Newspaper of Evening Star, April 24, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 24, 1855 Page 2
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KVENING STAB. ? * \ *OTTYr * * 1 j , , ? s TXTTOAT AITEBTfOOH. April * Kfp.rr 07 Tin ?osnnro pbkss. The Untcn replies to the Intelligencer' chuckling over the article in its columns 01 thelfth wherein the editor intimates that thi Administration ia not responsible for his posi tiona and view* on the Cuban question. He i mists that the President and his Cabinet think with hia that Spanish outrages ahonld not be anbmitted to. Wa haw* mo doubt that no far. he ia correct?bat no farther; it being well known here to hundreds that the views of tha Administration upon soma of the point? alleged to be in isme between thia Govern ment and Spain, are by no meana identical I with those of the Union. Of the Intelltgen J r*r>t course cm the Cvban question, the editor ] says with undisguised bitterness : - J "We have no appreciation of that species of I regard for the repatation of the President or I for the honor of the ooantry whioh appeals to I the evils of war by waj of frightening the I government into a cowardly submission toag-1 gressions, or, if war should come by way of] embarrassing its prosecution by oharging the] re^wasibility of its occurrence upon the ad-1 ministration That is just what the IntelU- I g*nt*r ia daily doing whilat claiming to be a I well-wisher of the President and a friend of | the reapeetability of the country. It woald I hare the President to falsify the pledges he I has made to the ocan try by looking on with! folded arms upon the repeated outrages upon I national and individual rights committed byl Spanish officials?and this it calls relieving I his character from odiom and promoting thel respectability of the nation! The President | knows full well how to estimate sueh friend- I shin, and the oountry knows how to appreciate I sucn patriotism The Intelligencer, deprecating the acqoisi-1 tion of Caba at ?.ny time or under any ciroom-1 stances, a ays : " ft la not that we revolt simply at the mo 1 ralitv of the Ostend ' sale or selrure' doctrine I touching the aoqaiaition ef Cnba that we hare I with some earnestness opposed the fillibuatero I scheme cf ^revoking a Spanish war with al view to the conquest of the island; but be I cause of the conviction, long entertained and I often expressed through the columns of thiol journal, that the annexation of the island. | large and rich and tempting aa it is, would, at I no very distant day, prove a miifortune for I thia Union, and therefore, a* a queation of pub-1 lie policy, affecting deeply the general veal, I greatly to be deprecated We do not consider I it strange that many honest people, a majority perhaps should think differently, nor do we I blame th?m for thinking so, nor question I their intelligence, still less their patriotism. I for advocatiac the acquisition, by fair mean* I of what they deem so aeairable Bat we have | seen nothing in all the argumenta advanced on the subject to shake our opinion. On the I contrary, while reflection has had the effect I only to strengthen cur conviction of the im-1 policy of measure, we have not found in so] small a compass?nor indeed in any form. | since the mastorly speech of Mr. Boyoe, of South Carolina?so strong an argument in | support of our views as. in the condensed good | sense of the letter from a Southern man riven below. " ! The argument to whiah the editor refers] above is Irotn the pen of the Washington cot- ] respondent of the Journal of Commcree, aj Boston man originally?not a southern man as ] our neighbor supposes J WASHINGTON NEWS A*D GO*XIP. i ttov Becder and Col. Manj penny.?Gov Header, of Kansas has addrejsed a pungent letter to Mr Manypenny, the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, in reply to the charges made in his official report in January last, that the governor had been taking an improper advan*"ge of hi3 position to speculate in land* lie admits that he bought lands, but insists that be paid what they were worth, to parties as competent as he or Commissioner Manypen r y to transaot business lie concludes by say ing that either be or the commis ioner is unfit for his place, aad proposes that the commis sioner pg-ee that unless he make good his charge by or before a specific time, that the President dismiss him, and if he does, thar. the President dismiss Gov. Reeder. Whether the commissioner will accept this challenge or not, ha* not yet transpired. We take the above from an exchange It seeuis that the parties from whom the pur chases were made, are not regarded in law ns being competent to proteet themselves in such transactions, as they are under the guardian ship of the Indian Bureau and their deeds are not valid until confirmed by the Government, at this point Saeh appears to be the under standing among those interested in Indian matters here. And, further, that the agents of the Government stationed with the Indians] do not endorse the statement that full value ] was paid for the lands in question. j Private Land Claims ia California ?We I publish the following official letter by way of] showing the steps taken by the Government, at this point, to carry out the decisions cf the] Supreme Court of the United States in con | firmis^ private land claims in California. It] is of much interest to all persona interested in] California lands: , | Ganaaai. Laud Orrica, April 0, 1855. ] Sin Mr. Wm Carey Jones addressed this] office on the 27th ult , making inquiry in ref-1 erence to