Newspaper of Evening Star, May 1, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 1, 1855 Page 2
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W A Mil tilTOS O IT \ : TCitoD Y ATrt^ill OB Jlay 1 JS333XSX ? = Z?* An\ KRTIfiMMMNTH Should b* Lande. - in uy 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they ma; not &pi>ear until the next day. T7" Messrs. Rkkno k Oolvin, of Char lotte, fc. 0., are fully authorized to re ceive subscriptions to the Daily and Wetkly Stcr, in the Mates of North and fcouth Carolina. ?*?U Or T3? ^J^XSff! PH^58 fh* I hi on argues against the act of tLe In e-r, io reposing conflJeroe lo the tea timoay of in unknown British wicnecs against that of the Captain of the American brig Hick snan. aud iflti mates thai its pm-dispoeition to * hear tbe other aide" ia constantly arraying1 it against i's country in all our international difficulties Of the removal of Judge Loring tbe Union say-: '? The removal of Judge Loring by th<? intol erants o! Maiaiehu'ettsis the las' achievement oi the f t ty wh.oh now implores the people of be South for their f wee* v^ice* The Boston Courier a whig prper of lufl -enco, says this ?et u?.? th* first 'fftrtiv* st>o&# at th* itidt pev/ienre of tlu judiciary of Ma**achu*. its " -But ^>bat of i'a effect upon the constitution of tbe United Statea ? Who will heal the wound inflicted by this formal aet of infamy upon that venerated instrument ? What fai h can hereafter be repoeed in the fidelity of Masu ch eits tc that bund and guarantee of federal Uuion ? In all her past history, from the day that abolitionism toiled to obliterate tbe xn;m ;ry of .Ker revolutionary sorvlcss, 6he has not been aMe to go down into such a depth of dishonor a* his For obeying his < a- h of of fice she strikes dowa a pure and upright judge ?an ?ath resulting from a constitutional ob ligation?an oath which he oould cot break wi'hou^ a'aining his soul with perjury. And the tanaticai pro-criptior.ia'a who exult in his overthrow rejoi o with double exuka ion be cause i.bey ba\e thae been able to stab thtir c ?? n ju-Jiciary and to wcund the national con stituion a one and the same time." The Intellig'ncrr jukes the Union over ita 'as? article upon the i^tructiona given to Commodore MaCauley, inaisiiag that ra pirs graph ccncernitg the eork tree, on Saturday, waj an intimation that tte Administration are sirutag to naturalize that plant to that cur supply of Cvrks may not be cut off in jaae of war with Spam IHF'We have received from Joe Sbillingon, Haipor? New Monthly Magazine for May. It has rich and entertaining contents, ai>d many of the articles are handsomely illustra ted with wood cut* Tbe work not only re. tains its high literary character, but seem* wi'h e-ir i auccesive number to be improved. Alao, from our friend Shillington, Frank Les lie a (}*i tte of Paris London, and New York Fashions; a work much Bought after, and a par.ieu'ir fav ?ri'e with the fair sex. <??? \TAMMMTUN NtY.S AND G(bS!P. mfcrican Kecruits tir the British ia tbe Crun- n --It ieeai th#? after being summarily put down in N w York *ni Puiiadelphia, the British reiruitirg agau.s Lave been et work in B:?tin W e have repeatedly explained that ihe )ic*s of whioh theio parties have been guilty involve infractions of our neutrality lawa .-.agrees as tiUibuitering for theeonqaeal ol Cuba Wo believe that, so far though de tachments have been smuggled off to 11 ali? ax. it has been f ucd impossible on their arrival there to In in ?e a mm of lh?m to enlist for be Crimea the promise to provide them wr.rk cn a rail'ovl being the indu^eirent pravaili g on them to leave .he United States for the British Provinces An exjhan^e quotei the London Tims* on tLis subject aa follows : '? The London Times ia ? entirely persuaded that the real and ^ecuiL,e feeliuga of the Ame rican people?Arglo Sax-n in blo ;d. language and i naiitu-<ona?mutt be in unison with ;ur own. a:' i that too tru? s> mpatcic* the St?:ea mu- needs go wrh their own fi'.an and blood, flfc-:?cgfor liberty against ii??potiam ' liadd*: *? S< m; diserej a::cie- of '-pinion stea to pre vail aa to rhe results already in evidcioe; but, upon the whole, there acpeara. we thitk, ?ery little reason to doubt that, as far aj rhe taiiijor of the people g"es, h atroDg legion ?oold be rniiod ia the United Stat-a for oo or?rh- on against Kuivia, with exceedingly lit tle diffijulty 'I- is apparent,' i deed a ays one paper, - that lU oOo mon could beapee-iiiy furniehed;' ai.d lo quta ion can be eater taiced a? to the general * xcellencc of the aol dier? thus !v it fur:hc ming The courage, inielTg-uc9, aal aotivi y of the Americans are well ksown and those indefatigable tier gies v;bkh hur: j them over a whole conhnent in (jueit of excitement or occupation would ficd stable scupc ;l the continrecciea of such a wur hi that now raging. On the other aide, tbe Oeronn immigrants, having been for the moat par: inured to military discipline, poa eeesing in aome caaes probably a practical knowledge of ariaa and being generally of mature aua and vigor, would supply exvrMy tbe c!ps3 * f troo; a which are m* at In request at pr*s*n! It is not that (i-eat Britain is dasti'ute of men. or (bat tbe *ourc?s of ra?r'iiu ing bare Keen exhausted by a twelve mon-h'a caiopw.a On the contrary, our rec.ui ing pr^u da most kcovatfully; but it happena th wfcerea- ?ol iiera are wanted immediately, it takes 'wr, yoara or ao to form a soldier, and to tra- sforau tbe willing lad into the robust ana didciplined aoldier. We should have lit tle ditiicu: J in raitiLg 50,000 men for the yea- Ifci bu; they are wan'ed f..r iLe year IKii As the cause in which wc are fighting it a C d one. there can be no rtk'jD why we should not accept the co operation of others where er it can be lawfully obtained, aad. iT tbe Amt!.c~x.a can show ua the way to take Seb p 1 we should be quite ready to learu, and to jrivo them every credit for tbe lesson.,? We repob'tah this extract only by way of exjo* nj ihe utter ignorance of the London Tmt't of tbo state of popular sentiment on this aide