Newspaper of Evening Star, April 23, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 23, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. Local Intelligence. AcciDi!?T.?On Maturity afternoon, Mr. Thomaa Stanley met with a serious accident He ?u engaged la painting the wood work of the door to the baaeinent-entraree of the dwel ling house of Mr. George Parker, oorner of Fear aad-a. half and C stree;a While reach ing with hia brush to the upper part of the frame, the plank reaing on the coping broke and ha fell again* the atone aepa with much violence. The thigh bone of hie left aide waa broken. lie waa conveyed to hia reaidence on Ninth atreet, where the limb waa set by Dr. Garnett (who remarked that he had just re moved the splinte from the limbe of two other pejeona ) The condition of Mr. Stanley seemed to be favorable during Sunday, but this morn ing wa learned the aymptoca wera not ao fUt terisg. He ia upwarda of seventy two years ?f age Tna Proposed Methodist College.?At the recent meeting held in the Foundery Church the propriety of eatabliahtng a college under the patroiage of the Baltimore Confer ence of the Methodiat Church, wu duly eon aidered; and a committee waa appointed to report at a future meeting. The dee*gn ia to eatablah the new institution of learning without unnecessary delay; and both boys and giria ere to be there aecomni> dated. The detaila are not yet consummated. It proposed to conduct affaira on the joint a'ock principle ; the shares fifty dollars each; the profit*, if any, to be equitably divided among the eubsoribera. Already the prejet meets with mueh favor. It is known that one of the boards of the City Councila has parsed a bill for the pur chaee of the elegant builtog. rear of Franslin row, foimerly occupied by Mr. Morriaon, ea the Rugby Academy, the municipal authori ties being diapoaed to provide, as scon aa they ean. enlarged accommotiota for cur public schools. Should the other Board not acqui eece in the bill, and it. therefore, fail to be come a law, the building will, in all proba bility, be purchased for the uses of the new Methodist College, ea we have been informed by one of the moat active gentlemen connect ed with this enterprise. Fir* ? Daat night, about 8 o'clock, flamea were discovered protruding f. om a email one and a half story frame bnildicg on 1) street near i'ennaylvania avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh atreeta, occupied by llehm ?k Co, aa a jewelry Btore; atd but a few minutes minutes elapsed befure the entire building waa ignited. A similar house alining wa3 occupied by the same person* as a clothing atore; and thii, too, waa materially damaged' They were the property of Mr Clement Wood ward. The clothing?not much of it how aver?waa removed with saiety; but not ao with the effects cf the jewelry department. The atock, it ia aaid. w?a worth $4 000, of which but abcut fouO in value wu saved. Rehm A Co , were inured to the amount of $2,000. The fire waa. the report i? the result of accident; one cf the proprietors having lighted a afttob in the jewelry store, in crder to aee to get hia coat or cloak, about fifteen minutes before the building wa? discovered in flames. The adjoining hardware establish ment of Johnson, Grey Jt Co.?the budding wood?was in immiment danger, cs was also the store of Mr. Andrew Tate, on the other aide; but, by the efforts of the firemen, the flames were prevented from extending It should here be remarked, to the credit cf the firemen, that they not only worked effi ciently, bat acted in concert and a spirit of friendliness; all being united in a common effort to preaerve the property from destruc tion The Corporation Law ?A few day? aisce a constable of tnis coun'y arreated several colored peracna, cuppotin* them to be fugitive slaves. Upon being taken before a jus'ice of the peace, they exhibited -he proofs of their freedom. They were subsequently eharged with not complying with the corporu;ion law To this they pleaded that, after having com plied several time*, they were infjrmeu by a lawyer thai there waa noneccs.ity forrepjat ing the bond. Two wee fined, and one allowed time to produce hia papers The law of 1850 declares that all free ne groes who shall come within the city of Wash ington. shall exhibit to the Mayor evidence of their title to freedom; and give bond with one white free bold surety for good behavior for each member of hia family, to be renewed an nually, the children bonded for to be between the ag?a of twelve and twenty one jears; but the children on becoming of age, shall be ?ub j sited to the provisiona of the law The bonds shall be renewed annually on the tenth day of December; and on failure to comply, he. ahe or they, and the person for whom the fail ure shall occur, being minora, aaall be ordered by the mayor to leave the city forthwith, and on/ailure to do ao, to be committel to the work-house, and be employed at the diacretion of the mayor, until the condition* ?re complied with. No commitment to exceed six months. This information may aave money to many who are ignorant of the law, or have been deceived aa to its provision*, as the cfficsrs are determined to enforce it. Testimoki tL ?We mentioned some days ago. that the clerks ?f the General Land Offi :e designed presenting to Dr. Charles L Frailey a tes'imonial of their rcspeot for him both us their late efficient chief olerk and his uniform merits as a gemleman; sinco which time aeveral articleaof plate, cf great beauty, have been purchased. in order t3 consummate the compliment. ?? Da 8. A II McK m has bean elected Grand Worthy Patriarch of the Son* cf Temperance of thia D .strict, in the place of Mr. Divine, re aigned 1 he other officers were elected last auinmn, and not recently, as the new?papers heraabjut represent A ?The old Bporl of throwing atones and hallooing in the reatihale of the City iiell by the juv?nil*J on the Sabbath, has oocamenced again. The police officers broke op this sport aome time aince, and they I have been notified again of the nuiaance, and