the survey of confirmed private land ] claims in Californi* j Where claims are recognised by a final de-1 crea of confirmation, it beeomee the duty of | the Surveyor General to have an accurate sur- I vty of them made in strict and exact conform-1 ity to the decree, and the return: of such sur- ] veys must exhibit the same in connection with ] the surveys of the contiguous public lands. There must be no departure from this require-1 ment, because it is an indispensable require- | ment, ao that the preoise locality of each con-1 finned claim may appear upon the township an i connected plats I The thirteenth section of the act approved | 3d March, 1851, entitled "An act to ascertain] and settle the private land elaims in the State] of California,' is explicit as to your duty in] the matter , and as it declares v< tor all claims ] finally confirmed by the eaid c Jinmissioners. ] or by the said Distrit or Supreipe Court, a pat- ] ent shall isaoe to the claimant upon his pre- ] sorting to the General Land Office en authentic ] certificate of sucfc confirmation, and a plat or | -nrve;. U the said land, duly certified and ap- ] proved by the Surveyor General of California, | whose duty it aball be to cause all private elaima, which shall be finally confirmed, to] be accurately surveyed, aad to furnish plats for the same 1 draw your special attention also to the ree? ] idue of this seotion of the law. i The duty thus devolved oa you is one of high responsibility, and requires the most careful attention. The surveys of confirmed claims, when found oorrect and approved, are to Se paid for out of the general appropriations foi urveya in Cali fornia per aeta of August 4 18/A, and March 3. 1855, ? ? ? ? Kaspeetfally. your obedient servant. Joua Wilsos, Commissioner. Joh.v C. Hats, Esq , Surveyor General, ban Francisco, Cal. . The Sault fete Marie -We referred the other day to some interesting incidents con nected with the village of Ste Marie on the upper peninsula of Michigan. Since then we find that Congress has made provision for the settlement of titles to the property on which the village stands, and that, pursuant to law, the register and receiver have transmitted to the Geaeral Land OAee their offioial report on the subject When we fiad that this report covers between seven and eight hundred solid >?gw of closely written folio, besides a Urge ??Mof original testimony, all 0f which has ? He thoroughly examined by the Department vt the teat of government In order that equal *nd exact justioe may be 4om, we convey but *n inadequate idea of the labors of thii branch of the service, which holds Jurisdio jon and is required to pass upon the immense landed interests ander titles derived from the United States, and from the authorities of Great Britain, France, Spain and Mexioo, to lands falling within the limits of the Union. TheU t Jsfct Indies Squadron.?Yesterday we aonounced the arrival of the U. S. steam frigate Mississippi at New York on Monday afteraooa last. She left Rto de J aneiro on the 24th of March, and hen K?en absent from the United States since November, 1852. The fol lowing is4 list of her officers: Commander, Sidney Smith Lee; lieutenants. William L Maury, Edmund Lanier J. M B. Clits, Som erville Nicholson, Wm. A. Webb; surgeon Daniel S. Green; purser, William Speiden; chaplain, George Jonei; acting master, John Kell; marine officer, Brevet Captain Robert TaDsiil; passed midshipman, S. C. Mish; boatswain, Amos Colton; gunner, John Caulk; carpenter, O. M Loury; sailmaker, Jaoob Stephens; engineers-chief, Jesse Gay; first assistants, Robert Danby, William Holland ; second assistants, G. T W. Logan, G. W Ruth erford; third assistants, E D. Robie, J D Mercer. United States Ship Macedonian.?The United States ship Macedonian was at Wham, roa on the 4th of February. Commodore Ab bott writes that be weuld stop at Guam, on his way to Shanghai, about the first of April. United States Sh*p Vandalia.?The United States sloop-of war Vandalia, Commander John Pope, was at Shanghai on the 22d of April. All well. United States Steamer John HancocA.? The United States steamej John Hancock, Lieutenant Commanding H. K. 8tevens, of the North Pacific surveying squadron, was at Shanghai tho 20th of January. Calm and Storm Signals?The American Code of Signals, by Henry J. Rogers, has been adopted for the use of the navy. Copies cf Hcgers's book and the flags are to be distrib utcd among vessels of the navy; and com manding officers of the navy are instructed to embrace every opportunity to familiarise the service with the use of these signals. A Deserved Compliment to the Staff Organ isation of tho American Army ?We have seen a letter in which is mentioned the re ceipt, by the last steamer, of a pamphlet by a distinguished English General, pointing out the sad defective condition of the staff organ isation cf the British Army, (now as hereto fore,) and reoommendiag a reform. His re marks point to the adoption of a system some thing like ours. He also much of the inefficiency of the British Army to the in adequacy of the pay and allowances given to the soldier, and contrasts it with that given to our men, showing the salutary effect produced in eur Army by the late increase of pay. Fiah Guano?The agricultural branch of the Patent Offioe has recently received a lot of interesting manuscripts and other papers upon the preparation of "Fish Cake," as it is termed in France, for which, by-the by. a manufactory ha? recently been oom menoed in Rhode Island The heads and entrails of fish caught in shoals are subjected