of the Atlantio In the first place, not a tingle American born ia to be found among those unfortunate erea.ures who have gone to the Province* to labor on a railroad (rather than to take ser vice in the Crimea) not one! This ahowa that the Ttwin is entirely mistaken in its ?lew of 'he estimation in which the war is held by the American people. We do not know of a au gie native- born American out of Boston (whe-e toadying to England is a constitu tional propensity of the vicinage) who has ex pressed sympethy with the allies at acy time within the tasi six inonus, while hundreds of American newspapers have gieen in that time unmistakable evidence thataa between England and Russia in thi? eontest. their hearts beat in sympathy with the latter This idea that Atglo-Saioi* sentiment in America ia in uni son with England's cause in the war, was re paatei in the speeches delivered by British subjects at tbe late dinuer of the Society of St. Qecrg* in New York It is lounded on the faei that Britons have expressed raeh a preference in American newspapers It;^ems as though Engllshnen coming to the United (Mates hare a chrome propensity to Interfere iu the formation of American seati* meat before becoming citisens here There are twenty to one of the* an naturalised, who havw bMB here five years, Id proportion to the number of Irish and Germans unnaturalised. who have been in the United States long ?oough to brcome el ti sens?twenty to on*. *ot where, in proportion to their numbers in thii country, we bare one Irishman or Ger 'aan essaying to model publie sentiment, law, ' , to iheix own notions through the press of the United States, twenty Engiisnien are so engaged These aro statis ios, the truth and 'jice of which all will realise on a mntcert's reflection. All the large cities bare llioir re ip^-ctive quotas of unnaturalized English ro porters sub editors, gleaners, A3. In Boston, New York and Philadelphia perhaps half the manufacturers of presumed American senti ment are of this elasa. Men who, while villi fying the President of the United States onto count of the sympathy of native born Ameri csns with the Creoles of Cuba, are doing their tost to enooarage the violation of our neutral ity laws for England's benefit. 0* Breckinridge and the Spanish Mission ? A Washington correspondent writes to the New York Tribune that Mr Breckin. ridge was deterred from aooeptlng the mission to Madrid by a letter from Mr. Soule to him, explaining the difficulties he would have to onoonnter in Spain, the utter impossibility of his accomplishing anything there, Ac, Ac. Now, we have to say that there is not a single word of truth in this story. Mr Breckinridge declined that position, like a sensible man, first beosnse kid wife was in extreme delicate health, and he wculd have been forced to have left her at home to take care of his children, who are numerous and young; next because, if he left Kentucky and returned after an ab sence of years, it would require years of !a bv^rfor bim to obtain the praotioe in his pro. fashion he would have been thus compelled to abandon He is a young man of little proper ty and has very recently won his way to pro te?d.onal fame, so that he is beginning to make money, and is too rensible to give up his prts f eel for accumulating property It will be recolleo ed that aa Amerioan for eign ministers are paid, not one in tea can lay up any of their compensation fr >m the Qov erxment. Certainly no gentleman like Mr. Breckinridge can do so in any such position, as he has a large family to support, aed is a liberal liver but without being extravagant Wo conversed with him frequently on the sub ject, and know that he was governed by the reasons we suggest above; though we must do him the justice to say that had his services in ^pain been absolutely nocessary for the well being of his country, he would hare made any sacrifice of bis personal interests, aad ac ce^ed. ? he Southern Railroad Convention ?The representatives of half a doien Southern rail, roads, who are here on business connected wiih the interests of their several companies iKvolved ia the great mail letting that has just taken place, organised yeiterday and together visited the Postmaster General, with whom they had a formal interview, in which their in terests and those ef the Post Office Department are said to have been discussed We heat ?bat a ehange of schedule, to take place in May, was infotmaliy announced by Ue Post master General, and at once cheerfully acqui esced in by these gentlemen. Judging fiom the remarks of some of them to-day, upon the circumstances of this interview, it was the inauguration v of a much better understand ing between the railroad companies and the Post Office Department; the reprefentatives of the former having come to reilixe that the i'oftmaster General is only anxious to protect tie publio interest, as in duty bound, in all his .Traag^menta with them California Caveats ?We understand that claimants to lands in California are in the habit of fliing caveats at the General Land Office to bar the issuing cf patents to lands in Ltigdtion, bef ;re the ques.ions of title to them have been finally disposed of by tho United Su'rs Supreme Court Thij is useless labor and expense; became the General Land Office in no ease issue patents to such lands until after the Supreme Court has fioally adjudi cated upon them, and offlo.&l returns of tur veys under such adjudications have been made. Seven Foot Enoll light House ?The con tract for furnishing the materials and build* ing Seven foot Knoll light hcuae, at the mouth of Patapeco riv? r, Maryland, has. we under stand been awarded to Messrs Murray A Ha selhurst, of Baltimore, for $30,340. fixe Current Operations 01 the Treasury Lep-J-ieut.?*Jt yesterday, the 30th April, ther? were of Treasury Warrants entered on the ijocke of the Department? For the redemption of stock $10 000 47 For ihe Treasury Department.... 21,130 00 if or the Customs 8 808 68 For covering into the Trcaeuiy iresi misceiTaneous sources.... 