Newspaper of Evening Star, April 21, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 21, 1855 Page 2
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E V ENIN |Q 1$ T A R. m '''' ' * ^ | WASHINGTON U IT Y: 8ATTTBDAT AFTEKITOOII April 81. SPIRIT OT TH* MOKHIWG PSMS. Xk? Untom thinks that Know Notkiagiim aims to elevate the negro to ell the privileges of Amerioan citiaenship, while seeking to de prive the foreigner of them, end a tee the con. duct of the Masaaohnsetts "smelling commit tee to show that its (Know Nothingiam's) plan of operations is to install debauched, brutal, and vulgar blackguards as the future guard ians of American religions liberty, individual rights, and female morality. The Int*Ulig*ti(*tr coatends that Spain's act of subjecting ear commerce to her polioe guardianship is not one to justify this Govern ment in punishing her police ship when oaaght in the eet of invading oar rights Naw Mrsic ?John F Ellis, the popular music dealer S06 Pennsylvania avenue, has sent as the following piecrs of new music : ?' In the forest wild. " song by E H Osborne, with a beautiful lithograph title page; " The brooklet " a song by Carlo Gola; " I know a aly nook," song by J . T. Gosden ; " My dreams are still ot thee," words by J Benri Nones, music by H. S. Colman; " The West end quickstep,'1 by C. F Percival. WMniNGTUH MEWS AtiD GOSSIP. The intelligencer and Star ?We permitted ouraelf to be betrayed yesterday into a mani festation of undue temper by the Intelligtn. fr s act of classing as among the aiders and abettors of the fillibasters, and its effort to hold the Administration responsible for ?uf views upon the necessities of its affairs with Spain; mi-construing those views, loo, by charging that they looked to r.ught bat the plain daty of protecting American rights when invaded Yet we should not have permitted ourself to have been betrayed by our feeling into charging upon the Intelli gencer other than patriotic motives in what it ??y? of American public affair;, however sin oerely we may believe that its positions are unfortunate for the pablic interest and the cause of peaoe. No other person has a deeper respect and regard than ours for the gen tlemen who conduct the Ixt+lligencer. These sentiments sre hereditary and traditional with us *nd ww are proud to acknowledge their oblige won. So we have no hesitation in apologising for*returning that journal's imputations on the Star, in temper and tone borrowed from the article to which we were replying While we accord to them in tegrity of purpose in their views, we never theless ea nestly protest against those views as being likelv to prove unfortunate fjr tho public interest. We recollect that ere hostili ties actually c mmenced with Mexico, that Government becime possessed wi'h the idea that the Int'ltigcneer'* sentiments upon the diifioul.ies between the two countries were those cf th? great body of the people of the Lnited States, end th?t our Government would not be sustained in its positions. This fatal delusion resulted in war. We know, too, that in 'ho course of Mr Soule's discussions with Mr Calderon. the latter was in the habi' of laying stress on the representations of the Intelligent concerning delicate questions in issue between Spain and the Lnited S'ates, quoting them afainst the views and argiments of our Government; thus complicating our affairs with that Power and embarrassing our Government s efforts for their (settlement on satisfactory terms. We know, too, that at the same time, Mr. Soale could not get a lin?- in any Madrid paper (owing to the prohibition of the authorities) in justification of the points which at had been ordered to make. While we know further, that the Ooruca, publish d in New York <ri?y with the money of Spain, its avowed organ in thu aountry, is constantly reiterating the Intelligencer's arguments against the American Government's poin's in our Spanish relations, and abusing the Prasi dent and his Cabinet as though they were a gang of highwaymen?a course of proceeding on the part of foreigners which would not be permitted for a day under any other Govern ment under the sun. Now, in the paragraph which the Intelligent ctr chose to interpret as an assumed author* iaed declaration that Commodore McCaaley had been ordered to make war on Spain, we merely stated our belief that a summary stop would be put to Spain's infraction of our rights, if Concha attempted to persevere in them Buch was its fair interpretation, and such only. lie who believes that Concha will be per mitted to go on imprisoning Americans as in the case of Mr Iiiompaon and Dr. Peck, with oat even deigning to state the charges against them, and forcing our vessels engaged in law ful commerce to submit to have a Spanish po lice exercised over them on the high seas, must surely be oblivious to our previous na tional history, and to the antecedents of the present Government of the United States, and the political organisation placingour country'i rights and honor in its keeping Why, even when General Taylor was President, we were within an inch cf getting to war with Spain, over similar conduct on the part of her effioers in Cuba. We refer to the case of theContoy prisoners General Taylor on that oocaaion "took the bit in his mouth, and against the advice tf his cabinet?greatly indeed, tc the dismay of Mr. Clayton?sent word to the Spanish Minister, that if a drop of American blood w*a spilled he should have satisfaction; and that, summa rily, too His firmness and promptness on that oocasion prevented war. Under the adminis tration of his successor the good effect of his manly stand in that affair was in a great measure lost to us, for on more than one ooca sion. American citisens, to escape the galleys, Africa, or the garrote, were com polled to elaim British protection in foreign lands An englishman may roam the world over, and if ? h*ir