?rr.f ial assortment of Household aiP! Kitchen R qai<iiitv. T'rms: .'H-.-t nd iindur ca-'i; t.v?'' that mm a credit of Cli ;?nd PO ?la>a, for notca K:tuf<i3U>ti!y ea dorsed, bearing iiiUrest. JAM['S C. McGJ'JKE, a;.r 20? d Am uoe.f ??f. I:I' J. ? . ui?;0?ClUW'., AucilOtte*r* TliSSTK-.H SALS OF DV. HLLING HOI is I 1. a d I.:-t n.i :;thu n* ? ?v?,nue ? Py v;ru? in a d'-ed wi irn-t the su!?.r-r''~ r wrli pell, at pt:b< c Tictio'i, on tbe pr? mis* p. on MtlXDAV alien. May 2Ss:, a' 0 uVI e'r, p-rt of l.rt naar.bered t ii-. 9' "i Sqcar.- mini here d four littiulted ami fii'tj i?o v4.'2.) Ir< n ;iig "v-sity ('20> ft?i on Ma c .Us-1: r.v.i.i.i, l.fiw. i n tilii ami 7t1t :r ? t>^ wf-i, nihi.iiii ha !: i !:*? fnr..;re ? rn.l twentr-ntne ti--*) t?H. wit ihe .ii.;ii..v? fi:-::'F. <i,f he ?* (iweiliug hou-e. Terms easls. Nl'wllOLA 5 CALL A V, Trustee. JAS. C. MeCCIilK, ap -0? ImvIiJs hmtHmmrrt. By t? ' tb.K."4 A. St'Oi i'? A uciiuatcit \rALUARLH CCILDING LOTS n ihe F>r : if Ward it Aiic:i'-i? ?On MONDAY, ihe ?3d in -iant, we t-hail !i, at ??Vli?.?k p- m , iri tr- tit ol the prensi * h, L. N</s 53, M in.t 13, in Si4?i?r- N *7. The aii ive de ;cr;U J pmp rty is sitiiaied at ih? tinner of 1 Mr u ?.th and 2Jd : fei-t west. Th? wl.^le f.av? a fiort en I -tre* t of lt?5 f?< t fi inclie-. and on 2^1 strew, 1**0 feet 1(1 m< h-:', mid l?irm t eauwtul biju-re, Liu uil! he t?^Id in lots to iU:t p??r chasers. Ti r:?s: One-thiril cub : ix'inre in C, 12, an i it m iiihs for units Leaiing iutercst frum tiie day ot tbn .-a'.e. A dej' giv n anj a J.-*;! nf tr?j~t tiki n gi:i:;:\ ^ scott, i?p lit ?<1 Auctioneers. tt> (?tir.UV a SC**T'i.' nVirtiourrtii. 1 ^X?'.t I fi-K S 8ALK OF THREF. 15 RICK 11--its a d L' ts at Ve t: ???.- n TCi'-SD \Y. ihe S |:h i. -tf! ' v h fhill fell in f of.t ??( the |.n n* I- s, M b\(. ??V! .< p. Tit , tWO l! i" <. K lllMifcfS an." l.-ts !, ?j.* <*i flr.-i.l P., in -nj.iivi-i ii of put l?i No. fi, m P'JU ir N'1. 4j:l J !:, -ihov.- i! ??T!''. 4 t:';???:> is fitunted atlh< ?fini' i' ?>? f?ni -'rt' i ri t an t Lv*tit*iaiiAavenue,aini n i ! ciVii:?it**J i"':r ! us n -s p :i, ores or otlicep. Tenns: On?-T'mirth <a-I:; balance in 0, 12 Knd IS lUOi'ti.s, ti:" ;:.irrii..-?:r t-> i t?.: littles ??! i!t?* .lej.'.jui |t-iini? nis, If-.ruif liiti re>-t noni :he i ny uf?ale. A ?I < d tivi ii :.nd a ?efii of in!~l taken to ;ir. tl;e p :yuient n" th? not i. All conveywxtiig hi co>t "?{ porcha??r. Cr.LLN a. S? OTT, JMijy-J Aur'ieneers. I-y J. Jli Ul'IKE, Aasttoacc.', f - OLD AND SILYKH WATCHEH, CHAINS \ J sc. at A?; -;i.">n.?On FRIDAY a'ten-wi, K\ I 2Htli, at .r.^ o'c.o. fe, Pt the '.vctiau rconis. I -hali wil aa invoice t-f line ti d.l Watches, e'>m, ri.?iiic? Foil jev.\ lied Hunt n<; Lsv< rs, Detached Hui ting !.rv?-rs. mi able fur I i-lie^ Also, ' '|i-ii ir.^.'.i Lewrs, Lopine, oilrer Hunting, and plain VYitehea A'a i, a sin 11 ! it of tiiiL* g~.