Newspaper of Evening Star, April 27, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 27, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING ST A W A aUINQTON UIT If: TBIDAY ATTEKHOCW April. Messrs. Rikno k Colvin, of Ch*. -1 lotte. N. 0., are fully authorized to i\ oeive subscriptions to the Doily an ?1 Weekly St/.r, in the States of North ark! j South Carolina. VPTKIT OF THE MOtiSliro PRESS The Intelligencer oontains extracts from various journals, designed to show that the idea of making a war with Spain for the ehance of getting Cuba is unpopular int?;r J Thii work ib need leas. its^mach ?a the mac must be half dementea who continues to be lieve that any aaeh ration hw ever been en tertained by oar Got We find in the same paper a long ar, 1 interesting oommuni caionfrom J. Moo-e, who has just returned from a two jenrs residence in Mexioo, whereiD the eta' e of pablie affair? there is explained, to ?hov that Santa Anna's Government is ma ligned. and the revolutionist* blown into an dae importance by those who are writing bogns accounts for Americans concerning their prospects The Umon moralises over the fact that the London Times shoulders the cause of Know Nothicgism in this country We also find in the Union so much of the resolutions recently adopted in Tauaany kali, as discountenance filibuster, m and deelare the adheeion of tbe 5?w York polithiana to the great American policy oi the acquisition of Cuba by purchase, whenever it can be so obtained, and also those of them which are aimed against Know >oth jngism We tru=t tha the Union's readers will carefully study and digest the anti filibuster ing reeo'.u ion in question as it is sound safe? and rcaliy patriotic As a whole, this series of resolutions--the platf rin from St Tamany for the circumstances of 1865?are the ablest, wiset^ i.nd moft prudent fulor.inations that have emanated from the old wigwam's coal hole for some time past fVWe acknowledge .he receipt from the author, the Rev Septimus Tusiin, of a neatly printed and handsomely bound volume??mall enough for the pf>cktt?entitled ''The dotbt ing Communicant Comforted '* The present edition is nearly exhausted, a fact, which, ie itself, shows that the work is properly appre ciated. The language, as expressed by a co temporary, is graceful and graphic, tender and sympathetic in spirit, and worthy of the aim to which it is devoted. They who are in i mately acquainted with Mr. Tusun, will not doubt his cap&ii'y for thus administering com fort to the doubting communicant The work is for sale at the various book stores ia this city. British For tie* Leoios ?A despatch from Boston, dated the 26th inst., savs: - The city is thickly posted with hand bills to day offering inducement to join the British tcr ?ice. purporting to comc from the Pr jvin cial Secretary cf Halifax The Nova Scotia papers received here w irmly defend the Lieut Governor of the Province for his attempts to raise the foreign Legion by recruits from the United Stales " 0T On the 6th ult , M Corradi, editor of the Clamor Fublieo, at d M de Maso, editor of the Oectdente, both of Madrid, fought a duel. To escape the penalty of the Spanish law, tie duel was fought in a hired hall. Tae combatants fourht with rwcrds, wklch we e ground f r tbe occasion, having wounded each other, closed, intending to etd their lives The seconds were compelled to te*r them asunder ?1^"A total eclip'e of the moon takes place on the ntght of Tuesday oext, the let of May. which will be visible throughout ihs Ameri can C'.ntinent, and partially in Europe and Africa. It commenced in this vicinity a: 13 minutes after 9 o clock and ends at 54 minutes after midnight. 17" The intelligence from all parts of the country indicates that, with a favorable sea eon. tae grain crop of the present year will be untuually large Racers?Both Lexington and Lecompte, says the Louisville Courier, the fastest racers in tbe world, will be withdrawn from the turf and brought to Kentucky. PIKM.1AL, .... lion. Judge Wayne, U. S. Supreme Ceart. is at Willards'. .... Ikn. Simon Cameron, of Pa., is at the >ationsl. .... Wm R Hunt, one of the earliest, ket tiers a; lluuuville Alabama, and from whom the place took its nauie, died reoen ly He was sixty five years of age. .... Rev. Jcbr. Kirgdcn of Baltimore, vis iticg missn nary agent of the Southern B?p us lio^r * U Foreign Missions to Liberia and Central Africa, died at Monrovia, in January las' .... Selim Pacha, who was killed in the Ru.<--iAr. attack on Enpatoria. was the single Mameluke who escaped the slaugh'er by Me hemei Ali, at Cairj, in issl. Jle made his horse le^? the parapet of the wall of the court where his companions were butchered, and Mehemet All was so pleased by the daring exhibited that he spared Selim .... Madame de la Grange, and other mem bers ' f Niblo's opera troupe, came passengers in tbe steamer St. Louis. which arrived at New York yesterday from Havre and South ampton ....Dr. Jthn Schecandoah O'Brien, a half breed of the Oneida tribe of Indians, aged 103 2ears, recently lectured at Auburn, N. Y. It i said Le is the only remaining soldier of Gen Sallivan's army, which penetrated the wilderness as fir as Mount Morris, in Genesee coanty. in 1776, fighting the hostile Indians ! ....Stephen E Glover, of K Y., the alleged cwner?.f the bark Millendea has been ar rM'ed and put under $20,000 bail, to answer a charge of fitting oat the veseel for the African slave-trade. liuooMiaisH ?Between nine and ten o'clock this merning a lady was seen walking Balti more street near Kden street, with a lighted eegar in her month, which she seemed to en joy with as much testes some icasculine biped !