t> a prooeps by which two or three per centum of oil is extracted, and are then greatly I recced and dried in ovens; afterwards, this cako is mixed with gypsum, charcoal, peat, and other fertiliiers, and sold. Though it is inodorous, it is maintained that the valuable results of this preparation greatly exceed those of Peruvian guano. ??? An Army Officer Dead?The War depart ment have advices of the death of First Lieut. Alfred Croget, of the 8rh infantry. U. S. Ar my, which occurred yesterday morning at Cin cinnati. Dispatches ?It is understood that G. W. Lippitt, Esq , United States Consul at Vienna who reached Washington this morning, coming 07er in the Nashville, brings interesting dis patches from our Legation at the Austrian capital, and from other quarters of the conti nent. He had an interview at the State De partment this morning. A Decision ?The Commissioner of Pensions decides that persons who were in the United States service during the Florida and Mexican wars, who were not in Florida or on its ooasts, or in Mexico or on the Gulf, during those wars respectively, are not entitled to bounty lands under the aot of March 3, 1855. A Revenue Marine Officer Detailed?Cap. tain John Farmee, U. S. R. M , having been detached fiom the cutter Joseph Lane, has been ordered to the speoial duty of superin tending the life-boat stations on the ooasts of Long Island and New Jersey. Tho ffew Revenue Cutters to be Built ? The specifications are being prepared with all possible speed, for the construction cf the four Revenue Cutters ordered by Congress at the last session. Measures will very ehortly ke taken to commence their construction Tin Issuing of the Warrants, under the Bounty Land Lav of tho Last Session, oan not be commenced before the first of June next, and not as early as that period, if by any mischanoe the engravings for them, or the preparation of the paper, be delayed. The Current Operations of the Treasury department.?On yesterday, the 23d April, theri were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of stock 131 948 08 For paying Treasury debts 857 30 For the Customs 50 ?20 84 For covering into the Treasury from customs 1 299.410 82 For the War Department 58,188 09 For repaying in the War Depart ment. 1 145 Q9 For the Interior Department 19^820 40 Riot is Missocai?The offioe of the Lumi nary at Parkville, Missouri, being suspeotcd of freeeoil tendencies, was attaokea on Satur day by some two hundred citisen* of Platte county, who destroyed the fixtures and threw the printing press into the Missouri river. The editors' absenoe alone saved them from being tarred and feathered, uhe mob passed resolutions declaring the paper a nuisance, denouncing the editors and threatening their livee, as well as those of other freeeeilers. It was albo determined that no Methodist preacher should be allowed to preach in the oounty on pain of tar and feathers for the first offence, and hanging in the second. EjTFifty bushels of green peas were picked in Charleeton, 8. C , on Monday last. They have, too, in that city, new potatoes. LATER nan CALIFORNIA. ARRIVAL OF THK GEORGE LAW. Nrw York, Apr)' ?4.?The ittiatr George L&w orth#d from Panama this biorDing with California dates of March 31. She brought 87J passengers and $772 000 in treasure, con signed pjineipally si followa: Wells, Fargo A Co., $213,000; Drexel A Co., $140,000; Me tropolitan Bank, $100,000; Hoge A Co.,$60,000. Bank of America, $30,000 ; Johnson A Low-' den, $29,000; T. W.'RMey, $24,000. The panama Railroad was in fine working order. The health of the Isthmus was goed. The sloep-ef-war Falmouth was at Aspin* wall, bet-was te Mil for Havana on the 18HT Among the passengers were Barney Will liams and ladj, and Charles R. Thorne and family. '* ~ The trade of California wu dull and de pressed, and money wis vSry tight. On the 29th ult. Messrs. Page, Baoon A Co. resumed. Ihe condition of the other banks remained unchanged. Dr. Wright's friends were mak ing strenuous efforts to place him in a condi tion resume. The Legislature is ezpeeted to adjourn about the middle of April. The prohibitory liquor law has passed the Assembly, but its provisions are not very stringent. An anti gambling law has passed the Senate. The news of the confirmation of Fremont's Mariposa claim by the Supreme Court caused considerable rejoioing among the land claim ants The proposition to fund the floating debt of San Francisso met with muoh opposition The sloop-of-war St. Marys has been ordered to San Juan del sud, to settle some difficulties there. Another Grey town affair is deemed not improbable. Wm. Roach, the absoonding sheriff of Mon terey, has been taken into ousty by the sheriff of San Joaquin. Accounts from Lower California represent that the notorious Joaquin Mariata is still alive and meditating another expedition again?