Newspaper of Evening Star, April 25, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 25, 1855 Page 2
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KVENING STA1? ; W A < HI NGTON CITY: WM?MI iWMt April Job Pbikting.?The public are i j formed that we are now prepared to ex? i ^ite job printing in all its varieties, froi cards, ball tickets, Ac., to (show bill I posters and book work, as well and a. low as at any other office in Washington and with equal dispatch. Give as a call. AeilfTS FOB THE STAB. The following persons are authorized to contract for the publication of adver tisements in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palmkb, N. W. corner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. Pbttlngill k Co., Nassau street. Boston?V. B. Palmbb, Soollay'R Soil ding. X3T AjDVBBTisuoirTa should be handed in by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may not appear until the next day. ? ? ?' 0mm Messrs. Rbnno k Colvin, of Char lotte, N. C., are fully authorized to re ceive subscriptions to the Daily and Wttkly St:r, in the States of North and South Carolina. SPIHIT OF THE SoRSlfie PBXS8. The Union acknowledges the receipt ofa \etter from Havana, dated on t le 12th instant, wherein the 8} eech of Lusuriaga as officially presented to this Government is discredited Projects lor increasing the black troops on the island are cnnou-iced, and alleged threats of the newly raised Tolanteers to destroy ?? that nest of piraes "? "New Orleans," are reported. On the whole, this letter smells stroegly of an evident fiilibusteriah origin. It was undoubt edly written by some one up to his ears in the plot* and counterplots of "the Junta " Under %he head of -'ano'her step in Spanish despor ism in Cuba'' the Union protests vehememly against the alleged decree of the Spanish Home Government, that Concha shall place every American >n the island under arreet in case of the successful landing of another filh busteriig expedirioa, or aaother attempt at revolution ud the island As yet this matter need^ confirmation, as it appeared only in the Havana news of the New Orleans Pic-eyunt. We have learned to receive sach news appear ing first in lhr.t quarter cum grano *alt* The Union alse contains an able article to snow tha; the course of some of the opposition journals upon the Cuban question bids fair, u is the ease of the tone of many of them prior to the Meviean war. to induce Spain to irri ?ate the United States into a war. The 1'itelligmcr, judging from an article in the Jourvzl of Commerce, dreads least the American Government are about to punisn any further efforts of Spain to "bring to" American ships engaged in lawful commerce on the Gulf, by flriLg shot over and around them The editor doee not consider suoh conduct on the part of a foreign power an infraction of our rights .... Ex Governor Seabrook. of South Caro una. died on the 16th inst. ....vVm D Kennedy, Esq , of New York, and Heury fcrben. the well known organ builder, are at Willari s hotel ....Com Vanderbilt. J L Talcott, Preston king, and Jamee Bo wen. all of Now York, are at WiUard's Hotel. .... Several distinguished citiiens of Mexi to have been in ur^ity for several days past, having takeu the I cited States #? route for the great exbibi'ion at Paris. Among them are the weal'by banker- E-candon and Hurba. Senor Hurba left on Sunday evening .... lne New York Evening Post rejoice? zreatlv over the fact that Edmund Burke, of New Hampshire, hu recently publicly and formally g veo in his adherence to Free Soil ism Inasmuch as it is now notorious that be would adhere to anything for a shilling more than be would set by adhering to the ether ride his conversion is anything but a substan tial gain for the Free Soilers ....A private letter from Ceylon mentions the death, by cholera, of the Rev. Daniel Po .r a venerable missionary of the American Board of Missions .... lion Samuel Sprigg, ex-Governor of Maryland, recently died ai his residenoe in Prince George's county, in that State .. ..Joseph Hiss, member of the Massachu setts Legi-l?ture. from B aton, has re-igned his scat in 'hp H u-e of Representatives on account of ?ne d Acuities growing out of the nunnery investigation ... .A telegraphic despatch, dated New Or. leans April 24 say: Postmaster Kendall ha* been arret ed on *he charge of purloining let ters containing $600. .... Letters from Florence state that the full length marble statue of the late Judge Story, intended for Mount Auburn, has been shipped to thu country It is the work of Win. Story, son of the deceased Frank B:wer, the renowned vauiter and E'Li pan dancer while throwicg a Kxnerset ?er a hor?e a'Cant wells Bridge. Delaware, on Thursday nigbt last, had a leg broken .... The Consecration of the Right Kev. Dr Baeon 'he newly appointed Bishop of Portland, took Dlace on Sunday in the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Mott street, New York, bet* re an iicmen^e congregation, and with im posing ceremonials. .... The members of the Select and Common Councils A Philadelphia are to have their da guerreonpe? taken, and suspended in Indepen dence Hall A notice to that effect was served upon each member of Councils yesterday ....Baron