Newspaper of Evening Star, April 26, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 26, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY.) At th* Star BuiltUng, corner Pennsylvania awnn* and Eleventh stmt, Bf W. D. 1TALLACTV, Will be ?rrv> d to ?nbecril era in the cities of Wash ington, Georgetown, Alexandria, Baltimore and fMUMpfcia, ill SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the A/^nL*. To mail rohscrbers the auhaedption price i* THREE DOLLARS AND Flrt'V CENTS a year in a^mwJWO DOL LARS for SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR tnr THREE MONTHS. (K^Siroli conaa owi ?Birr. BH VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. ?., THURSDAY. APRIL 26. 1855. NO. 721. THE WEEKLY STAR. Thi? exeeQotf family and Wewn taining a greater ?arWy rt rntt i uetiaj can be f<mad m any l? puMubed Smjir copy, prr antinm ............... TO OUtl. ^i'c jy^pwi Mm 11iwiimmmii '-inur Ten Ho a CO d*i?.??.??????.??..m 07-Cakh. tw**ai*a?.T in Of?- Sinflr r*pj?^ (jn wrappers) mm b* pnwH a: the coMntrr, immadntHjr after tie Immm af Ute papr. Pnr??thkei ran-*. Foerwu-rrri who art as nf?u win be * C?wmni**inn r?f tw< ntv nr* *.? AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENS!. lit the sic* bear ti?? TKirrn. CaPTai* BikjamI!*.? Wherever Known his tesll moaj will be conclusive. But lest those who do not know the Captain shou'd bcsccpdeal, Dr. Law ?on k Bro., witbothmoftlie best kno<%n and iiio<s highly respectable citizens of Euton, endorso hi wonderful cur* by HAM?TO)f'8 TBOOTABLl TINOTUBX. Easton, Oc t. 4,1S54. Jfawt. Mortimer f M&irbrcy : Gentlemen? I feel it my duty to yw and the pub lie to certify to the effects of Hampton's Vcgctobk Tincture. I was for more tbin five years laboriat under a disease of Chronic Rheumatism. and int great pan of that time 1 was so helpless I ha?! to be helped from my bed and dressed in my clot fie 1 became reduced to a mere skeleton. All the nmi ictaea I took done me no pood, and I continued t< grow won*' I heard of Hampton's Tincture an?i thought I would jive it a trial. At ting time I dir not expect to live one day after another. I N no take it (the Tinctare) a>r the Bhmmatiffi, but it a short time I was w>-ll < f that disease. From tN effects of your '1 inctnre and the help ot Cod 1 an now getting in good health. I with all the afflicted to try Hampton's Vegetal .? Tincture, as 1 have d >ne, with the same effect tiia." it bu on Your ibedient servant, Isaac BksjaMui. We are acquainted with l-:?ic Knjamm, roii i some ot Hampton's V^retabie Tincture, ami b*. fleve the above statement correct. Dawson & Rao. Prom our knowledge of Captain Benjamin we art confident mat the above statement is true and un ex age rated. J. A. Johnson. Charles U jbinspn. Call and eet pamphlets patls, and s-e c ?res a Congh, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, New Mia, i)v> Cua, Nervousness and General V\ A* a ale medicine or for dedicate childiea we belie v* ft Baequalle 1. Sold by MORTIMER ft MOWBRAY, IiO BalU more stioet, Baltimore; and 301 Broad w v. N. \ or % Cbas. Stott & Co., J. B. Moors, D. B. Clarkr Clabkb ft Buwl'ns, W. Eiliot. and H. McPubr eon, Wa^liin^ton; aisn. by R. S. F. Cissel, George town, and C. C. Ckrp.t, Alexandria, and hy Drua guts rsr?o whe e. jtn >????r ROkiLL dfc BOYJL, BUND MAKERS k CP1I0LSTERERS, WOULD re-pectfully iuform their friends and the public generally '.bat tiiev t are prepan-d to att-nd to ail orders in wd-3 the<r line of business. r,. All kinds of UPHOLSTERING neatly execut-d; such as?Catting and =??- ?~~;I Making Carpels. FiVog down Mall .17 |;fb^r==!r and Ou Cloth, Mania; and CtUis up|;^^ B?d and Window<;urt:u'?*. H*ir. Shuck z;:~ aad other Mattresse*. Few ,v.d other jCisid Cushions, ripriit.! Beds, Lounges, Kay, and fick Chairs. We have in sture? Window Sha.les ar.d Trimmings. Cords and Ta*s?.is, Split Bliads, Wide Paper for Curtains. VEXITIAN BLINDS rui ? ? in any style, and old ditto n paired to look as well aj new. All kinds of old Work repairud, and ail 01 deri thankfully received and promptly at tended !<? for cash, or a perfect understanding before hand If you want the worth of y ,ur money ju.-t ghre u> ? call, at No 391 I'a. avenue, touth side, betw. 9th and loth streets. mar 30?ti ATTENTION, OLD S0LD:ERS. AI.I. my old fri?n'*s for whom T obtained Bounty Land m le*s quantities th in 160 acres are hereby informed that their nam<*s and a ineinoran dum ot their time is < n niv Bo>k, ?o that their i'e claraaors for additional Bounty L -n 1 can be made with facility. >1 my of tho-e who failed to obtain land for want oOiu??, are entitled to 160 acres and cen obtain the sacie by calling on me. Beanen, Ofdinary rieuux 11, .Varincs, Clerk.-:, Landsmeo, (of tht \ ivy) Wagon M :ai":?, T'-am ?ters. ftc., k.'., in any war, will find il to thulr ad w?niago 10 call or send their ca-es to me Advice gratu U>o?e s ddiers, seamen and wid ows who are unable to pay. Refer to any houest man in WnshMiztrn. JOHN U. LLAr.X, Agent. Xo. 541 Twelflh stre< t west, ap 7?lm* ICE. TS.KIDWf.LLk" ranfeta full sunply of # ice to hi; en-t^mt-rs in Wasliington or George town, for tlie whole rwr, at fair pries. Orders can be left at the i.