-he attracted, of coarse, considerable atten tion there being some fifty youngsters follow ing in her wake An officer coming along at the time accosted her, and in the most delicate manner possible, removed the weed from her mouth, after which she took refuge in an om nibus and the crowd dispersed ?Bait Patriot of Thursday. Pr>?RE8H or Spiritualism im NIW Ksg lakd ?A Boston correspondent says: ?? The number of * spiritualists." so called, are in creasing to such an extant in this quarter, that several leading pastors of the euy feel called upon to denounce the affair from the palpit as a dangerous delusion. Reference was made to theea in at least two diseoarsee yesterday One of tke speakers spoke of spir itualists ae otvdern necromancy Is Boston, and in some ot the neighboring to woe, this new sec: if it may be oalled one, hold meet t?gr and are exhorted by mei or women every Sabbatb " ?UVHHCTOS NEW* ASP 80%S!P. ?r. Commercial Agent Pabwis.?The let cr of this gentleman appearing in yesterday's York Herald appears to neet with little itvor in Wuhington out of filibustering cir *, and it seems to be judged, bj those well nformed in pub'io effeirs that his virtual as sumption of aathoritj to manage the relations of this government with Nicaraugua will bard Ij- prove agreable to the President and the head of the State Department. The letter in question is as follows: St. Nicholas Hotel, ) New York, April 23, 1855 ( fame* Gordon Bennett, Lsq.: It appea-s by an article in the Herald of yeserday, that Mr. J de Mareoleta, who lives it the house of the Spanish Consul in thii city, and signs himself "Minister from Nica persist* in disohftrgiD^ his pop gun at T^.at tei?'' Kinney Nicaragua expe dition the objwts proposed to be attained by the association of which Col Kinney and myself are among the members have already been made public through the Kinney and Oorwine correspondence, published in the Herald ef Thursday, the 19th inat Their ob jects, we feel warranted in believing, will not only commend themselves to Americans of en* terpiiae, but to every oitiien of Nicaragua who nai the future quiet and well being ot bis country at heart The allusion, in J. de Marco leta a letter to "public order," in connection with the present political condition of Nicara gua, is either a touch of humor, hardly to have teen looked for from so very respectable a four :e, or must be received as evidence that that gentleman has had no authentic informa tion during the past year from the State of which he styles himselt a Minister. ? well disposed portion of the toll ?bitantd of that heaven-favorod, but un fortunate region, to reclaim and bring under cultivation waste lands, increase the facilities cf internal communication, establish com merce and introduce the arts of civilisation taua peacefully and lawfully developing the : atural resources of a land now fast relapsing into a condition of savage wildneea ? in fine, 'o set an example of good conduct and obedi ?n-e in all things to the lars of the republic? th*si pU: poses, we believe, and are assured, from reliable sources will make us welcome in the homes to which we have been eordiallv invited. No further notice will be taken of J de "Urooleta's newspaper communications; but should any person be curious to know how that gentleman is regarded in ihe'? official rapacity" of which be speaks, both in Nioa. r*gua and at Waabingron, I shall be willing t > tarnish such information as I have upon ta? subject. I am, sir, respectfully, your ob't serv't, Joseph W. Fabews. ^fcis second "Kinney expedition" is evi dsiitiy but a different phase of its predecessor, proposing as it does to import into Nioarpguo armei nominal colonists from ouroities against her consent, as declared by her accredited rep resentative to this Government. Mr. Fabens is, we presume, the first gentleman in his offi. cial position who has ever boldly assumed the right to manage his country's relations to a f'Toign Minister. It would exceedingly gratify the curiosity of the aborigines here, if Mr Fabena would make public his authority to furnish information as to how Mr. Mareoleta regarded in his official capacity at Wash ington, which he offers to do. Commodore Vanderbilt?Mr. Corntlius \ anderbilt, of New York, is too much of a man. we take it for granted, to be pleased with the Barnumiaation to which he has been sub jeoted in fixing upon him the subriqnet of Commodore, to which he has no sounder real cia^m than Tom Thumb has to that of '? Gen eral, by which he is now (through Barnnm's he'p) so widely known. A title so bestowed takes away from, rather than adds to, the dig nity and standing of auoh a man as Cornelius \ anderbilt, and, it strikes us, should be re polled by him with indignation, as persona of g'K i sense and contempt for humbug are prone to c.'ass it aide by with tho " General '' that alw^ya precedes the name of Tom Thumb on ihe show bills. C .lifornia Potatoes ?About one year ago the agricultural branch of the Patent Office received specimens of California Irish pota toes, some of them weighing 6i pounds each They were carefully cultivated by Dr Page of this city, and strange as it may seem, the tubers they produced were not larger than pigeons' eggs These tubers have been sent to 'he Governor of the United States Military Asylum in this District for further experiment. A fact with reference to the Irish potatoes is not generally known and understood?that is, that when brought from distant parts of the globe and cultivated in a soil and climate not like those from which it is brought, the pro duet is greatly diminished in site. But when