35 00 Fr.r the War Department TO.789 44 For the Navy Department 1 000 00 For ihe Interior Department 2,23b 23 For repaying for the Interior De pert cent 8 39 74 Governor Ee'der Ihe folio.;ing is a telegraphie version of a speech delivered by Gov. Reeder yesterday, on at riving at Lancaster, Pa., his home. It strike* us that when bis own version of this address seei> the light, It will be found to differ not a little from this version : " feeder, in reply, expressed in a f eel ing munner and m eloquent terau the grate ful impression made by the warm and enthu aiastio reception given by so large an assem bly of his fellow eitisets He referred to the ieptru of fraud and outrage upon the part cf the slavery men in the kansas elsction, and emphatically confirmed the very worst state ment which had preoeded his arrival Ho said his opinions on the subject of popular sovereignly had undergone no change, but the conduct of the people on the border oountie.^ of Alit-souri bad aatouuded and amased him by their reokless disregard of all laws eom pacts, and constitutions. The territory of Kansas had been invaded by a regular organised army, armed to the teeth, who took possession of the ballot-boxe.', and made up a legislature to suit the purposes of the pro slavery party. Kansas was subdu ed. subjugated and conquered by armed men from Missouri, but her citisens were resolved nevtr to give up their fight for freedom and the independence of their soil from foreign control and interference Missouri would Be called upon to disavow all sympathy with the^e border ruffians; and if she refused, the South would ba called upon to discountenance her If the South refused, the solemn duty would devolve upon the North to take up the matter, so that the rights of her sons, who have settled in Kansas on the faith of solemn compacts, shall be vindicated and sustained. "He declared that the aooounts of the fieroe onrages and wild violences penetrated at the la?e election in Kansas, as published in the Northern papers, were t?ot exaggerated, and he concluded by saying than Kansas was now a conquered ooun'ry?conquered by foroe of v* *** citisens were resolved never to yield their rights, and he relied upon the North to aid them by demonstrations of public sentl ment and all other legal means, till they shall ba fully and triumphantly vindicated PERMOXAL. ....Hod A. 0 Dodge, Minister to Spain left this eity yesterday. for New York, to take passage for Europe. He was accompanied by Mrs E W. Pendleton, and Mrs. Lynn and daughter, who will go with him as far as Paris. ....The "sqnatters" In Kansae recently held a meeting and nominated the Hon. David It Atohinson, of Missouri, for the Presidency, aod Hon Isaac Touoey. of Conn , for the Vioe Presidency. ....Hon Henry A. Wise, after reoruiting bis strength for a few days in Washington, left the oity yesterday morning, and in the after noon made apolitioaJ speeoh at Martinsburg, Virginia. .... Judge Longstreth, formerly Canal Com missioner of Pennsylvania, died last week. ....Joseph B. Spear, formerly a dork in the Boston Post Office, oonvicted of stealing money from letters, was recently sentenced to ten years' imprisonment in the Salem jail, the most lenient punishment the law will al. ?ow. ....Miss Kate Hays g-re the proceeds of one oonoert at Calcutta - $950?to the patriot ic fond Card from Cob Kinney To ths Editor? of the iY Y. Evening Pott In oonseauenc* of the legal proceedings whioh have Deen institute i against me in the United States District Court, an unfounded impression ma; be produoed in the public mind tbA. tho entorprine in whioh I am en gaged may bo frustrated or materially retard ed It would not, certainly be becoming, under ordinary circumstances, for a man under in dictment to anticipate tho sentence of the tri bunal betore which he is arrauged; but in vrew of the injery whioh such an impression ') ay bring upon the interest of those persons with w'^om I am associated as well es op>n my cwu, and in view of what I know to be the true oharactur of the entcrjyise, I think my -elf justified in asking to express through your osIuidbs, mr confiieui and advised assurance ?t:at the departure of the expedition under my cnarge een be delayed, at the most but a few days. I have not, in any sense, contemplated a violation of the neutrality laws. No prepa rations r.f a military nature have been made t;e. t my associates, and I have in all re sjee'S strictly complied with what may be ormel the instructions contained in a letter to me from Mr Secretary Marcy, which ba? already been laid before the public Whatever parties may have instigated these proceedings rhcy cannot prevent the speedy os aol.:ahiaent of a thrifty and law abiding t ommunity on the rich i>oil of Nicaragua j'Lcy may subject me to some temporary in convenience, but a-ide from this I am gratified that an opportunity will thus be afforded of vindicating before a oourt. and before a jury of my fellow-countrymen, both the character of the present expedition and the general right of American citizens, in peace, and for peaceful purpesei, to leavo American soil Very respectfully, U L. Kinkby. New York, April 29, 1855. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE Gkoroktowk, May 1, 1855. Trinity (Catholic) chureb was crowded to overflowing yesterday evening, to witness the beautiful ceremony of the offering of flowers, upon tbo part of the children attached to the camo. At the time appointed, the children, to the number of abou: on# hundred and fifty males and females, the girls arrayed in pare wriite, and the boys in white pants and black roundabouts, each bearing a boquet and lighted candle, marched into the church, and after depositing their offering of flowers with the symbol of the Queen of May, took their seats near the centro of the church, after whioh a handsome address explanatory of the exercise* cf the occasion was delivered. The choir performed, in their usual fine style, a cumber of excellent pieces, which greatly en livened and enhanced the Interests of the oc casion A scries of very interesting meetings is now ^oing on In the Bridge street Presbyterian Cburch, under the pastoral charge of the Rev. Mr. Atkinson. The Rev. Stewart Robinson, one of the most popular ministers of this de nomination, will preach for them this and to m')trow evenings. All along oar wharves, and Water street tbl* morning, business of every description presents an unusual lively and brisk appear ance While we are now writing, the tell of the Vigilant Fire Company is tolling for the mem bers to assemble, for the purpose of celebrating by a public pioceasion, May day, and unite with the Western Hose Company in receiving their apparatas The Western Hose Company accompanied by the Maiine Band, has just arrived at the hall of the Vigilant Company, where they were c.rdially received by the members generally. At the sugar sale,yesterday, by E. S. Wright, at the wharf of the Messrs. Dodgo, the entire cargo cf tho bark Wm Chase was sold at the fallowing prices: 275 hbds. at $5 50a$6 55; 84 hhds , slightly damaged $4 3)>a$5 50 ; 18 hbdi., damaged by salt water, $2 25a$4 60; and 20 hhds of molasses part of the c?rgo of i he brig J'idelia, sold at S2a33ic. The corn piny was re.y large and the bidding spirited. Several Baltimore merchants were present. there apjeard to be a stand-still in the fkur market, buyers and sellers both holding off, and operations only to a limited extent for immediate demands; held at $10 5(1. with the stock light. Wheat?White $2 50a$2 60, red $2 45a$2.o0. Corn?White and yellow $1 02a .<>5 Fish at the wharves are plentiful and selling at $6 per thousand f*r herrings and $6 50a$7 per hundred for shad. Spectator. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE Weather?Car Work*?I\'e%c LotumaHvet? liberality? Warrenton Election ? Meet trigt to-night?yitk. Albxaidkia, May 1, 1855. A shower last night has made the air this morning very pleasant and refreshing. Times seem somewhat better, and prospects art brightening Messrs. Smith k Perkins have reopened their ear-works, for limited op erations a: present; but we trust that ere long the money market will grow easier, and this enterprising establishment will extend their business to its former scale and draw back to our city the numerous operatives that have left within the last few months. Messrs Entwisle A Moore, the skillful and enterprising artiiaus, have contracted for building two fine looomotives for service on the Alexandria and Washington railroad, the first to be turned out by the 20th of August Unless the injunction upon the road should cause some delay, the line will be in full oper ation by the 1st of September at farthest. Our city counoil, with oommendable liber ality, have granted to the Female Orphan Asylum the free use of gas. At Warrenton, on Saturday, the munioipal election came off. E M. Spillman, K. N , re ceived 51 votes and Mr J. O. Marr 25 votes for mayor. There are about 130 votes in the municipality?so says a letter to the Sentinel. To-night our oity counoil hold their regular session, the Demoorats meet at the Lyceum and the Know Nothings in the Market Square, while the lovers of pleasure will find au pie enjoyment at the festivities of the May ball. Fish continue quite plentiful; herring $5 25 per thousand ; shad $7 50 per 100. Ami. To Cleab Wall Papbh.?Take about two quarts of wheat bran, tie it in a bundle ol coarse flannel, andrub it over the paper. It will c!sanse the whole paper of all descriptions of dirt and spots better than any other means that can be used Some use bread, but bran is better OftaweBg ?Last week, seventeen thousand boxes of oranges arrived at Boston f]?W CABD TO TU LU>IM ?0OOD FOB T?* I l*-' HOC. ob. Drpoifcxn ooldkb mowthlt riUA MmMmiI nnl Infallible remedy ever ?i?sa?sr?1 *>* r* levins and caring all painful, distressing, and dtScnlt mam ?tmauon. and removing all periodica) ? be traction a, acd tr re^nlantles arising from whatever cease. Theee MU ere a ?omptoU TBimra IH MEDICAL SCTUfOB. Tlity ir* prepared by i process which coo reatretss the Ingredients Into a amall balk, thus r??.<lerlng It anneciessry for dellc?.e fenialee to take large doees of diomam drag*. Dr. l?a|?on-o's Pill* are tba result of over THIBTT TliKS' KXPKUIKNOK Id tbe treatment of the diseases of fsmalse.? They lieve been advertised for a llttia over on? yaar, yet SKVKBAL thousand boxks have already been aold, and tba <1 am and for than rapidly in creases wherever tbay baroma known. They bare been thoroughly triad In Washington, and fonnd to act Ilka a charm. Sold by all Dragglsts In Waahlnfton, Georgetown and Al sandrla, Ta. mar 1 fP^rNPKBCKDBWTM) 8UCOB89?The excitement In be half of Baker'* Premium Bittern, continue to Increase In Richmond aa wall aa throughout Virginia, aa a cure for dyspepela, torpidity of the liver, soar stomach, nervous lisade he, ague and fsver, Ac. To be had at the principal D.-ng Store* throughout the city of Richmond and tbe State of Virginia. Order* promptly attended to by addreailng R BiUlt, Richmond, Ta. Church Hill, Richmond, Feb 10, 1864. Dear Sir?Being satisfied that my wlfb, who ha* suffered very aiach for several years from neuralgia, has received great benefit from BakerM Premium Bitters, and having used them with great srccess In case* of summer complaints with my children, I take great pleasure In rccommendlag them to tbe public as a valuable family medicine. Fn>m Bav. BKfBIN FORD. Mr. B. Baker, Proprietor. Richmond Poet Office, Feb. 1?, 1*64. This I* to certify that I bave uaed Baker's Premium Bit ter* In my family, wh<ch I And to be a very valuable medi cine In loss cf appetite, and giving tone and itrangth to the whole system. In ague and fever, where I have adminis tered them, they have never failed to make a perfect cura. Aa a family medicine they stand unequalled. r. W. DANFORTH. They are perfectly harmless, and may be taken at all time* by adult* or children. Price K cent* per bottle To be bad of CHARLBS 8TOTT A OO., Washington, D. C., CAVBT A HATCH, and SKTH 9. HANCK, Baltimore, and by Druggists everywhere. apr M?eoSt "T^NOAH WALKER k CO., Marble Hall Clothing Bmpo rlnm, under Browns' Hotel, respectfully announce that their display of Spring and Summer Clothing I* now ready for Inspection, comprising an aaaortment of Ooeta, Vents and Pantaloons of tbe newest and richest designs In material, trimming and workmanship. To gentlemen wbo study exoellence with economy In fashionable articles of | dress an opportunity for selecting is offered from one of the largest and moat attractive stock of goods ever offered In this city at a very reduced ecale of prices. ap IT VTJ? PBKMICMS AT THB FAIBS?WHITKHfRSrS still in the aacendance.?The Juries of each of the late fklrs at Baltlm.