Newspaper of Evening Star, April 20, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 20, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR.! "3S0THER, TAJKE aY AS* n ffh^i gr1?f I*heavy on i?ee? Or dijrual fei ? alarm, Tiie.i br?.h?r, lean upi i m> Mv br> t*er. tain niv arm Tb- re'? maiy a load of tr ouble That l* ketn two o hear, Where one would b?nd quit* double Beneath the htavy care. If malice, in it? ran -or, llvnanht thy mortal harm, Mv ?houli er he thine anchor? Mv biother,take my arm. Thou h all. in tim? of trial, M ly iurn thtir eye* away, Nav, brnihe', r.o denial, My arm altail be thy stay. If frief mm irine to morrow, _ A ?rl??f mat raug't could charts, I'd Ciy. in ail n.y mrnw. "O. br.ith^r. gi?e th r.e arml" Aye! lit nie feel a.iothi r Will ?vi>p wi h me in woe ; A brother, yea, a broti er, May all who a >rrow know 2 [J^T* The Paris correspondent of the New York Tribune gives the following paragraphs as among the passing events of the age: 44 Many of yonr readers will remember to hive read, within the past fow years, curious accounts of the habitual "swal lowing of arsenic by the peasants in the mountainous parts of Transylvania, and some other of the Austrian provinces. It gave ihem b'ooming complexions, and enabled them to endure long ascending walks on the mountains without over taxing their lungs. A scientific journal here recently quoted the statements of M. Montigny, French consul in China, in reference to trie use of ar.-enic by the northern Chinese, lie says they mingle li with their smoking tobacco. The cus tom is p'culiar to ccrtain provinces, and so common, that, according to the testi mony of missionaries who lived a long time th^re, tobacco free from arsenic is not so'd. The same witnesses assured the consul that the arsenic-smokers were stout fellows, with 4 lungs like a black smith's bellow.-:, and rosy as cherubs.' The publication of Montigny"s statement bas called out a letter from Dr. Loude, who informs us ifcat seme years pgo, in the course of a di>cussion at the Acade my of Medicine, on the agents to be em ployed to cure tubercu!ar cor sumption, he tol l the assembled docmis that he had found H*it one successful means of combating this dreadful disease?than means wus the smoking of ar senic. The Doctor reatlirais his commendation of this remedy. 44 (j.olcgists here are in great delight, though almost ready to quarrel, over a wonderful bone of an ex-wonderful bird that has bten fjund in the lower clav stratum of the Paris ba>in, near Men don. According to the comparative anat omists, this pah'ontologicSnanghai must have weighed som-rth ng like four hun dred pounds, and had a 4 drum-stick1 like a girutie." The Olive.?The San Francisco Sun jays that at the last meeting of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Dr. Kel logg read a not:ce of the Olive Tree, as foupd in this country. It grows pro fusely, in sc.list, gravel and loam, at San J >se, and &' the old Mission, south of that locality. Il is a tree of rapid growth, attaining a height of about twenty live feet, end a diameter of trunk of from eight to twelve inches, in addition to its rapid growth, fruiting the second year, and bung in full bearing after the s>ixih year, it is a very ornAin^n:al tree, well worthy of cultivation for this pur pose alone. Its limber is very compact and close grained, and it doubtless would be a very good mate-rial for engraving upon. It is easily pio^agated from cut tings. The Auistocracy?114 A class of persons who despise the public, an I are venerated by the public for that very reason."? Fundi. MOVFMENTb OK 'JCEAN STEAMERS. Nmm* Ltnrt A'or Devi. Xa-iiv I'w Liverpool.,. New V'irk Apt. 7 Ft Loum Havre N. w York. Apl. II A'ricn .. Lnvip.**!.... Bo ton Apl. 1| Mm 'is fcew York.... A?pi:iw all. Ap'. 20 VV.witiinztou New York...l{reaten-...Al?l. 21 5i rth Mir S- w Voik....Ilavrc Apl 21 Atlantic.... ' i/i'rp'm)..M..\'fW York .Apt. i-1 America Bot>;o? ...Liv. rpool..Apl. 25 Norti.ero Ligl.t....New York....?? Juan..Ai l 27 Ana Liverpool....Bokioii Apl S# (X7~ Tl.i* rvifornia rtf'ni'rs leave New York on the 5tii and alr-i of eacii month. ilKIYAU AT PKLNU1PAL OOTXL& Kmttcna.1 IIol*I--c ?. wii.uia Mr biVnr'<, \Y j It Cr?.n.-riuv and family, Mr- k, do V* Mr Mif -O}, i!o A f VVMU. do ?>r B rb*r. do T I" Ft tz patrick, da C VV C*rr:?.?n, Pa Mr Lap?key, Md A M S lis. r do <; <; Kr<nke, do \V V p. \|on, Va y I'unltiiey, do G il Gidiliii^ S Ha Ian, Del A M?n> I . NI K e' St< ta> nburg, do S L>ne, Ky IV \V Snow, NY J >i MM . ? B, <!o H fl ?. \ lady,du J II >kiilni tt, do (j II Wi.tiiM y. do P II, Mo K Wiil?H. Mm G !t Cafiir. n. laJr, Cl W P OnU-nbeny, Vm J VJJ t \ \V.i?hii'gt^n do 11 I U k? it, ilo K \V:;rd, S U VV If.irp. r. i*q < I'l.i <?; > U. Nr. Can '? t\ ? llinf, l*a J il VVwn'-r. N y W T Kt l.lll ;?v, to 1 J 9 i Prowni' Hotel?t f !t k, cowi, E 3 Pn?"Hey, a T L Allurnt k.laly &. -on, II VV lrt,*er, do l a * J I r. g&m. Ma J Rvnri, NY J II ( J \'a W VV lt?? a ie <lo Mr* I olfSin. NY h ?? U lady, Ca 11 U Kiu.l. tU, do *' JJ ?:i r r*? r> J K- ? -e, ir. M l A M N'wnm, I'a <;n Ixkwuj fu t It an. t?, 4o J p Tavl??i u ladv, SC J Foster, iiu )i VV V\ illu no. Vo J Cose, ilo \V fi Stomr & |a.Jv I)-l W > aiM n fc lady, NY J A Mdlt-r, Ky " J Iiougia.-9 & lady, do Wlllardt' Hotel?h a .V 3. c. w:ixae->. J T Siitu-n. jr. Va J C WVmm it family, Ga J A lligsiit*, ilo Mr? it ii limit, do II A ?.sr< i lady, Mans J Al?, and lady, J I' Orlf nk, d<> NJ r VV e, NY F. S Wade i: C. irate, C-, W P li'ai.e, Pal JMi-* ?;r'i.aTc, do y J Parker, Ma?s <i A K. bb ??? & lady, do L J O'Cconor and lidy, V.V1M",P"?MU ' NY J fol J Mnn'O^, flo ?? A >re. m;.n, \ yr T li Gav, Mass A kentta At 11iei,?j p|>,iin VV A ltr->?n da ;. v1 r J4.ia 'v. n y n a j.ue, n y O .Mather S. lady, ou "om.~H.Sc a. K1EKWOOO. ? . N n . T H Rof he, Md MA V\ ol^., NC j T |, .tro,?,k d J I K?-ns Ala F P Jon-* Va G VV VMimnon, NY j v, Huhiw." do J W 11 taui", jr, and lady, C Steams. NY M?1 A MuU, ?|o ? M R ? do Camion Hsni*, Altiandrli, Va. a. FcvrroN, raopiiiioa. J N Buck, Va C Ii VVelling. Pa VV I ?*. i* d, do J A Wa-hington, do L B Powtll, do J Wren, il > K iielw, do J Jett. do J A I O' ire, M WJiidf?, da G l:r<H,k-^ ^ T i'cuiiney Md J G Beule,4? W S >\ el.f..rd, Jr, Va T II Ko-w. II, do 11 Marsh II, do ? i' I)?laiiey, .j? J M rteckett, jr, do It VV Varden, ISO J B K. ?c? iv d, do W H Ball, Us:.' T il VV.. rhiiigtou, DC JL II liorktri le, Va )>r Km;, Va K W Carter,do II T Duisncy, rfl A N<>*f, do VV A Stephenson, do H ?? im.