-.ilowing places or sent through the Post Otr*. II. H. >1? Fherson, Druggist, Capitoi ITiil Kidweil ft Laortuce, corner of Fa. avjnue and 14tb streets Mr. McPherson, Career.Ttli stn-et tt. F. Kidw?ll, Hmith's Lumhsr fWTice. 6? st.^ Joseph Moore, Druggist, I'a avenut;, Fir?t Ward Ice can be hail ?t my rfflce. No. 3 First street, Ocortetown, at all times, famitit*- will be wupplieo for the whole year at fair pr:ce*. ap91 ?lm HAIR WORK. /nfHSAMEXT.'* of ll.-ir. stieh as f'i-are??ts, Chat elains, Csiai:i-, Br?-estpitis, E irrings, Finger Ruirfs, male to order, of any desired desif?u All orders lait'ii'ully atten.iel to. ttoecimens uiav be ?e?ui at my *tarc. H. SUM KEN, No. 330 Fa. av., betvrcen 9th and lOtn sts. Mar 30 PALMER S PATENT LEG. Teia AMERICAN IN VF.NTION . ?tands wirivalled l-oth in this country ^ and in Europe. It i* worn by l,0oUp> rsons, and with most astonishing success. In competition with 30 other substitute;: of the best French, Enc!is':), and Germtn manufacture,!! received the award of the SHUT visit st the WoitB'i Ext?:sr Tto? i* Lor dcr. :is the txvt arthcial limb known. In 'his crwintry it has bet-n thirty iim'S exhibited, in cotB|ictiU >n with aH others, a! the annual i ur>iu U.u principal cities, Rnd has, in every iiisiance, received the award of t:ie huhest or first pemium. And as a crowning hor.or, by the unanimous approval of an intertii Uonal council, the w First Premium"? 1 _ only Silver Slc-lal giv?*u 1 >r Limbs?Tvai= a-', trued the inventor, at the New York Cryrt^l Palac>*. Pamphlets giving full informaiiua, .-ent jtr .tin ts every applicant. B. FRANK FAIilotR, 375 Ci>?btiul street, Piuiaddpltia. fcb 9B?3m NOTICE OF COPARTNERSHIP. ENRY BARRON ft SOLOMON STOVER II have this day f. rmed a CopartBorship for ih' Crpose of earning 011 the Wood and Coal business all its braut he*. Our yards are situated on ihe comer of 21st and I streets, Washington, anil nn the moal. ue?r Hemmed's pla'tw; irdl. Oeorgetewn A: eitlier ot the aliove places pcr-onsin of Woo.1 ai.d Conl of the vt-ry be?t don the ino. t r> u-.oaable terms, will at all ume? find ar a .-<.rtm> nt t.jaa , it not superior, to that in nnv yard in ihe H;?iri.-t. AH orders filled with care, vroniptne.H, r.nd cIU purti. BAKltoN X JrFOV'EIi. tteor?etown, D. C., Ap il 10th, 1<^>5. apr li ^dlnj SPlCCTACLfcS, EVE GLAS0E3, fcc., Gold, Silver, and fi.ic Steel Sp cta.ita, Cyc 8ia3 *?7 ke Particnlar attention pci 1 to thu s^lc^:>..i o. Classes adapted to the er?s 01 wearers. M. W. HALT ii flllO., Jewelers, 334 Pcuusyhaiuu mar 98?tl _ _ "VktCll KbACiA *1LLL* of every vridlli aii*l AV qnality, from 76 cents up, very ci? ar> Plaid an<l pla n Siik.s, P nk, white aud bi * v aiereJ Silks for ManU.Ls White, p;nk, blue and inoda colM ShaUlCys White, pink, blue, green, cmu and moie ce'Ortd Frencb Vlousst ?nes 13 pieces plain Bere^e, in every thtide at 1*5 c?nt3; very cheap goo?is White, pir.k, Wue, green, hrov. n, an-J ntodc colored Bereges, in bWi^ quality 100 pieces Lawn-and Ja;k .nets In every quality Also, a wi il Assorted slock of Domestic Cixids All of wluch will be sold at vety iow price*. Customers ?ill do well to give U5 a i-all. 1 g;ve us : WM. R. RILEY, Comer 8th ?L and er a. Centre Market, 31?lm CUPPING AND LEECHING. Jl'LlUX Vll>l?k'KS WOULD respectfully inform the public that he is Btvpare to attend to the t.u?iu?vs cf Op ptng and Leeeliing at las Barber tfhop, s-?ntj| ^de of F?ansylvan:a av**i<ue, b< twe?a 13th an 1 l.>j^ au. Calls promptly att^nde,1 to iu ail parts of luts city, and at very reasonable cUarges. mar 31?lm* J OS NF.FF'? PREMIUM VIOLINS AND VI ?Mine?ilas can be ??tn at our Music D<*pot. ABMtaur* and tin* profession are invito! w call and try Dim eic.-tl?nt tnsiruinents MILI UM ft nrrz. Ar-ma. A good Cbntmbass lor sale low fir c&ii, it imme] |iate a^l.cauou be madt u above, TO THE LADIES. MISS 3 J. THOMPSON MafiaK n"lw prepared to show our l*rgrlHM3 CKgTand well selected stock of MillineryMHP which she has just opened, of the la-^ZL test styles which we are *llmg at the lowest price*, and wfl cordially invite the ladies to call eatly and have the first selections. onMar!ZS!l hf ?heir attention to i'ert.-I hind?ome stock of Fancy Goods ir^.m?,x^v . ^ S,ery' kc>" wbich w? CB? at anusuaily low prices. HUTCHINSON ft. MUNRO, No. 310 Pennsylvania avenue, mar Wtil ?f Wa,ler H?rp? 81 fo.'j. MRS. L. ALIEN, tA 1\ Vo 3?? Pa. avenue, Utu-een Ninth .. a ?ireef?,sctifA si,/*, ?g 4 H w ? ill oj?