Newspaper of Evening Star, April 28, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 28, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. Local Intelligence. Will* the Convict?Important (Iacka* Corpus Case ?It ia within the reeollcotia'j of oar citissne that a mu named Wllliat i Wells, a marine in the service of t'je United States, waa tried daring the Deor.mber term of the criminal court, several years ago, and eon vie ted on the charge of murdering a la-J aimed Mandell?by ?booing him, not far fro lc the Nary Yard bridge--and sentenced to he hanted on the 23d of April 1852. The gallows war erected, and eoffin and ahroud prepared, and a large crowd collected between the ho^n or nine and twelve o'clock, m.. on the da y designated, to witnees the exe cation. Bo* there was a diaappointiaent in this particular, for President Fillmore com mated uii sentence to imprisonment in th? District of Colombia penitentiary for the tens of hi> natural life. Welie, through his counsel, Chas. L Jones, Esq.. recently filed the following petition in the Circuit Court: " To thn 11 a nor able Judges of tkt Circuit Court of ths United States far the Dis trict of Columbia : " The petition of William Wells reapeo'fally represents that he wasoonvicted of murder ai the Dfcamber term of the Criminal Court foi the County of Washington, District of Colom bia, and was sentenced by saii Court to b? hung on the 231 of April. 1352, on which said 23i of April the President of the United States granted to him a pardon in tha follow ing term*: " 4 Now, therefore, be it known that I. Mil ?lard Fillmore, President of tho lTnitod Staiei * of America, in consideration of the premises * divers other good and suffirient reasons m< ' thereto moving, have granted and do herebj * grant unto him, the laid William Wells ' a pardon of the offence of whioh he wai con * rioted, upon condition that be be imprisonec 4 daring his natural life; that ia, the senteaoi * of death is hereby oom muted to iippriaon '?tent fer life in the penitentiary at Wash ?ton ' ?? " By virtue of which said pardon your peti tioner was, by order of the marshal cf tb< District of Columbia, conveyed And recrivec Into the penitentiary of the District of Col urn bia, where he is still confined. Now, beinj daly informed by counsel, learned in the law that the said pardon is absolute and the con dition invalid, prays the writ of habeas oorpu nssy i*sue to bring him before the oourt, anc if it shall be found that his confinement isille gal and contrary to law he may be dischargee from his imprisonment. And he will evei pray, ?o. William Wills." Di*tnct of Columbia, Wanh ngton county to wtt : Personally appeared " before me Daniel Smith, one of the justice* < f tha peuc< ia and for the said county, William Wells who acknowledged the ab>ve as his aigratare [sbal.] D Surra, J P. Ch. Lee Jones ia counsel for the prisoner. The case will be argued early next wsck and we shall Lot fail to advise car readers o the result Abotobr Hackas Cosprs Case ?Four U, S. sailor', named respective.y Riohard Bid die, Samuel Kajs, David Hazard and Jobi McSenny, have mad^ application throa^l their coansel, Charles L Jove*, Ksq , to bi brought severally before the Circuit Court ni a writ of habeas corpus The firat two wer tried some months ago by a court martiri a the Norfolk navy yard, and the last two wcr< tried by a court martial at New York, by cr der of the Secretary of the Navy, and con/ict ed of the offences charged and sentenced t< service at hard labor in the penitentiary c this Diatrict. Not having, aa laey s*y, beat convicted of any cffence punishable with im priaonment at bard labor under the law* o the Uni ed State'cr Dis'iiat of Columbia, the^ pray writs of habeas corpus may issue tw brirj them before the court; and, if it aball b found that their confinement is illegal and contrary to law, they may he discharged fron imprisonment in the penitentiary. The caii trill be argued next Saturday. Our Advrrtisehs ?We invite the attentioi of the public generally, to car advertieint columns, where :hey will find informatio: much to their advantage Clagett, Newton. May A Co. have jiet re ceived a large and elegant assortment of Sum mer Silks, Mantilla#, and other articles fo summer wear. F. F. Myer advortisei Bonnet! and Flat*, for ladiea and children. Qa'.t ant Bro'her are receiving daily additions to thei already aplendid stock of Jewelry, Watches and Silverware Amelia Pribram and siste are opening their spring, summer and fano; Bonne's. Straw Bonneta. Ac But, reader just oonsult our advertising columns Amvi Ksow Nothing Nominations ?Th( Anti Know Nothings of the Second Ward o this city met last night to tbo nuxber r f abou two hundred, in Harmony Hill, on D street and nominated Dr Thomas Miller for tin Board of Aldermen, and Messrs Robert Farn ham, William Orme. aid Henry A. Willard for the Board of Common Council Thia tick at ia an exceedingly strong one All the gen Uemen named on it are well-known citisens thoroughly identified with the future of Wash iagton city, intelligent, enterprising, well versed in city affairs, and are capita* tuana gen of their own business. The campaigi may now be considered fairl/ opened. IiccBT Academy ?In our paragraph rc apecting this building on the day before jjs terday, we stated that the Ccuncil till, wLicl passed the lower Board en the 16'.h and wai sent up the same evening to the Alderman waa not referred to the appropriate commiitcc till laat Monday. To avoid misconception. il abould be added that the recommendation ol the Truateeft for the purebaae of this property waa laid before the Aldermen on the 16*.h and referred the aame evening, as it will be aeet by our report of the proceedinga of the Board to the School Committee. Bc*kER Hill ?The splendid Diorama ol the Battle cf Bunkor Hill will be exhibited at the Odd Fellows' Hall cn next TuesJaj evening, and continue for several days The Diorama ia apokea of by the press in terma ol the higheat commendation, it ia not a paint ing, but contiats cf a combination of meohan ical and artiatical skill, which ha3 produced a perfect moving and life-like represents:ion of the moet important incidents of the memor able Battle of Bunker Hill. Tee Concert at Rose Vale lait uight, whiet wes well attended, gave general sati?fnction. The cbjan being to raise fusda for the ereo tion of a Baptist Church in that locality, drer, together a large crowd; to much ao, indeed, that many were unable to grin admittance Mr. William Mirick was the leader, and Piof Scheel presided at the piano forte. Some ol the best musical talent of our city asaia'.ed a the concert and acquitted themaelvca ia theii usual creditable style. MtTBoniST 8im;barv.?At a meciirg of tl?