Prevost, formerly private secre tary to Kings Louis XVIII and Charles X., died lately at the chateau of Volsenon, aged 73 ^ ....Mr Thaekery, the author, is about to pay another visit to the United States, to re. plenifh his exchequer by delivering a course of lee: ures ... Nancy Smith, aged 55 years, committed suicide in Hillsborough N C , last week, by hanging herself. Cause, domestic trouble. VW We have received from Joe Shillington a oopy of the Lady a Book, tor May It con tains. among other embellishments, Godey's colored fashion plate?never unwelcome to the fair sex?and a description of new eaps and bonnets. The contents generally are, as heretofore, interesting. Shillington. with his usual promptitude, has also supplied on with a reprint of Blackwood's Magaiine. for April. Iu oontents are : "How to dress him;" "Psyeologieal Inquiries;" "Zardee. a Romance. No V ;" "Notes on Canada and the Northwest States of Amerioa;" "Charles Dickens," "State of the Militia;" "The Death of Nicholas," "The story of the Cam pal ;n, written in a tent in the Crimea* part V etc ' W4SMHCT0H NEWS AND GOSSIP. The Hypocrisy of British Governmental Philanthropy.?ThoM who know the history >f British policy tor the last twenty-fire years?since the tendency of the oommere al and political affairs of the world has made it apparent that bat for her active exertions to the contrary, we are destined sooner or later to rank her as the leading commercial natfon of the earth?are well aware that her liberation of the slaves in her West India island* was the result wholly of the purpose of destroying eventually the institution in the United States. Her statesmen and political economists regard it as the key to or foundation of our business prosperity, whieh enables our North to rival her in the shipping and manufacturing busi ness. Henoe her desire to deprive us of it. Her Government, while professing to have been actuated wholly by philanthrope mo lives in changing the status of affairs in her West India islands, have very lately afforded proof in other points of their polloy, of the utter hypocrisy of such professions on their part They have bought fifteen thousand able bodied men from the King of Sardinia, at |333 eaoh, (dog oheap,) as fool for Russia* powder and balls. Their own citiaens are no to be persuaded to enlist in any suoh forlorn enterprise on any terms; so they pay Sardinia a million pounds sterling for the number of men and offijers, indicated above, to serve in the Crimea. The history of the war proves that half of them hafe beer* 801d unto death Unto a fate, the risk of whieh British subjects are no* gnffioiently loyal to encounter on any reasonable terms, including a bonus of $333 per annum ; for if Britons, to the manor bom. could have been induoed to enlist on the terms offered the foreign mercenaries, as a matter of course they would have been preferred. We cannot understand why ft is more philan thropic to buy Europeans, oivilised, educated aud to a certain extent, refined, to be used only to be killed, as in this'case, than to buy Afriean negro savages to be used in agricuU tural labor, and have their condition and prospects in all respects improved by th? change Britain's traffic ia coolies from India and China, exhibits her hypocrisy in a still more odious light. She has broken up the African slave trade to Cuba, to cripple us, if possible, and essays to supply the demand for labor tbeTe with what she terms coolie-appren ices Her merchants and ships alone traffic in them They are landed, apprenticed under great pretensions of a determination to care for them and protect their rights But that's the last heard of them. Once on plantations they are worked and treated far more cruelly than Africans are, and, if any of them come out of thetr apprenticeship with life, we have never yet heard the fact asserted. She fur. nishes (sells to) the Peruvian Government the coolies who dig out the guano on the Chineha Islands and load the vessels engaged in the trade No other slavery known to modern times ia so hideously cruel as that. The term of years for which she sells them to Peru is in sine out of every ten cases longer than they live, when so employed. That is, not one in ten survives to the end of the term. The guano is in banks or deposits as hard as baked eUy, and it is only to be loosened with pickst On being pioked, it crumbles into the state of fine dust in which it is imported here. Every time the pick is struck into the mess, a cloud of dustlike thick smoke rises, and getting into the eyes, nostrils, and mouths of the laborers, bo irritates their lungs, as. after they have been a short time at the laoor, to sot them bleedin t at the lungs, ending rapidly *n their prostration and death. They are without family ties there, or any comfort what ever, faring in all respects worse thaa dogs in any civilised country. Suioide is their fa vorite method of escaping the horrible tor tures of the situations into which the English Government imports them by the ship load, with full knowledge of the consequences of their act upon the poor creatures It not un frequently happens that we receive in this country as part of the cargo of a guano ship, the mummied