Newspaper of Evening Star, May 3, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 3, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR WASHINGTON PITY: THURSDAY AFTFBIfOOIT M*y 3 AOZSTS FOB THE SIAS. The following persona are authorized to contract for the publication of adver tisements in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palmer, N. W. corner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. Pettingill & Co., Nassau street. Boston ? V. B. Palmer, Scollay's Building. Adyietisemexts should be handed in by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may c it appear until the next day. g?ntir or ths moesihg prejs. The I*teUig*mcer, insisting en the right of Spsin to verify the character of vessels car rying the American dag. says : "We profess to have a respect as sincere 1 ;r toe fi ig of oar country as any of those who citim for it all exemption from all question at Kta. Bat until It shall have been proved that ttat Uig has never floated over vessels falsely a turning to belong to the United S.ates. we irast be permitted to have our opinion, in f^itecf tne labored sophistries of the official ;< urnal and its kindred presses, that it is no ? utrage,' crying alond for blood, for a ship < t war of any nation to ascertain, by the usual | ii-~de of oceanic intercourse, whether the vea ecl that carries aloft the stars and stripes be truly and honestly entitled to that noble dis :?ncii .u ?-r not Pirates, buccanecrs, fillitus- i ? "res, call them by what names you will, aro ~w>toriously in the habit of supplying their i \e?se's with the flags of various nations, and hoisting any one of them, when in sight < it a cra.ssr, that m*y be supposed most i * feely to prevent examination. Our flag is \ < ntitied to no greater deference than the ? g .{ any cthor independent nation. We i have no more right than others have to ] c.iim till the very ri-'bt of it at tea shall ex- i t ? ft tt?e vtssol that l-sars it from the comtnod i c a-;eg of all naval Powers if it were once < adopted as the acknowledged principle of in ?' inational law that the mere sight of the flag <;i-p!ay?d by a vearcl at sea should bo regarded * as sufficient to protect her from suspicion, it i wcvld become an absurdity to cnact laws to parish pirates or sea robbers. The commerce oi every nation would bo exposed t > serious depredations, and notfcite but the ttreng arm < ?t ex ecaivc convey woul 1 save I- from u'ter ] cc'irucfion. L?t the t cred Sates establish tue vain theory that the cignt of her fli<*, no u.atler by whom given to the ainJs. shaJl pro- < tect i s bearer froui a! 1 question, and the 6a;;s w ,uld swarm with vagib-.nd marauders tai! rg under it, and the glorious banner which haii so cf;en incite i our heroes to victory weald 1 ioon become a byword of reproach." I i at Union compare? tLe old English pre- i tnptionof Catholics, heaping on them civil i ? liabilities and penalties fur worshipping God < according to the dictates of the:r c >nsc';encos, ith the avowed pu poses and tendencies of * :cw Nothingism it- article on this eubjact 1 :crcib'.y written indeed, and will tell every v tie with effect. - iREi i.f Apmi ?Tw.ntv. even fires aro I r. *n to Lave occurred in the Uoited States fu og .hs las. month, where the loss in each I -i acce exceeded 111),000. The total amount J * *'.oss, including that occasioned by tho late I Ln in B>;U>n, exceeds $1,200,000, and the! property destroyed eomp. ised seven inannfac-1 turing esiabiishmeat^, two churches and three I tteainboats. Very destructive fires continue 1 toraga ia the fore3's in Virginia, North Caro- 1 iir.a. aid Georgia, inflicting incalculable! loses. _ ? QTWe happen to know that Dn. Arams] ( v*rry P'C'.cral and (Sat liar tie Pills are good } l edieines, and *ha!l proclaim it because we I ' ;Lnow it. We confidently believe there is a| * itt amount of relief from suffering for our af-1 ' c:ed fellow men wrapped op In these skill- I preparations, and we shall freely C23 our I -?!tie influence to make them known to those] need them,?PhilaJt/pkia SiinJay\ ?* * "??. -^s I.< d: as a polis Election.?A despatch I rCii Indianapolis reaching Washington this] forcing ?_js that tho average Democratic ma- ] . o i y at the municipal election that took place ] ?i?c:a on the djy before yesterday was 140;] i ? ttir last eloction the average Know Noth i i u.iijOii y was about 700. 1* ariGti Lcxmig^ - The table of impor'.s tt >>w Voik laet week exhibits the following ] list of foreign luxuries and their custom house Mtiuatior: C?g?rs, $80,'>72; Coflee, $89,076; I i-e 3.0ns, $13 C9G; Granges. $13 658; Purs, $uo - 742; Scgar, I2V2 854; Tea, $188,267; Watches. Z4Z862; Wines, $11,692; Champogne. $66 163. 'i^ial?$873,682. LTW. have received from the publisher I J. MurpLy A Co , Baltimore, a copy of the I - etrepolitan Blagazine ior May. It in filled] ^ :h interesting articles, including reviews of I i:?nt events. I PCBMONAL. I .. ..Thomus Uailee, of Maryland, who re-] ??-i 'iy attempted to commit tuicida in Now I i ?ik. Lts been **nt to tlo luaa;io Asylum;] n ?pp?>inted love, and not loss of money at] f beirg it is said, the cause of his mental ] * t tenement. j .... Kev. Dr Bright, Heme Secretary cf the ] J (dean Baptist Missionary Union, ha? pu:a| etic ai the interest of the F.ov Br. Bescher ] .i-1. i New York l'eco;dor. i .... Bttsboltoa, the popular and well known n ? kger of a company of negro minstrels, | ui?d at cL.Cigo, tn Saturday Ust. j ....Mrs. Botta better known to the litera l ry world as Mies Anne C. Lynch, one of our] *>*eeteft and bt~=; Auterioao p^u'e^es, has | v ith her husband, arrived New Orleans, and I j; e'.jt urning at the St. Cuatles Hotel . ...Capt lien'y C. Grafton, ef the United] ? atf s Army, ard who served gallantly in the - ?x;c?n war, wn? recent y stricken du?n with ] ? rcplexy, and died tuldenly at Birenport, ] m >wa. i ... .'1 he venerable Dr K. II. Bishop, for a *'Bf Prtrldi-nt tf the Miami University, ?i u of late 3ears Profes or cf history and po >! tkO^imy id Farmtr'ti College, College] ' ill Obit, died tn Saturday morning aged j '.''5*ara. llewu one of the most eminent in ; ru tor- in the West ....Hon A C. Dodge, Axeiican Minister ?: e court of Spain h-s wife, th?ee children , .