^n on Saturday, 7th instant, a TH* wVi' w b,amiful a*oitaient of Spring ];' V 7 !. R Y' of Crape. Silk, Lace. - pou.d Crape and Grass Liner. IIATS, inclnrfint Pinv? Ol every description. Also, Mimes' Dress Hat. and Flats, fcc. L. ALLEN. ? p 4 ? D*1'* 1CSS Cl'HIlD.?The following is taken from Scott's Weekly: DEAFNESS.?We understand thai the success which ha? followed the u*e of SCARPA'S ACOIJS I IC < ?lL, hi cases of Deafness, lias been astonish ing. thousands ot persons 1 aving been cured, whose ca-ea were considered hopeless. The calls for this medicine are from ali parts of the country, it being we believe, the only article before the public lor the cure ot that distressing disease. Be particular an.1 buy of Z D. OILMAN*, Wash ington, D. C.t and S S. HANCE, Baltimore, Md., a., there is a counterfeit article in the market, few 28 - >m C. WAKRINKH, WATCHMAKER, NEW W IIEELS, PINIONS, AND EVERY KIND OF REPAIRS TO WATCHES? No> 330 ^enaiylvaiila Avenua. (Between Ninth and Tenth street* ) mar 2S?lin* WASHINGTON, D. C. DENTISTRY. RB. DONALDSON, Dentist, late of the firm of ? Hun: St Donaldson, continues 10 tna:.u acture an! insert those bcautifal pui; p ?rctlain teeth, with or without gmn^?Ulf] t?.r specimens 01 whieii (made atid de posited bv the late firm) was the fir-t premium at tiie Mechanics' Institute Fair, recently h; !d in tiiu city T.lese teeth are carved and shaded toawiteach particular ease, and Hieir rest mUsnce to the natu ral organs is so perfcct as to deceive the most nrac Used eye. v Particular attention also pan! to filling and pre serving the natural teeth. rata and a|] operations warranted, uthce southwest comer Seventh and I) s s.?en tfill!Ce ?? *'? mar Si-6m takk notice. NE W SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. PW. BROWNING, Merchant Tailor, ? tneLii:tert Slates Hof+I, ha* just r^cflval a I^rre supply ol Spring ;nd Summer Gcods, anJ is now prepared to offer bargains to all in want f??l i*"d fiul"0? -We clothnig. His ?? Ready maoe Cl ithinj " will be sold at the following low pne^: A VV IkJ.; suits, Coat, Pantaloons, and Vest, of thin cii?ui or-cas.-iniere, for $12. Fine Black Froca and Dre** Coats, from .$10 to ? jf lv? Good Business Coats for ?7. Black r-.nd Fancy Pants, uom $1 to ?7. Marseii es - nd Silk Vests, from 50 u. $5. . keeps always ou hand a large assortment ol brellL3 fcc,?i> 3U?h ^ a,liRS? ?,OVtt!> Cravats, Uni "Sole Agent for the sale of Scott'3 raahi.ns.' mar IS*?tj. ' "AHLJSJ UAfKtNS, ^rchllect. Pa. avenue, Letwter. Tenth and Eleventh ttrrelt,) Hashimoto*, p. c. YV 'f*1' COBtinue fo fur?i?h Piui:S. detail workin; ? ? i^siwiii^w and uprcfliiiaiiujui c. b^ilUin^ -very dt^enpum,and <J>o to superintend th*iir . ree *"*? 1'eh I?. M " PROSPERI'S CORNET^BAND NO.T MR. FKEDEKI'.'K PROSPERI begs leave to in foim his triecds and former patrons that t'.is fc:uid has been lully re-orf^nned and is now under his direction, ami '.e Is fully prepared a har d ?)f the m?wi ^rfcntific Musiciariii in citv, tf> iur j dish iniuic for Balls, Pa.rtl<js, Para.les. Pic Nics, Ei nrsionb. kc., at the shorten notice pcssible, Lv at> P'y|rtC to FKEuERlCk PROSPERI. Leader,CI!Ad. PRO.-PLRI. Conductor; HILBI S & HITjf'S Mu ?e Depot, nr at PETER TALTAVUL S. opposite the Garrison, Garruon street, Navy Vani. frh It?3m* FINE WATCHES. HAVING made a considerable addition to m> ?tock of OOLD BLSTlWO PATOKT LEVZRS, and laoibs' W4Trnts Of first quaiity, heavy lb caratj case?. Also, SILVER WATCHES for hoys. 1 offer them at greatly reduced prices. The inovi menu are selected with gn at care, and fcverv Watch is leYzrranted. Persons :n want of a fine timekeeper are invited to examine my assortment. , H- SEMKFN, No. 330 Pa. avenue, betw. ythand luih tta. mar JO Pfc ii ? U n ? Wil li l>jbKa.Cti Vt, vision arc invited to txamlne my e vt? u.-iVe stock Ol ail k*iu!u of SPECT \ ' CLES and EVE GLASSES. Glass.v1 "t any kind, such as Cataract, Parabola, _ Perucopie, Dooile Concave, Double Conv -i, and C<<lort:d Gia?sts, put iu r.t sbirt notice, wish gnat care, and persona in want of ^io?,es u.^y Li sure to eci tiiose whicM benefit the eye. 43^ Circulars uDefective Vision." gratis at IL S'-MKEN'S, 3 JO Pa. avenue, betw. am und 10th sta. mar 30 TABLE CUTLERY, ALBATA FORKS AND SPOONS, *c IITST rocnived a larg* csdortmentof superior Ta ble i'utlery of every va. iety. Also, every stole of the finest quaiity ALBATA '*'*?VAK*BA8 M. W. GALT RRO., 241 Pa. ave., betw. tiih and lO.h stj. car 12?II PIAN03 FUR SALE AND RENT T'HC sub^cnbvT has always on luni a ar "rt I _ inent of German an J American PI A".;iS, the verj' best manutactur r ?viixch ue oilers for sale at lower prices' * than cr>n lie purchased in the District of Columbia and ; n the 1110.1 accommodating terms. All Pianos purchased lrom ue are wariiinied to g;ve satislac 600. Old Piann? tnken in exchange. B. REISS, Professor of Music, O, betw. Foiuteenth and Fifteenth streets, to 8?X".i* ?lOSBPIl G4WI.K3, CABINET MAKER & UNDERTAKER, rrMXSTLVANlA AVKNCE, between 17th and 18th rtieei^ (Fust Ward ) U.<1 I urcture repuurd nnJ new uiade iti ordt r Coffi..s made and Fumraii ati.'tidea to at the short est r.r.tJcc. A share of pctronaje is solicited. mar 111 - eulia 7I70LIAN PIANOFORTES. V? lK:1U"^u, iiistruinenti made Mu?ie Depot ' Bouton, can now be seen at out Also, a splendid papier inachc case parlor Melo deon, made by l\ G Gardner & Co , Conn II IL Li US at HITZ, m*jr Mar Buildinn. NOriClu?I received this <!ay a new stsort ment of SLEEVE BCTT< ?\M and til UllS <1 the latest stjles. Also, a variety of otht r new Goods: as Vest Chains, Chatelatu.-, Bracelets,Pii* Earring-, Kings, etc. Great mducementa offered to purchas?'n>. H. HEMKEN, Nx 330 Pa. tvenae, bet. 9th and 10th rt *. C??" Nino Points put to Gold P>-ns at ?hort no ice. Diamonds remounted, and Jewelry made tu ordur. inar 09 ?if F\A'3 PATENT AMERICAN ACCORDEONS. ?wv?riil of these new a>id iuiproa?.1 tn-triimenis JW rec?iv?d and fer sal* at the bludc Dcpoi ??' . . . H1LBUS A HITZ. iirw^w?' v, *"' Pfc'a new and cheap uikuuctiou T?!' ^ ^ccnw 1 nopiibli? arelnvnad ?