Newspaper of Evening Star, April 24, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 24, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, CEICKPT 8LTTDATJ At the Star But/dtng, eornsr Ptrrmjyl+mm* atvrtu* and H'ev?rtk str*?r, By W. D, WALLACH, Wttl tx ?rr?*d to nuh?crih?ri in the citieo of Waafc tnctnii, Georgetown, Alexandria, Baltimore and rttfadHplM, at SJX AND A QUARTER CENTS, pnpaMa weokir to the A?*nta. To mail rafeaciib? Ibe aatocnption pnw ii THREE DOLLARS AND FITTY OEWTS a ymt In admantt, TWO DOL LARS for SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR ft* THREE MONTHS. <&-S<a?l* tonil ora Ourr. VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY. APRIL 24, 1855. NO. 719. AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENS* LBT TBI ?ICE BBAl TBI T*UTB. CafTaiB Bmjabiii.?WbfrfTir known hi* teitl mony will b? conclusive. But lest those who do not know the Captain ahould be aceptical, Dr. Daw son a. Bro., with others of the b?st known and inosi b.gtiJy respectable ciusens of Easton, endorse bir wonderful care by hamptok's ymmtabli tinoturb. Eajton, Oct. 4, lc&i. Mrmrt. Mortimer 4" Mowbrak: Gentlemen? 1 feel it m/ auty to y?u and the puL lie to certify to the effects of Hampton *a Vegetablt Tincture. I wn for more th*n five years laboring under a disease of Chronic Rbeutnatiani. and Uu great part of that time i was no helpless that I ha?: to be helped from my bed and dressed in my clothe* I b*c*me reduced to a ni?re skeleton. All the med icue* I took done me no food, and I continued t< ?row worse. I heard of Hampton's Tincture nnc thought I would give it a trial. At this time I die4 not expect to live one day after another. 1 I'd no taiie it (the Tincture) Ibr the Rheumatism, but n a abort time I was well of thai disease. From lift effects of your '1 incture and the help of tiod 1 aw now getting in good health. I wub alT the afflicted to try Hampton's Vegetalhe Tincture, as I have d >ne, with the same effect Uiai it has on Your obedient servant, Isaac BciMalftB. We are acquainted with Isaac Benjamin, eoic him some ot Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, and be flevr the *bove statement correct. Dawson fc Bao. Prom our knowledge of Captain Benjamin we an confident mat the above statement is true and un ejagerated. J. A. Jobumr, ('Qiuia B'JBiason. Call and get pamphlet* paas, and see ctires o* Cough, Bnmcbius, Rheumatism, Neurairta, Dvs pepsia, Nervousness and General Weakness. Asa female medicine or for delicate childien we bdievi H unequalled. Sold by MORTIMER & MOWBRAY, 110 Baiti more street, Baltimore; and 304 Broadw^v. N. York Cbas. Stott Si Co., i. B. Mooai, D. B. Clarcb Cum & Bowuw, W. Elliot, and H. McPhir son, Washington . also, by R. 8. P. CisaiL, George town, and C. C. baaav. Alexandria, and by Dru* gluts er?r? ?i* r. jan 8?tr HO* LL 4k BOYO, BLIND MAKERS k UPHOLSTERERS, ?\I7 OULD re-pectfully inform their friend* and ff the public generally that they. are prepared to attend to all orders in the r line of business. gi ?aa All kinds of UPHOLSTERING ? ? ' ???=-?' ? neatly executed; such a.-*?Cutting and,< Makinc Carpets, Pitung down MatLng and Oil Cloth, Making and fitting up! Bed and Window Curtains Hair. Shuck and other Mattresses, Pew and otlier Cushions, Spring Bed*, Lounges, Emy, and Sick Onaira. We have in store Window Shade* and Trimmings, Cords and Ta*sels, Split Blinds, Wide Paper tor Curtains. VENITIAN BLINDs made in any style, and old ditto repaired to look as well a? new All kinda of old Work repaired, and all or dera thankfully received and promptly attended to for '.asb, or a perfect understanding before hand Tf you want the worth of y ur money ju.?t give a* ? call, at No 991 Pa. avenue, south side.betw. 9th and 10th streets - mar 30?tf ATTENTION, OLD SOLDIERS. A LL my old frunds for whom I obtained Bounty Land in less quant ties than 160 acres are hereby informed that their names and a memoran dum of tueir time is < n my Book, so that their de rlaraoofp for additional Bounty L tnd can be made with fbevluy M<uiy of tbo-e who failed to obtain land for want of time, are entitled to 160 acres and can obtain the same by calling on inc. Seamen, Ordinary Seaman, Marines, Clerk*, Landsmen, (of the Navy) Wagoa M isters, Team steis, 4lc.. lie., in any war, wdi find it to their ad vantage to call or send their cases to me Advice gratis to those a Idiers, seamen and wid ows who are unable to pay Refer to any iione?i man in Washington. JOHN D. CLARK, Agent, No. 597 Twelfth street west ap 7?lm* A BOOK ~ WHICH EVERY BUSINESS MAN IN THE DISTRICT WANTS.?Tlie Washington City Directory, only 75 cents a copy, halt price, can be had at ALEX- AD \MSON'S, on Seventh street, opposite to the Post Office, where he keeps con atantly on hand a fine assortment of Blank Books, Pens, Ink. Paper, Playing and Visiting Cards, Games, lie. He is agent for all the cheap publications, Magaames and Newspapers. London Illustrated Sews, Bell's Life, Times and Puncb received by every ateamer. New York Herald, Times, and Tribune received every night and delivered to subsi-nbers ~ -lm HAIR WORK. ORNAMENTS of H*ir, such as Bracelets, Chat ' elaias, Chains, Breastpins, Barring*, Piriger Einra, made to order, of any desired design. All orders faithfully attende-i to. Kpecimstis may be seen at my store. 11. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. av., between 9th and 10{b Mar 30 PALMER S PATENT LEG. rVHIS AMERICAN INVENTION X stands unnvalled both in this country asdin Europe. Itu worn by 1,000persons, and with most astonishing ?uccesa. In oompeuu<>o with JO other substitutes of the best treneb, English, and German manufacture,it received the award of the aaasT hidil at the VVotto a Exhibi non ta Los no a. as the best artificial limb known. In > bis country it has been thirty times exhibited, ia competition with all others, at the annual Pairs in the principal ciaes, and has,in every instance, received the award of the highest or first premium. And as a crowning honor, by the unanimous approval of an interna. tiooal council, the " Pirst Premium"? i only SUrer Medal given for Limbs?was awarded the inventor, at the New York Crystal Palace. Pampni't* giving full Information, sent gmtu t? aeery applicant B. PRANK PALMER, STB Chaanut *ueet, Philadelphia. IWb ^ NOTICE OF COPARTNERSHIP. Henry barron * solomon stover have this day formed a Copartnership for th purpose of earning on the Wood and Coal business in all its branches. Our yards are nitus'ed on the corner of 21st and I streets, Washington, and on the moal, near Seamen*a planing mill, Georgetown At either ol the above places person* in want of Wood and Coal of the very best qnality.audonthe mo t reasonable will at all times find an assortment equa , If iiot superior, tn that in any yard in tbe District. AH orders filled wilb care, vrotnptne.s, and di? pateh. BAKRON a. STOVER. Georgetown, D. C., April 10th, 1*65. Hi BhUb SFECTACLKI. EYE GLASSES, fce., Gold, Silver, and fine Steel Spectacle*, Bye Qiaa llC Particular attention paid to the selection of Giaasea adapted t? the eyes of wearers. M W GALT a. BEG., Jewelers, S94 Pennsylvania ivntt. mar tf?if "?) It II BLACK SILKS ot evsry width and IV quahty, from 7S cents up, very ch< ap rlaid and plain Silks, Pink, while and hl'k wa^rad Silks for Manulias White, pink, blue and mode col'd ShaJleys White, pink, Uue, green, cor* and mode caioxad French Mousse I in eg i 15 pieces plain Berege,m every shade at 8S canu, very cheap toods Whae, pink, blue, green, brown, and mode colored Bereges, in fine quahty 100 nieces Lawns and Jackonets In every quality Also, a well assorted stock or Domestic Goods All of which will be sold at very low prices. Customers will do well to give us a call. ?M. H RILEY, Corner 8th at and opp. Centre Maiket. mar 31?lm 0UPPING AND LEECHING* JI LIU- CHMXUUS WOULD rsMpectfully inform the public that he is pruphre to attend to Ukc bnatnai* of Cup Fi)g and Leeching at his Barber Shop, souia Bde of ^nrsylvaais avenue, between 13ib and 13(vA. Calls promptly attended to in all parts of the city and at very rsosousble charges. mar 31?I a* JOS. NEPF'S PREMIUM VIOlTns AND VI oiineaOos san be saen at our Music Depot. Amsiears and the prolbaatnu axa lnviwd io mC xm> By tbaae sac- Ueat tattrumenu HILKC9 ei HiT2, Agerm. A r ntrab&as ior aale low fi.r .a>fc ir Immai j?ate h* msds u ?hv, . IBS' ii TO THE LADIES. MIriSd J. THOMPSON ^^?ia rnw prepared to show oar large^^^B | and weH selected stock if MilltneryHP which she hu Just opened, of the la test style# which we are selling at the lowest prices md we cordially invite the ladies to call early and' have ihf fir-t selection*. We would also Respectfully caU their attention to our large and har-U iiiuJ^onar atoek of Faacy Good'* Pertumery Gloves. Hosie.y, kc,. which we can sell at dDusuaJiy low pnopi. HUrCHINSON Si MUNno, No. 310 Pennsylvania avenue, mar 88^" Wr* * WaJwr H"V?r k Co.*. MRS. L. ALIEN, fl l\*Va- 3o^J>a- *?***, between NintJitm^y and TnUk south tide, SAX} n w ?