Newspaper of Evening Star, April 21, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 21, 1855 Page 3
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K V . N lN(w STAR. Local Intelligence. Aa Excitbmbjt?Arrbst or a Foqitivb Last night, about 8 o'clook. peeing a crowd of persons near the oorner of N inth and ? streets north, we crossed over, and there beheld a blaok man. holding tightly by the collar a small boy, of hit own complexion The latter positively refused to acoompany the former, who was as determined to remote his prisoner by force. Accordingly, he dragged him along the pavement The boy's pantaloons coming in oontact with a projecting briok were split in the rear, and, by the severe handling he received, his under garment was removed from its appropriate place, and hung loosely on the outside, after the arrangement of' Little Hill." the Indian warrior, who once, in this city, ad dressed the Commissioner of Indian Affairs upon pending treaty stipulations. In reply to a question, the black man said the boy be longed to his master, and bed run away His orders were to make the arrest and return the fugitive property. The boy replied that he was afraid to go home, lest his master should whip him. Tnere were near by half a dosen humble but sympathising women who thought it a severe |hame to see the lad thus handled, and judging from their remarks and manner, they seemed inclined to interfere and effect a res cue. However, a white lad volunteered to assist the black man He seised the boy by the legs, while the black man held his prisoner by the arms; and thus thoy carried the fugi tive along the street, on his way home; the living weight screaming meantime, and sev-j eral big dogs, participating in the universal excitement, loudly barking. The fugitive was soon out of sight, notwith standing his efforts to release himself ftom his uncomfortable position. The sjiar athuing women, it afterwards ap peered, had gone for their male friends, who nastened to the scene; but it was now too late for them to interfere. One of them said if they had been there the negro should not have carried away the boy, while the women con tinned to exclaim 11 shame! " " shame! " The fact is, the negro boy had run away from his master, and declined returning home for fear of a whipping Whether or not he received one, is a question into which we did not care to inquire. Orphans' Coubt.? We have heretofore alluded to the case before this court, involving the application of Edmund Law Rogers to re. voke the letters of administration granted to Henry May, on the estate of Edmund and Thomas Law, deceased, Mr. Roger's claiming to be next of kin. This morning, Judge Purcell delivered his opinion in the case. He said it was not neces sary for him to decide on the question of heir ship, nor to express an opinion on that point It appeared that Mr May filed two petitions in 1?49, asking to be appointed administrator of the estate of Thomas aod Edmund Law, alleging that he was a creditor of the estate of those persons. It was necessary at that time to have a legal representative, because suits were pending in the Circuit Court, and he was oounsel for those persons in their life time The Judge said there was a remedy afforded in the act of Congress of 1340 He thought that Mr May had shown that he was a credi tor it the time he was appointed administra tor, and the Court should, therefore, require Mr May to como into Court and give new bonds for the taking care of the estate, to await the further order of the Court, the bond to be given wiihin the next ten days. The Judge did not thick proper, under the circum stances to revoke the letters of administration granted to Mr May; bat this would be done unices Mr May shall give the required boud The Judge, in pronouncing his decision re ferred to several authorities including that of 8 Gill and Johnson, in the case of Hoffman vs. Gold. Mr. Cox for Mr Rogers, made application for an issue to be made up, which will be ar gued on Tuesday. The estate in question involves about $20 000, and Mr May is required 'o give bond to rwiee this amount Tea t racas at Willard's ?Yesterday af ternoon. at about the hour for dinner at that house, Mr. E F Beale. late Superintendent of Indian Affairs in California, met CoL Geo W M&nypenny, Commissioner of Indian Af fairs, as the latter was entering the door of the western entrance of Willards hotel, and ut tering a few hostile words, struck, (according to the letter's account.) Mr. M. two or three blows on the head with his fist, he (Mr M ) being blindea with the dust, which was blow* ing in elouds, so that he could not see his an tagonist at the time After clearing his eyes of the du3t, he seised his assailant by the throat, when two of the friends of the latter parted them. Mr M then seised a chair, but was prevented frcm striking Mr. Beale with it by the bystanders. Such is the account of the fight which Colonel Manypenny gives Before leaving the ground, Mr B is said to have de clared that he was ready to give any satisfac tion to his antagonist, aBd that his friends would be able to inform the latter where he could be found Mr Beale took the cars for Baltimore shortly after the occurrence of the fracas, it is thought, to avoid a prosecution for his infraction of the laws The friends of Mr. Beale. who were with him at the time, say that the assault was unpremeditated, and re sulted from what he believed to be the inju ries he bad received from Col. Manypenny's hostility to him We unders and that Col M. wss not materially injured in the affair, though a blow on the nose, of course, caused a flow of blood. Thb nic.H Wibds yesterday afternoon, among other things, tore up a tree by the roots, near the centre market, blew down a fence in D street near Seventh, and ripped away an awning from its fastenings; removed hats from the heads of incautious pedestrians, and sent a lot of tin ware and barrels flying through the streets There was a continued noise and racket, caused by the agitation of every thing movable within the influence of the violently moving atmosphere We omit a specific reference to the dense cloods of dust No human invention could have removed the loose dirt from the