body of a cooly, who, either by accident or choice, goes down in the wind-sail slide in which the article is "shot" from the bank of guano against which the ship lays in loading, into the hold. These things are growing worse and worse yearly, and have already oome to involve fa< more actual physical suffering annually, than was ever experienced by the -avage negroes of Africa in a year, from the undoubted enor mi'ies of the original slave trade Whenever the history of Britain's traffic in coolies comes to our mind, we shudder over the utter hypoc risy of her pretensions to governmental phi lanthropy, as being, in peint of faot, almost as bad as the thought of the bodily sufferings to which her cupidity thus annually subjects so many thousands of human beings. Liat of Patent* issued from the United States Patent Office, for the week ending April 24 1855 - each bearing that date : Jearum Atkins, of Chicago, 111.?For im provement in platforms of grain harvesters Jason W. Corey, o- Crawfordsville, Ind.? For improvement in spring connecting rods for washing machines Jonathan Johnson and John E Crane, of Lowell, Mass ?For improvement in stoves. Ao. Noyman C. Harris, of Poultney, Vt.?For improvement in the manufacture of slate pen cils Palmer Lancaster, of Burr Oak. Mich ?For improvement in implement for shearing sheep Isaac B Livingston and Miles Waterhouse, of Barnet, Vt ?For machine for feeding paper to printing presses. John G Melville and William Brayshaw, )f Wetbersville, Md.?i? or improvement in looms Wm Munroe. of Boston, Mass.?For im proved pianoforte action. Thos Murga'royd, Jr , of Smithville, Can ada Wedt?For improvement in carriage springs Patented in Canada, July 21. 6854 Lucius Paige, of Cavendish, Vt.?For im provement in the combined table and writing desk Louis S Bobbins, of New York, N. Y?For improvement in machines for poluhing stone. James H. Thompson, of Peterson, N. J.? For improvement in machines for planing metal Abner Whiteley, of Springfield, 0 ?For im provement in attaching wheel* to harvesters and other machines Abner Whiteley, of Springfield, 0.?For im provements in harvesters Jno. Comstock. of New London, Conn.. as signor te Peter Naylor, of New York, N. Y.? For improvement in forge hammers K L Hawes. of Worcester Mass., assignor to hobert Rennie, of Lode. N. J?For im provement in machines for dressing lawns. Re-issue.?A. Livingston John*on, of Balti more, Md ?For improvement in the hinge of rolling iron shutters. Patented June 25,1850. An Important Mriee of Hew Regulations The Secretary of the Treasury, aided by his efficient Assistant Secretary, has just com pleted an entire new code of regulations for the future government of the United States revenue marine service, in which the main >bjects sought to be obtained are greater etfi jienoy with the means accorded by law, and greater eoonomy. We hear them speken of in term* of high praise by gentlemen inter ested in thii particular servioe. Under the management of this particular branch of the Government affairs by these gentlemen, a very commendable economy and greatly inereued Aggregate of duties dierharged by (he ship's offi ers ant orews have already been brought about, and there is every reason to belisve that the new regulations to which we refer above will further improve the efficiency of the revenue marine. During the late inolem ent neason its labors and services on our ooastt were the theme of the praise of all interwted in American teaward commerce. * We should not forget to mention that Wm. Handy, Esq , is the principal olerk of the rev enue marine brahoh in the Treasury Depart, uient, discharging the duties whioh were for marly those of the senior oaptain in the sefvioe wi'h two junior offioers for assistants; and dis charging them, too, in a manner which has won for him great praise Tom all interested in the prosperity of the United States rsvenue [?marine, as has been repeatedly testified by those gentlemen. Amerioan Wool ?We saw, yesterday, in the Agrioaltural bureau of the Patent Office, a beautiful sample of the wool of the Augora goat, from ,Mr. Richard Peters, of Atlanta Georgia. This specimen ;g V6I? flae indeedt being some te* inches long, as soft and gloggy ?%n slik. and pure white tn color. The goats from which this wool came, are the produce of an importation made by Dr. James ? Da vis, of Columbia, 8. C., in 1848?seven females and two males. The flock is now owned by ?r Peters, and numbers, perhaps, sixtr. Dr.' Davis is now about embarking for Persia to obtain more. The yield of the fleece, in this country is from four to four and-a-half pounds annually. The experiment of introducing these goats into the United States, has been entirely successful, the yield here being muoli greater than in Asia Minor, where it ranges from one to four pounds The only embar ras" ment to their very rapid increase amoog us thus far, is the fact that the male* born in the flock greatly outnumbers the females. Howell Cobb ?We are exceedingly gratified to hear that Hon. Howell Cobb bids fair to be returned to the next Congress with very incon siderable opposition. We have this informa tion from authority in which we have every confidence. His enlarged