Newspaper of Evening Star, April 30, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 30, 1855 Page 1
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the EVENING STAR PUBLISHED every AFTERNOON, (KXCBPT ?LrVT>AY.) Al toe Star Hu%Miitf, oonutr Pemtt^ivamia and str**t, ? r W. D. WALLAOi^ WW be served 10 soheorlbevs In the cities of Warfi tow, Gemriowa, Aienadrta, Baltimore and fWU.WpWo, m SIX AMD A QUABTB8 CENTS par-M* wetekAf lo the A?enta. To a?eU subscribers ?ww*?p?oe prlee IsTHEEB DOLLARS AND *FTY CBNTS ? year lo nd*amm, TWO DOL kA*W fbr SIX MONTHS, end ONH DOLLAR to THRBE MONTIW. 0(^-? oohm o? WASHINGTON STOVE HHUPACTiRY. A & aommr of Pa. o?. and SJmmUi drsef, ___ 8?l? Ageney for OHILSON, QOULD A GO'S Wanning and Ventilating Apparatus _ . * POND it ca*S (ol Boston) i a Ion Donbie-OTen Cooking Range, J. L. MOTT>8 (of New York) INVINCIBLE DOUBLE-OVEN RANGE. band, ?*?<! r-celrln* LATROBE l heating two stories; Parlor and Chan m.l3*A7BS, KoamH ed and Japanned Cooktns. ^ ' Lh*raber ?"><! Dining Room 8rOYES Tinned and Bnimslled Iron HOLLOW* WAR* Bloek Tin, Planishedand Japanned W \RR ?I tr+ni mi m it. Aiior - -- ' wterh w(M be sr4d at flM tow am nmubke *** "VBNk ^nnwl Or fP^w Ynffc. Aa <rta wslnat^Hi of my te oara^r sottrtted. *" s*fuvr<a. (K ?*? dentistry. EB. DONALDSON, Dentist, late of Ste Dm ot ? 11 rl * Donaldson, continues to manufacture and insert lhonp beautiful ?nrctiaia teeth, with or withont euuu *w specimens of which (made ai.d de^ perttfd by the late Arm) was awarded tfie first premium at the Mechanics' Instate Pair, receatly i*??? in una city Theee teeth are carved and shaded to salt each pwtieniar case, and their resemblance to the natu fuJor^ns is so perfect aa to deceive the moat prmc Particular attention also paid to filing and pre rring the nataral teeth. Chai(?. molerate and all operations warranted ,mce sonthwe* comer Seventh and D s?s.?? A __ -"' "VW BilU 1/ wo. LU ? mar 91?<hn _ DENTI8TRY. T\R. MUNSON respectfully calls doMIc attention eL' petcat. and GREATLY Hi PROVED method or setting Artificial JE2K wi?h Continuous Gum?the PEBPECTION OP THE ART. This?tyle ofTeeth nas the inlawing advantages over all others vi* ? ??e*t strength. cleablineSa, com: FORT, and BEAUTY, viejng with Natura in theae inspects. and ia some others excelling. Public in spection is respectfully solicited. I'!we call and ?ee specimens. CArTION.?No other Dentist in the District of tWumhia ha- a right to make this style of Te*th. m. B?Teeth consti'ationally healthy, plumed ?od warranted fWr life. /> f s* ? Office and house at No. 308 E street, near the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 14th street, ip ^4?tf TO THE LADIES. MISS S J. THOMPSON I^HVs n^w prepared to show our large^^^B ^?Tand well selected stock if MillmerrH|F which she has just opened, of the la le?t styles which we are selling at the lowest pnees, and we cordially invite the ladies to call early and ?ve tne Am selections. Wa would also respectfully call their attention to ?r large and hand handsome stock of Fancy Goods mm M' Hosiery, Acr which we can sell ? unusually low prices. HUTCHINSON flt MUNRO, No. 310 Penn?ylvania avenue, First door we^t of Waiter Harper Sl Co.'a. BlV 3^? MRS. L. ALLEN, ^0^To. 3*3 Pa. avenue, between Xtnth *mm. ? 'treeU, ?oWA tide, Ml n w " open on Satiuday, 7th instant, ? flw moj? extensive ttd beamiful assortment of Ppring HJ,ER?i ccmmtia* of Crape, dilk, Lace, Ipoaed Crape and Grass Linen HATS, includin* Straws of every description. Also, Misses' Dress Hats ans Plats, he. L. ALLEN. *P <? NEW MILLIN IRy] "^CISS TH< ?MPSON his just received another XTJL invoice <*f thus* fashionable ( rape and Si k HATS, from New York. Those ladiesjRA wfio iailed to supplj themselves at our lastTP?1 are now offerad anctber oppurtunity, and W<mid 4 > well to call early *nd l.ave the first selec wns^as we are selling thsm off rapidly. solicited and promptly executed. HUTCHINSON * MU1RO, _ 310 Pennsylvania avenue. __?? iO? <J8w (Intel fofit} a, a, 3, 4, 6, 6, 77 aTa oT FLABAKkB, corner or Tenth and C *s , who ? '? * practical roan ulecturer m metal, has an ?snnnent of Silvei plated NUMBERS of various patterns He will make nanibers for house*, hotels Ei in Charcbs, and for hacks, to suit all tastes, Is confident at the low priee they will be made ft will ?n tke purchaser ap 16?lb ATTENTION, OLD SOLDIERS. LL my old friends for whom I obtained Bounty r- "i lew quantities than lt?acr?? are hereby informed that their names and a memoran dum of tiietr time is on my Book, so that their de elaracoi.* tor additional Bounty Land can be made with facility. Ma my of thoee who failed lo obtain land for want of time, are entitled to ISO acres aud ?ar. obtain the same by calling on me. Seamea, Ordinary Seamen, Marums, Clerks, Landsmen, (of the Navy) Wagoa Masters, Team ?ten. kc,, Aie., m any war, wiii find it to tbtir ad vantage to call or send their cases to u?. Advice gratis to those soldiars, seaaaea wid n who are unable to pay. B?fer to any booa^t man in Washington. JOHN D. CLARK, -Agent, No. 55iT Twelfth street weu lm* ICE. R.KIDWKLL fuaranteeaa full supply of _ ? MS to his customers ia Washiagtou or George t"T?