are g^ing to enforce the law agains; it. This .the tffi:era say will be done without favor. Railroad ? Ciu5Ge or Ilonis ?On and af >r to day, the Iajt train for Baltimore will ive this city at 4j p. m , instead of 5, a? iretofore. Tho la?t train frtin Baltimore II leave that eity at 51 p m , ins'ead of 8, before The usual train from Baltimore at p m , ?i!l hereafter leave that place at 3 W o'clock. ^ Senna* Death ?Mrs.San lercon,agedabout W nxty.two years, died last ni^ht ra'her sud denly. at her residence on the other side of Navy Yard bridge The d ?y 1 efore sue 1 attending to her household duties, as al Sbe was well knoca to the country >le who supply our markets with ve -etabie laeta. ^foo< A5i) Cna./JTva Mix::?hli ? Tt!? flktag, the celebra;ed bando-' Miaatrele, I from New \ ?rk, will make their fire' appear * Iron Hall, in a choi:e muJcal ll] tsrpsichorean melange. Tkelr ergagemeat w for feur c'.jhta only. They come into our midst with a fine reputation for all they promise to perform D^ubtleaj, they will be greeted with dense aud. orua. and materially contribute to delight our citiiens, who Jubi now, are dtfieient of public amusements Jpe xtrm-C Sbqre* ?Yesterday, very oar cuLen* a?.a piraon* 10 the vi I ^inity. vliltr* tbe ?;tuag ahom on the riv?r to witnesa what waa iateresticg to them at thoee placee The cperatlons of the fishermen at ecme points were productive and profitable while, at other landings, nothing w^sdone to rejoioe over. The se*aon ia drawing to a close; and we regret thtt many have pro fitted bat little by it We are ioformed tha many perrona who uao the gill net have been very ?acee?afal % Tas Ja*??tow* Sonavv ?At a neetltgof ^fbe Jauieatowu Society, held at the Urhed States Hotel, on Fatuiday. April 2l?t. 1855, ta? following gentlemen were elected cffi:?rs: Philip B Fend all. President; Gen. A llen dereon, Vke Preailent^ John T. Towers Treasurer; C. W C Dunnington, Recording Secretary; Rev T B Ba'ch Corresponding Secretary; Wm M Overton ii!it>m Tuweiw, Thomas J. Maaa e, Thouai LumDkin, and L. Waahinfton, hJecative Committee. HTi5CuI;,?,L?0,t-W? T I>?t? against J n^fhl,r^i^.CirCaite0Qrt' WM Urmi ?f. whioh Mr. Dot# complained, ?.Mitei'!?by Mr faring ?1#C ,0D cont<9t in <">d sub I#?- * reP?rt that lh* foraw wu taint ed with African blood. ~ * 0M? WM given to the jury to <fay, who, titer an absenoe of a few minutes, rendered a of $1o 000 tb* pUIntiff; ?n the amoant The plaintiff, by Mum. Carlisle and Dar iage, his counsel, directed that the judgement ba entered to the use of Riohard Wallaoh, trusfee, to apply the proceeds, first to the pay ment of tqe costs and expenses of the mit, and the residue to be divided between the two or* phan Asjiums?the Protestant and Catholie? of the eity ef Washington. t P,oPt.;.THe.?,-Th. dramatic corp. of this es ablishment will perform two evenings this week in Alexandria, one at the Nary ,f ?*? and bI?2u0 thb.S7R"*T8 ~Offloers Boss and Barnaclo yesterday arrested sundry col who war* i" i?r ?^,traolin? th? side-walks, who were fined at the guard hoase. Watch Bktcrnb.?Geo. Long, profanity, rU: JamM colored. ob structing the nreet, fine and costs; Jno. Wood, t i a Sz fdami, d0- d?; Jos. Thompson, colored, disorderly conduct, workhouse 30 days; Jane McBennetr, vagrant, do. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Gboemtowh, April 23,1865 The celebrated Indian chief Maung-wu-daup, of the Ojibwa tribe, a convert to Christianity! and for seventeen years an interpreter foi the missionaries ani the Gcverament among the Indiens in the Northwest Territory, will deliver a lecture in Forrest Hall, this evening, at half-past seven o'olock, on the manner? customs, rites, and traditions of his people' Capt Dorry. of the barque William Cha??' reach 3d our wharvos on baturday last. Hie friends congratulated him upon his return ibe barque is laden with sugars for the Messrs Dodge. We are glad to learn thaf the K street briige has been in passableorder for travel of every description for several days We wOuld advise the ladies, one and all, to call soon at Smoot's Bridge street dry goods emporium, bsfore he sells out those superla tively beautiful paterns for ladies' sprina dresses r ? We would also advi-e all who are in want ol fuel of the most superior quality the Dis. tnct can affjrd to call on Barron A Stover. Nothing new in the markets. Spectator. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Preaching?ThA Democracy?Sale.?Amu fit ment i?Fish?Correction. Alexandria, April 23, 1855. Yesterday afternoon, Rev. P Meiater deliv ered a discourse, in the German language, in the lecture room of the Second Presbyterian church. Wi'.h this exception, the pulpits ol this and the other churches, thronght the day, were occupied by their regular pastors. This evening, at eight o'clock, C W. Carri gan Erq of Philadelphia, ..ill address the people (and the Domocraoy in particular) ol Alexmdna, at the Market Square. A lares crowd will, no doubt, be present. ' jn Saturday, S. J McCormick, auctioneer, ?old at public Bale, sold ?o W H McKnight, lota W i aad 2, each 23 by 100 feet on bt Asaph s street, between Duke and Prince e/wf^or *?cl aQd the other foi *540. Other property offerod was withdrawn Saturday evening, the diorama of Bunker WHS ??*in exhibited The theatrical com pany, at Washington Hall, promoted the "De uouncer"and - Box and Cox," interspersed with line singing. To-night, the game com pany present the third act of "Othello" and the 'Irish Lion." Fish are coming very fast tbi* morning, with prices ranging at $* 75,17 per thousand, and ? i- per hunnrcd for shad. JKlast *eek' mistake, that the h. . ? V contemplated adding amateui theatricals to their entertainment in May 1 his is not so ; but they premise on that oc casion one of the most pleasant soirees ever given in this city Baltimore Annual Conference of the A. M. E Zion Church in America. T?,? Fridat, April 20. ml i? u agreeable to adjourn ment,\Vm H Bt?hop presiding. The minutei were read and adopted. On motion, the further consideration of th? doc ument N0 2 was suspended for the present, and tho ordinary businass of the Conference was resamed. J"3""!! question fim, J. Trusty pre fri,^n i? ?n ^??gin8 as ? candidate for ad Sin i i k k Conference?he being recom fimlStioa *UUtmrl? cf the Brother Jno. W. Doogins was examined and received 10i the Conference on probation. Sqir7el was ex amioed and fassej. The Conference then adjourned to 3| o'clock p m. APTEHXOOB SESSION. in the afternoon, the Conference mot agree aole to adjournment ^ at eoMHlrl^?'i2wMk?uIed up and discussed at considar*b.a length by the members gen taUl th? entir? was referred ^ , mnillttee' consisting of B. Mackall iLd W J? iP,iBU>11 fi A Thompaon) morning " """ ?B 8?'' The Conferenoa then adjourned to meet at < i p. m. The Conference met "S8I0I,' fer?de?