Newspaper of Evening Star, April 26, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 26, 1855 Page 2
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evening stak. W A SHI NUTON (J I TV: THTJEIDAY AJT2SH00* April 26 rPiaix or xax mo&hihg pexu. Its Unimn speculates upon the prospects of the Eastern war, coming to the conclusion rot only that Russia 13 in the right and the Allies in the wrong, but that the latter are destined to be very badly whipped, Indeed. Lef re they get out of the affair. The Intellictnetr jokes unmercifully over the Ftntinel's l3to reacting of the Union, concemicg the latter'i allege 1 tergiversations With reference the Administration ? policy nnd we.l known features of Democratic party iaith. A LEIT^B FKOM UK. CHiS A. PECK Tne last number (received) of the New Or leans Picayune contains a long letter from this gentleman, detailing tho history of hi? late arrest and imprisonment by Concha's or der. Prom it we le3rn that he denies any cmplicky whatever with tho political pffrira ?i' Cuba; that from his arrival thero until his arrest ca the 4th of April he wao fulj?cted, without causa, to the survoillance of the po lice and petty annoyances from them. On that day he was arrested without beir-g informed ? cl the charge against h;*n, and confined for a night in a nursery for vermin of all sort0; then transferred t) Nueritn, where he made a prote t before Richard Uibbs, American Con sul. which waj promptly gent to our State De partment He was kept in prison, at his own expense in Naevita? until the Gth and tben te:- to Havana in a steamer, on which ho wis very bally treated notwithstanding hi? bad health, abusive language being U3ed to him an 1 being 11 kept forward " in the boat. lie slept, however, in the alter cabin through the kindness of a friend. Shortly after arriving at Havana he was confined in tho poli:e guard Louse, ?ud after the acting American Consul, <on the day of his ariival) found out where be v?at, through that pent'.eman'a influence his cn?e was examined on tho next day. In the e.\ urination by two government officers he answered ns follows, viz : ?? My came is Charles A. Peck : I wa? bom in Connecticut, ia the United States; I sm thirty-three years old; by profession & dea t:st, and have a family residing in Ne<v York. wUeie I uu a citizen aclavater; I came to Cuba 03 t' e 17th ot ilnrch ; first. for the bea eCt cf nif beal'b ; s? ^ond, to establ;?h a fcusi r.tE<?; i aad tome mox-.ev to support me untii fcusiaesshiuld bs estauliohed : I lodged at Si Saata Auca st: et; my cGee was at 23 St.! ohn aireet; I Lr-ught no printed papers or .e-.tors from the Cuban jn^ta; I do not know t::em; I was never kr.;wn by the name cf Pickstt; and was not at Cardenas when Lopez landed in lail ; tbm is the first time I was ever on the Lland." On the 11'h, he was released from actual imprisonment on the bond of a stranger to that ha (Dr. Peck) would not attempt to csc.Tpe. On the 13th. he received notice that Lis release wcj unconditional, with the privil ege tf settling where he pleased on the island Ci :^pt at Pusrto Principo, where his business Lad been, having at no time received an inti mation from the Government of the nature of the char go under which he Lad been arrested exeep? what Le gathered from the questions aaked him in his ex-m:nation. He left ca aoon cs possible tor New Orleans, proiesiing that he had a ad quite enough of Spanish rule. In concluJlng, bete re thanking those who iiad aided him in his d;lh uity, he sajat ?'Thus wa3 I forced 1 rom my businefa in principle when I h?d immediate contracts aiut anting to upwards of a 'housand dollars, my future ^.r jjpecis f.n the island were ruined, my American protccon was almost sctffrd /it, myselftaken from under medical trear.mont. ii?ul:ed. sntj^ciei to great expense, transport ed nearly the huLdrtd mi e?, injured in health and character, and imi iisonei?all without a cba.-go appearing .ig.iins; me, and without any rcpajati' a beicg tfi>:ed iurthcr than a fiee p.. . jort, valuiil a; tix doll-rs, wnen it wnj tho j ieasvre tf my persecutors to release me My c.aini upon the .Spanish Govertm-nt will tt^?r? bi m:ik'-> knowa to the Department cf ?t te at Washing'on. where I hope it will re ce ve the attention it deserves. Guvnaxoit ItEEDKii A>iD li.AS3.VS.?A dc spnteflfrom St. l t ij, dated April 2i, eayi the people of Kansas Lave issued a proclama tion declarirg Governor Keedcr iccompeienl for the cla-e ue h .'Idf, and that bis aj poia . m?nt. r ithout the con eat of tLe governed, it tn arLiir^ry exercise of power! An eicctioE bteu ord r-. 1 at Leivenworth on tho 2Sth for Lis ;ur ? e: r Dtlega'es will meet thera cn ihat day and c-lcct a .-uitable person foi 'acnuorial Governor, whose name will be for warded to the President for tho appciuimccl! foldier, at Jtfcrscn (Missouri) Bar rack1 by leave of h.s co i:maniir.g ofiicer, gol married. On being crdtred, with bis compa ny, to leave for the frontiers, Le askel thai his wi'c be permitted to accompany him. TbU bc*rg refused the soldier a-ked that he le d>'harmed from service, in crder that he la^y bs able to export and protect his wife as rrqatrel by law. The case crime before the Court when it was decided that he should leava half pay for his wife, and go on to fulfil Lis contract with the government. i'uar thousand Lushcls of potatoc; arrived in D^atos cn Thursday from Nova Scotia. A large number of vessels with pota toc- are on thew:yto the same port. Ic Nov a Scotia tht-e 13 a Iarfc'e eurplm of pota toes, ucd the high pri?e in our cities will i^riLg them forward. They are selling it "Wdshic^tcn at ftcm $2 to f2 50 a bushel. PERSONAL. .... Washington Irrisg, although itill suf lo?ir,g zo much from his bruises as to be un able to fit ui> or tarn over in his bed, cn* l)"vir<j, A3 hebiireelf de-cribesit, *' an surer: hoealta7' of dislocation over his head arc face, is doin; weil. and is in g..od spirits. ....Hun. it. H ctintcn, of Kentucky, an xcuncefl h rnself a ca^J.datc for re election t< iiongre;3. ? Lane, Jud^c i'ratt, ard J. W Drew are catdid-tes ia Oregon f jz d^le^a'-e toCorgr^s. ....Charln Saekrcaa, whorobbei the Hon x ajette JecMulIen, :uortly after the clo?e 0: ttslesg ;e?c.v/n I U.e late Cncrr, whil< tiic med r Jturning U his home, hu r sen .