< *? the whole year, at fair prices. Orders ran be leit at the idih>wiag piaoes or sect through the Post office. H. H. McPhrrsoo, Druggist, Capitol Hui , *wwell k Laurence, corner of Pa. a?ioue and ^4th strseu J?r Mephersou, Grocer, 7th str??t G^r. Kidw?J|, Smith's Lumber ?>ffioe. 6t st. i?Mph Moore, Druggist, Pa avenas, First Ward Ice can be had at my ofice, No 3 First street. imoi^uowt. at 3|| ume#. Families will be mpplied Pr the whole year at fair prices. apSl- lm HAIR WORK! SyfcNAMENT:* of Hair, such as Bracelets, Ckat ? T'.0'"?*' Earrings, Pinter Kinxs, made to order, of any desired de^jau. All orders faithfully attended to. tip-cimeus may t* sees *t my store. w _0^ ? II. r1 KM KEN, MHr JD **?? hetwera 9th and 10th su. HNOTICE OF CXJPARTN ER&HIP. ENRY HAH HON a SOLUM' ?N STOVER ??ve this day formed a Copartnership for the .Clu"? 'L?c,u!"u* 00 ^ Wood and Coal business to air its branches. Our yards are situated on the corner of 21st and I streets, Washington, and on tha moaJ, near Semmot s planing null, Georgetown At either ol toe above places persons in wain of Wood aud Goal , t**1 quality, and on the mo-t reasonable lB4? w alJ umn And an assortment eouai if ??perior, te tliat in *ny yard in the District. ' Ail orders filled with care, promptne*a, aud dla rv ^ HARRiJN A 8T^OVER. (-50rfei wn, D. C., April 10th, IK55. d lm ^ fL K 4 ot every widii aud quality, from .5 cents up, very ch^-ap Fuik? whlUj hl'k watered upki for *?"till<ts Md Shalleji is"' coni aad mode colored vrench Mousselmes '*,,^,,5ie???rIS?? " '"lJ* " 25 c??. rand, colored im n*rrf^> "> fine quality Lawns and j^koaet. In every quality Aw-wli *,ock ?r '"?M-t.cGoods rv ? y*1 so,d *' very low pricea. '-TO?TO*es will do well to five us a eall. _ ^ WM. R. RILBY, mar ^ mmi ?PP" Cenue Mwket. ouppinqT and^ leeouinTJ Jl>'k.lU? IXNSKKS ml/OULn respectfully mtorm the public that he "I Pr*,p*r* ? ?? attend to the business of Cud Wh,nf * h'" Bvb'r ShoP- *"Uth side of Peunsytvania avenue, between 13th and \1U nts f-mlls promptly attended lo in all parte of U?e ettv and at very reasonable charge. 7' marHl?iiM. T '?ant* Taylor. ? * -I 1 ? - - --- ? " " ' ' ' ' ? I I ???i - - 1 ??????^????????I ? VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY. APRIL 30, 1855. NO. 724. CAHAL PAOXST UME TO POUT BOCKS THB Canal Packet CONGEB88 having been thoroughly repaired, and put in Im rat? order,will commence running oa ?ONDAYj^M* the 30th instant, for the transportation of paaseftg?rs and light freight between Georgetown and the above named point, on the mo?t gleaning tenus. The Boat will leave the whfcfof W. H. Eitter for the Point of Rocks on every MONDAY, WEDNES DAY, and FRIDAY mornings, at 7 o'clock, and the Point of Rocks for Georgetown on TUESDAY, THURSDAY.and SATURDAYS, at the same hour, flopping at the different landings along the line for the reception and landing of passengers and freight, going and returning Passage through either way $9, shorter dtetaacea at the same rate*. That It to say.from Georgetown to Great Pall* 50 cenu; Seneei 75 centf ; Edwards Ferry f 193; Manocrcy #1.50. Meals served regularly on board the Boat at mo4 < erate rates. JOHN CROMBAUGH, Proprietor, CHARLES MERRELL, ap Captain. PREMIUM MINERAL WATER. WE respectfully call the attention of all persona who wish to be served with superior MINE RAL WATER*, fust such as that we were reward ed a Silver Meeal by the Meuoplitan Mechanic#' Institute to wur extensive manufactory. In addition to the above we also bottle Ale, Por ter, Champigne Cider, Root Beer and Mead, all of which will need but one trial to deeide in its being equal, if net superior, to anything of the kind in the United Stales. A fresh supply of the above always on hand. Orders by nail or given to oar drivers will be ihauklally received and promptly attended to. ARNY A. SHINN, Union Rottling Depot, No. IT Green street, Georgetown, D. C ap M?<Qw To tha Ladle* of Waablagtou and Yiaialty. AMELIA PRISBBAM A 8I8TRR, NO. J?7T Pennsylvania a*?nue, between 10th and 11th ?treats, return their regards fbr the kind patronage heretofore bestowed upon their effotfs, aad take the bb?rty of inltraaiag their manr friends (hat they indeed opening their Spring. ?nmiaer snd fauey BONNETS, which srnsist of igo pieces, beeidn a rieh assortment af STRAW BONN ITS, Ac They are able to serve all siam wbo are in waat of fash ionable and cb^ap bonnet. Call tDd examine before purchasing elsewhere. ap 26?4 r. IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BREAK ING UP HOUSEKEEPING. T)ERSONS removing titan the cfty. and wishing r to dispose of their Furniture and Housekeeping rtensils, ke , without the trouble of sending them to publie auction, can do so by calling on us