of his head is wrongfully disturbed by a foreign Government, it must be atoned for at any oo?t 0f life and treasure to the nation. Thie trait of British statesmanship is worthy of all praise; and as we mourned over Mr Fill more's foil ure to follow that example, we re joice that General Pi.rc# u d#Urmined to make it the policy of his adminietration of Amerioan public affairs In Tiew of our ly increased and increasing oommerce it is high time that our State and people should be ready to meet the consequences of *ny conflict that may ocour in the maintenance of our rights abroad ? Drought-Iron Beam* for Fublio Buildings. It is known that, aftor careful and extensive experiments made principally in thisoity by oompetent scientific officers, those in the Gev mment charged with the ereotion oi public buildings have concluded to cue wrought-iron extensively for beams, as being, all things con sidered. much more desirable than beams of wood The following letter on the subject will interest all who watch our country's progress in the arts with solicitude: * Otficb or MofTotJR Ino* Cokpakt, ) Philadelphia, April 19, 1855 J D*ar Sir: The Hon Senator Hunter has sect to me, recently, your letter upon the sub ject of wrought-iron neams Ao I am happy to find that tha attention of the Government hag been called to the subject I have no doubt that your experiments will show the grrtxt mp?'iority of American iron. Wchavo In this Btate the resources and capital also, to furnish the highest demands for the article, if there was any stability in our legislation, afcd if the quality of the iron was appreciated and paid for accordingly. of late years, all that is sought is & cheap artiole. Ther* is scarcely a railroad company hi tto country that will be influenced in the least by the quality of the iron. The great ofcject to be pained is to lay down a track, regardless of how many lives may be lost hereafter by de fective bars We have shown, from the test on the Philadelphia and Heading Railroad for years, and which transports the heaviest ton nage of any road in the world, that our iron is worth $14 50 per ton more than the English, and yet the companies refuse to pay us any more for it. Pennsylvania will be mach grat ified by any effort that you may make to en lighten the public mind upon this subject, and by the introduction of irott into our public buildings I am sure that the iron tra^e will facilitate and aid you in those efforts. With much respect, Ac., Thob Chambers. Hon Jas. Gcthrib, Secretary of Treasury. A Slander.?The telegraphio correspondent of the Northern Associated Press says in those papers of yesterday : "We learn that the clerks in the Depart ments are issuing proposals to look up bounty land claims, and transacting such business generally during their regular office hours." This story is an unblushing and unmitigated falsehood It is against the law for any Gov ernment employee here to engage in any snch transaction, subjecting him to fino and im prisonment, as well as the loss of office. No man here employed by the Government would dream of engaging in any such gross violation of the privileges and trusts of his position. It probably originated in the circular of some agent or other, who intimated that be had greater facilities than others in the prosecu tion of olaims. The Bumored Africanisation of Cuba ?Mr Editor: The brief paragraph of the Star of the day before yesterday under this bead is evidently intended to create the belief that, if the version of the Spanish Minister's speech containing assurances to the holders of prop erty in Cuba, be true, the dreaded disturbance of the social condition of that Island beoomes > a phantom deserving ridicule. The title adopted for the paragraph proves that such i was the mention, because the substance of it i was merely some evidence that the speech wa< spoken or written and handed as official If my surmise be correct as to the purpose of the ; writer, he proposes to stop the mi*#hief in ! time. Having watched the positive change in ? the policy of Spain during the last six or eight years, in the interpretation of the laws, in the rural police, in the system of labor, and in the moral prestige and power accordod to each of the two races who stand upon he- soil, and being advised by every steamer of some practical overthrow of tbo ancient safeguards of order and peace. I am ready to repeat the words introduced on a similar occasion in the work of the Attorney for the Spanish Crown, when Spain was yet conservative for Cuba '? A thousand times preferable would it be that the British Government had frankly pro posod. if that were its intention, the complete emancipation of the slaves " In reply te this communication, we have to say that our purpose in publishing the para graph to which it alludes, was simply to an nounce to the country facts of great public importance, which had come to our knowledge through advices from Madrid, received by more than one foreign legation in Washing ton. Vis: that the American Charge at Madrid on the day after the delivery of M. Luzuria ga s speech, had, on behalf of thi3 Govern, meat,formally interpellated that Minister as to the tenor of hi* remarks, and that M. L. had promptly returned for answer an official oopy of the speech in question, wherein the purpose of the Africanization of Cuba, to prevent it from passing from under Spanish authority, or . for any other purpose whatever, was distinctly ! denied?thO denial being accompanied by a ' strong argument to thow that Spain had noth | icg to gain by resorting to that policy, even as a last effort te rotain the island. Wo further essayed to say, that it was believed among the | foreign diplomatists in this city, that the last I European arrival brought te our Government ) an official account of the interpellation and Mr. Luzariagu's reply thereto. As to the amount of credence to be