streets so effectually The doors of the sMp-house at the Navv Yard; were not only banged and slammed, but sev eral of them torn from their hinges in the effort to cloee them, the workmen were sev. erally hurt, and one of 'he latter bad his leg broken er disjointed. Toward evening, how ever, the wind lulled, much to the relief of all who were obliged to venture abroad. Th? Cabal abd tbb Ibob Bbidgbh ? We notice that the mud-machine is at work, and learn that several months will elapse before the steam dredge, recently authorised by the City Councils, and for which an appropriation of $7,500 was made, can be obtained It may, perhape. be constructed in this city, where the work can be executed as well as in any other of the Union. The experiment of iron bridges may be con sidered a failure; or, at least they are not as reliable as wooden ones. Those over the canal, though they were erected only a few years ago, bad become ricketty, and were re garded as unsafe. In pursuance of law, Ellis A Bro are now engaged in strengthening and repairing the bridges A substantial iron pier is te be placed under all those over the eanal. except that (for foot passengers only) at Tenth street, which is to have two piers. We doubt not that the skillful and enterpri sing oontraetors will do their work well. Babbatb 6<~hool Cblibratiob ?We learn that there will be a grand Sabbath school cel ebration on the third Monday in May next. The children, after marching through the streets are to proceed to the Smithsonian In stitution, where services appropriate to the occasion will be observed. Tub Mabkbts were well supplied this morn ing, and everything appeared in excellent eon dition at all the stands In the fish market, shad were selling for 37J?. per pair; rock and perch J5c per bunch; large rock 26c a$l each There are a* material changes in the prices uf marketables. . Watbr ? Wo hear many complaints that Cips in several part? of the city have either sme uiy or need repairs The aggrieved would probably find a remedy on application to the ovmiBu?i.,ners of the wards in which the pumps an located A Lows Liar?The following U tkt liat of 211! to ^ reported by officer Wise, of the Fifth District to the Chief, oonstituting his operation* daring this week : Moees Bell, threats; security for peaoe Catharine Gant, do., do. P. K. O'Dell, drank; work-house thirty days Isaac Hatton, slave, violating the Sabbath ; fifteen stripes. Serena Sowere, do., do. John Williams, profanity; fine and costs John Carrol, assault and bat tery ; dismissed F Carrol, do., do. Edward Steward, violating the Sabbath; fine and costs. Lewis Murphy, malicious mischief; security for peace Michael Prits, threats; dismissed. Patriok Prits, do , do. Ghas Harrison, pro fanity; fine and costs. Dan. Moriarty, Dan. Olman and J as Lamb, riot; security for eeurt. Win Butler, assault; security. Thaeks ?Mr. Miller, the confectioner, Pa. avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh streets, was kind enough, this morning, to tend us a freeser of his very superior ice cream, and delicate trimmings, in the form of oakes, eto The elegant present not only affords incontro vertible evidence of bis skill in the prepara tion of confectionery, but an evidence of his generosity, which we shall bear in grateful remembrance. It was decidedly pleasant to turn aside from the affairs of the world and to partake of the choice collation which our worthy and estimable fellow-citiien so boun tifully provided. Net only were we thus favored, bat Mr Z. M P King sent us a lot of choice oonfection ery It was very nice indeed. It is unnecessary te say that we are exceed* ingly gratified by these attentions. The Slander Suit?Wm. T. Dove against J. II. McBlair?is still progressing in the Cir? cuit Court The examination of witnesieshas been concluded. Some time was spent this morning concerning the testimony whioh shall be admitted. Mr. Bradley, for the defendant, was speaking when we left the Court room. Wheat.?We this morning saw some speci mens of wheat, from Mr. James P. Kirbj's place, in Prinoe George's county, Maryland, near Alexandria, Virginia They measured, on an average, two feet seven inches in height which is oonsidered an unusual growth for this season of the year. Unfortunately, the joint worm had fixed itself in one of the speci mens. ??? M'lle Zoe.? O, have you witnessed M'llc Zoe, Standing firmly on one toe? The other pointing upward?bo? Or seen her leap like bounding doe ? If thou in truth must answer no, To Iron Hall I prithee go. When high in air those limbs shell throw, A moment then you have a "show" Of misty drapery, w ?ite as sn->w? And, whirling wildly to and tro, In airy lightness,?M'lle Zoe DMights the young, and old men grow To b'ho? s again,?indeed 'tis so ! Tis her last night - pray won't you go? April 31, 1855. f. Ten Alabhs of Fibe, last night, were sev erally caused by a light in the direction of Mason s Island, and one in Alexandria. Watch Retubks.?Jacob Nichols, drnnk and disorderly, workhouse thirty days There were seven lodgers in, each of whom went his way this morning. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Fire?F'irsmen's Vw?<?Accident?Firh. Alexandria, April 21,1855. Last night, about ten o'olock, a new frame building, at the corner of Prince and Henry streets, and owned by Mr Edward S. Plum. m^r, was discovered to be on fire. The alarm quickly spread; but before the oompanies could arrive the building was wrapped in flames. Owing to the hi^h wind, the adjoin ing frame house, also new, owned by Mr. Cba-> Grimes, w? also scon enveloped in the flames. The distance from the water plug district rendered it almost impossible for the firemen to get water, so that, notwithstanding their great exertions, the buildings were en tirely consummed They, however, were suc cessful in saving the adjoining frame, owned and occupied by Mr. Bradt, which *as in im minent danger The two houses were worth about $1,000 each, and were insured in the Potomao Company. The fire is supposed to have Deen caused by an incendiary. Too muoh praise cannot be bestowed on our fire men for confining the fire to the spot in whioh it originated, especially when it is known that it was in a district where the houses are built of the most oombustible materials, and there was but a half supply of water. The Franklin Company of your city came down, but too late to be of any service. They were received and entertained by the Sun Last night, a negro man, named James Cur tis, was drowned by the upsetting of a skiff opposite Fishtcwn. Fish are ooming up quite plentifully, and are selling at $10 per hundred for shad, and $6 50 per thousand for herring. Ami. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Gborcetowe, April 21,1855. Both Boards of our City Councils met last night. A message was received from the Mayor in relation to the Metropolitan Rail road, in which he suggests that the whole matter be at once submitted to the people at the polls lie also transmitted a very oour teous invitation from the President and Direo tors of the railroad oompany to himself and the Councils, to meet them at their office for the purpose of examining profiles, maps, and eetimates. of the work whioh has been pre fared by the engineer; also his answer to the res:dent declining the invitation for reasons assigned. Both Boards unanimously accepted the invitation, and designated next Wednes day, at 4 o'olock, as the time to meet them. The bill from the Board of Aldermen forthe repair of footways on High street was passed and signed. Mr Osborn reported an ordinance repealing an ordinance regulating the weighing of bale hay. Ac ; passed both Boards The account of A. L. Little for printing, ($10,) was ordered to be paid out of the con tingent fund of the Corporation. An erdinanoe was passed by both Boards directing the Mayor to have the grade of a portion of North street fixed A bill for the repair of footways on Freder ick street was passed and signed. The resolution of the lower Board for re pairing the Town House was rejected by the Board of Aldermen. Mr. Ould, to whom was referred the ordi nance passed by the lower Board authorising the purchase of a oertain lot of ground for the use of the work house, reported that he had not satisfied himself as to the validity of the title. The Assessors have gotten through with their labors, and now offer an opportunity to any person who may have been inadvertently omitted, to oomo forward and have their names placed upon the lilt. At Drover's Rest this week there was a full supply of beef cattle; sales at $5a$6 per 100 lbs .gross,equal te $10a$l2 net. Sheepsearoe, best quality selling at 6 ets. per. lb , gross. Veal, 0 cts per lb.,gross,equal to 1# eta. nett. Flour?market nominally at $10.75, with a stand off between buyers and sellers, except as wanted for immediate use. No change m grain sinee our lait report. Sfbctatob. Scddee Death ?Mr Eli Humiston, of Der by, agel 67, came to his death in a singular manner, a few nights since His son, a young lad, was gurgling pepper tea for a sore throat, when his father wanted some to drink. He took a swallow, which strangled him so much that his friends feared death would immediately ensue. They gave him some other tea, whioh apparently relieved him; but in a few moments he oomplain^d of feeling bad, said he wished he had let it alooe, for bo wm afraid ho should bo troubled with it all night. His family seeing that he chaoged fast, sent for the nearest neighbor, bat before he got there Mr. Humiston was dead. He had ruptured a blood vessel in his lungs, which oaused his death ?New Haven Journal. The Pittsburgh Union announces that two hnndrud members of a Baptist church at Manaontown have seceded because thtir pas tor bad joined the Know Nothing!. FBBKirM BITTK&9.?The foliowtM eer-! from a feotlsmea well known In the city of Bfchmond, hu been sent to th? proprietor of this valaabU medlclae. l>?ar Sir?Thi? la to certify that I have euffsred many year* with the Dyspepsia, tad had employed a? different tlase three able physicians In trying to mete a enre of that ?wfal dlaeeee, bat ell In vein I then commenced nslns ?aliens Medlcl^ea that ware recommended to me by my friends , end Instead of rittloc better I continued to grow worse. I then eent for Dr. Johnston, and he at once recom mended me to nee Baker's Premium Bitters, which proved to be tbe beet preeerlptlon 1 ever tried, and the only medi cine I ever took to raise me to my health eirain. My wife also, bad Buffered with the ease dlaeeee and debilitation, together with other symptoms, Ac., which she found the Bitters to give Immediate relief. They give a general tone and strength to the whole system. It is with pleaenre I recommend them to othere. J. P, QCAKLS8. To Mr. B. Baker, Propletor, Price K cents per bottle. To b? had of CHABI.BS BTOTT * 00.. Washington, 0. a, CANBY k HATCH, and SETH S. HANCB,Baltimore,aad by Druggists everywhere. apr 11?eoft nr~}?A CARD TO TH* LADIB8.??OOD NEWS FOB THB SICK. DB. DrPONCO'9 GOLDEN MONTHLY PILLS, the beet and most infallible remedy ever discovered for re lieving and curing all painful, dlstreeelng, and dlScult men struation, and removing all periodical obetmctlona, acd Ir regularities arising frcm whatever cause. Theee Pills are a complete TBICMPH IH MEDICAL 8CIBWCB. Tbey are prepared by a process which concentrates tbe Ingredients Into a small bulk, thus rendering it nuueceeeary for delicate femalee to take large doaes of nauseous drags. Dr. Duponco's Pills are the reault of over THIBTY YEARS EXPKUIENOE in the treatmeut of the diseases of females.? Tbey lieve been advertised for a little over one year, yet SEVERAL THOUSAND B0XK8 have already been sold, aud the demand for them rapidly In creases wherever they become known. They have been thoroughly tried In Washington, and found to act like a charm. Sold by all Druggists In Washington, Georgetown and Al xaudrla, Va. mar 1?eoSm* rr-J=?N0AH WALKKB * CO., Marble Hall Clothing Kmpo ' rlum, nnder Browns' Hotel, reepectfully announce that their display of Spring and Summer Clothing Is now ready for Inspection, comprising an aaaortment of Coata, Vesta and Pantaloons of the newest and richest designs In material, trimming and workmanship. To gentlemen who study excellence with economy in fashionable articles of dress an opportunity for selecting is offered from one of the largest and most a?'ractlve stock of goods ever offered In this city