at our ?tore, 317 Pennsylvania avenne, corner of Ninth street, as we are prepared to buy all such goods an may be offered Housekeepers and ethers will do well by calling on ua, as we will pav the highest ca.?h prices lor all such goods ALL. BARNARD & CO. ap 4C?lm 317 Pennsylvania avenne m A CARD. ^ E rone my u tke read to wcUtk."J^ Great Reduction in the prioe of Hats ft Oapg. TH E undersigned, bavin* utade arranceaient* with a New York Hat Company to be con stantly supplied with the very best Moleskin or DRESS HATS, got up in the latest style, offers tfiem at the uaprecedented low price of *3,50, worth from f?ur to five dollars; second quality. $3, wortb from $3 50 to Jf4 ; and a very food fashfc>n able Hat at #3,50, wurth from $3 to #3.50. Also, Be-be A Go's Hats, at a much less advance then they have been here toterc sold in this city. First rate beaver Hats |3^*. All kinds of soft HATS and CAPS v?ry low. In order to sell at the above low prices the cash system mu?t be adopted ; consequently those who purchase will not be charge,1 from fifteen to twenty five per cent, as an offset fbr hed debts. ANTHONY, (for many yenrs ie the employ of Todd fc Oo.) No. 3, Columbia place, 7th st., ap if 3d door north of Penn. avenue. RAW AWAT.-I10 REWARD?JOHN, my negro man, aged about 30 years, ran away from my farm in Alexandria couaty. Va^on Mon day, 15th instant. He stoops in his walk ; had on ? tray frock coat and gray pants. Hs has a wife at Mr. A. Gladmaa's. on 9th street, near the boundary in Washington. I think he is lurking about there. He also has a sister at Mr. MarbaryV in George town. JOHN M. YOUNG, Coach Maker, Owner of 4K rtreet aud Pa. avenue. ap 18?cf _ F<>R SALE?A VERY FINE SADDLE AND Bargy HORSE. The horse is young,, g?ntle and sound, and of fine stock ; would' make ?. r??r a very fine carnage horse, or i very pleasant riding norse. Also, fbr sale aa excellent work horse, perfectly sound. Apply to No. 43 Dunberton st, ?eorgetn. mar 1?lawtf BY EXPRESS. A GOOD supply of Spring and Summer GOODS, comprising oar usual variety of Umbnllas, Parasols, Cane-, Gloves, Caps. Summer Hats, of various styles, Braces Ibr Ladies' and Gents, Silk and Cotton Hosiery, Undergarments,Shirts, Collars, Neck Ties, Kebes de Cbaaabre, Silk and Linea Hdkfv, Port Monnaies, Raxors, Soap, Perfumery, Blc , Ac-, now btiag received at PIECE'S, ap 94?lw Wtllards' Hotel. pARASOLS. I 190 very rich and cheap P.uasols, all eolors ? rnw Bonnets and Misses' Flats, great variety Rich Bonnets and Ribbands 190 dozen Linen camtrc Handkerchiefs in fancy boxes; at f 1 50 per dozen; we think a good bargain Embroidered and Clear Lawn Handkerchiefs in great variety 500 yards Swiss Edging, 13c-, worth 35c. 30 dozen black Net Mitts, from 60 cents up, very cheap 95 dozen beet Vrench Kid Gloves, all shades My stock it large and well aseorted, and pur chased at the very lowest prioes. Customers w*ll be pleasod to favor me with a call and ihev shall be attentively shown through tx, and the goods offered at a small advance WM. R. BILEY, Comer 8th st., opp. Centre Market. mar 31?lm TKM DOLLARS REWARPr-Lost, on the 13tb instant, between Willards' Hotel and the City Hall, a Ponemonnaie, containing three notes drawn by John H. and A. W. Eirkwoed in favor of Wm.T. Dove, and by ma endorsed, $152 each; one nou drawn by Zephaniah J one-, $160, in my tavor and by me endorsed ; also a note, drawn by William T. Hook, in ray favor, for $54 ; several other notes and papers not recollected. TT)e above reward will be paid upon tlie return of the paper* lo the undersigned WM. T. DOVE, apr 14- tf BAJT&LKQ HOUSE OP PAIfiO 4 H00RSE, Opposiie frfn/frf Si at a 7Vissani. BONDS, Stocks and other asstrUM purchased and sold. interest at the rate of six iter ce?t per aiuium al lowed on deposits when left lor SB days er loauer. Ian 94?6m FOH SALE?A Pair of BAY MARES, 7 yean old next spring, well-hred,suund, stylish, gentle, sainted ana capital goers. They are^^flbx well broken and perfectly free from tricks, and will particularly suit any gentleman who is fond of driving. The owner parts with them only because his purpose is to retrench his expenses. They can bo seen at Southren's (Ute Birch's) Stable, on 14th street, south of Pa. avenue. For terms, or an op portunity to trv them, enquire at the counter ef the Star office. They will be ?ld a bo. gain. ap 3?tf Mr. W. HENRY PALMER, MlTliXJtTO KSOWH AS ROBBRVHBLLBR, HAS much pleasure in informing bis friends aud the public in general that he has det- rmlimd I on locating himself in this city, and is prepar-d to receive pupils for Instruction on the PIANO rORTE, HARMONY and CO? POSITION. He is nerimttJ to refer to Mr. tieorge Biggs, Jr., and Mr. A. T Kieckhoefer, and any eooimumcation addressed to him at Hiibus fc Jinx's music store, Pennsylvania avenue, will have immediate attention ap 13?tf W*IhVER WARE, PLATE!) WAHK O AMD FINK FA.MV GOO US.?Silver CoOae and Tea Seto, Sugar Bowls, Cream Jugs, f?obi?u, Cups, 8poons and Fork*. Also, a grerit vanety of magnificent Fancy Silver Ware, suitable for uresente. Plated Coffee Seta, Castors, Baskets, Spoons and Forks, t?u beet Albuta. 