^ktC.C,niDg from lhe Q"*!?ly Con. terence of the two Nations in Baltimore Md * " P'tM?tcd by D. Stevens to tho Confcr ,1 WU "3eiv*d' numbered, and re ferred U> the standing committee. jine tonferenoe then adj ourned. UIICU. On thr 22.! instant, Mre. MAETIIA A. SANDER SON, aged 62 years. Ilrr t'rifiids and acquaintances are respectfully in v ted to aurnd her funeral to moirow (Tuesday) at tt-riinnn, at 3 o'clock, from li*r late rrsidt nee, m ar the Navy Yard Bridge. * rr^SOAn WALXER a CO.. SUrbl# H?M ClotlMnit Ktnpo I iia, ua<ler lt.i.wu' Hotel, re?|?. truliy ?unonur? tb?t Uielr clepUy of liprlnR ?nd St.muier ClntlilnK i? imw remdy for luapectlon, cuniprinlufr an ??u>rtm?nt of <U>*t4, Vr?W ?ud r?i.Ulo?OK of vli? ee*wt( and lkb?(t dMttl.* la ?:i<l wnrkT?ii?hii?. '?o eettldroen ?bo ?tuly *:c?li*ure **ith ?cinoui/ In Ntl.l.iOKal* ariicij* <'f dre*? an eppurtunI. J for a?'?ctt?K !? offer*! fr"? one ct tlu lsrgtel and moat t'lractlt* atork or c<?"la ?verotfertxl In cV.j at a tat/ r?4ur?d actio of price*. ap 11 rf?* r&ixiiMti at th* rAtas?WHiTERLRara ' attll In th? U 'M4?qrt ?^Jli? Juries cf e*cli of Uia U'.? atn at '-'"Ttr h'.rninocl, ai. l New Tork awarded tl etr I. iU?at |<rtaitw U> J. II. W. for their superiority of Pho l%ra|>ba, 8t?reoaropea and l>a<nerreotrp? ? exhibited. Mr. '.V elro raeetred two kladala at t> e World's Pair. Lon don, and a premium at Crystal P. lace. New York JlFiZ? #"; *Wlr<U "tkt ^'*-1 TaatltuM Ibr three put past Wklwl.nrst'r Oa'lery lu Uila city Is oa Pa avauua, betw, ? H aiid $th atreeu rob 17 f-^A PRXNOMKXA IN MKOICIliS.?Broa^Us, ttoMb, C/^peael* wlvef rbsplaluU, Scrcftala. tt.?for all dleeasss of the rVma'e Bystfiw ft ? Units preemtofot. A ttlorcyman Jasr li.furns as It has cored him or Brtmchltl* a u"0? M ck?r?sur??>art1en'?'s l.?reaner Hampton a vkuktablx tincti as-By its mitdac Uoo on the stomacli, ll??r and kidneys. Will cure Dyspep ? la, Cnaf'>, Asthma, Broorhial and AffectllB* Palui la the kW*. aide aud toree't, iUwwpUot, (Jerofula, ftheu matlsm, Oouk MetrAlfia, klstaU, Vowel u>ttpU<uu, Pile*, Worms, and Nerroas Uebllltlee? with all dlreas** arising fr i-u impure bl >od, and Is the crea'est female medicine ev er kurwn Tv* ln??loable me-l'clne I* worktox wouder* a.on thehaaiaaframa. t)eaa4rertU?aient to-day. mar 7 rr^Afl A sraiao AMD aUHMaR MKUICISE. Carter's ' hpastsh Miatur* "t?n?l? pre emln?at aba re all other*. !U dnsalarly efflc dons artlnn on the blood ; It* strength enlng aal vivifying q;ialltl'*; Its tonic action on the, Its undancy t<> drlea all humors tn tb* sarrace, thereby rleeaeiac the systim acw illng to Nature's own prescrip tion; lu haraleaa, and at tbeaame time extraordinary good tffecu, a&d toe nam her of cores testified to by m<ny of tb* ? net reap* table citizen* of Rlr hm<<ad, V*., end rise where, moat oe conetnateo evidence that tten ta do knmbng about It ThetrUl of a botu* wui satisfy the moat scwpUoal Of f? boocCls. ?**9oe .dvarHaameot la jtaoWi*r colasta. ?*"Job SaiiMBOToe renel vee all tb* o?w Books aad W*w* ?apwa m last a* p?bll$h*d. II* I* ag*a t for Harpor'* and aU ti* other, Md oar readers will always Sad a Uats aad good aaeormcut of Blank Books aad Sutlonary at ki* Bookstors, Oeaoa falldiaf, cor Pa. av*aa? aad 4)| st. Wants. W"~ANTED?TWO YOUNC WOMEN WISH ?Itnaifons, ore a* a Cook, and the other u Chambermaid and to assist in washing and ironing. Apply t > "C. CV at this office. ap23-9t* WANTED?A SMALL COTTAGE AND A few acres of ground in vicinity ol" the Chain Bridge, on the Virginia aide Address G W., Phil adelphia Post Office. ap 23?It* ANTED^A NATIVE FRENCHMAN to ap propr at* a few evening hours every week to teach two gentlemen, a'rrady posecrstng in aoine degree the neceseary preliminary knowied|e of French grammar, the French language. A moderate com pens ttion will promptly ba paid. Enquire at the 8t*r office. ap 23?It* COOK AND WASHERWOMAN WANTED? One who understands her business can find a aitnation by applying at MBS. DAVIS'S, Pennsyl vania avenue, nearly opposite the National Hotel, ap 23?2t# W~ ANTED.?A FRENCH WOMAN. WHO IS a Dress maker and hair dresser, wishes to find a place in a a good family us/emme it ehambre. Apply at the Star Office. ap 21?4f AN EXPERIENCED HOUSEKEEPER wants a Situation.?A mid lie aged lady, accustomed for many year* to manage the details of a Irrge boarding house, aa housekeeper, wants a situation. She can give satisfactory referenc* as to her energy, Industry qpd experience, nnd the fidelity with which she discharges duties confided to ber. Address "L 3," at thia office. ap 13?tf WANTED?A COMPLETE FILE OF THE WEEKLY (Washington City) STAR since it.* publication up to the present date, for which a liberal price will be paid if sjntto this ofiice. ao3?tf Bearding. IN 'OTIC K.?FOR IlENT?PARLOHS AND Chancers. with board. Also, table and tran sient board, wiiii a bathing room and shower baths and every attention to render it most asreeabie to her boarders Mrs. P. G MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and at. ap 23?3m BOARDING-MRS SPAULDING, on the corner of F and Pth streets, can accommodate boarder, either permanent or transient. ap 33?4t* BOA rdinoTmrsTbeckevb AUGH HAVING recently taken the first new brick house ioulh of the Lutheran Chun h, on 11th strret, between G and II, Is |?reonrcd to accommodate a few gentle men with comfortable rooms and boarding. The lo cation is a pleasant and healthy one, and no pains will be spared to render comfortable and tivn satis faction to those who may favor her with their pa tronage. I can also accommonnle a small family with two comfgrtable rooms and board. ap 19?tf Boarding.