given properly to that reply, we can express no opinion, it em braces an earnest official denial of the truth of the Africanization allegation, which, we take it for granted, will receive the consider ation to which this Government, in view of all the facts within its knowledge, may deem to be justly its due. Gold Sent to California ?Owing to the tem. porary suspension of the operations cf the of the California branch mint and the embar rassment of the San Francisco business com munity, the Assistant Treasurer there finds himself without sufficient funds in hand to meet out-standing drafts. To enable him promptly to pay all demands, the Secretary of the Treasury has ordered $200,000 in specie to be sent to the Pacific side, which with the bul lion on hand will be sufficient to settle all claims on the Government there on, presenta tion, until the examination of the mint having been completed, it will coin more than suffi cient to meet the wants of the Government in that quarter. Agricultural ?The Patent Office (agricul tural branch) have recently distributed fifty barrels of English seed potatoes, for experi menting among the agricultural societies of the Northern and Western States, where the climate best suits them. This variety of po tato is very productive in England, bears late planting, and has never been known to be at tacked by disease. It is recommended to plant the produot for two years in succession at least, if it should not suooood well the first orsoeend The Port of Milwaukie.?The establishment of a new line of steamboats between this port and ports on the Canada side has made the services of an additional inspector necessary there, and the collector has appointed Mr. James Bice to that position. The Vieksburg Marine Hospital ?The Sec retary of the Treasury has awarded to Mr. Theodore Adams, of Vioksburg, the oontraot for the construction of the marine hospital at that point, and Capt. John Bobb, sr , has been appointed superintendent thereof The 8t. Lawrence and her Officers ?This ship will beat once pdt out of commission, aailB a day or two three months' leave will ba duly torwarded to all her officer* An Indian Agent Appointed ?Ifoyal Bald win hu bean appointed agent for the Kicka ; poo Indians, vice Robert Campbell, deolined. A Watchman Appointed?Barron Frere is appointed watchman in the Pension Bureau, under the provisions of the late Bounty Land j aot. Appointment.?Mr Win. Bennet, of Waldo-1 boro', Me , has been appointed superintendent of the new onstom-honse in that tewn, the oonstruetion of whioh has been oommeneed. A Deputy Collector Resigned?Mr. M H. Jonbs, deputy eolleotor of oustoms at Aransas. Xezss, has resigned Tb? C'iirent Operations of tha Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 2Dth April taer: were of Treasury Warrants entered on thi books of the Department? For paying Treasury debts $27 344 00 For tne Customs 72 826 43 Kef the War Department. 202,900 06 For repaying in the War Depart ment 1,187 22 For the Navy Department 92,652 90 For repaying in the Navy Depart* ment 508 64 For the Interior Department 7,336 64 For repaying for the Interior De partment 659 96 For covering into the Treasury from Lands 6,987 40 For covering into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources.... "2,665 00 BALTIMORE CORRESPONDENCE. Baltimore, April 20,1855. The sudden and mysterious death of Mrs. Pendergast, wife of Capt. Pendergast, of our eity, has caused some excitement. Testimony, to day, before the ooroner's jury, went to establish the fact that she died from the elfeots of intemperance When found a corpse, sev eral bruises appeared on her person, supposed to have been produced by falls whilst intoxi cated. Prior to her decease, she bore the reputation amongst her neighbors of a pious, upright lady, and was a strict member of choTcb. It appears, however, from some of the witnesses that an inordinate use of intox icatirs liquor caused her untimely end. Du ring tfco investigation to day, Chief Constable Ileiring presented the following singular let ter, which was received by Mayor Hinki this morning: Thursday Eviirwa April 19,1855. Bear Str: One of your officers was called m yesterday, and failed to do his duty. Now investigate the matter and look into it, I can ?tand it no loDger Three months I have been confined to my room from blows and ill-treat ment in various ways I think I can prove as good a character as any citiien of Maryland. \ ours, with respect, R. Prndbrqast. To Saml. Hinks, Mayor of Baltimore. '.'fficer Tamon testified that be was oalled upon on W ednesday by a small negro boy and informod that he was wanted at the house of Capt. Pendergast; he at once went to the spot, and on entering the buildin; was met in the passage by the Captain, who asked his business; informed him that he had been tent for, and in the discharge of his duty was compelled to oome; the Captain then asked him who sen! for him, when he replied he did not know; but pointing to the small negro, said that he was the person who oalled upon him. The boy, in replv to a question from the Captain, said his "Missus" had ordered him to go for the officer The officer was then informed that his services were not needed, and he immediately bowod himself out. Mr. Tamon. of his own knowledge, knew nothing about the affairs of the family. Mrs Wilson, an old lady, the mother of the deceased, stated that ?be never knew her daughter to drink, but has reasons to believe tua! she has been addioted to it for some time past, she was informed so by the Captain; never knew her husband to treat her badly, exo?pt when she ??tantalised" him, which she nas frequently done of late. The Captain *!" very forbearing, and frequently when his wife was BcoldiDg and abu ing him, would put on his coat and hat and leave the house. Her daughter told her that Bhe once went out in an omnibus, and got drunk, and the