Newspaper of Evening Star, April 26, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 26, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR LIZZIIC. bv tbila kail*. sweet Lizzie! I'm thinking new Of the winsome day* of yore, And my heirt grow* taint and sari, That they're gone forever more ; And I think I will ne'r again Indulge in a blissful dp-am, For our fondest hopes are wrecked, However ?o bright they seem. I'm thinkin?, Lizzie,dear, fondly of the ?acrvd pas?, And I -ioem to #??? thee annie As thou didft when I m?*t thee last; And Ui>? love light in thy eyes Beams bright on me no v as ihen, And 1 iaacy 1 hear thv voice? Oh, shall it be never agun ' Dear Lizzie, I'm aitiing alone, in silence, this <]u:et eve, And U>e pal-- and h?dy ?:an Seem to ch:de me that I grieve ; An;fthe,dnw:i bending low, On me shed-* a lundly beam, But I know 011 thy iravo it rest* With a pale and 41.very g!eam. Ant! the brow is damp and Cold That my hps ?? oft have prest; And the turf is growing green On thy still and tranquil br<-ast. I kn< w thou art dead?but yet M, fond ihouzM* turn 10 Ui.e, And memory ever brings Sweet love !05t, thy image to me. And 1 think, p-rcbance, that thoa, In thy spirit home, inay know IJow I turn with a yearning heart To the ctoy-i of loi g ago. Lett darting! I'm thinking now Of the winsome days of yore, And a pang ia within my heart That they're gone forevermore! Mas. Partington.?44 The greatest e* pioit of the war was the charge at Bala klava !" said the young sergeant of th C. G. s, enthusiastically. lie had watch ed &U the campaign, and had sa.n jus -.There the allies had done wrong, an< where, by doing thus and so, they migh have carried Sebastopol. The charge a lialaklava by the "six hundred" was si noble, on paper, that he had wished ti have been there?which was considers heroic, a<? he was three or four thousam miles away from the Fcene of strife. II was talking with Mrs. Partington abou the war, and had gone through it all t the chargc at Bilaklava. 44 What a tri He," said she, tapping her box, as th wood-pocker taps the hollow beech tree 44 to cause a war, and it shows the wick edness and the hard-heartedncss of men 44 Charge for bonny-clabber, indeed "Why, when I was ia the country, ' shouldn't have thought of charging* fo: oceans of it!" Sue sailed as rivulets o sour milk ran through her mind spark ling in the sun of memory like the brigh tin pans upon the dresser. The sergean essayed an explanation under a con sciousne s thai hi:, eloquence had l>eei thrown away, while Ike was engaged ir making a military chapcau out of the las number of the Olive Branch.?i'osfoi Post. d?" The age is getting more and mor nice. 44A rose by any other name woul< smell as sweet," is now rendered as fol lows: "A flower is capable of exertinj the same titilatory iuliueuce under anj and every cognomen." The following i3 a dt tlnition of thi term ,4able lawyer '?one who is ablet* get a living by "his profession, and doe not resort to lobbying contracts or job - bing. {T7"As a proof of the haidness of tin times, there is a man out West who kill only half a pig at the time. i?7*A down-caster is said to have e* trained an oyster, that it follows hin about like a dog. MOVEMENTS OP OCEAN STEAMERS Acne. Lca-t For Data. liLaoU ......New York A-pmwall. ApT. 2 Washington? New York....Bremen*...Apl. 2 North *tar.....,......New Y?rx....Havre Apl 2 Atlantic... _ Liverpool N w York -Apl. 2 America Boston . ...Liverpool. .Apl. 2 Light Niw York....dan Juan..Ai.l 2 A^ia? L.2v?rpuoJ.... Boston Apl. 2 The Cainorma steamers l&ive New York Oi the oth and &*Li et each inouiu. AKKIVALd AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS Browni' Hotel?t- f. k u. isawx. DeWitt C Vaa Xauden, II L Thomas, Ala NY J L, do V M IJalsey, do Mi s J Alston, do 11 I, ha J Flunim< r, Md K Price a luJy, NJ SAi hancel or, Va J I' KioucrUcet, MY T l.'utfi 1 & lady, O W k J French, Md I J Muorw & la Ij, Mo Pr Dyott, Pa 1' G llaruuan, NY VV Dilwonh, u'o J A Suoh, do A liilwortl), do P G c'uu;> on and family, Mr.) A 6a diner, Cl Va Mus M Woodward, NJ G T Jrnes, do Mi j L Dilwortb, Pa II J llud* >n, do L Wilmtr, Bid J L Stsun Katloani ilotsl- a. d. kiluis J A Y erVc.s, Md D A Votts, N1 J S Mornsoh, NY U ll&rnnge, do T Cai.ill, do T VV Smith, Mass J (' J?;?. s, do J NonnanJy, France M H.-h.sMI A Mitchell, Pa C A Han kin ? Ky A Laurence, Pa J S Gibs, n, la D RrbeiUor, Va H P Jones, Navy (3 Crump, Va L F Barnes, Ta B H Kellogg, do W li Harvey, DC J C Smith, M l L'apt J W liall, do J t? S.'.ss n, Va P 11 Drtt' U, Aia Mas do L W C?*?k, NV Jv' v C :? I arn"?, do L H, ardaley, d ? l?r Hc.'WiU Jt la.!y, Ta O Md VVIlltrdi' ilotal?n. a. h. j. c. vmaB. C Warley, SC O 11 tior.iun, Ma*-* M P O'Hem C* ^teilin:, Cat J S N? wberry, do E P },'aiji< rioii ainl lady, NY J E Miller 81 huy, do V Kice a family Mr ha uLury an I family, tt R C R. blt y, Mass J C Jcfemtf.u, M j J Mui.ter, Ya II C Sherman, NJ E J Ham-, I S \ O !i liavis u. I^dy, Mail R W Buirt'Wri, (Ja Mr LitUc &. la-ly. Me F Copt-Ian^ M.t-s M P o'O.nuor and lady, T II Dndse, Nil PPL d?- Mor?'to, Per a J T Guilford, N V P ll^wlmgv-. pa Dr Monii, Md Ullkorood IIO?S?? J. R. & a. K1RKW00D. J Thorn i?, 111 J Nnb^rry. O D tfiiotli, N Y T \? Clout a lady, Va I. U Puck, Co J W P*\Kn. d ? J H Libsnti, O J W Otlir, Mo J M Ci.iliU Ca J li Clark, NY W Clark, Md Mr Odie, do *li? M A WilkOii do VV e Huffman, NY 1 Hotel?r.. c. oirixir, F Kinff, N Y II W Mason, N Y b^il*,la G R |{. b. n-s do H I- rvmmins, V a E S t:arp,.,t'r, Va - K M e' Tlislc. Pa w8. ? ^ \?a J II Scctt Md VV L lupkin.', Md flMilon now., Alexandria, Va. a. hkwiow, raoruiToa. D K Wilmer, Pa P R Hamilton, Ny lion J Vanderbilt a ladv, M 11 buckler, DSN NV J M St aiebn akrr ! J Camper, Va F Lurt'f a lady, do ^ VV Pri5stiiirt.n, do M Imrrnt, do T 11 H.fwt II, dn J R kichird , do T L Blaki-aarr, do Mart b okeni ir*>, do K Summ^rsi.u, du J K Skink*-r, do Maj C 11 llu.'iton, do J Iboner. do VV J Weir, do II A White, do Miss ?\ bite, do E il K-ii? .\ ?ady, Md ... J 1 Md M n I! akemore. Va H?>n W C Rives, do A L Rives, do W C Uives, jr,do Mast Ua\l<>y, do Me-t J balev, do j Wi lis, do J VV James, do Cupt J I iim.