* California. Walker's expedition to Nicaragua had no' left California, and it was considered doubtfu' if it went at all. The Golden Age, with passengers who left New York on tho 5th of March, arrived at San Francisco on the 28th. Tho woather was glorious, and the crops bore a promise of abundance. The miners generally were doing well. The excitement about the Kern river mines had subsided' The arrival of gold at 8an Francisco con" tinned to be retarded by the scarcity of coin to purchase it with. Sherry, James A McCrea, who reoently es tablished a jobbing house in San Franeisco have failed for $100,000. The San Francisce Herald publishes a letter purporting to be from Henry Meiggs, from Chili, affectiag the utmost astonishment at the charges made agains. him. He says no one living, beside himself, knew the cause of his leaving. The prices of all descriptions of goods were much dep. eased, and all articles were in a limitod demand. Haxall flour, $14; hams, $2150; new butter, 43ic; clear pork, $19a $25; lard in kegs, 13c; spirits of turpentine 70c per gallon. SOUTH AMERICA AND AUSTRALIA. By the George Law Valparoiso dates of Maroh 18th and Callao of the 17th, have been received, also Australian dates of Feb. 1st. From Chili there is no news of importance The election for members ef Congress was to have taken place on the 25th of Mareh. At Valparaiso business was dull. The Peruvian War steamer Rimao was wrecked on the first of March, on the rocks off the St. John's and nearly one hundred lives lost. The vessel was built in tho United States Gen. Flores, of Ecuadorian oelebrity, has re turned to Callao, and placed himself under the protection of Castillo. The Ecuadorian minis ter protested against Flores being permitted to remain iu Peru, and signified his intention of demanding his passports. | Australian affairs remain unchanged PERSONAL. ....Rev. Dr. Tyng of New York, is atWil lard's hotel in this city. ....Gen William O. Butler has been nomi nated as the democratic candidate for Con gress in the tenth eistrict of Kentucky. Gen Butler was the candidate for Vice President of the United States in 1848. ? ???Dr. Jewett, of Boston, ono of the pion* eers in the cause of Temperance, now lives on a splendid farm at Batavia, 111. He has lost none of his interest in the Temperance move ment. ? ? ? .Four hundred and twenty-nine Mormon emigrants arrived at Philadelphia on Friday, from Liverpool, destined for Salt Like. ....Ex-Gov. Crosby, of Maine, is about to remove to Boston, to become connected with the editorial department of Little's Living Age. John S. Orr, profanely called the Angel Gabriel, has just been sentenced to 00 day's imprisonment, at Greenook, Scotland, for cre ating a breach of the peace, by holding forth on Sunday in the streets, after being cautioned by the authorities. The result of his harangue was an attaok on a Catholie Church, and the of the militia. ....Mrs, Niehol, better known aB Miss Bronte, still better knewn as CurrerBell, but best known as the the author of Jane Eyre, cne of the best novels of the modern times, died at Haworth, in Yorkihire, on the 31st of March. ... .Washington Irving has so far recovered from his late indisposition as to be pronounced entirely ont of danger. .... Late advices from Paris state that Mr. Mason, the American Minister at Paris, had left for Nice, where, it was hoped, his health would be perfectly restored. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. GEoaaaroww, April J4, 1865. The leoture and exhibtiion at Forrest Hall last evening, by the Indian chief Maungwu daus and his sons, wu well attended, and all went away pleated. One of the most beautiful epecimens of meohanism which we hare had the pleasure of seeing for some time is a new hearse, manu factured by Mr T Hook, of your city, for Mr. Jos. F. Birch, of this city. A large party of gentlemcs left this morn ing, on the steamboat Salem, for the White House, for the purpose of having a shad bake llo?rJn*rk*t U 1#a> wM ?*Ies at ? Wheat?Small sales yesterday of red at $2 47; white is held at $2 50a$2 60. No change in prices of oorn, and no sales. Spectator. Thr Him Comkittkr.?The committee ap pointed by the Legislature of Massachusetts to examine into the oonduot of Mr. Hiss at LoweU, made report to the House in secret session yesterday. The committee excul pates from the charge of oriminality with Mrs Pat terson, but oensuree him for spending the State's money. The subject will be acted up on on Monday. ft?7??OAB WALKER * OO., Muilt Hall Cktffcl J^y rlum, Rrowni' ftntst, rfcapwtflilly ?nD?*n<* that ?h?1r <iippUv of Hprlnjc ?<??' Pnromar OloUiln* I* now raadj for tnapertlon, compristu* an MtnrtBimt of Coat*. Vaata and raotalnona of the otwut and rtcbaat dealgna In material, trimming and workmanship. To f?*tlamao who (tatty ?zrell?nr? with eronasty In fxhlonairU artlelaa of <tr?a? an opportunity for Mloctlni la offcrad from on* of the largest and moat attractive Mark of good* **er offerad In tk? <*7 at a rarj r?4*c*d ac*l? of prtcaa. ap 17 rr-y whims at th* niaa.?warravam ^ ?ttH in th* aaceadanr^.?The Jnrtoa of etch of the lata a at Bait* mac*, ftickmoDd, and New York awarded their ?tpremiUM to J. H. W. hr their ?opertorlty of Fbo tocrapta, Btaraoaeopaa and DacverreoCypee exhibited. Mr. W. alao raceired two Kadali at tb? World'* Fair, Lon don, a ad a premium at Cryital Falaca, New York. Also, the 11 rat award* of the Maryland 1 oat I tote for three jeere peat. Whltahnrat'e Qallery In thla city la on Fa. a ? anna. betw. Oi and 6th street*. feb 11 [K7?BAKKR S PREMIUM BITTERS.?Tbe following cer Lk-/ tlflcate, from a gentleman well known In the city of Richmond, haa been eent to tlia proprietor of thla valuable medicine. . Dear 81 r?Thla le to certify that 1 haeeeafferad aaany year* with the Dyapepala, and had employed at different time* three able phyalciana In trying te make a car* of that awful dfeaaae, but all to Wtln T then commenced oelnr various Medicine* that were reooamettded to me by my frlenda, aad Inataa-V of ?eU4i>g better ? mtlaaed to a raw wore*. I than aent for Dr. Jobneton. and he at once recom mended me to tue Baker'* Praminm Blttcro, which proved to be the beet preeerlptlon I ever tried, and the only medi cine I ever took to ralae me to my health again. My wife alao, bad differed with the lame dlaoaae and debilitation, together with other aymptoma, Ac., which aho fonnd the Bittera to give Immediate relief. They five a general tone and strength to the whole eyetem. It la with pleasure I recommend them to other*. J. P. QUARLES. To Mr. E. Raker, Propletor. Price 5C cent* per bottle. To be had of CHARLES 8T0TT k 00.. Waahlngton, D. 0., CaHBT A HATCH, and SETH 8. HANOI, Baltimore, and by Drnggiats everywhere. apr >1?