cultivated the seoond and tLixd year it will increase in siie and often improve in quality Land Titlea in our Comniry, which wore Derived from the Authorities of Great Bri ttle, Prance and *pain ?By the act ef the 17th of June, 1844, Congress revived and ex tended the law of 28th May, 1824, authorlting the adjustment b y the Courts of land titles in LduIsUu* Missouri, Arkansas, Mia.isaippi, and Alabama ; and a large number of titles some of them cf immense extent, have been acted upon under these laws Enquiries ara often made a? to the effcct of a decree of con firmation on these foreign titles where there hid been prior sales, donations or grants We therefore append, f;r the information of all conoerned, tho 11th section of the said aot of 1824 : I hat if in any case it should ao happen that the landa. tenements, or hereditamenta, decreed to any elaimant, under the provisions of this act shall have bees sold by the United H:ales, or otherwise disposed of, or if the same shall not have been heretofore located, in each and every sueh case it shall and may be law. fcl for the party interested to enter, after the ???me shall have been offered at public sale, the ike quantity ot land in parcels, conformable to sectional divisions, in any land office in the Siate ol Missouri, (extended to the States abo . e mentioned bv the act of 1844 ;] and if it should so happen that in making such entries there should remain in the hands of the en terer a fractional excess of acres, of less num ber than the smalleot sectional divisions au thorised by law to be sold, it shall and may k? lawful for the party interested to enter, in virtue of such fractional exoess, the quantity of one-half quarter section upon paying one dollar and twenty-five cents for each aore con tained in such half seotion over and above the fractional eccess to which he may be en titled by such confirmation." The Proposed Hew Custom House in Alex andria, Va. ? Ihe commissioners appointed to receive proposals for the sale of a site for the new Custom Uomse and Post Office, to be built in Alexandria, \a., have made their report. Fourteen locations were offered, as follows: No. 1?on the northwest corner of King and Columbus street. Ho. *?on the southwest corner ef King and Columbus street. No. 3? on the southeast comer of Prince and St. Asaj,h streets. No. 4?on northeast corner of ace and St. Asaph streets. Nos 5 and ft? two lots on south wast corner of King and Pitt streets No. 7-en D?k#) betw##B P|tt and Royal streets. No 8?on northwest corner of Wolfe and Koyal streets. No ?-onthe north west corner of Priaoe and Royal streets. No 10?on southwest eonwr of Cimtron md Royal streets No. 11?oB Roy*], between Prince and Duke streets. No. 12?on south east corner of Prince and Royal streets. No. 13?on northeast corner of Fairfax and Duke streets. No. 14?on the southeast corner of Fair^x and Queen streets. We presume that the selection will hardly be made for some months to oome. The Brig Porpoise ?Parties in this city have advices from the Vinoennes, at Hong | Kong, China, to the 15th of February. Lieut enant John Rogers, now commanding the Behring Straits Surveying Expedition, writes that his ship, the Vincennee, parted from the Porpoise on the 21st of September last in a gale of wind between Formosa and China, just to the northward and westward of the iescadores, since whioh time she has not been heard of There is a possibility, he thinks, that the Porpoise may have put on to some d:?tant and isolated Island for repairs. The carpenter of the Vineennes who repaired the Porpoise ont there, states that she was strong and staunch Her long oareer in the navy proved her to be a good sea boat. Her officers were more than ordinarily skillful in their profession. The Sound Dues ?The following translation j roade for us by a friend from a Berlin journal (of the 25th ult.,) received by the last steamer eubbtaniiates our declaration made sometime, that "Observer," or the Intelligencer, greatly misapprehends the facts involved in the Sound Dues question in fanoying that Prussia is with Denmark rather than with the United States, upon it: '?The demands for the abolition of the Sound Dues are daily renowed by the commercial worlJ and in the Chambers; but " the tide in tbo affairs ?f Prussia" and its interests is yet too adverse to admit of their fulfilment. The S >und Dues continue in spite of all our peti. tions in order to keep Denmark in a state of f .1 vency with its foreign creditors and to keep down Prussian navigation in the Baltic In the year 1853, 3,463 Prussian vessels had to j>ay 126,252 Prussian dollars for ship dues, to which sum 173,150 dollars are to be added for tho Ir.vj of time sustained by clearance Of I the whole amount, however, only 22 042 Thaler' cr Prussian dollars got into the Danish trea * jry. so that Prussian ship-owners had to con tribute almost fourteen fold in order to make up the entire amount When the commission ('{the Second Chamber debated the proposi tion of the Deputy vs. Langer, the organ of I ihe Government declared that Prussia had never aoknowleged a so called sovereign right I of Denmark to the Sound toll, nor criven ut terance of any such declaration in the treaties of 1816 and 1816; but that then, as at present, there was no prospect for the abolition of the Slid duej?the less so as according to the view of the Government the Sound dues in question had been made use of by France in two direc tions, vii: Towards Prussia as towards Den mark as a political means of effecting the ac cession to the alliance of the Maritime powers. To Denmark is promised the guaranty of the ontinuation of the Sound dues, and for that she (Denmark) is required to give up her neutrality." 