-u, do i>I J VV Walerr, do I) C Bruce, M l R P Smith, Va D Trueha>l, jr, do T Martm, do P K Por?|, Mass OPENING SPRING MANTILLAS. 1TT"E bt?? now reviving cur s???ool supply o Tf SPRING MANTILLAS. comprising all tin newest ^iylas anl novelties or tin seisnn, and a such prion to 91111 the time*. All Ladies, therefore, who have not ma?le thcii selections, should avail themselves of this rare op portunity of getting a beautiful g irment at a smal price. 10) new style Parasol* just opened, embracing alJ the desirable colors. COLLEY fc SEAR?, No 5?3 Seventh street, ap 23?5t 3 Joan above Pa. avenue. DENTISTRY. DR. Ml'NjOX respectfully calls public artentior to hid new, patent, and GREATLY . IMPROVED method of setting Artificial Teeth, wish Continuous Hum?the very PERFECTION OF THE ART. ThNstyle of Teei! has th* following advantages over all others, viz GREAT STRENGTH. CLEANLINESS. COM FORT. "nil BEAUTY, viewing with Nature in the? r?>?pects, and some othBr? excelling. Public inspec tion i* respectfuVy M.lieited. Pltiue call and set specimens. CAUTION.?No other Dentin in the District o Columbia his a right to mike tbi? style of Teeth. N. B.?Teeth constitutionally healthy, plugget and warranted for life. Office and house at No. 20 8 E street, near tht comer of Pennsylvania avenue and 14th street. ap 24 ?tf 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 9. 0. FL \BARRE, corner cf Tenih and C sV?, wlw . i? a practical manufacturer in metal, has ei assortment of St I vet plated NUMBERS of variou patterns, lie will make numbers for houses, hgteli pews in Churelic, and for hacks, to suit all ;s and is confident at t!ie low price they will be made that it will suit the purtiia?* r. np 1G?l:a CANAL PACKET LINE TJ POINT ROC'K^ IM'S Canal Packet CONGRESS having beet lhorouzl.1.' repaired, and put i? fi'>t rat? 'SI*. order, will commence mmiing on MONOAY.^g^ the wOili instant, for toe transportation of paB?< n ''-i and lieht freight between Georgetown anilth? abov. named point, on the most pleasing terms. The Boat will leave the wha-fof W. II. Rirter foi the Point of Rooks on every MOND \Y, WEDNES DAY, arvi FRIDAY mornings, at 7 o'clock, and th* Point of RoCas for Georeetown on TUESDAY, THURSDAY,and SATURDAYS, at the same hour stopping at the d.fTn nt landings along rhe line for the reception and landing of pas^eng^rs and fr*igi:t. go:ng and reiuin'rg Parage thr-ugh either way $2, s-horter distance? it the same ra es. That is t-? say, from Georgetown to Great Falls .00 cent*; Seneca 73 cents ; Elward. Ferrv $1.25; Manocscy $1.50. Meals served regularly on board the Boat :l mod eiate rates. JOHN CROMRAUGIT, Proprietor, CHART.ES MERRF.LL, np23?Ina CnptahU FRENCH BOOT MAKER." JACOB WOLFSTEINER, No. Eighth st near Pa. avenue, Is r:ow prepared to a akc th most fashionable French BOOTS. His longexpo rience aad practice in thn branch of thu ?usim..-s in Paris acd New Yon, justify him in filing that hit Boots cannot he excelled in this country. His on hand a lot already male up, to which the partieular attention of gentlemen ar- invited, ap 21?1 w* 1> A M AWAY.- S1? REWARD.?J OHN, V my ii' gro iii&m, aged al?uut years ran away ifoui my farm in Alexandria e .iir.ty. Va., o;: Mm; ii;;v, 15th instant. He st?ors in his walk ; had on :? gray frock cr.a: and gray pants lie has a wife :.t ?ir. A. dayman's, *J;li ??r*-? t, the boundary in Washington. I think ha is lurking abac: there, lie al^ had a bister at Mr. Mar bury'*, in George town. JOHN M. YOUNG, Coai li Maker, Corner o! street and Ta. avenue. np 18?tf WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. CHANGE OF HOURS. ON ard after Muna-iy, the 231 instuUt, the train will Leave Washington at 6 smd a. m . a::ii 3 anil 4* p m < >u Sunday at 6 a m an J 4'^ p tn Leav Baltimore at 4.i? and a m, ari i 3 nrd 5* p in On Sunday a' 4J^ a*id 5% p m. ap23- tf T. II. PARSONS, Agent BYEXPRES3! A GOOD rupp.y of Spring and Summ> r GOODS, comprising our u=ual variety of Umbrella^. Paracols, Canes, Gh.ves, Caps, t^'in-.m-'r Hats, i: various fTyle-, Brace? for Laili.*?' and C? rit-?, S:il and Cotton Ilosi* ry, Undergarnients.^hirU, Collars. \eck Ti'-, Rabes rt ? < hainbr:r, Siix and Lir.ei. 11 !kfs, Port Monnaies, S tz'.rs. S'>ap, Perfumery, a^c , Sic., now being rccttv. d at HI ROE'S, ap24?Iw WillarUs' Ho'.el. IADlKft' 8K1VINO BIR!>S, Scis - r?, j Porte Mnnnai'?, Crotchet N'eedle-, Emorie*, BrareleU, Perfcmerv, P.itnades. Ba?ry's Tricoph. r ous, Lv. nV Kathairon, Bird Cage" and Ne?ts, Wi: I w Basket, Trans;-or<;iil* t Soap in bars, &e. For aals cheap for eaih^ tt LAM MONTI'S, ap 24?3t 7th street. M NEW X11LLIN i KY. IS9 THOMPSON has ju-t received another invoice of those fa hioi.ahle C ape an<l Silk HATS, from New York. ThOte b.li1.-^. who tailed to supply theiimidves at our last opeBii:; are now offered an?ther opp irtuuity, anJ woiihl d ? well to call early and have the first sclec tion*, as we are selling theai efT rapidly. Orders solicited and prouipUv executed. HUTCHINSON a MUNRO, 3 IU Pennsylvania avenue, ap 16?d2nr (Intel e<J}t) CHAHOK FOR BARGAINS. OUR Htock of BOOTS an 1 SIiOE.5 are now 'om pi ie In all it4 branches. ft1 For Ladi?:s we have an en l^ss variety of G. iters, Lution end lace, in in 1 to 2 5) Morocco ?*r.d Lid Slipper-. 75c, wor l^^l . Do Buskins,87X. worth 1 12 For Misses and Chiikren? Black, b.onz*- an ' col red Gaiters, !> :ttnn aiii lac? Morocco and kid Bo"t?, bronze and colored Biaek, bronze an 1 white morocbo and Kid Slipper1 Shanghai Boots, thick ar.d thin scl?s Fot Genu our ?t< ck cannr.t be surpassed in this eity. Patent Leather and Clotli Glisters, a supeiioi aniclt; Oxford, Mont< reys, Hosdutii Patent Lenher aii,J ralf, sewed and pegged Buy?' and Youtiu' clotli and patent Icathi r Button Gait.-rs Walking and dancing Pumps, a superior article Calf and pui' r.t leaih- r < Ixford 'lie-- antl strap Shoes Call and examine r:ur ttock for we ared? ieri..iiieu to sell fur small profits, imi realize quick rales, letn't lose time but call early. Diiu't forget tiie store. A. HOOVER 6t SON, S. side l a av , nearly opp. Browns' Hotel, ap 21?tofit '41HIS I< TO CIVIC NOTICE that the i su?.