> ill open on Saturday, 7th instant, aTpw *nd assortment of Spring JILLINERV, conns tine of Crape, 8ilk, Lace, I spotted Crape and Grass Linen HAT8, Including 'raws of every description. Also. Misses' Dress ats anti Flats, kc. L. ALL EX. ap 4? , T\KAFAE8R CCRKD?The following is AJ taken from Scott's Weekly: DEAFNEflfl.?We trod erst and that the success i SIV,C? ,ha* followed the use of SCARPA'S ACOUS TIC OIL, in cases of Deaftiess, has been astonish ing, thousands of persons i aving been cared, whose coses were considered hopeless. Th? calls for this medicine are from all parts of the country, it being, we believe, the only article before the public for the cure of that distressing disease. Be particular and buy of Z. D. GILMAN, Wash ' 'J*10"* D. C., and 8 8. HANCE, Baltimore, Md., as there is a counterfeit article in the market, feb 98?.'m MICHAEL NOURSE, IIOTARY PUBLIC AND AGENT FOR BOUNTY LlND CLAIMS, AND POR THE CONNEC TICUT MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COM PANY Of HARTFORD. He has In his possession the ROLI.8 of the Militia of the District in the War of 18lt, and will prepare declaration* and papers for soldiers, widows, ami orphans. ap 14?eo6t C. WARRINKR, w ATCHMAKER, NEW WHEELS, PINIONS, AND EVERY KIND OF REPAIRS TO WATCHES, ? Ho. 330 fenn sylvan la Avsnua, (Between Ninth and Tenth streets.) mar3o?lm? WASHINGTON, D. C. DENTISTRY. RB DONALDSON, Dentist, late of the firm ol ? Hun' k Donaldson, continues to manufacture and insert those beautiful' porcelain teeth, with or without gums,' tor specimens of which (made and de posited by the late firm) was awarded the first premium at the Mechanics' Institute Fair, recently held in this city These teeth are carved and shaded to suit each particular case, and their resemblance to the natu ral organs is so perfect as to deceive the most prac tised eye. Particular attention also paid to filling and pre serving the n itural teeth. ' barges moderate and all operations warranted. Office southwest corner Seventh and D s s.?en on D. mar 81?6m TAK.K MOTI'-B. | NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. I) W. BROWNING, Merchant Tailor, under ? the United States Hotel, has just received a I large supply of Spring and Summer Goods, and is now prepan d to offer great bargains to all in want of guo<t ;?ad fashion ible clothing. His " Ready made Clothing " will be sold at the following low prices: Whole suits, Coat, Pantnloons, and Vest, of thin cloth or cassrtinere, for $12. Fine Black Frock and Dress Coats, from $10 to ^15. Good Business Goats for r Black and Fancy Pants, 110m $3 to f7. Marseil es nd Silk Vests, from 98 to $5. He keeps always on hand a large assortment ol fancy articles, such as Shirts, Gloves, Cravats, Ura | breilas, kc. . "Sole Agent for the sale of Scott's Fashions.' mar 19?tj. CHaRLUs HASKIMS, Architect. '^Fa. iwimk, betoi*n Tenth and Eleventh itreeti,) WASHINSTON, D. C. WILL continue to furuish Plans, detail working Diawmgs and specifications ot buildings of every description, and also to superintend their. ree I l1"*1 " Mi l_.i> | PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND NO. 1 MR. FREDERICK PROSPERI begs leave to In form bis friends and former patrons that litis band has been fully re-organized and is now under his direction, and he is fiilly prepared a band | of the most Scientific Musicians in the city, to for oi*h music for Bails, Parties, Parades, Pic Nics, Ex cursions, kc^ at the shortest notice possible, by ap plying to FREDERICK PROSPERI. Leader.CllAS. PROSPERI. Conductor; HILBUS k IIITZ'8 Mu ?c Depot, or at PETER TALTAVUL'8, opposite the <;;uTi*oa, Garrison street, Navy Yard. fob 19?8m* FINE WATCHES. AVING made a considerable addition to my stock of oolo uc.TTtna pativt Livnas, and ladixs' watches Of first quality, heavy 18 ca>at H Also. SILVER WATCHES for boys. I offer them at greatly reduced prices. The mov.??nu are selected with great care, and every Watch is warranted. Persons m want of a fine timekeeper are invited to examine my assortment. H 8EMKEN. No. 330 Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and 10th sts. mar 30 PfcRHOS* WITH DKPKtTlVK vision are invited to examine my extensive stock of all kinds of 8PECTA-" CLES and BYE-CLASBE*. Glasses1 of aay kind, such as Cataract, Parsbola,' Periacopic, Double Concave, Double Convex, and Colored Glasses, put in at short notice, with great care, and persons in want of glasses may be sure to get those which benefit the eye. 3^ Circulars "Defective Vision," gratis at H. SKMKEN'S, 330 Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and 10th *ts. mar 30 TABLE CUTLERY, ALBATA FORKS J AND SPOONS, kc LST received a large assortment of superior Ta ble Cutlery of every variety. Also, every et le of the finest quality ALBATA t?Sb!882:F' ??* CA"' bas M. W. OALT k BRO., 3?4 Pa. ave., betw. 9ih and 10;h sta. mar \3-lf PIANOS FOR SALE AND RENT. 