Newspaper of Evening Star, April 25, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 25, 1855 Page 3
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J. v ? M N(t STAR. Local Intelligenoo. Ciara<teristic?Mr J?dm Mahersends ^ ?be toHow.rg of?*r >ct?ru;.o and really in teresting communication: I long since "uggested to tbe Com misj inner 0f Public Buildings (then Mij r N ' icd) to give me one avenue a year, graded and carbrd. tnd one mite iu leng h, to <mprove iiorMcnl tarally What a ei j would you fcave bad, oad this sugge<t'on been Carried oat? Yoa ???uld n * have tweuty-one arenas, in the heart of the c ty. with the reservations a* well ,f tfae streets, all planted ana improved ; y es and jour Ci y liall too. inside and outside of the grounds. beautifully planted ; a fountain in the centre of each reservation. and a statue of each of the Presidents facing east. All reservations, according to my plan, should hare eighteen inches of a foundation in the siear. a granite coping of six inches, with a wr tight irun paling to prevent dust and other filth from accumulating as at present, and also dogs and hogs from rooting up and destroying the grounds. Each lamp, according to my plan was to have been placed therein, and to be '?o ieet higher than those in tbe street. I is for inclosing and improviijg all tbe reser rations I have planted twelve already ; but they are not inclossd I hope to live to see all cf them completed- l'he water-works are not far off, and I hop* we will live to enjoy the bentfi' ot' them If we do not, our off-pricg will. From the width of our streets, reserva tions and pavements, in my opinion, we will se-pasa Lk .d-.n r ,Parts in beauty as a city. All dow depenls upon good generalship T >o fa?; or too ?low will out do in instating the reservations Commence right, and we wid cever be wrong I hope you will notice that some of them very small. Tbe pavements are wide All dwellings take off seven feet for porches or steps. It I had that space in add: hod for all of the reservations it would add five feet on each side of them. Tiey would then appear much larger. In this view some may differ from me ; but it U tor the benefi of all. I am going ahead witk a!! the reservations; the Commissioner says I am right " Bat,'' says he, " Maner, the citiaens ask too mush ; tbe appropriations are limited. Do the beet you can io plea-e them What gives more general sa'.isfac ion than planting avenues with trees and improv ing reservations? Had I my way, it would have been dene long since. There were more tree> planted this spring and last fall than for the last ten yeats This sprin planting wil> speak for itsolf Avenues and raserva tiocs have beea set out with twelve hundred ornamental trees And here let me say that this is the first time that any Ccmmsssioner of Public Buildings had backed me in my Old m?u plant trees and build houses at the age?: seventy or eighty, not for themselves bat fo: their children I am the oldest gar decer in the United States; so told! ?9 I am fifty one years a gardener. I think it is almost time i should know some thing about it. I have been forty years in the country Jackson did not send for me without knowing who I was I ?m tweny one >ea-.? in this city During this time I had not one professional gardner in my etnp oy sient?all laboring men I made them wfca they are?handy and useful. I hope to plant twenty thousand tress, before I die, to im prove and or: ament the cuy cailed after the rather of his Country. What spot more dp serving of it ? I hops to see the City of Wash iegton surpassing the world. I helped to m-ke it and I am willing to die for it. James Maher, the public gudaner. never had a leare of atoeiioe and did not lose one day to tbe year by sickness f r the last twenty-one years; eighteen days nok. the balance on duty I lived under the administration of eight Pre': dents ande-ght Commissioners Of the former, four are deal; of the latte*, seven. May they resi in peace. Jambs Maher, Public Uardener. 41 Have a Cake '?some nice ones," said an e'.ierly woman, thrusting her basket in the fa.e of a boy ou Penasylvania avenue, the ether day The looked into the basket with a wistful eye. and then thrust his band into his pocket as if fueling f??r a c?nt, which migh*. perhaps be there lounJ Disappointed in his searca. he was in the act of turning away, the woman still insisting up n his taking a cake The boy, thus importuned, accordingly took the best 1 >okicg one (if. indeed there was any choice,) and was about taking the sec*nd bite, when the dealer checked him, saving. *? Pay me tor the cake " The juvenile, with an air of surprise, responded,?44 Didn't you beg me to take a cake7 " Yes," said the woman. 44 but I didn't give it to yon for noth ing; I expected you to pay for it ' 44 Then take your stale cake ." he exclaimed, at the same time flinging the gingerbread into her basket. and making use of language whioh did no' argue favorably in behalf of bis morals It is unnecessary to say the parties were not particularly pleased with each other's conduct. False Alarm asd a Lose Res.?About half-past eight e'eloek, la-t night, the beiis sounded an alarm of fire, and the engines, as usual in such cases, were hauled out The light was in the d:re?tion of the Military Asy lum. Thitherward the Northern Liberties company with two pieces of apparatus, ran. taking the Seventh st> ee: route While on the way, they were informed by several per sons in responsa to thiir inquiries, that a building or two wera enveloped with fl tmes This stimulated the-n onward. Soeh infor mation, however, could not be obtained even at the toll-gate The light 'till loomed, ard, tbe company gathering fresh strength, the arpn. ratus wai drawn up tbe hill, but nor wi h<,ut severe labor Vim that standpoint, the company lo- ked. net on burniig houses, but on crackling and inflamed b ush-wood! So they retraced their steps, regretting of course that tbe false statement on the way had de ceived and unnecessarily faligner! them The run to the scene ard the wilk from it, covered a line if six or seven miles. Thb Races ?The admirer? of good trotting | will be delighted with the match that come* off to-morrow over the Columbia Course The | horse* a-e young, neither Heing quite four years old. Tbe bay colt, Ned Hunt, ha3 