strap of the vehicle catobing her eye blacked it; and, thai she was compelled to come home iu a hack. She said she sawher daughter on Wednesday, she believed her drunk At the time she saw on Wednesday her husband was in an adjoining room eiok; she abused her husband very often. Mr. Jerome Pendergast, a step-son ef the de ceased testified that Mrs. Pendergast had been under the influence of liquor all day yesterday and on going to her room to see her about balf past seven o'clook last evening, he found her lying across the the bed with her feet resting upon the floor, and her head buried beneath the bed-clothes?dead. She had t>een foaming at the mouth. He found sever al bottles ot liquor, brandy, gin and whiskey, secreted in the room this morning. Two fe male inmates of the family corroborated the testimony of Mr Pendergast. Dr. O'Donovan, the family physician, testified to her habits of intemperance. There was much other tes*i mony, ail tending to her intemperate habit?, and the kind treatment of her husband, but we have no time or space to give it to day. ihe jury had not formed a verdict when we were compelled to leave. The general impression is that when the deceased wrote the letter to the mayor, and sent for the officer, that she was not in her right mind. Her maiden name was Wilson, but when married to Capt. Pendergast was the widow of a gentleman named Lafferty. Sh? lt&TM two children by Capt Peudergast. The jury returned a verdiot that her death was caused by 'disease, from recent intem perance?no violence having been committed." 1 he examination of Capt White, of the ship James Cheston, and his two mates, charged with wilfully abandoning said vessel at sea, will take place to-morrow in the United States District court room. It will probably be pri vate, as it is only a preliminary or somewhat informal affair. A deep mystery still hangs over this matter, and some very singular facts may be elicited. Breadstufis In our market have taken a downward turn, and the indications are that the Rubicon of high prioes has been passed for this season. Rodkrick. PERSONAL. ? ?? .Dr. Woodson Wren, of Notches, Missis sippi, died on Monday, the 9th inst He was Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Ma sons of Mississippi, in 1829, and was next to the last survivor of the convention of Masons, who adopted the constitution of the Grand Lodge of that State. ... .Mayor Wood, of New York, has reeeived a letter from Mr. Fay, our minister to Swits erland, enclosing a circular issued by the Fedes^l Council of Switserlsnd, condemning the sending of pauperafrom that oountry, aad prohibiting the praotiee for the future. ....The Governor of Massachusetts has signed the Liquor bill. ....Com. Stockton arrived at Portsmouth. Va., on Thursday, bound South. ....A lady died suddenly at 448 Fortieth street, New York, it is said in consequence of a surgical operation Her ausband went to California months ago, and the wife has sinoe cultivated a very extensive cirele of fashiona ble acquaintances. ... .Among the recent arrivals atNew York, are those of W. Bodisco, of the Russian Lega tion, ex President Fillmore, Judge Hall, for merly Postmaster General, and Sir Charles E Gray, formerly Governor of Jamaica. ....The New York Post understands that Colonel Kinney, with the companions of his Nicarsugua expedition, will sail from New York for San Juan on the 7th of May, in the staamship United States, commanded by Capt. Graham. ....Mrs Hamlin, wife of U. S. Senator Hannibal Hamlin, died in Bangor, Maine, on the 17th inst , after a lingering illness. ....The Rev. Dr. Parsons lectured at Maysville, Ky , last Wednesday evening, on the "Glory and Shame of Aneriea." Ha ?poke two hoars, and the aadience were herd, ly willing to have him clow, even after so long a speech He wii very eloquent end en tertaining We reoollect that the "Ke?. Dr." bwd?," end performed at tie National Taeetre. in this city, aa a "star." His Roaring Ralph," eipeeially, was e floe jdece of dramatio acting .... A young lady of Bridgeton, N. J., while in the act of raeeilng. came near dislocating her neck; she was insensible for some honr?, death ??*fic?l skill prevented her 0T The ateamer Star of the South arrired *t New York, yesterday, from Aspinwall, bringing dates from that place and Panama te the 6th. The sloop-of-war John Adams ar rived at Panama on the 2d. The papers pub lish the feet of the New Oranadian Congress creating separate Frovinoes, under the dim of the State of Panama. Thu WbuatFields.?The most favorable reports have reached the Albany Atlas from ail the wheat growing states of the west and Can ada. In thftt vieinity the young wheat looks well, but the farmers are already borrowing trouble by the weevil. Last year, the British revenue derived from newspaper stamps, at one penny duty, wm ?464,009 Is Id. The number Issued was 111,362.179. BTThe capital invested in distilleries in California, is reported at $375 000 * There are six in San Franoiset, two in Marysville. and one at San Jose. ?A discourse ou "Skepticism and Skeptics," may be ex pected in this Church te morrow, April 22 ?ip ai?it ' fc-^S?FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, 4? street.?Rev. B. Sunderland, the PaMor. inay be expected to preach at 11 a. m., and k of 8 p in Subject of the morning discourse: "The Divine Repulse of the Sinner, '? Mntt. 7. 