-ea'er.j 1 to iw? years impiuonmcnt 11 the ?jrgiuia Penitentiary. .... A meeting of the lriends of Hon Tierr* TouJc, and thess v.ho approve cf his course a 'lir.'itcr at Madrid, was Leid at tho Citi iioiel, New -ftieucs. last Saturday n;j;ht, t" iraha pie* ^:aao-8 fcr a suitable roccpucn 0 Jhim. ....Dav.d Newcaan. who died recently i: O-axivilla c unty. N. C , W-3 a cabin boy c Par! ?'.ae.. a emtonier fjr llegera at Tni aa actor in tne tc-r.ese-t iripoii, and at Sand i'orfc a cor; oral in the l'hil tdelphia regimen! ....Hoa. si Inoy Dre^ae. Jong oaa tf th jadgea of iho Circuit and Supreme C ^urts t J1 .' and iui ;tqueatiy Senator ia C'jogrcK is a cat.-ii J ito for j-d/o of tn? Circuit Couit c fi.9 ?ec.i <l judicai circuit of that State wjkiiisgtm news m gossip. * Very Important Lveci?ioa?Congress made an appropriation for arrearages of pay, sub* sistenca and clothing of a company of volun teers in the war of 1312, and directing the same to be paid to the " soldiers, their heirs, cr legal representatives " An individual took j out letters of aiminiatration on tho eitates of s 'ice fifteen or twenty soldier*, and made ap plication to tho Third Auditor for payment as tho ?' legal representative" The proof fur nished consisted of evidence of tho rervice of ue soldier and certified copies of the letters of admin'itration. Tbe Third Auditor was of opinion, and wis concurrod with by the Second Comptroller, that additional evidence ould be required, vii: A? to tho death of the soldier?that tfcero were heirs living?and leir consent to tho administration. The ac counting officers hold that letter of admistxa tioa, although evldonoa, are not conclusive, and 'hey may, therefore, where circumstances seem to require it, go behind them and ask iiitional evidence. They also hold that where there are no parsons in being entitled to tho benefit-? of tho act, their claims lapse to ie Government; and that no person has a ght, of his own volition, to take out letters administration and thus constitute himself "legal representative" merely for the pur pose of obtaining possession of the money. Tho Government's Business in San Fran co ?The present Secretary of tha Treasury, inc? entering office, has managed to reducc the annual expense of collecting tho revenue from customs at Saa Franciso $150,000. If the duties or all foreign goods received there were point, the revenue from custom3 v.h;ch would le collected there would be quite ?"',000,COO annually. A considerable portion of them however, pay duties at Boston and New York, coming over from England and "ranee in steamers and clipper ships and be ing subsequently shipped coattwue to the Ta ifi; side. The completion of the Panama tailroad is expectcd greatly to increase this iraotice. He rent at present paid lor the Union Block, tbe custom houj?, tho appraiser's ttcra, and tbe barge cffico. in San Franc, too, amount* to an annual aggregate of $103 000. The expenses of the two revenue cutters on the San Francisco station amount to $30,000 each?1^0.000. TheSe-ar f.raugglinij Cassia San F.-nn cisco.?lac hou-2 in San Hancisco being pre:c;uted for smuggling segars under the name cf Sfgnritcs, is that of St. Lrrkey. Levy 1 Cj. The entry clerk there, whose duty it was to designate particular packages to bo sent to the appraiser's store, has been dismissed on account cf this smuggling. Measures arc being taken to sue Laskey, Levy & Co , on their imporLcr'3 bond for $20,709, and about 000 wot h of pegars imported by them have been libelled for forfeiture. V.'m. S Levy is the buyer and importer cf tho hou^e in Havana. A Horticultural Novelty.?The Agricultural branch of the Patent Office ha.i taken measures to procure seeds cf the Bua ya-bun-ya, a tree of the fir tribe, growing in Australia, whore it flourishes in a region of not much greater area than thirty miles square. It bears a cone nearly two feet in diameter filled v. Ith seed the 8'ze of an olive, and of flavor more rich tnd delicate than that cf the pine apj le. It is so much esteemed by the natives ps that they at t'mes travel hundreds cf uiles to par take of it. 0:1 for Light-Housca ?The Light-ilous# Board havo for 3ome months pist had experi ments under weigh In hepe of finding some thing fit to be substituted for the best quality of sperm oil for light bouse purposes. So far Nothing has been arrived at promising a very satisfactory conclusion to this investigation There has been submitted to them a specimen of doable-pressed winter lard-oil, mado in Baitimoro, which is Bold at ninety cents per gallon, and from its color and charac'.cr, it s:rik?.s us it is better for family utc than any other oil we kaow of at $1 50 per gallon. IIio 3?inot s Ledge Ligh!