-ie, Richmond, and New Tork awarded tbelr highest premium* to J. H. W. for their superiority of Pbo toziaph*, Stereoscopes and Daguerreotypes exhibited. ft r. W. also received two Medals at the World's Fair, Lon don, and a premium at Crystal Palace. New Tork. Also, the first awards of the Maryland Institute for three years past. Whltehurat'* Gallery In this city Is on Pa. avenue, betw. arid 6th streets fbb IT rY~r'Z D. OILMAN, Druggist, has removed to 62< Seventh street, opposite to the Patriotic Bank, and is now pre pared to All all orders for Medicine*, Palnta, Oils, and Glass on accommodating terms. Strict attention will be paid to physician's prescriptions at all hours of the day and night The n'.ght bell is on ths right of the store door. ap 14?lm r~r?A PHENOMENA IN MEDICINE.?Bronchitis, Cough, Dyspe >ala Liver Complaints, Scrofula. Ac.?For ell. diseases of tbe Female System It stands preeminent. A' Clergyman Just Informs us It has cured htm of Bronchitis of a dewpe-ate ch *ract*r?nartlcalars hereafter. HAMPTON S VEGETABLE TINCTURE?By Its mild ao tlon on the stomach, liver and kldneya, will care Dysp-p sia, Cough, Asthma, Bronchial and Lang Affections. Pains In the Back, Side and Brea't, Consumption, Scrofula, Rhsu matism, Gent, Neuralgia, Fistula, Bowel Complaints, Piles, Worms, and Nervous Debilities?with all diseases arising from impure blood, and 1* tbe greatest female mediclue ev er known. T*iis Invaluable medicine Is working wonders upon the human frame Sne advertisement to-day. mar T rr7?AS A SPRING AND SUMMER MEDICINE, Carter's Spanish Mixture stands pre eminent above all others. Its singularly efficacious action on the blood ; its strength anlng and vivifying qualities; Its tonlo actiou on the Liver, Its tendency to drive all humors to the surface, thereby cleansing the system according to Nature's own prescrip tion; its harmless, and at the same tlma extraordinary good effects, and the number of cures testified to by many of the ? oet respectable citizens of Blehmond, Va., and elsewhere, most be conclaslvs evidence that there 1* no humbug about I It The trial of a single bottle will satisfy the most sceptical of ita benefits. ?.?See advertlasment In another column. rr-p?DB. hoofland's celebrated gebman bit TEBS. There are few things which afford us greater pleasure than sitting down to write a notice of tbe celebrated Hoof land German Blttsrs, because we are fully conscious we are conferring a public benefit, and our heart tells us that by our notloes many have been Induced to take these Bitters, and been reacuad from death by dyspepsia, liver complaint, Ac., for the cure of which It Is certain It Is prepared and sold only by Dr. C. M. JACKSON, at the German Medicine Store, No. 110 Arch street, Philadelphia. See advertisement. Alar 1?lm CT-Joe SaiLLinaroa receives all the new Books acd Maws papers a* fast aa published. He Is agent for Harper's and all tne other, and onr readers will always find a large and good assortment of Blank Books and Stationery at his Bookstore, Odeon Bulldlug, cor Pa. avenue and 4% at ,NOTICE ?Rev. Stewart R bin?on of Bal __ _ uitiore, will preac.; in Bridge st. (Presby terian) Church, Georgetown, on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY EVENINGS, the 1st nnd 2d May, at 7JK o'clock. The public are respeetfully invited to attend. may 1?It* KNIGHTS TEMPLAR?Wnshincton Encaiupmnit No I, will A8st'ijible jTlllS (Tuesday) EVENING at ihe usual time and place, may 1?It A UNION GUARDS, ATTENTION ?You are Sri-quested to be punctual in attendance on WEDNESDAY EVENING, the ?d Instant, II as ii is monthly meeting nivht, and there is business ol ituporlance to transact. By order of J. J. Mulloy, Lieut. Command Com.: may 1 THOMAS BR1GGS, O. S. ,WASHINGTON CITY BENEVOLENT Socieiy.?The annual meeting of this So ciety will be held In the Hall of the Peiseverance Fire Company, 011 TUESDAY, May the 1st, at 1% o'clock p. m. As the election for officers for the ensuing year fake* place, members will he punctual in their attendance. P. A. BYRNE, Sec. ap 30- 8t* MONTGOMERY GUARDS.-The monthly meeting of the Guard* will be held at Harmo ny Hall, on D street, WEDNESDAY EVEN ING, May ai, at 7% o'clock. The attend ance of every man is eipected ap 30?3t WVI. O'SULLIVAN, Sec. LOUT.?A large BREASTPIN, containing hair. The name of the owner is engroved on the hack. A suitable reward will be paid on ieiving it at 17 Si F street. may 1 -3t* HARPERS' MAGAZINE FOR MAY? Ennni, being No. 6 of Harpers' St ry Books. Just received hy TAYLOR & MAURY, may 1 Bookstore, near 9th at. '|UIE COPARTNKRSHIP WHICH ? has heretofore existed between the subscribers under the name of Wm. B. Davis & Co., was dis solved on the 21st ultimo, by mutual consent All debts due to the concern are to be paid to T. II. PARSONS, and all claims against it are to be presented to him for settlement. WM. B. DAVIS, may 1?3* T. H. PARSONS. FASHIONABLE MILLINERY. ^^Wiil be opened on Thursday morning, 3d instant, at 10 o'clock, over the^^L Diy Good store of George F. Allen, a handsome as sortment ol FASHIONABLE MILLINERY, to which the attention of the Ladies of Washington aud its vicinity are respectfully called. GEO. F. ALLF.V, in 1?3t* Penn. avenue, next to IQth a'reet. J. MI DDI.KTOM, DEALER IN ICE, Ojficr aud Dtpct tautk ride F, next to corner 12th it. ICE KEPT CONSTANTLY ON HAND AT THE OFFICE, which can be had in large or small quantities. Qtj- Office open from 5 a m. to 0 p ui. m 1?eoQrn GREAT BARGAINS