'VHE subscriber has always on hand a assort JL ment of Germau and American , ANOfl, from the very best manufacturers which be offers lor sale at lower prices ihan can be purchased in the District of Colombia, and . u the most accommodating terms. All Piauos purchased from me are warranted to give sans Lac BOB* Old Pianos taken In axchonas. B. REIMS, Professor of Music, Q, betw. Fourteenth and Fifteenth strssu. eh 6?Urn* TnOLIAN PIANOFORTES^ ~ JLjZi Another of those beaauful instruments made b? 1*. Gilbert k Co., Boston, can aow be seen at our Music Depot. Also, a splendid papier mache cos* parlor Melo deon, made by T. G Gardner k Co, Conn. HILBUS k HITZ, mar 96 ^ Star Buildings. NOTICK.?1 received this day a new assort ment ot SLEEVE BUTTONS and STUDS, of ine latest styles. Also, a variety of other <h*>ds: as Vest Chains, Chatelaine, Bracelets, Pins, LarnngB, Rings, etc. Great inducements offered to purchasers. H. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. aveuoe, bet. 9th and 10th st'. rJXjr New Permit pat to Gold Psns at short notice. Diamonds remounted, and Jewelry made to order. igflS ? if P VA'd PATENT AMERICAN ACCORDEON8. 3ooks, fitllNtt mM? ore Invited pD sztn#nc thass AMorda T^tser*' ""sssRsti sg ^ Bela Aglfu. pring as $20000 worth Boots & 8boo*. SPRING SUPPLY. IROJV HALL BOOT, SHOE AND TRUNK ESTABLISHMfiNT, Pa. a+enue, between N\ntk and Ttntk itreeU. JU8T received and reiving daily my spring as sortment of Lndics', Gentlemen's, Boys, tod Children* BOOTS and SHOES. FOR LADIES. LaJies' colored, b'onu aod black Gaiters, McCurdy's, 1 25 to 9 00 Do morocco and kid Slippers and Ties, do., to 1 00 | Do carpet and velvet Slipper* for houae, do, 69# worth 1 00 For Mutes and Oiildrtn. Misses' colored, bronxe and hi: < k Gaiter?, 1 00 Do morocco and kid (also white) Slippers for i the May Ball Children's white kid Slippers I Do Gaiters and Slippers all colors For Oentlrmen. Gentlemen's Patent Leather colored kid and black Congress Gaiters, some thing new Do do and calf Pumps, (French) and walking Shoes For Boyt and YouUu. Boys' Paten! Leather Pum|?for the Hay Balls Do Calf Shoes of all kinds Youths' do do Do Patent Leather Pumpe for May Balls. The above stock is perhaps the most desirable in the city from which to make selections. It embrai ces every variety, and will be ?old at the lowest prices. S. P. HOOVER, Iron Hall Boot, Shoe and Trunk Establishing, ap 19?eo6t WI L LARD'S HOTEL, Old Point Comfort, To* I^HE Proprietors take great pleasure in Informing their many friends and the public generally that this magnificent Summer Hotel i< now being fitted up in th?* most modern and comfortable style for the coming araff>n. The house will be oitened on the firit oj June, with nothing left unprovided that may P'omote the cooifort and happinerc of its guests The proprietors also take much pleasure in saying that they will be prepared and happy to accommo date from the fntd of May auy who may favor them with a call Board per day...... $9 00 By the week,per day.... 1 50 By the month, per day 195 Baths free for the guests. ap 9?tf C. C. WILLARD * BROS. FOR SALE.?A Pair of BAY MARES, 7^yeari oid next spring, well-bred,sound, stylish, gentle, spirited and capital goers. Th< y are? well broken and perfectly fre^ from tricks, a particularly suit any gentleman who is fond of driving. The owner parts with them only because bis purpose is to retrench his expenses. They can be seen at Southron's (late Birch's) Stable, on 14th ?treet. smth of Pa. avenue. For terms, or an op portunity to try ibem. enquire at the counter of the Star office, Tliey will be 8 .Id a ba. gain. ap 3 tf Mr. w7 HENRY PALMER^ HITHERTO KNOWN At ROBBKTHkLLKR, HAS much pleasure in informing his friends and the public in general that he has drt rinined on lo ating himself in this city, and is prepared to receive pupils for instruct ion on the PIANO FORTE, HARMONY and CO VI POSITION. He is permitted t?? refer to Mr George Rigvs, Jr., and Mr A. T Kieckh?>efer, and any communication addressed to him at IMbus A Hitz's music store, Pennsylvania avenue, will have immediate attention ap 13?tf and will ?a V'OTlCKa?lust received a few more cases of 1.1 those splendid M"teskiu HA I 8, which I offer at $3 50. equal to any in the city. I also have a spiendid French Hat, which I sell mucin _ below th? usual price. The cash system, together with small exp'nses, enable me to <?o this. I have a few magnificent wo ked SMRTS, to which I call the intention of the tadies. They are sent from New York, to be sold very low. ANTHONY, Columbia Place, Seventh street, second 'oor north of Penna avenue. I ap 91?eoJt 850 rewardT" RAN AWAY from the subscriber, living in Not tingham District, Prince George's county, Mary land, on Friday morning last, tho 16th instant, my negro man EMANUEL,who calls himself Emanuel Gough- He is about 95 yearn of .ige, dark complex ion/nas a full set of teeth, has a scare o" his fore head, one on his right arm, near the elbow, is five feet eight Inches and a quarter high In his boot4. He had on when he went away a suit of drah cloth and a black slouch hat. I purchased him of Mrs. Sarah Harwood, Saratoga street. Baltimore. 