at a very reduced scale of prices. ap 17 PBEMITMS AT THK FAIRS.?WHITEHTB8T8 U-' still in tbe ascendance.?The Jarlee of each of the late kin at Baltimore, Richmond, and New York awarded their highest premiums to J. H. W. for their superiority of Pho tographs, Stereoscopes and Daguerreotypes exhibited. Mr. W. also received two Medals at the World's Fair, Lon don, and a premium at Crystal Palace, New York. Alao, the first awards of the Maryland Institute for three years past. Whttehurst's Gallery In thla city la on Fa. avenue, betw. 4lf and 6th etreeta. W> *1 rr~p?A PHENOMENA IN MKDICINB.?Bronchitis, Congh, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaints, Scrofula, Ac.?For all disease* of the Female System It stand* preeminent. A Clergyman Just Informs us It has cured him of Bronchitis of a desperate ch*r?T-ter?particulars hereafter. HAMPTON'S VEGETABLE TINCTURE?By Its mild ac tion on the stomach, liver and kidneys, will cure Dyspep si a, Cough, Asthma, Brouchlal and Lung Affections Palae In the Back, Side and Rreaat, Consumption, Scrofula, Rheu matism, Gout, Neuralgia, Fistula, Bowel Complaint*, Piles, Worms, and Nervous Debilities?with all diseases arising from Impure blood, and is the greatest female medicine ev er knawn. This Invaluable medicine Is working wonders upon thehuman frame. See advertisement t"-day. mar 7 ri--p?A9 A SPRING AND SUMMER MEDICINE, Carter's Spanish Mixture stands pre eminent above all others. Its singularly efficacious action on the blood; Its strength enlng and vivifying qualities ; Its tonlo action oa the Liver, Its tendency to drive all humors to the surface, thereby cleansing the system according to Nsture's own prescrip tion; Its harmless, and at the same time extraordinary good effects and the number of cures testified to by many of the ?ost respectable citiiens of Richmond, Va., aiyl elsewhere, must be conclusive evidence that there Is no humbug about " The trial of a single bottle will ?atl?fy the moat sccptlcal of Ite benefits. ??*8ee advertisement In another column. m?DB HOOFLAND'8 CELEBRATED GERMAN BIT| TEBS. There are few things which afford ua great.r pleasure than sitting down to write a notice of the celebrated Hoof land German Bitters, because wear, fully conactous we are conferriiiK * public benefit, and oar heart tells on that by onr notices many have been Induced to take these Bitters, and been rescued from death by dyspepsia, liver complaint Be for the cure of which It la certain. It Is prepared *1"' eold only by Dr. 0. M. JACKSON, at the German Medicine Store, No. 1M Arch street, Philadelphia. See advertlsementL__ *-Im rv?D. OILMAN, Drng<l?t, has removed to 528 Seventh \LS .treat, opposite to the Patriotic Bank, and Is now pre pared to fill all orders for Medicines, Paints, Oils and Glass Kcommodating terms. Strict attention will be pa d to nhvsiclan's prescriptions at all hours of the day and night. The night bell Is on the right of the store door. ap 14?lm ?r-Jos Sbillimto* recelvee all the new Books and News Beers as fast as published. He Is agent for Harper s and all et?b? Magazines, -and our readers will always find a large acd *2d "airtment of Blank Books ?nd riUt1onery at his Bookstore. Odeon Building, cor Pa. avenue and 4H st. gAURIGO. On the 15th instant, by Rev. P. Israel, THOMAS JOHNSON to Ml? JANE C. ROSE, all of this city tbe 17th instmt, by tbe name, felLAs S. RRADY to .Miss MARGARET KING, all of this c| ty. At Fort Gibson.Cherokee Nation, April 3d, by the Rev. P Reilly, Captain HENRY LITTLE, U S. Army, to Miss MARTHA C., daughter of Lieut. Col. P. Morrison, U. S. Army. OIK!). On the 20th instant, SARAH JANE, wife of Jnn. Orr, clerk in the General Post Office, in the 3m I year of her age. The funeral will take place at her late residence, on Capitol Hill, corner of east Capitol and Secon 1 street, to morrow (Sunday) at 4 ?'el"cb P-J? < >n the'20ih inst., Mrs. MAKCABLT P. FAUNT LEROY, wife of the late Dangerfield Fauntleroy, i Purser of th? U 8 Navy. Her remains will b? taken to Alexandria, this af ternoon, at 2 o'clock, for interment. * On the 20th instant, JOSEPH T. VVALKLR, of inflammation of the bowels. Wants. 'ANl'ED.-A FRENCH WOMAN, WHO IS , y y a Dress maker and hair dresser, wishes to find a place in a a gwod family as/fume ie chambrt. Apply at the Star Office. * _ w w rANTFD?A MARRIED MAN, with a small I ?? family, to supnnntend a' small :aim 4 mileg I from the city. A Protestant preferred. Apply to J. | O. H , at ihia office* aP ^ WANTEI>-THE SERVICES OF AN Ac tive and intelligent colored lad. Apply to WM MALSTER, 306 Pa. avenue, near Tenth street. ap 19?3t AN EXPERIENCED HOUSEKEEPER wants a Situation.?A middle aged lady, accustomed I for many years to manage the details ot a l^rgt. boarding*house, as housekeeper, want" a situation, She can give satisfactory reference as to her energy, industry and experience, and the fidelit> witb which she discharges duties confided to her. Address ''L S," at this office. ap 13?tf 'ANTED?A COMPLETE FILE OF THE I , T WEEKLY (Washington City) STAR sinct its publication up to the present date, for which a liberal price will b<- paid if s^ntto this office, ap 3?tf H SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS ! JOHN H SHOOT, South *iAt of Bridge ttreet, near High, OEOItOETOWW, d. c , ""AS received and in now offering a very genera assortment of SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. In his stock will be found a good assortment o I of newttyle Light Spring Silks Best make black do Bereges, Grenadines, Tiaeues Blk modes and bright col'd Chalhea Berege and Challey Delaines, Moasseltnes Real French Chintzes aud Brilliant* Organdie and Jaconet Lawns Real imported Lawns, fast colors, at 12,4c. Real French and Scotch Embroideries, cheap Plain striped and plaid Bonnet Ribbons Emb'd and plain Linen Cambric Handkerchicfi h threat bargain Jaconet, Swisa, Nainsook, and Plaid Muslins Rich figured and dotted do Bajou's Kid and Alexander's bilk Gloves, al Ladies,SMi?