a) high reputation, having trotted his mile in public in 3:16, r.ea ly twelve months ago,] since which lime be has not been matched Be has now. however, met wi h a competitor of his own age in the Dutchman, and what we can Ie-:rn an excellent race may be eipe~ted. We under-'arvi there are a number of fine htr?es on the track, in active training preparatory to the races which take place next month ?. BriKER Hill?Tbe dramatio diorama of| the Bafle of Bunker Hill will shortly be ex hibited in this city Several years ago we wi'Desaed it a- Odd Fellows' Hall. Tbe scene orens preventing a star-light view of Colonel PresL-ott. at the he<?d of tbe American army, erasing Charles'owa Neck, and concludes with a view of Bunker Ai'l and the conflagra tion of Charleston The British actfflly ma-ch through tbe principal streets of Boston, with a degree of accuracy truly wonderful Tbe machinery is wonderfully arranged and the exhibition, as heretofore. cannot fail to be interesting Tee Great <1ipt Coscekt To-Morrow Nisht ?We were in error yesterday in an nouncing Mr Morin as being the party who give* the great concert to morrow tight at which the holders of ticlrtt# are to draw, as exqniaitely beautiful laces now on ?xhioi.ion at the well known store of Madame Delarue Madame D . it seems, and not Mr Morin; is the person w'i* offers this delightful and prolitnb'e entertainment to the fashiona ble world of W ashingt<.n. Wood A Christt s Mi>?sthsi.s. at the Peo ple's Theatre. (Iron Hall,) have already es tablished themselves a* public favorite? Last night they were again greeted by a dense au ditory, and, as on their firs: appearance, created ? high degree of enthusiasm by their goed singing and comicalities. They again perform to-night. 0. W. Carri?ax. addressed a large and en thusiastij* democratic meetiog at Alesandria, Virginia on Monday night in bis muaMy ar gumentative and eloquent manner The demo crats who heard him think that the speech will essentially benefit their cause in tbe en ?ting election ^)row!**d ?This morning, a littU colored boy di#oov?red the body o{.? man floating in the eaoal. near Tenth street bridge. He in. formed some boatmen of the fact, and they palled it in toward the well, where It remained a very long time heoaaee the crowd of lookers on were icdfopotd to take hold of a dead man. It vas taken oat finally, and Identified as that ef Mr Jaa T. Clark, formerly of the Arm of Clark & Bri?eoe bat recently a olerk for Mr Hooter, a batcher. Mr. Clark is of en old and very excellent family in this city, and was one of the m^st inoffensive persons we ever knew. The coroner's jary coald only di<o?er that he was missing since 8atnrdav, but how be got into the water, whether by ac cident or design, is unknown, (probably tbe former) ? Folic*.?This morning, Roberta Knoxville. a good looking white woman who seeks her companions from among tw.e colored popula tion, was taken before Justice Bates, by Officer Wise, charged with keeping a house oi ill fame. and. having no proof in her favor, she was held to bail for ocart in the sam of $200 ; she w?s*alM made to rive security to keep tbe peace for Assaulting Maria McMahon As if the preceding was not enough, she was arrested by Officer Simonds charged with leading a lewd ani indecent conrre of life, and not b? lig able to comply with the law she was sent, by Juatic* Bates, to the workhouse for thir'y davs Truly "the way of the transgressor is hard" Ghdip ?Tfce O'Leary case was tried this morning before Jusiioe Morsell and Cap'ain Birch ar the guard house. Jere O'Leary the hoy injured, appeared and gave evidence against George and Arthur Miles, and Th^s. Hagerty, who were held to bail for their ap pearance at tbe Criminal Court. Jere is much disfigure 1. and some of bis scars will be ap parent while his life lasts. The Balls to-night ?The Western Hoee Company and the Monumental Club each gives its first annual ball to-night, the fbrmer at the Washington Assembly Rooms Louisiana ave nue, and the latter a' t'aru-i's Salor.n. The i'ars and stripes are flying to indicate tbe places. Fine cotillon musio, attentive and enterprising managers, and a determination to enforce the good arrangements, must con duce to very great enjoyment. The Corporation Offices are closed to day. by order of the Mayor, as a testimony of respeot to tbe memory of Henry W. Ball, late Citv Surveyor, who died on last Monday night. The funeral is to take place this after noon. and will be attended by tbe Corporatton officers and the Independent Order of Odd Fe'lows. of which the deceased was an active and esteemed member. Concert, asp a New Baptist Church ? On F'iday evening there i* to be a concert at Rose Vale, near tne Bladen*burg depot, to be conduced by Mr. Wm Mirick Prof Scheel will take*part in the instrumental perform ances Several fiie vocalists of this city will ? likewise oontubute to the entertainment. The I proceeds are to be applied to the erection of a Baptist Church at the depot. The Western Hose Company, a new or ganuation, will, we learn, parade on Tuesday morning next, for the purpose of receiving their new apparatus. They will be escorted by the Northern Liberties Fire Company. pLEAsritt Trips ?The Steamers George Washington and Thomas Collyer are now pre pared to resnme their pleasure trips to Mount Vernon and the White House Eagle Clcb ?At a regular meeting of the E-tgle Club, of Georgetown, the following of ficers were elected for the ensuing term : Pres ided. Thomas Dowling ; Vice President, W A. Cunningham; Secretary, John B. Davis; and Treasurer, Uriah D Hilton. Watch Returns ?There were no persons in for trial this morning and bat few lodgers We hope this may continue, not tbat we wish the proprietors small puSti but little trouble. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Malieiov* Mischief?Sluitl Party?Markets Georgetown, April 2*, 1855 One of the basest pie:es of malicious mis ohief wbicn we have beard of for sou.e time was committed last night by seme villains upon a valuable carriage hon>e (white) be longing te Wm. ii Edes, Esq It appears that the animal was goffered to run loose after m ght to grazi upon ?ome vacant lots near Mr. E s warehouse, ar.d while thus at large wis causihi and hi* body covered with tar to such an extent as to completely disguise his color. The commissioners ot the sinking fund of the corporation have been busily engiged for several day examining into its condition. A fail report of its operation-, showing its earn, ings, Ac , for the last year, we are informed, will be submitted to the Councils at an eariy day The party cf gentlemen who made an excar. sion in the sieamer Sal em to the Whi'e House Yesterday, tor the purpose ?f having a ibad V>ike, returned last evening at a seasonable henr in s*asona.b!o order The day was spent, we team, in tbe most agreable maufier im aginable, nothing transpsring during the whole trip, to impair, to the slightest extent the pleasure of an / We have no change to note this morning in the F1 ur and grain market. Spectator ;T~7"JtOAH WALKER A OO., Marti* Hall Clothing ?mpo rlatn. ender Browns' Hotel, respectfully ai>n>,i.ur* that thHr <1lf|?U; of lod Summer Clothing 1* IIow reedy for inspection, comprising an assortment of Costa, Vesta and Pantaloon* of the iicwhi and richest dealgns In materiel, tramming end work-i anship. To gentlemen who ? mdy excellency with economy fashionable articles of dres* an opportunity for ae'ecting is offered from ODe of the largest and most ^'tractive stock of goods aver offered in thla city at a very reduced scale of prices. ap 17 r~7? PRxmrMs at the fairs?whitehi-rst's ?till In the ascendance ?The Juries of each of the lat 'alrs at U.ltij. ie, Richmond, and New York awarded their highest premiums to J. H. W. far their superiority of Pho Ug raphe, Store-wcopes and Daguerreotypes exhibited. Mr. W. also received two Medals at the World'* Fair, Lon don, and a premium at Crystal Palace, New York. Also, the Bret awards of the Maryland Institute for three years past. Whltehurst's Qa'.lery In thla city la on Pa. avetica, betw aud Mi streets feb If nm. hoopland'b celebrated oerman bit TEBB. There aro few things which afford ns greater pleasure than sitting down to write a notice of the celebrated Hoof land Oerman Bitters, becsnse we are fil'y nonectoes we are eonferrtug a pttbllc beneSt, and oar heart tells us that by oar notices many hare lx>eu Induced to take these Bitters, and been r~ned froiu death by lysoepsla, liver complaint, Ac , for the ence of which it Is certain it ts prepared aud sold by Dr. C "d JACKSON, at the Oerman Medicine Store. No. 120 Arch street, Philadelphia. ?tea adTeit!?-TE"rt mar 9?1m T"~"r=*Z D. OILMAN. Druggist, has removed to (U Seventh street, opposite to tbe Patriotic Bank, and Is now pre pared to till all order * for Medici es, Paints, Oils, aud Glass on accommodating terms. Strict attention will be paid to physician's preecrl, tiona at all hoars of the day and night. The night be.; Is on the right of the store door. ?p 1*? lm "TT"A PHENOMENA IN MEDICINE.?Bronchitis, Congh.l * Dype -ale Liver Oomplaiuta, Scrofula. Ac.?For all ' diseases of tbv Pen>a'e System II stands preeminent. A Olerryaaan Just Inform* os It has cured bint of Bronchitis of a <**?*? ate cb.ract- r?rartlc-i'acs hereafter. Hampton ? vegetable tincture? By it* mild ao ttoa on the stomach, liver and kidneys, will care Dyspep si a, Oough. Asthma, Bronchial and Lung Affection* Pais* In the Ba-'k, Side aud Brea-t, Consumption. (scrofula, Khea tr.a.iOcut. Neara rta, Fistula, B wei Oomplaiuta, Pile*, Wcrss. and Nervous Debilities?with all direasee arialug frr.m Impure hi -od, and Is the greateet female medicine ev er knowu Tfi's Invaluable medicine is working wonders a;ion the bnman frame He* advertisement to-day. mar 7 rr?J?A9 A SPRING AND SUMMEK MEOICINE, Carter's te-c Bpenlsh Mixture stands pre eminent above all others. It* slugaiarly effic,cioas actlou <>a the blood ; It* strength enlng anl vivifying qualitl.-s; Its tonic action on the Liver, Its tendeo'-y to drive all humors to the surface, thereby cleeualng tli* *y*t-m according to Nstnr*'* own preecrip lion . It* narmlese. and at the same tinne extraordinary good elTects, and t ie number of cares testiBed to by many of the r ??st reepe table ciUseos of Rl-hm?nd, Vs., and elsewhere, most be coaduiiv* evidence that there I* no humbug about "ni* trial of a rtngls boltl* will satisfy th* most sceptical cf its -eneflts. s(s^M adterUaemeiit ia another column. (TJ?i SaiLLiaaroa receives sH tbe new Book* and K*w* r *per* as fast as published. He I* agent for Harper'* and all r,s ..ther Magasiccs, and oar reader* will always tlnd s Urgs and good .rsortmerl of Slauk Books aad Stationery at ha Bookstore Odaon Building, cor Pa. atsot* aud 4*4 st D1KU Ob the 44?b instant. a? 3 V o'ekxrk, of pulmonary consumpuon, RICHARD L. SMALL WOOD, indie 37tti year of his age. Hm funeral will take place f-oin Wesley Chapel on Thursday, 36 h m.-tant, at 3# o'clork p. m. ? the IWih ina'ant, EDWIN WILSON, only *on <'f Thr mas E. au>] .Margaret WJion, of iuflnmatin<'. cf th.- Utwels. ag^d aeventeen years, tliree month* an.1 ni. eteea days. On the *i3?h instant, at 8 o'clock a. m., Mf*. AN\ E. MAHOKNEY, in the 49th vear of her age; wife "fO c M-it.orney l|?( ti.i..ral wil| take place to-morrow afternoon, at J o ci?>ck, from her late residence, 114 Second trp? t, Georgetown. Her friends and acquaintance* aro inviifd to attend ? For Bale and Kent. For rent- five new three story brick Itwelling Houses on 9th street we?t, b? twMn D cod E htrecia south, opposite to th? Giace j Church, finished in rood style, and containing sa loon parlor* six climbers room an 1 ki?ch?n each, with ?uMk and imp!* yards, wiH be ready for occupat'on by th1* 15th June. To punctu al a:id cireftj: tenant* the rent will be very low. Apply to CHAtf. S. WALLACH, Opposite the West Wingtff Ctty Hall, ap 25?ec4w FOR SALE. THE SUBSCRIBER OFFERS for I sale, cheap for cash, a smill and neat Frame Dwelling, No 340 Eighth street we,t. near f. street, contains fbor god I ro -nts and kitchen The prop erty is situated within one square of the northern market, in a good healthy neighborhood, a pd-np df | excellent water near by, and Is very desirable for a smal' family Applv on the premises, or to the subscriber at Apollo llall. HENRY KAISER. an 25?3t [TIOR SALE?A TWO STORY Brick HOUSE | on th?