3itd she has a brother of his living with her; and his mother (a free woman) also lives in Baltimore. His wie belongs to John L. Dufief, Esq., near Darues town, Montgomery coun-y, Maryland 1 will give a veward of twenty-five dollars for his apprehension, if taken in Prince George's county, and fifty dolla s if taken elsewhere?in either ca?e he must be brought home or secured in jail, so that I get him again. THOS. R. EARLY, mar 93?im P. O Nottingham, Md. SILVER WAKE, PLATED WARE AND FltK IPA^Clr OOOOH.?Silver Coffee and Tea Sets, Sugar Bowls, Cream Jugs, Ooblets, Cups, Spoons and Forks. Also, a great variety of magnificent Fancy Silver Ware, suitable for presents. Plated Coffee Sets, Canton, Baskets, Spoons and Forks, on best Albata The articles are warranted as represented, and will he sold at a small advance. ll. SEMKEN, 3S0 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th streets. mar 9B?tf Memoirs op the countess of bles sington.?The Literary Life and Correspond ence of the Countess of Blessington, by R R Mad den, M. R J, A., 1 t il TAYLOR It MAURY'S ap 14 Bookstore, near 9th st. Taylor a maury?s elastic pen No. 97. This pen, which is manufac ured by Perry A Co , London, expressly for Messrs Taylor A Maury will be tound unequalled in all the requisites of a good steel pen. Sold in gross boxes, price fl, at their Book and Stationery Store, near 9th st. ap 14 WATCHES, JEWELRY, JiND SILVERWARE Always on hand a large assortment of the above, which we offer at the lowest rates. M. W. GALT A BRO., mar 90 3S4 Pa. venue M LOOK HERE!!! ORE BOUNTY LAND TO JILL who served _ in any war since 1790, whether as Officers Soldiers, 8silors, Marines, Clerks, Indians, Chap lains, Wagon Masters, Teamsters, Landsmen, (or their widows or minor children) who have not yet received full 160 acres, and hava been in service 14 days, will do well tc write to us. fottpaid, and their Laud Warrants will he forwarded to them for Uie above quantity, and no c^ar^^Qy^[ CUlm Agent's Office, opposite U. 8. Treasury, Washington City, D. C mar C?3m NSW BOOKS at SHILLINGTON*8 BOOKSTORE. Tha Immaculaie Conception; or, The Mother of God; an exposition by the Right Rev. Bishop Ulla thorne G owth in Holiness, or the Progress of the Spirit ual life, by the author of All for Jesus The Metropolitan Magazine for April. The Slave of the Lamr, by Win. North Everything iu the Stationery line All the new books published received immediate ly afterwards and fbr sale at SHILLINGTON'S Bookstore, Odeon Building, corner 4# st. and Pa. ave. apr 6? WATCHES A BID JEWELRY.-I have on hand a good supply of fine ami WATCHES and JEWELRY which will be sold very cheap to srnt the time^ GoidLe-^A^& ver Watches as low as $95, warranted to 140 Pa. ave., oppo. Browns' Howl, roar M?dim . ?ifTTM H0U8X 07 FAI20 * H0UBII, OppotMe UmtUd States Trim*? I TJONDS, Steaks uaA other ibnvMoi frfcchswd i JO smdaold. Interest at the raw of six P"'JS*1 P* lowed on deposits when left fW top* M jan 94 6m hmt graicd AinruAL ball OV THE monumental club, at CARuara saloon, 7 ?npDMKS?at * VKfl,4B,0?AP'?'a?. j nE Monumental Club have much pleasure in I announcing to their fri.-n,), mnd ,he Duwfc /.n ?ralJyU?at their first Annua! Ball will b? give? as The Club pledge that no effort on thalr part will be spared In mate all whi honor ?hemWuS tMr presence, a pleasant and agreeable time .35X1. 01 m""c "*? """ 61*** t'.^ysra ?fUM c"">- "? ??"? Worn wXSFclSZ* " "C Co mmxttto oj Jtrrangemmtt, ?IaBe**n. S lavage, JWPranklin, T Withers, A I Baker, S Dawes. Managers. J Withers, c Pulaski, ' CRupeit, 5 ^?*' W Berry, B Franklin, c Hunt, 8 Croggins, j Key worth. Hoor Managort J Franklin, 8 Srtva?e. ap 18 - WSMTuW SPRING AND-SUMMER GOODS' JOHN H SHOOT, South tide of Bridge itreet, near High, oioaoitTowiv, D. c , AS received and is now offering a very general . a sortment of SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. In bis stock will be found a good assortment of of new style Light Spriug Silk* B?;st mnke black do Bereges. Grenadines, Tissues Bik modes and bright col'd ChaiUes n an(* Galley De.'aines, Mousselints Real French Chintzes and Brilliants Orgnndie and Jaconet Lawns Real imported Lawns, fast colors, at 12Uc. K?*al French and Scotch Embroideries, cheap Plain striped and plaid Bonnet Ribbons " plain Linen Cambric Haudkerchicft. a great bargain Jacmet, 8m*., Nainsook, and Plaid Muslins Rich figured and dotted do Bajou's Kid and Alexander's Silk Gloves, all colors ' Ladies, Mis-es, and Gents' Hosiery, all kinds Parasols of every shade and price mtu fasrt colors Prints at 12U With a first rate assortment of h -??