-t< i.!?*?? fcaih obtained trom tiie O plmi'a Court of Wasbingtoi: eoumy, in the H.-trict of (J ? lauibia, letters of udniini.<uaii,>n on the personal es Ule of Win. Gibson, late of WasiuugUu ^ouuty, Je ceased. All persons having claims cg&ia.t tne tail (LiCi?ased, arc hereby warned to exhibit the same, witli the vouchers tiiereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 31st day e.f April next; they may other wist by law be excluded fr< m all benefit of the s.nd estate. Given unltr my hand tins 214 day of April, 1155. her CATHARINE X GIBSON, mark. ap 23 - l?w5w Administratrix. C1&KU1AGK8 &. II AI?N KSS For Sale? / The sut?ser;ber ha?. on private ?ale? 1 six s< at F iun y Cauiagf; 1 Doctor's I'bctun 1 si t Double llarne.-a 1 fit Su g!e Harness Both Carriages were built to order, arc tlior' ugh ly well made, and hut hule u-ti. Pnces low and ti-?ms favoi iblc. JAP. t;. McGUIRE, Auctioneer and Commission Merchant, ep 23? e<j<>t BLACK TKA.? I HAVE ju t received an?tle r Lot of that ?ri2Tpi ujn iior, unnvalled Hack TEA, ; (j p?>r fiound ?rq. U Sjieeial attention of nousekf'p Trift??|, ,s anij a|j w|Jti vvi-bto indulge in delicious cup ot Tea respect fully called io this article, to be had only of KING, 363 tomcr V? raient ave. and I street, ap 17-Ttf CHILBRKK?3 FANCY STRAW IIATS.?Just opened m la g;:, new. <uid beauti ful as.-ortnient of Children's Stiaw Hats, (Japs, and .Missis' Flr.ts, Ladies'i traw ridimj Hats, of b auti ful pattern-, at BUTT ^ HOPKINS'S Clsaup Hat, Cap, and Gentlemen's Furnishing Store, corner ol fttli str?et a id Pcnna. avenue,between Browns' ami Nationa! Hotels. _ _ ap 21 - coJw NO riCF,? !ii"t received a fetv rnor? cR^es ol those splendid M de-kia IIA J S, which I rs^ otftr at %3 50. eiiiinl o nny in the city. I also I J have a?p!tii'iid French Hat, whi; h I sellmuchdfiQ b?d<>w the hsuhI price. The cash lystem, togethei wnii siuall eipmses, enable me to ?fo this. I hav? a f?w magnifirent wo ?;e,j ShIRTH, to which 1 call th^ attention of iiie . aoies. Th? y arc sentfrom New Yoik, to be s*jld very low. ANTHONY, Columbia Place, Seventh street, second uoor north of Penna avenue, ap 21? ?i>3l NOTICE OF REMOVAL. New furwiture store,?roth well fc BROWN ha** removed their House Funrsb ingftore to the large and handsotus building on 7th stieet, next to Odd Fellows' Hall, where we have for pale a largn and varied a sortmcnlof elegaat pal lor, chamber and Cottage Furniture. Also, Carpeting*, Oilcloth, Door Mats Gins* and China Warp, Clocks hi variety Wooden Ware, Basket War*, Velocipedes Children's Carriages, Rocking dorse* Mattresses of hair, cotton and shuck Office Tables, Desks, Chairs, Stc. japanned Tin Ware nnd|H.iilung Apparatm They will keep constantly for sale a full assort rnent of house furnishing Goods, and will geli on the tnngt favorable tetm*. ap 6?e-tlm NEW GOODS?SPRING STYLES, &c. WE have just returned from New York with a lar^e arid varied assortment of new styles Fancy ami Staple GOODS, which we shall continue from day to day to exhibit and dispase of at prices to mi it the times. We have now in store the largest assortment it; this city of Ka*k?t*, Canes, Perfumeiy, Brushes, Combs, Shaving Utensil*, f.mcv and s;apie Station ery, l'ans. Scisso s, Knives, Hird Cages, Piano?. Guitars, Accordeons, Flutes, Tamborines, Itaiiar String.-?, Bows, Boxej, Romii, 1'tg*, Fiona Cover an i Htooi*. Sic., kr. No trouble to exhibit our Good', it matters hut little whether you buy or not, only give us a friendly call. JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Pcnna. avenue, near Tenth street. ap2I???' FISHING TACKLE. LIMERICK, Virginia, Kirby, Yankee Doodle and Gravitation Fi-h Hooks Si'k Sea Grass, Linen, and Cotton Lines Joir.fd Rods at all pri :es, I'roui #L tj 56 each Also, Bamboo and H'-ed Rodj Artificial Hies, grasshoppers and fi^-h Sinkers of every description. Silk wo-m Gut. Landing "Vcta, an I everything in tlie Fishing Tackle line ior sale at reduced prices. E K LUN'DY, No. IS 8 Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C. ap 20?tf NOTICE.?O. & A. RAILROAD?" _ *#?*** The splendid Steamer GEORGE ?H&w'?jfc.?.PA(iK will leave her slip, foot of Sever,th street, daily, at 6 o'c lock a. m, for Gur donsvillc, Charlottesville and Staunton. Breakfast on board the boat This boat, by travelers, is called the Floating Pal ace. E. A. RYT11ER, Captain, ap17 9w* fcl OWF.N A ROW, MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILOKS, No. 212 Pennsylvania Avenue, WOULD respectfully call the attention of tliek friends and the pubi c generally to their new s?ock ot Goot.s ju?t received from New York and now on ? xhibition?coii-istins of CLOTHS, CAS SIMEKES an.I VESTINGS. together with a, full a.-)- rt'Uetit of gentlemen H furnishing ar t:c'-.S. R Th-y would remark thatthe selection waa< principally by the juuior partner of the firm. N. B.?They hnv; a new style of Gloves, s .me t?:inz sup rior, called the "JOSEPHINE LID,"' to v.hich tiiev invite particular attention. apC?eo3w (Int&TJnion) MANTILLAS. this morning a choi.o assortment of > f black and colors d c-;.k aa.i Lace Manliii;.^', to which we r^'pcct'ully invite the attention of the ladies. f LAULTT, NEWTON, M\Y & CO. ap 23 - Gi QAj 1 r?KI3I3 W UIT3 OUi; MERCER POTATOES 500 bush extra I'cacli Blow do. li 0 hi)!