-a lady having recently taken the handsome dwelling, Nf>. 3 Union How, on F street, between Sixth and 8eventh, has several fine rooms for families, newly furnished Also, single rooms for ?jentl?"men, mu^h larger than are generally appropriated to them. The s tuation is central, bring n*ar the Patent, Post Office?, and In lian Bureau, and high and heailliy for the spring and summer. Transien' and table boarders accom modated also on reasonable terms. ap 17?dlw* BOARD, A.c ? MRS. BATES, on the south west cornet of Pa. avenue and Dth street is p?e pared to accommodate gentlemen with room*, with I or without board. Every rffort will be made to ren der those comfortible who may favor her with their pa;r<>nage. ap 6?tf BiARDIirO' ?Several ladies and gentlemen can b? accommodated with good board and lodging on and afttr the first of May, in a health) and very pleasant part of the city, by making imme iiate application at No. 8 Louisiana avenue, nearly opposite the City Hall. A front basement room suitable for an office will l?e rented low ap 19?ei>3t* Ram away-8io keward.?ion n, i iny negro man, aged about 50 years, ran away lp>m iny farm in Alexandria county. Va., on Mon day, loth instant. He stoops in lii? walk ; had on a gray trock coat and gray pants. He has a wife at VIr. A. Gladman's, on 9th street, rear the boundary in Washington. I think he is lurkirg fabtut there. He aho has agister at Mr. Marburv's, in George town. JOHN M. YOUNG, Coach Maker, Corner of 4){ street and Pa. avenue. ap 18 -tf A GOOD FAMILY HORSE AND CARRIAGE for sale. ?Not having at present u*e for ^V~_ than, I will sell, low, a good safe Fdi?iily^^J^ Horse, and a light Carriage, which can b? seen at Hazel's i.ivery Stable, (formerly Bohrer'*,) Beah street, Georgetown " ap 18 ? Iw ORATOR:} and STATESMEN of Anc.eni and Modern Time', by D A Harsha The County Neighborhood, by Miss Dupuy Robert Graham, by Caroline Lie Hentz FRXNCK TAYLOR. CHEAP GROCERIES. Hams, Shoulders, Siisukcd Ucif, &c. JUST received a choice lot cf HAMS. SHOUL DERS, and prime SMOKED BEEP, best in 1 market, and "onsiaritly on hand Layer Rais ns, Malaga Raisins, in whole, half, and quarter boxes;, in jars; Pickles, Preserves, choicest bands of Wines, Liquors, Cigars. Tea-, fce., Crockery, nf all descripiion, Patent S ?aps, Soup Pwwder, Small llominy. deckers' Farina, Syrups, Molasses, Sugars and Coffee, very cheap, with a fu'l assortment ol the finest Groceries, and such articles usually found in a Family Grocery. Call and judge (or yourself at F. MILLER'S, ap 18?lw 301 F street, corner of i2th. ST ILL THh Y CONK I GREAT DESTRUCTION IX DRY GOODS! ONLY think, yard wide Ltwns only 5 cents. Yard wide Lawns only 8 cents Yard wide Mc&clu d Cotton only 6If cents Do Furniture Chintz, only 5 cents Reititiful B?*rege Delaines, only 8 cents Do Colored Brilliants, onlv 22 cents D ? Co Chintz, only 20 cents Bleached Sheetin? 3 yards wide, only 35c. Irish Linens, on'y 31 j^c. Ladies' cotton Hose, only 8i. Do biatk Silk Mits, only 25c. Plain B'reg s, only 20c. Figured Bereges. 10c. Dress Silks at awful low prices White Crape Siiawrs at awful low prices. Also, a large lot of Dom stic GwkIs, which must be sold to close business about the 1st July. ? NO HUMBUG." C tint early, and gel the greatest bargains ever of fered is this market, at the WASHINGTON STORE, ('ate Mcannier & Calvert's,) No 16 opp. Centre Market, bet 8th and 9th sr. ap lH?iw SPRING AND SUMMER^GOODST JOHN u sasoor, South tide of Bridge street, near High, OKOBOETOWX, D. C , HAS received and is now offering a very general a sortmentot SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. In his stock will be found a good assortment o( of new style Light Spring Silks Best make black do. Bereges. Grenadines, Pisuiea Blk modes and br'ght col'd Challies Borege and Ciialley Delaines, Mouasellnes Real French Chintzes and Brilliants Organdie and Jaconet Lawns Real imported Lawns, fast colors, at 12l?c. Real French ard Scotch Embroideries, cheap Plain striped nnd plaid Bonnet Ribbons Er.ib'd and plain Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs a great bargain Jamnet, Swiss, Nainsook, and Plaid Muslins Rich figured and dotted do Bajou's Kid aud Alexander's Silk Gloves, all colors Ladies, Mi^ea, and ue?ts< Hosiery, all kinds Parasols of every shaddand price Rich Enfflffh fast colors prints at Wiih a first rate assortment of MEM'3 AND BOYS' W?AR. AI*o, Sheeting* and Shirtings pf Ute besttcakcs in i.inens and Owns 'able Cloths, Unmasks, Napkins Towellings, Fur niture Chintzes, white Spreads Domestic Got d* generally. n'uaaLil!?\?~~-ar,e purcIw#*i lV"m the. Philadel ? auctions, I ain prepared to of ler great indictments lo cash or prumpt cu-torrers. ap 18 ? Im J. H. SMOTT. LIME, PLASTER, CLEMENT, HAIR, &c.?Jast opened two large j ki'.ns of splendid wood-burnt Lime.?A. kL.P HOOVER have this day entered into co-partner ship; ?nd, having made several additions to their fine kilns, are i.ow manufacturing from 800 to 1.000 barrels of the best wood burnt nc p?r week, which will be sold at the lowest market prices Also, constantly no hand a large quantity of the finest PLASTER, CEMENT and HAIR lo be found in this city. All those who are in wont of these articles will certainly find it to their advantage to give them a I call. A. ?t L P. HOOVER Potomac Lime Kilns, 27lh street, otif square houth lower bridge, near Geot*n. ap 3?d9w NEW MILLINfcRY. IPS THOMPSON h? Just received another| _ invoice of those fashiocable Crape snd, 8<lk HATS, from New York. Those ladiesj who failed to supply themselves at our last opeains are r.ow oflured another opportunity) and j would d ? well to call early and haye the first seiea finns, as we aie selling thv.n off rapidly. Orders