^'8 AND BOY8' WEAR. Also, Meetings and Shirtings of the best makes in Linenu and Cottons Table Cloths, Damasks, Napkins Towellings, Fur niture Chintzes, white Spread* Domestic Good* generally Having made large purchases from the Philadel phia and New York aucuo"< I am prepared to of gr?'at indncemenu to cash or prompt cintoirers aP 18~lni J. h: SMOTT. CHEAP GROCERIES. Hami, Shoaldtri, Suukcd Kctf, Ac a clloic? lot of HAMS. SHOUL DERS, and prime SMOKED REEK. best in market, and ? on?tantly on hand Layer Ran ns, .Malaga Rai?in?, in whole, half, and quarter box***; r8'?'ars ; P'ck,e8> Preserves, choicest branJs of V\ ines, Liquors, Cigars, Tea , fcc., Crocnery, < ( all-description, Patent S->8p*, Soap Pwwder, Small "T ^"ecke" F^>na, Syrups, Molasses, Sugar* and Coffee, very cheap, wiJi a ful assortment of tne nnesr Groceries, and such articles usually found in a ratnily Grocery. Call and judge for yourself at lt> , ? P- MILLER'S, _ap IB~lw 301 F street, corner of 12ih. fIVcy" h T It A VI tl A ? Just opened a la ge, new, and b#auti ful assortment of Children's Mraw Hats, Caps, and Misses Flats, La hes' uraw riding Hats, of b- ami ful patterns, at BUTT & HOPKINS'S Cheap Il?, Cap, and Gentlemen's Furnishing Store, corner or oth strtet and Penna. avenue, between Brown*' and WatlODal Hotel* *p 21-eoiw milliner y~. MRS. CHOATE f,er "Prin? of bon-ASBS NETS at her Rooms, 46 LouisianaHiM? instant aVeDU<' ?D Tue*laJr DPXt? 17th nr>?it/?W W?fk bteacbed ?nd altewvl at the shorteet c' ap 18-Bw i NEW SONG. WHY DID I LOVE FALSE FLORA, words and music by W. B , of this city, and dedi caiea to In?>t Allison, the fair Guitarist 1 his song has a most charm mg melody. Just pub lished and lor sale by HILBUS & HIT? I BLACK TEA.-I HAVE ljust received anther Lot of that 1 uperior, unrivalled black TEA jatoO cents per pound Special attention of housekeep Bers and all who wi^hto indulce in Ja delicious cup of Tea is respect . . , . ful,y c*i'ed l'? tlua article, to be had only of Z. ??. P. 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The above reward will be paid upon tke return of the papers to the undersigned. WM. T. DOVE, apr 14?tf IMPORTANT BOUNTY" LAND BOOK.-Just received a second edition of Triplet!'s Pension and Bounty Land Laws, embracing a digest of all the laws, decisions and forms relating to pensions, to officer* and soldiers of the Revolution, their wid ows and children; to army and militia invalids and their widows; to Navy and Manne invalids, their widows and children ; and to Bountv Lands provi ded for by every act from the Revolution to an-1 in cluding that of March 3,1855; so arranged as to be intelligible to every claimant. This work is highly recommended by the Commissioner of Pensions? Price fS; mailed to any part of the United States, e sec pi California. * ' TAYLOR * MAURY. * Bookstore, near 9tb si. 01ATOR? AND STATESMEN of Aneiem atd Modern Times, by D A Harsha The County Neighborhood, by Mi** Dupuy Robert Ofaham, by Carolina Lee Henu ?P *> FRANCK TAYLOK. EVENING STAR. & FERITY SAVfcD 18 A FEfflY EAKHSD. BT KIT CX1LTSLV. " Have you * tenement, Junes ? " 11 Yea." " What is the rent ? " "One hundred dollars." 44 One hundred dollars! Why, that's cheap; you can't have much room, though, at that price, in this city." 44 No, nor can I afford to pay for much room," replied James, "I go for economy myself. A penny saved is a penny earned, you know." 44 Yes, so I've heard you say a thou sand times," returned William, 44 but as for me, I will not scrimp myself down and live in an inconvenient tenement for the sake of saving seventy-five or a hun dred dollars a year. We are both young, and just married, and we had better take our comfort now, and thus make sure ot it, and not deprive ourselvec of happiness for the sake of laving by a few dollars to perhaps leave to others when we die This is what I tell my wile, and she agrees with me." 44 But," said James, 44 we need not de prive ourselves of happiness by living so far within our means as to lay by some thing for a day of need. There is such a thing as love in a cottage, you know, or even love in a small tenement in tht city. You and I do not receive very large salaries, and if we would lay b* anything, we must not pay for tha< which we can possibly dispense with; and hiring extra room that we can do without, involves not only a needless ex penditure of a certain amount of money but also an expense for extra furmturr to furnish your rooms with. If you pa 8200 for a tenement when a fcluO om would have answered your purpose jus* as well, why there is a 8100 gone at tht