-?vai.t Lave left Now Yurk in the steam j i Pacific, for Liverpool. ? \8SACAISBTTS COSSTITI TIOML AkBHD ?! .>is ?On Friday last the Home adopted by iv. 7 large unj'rity, the pr.posed amend i lt:t to the Constitution providiog that " no ; - r. n ?haM be e'tg.ble to office ia this Coni ui l e-.l'h until he shall have been a mi lent t eUaiUd States tw^nty-oce years." A rutin was made to recoos.der the vote. Mr l.a.ey, of Iiswici, effared a substitu e, that 4 r.o {.cmd ibill U c ijib'.c to in this Con .lionweiltb unless born within ths jaris uicttoB ?>f the United Statos " TLe amend was adopted by a majority yea and nay Tote and being put upon its fiual passage was j jt Ly 1W to 86. requiring a two-third vote t r i's adoption. If tuu bad passed, the effect ixc'uid have been toprvsorite even n?turali?ed k UXlLS. mm i -M ? f i. ? i ? W4S1I1IIGT0M NEWS ASP GOSSIP. The Chicago and Rock Iiland kailtcad Company ?This corporation seems bant on getting into inoxtricablo trouble?on taking measures to end in destroying, utterly destroy ing the valus of every share of their stock W e find evidence of this fact in the following article from a late number of tbe St. Louis Intelligencer : Tbb Bridgr at Rock Islaxd?Hcgr Brkak watrr to be Built.?We learn that the Chi cego and Hock Inland Railroad Company, be sides the creation of a bridge across the Mi* sLsippi, at Rock Island, are preparing to buiid an immense breakwater in the Mississippi just above and adjoining the great centre pier en which will swing the draw on the railroad bridge. This breakwater will require about 500,000 feet of lumber and 13.000 > ards of rook for its construction It is intended f>r the great draw to reft upon when swung around; the upper end of it for a house for the draw-keep er to reside in, and for an icebreaker and breakwater. Its huge dimensions will defy tbe storm and fl->od5. Of this undertaking, the Rock Island Repub lican savs: " To most peoplo, the idea of a huge pile cf rocks about forty feet teid? and five huruirtd ftet long, with a house on the upper end of it, apd lying in the middle of the Mississippi and directly above an immense pier on which the draw turns?the idea, we 9ay, of all this being co obstruction to navigation, would, to most people seem rather absurd 1 " Without any regard to what tbe decision of Judge McLean may be in relation to the 1 erection of this bridge, the railroad company teem determined to prosecute the work, and are about to erect more shanties on the north , side of the island for laborers. , '* The company probably does not want or ' need aiy advice as to what course it shall < pursue; but to ordinary men it "would have ; seemed more proper to obtain theconscnt of ( the United iyatea Government to pass over a military reservation and devastate Govern- * ment property, before it appropriates all the t earth arid reek on tbe island to railroad pur poses, and takes forcible possession of nearly tho entire island. ? 'Whatever the decision of Judge McLean c may ba, we consider the course pursued by the t railroad company, in regard to the island, a cn .st outrageous Ka-ump'ion of power, and a 1 m^st wanton destruction of property ow ( *hich it bas no control " j There is a question in Issue between the v, General Government atd this company. It is now in the hands of Judge McLean, cf the Su preme Court. The United States would cot have thrown an obstacle in the way of the si'mpany, usle-3 the Government wore tho roughly convinced that their du^y to their ?rust made such a cl-u.oj imperatively neces sary ; nor even then, unless *ell as.ured that he courts of law would sustain their action ihe directors, however, 1-ck business tiiQt to >ueh an extent as to go ou expending the stock holder's money, in the hope of beiEg able to iutly the General Government out of i*s rights in this Controversy. This gimo has often bam essayed bstora, but always ending in the over throw, rooaer or later, of the parties anxious to butt their business brains out after this fashion. Ih? company in this ca?o may rely on two cr three fixed facts : flr3t, that the Govern ment are not opposing their purpose/ further : than compelled so to do under the law ; next. 1 that if the Supreme Court sustains the fJovern ! ment, they (:ho company) wiil lose every dol lar they may venture in this foolish contest And last, that they have only to satisfy tho ' Government of the propriety of their de mands and intentions, to have the latter ' working in harmony with them?