IN LADIES', GENTS', MISSES', AND CHIL DREN*'BOOTS AND SHOES.?The ?ubA^ribcr being compelled to remove from, the store he now occupies, offers his pres ent well-assoited Etock of BOOTS AND' SHOES at grtally reduced prices. All persons in want of the article will find it to their advantage to call before purchasing elsewhere A. H. SLOAN, No 304 Pa. av., near 10th st., north side, may 1?tf NOTICE TO TRAVELLERS BETWEEN WASHISGTON 4- BALTIMORE. After this date, the Parting* r 'rain from Washington at 6 a m. for Baltimore, and the Train from Baltim rc at 5 15 p. m. for Washington, on Scndat WILL BE HISCONTINUED. The only Train, therefor, on Sunday, from Washington, will be that leaving at 4 30 p." m , and from Baltimore at 4 15 a m. Th? Train 'rom Washington connects at the Washington Junction with the Express Train lear ing Baltimore at 5 10 p m. for Wheeling aad the West. JOHN H. DONE, m 1?lOt Msster Transportation B kO. FR. [Union, Georgetown Advocate, and Alexandria Sentinel copy.] POTATOES?POTATOES. ON board Marrietta Barr, now naarly due, 500 bushe's White Merctr, of superior quality and siae, which will be sold to arrive. ALSO? 2C0 bushels whim Maine Mercer 500 Do bine Mercer, or Peach Blow, very large. All of which will be sold in lots to suit the pur chaser, on reasonable terms. Call and see them, at N. B. HARTLEY'S, 111 Water street, may 1?tf Georgetow n. (>?_*? DAILBY, ?. D. DENTIST, Hu removed hla office one door west of Eleventh street, Pennsylvania aveaue, Washington. 0. C. ap 96??o?i* :?! 07FICIAI. DarAKTHurr or P*a*?, \ Washington, Apnl w, I Information relative to the delays grantel to for signers for sending their production* to the F'er ch Ur iTPr?ai Exposition baa been received at thi. 1e psrtmtn; to the e?ee t that the Imperial Ccmmi **n will not int ipotc any o stacles to the a miss ? n <*f ?ortign product* alter the period specified by it? general reg-ilations; but that it I* to the Urited commissioners that American manufacturer* nnst a piy in order to obtain delay? and to *??'? them ?elves that t? eir product* wiil b? admit tetl, nnd a place be reserved for them. And, far ther, that the commissioner* from the several States of the Union now in Par.s. have organized a Cen_ tral Committee, which meeta nt No. 18 Rue Louis le-Grand, to which American exhibitors must apply for all the information Uiey may have occasion to require. LOST.-On Seventh street, between the Patent | office and H rreet, this morning, a lady's Port monnaie, conUimng two ten dollar pieces and one five, a one dollar i.ote, and some small change A suitable rewaid wih be given to any one returning it | to the Star office. may 1?It* PERIORAL ?Peis .na subscribing to Brown's Illustrated Family Bible, or any of Martin k Johnslon'3 publications, ot New York, or Wnlker's. of f.oeton, who do not receive thi ir numbers rsgu larly are informed that oa leaving information at my | office, by letter or otherwise, wi'l be promptly at tended to by JAMLS CARTER, Sole Agent lor thoae Publishers. Office, corner of C and 10th streets w?*t may 1?2; Clocks, watchtcs and jewelry Opened this dav, forty different stvle* ot C ocks. Good Clocks $1 i5 Pine fioW Watches, #22; | warranted. Jewelry cheaper >han ever. Call and see for yourselves at J ROBINSON'*, No. 849 opposite Browns' Hotel, nny 1?dim __ SPLENDID PAPER HANGINGS. IT is with pleasure that JOHN DAVIS announces | to his old friend? and the public that he has rs sumed his old and familiar occupation of PAPEK HANGINC, having opened a new store in the "Star Buildings, near the comer of Eleventh street and Pa avenue, where he will be found all the time himself and keep on hand a well selected assortment of PAPER HANGINGS, WINDOW SHADES. BLINDS, kc. All work entru?ted to him in his line of busmen vi!I be promptly and faithfully exe uted to the en tire satisfaction ol those tor whom tho work may be done , ^ , He respectfully invites all bis former friends and customers, and tho public generally to give him a | call at his new atore and see if he has not some thing in his line to suit their taste* and wants, may 1?d3w JOHN DAVIS. CARRIAGES-CARRIAGES. I HAVE now on hand, and constantly finishing. a | very large assortment of Pleasure andrJ Family CARRIAGES, of the latest fash fig ions, which I will sell as low aa the same quality ot work can be sold in any of Uie principal ms^t* of the United State#. The subscriber is now dealing exclusively in Car riiges ot his own manufacture, and all work ?old by lnui will be warranted, and compare favorably with any work in this market. As I always keep a large assortment, I invite purchasers and others to ex amine my stock before purchasing elsewhere. Carriages built to order Old Carriages taken in | exchange, or repaired at the shortest notice. THOMAS YOUNG, Sign of the Golden Hoive, No 409 Pa. avenue and 4# street, may 1?eo3m HARPER'S MAGAZINE for May is re ceived at SHILLINGTON'S. Leslie's Ladies' Gazette of Fashion tor May, con- ' taining all the late Parisian st>lee of Spring | aud Summer Fashions Godey's Lady's Book for May Graham's Magazine do Putnam's do do Emma Harper's Story Book, do Kenneth, by Mws Young, author of Heartsease and the Heir of Recliffe Blackwood's Magazine for April Hardships of an Heiress, by M<s. Gore Teuiptat on, by the author of Minnie Grey, Gus Howard, and Ssanfield Hall Grace Lee, by Julia Kavanaugh, author of Nathalie Banker's Dauchw, by Reynolds All the new Bocks published received immediate ly afte. wards. Everything in the Stationery Line at SHILLINGTON's*, Bookseller. Odeon Building, ccr Pa. av. and i ?ay 1?3t SPARKLING SUGAR, For preparing & most delicious Summer Bev-1 erage, poneaaicg the properties of, and equal to the best Soda Water. < CGAUTIER has the pleasure ot announcing lo . his nuroeroap patrons and the public that, af ter many experiments, and at considerable expense, he hie succeeded in pro4ucirg an article which he styles Sparkling Sugar, for the inst ntaneous prepa ration of Soda Water, equal in all respects to that d licious beverage now daily sold by him. manufac tured