-, ? o ii M .'V\ iliianu>, Ct B CLi?wtil, do $20,000 worth of Dry Goods. lobe told immediately at a Great Sacrifice. Rl*. HAI L, No 373 North Scvfirh street, ? tbove !, Is now ? retespt of tin* creaier portion of h.s pTCha<es f>r the spring tm e.'aad wou'd cril. the aticn ion cf pure ha- ,r? to lmlarie and v.Tied asso tment, believ'rr tha" nn <xiratna tlin of h)? Mork will entitle Llin tn the preference. In Domestic G Kids I present a It tie vaning in ?t*le a d variety, from anv other hnu*? in the city, em bracing the b?st fab'ics of the various manufacto ries, whilst many I'llu r ki"d? of pwxls have be> n purchased nt the lite Auction sale* iti New \ork, "l a very l.vjte pet nsn'.ajt below the original cost. 5 >00 yards plaid Gingh.nn ? cents ordinal cost 10 cents C000 do fine Calico, fast colors 6 cents, worth 19 10 piece- good Mark Sii*t,25 cent?, worth 53 Plwid ^ilk- 4f<*, worth 75 Pl ?in -ilk Tissues 3. cent*, worth 50 50 pieces Berege de Laities, 12 cents original coat 18c Ynrd wide fi-jtired Lawns, 6 cents 50 piece* fine dotted awi^a Muslin 12 cents 50 do ili Embroidered Curtain do. 12 ccrts, worth 5 10 dozen beautiful ^hawl-i, 69 cents 5 boxes han-.I-ouie Bonnet Ribbon?, P? cenu 20 p eces fine Iri-li 25e, worth 50 50 uozen fine Linen Sairt Bosoms, 25 cts., worth 50c. 5H pieces heavy bed ticking, 8r, worth 12 6000 \ar<ts bfralnd and uiikletcM Cotton, 5c 100 ilozen Linen Toim Is, 6c La ti f Handkerchiefs only 3c Gentlemen's mIk Craviits, 2"e 10(1 dozen !los? and half hope, Co Ladies' ;md Childrru'* Glnvrs 4c A complete as-ortnient rd Swi-s and fambric Edg lng?, InwrMigsi, Flouncing*, Unders'eeves, H'*!-"-1 and Cambric Uulitra at extremely low price* New sttle Bonnets, only 2> cfnts. In riy It -<>t and Sh'w Department 1 have great ba'gains to offer?Ladies' Hipjters 37 cents; Vitwea t-lipp rs 25ct>; Ladi s Toilet Slippers 61 cts Mioses Glutei? 62 cts. Ladies fine Gaiter? $1, worth 50; Ladies hall'Gaiter? 75 cts; Boya' Shoes 25 cts, G^n tlein"n'i ami liny? OnntrfM Waiter?, Oxlord Tie?, and Fancv riiioes in g eat variety, very cheap. The above named bargain?. to??*(li>'r witli mnny other r.rticles have betm selected w ill e?peci-l ref erence to Use wants of my customers, and I am pre pared to offer to purehi?-er-? fucIi inducements as are -?-Id*.in equalled in this orat.y "the ??itv. K. B. HALL, No. 373 north Seventh st., above I. rp 10?ecGt ELDORADO HOUSE, Fa. arenu-? trt-.reen Third urv( 4;? jfrecf?, WArnttteTOM, d. c. C L F. IK K ? T H ?-? Y IV O L D 8 , (Late of Wiliards' Hotel,) RESPECTFULLY returns thanks to his friend? , and th?' ;-ublie for tin :r exceedingly liberal pa iron.ig * since .he opening of l.ia ii use, and he bees to a->?Jie them that tliey uiil always be equally pii-ased in fui'jre Since h ? open ins his iargt- patronage has ladu'ed him to lit up two larsje r--?.in?, in u hand?oiue style wiier" he is enabled to f*ir> ish liIWC ; AND SUPi PARTIES, for fnun two to tiitv peienns, hi an iin-:urpai5ed ftyle is to quality, a? well as excellence. mar 20?? olm D?.D UsCAKLlfti Hi EUTI3T, Officc-No, J!J Pen wyivan a avenu?, near Ninth ftre?-t, VV*a>5iiiiK;un, D. tj. mar 20?eolm* [>.o. 6?0.j By the President oflha I'nlttd State*. IN (,ur?uanrrcf law. I, FRA".KI.T PTIKOK, Tre? ideat of Lh? Ua-.t' J Wt<'e America, he" by ?leciw sn"! taa^e known t..a" a pu^tl E^la will b" bed at the ten! ?>Xc* at AD<3i8'A,in -the ?;ate-? >ln>8iS8iPPi. ciantea i:ig '-n -onday, hetna:'.y-tirtt day of M ly wzt. f >r 11* ?li.<p,,3 '1 ' t a l t h <t p Tttnn ?>t b-i s^-.t ons an 1 p irtr. o ?><-;if>n3 of Ian 1 be-iln : oi'.J ?uxn e?? w>;i i:i t!i ia !??? on e* h side of iha lin- of h M'*b i& a..i- >J} io MVEi\D. In t? e .-tat-s ? f Kl\ &'i l Ml*si S rt t tuhje t tc th d u' I1 mit iaura i r r-c-f :r j il lar-a a<l fifty cents per acre, pr v ?i?J by sfce act ? t .0 h -ep oriit>er, lii'l,Ijlexcept* 1 tr.ta gralnati-a is by the act f4cc A i-'U8 . i8Vl. allien r-er? a v r.lsei ti bjotr r-d f r ??ie ic p o l.-mitl ?n J>o 4?-2. N-:ir ian det? 2S! M:iy, 1M, b^t fub?e ;ueu: ly witl - dr**n ua'i lur h-r not c ? for th^ pnr^fd ^a lrvad frrta Br:t-<Jon to rn-r/ b' pu I e n". i ? No. 491. bearing d?t>< 19 h Au^u t. 1SC-3: an ? ih? ?Jine not belr-^ :ti^j ct to j r'v^t>> ? n'.ry at t-e d teo's-i-l ?witadr3w*!, wer? ccB^e|seutlf a t r tor d t-j ir.&r k.t Ly general noti"?*- >o. &??,d-ued 6t)i, 1-54. fituatod In the unieriiient.oneA to?n.-Lifa, to wit; North of the base line and *<ui of the Choctaw meri dian. Towfbi-i Jmr, of TRnp- -hl'teea T'wnaLipfe t;itfe,j^urjlv:, and -ui, cf range fjor teen Tj?n hips three., f>ar, * /e, da ttzen, cf rw flit en Townships thru.four,Jive, six, es< n5Tsn,ofren*e sixteen iOwtuhips five, (u, anJl w* f?sj8 ecret ten Towrsb-p tt"ti of t*?n. Noti.-e i i?laj ier-hy ?;?#-? t'-pt *11 hi 'ands rlt ut?e " ?. u^i te of t!:e mile itn-fa '-n e?.ch ?iin '<1 tte afccTe r^aJ ai:h_m??n at n. to- ?'T>e- res r< 1 ?o private *ntry *??? ani;T? t?tate i, ?t;ich will be tub J >*t to at ote de-il?- t*eaty-hv?ce t= p?r acre, cr (if tor actui.! sKtl-iitent a.ii p?e emp tion) af 'he p ift-" p:ea sibei t y th- gr?dUbt:on *"<. of 4th August, 1654 i > th-fo 1 's'l^-waid d strirts ml Wwi>htiit? in th-i ifu.te.. of Mi-s 6?i;pi anl A!? bai.a, wl I be .Tjbj^et to entry *ni l citi..i on and ?fc?r Monday the nineteenth day of March n?xt, to witl In t^e di?Lri:t of lanus en'ject tcsale at Aogi'STA, M^'s^ipri: A'jrl.h of Ute line avi <-u:{ tf tin Cho-^aw mm dtaK. 7rvm--hi; e t\r>s.,four.fve, fix and ?*?(??), ofratg ? t we've Town-hlpd /tar, C*e, t x, a--d seven, o! range thlrteeo T -wo Jhips three, four .fve, six, and saves, of r mge f?vrteen Townfh'p ter-en, ofr^ntre fi tesn Tewouhi s thr-4, /our. aa i five, of racga 8:xt??n Towsshtp* tli ree, Jour, Jive, nx, aal tev,n, ol ran?? 8e?-!<tee-i X jwueLij.h three, ftur, Jlte, eix, and seven, *1 range ?;r;ht' en. In ta* dWtrkt cf land- fiuTj?ot to rale at Dkuopo l-l Alac?ma : A'eri'* cj uu bast lin'. and vest of the principal me ridia*. To?n hips thirt^-en, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen and s?v*n ee?, ??? r?n ?? two Towatn p * ein four een, fi teen, suietn acd terenlem cf a ge 'hr?e To-?rst.Ij>* tn rtren, fourteen, fifteen, tule'n anil seve teen, of a age four T .wi.shipa tW.rteen and fasrt-??n, ofra^ce five. The towjr-fcips in r tain ;ef0r.?are ?h dly a.thin ti 11-ait> ot six btd fif < en m l ? re ?;*ftiVely ca e^ch >iti^ of eatd nad a'.d lo?ii;n italics ?re pirtly wi bin ? id limit i. as desizna el on the di??.r?cis wiiirh will be t- m^hal to t? ? re op*ctive d itrk'. by the C'ruim s.-icii-r of the libera! i.a d ? <hu?. Tte will be b<-i V ra' f-) the risht of irmj ^ranfe ; b; lh^ ut o: SOih >[.itmt):T, 1810 t> tb -catee ?f le-'i.i fu- s-ilrs. rca<f. net ?T?-eline C;:e hurulrrd f(t'. oil e*: h tile I'ler* f a: <l Lerafo e the tilt eu'ar -art* cf lia: ?h..'n ii.eiu-19 th?