03; and ihat of the evening, "Free Will," from Rom. 9,19 ^notice.?all persons interest ed in the Annual Assessment of taxable property in the city of Washington for the year 1855 are hereby informed that the Board of Appeal* will be tn session .n the Assessors' Room, in the City Hall, on WEDNESDAY, the l'th, from 9 a in to J p. m., and will continue in session from day to day (Sundays excepted) during he same hours for thi) of hearing and deciding up m all appeals until the 26th instant, inclusive. T. P. DARKNESS, 8ecre,arJ of the Board of Appeal. aprlO-dtSCth YV HROKB5 HIS CHAIN or stolen from the premises of the advertiser, a yellow bull TER RIER, with a scar on his ?ide, known as the ?? Do Taylor." Any pvrson returning him to No 340 Pa. avenue, will receive a reward of ?5. ap21?2t* For sale?four horses and carts and o?ie Wagon. The horses arc valuable work horses and will be sold cheap. If they are not sold by April 27ih, they will be sold at auction. Aply on 2Jd street, between L and M streets, near the o, o . " PH!L,P gormly. ap 21- 3t* For sale - eighteen ortwenty~fine work HORSES just arrived from Ohio. They can be seen at W.C HAZEL'S Livery Stable on Beall.beiween Congress and High sts , Georget'n TIIE GRAND SOIREE AT^RCSPS SALOON has been postponed fi.i 1 HL RSDAY, April 2f>th, when the draw ins Jind distribution of the pplen'tid Lac?;s, valued af .*1,500, (now on exhibition at Madame Deiarue's Pen. sylva la avenw,) will positively take place. ' 1 he cau?e of the postponement is occasioned by flie wish of the manager to engage artists, who wii' contribute to make this Soiree worthvof the patron age of the fashionable public, of which it is expected to bo composed. ap 21 It* GRiND EXHIBITION AND MAY BALI, AT THE NATIONAL THEATRE. PllOF. H. W. MUNIIKR takes piea*ure in announcing to the publ c that hi* Grand Exhibition aud May Hall will t*ke plac- at the Na tional Theatre on THURSDAY EVENING, Mav 3d, 1855. The most extensive preparation is'being mad?, which will render this the most magnificent entertainment that has aver been wl neWd iu this city. 1 lie Panjneite will b? floored over from the entrance to the foot of the stage, throwing t'ie en tire Theatre into one immense Rail Room, which will be decoraied in the roost gorgeous manner. A Throne for the Queen of May and her Maids of Honor will be erected on the back of the stage, orn amented with flnwers and banners, surrounded by scenes of a Fairyland. The Exhibition in preparation for this occasion cannot be excelled, either in point of beauty or the mariner in which the dances are executed. The following is a programme of Dances: 1. College Hornpipe, by 4 masters, 2 El Bolero, by 4 misses, 3. La Cachucha, by 5 misses, 4. Pa- Styrian, by a miss and master, 5 La Smolensk!, by 2 misses, 6 La Fille du Savateur, by 3 misses, 7. Cracovienne, by 2 misses, 8. Scotch Dance, by 4 misses, 9. Styr an Walta, by 2 ladies and a gentleman 10. Fischer's Hornpipe, by a master, 11. El Jeleo de Jeres, hy a miss, 12- Grand Shawl Dances, by 24 misses; in which is the crowning scene, the grand march. and a?c- nsion upon the throne, and grand final tableaux. 13. Thr Flower Dance, by 32 misses, from the a?e of 5 years up to 18, ad introduced by the wonderful Viennoise Children in this city in 1843 It is compnsed of 16 arches and 16 circles of Roses of every variety and color Tins dance presents one of the most imposing spectacles ever witnessed on or off of "he stage. The boxes will be reserved tor ladies during the exhibition, sfter which the floor will be cleared for the uhole company Notwithstanding the enormous expense attend ing th s exhibition, the price of tickets will be as urual, only .*2 -adinittiug 1 gentleman and lading. Private boxes may be obtained by calling on Prof. M., nt his Salmon, corner Pa. avenue and 11th et from 4 to 6 o'clock p m. ap 81?dtd ' FRENCH BOOT MAKER. JACOB WOLFSTElNEIt, No. *8T Eighth st near Pa. avenue, Is now prepared to make the most fashionable French BOOTS. His long expe rience and practice in this branch of the business in Pans and New York, justify him in sa> lug that his Boots cannot be excelled in this country. Has on hand a lot already made up, to which the particular attention of gentlemen are invited ap21?lw* TO THE LADIES I HAVE just received, per Express another lot of Ma llard's celebrated *ew York Steam Candies, consisting ofChocolate,Cream,Car omel, Diablatius Lnua Beans, Cordial, Sugar Almonds, Strawberry Cream, Burnt Almond*, Lemon. Vanilla, Banana Horehound and L'quorice flavored GUM DROPS. ' Also, his Iceland Moss Paste,and Marous Glaccs For sale at Z. M. P. KING'S, 365 Vermont avenue, corner I street ap 21 3t MK8, STOWB'S WKW BOOK The Mayflower and Miscellaneous Writings, by Harriet Beecher Stowe, 12 mo; f I 25 Philosophy of Sectarianism, or a view of the Chris- ' tian Sects In the United States, by the Rev A.41laikie Illuminated Picture Reward Cards, Daily Bible Teits, and Sacred Melodies for the young Trnc s, by the Rev. W. K. Tweedie, B D. GRAY & BALLANTYNE, aP 91 498 Seventh street, ICE. 'fl N. KIDWELL guarantee*a full supply of 1 ? ice to his customers in Washington or George town, for the whole year, at fair prices. Orders can be left at the following places or sent through the Post Office. H. H. McPhf rson, Druggist, Capitol Hill Kid well fc Laurence, corner of Pa. avunuc and 14th streets Mr. MePherson, Grocer, 7th stri ct G. F. Kid well, Smith's Lumber Office, 6t st Joseph Moore, Druggist, Pa avenue, First Ward Ice can be hart at my office, No 3 First street. Ocorgetown, at all times. Families will be sunnlied' for the whole year at fair prices. ap 21?Lai NEW~GOODS-SPRING STYLES, &c. WE have Just returned from New York with a large and varied assortment of new stvlen Fancy and Staple GOODS, which we shall continue ISrtl1eytimiay l? "hibU SDd iu,v?" of" Prices* We have iw?w in store the largest assortment in this city of Baskets, Canes, Ptrfumeiy Brushes ^ Ute"2VMCy and Ptauon ery, *uns, Setoora, Knives, Bird Cages, Pianoe, ^ccord^?"? Elutes, T.mborincs Italian fee"'' R0W"' *** P,,)U3 CoVe? lim^K'f 10 e?hiba our Goods, it matters but little whether you buy or not, only give m a friendly ana i> JO,,N EI'Llri' aptl?a avenue, n*-ar IVjnb street. LIST OP LBTTKR9 Rmdniof in tke Post Office, ITa?Wi?;?#ii, D. C., Afrit 91, 1855. [OrdmAto &? adtrrtifA in the " Rnniim StaR." agretable to tk* folUunnt action oj tke Po*l Ofi> * Lam?it Win; tke newpnprr karint tkt largest tfr.