experience, ardent devotion to his country's best interest*, and commanding talent, will prove fortunate, in deed, for the public servioe in the hall Thou aands on thousands of all political parties and erery section of the Union will rejoice with us over this news. The 5ew York Delegation.?Hearing ru mors that the delegation of five leading gen tlemen from New York?Judge Vanderbllt, James Bowen, Preston King, and their com panions, now in this city, have oome hither on a political mission, we have to say that there is no truth in it They are here en bus iness with the government relative to enoroaoh uients of New York harbor. They have had, we learn, extremely satisfactory interviews with the President and others in authority here, who are understood to have received iheir views and to second their suggestions in (10 them) a very satisfactory spirit. The New Revenue Cutters ?The Treasury Department has received the models for the four new revenue cutters soon to be built They are beautiful things indeed The speci fications and drawingg have just beea com pleted under the immediate supervision'of the Secretary. Copies of the plans and draw iDgs are being made to aid those disposed to bid for them in making their proposals, 'ihe tonnage of three of them is to be from ninety to one hundred tons ; that of the fourth, from one hundred and thirty to one hundred and fifty tons. Ihe Surveyi of the Public Lands in Cal ifornia.?From information coming by the last arrival it seems that the Surveyor General there is progressing rapidly with the survevs of the publio lands in that district. An "in ?iex Atlas ' for the State of California and oth ers for the Territories of Oregon and Washiog. ton, exhibiting the progress of the surveys and the return of plats, and the limits of the present districts, has been orderhd to be pre pared in the General Land Offioe of this city. The Frigate Savannah. (Com 8alter'g Flag Ship,) Commander Mercer?The Navy De partinent have advices from this ship at Rio. on the 24th of January last. All well on her and in the squadron, as far as known at the Department. The Savannah was to have tailed on the next day*a a cruise along the coast. A Resignation ?Mr Hewston, melter and refiner at the Branch Mint at San Franoisco. has resigned, and"Conrad Wyegand, who has been employe! in that establUhmant as an assistant assayer, has been appointed in bis stead. An Army Officer Resigned ?The resigna tion of Second Lieutenant Henry F. Witter, of the 5th Infantry, United States Army, has been acoepted, to take effect on the 20th of May next. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 24th April, therj were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of stock $44 627 85 For paying Treasury debts 727.807 83 (Of which sum $718 567 35 are for the Poet Office Department) For the Customs 23A1Q R.'> Por the War Department.... 33 115 40 For repaying in the War Depart ment...*....,. 1,620 53 For the Navy Department 80 000 00 For the Interior Department 24,179 11 hot repaying for the Interior De partment 2,515 57 Riot at Chicago, III.?A riot occurred on ^turday morning, growing out of the Liquor License question. One man was killed and five or six others wounded A small prooes sion of intoxioated Germans and Irish marched with drum and fife to the oourt hause square and. collecting a crowd, the police|interfered. when a general fight ensued. Soon an im mense crowd collected,-and a fierce fight re sulted, in which knives and clubs were used. The principals being soon arrested however; the excitement diminished, and comparative quiet was soon restored. Another dispatch says the riot waa continued in the afternoon, and the military were under arm*. Arrests were made. At last acoounts all was ^uiet. Luxuim. A large quantity of strawber ries, asparagus, etc. r was brought to Pbiladel phia, on Saturday, from 8avannah, Georgia. , BALTIMORE CORRESPONDENCE. Sudden Deaths?Business?Money Mat . terst fye , <Jre. Baltiuokb, April 24,18W. I learn with regret the sudden death of Dr. Allen Thomaa, a wall known and muoh es teemed citiien of Anna Arnndel connty. He wm one amongst the most benevolent and worthy gentlemen ot hie vioinity. The sudden, accidental daath of Mr James Mahool, an aged, well known and opalent oititen of Frankllnville, Baltimora ooanty, is announced to da> He was thrown from bi* J??terday morning whilst en rouu for Baltimore, and diftd in &e Waning, never spanking after the injuriw * * Pl?asure of meeting occasionally ?M\fJCongr^ional representatives Henry -JiT Joshua Vaasant. Both of t hem look b! ImolTiT ,D ke*Pin?- I doubt if ever Baltimore waa represented by two mere popu ?/?? ?man *hI'" fQ,,J oonoeede thi. and Democrats never doubted it. The truth is, there seems to ba but little partisan strife havaMfEi'*'?'* ?Ur P?0?1? *r* content to have good and true men in offioa, without re gard to partisan prediction It U surprising tc see how Completely old political distinctions have bean forgotten. Baltimore is settling * bu8,ne,:8 cit*? and men go fo? men and measures consonant with their all ab-.| sorbing considerations independent entirely ?iJ!art7v ?? h?