* comer of Prospect nnd Frederick streets Georgetown, now occupied by Mr John W. Bro nangti. For information apply to Mr. J \ VIES MIL LFK. Market st , botw. 4ih and 5th, Georgetown, ap 25 -law5w* Farm for sale-containing aso acres of Land, and in a successful course cf improve ment in a thriving neighborhood, 16 milt* from Washington, and near the Orange and Alexandria] Railroad Station, in the Staie of Virginia. For par ticulars inquire of terrence pi ley, ap 25?It* corner of 4^ and N streets. For rent?the two story brick Dwelling on Potomac street, one door south of] St. John's Episcopal Clturob, Georgetown Anply to R CRUIKSH ANK.on B ldge street, or GEORGE WATERS, on vVater street ap 25 tf (Intel8t Organ) FOR RENT.?Two handsomely furnished House?, containing 15 roorrs in one, a"d 9 In the oth r, m a desirable location fronting on public square, one square from l.afayette Square, on H. corner of H and Eighteenth streets, with hath rooms, &c., will he tented on reasonable terms to good tenants, ap 13?lm* H OUSE FOR RENT-CORNER OF 19th and 1 stre is, one of the most desirable locations in 'he city For particular* anply at the Kirkwood House, between the hours or2 and 3 p re., to RALPH HAHKTN3. Also?A good covered BUGGV ar.d HARNESS, ap 25?eo3t* FOR RENT- THREE ROOMS ON FIRST floor of Forrest Hall," Georgetown, sH>tnble far of fices or stores. Apply to B FORREST, ap 24?1 w* corner F and 2?'th streets. For rent?the store house now oc rupied by Barnes h. Mitcheil, on Pa. avenue, between 8th and 9th "treets. Posses'ion given on I5ih May next, on which time the present lease ex pires. Apply to JAMES DIXON, Esq , of this city, or the subac:iber, "Cottage." M ntgnmerv cnuntv. I Md THOS. CONNELLY. ap 33?tf I O LET?A FRAME HOUSE ON 15th street, i we^t, near L street north. The House has ten rooms. a pump < f g od water in the yard, all in good ?Trier. Possession given on the 1st of May. Inquire ot M Shippard, or A. Borland, on the premises. ap 23?3t? r'OR REST-A WELL FURNISHED H^USE. ? n-ar trie Public Departments. Address "J. p. I C," City Post Office ap 23? 3t* FOR KENT OR SALE?THREE MEDIUM size three story.BricK Houses on the corner of] 9th and N streets. For further particulars enquiic at the corner oflStli and L sts., No. 388. ap 19?lw* IVOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAR-I r lors and Chambers, with board. Also, Tuble and transient board. Inqui.e at Mrs. SMITH'S, 233 F street ap8 [jlOR RENT-THREE NEW FRAME HOUSES, j containing six rooms, each situated on Pierce street, between L and M si reels, being but four square-*from the RaHroaJ Depot; would make good esidences. Rent mo'lcmte. Apply to CHARLES TIIOMA, on the opposite side of the street, ap 4?lm* 17 URN I SHED ROOMS-MRS. G ANDERSON l has several furnished Rooms which she wishes to rent: situated over the Mus>c and Siati nery Store, second door from the Kirkwood House, Pa. avenue. ap 11?eol m FjlOR RENT THE DWELLING AND STORE I on 11th street west, one door from Pa. avenue, [ north side, adjoining Farnham's Piohstore. Applv to GEORGE A. W. RANDALL, mar 2?eotf corner 12th and .') eta. FOR RENT. THE BUILDING AND LOT siti | uateu on Maine avenue, between 4]/2 a,,?! 6 h -trects, and adjoining .he Fours rv ot Mr Charles I White, formerly ''Coupied Ly <i. T Rider, and at ' p e-eni by Gee. E Noyes, as a machine shop; it is | well calculated for manufacturing purpo-es ; or for the establishment of a gn>t mill The lot has an area of 12000 >-quare feet, and is enclosed wit a new an I substantial fence. Po?s-?kin given on the 1st of May enduing. For terms apply to WM M. ELLIS, ap 6 ?law3w Eagle Iron W >rks. \riLLAFOR SALE ?-THE 8UBSCRI HER~of fers at private sale the villa in which she at j present resides, with eight acres of land, situated at | Ellaville, on the Washington and Baltim< re Turn pike Road. The h use is new, with all the modern improvements, and the situation has many advani- J ages for pernor s engaged in business in Washington ??s it is within five minutes1 walk of the Bladensburg ] Depot on the Railroad, and there is also an ornriibu running tw ice a eay between Washington and Ella ville. Application to be made to the siUe-criber, living on the premises. MARY S. TASS. mar 27?2a wt; TTALUABLE TRACTS OF LAND NEAR th. V ity, at Pnvatc Sale.?For sale four very de ?iirable and eli?ibly si* tinted tracts of Land, contain ing about fifty acres each, part y in Montgomery ?om.ty, but principally in Washington county, DC, ?ppo-ite ilie farm ofJo-eph II Bra Hey, Esq , about 4jf miles from Washington, communicating with it by a new and commodious road now under con stiuction The soil is excellent, and well adapted 'ocorn and wheat The s-tuation is prominent an riealttoy, and the land well watered. There are three tenements on the premises. Thi* propc.ty is p culu-ly suited to gentlemen having business iu the city for beautiful country r?e idences. A plat of the property can be seen at the office of | the subscriber. John Parker, Esq., living adjoining, will show the property to any who may wi-h to see it. -? EDW. SWANN, No. 1510 Louisiana avenue, near City Hall, ap 20 eo2m HuMEs Fi?K ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Building Lots, 24 feet fVont by 130 feet leep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought it the exceeding low price of ?75, payable $3 per j month Title indisputable. ^ Union Land Office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Hall, jan !>?f>m JOHN FOX. Secretary. Rents reduced to suit the times $150 a year will he received for the "rent of | 'hose n< w*and convenient cottages at Kendall Green, with 'wo acres of ground, st?Me, wood shed and other conveniences attached. Pumps of pure witer are near ihe door, nnd coinmuuicat on is had with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh ?trects and Penn. Avenue, morning and afurnoon,Ht the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the departments. To secure the advantage of this great r<duction of rent immediate application must he made to the undersigned, either by letter, or at his house at Kenda'l Green, after office hours, where the keys may be had and the houses insper ted at any time. Several of these residences will be sold on liberal terms. WM STICKNEV, No 4, Kendall Green. N. R.?Rents paid quarterly in advance. apr 9,1855?tf FOR RENT OR SALE ON REASONABLE Terms.?A three story Frame, with basement, on New York avenue, between Fourth and Fifth streets west Also, a three story Frame, with hack building, on I street north, between Fourth and Fifth sts