-Eeuoe?Wo un derstand that Firct Lieutenant K. S. Alexan dcr, of United States Engineeis, has been as signed to duty a* superintendent cf cons trie* ' tioa of tho Minot's Lcdgo light-house, the i mfist impartial work of the kind ever under taken by this government. Lieutenant A. has been engaged for s:>mo two or three years p.i?t in cuperintending the const rc:ti;n cf the military asylum buildings and other impor tant government work*? in this vicinity, and in tho course of these labors has acquired a high professional reputation indeed Lieuten ant A. has also been assigned to the superin tendence v.t' the construction of the now 1 line Hospital at Chelsea, Mas;. ? Test-rail letters ?As mora or Icsa pest s mas e:s seem to inline that 'ettors on which , the postage has been but partly paid in ad j vanes. ere to be treated a3 though it had been [ left wholly ur.pniJ, wo republish the following standing regulation of tho department, for the third time: 4* Letters part paid should bo despatched, ! ch.'.rgtd with the additional postage duo at the , prepaid rate, aceordicg to distance, established by said act, ('if March 3d, ls55 ) except whero the omission to pay the oorreec amount is 1 known to ha;o teen intentional, when they ? should be treated as letters wholly unpaid. Bounty nnd2r the Act cf Jane 17, 1850.?By the third section of the act of Juno 17, 1850, a bounty to be paid in unequal por tions, the larg-;3t ? t the end of the service, is . provided for soldier enlisting at remoto sta . tions. I In a oaso recently presented, it wa3 held that when a soldier's contrf ct of enli.tment under this act was teimia-.ted before tho expiration . of his full term, by a discharge, givon by the ) proper authority, not in consequence of any iau'.ton his part, he was entitled to a pro rata allowance of bounty for tki hm- in lul l ucln } ally served, according to the scale established for the several years of service, by ihe Var ? Department, in General Orders, No. 20, June, 1 22 1S50, and not as claimea for the wholo year, cf which he had served but a fraction. Important Information ?It will be rcool a leetod that a clause in the bou-ty land law of 6 1*50 exempts warrants issued under it and the F land located by the warr xntee, until tho patent issues, from being tike". under execution for debt On passing from the party for whose c service tho warranter donation is given, this ,f exemption i* inoperatlvi. No sale or attach inent of ?u:h warrant or !a&d, until patented, / by order of any court for a:iy purpose, cxcept to have the prccccds divided among the heirs t l^e Person for whose services the warrant J* was granted, is .alid uuder tho law?that Is, so long aj the warrant is ia the name of tbe j trarr?Dt9? Lard Pateata?Swamp Lands ?Few law* have ever so much Impeded the pubI:o lanl business a j that of 23th September, 1850, by which the swamp and overflowed lands lying within the borders of the several States were granted to those States. In tho selections made b7 the States, many conflicts naturally occurred botween locations by warrants and entries with cash. Indeed, so great wa? the evil in this respect, that the last Congress, near its close, paEsed a law. approved March 3, releasing from suspension all sach conflio t-ons by locatois and purchasers of tracts se lected by the States, excopting in those cases where such States had absolutely sold such lands under the grant of 1S50, of which sales the Governors of tho States were required to niiko report to tho General LandOfli:e within ninety daja from tho passage of said act. More than one half of tho period specified, has alroady o!apsed, and threo of the States, through their Governors, havo reported no sales as hiving been made of the described lanJs by tfccm, viz: Iowa, Wisconsin, and Florida Michigan and Alabama having pre viously completed their swamp solections. The Land Office ir, therefore, issuing patents in States named as fist as possible. No doubt but suoh favorable reports will ere long be received from other States as to enable the Commissioner of the General Land OSco to place many an anxious purchaser in posses sion of tho title to li's land in fee simple, which wo know ho i3 ever anxioua to do, as Suon as practicable. Where patents is3uo to individuals upon lands selected as swamp or overflowed, by the States in which they lie, the act of March 3 grants the latter tho righi to enter others in lieu thereof, at tho minimum prioe of $1 23 pe? acre. A Remarkablo Fact.?Every man who has yet beon arrested on suspicion of fraud or at tempted fraud on the Pension buroau, since Mr. Loren i\ Waldo became its head, and who has been tried, has bocn convicted, except those who forfeited their bail by fleeing. They too, havo thu3 acknowledged the justice of the prosecution comasencod against them. The Location cf the Appra'sers' Store ;n San Franciac?, &c ?The Secretary of the Treasury has approved of the selection of a location for thi3 new building on Custora Ilorsi pcjuare, at the corner of Jrckson and Battery streets. The eontrrct for iti entire construction at $33,500 has been awarded to Phillips and Liinbier, to be fls'.shed in eight months. They are t) get $500 additional for each months Io?3 iimo ia which they may com pie'3 the work. The Few Orleans Fost Office ?The gen tleman to whom tho Presiiont recently ten dc-red the position of Postmps'er at New Or leans, i3 Mr. Robert W. Adams, not L Adams, as printed in the newspapers of this morning, lie declinos. Declaring cdf the Contracts ?The awards of tho contract* for carrying the United States mails, fur which bids were lately advertised f.r, will to fr.rmaliy announced at the Do par'ment on Monday morning next, at lo o'clock, a m , by the Postmaster General. Clerical Promotions ?In the Pension Bureau Mr. George Gunn, of Me , to bo a third clajs ($1,600) clerk. Thoi. Albright, of Fa , to be a second class 1$ 1,400) clerk. An itisistant I.i~ht House Keeper Ap pointed.?James Wilcox, has been appointed assistant keeper of the Little Gull lighthouse, N. Y., vies Shubael Boguo, resigned. A Clerical Appointment?Mr. Chrintopher Sowling, cf New York, has been appointed to a fl-st class clerkship in the cfli:oof the Sixth Auditor of the Treasury. The Current Operations of the Treasury Cepar.mont.?On yesterday, the 25th April, there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the bcoksof the Lepartment? For the redemption of stock $3 537 68 For paying Treasury debts ...... 