< friend* of the propoeed Methodist Semicary, for boya and girlr, held last night, a commit tee was appointed, to consist of two memberi from each Methodist church in the Diatrict, tc obtain subacriptiona to the Hook They pro pose to purchase the Kugfcy Academy buildinj for their purpoeea, in the event of the Cit> Councila not buying that propertj for the uaa of pub ic achoola T aero is apparently a determination to es tabliah the Seminary without unneoesaa'j delay Tga Markets ?This morning, our princi pal market preaented quite a lively appear ance Proddcp waa in'abundance, and th? purchasers irsre numerous Prices ranged about aa before quoted. We notioed a fee betes of tomatoes, probably of Southern growth, which were selling at 25a per doaen; also a few bunches of asparagus, at lOo. i bunch; theee articles did not aeeai to sell verj rapidly, lathe fish ma; ket, prices had bo materially changed aince Thursday, thougl oa the ahoree. yesterday, we ere informed, aha< were nellingat $oa$n per hundred, and herring at ^4 50a(0 SO per thousand. Wbsteeb Hojb CoiPAsr.?We lesrn tha several of the fixe companies will eecort thi Western Hose Company, cn Tueiisy, the fira of May. when the lafcer will receive thei new bote carriage. Mr Middietoo Birkheav will act aa chief mtnhftl. ^ -r FisriVAti ?Th* little folks, botb |L i and boyare now pleasantly excited in ** w ?( the approaching feativala in oomaMin * oration of ike mer y taontb of May?when be vernal season begins to be lavish of its flowers asd melody of birds; and when the heart is made to rejoice at the decided, un mistakable awaking of nature from its wintry "?he children are talking about what they shall wear?we do not mean the boys, but the girls. wbe, dressed in white, the emblem cf purity, and trimmed with ribands and decked wfth floral beauties, will oompose a gay, 1? ngblng, lovely spectaole, oon?regated either at the National theatre or at Carusi's saloen em evenings early in May. Many of them will attend both festivals; and why should tbey not? The scenes will be fruitful of plervsure te young hearts whioh have never yet, perhaps. experienced a severe wound of ?orrow ; and afford those who are old enough to danoe an opportunity to participate in that innocent amusement, gracefully moving to the strains of orchestral music Dear little ones: avail yourselves of the present; be happy weileye may, and in May, too. Of oourse. not a few " anxious parents " will attend the festivals in company with their ten der offspring ; and maidens and 'baohelora, and childrenless married folks likewise will be there, if we may judge the future by the pa3t. Mons Cocheu give* his May Ball at Carusi's Saloon on the first, and Professor Munder has engaged the National Theatre for bis purposes on the third proximo. The respective adver tisements of theso gentlemen, published in the Star, sho-v the extent of their prfpara tions for the brilliant and beautiful entertain ment which may bo antioipated. Serious Charge ?Last night a young mm named Robert Bronaugli. was arrested by officer Keese and taken before Captain Birch oharged with stealing a watoh from Mr. Tay lor, an actor who was engaged a short time since at Iron Hall. An examination was had this morning at the guard house, when Mr. Keese stated that Bronaugh admitted to him that be knew where the watch waa and who took it, bat did not think it right he should tell tales. Mr. E ltidgwny testified that on another cocasion a missing watch was found in room occupied by Bronaugh and another person, but who placed it there witness did not know, lie said also that Bronaagh exhibited a chain, which be sai l he found in the ashes where the fire wa? on Sunday night last, which he aold for one dollar. The witnesaes had not all been exem iced when we l*f; and an important witness is very sick. It is probable the accused will be committed for a farther hearing. Rronaugh had been employed at tbe Iron Hall attending to the properties while Mr. Taylor was engaged there. Papbr-Hasgisg ?Mr John Divis hu3 c. t?.t;i?bo'i himself in the paper hunting busi ness, in the Star bui!<li'>*s, Pennsylvania Av enue, near tbe corner of Eleventh Stecot, south aide. He bar just received a beautiful spring sapply of the newest Gtyles of paj era, window shades, curtains und other articles which are neoeuary and desirable for house-adorn ment. Circuit Corar.?Thecasocf Dr. J. F May against Selby Scaggs is again before this tri bunal. Twice has it been tried, but in eaoh case the jury were uaable to agce Carlisle for May, and Bradley and Morgan for Scsggs Dr May -uej Mr. Sjaggs for the 21m of $100 fcr amputating tbe leg of a uan who lived on Mr Scaggs' farm, and for the payment of which the doctor contends Mr. Scaggs is re sponsible. Scddkx Death?We learn that Mr Wil liam Bird. refidicgin the Seventh Wr.rd, died sudderly yesterday. He had been out riding, and had jast put up his burse, vrhen he was taken ill. and exclaimed "Lord have mercy on my aoul!" and expired?it is supposed with apoplexy. Th* Robertsoe who was recently scut to jail for re>istin? officers of the law, recently meniioced in the Star, is not Jarues Robert son, the distinguished editor of '-The Truth.' We makft thi* correction by request of Mr. Robertson, who wishes to " relieve" his "fiends from any apprehension ia regard to" him "on that boo;?." Fukeral or the late Mrs. General McNrill.?Tbe funeral of this estimable lady, sister of President Pierce, took place at aoon, to day. from the residence of her son in law, Capt. Becham,U. S A , on Third street, in this city Her remaina have been brought on from New Hampshire, where she died, so that they might be interred with thca* of her late gaiiant atd distinguished husband, Qen. John MoXeMl, whiah lie in the Congressional burial ground Thb New Arxgrt ?Col. Craig, or the Ord nanoe department, end C.1. llickey, have, we learn, selected a si e for the lo.v armory au thorised to be constructed by the