> enmine there Aceorrte l^* Pfmiums In #vcry ej. l ^o t&ibfted. HlLBt'H at HITZ. dole Ai<ffU. $20 000 worth Boots & Shoes. SPRING SUPPLY. IRON IIALL BOOT, SHOE AND TRUNK ESTABLISHMENT, Pa. awnue, between ATi*'\ and Tenth tireeh. JUST received and receiving daily my spring as sortment of Ladies'. Gentlemen V, Boyt'?db and Childien's BOOTS a-.d SHOES. fffil FOR LADIES. f HI Ladies' colored. b:onze ai.d lilack fiaitcrs, McCurdy's, 1 35 to 3 00 Do morocco and kid Slippers and Ties, do., 621.' tn 1 00 Do carpet and velvet Slippers for, 6?X worth I 00 Far Mutes awl CJiiLlren. Misses' colored, bronze and black Gaiters, 1 00 Do morocco and kM (also white) Slippers for the May Hall Children's white kid Slippers JJo Gaiters a.-.i Slippers alJ colors For Gri.flcnien. Gentlemen's Patent Leather colored Idd and Mack Congrers Gaiters, some thing new Do do and calf Pumps, (French) and walking Slices F,.r Boys ami YoutKi. Boys' Patent Leather rurr. j*s tor the May Balls D ? Calf Shoes of all kinds Youths' do do Do Patent Leather Pumps for May Balls. Th? above stork is perhaps the most desirable in the city from which to niske selections. Ii em bra* ccs every variety, and will be sold at the lowest Pricis. 3. p. HOOVER, ?ron Hall Boot, S'..oe and Trunk Establishm't. ap 10?erC; SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS! JOHN H SMOOI\ Sout'i side of Bridge street, near High, GEORGETOWN, D. C , HAS received and is now otforing a very general a sortmeiit of SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. In his rtock Will be found a good assortment of Of rwetr stile Light Spring Silks Pest make black do. Deregcs, Grenadines, P.Ik modes and bright col'd Chnilies l{?re^e ami (.'bailey Delaines, Mousjelines Real French Chintzes and Brilliants Or? indie and .'aconct Lnwns R^al imported Lawns, fast colors, at 12%c. Real t tench and Sotch Embroideries, cheap i'lain striped and plaid Bonnet Ribbons EriIj il and pla.n Liuen Cambric Handkerchiefs a treat harg an Jaconet, Swiss, \ain?-o ?k, and Plaid Molina Rich figured and dotted no Bajou'a K;d and Alexander's Silk GIovm, all colors Ladies, Mi ?es, and Cents' Hosiery, all kinds Parasols ?>f : very shade and price Ri li En!?li.-h fast colors- Prints at !2l4 Ws:h a first rate assortment of MEN'S AND ROYS' WEAR. Aiso, Sheeung* and Shirtings of the be.-imakes in Linen- and Cottons Table Cloth*, I'ama-ks. Napkins Towellings. Fur niture Chintzes, white Spreads Dimeptic Good* griicr&liy. Hating made huge purchases from the Philadel phia and N'-w \f,ik cuc;iOiis. I em prepared to of l?'r creat i' duccmeiits to cash or pr* nipt cu-toirers. ar? ?8?lm J. H. 8MOTT. WILLARD'S HOTEL, 0?d Point Comfort, Va. THE Proprietors take great p easure in informing tlieir many friends and tlte public generally that tins magnificent Summer Hotel it now being fitted up in tli* most modern and con.iortable Ft?le ior tiie comitig sriwoij. T;ie house v ill be opened on the JtrJ. oj June, vvitli nothing lef. unprovided that may promote the ctu.fort uni happiness of its guest-'. Fh? proprietor* also takx rriicii pleasure in saying that they will i>e preparer! ind happy to aecommo" date from iHtfirU of May ?my who mav favor tliem with a caL Board per day..? .. m oo By the. week, per day.. 150 By t:ie month, j??-r day 1 i?5 Bath* free fur the gue^i.-;. ap3-tf C. Ci. VVILLARD A BROS. I^OR SALE?A P ir t,f |:AY MARES, 7 \ears . o.d next spring, wi l!-t>*ed,sound, stylish, gentle, spirited and capital goers. They are we!! brokt n ana |>erfeji!y fre-- froin Uicks, ana will particularly tUit aay gentleman who is fond of driving. The owner pa. is with them onlv because Ins purp.*se is to rcrrene.'j his ?xpense->. They can be seen at Southron's (Kte liirch's) Stabls, < n 14th street, south el Pa. awnue. For terms, or an op portunity to try th'?m. enquire at the counter of tlie Star office. They will be bOida ba.gain. ap 3?tf Mr. W. IlE^ltY PALMER, iiiratp.To imuvx as EC11KRT flULLER, HA- much pleasure in informing his iriends ar<! th^ public in gencml that he has def ratified oil iixaUn* himst It in this citv. and is |?r?'partil to receive pupils lurinstructif>n oa the PIANOFORTE, IIA H Mo N Y and CO VI Pljfii l'R>N. He i^ perm it ted to refer to Mr t^eorg^ Jr., and Mr. A. T Kieeknt^efer, ar.d any cutniaumcatioii addressed to hirn at ll.ihn^ Iliiz s iuu?ic fctur*', I'eMisvlvania avmue, will have iuuneaiiate attention. ap 13? tf S?Ii*i?S,WAr*K' PLATKD WARE p AMOFiftK r ?. GOU US.?Silver Lotle.- and Tea Sets, Sa?ar Bowls, Cream Ju?s, Goblets, Cup?, Spoons and Porks Also, a great variety of magnificent Fu:ity Silver Ware, suitable far i*f< t;eiiU<. ' Conee Sots, Castors, Baskets, Sik?o:u nn.l Forks, on best Albata. The articles are warranted as represented, ar.d Will be sold at a bin ail advance. *'? 8EMKEN, 3^U Pa. avenue, bet. 'JJi and lCtn tuei la. mar -49?tt M1 EM )IKS (W TIIK rOITfTESS OP RLES 8ifiglou. 