62 012 33 rOi the Customs.????>????????*?? ^0,547 Ct) For covering into tho Treasury from cu.toin3 3 S68 68 l or the War Department 208,307 2'J For repaying in the War Lepart ^ ment. 163 12S 71 For the Intoiior Department 3,951 57 A rrival of the Steamer Africa. ONE WEEK LATER FROM EtfROPE. Tho royal mail steamship Africa arrived at il-lifax on the night of tho 24'.h inst., with Liveipool dates to Si'urday the 14th inst., one week la'er than former advices. 'J he Vienna Conference, whr*co proceedings we.e regarlod with so much iutercof, held an other meatiDg on the 8th inst. without arriving at a definite rerult It was not known when another mooting would bo hold Skirmishing continued to tnko place before Hcba'topol, but nothing serious hid occurred up to tho 0th ir.3t. Now complications of th** relations between Prussia and tho Allies are reported. Thcro arc other rumors, but tho pubiij aie mora in tarested in f?cts. Everything sscm&d at a stand still, and the pro^pe^vS of peace were deemed very ulight. Sauastopcl dates to the 8th inst. represent the posi ion of both rrniias unchanged. Tho liu-.sians were being largely reinforced. Tho Russians havo constructed tffo now bat teries, and converted their ambuscades into advanced parallels, in dospite of all the c<;in bin d eilortsof the a!lie3to prevent their pro gress. Every day seems to add to the ener gy, perseverance and skill with which they conducted tho defence of the placo Tho French v/ero advancing toward the Mdlakotf tower by serpentine sap works, and the ingenuity of the engineers on both Bide3 arc being rx^rted to the utmost to ouillank e*ch other Omer Pach had not marched on Aima as represented, but occuriel tro villages Rbout half a league from Eapatoria, and had en larged the circle of his fortifications. Tho al lies wore sending him reinforcements to tha fcx ent of five men. Ten thousand Fgyptians had also sailed for Eupatoria. The French rcinforccmcnt3 from Sardinia will al.o land there shortly A statement was rnndo that tho allies arc ub^ut to change thei>- tactics, ane are about to fortify and hold Ksmiesch, with twenty thousand men, cupported by the tleots, as a rational guarantee. Tho position is already a veiy strong one, and cun be held with easy BU *CO.'S. Canrobert's di?patch estimates the lesson the night of the 221. during the great Ru-siau rortio, to have been as fellows : Russians, 700 k;:ied. 1 500 wounded; French, 200 killed and 400 wounded. The EnglL-h loss is not given. MISCELANEOU3 INTELLIGENCE. Disturbances hure occurred at Krcpva from peig^nt. illaminating their homses on iecelving tha news of tho death ol the Czar. Ihe Russians dony Menschikoff is doad but admit that ho is wounded. The advanced squadron oi the Baltic fleet had reached Disimoi e on the 1st of April The navigation of the Baltic would be dangeivus for a week or fortnight in ojnaequence of the floating ice. A Rarsian despatch from Warsaw says that ' an army of 12i),000 men were ooncentrating in the Baltic Provinces, and that three bund I red guns are afloat. GREAT BRITAIN. Tho amount and term? of the ptopoceJ new government loan whh not known. The suoa was suppoaed to be fifteen million pounds ster ling. Almost immediately after its announce moot the fund? fell to 91*91 i. Napoleon and Eugenie would rot?h London on their proposed visit to the Queen, on Mon day, the 16th inst , and were to return to Paris on the following Saturday. The week's pro gramme is published and among the ceremo nies Napoleon i9 to be invested with the order of the garter. SPAIN The arrivals of Corn nt Lisbon had dispelled the fears of bread riots in the provinces, and all was quiet. The government had borrowed 40,000,000 reals Lord Howden's recall is still nrged. GERMANY. Great discontent exists at Hanover against Ine King'* attempt to restore tho privileges of the nobles. ITALY. The Russian Count Potochi was visiting all the Italian States except Sardinia, and was assuring them of tho friendship of Russia Ho is said to have obtained asturancss of neutrality from Tcscany and Niples It was reported that the Duke do Grammont, the French Minister to Turin, had proceeded to Rome to modiste in tho difficulty between the Pope and Sardinia. The Pope had a narrow escape of his life from the accidental falling of a beam. Two of the Cardinals were injured. RUiSIA. The advices from St. Petersburg are alto gether indefinite as regards political affairs, tho censorship of tho pross seems to exolude every thing that would be of general interest at 'he present time. The cholera continues its nvago3 at St. Pe tersburg, and on the 29th tlnre was 200 deaths. LATEST BY TELEGRAPH. Advicos from Spain to the 12th inst., state that the militia law. with the Marmigo amend ment, had been adopted. Another attempted cmnte had been repressed. Thero is