|d Gu .rd, Yest and Fob Chains Pei - ?s .?i v a:it will rfo v. el: Jo a; tend the ?;a!e, .is the gooJs wili be s?4d w-thout reserve Terms ca?h. JAS. C McGI'IRE, n,. It? d A'Jct; ii.i'? r. B>- Wi< IRSA ID *. fO t AaMli \rALL'A!'L!: IMPiiOVF.D .'ROPF.RTY ON F ' Mr- * t at Auction.?OI WBIlNl8DAT,l51i i i-t.,nt j n'cik p. in , we s!ti!I rHt. -ubj- ei to a i!?-. d f tntst, the v.est hnii ? f L> t No -ii. tr>.n;iiig tLis'.y fe t on :he south side ot P >?r? et, Ik tue^n I tli .n.J 14ih, t.i.inin^ b?.ck : r.c hrn<!ietl !?-? t i?? a t'-irty lert al'ev, iinprovca i?y aliaiue Ho lding and .ine>v trick ?Stable. Thin Lt-t is in the !????! of Iccaliu -s, and in a faet imp o.jig par of t'je city. Ti J?: in imputable. ?Terin-j u> dc ki;o^ n ?l \\ ALL, II VUN AUD k CO., Aucts , J 1 7 Pa. aviuue, cornet oi i*tii tl. ap 18 ?its (InteU l'y .1. t." KnOOlftB. ui 'toi??i?. 1>x LL\r f umtcri: and house i h'ti.l Eli. cU; at Aucti- n ?On T U E S 1) A Y Uioretiig, A id 21, at 10 oVloek, i slia!! sc!?, at tin re ii!ence ot E. ife. E-i] , on ihe .-nutii M.:e ;;l l a. avenue, hctweeu m.d ?'J>ii air., u'l hi. Furniture and llousLle;-.; ;ng Elec's, c uipiLiiij lianiUaiue uidiogujiy earvet! Fr.-nch S-i!a <^arvi d tiu Pari* r Chairs, Ruckera a. Lie top Centre Table, Whatnot Pair of handsome mnft-t^uiy <!ar i Tables Uroiize Chandeliers and urop luM <>r Excellent r, irl?>r and ; l.aniltt-r Large qjantiiy *t ?ujieriur odcioUi Uin.i.- Halt roe, ii- i l.aim i'jciilli rii mahog ny Waid.i.bes Drcoiiiig il urea u< ToiUt Sets Coti.i^e Be<i?tefc2V, \Vit3?>-i<iir.:H Snprnor hair and hdtk Uaijcau Rtlae II atia. t* Ma^le cane-.-, at Chr.irp, Ro.kcis Exc? llent .lai.i -rk Curiaius, Shades and fixiurcs liclsterti an.1 l i'lows Coml its, Spri ad*, ke. Terms d tale: ^] un.i. rcavh; over that bum a credit of nxty a* l ninety days, for approved tn d'?r??ed unt s lM*aiing intereat The ab'jvu Furniinrt is niailv new ?.nu excellent quality JAS. 0. JtfcGlJlUE, ai" -d Auctn ?e< r. t:y 4- C. MeCU 11W* AucMoaccr. : r.U Vi EE'S SALE OF VALL 4P>LE HOUSE \ ahd Lot.-- Ii\ virniiol ad c 1 oitru-t \V. F. Au: tin Htid w-if;, bearing ilate on ihe Clii day of January. IH'-l and recorded in I il>er J A. S , No. TO,. fnl:os 3ed, 337, 3l;8,323, ami 340, the ^ubscr.ltrr wi I M il, a; j uMi : ron TUI'l!3!!AV,l5e iRit'i /ay of A:uil, at 5 ; Vto U p. :a., o.i me ptcnu scj.on First Mreetlast beiwern N and O ?t sou-ii, part ot Lot No. 5, in square so i:h of square No 7 ??{ frmitin; i-y n et 11 iuchi ; on F:r;t street ea^t, by 7j feel d- c>>, on a 60 hvt alley, fo?eiht r with the build <iign and impi.vemt nts, which c<m ist ol a well a^d Kults. nt:al!y h tilt t.vo to y fiaim dwi ! :t;^ ^n?? The 1.1ini of tul- will h :: <^ac ftaif ra?h, and the balance in equ^l piyuie.ii? at C an-' 12 months, for notes her; ir.j*t from day of Fate, recu od Lv deed in UfLst U(on the pr p. r y. If the ieiuii>i-fia!c ate net complied wi.h In ?ix days atier tho tale ihe prcpertT wi 1 be resold, at the risx and ixp?.nse j.uri ii i.