1 he Luxury L?iIk uiiU Uorrtsiioiid #.f ?l . P. r n i ? . ?. ' nee of the Count ssof Blcosiugton, Ly Ii R. Mad den, M. U J. A., 1 v I TAYLOR & MAURY'S Bookstore, u?ar 9th ft. M 1 BAYLOR in MAURY'S ELASTIC 1'EN No. U7 . This pen, which is manuf.ic ured by Periy Ji Co , London, expressly for Mes-r*. Tayloi & Maury will be louiid unequalled in ail the requisites of a good steel |>eii. Sold in gro-s b-.n<ss, price ^I, at their Book and Stationery Store, near UJi st. ap 14 lrATClllCH, V? JEWELHV, SILVER Always on hand n large assortment of tlie above, which w? ofler at the lowest rat ;s. M. VV. GALT & F.RO... 344 Pa. avenue LOOK HERE!!! ORE BOUNTY LAND TO ALL who served _ in any war since 1790, whtjtlier as Officers Soldier:!, Sailors, Alarines, Clerlt^ Indians, Cha;. l.jns, Wagon Wsmts, Teamst.ra, Lnr.dMu u, (or their widows or i.iinor cliilili**!!) who iiave not yet received full lf>0 acres, and hive bueu in service 14 d- ys. will do well l>. write u? us.jestvaid, and their Land Warrants will be forwarded to them for the above quiutiity, and no charge if tfiev do not get it. LLOYi) &. CO., Claim Agent's Office, opposite U. S. Treasury, Washington City, D. C r,iRr6~3m VTIfiW ROOKS at i> SIlILLINilTON'S T.Of?K3TORR. The Imniaculaie Conception; or. The Votherof Go<l;: n exposition by the Right Rev. liiehop Ulla thonie G owth in Holiness, or the Progress of 'the Si/irit u-l life, by the author of All for J? tus The Mtliopolitaii Majaxine for April The Slave of the Laxnr, b> Win. North Everything in tho Stationery line Ail the new book* published re>i??ived iinniCv'iute ly aiterw aids and for eale at SfllLLINGTOV'S Book:tore, Odoon Buildup,corner 4^' st. and Pa. ave. apr &? WATCH* 4 KS kJ JUWfciLUY.-l have on hand a sood supply ot fine WATCHES and JEWELRY which will be sold very cheap to suit the times. Gold Le ver VVitrliiw ?? low as $?5, warranted to* keep ;rood time. Call and see lor yourselves at the store of Jt R(^BlA ?OX, 310 Pa. av?*., oppo. browns' Hotel. mnr2b?dim ClRAiCRS AND h"TATEt?MF.N ofAnecnt and ' Modern Times by D A Harsha The County Neighborhood, by M s* Dupuy Robert Graham, by Caroline Lte Menu ?P90 ^'R\NCK TAYLOR, & ^ il < MILLINERY. MRS. CHOATE | Will open her spring style of BON-I NLTS .it her Rooms, 40 Louisiana' avenue, on Tuesday next, iue 17th instant. Straw work bleached and altered at th- shf rtes! notice. Rp ia~2w NEWSONf^ WHY DID f LOVE FAL8K FLORA, words and music by W. B , of this city, and dedi cated to Inez Allison, liie fair Guitarist This song has a most charming melody. Ju-t pub lished an J lor sale by HiLliUS fit H1TZ. _*P * TBW DOLLMt* REWARD,-!,*!, on the lH.h instant, h?twe?n Will*ids' Hotel and the City Hall, a Portemonnaie, containing three notes drawn bv John II. and A. W. Kirk wood in favor of YVm. T. Dove, and bv me endorsed, $158 each ; one note drawn by Zephaniah J one", $160, in rav favor arid by rue endorsed; also a note, draw n by William T. Hock, in my favor, for *654; sev. ral other notes and papers not recollected. The above reward will be paid upon tie return of the papers in the undcrstgnwl. WM. T. DOVE, apr 14 -tt" IMPORTANT BOUNTY LAND BOOK.?Just received a second edi'ion of Triplett's Pension and Bounty Land Laws, embracing a digest of all the laws, decisions hiid forms relating to pensit ns, ;o officer.", and soldiers of the Revolution, their wid ows and children ; to army and militia invalids and their widows; to Navy and .Marine invalids, their widows and children ; and to Bounty Lands provi ded for by every act from the R? volution to aid in cluding that of March 3, 1B55; to arranged as to be intelligible to every clu riant. This woik is flighty recon-men-ied by the Commissioner of Pen-ions? Price ?*J; mailed to any pa?t of the United States, except California. TAYLOR fit MAURY. ap SO Bookstore, near 9;h rt. BANKING HOUSE OF PAIEO & K0UE3E, Oypcsite United Slatet Trvuwry. BONDS, Stocks and other securities purchased and sold. Intereot at the rate of six per rrnt ptr annum al lowed on deposit:* when left for '? daya Cf looker, jan 24?dm THE MUTUAL FI15S IilsaCAlTCS COMPA NY OF Til5 5 ISTKICT OF COLUMBIA, CHARTERED by Congress, nfters to the property owners of the District s.frr and cheaper means of insurance than any other Company. ULYSf"C8 WARD, Pre-iiieni. CHAS. WILSON, Ser rt larv. MATHEW G. E*?ERY, Treasurer. MANAGERS. Ulysses Ward John Van Riswick Thomas Biagden P. W. Browning F. Howard, Mathew G. Emery. J. C. McKelden. Office, Columbia Place, corner Louisiana avenue ami 7th street. Cilice hours from 3 to G o'clock p.m. feb 26?eotf fil. W iL!<i A.V, LADIES' LR?S3 AND TRIMMING STC3E Pa. avenue, be;ween Seventh a d Eighth streets. M WILLI AN Wwi:M respectfully announce to ? the Ladies of IVuliiiii-ton that he has just received from ill- Northern eitirs i? cnmplel-; s;?x;k of GOODS, aia^iiig which mav be found? New !-ty!e French Ores? T.immin^s Fine French Flcwers s;:?i Ribands A large iot of Bonnets, in silk, scrjpe, and straw,of ;he la'est p.-.tteros And an excellent assortment of handsome Embroi deries of all kind I. Dresses made in tho latest Paris fashions at rea sonable raterf. Pinking ami Muting, anJ Kid Gloves cleaned, mar 31?eolra* SODA WATER, SODA WATER! CGAUTIER ha< ju*t erected in his establish . ill- lit a !