*o(t sAaaiBD. At the Cathedral, Baltimore, on th* 23J instant, by the Rev. Thomas Foley, FRANK 8. HILL, of this city, to HANNE C , daughter of the late Cot. Thos Raker, of Portland, Me. .MEDICAL SOCIETY OF THE DI8 __ irict of Columbia.?A called meeting of the Society will be held at the City Hospital on THURSDAY n*xt, at 12 o'clock. A. HOLMEAD, M. D., ap 24?3t Rec. Sec. THE MEMBERS OF Beacon Lodge No. 15, I. O. O. F., arc re quested to meet at the hall THIS EVENING at 7 o'clock, to make arrangements for the funeral of one of its late member?, Past Grand H. VV. Ball. A punctual attendance is expected. ap 24?It* L. B. ALLYN, P. S. ATTENTION, PRESIDENT'S MOUNT ?L ed Guard.?You are hereby ordered to /JUmi meet at the armory on WEDNESDAY, f T?i. April 25th, at 3 o'clock precisely, for mounted drill, in citizen's dress, with glazed cap and sabre. N. B ?Each member will bear in mind that the regular drills of the Company take place on Tues day night of each week, at 1% o'clock. The regu lations will be strictly enforced against absentees. By order ?f Capt. J, Peck. ap 23 - 2t* W. H. HAYWARD, O. 8. ^PHILODEMIC SOCIETY ofGeorgctown _ College.?There will be a meeting of the I'hilodemic Society of Georgetown College, TUES DAY, the 24th instant, at 5 o'clock p m., at which the non resident members are renpect fully invited to be present. HARVEY BAWTREE, R. C. COMBS, SCOTT B. SMITH, ap 23?2t* Committee of Correspondence. ?h ^^NOTICE.?ALL PERSONS INTEREST ?v2t ed in the Annual Assessment of taxable property in the city of Washington for the year 1855 are hereby informed that the Board of Appeals will be In session in the Assessors' Room, in the City Hall, on WEDNESDAY, the 11th, from 9 a in to 3 p. m., and will continue in session from day to day (Sundays excepted) during :he same hours for the purpose of hearing and deciding up">n all appeals until the 26th instant, inclusive. T. F. IIARKNESS, Secrctarv of the Board of Appeal. apr 10-dt26th GRAND SOIREE AND GIFT CONCERT AT. CARUSrS SALOON. OS THURSDAY, APRIL 30th, WHEN the drawing and distribution of the splendid LACES, valued 91,COO* (now on exhibition at Madame Delaiue's, Penna. avenue,) will positively take place. Wishing to make this Soiree worthy of the patron age of a : ash ionable public, the following eminent artists have been engaged for the occasion : The celebrated Dramatic Artist and Vocalist, Miss FANNY MORANT, Mademoiselle ROSA SMITH, Miss ELLEN MORANT, And the distinguished Pianist, W. HENRY PAL MER, known as ItOBKKT HKLKKK I Gift Tickets ONE DOLLAR?to be'had at Mme Delarue'a, Mr. Davis's and Hilbtu fit Hitz's Music Stores; National, Browns', Willards', Kirk wood House, and United State* Hot Is. Reserved Seals for the additional sum of 50 cent*, (for holders of Gift Tickets only,) can be had at Mr. Davis's Music Store, where vdiagram of the Saloon is to be found. No person except those who hav* Gift Tickets will be admitted to the Soiree. ap 94? It MIS8 CUNNINGHAM'S SCHOOL, Pleasant Grove. Seventh street Road, 1^ miles from the City of Washington. THE duties of this School will commence MON DAY, the 30th of April, i s the number of pu pils will be limited, those who wish to avail them ?elves of its advantage*, should make as early an ap plication as possible. The course of instruc'ion wrll be thorough and comj lete,and will embrace all the English branches usus'ly taught in the best schools, together with Mu?ic, French and Latin. Terms marie known on application to the Princi pal. ap24?2w? HATCH RACK FOR $300. 8250 the Match and 950 added by the Pro prietor over the COLUMBIA COURSE. ALEXANDRIA CO. f INHERE wiil be a Trotting Match over the above 1 Cour.e on THURSDAY, 26th April, 1855, at 3 o'clock P. M. Mile Heats. n W. Martin enters b. g. NED HUNT. Geo. Saith enters g. g. DUTCHMAN. Fine spoit insy he expected. apr 24?2t* CY RUS MARTIN, Proprietor. RELICS FROM ROME. I HAVE in my po.?ses?ion a niece of the stone pre sented by the Pope to the Washington Moument, sufficient to make a limited number of charms, which can be had in any style of seuing, by apply ing to J. E. DALY, Jt-wellcr, No. 344 D street, between 9th and 10th. ap 24?eo3t? BY EXPRESS. A GOOD supply of Spring and Summer GOODS, comprising our uzual variety of Umbrellas, Parasols, Canes, Gloves, Caps. Summer Hats, of various styles, Braces for Ladies' and Gents, Silk and Cotton Hosiery, Undergarments, Shirts, Collars, Neck Tics, Robes de Cbambre, Silk and Linen Hdkfs, Port Monnaies, Razors, Soap, Perfumery, fcc , fcc., now being received at RIRGE'S, ap 24?lw Willards' Hotel. ROACHES, RATS, AND MICE. THESE pest* can be entirely destroyed by using THE EXTIRMINATOR, which can be used with more safety and certainty than any article ever offered to the public. Price 25 cents per package. CHINCH OR BED BUGS can l?e entirely removed by a few applications ?I my new preparation. Try It. Price 25 cents per bottle. J. B. MOORE, Druggist, No. 110 Pa. avenue, opp. Seven Buildings, ap 24?eo3t Slil rM i REWARD.?Lost, on Monday. 