nothing later thtn the above ad victs from the Crimea. The London Times correspondent writes : Jt rumored that we are to have Another of a hundred thou and men in Fra-ice, and that from sixty to eighty thou sand troops will be placed at the disposal of Austria, should war be the issue of tho Vienna Conference." PORTSMOUTH CORRESPONDHfCE. Destructive b\re?'Hit Navy Yard?llrig Dolphin?KechabiUi ? Thi Star?iiasi ness, <!ye. (Vc. Portsmouth. Va , April 24 Our town was visited by a destructive fire this morning, between 3 an! 4 o'clock. The smoke and flames were firs* seen issuing from a shed onQaeon street, adjoining tho ice-hcusc? of W. V.'atts, Esq-, which was soon enveloped ?nd the flame? spread with great rapidity to the adjoining stable* and the dwelling of Wm Woodward, on the opposite si<?c of tho street and before a 8<iffi:ie2cy cf water cou'.d be pro d'jeed for the u;-e of the firemen, they wore burned to the ground, tegathir with all the surrounding property in the interior of the block bounded L-y lli^h, Cnwford. Green ant Middle street3. It wa* with some aiPi.-nlty the firenen and citiiena succeeded in arre?t ir.g the flames, so P3 to save the Crawford House from the devouring element The loss is quite heavy?not one dollar c f which I am told is eovcred by insurance. The lo?s cf ico will deprive our citizens of their accustomed pu^imer luxury. The principal suffsrers are W Watte, Wm. Woodward, John Collins, Mrs. Mercsrau, at.d C F. Abort. Much credit is due the firemen in rescuing tho priucipal bus iness block of cur city from destruction, in wbi^h they were apsisted by the gallant "boys" of Norfolk At the Navy Yard all is ba-tle and commo tion, there being about sixteen hundred men employed. Tov vrorfe upon tho two new steam frigates, tho Roanoke and Colorado, is pro gressing repidly, and they promise to rank No. 1 among the vessel* of our navy. The United States br:g Dolphin w.-s pat in oom mieMon jeiterd?y?the name of her comman der i have not yet ascertained She is as fine a looking crnit as can be f( und, nn 1 frcm ap pea:ance3 will p'ovo a cr^:k sailor. A meeting of Grand Encampment of N:rth America of the Rechabite Order is in session at fh:s place, and is well attend d by rejre santativCo from several of the States and the Di^riot of Columbia. Tneir meetings are held with closed doors; but their objict in aiiembling is understood to ho the advance ment of the cau?e of tomperan'-e. The is ta<::h sought after here, and with tbc new arrangement fir a prompt do livery will bo placed in the hands of its readers w thin oightcen hours ufter its publication in your city Business is quite brisk hero, sad consider able produce, lumber. ?tc . is brought here by the Seaboard Railroad frcm the interior of North Carolina. Rylaso. ^JXlUX HOTEL, GEORGETOWN.?An _ a Jjotir'i* '! mi l t ns? of the Uian-holdcrs of Hi'- I'riion Hotel Company will ho held at the Coun *-tl Chnuiber on MONDAY EVENING next, at 7J^ oVInok. Those shareholders who are una' le to attend will i it--i?e win) tbeir priiiies, a* it is mpjruut every share fiioulti be represented. W. H. TF.NNEY. ") ESAU FICKEUELL, yTrustee*. A. II. HODGE, ) ap 2fi?t:l AMESTOVVN s-OUll.TY OF WASH ineCity ?A meeting < f the Society v. i.i he held o:i S.V1 UKDAY EVENING, Apr.l 2-, at 7*4 o'clock, at the Uuittd States Hotti, for the purpose of making final arrangements tor the annual crtehrati'in. All Virginians ami the descendants of Virginian are rvspcctiully invit. <1 to at'eiul. C. W. C. DUNNINGTON, :p26-:it* Bee. See. S-?^ I ll'ULIT.W INSTITl'TE.?P?:r fons to whom Meda's ami Diplomat were awarded by the late Fair, are n guested to call for them at the Stationery St?re of WM. F. BAYLY, Fa. aver.uJ, betwee n 11th ami 12th sti. r.p 20?cr.1t FIRST WARD NOTICE. 7" EE suhscubt-r ben:: de? irou^ <>f cloting the lus incid of the late tit id ol T. W. Jrlinwn Si Co., would earnestly invite a'l persons inde!> ed to the sail! lirm to settle their accounts immediately, as the Lusiness must be closed. T XV. JtMINSON, Dry Goo** Store, No. Ill, Fira Ward. ap 21?* ICE! IOB!ICE! I)E'ITIHONE'S wasrons are now running daily, which couiains a^ good ICEa^ca'i he produced iu Boston or the Fotoina* ltivwr. Those who com mence by the lOlli of May will h.T tnrni.-iird ?ltiri:t|; the season without pt.ees. Orders It-ft at the ofiiee, south-west corner of llili and B ..tri-etf, will be promptly attended to ap 26?eo6t* '|)OTA'iOK> J. Just received, per schooner Label, acarjoof White Mercer POTATOES, suitable for table u*t or plantir.2. Fur -ale in lots to suit. AI>o. It. 0 bushel* email do., for pl?.nt>ng Apply to I'ETER BEKUY, No. 7 7 Water street, Georgetown, D. C. ap 2G?d3t ("1 U.tSO.?NOTICE?The owner or consignee of 150 h rrel< Mexican Gua^o, consigned t<? A. Town >, received liom Baltimore per Sclir. Jame-o Sewdi, is rtnueji' I to call on PETE It BERRY, No. 7 7 Water street, Georgetown, D. C. ap 2G_3t 1" 7-Clt HA LE-XH itKKt;A KT?. ON K V a I.U A hi K HClt iK for aiiV k'nl o u?d, with barnesg; he pit perty of 'h-* la'e Mr. Jjtn Shea. A'po, P! OUGii TRACKS wili b? sold eliup If ap rli d for roou at No. SCO 13th Btiont, Islit d. ?? iO-3.* MRS. J. M1KA. ^ALli. 140 FISH BAURKLB WILL UK a sold .o* if apj lie 1 fur ?ooa. One hur.drod and forty n .w heiring bi rrela. For trrm^ applv to J A'. ROBJSRTSON, ?p5G ?It* Prosreetet.,Gtorg?to?n. n?&r market. " PREMIUM MINERAL WATE1L WE rcspwttully ca" tho attention all per?ons w!io wi.