-cr CU.i8. >. WALLACH. Trance, JAS C. McGUIRC. ap 18?coitds Au Pioneer. (ty OKKfc.'t St, spoi'Ti Aucttoaecti VALUA'ILK BOILDINO LOTS or, 01st tueil at Auction.?On FRIDAY, the 20th insiafit, at 5 o'clock p m., hi front of Use pren t>es, two hand bome building I ots, having a fr nt o< 22 feet each on 21st street, between G atiJ H stret ts nonh, te ing parts of rricitt-.i Lots No. 8 tm J a, in Hq?tare I; 2. The two I ts have a trout of 45 f^ t, runuinj b't I: 100 fet t, with a 1Q foot biae ^lley. TMle indit fiftable. Ternsi: One-tfeiril ca.-h; balac-^t 5n 1 and 2 veari for note? bearing iatcre.-t U-~a Lray f,r. -j,;# A deed givcu aud ? need of t?>t lakea. GREEN U SCOTT, apt 16?d Auctior eera. T\ 5 BM<?US OF THE COUNTESS OF PI ES xl?. sii.gta,i, b> U. ii. Madden, M. ii. I, A wo voU. FKA.NCK TAYL'JB. TELEGRAPHIC. BFPORTItn FOB TUB daily EVEirraa star York Stock Market N*w York, April 2?? ?Stocks are better. M nrv is abundant. Sales this norniog o. Er.eRa Ircad tbare? at 49*; Cumberland Cial Oo?pany, 23J; Reading Railroad. 85; Cmtnn ^panr, ^6 t<V>; New York Central Railroad, Muri J^s 92? ' : Vir?iBi? ?'?. J Mi? Baltimore Markets. Baltimore. April 10 -Floer wae doll thle aoruing ; no rales to report. Wheat baa de clinei js ; -ales of red at $2 55af2 ftd wkite $J65?t2?7. Corn is a trifls l->wer; aalea of ??hi:e Sl-.$1 01; y?llow at 11 02afl.03 Rvb bis al-o declined lcSs.; sales of Peansvleania at $147a*l.49. 3 * Wctr York Ha.kete. N jw York. April 20 ?Cotton if nnohasged, witb a xaodorats d*n*T?d Flour i? a trifle higher; *ocd Ohio f 10 2*a$l0 62*; Sonthem i? ti in at ye-terd-ty'i a'lo'ations. Wheat is Southern ?bi:e. ?2 6* Corn is Arm with an upward tendency. Pork is do rnward a^ddu'1. J!esf is nnchangcd Lard is fitm. ? h:iky?Ohio is upward ; rales at Co. Illness of G07. Fellock. Harri*bi'rg, April 19 ?The Uoveinor if qmte ill and was in eouscquer ?e. enable to atend th* dedie*ti->n of the Legion mon ument 1^ Philadelj hia yesterday, a* ha had hoped to do - Accident to Wsshiagton Irricg. New York, April 19 -Vfash ngton Irrinz was seriously injured yesterday by b..?nj thrown f.otu h.a torse. lie is not considered oat of dagger yet. Th? Kcnsery?Jnd^o Lsring. B-moM, April 19 ?The special coomittce on the charges aca'tist Joseph Hiss, a mem ber of the nunne-y v'si'aion committee. re ported to ibe II u.e this afternoon No s t c:jc . 0? of cnuiin-.lity ha? been proven cgiinit Mr. ilir* Tho report omits ruen ihe c..arge that Mrs Pa ttr^.n's bill at the ? *.?h itKton houso was paid by the S ate. It k?a ?tocepted, and the llnuse (hen voted to itoon* wder the vote by wliiah it accepted the report r'ahl^l tTaanery ,CTt^igatin< ee and of Mr ?n of th? nb enee of Mr. tjnfli'h. the eha:ruvm. The diVa e on the matter w .j lively a-d rather peroonal. w c-duefday Qui i ,u> been assigned for tak. lag tho quMtien on tho removal of Jodpa Lo :n?t 10 the Scna'o. NL\Y 6PRJNci STYLE UK H ATS AMD 1 BONNGi'd. r\ ?3?, b twe<n Twelf 1. an,I j I l.ii.eeutli m. m (j:iy iiiiriitlucm the /-w :\:r r- ?a r.s. a R. w H..d tnaut. / gs 111.' nLC'C^ "n i ,,"w "'>,e Fk x:b:e<0^ T ' "'^-omm'ulafe thr ln<!i<^ nn lwho^ a r. n.ije l;c t-r-ppctfully eoliciin, h?