-* lation oj any dailf paper published it* Waski+elo n: 8rC. 3. JSiU I* it further enacted. That U??' Ii.^t of letters remaining uncalled for id any poj?t i#rc i n any city, town, or villas#-, where newspapers shaM be printed, shall, hereafter. b?- published o?ce only in the newspaper winch, being i**ued we? kly, or oftener, thai I have tke largest drntfi^m within the ranje of the delivery of said othce,tu be decided hy the postmaster at sucfc office.] (V rtisont tpplTlng for I?tM? la Ihi follow lag il?t, wll i>fe?ee 9*y tSty tri iDTiirnm UDIHf LIST. Randolph. ttluO j Hlaea. Mr* KII??t*;U lint, Min &arah M Shlnn, M h g ??eec<?7, Mist Bridal Brooks, Mirtlit Bjmf. Mr* Mary J B?*l, Mr* toll7 Brnnough MIm Km Anna B Olllns, Ml** Martha Cunningham, MIm Molli* L Coaler, Ml?* Muc7 ?harpl?7, Mia* 11 Snlllran, Mia* Margaret! nuivy cum?au, aiv 7. Mr* Mar7 Rliaabeth Slanbl7, Mad Dodgt, Mr* 0 Dodson, Mr* Charity Rcnarf, Mrs Henrietta Rmmett, Mr* 0 H 1 Forreat. Mr* A H Fallon, M1m Mar7 Uauolo. Maria Oritmsr, Mr* C M Ha7?, Ml** Charlotte H L H?Uh. Mr* Hammllton, MIm M Houxhln, MIm H D Jones, Ml** Arabella C Johnson, MIm Jan* C Kearnon, Mr* A C Lahlll, Ml*? Cate Mcrland, M m R P Pen, Mr* Martha Anu Psteraen, Mr* 8 A Paulson, Nit* B Ferry, Mia* Amanda Kiddle, Mia* 0 Sbeehan, Marraret Bsiaiw?od Mia* Ana II Hheahan, Mist M*rla Hermour, Ml** LCI 81ble7. MIm M R Tarh. Mia* Mary Todd, Mim Mart F Tmnnall, Mr* Julia A Twttrhlnge, Mill Knua Taylor. Mr* M L Terrlt, Mr* Mary White. Bhzabctli Walsh, Margaret Wood, Mary ABU Wran, Mr* Ward, MIm Rmlly Whiting, Mr* Je*e Wills..o. Mrt MAO WaMen, MIm Harriet Wilkin*, M!*? A V Wheeler, Mr* Lucy Attardl, Saltator At well, John Aba), Jno H Arthur, Jno A Arrin, O H GEfCTLKMENeJ' LIST. PrMg, F F O'Keller, J R Graj, Li A F V Grosben, A R God man, R V Harper k Bro Allen, Frederick P. Harn?7, Gen WSJ Brooke. Z B Bianrhard, Wm L Bradford, W J Bryant, Wai Batnd, Wm Blaln, Wai Hacker, W 9 Hess, W 0 Hampton. W W Hughe*, W A Harrlso*. t'rlah U Hlnler, T Blan. hard, Wa?h'n Hyattt Robert Bradley, W H Herchftldi, Robert Ball, T M Hntrherson Bol?t Brightwell, Thoa J Hall, l>r J A Hall Bowie, Hlraeon J Batla, Stephen Black, Samuel Heal*. R M Benmaa, Patrick Brocrhna, Jadge Bohannan, Mile* Buohannan, Purser Hunt, F 8 McRean Hneston, F J Hay, Jo* Harrard, J L Honaarker, John Hawkins, Jno Hall. Ja* Q O'Br son. Jam** I Foi-Sar, Wm W Phillip*, Wm P Purdln, P*ter Pnrdy, Nathsulel Pop*, Capt Jno Pedrick, J no C Phlllliia, Jamaa PartBerl??, Jno H Peter*. J R Parker, Geo S Parker, Fraarla R Pstil, R V F"C|, Rdward Patterson, C F Robinson, Wm Robinson, Wm H Ramaay. Saml 4 Rose, Robert Regan, Patrick Hunter, Jno C,Jr I K-?*an, Nlchola* Hesselharh, H Baah, L S Bryan, James Rrumigam, Jno Beeler, Jno A Ball, Jacob Brltton, Itaac Baxter, Jame* Brown, H 9 Bnchanau, Com F Brooks, Francis Boss, Franz Brax, Frank Barretv, Edward Bnrr, K B Balrd, D Burel, Lewis Bohleber, David Beall, D L Burnt, David Beans, C Brown, C A 1 Brown. C B Baylor, 0 C Beall, B B Bi.rnley, A T Brown, Rev Alex Beer. A S Clark. W S Crawford, Wm Co(t*well, W W Carr, Thos Corcoran, Patrick Crown, Jno Clark, Jno W J Ohlnn, J F Clarvo*. Jno A W Coleman, Jno Crown, Jos P Collins, Jo* 3 Crawford, J M Clubb, H S Oook. Geo p T ('lark, Geo W Cutter. Geo W Crosdale, Kdmund Coleman, C 9 Calvert, C Cleveland, A A Cowan K*lde7, Batt Relnhard, Lewi* Rlord, Jno Rlordan, Jamea Roi-ert*, Jno M Rn**<n, Dtvld Read. C M Rout, Albert Smith, J L fShreevet, Wm HimisoDs, Wm R Bteartibnrfh, Wm emith,r_ w Halow, Rev R H Harrison, D A Hodgaon, Dillon Harleston, C Hamilton, C O Hof?*r, A V ? Hood, Abner Harrinrtnn, A T Hamilton, A Boyd Johee, PA IDgraham. Thoe B P bmallwoo-t, Wm Jenkins, >teub*n Samuel, W Jasnea, K W Bower, Ttmotl.y Jtsnlson, Mr Balden, Tlios A Johnson, I.athrop 1 Smith, J G Jones, l.t J M Still well, T H Jonea, Ja* E Steven* A Smith Johnston, Col J II Pavac*, K B Jndd, Capt H B Stewart, Robert Johnson, H C Speake, DrRH Johnson. Henry StronR, J Rem?an Johnson, Geo Smith. Mlchsal Jcrdaln, Frederick Sleator. J Francla Klute, Nicholas Kelly, Lnclu* J Keller, Jno Kerby, Ja* P 2 Kinney, Col Kelaey, Geo H Keeling, Geo Stewart, Jaa B Shipley, Jo* Suit, Jno L Selhy, Jame* W Sell), Johatn Shnnce, Henry Sohentli, Georga Kramer, Frederick Stancllfl, Georpe Keeeler, Frederick Stevens, G#o L Kimball, Capt R A Semme*. D R Latham k Waldo I/eaque, W H Lawren*on, W S Low, Wm W Ley burn, Wm Lynch, Lt W F Law, R L Lain, Peter Long, Patt Lowe. Nicholas Leonordo, Slg N Long, Michael Laroux, Mr Lln lsey, Ja* G Lynde, Jno D Lein, Jno A ??'oftin, AlphonseS 4 Long, Geo Cephas, Jno Lauder, F W Da ton, W H Dixon, Wm Dent, Walter C Drake, W H Davis, W, jr Dennl*, Wm Dixon, Tho?; Derbee. Timothy Dement, Rlrhard Delia, Peter D Davit*, Nathaniel Davis, Sester Di<'kin*on, Jao R Dement, Jno P Duffy, Jame* Delre, J E Davla, Gen G R Dainardaon, Jaa D7er, H Deforest, ? G Day, H R Denmead, Henry Darby, Rdward Downey, Dennis Demer, C H Delaney, Capt Dunn A Bland Rverheart. Wm Elliot, Wm Kastc n, Wm Rvans, S F Billot, K R Raton, Oag?o4 Rvans, Dr John Ford, Wm Farrell, Frauds Fowler, Allan G Greener, Thou Goddard, Wm Green, Wn? <??t*-s, Wm Graen, Thoe R Green, Owen Glblts A Co, 9 H Graham, Ja| H Greeu A 9i>na JAs Glbbs, J D Lynch, R*v Danl Lorlng, C H L7tlt, B F Laurent, Ben J Leronx, Antolne Mead, Wm H Mills, Wm Mattingly, Thoa Markward, Thu* Marshall, Thu* Malvory, Myles Menor, L Martin, L Marlow, Lawion Mnnion, Ira C Moore, Jtm*a Marya, J L Martin, Ja* Marah, J H Martin, Hamilton Minor, Geo Martin, Fayetta W Mitchell, Kly 9 Morrla, K 1 Murray, Lt F. Morgan, Fallx Martin, Cha* C Mitchell. Capt C E Morrla, B F Magulre, Bryan Mailer, A G Mai lo?er, A W McFadden, Chaa McAlen, Henry M<:I^o<l, Jaiues McNamee, Jno McOabe, Jno M>-Closk7. Jams* McPheraon, Jaa A M lnwsh. Jo* Shaf^r, Conrad Stoll, C Crlstlsn Stewart, Chaa 8meta, A C N 80II7, Capt Alfred Soper, Alfred