- r?.;il w li fc? e 1-1 e? c bu m:.z tb-j <;Ud&t tns re-,pe:t.veiy gboc" by the <& ? al plate. Th? :??;t50ne will 0? f j -ed at 'he public pal* in tbo' r ier in wh ch tb y ?re aufitised; t*.? sele w>21 be kept r pen for a S'.'icie.-t Uc.* to fc>lml* ci oJiring ?'i th- fut n -t .i;g tw > wo? L'. a- d app'iSAttoas to ti*ke r?rivi> cn r^esor tbe l*nd< eff-red at public :?1 ? unj- r ii?ia proc'auat on .'Hi net be re- ei?ed until uf-er the alcae ft t!je two wm a. Uir n under ny h*n^t at the city ct Wa-lougtrn, th.? even h Ojty ?f F. truarv. Airo L'-uiiui ?ne ihoaaind euhv U-jadied and fi't* ?'V^. jfuAMnLV FlKIi.CS. 3y th- F*"-1er.t: J(.zj. Wit-OS, Cja-iu s-5orer Genera; lAaa ?_?ui:e. HCTTCE TO PUE h.VJ^lION CLAIMAXS8. Under the act of Cor.^rea" a (.proved 31 of Mtrcb, l?5.t, e'.tiile-S '*Ai? ?ct Vo extevd eroptirn rlgh'B f. ceitain set-ie ? ihjtein ou-nti ia?i," the pre emp tio i It e wsr* el'e-dssd ? ver tbe alovs ni> n'loi eii alternate odd nitab- i?l sec i >a? within a x Cii!-s < c each a^JrCl the r mte of tie rral wfc-re t^e ae'.tle L.tal alii* iipro' tan-1 W'.re u d ^ i j? the dnie of all tT?n , Ifprovn uo al J pjilbrat the late o. t?occl?ar< a-1 Cttj c ati p* r a-:r?, b-?*f-re the dsr fixe-1 fjr t ie putli? ?al f; ani by the act ap proTr.l ,7th Marth, ISftt, eati'lel 'An a t icr the relief of Bi.tlers cn litn^.s rotcrved tjt railroad par pca^s," p"r-?on?t?b"? settled a d ItaproTe-i tbe t?b .ve nticed eeticn- p or to thlda'e cj icii idraio il ?iil fc? eutrl d to .re euptloas attheord.narymiolraum price cf the". land-,cr at the r^te ot" rx.? d j:i?.r and tw^uty-Ilv - cents p^r^, If pi -v nnp ncd paid iot b.f re ti.? day Cx d Tor the pub 'n naie:? Therefore, e**ry per-on entirl i to the . i;" t ol pre eui;ti n in any of tho aiterus.t^ f Id cd reo t oa- above i teitivna , a i bin six miles cl tbe route of the road, U'.d- r the aet cf it iUi h, 1^53, sb ve r? faired to. cn fott era'Cie in ids prior to tb ? 4to ?J F*bruny, 1S33.(the >U.e ol a'lo latni) cr under be act of 27iti ids'Ch. 1551, cn ?-ttl^mer.t3 cede pr or to the d?t* ff thsorlgiaai wi h't<*aail ?f ihe a ds from tairknt, li' ewi*- e? rv p-r-on en'.t'ei iop?e emptkn ender t- e act'f *i7tii Maioh, 165.1, in ?dj ot tue landa outside oj the iu tnile 1 m ts dire'ttd ti te restcre i to ? n rj oa ti e 17ih dty of March next, ia r -qulrel to i?dm t' e same to the eati f c i-m of :ka re !?ts aui leca.v-r ot tbe proper ia a cfac \ t^d aik* psyn?*nt ihe-efor at tn': ^r'c* tx-dly law at tern as j r??'icai'? ; fter eeiing tbl - n- tkt>, ard b-f?re tbe a y *ppGint-.d for the pjbl c ra!e er re*tj:atioa io market of thi Ui;ds embraclnit the tea<3. claims]; ttherwLw bucli - lii n a 111 b'> forfaited. JOHN WILSON, Commifaioter of general Land C ftce. ftbl0-la?U> CARTFR'S SPANISH MIXTURE. The Greet Pvrifier of (h? Blood I 17ot a Farticle of Hercury In It ta; lntumi Re*k>t icr y3rom;&, Sing's Erll, Rbenm&tiso, vbui Cutaneous Eruptions, P rquUflor r-js-ut?s on :b* fliCS l;k*oh?e, Bo'.K 0?r ni?- goie Kye?, Hictf Worn or Tetter, 8>a!4 Hea- , Kn.arg-^ent Rr,.j p??n of the B>a??a;-<J Joint*, Stubborn Uicrrs, Syphiiitio DI*rder?, Luraoa*o Spinal Oompla nt-, ant all the d#*** ?* arising from an Inju.'il.iious nse of Mimutj, lm. prud ?a-? in ; Jfe, or Impurity of tta Blood. IlKIfl valuable Mrdleine, wh?ch has become celo orated for the number of <.xtra< rdmary cams, effected through its esencv, has induced the propri 9?or$, *t the urg nt request of their friends, to oJfer it to the puoUc, which they do with the utmost oon 3 len?e in its virtu-s and vooderful curative prop srti s The foilowfag certl3<*at~s. felwted from a ?arge number, are, howeTtr, etion^r testimony :han the m.*rre wotJ of the proprietor*; and ?re all ro? gen'leaen we!l known in th-ir !ocn!itiw?, sad if tne higha&t renpecUilllty, aany of th-ci r*tt (Sjci n the itv of Jtichmo d V*. F. BOYOkN, Kr-q,, of the Exchange Hotel, Rich moad, 'toocTi tvpiy where eayr he hi? seeu 'ha Med. tcine called C vxter's oPaict.r Mixtcvk a-ira>n'stere:l iu over a hundred cases, in nearly all th-* dlees-se* for which it i-< re??]ed, witii the moat aston ishingly good result* He says it i* the most ex traardinary medicine he fca* ?Tsreeen. AQUS AND PEVgR?GRRAT CURE.?I hereby jertify tint for thief years ? had '-guc and Fevet ?>f the mrv t violent deecriwticn. J hid s?Teral Phy ?iciior, to^K l*rge quantities of Quinine, Mercurv ?nd I U?1 eve ail the Tin Joe advertued, but all with ?at permanent relief. At Ia?t I tried Cartel <pani8h Mixture, two bottles of which eff-ctually iur.-J bp, and I am happy to sny I ha<r? had rt-ither !hil'ucr fevers shwe. I ccnnider It the beet Tonic in th's world, and the cnly medicine that ?vt>r reached nsy one. JOHN LONQDEN. Baaraa i)itca, near Richmond. Ya. 0. B. LtlCif, Ei:q., now in the city of Richmond ?ni for many year- in the Post Ofccs, has such "onflleuM in the a'tonisainu eaiaacy of Carter's 4p>.nieb jra th?l h* has bought upwards of 6t bottle, which Le has girnn away to th^ afii oted.? vlr. Lac1! eiys be h*? n?Tec kn-iwn it to fail when aken aoc>rdiog to tirectione. Dr. MING K, a pracsirlst fhyaieian and fornterl* ?t the City Bote!, in the city of Richmond, eavs n? ?JM wi neeted ip a nnmb?r of iwranceslb* eff eta ol Jar ct's ;"p".n h Mi3tur??, waich **ere mos' tru!y iarnrL-in-. He ia a ewe of C-^n-iutaption, ce Jbn.ifiit on th$ Liver, th?? good %ff?>ci3 wer# won lerfal ind-e-l. SA.MUaL M. DlilNKER. of the Ere, of rjritlf'T * Horns, Richmond, wxi catel cure-1 of Lieer Oom j'aint of thr?e v e?*rs etendir?, hy the usee! twe X/ttles cf Carter^ 8pani h Mixture. QREVT CURE 0? SCROFULA?The Ed!tor> of be lUchmou-j Republican h d a so rant exuploy?a n their pr-ss ro^a. cursd cf vioUnt Scrofula, com b'ned With which enirely dieabled bin ftoB wott T?'o bOkti?-< of Cutter 3 J'piin'sh Mixture * perfect cur- of him, aud th- Ikii tcr* r? " public notion, Fay they ' cLcsrfuIly rccom ?en^ it to all who are alZ;c?d with any uiceaso oi the blood u IsTILL ANOTHER CUR3 Of 80R0PULA.?I hid ? t?ij T?l. ?b> boy cared of .Icrofola by Cart-r V >pani a SiiXtur^. I u>>asi i?r it truly a vaiu^ble ?n^lcic-. J \MK3 M. T \VT/>R, redactor on th st- F. and P. R. H. Co.. Riehmond. Va. SALT RHEUM 0* Tv KSTY \?AR3 STANDING * C'J Mr. JOHN TliOMr^ON, reridin? !n the city of ft;r.Uaacnti, v. Hti c?ir* ? by th'***^ b af jpaslsb Mix'are. of Salt i.bewn which ?. h-d for ? wl? years and ws-ch ail thephjs ri as *? V T' jIj not o.?re rir. !S a wli i laiit .7i t*je c#ty of R::hmondi and hLi ?3 :a?e ss? ar labin. W?I. P..MATTtISW. of Pichmord havl a Rerrtut ur?d tH '/.^hi;ii>, in the worst forra, hv Ca terV Jraii'th Kiixiiirf. He r-\js b- ch -erfully recoia nocif it, and ccnt;d?>r? It a Tery invaluable ine;i ;in? EHWI ^ BURTON, ccir>T?