late Con erers. It is in the Seventh ward, eneloaed toy Fju'-atd a half and Seventh streets, and B street south and the canal. Accident ?This morning, Just before noon, ths scaffolding around the new steam frigate Minnesota, at the navy yard gave way. pre cipitating some thirty workmen about twenty, five feet to tbe ground. Many of them were very severely injured, but when our informant left he had heard of no deaths William Tujmpsox, Keq , has been reap pointed by the President a justioa of the peace for the District of Columbia, tho ap p<intment to take effect from the 1st inst. Me. J. W. Hcttos?We have reseived a card from this gentleman in reply to the one of his sister and brother in-law in yesterday's Star. It reached us 100 late for insertion to day. At the Watch-Hocse there were no trial cases this morning. ? v ?? GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. City Council?Mariets, \c. Georoetowh, April 24, 1855. Both branohes of our City Council met last evening at the utual hour. Present, all the members of each, except Mr. Edes Several messages were received from the Mayor. One in relation to tbe repairing of the arch near Ray's mill, and covering the aooounts of Jehn Popkins and John Cameron for doirg the Eame. Tbe accounts were rc. ferred to committee on claims. One calling the attention of the Council to the fact that to appropriation bad brcn nude to pay tie sal aries of the Corporation oCl -era for 1P55 An other calling attention to the oondition of the linking fund, and informing the Council that its earning hid alreaJv amount**] to about $30,000. eighteen thousand of wLich had been expended by the Corp-ra'icn, which woi aaked t> be returned. Ore covariug the d? oount of Jo'in Boo'he ; at 1 another covering the le'ter of resignation cf Evan Lyons, Esq., as one of the Board of Appsala, which was ie. ferred to Board of Aldermen. Mr Semmu p#e seated '.he memorial of W. S. Buy all, asking permi.-sion to take sand from northern terminus cf High street; referred. Mr. Bangs submit el p a* cf Seventh street, with estimates for excavating, Ac , wi h latter to the Mayor on same subject; referred. A memorial fiom Hush Hughes, In relation to a causeway, was read, asking that Mr. Ad dison be appointed a commissioner of the same in the place of Louii Ca-berry, Esq., whose health will not permit him to attend to ft; re ferred to Board of Aldermen. Mr. Semmes, from the oommittee for poor house, reported a bill appropriating $1,800 for tbe iupportof tbe same for 18ai; which was passed by both Boards, and waa signed. A resolution passed both Boards in relation to the grade of a part of Washington street. Mr Osborn, from the com mi'tee of ways and means, reported a bill appropriating $6 130 to pav salaries of corporation officers for vear 1855; passed both Boards, and was signed Mr. Bsres, from oonjmjttee for stseets, re ported a bfll authorising the Mayor to lease to W- T. Duyall the northern terminus of High etreet for certain purposes; passed both Boards, r and was signed. 1 Mr Semmes, from the* committee to whom was referred the subject of % sew charter, in Pbrtnad the Board tbat tho onmmittoo expecttd i joo to be able to report upon the rabjeot. gat, Mr. B&Dgs. from oommUtee for street*, re ported a bill providing lor tho condemnation >f property for Vallej street, and appointing John Davidson, J. D. Read, and Thos Brown, jommissioners to saparintand opening of the tane; passed both Boards. Mr. Myers, from ootrmittee on claims, re sorted a bill appropriating $35 for the benefit >f John Popkins, and $5 for John Cameron; passed both Board*, and was signed. A bill paased both Boards making the town rarveyor ex-officio one ef the street commis lioners. The Board of Aldermen returned to the Zooncil, non oonenrred in, a bill providing for repair of town house and certain flag foot ways. A bill panned the Beard of Aldermen ap propriating $51,81 to meet defioienoy in re pairing foot-ways on Cong'??s street; rejsoted by Board of Common Council. Tho Board of Aldermen paisod a bill redu sing the salary of the messenger to the two Boards from $150 to $100; whioh wasrejeoted by Board of Common Council. The Board of Aldermen also passed a bill from the Common Council, authorising the purchase of a certain lot of ground for the use if the poor houss. They also had under corsideration a con Hderable amount of business in relation to public schools, arches, Ao , none of which ftaj matured Both Boards then want into joint meeting Tor the purpose of electing a member of tho Board ef Appeals, in the plaee of Mr Lyons, resigned Mr Bangs nominated Mr. William McOee; Mr. Waters, It. Cruiksbank; and Mr Pickerell, W. II. Kdes On the first ballot 16 votes were cast. Mr. McGee received 7 votes. Mr Edes *?, Mr. CruiksUank{2, and Mr. Oj Korn 1. On the second, Mr. McQse 7. Mr. tiides 7, M'. Cruikshank I. 1 blank. On the bird. Mr. ? ies received 10 and Mr. McGee o. Mr. Edes was deolarrd elected and the joint meeting dissolved, and both Boards ad journed. We would advise all who are in want of a first-rate article of potatoes to call immedi ately at P. Berry's. No 77 Water street. Tbe Eupply of fish at our wharves this morn ing is larger than has been this reason. LihaJ are selling f'om $9 to $12 per hundred, and herrings at $6h$6 50 per thousand. At Drover's Rest this week thore has be?n a full supply of beef cattle ; rales at $5 5fta$ft on tbe hoof, equal to $lla$ 12 net. Sheep scarce and quality inferior ; selling at 5 cents per lb., gros*. Veal calve* 5}a6 cents per Ib , gross. The Northern news has had a tendency to depress somewhat tbe Hour market and fjiveit a declining tendency. Ilulders and receivers are asking $10*0 ; no sales worthy of note for several days past.. No arrivals of grain ainco our la?t report?inclined to droop also. Spectator. T"NPHE^EDKNTE1 > Sl'OCFH*.?TI.e excitement In be li-ilf < f Hiker's Pieiuiia Battels, contirufcs to Increase In Richmond ?s *<H as throughout Virginia, as * core tor dyaj-?p?ts, toipl.iity ot ti.e liver, soar stomach, u?rvnr? heeda-fce, agne ami f-ver, Ac. To be hud at the priar'|..| O'oc Stum thron^hoct tbe city of Kichiuoud ana the M ite of Virginia. Orders J rcmptly attended to by ?ddr?