-second ing thfir efLrta to improve the 6eotion cf the country through which the proposed rail- i road is to pass As the matter now stands, , however, it seems to us that there is little hope that tho direction of the Chicago and Roek Island Railroad enterprise will fail to waste every dollar of the money of their stock holders in a foolish contest against the Gov ernment, which can only terminate in their inglorious, eventual overthrow. Kr. Josiah 7. Polk.?Thii gentle;aan, in ccmplaining, in the columns of an evening cotemporary, of his recent removal from office, takes occasion to go oat of his way to impugn our motives; characterizing tho Slur as a 44 Jesuit organ." Oar relations wUh Mr. Polk have always been so friendly as to make his assault npon us a matter of surprise. It has set us to inquiring into the causes of his re moval, and wo hear that it was occaslonod by a variety of cirum3tacces, some of which are R3 follows : first, that he has of late gone ac tively into politics; next, that he has acceptcd two cfficcs under the corporation of Washing ton, of great importance to the city's future, the duties of which he cannot properly dis eh rgo if he is compelled to do a day's work for the General Government every twenty four hours; thirdly, he has long bean a contentious and litigious man in religious matters, devot ing bixsclf with heart and soul to the work of persecuting and maligning a religious sect en titi?l to a* kind treatment at the hands of tbe Government of the United States as any other sect; and his superiors in office were no longer di-pesed to furnish out of the public treasury the moa^s (his salary) of enabling him so to empliy him.olf. The Ivcrson Grass ?The chief of the ag ricultural branch of the Patent Ogiao has re ceived a report from W. W. W. Bowie, c f Prince George s county, Md , of his experi enca in raising the new Georgia grass?the Iverson grats?whioh first o*tne into notice by being described and greatly praized in lust year's Patent Office (Agricultural) Report. Mr. Bowie writes tlut he sowed it "during the last of October, upon kind coil, unma nned. It came at unco, and has grown kind ly. It is now (March 17ib) at least three inchis high, ard has been green all the win ter. It bids lair to be the most valuable gra?J ever grown In Maryland. I at first doubted most that was said of it. but I now feel sure that it will surpass all that its origin ator or discoverer has written about it." The bureau has equally favorable accounts t of the result of an experiment with this grass made by Mr Lowis Bailey, of Fairfax oounty, Ya , well known to be second to no othor gen tleman in the State as a successful sgricultu ralist. J Calvort Ford, Esq ? Perceiving in yester day morning's Clipper, a story attributirg this gentleman's promotion in the bureau cf the Second Auditor of the Treasury, to the fact that he is a Catholic, we have to say, after inquiry, that he has baen a olerk under the Government here for some twelve yearf, and stood next to the gentleman removed, on the clerical list of tbe Second Auditor's Office So, as he is in all respects an efficient officer, had he been an Israelite, or a Turk in his religion, be would have been duly promoted by the chief of his bureau, Mr. Clayton, who by the by is a Methodist, lie is of the Calvert (Baltimore) family, his ancestors being among the very first Luropean settlers of Maryland, is a gentleman of character, and enjoys the confidence and respect ef his fellow citt-1 tens here without distioction of party, as well I s of those over hiua in th6 public sat rice Tho Parkville Mob ?Oar readers are all! aware that the people of the county in whiob I Parkville, Mo., is situated, recently destroyed I the " Parkville Lnmlnary," an abolition sheet I published in that town. While wj by no I means sympathise with mob violence under I any pretence whatever, we are unhesitatingly sympathisers with those who oppose the i2 terference of the northern " aid societies" to abolitioniae Kansas. The following brief let-1 ter, on which wo have no room to make more J comment!, was written by a Prince William, I Va , man, to his brother in this city, and will 1 afford a fair illustration of the tone of the mass of the peoplo in Kansas upon the exist- 1 ing state of the slavery controversy there: Parkville, April 29, 1855. I I enclose an Argus extra. The mob acted I entirely independent of the citixoos of Park-1 ville, though all but a few, three or four., gave I it their hearty sanction. You may, perhaps, I oondemn it, though if you were here to see, you I you woald say, Ml right. 1 wish yoa U> give the extra to some editor to publish, if it should not already bo in your I papers. Times are getting pretty hot about here; scores of northerners are taking the back track Kansas is destined te be a slave State, un doubtedly. I am expecting to hear daily of I all the Freesoil presses in Kansas Territor I, sharing the same fate. General Land Cffice.?The following are the I operations of this office for four weeks ending 23th of April, 1855: 2,403 letters were re-11 joivoi and entered upon the registers, and! 2 086 letters written; patents?7 867 engrossed. I > 209 recorded, 3,121 transmitted, and 13 4801 >xaminel; 23,914 entries of land posted in the 1 { ract books, and scrip for 14,321 acres issued. I [n addition there have been instrnoiions, I 'orms, tract and rccord bocks prepared for new I listriot land offices, for the surveyor general I >f Utah, and a large amount of miscellaneous I Iuti03 performed. Efforts are being made to! organize, at the earliest possible period, the I ;bree new land districts in Iowa, an 1 the Fond-1 lu Lie district in Wisconsin, tho tract bocl t] ? | for which are now being opened. A Clerical Eemoval and Appointment.?I Hr C. A. llorton, a second class (11,400 per I \nnun>) clerk in the Sixth Auditor's Office. I ias been removed, and Mr. Alfred Tyler, of I iCy , has been appointed to a first class ($1,200 J do: annum) cleikthip in that bureau. Revenuo Marin? Offijers Ordered ard De-1 laciitd.