* <J|i 1 ? ? ' ' ' "'iTh tiiir haiinraailie iili 11 ion IMuii: ?> in all tlirir W. Hu. t<nnrbH?Btiifi u r.-iv.*, and uiJI he sold fur at l<-a*t a tlurd let.* than .1 SiiicJ c ut ii -yw, or have licrt.ofor,- ?.<ea. {?rocured in fhu ms k't np M 1 w rKtJ. 5-m ?lA'' k .* ^ v\\i? i;.-i^t,^i ,L I V L',w"*n WiWarda* H<h*4 and *.! y I,a.I. a Pwi?iKm: aie, f i ntau ir* itiree ???<ea drawn ?,y II. a.,4 a. W. Kirkwo.^i in Win. T. Dove, a.i,! by ni* ?ad?.rsed, alii n ; rn? note ilrawu by ''-??pihaniah June-, $160, . ' 'V.X ',r 1;;|" ',v '"'?" ?I; al?o a note. d.a?it ?v \\ iiiiain 1\ II.? k. in mjr far r. for $.r^; <ev. rat ?iner nu-.e^ and j?a...-rs 11..t roco.!.-. trd. I n? .ibuVo ir<} uin i,, I,...,; ujx/n the return of thp itap^rt to Hi.-11:1 -ennghed. \VM. T. LuVK ar>r >4?tf soda wate? soua >vatei:T~ (1 C<\l iiL ? In- jut* erec t d in In* > J% in*.lit a :?.in.i i.i. <?i vm Mij^ ru r Soda Wait ra \\'iic!i fo: its dc <-i*>tis ;,nd mcdieinal n^liiir* it I.'?- ?"y Uv* mimdujed. ? I? wou.u ca.l | artsouiar ailt nuor t(, th*> yur*riot 'V , ? a,i'1 v*>;,l-V'J'iH "'"'?a- which ai?- ill imite , om Ihr ,ti!re fre^h tiuit. a?d net tr m ai:v ..1 tl?r aeidy no.v c- ?uu i? who |. ar? alwan moru or Ic.? ti< IcU'itiMU to Jic Hocia. h. ,? C. GAITITR. _ i Ig? 45 Z I'a avfa?ue. a card. j ' Economy ts tut to treattii.'?J^L Crcr.t in the price cf Eats ft Cape ' ? " '? iiud'VMgneJ, l av:; g iuiJ>; irr nit nu wiifi a Mew Vnrfc li.n <Jompnr.y 10 bi? cob -lar.tly siipplit-i urith (he v?-ry best Mol. >fclw HitE^.S HATS, got u;. iu i:.>- ia?*?st Myl*-, iti^m at t!if? Btiproceii.-nvit low |.nrc of $3.50 worth ir<?n If nr 10 livi; >ec<in 1 quality cj* worth troai ?4o ,W so I; ai d a very p<>o.1 'ashi< a - :il?i<: Mat at -S'-*T5-? u rtli iVoui ?.i t?? SO Also, B*:? be A CoV lint'', at a bki.1i lew 3?2vaaow than tSiry have b.-e'! Iierv n?t r? in ibi^ cHy. Firpt ?atc tii'av: r Hats 5:1.5 ?. All kin 1^ of f-< 11 II.VTd and CAPS v^ry low. In order 10 sHl ?t ih?* ab >ve low ju-ice* the ea&h ^yati-ni ?:u-t be adopted; confeqnently th?*e Mhi :>urchas? w.ll not be ?ii*rgi>i fr tni flfteea to twenty^ live p^-r cent, as an oliovt for Lad di bts. ANTMOVT. (k?r many in tlm t .nnt.-.y ? f Todd ct t'o.) No. 3, t,\ iueibii piaee, 7th st., ap '3? tf* iil d:?-?r n*>rth ?it* I'l fiti. airnue. NOTICE OF KEMOVAL. \tf.w FrHxrnritusTtih!:.?kothwell j*. ll BROWN h .ve r. ni<?ved t:i* ir H?iu>e Fur., 'eh. iug .*?iore to ioe tare a:ul !?as; l- :ii badJnit '?? 7th ?U*^et, lioil to 1 ij 1 F? i nv> || ii^ vch-'re we hava lor s..h* a a:.d v?,.i^ J :i ?-o:t?^?.ut uTilcraat >uir or, cli-ii.ttx r ?.i 1 C?nt:.2 Fun.."' u. Alro, C ir;- linj^. < (i'rlo li, l?mr Mr.ta C'ai- an.l ''hin 1 Wn', 1 Incki in vaiiety W o?i]ta Ware, ii i?