west Apply to James W. Barker, residence on H street north, between 12th and 13th streets west. DICKSON & KING, ap 5?Thtf Georgetown. For rent.?four new and conveni ent Brick Houses, brown mastic k fronts, con taining parlors with marble mantels, dining toom, kitchen, servant's room, nnd five chambers each, and situateu on Thirteenth street, Island, near the public grounds, convenient to Pa. avenue and the Departments. Rent very moderate. Apply at R. H. CLARKE'S office, corner of Sixth street and Eouisiana avenue, or at D. B, CLARKE'S Dru? Store, Eleventh street, Island. mar 6?eotf A CERTAIN CHANCE TO MAKE A FOR tutie ?A lady having acquired a competency in the Millinery business, is now desirous ot dispo ing of her establishment, and retiring into private life. Her location is one of the best in the city, and is a rare opportunity for cne acquainted with the business. For terms and particulars apply at this rear 29?lm TO THE LADIES. I HAVE just received, per Express another lot of Ma-Ham's celebrate^ ^w York Steain Candies, consisting of Chocolate, Crea.n, Caroinel, Diablatius, Lima Henns, Cordial, Sugar AlmoncS, Strawberry Cream, Burnt Almonds, Lemon. Vanilla, Banana, Horehound and L'quorice flavored GUM DROPS. Also, hie Iceland Mom Paste.and Marous Glacca. For sale at Z. M. P. KING'S, 5#85 Vermont avenue, corner I street, ap 21 A Wants. \ET ANTED.?A servant to do funeral housework W in a small family. Apply, (with recmnmenf'a Jons,* at No. 361, Seventh street, between I and K. ap &-u* YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO OBTAIN a situation ad child'* nurse or chambermaid ? wou^d prefer to tmvel with any respectable faifli'v roing to California or elsewhere. AprlytoMRS. 3A33AWAY, No 36fl D street. The very best City rt:'*rences can be given. - ap24~-9l? Wanted-two good parm hands one that understsnds the Cfffe i d ma.iag?" nent of horses, that can mow and do an Kin's of arm work Apply it Loom Hill f:um, on Sevcfitli rtr; pt Ro?d, near the First Toll Gate. ap 94??t* \\I ANTED?A BM ALL COTTAGE AND A V? few acres of ground in vicinity of the Cham Bridge, on the Virginia >ide Address G W , Phil tdelphia Po9t Office. *p 33 ?4t* ANTED.?A FRENCH WOMAV. WHO IS a Dress maker and hair dreader, wishes to Ind a place in a a gool family as femmcie c^.ambrc Apply at the Star Offi. f. ap 21?4f An EXPERIENCED HOUSEKEEPER wants a situation ?A Huddle aged lady, accustom*! or many years to manage th- derails of a I rg. xjarding h.?u?e, as houseke* per, want* a situation. <he can give satisfactory reference as to hT energy ndustr* and eiperience, and the fidelrt with which ihe di-charg?? ?!uties confided to her. Ad ress"! 3," at this office. ap 13?tf "firANTED? A COMPLETE FILE OF THE Y\ WEEKLY (Washington City) STAR sinc? is publication up to the present (Sate, for which a iberal prige will be paid if a ;ntto this office, ap 3?tf Boarding. W N lOT1C B.? FOR RENT'PARLORS AM' Chsm~crs, with board. Also, table and tran ?ient board, with a bathing room and shower baths uid every attention to render it nwl agreeable t<> ier boarders Mrs. P. G MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4% st. sp23- 3m BOA RFlItf Q.-MRS SPAULDING, on th corner of F and ?th streets, can accommodate >onrde s, either permanent or transient. ap 23?-4t* BOARDING?MRS. UECKENB MJGH HAVING recently taken the flr-t new brick house soml. if the Lutheran Chur b, on 11th itrret, between G Hid H, is prepared to accommodate a few geutle nen with comfortable iwms and boarding. The lo ration is a pleasant and liea'thy one, and no patn iv ii! be s^ar'-d to render comfortable and rive -atis :actioil to those w io nny favor her with their p ? ironage. I can also accommonnte a 6mall famiU .vith two comfortable rooms Mid board. ap 19?tf ^ HAHDlltC4~?"Several ladies and grntleineii can be accommodated with good board und odging on and after the first of May, in a licaltnj ind very pleasant pnrt of the city, by making mini liate application at No. 8 Louisiana avenue, net.rlv apposite the City Hall. A front basement room suitable for an office will t>e rented low ap 19????-3t* BOARD, 4fc c ? MRSTBATES, on the south west corner of Pa. avenue and 9th street is pre pared to accommodate gentlemen with room*, with r>r without board. Every effort will be msde to ren ler those comforuble who may favor her with their paironage. ap 6?tf FRENCH BOOT MAKER. JACOB WOLFSTEINER, No. 487 Eighth st, near Pa avenne, is now prepared to make the ino^t fa hionable French BOO TS. His long expe rience and practice in this branch of the ? u-iness ii: Paris and New Yon., justify him in sa\ing that his Boots cannot l?e excelled in thi< country Hat on hand a lot already made up, to which the particular attention of gentlemen are invited ;?p SI ? 1 w* RnH A WA Y~|10 EWARD.?I O U N. my negro n:an, aged a' out 50 >ea:s, ran awav from my farm in Alexandra county, Va., on Mon day, 1Mb instant. He stoops in his walk ; had on a gray frock coa: and gray pants lie has a wiV at VI r. A. Clad man's, on 9?h rtreet, near Lli- boundary in Washington. I tbii*k he is lurking about th< re. He al^o has a sister at Mr. Marburj't-, in George town. JOHN M. YOUNG, Coach Maker, Comer of 4# street and Pa. avenue, ap 18 -tf * WASH1NGT0NBR AN OH RAILKOAD. CH ANGE OF HOURS. ON and after Monday, the 231 instant, the trains will Leave Washington at 6 and ?>4 a. in., and 3 and \)i p m On Sunday at 6 a m and 4uC p ni Leave Baltimore at 4!? and 9%' a m, and 3 and 5j< p m tin Sunday a' 4J? and 5J? p m. ap23? tf T. H. PARSONS, Agent MANTILLAS. WE open thi-> morning a choice assortment qf black and colored Silk and Lace Mantillrs. to which we respectfully invite the attention of the ladies. CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY Si CO. ap 23-6t OPENING SPRING MANTILLAS. * * j L ?re now receiving our second -upply o' Vf SPUING MANTILLAS, compruing all the newest styles and novelties ol the season, and at such prices to suit the tim?M. All Ladies, tlier*lore, who have not made th' ir selections, should avai tbemsi Ives of this rare op portunity of getting a beautiful garment at a small price. 10*? new style Parasols just opened, embracing all the desirable colors. COT.LEY & SEARS. No 5543 Seventh btn et, ap 23?5t 3 doors above Pa. av> nue. CHANGE IN THE DEPARTURE OF TIIE GREAT EASTERN MAIL. Post Orric., Washington Citv, April 21, 1855 ON AND AFTER MONDAY NEXT, the 23d in-tant, the East rn Mail will be el??