1 The U. 8. Brig of War Dolphin is about to siil from Norfolk, Va., to join the African Coast Squadron. Tho following is a list of I h)r officers : Lieut.-Commanding, E. R. ihompson ; Lt?. J M. Wainwright and Geo. M. Ransom; Purser, Geo. R. Griswold ; Acting Master. N. H- Vansandt; Fass?d Assistant Surgeon, Ed. Shippen ; Passed Midshipmen, 0. F Johnston, and Austin Pendergrast Tho Washington Aqueduct.?The Attorney G eneral has given his opinion I hat the United Siates may legally cause the land in Maryland necessary to be occupied for the construction of the Washington aqueduct to be condemned by a jury of freeholders, as land for railroads ar.d other internal improvement purposes may be. Clerical Appointments?Mr Ji. A. AU cott, of Connecticut, has been appointed to a fi-st-elass ($1,200 per annum) olerkship in the 2d Auditor's office. Mr. Thomas Mitchell, of Connection', to a first class ($1,200) clerk, ship in the Pension Bureau. ' he Hon Y. Mason ?The last steamer's alvicea from Mr. Mason represent him as be ing 3till very feeble, so far as his bodily Strength is concerned. He has gone to Nice, in the hope of recruiting his health. He and his frieuds around him, however, believe that he is slowly rejovering from the effect of his paralysis. The Commissioner of Patents ?The current Story of the resignation is untrue No such intimation has been received by any member of tho government here ; nor is such a course on hi* part anticipated. Commodore McC&uley ?News has been re cuved in this city of the arrival of Commodore McCauley's shit? at Havana Nothing further has yet been heard from her. The President: attended by his Private Sec retary and a few friends, went upen a trip to j llount Vernon this morning. A Deputy Collector Resigned?RobL. Ken nedy, Deputy Collector and Inspector of Cos* tc ma at St. Paul, Minnesota, has resigned. The Secretary of the Navy is expected to return to his post in this city by the 20th of May proximo. The Current Operations of the Treasury' Department.?On yesterday, the 26th April,) thera Hereof Treasury Warrants entered on the boobs of the Department? For paying Treasury debts $22,633 48 For the Customs 21,090 441 Jfcor oovering into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources.... 01 For the War Department 9,290 18 For repaying in the War Depart ment 176 58 For the Navy Department 56,806 45 ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Wrath Tr ? Firemen's Bene Jit ? Purchase ? I j'ost Office?Meeting?Fish ALixAwnaiA, April 27, 1855. The weather, this morning, is cool and plea> I sant, a lively wind, with sprung up last night, relieving ui of the dose, sultry weather of yesterday. Rain is muoh wanted in the coun try about as. Last night the interesting diorama of the Batile of Bunker Hill was exhibited for the benefit of Uydraulion Fire Cempany; but owing to the unsettled state of the weather the attendance was not large. To-night it will be again exhibited for the same our pose, when wo bespeake for our gallant firemen a large cr^wd. Mr. Everitt has purchased the vaoant lot at the corner of Union street and Fayette alley, for $3,200 He intends to erect thereon a fine I storehouse. Alexandria Post Office affairs for the quar ter ending March 34st, 1855-Reoeived, letters 61,88#, newspapers 28,981; drop letters 675; free letters 270. Mailed, letters 81,820, news-1 papers 161,760; books and circalars 1,236 This is an increase upon the same quarter last year. The Alexandria Canal Conn any meet in this city on Monday the 7Ua of May. Fish are plentifal; one shore drawing 4,000 shad at a single haul This morning shad soMttfr,Mni8; herring $5. Ami. IWTELLIGKNCE BT THE AFBICi The English papers oontaln rery little new a in addition to that telegraphed from Halifax: ? The robbery on board of the steamer amounted to ?500 sterling in gold, also Bank or ho^land note* and jewelry, amounting in all to about ?1500 sterling. The property be longed to Mr. K Col I logwood, one of the pas sengers, and has not beea recovered u ^as entered on the Vice Dublin" ^reland, and was well reoeived in movement reapeeting the newapaper atamps is taking a direction in favor of a half* penny postage stamp. ? The Braiil mail steamer Solent, at South ampton, reports the frigate Constitution at Capo Verde, to leave April 1, all well, for noma. ? The Poetamt Zeituag of Frankfort, quotes ? letter from Berlin of the 4th, positively de nying that Dr Mandt, physician to the late Emperor Nicholas, has been obliged to leave St. Peters burgh aeoretly. Ha is still there, tee letter says, and in the same situation as before. It was stated some tiae sfnee, that on the restoration of Sr. Thomae'i Church, at New port, in the Isle of Wight, her Majesty in tended to erect a monument to the Prinens Elizabeth, the daughter of the unfortunate Charles I., who waa buried in that church. Baron Marechetti, the aculptor, is now carry ing out the Queen's designs The monument will consist of a statue, repreeenting the un nappy Princess in her last moments, having in her hand the Bible given to her by her father The statue will be placed in a niohe in the church. ..~~? 