*e?, and Genu' Hosieif, all kinds ParaMU of avery shade and Rich English fast colors Prints at 12>< With a first rate assortment of MEN'S AND BOYS' WEAR. AIM), Sheetings and Shirtings of the beat makes u I Lineni and Cottons M I Table Cloths, Damasks, Napkins Towellings, Fur niture Cbintxes, while Spreads Domestic Good* generally. Phiind..! Having made large purchases from the Fhilada phia and New Yerk auctions, I am prepared to of ler great inducements to cash or ^^Pt c??l0"Len ap!8?lm j. H. awui i. LIMB, PLASTER, /CEMENT, HAIR, ke.-JiiBt opened two 1^ ( j kilns of splendid wood-burnt Lime.?A. k L. 13,oov.^ bb;^Jhm JeV?S ~i3!2o? "5 Sic, rtn'e now m.nttricmmi? On^LASTEBf CEMSlT ISMlE S b??foil inAHBt& who are in want of these articles wi certainly find it to^thelr -vantage Uiem C Potomac Lime Kilns, 27th stn;et, one square souUi lower bridge, near Geot n, ap 3?d3w ? MICHAEL NOURSE, notary publ"ani. agent rnu boitnt in his"^^ 5ie BOLLS of the MUit ?r5f# DMrict ln^he War of 1812, and will prepai papers fot nrphans. ? ? i7E!*01?S OF THB TOUNTBSS of Bl.fc M >y ??" rjSiigli tavlob* For Bala and Rant For RENT AND FOR HIRE.?a two-story ? c5. ?we,,inK ?n the central portion of the city, suitable Per a private restdenc?for a small tin* ?J* * ? 1?tore^or office* for agents, being in the im * " neighborhood of the General Pout Office ? lent??c*; * ,rw doors from the la-ter, , ^Ct i5itc^!!1 ,n b???ment, also in ynrd Pn ^L. ?Vh,<l.y4Td 8teNe ?1"1 Carriage bouse Ou in nwit of the rooms, all in first rate order. Bound'sry?18 h?UW' 0,1 8<*?nth *?, near Also, for hire, a negro woman, a first rate c<wk. Apply to ROW. CHAPIN, an ai -h ? City Hail, ap 31?3t (Organ) House to rent-a very pleasant House on L, between 9th and lOtii sts., hav '"^K y ' *Ith "hrubb?ry- A too, back yard, with taut trees, pump, &c. The house will bp rent ed with or wi hout furniture. Apply at No. 508 or 510 fj street, between 9th and 10th sts. ap 17?3t* For rent or sale-three medium size three story Brick Houses on the corner of Jrth and N streets For farther particulars ennuire at the corner ofl?th and L sts., No 383. ap 19?1 w* For rent-the old established gro eery stand, (with the good w.ll of the estab lishment.) formerly occupied by the la e Elexius Simms, on the southeast corner of 13th and F streets west. To a responsible person the rent will be moderate. Apply at No 900 F street, ap 19?3t? FOR RENT?THE STORE HOUSE NOW oc cupied by Barnes & Mitchell, on Pa. avenue, b^lween 8th and &th street*. Po^eescion given on 15th May next, on which time the present lease ex pires. Apply to JAMES DIXON, Esq , of this city, or the subBoiber, "Cottage," M ntgomer? county, ?* TIIOS. CONNELLF. ap 16 -lw* HANDSOME FURNISHED PARLORS.?TWO suits of Parlors and Chambers on the first and second floors, handsomely furnished, i< for rent with or without board. There is gas in the house and a bathroom. Apply at MRS. NICHOLSON'S, No. 5170 H street, corner of Eighteenth. ap 13?lm* FOR RENT?ROOMS FURNISHED IF RE qwired, in an elevated and healthy part of the city, south side of the Smithsonian Institution. For terms, which are moderate, apj.-ly ?n the premises at the corner of Tenth and B streets. No. 148. ap 17?eo3t* FOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAR lors and Chambers, with board. Also, Table and transient board. Inoui.e at Mrs SMITH'S, 333 F street aP9 Rents rkduced to suit the times. $150 a year will be received for the rent of those new and convenient cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood shed and other conveniences attached. Pumps of pure water are rear the door, ?nd communicat on is had with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh ?treets and Penn. Avenue, morning and aft* moon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks iu the departments. To secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent immediate application must be made to the undersigned, either by letter, or at his house at Kendall Green, after office hours, where the keys may be had and the houses inspected at any time. Several of these residences will be sold on liberal terms. WM. STICKNEY, No 4, Kendall Green. N. B.?Rents paid quarterly in advance. apr 9,1855?tf For rent, the building and lot sit uated on Maine avenue, between 4% and 6th streets, and adjoining the Foundry of Mr Charles White, formerly <,ocupied by G. F. Rider, and at piesent by Geo. E. Noyes, as a machine shop; it is well calculated for manufacturing purposes ; or for t*e establishment of a grist mill The lot has an area of 12000 square feet, and is enclosed wii a new ani substantial fcnce. Possession given on the Jst of May ensuing. For terms apirfy to WM. M. ELLIS, ap 6?law3w Eagle Iron W >As. FOR RENT?THREE NEW FRAME HOUSES, containing six rooms, each situated on Pierce street, between L and M streets, being but four squares from the Riilroad Depot; would make good residences. Kent moderate. Apply to CHARLES THOVIA, on the opposite side of the street, ap 4?lm* A CERTAIN CHANCE TO MAKE A FOR tune ?A lady having acquired a competency in the Millinery business, is now desirous of dispo ing of her establishment, and retiring into private life. Ilcr location is one of the be.-t in the city, ami is a rare opportunity for nne acquainted with the business. For terms and particulars apply at this office. mar29 1m HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Building Lots, 24 feet front by 130 feet deep, on grided streets, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of $75, payable $3 per month. Title indisputable. Union l-and Office, 7ta St., above Odd Fellows' Hall. Jan 9?6m JOHN FOX, Secretary. Bearding. Boarding?mrs. becke.nb a ugh having recently taken the first new brick bouse south of the Lutheran Church, on 11th atrret, between G and H,is prepared to accommodate a few ger.tle men with comfortable rooms and boarding. The lo cation is a pieasnnt and healthy one, and no pains will be spared to render comfortable and rive --ari3 factiod to those who may favor her with their pa tronage. I can also accommonnte a small family with two comfortable rooms and board. ap 19?tf B-ARD1JIG.?Several ladies and gentlemen can be accommodated with good board and lodging on and after the first of May, in a healthy and very pleasant pari of the city, by making mime diate application at No. 8 Louisianaavenae, nearly opposite the City Hall. A front basement room suitable for an office will be rented low. ap 19?eo3t* Boarding.