*rti,7"ck haTe oar p??pie become of old political demonstration, trick ?ry and chicanery, that they eschew the very names that come divided thera. The Know .Nothings are end*?voring to get up a new par ty on the ruins of the old one, but the objeo" of their leader is so transparently selfish, that sensible persons are. already "disgusted. If 1 mistake not, the people in this oountry have been oudjoled more by designing demagogues than they will over be againr Our age is one of progressive intelligence, and advancing be yond the power of subjugating humbuggery Heaven grant it may o^ntinne to do atv Daily accounts from various parti of the surrounding country are most cheering in re gard to vegtta ion and the spring crops The farmers are cheerful in the hope of an abun. dant harvest. This is truly welcome intelli. it superinduces the hope that we shall be enabled to obtain the ?4 stuff of life" at more reasonable rates. Our city continues to present a cheerful bu "P?01 The hotels are all well d ?,(Z. ?"!?? ,hro?S ">? in ?ll directions Ladies are out in loveliaess atd beauty. The theatres are liberally patron ised; and, upon the whole, Baltimore is marching onward with encouraging prospects Breadstuff* continue to keep up solely in cons? quenoe of short supplies Money, how ever, is plenty, and farmers are rich Hard th?[ffoTt, under these circumstances cannot easily exist. Roderick. Baltimore Annual Conference of the A. M E. Zion Church in America. Saturday, April 21. -rS'^and c?mi5u,?e'8 report on document r? ,r?o?ived and adopted. The business committee reported on dacu N? 3. wm diL??d ?t V>m. length and adopted. A re>olu'ion, offered by S. T. Jones, reoom !hiESl2l hfenltera,tl0n of th? ?i?bth section of rirr ??if Discipline, was adopted, and re ferred to the quarterly conference of the fiist A ln*t?D,' D C ' for ^Probation. A resoiu.ion was also offered by S. T. Jones bv th? rDC? 10 churcb" are not supplied by the Conferences, and the course to be pur HS iD r*g*rd them by itinerant preachers I hi? resolution elicited quite a spirited deba e which was oonuuuei up to the hour of adjourn ' M05DAY, April 23. ?nf?rence met Pa?aant to adjournment the Superintendent in the ohair ' Ihe minutes of Saturday's proceedings were read, corrected and adopted aj^nenf,?TU!ineM in ?rder the consider B: T Jorne" ? second resolution, offered ?h? mi?hLaJ W"f ditfOU88?d at l?ng'h by A resolu'it n offered by J. Trustv ??? motion, laid on the table ' .m TkomIwon ?ff?r?d a resolution restriot ? ,rB 1D ?rant,ng lioenses to exhorte-s and local preachers; which was disoussed at length up to the hour of adjournment Evening Session ? Cotference met at half pastwven o clock, the Superintendent in the After roll call, document No. 4, from Wesler Zion church, Washington, was referred to the business oommittee. Adjourned. Abstract or ths Laws or thi DiSTRrcTor Columbia ?We are indebted to Col. M Thompson, Attorney at Law, for a copy of! the third edition of his pamphlet work under the above title. This edition embraces sever al new. interesting and valuable chapters, and cannot fail to prove of value to most business men, as well as lawyers and justioes in this District. LfT Yankee enterprise is already taking advantage of Commodore Perry's treaty with the Japanese. Messrs. Reed k Dougherty have opened a ship chandlery and general commission house at Hakodadi, Japan. ft-?r^r THE MEMBERS OP THE YOUTTO M< n'n Christian Association are request ed t ? attend the funeral of our late brother, A L , Shaliwood, whn was lor two y< arc a member of | the Hoard of Manager , and one of the Assoc tat i< n's ?>arlitsi and most devoted friend*, from Wesley Chapel m Glenwood Cemetery, at 3# o'clock p. m. TOMORROW (Thursday) the26tli instant. .WM CHAUNCEY LANGDON, Chairman of the t'ommiitec on the dick, ap 25?It g-^S^A CARD.?THE FIRE COMPANIES ~generally, will please accept my nincen thanks for their kind and ouc^etisful exertions on Sunday evening, to save ihc dwellirg occupied by me, on D street, over Tate's Li e Store, fiom deg trucnon. CATHARINE BOYD, ap 25?It* KNIGHTS TEMPLARS.?WASHING ion Encnmpment No. 1 will aH.^mhle THIS (Wednesday) EVENING at the usual time and place. Ity order of the Q Commander ap 2J?It ^-T^BEN FRANKLIN CLUB.?The members The members of this Club are hereby no. lilied that a special meetinc will be beld at 8 o'cl'k, THIS (WedneKday) EVENING, at Union Hotel, Georgetown. Every member is earnestly requested to be pres ent in fu'l uniform. By order C. C. CALL AN, Prcn. C. W. HAVI8, Sec. ap 85?It* EPICAL SOCIETY Oi^ THE DIS , Irict of Colu obia.?A called meeting ^>f the Society will be held at the City Hoepnal on THURSDAY next, at 12 o'clock. A. HOLMEAD, M. D., ap -4? 