8wedish savant, Professor Edlund, of the Royal Academy of Soieneea, succeeded iast year in making an improvement in the Construction of the electric telegraph apparat us, by which it becomes possible ;o send mee fages by the same wire simultaneously in two opposite directions. The principle on whioh this discovery is based ia very simple, and al together different from that applied by Dr J at ",enn*' *hich was found not to boo ceed. As far back as the month of August, year, Professor Edland made seme expe nments on the wires of the telegraph line be tween Stockholm and Upsala. by permission of toe directors These suecoeded bo well that he constructed the necessary apparatus, whioh was put up in December last and has been in daily operation ever since As soon as the needful number of apparatus are constructed, they are to be introduced at every telegraph station in the Kingdom; and, as the alteration is not expensive, the advantages gained over th* old system are obvious, as one line of wire will do the work formerly done by two. n ?jLAD J? 8" TH*,R hpsbands--?When the (iolden Age came in, yesterday, considerable fiTUiS^ent cr??ted bJ ? nioe-looking lit e lady, who, when the boat arrived, was dancing, c apping bar hands, and jumping as if she would jump out of her stockings, ex claiming ^there's my Lcsband, there's my husband and kissing her i<and to a gentle man on the wharf. When the steamer was hJUrfT#!: th? haPPjf"llow jumped on board, and there was some hugging for a few moments, to the great delight and amusemenT 'b'"0,,d' who by their shouts appeared to sympathize most heartily with the married L?*e? , Another lady, equally joyful, was iPfls?PP?in"nent, as the gentleman k??f">g her hand to was not the man after all.?California Times and Traits. been satisfactorily ascertained that ducks enter the water (or divers reasons, ?ud come out tor sun-dry motives. * CO., Mart>l, Hall Clothing Frrpo that th-t?'di?nuV .f/snr,'' re?P?ctfUlly annou.fS readw far ini! 'ti Spring aud Summer Clothing I0 now V-JanH P.nr7 t,on- an assortment of Co.t* b? ny excellence with economy In fashionable ?rti i?? ' ?' * wy reduced scale of prices. up 17 ^^?UlR|nMthL ??LnV THKv/A1 ttS -W?ITSH1 Bsra K*nC*i~TheJurlM of ?*ch "t ^e late Rf' llinoni Anil Va? VnrW . ? , hlgb?t prelum, to J. H w! ?or th^7 .o^rto' tT ^f Plw' ^M^w' fit*re0"C|'P^ *nd D*?r?otrP^ exhibited. Mr. W. also rerelved two MM?!? at the World's Fmir 7x>n premium at Cry.tal PU.ce, New York. *W*r<1, ?fU" M"rJrl?n'l Institute to r three _____________ reo 17 IT7"xEBSHOOrLAKD'9 ABATED GERMAN BIT .v,Th'r.!."r"Jft,W lh,r"f" wU,ch ?ffor(1 M greater plea-tire Und (ilrain IiSSm *riU * notlc? uf the celebrate Hoof WB're fQl1' conscious we .re conferring m public benefit, end onr heart telle a* that by oar notice* many have been Induced to fek* these Bitters, and been rescued from death by dyspeprfa, llTer compUlSt * ... for'the cure of which It Is oerteln. It la prepared and ?old only by Dr C. M. JACKSON, at the OenLau MMicine Store, Nil. ISO Arch .treet, Philadelphia. uernj*u See advertisement. mar S-Sm ^^"siCK*0 70 THK LADIES -OOOD NEWS FOB THE DK. DCPONCO'S GO I.DEN MONTHLV PII IS the best and most Infallible remedy ever discovered for ra Ilevln, and enrlug .1! palnfUl, dl.ife^lug, an^Ku me^ ?t. oalion, and removing all periodical obstructions and lr ITX *rt"nS frCm whaU*ver ThSii Ato TBIl'MPH IN MKDICAL 80IENC1. ? Th*r, Peered by a process which concentrate* the ?! 2 ? small bulk, thos rendering It unnecessary Dr "."nil?" ttke 'mr8? <loe?? of nauseous drues. KX>Il{??n?n ? ar,* reBu!t over THIRTY YEAK>' Th? i .,.^ ^ tM4,IU?nt of 'he diseases of females ? They heve been advertised for a little over ona year yet k , ^ SBVKKAI. THOUSAND BOXKS have already beeu sold, and the d?m?nd for them rapidly In creases wherever they become known. They have been charm. 'D W"h'n?tou- ?">? f??"?l * ^ IlkTa ?MdrU VaDrafK,"U ,D WMhln*ton- Georgetown and Al 1 " mar 1?eoini* IV"1?," BITT**3 -The following cer I?. u ? gentlemen well known In the city of med ?ne MOt 10 lhe ProPrletor of this valuable DearSlr-Th1, i, to certify that I have suffered many >e*r8 with the Dyspepsia, and had employed at different times three able physicians In trying to mate a cure of th*t vTrion. EST*! but ?" ,U V4,n 1 then commenced uoiu* various Medicines that were recommended to me bv m v woVil" ' rtf lD"t*^',r of Kettln* better I continued to grow * ' 1 ,h*n Be,>' for Dr. Johnston, and he at once rercm mended me to use Baker's Premium Bitters, which p?v?d b*"t Preeeriptlon I ever tried, and the only medi cine I ever took to raise me to my health again. My wife also, had suffered with the save disease and debilitation ButorrLI't "tl'?'.J'rmPt?n?*, Ac., which she found the Bitters to gi?e immediate relief. They give a general tone and strength to the whole system. It Is wl th pleasure I recommend thera to others. J PUCakm^ To Mr. K. Baker. Propletor. W ABLKS. Price 5C cents per bottle CAN^^L?AfTPHABLf i!22K? 00 ? W"h|nKton, D. C., """ "?u^'-;? 1117s*?, D-0,L*Af ? Drnggixt, has removed to 52# Seventh opposite to the Patriotic Bank, and Is now pared to Oil all orders for Medicines, Paints, Oils, and Glass odatlug terms. Strict attention will ie paid to ThI nu-h"i hi!f? **1 * *l *" b"or? ?f Ui? day and night. The night bell Is on th* ri^ht of the store door ap 14? lia 0*n ?