Smith, Abner Ta7lor, Capt Wm W Turner, Thoe Tbomaa, Thomas 1 Thompeou, R D Trlbon, N M. >r Tierne7 A No- nan T' bin, Monaiear Taylor, John Thorp, Jno Totten, Jamea Turner, H L Talbot, Rugeoe J Thompson, c T Ttick?r, C F Twine, Charles Tyson, Chaa S Trantreller, Chat Trat 7, Capt A t'mbaugh. M R Vatihoru, Jeremiah Van Tree*. Juo Villamll, Don Joee Vondelehr, Geo Varnell, Geo H Willard, Wm H Wade. Willis G Wood, Wm Wallace. W A Woo.1, Wm J Williams, T A Wheeler, Truman Wllllama. If B Windsor A Htudds Wallea, 9 C Weet, Nathaniel Welch, Mr Whipple, Jaa A Wilson, John H Wood, James K Whisier, Jontthtn Warues, J C Wilson, J L Wllsoa, UaSv R Wilton, Jacob Watroes, J S Williams, John Williaetson, Jame* Wanersoa, H M Wilton. Geo B Wortitington, R?v O F UcKenuey, lhoB>{h Wood, F W ?on 1 Wright, Frank Nichols, W A Wheeler, Kit Newton, W U Wauee, Chaa Nowland, L D Williamson, C U Naylor, Judton Welch, A Newton, Capt Jno T Wourse, A W Goshon* A Co, Me*- Nertze?, Geo 3 Yates, Giles K ?rs J G Nn-holaon A Gordon Young, Geo a Gregory, Jno Noyee, Chaa B Young, Rdward M Gra7, Geo Oliver, RI7 INITIALS. Cashier of Metropolitan Bank , Pleasant Grove, G. C F. April 11 J A MRS <3. BRRRRT. P. M. NOW IS THE TIB K.?Apply^to~JClIIN O'Dwyer to fix your gardt-ns The chaise u low. Leave your order* at this office. ai> 81?It* S7RAHBOAT KXCIJHSION. LANDING 0 F THE PILGRIMS. Celebration of the Landing of the. Pilgrim. Fathers of Maryland at St. Mary's City, St. Mary's county, under tk* autpices of the Fhilodemic Society of Georgetown. 'rHE 0ommittee of Arrangements of the Youug I. Catholics' Fiit nd Society, of this city, have the honor oi announcing 104 iIih citiscnp of Washington and its vicinity, thai they have chartered the well-known and popular ?learner GEORGE WASHINGTON, for the a'jove mentioned Excursion. The price of Tickets for the entire trip is $5 each. They can be procured at the following Drug titor?-?: Kidwell It Lawrence, corner of 14th street and Pennsylvania avenue ; Callan's, corner of 7th and E street?; Martin F. King**, Pennsylvania avenue ; D B. Clarke's, corner of 11th street and Maryland avenue; Jno F. Ellis's Variety Store, Pennsylvania avenue; Wm. A. Kennedy's Bookstore, 7th street; and from Francis McNerhany, Naval Storekeeper, Navy Yard. As the number of tickets is limited, persons de sirous of enioying this interesting Excursion are par ticularly requested to make early application as above or to any member of the Comniitue of Ar rangements, as the sales will be closed on Saturday ?vening, the 13th May next. Arrangements have been made with the proprie tor of Piney Point Pavillion whereby eomfort.-ible accommodations for the night will be secured dunns the Excursion. The George Washington will leave the Steamboat Wharf, at the fo*t of 11th street, on MONDAY eve ning, the 14th May next, ai 3 o'clock, aad will re turn about 2 p. m. on the following Wedneadav JOHN CARROLL BRENT.* WM. A KENNEDY, GEORGE HARVEY, JOHN T. CASSELL, FRANCIS McNERHANY. ?e Bl?TuTbBltd Co?""m" ?' OTIC* _ . those soli ? , offer at $3.50, equal to any in the city. I also have aspiendid French Hat, which I sell much* below the usual price. The cash .y?tem, together with small expanses, enable me to do this. I have a few magnificent worked SKIRTS, to which I call the attention of the ladies. They are sent from New York, to be sold very low. ANTHONY, Columbia Place, Seventh street, ?econd floor north of Penna. avenue. apSl? eolt 1 TURKISH BATHING TOtVELH. - WE HAVE . a full supply of the best Turkieh Bathing Tow els end Bathing Caps. A'so, Bhalon's, Barry's. Wood's, and Lyons'* Washes, and Rowland's Macassar Oil for the hair. Also, Phalon's Paphian Lotion for the complex ion, and Batcheler's Muldavian Cream, at STEVENS'S NOT 1C*.?Just received a few more cases ^rJ?lendid HAJ 8, which I ap 91?3t Sales Room, Browns' Hotel. HILDRKV'H FAHCT ITH.A W HATS.?Just opened a large, new, and beauu ful assortment of Children's 8lraw Hats Oatm ..ui Miitses' Flats, Ladies' straw riding Hats'ol l^aut. ful patterns, at BUTT * HOPKINS'S Cheap Ilit Cap, and Gentlemen's Furnishing Store, coraer s&xs F "1 ?." bushelf Mill Feed, for sale at ap?l-? PIONEER MILLS, v Alexandria, Va, Amniemeoti. P KUPLE'I TPIATHt, LATE VAMETVES. / Bern fit of M'LLE IOE, Last nifbl but on. of MON8. WlETHOfr, fiiH KVkNINC wit! be thepetit dra*ta 1 THE MAID Of THE I** After which. the ballet of ZANETTA 2 mrtU. Z?s H#s?rte?. M*?s. Weitboff In VkLich wdl I* mtrodaeed U *7*^ }?oe and Mons. Weithoff After wh^h La MauP-qae Hv MUr Zoe and Mnti. W T. W MM* ?, U? hrw - ,t,SH LIOM ? *W? w C'"'hK" """ niCTILANn FLIKO ap it)?It* WOOD 4 CHRISTY'S CELEB R AT CD ORIGINAL WW YORK WHO U*r eigbt >ear? were fixed ?tars in G'Xhtin, ?nd wl?o. wnrf the d??tr*otior by tre of their Hall in Broadway, In Docenk^r !a?t. h*ve b-? n plavif.f With numi nK suec?w? in Philadelphia. are concluding ? brilliant rr.|??cme?t in lUltiiivre. and w II make their first ap*- aranee in Wa*hir,r:on on MONDAY next, for FOUR NIGHTS ONLY BIRCH. that funnieM of Africaas, KI KPIIY, HUNriNGDON, COLt.INS, and tbe rest of tb?m will be here. . . Citia-ns ol Washington hare now the opportunity of hnsrif the w Und ever orgmmia^ ap ID? 3i* All itrabomii" visiting tlie City sbonld see Hunter* Caia ttcue of the CvrlnailieK of the Pa'^nt Office. Also, li.s Description of Powell'* OrfJit Picture. frb33 3m* A MILLINERY. MRS. HANEY will open on Sat [urdaV. the 3I*t instant, her STRING MILLINERY. c nMsting of Bonnet* 1 Caps, Haw. h.r. Th? ladie* arc r? 