<>iuit'iiii of very superior Soda Water which tor its delicious and medh in'*! qualities f-r ahead of any bevrng? ever betore hii.roda.x .1. He w<>uld cail particular attention io tn ? superi ?? quality and variety cf his eiruns. which are all made ,rom the pure fre.-h fruit, ai d not iront any - f t?e hcius now in common use, which are always tnoie or less deleterious to the stomach, C. GAUTICR, ap 16?eo2w 2 "5 '& Pa av?nue. mantua making. Tl.-S MARGARET DYER respectfully annouu i.IjL ces to tile ladies of VVaahirig'on and v.c.inity, that she h;:s ju*t returned to Washington, and in tends to ret-umv her former business, and -o'k-r.g the pat r hi age jf her former friends. No. Jivi I Pa. avenue, between Fourteenth and Fiitecnth st?. ap 9?2'aw3w* PAKAKOLS, ISO very rich an*! chcap Parasols, all colors S'rR'.v Rennets and Misses'Flab?, ?irat variety Rich Bonnets and Ribbands liiO tiozeu Linen cambr c IIaii !krtrcliicfs In fancy boxe?, at 50 por doac:;; we tlrink a ?ooJ hr.rjain EmbroLltred and Clear Lawn Handkcrc'iiefj lit great variety 300 yards Swis:; E.'ginc, 12c , worth 25c. SO dozen black Net Mitts, from 50 cents up, very ciieap 2." dotenlM'st French Kid Gloves, all niiadt"? My stock i> i.vr^e and well a-soi;^d, and pur chased at the very lowest prices. Customers w.ll be pleased to favor me r.-ith a call and ihey shall be attentively *ho*'n through it, auj the goodj offered at a small advance \YM. Ii. RILEY, Corr.; r Stli st , opp. Cenue Market. mar 31?ln> OB A CARD. m Economy is the- r?ad tc w-a/f/z Groat Hsdactioa in the prico of ifat* L Cipi 'JHI E uiidtvsigued, havnw in;uL: airaiigements I w.lh a New York liat C. mpaiiy to b.; con ftantly nip(ilieJ with the very best Moleskin or DUES8 HATS, pot up in the Intent Fty!-*, rffer tliera at tlie unprecedented iow price of %3,.rH?, worth from f?ur to fiv* dollars; secoaj quality, ?3, worth from %ll 50 to .-J4; and a very good fashion able Hat at .?i,50, worth from .^3 to $3.50 Also, Be' htf .t Co's Hats, at a miirh l?>3 advance than they have been h? r? tot re sold in thii city. First rate t.eav- r li as $.1 5 >. Ail kiruls cf s?!t 11ATS and CAPS vry lev/. In order fo sell at the above low prices' the ea h system mmt Itn adopted; consequently tho.M> wiia purchase wdl not be charged front fi.'tceu to twenty five per cent, us au oiLet for bad debts. ant: o\ v, (for many years In the employ of To-id fit Co.) No. 3,Columbia place, 1:!i. t., ap J3 -tf 2?l nooi north of Peim. avei,u.?. 3KTOu St3l7' WASIIIRCTON STOVE M iSlPAPT RV, S. K. coi ner of Pa. au. aivl Eleventh street, So!e Agency for CIIILSON, GOULD b. CO 'S Warm in; umi Ycnlilating ippRralnn, M POND fii CO.'S (o? BoMon) Union Double-Ovea f'ookT ag iiange, J. L. MOTT?S (of New Yoik) INViNC BLE DOUBLE-OVEN RANGE. C'.wiFtaiitly on hand, and receiving LATROBE S POVES, for heating two stories; Parlor and CIihwi her (JR A I ES, Enamel ed and Japanned Conking, llill, Parlor, Chamber an J Dining Room S? OYES; Plain, Timed and Enamelled Iron HOLLOW VVARE; Block Tin, Planished and Ja, armed WARE in great varietv. Ali of witivh wdl be snld at tlie lowest pr>s :ihle rate-, that will compare favorably with any Estab liiihment south of New Yoik. An examination of my stock Is earnestly solicited ap 13?3m J \S SKiRVI VG. Clocks, clocks, clocks i ? If you want a go>>d Clock, warranted to keep time, eall at the store of J. ROBINSON, 340 Pa. ave., r p^o. Browns' Hotel. ap 7- dim MlBMOIitS OF THE COUNTESS OF bLES siuglon, by U. R. Madden. M. R. I. A., two vols KRANOK TAYLOR. nilOWN'H AMERICAN POULTRY" YARD, 1 vol, New Yc>rk nfekson and Mowbray on Poultry, 1 vol, London Cuide to Service, the Poultry Maid, 1 vcl, London The Pig, by Youatt, 1 vid, Phila. Pigs and their Treatment, by Richardson, 1 vol, Dub'in Randall's Sherp Husbandry, 1 vol, New York Mor.ell's American Shspher.l, 1 vol do Blaeklock on Sheep, 1 vol, Glasgow ap 17 FRANCE TAYIX>R. NOTH 'E TO FLUTISi S.? El^EMJRANDT'S sup??rinr Premium Diatonic Flutes and Cla ion ettrs will be on exhibition and for sale for a few days at HI!.BUS fc UlTZ'S Music l?pot. IV EVENING STAR. 1 MY HUSBAND. My husband is a very strange man. I io think how he could have grown so I provoked about such a little thing as that scarlct scarf. Well, there's no use try ing to drive him. I've settled that in mv mind. But he can be coaxed, can't he though ! ?and from this time henceforth shan't I know how to manage him m Still, there's no denying, Mr. Adams is a very strange man. \ou see, it was this morning at break-1 fast, I said to him, ?? Henry, I must have one of those ten dollar scarfs at Stewart's. They are perfectly charming, and will correspond so nicely with my maroon I wlvct cloak. I want to go out this! morning and get one, before ihey are all I gone." "Ten dollars don't grow on every bush, I Adeline ; and just now times arc pretty I hard, you know," he answered in a dry, I careless kind of tone, which irritated me J greatly. Beside that, I knew he could afford to get me the scarf just as well as not; only perhaps, my manner of re questing it did not quite suit his lord ship. "Gentlemen who can aflord to buy .satin vests at ten dollars apiece can have I no motive but penuriousness for objcct-1 ing to give their wives as much for a scarf,"' I retorted as I glanced at the money which a few raoments before h*-1 had laid by the sius of m y plate, request-1 ing me to procure odc lbr him; he al ways trusts my taste in these matters I I spoie angrily. 