*HK*OMENA IN MEDICINE.?Bronchitis, Cough. Dyspepsia Liver OomplaiuU, Scrofula, Ac.?Por all dlseasee of the rnma'.e System It stands preeminent. A Clergyman just Informs us It has cured him of Bronchitis ?f* ^SCT character?partlcnlars hereafter HAMfTON S YEGETA1ILK TINCTUB^By |U mild a^ tlon on the stomach, liver a?d kidneys, will car* DysnsD ?1a, Oougu, Asthma, Bronchial and Lung Affection* Palrs in th* Batk, Sid* and Br*a*t, Oonsnmption, Scrofula, Hbeu matlsm, Gout N*aralgla Pistula, Bowel Complaints, Plies Worms, and Nervous Debllltlea?with all <11 eases arising from Impure blood, and la the greatest female medicine ev er known. This Invaluable medicine I* working wonder* upon thehninaiKrame. See^adv*rtlsem*ntto-day. marT (HT*-8 A. ?Il?.,Na AND 8LMMEB MEDICINE, Carter'. Spanish Mixture sund. pre eminent above all other* IUi singularly efficacious action on the blood; IU strength enlng and vivifying qualltle*; Its tonic action on the Lifer Its tendency to driv* all humor* to the surface thereby cleansing th* *y*tem according to Natnre s own preacrl|5 lir!L .. IT ' 'J'f *l the same time extraordinary good effect*, and the number of cures teatifled to by many of th* ?.ost respe-table citUen* of Blchmond, Va? and elsewhere must be conclusive evidence that th*re Is no humbug about cf^bin^flta4 "ln*U WlU most sceptical ?,*8ee rtivertieemeut in another column. Jow Shi LLiwaTOB recel ves all the new Book* and New* S"-Mblished. He I* ft,r Harp^, .Sua the other Magazines, and our readers will always Bad a lyge and good aeeortment of Blank Books and Stationery at Wg Bookstore, Odaon Building, cor Pa. avenue and 4]* *t .NOTICE? CONTRIBUTOB8 TO THE fund for the erection of a Monument to the late Stewart Ho land, of th? -ll-fated Hteamer Arctic are requited to meet at the Counting room of the Union Offlce on MONDAY AFTERNOON next, at 5 o'clock, for the purpose of selecting frcm amons taeir number a suiuble committee to take charve o" the funds and make all needful arrangements to carl ry out the contemplated daaign. ap 27?3t ,UNION HOTEL, GEORGETOVVN^An _ _ adjourned meeung of the shareholders of the Union Uote! Company will be held at the Coun cil Chamber on MONDAY EVENING next at 7U o'clock* 9 ^ Those Bharcholder? who are una" le to attend will please send their proxies, an it ia important everv share should be represented. W. H. TENNEY, 1 ESAU PICKEKELL. iTrustees A.H.DODGE, I ' ap 96 ?ui J I c,JUItT y OF WA8B wlll be held on SATURDAY ^BEVTNINGheA^rr|l^.y IS^IIO,,1 arrangements for the anaasl All Virgiiiians aud the descendants at Virginia?. are respectfally ipvited i*? attend. an *_l.s C* W C ?UNNINGTON, ap Kac. See. itatenkkt Of the Receipts and Er)?nditvrr* of tks United States, (exclusive of Treasury Notes funded and Trust Fund? ) for tht quarter ending 31*< March, 185S. RKCKirn. . From customs *lf"?K'iu4 Do sales of puWkr la- ds 1,763^44 43 Do miscellaneous and incidental sources - 35<,3I0 19 14 7 r* il? f?.927,362 96 FUFf HDITt'UKS. Civil, miscellaneous, a; d foreign in tercourse Interior, Cc Pensions 34 Indian department 439.550 ^ 961,9*) M Army proper, kc.3,131,618 6'J F?*tifleations, armories, ? no, &C .???????????? ????????? ??? 9 >4 ^ Navy 3^35^4 64 Interest on public debt, 87.821 07 Premium 011 Mock re deemed 117,071 00 Redemption of stock of the loan of 1842 99.500 00 Redemption of Mock of the loan of 1843 1,500 00 Redemption of stock of the loan of 18 6 116.800 00 R demptinn of stock of the loan of 1847 466,250 00 Redemption of stock of the loan of 1848 16!l,830 00 Redemption of Tixan indemnity stock....- 38,000 00 1,038,792 07 15 ?72.349 65 TutAsrar Depa*tkei?t, Register's Office, April 26, 1855. ap27?It F. HKIGF.R. Rrjistir (J,)A RKWAHD.-The above reward Will be paid for tlie detection and conviction o( the person or persons who maliciously cut the 1?om of tlie Franklin Fire Company at the firs on D st. last Sunday evening. ROBERT E. DOYLE, ap 27?It Pre* F. F l o. FRENCH LANGUAGE Jb DRAWING. (COMPLETE and thorough instruction ia the. j above branches will be given on moderate terms by a French Gentleman, a graduate of thf Polytechnic 8cbool, of Paris. The advertiser is bearer of the highest testimonial* of success tn teaching. Apply to or address "French Teacher," No 408 ' Thirteenth street, between G and H op 27?dim AHORSE FOR 8 A LR.-A young, large, and finely formed COLT, which is ff\ broken to both double and single harness, and to the aaddle, ia now offered for sale.? Such a hoiac is rarely found in the market, and the owner wishes to sell him only because of the high price of livery, and bis havine use but for the on<;. His match can t>e had also if desired, but the owner would prefer keeping one of the pair Also, a set of silver plated double harness, new. having been used onlv some doted times. Enquire at COWLING'S Stable, 6 st., bet. 13th and 14tb. ap 27- eotf SMOKED AND PICKLED HALIBUT, AND smoked Halifax Salmon, for aale by SHEKF.LL BROTHERS, up 27?3t 4-0 opp Centre Market. ENGLISH BEEF SAUSAGE tor Innch and fil ing parlies. For sale by SHEKELL BROTHERS, ap 27?3t 40, opp. Centre Market. TO THE LADIES. F. MYEK, Agent, has just received from New ? York a new assortment of BONNETS and FLATS, for ladies and children. ap27?3t* No. IS Market Space. 1VT*iW JCWKLKT, 1> WATCHES, SILVERWARE, kc. M. W. GALT k BRO are receiving daily large additions to their stock of new and elegant JEW ELRY, WATCHES, SILVERWARE, kc. I'urchasera have the advantage of a aelelecaon from a complete ashortment of the latest atylea, of the best quality, and at the lowest rates. M. W. GALT k BRO., 384 Penn avenue, between 9th and 10th Bta. apr 27?61 "more NEW GOODS. WE have just received 50 pieces French Lawns and Jacorcts, very beautiful Goods, and ?ntlrely new pat terns, to be sold at 25c per yard 1 case Portsmouth Laconsat 1 U)fe 20 pieces rich figured Organdy Muslins 25 do very best quality Paris Lawns 50 Dress Patterns, rich fig'd Berages 25 pieces plain Berages. good qual'ty, at 3ljtfc 75 do very best quality plain Berage, at 37 Jfc 2 cases Merrimack Print*, 12^c 1 do Scotch Ginzhams 12>4c ALSO?ON HAND A handsome assortment of Twisted Silk, Berage, Jaconet and Muslin ROBES, which we will very cheap. SI MMER SILKS. We would invite special attention to our large and well assorted stock of Silks Ladies should not tail to examine our assortment before purchasing, as we can certainly sell better barrens In this class of goods than any other bouse in this city. I MANTILLAS. Just received. 