'pectfnllr requested 10 call and examine. Pa. avenue, between 17th and 18th sts ap 30?3t* * idie* that ft MADAME DELARU1 RESPECTFULLY announce# to the ladie* that she has just returned from New Ynrkl"~ ?rttii a full supply of STRAW BONNETS. ?uch as? Fren -b, English, Bnllantias, Gossamer, Lane and numerous other atylea Misses' and infant*' Plats, of Leghorn, pedal, and colored straws Ladies' Garden flats, Bonnet and Trimming Ri bands Fine French Flowers Vlyhair Headdresses. Lacea and Embroideries \'?w Trimming tor Dresses Jet Bands for the hair. Combs, Brushes Cutting Sticks, Kid Rollers, Glove Stretchers Also, fresh Perfumeries C*u Lu?trade, Pomatum White, brown and black < "osmetics Milk of Rosen, Eau de Yenus, t leur de Rix Aii kinds of Soaps Inlants' Powders, Hair Dyes, lie. Will be opened on FRIDAY, the 30th instant, a beautiful assortment of Pans Dre*s Hats, Bridal Wreaths and Loqu'-ts, Bos>uine Capes, and otbei Nouveautes, to all of which Madame D. particularly solicits the attention of the ladies. 938 Pa. av., betw. 13th and Uth sta. ap 30 - 3t* __ I HE RAG RAG, by N. P. Wiilis } Feurbacb's Essenn: of Christianity g Cumming's Family Pravers, 3 vols ap -0 * FRANCK TAYLOR. BUBHKLS PRIME WHIT* MERCER POTATOES 500 hush extra Peach Blow do. 1?0 bbls. superior Apples Just received per brig Ann Elisabeth and for sale by N. B. HARTLEY, No. Ill Water street, Georgetown. ap 30?lw 300 R1-COLORED SKETCHES IN PARI8 Inventor's Guide, by J. C. yhm* ?VA.Vflk ^ap 30 ' ~ FKA.VK TAYLOR. IMPORTANT BOUNTY LAND BOOK.?Just | received a second edition of Triplett's Pension tad Bounty Laud Laws, embracing a digest of all r the laws, decision* and forms relating to pensions, tq officers and solJicrs of the Revolution, their wid ows and children ; to army and miltua invalids ana their widows ; to Navy and Marine invalids, their widows and children ; and to Bounty Lands profi led for by every act from the Revolution to ann in f til ling that of March 3, 1855; so arranged ac to be iitelligiMe to every claimant. This work is highly re >,irmended by the Commissioner of Pensions? Pi ice qfi; mailed to any part of the United States, ?-T ept California. TAYLOR fc MAURY, ap 30 Bookstore, near 9th et. ORATORS AND STATESMEN ofAnc.rntand Modern Time-, by D A Harvfia Tlie County Neirhborhood. by Miss Dupuy Hubert Graiirtm. by Caroline Lee Hentz ^ ap 30 FRiNCK TAYLOR. ( FISIIING TACKLE. IIMERICK, Virginia, Kirby, Yankee Doodle and j Gravitation Fi-li Hooks Silk Sea Grass, Linen, and Cotton Lines Joinl?d Rods at all prices, from % 1 to $6 each Also, Uamboo aud Reed Rods Artificial flies, grasshoppers and tub Sinkers of every description. Silk worm Gut, Landing Nets, and everything in the FHiuig Tackle line iwr sal<; at reduced prices. E K LUNDY, ^ No. I)t8 Bridge-treet, Georgetown, D. C. W up a0?if ^ tFLORENTINE, MOSAIC, LATA* AND FINE I Cain?*o Jewelry.?Jim r?*ceivrd a case of n w ' u?d elegant Jewelry, cousi-iung of Florentine ? ic. Lava, and fine C meo Brooches, Earrirp-. Bracelet?, lie., of the latest styles, to which wr call die especial attention ot i>urehaser<. M. W. GAI.T k BRO . 394 I'enn avenue, betw?-en 9th and 10th su. apr ia-3i 1AOG LOST.? $S REWARD ?Lo-t, ye-i.r?!ay, I " 18th insmnt, a young brown aetter< i'UP, with while breast, and tail tippe4i xith white. Had r.n a patent leather col " lar, lined with red morocco, on the pldle of which w-s engraved "C. A. Shaft-r, lOtii street." Tlie above reward will be paid to anyone It-avmc niui at the store of Gait k Bro., Pa. avenue, between 9tli and 10th >?Ueet*. ap 1V#?:*t * C?OA HEW AKD ?Ran away, <>a the m*ra 0","ing of ihe 9Ui instant, from th^ residetn-e <>f < Mr. Greenlea,, 334 Ninth street, EMILY, a d-rk inulatio girl, ayed between 13 and 13 years- Had on when she left a blue cotton frock and apron and brown hood. She is probably concealed aomtwhtrc in tlie city. The above reward will be pa>d for her apprehen sion if taken within the District and returned to Mr. Greenleaf, or a suitable reward if found oat of n&n4 secured so nat I can get ber. EDEN BEALL, ap 19?3t* Montgomery county. Md. RAH A WAT.?#10 REWARD?JOH h, my negro man, aged about 50 years, ran away from my farm in Alexandria county. Va., on M?m day, 15th instant. He stoops in bis wralk ; had on a Eiy frock coat and gray pants. He has a wife at r. A. Gladman's, on 9th stre< t, near the boundary in Washington. I think he ? lurking about tb^re. He also has auster at Mr. Marbury's, in George town. JOHN M. YOUNG, Coach Maker, Corner of 4K street and Pa. avenue. ! ap 18?tf A GOOD FAMILY HORSE AND CARHI AGE for sale.?Not having at present use for them, I will aell, low, a good safe Family^CT^ Horse, and a light Carnage, which can b? seen " Jk Hazel's 1.1very Stable, formerly Bobrer's,i bea^Q street, Georgetown. ap ltt?lw CHEAP GROCERIES. Haaia, 8bo?ld?ra, Smoked Meef, dtct JUST received a choice lot of HAMS, SHOUL DERS, and prime SMOKED BEEF, best m market, and constantly on hand Layer Rais na,. Malaga Raisins, in whole, half, and quarter boxes;, in jars ; Picklea, Preserves, choicest brands of Wines, Liquors, Cigars, Tea?, Ac., Crockery, of all description, Patent Soaps, Soap Pewdar. Small Hominy. Heckers' Farma, Syrups. Molaaaea, Sugara and Coffee, very cheap, with a fuU aaaortment of the finest Groceries, and such articles usually found in a Family Grocery. Call and judge tor yourself at F. MILLER'S, ap 18?lw 301 F street, corwerof 13th. STILL TBKT COMB I , HUhLJlT DESTRUCTION IN DRV GOODS! ONLY think, yard wide Lawrns only 5 cents. i ard wide Lawns only 8 cents Vard wide bitched Cotton only 6 cents Do Furniture Chintz, only 5 cents Beautilul Berege Delaines, only b ceats IK) Colored Brilliants, onl* 33 cents IKi do Chintz, only 90 eenu Bleached Sheeting 3 yards wide, only 35c. Irish Linens, only 31 #c. Ladies' cotton Hoae, only 8c." Do black Silk Mils, only 35c. Plain Beregea, only 30c. Figured Bereges, 10c. Silks at awrful low prices White Crape Shawrra at awtul low prices. Al*i,a large lot *4 Domestic Goods, which must be eold to close buswesi- atx.ut the 1st Jaly. "NO HUMBUG." | Come early, and get Ihe grcaiea* bargains ever of fered in this market, at the WASHINGTON STORE, (tat* Mag ruder A Calvert's,) No 1? opp Centre Market, bet Ah and 9tb sr. ap Ib-lw

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