end of the jeafr, that might have beei saved ; and then you will need, perhaps 3150 worth of furniture to fit up the ex tra rooms with, whicl* you do not ieallj need; then at the end of the first yea? you are minus S100. which you might have saved, and also minus at least the interest of 8150, granting that the fu: niture has not decreased in value at th< end of the year, which is hardly proba b!e. Thus you see at the end of tht tirsi twelve months I shall have upwards of ?100 the start of you " "Well, well," replied William,growing impatient, 441 suppose there may bi something saved by those who will takt the trouble; but as for ow, 1 had rathei live like decent people." So saying, he turned and walked away. James Latham and William Brown were both firemen in a large car manu factory, each receiving a salary of S800 per year. They had both just married, and were nowcommencing house-keeping They were ambitious, and prided them selves upon being masters ef their par ticular branches of the business in which they were engaged, but weie widely dif ferent in some traits of character. James was for saving what he earned; William for spending his earnings, and as he teimed it, 44 taking the good ot them as he went along." James realized the v.ilue of money, and knew the im portance of a married man's having something laid by for a day of sickness or other emergency, while William set little value upon it except as a means o promoting present enjoyment. William's wife's views on this subject were the same as his own, while James's wifd was fru gal and inclined to save wherever an op portunity occurred. James hired a $100 tenement, bought just enough furniture to fit it up com fortably, and commenced housekeeping in a snug way, fully determined not to branch out and incur additional expense until well able to do so. William hired a $200 tenement, with neatly twice the room James had. To suit his wife it must be well furnishe.l, and the expense of his furniture amounted in the end to twice that of James1. This, with other expenses, left him at the close of the year considerably in debt. James, with very close economy, made the first year's expenses, including the cost of his furniture, oome within his income, so that he still held on to a small sum of money which he had laid by be fore marriage The second year of wedded life he laid by something handsome, as he had no expense for furniture ; while William, at the close of the second year, was more deeply in debt than ever. James continued on from year to year, and by frugality and his wife's good man agement contrived every twelve months to make a handsome addition to his little store of wealth; while William was daily encountering difficulties and per plexities without number, and tormented with tradesmen's hills, incurred through his own and his wife's extravagance which he could not settle. Eight years pasted away, when one morning William accosted James in the shop. 44 How is this," said he ; 441 heard this morning that you had become a partner in the establishment; I wouldn't have credited it, but I was told so by the head of the firm." 44 Well," replied James,441 suppose I must plead guilty to the charge." 44 How strange," continued William, musingly, 44 that they should take you as a partner when you had nothing to buy in with !" 44 Nothing to buy in with!" said James,14 who tcld you that I had nothing to buy in with?" 44 Why, no one; but I knew you had not, of course, for jou get only the same wages as myself, ana I cannot make mine pay my expense*, but come oat minus at the end of each year." "Weil, William," answered James, ,4I have made my income par my expenses, and have laid by something every yrar, i which being placed in the bank, hac, I principal and interest together, accumu THE WEEKLY STAR. It led to quite ft respectable little ami, and with this I have bought ft numberflf chares in this establishment. To* bawt often heard me repeat my motto, that Eony saved is a penny earned,' a?d I re repeatedly told you that wbsn ft man sares twenty-fire, fifty, or Fsrenty five cents a day, it is the same as so much earned extra. It is not what ft man earns that tells in his faror at thft close of the year, but what he sares." William drew a long breath and walked away without making any reply; but that night, while sitting at his fiiV* *ide, he pondered loug and deepjy upon ihe past, and the contrast between his present situation and that of James, re solving to pursue a different course in fu ture. but his resolutions hare never been carried out. James is now, twelve years after mar riage, a partner in a flourishing business, and worth ten thoussnd dollars, while William is still a foreman