}' .":ooe" ct the r-TCTiue, ?ays he has -w>n th^ r?"d rffje's of Carter's - p^uiah distn.'i- :r s number of .?rpai::tic cises, and nays it e ? rert -ot ?ur? r rth-it her Ib'e dinrar*. r. M. (I. 'TARVi 0 ?!>, Kici'mond. cur?id of rid ,or^s'~ t Ulcer-, wh ch di'^.bledlii a fr?a w?ikiai?. TcoL afcv batfe ofOr.r'.'r's -pnnLh Xiitur^. and rz3 T.ubi-i to walk aitboat a crutch,in a rh^rt "ne p?7tuDfn ly curpd. i^ic -'pal Depots at M WARD, CLOSE 1 Co,, No. S M aid's a 1. tu<- , N^w Yor'^ i ,J.; T*yorr & bOHs, No. 182 North Socend st., ? hu?'.iflfl~ia BEXNETr A BEEr.2, No. 125 Main rtreet, Rich- I r-or.d. Ya. ' And for -alOy CIIA^LKS ert%"T. Wa-h?*>,rt-n 0. C; IlfeNiaY Px-Sl*, Alexia ;i ia, and b* Uru/^-hU ?feryvhrre. * Pri - $1 r.<,r b?)ttie, or fc'x botLIei f. r to: rer-21? ly JJ A . El O U t Si ' li IK VIGOU A If H3 !in P nTA L a paeKoemios w 'mediums. ITSALTJ.I RESTORED AiTD LIFE Ai LTNQTII'SNED, Ly ,1>H. ifiOESS'fi IN 7IQ 0SA7I -: 3 ?KX'CIr' OR OOitl/iAL.?At f** ; it; r-^Tet c?;;r'.b3td ? to J'sr s . L*'J_ '? t ?>yx-iO". ATl'iU ELIX R ./R CO.UIAv:r?? .-"earduthak^ TL* puo:ic of'tn d^celrr-t, eoulinS rapk : an 1 cu lj.iy . i_tnc bv {!?* f -*?**^?^.. fJuv faci*, ur, ieniajia facte atissted by *tii eai ^ or I she hirh-st clans and charaoter, aro nr.^ i. Iiiati. riJCREHULITy 13 OVE;"i .UROWK by a aass cf t^lisrony which U Porfectlj rreiistablo. * * The Eu&iaroae?d!:3, In a?l casii, tLs dcpiorahle ?rUa arising fjom tinirc*-- or absi.?fl of L.j variouf >rtfan? wr ufc ma-:- up ihivo'iJ- -fi! aublne salUd -.-tan. It restores to fall v got tvery d do-ite ;uj.r. lAa t^nocted w^h that iayat^rlonn c n;* Veney of matter r i ciad, ne-.^i r ?o the vr-pr^ .^jlton oj hum^r. Ufa To oer* :u o< ai Jt t.r .urs, c: J . In r.^.5 p;>v>r, n rcjoia in alfi sj t.. ? "^.y !? vtn i i cofiiL'uiiirtttinr tb;il *n:*r?> v^Wch ia p?ce? -ry to tLa pr pi-r enjovmai't n ail tUs natara? apj>sr.t* an ?.j| 41 hl-a.n Oi.ata. a:cribsta3. fj-'ictjclal irr> cot col lnod tn either rat or to r iy ?29. Thi fb?t>te gifj tie a.iJiijj wife, the hr .ss?, srnevated yoalh, the .vtrwet^ Gin of b3ni~?'<ra, thn ?ic'ix o? neitrrr? d* jre^dou, the iniirijoal surf r:r^ I'rca ?oner?l de ... ty, or from tt.e r^siit.e?-t,t a Swt'le ergaa, will ill Lt:d iaiaeiiita tad psr.i.anent relief rdu th? x?? of this iucuiao^rahU reiiorator. To thoi,e ?vhr ?avc a {<;?;<U>;> >?ititii to p3rtlyc:s It will iwora a omplcwe aud^innjt.u^ .-v;?aTiard ef:-^nso that terri ).e ina?atl7. Tliere or; .7.11:", pv:h .< have ;c xl'isd *?!ui their c.'.r.^', tiiet ihey th'.nl tsaa lirj hayoa.1 iiie reich r.f Liedicine. Lot not yea tuaac despair. Thr li'i'ij/dsalfi with ^ te Uexists, eithuat !tfj?-u.>e to c?a^c, and will not [ alyreaD7athadit irderiU;>lf. but BfciiUILD TH3 BU'.iiEN Cai;^,TITCTION. TLa ijran^jt4i..-i;ts of tlio rystiin, litvdrg to n?~ *ous i.aSuae6, and Llo tcruii cf r- ituus tlissdBe it co n-jRitroua that it woulj requwesoolumf ic e?U:ii.6tc itit for wnlch this prepare "at-oa t* aapf!;,:!. A however, cry hf cauiiw i ? n<0*t) J.ij : jjj, i:ea? uLh'*. ill",?? i --ut. Jraiy. ia, ; ? -j :iiLri>i.>n ot ?u? Jjtp.rt- spi l* a?, :t:^n-. i? ?SJ u.a?*'? *! .ilty, ireissM. da'.ulcnce o pri.W3b' t?t "ati.ia io th? liEuii, t <iahn?T4, t.?rpil ly ct tu li.c:, siveai-kt dsprfrjj ^n, *c>?icnr;3 of tiir ^ill, i 'Ufin tf ?iioVu, fa:nti*aet) tlte* e:.ciciae oacn ticcp i:i i teiriijrhii u^32?a4, btotiiuy Lo rt* *aain ia one p.ate ? poduoo, ve*iiie9fl oi the prc? iea:i*? ocgaiifl, stxuai inocrjpet?ary, c.-'UtV'holy, uaoaoaa^L*. Guar aibus, uain j at the s.oaaoh, tV. 'B^ie irr*^uiarih?i>, a chronic ^adeacv to d?car cip', ar.d all coapialnti s;?' './ina; out ci ? ?lio 'adai 'feike* c. Ui.-. pas-iouK, and ail baiTenaae^ tist dooa u?t pro^aad TrvMt cauiid beycud ha r ach of iLfriicine. Whuiev?r the crgacs to bi aoti-d upon ara T-u .'foiu saiforaiation ci dhiaajes'it is a Tarred that KORSS ii IjdVfQORATIt'3 ELIXIR Till replace aeiknesu aitb airer.^th. itc ipacily with ?Oc.incy. invgular.t* wit'i unit .rin and T-titural ao? -Ivity, stij tL.j nut ?uly wkaoat h.*^rd of reaoUon, out with i h?p?y r oa tha j'?aeral or/ la ?.:;nd chit all nialadiej, wonr*>ar t ie\ ne?iu, /lnuk with thn nervous ivstea. and Jiat th? paral iiatii/u cf the n#r?es Oi luetics and scuaatiOii ih ^h-ii-ai d-hth. B-sar in aind tlso, that lor everv kind cr u-."73" diaoace the Blixer Corllal is th't oaly reliable pr*pa->-??? ^ocwa. CAUTIOW. na.Mciiss'a Ivri3oai\r woCoawit bet beea coos terfc.te-! by tone cap.-in;i'>!rl p;ra >ns. In future, all the g?-u ;!?ie Cotaial will have the propiiK-.r * pastel oy-r tbe cork of eacb ?v.tua. ati the folio Ic^ woida Uowu in the glass Dr., Horse'* IttTlfforitti** Cordial, C. II RIMl, Proprietor, H.T. ^ pat aP highly concentrated, In Tries,?ti pir Vottle ; two fcr ;5; g*x for 513. 0. 2L RiNGI, Pioprietor, IQi Broad-ray, New York. ?c.!d by Drs^wts lbronjthoat th? United ijtatefc >anedac, it m* Iriina. ^ AGENT.'!. WaehlnirtOTi?3. i>. GIL's?.1*3 Baltisvire?3. 8. HA? C*. * alalia ? E. D. G1LLET, CaaajeUgr at r . w r>ct itH? r6m FOR POOR AND LABORING M^'N SMALL mjILDI -Q f oM n/ irt , . MEW. variooa p rts n (>,, city,' ^ 1^1 J uW prices, a^i i*rai to suit LlOYtj A 00. BVIliDI2iQ 6 T O A Q Jy ^ TreMat?l2StB<St CLOTHIHG AMD CLOTHING MATERIALS. NAVTlVfTiHTsrarf. ") ? Bum of ProrHons an! < 1 tb^ng, > VT?rh'Tigt)n, April 2, 18b6. J QEPAEAT1 PTOPOPAH. Mal.d ard endor ofl P. 7Pr.^?'8 f<r VaTT CJlothSnc *-<J Hothlr r Ma tana's. wi.l b? r^dved a? thia oflW cntfl 2 o'cl-ck P ?;?.n lFt of M?*n it. for farnl?\ir* aiddeb^wnn*, (on r^lvln/ s x'y dn??? ro'ioO at m ?v#,f ?f * w", raTy 7*rU at "??rVtown, Ma who e't?. Bro klvn p o - York, orGvn-rt Vlr rfn-n, th? qnno'itie' b;low rrentfo-ed o any or all of t^e folio -In < nase' artic>* o* ravy tfotMnw and c cth'nz ma'eHala, and su^h furtha* quantities of tho Mm a i m-y b? orlered by the eMaf of thia bu reau. ?r by the commandants of the paii naw-yards ropfrtm y, dor-m tbe fiscal ye*r commetfc ng cn the 1st day of Jaly next, and wdlog on the 30th ef Jane. 18 >0, vis: Pta jacket?, made or b'tie pilot cloth? 2 000 R und jacket/-, made of Mae <. loth ..." 8.000 T o*' in, m ?d" cf b ua c?o:b 8 Vo Btarfln^e' ov*rd?irts .. 6,<xk> B'O? fl* ii el ncder birrs *** g ooo Blif fl nncldra?*r?...... SO1'? B'U? tl'tn?l jump?'* [[ 8.'0f0 Bluetla n 1. n th-pl ce ya d'j 60^0 !Utn?by <beetiog ffo^ks 2 CO!) r.AXxv s du-k t*o >P?rs 8.0 o l.*rn? e? ph er>u<r, In the seoe yards IF,000 raiiva* d"ck in t epbc* y rd, 8 0O0 Bine <? o h caos... 40 0 e> tn sho M 7.,"p Yr's 4*000 Ki,i; kin shrei hUh cut at a 4 00*? w <? oil. n p cka. Nee I and 2 pairs 8.000 Mat -e^et. (with two covers rach) o oo Na k?n bin- yar.? 8 ooo Blacke's 30(0 Black adk bandke'ehiets !"6 000 H'tie Pa ine' t-nsri^M 3 0cfl B1 e fatiret, in t^e pie e yaris 6.C10 Th- Hoth for the pea jackets ahsll b-< tdPed pilct cloth o. American maiufic ur', ?ur* inl;z)tli? wool dyed It shill b. 54 in.he. wi !e and weiih' :o o..dc^8 re' ya d Tt .ba 1 h%ve a list on e'h elge oompewed of 2? wbiti tbr,-da, of alt woM. AH pie ?