*. superior Apples Just received p-r brig Ann E'i/nbct"i r.r.t! for sale by N. It. HARTLEY, No. Ill Water street, Georgetown, ap 20?lw WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. Office Washington Aq EDrcT, ) Wa hmgton, Mcrch 7, ISC-5. J PROPOSALS arc invi ed for traiuition, stone and brick maaonr*, dam-, tunnels, and ouier works of the Washington A'piednct. Proposals received up to the ?th of .May w:ll be opined at noon of that day. Map*, profile**, am! specifications of the work will b.? ready tor examination on ;;nd alter the -0th day >d April next. Proposals will be received ! r the work of particu lar culverts, bridges, fce., ns described in tie- plaim and specifications. Portions only oi so- e of ihu works can be com pleted under the prea i.t appro| riaticn, hut id! tb contracts for unlimited wurft wid bo subject t:> fu ture appropriation* by Congress. The Engineer re ?icrves the nalil to {wer-cribe 'lit ?::; ot work to be dtm? and rate of progr-ss under s-'ich contract tor caeh appropriation, ai d, in citre uf the appro priation not hobtnig out -ufi ? ??utiy. to (!:? ; ?? when and whit works &util b>: tt. ppeil uLtii iuacL betcme In ca e of the entire stoppage of any particular w.rk f..rwar.tot Itmds. tne rest, ved tun p? r cmt. vviil be p'wj, :f, in Ui^ j;i I'meniof the Engtriccr, tile work h?s Ujeu prr?per?y cj'jc'/.ed so far ks It ha. goae. Faymen's will be rand-: In specie cheeks (i;.r,ntiir Unitcil States T<casury upon J**, monihiy (^vmates of the Eogir.cer, reserving lo per cent.; aod it wiil be a coiidiUoit of all contracts that the worlrmen shall be pail their lull> monthly and in specie. All bids kh uld be -taleJ and endorsed '? i'ropo ral " for work en the Washington Aqueduct." '1'he United States reserves tiit ri^ii 11: ruject any ?ir ail tho buls rhou'd they not be deemed adve.n t i- !oi?s, and to ,-r^ke such arrangements a? o ay be cou>ldered most comiiKivo to Use progress ot Uic work. E?*;ry oITer n;u >t be accor.piniti i / a ur'ten guarantee, signed by on.; or m-re r^sy-ciiKib'n per ~ uj, to tile efT. ct he or ii y uriderta^e t? ai th? bidder or bidders will, if his or their fcni beacc-pt? c! ? nter into an oiiiigation, within ten riay?, with goo-.t ind sufficient s'.ir> tie?. (or the completion ot th- wo;k undertaken; said guarantee ?o tie accompanied by ?He certificate of the L'nited cstai;i3 disuict ju:lc.; United States ilistiict attorney, navy ngf-nt, or M>nr officer of the General Govcrniu-ut or in 'iiridual kaown to tne Ensinecr or Deparusi nt ot War, t! t ie cuannttirs are uble to make grKhl tlo-ir guarantee. Birls will b-i opened in presence of bidders if any of them choooe to be prc&eiit. Form of a,tin. iV> r'apt. M C Meigs, (J. S. Bn^sein : We, the undersigiit d, r< A leats oi . i,i the r<tnte of , hereby, jointly and cove r:ant with the United states aud guaranty, in case me foregoing bid of b.? accepted, that hi:or tiiev will, within ten da. s a:ter t^ie accepunce of said bid, execute a contract for tLj *aaie, ?vitli stood and 6umcieut sur< ties, to nerfoim lite work or furnish thu articles propo^ d, in conforaiity to the term 1 of the advert! cinent under w:iich it was made ; and, incase the s-:tid should !'aii to ' titer 111*0 contra." aa aforesaid, ui' :;uara:.ty to make ?0 >d the difference between the otter by the s iid and the next lowest biiidcr. A. IL C D. I hereby cerlify that, to the be. t of my knowledge ind belie:, the aluve n^ii'.ed s^'TWitoti are ?o d and sulficiei.t. E. F. H. C. MEIGS, ("aptaiu ol Eaginoers in Charge, mar 7? eoiMayKScwtf Proposals for buildizig Light House on "Sat ca foct Kaoli," raoutli cf Patapscj Liver, Maryland. TREASURY DEPARTMENT, CmcK or Ltc.ttT Hops* Board, Washington, D. C. ii.i.r< h v!7, ISoS. PROPOSALS will be rcceivcd until the a&tLcf April next, (on which duy the bids wi!i be open"dI for furnishing the materials, (of wrought and a^t iron) And bunding a light-hou.-e. upon screw pile foundations, on "Seven fool Knoll," ?t the mouth of Patapsco river, Md-, by lhe30iii ofD. cem b< r next. Detailed drawings of the plan of the light house can be seen at tins ofhee (No. (57 Winder's Build ing.) Should any he! be accepted, a contract will be ex ecuted at oncc. No payment will he made unt.l the whole work is completed; and before it is received it must be ap proved by the agent of tiir? Government appointed to fuperintenri the work?said aj?"nt liaviii^ power to re,eel all mattriais and wcrk't anstjp not in accord With the terms ofthe contract. The riuht is reserved to reject any ard all bids that may not be deemed advantageous to the public interest. AH bids should be scaled and addressed to the un dersigned, eni!o.-scd "Proposals for Seven-foot Knoll Light House " . EDMD. L. F I1ARDCASTLE, mar20?eolin Engineer Sf-cretary. [No. 533.] Notice of the. ritabhsh m vt of the oRca of Purveyor (jfufral of public latuis j'or Ith? T'rtitory of Utah. IN virtue of the authority contained in the act ap proved Febrt?ry 21, 1856, entitled "A11 act to establish the office cf surveyor general of Utah, ami to grant land for school and univciai^y purpura," the President ofthe United States has directed that the office of surveyor general of said Territory be located at Great Sa t Lake City uniil tlhervtUe or dered. Given und^r my hand, at the City of Washington th s twenty fourtn day of March, anno Domini 1^55 JOHN WILSON, Commissioner of General Land Otfice. mar 29?'iawtiw ORGANS FOR SALE. A SUPERIOR toned CHAPEL ORGAN; and a fine Rosewood PARLOR ORGAN, both now on exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechanic*' Fair. They ar^ from the manufactory of HENRY ERBEN of New York. For terms, kc., apply to Prof. SCHEF.L, 011 14th ?treet, north of F. HENRY ERUEN. leb 96 -eoU 4 TRXAfvny DrrAP-furuT. March ??. lAnfi. Notice i? hereby riven tothr hoidtmof btock of the United State* descrit>ed In the fol owlnp notice of 34 January Ian. that forth# pur poea of completing the purchase r?f the amount therein named, this depart sent will contniu? to purchase, upon the terms of said notice, to th? ex tent of the leeidue of th?? *um proposed not y?*t ob tained?say $1,1.Sfl,585 05, If fatd Mocks are offorcd and received here prior to the first day of June next: Truscrv I?tr*RTMEiT, January I?55. Notice ia hereby given to the holder* of the fol lowing described stocks of the United State?, that this department is prepared to purchase, at any tim?* between tl:e date hereof and the 1st day of March next, portion? of thise stoc'.s, amounting in the a^ sjre^ate to $1,900,000, in the manner and on the let ms hereinafter mentioned, to wit: In case of any contingent competition, within the amount plated, preference will !><? e ven :n the nrrter of time in which said stocks may be oflerr-d. The certificates, duly assigned to the United States by the parties who are to receive the imount inen-of, must be transrr ilted to this departm-nt; upon the receipt whereof, a priee will be paid compounded of the following oar titulars: 1. The par value, or amount specified in each cer tificate. 