*.i V ;* r<*, WScoioedca t lul'lr-'ii* ( r?rri..i!* i. llom j &SatfeK?i? of hiir, caioa an : Uiuck <)if: :e T^'-lf--, Ch un, K . Japanned Tin War. ai?^,RU:Li^ ArraratB? Tuey wdl k-p coarfantt-; fl,f a fj., a^' m- ut of h,,., ?? turmstoi-.j MU>i Ml? ^ lli.i meat favoratji t-^.^, ^ _np6-c?lin NUMBiliS FOR HOUSES? * T7 LAHAKIIE, corner of TeuUi i.d C , who ^ t if a practical m iiw-fal, haa an i1:;, ',U, 11 ^,V4'' ,,, :i 1 >'t'M8EUtf ?*f varioue pa t-rua lie hi.1 ti.ake ? ;?f Itorcra, V?i|. # p?nv.-? m Imrcli.-, :n.d f<-r h*ekit to t4at i-h v.u\h :.n I I> confi ??::: a; ,i:.: low price they will - ,Uu^ Uiat it v.... bah tbe purchaxr. up 16?lm ROWN'S AMUitlCAN POULTRY YARD, I ,f t vol, Nrw v<irk ? ? IlK kwr Mow; f47 on |Vl ]tr).t 1 VJt|f Londi'B to IVI; !:i? Poultry Maid, 1 vol. London Tlse P.?, by V-u.irt, I v-l, p|?:a. Pias and thi.r 'I'ltajn.u;, by iIichard*oo, 1 voL Dub i i r.ant'allV Sheep Husbandry, 1 vol, New York :-?t?r ell's Amencan t'h* :>h< r 1. 1 \ol ?io lilackijct o.i the; jt, 1 vol, (?'asuuw "?n 17 FRANCK TAYI.OB. Ho. ?2<37. ~ K'ASDtKSTOJI ST4B M Sl'PACT EV, S. E. corncr of Fa. ar. and LlotmtfA tfreet, fioie Agency lor CI1IL50.Y. GOULD & QO ? Wariuiii; iia.1 Vcatilatiiig /prnrefm, M POND k to/d (at Union ikiublc-G vca Tookiug L^osc, J. L- .%!?ITT'S (of New York) INV,NC:BlE DOUBLE-OVEN RANGE. -lanily ?.ii haod, a. J r d*<ivriv! LATUOHl> STOVE*, fot heating tw ?hwmh; P^ibtr tw?l Chaua ber GRA l ES, Ena:o-1cj and Japacix^j Cttokiuf Had, Paiior, < hanker :md Diinr^ Room s OVE8 ^,EJJL;ed lron HOLLOW V\ Vh!^h o? U rin, i IdK.ieJ aiid j* anned WARE in sreat vari* tv. All of win h will be s. U at the loweat peaaiblo, that ?.?,!! eompare t vuratlywith an> Eatab lij 'uieru south of New York. ??^,natioB o! tny aock hesnwsdy ?oUcned. ap i3-~3? JAri SKIRVI.SG KOrice OF COPARTNERSHIP^ Ht-NRY UAt^RON SOLC'MON H I'OVEH hiive this day formed a Copurtnwshipfor tlie -urpo.-e of carr ing on the Woodund Coal business in ?4ll its br.ukIips. <'ur unli are Jituatijof i!rt comer of 21st anJ streets, Wariunst >n, ana on the n>oal, near ^' iBSies*a planiac will, C.eorg?to*-n At either of the above, place* pe^?*?n. in war t of Wood and Coal of U?e very ke-ot qnaiity. and on lae mo t reasonable u rir.-f, will at all iimea find ?.n a<fortment equa , if Hot FUju-rior, tn that in any yard in the District. Ad order* filled Willi care. pioiuptne.a, and ois patch. UARGON i*. STOVEli. <ifcU.gelOWC, D. C., Ap ii 10th, lfiS. apt 1-2?riltn MANTUA MAKING. MI?S liARCAEET DYE1 re^pecifuOy arinoun c"> t?th> lati -a of W a shine on nnd vicinity, tiisi she ha < ju>t letamcd to Washington, and in i tei.:'.s to n*?ume her former buaine?. and ?dlcitg ; th< p^trupage ui Uer f< rin r fricadn. No. SI911 I'a, av ime, between Fourteeutii and Fifteenth suu | uj. 9?2 aw 3* *

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