by Swan's Atmospheric Soda Fountain Appa rttus, a mode highly co:umended by he Mecical Faculty in the Northern and Western cities, and which is fast superceding all others. The sparkling Sugar is not only innocent in itself, but in many in-1 stances eminently beneficial to dyspeptics und fib ers similarly afflicted, it being a combinailon, in a concentrated form, of articles in daily use in every family. With this preparation Soda Water can be made at home, in the parlor or at the dinner table, invtantaneously, without the lea?t inconvenience. To traveler* and persons residing in the country the Sparkling Suear will be invaiuaMe, as the | means of producing at an inconsiderable expend a most pleasant, as well as healthful summer bever age. No one undertaking a journey, either by land or sea, should be without it, as it is put up in a port able form, and not affected by the vinseitude of cli mate. Hotel and steamship proprietors will find the Sparkling Sugar preferable to, and cheaper than the Mineral Water now sold in bottles. It i* put up in half pound glass jars, and flavored with lemon, cm ger, sarsaparilla, vanilla, kc., to suit the fancy or taste of the purchaser. C GAUTIER will not resort to the usual method of pulling his discovery. It requires no such adven titious Hid. It carries with it its own reeotnmenria lion, and has only to be known te be propeily ap-1 preeiated. Families having once given it a trial will never be without the Sparkling Sugar. At present it is for aale only at his establishment, No. 959 Pa. avenue, where the citizens of Wash ington and Georgetown, and visiters to the Metrop olis generally, are invited to call and judge tor themselves by giving it a trial. may 1?eo6t .1OTICB.?The tripe advertised |:*or Mount Vernon and the White Huu-e (sii uiu the weather be stormy on Tuesday,) will be made ou the next day. (Wednesday,) leav ing Washington at 0 a m, and at 4 p m ap 30?St SAM'L GEDNEY. P'FRIOERATORS, ICE PITCHERS,! WATER COOLERS ju?t received and for sale | at the loweat cash prices by the subscriber. JOS. L. SAVAGE, Sign of the Large Gilt Saw, Pa. avenue, between 10th and 11th sis. ap 30?3t SUPERIOR SODA WATER. /T^HE subscriber would mo-t respectfully inform, | his former patrons, aad the lovers of superior J Soda Water generally, that his founts are aga n in operation, and in oraer to keep up hi? well earned reputation of keeping the best SODA WATER and most delicious SIRUPS in the cit?,is determined (if possible) to have it still better than heretofore. O. BOS WELL, Dtuggist, Comer Maryland av, and 7th st., Island, ap-30-lm Washington. BONNETS, FLATS AND RIBBONS. WE have now on hand a very large and general assortment of Ladiet' and Misses't BONNETS. Children'e IFLAT8, Boys' and! Men's HATS. \ Also, a handsome assortment of Bonnet and Cap Ribbons, Flowers, Wreaths, Tarltons, Mar celline Florences, Rushas, kc., to b? sold at our usually low prices. W. EGAN k SON, 393 a. side Pa. avenue, near 7th street. ap 30?2w TRAW HAT#.?We have now opened our Spring supply of STRAW GOODS'and are pre pared to show a fu I assortment. All our gooes being bought for cash, we are prepared to sell at the lowest prices. STEVENS'S Salesroom, ap 30-3t Browns' Hotel. HOSIERY, GLOVES, Ac. WE have just received a very large assortment of Ladiee' white, brown, elate, black, brown embroidered and open worked hoee. Gent's white, browa ana mixed Hoe* and half Hoee Misses and boya' white, brown, slate, black, fkn cy striped and opera worked Hoee and half Hose Ladies' kid, eilk and Cotton Gloves and black silk mitts Misses and Boys' white and colored silk, kid, and thread Gloves and Mack silk Mitts Gent's kid, silk and thread Gloves We would invite special attention to our large and well assorted stock of Ladies' and Children's Hosiery and Gloves, being the largest assortment la this city, and will b? sold at very low prices W. BGAN k ION, _No. 893 shady site Pa. avenue, betw. ap 3D 9w 6th and 7th streets FISHING LIMB* and Artificial Bait at LAMMONP'BJib at apW-A Amusement* ODD FELLOWS1 I1ALL. The Greed and Astounding DIOR A M jy OF THE BATTLE OF RUNKEIt HILL, AND D&STR VCTIOS OF CH-WLEXTOH N, (miT a r*i?Tin ) Will b? open for *xbibiuon oa TUESDAY EVE. MSG, May 1*S and conanue evtry eviuiag during lh? week. Alto, on WEDNESDAY and BATURDAY after noons, at 3 o'clock. Doore op? n at 7?to rooinniw al 0 o'aioek. A.fmiwion ?5 cr nts?Children accompenied by ttae'r parents half p ice. ap MAY FESTIVAL AT CARPSI'S SALOON. MOWS. COCMEU ha* uie komm w announce to hit pros nt *nd to?(t|?inw, h4a ?nr?<k. and tile puMic trnrrally, that hit M?t Bali will he given at CARUSI'S SALOON. ou TUB: HAY, May I. The following Fancy Dancct will be performed 1 Minuet de la CV>?r and Gavot de Venues, by a master and miss 2 Shepherdess Pastoral Dance, by f mvwee 3 La Cachoca, by a miaa 4 Highland Flint, by a miaa 5 Boi.emian P'lka, by a nuae and master 6. 7*h-' Nmpii'a Garland I>ance, h* 6 misses 7. A Grand Fancy Maxourka by 10 muses 8 A Grand Fin li. A regular art of Cotillona will be dfneed by the scholar*, after which the entire floor will bo thrown open to the company pres-nt Mens Cochcu confidently tniata that, a* the *ama full satisfaction hat been rx pressed by bis patrons at the end of thia tcston'* labor a? a' tbe doae ot ihe last, and that hia Second May Festival will ex hibit the tame h<iHiai:t iveembiage, and afford tb ?i.-tme general jJeaetire apt?-8t* FOR MOUNT rERNON AND WHITE HOUSE !'AVI LION The Steamer THOS. ? OLLVER will make two trip* to the abo\a pla cet uai acet' The Boat leaves Washington at 9 and Alexandria at 9H ?? n ?? TUESDAY, May ial, and FRIDAY, May 4th. The tripa will give tbe passengers ihe privilege of "pending the day at tb*- White Houae, where they ran aee thou?anda of flah - aught, and a groat quaa lity of wild flowers cane be got. Fare round trip tn Mount Vernon and tbe Whita House, 91. To the White House 50 coata each? Children half price. The Boat will return to Washington about 4 o*clk p na. A good band of mumc will accompany the party on the ab?