-*?in? E., Ki> hmond, V*. Church litil, Richmond, Feb. IP, 18V4. Dear Sir?Belns s.ttisfed thst my wife, who lia* snffi red very n uch for several year* from nturnUU, ha* received ereat benefit frciu Maker's Premium Bittirs, aud havnnc US-d thein witn (5re.1t tn c*?ri) of summer r?B|dainta with my children, I take i;r? it pieas'iro In reeomrrend'u: tbtrn to the pnolic aa a v-tlnablv laD'iiy mc tklne. 1' nn Uev. HKllilN FOUU. Mr. E. Bakjr, Proprietor. ltlrhmcnd Poft Feb. IS, 18.M. Thin I* to certify that I have u?ed linker's Premium Hit ters in my family, which ( lind to be a very valuable me 11 cine la loj* ef appetite, aud sivlnj; tone and strength t<> the whole ays tern. Iu a;~ne and fever, where 1 have adminis tered theiu, they havt, never failed tl m..k? * perfect cure. A* a family medicine they stand une<jnslle?1. F. W. DANKOKTH. They are )>*rf.-ctly hartn'.ei*, aud tuay be takeu at all tiiuei by adult* or children. Prlf-e f?C <~inta n** bottle To hm bid nfCHAIM.ES 8TOTT * CO.. WasVngten, O C? CANBY i HATCH, and SkTH S. 1IANCE, Baltimore, and by Orug^ists everywhere. apr 21?eoSt ,r-y=?:?*OAH \r AT.KF:R X ro.. Marble n*?l Clotliini? Empo l*?' rlnm, cc ier Hrowaa* Hotel, reepectf'iliy annonnce that tuelr dl?play of Kprlng and Hnmlaer Clothing la now ready for inspection, compri?iuK au a*fortaient of Coats, Veata bud Pantaloous of the nsweat aud rlcheat dtsiuii" In material, trlnimin? and workmanship. To Kontleioe'i who atudy excellecca with economy n f;tahlontble article* of dre?a aa opportunity for ie'ertins is offered fr??'n one >>tthe ianteat ai. 1 mo-t vtractivo nt<<ck of Rooda ever oTered in Uita city ut a very reduced scale of prices. ap 1? T--y? PREMIUMS AT THE FAIRS.?'WMITSHVBST8 still In the asrnndanca.?Thejurleaof each of the late fairs at Bait!, Uichinom', aud New York awarded tbelr h.sheet preuilurts to J. H. V.". for their superiority ut Pho tographs, Stereo-copes and Oa^uerreMtypes e^liiblted. Mr. W. al?o . ec-ive.1 two Models at tiie World's Kuir, Lou don, acd a premium at Crystal Palace, New York. Also, tie Crst award* of the Maryland Institute tor three years past. WWItehuret's Gallery tc thU city la oa Fa. avenae. t.etw <H end tUi streets. feb 17 0?7?A CARO TO THE I.ADIES.?GOOD NEWS FOB THE SICK DK lirP0!fC"0'S GOl.nEX MONTni.Y PILLS, the ke^l and m >st Infallible remedy ever discovered for re lieving and curing all painful, distressing, and difli'-uit meu strnatlon, aud reinovii:^ all periodical obetructlous, acd ir regularities arisiug frcm whatever cause. These PU.4 are a complete TRII'M PH IN MEPICAL SCIENCE. Tiiey ere prep*re<l by a procees which conc?ntr?tea th-! ingrtxllcnu Into a sui ill bulk, thus rendering it unuecessxry for delicate leiutic* t-? t.tke large dirses of n ?u?eous drugs. Dr. Dujv.nro's Pills are the resu. tor over THIRTY YEARS' KXPKHIEN6K Its the treatment of the dlaensrsof femaies.? They heve been adve tlse<i for a little over one year, yet SEVERAL THOUSAND BOXES have already been sold, and the demand tor them rapidly In creases wherever they become known. They buve been thoroughly tried la Washington, and found to art like charm. S<>ld by all Drngglata in Washington, Georgetown and Al xaudria, V'a. u.r I?eo3m* 'Y~jr' 1 D OILMAN, Dmsglst, hae removed to S28 Seventh street, opposite to tli<* Patriotic Bank, and is uow pre pared to fill all orders for Ue, Palnta, Oils, and Olass on accommodating terms. Strict attention will be paid to physician's prescriptions at nil hoors of the day and night. The night bell is ou the right of the *V>re door. ap 1*?Ira V"7?A PHENOMENA IN MKDICINB.?Bronchi tie. Cough, Dy?peael?. Liver OoKplaints. Scrofula. *c.?For ail diseases of tlis Fe;u-t'e System it stands preeminent. A mersytuan Just iuf ?t .a* us It has cured him of Broncullls #f a d? pe'ate ch*r*-ter?part!c-i!a,-s heresftar. HAMPTON S VEGETABLE TINCTI BE? By mild ?o tlon on the(tomach, liter and kidneys, will enre Dyspep lia, <>>nght As; :mi. Bronchial aud Lung Attention* Pains In the Back, Sid- aud Breast, Cons umption, Scrofula, Rheu iu%t!sai, Gont, Nuureigla, Fistula, Bowel Complaints, Pilee, Worm*, and N-rrous Ifeollities?with all diseases atlsing 'ram impure blood, and is tiie greatest female inedlcibe ev ;r known. Tu's Invaluable ma Heine Is working wonders ipou thslittiiiaafraiiis See advertisement to-day. mar 7 A SPRINO AND Sl'MMEK MEDICINE, Carter's ^ BpaUish Mixture stands pre euiiaeui above all others. Its singularly eQiccioiii aciiv" on tt.e Uood , Its streu^th eulug ant vlvlfylog qnuliUeg; Its touic action ou tLs Liver, Its teudenry to drive all ImTucirs to tee surface, thereby rlesnslm; tho sjst-nj according to Nature's .,wu preecrip llon ; Its barm'.ens, and at the same t! re extraordinary good efforts, aud tiie number of cores teelliied to by tusny of the ? ost reepe table ciUiena of Richmond, Vs., and tltewbere, most ba oouclnsive evideucc that Uiere I* no humbug atout Toe trial of ? slugle bottle will satisfy Ui? most sceptical Bf Its boaeflu. ? advertisement In another column. 9AUIUKD. On the in?taut, i?y Itev E. P Plielpi- Mr. I\CUB 11. L'IjAI'UoKK andMtu ANN V. TAY L"R, Isotli of AI**xanJ:ia Va. On ilic 2 Mi in.-taut, by llev. 3. R. Soutlier!and, JOHN K. JOHN? ION, E?q .' f Virginia, to Miss MARCIA AW, daughter of Jeremiah Or.oejE.sq., 9f Ueorgetutvn. DIkCD. In Georgctowu, on t!ip 25ih inrt,MARY EVE i.YN, eldest dau^lite-r ol Ca^taia Wiu. and Lvelyn [)!ivfif. '1 tie friends o: the family, ar.d thu SuLtmUi Bchord >f tho M. E. Clturf li,?re requested to ail lid In r nn"ral tn morrow (-'n:i<*sy'j nt\*-mooo, at do'cluck, rum her par- no.' residence on Totomac rt. N?w York Herald please copy. Wants. WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT thry can get a lot 2-1 f.-et from hy 130 t?.-i leen, for tUe low price of $75?pay a We ?3 a ninnllt vitfiout interest. Apply at the Union Land office, Till at , ab <rv Odd FL-Ilotrs' llail. ap 2d-3ni JOHN FOX, aoc. WAN'IV-D-A PRACTICAL BltlCK MAKEK to uiai.dfucture a quauuiy of Hriek-ai Union twn, opposite thfl Navy Y.ird. A'! material i fur lished. Apply attll>* Union Ltuid Ofli 'e, 7th tstreei ibcve Odd Fellows' Il.Ul, or at Umonioivn ap?8-3t JOHN FOX, 8ec. lirANTED IMMEDIATELY-A FEKVANT to | fv do general bru two k. Recoiquend Hi >n> cquifeil. A alaye Gifl prefvrted. Applv at Nt., |? f Tweli\l\ atret t we?t. ap id - 3i* WANTED?TWO SINQER8, AN ALTO and) Tenor, and they mu?t t>e able to read music *ijne tut those of good ch tracter need apply. Ad l.ess OH AS. CHRISTIAN, Petersburg, Va. ap 27?3t* A N EXPERIENCED Ilo"lTc?EKEEPER wants a x\. fituation.?A middle aged lady, accustomed or many years to manage the d*"a^is ys" a I'Tge x>arJiiig !iou?e, as houat k?, in.