*eizhin? W*# ?ban 25 oqpc*?? p?r * a d will ^ Mecto-J ; and oa-h b*'e of about 300 yards mu tav eraztt 0 circes pr j ard. Tnaclo'h f rrornd jack'tP, hl?a cloth trawa^?, -Dd hlucc?r? ?h. 1 be fill d. ?1' Aue-ican manu actum a. d pjre iud^o l.lae, w ol dved. It snail lav?- a list rn ea h compo ?d of 2-i whi> hr^aJ, of ai ?wool. All , ifc^s under 1"^ o jn -oo J\rj 1 }* r'j^ted ; and brl^ot about JO) ya.n-tu s avra^e 18 cun^eR per yard. T- e fa'itio* m at be American n:a ufa turej, 27 1 ches wt.jH Wde of ! st. wh cb li?t miftconaM of nctl'Mt.,, 12 whi-, wo Ben thre.i laon eirb '>f tho ?lo b, wove ? iu the whole ot th* p ; ir UFt Wld ?h ?' t 1 fa than p; oun vi p?r vard to on'tain in fach piece about 2t yard-: th-w^rn 00 '"7" ^'Ire ' ^ gl b ue- v!irm Jv d; a d ?he fii .nsr worl jur.-indi^ 1>1 e. wo 1 d el. Ky<h fa>" of 4 >3 ya-ds sba'l arerace 9% ounces V e yard, an J no p^ce s all be b lo? 9^ ouo, ee to the T"'J- Tff uat;ntt trowsers must b? ma'eofmat ? t,H I"K? th ah ys?. ^ T e lla-m 1 m t-t h* a'l w-ol, Aei'ri^au mannfac turel, w nldye-i, pu*e indigo Mile an1 t?ill?d* niu-t b?> i pieces *.f 50 y r a in L,n<th, 27 i ch*? wile, we-gh!B? 5 pun^f jwr y rd. ?Hh a !i-t on * /,K ^ white WTfillea t-irea's worm iu t'je w rj Km. th o'lhp pi ce To h- iak*1 In bat* o Op^r/w. tV Pi -c'fl t b- rolled 8 p.rat ly toil?nut r.o.h Ik ardi h ch bal-t con ain .>W 3 ?rd < aud If - f";''" No P- * to h v? a lt6i aver "S" w-* gl.t tKan 4.8-10 p*r yarl Th? o't-r^h rt-, cut rfliir ?. dra*??r', a~d m must l>? in?l.> of fl nn 1 i;e th*? ahov* Th? Bamblrv ?h-et ng m.i t b* fr-e from crtt-n, aOmcbeiin *.1 th: woif'-t t*cl^ ounce. 3'-100 o?r y ri; tcx ura 4 ?y4t? '-16 inch. The c<D< aa duck must ce fr-- front cotton. 27 .n l:esin wiith snl atv-ut Cd yarJs in th? il ea, dvj 1? th-..t, w rp and f, lii.V. &U-?ue' u2 00 rrr y,rl' Te" tur* ^ 10 t" V inch. 1 he aroc 1 must he tamped witn tb" c^ntra t name nil > b-<r of phoa. a d y?ar when mtd?; 1ij? p i-H t ? l-ein the f lowing r roporticn for each 50 pi;r , unless othe-wis) o- cr-*. viE. 4 cf \n 5 a of 1 , ?r No- If 1> Of No. 8.8 of No. 3, 3 of No. 10. 1 Of No 11. They are to ccnfrrno In Mi r*p"ct? t> th- ea-m.l's a thi \ard , ami to 5., d. 1 Vfr?-d ii gx?d ftro^? ?^x ?s. 61 pairs in each. Tl>p ra erf th. e >nt ac t r. cont*?.t=!. acd tbe -jear tvli?ii made, marked cn ta h bo*. 1 he c..lf Fkin atd the klp-skia shoes lo be picked in rcp^rata Ik xei wo'-l'en arks ma:tbo wcvcti or knit, an ! com. nn to Mtnp>. The mat 'r<-3 v* ra j t w^rb l j r,^an i?f Jarla linr t ckm*. ?iiioh 1-1 > bf c it. fi f o in ten th an 1 2t ?e.?w!d;- ;li*cver- tmii tuw ur?7l in:hPSiu length "lid -JO l 'ch-s -n wiJti. Tl;^ bair. t:c-irg, ard cj^. rs ma t .01 f r:a t > -amp e?. Ti e ninkie ia i~t he thf bes: o ue A^er can na" ?ia. 20 .nth a wiie, textnrH 5 ?? r.-ais ly4tr--ds to the 16 b of t.n lic i. dyti wita yure Be gal in (tiro " > h? b .-jnVoto ",tist vrp^h six pound" per r.ii*. an! uie^'tre 5^ bv *8 inch"? 'a h. A lala of oj pfci'g :n ij' w ;iali :jQ9 po ih?;b, and no p?ir p'?a!l w?i;b I pb tla.5poind> 11 cu-c-g. Tb^y mu t N> of Am-rir.t-i lu^ru tii-re, ni.vl# rf w cl aad ia*h b a' ket mu t ? m rl;e 'UK. f.a*r ' 's he 1'lv k si ll**xi 1 tti'chi fg c.'i't i?' J^byOl in-h-K nn'l wcl/h 1 < un e \sd 12g:aic?< Tr'y: t \ turp T4 by 23 ?? A?c e lul? of :!ij tbr efir^? fer?-.eli 1^0->lo?'or m-.^ * j, cl-vhin' ?i I be f. ,r1 ?if? th ?? mi l p at t' .! r-snrcive y-rda; .>?. i ,-li tb* a'.-v. ar iclaa. i - clr. inx tn? iiec-sfi ry ^u'V" ring-. Ac . ar? tn h,. tu ly ryn?l :n Mi qn?lit? *extur?' r b>r. w ig t ' a ti fl j*h o' nia'e i'i. ?nd con orm iu pUt ra p:z *1 ti work 10au h'p to sai i g mp" s. The nnmher 'r qoa. tity w i h wi 1 be rc-j-ir d cf "aca of h-' for-:oin? ?rt cl?- o<nsot le p wi-^iy ? Istba. 11 will n'.t b' l"Pi boT T-r, th^n tb q-a 1 tity -v ?c'ii'l in t ie loreg i g lUt. Tte "o ir'cta wi 1, th ref r?, hv m*d- -or h* q antry or e*c i ar ttc e so p;> rifled, snd rCT ,?u h fr.rrh^r '{OanMty ? th^ ;;r,:,u m y iv-juire T!it pries must bt uniform at oil the latins All the ?b vear iclea u?n?t b^ sulj-c* to ? ucb i P ect;oo at th ? p' c? of nVlirerv n? lb cbl f of tb a t.u ??ij may "re*t; an-l no arti ?!? w 11}? r c-i ed th-11? not fuih- kj'ibI to the ?amp e in ?rerv r?* 'pM and wh **h d .^ n t .-onf r.n to tbe .tipiia tio' a and pro'i. ous o! *h ? con rart to Ve ade lie "hil- ir.u t e dtU-er-^ a tSe r: k and ex. pens' o? the uoaWctar. . .-h b^x -od bt e !o b< ir.ark?d wi li rec ntra^tors naiue. Th- u postin-? cd; e*'* to he a*p int. . by 'he vy ' fpa fin-i t. I he offers iij'i-t distin u:^*i the pri -?s for ? a'h ar t'c.e m rti .red. an < tnn t be c%lcu!-t d to cover -V -v ox cn.v at ten Un' t' ? f ltiiment ?f the con triM't ioc.u Tin;^ th?? De'i^vvy hut^np. I . cv*?tf iiuro or? th' pirt of tb? ecctni-m,., .Q oeitv-r the ev?ral art cjw whvs n.avi. crd rod fcom t etn. a' Iks proper Une nd cftke pr v rnv I yv, the h: f f the t urean of Pr yi?ioD^ andt l. th leg a-a I ho -u ho zel to nuirhsaa or nirect pur i ^ ^ of wb t ioa? b- re^u'red t? lun n y the d?'5cH?ocy nr.der th ? penary ??? b* - apres ?^d in tn.T o utract; tb? r.oc.rd ot a requisition, r a du P 2 ? .Tp/ "t. the B ir.auof Proviaons and Clothmr, oc ?t edlior ot th^ navy y?nl- af r ?? pal'i, shft1! h-e ?-viuu o?j that fiuch requiatirn ha> bet nd re-*iy d. ^ Two o more approved suMiea e rum ?nu*i to the e tima -d amount of th* re-p~c;ive eontracte WI., b.1 r -;'Jlr^d. and {vr c-nnim wi 1 be with | nti r om tbe hib >uni ni . ,i 0n account t cre-.f ai co l it-ral security; and n< t in anv e a* t >e r'i'd unti: it ia, ina'i re p-e scomplied w.'tn; ?nd ninc'y ^er o?r.t:im of th* amount of ?1! d* i e*ia? madu Mill h# r ail by tbe n?i?y ff^nt within thirty ay - a *er trip ;cate b"h uly authi?tieated fhall presented to him. nd no'ie t'arly as .. , ; ?? ?- -? to thum .w er.^i.tioii, which o-.ntrsct mui-t U returuod ti thi! bureau wUula tiro day?, exciuaire of tfca time r^qultad for tbohregular trantintKsion of the mall A ittc ru, er du licate of the 1-tt-r iofumini a b ud r ot Tb-a-'.?ptan-? of hi- proposal: will be an tiflcuicn thereof within them atilnc oi theiijst Of ISm -ad bis bid wjjl he mad- and ?c ceptfd to couf<aia'ty with ?he uuiorst nimg. Kv^ry olfcr uiuht bfc ac^'mpni'ed Can d! rectel \q t^. aet of^nzr*** ^pnro. h ti 119 f. r the nnval o.ivio? f r ? 81^47. a p o^d r>th AUkimd, 18.?> t.r a wnt'en go ranbe, n gn-d>yt ne . r mor t rt> piM \Ui9 pcrg ^ the ff pt hat *he or t- ev an ter ske 'ha' tho bidl?