solicited and promptly executed. HUTCHINSON k MUMRO, 310 Pennsylvania avenue, ap 10?dflw <Intel eoOt) M' UIKIU1LI SB For Balo and Bant. FOR RENT?THE STORE BOUSE NOW oc cupied by Barnes k. Mitchell, on Pa. avenue, between Btli and 9th Kim'.i. Possession firrn on 15th May next, on which time the present Tease ex? ptres. Apply to JAMES DIXON, Esq , of this city, or the subscriber, "CottagA." M^rtfuncrv county, Md. THOS. CONNELLY. ?pM-tf TO LET-A FRAME HOUSE ON 15th street, west, near L street north. The House has ten rooms, a pump < f g -od water in the yard, all in good order. Possession given on tlie 1st of May. Inquire of M Shippard, or A. Borland, on the premises. FOR RENT?A WELL FURNISHED HOUSE, ncar the Public Departments. Address "J. P. C," City Pox Office ap 23?3t? For rent and for hire?a ;wo-*>tory Brick Dwelling in the central portion of the -oily, suitable for a private residence tor a small fam ily or a store, or offices for agents, being in the iin me-iate neighborhood of tte General Post Office and th* Patent Office; a few doors from the la ter, on 7 J> street. Kitchen in basement, also in yard? pump in the yard Stable and Carriage hou?e. Ga> in most of the rooms, all in drat rate oidcr. Alan, a small frame bouse on Seventh st, near Boundary. Also, for hire, a negro woman, a first rale ook. Apply to E. M. CHAPIN, Deputy Marshal, at City Hall. ap 81?3t (Organ) House to rent?a very pleasant House on L, between 9th and 10th sta., hav ing a front yard, with shrubbery. Also, hack yaid, with fruit trees, pump, kc. The h'mae will d* rent ed with or wi hout furniture. Apply at No. 509 oi 510 I. street, between 9ih and 10th sts. ap 8l?3i* For rent or sale?three medium size three story Rrick Houses on the corner of 9th and N streets For further particulars enquire at the corner of 12th and L sts., No. 389. ap 19?lw* ? Handsome furnished parlors .?two suits of Parlom and Chambers on the first and second floors, handsomely furnished, i. fi?rrent wiih or without board. There is gas in thft house and a bathroom Apply at MRS. NICHOLSON'S, No. 270 II street, corner of Eighteenth. ap 13?lm* For rent?several handsome par lorw and Chambers, with hoard. AI*o, Table and transient board. Inquhe at Mrs SMITH'S, 933 F street ap it Rents rkduced to suit the times $150 a year will be received for the rent ol those new and convenient cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres ol ground, staMe, wood eh??) and other conveniences attached. Pumps of pare water are near the door, and communicat on is hart with Georgetown by wav of II and Seventh streets and Penn. Avenue, morning and ?fl< moon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation oi clerks in the departments. To secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent immediate application must be made to Uir undersigned, cither by letter, or at his house at Kendail Green, after office hours, where the krj> may be had and the houses iaspe-ted at any tim*. Several of these residences will b* sold on liber#! terms. WM STICK WE Y, No 4, Kendall Greer.. N. B.?Rent-" paid quarterly tn advance. apr 9,1855- tf FiURNISHED ROOMS? MRS. G ANDERSON ha* several furnished Rooms which she wir<lies to rent: situated over the Music and Stati nerv , Store, second door from the Kirk wood Honse, pa. avenue. ap.U?eolin FORRENT-THE DWELLING AND STORE on 11th street west, one door from Pa. avenue, north side, adjoining F-irnhim's Bookstore. Apply to GEORGE A. W. RANDALL, mar 2?eotf corner 12th and .') sts. For rent?four new and conveni ent Brick Houses, brown mastick fronts, con taining parlors with marble mantels, dining room, kitchen, servant's room, and five chambers each, and sltuatej nn Thirteenth street, Island, near the fi-iblic grounds, convenient to Pa. avenue and the )epnrtments. Rent very moderate. Apply at R. H. CLARKE'S ??ffice, corner of Sixth street aid Eouisiana avenue, or at I). B. CLARKE'S Dru^ | Store, Eleventh street, Island. mar 6?eoil TT A LIT ABLE TRACTS OF LAND NEAR the 1 l ity, ai Private Sale.?For sale, four very de sirable and eligibly ,-i uated tracts ofl.and, contaij ine about fitty acres each, partly in Montgomery county, but principally in Washington county, I; C. i oppo-ite the farm of Joseph II Bra Hey, E^ij., al. ?ui J 4)t miles from Washington, ceminuntcatiug with it by a new and comm?dioii9 rna.l row u.ider con struction The soil is excellent, and w< ll a,iaptoi to corn and wheat The st nation is prominent an ? healthy, and the land well wateicd. Ther<; are tbrt*e tenements on the premises. This propeity is p-culia-ly suited to gentlemen having business in the city for beautiful country res idtnerg. I A plat of the property can be seen at the office of the subscriber. John Parker, Esq., living adjoinin?, will show the property to any who may v. Mi to gee it. EDW. SWANN, No. 20 Louisiana avenue, near City Hall. ap 20 -eolm Building lots for sale ? a variet of Building Lots in the vicinity of the Ci*y Iiall. Also, in all other pans of the city, on aecommoj-tt ing terms. Enquire at Mrs. ADAMS' Boarding House, opposite to Browns' Hotel, to be s<en from 8 to 9 a m, or 3 to 4 p m. Also, an address through the Po?t Office will receive attention. mar 5?eo2m DAVID MYERLE. VALUABLE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE ? The block of buildings known a- ihe "Unior Buildings," and now occuped by the Union news Caper establishment. They are situated on E street etween 13ih and 14th streets, and fronting directlv on Peunsylvahia avenue. Tlie lot is 70 fe^t front by 159 feet deep. The property is susceptible of divis ion and re arrangement, Rnd its positi n such as n.ust rank it among the best business stands on the avenue, and is yearly increasing in value. The time of the pr -sent lessee expires on the 1 t Septem ber next, on which day posstsrion may he had. Also, that large three-story Brick House on 17th street w??st, (opposite th-- War Offic* ami three dour | south of G sire t ) Also, that three story House on 17th street west, next door to the Government Building, at the comer of F and 17th streets Shoal I the &b ve property not be solJ at j?ri?ati sale prior to the ?5tl? of May, it will be sold on tuttl dav at public auction. 