*ed at this office at 3k o'clock, p. m.. insteau of 4 o'clock, heretofore. JAMES G. BEKRET, ap 23?3t Postmaster. JT?^ RKU AltD ?Strayed fiom our Store#No. t^?J 212 Pa. avenue, on Sunday morning, tbe 221 instant, a small briudlo-co'or* d Bull Terrier HOC*, marked with a whim bluze down his face, white mi the back of his neck, white breast and some white about his feet. Had on wnen he left a leather c I lar with an iron ring attached, and answers to the name of i aptain We will give the above reward for his delivery, tr any information that may result in his recovt ry. up 23?3t E OWEN SON. "notice of co-partnershipT W'M. H. a II G RITTER have this 16th day -1 April entered uuo a co-partner-hip for the pnroose of carrying on the Wood and Grocery busi ness. I he subsenbers Wood Yard and Store is situated on the Cunal, west of and near to the market, where persons in want oi Wood or Groceries of superior ijuslity, and upon the most pleasi g terms, can at all times find a full supply W. H. 8c H. G. RITTER. All per ons indebted to W. H. Ritter previous to the commencement of this firm are requested to uall and settle tin ir accounts. 23?eo2w TO PERSONS DECLINING HOUSE KEEPING?furniture BOUGHT! PERSONS declining Housekeeping, and wishing to avoid the trouble and expense incident to a public auction, will find us at all times prepared to purchase their entire household effects^for which we will piy the highest cash prices. Housekeepers an ? others having a snrp'us of new and second-hand FURNITURE will find that they can dispose of articles advantageously by making application to BONTZ &. COOMbS, New and second hand Furniture Dealers, No 309 Seventh st., between 1 and K. ap 23??o3t* ICE. " TN. KIDWKLL guiiranteeaa full supply of . ice to his customers in Washington or George town, for tbe whole year, at fair prices. Ord?rs can be left at the following places or sent through the Post Office. H. H. McPh^rson, Druggist, Capitol Hill Kidwell & Laurence, corner of Pa. avonue and 14th stieets Mr. McPherson, Grocer, 7th street G. F. Kidwell, Smith's Lumber Office, 6t st. Joseph Moore, Druggist, Pa avenue, First Ward Ice can be had at my office, No. 3 First btreet, Ocorgetown, at ail times. Families will be supplied for the whole year at fair prices. ap 21- Im DENT I S TRY.~ DR. MUNSON respectfully calls public attention to his new. patent, and GREATLY IMPROVED method of s?uing Artificial], Teeth, with Continuous Gum ? the vtry PERFECTION OF THE ART. Thisatyle of Teeth has the following advantages over all others, vir: GREAT STRENGTH, CLEANLINESS. COM FORT, and BEAUTY, viewing with Nature in these respects, and some oth' r* excelling. Public Inspec tion 1* respectfully solicited. Please call and see specimens. CAUTION.?No other Dentist In tbe District of Columbia has a right to make this style of Teeth. N. B ?Teeth constitutionally healthy, plugged and warranted for life. Office and bouse at No. 308 E street, neat tbe corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 14th street, ap 94?tf Auction dales. By GREBN A SCOTT Aactloittri 'I'TUSTEES PALE OF VALUABLE REAL ' Estate.?By virtue of a 4fem of the Orphan*' Court of the District of Columbia for the county of Washington, approved by the Circuit Court o? Mid District, sitting in Chancery, paved io ;he matter or the petition of Ann M Crow, guardian of the infant children and heir.vat law of Washington Cross, ile craved, I will, on THURSDAY, the lftih day of Way, 18a5. at 5# o'clock p- m , in fron' of the preat ise -, proceed to sell Lots numbered 27, 28, 20, 30, 31 and 52, in square numbered 1043, situat- in the city of Washington and District aforesaid. The abor? <t~scr bed property is situated at the corner of 14lh street ea?t ami E street south Terms of pale: Onc-th!?-?t cash, the residue in t? o ? payments at six and twe??e months, with is tenvt on deferred payments The* de'erred pay me sits to be secured b> the notes of the purt. has-r rr purchasers, satisfactorily endorsed. Upon the full payment of t!if t*irchase money and interest, and the ratification of the se** by Ui-Court, the tru&tee win convey to purchaser or purchase*? at his oi their cost and expense, all the right, title, interest and estate in and to said lots o( grouud which the said Washington <"ross di?d seised ANN M CROSS, Trustee. GREEN k S'OTT, ap 25 ? 27&M4,8,9& 10di Auctioneers. ty GHKKH * SCOTT. AuctioatcM T>HREE VALUABLE WORK HORDES Carts. V\ agon and flames at Auction.?On FRIDAY, the 27th inst, we shall ? ell. at 10 o'clock a. m.,?: ihe stable- of Mr Plullip tiormley, on 23 i st we*?, be,ween L and M streets north, three valuable wc;k Horses, Caris, Wagon and Harney*. Terms: All sums oi and under ?50 cash ; over 550 a credit of 60 and JW days for aotes satisfacto ri!y endorsed. GREEN & 8COTT, ap 25 ?d Auctioneers OF J<C. BcGlJUtKi Auctioneer. T^CELLENT FURNITURE and Household I'd fects at Auction. On TUESDAY morni't M;;y 1st, at 10 o'. lock, at the residence of Hon. M. Macdona'd, north side of G strrer, near !5:i; street, I shall sell a!! his furniture and hOCathotd tffW ompri-ing? Excel ent rosewood Piann Forte, by Knabe klmChh Baltimore CriCBon plush-covered Soft, Rocker, Parlor Chair, and Ottomans Elegant French plate Pier Glass, with Slab and Bracket M:;rhle-top carved rosewood Centre Table Whatnot, Rout Tables, bamboo Chairs Brussels Carpets, M mine, Druggets Han some Witdow Shadis, Clock Girandoles, Rohemian Cass and Egyptian Vases M.hogany Ext nsion T.ble, Dining Chairs Leather covered Lounge Re vol vine Office Chair Walnut f?id? hoard, Butler's Tray Mand^om ? walnut high p^t Bedstead, ri'hly earv d .Marble top Dressing Cabinet and VVashstands to match Toilet Sets, P?yche Glass Work Table, Easy Chair" It ui* Enamelled Cottage Suite Superior cu'ie-l hair Mattresses ?'< liters and Pillows Walnut Crib a- d Mattros-s, Trundle Bedstead Chi ?a T< a s?t, gr <nite liinner Ware Silver plated Castors, Table Cutlery Excellent Coo* Stove and Fixtures Together with a general assor.mmtof Houscke* p ine articles Terms of sale: $30 and under cash ; over that inn a credit of sixty a.*d ninety days, for approved < a dorsed notes bearing interest JAS. C. McGUIRE, nP 25? Auctioneer. Bv GHSKV A ?it''lTT, % nr.' t oncer*. \fALUARLE IMPROVED PROPERTY NE'K the Catdtol, at Auction.