-rur bldd va ?;il i? h s ir th i' b d b ? acc pt d. ^nter into m aii n witu'a five day*, with goo I and s< fliclen* PUr tV. : !r'1 * 8 P',,M" rrop-'TO 1. Tt e bureau ? ill ntt In- ob.1 ,'ai-f'J to oousid^r -Dj, p . pi ?: uuj^s r>!,. comraitioJ b the <ua ant?e mi'iirecl by V,v: ih c3tQi?-?te ?y rf th* ?u?r akt to bi cert bed by the na?y ?g nt, diatrict attorney, or the c l.ectir ol the III-.. ,C*n~ / rn* f vrwnlt may I- <*,(* on ?p fticatMn tu thj, ttacy ag>r.'.i >i( Pt, t y--o Humpthtrt, ?' oi on, Nt-o Vo- k fuit 'tUipi.i*, Haiti m/'. e. IVaihingto'i, ForfoU;, Pemacoia, and ai this ?XL f lU Tlw. af'rn^i^n ofbtiiiUrt is c lUd to 0,ttanivL?ar,d ?-'e crtpi on of urtic'-s r'qu ni ot, tn th'. imp e'ion br ore recp-'on a ju t hu' r tjid coit,ptriscn wi i t t miUb?.w m th' art cist fTrcI ir.d tit sampfei art! conirac'.ricf it wjno etha fjUhe] <v> <h m; and /w?r ifttept.o.i is clsopir i viirly d rtcttd ti th' airvxtd j-iud r.To'uHvn, m a>1dUiun to the aci of the lOfA at August, 1640. * J Iii.l Ure whose proposaJs nrp a.vcepbxl (and m otnerp) '.rill Ik. loribwivJ, noticed, aud a^ earlv |>ractioa'.;3 a con(ra.u viil ba traunmuted to th Exit act f; om the act of Conqrut approved Au tui 10 1840. J ' ^ 6 Arui it further enacted, Tra1 from and after thn pa of this a t every p-o osal for i a v-1 auppliee invltea b? the Se. r t.ryt.f ths Navy und-r the proriso to the eeaer .l ap^r pr at on bli ^nea^7'ap?r0VaJ^'Chvthir^ ei ht-?? hu? d ul and f r y turoa, th?ll b-5 a:jcmpa fed by a *r;^n gUlir; n:?*' by one ?> more r,>p ' ~??'U t.i tha clT^t t iat h- or tha/ uadJrtak* h .t tne bidtar tr bidders will, if his or their k;d he aiaepted, entar .nto an obllsatir.n in ?coh as' iJh *2 ^ y t ;* t^o^?t?ry of the Navy l115 ? ?K?cJ-nt svrsti's, to furni-h tbe sap! pi <4 prop en. No pr.^po-al s! a 1 ba consida ed un u-m Mooap>tiHb7 tu^h auiranun. If after tha Tht MM*r 2 kFm ?0? w an ! " n0^8 atlon Umeof o intni-i Bi1 * ild^rs, h- or 'h-y sa*ll toil to eater Jc" ^-bln tima prewlbed by tfce hIT f^T7, !.h" With ffixl a id eufflo^nt sura. of :hS N ^ 8 xhen Secretary r .hi Navy shall prosetd to eontr?et viih soma otne; wriuaor pers ds f?r fu -nidhlug tha said sua P"'i wi i!ull forthwith cwji tho Jifltftm ha* tween the amrmnt oontainM In ths ? (mtwntiM and tba emount fcr wbleh he wy bava S?nttacted for furnl blng the aaid supplies tcr the whole T?rfod of tb* prop^il ^VVh*TLiJ!? a/a;nsl sa d v.!4f r cr bidders. ani hie or th*r ffuar antir crgturan'ori: aM tfcesoa* dw bJ immeal iti!r recovered by the Unit d *^>s. I?* the *?? r j th-^avyDsprtm rt.lnan Mtloc of -ah. ??* ? t titha: or SuJ of aa.d person* * [Toblic, No.T.l Jonrr Rwo'.cno* relative to bids fbr provbrton.*, clothing, ***1 wnaU storws for the utanf the navy. Jitaovtd by iht Srnal* and If out* of Rrpr'sento tipej ?f the Uru'.td SWU of America in <^ tembled, That all bHs tor supplies of clothing and small stores for the arm of the navy may be rejected, at the option of the department, U made by one who is not known a* a manufacturer of. or regular dealer in, the article proposed furnished, which fact, or the reverse. niuitbi dis tinctly stated in the bid- offered; that th* bids of all persons who may bare f*t!?*d to ecmrly with tb* conditions of any contract* they may have pr*TJ ously entered Into with the United States ahatl. a* the option of the department, be rejccud; that 1: B?or? than on? bid be offered for the suvp'y of a? article ou account of any one party, either in hi# own name, or in the name of hi-> partner, clerk, or any other person, the whole ofsoch hid* shall he re jected at the npti >n of the department; and that op* partners of anv firm shall rot be re*eiT?d as auie ties for each o her; and that, whenever it may h? deemed nee Miry, for the inter ?? t of tha go*em m-nt and the health of the crew* cf the Unit*<r States ve'sei*. to procure particular brands cf Hon whl"h ar- known to k?ep be?t on distant station# the Bureau of Provision* and and Clothing- wltl the annroba'loo of the Secretary of the Navy, b and hereby ia, authorised to procura Uia aame or the best terras, in ma ket overt. Aptroved 27 March, 18)1 Avril t??law4w " DOCTOR HOOFLAND'S CELEBRATED ?crmcm Bitters, p*.r??rt> st DB. C. M. JACKSON, PMlad'a., Pi., WILL EFFECTrALLY CCKIC tlYT.R COMPLAINT. DYSPEPSIA, JIHDICE. Chronic or Aervotra Debility, Ih'seaeee of tk* Kidney, and all diteat'i arieing fr-jtm a iit* yrtierc-l Liver or Stomach. jSucIi as Constipation, 1-i.vard Piles, Fullnera, os itlood to the Head, Aridity of the Stomach, N'au sea, Heartburn D.^s'iet for to ?d, Fullnesa oi weight iii th?: Stomach, Sour Eructations, S::il? ing or riutteiin^ at the Pi: of the stomach. Swnr mine of the ilea;t, liurr ed n<l diihcult Breathioe Pla t?*rin>t at uie Heart, Choking or ?ufT??caii5i; rt?rri*ati?Mis ?lien in a l>"ii.e 1'oatnre, Diiuiimb ?? Vi-i<m. Dota of W bs before the ?Mjht, P?'Ver an Dull Pain in the ll?-a I, D: dciencyol" YYIluwnrs.- of fie Skin End Eye*, Pain in it.' Side, Hack, Chr-st, Limbs, aic., 8udd< n Flu?-h* ot Heat Hnrniug iu: he Kiesh, Constant laia^m inss of Evii, and cr^at di prcs-inn of sf|Hriu. 'I-llC proprietor, in c-uiinn t^e attention o| th? J[ pahli tf? this prenaratio1.', ds es so with a feel !:* of the ntn.ost confidence in it:i virtu' * and ad;i| tntion to the dise ?k<'? for u lueh it is rccoiuni--ud? o It i* no new and untiied article, hut ?>ne that ha 5t:>??d the u?;?t of a ten > ? ars' betore th? Amen crn pi'Oi-lc, and us reputation and sale iis unriv<ille< o> any similar preparations ??xtant. The te.-nni an in it* tiivor eiven tty itie moat p oiuineiit and well 1 town Physicians and individual*, hi a!l pans c ii? country i* itiiincn?w. Ti;c followii?a Iroin N.irtr Cai- li::a is n-si?e tfully ?-ul> itl ?J, r?f--rrins an-, who uia> rtili donbt, to my "Memorabilia," or Pra; tical U c- ipt Book for Faimrrs io:d Kmnrie.-. to b< had sralis. of a I the Agents tor the Gennaii Httterr Priaeipal Orti-.-e and Mai utactory, 140 Arch si Philadelphia, I'a. TESTIMONY FROM NOP.TH CAROLINA. Certificate of Dr. W. S:n>'K. of Pine JJiW, Rich morui County, y. C. Pink Mil , March \ h. 18M. Dr. C. M. Jacksow, t'hil id-lphi?? Sir: 1 iav<: la-en a subject of Dy*p*?p-aa, im its woist t rsn '.or the. la-t five years. .Jucli civ cor.dition fo .wi Iv* months tivt thr- physicians and all who ?aw ne "-aid I mu-t ilie. Wlirlt; i:i t'::s coii'litiorj 1 w;if >.arri<-d to the watering places in Virg iua, Tennes see and North Carolina", but was n?t benefited l?* any water to which 1 u a- taken. VV htle on m} way home, I stopped a week at Ruiherfor ton,: smal 1 village in \orth i.'urolina, to trj the effect < ? -OMie L'ha ybeMe w i??.r in that p ace. About th< last of tiie" week. I w nt iato a druj store to pe ?o:ne m? dicir.e for my rhikl and myst-if. 