23d 'Il'avt/ instant, between the Navy Yard and the Bnnk of the Metropolis, SEVEN HUNDRED DOL LARS, consisting of four one hundred dollar notes of the Bank of the Metropolis, four fifty dollar notes of the Bauk of Washington, and one note of same bank for $ 100. The finder will receive tlw above reward by leav ing the money above described at the store of Messrs. G. fc T. Parker fit. Co. ap 24 It"* RINTING OFFICE FOB SALE?THE 8UB scriber offers his entiie establishment in George town for sale. The materials are good, and every thing requisite for the printing of a paper. To a person with a small capital the investment would be a profitable ?ne. A. L. SETTLE. ap 24?3t IOST-ON PIHDAY EVENING, BETWEEN A 12th street and the National Conservatory, an embroidered Collar and a Gold Breastpin, in the form of a Cross entwined with leaves. The finder will be suitably rewarded on leaving the above at 51 a Twdfth street. ap 84?3t NOW BKIHO RECKIVBdTa HEAVY supply of every article in th? Coach findina line, including 200 yards of our A No TRusaia Duck Canvass, 50 inches wide C-ll early. __ _ ELVANS 8i THOMPSON, 386 Pa av*f between 9th and 10th sts. ap 24?lw ('ntelfcOrgan) IAD1KS' IBW1KQ bTrdsTr^ J Porte Monnaies, Crotehe, Neediest Bracelets, Perfumery, Pomades, Barry's Tricooher ons, Lyon's Kathairou, Bird Cues tnd Nests Wil I..w Baskets, Transparent Tailet Boap in bars, fcc. For sale cheap for cash, at aD 24?Jt LAMMOND'S, ap 7th street. ONLY FOR ONE EVENING THE CELEBRATED TRAVELERS, CHIEF MAUNGWUD UJSl AND bin twonoM, PEEWAUSH and NCK>ni NORAY, of the Chippeway Nation, who have appeared before moat of the Kim*. Uu< en*, Nobil ity, ReUgious Mini*tan and p**o[>T? of Europe ?also, tbe late President Z. Taylor, Millard Ftllu ore, | Kranklin Pierce, and the MMm and Kepresenta Uvea of these United mutt, will d"li*rr an illustra ted LECTURE and ENTERTAINMENT at the Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy Yard, on THURSDAY EVENING, April 16, And at C.rari's Saloon on FRIDAY EVENING, Apnl 87, They will appear in tbeir native coctumc ! Preparatory to the Lecture they wiii sing ocvaraJ (.tecea of 8acred Music in two part*, in the Cfcitoe way Language, in which the surprising bass of th< tbe Chief lowers tbe conceit of moat professional men." Subject of Lecture: "Origie of the North Amcri can ludjsns." Caids of admission, 85 cents?Children under 191 ?an, half price, Front seats reserved for the la dies. To commence at 8 o'clock? Door* open half bow before. ap94-9t* CONCERT FOB THE BENCriT OF RYLAND CHAPEL. 'PHE CHOIR OF RYLAWD CTTAPEL, at the | I request of a large number of persons who were prevented from attending their first #oncert, will repeat it TO-MORROW (WEDNESDAY) EVEN ING, at 8 o'clock, in the Church, corner of Mary land and Tenth street. Tickets TWIN FY FIVE CENTS. Conductor? F. GLENROY. Prof. SCHEEL will preside at the Piano Forte. ap 94?2t - . DENTISTRY. DR. MUN80N respectfully calls public attention to bu new. patent, and GREATLY IMPROVED method ot setting Artificial(B T?eth, with Continuous Gum?the very PERFEcriON OF THE ART. Thisatyle ofTeeth has tbe followiag advantages over all others, via: GREAT STRENGTH, CLEANLlNRSd, COM PORT, and BEAUTY, viewing with Nature in these j respects, and some others excelling. Public inspec tion h respectfully solicited. Please call and aee specimen*. CAUTION.?No other Dentiat in the District of] Columbia haa a right to make this atyle of Teeth. N. B?Teeth constitutionally healthy, piueted and warranted for life. Office end hou?e at No. 998 E street, near tbe corner of Pennsylvania avenue end 14th street, ap 24?tf CHANCE FOR BARGAINS. OUR stock of BOOTS and SHOES are now com plcte ia all its branches. a For Ladies we have an endless variety ofltfW Gaiters, button and lace, from 1 to 2 SO Morocco ?nd Kid Slippers, 75e, worth $1 Do Buakins, 87X, worth 1 12 For Misses and Chilkren? , Black, bronze and colored Gaiters, b'ltton and lace Morocco and kid Boots, bronze and colored Black, bronze and white morocbo and Kid 81ippers Shanghai Boots, thick and thin soles Fot Gents our steck cannot be surpassed in this city. Patent Leather and Cloth Ghiters, a superior article; Oxford Ties, Montereys, Kossuth Patent Leather and calf, sewed and pegged Boys' and Youths' cloth and patent leather Button Gaiters Walking and dancing Pumps, a superior article , <_?If an<1 patent leather Oxford Ties and strap Shoes Call and examine our stock for we are determined to sell for small profits, md realize quick ssles. Don't lose lime but call early. Don't forget the store. A. HOOVER fc SON, 8. side Pa. av., nearly opp. Browns' Hotel. ap 24?eo6t United States Patent Qfllce, ? O Wajhihqtok. April 23, 1S66. I N the petition of Hist* Duaawat, of facd wfch, Mass, praying for the extension of s patent granted to him on the 21st of Auguat, 1841 for an Improvement In the construction of mould* ?or p-es iinjj glass, for seven years from the expi , rs.tion of gala patent, which takes place on the 21st Jay of August, 1805: It Is ordered, that the said petition be heard at the Patent OflW en Monday, the ?th day of August next, at 12 o'clock, m.; and all persons are notified to appear and show eausc, if any they have, whs said petition ou*ht not to be granted. Person." opposing the extension are required to HI? ia tbe Patent Otfioe their objecttoas, specially set forth in writing, at least twentv days before the day of hearing; all testimony filed by either party to be ased at the said hearing must be taken and trans> mitt?d in accordance with the rules of this Office which will be furnished on application. The testimony in the case will be eloaed on the 28th ofJnly; depositions and other papers relied ut^ on as testimony must be filed in the office on or he fore the morning of that day; tbe argument*, r any within ten days thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notice be published in the Union, Intelligencer and Evening Star, Washington D.C., IMlv K?pab'ican, Baltimore; Peansylvanlaa Philadelphia, Pa., Scientific American, New York and the Post, Boston, Ma*, once a week for three successive weeks previous to the 8th of Au*tet next, the day of hearing. 