-Second Lieut J. M Nones, to the! Dobbin, on the Wilmington, North Carolina, I station. Third Lieut. F. Milligan to the cuttor Duane, I on the New Orleans station. Cap*. Chas. W. Bennet has beon detached I From tho coaimand of the cutter Forward, on tho Wilmington, Del, station, on account ofl iontinaed indisposition. j A St?amboat Inspector Appointed ?Ander. :on Marsh has been appointed Inspector ofl ?"tenmboat boilers at New Orleans, (salary! $1 000 per annum ) vicc James Carrie, dte'd. | N&vy Officer Dead ?The Navy Department, yesterday afternoon, received information ofl he death of L'eut. Wm. C. Chaplin, U. S N., on Monday last, of small pox, at the Naval Hospital at Chelsea, Mars. A New Consul Becogdted ?Yesterday, af ter we went to press, the President recogniied John Smldt as Consul for Saxony at Louis viile, Ky. A Clerical Appoictment ?Mr. E. A. Whip ple, of Pa., to be a first class ($1,200) clerk in the clliieof the Sixth Auditor of the Treasury The Current Operations of the Treasury uapaxittent.?On yesterday, the 2d of May, theraweieof Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of stock $209 08 for paying Treasury debts 41.775 68 t or the Customs 30 073 00 For the War Department 2 101 33 For repaying in tho War Depart ment 1.739 33 For tho Interior Department 5,4i0 (10 A Week Later frcm California The 6ttamcr Star cf the West arrived at New York yesterday evening, bringing in qene $302,000, and five hundred passengers. Governor Felch, the president of the United States Board of Land Commisiionsrs, returned in the Star of tho Wi st j The minors generally throughout California were doing well. Aocounts from Kern liver district are as contradictory as ever. Tbe municipal election at Saoramenta City I resulted in the sueees3 of the whole Know Nothing ticket, except one alderman. James L. Etiglish was chosen Mayor. Advices from Utah, to Mareb 1st, mention that Col. Steptoe's appointment,, to succeed Brigham Young as Governor, caused great discontent, and potitiona were In circulation praying the reappointment of Young. Dr. Garland llart, the Indian agent for Utah. had arrived at Salt Lake City, and entered on his duties Walker, the f.uions Utah chief, died near Fillmore City on tho 23;h of January. Tebbiblb TaAGEoy 13 Wiscobsin ?On the night of the 231 ultimo, aocordiog to the Chi-1 cago Tribune, a respectable cltiscnof Beloit, I Wisconsin, was awakened by the screams of ' is wife who saw a man in the bouse. The! hesband, as he sprang from his bed, wa3 fired upon by the intruder, who missed bis aim. I The hu'band then nuatohed bis own misket, fired, and the intruder fell dead. Both the! oocupants thereupon fled to the bouso of a| neighbor, told what had ooourred, and in oompany with several persons, returned. 1 when tbe father and mother *vere horrified to j racognlse in the mangled body of the dead 1 robber their uw* ton. It appears that he had 1 descended from his own room by means of a| rope ladder, and entered tbe room where ho j wu.u shot, through a window. Tho house bad J previously beenrtbbed, very mysteri<udy, ofl two gold watches. Knuw Nothings is Massaciusitts ?AI diepa'ch from Boston, dated May 2, says : I '?'Ihe Know Nothing State Convention in ses-J ? ion here this evening is largely attended, and its aotlon 1s decidedly of an anti-slavery charaoter. Governor Gardiner and llenry Wilson are among the delegates selected to attend the National Convention to be held at Philadelphia in June next. James A. B Ely made an anti slavery and Know Nothing speech, and strong anti-slavery resolutions wore passed SrmcT CoasTnucno*.?A Parisian robbe*, who rntd selxsd in the act of stealing in the thop of a tobacoonist, said, by way of excusing himself that ha never heard of a law that for bade a man to take snuff. 13** Green peas have arrived at New York from Charleston, and are selling frcm$7 to$8 per bushel. _ Hf" The rate of Interest as established by the Nebraska Legislature, is ten per cent, per annum ^-r^UBKTBAL bu ildi xg association. ii.'^.The fifth mutual mceUng of the atock b Ideia wi I be ht Id THIS EVENING, at 8 o'clock, in the hiilt ol the Medical College, corner of F and 13th ftree a. A full report of the affairs cf the As portation will be presented, and officers eleetrd for lli? ensuing year, JOtiN H. BAETLRTT, may 3 " Secretary. NftOTHEHK LlSCTttfl Ej?oim llefM,! May 9? l*53? I The Noithern Liberties fire Company ouldmostrespecifnll??e:an their t i*pks lo tin Calumb'a Fire Company, Unum Fire Compa ny, and the Western ll>wn tympany, of this city, lor lite bountiful Collation* teiuh-red them on Tues day last, on their rout*; to G orjetown. They wou'd also retu-n tbeir grat?'fnl acknewl elgini wi to the Vigilant Fire Cum pan v, of George town, for Ihe repa?t spread before t.em on thetr retching that place. And likewise would make a Mlltab'M return cf thanks to Mr. Philip Mackey, of the St. Charles Hotel, for theltberalitv and hospitality tendered by h in of a splendid collation to them on their return from a long and fati/uing inarch, and which will be hel! in gratetul remembrance. Their thanks are nlso due, and arc hereby ten dered to Mrs Connor, for dscor alios the engine, ?nd r'fo to Mm. Whitmore, for Her gift of flairui, kc. The Northern Liberty Fire Company i^ald elso return their thanks to the Perseveran/e Fire Com pany for taking care of their engine until their re turn frun Georgetown, but rejnet exceedingly that while in their care it should nav- been so muti lated by scratching, kc. E C. EVANS, President. J. T. IIali.ick, Secretary. m 3?It pNOTICE.?TUE SALE OF FINE EN gli?h an I American Hooks will be con tinue d at tli" Auction S ore THIS EVENING,at7? o'clock. Many of the best books on the catalog it are to Iks offered this evening. J A3 C. McGUIRE, may 3?It Auctioneer. EXHIBITION OP THE SABBATH School at the E street Baptist Church ? This Hrhool will give an exhibition on FRIDAY EVENING, Miy 4ih, to commence at a quarter be fore eivht oMock. Admittance free. may 3?3t FIREMEN'S PICTURES?The Raffle for those four beautiful Pictures in GiK Frames, representing the lour scenes in tbe Life of a Fireman, will positively take place on SATUR DAY NIGHT uext, the 5;h indent, at o'clock, at Profes?or II. W. Munder's Rooats, over R. Fnrn liam's Bookstore, corner Pa. arenue aud E eventh elre^t. We have a few chances yet f.?r sale at one dollar jcr thuuee. JNO. F ELLI4, 300 Pa. avenue, near 'IVnth street, may 2-3t ? ,UNION ASSOCIATION OF THE SEV enth Ward.?An adjourned meeting will l.e hill on THURSDAY Ev ENiNG, May 3, at t oVIrck, at Pototiac 11*11. Members fro n other Wards are cordially invited. may9-2t WM. COOFF.B, Rpc. Sac. THE VOTERS OF THS FuUBTH WABP, who are opposed to Secret Political Assr*lati?n*, are invitert to meet in the Hall iri Parker'* Build ing, on Pennsylvania aventi", THIS (Tnur??lay) EVENING, at 6 o'clock may 3 It*' Lost-between 11 and i? o'clock, a Plot of Ground, the lots front on Second aud L> streets. A suitable reward will b< g.ven if leturned to the owner's shup on Seventh street. bctw-.