- On MONDAY, the 30th ins-ant, we shall se'l, in front of the premis? * at fi o'clock p m., a nearly new brick an i frairi House, three stories and cellar ; the lower story and cellar are of brick, the two upp r stories are ?i trame. Thf! a^ described pmpertv is situat d fronting on lststr<et east 31 feet 10 inches,runni t back 120 feet, between C and II streets north, bei: p part of Lot No. 8, in Square 684, east of the railro-.d Depot and in ai : ie Capitol. Aiso, p-rt ik vac !? t Lot No. 7, in ?ame squate. a limning the abr ve, having a front of 30 feci by 100 feet deep. T? rnis: One hilf ca?h ; tli? balance in 0 and l? m inihs. the pu c laser to give notes for the de:err fi payments hearing interest from the day of the sal*? A deed given end a deed of trust taken GREEN 8t SCOTT, ap 24?d Auctioneers. '"V ?I. C. Mclil'IH K, Aaetlonrtr \/"ERY SUPERIOR AND HANDSOME Fl i niture. Rom wood Pi.ino, U>- , at Public Au : tion?On M ?NDAV morn ni, April 30th M iO <? clock, at the restd nee ot Mrs. J. D Brown, P?. avenue, between 14 h and 15lli streets, immediate'} opposite Willards' Hotel. 1 shall sell all of herein itant F uruiture nnd H<>iHeke^pir>K Effects, vix : SniM-rior rosewood case seven octave Piai o Forto, by Niiiins fci Fis?-her, New York ? P.iir ol? o'uant oisr wood medallion hack Sofas, fin ished hi rich blue and gold satin dainask Pair of cri i ^on plush c. vered Tete a Tete Sofas, Rocker, and Parlo- Chairs to matf h Set of E'-lid r<ieew30<l medallion back P rlor Chairs finish* d in cotton Handsome rosewood marble top Centre Table French pla'e gilt frame Pitr Giass SI b and Hrack> ta Velvet Parlor and Siair Carptits, Ruas Elegant damask Window Curtains, Hitli richly worked Lace Curtains, Cornice and Future; Superior rosewood *nd male gany Dressing Bureaus and Wasl.stands ^itli marble tops llunti.'wme roeew<sid and mahogany French aid E izabethiiti Bedsteails Very superior curled hair and spring Mattreeses Bolsters and Pillows, husk do Two fine mahogauy Wardrobes Carpets, Curtai?s, Sbases, t'hairs Handsome carved walnut Extension Tahiti Marble-top Sideboard, Centre Table French dining Chairs, Side Tabless ^ a!ii nt aived Kren<*h Sofa I on Reclining Chair, Easy Chair Handsome mahogany Flatraca Hall Oilcloth, Venitian Blinds Beautiful gold hand F<eci-h China Dinner Set Sil >er i laied i'asti>rs. Glassware f^arge Hobby Hor?e. Chil ren's Chairs Cooking Stove, Kitchen Utensils, &i*. The above Furniture is of superior make aud fin ish. ar.l in excellent order. Terms: $30 and under cash; over that sum a cri dit of 2 and 4 months, for notes satisfactorily en dors.ed, jpkiing interest. JAMES C- McGUIRE, 'Pt 23?d Auctioneer liy J. C. SIcGllRIf, Auctioneer. J RUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE HOUSE ! and Lot. By virtue of a d? e 1 of trust from W. F. Austin ?nd wife, bearing date on ihe <$ih day of January. 18.V4 and recorded in Liber J A 8, No. 70, folins 3ifi. 337, 3)8, 339, anil 340, the subscriber wnlsell, at public sale, on THURSDAY, the 26th day of April, 1855, at 5 o'clock p. m , on the prenn ses.on First street east beiween N and O st south, part of Lot No 5, in square souih of square No 7 4 fronting 69 leet 11 inches on First street east, by 75 feet deep, on a 60 leet alley, together with the build ings and imp-ovements, w hich consist of a well and substantially b-iilt two rtory Irame dwelling house. The terms of sde will be : Oae half cash, and the balance in equ; I payments at 6 and 12 month-, for notes hea ing interest from day of sale, secured by deed in trust upon the pr perty. If the terms of sale aie not complied with in six days atlcr the sale the property wi l be resold, at the risk and expense of the purchaser CHaS. -t. WALLACH, Trustee. JAS C. McGUIRE, ap 18?eofcds Au 'tioneer. By GREICA At >C?*TT, Auctioneers TWO TWO STORY FRAME HOUSES AT I Auction.? On FRIDAY, th- 27th instant, we shall sell, at 5o'clock, p m., in front of the pr. mi ses, two goo,! two-story Fran e Houses, nVarly i.ew, centaini g 'our rooms, and kitchen each, nnd ihe lots on which they stand. The above described property is irv^qu're f84; each I >t f.onts 16 feet on south F, between 1st and ?2d streets west, running back 100 feet to a wide al ley. Title indisputable. Terms; One third cash ; the balance in 6 12 and 18 months, for notes faring interest fiom the day of the sale. A deed given and a deed of tnut taken. GREEN k SCOTT, ap 21-eofcds Auctioneers. By OUKKN A, SCOTT. Auetlux.n. TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE AN ? LOT AT I Auction ?On FRIDAY, the 87th instaii:, we shall sell, at 6 o'clock p m., in front of the premises part ?f Lot No. 3, in Square No 354, with the im Krovements, whtch are a gootl two-story Frame lous^ The above described property fronts on south F street 25 feet, running b-ick 125 feet to a wide alley, containing 3,125 f-et of ground. Terms: One third cash ; the balance in six and , months, for notes bearing interest from the day of the sale. A deed given and a deed of tni?t taken GREEN fit SCOTT, Auciioneers RELICS FROM ROME. f HAVE in my poesessiun a piece ol the stone pre * sented by the Pope to the Washington Moument BuflUipnt to make a limited number of chaimt' which can be had in any style of setting, bv anolv' ingt? ? J * DALY, Jeweller, 1F> ap 94 - e%f- betweea 9111 *nd 10^ SUGAR, COPFHE, SALT. An 100 barrels Refined Sugar 70 bags Rio Coffee 46 bags oln Java do 60 boxes fresh ground do ??