2. A premium on the stock of thcloan authoriz d r>y the set of July, 184*1, redeemable November 12, IS5i?. of2Jf percent.; on tile stock of thr loan au tliorizH by the act of 1842, redeemable 3ict Decem ber, 10G2, of 10 per cent.; on the slock of the loans authorized by the acts of 1847 and 1848, a id redeem able, the former mi tiu Jist DectmVr, 1867, ant! the iatteron the SOtli June, 1868, of 16 per cent ; and on the stock of ihc loan authorized l>y the act of 16.30, and redeemable on the 31st of December, 1864,(commonly called the Teian indemnity,) 6 per cent. 3. Interest on the par of each certificate from the 1st of January, 1855, to the date of receipt and set ilemrnt at the Treasury, with the (lor the money to reach the owner) of on? day's interest in addition. Payment for said stocks wiH be made in drafts of the Treasurer of the United States, on the a-?isinnt n-amrer at Boston, New Yo:k, Philadelphia, as the parties ?ray direct. But toccriiilcatc w ill he entitled to the benefit of this notice which shall not be actually received at the Treasury on or before the ?aid Is; day of March next. JAMES GUTHRIE, marfi?dtlunel Secretary of the Treasury. REV. JOHN LANAHAN, PASTOR OP THE EXETER STREET, M. E. CHURCH.?A stiong desire to benefit the afflicted indnrcs h ni thus to ctr if/. VVe chal ?nge my other nn-iliriiio to present such a snass of testimony from gentlemen and ladies of high standing of our own wf.l-known citizens, who testify of cures of COUGH, RRON LU1TIS, RHEUMATISM. DYSPEPSIA, fcc. Baltimore, January 24th, 1855. Mesir*. Mortimrr if Mowbray: 1 take pleasure in sating to you that I have used >'?ur ''Hampton's Tincture" with very great profit. From a seuoiistoroat affecti-nr; my general health Lad become very much impaired, when I eorn .n;need to use '* Ilampnn's Tincture." I fou-id it* effects upo.i my geneml health most salutary.? VIy n. rvous -yrf ni nnd digebtive organs soon right ed up under its use. I have several time? recommenced it to my fri?n.N, and in every esse, as ,':tr I have been in formed, they have use it with oucceus. Yours truly, Jonv*!f,Pa?tor Of Exeter st, M. E. Church, Baltimore. BLEEDING OF THE LUXC3. Fvi-rrriH. N. C., Feb 8, ltJ55. M'.ns. Mortimer if MGu/'srayi I do here, y certify that about twelve months a^o I w is takm with afevre hemorrhage of the Lungs and had four attacks of it I was advised to try l)r. tlampinnV Vegetable Tincturi! 1 procured our botUe, ft:.d after taking which, I was sMttslied Hint I was much be't- r; and that, taking ilie fourth bottle, 1 w:u entirely and now I enjoy as goou itoallh as ever 1 did in my life. I c^n, and do. with out liie least hesitation. recommend the Tincture to all person* aiBicted in my way. Youth, " Geo. YV. Wiakmt. CITE FITS?READ! More to the Skk than Cold.?From or.e ol the most re ipectaMe Dru?^ists in South Carolina. Charleston, S. C. Sept. 21, 1H53. Messrs. Mort;ver ?i Mowerat:?The -ale *f your Hampton's Vegetable Tincture is increasing every day, and every bottle sold recommends tins vaiaa'Je medicine to the afflicted. Several of iur planters tried it in ? ;F? remises with aston ishing success, and are getting itT7y halt'dozens. It has been lound to be the ?r? a:?.st rem1 dy for rheu matic afectioi;?, and a wonderful cue has been performed <>n a m-gro Lov, *t2flVrinc from Fits. I will furnish you with a number of certificates if you wL.h th-TTi I c.::i, gentlemen, yours, W. G. Tr?tt. ("all arid ???' iKMitpMets Kf'st!s and s< e cur? s of L'ousli, Bronchitis, Sh<:'juia!i?m, N uralj'.a, Dys i?:ps:a, Nervoujnea? and General VVrakneiix. As a r^ nale iii?-'?;r?= >..- or fur de.Ijcata c.^i!dren we believe h un> qualie-.l. S?.ld by M'?RTIMER & MOWBItAY, HO B illi aiore street, L<:tliiiin>re. and L?)4 Broadway, M. York ST iTT t. t.'o , J. B. MOORR, M. 11. Ci ?SKS; i i.arxr x IV,wli:-.u, W. Elliot, and II. Mi i'likti s..r, \Vashingt:>n; also, by R. S. F. Ci-sf.i . Georre town ; and C. C. Berrt, Alexandria, an<i by Dm* gist> everywhere. feb 21?tr Fiiviito Medical rwatioB Q3 Tz:? PBT8ioL0aiCAL Vlfi V OJ -rAiiB.I.4S3, R ?2. a. L& CRCIX. 21. D? A7.BA27Y, N F acd 1?*0 >i .? fan hu I Coh'red Liio grap' s and *?- Pr'cs ?a!y *5 Casta. td^Scnt frt* ii pOctR^e to 1 p?r: & of th* Unir n* ?% ClIS^PiiST i:?'X)K Efra FTP I.LsUEr. snd coutehaiiig -jarts ?^r!y d ub\; the qoanii'y o! r->? r-a^lc< ?.??i?tVr 5a t??kt of th? L\\ri i CtNT3 OU DOLLAR PCBLXb?T!OrS. ' It trwiro <;ti tiie PITYS10WV | OY OF MAltlilAGX, Rtu the [ cecr.-'t itfirmifJesani c-Licrd-^s of ycuth ar.1 maturity, r; I sultiiig crciit S2t*<.r*9, viilch - tal Tc.xer*. wi'h ol>6<>rv?tV-riC .m ~urr'^?e, It* duSc feit-l diaquu!ifii.i?tio!i.i. aa4 Jixbii- rsas-Jl^j; vith li c^cfr^pL.-, iliuatratic^ tht *n> ymv iii.d phytlcJsgT, ?.ud dise'tii.5 of tb? r<pr' 1'iotive orra>.^ of ixitli t. th ijr structuM- a?p i-'-'i ta"ot: .uz. A ^...1 eom^Tjtec:jr? fc?*?4 )??? '.ho du'lc-K ?.?. * le-r.. f alagle it?.r :i-l l.i'.:?htpj.y iixJ ?:cttttil a!,: '?.vj, mode r I p?. :.;ring tttu i -^1. tl.rii 3^Vl':iiOU M.J I>>'J?CV?-'i -'iT'.-. .'t^llt Li'iu tv tfc'>r Xi.'t?u;':?ib.g tCfc.. vin ove*?-ff,? cb Jrati-jac i 5t; ua'"., fchou':<I takj thin ka p:iuut 3>p w'-i: u; cc^al.iu^ io fdj<9? y-.ii3CoatE.-1u o ? f.e j.vwii-piit'i ucitarnt it Ijrar.ies tr"* Ik.LUCj to f ;.! s,-.*, tach ci=? H'r?.pb iwki'.y UluHt~.~a.ti-i by bt.uuiUal iKiiOgri^Lls aerrcifl lability, its m*u*i eurc, Ly i-yitsaw v OLij' :?o nm^ie, *%ic at l clLc. i.J, ihaL l:ulu:4 is iiapof.iih ^?rr'. -s fcr dil'r :\*ea:eat??a 3ii ;!p ?Mtiri.tlfiud on a iaJier, tii<i rn-rf i-acccttfal *_:iode or u-ji ?^r? :?alionav? thr ?v;t? frcm tv:pn i aal pn.itics?r.n resay on all cin^ta ariaitg frctn iiidlj"tc iCii, ih pis.a cud r Jr..* by wluab i?i C'J-i , ?10 . Vik U.Lii'jui J>?~" reiaediw tar tii ?? InsifiUi* rilfif risii nud poin:6d h".nnfl uuA?rt.miii'-i; prCTaunt la tic yrr??j?. It ta a t.^tiifjl t h iizi io the ta^rrird e"d B?o? ua^i'Uga. iid i U par tit-uUriy .aaoaiaeiidaj u> ?