-li to be served with superior MINE R \Ij WATERS, ;uit such a3 tiiat wo w??rereward ed 3 Silver Metial by the MeUopliian Mechanics' Institute to our extensive manufactory. lu aJd;tio:i to the above we also bottls Ale, Por ter, Champagne Cider, Koct B,?cr and Mead, all of which will need but one trljJ to decide in its being equal, if not t upeiior, to kiiythinj} of the kind ia tie Uiiil' d State?. A tr.-sh supply of the a Wove always on hand. Oider3 by mail or piven to our drivers will be thanklully received and promptly attended tc. AKNY a SHINN, Uuion Hottlinp Feji it, No. 3 7 ttreei, Georgetown. D, C. zp 36~J2w PLEASURE TRIPS TO Till! WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. JP?k Ihe Steamers GEO WASH or TBQS. COLLYEK can be chartered for public or select parties in visit the Whitff House Pavilion, Mount Vernon, Fort Washington, or other r lace?? on the river. The White House Pavilion in now open for vi*i tors It i* a beautiful place for pleasure trip*; it ha* a fine Ball and Dining room ; als?i, a new Ten Pin Alley. For partienlars app'y to the President of the Coinpru<v, or the Cipinina of the R>aLs. Mr WILLIA M t'OKE is fiirnUMBU refreshment# on ihe boau, and is prepared to furnish parties on the best t? rms. sp 26?3m PLATED WARE. HAVING on hand a very large stock of Enjlish and American PLATED WARE, which we have determined M sell v?ry low, we would call the attention of purchasers in want of anything in the line, to evarnine our stock- We feel satisfied our assortment and price* cannot fail, bu: suit. We name in part. Tea Setts, of a great variety of patterns, Water Pitchers, Castors, E*g Coduleia, Waiters, Salts, Forks, Spoons. fce. All of wh ch will Le sold at such prices as will induce parties wanting goods of this description to purchase. T. GALLIGAX fc. CO. 370 Pa. aveuue, under Browne' Hotel. FOR RENT?A House, on Maryland avenue, be tween Sixth and Seventh street.-, norih side, con taininu nine riioms Enquire as abjve. ap 26?eo3t A: To tli* Ladl*? of Waihiagtoa and Vlcislty. MELT A PRISBRAM A SISTfR, NO. 87 7 Perxuy'vnn'a ar?nue, Ictween 10th and 11th streets. return tlulr regard* for ?he kind patronage h-refefors bestow* 1 uoorc their etT>r*s, and Uke the lbrityof tnfcrmiDg their many fijeuds tiist they int-td on-nln' their Spring, ^mrner ?nl fancy BONNITS, which cr>nsi?t of 2f:> pi*ess. besides a rieh a?8>rtm-at sf STRAW BONN ITS, *c They are able to serv? *11 sizes wto are In want of 'ash ionaMi sii eh-ap borift. Call .ltd exarain* h*fo*e purch>aing ?.lr ?where. sp 26?4t IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BREAK - ING I P HOUSEKEEPING. PERSONS removing from the city, and wishing to dispose of their Furniture and Housekeeping l'ten?ils, , without the trouble of sending them to public auction, can do so by calling on us at our store, 317 Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Ninth street, as we are prepared to buy all such goods as uiav be ofTered Housekeepers and others will do well by calling on us, as we will pav the highest ea-li prices tor all Mich goods. WALL. BARNARD & CO. ap26?lm 317 Pennsylvania avenne. EVANS. Pa. avenue, between 12fA an,.' 1|{.'A tti* HAS just returned from the North with a large large assottment of Gentlemen's Silk II ATS, whieh he is selling at $3 each, of the same quality usually ?o!tl in this eity tor $4 lie likewise hna such articles of wear worth #3. 50, which he will dispose of for $2 50. In aj:!i'i in to the above he hr.s increased bis stoek o: Ladies' BONNETS and RIBANDS, whirl, he i.- determined to sell at enraofditiiry low priccs. np 25 ?lw COURT OF CLAIMS. HE undersigned will practice in the U S. Court of Claims, and in the different C'unty of this District. IPs otFce is on th?* coiner of t }th and F street-, immediately m the rear of Willards' Hot* I. ap2S?3t* JOHN d. TV8GN. T 0 A LOT OF GMOD SECOND HAND CARTS f"r For information enquire at Samuel 15 icon Si Co.'s, corner Pennsylvania avenue and 7th Ptr,;ct- FRANK M. 8PENCEK. _?p25?3t Tcblio Sale of Ucittd States Proptrty at. tha ffavy-Yard, Memphis, Tennfsse?, by! ordar ct tha Eareau cf Yards and Locks.1 N the 1st d.ty of June, 1KV>, the following arti _ cles Will lie sold to the highest b dJ< r, p.i pub lie auction, at the navy-jard, Memphis, Tecnea*.c: Building Material, <fr. 113,900 hsrd buck; 153 311 feet various timber ard lumber 1.94t feet coping; G05 feet st^ne belt cou-?e 1? feet dimension stone; S'J feet eto.-.e curbin? (undrcdsec) B' 25 perches rubble stone; f.%0 lbs. cut rail* f assorted) 1,1;?2 ibs iroii tj.ikee; otq jja[ig ii;W'4 Weicli slate; 9-5 feet ridg^ ?iies lf'4 tiles, (^0 feet long;) 115 window sills, stone 1,0^) bushels sarnl; 1/.75 lbs sheet I ad 7G hbls cmeiit; lot of lime 140 !>usiiels chare jal; 6 lioxes tin bnx,'s wndow glays, 57 lb< ?ash ccrd ljSOc' ILs sa?h w eijliij; 110 lunges (assorted) r ? white had, 3c ralliui.-; linseed oil ?j4J ibs putty; 10 galloes ^'int? turprntiiie ? ^usar o? I* a !; '210 feet tin ^utifriiiT , i1" eopper; 100 gallons ???* nn o.l I.OoO lt>? ?ild Iron; I,3JJ lbs n: w iron, (assorted) .-?J lbs l>or.-eshoe iron; 12 bbla scrap iron 11 Ibi h r.-eshoe naili lo Ibi Milder ^33 ;bs b:ist..r ?.tee:; Id M* Ihs ta^t i.on bell line I) angers 10 Ilw emiry; 44 window frames :? door tra:ne?; 27 -hutteiti 3tf sa?li, (glazed;) 3 pairs 200 p:ec. a white oak umber ; 3 li^ Ru^ia isin g a.^s 3 Ins Russia glu:; 15J Hi, tallow 2 0 iba bard soap; 1 lot ?t old castings 1 let oi tree nails; 1 lot of baud leather 1 lot of lace leather I lot i?t oil cans ; 1 lot of ju^s, barrels, hick ory log', assorted wire, si eel, naila. eiy, &c., unJ 4 bs ludia rul.b.*r packing A'it/u'.:r-ry, Tool*, 4c, of I'ariou* Docriiitioni. 