1 erms will a? made favcroblQ t* the nurchifltr. Appyto CX. ? WINDER, Corner of Seventeeuth and G streets. tnar 19?2awt <1ayl5 "II^LA FOR SALE?THE SUBSCRIBER of fers at private sale the villa in wli*:'i she at present resides, with tight acres of land, situated at I Eilaville, on the Washington and Baltimore Turn 1 pike Road. The h use is new, with all the modern improvements, and the situation has many advant ages for persons engaged in business in Wai-hingion ?h it is within five minutes' walk of the Hladeiisb-irg Depot on the Railroad, and :here is also an omnibu running twice a day between Washington and Llla ville. Application to be maJe to the subscriber, l.vine on the premises. MARY S. VASS. mar 27?2a wit FOR RENT?THREE NEW FRAME HOUSES, containing six rooms, each situated on Pierce street, between L and M street*, being but four squares from the Railroad Depot; would make *oo?l residences. Kent moderate. Apply to CHARLES THOMA, on the opposite side of the street. ap 4?lrn* A CERTAIN CHANCE TO M^G A FUtt tune ?A lady having ?cHior?.u a co^ip?.teiicy in tlie Millinery " U<'U desirous of diF[Ki ing of heir estftalishment, uuJ retiring into pri vate li"e. Iler location Is one of the Lest in the city, an<J is a rare opportunity for ? m< aequaintod with the | business. For terms oud particulars app v at ' otflre i rui iciuii particulars app'v at this office. mar 29?lm HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and h? althily located P.uilding Lots, 24 feet front by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, unlit spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of $75, payable $3 per mouth. Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7tli st., above Odd Fellows' Iiall. Jan 9?6m JOHN FOX, Secretary MC OWKN * HON, MILITARY AUD NAVAL MERCHANT TAILOK3, No. 213 Pennsylvania Avenue, WOULD n speetfully call the attention of their friend? a>*d the publ c genera'ly to their new stock ot Go?m;s Ju?t received from New York and now on exhibition?consisting of CLOTHS, CAS SIMEkES and VESTINGS, together with a^ii full assortment of gentlemen's furuiali:ng ar t.< IJ They would remark that the selection was 11 made principally by the junior partner of the firm. N. B.?They have a new style of Glovs, s me i thing superior, called the "JOSEPHINE KID," to which they invite particular attention. ap G?eo3w (Iiil&Uuion) FISHING TACKLE. , LIMERICK, Viigiuia, Kiiby, Yankee Dopoi# and Gravitation Fi:h Hooks Si k Sea Graa. L;uen. and Cotton Lines Joint* d Rods at all prices, from to (d aacb Also, Bamb io and R^ed Rods Artificial flies, grasshoppers and fish Binkers of every description. Silk wo-bi Got. Landing Nets, and everything In the Fishing Tackle line iar sale sfreduced prices. E K LUNDY, No. 1'4 8 Bridge street, Georgetown, P. C? ap9Q?tf Auction Bales. By J. C. acGriHX. Auctioneer. TTEIY iCPEBIOR ANP HANDSOME FCR V nitare, Roeewood Piano, *c., at Public Auc tion?On MONDAY roorn'ni, April ?th at JO o'clock, at the reiddenee of Mre. J. D Bniwi, P?. avenue, between 14-h and 15th .tr^t., iniioed..t. ly opposite Willards' Hotel, I "hall ofJ^*r ,l0" Itant Furniture and Housekeeping Ln-cti, TO : Superior rosewood ca*e aeven octave Piano Forte, by Nunns k Fischer, New York Pair ol elegant rosewood ?edallion back bow, n? ished in rich Woe and gold aatin damask P&if of crin ton plush covered Tetea Tete Sofa?, Rocker, and Parlor Chair* to match Set ofE^id rosewood medallion back Parlor Cbe.-s finish* d in cotton Handmme rosewood marble top Centre Table French pla>e fill traae Pier Glaas 81 ib and Brackets Velvet l'arlor and Stair Carpets, Rugs Elegant damask Window Curtains, with richly worked Lace Curtains, Cornice and Fixtures 1 Superior rosewood and mahi-gany Dressing Bureaus and Washstands with marMe tops Handsome rosewood and mahogany French and E'izabethian Bedsteads Very superior curled hair and spring Ma'tresses B< Wters and Pillows, husk do Two fine mahogany Wardrobe# Carpets, Curtains, Shases, Cbnirs Handsome carved walnnt Extension Table Marble top Sideboard, Centre Cable French dining Chairs, Side Tablesa A'alnut arved French Sofa I on Reclining Chair, Fasyt^iair Handsome mahogany Hntraek Mali Oilcloth, Yeuiiian Blinds Beautiful gold band Preach China Dinner 8et Sil rer t-lated Cantors, Classwsre Large Kobtv Horse. Chil ren's Chairs Cocking Stove, Kitchen Utensils, fcc. The above Furniture is of superior mike and fin ish. and in excellent order. Terms: <?3J and under cash; over that sum a credit of 2 and 4 month*, for note* satisfactorily en dorsed, bearing interest. JAMES C. McGT'IRE, apr 23-d Auctioneer. By GRKBt A HCOTT, Auctioneers. TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE AN > LOT AT I Auction?On FRIDAY, the 27th in<tan', we shall sell, at 6 o'clock p m.. In front of the premi-eg part ef Lot No. 3, in Square No 354, wish the im provements, which are a good twvstory Frame Hous* The shove described property fronts on snu'h F street 25 feet, running b.?ck 125 feet to a wide alley, containing 3,125 feet of ground. Terms: One third cash ; the ba'ance in six ar>d 12 months, for notes besting interest from the day of the sale. A deed given and a deed rf trurt taken GRELN is. SCOTT, apr 23-rctds Auctioneers By ORV'KN A- ?Ct)TT, Anetlaaecri. IUVO TWO STORY FRAME HOUSES AT Auc'ion.? On FRIDAY, th ; 27th instant, we shall sell. at 5o'clock, p m , in front of the premi ses, two goad two-story Fra:r e Houses, nearly new, centaini .g 'our rooms, and kitchen each, nnd tl.e lots on which they stand. The above di^cri^ed property is in fqmre f84; each lu.'.onts 16 feet on south F, between Isl and 2d streets west, running badfc 100 feet to a wide *1 !ev. Title indisputable. Tern.? : One third ensh ; the balanc? in 6 12 and IP nu ntlis, for notfs bearing interest from the day of lite sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN & SCOTT, ap21 -eoitiis Auctioneers. 