>0 saeks fine Salt li'UU pounds Hops, low price ulc b> ?P ?03i MURRAV k SEMMKS. TELEGRAPHIC. esromro ron to D?IL7 EVBIflWO fTAW. A2EIVAL 01 I HI ttlUIl ATU04. Halifax, April 25 ?The Cwnsrd Umb* Africa arrired her* last night [Trees KM* causa her news hu not come to haa* nf t* :he hour of going to press ?Ed Star J Strike among Ship Carp-nf re Bi ffalo, April 25 ?A elight diaturhano* t.x k placa here yestarday in ooneequenee of a strike among the Ship Carpenters for higfcor wages To-day its strike was more fully organised, and a proot*s:on of some 600 or 700, with n band of musie are now parading these eeu. Serious difficulty is apprehended, as those on tbe ttrike aeem disposed to interfere with these who are at wcrk. I'epartnre Of an Ocean Steamer Boston, April 2i ?The America sailed to-day w th 149 passengers for Liverpool. Id for Hal ifax. and $875,000 in specie Femoval Appointment and Declension. Nkw Orlrars, April 14?Wm GKendall. postmaster of this cit> hu been removed, rnd H L. Adams, who was reported to have been appointed in his stead, hel declined. Th* Weather. BALTTHonn. April 25 ?The ireather is very warm Tbe mercury stands at 24 degrees In ibe shade New Ot laani Market New April 24 ?Cotton is doll, with e declining tendency, and prioes are easier, bat not quotably' ,'owef. bales of 1,560 bales. Baltimore Markets Baltimore, April 25.?Flonr Is firm $10 T* fur liowaid street. Wheat has advanced fl een's per bucbel, and C^rn one oent The receipts ot all kinds of grain was fair this morning. Auction bales. By J. C. ncCCIRK. Anetleeeir* ' 1'RUSTEF/S SALE OF DWELLING Ht?U8E I and Lot on M*?-?<*hu etts avenue?By virtue of a deed in trust the subscriber will *ell. at public anclsor, on the pri-miaes, on MONDW afursnns, May 21st, at 6 o'cl ?ck, part of Let numbered nine, t9> m Square numberfd four hundred and fifty two (4.i*2,) In ii'ing twenty (20) feet on Ma eachuaetta avenue, between 6tti and 7th i tr^s west, running hart one hundred and twenty-uM^H9P) ie? t, with ih?* improvement*. consisting of areicellent (raa>e dwelling house. Terms ca?n. NICHOLAS CALLAN Truwee. JAS. C. McGUIRE, ap20-8awfcd* Auctioneer. By WALL, KARXARD * CO , A mete. \7"ALL'j?'<LE IMP30VED PROPERTY ON F street ut Auction.?O.i iYEDNtSDAY, 96th inst., at 5 o'clk p. ni , Wf shall sell, object to a d?-ed of front, tl ?: we*t half vf Lot No 23, fronting thirty fe-1 mi the couth sid?- of f Htreet, between 1 'th and Hi ft, running hack nn? hundred feet to a thirty feet al ev, improved by a frame Building and ?n?? orick Stable. This i.ot is in the bc^t of localities, and In a fast improving par <?f the city. Ti?le indi-pntable. Terms made fcnov n at sale. WALL, BARNARD fc CO., Aucts , 317 Pa. avenue, cornei of Vth st. ap 16 dt* (Intel EJ By J. C RliGCIRE! Anntionttr. iXELUTOR'S S\LE OP FURNITURE AND II> u**-bold Elfecis.?On THURSDAY in<?rn ntg, Artil 1?, at 10 o'clock, at th# MUMS of the late TliMina* Ritoiue, on President's Squ re, I shall Mil a at g portion of the Furnitur* and Household Pffr^ts, comprising? U&sewood Pianoforte, Stool, and Music Stand Do Tete-a Te e, arin, reception, and Ihncy, Chairs in damask Hand-ome liamask Cortains and Cornice " Large French pi te Gut frame Mirror, with alnbs and brae Lets Damatk an.J chintz covered Lounges Mahogany, h?ir, spnnr and ?aae seat Chain hanisnme Centre Lamps Can.itlehra-, llronze Bracket >1nntel Ornaments Mahojariv Sideboard, Etasere. Side Table Solid mahogany ?*iteii?ion Dining Table China, Gla^s and Crockervware itriM-t U and three-ply Carpet*, Odcloth Mat Rack. Ha l Lamp Rosewood and Hall Chairs Enamelled and Cottage Suite i\ alnut and Mahogany French Bestead# Do Wardrobes, Drew ing Rureana Wash-land^*, Toilet Sets, Table* Superior curled hair and husk Mattresses Bolsters and Pillowe, Marseille* Quilu Be-J and Tabl?- Linen, Chamber Chairs Furr.tttir<: in ?ervanis' roomn, Sic. Together with a general a?*.?runent of Kucbea Requisites. T? rms ; All sums of arid under 990cash; over $90 a credit of 60 and 90 days for note* sausfact rily endoiftd, bearing interest. J AS. C. McGUIRE, ap 11?d Auctioneer. 4^-Th* above sal* la wnavo'dabljr po^tj?oued until THURSDAY, Apl 96. ?amr h ur. J AS. C. McGCIHE ap 90?d a,. ? n?<?r 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. 8 9. 0. FLABARRE, comer of Tenth and C *t* , who . is a practical manufacturer in metal, haa an assoraaent of Silvei plated NUMBERS of v?r<oua patterns He will make numbeis for hou*?*. hotela liews in Church", and for hacks, to *uit all t**tea, and is confident at the low price th^ will he made that it will suit the purcha-< r. an 10?1m CANAL P-'CKEr LIHE T"> POIWT ROCKS. I-liK Canal Packet CONG RE88 having been thoroucl ly repaired, and put in fir?t rat* JFh order, will commence runninc on MONDAY the 30th inxtaut. for toe transp?>rtau<?n of paas- a< r* and lieht freight between Georgetown ami the above<-d p' mt. on th** m<*t pleaMnc terms 1 he Boat will leave th?- wiia f of VV 41. Ritter for the Point of Rooks on every MONDAY, WEDNES DAY, and FRIDAY mornings, .it 7 o'clock, and the Poiiit of Kurkii lor (tforgrinwa on TUtSDAY, THURSDAY,and SATURDAYS, at the same hour, etoppmr at Ihe different landings along the line for the reception and landing of passengers and freight, goins and returning Par-sag* th ough either way 9$ shorter distances at th?' same ra en. Thai i* to say. from to Gr^at Falls 50 cenU; Se;>*c* 75 cent* ; Edwards Ferry ?1 25; Maimer ey 51 50 Meals served regularly on board the Boat at mod er^ie rate*. JOHN CROMBACGH, Proprietor, CHARLES MERRELL, ap'23?leu Captain. NOTICE.?0. & A. RAIlJtOAD. The splendid Steamer GEORGE PAGE will leave her slip, foot of Seventh street, daily, at 6 o'eloeR a. m, for Gor donrville Charlotte ville and Staunton. Breakfast on board the boat This boat, by traveler*, t* called the Flnatiot Pel* ace. E. A. RYTHER, Captain. ap 17 2w* - ROACHES, RATS, AND MICK. THESE pHst- can be entirely destroyed by using THE EXTIRMINATOR, which can be u*ed with more safety and certainty than any article ever offered lo the public. Price 25 cents per package. CHINCH UR BED BUG8 can be entirely remove^ by a f?w applicatkmsof my new prep <ratmn Try it. Price 25 cents per bottle. J. B MOORE, Druggist, No. 110 Pa. avenue, onp. Seven Pu iIlmj. ap 24?eo3t NEW MILLINfcRY. MISS THOMPSON haa )u*t received another invoice of those fasfeioi able C?ape and Tv Silk HATS, from New York. Tho*e ladieaj^^U who failed to supply themaelve* at our !a#tTP? opening are now <>fferel anether opp ?rtuuity, an4 would d > well to call early and hav* the first seiec tions, aa we are Belling them off rapidly. Orders solicited and promptly executed. HUTCHINSON k MUSRO, 810 Pennsylvania ai ap 16?d9w (Intel eo6t) CirSTOHBRH TO WHOM WW HAV* j rendered bill* for acc unt lo April !*'? ar~ In formed that our place of busines* ia aiil at Pa. avenue, adj. in np Gait's Jewelry Store, wh re we shall be happy to receive cash or notes at short dates ti>r ihe amount due ELYANS a THOMPSON, Dealers i.i Hardware and Coach Trlssiuii^p Pa. avruue between 9th and lbih ?u ap 94?eolw (In lit Organ)

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