1 should have bteri sor-1 ry for it the next moment, if he had not I answered: { " You will then attribute it to my pc-| nunousness, I^uppose, wuen T tell you| I cannot let u have anclher ten dol-| 44 Well, then, I will take this and get I me the scarf. You can do without youi I vest for the present,'' and I to?k up the 1 bills and left the room, for he did not I answer me. j "I need it, nnd must have it," I so-1 Hloquised as I washed n?y tear swnl!er:| eyes, and adjusted my hair for a walk I down Broadway : but all the whib therf I was a slill small voice in my heart I '? Don t do it. Go and buy the vest foi I your husband," and at last (would youl believe it 1) that inner voice triumphed. I I went ?Jown to the tailor's, selected th. I vest and brought it home. ! 4- Here it is, Henry, T selected the color which I thought would suit you best. I Isn't it rich ?" I said, as I unfolded the! vest aiter dinner, for somehow mv pride ) was ali gone. 1 had felt ?o much hap-1 pier ever since I had resolved io forego I the scarf. I As he did not answer me, but there I was ruch a look of teudcrness filling LIfI dark handsome eyes, as his lips fell icl my forehead, that"it was as much as 1J could do to keep from crying outright. But I haven t told you the cream of the J story yet. At night, when he camel home to tea, he threw a little bundle into! my hp. Won doling greatly what it I could be, I opened it, and there (would!1 you believe it?) was the scarlet scarf,! the very one I set my heart on at Stew-11 art's yesterday. 44 Oil! Ilenry,5' said T, locking up and] trying to thank him, but my lips trem-1 bled, and then the tears dashed over the I eye-lashes, and he drew my head to his I heart, and smcoth:d down my curls, and I murmured the oid loving words in mi I ear, while I cried there a long time, bu\ I oh ! my tears were such sweet ones. lie is a strange man, my husband, bnt ho is a noble one too, only it is a little I hard to find it out sometimes, and i' | sec ins to ire my heart never Paid it sol deeply rs it docs to night. God biers I him l?N. Y. Visiter. , ? LiCiTALIiY AMO*G EACH2L0RP. The forlorn condition of bachelors lias always ueen a favorite theme for ladit*, J editors, and other wits to expatiate upon. I The untidy room, the buttouless shirts. I the stockings full of holes, and the thou sard other inconvenicnccs of the unmar-1 ricd stale are familiar, in this way, tol the most obtuse of us all. The poor bachelors have, in fact, a hard time of ;t. 'Ihey have been ridiculed by j the sex. and sometimes taxed by legisla tors, and now statieians deal them "the! unkindest cut of all." by proving that iLey die earlier than married men. The I celebrated Dr. Caspar, of Berlin, esti ir ates the mortality among the l>ach;.!or.s, between the ages of thirty and forty-Cve! | at twenty-seven per cent.; while the mor tality among married men, between the same ages, is only eighteen per cent. As lilii advances the diflerenco becomes even I , more sti iking. \\ here furty-one bache lors attain tiie age of forty, there are scv-1 ! enty-cight married men ; a tiiff-rence of nearly ten to one in favor of the latter. At the age of f-ixty there are forty eight married men to twenty two bachelors: at seventy, eleven bachelors to twenty-seven married men ; and at eighty, nine mar ried men to three bachelors. Ko bache lor, it is said, cvtr lived to be a hundied. Th'j reason fur the comparatively short lifo of the bachelor is obvious, t'f two men, exactly similar iu other rcspccts, except that one is married and the other not, the bachelor will have the more ir regular habiis. Gentlemen, when single, are twice as apt, as Dick Swiveller has, it, 44 to pass the rosy, ' ss when they are married; and especially to do it into what Burns calls 44 the wee sma' hours ayout the twal'." 'J'eu bachelors ting 4,we won't go home till morning," where one married vocalises in the same way. No doubt, to bachelor taste this is all very delightful. But brandy and water, cards, rt id omne genus, especially after miduight, take care to compensate them selves, in due season, for the lun that has been extracted from them. They may cast out the 44 bluee," so incident to the bachelor state, for the time being; but t ie 44 blues thus cast out invariably ie turn, bringing seven devils woto than f*r>reand among them are Roat> ferer \nd rheumatism, if not delinnm tremens wd death. Too often. indeed, the bach elor lives on the capital of life, and henoe sxhausls lii.s lank, when the married man s still well to do in health, happiness i*d longevity.?Philu. Ledger. "Overwork of the Braim."?Mr. lohn Marshall, writing to the London spectator, on over-work of the brain javs that had the tirst symptoms of thia J'reful malady?which carried Scott, yjiiihey, Pjtt Castlereagh. Moore. Tjrt er Romilly Laman Blanchard, Wilson, r;;- I ' in a measure. Burns Byron Campbell, Wordsworth. 