-a lady having recently taken the hand.-ome dwelling, No. 3 Union how, on F street, between Sixth and Seventh, has several fine rooms for families, nrwly furnished Also, single rooms for gentlemen, mHch larger than are generally appropriated to them. The s tuation is central, being near the Patent, Post Offices, and Indian Bureau, and high and healthy for the spring and summer. Transient and table boarders accom modated also on reasonable terms. ap 17?dlw* BOARD, Ac ?MRS. BATES, on the south west corner of Pa. avenue and 9th street is pre pared to accommodate gentlemen with room?, with or without board. Every effriff will be made to ren der those comfortrble who may favor her with their patronage. ap 6?tf ipnug as * $20 000 worth Boots & Shoes. SPRING SUPPLY. IRON HALL BOOT, SHOE AND TRUNK ESTABLISHMENT, Pa. avenue, between Ninth and Tenth itreets. JUST received and receiving daily my spring as sortment of Ladies', Gentlemen's, Boys, and Children's BOOTS and SHOES. FOR LADIES. Ladies' colored, bronze and black Gaiters, McCurdy's, 1 25 to 9 00 Do .morocco and kid Slippers and Ties, do.,62^ to 1 00 Do carpet and velvet Slippers for house, do, 60^ worth 1 00 For Mitset and Children. Misses' colored, bronze and black Gaiters, 1 00 Do morocco and kid (also white) Slippers foi the May Ball Children's white kid Slippers Do Gaiters and Slippers all colors For Gentlemen. Gentlemen's Patent Leather colored kid and black Congress Gaiters, some thlug new Do do and calf Pumps, (French] and walking Shoes For Boy* and Youtki. Boys' Patent Leather Puni|?for the May Balls Do Calf Shoes of all kinds Youths' do do Do Patent Leather Pumps for May Balls. The above stock is perhaps the most desirable it the city from which to make selections. It embnt; ces every variety, and will be sold at the lowes prices. 8. P. HOOVER, Iron Hall Boot, 8hoe and Trunk Establishm't. ap 19?eo6t NOTICE^)7& A. RAILROAD" . The splendid Steamer GE0RGI _fl|33flE?PAGE will leave her Blip, foo of Seventh street, daily, at 6 o'clock a. m, lor Gor donsville, Charlottesville and Staunton. Breakfast on board the boat. This boat, by travelers, is called the Floating Pal ace. E. A. RYTHER, Captain, ap 17- 2w* m: auuuic SB NEW MILLINKRY. ISS THOMPSON has just received a no the invoice of those fashionable Crape andi Silk nATS, from New York. Tboee ladiesj who failed to supply themselves at our last opeaingare now offered anether opportuaityj'an would ao well to call early and have the fim selec ti'ms, as we arc selling them off rapidly. Orders solicited and promptly executed. HUTCHINSON 'k MUNRO, 310 Pennsylvania avenue, ap lb?daw (lutel euOt) Auction Bale* "?y GREEN * SCOTT. 4??tUa**ra. TJOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN FURNITURE, xl Pianoforte, lie , at Auction?Ob WEDNES DAY, the 25th inst, w? shall aeii, at the residence of Mr. Rr*t Browne, at the corner of 6th and I street* north at 10 o'clock a. m., aa excellent as-1 nrtment ol Furniture, via : Fine rosewood Piano Forte, Stool and Cover, made by Kuabe fc Gaehle,6fc octave, flae tone and touch Mahogany damask and plush covered Lounge*, par lor and Castor Chain Do marble top centre and Pina Table*, Pier Glass, he. . , ?T L Do Dressing and other Bureaus and wash stands Do dining, card, and other Tables, and Stands Do hair cushioned Sofa. Hatrack Fine durnisk and white window Curtains and Orna menta ? . Fine Tapestry, 3 p'y and ingrain Carpets Feather Beds, Bedding Wool and oilier Mattresses Yemtian Blinds, high and low pogt and trundle Bed st. ads Choking, radiator and airtight Stoves With a good assortment of Kitchen Requisites Terms i All cams of and under $?> cash ; over $?25 a credit of 60 and 90 days for notes satisfacto rily endorsed, bearing interest. GREEN k SCOTT, ap 21 ? J Auctioneers. P 8.?House js for rent Inquire on pryaises. By J. C. naQlIRK, Aatl'ogitr, Fine line, mezzotint, lithograph, and other Eng avian*. - Just received a large and varied lotol fine English, French, and German Prints, in sheet, including many beautiful and pleas ing subjects, in part from pictures of old Masters. fiom Mu-e Royal. Also, pleasing subjects from the French and Ger man schools?Historical, Church, tfentimenial, and other subjects, being a b' autiful and attractive col lection. They will be arranged for examination and private and public sale in a few days. JAS. C McGUIRE, ap2l-d Auctioneer. By J cTjHeGUlRK, Auctioneer I MHROVED propertat the navy 1 Yard at Public Auction.?OnTl'Ei^DAY after noon, May 8th, at 5* o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell Lot No. 23, in Square No. 6f9. situated at Uie corner of south L and Seventh streets east, fronting 49 feet on south L st eet, by 71 feet on 7:h street, with the improvements, consisting of three brick and one frame dwelling house Terms: One-fourth cash; the residue in6,12and and 18 months, for notes sccured by a deed of trust on the premises, bearing interest. JAS. C. McGUIRE, ap 21?eokds Auctioneer. BY J C McOCIRK, Auctioneer. Gold and silveh watches, chains. kc.,at Auction.-On FRIDAY afternoon,the 20th instant, at 5# o'clock, at the Auction Kooms, I shall sell an invoice of fine Gold Watches, com prising? Full jewelled Hunting Levers, Detachtd Hunting Levers, suitable for ladies Also, open faced Levers, Lepine, Silver Ilun'lng, and plain Watches Also, a small lot of fine Gold Guard. Vest and Fob Chainft Persons in want will do well to attend the sale as the foods will be told without reserve Terms cash. JAS. C. McGUIRE, ap 18? Auctioneer. U-Tha above sole *? aaavoldab y postponed until MONDAY afternoon April 23d, at same hour. J. C McGUIRE, ap 21?d Auctioneer. ?v GKKEN * *CO rT, Auctloacrra. T'RUSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSEHOLD AND Kitchen Furniture at Auction.?On WEDNES HAY. the 2ii d .y of May, I shall sell, at the resi dence ol Henry Baldwin. Esq., at the corner of 12th a- (1 II streets, at 10 o'clock a. m , by virtue of a dee-i ot trust from -aid Baldwin to the subscriber, bearing date the27th day of February, le55, and duly record ed in one of the land records for Washington county 'n tlie District of Columbia, a I the goods and chat tels specified in said deed, vix: Sofa, pa-lor, arm reading and other Chairs