-n F and G. E. E. TRUE, may 3? 3t* 4 CAIi O.?Purchasers a? the *a'e cf dry ^^rds /\ at Hall 6l Brother'.] mi "ill street, notified that their G.jod? are now icaay lor deliver*, and tliev are respectfully requested to call for tliem with MtMw. JAMES c. MoGUIRK, isity 3?d Auction*-*. rnO*a ASD FAMCY POTI.lIf* suita X ble for presents, in great vari^tv and at low pri ces, at LAldM* 'ND'S, 7th st. may 3 3t MIsiS LANPI1IER St MRS. DITTY n ILL OPEN SUMMER MILLINERY ON SATURDAY, fob infant. may 0? MILLINERY. MISS MANSUN will o^en SUM MER MILLINERY direct from New York, on SATURDAY, May 5th, at her new place of busings, second st^re f ustot the Post Office, Bridge st. Georgetown, may 3?3l* I B TH0MP50W, MERCHANT TAILOR, il.t> rci ovid to his old stand, Moffit'* Building, ?ueu, one doar north of shilliiigton's Bookstore, wi.ere Io- would be pleased to serve his friends and tli" public. may 3?2.v I MAY BALLS. HAVE ju>t received a beautiful assortment of | WREATHS, ROSES, JAPONICAS, SPRIGS : LEAVES suitable lor Festival occasions. and Aiu.i f ug cuuauic 1>H muvfll UtTH^iUIIS* A. TATE, 314 Pa. avenue, bet. 10>.b and llth sts. may 3 -3t A CARD. THE subscriber respectfully Inform' his friends and the citizens >k Washington of the removal of bis Blacksmith Shop on 1 lih street, to south tide h street, b? iwcn 9ih and 10th, and hopes by a strict attention to bu.di.ess to merit a liberal share oi patronage. C. L. UOGEtiS. may 3 -3i* TUE COLLECTOR'S SALS OP CITY PROPKRTY FOR TAXES, as ndv; nised in the Nat oaal Int^Uifencer, w.ll t'ike place oil .MONDAY, May Tils, at the City Hall, in the Aide]men's room, commencing at 10 o'clock. The li?t embraces a large amount of property In all pans of the clty? and the occasion presents a ta voraMe cpportu-'iiy for all persons dt^iring to make t-afe and ^rofitr^ble investments. Persons intending to pa> taxes on propeitv advertised, are rtqsitstej t ? do so befoth the day of sal?. may 3 id R. J. KOCHE, Collector. ~N?W GG0D3 FOR THE LADIEST 1TAKE tins opportunity of announcing to Uie la dies of Washington and viemlty that I am now "(filing a lar^e ar:Oriment of Biinuets, Ribands rnd Tri?*iit?iiiff-? ot every variety, consisting in pnrt of Neapolitan Bonnets, plain and fancy f rni. $2 25 to $5 Engli-h do do 50 to $6 Op^n an 1 plain Straws of every description, from S6 cents to I 50 I would call yru attention particularly to my as ?orliueitl nf Mis .i a Itnnnets and Flats, boih Leg horn an 1 common Mraw. ftSy assortment of Ribands is complete, con-.pria int< ill co ors and styles, from IdSj to 75 cents per yard. Do not n< vitrei looking at tbesc Goods at tbe ear liest optiortunity. r F. MYER, Ag^nt, may 3 e* 3t 13 opp Centre Market. CJCOTCU AL?, LONDON BUO. STOUT, O &c. The subrrrib' r ofTers for sale ? 1GC0 casks Scotcli Ale, Minus, Ti nnanu, Falkirk's and Ytinger's 500 do London Brown Stout, Barclay, Pcikine St Co's, Hibl itt'j and Byaaa' 10C0 br xeti CUauipague Cider ALSO? Now Ex Schooner Jose and Mai in, from Oporto. Uueeu's Port and Lundou I'or. barrula pure juicf. Dry ai d <dd fa?hioued Port Wniua imported in casks ol 10 gallons under bond to Ik sold from Uie CuhtJin hou e st -ri s. j?*??r ta'? by WM. E. ALLEN. 34 Bulling S ip. New York, K. Y. ix ay 3?1 au4-v (O gan) REESE'S EAGLE PLUMBINC1 AND GA--HTPING DEPOT. THF. KubFcrib? r re-pectfully announces to bis friends and the public in general that he has re ceived the fitet lot of t' * celebrated DODGE'S DOUBLE ACTING SUCTION AND FORCE PUMP, which received the SILVER HLDAL at the late Fair of the Mt troi olnn-i M eh?nie*' In-'i lute, and is now prepared to furnuh all who may favor him with n call. His stock of OAS FIXTURES are uoiur pacsed in the Distiict. With Lis eorp< of competent workmen he prides lrni*elf to fill uny orders in the PLUMBING AND GAS-FITTING line with pron.ptnet-s and despatch. 4UPA1I work done warran ed tr> give complete satislaction JOHN KBVI, may 3?tf cor Firth st and Pa av.nua. "LANDiNG OF THE PILGRIMS OF MARY! AND." ? jtVr"* THC YOUSO CATHOLIC'4 ?Sg??*a-?rRlESD 80CiKTY, or George. town, |i. having chartered the new and splendij steamer " Auce C Prick." Capt Baker, (just ar nve-i tiom New York, with ample : ccoinmodations lor five hundred persons,) announce to the putilic tnat they will leave Georgetown on MONDAY, the 11 h iu-tant, at 1 o'clock p.m., for t*e purpose of uniting with the Pkitoiewic Society, of Georgdoitm College, in the ce'ebration of the LHiding of the Pilgiiats uf Maryland, at St Mary's City, on the 15 h it st, and r' tnrn about the same hoar on Wednes dav, the !6th. the Boat will touch et Alexandria, Va , and all intermediate Landings going and returning. op- The accommodations for Ladies arc ample slid convenient. *3-Tickets for the round trip, including meala, FIVE DOLLARS. Tickets can only be had from the Committee of Arrangements at Georgetown, ar.d John A. Roach, E-q., Union street, Alexandria, Va. It is expected that persons wishing to enjoy the trip will have their tieketes