*, wanCt a situation, ^he can n?ye fa;isl'actory refcrencu as to her energy, nuasu> and experience, and the fidelil. with which ihe di-cha<g?*s auties confided to her. Adr.rets "L 3," at this office. nr> 13?tf ANTED?A COMPLETE FILE UF THE | W WEEKLY (Washington City) STAR since ia publication up to the present date, for which a ihe.-al price will be paid if sjnt to litis office. ?p3-U' F For Balo and Pent OR RENT?THE SMALL FRAME iwo-?tory House, No. 47 9 Thirteenth street, west side. two doors south of Pa. avenue. It is neat and com fu'table. PntMMion given immediately. Apply at the Star Office. ap 38-If For SAl.E OR RE XT?A FINE TONED Pi ano, of Knabe 81 Gaehle's manufacture, on very moderate terms. Also, two or three famished rooms fer rent. Ap p!y to G. F. SO IAFER, No. 40S Tenth st, 1 door above E. ap 27?3t* For rent?the two story rrick Dwelling on Potomac street, one door south of St. John's Episcopal Church, Georgetown Anr>lv to R. CRUIKSHANK.oii Hidge street, or GEORGE WATERS, on Water street ap 25-tf (IntelfcOrgnn) FOR RENT.?Two handsomely furnished Houses, containing 15 rooir.s in one, and 9 in theoth r, in a desirable locat.on fronting on puMic square, one square from Lafayette Square, on II, corner of H and Eighteenth streets, with bath rooms, itc., will be tented on reasonable terms to good U nanu. ap 13? lm* FOR RENT-THREE ROOMS ON Fl of "Forrest Hall," Georgetown, IR3T floor | taM* for Ol flces or stores. Apply t?? R FORREST, ap 24?1 w* corner F and 2tth streets. For rent?the store house now oc rupii d by Barnes It Mitchell, on Pa. avenue, between 8lli and 9ih streets. Possession given on I5th May next, on which time the present lease ex pires. Apply to JAMES DIXON, E-q , of this city, or the subecuber, "Cottage." M >ntgomerv county, Md. THOS. CONNELLY, ap 23?if For rent?several handsome par lors and Chamber*, with board. Also, Table and transient board. Inqui/e at Mrs. SMITH'S, 833 F street apfl FOR RENT?THREE NEW FRAME HOUSES, I containing six rooms, each situated on Pierce street, between L and M street*, being but foui square* froin the Railroad Depot; would make son,I ?evidences. Rent moderate. Apply to CHARLES THOM A. on the opposite side of the struct, ?p 4?lm* IIOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily |X located Ruilding Lots, 24 tett front by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of $75, payable #3 per | month. Title indisputable. Union I-and Office, 7th at., above Odd Fellows' Ilall. Jan 3?6m JOHN FOX. Secretary. RENTS REDUCED TO SUIT THE TIMES. ?1^0 a year will be received for the rent ot those new and convenient cottages at Kendall Or en, with two acres of ground, stable, wood sh? d and other conveniences attached. Pumps ot pure water are near the door, and eommanirat on is hart with Georgetown by way of II and Seventh ?tree?s and Penn. Avenue, morning and aft'moon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the departments. To secure the advantage of this rreat r^dtftiots of rent immediate application mu-:t be made to the tin tie reigned, either by letter, or at his house at Kenda l Green, after office hours, where the keys] may be had and th" houses inspected at any t:ra". Several of tlicac residences will b" sold on libera' terms. WM STICKNRY, No 4, Kendall Green. N. R.?Rents paid quarterly in advance. *pr 9. 1855 - tf "TTALIJABLE REAL ESTATE TOR 84LE.? V The block ot" buildings known a the "Union Buildings," and now occup ed by the Ui.ion news paper establishment. They ar?: situated on R street between 13;h and 1 tth streets, nnd (rent he directly on Penneylvalun aveuu<;. The lot is 70 feet front t?y 159 fe?*t de<?p. The property is susceptible of divis ioii and re arrangement, an.I in |?o=-iti n mch a rru.-t rank it among the best business stands or the avenue, and is yearly increasing in value. The time of the present lessee expires on the l?t Septem ber next, on which day possession may be had. Also, that lirge three-story Ilrick House on 17th street west, (opposite thu War Office and three door south of G stre t.) Also, that three story House on 17th street west, npxt door to the Givernment Ruilding, at the corner of F and 17th streets. Sheul I the ab \e property not he sold at private Kile prior to the loth of May, it will be sold on that dav at public auction. Term* will be made favorable t? th* ptrch.iser. Appyto CM. II. WINDER, Corner of ? and G stieets. mar 19?2axvt *ayl5 Building lots for sale -a variet ? ot Ruilding Lots in the vicinity of the City II ill. Also, iu all other parts of the city, on n-'commoiat ine terms. Enquire at Mrs. ADAMS' Ii.tardiiut j House, opposite to Hrowns' Hotel, to be m-cii fr?m 8 to U i ni. or 3 to 4 p m. A'-o, an address through the Post office will receive attention. mar 5?eo2m DAVID MYERLE. A CERTAIN CHANCE TO MAKE A l>OR tune ?A lady having acquired a competency in the Millinery hnsine**, is now desirous of dispo ing of her establishment, and retiring into privite lite. Her location is one of the bejt in the city, u:t<j is a rate opporiu:.ity lor <>ue acquainted with trie bu<ineM. For terrn^ and p^iticuiar* app'.y at this office. mar 29?liu Boardinc. I HOARDING ?ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN J can <<btain bjird in a quit t family, where tliere tire no ?ma!t child'en, and where tney can have the b?st family cooking A pump of veiy stpctior wa ter in the yard References exchanged. Address 4,R S Y,"' through th.- City Post Office. ap 28?eo3t* i)OARDIN(J PERMANENT OR TR^N.^IENT > Hoarders can be accommodated on reasonable terms, at FITZGERALD'S, No 474 Pa arenue, next door to the United Sutes Hotel. ap 27?71* \ O T I C K?FOR RENT-PARLORS AND t^ Chambers, with board. Also, table and tran sient board, with a bathing room and shower tilths and every attent.on to render it most arreeable to her boarders Mrs. P. G MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenus and 4'^ at. ap'a-Sm BiiAHDIRU?in a pleasant and healthy loca lion. Two Isree roo.