Mahogany Centre, Card and other Tables Thr^e fine painted Cottage Chamber Sets Feather Beds, Bedding Hair and shuck Mat ressns China. Glass and Crockery ware, Table Cutlery Parlor, stair and Chamber Carpets, Oilcloth Lounge, Toilet S?ts Wash and other Stands Lot Books, Shovel andT<>ug* Cooking, Radiator and other Stoves With a good lot of Kitchen Requisites. Terms: All sums ot" aud under &!5 cash ; over $25 a credit of 60 and nine y day, lor satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. C. W BENNETT, Trustee. GREEN fc SCOTT, apr 21?eofcds Auctioneers. Bj (iBVCE^I A SCOTT Auctioneers. TJIXECUTOR'S SALE OF THREE BRICK Houses and Lots at Auction.?Uu TUESDAY, the 24lh instant, we shall sell, in f ont ufth? preni iacs, at bjj o'clock, p. ni., two Brick Houses and L^ts. being lots !? and E, in subdivision of part lot No. G, in square No. 458. The above described jmperty is situated at the corner of 6th street west ami Louisiana avenue, and well calculated for business purposes or offices. Terms: One-fourth cash ; balance in 6, 12 and 18 months, the purchaser to give notes for the deferred pavments, bearing interest trom the oay of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken to secure the payment of the notes All conveyancing at cost of purchaser. ?, GREEN k SCOTT, ap 19?d Auctioneers. By OI1BKN * *COTJf. A ucilOB*?ra, TfALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ;n the First V Ward at Auction?On MONDAY, the 23d in stant, we shall sell, at o'clock p. m , in front ol the premises, Lots N?s 13, 14 and 15, ia Square No 77. The above described property is situated at the 1 corner of I street north and 22d street we* The whole have a frort on I street of 105 feet 6 inches, and on 22d street, 130 fert 10 inches, and torm a beautiftil square, but will be sold in lots to suit pur chasers. , . . ,c Terms: One third cash ; balance in o, 12, and IP m'-nths. for notes hearing interest from the day of the sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken GREEN & SCOTT, np 19?d Auctioneers. By K. 8. WRIGHT, Auctioneer, rrnRrPTOWN "?7"ERY DESIRABLE PRIVATE RESIDENCE V at Auction ?By virtue of the authority vested in me by the last will and testament of Emily Cor coran, deceased, I will sell, at public auction, on WEDNESDAY, the 2d Mav next, at 5 o'clock p m. to the highest bidder, on the premises, the very de sirable lot, aud dwelling house thereon, late the res idence of the deceased, situated on West St., be tween Congress and Washington streets, George town, one of the most desirable parts of the town for a private residence. The house contains two pari rs. two kitchens, and other robins, in all 14, be^id*** a fine cellar; and is suitable for a large family. There is a good cis tern in the yard, an.l oth? r covemences, including a stable, separated from the house lot by an alley opening on Washington street; and the title to the whole is believed to be unquestionable. The tern.8 of sale are on; third cash, and the b?l t incc in one and two years, with interest ? the de ferred payments to be secured by a deed of trust on the property. If the terms are not complied with within nvc days fro the day of sale, the subscr ber reserves the right to re sell the property, on one week's pub lic notice, at the risk and cost of the delinquent pur chaser. All conveyancing .. Executor or Emily Corcoran, deceased. EDWARD 8. WRIGHT, ap 19?eots Auctioneer. | By WALL, ?ARWA?t.D * CO , Aucts* T7-ALUAULE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON F \ street at Auction.?Oa WEDNESDAY, 25:h insu, at 5 o'clk p. in., we shall sell^ubject to a deed of trust, the west half of Lot No 22, fronting thirty fent on the south side of F street, between l-<th and 14th, running back one hundred feet to a thirty feet alley, improved by a frame Building and anew fcnek Stable. ... ,. , This Lot is In the beet of localities, and in a fast improving part of the city. Title indisputable. Terms made known at sale. WALL, BARNARD 8t CO., Aucts , 317 Pa. avenue, corncr of 9th st. ap 18-dts (Intel) Bv J. C. McGDIRE, 4netlen?ar. EJ&ELLENT FURNITURE AND HOUSE hold Effects at Auction ?On TUE8DA1 morning, April 24, at 10 o'clock, I shall sell, at the residence of E. Lallouette. Esq , en the south side of Pa. avenue, between l#tli and 20th sts., a.l his Furniture and Housekeeping Effects, comprising Handsome mahogany carved French Sofa Carved do Parlor Chairs, Rockers Marble top Centre Table, Whatnot Pair of handsome mahogany Card Tables Bronxe Chandeliers and drop light for gas Excellent parlor and chamber Carpets Large quantity ef superior Oilcloth Bronxe Hattree, Ha 1 Lamp Excellent mahogany Wardrobes Dressing Bureaus, Toilet Sets Cottage Bedsteads, Wash stand* Superior hair and husk Mattrestes Rose Blankets . Maple cane-seat Chairs, Rockers Excellent damask Cnrtains, Shades Bolsters and Pillows Comforts, Spreads, Ac. Terms jf sale: $2.*) and under cash , over that sum a crcdit of rixtyand ninety days, for apprrve:! ~r dorscd notes hearing interest lXitt The ahrive Furniture is hfiiTjr new and ? xc; I <. l quality JAS. C. M.-GUIKE, apr 16?d Aucuowe.i. i and fixtures I TELEGRAPHIC. DAILY HVBimtO BTAJL Departure of Oaan* Buoiri " H av You, April 11.?Tha Rorth Star auiled this Bornini vllk 198 pMNifm, u4 91C4, 500 in specie The Wnahiafton, aleo, tailed with 1M pw tengnra and a anall erne not of apecie ?tMmkMt Bxploakm oa Lake Eria Detroit April 20 ?The propeller Oregon, )f Cleveland, exploded thla morning abon 'oar mi lee above tku city, and ten sen were killed. Among them were W 8. Chapman, the firvt engineer ; Thomaa Donelly, seoond engineer ; Ddward Me Bride and William Keed ; the jthera are nnknown. Capt Stewart had a leg brokea, and In or >u other persona ware more or less injured. Tha propeller wet eo mneh shattered that the sunk eooa after tha txplosion. The lorn is laid to be $8,000 upon which there waa no inauranoe The alleged caaae iraa a defect in the boiler. Detention of Truina BALnnoaa, April 11.?Yeelerdaj tha New fork morning traina failed to eonnaet at Phil, kdelphia at thraa o'eloek. The eoaneqaaMa naa that the northern and eastern maUa did aot arrive here aatil laat n4ght The eaaan ef the detention hea not been learned Baltimore, April 21 ?Floar la dall and lower Small tales of lloward a tree t brands it $10 60a$l0 76 The grain marhet ia leee active than on yeaterdnr, bayera and eel 1 ere iwaiting the arrival of the Nnehville. Wheat and Corn ere unchanged, hot there were iranaaotiona worthy of note Wtw York Karketa New York, April 21 ?Cotton ia anehaagad, with a moderate demand at prerioae ratee. Pleur?good Ohio $ 10.3Ua|in.67 ; Southern ia 5 m; aalea et $1U$11 67 Wheat ia e trite higher; Southern white $2 75; Ue*ee-e $2 80. Corn ia a trifle higher; mixed $1 08-;$l 10. Pork ia unchanged; old mesa, $16.12i?