procured by tbe llth instant, as it is necessary for the Committee to their ariangementi completed bv that time. B I. SEMMES, ?IOIlN L. KIDWELL, JOHN J. B03UE, f RANCIS HARPER, ANDREW GODDARD, CoiBiLi'tett of Arrantegnentt. tn?y 3#5,H# 10|12~& * BY RAILROAD DIRECT TO THE rime between Washington and Wheeling bat 17* hours! Running tiww bctwem Washington and Cincinnati 27 hours ThrougffTickets and Baggegc Cheeks to * be had in Washington !!! : T1IE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD HAVING greatly improved its Weetern connrc t ou* uow oS<n Ue (vilest inducm?nu to travelers between Wa-hineton, Baltimore, and all pottions of tbe Weft, tbe Northwest and the Sou Hi Hffjt %'be connection between the trains from Wash ington und the trains bound west Irom Baluroo:e is always promptly made at tiie Washington Junction (latHy called the Relay Hou>e) 9 miles from Balti uioie. Tiiis ??the only chanse of cars required be twicc Washington and th: Ohio river. Baggage is checked through to Wheeling at tbe Washington ttaiion, and r? checked and transferred there, (witn the passengers) without charge, for those boiding through tickets for points beyond. Tbe conn* cling train* Uavn Wasbiuat m daily at 6 a. in. nnd 4% p. in. On Sundays at the latter hour only. At Wheeling dire.t connection is made with the trains of the CENTRA. OlilO RAILROAD, ian uing from Bellairre on tbe Ohio, rear Wheeling, lit rough Cambridge, Zaneaville and Newark, to COLUMBUS. The?e trains c?n?nect at Newark with ihe cats of the Newark, Man*lit Id and Sandus ky Railroad for Sandusky, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago St. L**uis, etc. At Columbua the C. O Rai'road trains eonaeet with the fat trains of ibe I.iltie Miami Railroad to Xenia, CINCINNATI, LOUISVILLE, etc. At A>nia (on Little Miami Railroad) connection is funned with the trains through Day on. to INDIAN APOLIS, Terre Haute, Lafayette, Chicago, Rock Island, St. Lout*, etc. ajf P.ts?en,*rp holding thrcujb ticket* lor Hett jihis Vicksburz, NaUhe*, A'ew Or I c ins etc., which are al?o sold at Washington - ate tranaferrad at ( in ciimati to the Mail Steainr rs on the Ohio. 1 ickeis for Evdnsville, Cairo, end St. Louis ars sold by this route. ?grFOR CLEVELAND, and via Cleveland to Titled ', Detroit, Chicago, etc., tickvta are ao!d when the Ohio is navigable between Wheeling and Wellsville (forty milea) wbere a connection with the Cleveland and Pltiaburg Railroad is made. Travellers anreques ed to notice that wkile this is tbe only route afiordinc through 'icktt* and checks in Washington, it i* also the s'tortot, nont epee y, and direc t to nearly all the leading points in <bn great Wert. The tiwtance fr-m Washingion to Cin cinnati is but 6j3 iniles, being about 100 miles shutt er than bv ar y ?*?her route I FARE BV THROUGH TICKET PROM WASH INGTON: To Wheeling, .$3 85; ColumUn* ?13 63; Pay toil, ?15 50 ; Cincinnati, .?1C ; Looisvina, by railroad $1850, by rteamer front? incirtnau,$18; In ?li&napoliii, $17 .V; flevrlan t, $1*1 15; Toledo. $15 80; D iroit. ?15 20; Chicago 5J nn<i ?19 50; St Louis, $28 50 and ?.'5, Mtinphi;, $26; New Or leans, *'11, etc. M&- r OR PREDERD K and H \RPER*8 f ERR V MAKTINKBUIHi. RKRKEI.EY SPRI.\GS, CUM BERLAND, BBD*ORDSPRINGS, Piedmont, Oak hind, and Fairrnonnt, passeng'is may leave Wash ington at ft a m or 41$ p. m. For the n inor wav nations between rnltiuiore and Wheeling, t-ke C a in train from Washing.on 4&r For train* to and from Baltimore, Annapolis, etc., see special advertisen. nts. ?#-Poi further information, through tickets, kc., apply toTHOS. H. PARS'iN?; \g m, at M'^liiug ton Station. JOHN II. DONE, Master of Transportation Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Baltimore. may 3?tf [ No 136 j Nutic* of Restoration and Withdrawal of lMf'ds in Railroad Grants in the State of Arkansas. \J0.1' K is lie-eby riT<?P, that, in csmp'iaocs 1,1 with th 1 rt'iu-?t oi the gfu ravr or Arkacris. the Pre^'dect, by his crd?r beariac date the 6'b of x'^prii instant, has dir-cted that the lauds sltca'ed :n tbe township* here: or ft?r mimeratel, which were heretofore withdrawn frctu market snl r ? ><e. rrd fruro f=a.? or entry, except f ota prp-?ap lon?, iyinji within tie prob&blr 1'ialts rt the grant fbr the Cairo a d FuU'jd UV.l-oal and its tran-W, j In tte f-tate ot Arkansas, tha'l bj r.jtcrt 1 to tiar- j Ket,a?id tbatr^r'.a'Ji "thdf L-nia aM 'at Untoac -hips naiij'J b."lov,with n tha p^tflable lia*ta ol tLo rfrant, a^Tri'.njr to the routoa a? iiiel by tha -etea? a:t-5 of tha Mats Lraielature. 1j aided to thos?j fceretoFr^ rserved fro?n sa'e or entry (pre r?npt!on claim!-ex 1' * " er?eu iro?a rs e or entry j ?p'id) uiit-l fur:h?r crlars: I Tbereforo arc tho v?caat liuds au*j-<-t t*jf&l-at! the kth J Itndifflc^- b*riir.?'ter m-uM jced which were su'jsct to ptlvata entry at the date of their ?ithdr**al fu m market, and ~-'.icL have n t be> n j.rtf-emp'ei. ?n the KI o^ing to?n.^hijWill ara n \f. iu!-j?ct te pr.vats tn'ry cn and aKer Moaday, the 18th day of J unu cex \ to w.t: In the d stHct of lan Is futjert t> sale at Biilxa: Sorth of the base line and fs'. qf t\c fifth prinopxl m*r.dian. Tosxshlp I, or ravg** 3, 4, 5, 6. Tuwn?hip F, ol ranjr-s S am 4. 1 ownrhij-9. ol tan$e7. South of tke Lose line and east cf tiit ffth piincifal mcrui+in. Toirmhlpal, n, 8- aal 4 o: ran.'-s 1, 2, 3, and 4 Townatipa 1, 2, and 3, cf ranRc 5. foil h of tM bsc tint and of the ffthpr,i*cip3l imerjUm. Tcwn. h'p* 1, 2. 