-us now vacant Apply at the Mituheast corner of 9th and II t tree is. pp 26 ? eo3i* BOAHI), &??;?MRS BATES, on the souih west corner of Pa. avenue end !H*i street is pre pared to accommodate gentlemen v/uh room-, with or without board. Every effort will be made to ren- j der those comfortt ble who m:vy favor her vm;Ii their | pa.ronage. ap 6?tf FIRST WARD NOTICE. T^IIE subscriber be n? dcMrous of closing the bus iness of the late linn of T. W. Johnson St Co.,, would earnestly invite all persons indeb ed to the s iid lirm to settle their accounts immediately, as the business must be closed. T W. J0HN30V, Try Gio's Store, No. Ill, First Ward, ap 21?eo3t* ICE !^^ IOeTiCE !" PETTI BONE'S wa?on6 are m w running daily, | wh:ch contain:' :ugo-.d ICEascaa lie produced [ in Boston or tlie Potoma- Rivwr Those who com mence by the 10th of May will be furnished duriug the sea-on without advance prices. Orders leit at the olliee, ?outh-west corner of lltli and 11 stn< ts, will b? promptly attended lo ap BTKA31UOAT It XC V lis i ON. LANDING OF TI1E PILGRIMS. Celebration nf t/f Ijavdirtf* rf lUfi Pifgritn* cf Maryland at St. M>iry's City SMiry\i county, under I k ' a\sj>:cfs of ihe 1'hilodetnie Society of Georgetown. 'pilE Ge.inmittee of Arrangements ol the Y< ung J catholics' Fiiend Sock ty, of this m -- ^ city b%vc the lioup.r -?' ? city the citutttis cf Waehington and its viciuuy, th tliev have ehaiered the well known and popular ?teamer GEORGE WASHINGTON, tor the a'jove mentioned Excursion. The price of Tickets for the entire trip is $5 etch Th'-y can be procured at the fallowing Drug Siores: Ki ^-vell tx. Lawrence, comer of 14th street and I'eiinsylvaniH avenue; CalUn's, comer of 7th and E streets; Martin F. King's, P?-nns)lvania avenue ; D B. Clarkv's, corner ol' 11th street and Maryland avenue; inn F. Ellis's Variety Stoio, Pennsylvania avenue; Win. A. Kennedy^ Bookstore, 7th street; and from Francis McNerhany, Naval Storekeeper, N ivy YarJ. As the number of tleVets is limited, persons de sirtrti* ol enH)>:n<! this interastiog Hgcnrsion are par (icnlaily requested to make early application rj above or to nny laemher of the Committee of Ar rangements, as the sales will be closed on Saturday sveninc, the 12th May next. Armngemeiits have been mftilc with the pioprie tor of I'iney Point Pavillion whereby comfortable accommodations fbr the nightwill be secured during the Excursion. The George Washington will leave tlie Steamboat VVha'f, at the foot of 11th street, on MONDAY eve ning. tlie 14th Mjy next, a 3 o'clock, aw\ wid re tuin abuut 2 p. id. on he Adlowin^ \Vtxin^s<iav. johx oak Roll brent, WM. A KENNEDY, GEORGE HARVEY, JOHN T. CASSKLL. FRANCIS McNERHANY, Comni.t;ec ol Arrangements. ap 21?TuThS^ld NOW IIKING RECKlVtD A HEAVY supply of every article in the Co^ch finding line, including 200 yards of our A No 1 Russia Duck Canvass, 50 metre* wide O'll early. KLVANS & THOMPSON, 846 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th *t>, ?p8f-lw (Intel It Or^nJ Auction Sales. BV <1. C. HoOOlAK, AUctUuc?r> TTALUABf E BUILDWG L<>TS AT PUBLIC ? AlCttal. Q> THIJRSHAY uternnmi, May 4th. at 4 o'clock, at the Auction Kdooii, I shall tell the following de*c ib?<l Lots. via: Lou 26 and 27, in Square h&i, on 9d street wmi, near E street north I*ot 11, in Squ ire C99, on Ma/y land avenue, near 18th str .1 Lota 16,17. 18 and 16. in square south of 56 J, at corner of 2d and H streets Lot IS. in square 584, oil Virginia avenue, betw. 19t ard 2<i streets west Lots 1, 2, 3, and 4, in square 867, on north Art, between 6 h and 7th streets ea*t Lot 10, in Square 558, on New Jersey avenue, between K and !? streets north Lot 8, in Square 694, corner First st. e tat and D street aou-h Lot 1, in Square 29 Lot 25, in Square 5 West half of l.ot 4, in 9qnar<* 41 Lots 3 and 4 in Square I/J3# Lots 5 and 15, in Square 1,058 Terms : Oiie fourth cauli; the balance in 6 12 and 18 months, for notes bearing intesest, secured by a dettd ot trust on the property. JAS. C. McGUIRE, ap 88?d Auctioneer. By QRVVN * SCOTT, A?ctlon??r?. I>RICK AND LUMBER AT AUCTION-ON |f SATURDAY, the 28th instant, we shall sell, st 5 o'clock p. m , on Pennsylvania avenue, betw. 6th and 7th streets a la*ge lot of Bnck and Lumber tde contenu of two bnck Houses pulled down. Terms at the sale. GREEN fc SCOTT, apr 36?d Auctioneer*. K. I, WRIGHT, Awctlonaar. G*O"Q*'10WN PORTO RICO 8UGAR AT AUCTION.?ON MONDAY next, the 30th instant, at 12 o'cl'k, at F. S. A. H. Dodtie's Wharf the cargo of the barque WU'iaui Chase, from Maya;ucz, conriMing of? 378 hogsheads prime Sugar. ED. S. WEIGH T, np f6 - dts Auctioneer. Dy WALL. ?AK*AflD dt CO , A tiers. EXCELLENT FURNITURE AND KITCHEN l i Requisites at Auction.?On MONDAY mora ing, the 30th instant, at 10 o'clock, wj ? Iu.II sell, at the late ret-Hence of Mrs J. E. VV. Thompson, de ceased, si uaied on the north side of E st., between 12th and 13ih stre> ts, ad her Furniture and Kitchen Requisites, consisting in part of Mahogany Bureaus, Wardrobes, Wash'tain'.* Do Side Tatiles, walnut Ha*rack nedsteads, Bed*, sses Sofa, Lout;go, Carpet*, Oilcloth Cane seat ar.d other Chairs I'arlor, Cook and other Stoves Safe, Crockcrvware, <*c. Also, the stock of Fancy Good*, ^a-es, fcr., in the store underneath. Also, one laige Showcase Term* : All sums of and under $"20 cash; over $2<> a credit of .'O'and fiO e'ays for notes sauslactrily endorsed, hearing interest. WALL, BARNARD & CO., Auct* ap 25?d J. C. HttilUHE. T7"ERV SUPERIOR AN!) HANDS??MK FCR \ iiitare. Rosewood I'iano, s.c , at Public Auc u ,n?<jn MONDAY morn'ng, April 3nh, *t 10 o"cl'K.-k, at tlsc re-iJ nee of Mm. J. D Bm?n, P? avenue, between 14 It &nd 15th struts. immediate ly o;)po?iie WilUid*' Hotel, I ?hail ?'ell nil of Iter ?le o;?ut rurn'ture and Housekeeping EflV^U, Viz : Superior r<tyewood case seven octave Pi.n.o lorte. by Nunns it Fischer, \esr York P.iir ol elegant rosewood medallion back Sofas, fin ished in rich blue and e<>i J satin damask pair of crin son p'.ush covered Tete a Tele Sofas. Rocker, and Parlor Chairs to mrtch Set ofliolid row.w.>->d mcdallioa Lack Parlor Chairs finished in cotton Handsome rosewood marble top Centre Table French gilt frame Pier Glass Slab and Brackets Velvet Parlor an.1 Stair Carpets, Rues Elegant damask Window Curtains, wish richly worked Lace Curtains. Cornice and Fixture Superior rosewood and mahogany Dressing Bureau* tnd Washsirnds with marble top-4 Handsome rorewood ar.d mahogany French and EUzabetliian Bedsteads Very superior en,led hair anl spring Mattrcases Bolsters atid Pillows, husk da Two hue mahogany Wardrobes Carpets, Curtains, Sbases, Chairs Handsome carved waiii'it Extension Table Marble top *ti!eboard, Centre 1'aMe French dtnir.c Chairs, Side Tables* walnut arvnl Krcnrh 8<f? I on Reclining Chair, Easy < "hair Handsome mal'ojany llvra-tt Hall Oilcloth, Veiiinsn Hlin 5s Beautiful gold J Fieuch China Dinner ecl Silver i-laieil Casters. Glassware Large Kobby ILir-e, Chil Ben's Chairs Cu*'kmr Stove, Kitchen Ulen-i!