>ve tripa WM. COKK will furnish a Plank Shad Dinner at the Pavilion, with all the delicnries of the erason. and collations for tboee wishing them. ap 28 St GRAMD EXHIBITION AHD MIT BALL, AT THE NATIONAL THEATKE l)KUF. H. v% . .IlkDkh takes pleasure I in announeinc to tbe pub! e that hia Grand fcxhibtuon and May Hall will take nlace at tbe Na tional Theatre ?n THURSDAY EVENING, May 2d, 1855. The most eitensive preparation is being mad*, which will render thia the most magnificent entertainment that has aver b* en wi nested in thia city. *1 he Parqueite will be floo-ed over from tha entrance to the foot of the atage, throwing the en tire Theatre into 00c immense Ball Room, which m l b<* decorated in the most gorgeoua manner. A ? lirone for the Queen ot May and ber Maida of Honor will be erected on the back of tHe stage, ora anicnted with flowers and banners, surrounded by fevnej of n Fairy land. The Exhibition in preparation for this occasion cannot be excelled, either m point of beauty or lbs manner in which the dances are executed. The following is a programme of Daaoaat 1. College Hornpipe, by 4 masters, 2 El Bo Tero, by 4 tniaees, 3. La Cachucha, by 5 misses. 4. Pa? Sty nan, by a miaa and matter, 5. La Smoleniki, by 2 miatet, fi. La Fille du Eavateur, by 31 7. Cracovienne, bv 9 mlsaea, ?. Scotch Dance, by 4 misers, 9. Styr an Waltz, by 2 Indies and a gentler 10. Fischer's Hornpipe, bi a maaler, 11. El Jeleo de Jrret, by a mm, 12. Grand Shawl (lance*, by 84 misses; tn which is the crowning scene, tbe grand march, and a?r.-n=ion upon the throne, atid grand final tableaux. 13. The Flower Dance, by 32 miaeea. Am tha age of 5 yean up to 16, at introduced by the wonderful Viennowe Children in thia city in 1848. It it comprised of 16 arches and 16 circles of Roars of every variety and color. This dance presents one of the mo?t imposing apectaclea ever witnessed on or off of the stage. The boxes will be reserved lor ladles dBring tha exhibition, altar w hich the floor will be cleared fas the whole company. Notwithstanding the enormou* expense attend ing th a exhibition, the price of tickets will be aa u*u<tl, only $2?admitting 1 gentJemnn end ladies. Prtvate boxes may be obtained by < ailing on Prof. M., at his Saloon, corner Pa. avenue and lltb iruin 4 to C o'clock p m. ap tl?did ITRAHBOtT KXCCRIIUH. LANDING OF THE PILGRIMS. Celebration of ike Landing of tKs Pilgrim Fathers of Maryland at St. Marf s Ctty. St. Mary's county, under th* auspices of iks Philodemie Society of Q-rorgntoim '{'HE ?ommittee ol Arrnng?ments ot the Voung J (."atbotics* Friend Society, of this w ^ city, have the honor of announcing the citixens of Washington and its vicinity. that they hate chartered th* well known and popular steamer GEORGE WASHINGTON, for the atwvt ni?ntioned Excursion. The price of Tickets for the rntire trip la $5 each. They can be procurrd at tbe following Drug Storeti Knlwell & Lawrence, corner of 14th street and Pennsylvania avenue ; Callan'a, corner of 7th and E streets; Martin P. Kmc'", Pennsylvania atenu*-; D B. Clarke's, corner ot 11th street and Marylaud avenue; Ino F. Ellis's Variety Store, Pennsylvania avenue; Wm. A. Kennedy's Bookstore, 7th street; and from Francis McNerhany, Naval Storekeeper, Navy Yard. As the numkr of ticket* it limited, perton* dt pHrous of en*o> ing this interesting Excuroion are par ticularly requested to make rarly application u above or to any member of the Coui:i?ittee of Ar rangrnrnto, a? thr ?alea will be closed on Saturday tvenine, the 12th May next. Arrangements have been made with the proprie tor of Piney Point Pavillion whereby c>mf< rtabie accommodations for the night will be secured during th*- Excursion. The George Washington will leave the Steamboat Wharf, at the foot of 11th street, on MoNI'AY fi ning, the 14th May next, a1 3 o'clock, aad will re turn about 2 p. m. on the following Wednesday. JOHN CARROLL BRENT. WM. A KENNEDY, GKORGE HARVEY, JOHN T. CAS8ELL, FRANCIS McNERHANY. Committee ol Arrangement*, ap 91 ?TuThSatd LL8TKAKORRI visi'ing the City ahould aee Hunter's Cata logue of the Curioatucs of the Patent Oftce. Aleo, hia Descnption of Powell's Great Picture, feh 23?3m* SELECT SCHOOL FOR GIBLS AHD BOYS Sixth ttrcet, bcttccen D and E, irmi aid*. PARENTS or Guardians desirino to enter their children can aee the Proprietor at the School between the hours of 8>* aud o'clock, ctai mencing May let. _ ap 9>- 3?* CHILUKlCa'S HOOF* juat received ai LAMMOVD'8, 7th st. ap 28 3t MAY BALLS. WE have just received, for the May Ball*, the largest and moct varied astoruneut of Fane, Boquet Holders, Baskets, Fine Perfumeriee, fcc. JOHN F. ELLIS. SOA Pa. avenue, bet. 9lh and 10th su. ap 28?tf MORE NEW GOODS. WE have just reoeived SO pieces French Lawn* and Jaconets, T beautiiul Goods, and entirely new pa^ terns, to be anld at 25c per yard 1 caae Portsmouth Lacons at htkc 20 pieces rich figured Organdy Muslins 25 do very best quality Paris Lawns 50 Dress Patterns, nch flg'd Berages 2*? pieces plain Berages, good qual'ty, at 31 *i5 do very beat quality plain Berege, at 37#? 2 cases Merrimack Pnnta, 12Uc 1 do 8cotch Gingham*, 12W: ALSO?ON HAND A handsome aaaortment of Twisted Silk, PMft Jaconet and Mualin ROBES, ? bich ??? very cheap. SUMMER SILKS. We would iavite special attention to our large aM well assorted stock of 8ilks Ladies rhould not m'l to examine our assortment before purchasm|. M can rertatnly srll better bargain* in thia cla<? 01 goods than any other house in tins city. M ANT1LLA8 Just received, 26 black Silk Mantilla* of tbt ^ eat shapes and handsomely ulmmod, ? be *>? 11 uur usually low prices ? CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY k CO. ap 87-6i FRENCH LANGUAGE t DRAWING. /COMPLETE and ihttrough Inatruction '? tJ'* Vy abovt bryicliee will be given 00 terms by a French Gentleman, a gradsau ?" Polytechnic School, of Paria. Tfce adveruter is bearer of the highest tcstraouiato of sueeeaa m teaching. fl Apply to or addreea "French Teacher," No ? 0 " Thirteenth street, between G and H I op 97?dim %

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