3t Rec. Sec. .NOTICE?ALL PERSONS INTEREST ed in the Annual Assessment of taxable property in the city ol Washington for the year 1855 are hertby informed that the Board of Appeals will be in session in the A?sea?orB' Room, m the City Hall, on WEDNESDAY, the l'th, from 9am to 3 p. ni., and will continue in session from day to day (Sundays excepted) during he same hours for the iMflrpoae of hearing and deciding upjn all appeals until the 26tli instant, inclusive. T. F. HARKNE8S, Secretary of the Board of Appeal, apr 10 -dt26lh METROPOLITAN INSTITUTE? Pe' 801,3 to whom Medals and Diplomas were awarded by the late Fair, are requested to call for them at the Stationery Store of WM. F. BAYLY, Pa. avenue, between 11th and 12U> sts. ap 90?eo4t LOi* T?On Thursday last, between the Depot and Third street, a Self p> lining Mayr.ardo pat ent PISTOL. The fieder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at this office. ap 25?3t* A .ILIES, MESSES OR SINGLE GENTLE men furnished with MEALS at their residua- I ces upon reasonable terms, by L. THOMPSON,! French Cook, No. 10? G street, near 18th 1 Also, rooms to let. ap 25?Jt* GRAHD 80IREE A WD GIFT COHCXBr AT CARUSI*S SALOON. Ox Tilt)llBU.\V, APHIL 9<Tth, \TTHEW the drawing and di?tribution of the vv splendid LACES, ll BOO, (now on exhibition at Madame DelarueV Pennv av?*nu?,) will po-itively take plice. Wl?hlng |o maka thla Snlrw worthy of the potnw age of a rashionable public, the followinc emineiit artists have been engaged for the occasion : The celebrated Dramatic Artist and Vocalist, Mi* FANNY MORANT, - Mademoiselle ROSA ?MITH, * Miss ELLEN MORANT, And the dist ng.iiahej Pianist, W. HENRY PAL MER Known a* ?<11BIC<<T (IfiLL RHI Gift Ticket* ONE DOLLAR?to be had at Mmf DelarueV, Mr. David's and Hdbos A HitaV Music Stores; National, Browns', Willarda', Kirkwoorf House, and United States HoMr. Reserved Scats for the additional sum of 50 cenu. (far holders of Gift Tickets only,) can be had at Mr. Itavlsto Music Store, where a diagram of the Saloon is to be found. Gift tickets can alao be hsd at the door on the evening of the performance No peraon except those who hara Gift Ticket" will be admitted to the Soiree. ap 85? It GuAFD VOCAL AID nTSTHUMMTAL CONCERT. Several Ladles and Gentlemen of Washington, well known tor their superior biu ical at tainments, wil< ii?p a Concert at ROSE VALE, Near tk* Bladen:burn Depot, FRIDAY KTKillKG, April 97, Conducted bv Mr WM. MIRICK. Prof. SCHEEL will assist in the msirtuneata' part. Prom the character and skill of the performers w e bespeak for all tfrho attend, a rare musical feast. Conceit to commence at 8 o dock, the proceed" of which arc to aid in the erection of a Baptist Church at the Depot Admission 25 cents. _ ap 85?8l* ODD FELLOWS' HALL. The popular Dramatic OP THE BATTLE OP BUNKER HILL, (not painting,) will be exhibited for a few d< ys only at the above Hall. Dae notice will be given of the day of opening, ap 25 >rv at D s^. BOOTS, SHOES AND TRUNKS. JUST opened, and now read? for inspection, at D R. WAi.L'S Boot, Shoe and Trunk Em f r?oriiiin, a large, varied and well selected] spring and summer stock of BOOTS, SHOES' and TRUNKS, among which are? Ladies' morocco, ki i and -asting Gaiters (loots, Slippers, Ties and Baskius M wm' do do Children'a Shoes in great variety G?ntleraen's patent leather and calf akin Boots anr! Shoes, Congress) Gaiters, Pumps, Ac. Boys' and youths' do Wi'h all ihe most approved and fashionable Ptylff of Shoes manufactured, all of which will be void a' e*ceei'in?ly low prices. In addition to the above an extensive assortment of Trunks, Carpet Bags, Valises, and Satchels, Ten cheap. A call is solicited from all who are in want ef great bargains, as 1 am determined to sell as cheap the cheapest. D. R. WALL. No. 34 opposite Centre Market, ap 25?eo3w ?.etween 7th and 8th sta JUST LOOK HEBE-BEAD THI8~! CROWLEY'8 Mafic Coping Prers. Impression Paper, and Manifold Writer, for taking impres sions from Leaves. Plants, or Plowera. Also, for copying Pictures, Patters lor Embroidery, marking Linen and other articles, indelibly and portable and manifold Wr.ter, for writing without pen or ink The alxjve named |>aper has been acknowledged by all who have used it, to be the most-naetul article extant. .Manufactured and aold by IOHN CROW LEY, 487 Eighth at, between Louisiana avenue and D r-treet. Price 25 cents per package, of lour different colors ?black, blue, red and green?5 packages for $1, or 92 uer dozen. On the receipt of the money by mail (post paid) at the above prices, the paper will be sent to ?ny part of the United States with full pnnltd direc lions, free of postage. N. B.?All order* promptly attended to. ap 25?3i* FOR SPRING AND SUMMER WEAR G1 ENT1.EMEN wishing to furnish themselves IT with Ready Made Garmenu of superior qual ty ar ?? respectfully invi-ed to examine our new assort ment, vt hieh embraces tne latest designs of materi <ils and finish, adapted to the wants of oar nume rous customers. Gentlemen t referring to have their cloth ing made to order are invtted to examine our large variety of Cloths, Cafsimerea, anl Veetings, of every shade and color, purchased expressly for city trade, which we will make to measure in the most fasbionab e manner at uuusuaKy low prices. WALL A STEPHENS, Pa. avenue between 9<h and 10th us Also 394 Pa. avenue, 3 doors east of Nations) Hotel. ap 85?3t POTATOBP 150 bushels choice Jersey White Mercer PO TATOES. Just received and 'or sale tor cast at $9 per bushel, at No. 909 Odd Fellows' HaU.Seventh street, by GEO. W. E- IvENNEDY. np 25?It O. A? DAILEY, *. D. DENTIST, Has removed hss ofllce one d"or west of Kleventlj areet, Pennsylvania aveaue, Washiucion, D. C. ap 25 .o3t* FRENCH SHIRT Boso ns.