7^** articles are warranted as represented, and WlU lir ?t#| | di a puuu| ativa4*o#. ? H. SEMKEN, 3?0 Pa sveeue, Vth Mnd f?*h *?*elr tie ?? tt IRXfCH UNIVERSAL IXHIBITIOIT. Dbpabtmbrt of Statr, ) Washington, April 2, 1866. ) The following (ranstation of a communica tion from the Oouut de Saetigbs to Mr. Marcy la published for general information: [Translation.] Lboamob or F&abcb in tbb U. Statbs, Washington, March 21,1865. Sib : ? siren!ar and directions, both rela tiag to the Freaeh Universal Exhibition, hare been sent to me by the Minister of Foreign Relations for the purpose of their being for warded te the authorities, or to the preper commissioners, at Washington. I have the honor ef eaoloMag to you these two docu ments, as sequel to those I have successively transmitted to the Department of State, beg giag, in case vou should think the aocom ponying directions of a character likely to in. (crest the exhibitors oitiseas of the United States, that you will give them sneh publioity as you may deem proper. Accept, sir, the assurance of my high con sideration, SARTIGBS. The Hon. Mr. Harct, Secretary of State, Ac. iTransIation] Imperial Commission of the Universal Ex hibition of 1S55. SBCTIOB OF THR PlBB ARTS. Circular addressed to the Presidents of the Foreign Committees Paris, February, 1855. Mn. Prbsidbbt : I have the honor to call vour attention to the arrangements mentioned in former circulars. and to beg you bt expedite the transmission of such works of art as your eoentrymen intend for the Universal Exhibi tion of 1866 The boxes containing these works must bear the following address: " A Monsieur le Commissaire Qenoral. ebarge de la Direction de 1'Exposition Univer eelle des Beaux Arts, a Pari*, (Avenue Mon taigne ) [To the Commissioner General, Di rector of the Universal Exhibition of Fine Arts, at Paris, (Avenue Montaigne ")] They must, moreover, be provided with the seal of the committee of which you arc presl dent, and bear in large letters the name ef the nation which has forwarded the same. If the same artist sends works appertaining to several of the following classes : 1st. Paint ing; 2d Sculptures and engraved medals; 3d. Engraving*; 4<h Lithographs; 6th. Architec ture; he must furnish a particnlar description for each one of these classes. The boxes, on their arrival, will be opened by the inspectors of Exhibition of Fine Arts, in the pretence of the delegates of each for eign committee. Each oese or package trans mitted must be accompanied by three copies of a special memorandum, stating? 1st. The quantity au? weight of the oasec. Jd Their number and particnlar mark. Sd. A brief description of the artioles those cases contain. Directions relative to the transportation of productions and works of art which are to be sent from foreign countries to figure at the Universal Exhibition in Pari?, and which d*?igna*e tho*e poin's on the frontier where these artioles must be deposited, were inserted in the " Moniteur Universal" of February 11th. 1855 I deem it useless to remind you of the arrangements on this oocaiion. Aeeept, Mr. President, the renewed assur er ee of ray high ?eneideration. The Commissioner General. Director of the Universal Exhibition of Fne Arts. ? ? DK MERCBr. To the Prbcidbnt of the Committee [Translation ] Imptnal Commission of the Universal Em fubition. [Cironlar No. 28 J Directions relative to the transmission of articles belonging to foreign trktbitors Art. 1 Articles oomiog from abroad and in tended for the Uiiversal Exhibition will not be received within the buildings of the exhi bition unices they arc sent thither directly under the seal er by the well oertifled authori ty of the official committee of the nation from whence these articles come. Art- 2 Artioles will be reoeived at tfco palace of the exhibition from the 15th of January, 1855, until the 15th of March, inclu sive Art. i Heavy aed cumbrous articles, or all inch others as would require considerable labor of arrangement, must be tent before the end of February Art 4 Manufactured articles whioh weuld bo manifestly injured by being packed too long may be allowed a further delay upon condition that all the particular arrangement* end regulations accessary for their ex hibition in the palaoe shall have been made beforehand. This prolongation of time shall in no in stance extend beyond the 15th of April. Art. 6. The Imperial Commission reserves te itself the right to decide upon the applica tions for a prolongation of time which may be transmitted to it and recommended by the foreign committee. Every question relative to this prolongation of time, addressed by foreign exhibitors di rectly to the Imperial Commission, will be re turned to the central committee of their re spective oountry. Art 6. Foreign exhibitors mnst place upon eaoh oase, or upon each separate ertiole oon tributed br them, an inscription showing its legible and ooaspiouons characters? 