$l? 25. Beef ia anchenged Lard ia unchanged. Whisky?Ohio ia lower; aalee at 3&a36o A actio a xalmm. liy J C. fleOriREi Aeetloeter. Good and well kept fukniture at Aucuon? On MONDAY rooming .April 23d, it 10 o'clock, et the re?d?*nce of Mrs M. Bevans, in the corner of 13th and P streets, F shall tell e rood assortment of Furniture, via: M allot any Sofa,Gh*in< and Tables Do Bookcase, gilt frame Mirror Three ply and ir,grain Carp-U. Oilcloth Mahogany Drc.?sing Bureaus, \h ash*tand? Bedsteads, hair a;id nu.-k Mattreaaee Excellent father Beds Bolsters and Pillows Bed and Table Linen, Toilet Seta T We Cutlery, Fire Irons, Castors China, Gla-i?'and Crockery Ware Siraadoies, MantU Ornaments Lot of Books. <im?ngst which are Dnwning*s Laad scape Gardening, Dicken's CetUe Manner, il I ustrated by Engravings Spy Glass, Slc. Together wuh a general assortment of Household ;ind Kitchen Requisites. T?*rms: $20 and under cash; ove? that sum e credit of 60 and 90 days, for note* saiisfkcumly en jirsed, bearing interest. JAMES C. McGUIRE, apr -20? d Ann longer. Br J C IttcGUIflK. Aweitoweer. 1 EXECUTOR'S SALE OF FURNITURE AND *j II .uphold Effects.?On THURSDAY in^m lug. April 19, et 10 o'clock, at the residence o! the iate Thomas Ritchie, on President's i*qu-re, I shail sell a larg portiou of the Furniture and Household Effect*, comprising? Rosewood Pianoforte, Stool, and Music Stand l*o Tete a Te'e, arm, reception, and fancy, Chairs in damask Handsome damask Curtains and Cornice Large French pl te Gilt frame Mirror, with slaba and brackets Damask and chintz covered Lounges Mahogany, hair, spring and ~ane seel Chairs handsome Centre Lamps Candelebras, Bronze Brackets Mantel Ornaments Mahogany tMdebo-ird, Etagerr, Side Table S.ilid mahogany extension Dining Table China, Glass and Crockeryware Trusst Is and three ply Carpets, Oilcloth Hat Back, Hall Lamp R toewood and Hall Chairs Enamelled and Cottage Suite Walnut and Mahogany French Bedsteads Do Wardrobes, Dressiij Bureaus Washstand?, Toilet Sets, Tables Superior curled hair and husk Mattresses Bolsters and Pillows, Marseilles Qmlu Bad and Table Linen, Chamber Chairs Furniture in servant*' rooms, fcc. Together with a general assortment of Kitchen Requisite#* Terms ; All sums of and under 990ca*h; over $30 a credit of 60 and 90 days for note? satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest. J AS. C. McGUIRE, ap 11?d Auctioneer. f^>The above eale le wnavotdably postponed until THURSDAY, Apl 96, same hour. ^ JA8. C. McGUIRE, ap 20?d Auctioneer 0 Limited States Patent OflU*. W\8Hi*oTon, April 19, 1866. N the petition of Alokxj Wsxxixn end A. T. v,' Wmua, Executor of William 0. Wheeler, deceased, of ihe State of N?w York, praying for the extension of a patent granted to Alonao and Win. 0 Wheeler on the 8th ef July, 1841 for an Im provement in '? Endless Chain Oor*s Power for driving Machinery," for seven year* from the expi ration of the said patent, which lakes pleas oa the 8tt day ot Juy 1856? It is ordered, that the seid petition be beard at the Patent Office on Monday, the 26 h day of June next at 12 o'clock m ; end all perseu* are notified to ep pear and show cause, If any they have, why eeid pe tition ought not to be granted i P?rsoni? op poping the extension are required tc file in the Patent Office their otyectioaa, specially s* forth in writing, at leeet twenty <leys >efor?_the A*y of hearing; ell testimony fil?-d by either party to be used at the said hearing must be teken and traaa mltted in aooordanoe with the rules of the offioe, which will be furnished on application The testimony in the case will be closed on the lfrth of June, 1856; depositions and other papers re lied en as testimony, must be filed in the Offioe on or before the morning of that day; the arguments. 11 any, within ten days thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notice be published In the Union, Intelligencer and Evening btar, Washington. D C- D-i'y RepubM-an balDa<ore. Ml.; J'enn sylvanian Philadelphia, Pa.; Scientific American, fcew York; once a week for three sucoeesive weeks previous to the 26th dsy of June next, the day of ng' 8. T. 8HUGRRT, A*tins Oommlssioner of Patents P. 8.?Editors of the above papers will please copy and send their bills to the Patenf Office, with a pa* per containing this notice. apr^'i? -lawaw VE1 DOLL A R - REWARn.-Loe, on I the 13th instant, between Willards Hotel and the Citv Hall, a Porieinonnaie, containmg tnree nous drawn by John H. and A W. R|rk^" ^,^ favor of Wm T Dove, and by me ? tj* each ; one note drawn by Aephaniah Jone , flfW, in mv favor and by me endorsed; ?^,e'^r"Ta! by William T. Hook, in my favor, for other notes and papers not recollected The above reward witt be paid upon the return of the papera to the undersigned n 1W*L. apr 14?tf NUMBERS FOR HOUSES. FLABARKE, comer oC Tenth nad C m* , who . is a practical manufacturer in metal, has UD assortment of Sileei plated NUMBER# of various patterns He will make numbers far bouses, hotels pews in Churclis, and for hacks, to suit all tastee, and is confident at the low price they will t* made that it will suit the purchaser NOT1CE OF COPARTNERSHIP Henry barron at solomon sto\eb have this day formed a Capartngr^ F purpose of carr, ing ou the Wood and Coal in nil its branches. . w ^ Our yards are situated on f ntar . streets, Washington, andon the moai, na?r Semmes's ptanioiWood and Coal the above places pemoaa ? m<>^ r<w%hlt of the very besj,qnality, ana ? ^ ?SAklS?^'^ ^ir^rtown, D. C., April 10th, 1S?. ,pWo-iE55?P hasp piAi.?i B.. on K R?.?, El.LIS. j uj< 4 ??? l*a. tveaue

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