3y GRKKK * SCOTT. Vuettnn.fn, Household and kitchen furniture. Pianoforte, he., at Auction.?On WEDNES DAY, the 25'h inst, we sh-ill i*ll, at the residence of Mr. Rors Browne, at the corner of 6th stud I streets north at 10 o'clock a. n?., an excellent a?. ortment ol Furniture, via : Fine rosewood Piano F. rte. Stool ard Cover, made by Knabe fit Gueiile,6\ octave, floe tone a: d touch Mahogany dnrnask and plush covered Lounges, par lor and Castor Cha rs Do marble top centre and Pine Tables, Pier Gla<s, kc. Do Dressing and other Bureaus and Wash stands Do dimnc. card, and other Tables, and Stands Do hair cushioned Sofa. Hatrack F>ne damask and white window Curtains ani Orna ments Fine Tapestry, 3 p!y and Ingrain Carpets Feather Beds, Reild>li{ Wool and other Mattre?fes Venitiasi Blinds, liigh and low pist and trundle Bed st< a.1d Cooking, r.diatnr and airtieht Staves With a good a-sortmeut of Kitchen Requisites Terms: All sums of and under $25 cash ; ov?r ?25 a credit of 60 and 9>? days for notes satisfacto rily endorsed, bearing interest. GREEN SCOTT, ao 21?d Auctioneers. P- S.? Hou-e is for rent Inquire on prer>i?e?. By J. C- neUlilKK Autt'ontc. Fine line, mezzotint, lithograph, and nilw Cn? avmgs. - Just received a Urge and varied lotol fine English, Fr nch, and German Priirs, in sheet, including many beautiful > ltd pleas ing subjects, in part from pictures of old Masters, from Mu e Royal. Also, pleasinc subjects from the French and Ger man schools? Historical. Church, Sentimental, and other subjects, being a beautiful and attractive col lection. They will be arranged for examination and private and public sale in a few davs. JAS. C McGUIRE, ap 21?d Auctioneer. Bv J- C. BleOlIIIlV, Auctioneer. ( RUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE HOUSE ' and Lot. By virtue of a dee 1 of trust from W. F. Austin ?nd v ife, bearing date on the 6th day of January, IBM and recorded in Liber J A. 8 No. 70, folios 316, 337, 32i?, 339, an?1 340, the cubscriber wi^seSI, at public sale, on THURSDAY, tSie 28th day of April, 1855, at 5 o'clock p. ra , on tne pren.i ses.on First street east between N and On south put ol Lot No. 5, in square ?omh of square No 7 4 fronting 69 leet 11 inches on First street east, by 75 feet dee,?, on a 60 ieet a'ley, tog. tlier with the build ings and imp ov< menis, which consist of a weU and su'l nt ally b'ii!l two s-to.y Jrame dwrii.M4 r.oua* The term* of nJe will be : Oa? < H.-U, ?aa the balance in eqtnl paymentj at i aii.j month* for n*?.es hea ing intcfe.: from day of ;tuei ?.v deed in mi?v up?>si the pr-?" ny. If the terms i?| {?!? arc comphed with in ?ix days aati th* ^;lje , j,P property wi'.f be resold, at the rW'r 'and expense of the purchaser CtlnfcL.s. WALLACH. Trostre. JAS C. McGUIRE, ?-*p 18?ecjtd; Au uionsn. By J. C. MrGUIRK, Aif ilnnter. I^XELUTOR'S S^LE OF FURNITURE AND J Household Effects.?On TUUESDAY morn ing, April 19, at 10 o'clock, at the reMdence of tl.e late Tliomsis Ritchie, on President's Squ re, I shall sell alarj- portion of the Furniture and Household Effects, comprising? Rosewood Pianoforte, Stool, and Music Stand Do Tele a Te'e, am, reception, and fancy, Chaiis in sa;in damask Handsome datnask Curtains and Cornice Larg,; French pi te Gilt frame Mirror, with fclabs and brackets Damask and chintz covered Leunjes Mahogany, hair, spring and ?ane seat Chairs hamlfome Centre Lamps Candeleb.-a', Bronze Bracket V Mantel Ornaments Mahogany Sideboard, ^tacere, Side Table Soinl mahogany extension Dining Table llnni^Glij^i^ Crockrrywjire '/**??? and thiee-ply CarpeU, fiilcloth IU| Mack, Ha l Lamp I R^ewood and Hill Chair^ 1 Enamelled an<l Cottage Suite ! Walnut and Mahogany French BedsteaJs Da Wardrobes, Dresiinc Bureaus Washstands, Toilet Sets, TaLle# Superior curled hair and husk Mattresses I Bolsters and Pillows, Marseilles Quilts Bed and Table Linen, Chamber Chairs Fiirciture in servants' rooms, kc. Together with a general assortment of Kitchen Reqiih ites. Terms : All sums of and under $20ca?h; over $80 a credit of 60 and 90 days for notes sa^fact rily endorsed, bearing interest. JAS. C. McGUIRE, apll?^ Auctioneer. ?i* Tnt above talc Is unavoidably pa-tponc.? until THURSDAY, Apl ST., same tour. JAS. C. MvGUIKE, ap 2J?d Auctioneer BY J C McQHIIlK, Auetloneer< Gold and silver watches, chains, 8tc.f at Auction.?On FRIDAY afternoon, the 20th instant, at 5* o'clock, at the Auction Rooms, I shall sell an invoice of fine GolJ Watches, cotn Ki>ing? ill jewelled Hunting Levers, Cetachid Hunting Levers, suitable ior ladles Also, open lated Levers, Lcpiue, Silver Huning, and plain Watches Also, a small lot of fine Gold Guard, Yest and Fob Chains Persons in want will do well to attend the i the goods will be sold m'i:hont reserve. Terms cash. JAS. C. Mc^UIRE, ap 1ft? Aucuonttet. ?*TU? shevf ult la unavoidably postponed until MONDAY afternoon April 23d, at same hour. J. C McGL'IRE, ?P 31?d Auctioneer. NOTIOE.?O. & A. RAILROAD. . The aplecdld Staamer QEQRGX ^PAQE will 1?et? her slip, foot of Seventh street, daily, at C o'clock a. m, lor Qo* donsville. Charlotte ville and Staunton. Brenkfast on board the boat This boet, by travelers, is callen the Floatinj Pal ftce E. A. RYTHER, Capu n. i telegraphic. uranxD rot m daily EVEWIlfO BTAJL Mutiny en Shipboard PaiLADCLraiA, April 13 ?Tha skip Oyaa aura, from Liverpool, arrived j eater day at New York, with It* of hat era* ia iron* for mutiny. When thraa daya cut of Liverpool, thay refused to do dot, ; whereupoa tlt^p. tain, aecond mata aad phyaiciaa trad i:ta them with their re?olTer?. Oaa of the nam. bar raoeirad fire ball* la hia paraoaa ua> ia the moath and another ia the ragioa of hit heart They have baaa remored to tha hospi tal. Seraral otheri vera^ao woaaded. High Water ii the Connecticut?lata 4atita. llABTFoan, April 23 ?A great fre?het of the Connecthat river baa takes place, aad tka lower part of oar eitj was flooded Yesterday the water began te recede (lightly. Conaid erable damage baa baen done to the prodaea warehooaea on the wharves. Fatal Effect of Lightaiaf. St. Loch, April 