1st. The name of their natien 2d. Their Christian name and surnames or the name of their firm Id. The character of their artioles, in the French language, asd a designation of the class to which they belong A similar inscription shall be placed under the oover in the inside, or inside the wrapper in each package. Art T. Kvery foreign exhibitor must for ward to the central oommittee of his nation, at the same time that he sends his contribu tions, three oopies of the certificate prescribed by the 10th and 23d articles of the general regulations and which shall be entitled " Certificate of Transmission." [bulletin J' Expedition.] Art 8. This certificate shall designate in the French language? 1st. The surname, Christian names, or firm of the exhibitor 2d. The number of packages contributed. Id. An exact and complete description of the artioles contained within eaoh package, together with the price of said artioles. One of the oopies of thle certificate, con sidered as a certificate ef origin, shall remain in the hands of the French custom-house authorities, and will eerie, when the packages are opened, to show the number and value of the artieles contained in the packages Art 0. Artieles intended for the Universal inhibition will be conveyed at the expense of the Freach Government from the frostier or port where they arc discharged, and will be returned on the same oondltions. Art. 10. The frontier points and the ports assigned for the introduction of foreign arti cles, as also the agents to whom these artioles must be addreeacd, will be very shortly and particularly designated to each of the oommit toes of foreign nations. Art 11. The committees are requested to send the artioles under their charge, so far as possible, at one time, exoept such as, by the M ?od 4th articles of tho^# regulations, in permitted a special prolongation of the term. Art. 12 The oomuattae will take oare n?t to send any packages of lees bulk than a half metre oubio; and that those ef imaller dimen sions than this be attached to other packages containing artioles of the same description or sate*!*14016 group ln tb*8ystem ?f Small packages bound in one matt hare. In iP*oUI *?PP?r, and bear the wnptfoM deaignated by the 6m article of these regulations Art 13 Paokages oontainlng artioies be ongliig to ?ererrf exhibitors nut bear upon S!n *^5? ih9 ***" of ?" ?uok ex ? ^lar,M?riP^011 mait be P^ed on the Id aide of the main package. t.$ZLlA*J?n>W ???Mion tbst artiolw are tranamitted by the foreign committees tbe oase or package nut be aecempaeied bj three oopies of thecfrUfifate of transmission I bulle -L. 12*?1 ^ for eMhof the exhibitors whose articles are comprised thereia, and a memorandum stating? let. The namber and the weight of the y fl?kagee. ' * ? ibuir ?VMomIir ?arki or numbers. *u A brief deaeoptoen of the eharaeter of the articles oontaiaed in the packages. Art. 16. In eonformity wi?h the &th article r**ul4tioDe? foreign exhibitors th-w Wt l1 Pr,oe uPon th* artieles they axbiblt most have the pricee stated in d'^moS0]"** ?f The current market prices, Instead of those of the cost cf production, and at the period of the exhibition of the articles, are the only lilbited *#aa uPon tke articles ex Art. 16. All contributions must be addressed to the Commissioner of Classifications at the Palaco of the Exhibition. Art. 17. The removal of the seals and the opening of the psokages will only take place !3Vf* ?1 p\laf* and UDd*r fcto insoection of th? officer* of the customs Art 18 Foreign committees will cell the particular attention of exhibitors of their re spective nations, in order that the latter may avail thamselves of such means of security as they shall deem proper, to the 35th and 36th iniSTiSf ** *eD*ral regulatioas, ooneeiyed in the following terms : 44 35. The Imperial Commiarioa will take all neoessarr measures to protect the artioles ex hibited from any po-sible inj.ry. Keverthe *g the#* rrecattions, any misfortune should occur, it does not undertake to assume the respoasibility for tbe injuries and losses thlt may have resulted therefrom MhtoZT nth? rUk an4 P#fil of th? ?* ?h?il7!fc " m " ,h# cogt'* of 'nsuranee, should they see fit to avail themselves of thii guarantee. 44 36. The Imperial Commission will also exhibited shall be watched by a numerous and active police thlffi ?-? not be sponsible for any ted ^ embeulementa that mey be $20000 worth Boots 8c Shoes. SPRING 8UPPLY. IROM BAIJj BOOT, S HO E AND TRUNK ESTABLISHMENT, Pa. avenue, between Ninth ami Tenth street*. JViLreCf,T;,d jnd 'ece,v,n* <lai'y my cpring as Indies > Gentlemen's, Boy*^^^_ and Children's BOOTS and 8HOE8. Bfll _ . , FOR LADIES. ? ?! Ladies colored, b*onx? and black Gaiters McCurdy's, 1 to 2 00 Do morocco and kid Slippers and TW do 02U to 1 00 ' ' ^ Do pftrpet and velvet Slippers for botmc, do, 02 k worth 1 00 ' " For Misses and Children. M?ec?' colored, bronze .ind black Gaiters, 1 00 Do morocco and ki.i (also white) Slipper* for the Mav Ball r Children's wmte kid Slippers Do Gaiters and Slippers all colors For Gentlemen. Jentl^roenN Patent Loather colored kid and hiack Contre*s Gaiters, som?