'J'lu r< wen s- veral 11 the vi ! iee physicians in the store and one of them >ernitd to take man: inten ?-t in tu> riy? and, at" er asking me s >iiie question*, sa:.l In had been a dvspepuc, a:;d had Loen ally b< n* litleJ by the a-c uf " i)r. tl-jfl ni's Carman Hn ters," prepared by y u, arid he in-i-ted that I woul< try tli^ |J:it'.r< He al>-o called the next ?Sa7 at in* room, and in-i ted so much that I would try then r*>at I a-Wed h m io pet me one battle. He did it and I com men '<1 L'tkinj; it a# directed, and 1 do sa* I wa? more beneiitied by it ihau all the water an ii?"dicin? 1 bad ?:? tr taken. Alur rea< hiug li me one of my nrizhhors came t< tne l">r a prescription and medicine, (he a d\spep ? ic.) ail I i aav. hi:n ne ir' v ail the Bitters J had b it ?".ueh effected inuvh goo.! in Ins cas? He ha?oft< < ailed on me for more of the sane: k nd oi medi ?ine, saving lie was m re b in fitted by a than ar... Kiin I.' ha.! taken, but I have not been able to p. ..y nior^ f??r him or myself then .?!?, please ship me a d"*ui or inoie ns s..on as j?? rlblt. Kesp?"-tfully yours, W. SMITH. II. i(. HOOK lilt, Uoger's r'tore, Wake t,*o., N' C <) totw-r 24 lbu3, sa>>:? ' Siavi-ig *>iperienced vi ri /reat benefit from .he use of " Hor?fl md*s Ge.mai! Bmerf,*' in Chronic Dj>ept< ry ami functional ??? ranyement of thu Liver, and its cuicomitanl evil 1 am desirous of obtaining a quantity of it for tin oenefu of my community. You will, therefor please ae>id a lot. 8lc. He C?l:r FICATfc OFWM. J. AT WOOD Humtsvillk, VanKiN Co , !V C , Nov. 1st, 1853. Dr C. M. Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow me to es orrss to y. u my sincere thanks for your discover of a medicine which, to say the It-aM of it, ha ef tected a cu'e that ^11 othi r medicines, Mn.x 1 hav aken. have entirely failed ?o ?io. "Ho.'flanc'*s tier man Bitters*' have eure-i me of tlw tun>t stubbcn and aggravated case of :iie that, perhaps, eve, fell to the lot of man My c;-<- is n t a ^rancer ii t: is community, as I am well knnwi in this and th tirrouodinp counties, and can truly t-av that my re covery has astounded ail my friends and relation* is I had tried everything reaomuieni'ed, and nothing ?hd me auy go d until I was prevailed upon io tr ibe Bitter^- Vou are -u iib<-rty to i"ai:c any use o this communication, for the b ncfit of the afflicted. *ou may Uunk proper. Truly vours, WM. J. AT WOOD. There hUtera arc t>ntir?i>f vtgrtchle, they invigorat* and streii?Uien the *y?t< iii, never pt<istrale it, am can b - use^i for infaiits as w. II as adults. For s le by respectable dealers everywhere, ate by 7.. D. GILMAN. tVa-hington; J. L. KI DWELL tieorietown; and J. B. PiEuPONT, Alexandria, mar 1?lv Private Modical Treaties OS TH1 PHYcIOLOQIOAL Y(B>V OF UARRUGE, B? M. B. LA C*LO!2, ?1. D,f AT.UANT. N Y. '?IQ Pkgca and liO fir e Plain '.nd Colored Litho graphs esd Pis.t?i. KJ* Pilaa oa>y AS Cants. 9*Scnt fr?" of po-tagetr- ell par's cf t'ae Ualon^t CUBAPilT UuOK KYlo! FUMUIellXr>,ani cos.t?ining ?early d ubie tne quantity o rea Mng matter in tnat of thf Fiwry CUNTS OH lOLLAh PUBLIC ^TlONft. It treats on ths PHYSIOLO GY GP MARRIAQF.tad thr be rat I ? hru luciind uiscrje. of vouth and maturity, re ?uHiag frr ia excrfg^a, vhid d^^lroy toepbvfkai anu ai n i&l res era. with obsamtiotM 3a d&rnagc, its uaties and doi^aaii&caticr!. atd their r?n?<slies; v-th Utkc^rapL-, hlu Uat'ng thr ?.natcmT ar.d phyuclogy, dLsetuisct tfc? repr? luctive organs of both sez?8, their s*ructuTe, usef ir.d functjonn. A popular and oomi reLinsirs traa us* on the duties and v f eingl^ tad ciar ried ana ^Ui:.ul tu la-.f s, uode cf se ? them -infei'JCuus iLfailil* cne*?their ibviKt'on and rec.OTt:?Lvv^rtust hint* to tb^-? vjntf-rap!aling taatrirxay, tL*t will overrode ob ieeUons to it; rcn:?. bawe^sy. cliuuld t?k? this la p?ruiut s>p v'lout Cm ccatuiting its pages? i rampnUrihd oa Ui- oisaase?ana tuedi*ai tre?uaear it fe_a-tks f.oc^ truancy te> old are, cacb cue graph -oally itiu?trate<i bv Lmutifol lithographic plates? narvoae debil ty, its caua^s an 1 c ire, hy a prose* it once to Fiiuale. iff uad eff-et nai t&florfiis tape* ?db,a?for daily ma nag Sint?an ?p3?y >n Hp rmstorrLeea *lth practical oh?er?atirns on a ?tfrr, and more ccccceaful raule of tr-aiment?pre ifcuticn&ry hliita ot tha enla re.ruith.g tro:a cmpiri ;al pri^tjre?an em>s,j on ali ?iiser'ws atitiai noc. ?.cdlacretiou, wtih plain and alaiwle ru!u by which *M j- recaa ctn oure tbeiae'ilT^a without mercury? f?ui;difes 1vi ihooe aoU lnaicted mlberiea and -ifap pointed hopta so aufertunate'y preraleat in th? roucg. It 13 a truthful advlner to tha mtr;-l-.d anJ iios') cont-'Eiplating mtrrJift*- L>a parti. a< la prj ieularly rxmmeiidtd to rnrst'ns enurtainlng se arrt dcnbti of their pkyelcal condition, and who arc mr.scions of having nntardsd the health, hac |iitie md ptivilagsi to which every human haLig Is in killed to. Pii -s ?? ??r,tj per copy, or fir? ocf *J fcr cce aol tar. Mailed free of p*.t;iaje tc any ptf t o* tha UsJ isd States. N. 3^-Tho?? who prefer mty ecrsnltDr LiGrcc nron any of thodluataea upou which Uii tock treat* either personally or by ia?51. tfed'.cins g*at to mcj of the Galon to dlreaUons, lately pei?-d and etrsfully sccurad frrti all obcanraticn. Addnfs Dr. UL l?. L\ u?0IX, No fel ilaiiaa i*n> or Poet Ofdae Box 670, Albany, h. Y. t/- G?e? open daily frcu 0 a a to S n u. and on Monday from 3 until 6 pm. ???? ???*?>???* from Ho. If Bwtst ft, 11 liMi, Albany, M. Y. ?mT TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. Mott Bedell's Lino, azw roRrr.jLEXJisrnr.i, wjsmvGiM CITY, AXD DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA pjCK?TS rpHI3 LIVE or PACKET* 8AIL8 WrEKLY 1 ftna pier 14 East Kjver, New York, and oftener ifaccessary, and ire computed of the f ing ttbU da* tcwIi: >r* schr. Ji. T. Brdtil, Bedell. m eater. Now echr. Mott Rrdeil. A. V. TredwelL * Fehr. Ann D.f Wm. CHiver, nu'ia. Sch'. I'oiant, L. A. Siniiii. matter. Scbr. Commander in- Chief , V\'ofi BMMr. Schr. Greenir?y, Wilaon, master. Theae vessels are all fist sailer*. and tbe men of experience id tb? trade and tha only tar Una of Waahinctrm City parketa. MUTT BEdELL, Wall street, W. Y. 8. 8. MASTER* fc HONS, _ Alexandria, Va. THOMAS BILEY, feb 1?4m Washington and D. C. rROHWRI L'? BALTIMORE STEAMSHHJ LINK BETWEEN *1u 1 NEW YOKE BALTIMORE ft. BO?T< *, llfILL Hirpatcb a 8te:jw? r daily from Baltimore ? v and New York, ar?l mic a wwk from Boston to Hilntiorf snd Biltimof to t'-o?ton. This lin?* afford* unt quail* d ttnliues to the bod nn** ?"?*?> of the I Strict of < mtimhta. The Ar-ata at either point will recclv?- fre.ghi ai.d give a b:Il of lading to Washin?t<?n at the loH??t rate* i<" fr-'ijht and no ronimis*,on? < harj?