5 rains; 3 Hoisting crane?; 2 derricks 4 getting sids; lClTcart feliots, 2 eart &h&fis, 10 can t ubs, and 214 spokes 8 old railicad ear?; 15 axleuees 10 assorted blocks; 4 spring bol s 1 scrubbing bru^h, 4<f ti.-< buckets 165 Iba c h.iin cable; 8 fluting knives lock?, (assorted;) 5 tin lauteis ^ feet wine measure*; 12ra-h pulleys 3J tnason's hod?; 55 shovels 4 axes, (Collin's;) 2 cjiin.lera and caps 3 whue-wash brushes; 2 do^en i.u t brushes at au-ers, (assorted,) 3 framed saws 2 toot adzes.; 1 whip saw; 2 scythes 2 h-md barrow>; 2 timber books 3<i ucrlar boards; 40 wliet lbarrows 2 inoi tar tx-ds, 2C trestles 5 pair platfarm seal.-s; 2 piir sizing scales; 1 rn ncli horje 1 wiring machine; l large thick edge 1 grooving tool; 1 hatch Make 1 peak iron; i large tuning machiiR 1 set north tools; I p-iir soldering irons I p;:ir hand shears; 1 large ca^t-iroa stake 1 soldering ftiniaee; li work b Miches 1C wa;er bucki t.-; 1 sand screen 2 lime sifters; 9 mortar hoes 2 piir p!oughp!an-s, with bus; 5 tongue and groove pi iif?, (assorted) 3 sash planes; 3 finishing do.; 4 do. (assorted) 1 gri it stone 1 pair 36 incn bellows; 2 do. 40 inches 4 auvil>; 4 vicrs; 3 6ledg^-liamuiers 4 cross cut sa-As; 1 staving klock 4 s?'ts tongs; 15 punches ?6 1 aintners, various sizes and kinds 2o b It tools; 14 scrtw w:cn h?.s 1 set shoeing tools; 1 set blacksmith's tcols in mpewalk lorge shop 15 crowbars; 7 picks; 4 stone buggies 12 wedges; 1 paint stone; 1 p timer's knife 3 sets cliiseis; 6 lanterns 5 hand s .ws; t* square-; 1 set turner's gouies 2 bioad b.x. *; 2 Latcliets, 1 suw.s, t 5 calliper; 5 serew drivers 2 drawing kn ws; C nippers 20 duzea liles; G gimlets. PittiLurg Coal, 119 tons best quality. Material Jrotn 11 opetrclk. 4,R45 lis hemp tow yarns; 17 do. old tarred do ft,5oo lbs low; 52 bbis best quality Wilmington tar Carts, IVagQH, Gearing, \e. I wagon; 10 cart.-; 2 pair timber wheels 1 straw-cutter; I pitch fork 2 drajs, togeth*. With a large lot of harness. llousckvil end Office Furniture. 6 bureaus; 11 b dsteads; 10 washstands 1 wardrobe; 4 niicher?; 6 tumblers 2 water jan; 'J??tis; 2o mahogany chairs t 11 1^ dozen oQlce and houj? chains 1 mahogany tablet 1 centre table i k a!o*s ^,a'n8 table#; 2 iioning tab<es "i i\s C A Ub:^; - shovels, tongs, and pokers yaids carpetin-; 17 yards s.air do 4 hearth rugs; 87 yards oilcloth 1 hull lamp; 1 hairack;2 sidebiiards - pailor mirrors; 1 looking-glass for toilet <j R,45re'a*y? ^ eal.iuets; 1 iron safu J office sto< Is; 1 drawing bjard, with movable trame 2 chests of drawers, 1 book ca?? II writing desks; 1 copper boiler for kitchen 1 pmr fire irons; G * laves, 1 eight 'lay el.Kk Saluting LctUry, conAzlinz of 15 32 p 'Under curronades, with thitr equipments com p'ete Suiali kedge, weighing 50 pound?. 1 be terms of sale will be cash, in specie, to be putd before the attielcs ore removed fiom the vard, which must be wilhia five days from and after tha day of sale. If the terms of sale are net complied with, the property will b; resold, on one week 's public nonce, at the risk and cost of the delinquent purchaser ?p26-law4w ODD FELLOWS^ HALL^ The popular Dramatic x>ion AM A OF THE BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL, (not a painting,) wi'l be exhibited for a few di.ys . only at the above Hall. 7 Due^ioMce will Ik* given of the day of opening. Amusements. PKOI'LK'J TE1KATRK, I.ATB VARIETIES. Trices of Ni1iiu*>ion : 'Hi liwtrj Seat* ,V> cent*; Pm uctte 37%' t R<*eular Ticket 15 ; Privite Ik ies $3 and J5; Utllerf for col'.red Persons US ceau. STILL TRIUMPHANT! Fonrtli iikI list sight but one of thr n-lrbnied Wood & Christy's ORIGINAL NEW YORK MINSTHBIjS. ORGANIZED 1842. Whcsc Concern have l?oen visited by over three thousand of the fir?t citixens of Washington. THIS (THURSDAY) EVENING, April 38 .Irufhrr S'cic Prr^or-mnut ti,rtutk?%d ' A New Piece, eniitlMd llie HOTEL DE L\ ETHIOPIA ! liI K< II a* Dulcemer Swipn, PROFESSOR OF THE BAS* DRUM. Observe the New Feature, ? THE JUVENILE TOY POLKA. PROGRAMME-r*rr I. 1. Grand fnt-oduciory Overture....- Full Band '2. opt*iitag Chorus Company 3. "Eilen Bwyne" (ori^n-al) C Henrv 4 Katy Dean Wm Bireh 5. The Last Leaf J VV Rayenr 6. The Star of Love N W Itonld 7. I knew h harid*otuc >all?* pal II Huutington 8. I dream ?M Hume (i.ew) J Murphy 9. Operauc Ciioru"? (froui the Kucba?i irnt) ...Company It). The Good did Hut at Hrnne C Henry 11. Ma?<juer*de Waits, with Hutdy Gurdy itiiiiaiions and Auiom ouin delineations J W Raynor li Co P4KT it. .V;. ?nal and Tcry\ichorean MtUingt. 1. Lncv atth?* Soiree (with Cracovienne Efforts) B Mallory ?. Guitar Solo (by the unequalled Guitarist Napoleon W Gould JUVENILE TOY POLKA, Py W. Birch and B Mallory?ihe original T?<y Mu sical Effects by Prof. Vaas?the Bif Baby by II Hunurgton I. Favorite Ballad C Henry S. Banjo Solo II Hun'ioguw After which. W. P. Collin*, in conjunction with B Mallory will give hia celebrated challenge ARKANSAW IVALK AROUND. FART Itt. Plantation or Life among the Loviy. I. The First Music Lc-s >u Huntirgton and Birch !. Comic Banjo Tri.i..Mallory, Birch & Huntington I. Old Dominion J ft Mallory i. African Declamation and Stump Oratory lurch and Raynor The performance to conclude with the new Bur I'-Mjue Interlude, I'liil'lfd LA HOTEL D'ETIIIOPIA. Mr. Dulcenter Swipes. a fioiessc-r ot ih?t Bass Drum...'. Mr W Birch fake Fwip?-s, hi* nepi.i w, waiter at tin Hotel H Huntington ^ujustus Frederick, an exquisite J Murphy I.