3th,rs distinguished in literature, in sci ence, in politics, and in art, to a prema ture grave?been promptly attended to, many of these illustrious men might have ?>een yet spared to us. Brain-work is vastly more exhausting 18 pnerallj supposed. Brain-work s like the burning of a lamp with a laree j|C ],y which the oil?vitality?is rap dlv consumed, while in physical labor, m the open air. we constantly add to ouf vitality by imbibing an abundance or resh air. and expend it more slowly, through the muscles. Whereas the brain ' worker is usually "closeted," and gene rally works by pas or candle-light, which aggravates the difficulty. The great increase of insanity in our country may be attributed to excessive ?ram-wonc to an over active tempera ment, sometimes caused by ar tificial stim ilants. Tea, coflee, tobacco, wines, li juors,. opium, and drug-medicines, all lend dircctly to excite and exhaust the nervous system. Parents commit a fatal ?rrcr in pressing young children to hard study and confinement to illy-ventilated school-houses. A puny, delicate, sensi tive, prrcocious race is the penalty for -hus violating Nature's laws. When will secpie study themselves?the laws which rovern life and health? Physiologv, Phre nology, Psychology?body and mind? Jumanity, Man ??Phrtuo. Jo'trnal. Parting Interview with Emmet. The evening before his death, while the vor? men were busy with the scaffold, a roung lady was ushered into his dungeon, t was the girl whom he so fondly loved md who had now come to bid him an* iernal farewell. lie was leaning in a uelan ihoiy mood agaiost the window of ae prison, and tha heavy clanking of us irons .smote dismally upon her heart :he intci view was bitterly affecting, and pelted even the callous soul of the jailor. Vs for Emmet, bespoke little; but as he iressed his bidoved in sil"nce to his bos >:a, his countenancc betraved his emo lons. In a low voice, half choked by ftguish, he besought her not to forget urn; he reminded her of their former hap >iness, of the long past days cf their hiid.'ocj, and con eluded by rcou^tiajp .er sometimes to visit the scenes where i.eir infancy was spent, and though the rorid might repeat their names with corn, to chng to his memory with affec icn. At this very indant, the evening bell >ealed from the neighboring church, 'anmet started at the sound, and as ha elt that this was the last time he should ver hear its dismal sound, he folded his >elo*ed still closer to his heart, and bent >ver her sinking forui with eyes stream ng with affection. The turnkey entered it this moment: ashamed of his weakness le dashed the rising tear from his eye, md a frown again lowered on his coun cnance. lhe man meanwhile ap jroachcd to tear the young lady from hia .mbrace-*. Oversowed by his feelings, ie could make no resistance; but as he ;loomiiy released her from his hold, he ;avo her a little miniature of himself and villi a parting token of attachment, he uiprinted the last kisses of a dying man ipon her lips. On paining the door she urned ar> und is if to gaze once more ipon the object of hi r wid owed love, lie :aubht hi r eye as she retired?it was but or a moment; the dungeon door swung jack upon its hinges, and as it closed af er her, informed him too surely that hey hud met for the last time on earth. Nervousness of tde Dog.?The ner rousess in this creature is largely de r-cioped, and exerting an influence over ill its aciions, gives character to tho jeast. I he brain of the dog is seldom n repose; for even when asleep, the iwitching of the legs and the suppressed w.undi which it emits inform us that it s dreaming. No animal is more actuated >y the power of imagination. Who is there that h;is not seen the dog mistake Ejects during the du^k of the evening. Dwlii ium usually precedes its death, and tijivous excitability is the common ac companiment of mo?t of its disorders. To diseases of a cerebral or spinal char acter it is more l:abie than any other do mesticated animal Its very bark is sym bolical of iis lemtierameut, and its uioda of attack energetically declares the ex citability of its nature. The most fearful of all the diseases to which it is exposed (rabid) is essentially of a nervous char acter, and there are tew of its disorders which do not terminate with symptoms indicative of cranial disturbance. This tendency to cerebral affections will, if properly considered, suggest those casual &nd appropriate acts which the dog in a.llietion m iy require, and which it would be impossible for any author fully to de scribe. Gentleness should at all times b^ practiced ; but to be truly gentle, the reader must understand it is imperative to be linn. Hesitation to an lrritabla being is. or soon becomes, positive tor ture.?Maykcic's Dogs. !H7*A very absent-minded individual being upset from a boat in the river, sank, twice before he remembered that he ceuld swim. 0^7" When may two persons be said to be half-witted ? When they have an hh<* derstanihng l*(urc<n tkem. _ J

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