<-d. Appltranofie for freight promptly attend* d to hy tbe Mkmina agents j A. C. HALL, 50 PI pr, Baltimore. H. B CROMWELL, Corner Washington nnd Albany sta., N. Y, jno. w. 8. hank, Jan 14?d3m Foot of India Wharf, P..-ton. FOR THE WEST AND SOUTH. BALTIMORE AND OHIO KAILKOAD. IMPKOVM) AFiRAK .KMeNTg pok TP.AVkL! 1MF0KTAXT LUANGtS OF3CHKDCDX! I The late completion of the ^? 'Oentral Ohio Kail road between whe-hng and Columbus, uniting. c* It do**, by to ?!?ort and direct a Hop, tbe Baltimore and Ohio <ailr-a1 with all portions cf tbe *?et <an-1 North nl Scuthwest,) fires this r uie gixatly increased ^vantages to ttirouirh travelers in ttat direction. and efer MuNUAY, November iT, 18*4. the "rains will be ran at fallows: FOR THROUGH PA83EXGSRB. ??* ?*,n* "Wly wii: rua in each d'raeMon. ?The .JAIL TRAIN, 'earlrg Catc leo Station t . a. ta., Inst-d of 8 o'clock u heretofore fai<wnt *? Sunday,) and arriving ?t W beebnr at 2 40 a. m ?coond?The KXPRKB TRAIN. luring at ft p m , nitead of at 7 p. m., a* heretofore, and rannltg ??rongh to VFhee lug in abont 17 hcuis??cb?if there at 10 25 a. m. Tbla train w9l ft. p at W*h. ngton Junction, Syke^llla, kJrn^eacr, Herne ^a ' rry, Mar?:nabunt, hir Jobn'* Baa. ComVri?n4, ledmont, Rowleeburf, Newbare, f^teisun, l am '.ngteo, C^tne.oQ an l Mou iJ-ti le onjy. tor voed ?ad ?ater ?Dd teala. b- tb tt?-? tralna maka >rr>mpt and rwalar oooLc- lion vi h th? c>r? or tha Septra. Ohio hoad for Caabridg , New tr*? ColumVna, Cln'iniJ^ti, Jc-aiaeiJlfl, T^yton. ?andnaky, Toled*?, i-etrdt. lndiar*;<>H" Cbioa^ t U.a.-, etc. Pa^n-era le^ing ha:tic>ore hy tbe F: r; ' *e?o* Cir.'lcuati frr Jinn?r next -'V^Th. ?br?^ZXr-T~* lfmi3 tb#y . W the oejit n^ht, b-ir>c kept bat one night on ?be route by either train Pawnsere Hk tbe Northwa* rla GereTand and ?J intermediate poinU can mike a direct ennee .?onw!?n he tr^lna unon th? C.erelned -nd ?>itta. .urf R'jlror'J et all t mea whee tbf Ohio ia raeig^ '.r'-camera b> rwe?o Whe^lia* atd WellaeilW ?)y leaving Baltimore In ?he Ma 1 7rain at^a. m. Traina lean Wbaeii. g aa lollewa rhe KXPRkik) TRAIN at 41^) p m, caching S -luiore at Wj i m. The MAIL TRAIN at 11.46 p. <n . reacbirg BaUimcre at m 7 p. ^-Thron?bi tV*er? by b-at tKm Wb??'|a2 for Riv^l ?i)l ' wii' L:U iTTlLf' *- t^d other direr vitiea, ?i 1 be ao.d at a 1 umea when ihc fiom f water wUI adout. nehmef^agn ticketa between Baltimore and (tfasaii.rtoa, aufail t!ie imporant cit:n ?UJ tcvne >mp?ny " 801(1 At ^ OSeea of tha FOR WAY PAESEJfETlB. ?nV.'TE WAIL TRAIN, 'aaria? Pisa-Jen Ptatkm win .h. ,^C^"r'?frf for. *n tfc* ^ rtoppirg plane* on Itn iA iR^prning, ihia train leaeaa v.V)ealing 13' 'nitrht, Cumberland at lc lb a. m ad wrirea at Balttanow at 7 p m. JI*1 f >-rLbE'*?K AOCOli VOCATION TRAIN, i n^ 7- ^ l''t?rmodi*la tlacr-s, will rart a{ iU'a?" ioU7u{^K Sun/f"') ?rrfr<ng In Pr-der wk at 7AO he urrlng ?!]' le*Te Fredrrick at 9 a. rnu vA ^f'tin,ope ?t 12 30. noon THE KILICJirii VILL? ACCVjMMODATTON ?t'l b* n>n daily, (^xr pt gnnda-a.) a3 foilowa ? Leave Quad-n fctari n at 6 ? m. inJ 8 p " I^e ve K.Lcott a liilij at 7.JU a. ta. and 0.90 p. m WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD r fATa AV^ atN AB F lLL' WB: I EA ? ? diilv, except Bnadar. tt 0 aitA w w . _ Ll a-?d 3 and 5pm " " 0 *???*?. m. Ua Panuay at 6 a m tod 6 p n. ^ beaTe Baltimore at 4^ a?lt?am; and ft and ? On Ecsday at 4* a m and 5 p m. far ?!LeSi2sU' u2 ^^nftOkli Raflread jm "? 7 tnUu lc*'" S ^ e a Bujj JRTork?^?d 1>4._ for Annapolis at %% a m and 6 p q. For Nor.oik at S p m. Particn'ar attentlcr. ia aalM^c Um?Ro'e^reqvlpi aj a reapouMLie \oarh?r lor aay peraon ai ooksr *ho m ;y wi-h to pa?? ov.r the road. d*?iS?dtf JKA5QK AND ALEXANDRIA EAILEJAD. On and after Tuesday, Kjv. 7, 1854, rHE CtJfl l?ave Alexandria daUy fcr Qonkmw riUe aad tntertn?dii>to tationa at 7 H o'clock, ?. m., oo the arrival ol tha boa? from Washington, ^ivinz amrie fcr brnakf. at on board C-1> _ec,Un< at Mtnas^ .luacti>n a ilh a tr*:a ior 8tt-k* ?.un;, at Wairentou Ja otion w?U> a train fcr Wer? -ent^n, ??y* at G<-rUf lsnlle wUh the trtin* on tha Virginia Central Ka.lroaa fcr 1U -hmond,CharlcUe? dlle. and titauntrn. Tha cam iaave Gordcnrvire dally for Alexandria and Intermediate stationa, at U before 12. a. ta., oa w? wrrlval of the trains o* the Vi-gisiu C<-ntial rail> ^ai from kicksoad, Cbarlt lteFvilla, and bUunton. T^ROCGH TICKETS. From Alexandria to Warrenton ????eeeaeeeae ..$2 00 * ** e S U M M CharlottuTlila 4 2& ** ** Bu.ur.u r ft 00 u a Blratbnrg ? 3 40 u * Lynchlutg 47f * *? wbeboto8 to M " Luray?- ? 4 2ft ? u New Market ft 00 ? ? Middlaburg 2 2ft ?cr LjaJ.barz, er-tnecting the ccg^a at liirLrtteevLle, cn Mcniays, Wedne?daya, and Fri IM7S Vet Lcray and New \!ai*et, eocnsctisg ullh tha * a,;** at Oulpaper,caTuetuaja," iiti2baayc,ai^l Satr orday. Fir VHr ^hsater daily, connecting with tl*e ctagd at Pleiaont Fur Mildlt bur- dally, ccnnectiu; with the ftagaa at the Plalna. Tar cider: W. B. EL0C2ETT, Agent, nov 7?dif FOR MOUNT VE11NON. ? ^TT? a. On TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. ir^wifflShiiri17n'* roac-J trip SI; from Alas andTia 7ft crt.ut ?The THOMAS COLLY KR leavu Washington at 9 and Alexandria at 0V> o'ctock. < 'o-cL.j l?-?ve the Capitol for Ihe boat at 8ti o'clk. Coach f;*ra '0 oenta. Pereons wishiag the Coeches will leara their rad iance with Geo. k ILoa. Parlor. itef.^eLxaf eta on the boat. _0ct28?dtf BAM'L GTCNWY, Offt. VU?i NEW TORE 4k LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMER8. THE PEli'S OOJftFKiAlNG lain LIKE AEE VH* ATLANTTC, Capt. We*L PACIFIC, Nye, BALTIC, Capt Oaratodt, ADRIATIC, Capt. Arallon. The?e Fhlps have been Loi't by contraet, exprew !y for Government tervioe, every care has been taken in their consermciion, aa In th<r Knginee to Insure strength and ep?el. and their aeeommc?da* tkne for pamengert are unequalled for eieganoe au i ^ ^ttJort. Pri'.e of paast^e from New York to Llr-rpool, tn first oabtn.................................................. 1 ^0 Second Cabln...^ .??????. o Xxrluaive uae of extra eiae state room* ? 803 Flora Liverpool to New York ?J0 and ?20. An exi-erienced aurgeon attached to at lib No baiih can be eeeured until paid tor. Foe freight or pawa?e apply to ADWA&D k. COLLINS ft 00., 60 Wail street. New Ycfk* BTIOWN, SHIPLEY ft CO, B. ?. ROLIRT8 ft CO., 13 E<ng'a 4rms Yard, JOaN klLftROE ft CO, M Eue Notre lame dee Yl -tolrea, Futo. GtlO. fl. TRAPKR, Havre. Tbe owner* of the^e rhips will not he < v. r^lA ?I v..m? ? .? v??T>" V> Linr, ruijrs will mot St acooi for gold, silver, bullion, spede, iewairy, pi stones or metals, unioea bills ef lading are thery^and^ftt Taiue iftereofvtaaU

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