-Another, and large, supply of Fusnch Shirt Bosoms thi ^ay opened Families, shirt makers aud the trade ] can always be supplied. STEVENS'S Salesroom, ap25 ?3t Browns'Hotel. ^HtilTg MADE TO ORDER ?Wa an' Cj prepared to make Yoke Neck Shirts to measure and warrant them in all cases to fit Gentlemen who are troubled with bad fitting Shirts can be suit at 8TEVENS*S*SaleFroom. ap 25- 3t Browns' Hotel. PAY UP.?WE WOULD INFORM THE SUB scribers of the Evening Star in Georgetown, that we have to pay the cash f?.r our papers every we* k, and :t is impo ?ib!e to do it unless they pay up the subscription when it is called for. ap 25-3t JAS^ A BURNS, Agent. K!S8 CUlimirGHAM'S SCHOOL, Pleat-ant Grove. Seventh street Road, 1# miles from the City of WajJkinyton. rIMIE duties of this School will commence MON a DA Y, the 30th of April, r a the number of pu pils will he limited, those who wish to avail thein ?j.Jves of its advantages, should make as early an ap plication as possible. The course of instruction wrll b? thorough and com; lnte,and will embrace all the English branche <isiial!y taught in the best schools, together with Music, French and Latin. Terms made known on applicatioa to the Princi pal ap 84?2w? MATCH RACE FOR $300. 9260 the Match and 850 added by the Pro prietor over the COLUMBIA COURSE, ALEXANDRIA CO. THERE wiil be a Tro'tine ?J?tch over th? above Course on THURSDAY, 26th Ap-il, 1845, at 3 o'clock P. M. Mile Heats. H W. Martin enters b e. NED HUNT. Geo. Smith enters g. g. DUTCHMAN'. Fine epoit may be expected. apr 24?2t* CV RUS MARTIN, Proprietor. BY EXPRESS. T GOOD supply of Spring and Summer GOODS. comprising our U;Ual variety of Umbrellas. Parasol a, Canes, Gloves, Caps. Summer Hats, of various styles, Braces for Ladies' and Gents, Silk and Cotton Hosiery, Undergarments, Shirts, C<dlars, Neck Ties, Robes de Chambre, Silk and Line* Hdkfr, Port Monnaies, Razors, Soap, Perfumery, Ac , Ac., now being received at , BIRGE'S, aP 84?lw Willards' Hotel. PRINTING OFFICE FOR SALE?THE SUB scriber offers his enti> e establishment in George town for sale. The materials are good, and every thing reqniaite for the printing of a paper. To a person with a small capital the investment would be a profitable one. A. L. SETTLE. ap 24?3t L08T?ON PRIDAY EVENING, BETWEEN 12th street and the National Conservatory nn embroidered Collar aud a Gold Breastpin, in the form of a Cross entwined with leaves. The finder - |'lJ*L,ullably rewarded on leaving the above at 519 Twelfth street. ap24?3t NOW BEING RECEIVED A HEAVY supply ofeyery article in the Coach finding nne, including 200 yarda of our A No 1 Russia Duck Canvass, 50 inches wide C-ll early. ELVANS A THOMPSON, 396 Pa av., between 9th and 10th st?. KP ^1w (IntelAOrgan) A LADIES' SKWIflO BIRDS* Scissors, Porte Monnaies, Crotchet Needles, Emories, Bracelets, Perfumery, Pomades, Barry's Tricopher ous, Lv n's Katbairon, Bird Cages and Nerts, WH l"W Baskets, Transparent Toilet Soap in bara, Ac. Por sale cheap for cash, at LAMMOND?, . ap 94?9t 7th street. THK OWNER, HAVING NO USE POR HER will sell a fine bay Mare, about 9 years old, accastoaaed to single or ooable harness. She may be aeen between the hours of 9 and 3o' Mr. 8CHWARTS' i.ivery Stable,aeaj the War Department. ap 93?3* PKOPLK'I theatre, "? LATE VAKTFTTML Prior* of admi*sktn : Orchestra Seats SA r? uette 37* ; Regular Tlekei ? ; Priw |L an d $5, Galerv for co|. r- <1 Person <v> CONTINUED SITCOMS! Third hlflit <tl Wood & Christy's ORIGINAL NEW YORK OR<? 4NIZED Itttd Whose Musical *oirne? are nifhily thronred St ib* grave, the jay. the old and younr, and Dial nounced by the Pre?s and People the bead and front of ill similar rmetain , menu. THIS (WEDNESDAY) EVENING, April ft. .Inctksr Setr Performance thmufkoul ' Only icfht of the BURLESQUE OPERA! Introducing Mad GhlHI and .-*? MAftlh With NEW BONtiS, DUETTS, CIloRUSSKc, NKW DANCES HUN Moth, ' AND NEW 8AYINOA. And p .?in rely the last night of THE ROCHESTER KN0CKING8. PROGRAMME?pAitri. 1. Grand Introductory Overture.|4r ? 9. Opening Chorus -(from Ern.tni).. Compan* 3. PiW Old Jeff ??q h?; 4. Gal from the Sotitli Birrk 5. The Fairy Dell ?..N w GouU 6. 1 he Jolly O'd Crow J w Rarnor 7. The Hupp) Darkey H Hantiactoa 8 The Grave of Lilly Halt- j Mursfcy J See., Sir, Se?* (from SomnambnU)....Company 10 Over the Hills, Bessie {j nMir? II. Qiick Movements ..... Put fcaad past ii. Muiiral a+d Tcrp>ir Korean M lent*. 1. Burlesque Pa? de Afrtrane (a la Zoe)..B Maltar 2 Guitar Solo (by the unequalled Guitarist Napoleao W Gould 3. Pa* de Comique, Africanized Birch aad Miliary 4. Favorite B?M?d Henry 5 BanjoOhlifato ? H Hun'lngtoa Afier wbich. W. P Collins, in conjunc'ioa wuh B Mallorv will gi"e his cel. brated challenge ARKANSAW WALK AROUND. PART III. Plantation or Lift among tkt Lowly. 1. B Flat and C Sharp, or First Rudim< nu Huntington and Birch When shall we tbrer meet again T Birch. Mai ory and Huntingtoa And for the la*t lime 3. The Spirit Rap[w a..