-ernes Phlliipa. a Landlord J W Raynor Kosab-IU Lai guidi, a sable young widow B Mallory S'.tncy rhi'iips. J< ernes' dauchtnr N \V Gouid Doors open at 7?The Opening Overture will com mence at S o'clock precisely. ap 26? It OKA.ND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT. M Vi ral Ladies an ! G-ntiemen of Washington, weil known t r their "upermr mu ical at UinmenU, wil: give a Concert at ROSE VALE, Near the ISladeruturg Dejot, FRIDAY kVKIIISO, April 37, Conducted hy Mr. WM. MIR5CK. I'rof. SCliEEL will assist in the instrumental lilt From the character nn?l rki'l of the performers we iiespeak for all who attend, a rare musical fenrt. Concert to commence at 8 o'clock, the proc?*ed* >f which are to a:d in the ciecuon of a Baptist Smirch at the Depot. A ltnis-ion 25 cent#. ap 25?St* MAY FESTIVAL AT CARUSrS SALOON. MONS. COCUEU has the honor t?i annonnce to _ hi-1 present an. I forr.n r patrons, liis fnends. and h" public gen-r:>llv. that his Mav Bail will t?e given 11 CARUal'S SALOON, on TUESDAY, May ?. The following Fancy D.inces will be performed: I Miiiu -t dt l.i Cour and Gavot de Vestics, by a muster aad wise J I'artoral Dance, by 2 mi&es !- La Cachuea, hy a miss I iftshiaixt Fhns. hy a mis.-i i B.iiiemia'i Ptlka, by a mi?- nrd master ?. Th' NjmphV Gdrlniid Dance, hy t> min:M 7. A t.rand Fancy Muoaikt, by 1G mi>nes i A Grand Fin ile. A regular set of Cotillons will he dinced by toe scholars, after which the entire floor will be thrown upen to the company pres. lit. Mons.Cocheu confidently trusts that,as the same lull satisiacli-m baa been expressed by his patrons at the end cf this t-eaKou's labor a> at the clwe of the last, and that his Secon l May Festival will ex , 1.1hit tlie same bnlliafct as^mblage, an4 afford th same general pleasure. ap ^3?8t* CHARD EXHIBITION AND KAY BALL, AT THE NATIONAL THE AT HE. I)KOF. II. W. PilUDiCli takes pleasure in annor:neing to the i-ubl e that his Grand 1 xhihition and May Hall will take place at the Xa t. inal Theatre on THURSDAY EVENING, May 3 I. lSaT?. The most extensive pieparation is being made, which will r< nder tins the most magnificent entertainment thai litis ever wen witnessed in this city. The Parqnette will he floored over irom the ? ntiance to the toot of the stage, throwing the en ure Theatre into one immense Ball Room, which wi;l b ? decorated in the n?cst g?.t?i-ous manner. A I'll roue for the Queen oi May and her Maids of Honor will be ?reeled on the back of the stage, orn aiuented wiiii tl-iwers and bauuers, i-urrounded ly ?crees of a Fairyland. The Exhibition in preparation for this occa>ion cannot he ex-elled. eiiher in point of beauty or the mariitrr in which the dances are executed. The foHowir.f is a programme of Dancea: 1. Cnllift ll irnpipe, by 4 masters, 2 El Bolero, by 4 nusaea, 3. La Cacliucha, by 5 misses. 4 Pa# Styrian, hy a miss and ira^Ur, 5 La Smtdenski, by 2 uiisses, (? La Fille du r^avareur, by 3 misacf, 7. Cracovn-nue, by 2 ml ses, 8. Scotch Panee, by 4 Diisses, 9. Stir un Waltz, by 2 ladies and a gentleman, 10. Fiseher's Hi.rupipe, by a master, 11. El Jeleo de J^rrs, hy a mii-a, 12. Grand Shawl Dances, by 24 mis?s; In which is the crowning scene, the grand march, and nvctn$inn upou thi throne, and grand final tableaux. 13. 1 he Flower Dance, by 32 misses, from the ace of 5 years up to 16, a.* introduced bv the wonderful Viennojie Children in this city in IMS. It is compiled of IC arches and 16 circles of R.wes cf every vaiiety and color. This dance pret^ uis one of the most imposing spectacles ever wilimnd on or ofl' of the ctage. The box-.* will he retired tor ladles during the exhibition, alter which the floor will be cleared lor ihe w bole coicpany. Notwithstanduic S/ toniiiinus expense attend irg th'sexhibition, Oie ^rfce of tickets will be as usual, only a?lmlrU/{g 1 eentlemau and ladir*. Private b^ixes may be oblajtied by callinc on Prof. M., at his Sal?<>n. Pa. aveuuc and lltli st., from 4 t i C o'clock p ui. ap 81?nlul I'ultd iiaica Patent Ufflts. > WASUIJIOTCS, A p 11 24, 1(55. \ ONtherctltlcnefLiwisG ErvacKViVT, of A'a btm*, praying for the extension of a pat?rt grnnted to hici oc tbi- 231 of Jaly, 18<1. for an im provement in *'tLe ci\nnerof ton'trncling g fyf k'inuln? cotton." for scTen y. ikrs from th? oxpira tim of said patent, which takes place on the -3d dav o* July, eighteen hundred aud tiily flte : It iaordared, that the said petition be h?ard at th? Patent Otttee on Monday, the rth day of July next, at 12 o'clock, m.,acd all persons are notified to appearand show cause. If any they have, why sa'd petition ought not to he granted. Person* opposing viie extension are required to C* in the Patent Off. >#ttu'ir objections, specially set Ibrlh in wriliag. al lca?t twenty days b?fore the da'fj hearing; all testimony filed by eithet party to be at the said hearing mui-t b? taken and transmi'-t4^ in accordance ?ith theruW of this Olfice, which be furnished on appli?ation. The testimony in ths case will be closed en th* 29 h ?f June; depositions, and other papers reli^l en a-* Testimony, must be fil.-d in the oOlce on or before the toorniug of that day; the arguments, i' any, w:thin ten days thereat!**. Ordered, also, that t^is notice be published In ths Union, Intelllgen~er, and Kmning Star, Wasfciti** ton, l?. Ca Daiiy n?v ub ican, Baltimors, Md; -T#" n'ng Argus Philadelphia, Pa ; aod SelenUfl.' An?t i;an, New York; ones a week lor three suoceasive weeks, prevleua to the ?.h day of July neat, ihe day ot hearing. 8 T. SHUfllKT, Ac !rg Commissioner of Patents. P. 8.?Editors of the above papers will please copy and send their bills to the Patent Ofh<w, Wllh a papi? containing this actio*. spt XO?Th^w

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