3, and 4, of raagt 1. Towntblpa 2, and 3, o: range 2. In the di-trlct ot lands cutj*ct to ule at Littlx Rrcs: North of the lay. line ar,d tuftf of thefflhprtncipa meridian. Townships 3. and 4, cf ran^e 1?. cvtU\of the busi Unc ani west oj tl^iflh prina'/ril meridian. Town- h'pa 2, and 3, of raotr** 3 and 4. Town h>p 8. o- langea C, and 0. Town?hif 5, of ran;;* 13. I* V e district cf lands suljsct to sab at Bvrg*. ville : Xorth cf Vie base line *nd vrs'. of the fifth frir^il meridian. Towi-?hip 7. of rar g?s 1 and 2. Town hip 16. of ran^e 4. Township 14 cf ran^e 6. In th-> difctr.ct of lands eutj?t to gale at Wasu\a *ow: fjjtiih of the Oise lir.e an I west cf the fifth priic pal meridiau. Townchtp 2, ot ruija 19 Tcwrthip 3 of ranee 20. To?nt-h>p 6, ot raope ul. Tewiships 6, acd ?, of range 22. Townah>p 6, of rar g? 'iZ Tovn:hipa7,18, aad IT of range 54, Tawnch!ps 8, 17, 18, 19, anl ^ of rttrge 2ft. T#?n bivs 18,1J, and 20, of range ?6. Townshipa 19 and 20 of r*? gn 27. Township 20, of rsnge 28. Ia the dlstiwt of L?nia aubjaot to sale at Cuxsa VIL'E : A'ot U oj tht bate lint and wst of ths fflh principal meridian. To?*n?hips 1. 3. P, ai d 10. of rarge 18. Tovn hips 9, 3, and 10, of runi;e 19. Townships 2 a: d 3, cf tangs ?0. To Au*hlp <f ran.?t 21. Tr>wnifc?pa 3 acd 4, of ranges 22 and ?3. Townatipi 4 and 5, <f r?n;e? H, 2a, 26, ani 27. Tovnabip* 4,5 a 6, of racge 24 Town-h'p* 6 an i G, cf ra'-gef- 29 and *0. T-vvafch p S, ol raLgeg 31 and 32 ALSO, That all lands titna:ej in the bami Ents 'n the fjilitwiDK named li>'<rD?b!pe, in add! ion to the Ur.<l* lurrtof r? r'snvrd and not above ie*:ored, will l-e re???n?il from t-tale cr etitiv (axon ilog f..r preeuinbona) f-r tiu jurpoaa alove .p c.ti d uu^l lurther Jtdcre. In tha district cf lanii cubjjct to ?ale at Bans vitu: North cj the bate itng ani eait cf the fi,rth principi I meridian. Towrallp 10 of range 1. North (JUu base litis and tent cf tkiffth p~ incipal mrridiasL. Town&li^p 8, tf rtiQ^e 12. In the diatri t of lands rctjeot to sals at I^xtlb Bmk: Sir h of U<c base lint and vest ofth; fjlh principal ?i aiuin. T< wnOilp 7. of range 11. 5 uth of the bo st Une axd tnst of He fifth principal merdian. Township 9. of rang? ' 6 Towtfliip 10, cf ratgi 17. Ia th* diitrlc; if land ruljsit ta rale at Wasa isotow: Suufhof t.le best line and v*tt of the Jlfih principal meridian. Townsh!"* 134, cf ran*e 81. Tjwnshfp 14, of r? ngf 22. TownahipilS and 14. of range 30. In 'he district of lands subject to sale at Cms rauxoLa: ?' outh of the base line and west of the fifth principal n'rtdtw. Towcfhlp 1' ,of ranges 18 anl 19. TowosMp 12, cf racge 20. Preemption claimants enti'led to any of the ?b va rtenticned larda *o be raa.ored to D?rk"t on Monday, tbe 18th day of Jaoa ntxt on sett entente already nude, or which ra&y hanaftar be made, it iaaopgvts ishcu'd ;lve notice M th<dr c<aim>, and die tbe proofs with the had offlcm before '1m day up? lot 1 for the restoration of tha lands, sc a-? to protect their elalrss fr m privat-> en'ry on ani aft-r that day. and prevent n< ich d'.Brulty and delay; and claimants utd- r tbe act of 27th M?rch, 18.'4 must fila their prcols and make payment beft re the day r-t rretotatlcn, or the same ?ill be fo fUted i?iten under my ban I, at tbe Oenera) Lai d OfEc*. atttedtyof Washington, this thirtisth day el April. Anno Dentin! on* thousand at^ht huudrad aud fllty fitre. aty order of tfce President: JOIN WILSON, ! ??yt?lwiw C4*mL*toner. Amusement* MUSICAL CONVENTION. The friends or packed music hi w?h. J iB2tor, ac,d citir* n? cneraJI). air respectfully informed that a MUSIC! VL CONVENTION, under the pat run a je of the UNION CHOIR ASSOCIATION will be N-14 in the f^nittbsonian Institution, ao lit* 8th, 9ih, 10th, and 11th of May, termi .atinc with a PUBLIC CONCENT ?n Fnday Ev<nint, the lltli The rnniin will hs und r the direction of Piuf. I B Woodbury. of New York, whose b>x>lu have h an ao generally adopted by tl?? varions Choirs of thin city. The Convention will hoi J three sessions each day, c.-ninnncint at 10 a m , on Tuesday, the 8th May, durint which Anthem*, Chants, Trio*, Duets, Polo*, and Glees will be practiced, accompanied by a courw of lessons in execution, stjle, delivery, vocaUaauon, expression, articulation, kc The Public Concert on the rln?ini ? veiling, will also he under the dir#c Uon of Prof. W. This ? ntrrpiisc in earnestly commended to ibe at tention of our musical bn ;liren in the District, and in ndjoirrinf cities Circulars, stating more fully its objects of the Convention, can be had on applica tion to T. J. Magnifier, I) street, n* ar 7th. Tenia : S?a?on 7 icket, (embmciag also the clos ing Concert,* $1 Single Ticket*, (a Imittins to any one of the aaa sions, or to the Concert only,> 2^ cents. Tickets can be had on applnation a- above. my 3?5t CARUSI'S MAY FESTIVAL. At the earnest solicitation or his many former patron* and pupils, L CARUPI been induced tn repeal again hi* annual MAY FESTIVAL which ha* for a lore aeri a of yearn Iweu so impor'ant an event to ihe young It ski lake place on Tuesday evening, May 6. L. C. can only *ay that thia la*t jubilee wJI not be n ft nor to any previous one. The A?emb'y Baai las been < ngaged, and thnae who have dasced to ts music can appreciate its merit*. Rvery poaai *ie arrangement has b en made to pr note the bap jmess ari l comfort of his patrons and frienda. my 9?3t* (Intel. A Union ] ODD FELLO WS'H ALL. The Grar.d and Aatoui-ding Dramatic DIORAMA )F THE BATTLE OP BUNKER HILL, AND DESTRUCTION OF CHJRLKSTOH #, (nut a rsia-mo.) Will be open for exhibition on TUESDAY EVE NING, May 1st, and conunne tnry wtning daring he week. Also, on WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY after ioous, at 3 o'clock. Door* open at 7?to commence at 8 o'clock. Admission S5 ctnt-?Cbiidien accompanied by he*r pi rent" half p ice. ap 28?U FOR MOUNT VERNON AND WHITE JIOUSB PAVILION. ?rr*j^ The Reamer THOS. COLLYER niaKe lwo 10 ^>e Above pla ts ucll sets. The Boa: leave* Washington at 9 and Alexandria it 9% a. m. on TUESDAY, May 1st, ai.d FRIDAY, Ha* 4th. The trips will eive tiie peswrfrr* ihe privilege of pem'.irs the ?!bj at the White ll->u*c, where they ?in eee thonsands ot fi*h < ;iu*bt. and a greet qoaa ity ol" wild flowers cane be got. Pare rour.d nip to M< nit Vernon a*d the White [louse, $1. To the White IKoae So cents each? Children half price.. The Boat will return to Washington about 4 o'elk [> in. A goou band of mimic will accompany the party >n the above tripe WM. COKE will farnii-h a Dank Shad Dinner at the Favilion. wuh all the delicacies ot the season, ind coliaiicna tor those wishing them. ap 28 St JEAHD EXHIBITION AND HAT BALL, AT THE NATIONAL THEATRE. T)KOP. H. W. MUNDKK takes pleasure i in announcing to Uie pnbl e tSnt hi* Grand Exhibition und M iy Bull will take p!ace at the Na iK.