8. T. SHUGRRT, Acting Commissioner of Patents. P. 8- Editors of the above pspers will please t? and send their bills to the Patent Offi<v?. with a p? per containing this notice. apr 21?lawSw nPSTOMEIU TO WHOM WE HaVE yy rendered bills for account to April Isl, are in formed that eur place of business is still at 396 Pa avenue, adjun ng Gait's Jewelry Store, where ws shall be happy to receive cash or notes at short dates for the amount due. EL VANS h THOMPSON, Dealers iu Hardware and Coach Trimmings, Pa. avenue between 9th and 10ih sis. ap 24?eolw (IntfcOrg in) SUGAR, COPPKE, SALT, *C. 100 barrels Refined Sugar 70 bags Rio Coffee 46 bags oln Java do 60 boxes fresh ground do &V0 sacks fine Salt H'OU pounds Hops, low price Just receixed and for sale by ep 94?eo3t MURRAY & SEMMES. 1>IJr: OWNER, HAVING NO USE FOR HER will sell a fine bay Mare, about 9 years rv old, accustomed to single or double harness Fhe may b? seen between the hours of 9 and ** 3o'clock, at Mr. SCUWARTS' Uvery Stable,near the War Deportment. ap 23_3t CANAL PACKET LIFE TO POIFT BOCKS THE Canal Packet CONGRESS having been thoroughly repaired, and put in first rate order, will commence running on MONDAY,^^ thei 30th instant, for toe transportation of passenT^i and light freight between Georgetown and the above named point, on the most pleasing terms. The Boat will leave the wharf of W. H. Ritter for the Point of Rocks on every MONDAY, WEDNES DAY, and FRIDAY mornings, at 7 o'clock, and the Point of Rocks for Georgetown on TUfcSDAY THURSDAY,and SATURDAYS, at the same hour' flopping at the different landings along the line for the reception and landing of passengers and freirht going and returning. * ' Passage through either way $2, shorter distances .it the same rates. That is to sav,from Georgetown to Great Falls 50 cents; Seneca 75 cents ; Edwards Ferry $1-25; Manocrcy 91.50. Meals served regularly on board the Boat si mod eiatc rates. JOHN CROMBAUGH, CHARLES MErKST' ap83? Im Capuin. OPENING SPRING MANTILLAsT W Es r R i NC "m aStI l? as' .2S3WS newest styles and novelties ot the season, a>id st such prices to suit the urnes. All Ladies, ibertiore, who have not made their selections, should avail themselves of tnis rare orv portunity of getting a beautiful garment at a small price. iu"?? COLLEY fc 8EAR8, m 91?*, o Seventh street, ap23?5t a doors above Pa. avenue. CHANGE IN THE DEPARTURE OF THE GREAT EASTERN MAIL. Post Orricrf, Washington City, O" *ND *?S? MO?DAY NE*V"'lif ai 1 ^ Eastern Mail will be closed at ibis office at 3# o'clock, p. m., instead of 4 o'clock, as heretofore. JAMES G. BERRET, aP Postmaster. ?Strayed from our Store, No* SPa/ 212 Pa. avenue, on Sunday morning, the 22d instant, a small brindle-colored Bull Terrier DOG, marked with a white blaze down bis face, white on the back of his neck, white breast and some white about his feet. Had on when he left a leather cr I lar with an iron ring attached, artd answers to the name of Captain. We will give tbe above reward for Iris delivery cr any information that may result in his recovcrw ap23-3t E. OWEN k SON. A GOOD FAMILY HORSE AND CARRIAGE for sale?Not havMg at present uiefor jsx them, I will sell, low, a goodsafe Family asaat, Gaoriawwa Amn??mont?. nlOPLK'J TIIKATR K, - - I L\TF. VARIETIES. Pricea of admi-sion : Orchestra m*ta 50 eentai Par M"L,rJ7^i.Rrr'Ur 7V,",t * ; ***** Boxes and fS; tor en?< rod Persons 85 TRIUMPHANT SUCCESS! Hecond aight of Wood & Christy b ORIGINAL NEW YORK ORGANIZED 1648 Who*! Am Concert w a crowded by (ha and Fashion of Washington, and (he mure entertainment pronounced by all worthy of the immense pa tronage it obtained ii * New York Car ? . ~V r * r - THIS (TUESDAY) EVENING, April ?4. An Entire ckangr of the Programme t krougkovt * Ftfvt night of the oriental Burlesque, THE ROCHESTER KNO?KINGS, With NEW SONGS, DUETTS. CHORUSSEr, IXEW DANCE**, AND NEW SAYINGS. PROGRAMME?ra?T i. 1. Grind Introdoctory Overture Pall Band 8. Opening Chorus - Down the river Company 3. Eulalie C Henry 4. The juice of the appi ? a ? a ? Win Birch 5. Toll the Bell for Lilly Del!....... J W Raynor 6. Oh, Lady Dear N W Gould 7. Fanny Blake ? -H Huntington 8. New S.iui ? Hard Timea (by PoHerJ.J Murphy 9. 11 oil ir Delights . ? *................. ? ?C H enry 10. Operatic Choraa?Hither wc come, (from the Eucba .ien) >mmn..^.Campany 11. Poet Horn Quickatep...., - Pull Band P3BT II. Mutual and Ti-rynchorean Melange 1. Burlesque Fling (a la Zoe) B Mallory 2. Guitar Solo (bv the unequalled Guitarist Napoieaa W Gould 3 Pas de African (a la Zoe and Wlethofl) Birch and It* I lory 4. Favorite Ballsd ~ C Henry 5. Banjo Obligato H Hua?tngton After which. W. P Collins, in conjunction with B Msliory will give hi* cel? bra ted challenge ARKANSAW WALK^AROUND. parr nt. Plantation or Life among the Ltteiy. I. Plantation Banjo Bong B Maliorv ?