> thing new o ?nd Clllf Pomps, (Freneh) and walking Shoes ' For Boys and Youth*. fatem Leather Pum^ f?r the May Balls Do Calf Shoes of all kinus Youths' do du Do Patent LeaUicr Pumfts for May Balls. .J? "^?ve p^rnaps the most desirable in the city from which to make selections. It eintoa* ce* every variety, and will be sold at the lowest p>r . ? u .. o c. f hoover, Iran Hall Brxn, Shoe and Trunk Establishing, ap lU- eodt BOOTS, SHOES AND TRUNKS. J^u lt*?Cenr<!' an<' now rpa<l> for inspection, at D. K W Ai.L'S Boot, Shw and Truuk Eiu * porium, a l.-.rge, varied and well selectedlfll ?pnnjr and suniraer stock of BOOTS.SHOES Vkk and TBUNK8, among which are Ladiea' morocco, kid and lasting Gait/>m Boots, Slippers, Ties and Buskius Mimcs' do do Children's Sho^s in great variety Gentlemen's patent leather and calf skin Boou and Shoes, Cor:<ress Gaiters, Pumps, fcc. Buys' and youths' do With all the most approved and fiuhionaWu ?ty|p? of Shoes manufactured, all of wldch will be wild at exceedingly low pricee. In addition to the above an extensive assortment chJap"^' t'arPet Ba*K' Valises, and Satchels, very A call is solicited from all who ars in want of great bargains, as 1 am determined to sell as cheap - the cheapest. D. U. WALL, P ?? ^ 34 ?PP?"ite Centr* Market, _ap. .-etween 7th and 8th su PROPOSALS FOR WOOD A OOAlT Orrice Skcebtaxt or Senate U. 8. > SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at this office until 12 o'clock on Monday the 7th May j next, for furnishing and delivering in the vaults of the Capitol, on or before the first day of October next, one hundred tons of 3,340 pounds each of be?t anthracite white ash coal, iu lunip* not less than luree, uor mo?e than su inches in diameter, and en tirely free of slate or other loreigii substance. ALSO, for one hendred and fifty cords best hick ory wood, to be measured at the expense of the con tractor, in the Capitol yard, sawed in two pieces, and properly packed away in the vaults ; the whole to be subject to the inspection aad approval of the Secretary of the Senate. Security for the fait iful performance of the con U-act lor furnishing the above articles, to the satis faction of the Secretary of the Senate, will be re quired. Proposals may be separate, and shoald be endorsed "Proposals for Wood," a-d "Propossls for Coal," and directed to the Secretary oi the Senate, at Washington, ap 18-law3w FI** I?U*AHCI OOMPA. *Y 0FTH* LI8TBICT OF COLUMBIA, / CHARTERED by Congress, offers to the property V owneifc ot the District safer and cheaper means of insuruicfl than any other Company. ULYSSES WARD, President. CHAS. WILSON, Secretary. MATHBW G. EliERY, Treaeurer. tUIMIU. Ulysses Ward John Van Rlswick Thomas Bla?den P. W. Browning Mathew G. Emory. J. C. McKehlen. Oftce, Columbia Place, corner Louisiana avenue and 7th street. Office hours from 3 tn 6 o'clock p. m. ffeb 96?eotf NOTIC1C.--I received this day a new assort- i ment of SLEEVE BUTTONS and STUDS, of the latest styles. Also, a variety of other new : "Ve8t Uhaius, Chatelains. Bracelets, Phis, Earrings, Rings, etc. Great inducements offered to purchaser*. ? n II. SEMKEN, 330 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and lOUi st\ D9- New Pointt put to Gold Pens at short no'icc. Diamonds remounted, and Jewelry made to ord* r. mar 29 ?if A. UAILEV, ?. D. ? dentist, Has removed tils <iffice one door west of Eleventh street. Pennsylvania aveaue, Washington, I). C. ap as oft* 8 ' CI A MPS ELL'S DICTIONARY ?>t MilHaryS,?i J eooe; C.ivalry.its ili,t..r> and Tacik^by (hp t.ilii TV. Ian on the Training of Cavalry Hftses. l(e? ulatioiuhH Yeomenry QUvairy. ?P* TAYLO*. EVENING STAR. Lim BETTER M0KI1TTS. Life ha* it? moments Of beauty and bloom ; But they like iww rose* Oa tha edge of the tomb. Blrsctng* tbay bring us, A? loTtly *? britfj Tb?jr m?<'t ?e when h ippy, And leav? ?? ta crtef. Hum of the morning, Tinging the sky, Cnmr on the sunbeams, Aud off with them fly. Shadow* of evening Hang soft on the shore, DarkneM ?nwT>p? Uieu, Wo ?ee uo more. So lil'e'a better tn"iunau To bril'ianct: appear, Dawning in beau y, Our j*?rncy to cheer. Hound u? tliey liagtr Like ?iiadow? of even ; Would thai we, liie Would melt into heawn ! M0D1L HUIBA tD3 rJ;Aa??