-nal Theatre on THUUaDAY EVENING, Way 3J, 1855. llie irom extensivr preparation u b.-ttig mad-, which will ren?l? r this she most inatrmflceni entertainment tUat ha* ever l?? en wi.nested In this city. 1 he ParijuHte wi l b^ floored ever from the HT.ti^ince to the J<?ot of the stage, throwing t'?e en ti-e Theatre into one immense Hall llnotn, wi:l be decorated in the inotit gorgeou* manner. A t'bronc for the Qu>-en of Mny and her Maids ot Hon<?r will be erected on the back of the stage, orn auientrd with fl->?er-< and b^nneia, surrounded by scenes of a Fairy land. The Exhibition in preparation for thta occasion caonct be excelled, either in |*>:nt of beauty or ihn in mn r in which the dunce* nre executed. The following is a programme of Dances: 1. College Mum pipe, by 4 masters, 3 El Bolero, by 4 ir.i?*e?, 3. La Cachucha, by 5 misses, 4 Pa? fitjrian, by a mi?s ard rcaster, 5. La Smolenski, hv 2 misse*, 6 La Fille du SaviTear, by 3 ousaee, 7. Cracoyienne, bv 2 raises, 8. Hcotch Dance, by 4 mii??o, 9. Styr an Waltx, by 2 ladiu* an J a gentleman 10. Fischer's Hornpipe, by a maiter, 11. E! J el eo de Jere^, by a rni--*, li Gran t Pl r.wl Dance*, by 24 misses; in which i< the crowning Kene, the grend march, and a?c?ncion upou the tluone, and grand 'flnaJ tableaux. 13. The Flower Dance, by 34 misses. fVwai the a*e of 5 years u<> to 16, a* introducod by the wotniertiii Viennoise Children in this city in 1848. It is comprised 18 arches and 10 circles of Roses of every variety and color. This dance presents one of the most imposing spectacles ever witnessed on or off uf the fctajre The boxes will be reserved tor ladies during the exhibition, slur which the floor will be dtared ftw the whol> company. Not^ithxuriditie the enormous expense attend ing th !? ? xhiluiioi), the price of tickets will be a? u-unl, oaly $-2?a<l..iiiiing 1 pentlnuan and ladies. Private b?>xes may be obtaiued by rallinx on Prof. M-, at his 6al<>on, corner Pa. avenue and 11th at., lr<?m 4 to 6 o'clock p m. apSl?did ALL, STHANQVKtft visi ing tlie City should mm Hun'er's Cata iogue of tlie CnrioeiiM's of the Patent < Mfice. Alio, his Description of Powell's Great Picture, feh 23 3m? m V- * ??*. Mil '? litv/H *?? U*V liltiirn 19 IV spec'.full; solicited. tsouMi aide oi Pinhs}l vanid aver.ue, between fr.L and 10th sts. my U. S MARINE BAND. THE un>l< t>1gited would respectfully inform the Military, Piremen, Clubs, and ihe pub'ic gene rally that by applying to bim at the Marine Barrack-,, or at his rekidebce. on E. betwwo and lOih sts. e=st, or by note at Ili'Lus fc HitnV Music Depot, they can obtain Uie services of the Marine Band, or a portion cf it either a* a bra*-, reed or cotillon band, which will emuiace Louis Weber's unrivalled paity. P- 8CALA, Conductor nod Leader of Maruie Band, ap 30?lm* IOs*T?MAY FIRST, PR' >BABi.Y between the j l'o?t OIRce and c rner #<h at, and Pa. avenue, a c-?uple of Charuie, a Locket, com mine two daguerreotypes. The fibd* r will be suitably re wjroed by leaving thcui at tlie St. Charles Uotel. may 2?ft* SUMMER MILLINERY. ASPI.ENI'ID ASSORTMENT wiM be openad at MRS. IIILL*H, on THURSDAY, MAY 3. The aUe-ition of the ladiea is ie-j*^l >y ft?3t PAINT AND OIL STORK. M. T I'AKKER, HOUSE, SIGN & 0 jLSAXESTAL PAISTXB, I OU181 AN A avenue, between hixth aud 8*v j enth EUcets, No. CO. Residence No. 3SO C aire* t, between rtixth aud tWvomh has addsd to his prr<ent business the sole of PAIKTH, OIL**, GLASS and PUTTY, in small or large quanuuea The atl- nuon of hou^scceiiers is t^^culnSy culled to the conver.un.e of tut* arrangement as they can at all times procure UKAKTU and other MIXED PAINTS, of mi colors, made ready for uis by a practical PAINTER. Orders piomnly a t? irled to and rcs>peetfully l.cited. CHEAP FOB CA8H. may2?1 m FANS. MW. GALT h P.RO haveJmt received a vnry ? bandoline assortment of Pearl, Ivory, Spnu ish, and other even'o* Fans. Alto, n 1 ;rge ?tock of ;.laiu Linen Pans, auited u> the warui wrather. M WT. GALT k BKO., Jeweleie, 39# Pa av., between 9ih nnd lUrh eta. may 9-3t IOST?A large BREASTPIN, eoiiUUAing hsir. j The name of the ? wner is eageoved on the back. A suitable reward tvill be paid on leaving it at 1 7 5* F street. may 1 8t* FASHIONABLE MILLINERY. \\'i. I be opaned on Thursday morning^w ?4L^h j 3d ina^an*, at 10 o'clock, over th<?^jKi Dry liood etore of George F. Alien, a haadsom- as -ortment ol FAsniuNABLE MILLINERY, t? which the auenti .ii of the Lndlea of VVasi.ingttja aud iu vicinity are respectfully eaTnd. GEM. p. ALLF.N, m 1?3t* Penn. avenue, next to 10th ? reet. GREAT BARGAINS IN LADIES',GENTS', MISSES', AND CHIL DREN S? BOOTS AND ftr~ rUbsviber belnii compell d ts remove from j the store he now occupiea, iff en. hia prea ( ent well assoited stock of BOOTS AND SHOES at greatly reduced pricea. All person* i? want of the article will find it to their advantage to call before purchasing elsewhere. A. H. SLOAN, No *04 ra. av., near 10th ?i , north ??d?? may 1?if

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