}. Mueic undt r difficulties Huntington It Birch 3. The Threa Jolly Spot's of the Oui Pee Pea ..........H Huntington THE ROCHESTER KN0CKING8, BIRCH, THE MEDIUM. The whole to conclude with the burlesque HIPPODROME! BY THE COMPANY. Dcora open at 7?Th" Opening Overture will co?r meuce at 8 o'clock precisely. ap 84?It MAY FESTIVAL AT CARUSI'S SALOON. MONS. COCUEU has the honor to announce to his present and former patrons, his fnends, and the public generally, that bis Mav Ball will be given at CARUBI'S SAL6oN. on TUESDAY, May L Ttoe fallowing Fancy Dances will be performed : 1. Minuet de la Cour and Gavot dc \ esuca, by a ma?ter and miss % 2 Shepherdess Pastoral Dance, by 2 mines 3 La Cachuca, by a mis* 4. Highland Fling, by a miss 5 Bohemian Polka, by a miss and master 8. The Njmpb'* Garland Dance, by 6 misses 7. A Grand Fancy Slazourka, by 16 misses 8. A Grand Finale. A regular set of Cotillons will be danced by the scholars, after which the entire floor will ba thrown open to the company present. Mons.Cocheu confidently trusts that, as the aame ftill rciiisfaction has been expressed by his patrons a: the end of this season's labor a* at the close of the last, and that his Second May Festival will ci hihit the same brilliant ass< in blage, and afford th ?me general pleaaure. ap 83?8t* 0SA.HD EXHIBIT 10 H AHD HAT BALL, AT THE NATIONAL THEATRE I )ROF. n. w. MI RDKR take. pl-aaur* I. in announcing to the puhl e that his Grand Exhibition and Mav Rail will take nlace at tbe Na tional Theatre on THURSDAY EVENING, May | 3J, 1855. The mf?i extensive preparation ia being aiad*, which will render this the most magnificent entertainment that has ever been witnessed in this City. The Parqueite will be floored orer from the entrance to the foot of the stare, throwing Pie en tire Theatre into one immense Ball Room, which will be decorated in the most gorgeous manner. A Throne for the Queen of May and her Maids of Honor will be erect'-d on the back of the stage, orn amented with flower* and banners, surrounded by scenes of a Fairy land. The Exhibition in preparation for this occasion cannot be excelled, either in point of beauty or the manner in which the dances are executed. Tbe following is a programme ot Dances: I. College Hornpipe, by 4 masters, 2 El Bolero, by 4 misses. 3. La Cachucha, by 5 misses. 4. Fas Sty nan, by a miss and master, i La Smolensk!, by 2 onuses, 6. La Fille du Savateur, by 3 miaaes, - 7. Cracovienne. by 2 misses, 8. Scotch Dance, by 4 misses, 9. Styr an Walts, by 2 ladies snd a gentleman, 10. Fischer's Hornpipe, by a master, 11. Ell Jeleo de Jerea, by a :ni?, 12. Grand Shawl Dances, by 24 misses; in which is the crowning sceue, thr grand march, and ascension upon the throne, and grand final tableaux. 13. The Flower Dance, by 32 miases. from the age of 5 years up to 1C, as introduced by the wonderful Vu nnoise Children in thin city in 1848 It is comprised of 16 arches and If circles of Roses of every variety and color. This dance present- one of the most imposing apectaclcs ever w itnessed on or off uf tbe stage. The boxes will be reserved lor ladies during the exhibition, alter which the floor will be cleared for the whole company. Notwithstanding the enormous expense attend ing th a exhibition, the price of tickets will be as u?ual, only ?2?admitting 1 gentleman and ladies. Private boxes may be obtained by calling on Prof. M., at bis Salacn. corner Pa. avenue and llth at., from 4 to 6 o'clock p m. apffl?dtd WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. CHANGE OF HOURS ON and aft*r Monday, the 83d inataut. the trains will Leave Washington at 6 Aid 8% a. m., and 3 and I P? On Sunday at 6 a tn and 4^4 P m Leave Baltimore at 41f and 9? ? m, and 3 and 5* p m On Sunday at 4jg and p m. ap 83-tf T. H. PARSONS, Agent STEAMBOAT EXCURSION LANDING 0 F THE PILGRIMS. Celebration of the Landivg of th* Piirn* Fathers of Maryland at St. Mary's City. St. Mary's county, under tha auspices of ike Philodemic Soeiety of Georgetown. T'UE Committee of Arrangements ol the Y<?un^ Catholics' Fnend Society, of this m a city have tiie honor aunouuem* 10 the citiaens of Washington and ita vicinity, that they have chartered the well known and popular steamer GEORGE WASHINGTON, tor the above mentioned Excursion. The price of Tickets for the entire trip is $.*> each. They can be procured at the followiNg ifc-ug Sioras: Kidweil k Lawrenee, corner of 14th street and I'ennsylvania avenue; Callan's, comer of 7th and E streets; Martin F. Kin;'*, Pennsylvania avenue : D B. Clarka'a. corner of llth street ard Maryland avenue; Jno F. Ellis's Variety Store, Pennsylvania avenue; Wm. A. Kennedy's Bookrtoic, 7th street; and from Francia McNcrhany, Naval Storekeeper, Navy Yard. ^ , - As the number of Uckets ia limited, persona de sirous of enloying thi? interesting Excursion are par ticularly requested to make early application aa above or to any member of tbe Committee of Ar rangements, as th# sales will be closed on Saturday avening, the 12th May next. Arrangements have been made with tha proprie tor of Piney Point Pavillion whereby comfortable accommodations for the night will be aecured during the Excursion. The George Washington will leave the Steamboat Wharf, at the font of llth stiret, on MONDAY eve ning, the 14th May next, at 3 o'clock, and will re turn about 2 p. m. on ihe following Wednesday. JOHN CARROLL BRENT, WM. A KENNEDY, GEORGE HARVEY, JOHN T. CASSKLL, FRANCIS McNERHANY, Committee ot Arrangement*. ap 21?TuThSatd MANTILLAS. WE open this morning a choice assortment of Mack and colored 8Uk and Lace Mantillaa, to which we reapecttully invite the attention of the ladies. OLAGF.TT, NEWTON, MAY H CO. ap 23- Ct | FA?ILY PLOUH AMD Mill Feed 150 bbls choice Family Flour IS,000 bushel? Mill P?*4, far sale at PIONEER MILL*, ap81??t Alexandria, Va.

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