25 black Silk Mantilla* of the new est sbapes and handsomely trimmed, to be sold at our usually low prices CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY k CO. ap 27?61 SCOFFERN ON THE WEAPONS Of' WAR, London.1855 The Eifl- Musket, by Capt. Jcrvia, Royal Artillery I London, 1854 Boucher on the Rifleman and the Rifle, London, 1854 Naval Gunnery, by Sir Howard Douglas, 4th edi tion, 1855 Naval and Military Technical Dictionary, French and English, by Lieut. Col. Burn. 3d edition, 1854. np -7 FRANCE TAYLnR CAMPBELL'S DICTIONARY of Military Sei j ence; Cavalrv, its History and Tactics by Cap tain Nolan on the Training of Cavalry Hones, Reg ulations for Yeomenry Cavalry, ap 26 FRANCK TAYLOR. RICH AND POOR, and other Tracts for tht times, a new volume, by Rev. J. C. Hyle, au thor of,4Living or Dead" The Young Man Advised, by Dr. E. O Haven. The Select work of the Rev. Tlios. Boston, com prising his Body of Divinity The Teacher's Last Lesson, a Memoir of Martha Whiting God Sovereign and Man free, by N. L Rice, D.D A Roy's Adventure in the Wilds of Australia, by W.'lliam Howitt. GRAY k BALI.ANTYNE, ap 27?3t 400 Seventh st. ri-HIE GREAT BATTLE* of the British Army, 1 J. vol, London, 1855, $ 1 50 Ottley's Hirtory of Remarkable Sieges, 1 vol Lon don,185S, 37c - The War Almanac for 1855, LonTOn, 37c The Book of the War, by P. B. St. John, London 1855, 37c History and Record of the War, London, 1855, 62 cents Field Pocket Book, by Capt Eefroy, Royal Artil lery, London,1855 aP29 FRANCK TAYLOR. POTATOKS? Just received, per schooner Isabel, a cargo of White Mercer POTATOES, suitable lor table use or planting. For sale in lots to suit. Also. 300 bushels small do-, for planting Apply to PETER BERRY, No. TT Water street, Georgetown, D. C. ap 96?d3t C"1 UAlfO.?NOTICE?The owner or consignee X of 150 b rrels Mexican Guano, consigned to A. Towns, received from Baltimore per 8chr. James Sewell, is requested to cail on PETER BERRY, Nrt. TT Water street, Georgetown, D. C. ap 96?3t FOR 8ALE.?THRRB CARTS, ONK VALUABLE BOMB tor any kind o use, with harass*;'be property of th? la'e Mr. John Shoo. A'so, pr OUGH TRACES will t? told cheap if ap plied for soon at No. #80 18th street. Island. ap 26?3t* MRS. J. BHKA. PREMIUM MINERAL WATER. WE respectfully call the attention of all persons who wieh to be served with superior MINE R AL WATERS, last such as that we were reward ed a Silver Medal by the Meuoplitan Mechanics' Institute to our extensive manufactory. In addition to the above we also bottle Ale, Por ter, Champagne Cider, Root Beer and Mead, all of which will need but one trial to decide in its being equal, if not superior, to anything of the kind in the United Slates. A fresh supply of the above always on haad. Orders by mail or given to our drivers will be thankfully received to* Union Bottling Depot, No. ST Green street, Georgetown, D. C. ap 96?d9w "1USTOMBRS TO WHOM W1 HAVB rendered bills for aeocuat to April lot, are in formed that our place of business is still at SSS Pa. avenne, adjtiaag Gait's Jewelry Store, wto-re we shall be happy to receive cash or nous at short dates lor the amount due. KLVAN8 k THOMPSON, Dealers in Hardware and Coach Tiiaamiajp, Pa. avenue between 9th aad 10th sis ap 24?eolw (IntkOtfJn) Amusements. _ iKOPLB'I theathi, late varieties. * Price# of admission : Orcherws Scuta 50 eei ts| Phr urtte 37 If ; Regular Ticket 95 ; Private I ? xes $3 and s*3; Gallery for cob red Per*e?w25 ee is. Positively the Lost yipht of the csid attd Wood & Christy's ORIGINAL NEW YORK MINSTRDIj?. THIS (FRIDAY) EVENING. April 97. ? CIVKF1T <?F Will IAJI BIBfl, AS EJfTIRK CBANGE OF PROGRAMME. O. B. SMITH GOT HIS LETTER ! Tiic performance to conclude with the new But Irsque Interlude, entitled LA HOTEL D'ETHIOPIA. Dulctucr 8wipr? - W>? BIRCH D orf open at 7?Th" Owning Overture will com mence at 8 oYlock precisely. ?? maTfestival AT CARUSI S SALOON. \m ons. C<>CHKU torn th? honor if. mmcc 31 his prwt?nt >td form^rpttroup, Ht? frimrts, lid tin* public generally, thil his Mi? Bail w??h* given atCARUSl'S SALOON. on TUE*D\Y, Msy I. The following Fancy Dance* will hejperwwNl i 1 Minuet de la Conr and Gavot de Vestlcs, by* ma?Ur and mtM 2 SlieilwnlMi Pastoral Dance, by 9 inissea 3 La Caeliuca, by a miss 4. Highland Flmj. by a miss 5 Bohemian Polka, by a mi?a and master C. The Nymph'* Garland l>ance. by 6 miaaaa 7. A Grand Fancy Marourka by 16 ml we* 8 A Grand Final*. A regular set wf OoOBMM will be d> weed by the scholars, after which the entire floor will be thrown ..pen to the company preaent. %|ons. Uocheii confidently trust* that, a* the faar lull satisfaction ha* been expressed by hia patrons at the cud of this season's labor a? at the close o( tile last, and that Ilia SecoiH May Festival will ei the same brilliant assemblage, and afford th -unc general pleaaure. ap 93?St" ODD FELLOWS' HALL. Thf popular Dramatic OF THE BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL, (not ? painui.g,) will be exhibited lor a few d< ys only at the above Hall. Due notice will be given of th? day of opening. ap 25 (..BIND EXHIBITION AND HAT BALL, AT THE NATIONAL THE AT EE. |)UOF. H. W nriDKR UkM pitMurr | in announcing to the puhl e that his Grm?d Exhibition and Mav Ball will taketfnee at the Na tional Theatre on THURSDAY EVENING, May 3d, 1855- The moat extenave preparation Ia being mad?, which will render thi* the roost magnifl* cat eitertiiBBent thai ha* ever b?