2! ?Daneg a tbaader atorm at Arcadia, Madieon ooaoty, Miseoari, on tha 17th iaat., tha lightning atruck the Ar eadia High sohool building, wbieh took flra and burnt, oonaumlog four of the papila Oaa of the b y? waa Harry, eon of r L Ridgeley, of thia city. Farther by the Waaiaeippl. New Yobk, April 23 ?While the Miaeiaaippt waa at Rio tha Kuaaian Minuter paid bar a ?Iait He waa reoeired oa board with a aalate, and the Rusaian flag waa hoiated. Thia earned eonaiderable excitement among the 7i*aeb cftioers in the port. The Miaa'uaippi baa been abaent aioce No vember, 18 62; in which time aha Lea via ted Japan thrice, and sailed more than 50 000 aulea. Prcbible Arrival of the Africa. Halifax, April 23?1 p. m ? An Ooean steamer baa been telegraphed coming up. It ia aapposed to be the Africa. Arrival of a War Steamer Nbw York April 23J ?The United State* steamship Mississippi arrived here yeaterday afternoon. She lefl Rio do Janeiro on tha 24th of March. Baltimore Markets Baltimore, April 23.?Flour ia unchanged but inactive. Small rale* took place; Howard street choice brands $10 62a$l9 65; City Mill* $10 SO. Ibe reca p s of grain were large. Corn?receipts of 41) 000 baahela; sale of white at 100; yellow at 102*103. No sale* of wheat reported, but generally held at Saturday's rates. Few York Markets. New York, April 23 ?Cotton ia daft, with a dee!ining tendency. Flour?aalea of good Ohio $10.50a$10 75; Southern ia quiet. Corn ia a trifle higher; mixed 91 12 Pork ia unsettled; old mebs, $l6.12ia$16.25. Caef ha* an up ward tendency, and price* are a trifle higher; tales ot country mesa at $9 75afl2. Lard ia higher?in barrels $10 20a$10 50. Whiakv la dull. New York 8tock Market. Niw Ycrk, April 23?Stocks are better than last week. Mone? is unchanged. Sales thii m^rnirg of Erie Railroad at 51 j; Cleve land an i Toledo Railroad, 70; Virginia 8'e, 97j; Cleveland, Columbus and- Cincinnati Railroad, 101], Cumberland Coal Company, 29|; Reading Railroad. 861; C*nton Company, 27 j; New York Central Railroad 04 Anctlon talea GHK*RW * SCOTT Aurtleaacrs. I^XECUTnR'S SALE OF THKEE BRICK j HoU*e* and Lou at Auction.?tin TUESDAY, the 24th instant ?c shall eell, in f out of the prem ises. at o'clock, p m , two Brick Houses and Lot*, being lots !> and K, in fubdiruion of part lo? No. 6, in square No. 459. The above described iroperty la situated at the corner of 6th street w?fi and Louisiana*venue, *n?l well calculated for business purposes or <?111cm. Term?: On>?-fourth cash ; balance in 6, l< an>t 18 months, the purchaser to give note* tor lb** defnrrnA payments, beating interest from ibe < ay oi sale. A deed riven and a deed of trust taken lo securo the payment ortbe note* All conveyancing at cost of purchaser in j GREEN A S. OTT, ap 19?d Aarooneet^ By J. c. McUUlUE. Aaetteaasr. Excellent furniture and house hol.l Effect* at Auoti< a ?On TUESDAY morning, Af.rri&4, at lOotclik-k. I shall stU, at tho residence id E. LalKwtte. E q , on the south si<W ??? averue, between 19th und 2l)ih st* , a!l bw rurrji'jte and Housekeeping Efreia, comprising "?'.n'ltorae mahogany carred Frrnch Sofa Carded do Parlor Chairs, Rocker* Marble top Centre Table, Whatnot Pair of liandanme m&htgmy Card Table* Bronze Chandelier* and drop Jij-ht for gaa Excellent parlor and chamber Caq.ets Large quantity ef t>upenor Oilcloth Bronze ilattree, Ha I Lamp Excellent maho* ny Wardrobe* Dressing Bureau*. Toilet Set* Cottage Bedeteads. Wa*h?tai?d* Superior liair and liu.-k Mauiene* Rocc Blanket* Maple cane-seat Chair*, Rocker* Eic. Ilent damask Curtaina, Shade* a^d fliture* Bolsters and Pillow* Comfort*, Spreads, lie. Term* of sale: ^25 and Qf ,W ca?h ? over rh>r ,ubvr ,vtj'"v mt&asvr"-* apr 18-d AacooMer. Br CrtKKK * SCOTT. Auetleaters, \TALUABLE BUILDING LOT8 n the Firat ? Ward at Auction ?On MONDAY, the S3d in fant, we f>liaiI sell, at 5^ o'clock p. m , in fnm ol the premi?e?, Lou No* 13, 14 and 15, in Square No 77. The above described property i* situated at the corner of I ?tr< et north and 22d street west. The whole have a l>o?t on 1 hUeet of 103 feet 6 inches and on 22d stree?, 130 feet 10 incb<-s, and fom a' beauuful square, but will he sold in lots to ?un par chasers. . T?rmg: On?- third ca?k; balance in ?, Id, and 1* months, for note* bearing interest from the day of the sale. A deed giv<.n and a deed of trust taken GKCEN tL SCOTT, ap ltf ?d Aucuowe?ra. By WALL, HARVARD 4 CO , Awcia. VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON P mreot at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY,86th inst., at 5 o'clk p. hl, we shall sell, -ubj.-et to a of trust, t!ie we?t half cf I> t No a, fronting thirty re-t on the ?outh side of F ttreet, be tween l:<th and 14ih, running l?ack ene hundred feet te a thirty feet al ev, improved by a frame Hi:tiding and aies bnck 8likl?? This Lot i* in the best of localhiee, aad ia a fate lntptoving par: of the city. Je mdi-patable. Terms made knovn at sale WAL,L,VB^NARD k CO., A nets, ap 18-du 3"'??."r? ? N NOTICE OP REMOVAL. lt?nwlv,KTURC8Tt)kE-,toTHV,'ELL IIKUHN hi;,e removed their H?sm Furn sla in* Store to th? large and handsome buii ung oe Ttfc ?treet, neji to Odd Fellows' Hull, where we baea Jor "t a large and vanetl a Mrtmrut of eiegaat pa? IQI, rhamber and Cottage Furniture. Also, Carpetings. Oilcloth, Door Mata Glasa attd China Ware, tioeketn variety Wood, n Ware. Ba*k?t Ware, Veiocipedea ChUdreii's Carriages, Rocking Horses M tttrewes of hair, cotton and shuck Office Tables, iwks, Chairs, fcc. Japannetf Tie VVar? andiBa.hia* Apparatus Taey will keep chn^iantly fur sale a fall assort ment of house furnishing Goods, aad will ach 0a Hie most beatable terms. ap ??eiile NUMBERS FOR HOUSES. FLAR ARRE, corner of Tenth and G aM, wtm ? ia a practical manufacturer in metal, tea an assortment of Silvei plated NUMBERS of eartaw* patterns He will make numbers for bouses, betel* pews in Cburclie, and for backs, in tax all taatea and is confident at the low price they will ha m*4\ Out it will suit the purchaser. ap >f-^a

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