~ Birch, tbe Medium 4. Old lK>minion Ju (one evolution) B Mallory The performance to conclude with the new Enj lish, Germni and Italian BURLESQUE OPERA i Prima Donna of the Troup* Mad Griei Durandi rolhaio Pnmo Tenor St* Mario Murpbaoo Primo Basso r>ig Cc^ar R .Uialo Raynvrdo Pruno Defendo Sig. Napalexo S ?lvio Gualdo Pnmo Gardo.._ Sig Beneventano Mallaro Primo Coartero Sig Harnsouo Pyneo Henrio Conductor Max Mark Red Cbeek D on open at 7?The Opening Overture will lence at 6 o'clock precisely. ap ii?It onlr Fott oyE EVEjyiNdT THE CELEBRATED TRAVELERS, CHIEF MAUNGWUD\US VND his two Hons, PEEWAI'SH at. I NOODI NOK \\ , of the Chipf*-way Nation, wh" haee appeared before most of the King*, Queens, Nobil ity, Re igious Ministers and people of Europe?aJ?o, ihe late Prpsident Z. Taylor, Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, and the Senators and Representa tives ?f thes?? United Siate?, will deliver an illustra ted LECTURE and ENTERTAINMENT at th? Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy Yard, on THUESD\Y EVENING, April*, And at C a rust's Saloon on FRIDAY EVENING, April 97, They will appear in their native costume ! Preparatory to ihe Lecture they will sing several pieces or Sacred Music m two parts in the Chippe wmy Language, in which the surprising hasp of the ;he Chief lowers the conceit of most profess too ai men. Subject of Lecture: "Origin of the North Ameri can Indians." Cards of admission, 25 cents?Children under 19 yars, half price. Front seats reserved for tbe la dies. To commence at 6 o'clock- Doors open half hour before. ap 94 9t* CONCERT FOR T II U BENEFIT OF RYLAND CHAPEL. 'nHE I'llOIR OF KYI.AND CMAPEL, St tbe I request of a large r. umber of persons who were prevented froiu attending their flr?t Concert, will repeat it TO-MORROW (WEDNESDAY) EVEN 1NG, at 8 o'clock, in the Church, corner of Mary land and Tenth *tP?ei. Tickets TIVEN f'Y FIVE CENTS. Conductor- F OLENROY. Prof. SCHEEL will preside at the Piano Forte, ap 24?9t "MAY FESTIVAL AT CARl'SI'S SALOON. M ONS. OOCHEU han tlie honor to announce to his preswiit and former patrons, his friends, and the puMic eenrrally. that his May Bali will be given at CARUSI'S SALOON, on TUESDAY, May I. Thtf fallowing Fancy Dances will be perk>rmed: 1. Minuet de la Cour ana Gavot de Vestics, by a ma-ter and miss '2. Shepherdess Pnstoral Dance, by 9 mmes 3. La Cachuca, by a miss 4. Highland Fling, by a mi? 5 Bonemiati Polka, by a misN and master G. Th Nymph's Garland Dance, by 6 misses 7. A Grand Fsncy Mazourka by 16 uusses tt. A Grand Finale. A regular set of Cotillons will be d;nced by tbe scholar*, -fler which the entire floor will be thrown open to the company present. Moiis Cot hen confidently trusts that, as tbe same fall satisfaction bas been expressed by bis patrons at the end of this season's 1 ib?>r as at the close of the last, and thst his Second May Festival will ei hibit tbe same brilliatt a^seinblagp, and afford th same general pleasure ap 23 ?St* GRAHD EXHIBITION AHD VAT BALL. AT THE NATIONAL THEATtuT^ PKOF. H. W. HI'lUKk takes pi. a-ure in announemg to U.e publ c that his Grand Exhibition and May Hall will take n'ace at tbe Na tional Theatre on THURSDAY EVENING, May 3d, 1855. The most extensive preparation in being mad, which will render this the most maguifi -ent entertainment tliat lias ever been ki ne wj in tbis city. 1 he Parquette wul be llooifd over from the entrance to the loot of tlie stage, throwing fie en tire Theatre into one immense Ball Rooui. wbicb will be decorated iu the most gorg? ou* manner. A Throne for the Qu> en of May u:id bcr Maids of Honor will be ertcieil on tiis back ot the suge,orn amented with floa-era and banners, surrounded by scinei of a Fairy land. The Exhibition hi preparation for this occasion cannot b?- ex-elled. either in point f?f beauty or tbe mamer in which the dances are executed. The following is a programme ol Dances: 1. College Hornpipe, by 4 masters, 9 El Bolero, by 4 misses 3. La Cachucha, by 5 misses, 4. Pas Styrian, by a miss and master. 5 La Smolensk!, by 9 misses, 6 La Fille du S?vanir, by 3 misses, 7. Cracovienne, by 9 misses, 8. Scotch Dance, by 4 misses, 9. Siyr an Waltx, by 9 ladies and a gentleman, 10. Fischer's Hornpipe, by a master, 11. El Jeleo de Jeres, by a miss, 19.<Grand Shawl Dances, by 94 misses; in wbicb is the crowning scene, the grand marcb, and ascension upon the throne, and grand final tableaux. 13. The Flower Dance, by 33 misses, from the age of 5 years up to 16, as introduced by the wonderful Viennoii* Children in this city in 1848. It is comprised of 10 arches and 16 circlcs of Rose? of every variety ?nd color. This dance presents one of the most imposing spectacles ever witnessed on or off of the nage The boxes will be reserved lor ladles during the exhibition, stor which the floor will be cleared for the wbole company Notwithstanding the enormous expense attend* ing th s exhibition, the price of tickets will be an usual, only $9-admitting 1 gentleman and ladies- _ Private boxes may be obtained by caUint on Prof. M., at his Salaon, corner Pa. avenue and 11th from 4 to 6 o'clock p m. ap 91?dtd All rtbarokeh vis ing the City should see Hunter's Cata logue of the Curiosities of the Patent Office. .Also, his Description of Powell's Great Picture. feb 93- W r|>RI-COLOREO SKETCHES IN PARIS 1 Inventor's Guide, by J. C. Moore. ap 90 FEANCK TAYLOR J HE EAG BAG, by N. P. Willis Feurbacb's Essence of Christianity Cumming*s Family Prayers, 9 vols ap *0 FEANCK TAYLOR

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