in the same establishment, at his old salary of eight hundred dollars a year. How Statubs abe Madi ?Dick Tinto. the Florence correspondent of the New York. Times, writes that the inducements for American sculptors to remain in Italy?Powers, Hart, Crawford and oth ers?are that they have constantly on hand more orders than they can execute, and employ numerous workmen at cheap * ages. We quote : These workmen, who actually perform the whole or nine-tenths of the chiseling, cutting in marble what their employer puts before them in plaster, receive Ital ian wages?a small daily pittance. If taken to New York, they would at once riple and quadruple their Italian earn ings. and would probably set up for them selves as carvers, in a small way, or ftft lecorators and ornameoters of churches and public buildings. The chisel is no longer the tool of the master sculptor ? lis instrument is an odd bit of stick, with which he scoops away at the figure m clay, or " at the mud," as be will tell you himself. When finished, as nearly as such a material can be, a mould is taken, and from that mould a cast in olaster. If necessary, this cast is still further finished and sand-papered, and it is then handed over to the cutter, whose lutv it is to make and exact fac nmiU in marble. The sculptor proper may never touch his marble, and when he is told it is lone, he is ready to deliver it to its iwner. The workmen in Mr. Powers' studio have executed not far from forty Prospering from the one plaster origi lally composed by the master, and the ireik slave has, in the same way, been eproduced three or four times. The best bust maker in Italy never touches che marble. He may suggest or order iair strokes here and there, but be does not handle the scraper himself. In ftll his the workman, though he may exe cute unassistedly the statute, the head, the group, is no more the author of bis work than is the clerk who copies the Prime Minister's rough draft, or the cal hgraphist who engrosses a set of resolu tions. You can see bow impossible it would be for sculptors, occupying and requiring in this way the work of many men, to transport their studios to Amer ica. Woman's Rights.?The afiairs in the Cast, as developed before the parliamen i ary committee of investigation furnish in argument for the advocates of woman's right to an equality of civil power. The men in command at the hospitals at Scu tari, as elsewhere, managed everything in the most miserable manner, without arrangement, or efficiency, or respon sibility. With plenty of stores, with plenty of funds, the sick and wounded were suffering because no one had the proper authority to distribute the meant that had been piovided for their relief, and no one had courage to break through the routine, which rested like an incubus upon the whole service. Miss Nightin gale alone dared to do it. Without au thority, for nobody had the authority, she took a few stout fellows, broke open the store bouses, and against all rule and all law, brought to the sufferers the com forts for need of which they were dying. A woman showed an energy, a common sense, and executive ability, to which not a man in the whole service rose. It will not do, after this, to call a man who displays irressolution in purpose, or in efficiency in conduct, an old woman; but ' when a woman shows her want of char acter let her be called an old man.? Providence Journal. A Classical Bcxl.?Some two years since, an ambitious journalist, ft long way down South, describing a steamboat catastrophe, deplored the *tate of the "hapless victims, who were plunged at once into eternity and the voter % of Vir gin bay." For this, he was hailed with inextinguishable laughter, from his breth ren of the press, who quoted his pftrft graph from Sacramento city to Passama quoddy bay, and for aught I know, he has been laughed at throughout Europe and the antipodes. Yet, if he had only known it, the man had right good classi cal authority, had he but pluck enough to throw it into the teeth of the laughers. Ovid, whom, of course, no one dare laugh at, has in the second book of his metamorphoses in describing the catas trophe of Phaeton, the following fins spec imen of profound batkos: Dextra libratum fulmen ab aure misit in aurigam, pariterque an imaque ro tisque expulit. Which, for the benefit of those who like the 44 Swan of Avon," have little Latin and Greek, maybe roughly and readily done in English thus: " Whereat the ruler of the sphere ffarU thunder* from taU toiler ear, Wita Wbiea i*? to?Jp*o? be kMtfa Ai ere- oat of ulsteuce ami km It seems that Ovid has it hollow, against the Isthmian editor.? Stwtrk Anvtriuer.

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