<, Jkc. The .. M?ve Furniture is of superior make and fin ish, and in ? \cellent order. T rtns: .$3) and under cash; over that sum a cr. du ol 2 and 4 months, for notes satisfactorily < u dorsed, bearing interest. JAMES C. McGUIRE, apr 23?d AMCtiow^-r. liy C-i W. eoTKLtLM. Anctlenasr. A DMI.VISTRATOR'S SALE ?r t rame lious- or. the Can il, 7th strix't Briiljee?B virtu# of an order of the Oiphan-' Court, the subscriber will sell, on TUESDAY, the 1st day of May, 1855 at 5 o'?lock p. m, on the premises, a oue-stor; frame Hou^e on Corporation lot on 7t*? street, n> ai canal bridge, 25 f?,rt front and about 38 deep, wiu* back >htd. formerly occupied by ltichard Ay on. T!.e terms of *&ie will be: One half cash, and the balance in three an 1 six months, for notes with :?p pr .v.'d ? udor;ers, bea ing iiiferesi from d.?y of tale. If the ieinii of .-ale aie not complied with in three days after the sale, ihe property wi 1 be resold at the risk and exp? u-e of the purchaser Ly order of the Adaiinht.a;or. C. W. BOTEI.ER, Auctioneer. CIIAS. S. WALLACH, ap 27?d Attorney. By GBtSlcn A. i-COI'T, Auctlotttn. OEVEN VALUABLK BUILDING LOTS AT 0 Aucti n. < ln WEDNESDAY, the 18 h instani, we a^-.all sell, at 6 o'clock p. m , 34,'i37fc' feet o' ground, having a front oil C >treet s utli 148 feet 5 inches, and 9 li street 5283 feet 16 incVes. The above described property is hands';ui.-ly loca ted, distant from the Navy Yard but a few minutes' walk. Perm?: One ha'fca h; balance in o.-.e and two ycirs, the purcliaser io sive nst?'s for the deterred payments, beating interest trora the day ofsalc. A dee I given and a d';ed ot trust taken. {pj- Tn? r.hivc sale ta poitpnnrd un til WEDNESDAY, the25*h inst, ?ame hour. GREEN fc SCOTT, ap 18?eiStds Au?tiniieer?. (ETJ- Tto* abave sale Is farther post poned u* til THURSDAY, the 31 of May,same iiou^, wheu it will positively take place GREEN ? SCOTT, ap 27?d AU'-tionoctf. By OllkUX & SCOTT. A uo??* ? VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY NEAR the Caf itul, at Auction.?Ou MONDAY, the 3Jth ins ant, we shall soil, tu front cf the premises, at 6 o'clock p ui., a nearly new brick an I frame House, three stuiessnd cellar; the hiwer story and cellar arc of brick, the two upp. r storks are o* train*?. Th- above d? sc ili^d pioperty is situated fr iiitir.g cn 1st street east 31 feet 10 inches,running ba.:k 120 feet, bet ween C are! D streets north, being part of Lot No. 8, m Square Gs4, east of tlie railroad Depot and near the Capitol. Also, pirtot vacmt Lot No. 7, in same pqmre, ai|oini.ig the above, having ? front o: 30 feet by 100 feet deip. Terms; One-half cash; the balance in G and 12 months, the purchaser to give notes for the deferred payments bearing interest from U#e day of tLe s^e. A deed given and a de' d ?f irits: taken uttEEN" la SCtiTT, ap21??I iMtiHMMb rny J. r. McGUIKE, Aastloaur ARt'STkE S SALE OF VALC ABLE ai:d eligi _ bly ntnaiu.l Isnpioved Real E* a'fon tlie corncr 01 7th nod D atretic ?By virtue of a ?l.:ed n iH'arins <Ute on the 6ili day of June, lool, recorded ill Liber J. A 8., No. 38, loi;o< ^87 he , tbe sub scrib ir will sell at public sale, on TUESDAY, tite 15ih day of May, >855, at 5U o'c'ock p. m , oa t?e pre.nises, part of Lot No*8, in Squye No. 457, fronting 95 feet on 7th str< et wt??, ^ud isMioingback 54 fr-et on D street nuitl; ;o w:tU the euiUl Hiss and improvements, W^ch consist of a well and siibstan'.iwlii wuilt U'Tco alorybrCk warehouse, cov e?in? the of said |?art of ?aid lot 'Ihe a!?ove property H situated on the corner r-f 7th and D street4, opposite the Na tonal Int liigei^ cer ofiioe, and is one o| the uiost desirable an.! val Uable business location?in VVnihinstoti, rapidly en hancing in value, anl offers an opportunity fur in vestment seldom to be met with 1 he terms of sale will be : One-fourth of the pur chas? money in ea-h, and the ba'ance in six. tw< Ivc, eighteen, and twenty-four months, for notes b arntg interest (ruin d*y of sale, secured by d^ed in tru>t upon the property. If tl.e terms of ?ale are n^i com plied with in six dava ater the sale^i?? property will be resold, at the risk and expense of the pur chaser, upon one week's ???tfce. All convey aneing at the exjiense of t*?e purchaser CUAS. S. WALLACH, Trustee JAS. C. MqUCl&K, ap 36?3tawkds Aiiakn'er 1 M161 CUNHINQBiU'S SCH00I, FUMotil Grove. Sev'ntU street Road, 1 ^ uutag from tie Lity cf H'miii^aoii. T11E duties of this Schor.1 will cotnoience MON. DAY, the 90th of April. . s llie number of pu pils will l>? limited, those u>ho wiali to avail thtm hi I ves of its advantages, should mftke as early an ap plication as poa^ible. The course of iosirutflca wrll he thorough and com; lete,an?I wji embrace all the Engl it h braochts usuiiLy taught in the best schools, together with Muaic", French and Latin. Tertus made kuown en application to the Pur.cs pal, ay teleora phic. uwitid rut TUB DAILY ?VENInO 6TAR. Particular! of tho Boston Fire, Ac Bostow. April 28?Tho total I cm by the lire Utt night is sot loos than *30,000, with an insert nee of f200.000 in thit city. Tho Matnal Insurance Company it tho largest loow The firsmen aro still hard at woik> and the llamas aro not yet entirely snbdncd. Themes Wiggiosworth, oao of oar oldest merchants, died this morning lie loavos property to the smoant of $2,000,10#. Inn Ionnd*y Bant PaiLiiixLibia, April 28-Barber'. iron fcundory at Bridgoton, Nov Jersey, ?M hmrnt last night Loss estimated at $57 000. Chrrloiton Markets Charleston. April 26 ?Cotton?sales for he week 13,000 hales; at an adraooo of je. Rice is active and higher; sales f afe. advanoe; (ood to prime 5'a6i3. Freights have slightly inclined. Vow Orleans Cotton Market. Nnw OaLKAxtf, April 27th.?Tho stoamers aews tiepreaped the cotton market, and prices fcro somewhat weaker. Sales of 7,500 bales I middling st 9a9*o; some sa e< for tho North ? srn market at 9J. Sales for the week 