>t;'4saa ?ufcuUialag w jret doubta <>f thair r.?yEie?I coaditi^a, iti uriio tre acoiLloaa c! ta?Ioj hh-ifciAid ui* nouitu, nbj p-.nvsz ?nd priTil%es to wLich ev? y Lam ad ktiug ia tx kit led U>. Prio? 25 :e2t3 p;r ccpy, or ?t? topics for ore del. 'sr. $?:>>,jl fre? ci so*Ugs to nay pari of tba Dai tC-1 Sticvi:. N. B.?XIiom * pre"-.r ary counUFr LiTsx-a npea ai y cf thodlPaacea upon whinh his t.:'i trtuti cither .ei.ioanlly cr by mall, ll^ulriur teat to t>ny ^trt of t'us Uiiloa Ee^rdin^ u> d.'rdcticnr, eaftl) i-Ecfc?d An-! ejttelail.T sorurfd >ji chMiT^tica. A llr^ s Ui hi. u. l.A olU.'ir , til Maiden Eaa; t>r Post Odes Box C*7 9, Albany. W. Y. *|j- Otce c;-?-u d dly frcra & a ai ta 3 p c, and db Sunday trora A until 6 p in. Jtt* OOtcb from L'o. to BraTcr et, to SI JHaidaia Li?M?, AlUny, N. Y. dec 7 MUS, STOWS'8 WiCW Bt'UK ? The Mayfliwer nnd Miscellaneous VVritiags. by Harriet Beecber Stowe. i2 mo; 9 95 Philosophy of Sec;ari?nisui, or a view of the Chris tian Seetsia thj United States, by the Rev. A. Biaikie illuminated I'icrure Seward Crrds, Daily Bible Texts, and Sacred Melodies for the young Trac'.s, by the fiev. \V. K. Twreuie, D D. GRAY & B\EI. \\TVNE, a p HI 4 0 W Seventh street, s FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. MATjL BUILDING Lors of 10 fn$t ar norr. it O v^rl'-u* owns 01 tr? 01 *y, a?afg*to9a, v lew prloea, and terms to ..ait. LLOYD k CO. BUII.P1KG CTOffiK. ?or sale, deliverable at tue Canal, or Whirr en h Washliigion, Quargctown, or Alexandria. lloyi> a ca 16th Btraet, opp. Tr^aaary Dep?rtmeaL It ff-lr R. U. GILLKt" Co tin cello? at Ltw, Ofioe wnd rvftiaoso ia Iranilin Row, cornsr of K End Thirteenth street. U8?J6m J DIFFERENTIAE A\D INTEGRAL CALCU ? lus, by fid H. Courtney, lut? Piclw^or ia ih? Cfiiverrity of Virginia Loomls's Practical A-tronomv *P2? FRANCK TAYLOR. fl^KI COLORED SKETCHES IN PARIS X Inventor's Guide, by J. C. Moore. ?P*> FttANCK TAYLOB. DOCTOR HOOFI.AND'S CELEBRATED ?ennan Differs, rVCPARKO BT OR. C. X. JACKSON, Phihul'a., P?.f W1I>I< ETrBCTDALLT CURB LIFER COMPLAIM, DYSPEPSIA, JAUNDICE, Chronic or Wervoua Debility, Di?ta?^e of Kidney?, and all di*ea?e$ arising frow% a" ^ trdered Liver or Stomach, Such hs Constipation. Inward riles, FuHn-**, or Blood to tin ilt ad, Acidity of the Stomach, Nau sea, Heartburn. I lis-ir?; >r for food? Fullness or w? itfht in the Stomai ii, Hour Krartatiooa, Son* in a or Flutt prion M the l*it of the SUinMcti, 8wuu nnnj; of the Head, Hurried and difficult Breathing, Plurterng at the Heart, Choking or Suffocating t?en?auons when in a Iviajj Posture, Munnr** ot Vision, I>?t* of Vt'dn before the Sight, Fev*r and Hull Pain ;n the Heart, Deficiency of Perspiration, Voiicvnifsi of the Skin and Eyes, Pain in the aide, Hack, CTje?t, Limb*, *c., du.ld*-n Flushes oi Heat Burning in t i?e Flesh, Constant linirn T,ntf^.' an^ depression of SniriU. proprietor, in crlling tfte attention of the ? ,0.l? preparation, dne= so with a tV 1 sif of the utmost confidence in its virtues and adatv It * V ' diseas.* for which it is recommended. - . !k .n1W *nd ,,ntried but one that the tost ot a ten yearn' before liie Amen EC". "^nation and sale 19 unrivalled bv any similar prepaiations extant. T!ie t^imvuv in iu favor civ? by the most prominent and well' k'Mwn Physicians aid individuals, in all parts oi 'he country u immense. The following from \ortl ? at' lina is respectfully nibntt-d, referrit a an\ who may still doubt, to mv "Memorabilia "or Prac tical Receipt Boo* lor Farmer* ami Families, to U had gratis, of ad me Agents tor the G? tman Bitten nsasstfsr -4 M" ??? *<*?; TESTIMONY FROM north CAROLINA. Certificate of Dr. IV. Smith, nf Pme HiU Ru^k mond County, N. C. n. r- w . P"\" March 4th, 18.VI. IJ*. C. M. Jacksom, I hilad.lphia?bear Sir: i w.h^,n. ? Sl|bj,:ct ut Dy? pepsia, in its worst f ro, m , u> 1 V ars" Suc'* W "ls my condition fo* .Wtive months th; t liie physicians and all v\ lio fin ine sa^l I mu?t <;if. While in this condition, I wan ^rled to the^watering place* irl, iVnnes see and North Carolina, but was not benefited In any water to wnich I was taken. While on m\ i SF*' SlvP,'CK a wwk al ft^therfor iton, filial village in North Carolina, to try the efT.-ct ol iT?^r th y?al? Val,ir that p,ace' Aboul th' I went into a dn.t? store to ?e; aome medicine for my child and myeeif. Then wer?^evvral of the village physicians in the store. n'n!! l?'m STn,td t0 tak,i FOtne Ml ,nv OOJ*. and, after xskmn me questions, .said hi f0,^ re",.a -VSIM'Pr C\Ri,<J had l" *} Cr"?t'y I" tie ",T ' Hooflin^s German liit i ; lPn r,J biVy, V' A, (i hp ins?rt?l ;hat I wool. try the B:tt .n lie al. o called the n? it i|.it at m^ room, and irwi-te.1 fo much that I would tr'v ihen'i I s^ke.l Irm to jei nie one bottle. 1> di I r i and I commenced taking it a- directed, as.! i do 1 I wa< more benefitted by it Uiin ail Ui-j water an' meihctne i had ever taken. Ait. r reaciiin? home ore of mv neighbors came to me for a prescription and medmin-, (he ad;spep uc,) -ill cavt hi:n nearly al! the B.tters | had lef wnch eflected mu -h goo<l m hit? case. He h;u- oftet called on me |<<r more of the Fame 5? r.d of uie^i cine, saying he was usor.j henehir.'d hv it than arv oilier .:e had tai..?ii, but I har<? not l>? en uiilc to p.i a .y mere for 'ii;u or myself s:;. j the-? ZV: pI|^" "liii* ?,,c a i] '7'n or mote aa?Was n U iiV^'Jnn V'?Ur .' W- SM1TU. r%'", r j! ,'^.p ' a Wate To.. \ C 1 it. i4. lo5J, ?ays:?' l!a". iti^ ei(.-yr? ac?<l verv great benefit fr:.:.i the U ?||.H<dand> Crrm- ? r^:.^CV! r ^.r"!"rc ,>Jr8C,i'; ^ functional dc . ?- ^ -'"fthc Liver, and i;s coneonntant eviN 1 am das:roU3 of obtaining a Quantity of it for t.u benefit of ,?y community. Vou will, U.ertfor please send a lot. t> r. 8to. CEKl'tFlCATC OI' WM. J. ATWOQD HrHTiViLia, V \ vii.n Co , N. c , Vov. :-i.>S3. lir. C. M. Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow m ? to ex prc? to y?u,ay sincere thnnkr for j?;.r di: coven i. a medicine vrhiCM. to say th? least of it, ha. et tect d a curt thut all other medicines, t!n.t I l?;iv. aken. have entirely faded to do. ti u r? G? r ruan Bitters" %ur.d me of tlia most stuuboi and a^gravati J case ul riLn Hut, -rhnj-.s, ?ver Ml to the lot U maa My ea- is not a nn ? - ti.w eommunity, aa I nm %?"e|| knowo in 1; m r <i t'. Airrr.unding counties, and can truly ??v tl;at n v r> rov. ry hae astounde-1 all my friends and re!a;; :i> as 1 in,! tru d everything recominende<l. and iich-i* lid me any g^nl until I was pr^v^ied Up-,n to trv he Biiters. Yoii are at hnerty to r?as?? anyueco; .lu?, for the hi ncfit of the atfl rt ?i vou may think pro^-r. Truly vonr?. ' WM. j. AT WOOD. TIjps-- !.;r r.'e rnhre/rr t!, yinvigorat cao benT^Iv" re ?>?>?'?. ?wer pr...-irate it, an.: ca.i b- for ..H ints as well as adui* < l^?r sbv r.-spcctaWc dewier? cverv'w V-re rn ? y 7. !>. w*-;...;g!o.i; j. 1,. kidw&li maM-U aiKl ? P1EUPONT. Alexandria. OAHTKRS SPANfSH MIXTURE *>? a.-ett i>.rlC?r of tl\* P'oodr 35ot a Tariide o/ Uexcarj In I; An iK.uuaj ior Bfceac^!!"!, Cu^ac.o- Eru&U.. ' Pt:n??*3ogi>u tul^ on Cr* BJotcW ?. it. C*?rc'DK 8ore Fy?, air^t Wcrm ->r T?tl^r, 3.*a,* Ueoi, neu?- ?n l P*in of th# Br>*?s *? j rrl* *?T?rair*,"' e-TptiUtIc BIwfcn. i.nawtiro Ppiail Cc.mpla-Lt#. ^ni ail the die^? an-drg fr' ra ;;n !?J?uii?k.u<i of tuT. Iu prud*na' in 1 ift, or Iuipuiity oi tte i;'^od. yniavalaaM.M-dirtpiswhleJj hs* o-le. t/ 'Stra 'iii;tiary curea -fc.wd ia*.'?u^h iv8 agency, htG tht Lr^t)"* nc.--,: at tbe -;.rg- at r -n^' of 'b*ir frifnls, ,0. ffi-, It ^ the puoPc, V h'/jh they do with the utnoet rjt 'SL- " J?.'48 jl'-u'saad Tondiirfttl eur.t's- r ror, ^rtl e l_e (-rtli^a:- trom e Artc? onaUr, arJ; hox?vcr, etrcn^f t atioc-n '...a were word ef; >? prcprn tor;; md a* r.*?lvm?n Wiii hao?n iu tb-ir ioeaiitw?4, &L '/"* reepectaoility. raany cl tL m die. a lite city ot tt:ci.nio~d, V*. s FJ y I- ^ tho IIxrhano-? Hotrl, V'.ob i^-..a, Hr.oWu ercry?t>eh nasccea'ue Med. an? Caeil.'s S?xa:sB a ?a!ufeterw< ?4c**r in cwI^ 1111 lh? disM.^ ^rtv.ahjt rsecmtaaoJed, -sUr thr? ^0*1 id ten v ';-'u V ^ ?3* " " tts *a?st ex -X-22c-2-t'jic3 he has *v^r ^^'p. 1C,I'B AND PKVaR?GttKAT CURE.?Iber?bv rn Wr xorei years I had A;rue e-^d V ?* tf th. m-t vl knt^riptic.. I ^fu rfcT i?1' V*k cf Qii one, >:e.c.i y ind I beLave ail the r< a!ca adreiti^d, but til ?i*h >uc p^aauan'. raiU'f. At U.,t 1 tviei C ?;rt:..ji kiiX.cre, t? j bc.iti?i? c:" xrh'oh r3~c+ci>\ iv.'.T: ^7"J.1***&s 1 ;^ru. r -71" V; . * ^aiavrii ;ht! be*t Told. " \"J. ^ only c-r.J|j-c? tbat <rct y^eamvee^. JoaM LOAUDLt; Bsivxii Lutch, tear RLhcoud. Va. C. B. LVCX, ir.-j city of li" -h^ona ??in ice t ost L'ftlcg h e b. fCMltDK! lu tui axtaaiihin^ ?tJ^cy of uLt^ tpvaishaiutucw that hs hasLouzh^ *1 >-n!ieB, vvhir.h h* hie" jlv83 away 10 ;h?. ?ui "!f" **l* bl! ueTHr i-uoaa it to tail a# .a uiioiriag to direct'e.ns. 6 'UT ?'brlc:r.=, ir.i Granny 1 i.w ft jlfc*. ?4 tha city or ktchiteud W, tau la * cfiJuSLffeSS, o' 5S2 e?^!h iilxta"-vbiih urtrWag. He ea7d :a a of Coatuiactu n eoa?at on the Lavar, th- good ^ of the fira cf Ciinker 4 n/ fw111 ' * :i" C' ??"d Of U?er C< Ct ^.iLic of thrtH rorro stand^j, fcy tha use oi nrv xtu?i of Carter111 Bpaai^ SCiiW'ULA Wfton, ot te Ksctaivnd Bep^bliarfi h?d 0 sairect emalov^ ia their rccra cured cr vvoleat ? rofu^ rvu biued^A.^ Rheastiileo, whiuh tatirrly d'iableo ulm frcia wori. Two bnUc, of Carter's ? ^ Mixture nadtf a pc.-fuct cure cf hiia, uad taTi Li -ch'satfally tttm 5.?blilL-'fc"Wli0*ra4?Uctd4 wIti ^J^eareol 8I1LL AN07HVR uCTRa OF ECHOFlU 1., j ULT RHEUM 07 TWENTY YEARS STANDI!* 2 ti*{r??P: TH0MI'??W. re-JJina ?n the city of a5^- 8*lt1hheu?. ^bich be hed for ?r?jrfl^sii^*a1' Rfchmocd had a ferrkn: Jarad? Pyphl.iii, in tha worst fo;m, by Carter's irL^?ire- He says he ch-erfulfy lecom B^cda it, and ooaciders it a very invaluable ateii EDWIN BUXTON, ?.tnra!?:loner oi the revenue gyaha has e?n the good effeeta oi Carter's PpsnitV Mixta re In a number of 8yphi:;U. ovea, and aavn ~i ?i perfect ears f.rthit hwribfe dis**6e. WM. 8. HABWOOD. t?f Richmond, cured of nlu Soree ui Uloers, irh eh dieabled hi n IWq w.lkin - Too* ?!jw bottle? of Carter's Spanish Uixture ant ?a. ,?iMM to ilthoot ? orotSTtnTrtil tlae patmanenly eu-ed. aJTl YoA*0i0u * CO."* 1 i0Ni' "???' ?~nd ^ J??&" * M". *?? 1* ??o ItMat, Skb. 0.0; BtoSt PKBl! vrerywhaie. ^ ^xaodria, and by Draeyuti *p ai-^T bolt1''0r ^1** fas TRAVKLFJCS' li!KK<T<*Y. <*h> Mott Bedell's Lino. sew ron k.jil/:x a son m. n .f smxaroir CTTV, ANl) D1STK1CT OF COLVM HlA p jfrA'/cr* THI8 LINK <>F PACKETS PAH.* H KFJtLT from pier 14 East Hirer, N* w York,and hiu m, if ii<Twan ,Mil arc eotnpa.* d o< UicMIukui| Aral cl<u?> ^t w iichr. A. F Rrt'rJI, Br?Ml, n iieter. Nrw *chr. MM UrdrU, \. V. Tredwtil. Sebr. Ann /)., Win. OliW, m?trf. Sclir. t'otort, L. A. 8rmth, Ri??trr. Bchr. f^Ofnwa*n>fr-in~Vkt(f, Wogluin, meet or. Scl>r. Orrrnvxiy, VVi1?*>n, master. The*? ve*~e|g are all fait sailers, and the makers m^n of experience in the tiade, and the ooljr regv tar line ot Washuigion City packets. MOTT BEDELL. Wall nrw, N. Y. 8. 8. MA8TERS k SON*, Alexandria, Va. THOM\8 RILEY. feb 1?Cm W aAiiiiiftun and D. C. ('RUN W KM/S BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN "V NEW YORK BALTIMORE *? BOSTON, TTTILL dispatch a 8teamer daily from Baltimore T ? and NewV?rk, and tw ice a week from Boston to Baltimore and Baltimore to Boston. Thss lin?* affords unequal!***! facilities to tha burf ne>M? men of the Ditriot of Co'nmbia. Tb? Afr.ts at either point will receive freight a?id give a through kilt of lading to V">j-liiiifton at the lowest rate* ut (reiptit and no roinmiMdm charged. Application* for freight promptly attended to l>y the following egents: A. C. HALL, 58 Exchange PI c. Baltimore. II. B CROMWELL, Cor??* Washington and Altanv am.. N. Y. J NO. W. 8c'HANK, Jan 14?d.'hn Foot of India Wharf, Homo*. FOR TUB WEST AND SOUTH. BA LTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. IMPROVED ARRAN.?EMrNTH FOB TRAYKLI IMPORT A ST (IIA XGtS OF SCI1MDUDMII BXrgWrSI The late completion cf tba *P?K>ntral Ohio Railroad between rSe-ling u'l Oolumbus, cnitinf. as it do*, by k? abort and direct a lir.