*' i*y'? is done, think fortune, said Mr. Peterkin, throwing himself, with an air of careless satisfac tion, in a reclining attitude oa a bench. I in ?ot a lazy man. but I do feel glad, down d*78' WheD tke Sun g0f8 A few minutes only did Mr. Peterkin remain in this position. Rising Up quickly, as a thought crossed his mind, he added? " Woman's work, it is truly said, is never done. I must hurry off home and see how poor Mary is getting along. She did not seem at all well wht-n I left her at dinner time." " You don't expect to cook your sup per, do you . remarked an employer in the establishment where Mr. Peterkin was engaged, speaking with a slightly sneering expression. " If cook should happen to be out and wifey sick, w&s the smiling answer, the kettle will not fail to reach the boiling point through my neglect or in difference. That s a fact." " Every man to his Uwte," was the answer; ?but Jm no Betty. 1 8up pmch?"U 00111(1 dfCSS thC babj on * ? Haven't tried it yet, but we're never too old to learn, you know. Shouldn't object to an experiment in that line?for I love bobies if there was not woman's gentler and more skillful hand ready to do the work," cheerfully returned Peter Kin. The other tossed his head in a half contemptuoua manner, replying that his babies would go a long time without be ing washed and dressed, if thoy waited for him to do It For his part, he de spised woman's work. despise woman also, I hope . said Peterkin, looking so steadily I and meaningly at his companion that lie! appeared slightly confused. " They are well enough in their place, I and exceedingly useful," was answered in a tone affectedly gay. Then he added more seriously, as if to do away with any unfavorable impression in regard to I his home-relations that his words and manner might have created, " I leave to my wife the entire management of the I kitchen and nursery, and never trespass an inch on her prerogative. It's as much a* 1 can do te maintain the household. Uer department is entirely distinct from mine. She never interferes with me, and i. award to her a like immunity." il if a meal ia late or badly I cooked' asked Peterkin. *'I grumble, of ceur-e?perhaps scold,"' I said the other. " If I fioj the money to I buy good food, and it is spoiled in c6ok 1Ve a ri?ht to grumble. I should like to know what you do under similar circumstances ?" i -I haven't the trial often," returned Peterkin. : ''You're lucky then, that's all I have to say. I suppose you raise such a stonn when there is any defect, that your wife receives a lesson which she does not care I often to have it repeated. I think I your remedy." perhaps, if you would, said Peterkin smiling. " When a meal is late or badly cook ed, you mean ?" I "Yes." J thl 1 fak,e,?e7eraI things for granted, in the outset, answered Peterkin. " What are they ?" . ? ^ wDfthe fijSt plac# 1 Pve ra7 w?fo| credit for good intentions. I know she meant to have all right. This, of course, I stifles impatience, aud a disposition to complain. In the second place, I know that she is sufficiently annoyed at the defect. To increase this annoyance by faultfinding or fretfulness, would not only be selfish and cruel on my part, but create a state of feeling in my wife that mubt increase her unhappinesi, and cloud the whole happiness of home." "And you say nothing about it ?" ex c.aimed the other in surprise. ** Not a word. The pleasure of mere eating and drinking do not constitute the whole of domestic enjoyment. If the meal is not quite so good as expeot ed, so much the more necessity to in crease, rather than diminish, good feel- J ing, which also has its office of recrea ting and strengthening. But I must not IfS"1 UUFjnf here/' added Peterkin. They will be looking for me home. Mary, as I said, was not well when I left at dinner time. She has a new girl in the kitchen, too ; one, in my opinion, not much to be relied on. Good evening, And the young man started off with a! jtght, quick step.1 The one with whom he had been talking felt strongly inclined to utter a sneering commentary on the declaration of Peterkin; but certain con trasts between his own home conduct and that of his business companion were presented so vividly before his mind that in very shame he kept silent. I The day had beuu unusually hut and sultry and the duties of Mr. Peterkin of, an exhausting nature. Cheerful as lie -appeared, aud lightly as he moved away, uuuer the temporary excitement of rniud THE WEBKLT 8TAR. TWMKy ? ^ ,,,,,,, "TiDiMT in artMi. 09- ??#* (ta ??pp?l) M kc at ?4?e couRVar, Mmnafcat** P"P?r. Pri??tmlm eeen PMniimi whotrtM n onumwroii of iwentr jrr t< m. occasioned by the little Interview W mentioned, be found himself weary and worn before reaching home. Hungry, too, he was, and quite ready for a com fortable evening meal. 44It can't be seven o'clock, Haory," Raid his wife; and she seemed aligbtly worried. ' Yes and ten minutes past," answer ed Peterkia. and be sat down with aa exhausted air. and commenced fanning himself with the broad brim of his Pana ma, which be still held in his hand.? 44 What a trying day it has been !" be remarked. ?? The hottest of the season." 44 Oet your father a cool drink of wa If-A?n?''' ?"