20.000 bales; receipts for tbo week 37,000; rooeipts at this port le*s than for the same period of last year 154 000 bales Stock on hand ex rlasire of shipboard 115 000 bales Sugars aro oasier ; fair Orleans at 5fra5} Molaseee 29o per gallon Coffee has declined 1 ; tales T r the week 5,500 sacks; stock on hand 24 - !)00 sack ; prime lOalOio; sterling 9*al0i. Baltimore Markets. Baltiiiori!. April 28 ? Four is doll, with a downward tendency; sales last evening at SI0 50 for Howard st , and holders aro firm his morning at that price, no salrs reported. heat is dull, with a do en ward tendency, and ?npplies are light. Corn is very doll, wiih a lownward tendency. There wore no trans actions reported. New York Markets New \ oik, Apxi; 28.?Cotton is npward and firm. Floar haaairanc?d 12}; good Ohio SlO,3TnlO ?2i; Southern $10 62al0,S0 Wheat is unchanged, with a limited demand at pre vious rves Coan is downward and a trifle l0W<?r ; Western mixed lllall2c. Pork it nr.. settled; aid mess $10,50; new $17 37aI7*50. Beef is unchanged, with a moderate demand at previous rates L*rd is dnll, with a de 'Img tendency. Whiskey?Sales of Ohio at ><o. per gallon. New York Stock Market Nxw \ okk, April 28 ?Stocks are drooping. Honey is plenty Sales at the first board of ?rte Raiiroad at <9i; Cleveland anl Toledo clailroad 76; Cumberland Coal Com racy 2S1' Reading Railroad. 85J; Pennsylvania Coal Lompany, 1053; New York Central Railroad, )3j; Missouri 6 s. 113. pleasure trips TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVTLION. - The Steamers GEO WASH jBb22E&?lNQrON or THOj COLL if KR :?*n ^<1 ,or puW c or "'?"C1 partj.-a to vimt [he \\ hue Ilouae Pavilion, Morn,i Vernon, F?*t ail'incton, or other i Iot* on the river. Ths White llaew Pavilion in now <<t*>n for rW It m a beauufal place f?* pleasure tnpt; u ia- a Dm Udll and Dining room ; al? >. a u< ? 'i, ?sn Alley. ' ,,J For particulars app'y to the President of the ouipai.v. nr th?* taptaija ot (fee B .at*. Mr WILLIAM LUKfi i? furnishing refreshments in i he boat-, and is prepared to furnish partes un tie ben terms. np PLATED WARE. A VIVO on hand a very large ?t,vk ot En-lish and American PLATED WARL, ul.ich wh iavK determined to m-ii very low, we would call the mention of purchaser* in waM -if anything n, the ib ?ve line, to examine our ?tin-k. We feel *ati6fie?| >ur a sor.i:i*-nt and prices ca*.n<4 fail, bu suit We nan.- in part. Tea Sett-, of n great vanetv or mien*, Water Pitchers, Cwon, Et< toddlers A aiter*, 8a!u, Forks,.?<,?>.,Bj. lie. All ol which ??:!! be s'-ld at such prices as wiil ir.du -e pirUto. vanttnf of thin de<rip;ion to ixirctift** T* TALLICA* Si CO.. avonue, under Brow^g' Qocel FOR RENT?A House, on Mar>laeu ?T, ,^e b^ ween Sixth and Seventh ttreet-.. north *d? 'ivu aiutt's nine rooms Enquire ?byV??. lip 26?f?;3t II To the Ladise of W&ahtsictoa ma* ? Vicinity. A WlSBIAM A >ISTIR, KO. *77 {** . Ft*nn-yiVan?a i?.nu?, 10th nnd 11th , N-n;t^rn rejard< f r the kind pa'ro?.atf? 17-!"J03 lU*r ana Uke Um oityaf left rmief their many t i<n>d* t*iat tht-v inON\'ieTsninh: i,fceir 4nd fucr iO.? K1S. whi.'h er nrmt of 2f0 t ?.e?i berU-s a ?.?h mwortment ef STRAW EOSNaTS, 4c Thev ire *Md to f?rva all w\ o ar in waot of fn?h ^naMe and en'ap boanat. Cell ^td examine bafota urch* !'?* ?| se*rh-re. ap 26 4t important TO PERSONS BREAK Pno UP ,,oUs4KKEEPIVG. LK^O.aS removing Jrom the city, and wi*h as to Sl-no c of their Fumitur.- and lloweckeepia^ f"V, ' ? H,lhout tii?* trouMe ot sendim! Iheai 0 public au. tion, can do an by uu u7a[ our t?r>, 317 Penns> lvan:a arcane, coruer of Ninth ^Tl^^er Prt'P*^ l? Luy ^ Soud' " 1! Ua< Wee|Krs and otW^rs uill do well by ?n lis, as wu v. iil ptv the hifhi ^ t-.vh prices iur all uch *ca?a. WALL, RAK.VARD k CO. a,i lm ai7 lVuus>lvntiia avennu. 2ANAL PoCKEI LINE TO POINT BOCKS. rJjK Canal Packet CUNGBE8B hivireb^n 1 t.>ar-> rep^ir?d, ai d put in first rata J3T3h ?rder. wiJI commence rtintii.igo* MONDAY n'l r ,,v u??I>"nati? U ind hjjlit lrei?hi between Genfeeiuwn ana the above lanied [icint. on the mo<t jurrkMiif ierui<. IJ lV' "*? 1VV ? Ruler f.T li A v " r r <Vrry MO!Si?^Y, WEDNES n? I- [ V mnmui^s,at 7 o\ l.^k, a d the Of u (f?r ls? org, ffi\vii on TlJr V ?nURS*LVY,and8ATr{tDAv",.Tt|JiL^V 'toppia* at the diti- r< nt lan.'injs alone the hue l4?r ?e reception an 1 K<nJui^ of I'l^.-, r^jers and frchi' t [onig and *" ? Pa saw.' thiougo cijher way 42. itebi <Jbtanrea it the sam< tuM. J hat is to sav,lrom Gtore-towi. ;?t.reatl i<ls 50 cent*; S. eca 75 cento; Edwnnia 'etsy^LBSL; Manvcrcy 41.50. rJteSLT*?4 rr,Ula,lv on buar>J aic Boat st mod , JOHN C'KOMBAtTCia, a 23 , CHARGES 3?Jrlm Capiat I ?^i''' "Wher or cun>igne^ M 01 1j0 b rrels \Jc<i< ?n Cuaco, ccuftftvrd to A. j** n.T* rer,',v'?a'tiiu-*rc Sthr. Jaaic? sewell, is n i|"?rKii to ua i dm PhrrKu nERRv. N?. 2 1 Water street. Gc< rg^town, t). C. ap96-3t For ?ale?thhkkcaktk o>ek vsluabj k HORjH for anv k'nl o with harneea; K? rc.prrty of 'h- la e Mr Stea A ?J. Pi OVGI1 TRACVS w;l b< Sf'd cheap !| an, li-d for poon a; No. S-'O loth fis<t l^lard MRS. J. tv||?a. PREMIUM mineral WATER. ly E respectlnlly cal' Or a;i;st10n ol all rM r??w? la. nf'r-n'u'10 U' lmsT A M i ii U>; *vC* a' ,hat w,: werer. ?ra?4 d a Silver ^ lha Metoopliua Mechar".' nstituie wv.^nMve 11 anofr,^. ^ 1*^7? W* A?e, P( f. k !P'iSn* 1 r' l{tJCI n*:<?r *?'1 Mead, ail Ol ' V'nUe' li * U ,UK'?" Oecide in its Sn ing ^niUnl s"au?^U|K*;OI, t& 01 ,he k,nd ,0 u* A fre?h ?Vt>pty of the above always on han<L tiriterii by mail or given to ear driver* will he uanaSally received and pi unpily aiicrtded lo. AltNY h. S?!i!CN, I'uma iwittiinritepM, No. 5t Green u*wi, Georgetown, 11. C. ap 36?<&w BEAIJTU UI. COLLECTION OF IMPURIEO Et!gh.-h, German, and Engravings. 'he attention of a-tuts, caMM-tMcura, and ad in ii era nd lovuia of ftu - CniittM respectfully called to th? jfgu coliccti >n ci" line En .r iving?, late intpjria |->U, now open for examinau n and the store Vnmjlvaiiu avt iiue, two dooj? ta^r of Htb atreei, )? a tear days oiUy. The colltcti >u laciud.-s many leading subjects old tuoterL landscape", mpturc p.eces stn ies, clnviea), ami other cth kv, fl 'it?, many < f winch are scarce, done In iin?, leaaotmt, dtc , entirety new in Jiis cny Puvatc tuUe duri: g the day. Public ?tie at early is light j. c. Mc<3UIRE, AocUunetl*

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