*, the Baltimore and Ohio Kailrcad with all perti<"ns of th? We?t (and North and Southwest,) gitee thla rr.nte greatly innr?aiail advantages to throosrh travelers in that dlr*ctloa On and afer MONDAY, November 1064, the trains wil! be run aa folic we: FOR THROUGH PASSFNGERS. Two ikst train* daiiy will run in f*ch direction, first?The MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Ptatloa at 7 a. in., instead ol8 o'clock i* heretofore, (except *? San lay.) ad a^vlns at Wbeel'n* at 2 40 a. m. Second?The RXPRESS TRAIN, leaving at 5 p m.j n'tea l of at 7 p. rn., as heretofore, aod rannleg throng to Wheeling In about 17 he crt, reachli 4 thfe at 10 25 a. u. TL'a train will etcp at \)vb< ington Junction, 4jk>ertlle, Monetary, B^rpei'a P-rre, Slarric^horg, air John'* ken. Cumberland, i'trimont, Rowle?b*jrj, NVwhurg, fetterxnaa, Farm ingt*.^, Cameron ar.d M^ut1?Tiiie only, tor wood and water arJ race's. ? tb tt-?* train* laaki troiapt a^d regular coni?e<?tif>n wi h tba c.w of tha Oeotral Ohic Rosd 'or Cambria^ ?, Ztn btu1?, Nww '.rk, Cvlur.'lu.s C:n "'.3D.*.ti, I>aykai, iandneiy, Tol~i\, Indiinary?IU. Chioaco, -t Itftiir, 'f. Pa-^-nger* l^vibg Ka.timcre by U?? MailTTJf; wl'l twa?i. Cincinnati fSr Oi^n?r next ??7i wlii??? by (6f Kxptes Train tLey arrive thare it lil the next nigh \ l?-ir.g kept but on# nLrbt om th* route by r;iii?r trxia. PaxsM>gftr? f ?r tin X-.ortwa?t rla CeraUnl and iEttrai?yiikt? roir',-? c*n m?ke a lirert .-ornaa tlon wiih iha tnJn? cj-cn thi Cierelard and Pir.a. ? "f? Kailrord at all times vLea the Ohio la narifa 5>l? tor ?teatner- between wheeling axd Weh^TiUa* by leaving Bfctt^mcn in th<- Kvl Train at 7 *. Retur??if!g. the Trains Ivitre H bejlirg as ibllewt: The jiXPItk-Sa TRAIN at 4 30 p m., r??ecbir* Bti* tir.ore at a. m. The MAIL TKaIN at 11.46 p. a , reicbirg Ba.dmcre at a 7 p. 43" Through ???>?!? by b-jet from Wiieellng ftw Oir-cisnatf, M -uwcn. Lmisrilie, 8t Loci* and other i< rfr ntie?*, ??I Eoid at a 1 urucs when the uttvt r.| water w^l Through tickets t??w?en Ktltimore ?rl Wasuinnon, and all the ixrertant c.'Jei ?nd tcwoa tn the W.'at, are eald at the Ticket Off oes of tha v^-dfany. ?V)l WAT PAECSN^ERS. ^ MAIL TRAIN, !??na^ C^c ien FuMoa will ' P^^i*n,\erB fr-r *!! tf?e u<uni et pfiAg placee on the Rosd lleturnliir% .hU Uuin lear?? Wh??Ung at 11.46 mlJcixtt, Cuub?ilt* d at 10.16 a. aa<i anive* et Bs^^ircj-e at 7 p. d. Til< FRtDERlCK /.rCOMMCT'ATION TRAIN, yr Fr dsrrick and ir.fnte.ijkte tlacc.-, will rart at 4 p. -laily ( xfvpt San^av,) arrtring in Fr?d?r< Jok?ti.4?) k? ur^is^ ?il: leere Frederick at 9 %. "li a'i'.virg u' La.. ? ^or* at ;^o0. effj Ti:>i hLLICJ'Tfc M"L? ACCOMMODATION wu! U i an (i*ily, (ex?pt Ecudays,) ui fcl!ows: Ismr* Car-.d-u SuU n et 6 & ra acd 3 pm. Lea e F.iPcc-u'a SUlli at 7.30 a. ai. ani CJD n. ea. dec?E?dtf U?A!?GE LSD ALKiASEEIA &AU&3AE. il #4 O-i cv.d after Tuesday, Xw. 7, 1854, I "ll. P*ri AI^x icaTia daily tor OorJor'J S v:.'e i id int<sm?iix?te ?t?tkn6 at 7% c.'cloc* a. t.. or. t.-.* arriral m th-> beat frcm Wathlngten. ?iist<ie t ?ie fcr bro^Lf^t cn Loard. Cci* ?te?U&^ at litiuuai Junction with a tr*in for 8trm> *t Warrentdn Ja. ctioa *- tb a train fcr Wu^ rei:toa, and at Gordrnrrill* witn the train* on tLe ? Irjiiiia Cectrki Raliroad fcr kr^hnon<L(^*ri?tm eilie, aad btaunicn The cars it^vt dally fcr Alexandria aud IflUrdiJdUle fcUiciij, ai y. Kjfore 12. a. m? o? t. 9 arnTtl of ?L? trein? o* the vl^inl* Cer.trad rail ?oad from Ulchr:ond, QiarW^ev^l--. btaontor^ _ THROUGH HOBfcrt'l # From Alexandria U> WarienU;n..?.^.....^..jj 00 I! tierdonsTille 3 $o CharUiilMiiUa ? 4 26 rtaonton....^ 6 vo fei^- burg 8 49 u 7, Ljn^bnrg ?T6 ? Winchester S 40 ^ u W 4 24 " KawiUrfU 6 ou ** lilddlebu . ' 2 4b LjnJ.baig, c;anectitx ^th the 8ta?*e *t OUknotto.-, iu -lbndajr*, Wedce?d*yp, aud Frv. V-. r Isrj* ar 1 Me^ Market ocmactin,? with the ki "aiP?I cc Toeadays, Thuzcdaye, ajnd ".u ^y' ooma*t:** ?ith tLa cU^a* at'ia wJ?.barf *iih the stagai JfdStt : E- SE?CEIIT. Aonii. FOR MOUNT VERNON. TUjESDAVB aad V1UHA iS* ijff 11 ? ^ rouiid Lrij^ Jl; from A!ci* x *1 n, Ll~'nit TH^MAfj O0LLYSK ieaTiS *??.hlnglnn at 9 t^d A.aiiui^u kt 8-i o'clock , (^*cn?s leara tLa Cs?pltol &r a* boj *: g x o'JK. Coach l ira ' 0 ulu. Peiwohs wi?huig ths Coiihet*ili iM74 theli rcjfc dtnc<< ?riih G?o. k Tbce. Tmrker. Kefraahiasetx on tha boat. 6.H 2S?dtf :-<AJtf?L GaL:? FT, Oapt *Oai? A. LIVkRPO'lL UNITED S TA TxiS 1 MAIL STEAMERS. ,JTUi:?lid THIS LlN'l ARB AlLAVriC CaTt. Wert. PACIFIC. Capt Nya, BALl'lvJ, Capt. Of r-nt.'rV, aL "JA11C, Capu Qraftca^ ( rLi|ts hiTc tec a t.^lt by oon^a^t, exjx^va '7, fcr GcT?n.ia>Bt i?rvv*?; e>ery cere Lea bean tstfeu ia their oomtrucika, a* in the Engin-n t^ ?or.dia streamth fcad speed, and Iheir acrTmmodn. ticn* lor pa<>^ ere cne^'mllnd for aiegtnca wad contort. 0 PtKt^fr^-api fr^jc New York to L;v?pool. In first rebia - w?*J 0abtn 7il ..X ui'iee li;* of e>tra sire sU'e r ooms............ UM rr, ia Lir.rpo?.l to New York ?30 and ?20. An ?xteri< tcrgton atta-btd to ??th alin. No berth citn re secured until paid for. lot freight or parage apply to AD WARD R OOLLIN9 A 00., 66 Wall etreei, Nee Y rib B?CWN, fcllll'LAY A CO, JL 0. ROBERTS A CO., UT,iriK:oL 13 KiLg's An>* Vti4 Loosen. JOHN MUNR0SA 00, 20 Ru,? Nctjy Tame do? Yl. oiraa. Fail*. tv? , OEO. S. LRAFaJt, Harre. JP^TSr ^ *lA *ot aooccttable ^r gold, aiiTer, auli'cu, specie, jewelry. preciiOJ stones or metai*. ualew UlLs cf Udirg ire tUead thereof ih^reln ?xpr#*d JC-IINSON ON MANURE!*, fyol, London Vanx oa tilling aiid verti ixinjf land, do ftlorta on Mitiiur ??, Philadelphia Dana's Muck Manual for rurmers, Lowell Dana on Manures, Ntw York Ruffiu on C&lcateous Manners, Rirbnmnd Brown's Amer<ran Muck Book, New York Prac tical Tiredee on Manuree, by >he Bnusli So defy, for the rtifl:i?ioii of u>>eful knowledg** And tnauy works on Arr.cuitural Cfc? mislrv. oa Fruit Culiare, Bees, Cattle. Drainage, Tre.1 rant ing, and other Uraiiebee of Gardening and Uu*i?an4 ry, niaiiv ui tlicni iuiiiortcd from abnetd. PR A NCR TAYLOR TWO S1SCOND HAND l'lANUri FOR t-'.LE or rent upon reasonable utrin , at the Ww-hlnf ton City D pot for the rale of Holkl, Davu A Co. Bacon k Raves, and other Pianos. JOHN P. ELL 18, 904 Pa. aetM| L

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