*en wl nessed in Uiu city. The Parqueite will b? floored over from the entrance to the foot of the atage, throwing Pie tire Theatre into one immense Bail Room, which" will be decorated in the moat gnrjcniw manner. A i hrone for the Queen of May and her Maida of H<>nor will b?: erected on the back of the atage, orn amented with flowers and banner*, surrounded by scenes of a Fairy land. The Exhibition in preparation for this occasion cannot be excelled, ei'her in point of b"?n?y or the manner in which the dance* are executed. The following id a programme of Dances: I. College Hornpipe, by 4 masters, 2 El Bolero, by 4 misses 3. La Cachucha, by 5 misses, 4. Pa* Styrian, by a mis* and matter, 5. La Smolensk!, by 2 misse*, 6 I .a Fille du Bavateur, by 3 mime*, 7. Cracovienne, bv 2 mu-*s, 8. Scotch Dance, by 4 misses. 9. Styr an WalU, by 2 ladie* and a gentleman, 10. Fischer's Hornpipe, b> a master, 11. El Jeleo de Jerea, by a mi**, 12. Grand Shawl Dance*, by 24 misses; .n which ia the crowning scene, the erand march, and ascension upon the throne, and grand final tableaux. 13. The Flower Dance, by 33 miaaea, from the axe of 5 yeara up to 16, a* introduced by the wonderful Vienuoise Children in this city in 1848 It ia comprised of 16 arcbe* and 16 circlea of Rosea of every variety and color. This dance presents one of the nwt imposing spectacles ever witnessed on or off of the stage The boxes will be reaerved lor ladles during the exhibition, after which the floor will beclcared lor the whole company. Notwithstanding the .mormons expense attend 17'!! th s exhibition, the pHre of ticket* will be ?* . urual, only f2?admitting 1 gentleman and ladies. Private boxes may be obtained by calling on Prof. M , at his Saloon, corner Pa. avenae and 11th st., from 4 to 6 o'clock p m. ap 11?dtd A LL STB.AIM3PK8 visiting the City should see Humeri Cata iojme of tlie Curio^tiea of the Patent Oflice. Also, hi ? Deacription of Powers Great Ticture. feb 23?3ro* PLEASURE TRIPS TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. The Steamer* QEO WASH (JlNGTON or THOS COLLYER can be chartered for puhlie or aslect parties to visit the White Hou?e Pavilion, Mount Vernon, Fort Washington, or other place* on the river. The White House Pavilion is now open for visi tors It is a beautiful place for pleasure trips; it h ij a fine Ball and Oining mom ; also, a new Ton Pin Alley 3^- For particulars app'y to the President of the Company, or the Captains ot the Boats. Mr WILLIAM COKE i<* furnishing refrmSmcats i on the boats, and is prepared to furnish part es on the hot t< rms. Bp 96?2m A' To th* Ladles of Waihla|ton aad Vlsiilty. MBLIA PRISBRAM k MFTBR, K0. B77 Pennsylvania a*?nue, between 10th and 11th streets, return their rn^arda frr the kind patroaag heretofore bestow?d upon their eff >rts, and take the I b-itv of informing treir many friends that they in'or.d openln? tfceir Spring, eumuer and fsoey ImjNNBTS, whi-h eonsi^ r*f 2W) pl'ces, beald** a reh assortment sf STRAW BONNkTS, *c Tkey are able to serve all rix?? who are in want of fash ionable and eh*ap bonnet. Call and examine before purchafing elsewhere. ap 96?4t IMPORTANT TO^PERSONS BREAK ING UP Htil'StKEF.PING. l">ERSOKS removing from the city, and wUlimg L to disiioae ot their Furniture and (lousekeeping I'lt-nail*, as , without the tp-uble o( sending them to public auction, can do so by calling on u?> at our store, 317 Peiuisvlvania avenue, corner of Ninth street, as we are prepared to buy all aucb good? a.? may be offered Houaekeepers and others will do well by callina n ua, as we aUl pay the highest cash prices lor a! tuch goods. W ALL, BARNARD k Ct). ap 28?lm 317 Pennsylvania avenne CAirAirPACKBT LIIE TO P0I*T *0CI8 IIB Canal Packet CONGRESS having been thoroughly repaired, and put in first nu* jSA T order.will commence ru::ninicoa MONDAY^ the 30tli instant, for toe transportation of paa?rng- rs and light freight between Georgetown aao Ute alwve named point, on the tan^i pleading terms. The Boat will leave the wlia<f of W. H. Ritler for the Point of Rocka on every MONDAY, WEDNES DAY, and FR1HAY mornings, at 7 o'clock, and the Point of Rocks tiir Georgeiown on TUESDAY, THURSDAY,and SATURDAYS, at the eame hour, stoppint at the different landings along the line for the reception and landing of passengers and freight, going and returning Passage through eithei way f3, shorn r dtninces at the same ra'es. That is to say,from Georgeiown to Great Falls 50 cents; Seneca 75 cents ; Edwards erry $1 25; Manocscy fl.50. Meals served regularly on board the Boat M mod crate rates. JOHN CROMBAUGH, Proprietor, CHART.ES MERBELL. ap 23?lm Captain. DENTISTRY. DR. MUNSON respectfully calls poblic attentive to his new. patent, and GREATLY IMPROVED method or setting Artificialm(H Teeth, with Continuous Gum ?the PERFECTION OF THE ART. This style of Teeth has the following advantages over all others, vit: GREAT STRENGTH, CLEANLINESS. COM FORT, and BEAUTY, vieing with Nature in th??<> respects, and in some others excelling. Public spection is respectfully solicited. Plsese call and see specimens. , CAUTION.?No ether Dentist ia the District of Columbia has a right to make this style of Teeth ^ N. B?Teeth coastuuuoMlly healthy, plugged aad warranted for life. Oflice aad house at No. SSB E street, near the corner of Pennaylvaaia avenue and 14th ap 24?tf 1. a, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. 8. 9. 0. FLABARRE, comer ot Teoth aad C au , who . ia a practical loaaafhctnrnr la asetal, has an assortment >f SiItw plated NUMBERS of various patterns He will make immbera lor huwes. hotels pews In Ctmreto, aad for hacks, ts smm ah u?i^ aad is confident at the low price they naad< that it will suit the purchaser. ap IB? I?

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