? Mrs. Peterkm to thdr little daughter, as soon an she perceived how weary and heated her husband was. The glass of water was quiokly brought, for lore in that household wis ever prompt in action. " Thank you, dear," said the father , with a smile as he received the water. 4*Ah that is refreshing!" he added, as he took the glass from hia lips. I feel a hundred per cent better already. Han* up my hat Carry. Uow's the babyl She was not well when I left this morn nig. ii i>??Mlitt^ dear ! She'6 t**n fretful al day, replied Mrs. Peterskin. "It f?*s been so warm : and I think she'0 cutting a tooth. IV, had her ,n my arms the whole afternoon. Hush! There she is awake again. I was in hopes she would rest the evening through. Oh, d ar, 1 m quite worn out! Carry, go up to your sister, and try to amuse her, I ?"v a^?Ut sapPer Thi? MW girl isn t to be depended on/' Mis. Peterkin went to the kitchen, where she found the promise of an early tja even worse than she had anticipated. > it there wis % kind of miric in bfr presence that quickly gave a new aspect to everything. A slight, but skilful re arrangement of the lire caused it to bora clearer, and a few prompt directions to the cook brightened the ideas of in dividual wonderfully. Just as Mrs. Pe terkin s hands were fairly in her work, the babe, which had at first bsen par tially quieted through Carry's efforts, began to scream violently. Oh, (kar, dear !" exclaimed the mo ther, whose nerves were already so ex ited that she only maintained exterior composure through the most earnest vllort. 44 What is to be done? I can'I bear to hear that poor sick child's cries; and if I leave here there is no tellin* when tea will be ready." It only needed an impatient word from her husband to destroy the equilibrium ?or which Mr. Peterskin was so bravely Sniggling. With him. at that moment rested the happiness of his little house hold He w us depressed in body from weariness and hunger. lie had looked i jrward to the evening meal with plea sure, and had expected to find it as usual on the table. Instead of this, be found his wife in a slightly worried state, and the supper he was so fully prepared to enjoy .far from being ready. It hadeost him a little effort to hide his disappoint ment on discovering the aspect of affain, when he first came in ; but he gave ut terance to cheerful words, and tbe6e restored cheerful feelings. Left alone after his wife had gone to see about the evening meal, and his little daughter to quiet the baby, Mr. Peter Kin s thoughts diverged into rather an unusual channel for him, and he was so cially saying to himself "A little for*. 8 P*1* would have prevent ed thiK, when the baby's loud sereams disturbed him. It was rarely that he suffered any thing to annoy him at home. 2s ow, however, he did feel worried. A a exhausted body left an exhausted mind. Over his countenance flitted an impa tient expression, and a few contracting lines shadowed his forehead. For a while he sat, the screams of the baby fluttering his nerves. Then he arose, and was atxjut passing into the kitchen to say, half impatiently. <4 Do let supper alone and go up to the baby," when a bettet thought was barn of a better purpose ; and, instead of doing as at first iochoed. he ascended to the chamber, and, taking the child, quietly soothed it with gentle ?ones and loving words. V\ hat a magic power to awaken dis cord or produce harmony was possessed by the husband and father in that little point of time! The good and the evil impulse were for a moment evenly bal anced, but good preponderated, and a calmness fell upon the slightly troubled waters of his pleasant household. And such power every husband and &the> possesses; yet how few use their influ ence, at all timet, well and wiseljr! So interested did Mr. Peterkin soon become in the now quiet and happy babe, that he forgot all about his hunger and weariness ; and when supper was at last announced, he took his place at the table in a pleasant frame of mind, and commu nicated to all a measure of his cheerful spirit. If he noticed that the tea waa a little smoked, or the toast burnt at tha edge, he did not speak of it, and ao re lieved the mind of his wife, who felt worried at these little defects in their evening meal. Baby cried no more. After tea she fell off into a natural sleep, and did Sol awaken until the next morning. ?? Won't sew this evening, Mary."said Mr. Peterkin, as his wife took her work basket and drew up to the table on which she had just placed a lamp. 44 It's only a little mending," she re* plied, with a grateful look at her hua band for his kind consideration ; and it must be done to-night. It won't take me long." " Woman's work is never done," said Mr. Peterkin. " I wish I could help vou, but plying the needle is out of my line." 7 "Yon can read, however," answered his wife, with one of her pleasant smiles 44 ami that we can both enjoy." Mrs. t'eterkin although it was an bom before she put up her needle, experienced

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