Newspaper of Evening Star, May 3, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 3, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. SOSG OF LABCB: THE MIlTCTt nr J SWIFT. I 1>? pattern sky fc blushing red, Th- distant hil?-t?-p Rlo?in:r; Tin? l>rf?o* it murmwing 10 its M, * in i< i? frohca f* mi.'g ; 'Hi tint-.' the pirkax* .ind th* vpade And :rcn "torn" wrr- ringing; \r. i wttli Iv 4, ttw m<>untiin stream, A *oug of libor singing. The mountain air u> cool ?n1 firsh, lr:ic!'>u-1 1 nVr a?; llr- id r,?crrat rich ?? hi-Men $o!.l, Li ? t'ni|?u::;Jj before u*; T' ?n Imht!} pl> the p;rk aid sp-d* vv'rtii ?:u-w? ^trnnff and iu*ty ; A gotdcn 4 pil*"ij^y iuid?-. VVh*iefcr daiiy* are ' dm!y." v.> a-k no m.ic Mldaa' wand. Nor wizard rod divinine; "i'h ? pickax**, -p'?d<' and brawny hand Axe JO?ccxcf? hi miu'C V.V t' l for ?;n?d an 1 >f ll?w 50U, A'o bons? bank wot** taking: T !.an^ h? trust, thongf] -rowing o'd ?Vif! beifrr piy by eitt^ i.:xr.. Thtn? ip r.o'irr life than ou.a, A hff .it id iJm- monntain*, \\ frost the tnli-aide, rich in gold, Arf f? i !l. x>|<arUin.' fountain*: A Mighty arr??> of th? hil!?, Ll*4 rune "tronff *MMt I tfcoH To gather :?J oil by earnest pi', Ar.d i.M ly ntbbin'B^tghbur.i. WU- n 1 .Vr cl >>?? w ith the d. y, j'j sriipU: fare returntas, We jafhrr in a ni 'rr> group A'f und ill- ?-nnt7> fl'? J burning: T" ? in' !, iita: 1 rod e?rr coach at ni^hf, 'i iie .-t u < -hine bright above hs ; W think of liom-, and fall a.-!eep To drrani of those who lire ih. A Pretty Goot? Onk.?The Facra o Union siys that a man has reccnt- j It given them information that sonic one in Hamboldt county not long sinee cat down n red wood tree, from which ^ie Iwiilt a twoetory frame house, twenty f. ur by thirty feet. ar.d furnished com pete: after which he fenced in a ten acre lurid, wi;.b split from its trunk: then >oid enough oi' lis body to build a friend c. lai.t * otcl; after which he found upon incoming tiit? monster that enly thirty ilet of ?t L->1 u'.cn u^ii. JC7* L>ysj*p?ia is conlined almost en ..irelv to 1.2 educated Glasses. Who ever hi.x r? J hnny Kaw with .small digestive Tiowfis ? Nature deals largely in coin .jiens-itions. If : hr sticks a man vrilh a quantity cf brain?, the inTeriab'y hcv fow^ cjv .i liica s.;ch a taste for fun and nork stesks ii?ai fco never iiiisios Lis less. t,?-cer old lv*:y tiiat Nature?well si e is. CCT* A tnre wnrr\ ninety fit long, w.;S ta' cn. one dcy list week, from a Xrs;te ILck. a CJerman woman, re nding :t Adtian.Ga. Incredible a.^ it iii - j sct!'c V^atcntower vouches for *! tru'hoi tr . statement; the monster io hot on exlubi ion ther?. IT A brei^h promise caijc was re ror.tly tried at L.on-s, Wayne county ^u?- iork. 1 lie plainiitt'was Nanov 0. S. r\uss, trd the defendant Willis Kelly. \ verdict w:is given by the jury in favor cf the lady for ^^,600. ? A Ciia:;gk.?O o of the largest uistil leric3 m Ssotlaad, th? Liith distillery, wiure 1,1:00.000 gallons of whiskey used annually to he ma.l , has just been con verted into a Hoar mill. :;v)YE.a:xi8 of ocean steamers, 5'"!)?. /?.;r* For Davf. 7 s. v-.v Wth.?.Arpi' ^al Ap'. *20 TV "I... Nrvv York UreoifC*...Api. 91 1 -~: -r N'xv \ ffk....Mav.e Apl. 2! At! MM .I4M(|MI Hrw V'ovk .ApJ. i:l Ba ton . ,.JJmimI.<A|I>9 * .? i. Revr ^ r>r&....(*:iu Juan.. Ap! 27 / l.r. r; j.jI .... H on tpl ie .'^?>-T?ie La.:.Oi-aiaslCj:nt'-? I* Yotk o? 1 StI: ?l VAii rf ?ifS : j;i\ ALS AT P lu- 'IPAL HOTELS. Willftrii*' DA W*.; X Jo;:r ?? .1, ijo j: II S'?a;. fi lu ly; d* .. H VV.lM.;if i*a V? A A!'ad, *?V ?. H r r.M r, >'0 il i> ?t_. < r.y, do j w i !i, <:? "l. ? li'?ttr:? ?n,<!*> >7i.s ian.''?, do .us..-* i!u.t kl< , do C Jmb^, df> '' 1. Iiu . ,rj, i'o M''* ?* A i 2.1 1. . ?|2. It. 1, 4l. * Mm IJ A, d'i j A Jan..-. u<> W' H ih d u. \! rt Tif JohBr J, M t ,>'t I-!^i?< a.:r ii t A S Aum.1'1, i' i IT Kit : jii, (ia i< M -T"!'.;*;", l! ? M >g .iw * I.iiJr. UFA >1 V?. I: uii: r, y.s.?i V i>) -n. a. h j. r. w:llx*?. F Terry, V:,, it >a II Hibbird, Nil l> W .Mil) I.t .* A VVtu j, Uo\ B >T t'l.ak, XV E B Ila:vay, L'S \ A I n?n, 4lIJ t it Lr.tii.-, I 'Slid "1 \ ?t?inlrM. K Auriirr ! .p, \ V J! F!ati.K-ry, l a H .-lictr, Mi W I' Todgc & laJy, f>rj Ki??Sl t?ir,do Airs L Mc.Vnihil, do J t'irr, do J U Shu'.v, (Jo i' ii li, t r. jr, AIa?j J iU<.lur'ti?u i. ti' icB, du >lu-~ A Uphm, co A i-aj, x li i'.nr< r, d-? (J AriuC 1, ii 1 ?? I 85t> y, l'a it l.' 1 ?4 \ VT JKatlcn&l Uiii B l.olVr, RJa.-* J P*ir. : a ji 'li'tiii . U i> i?, X ? M ????a/t, Co V\ V Ii. Fi>rd, M I \.t \:i) k. ?o|| do J A;- U!**"ii.^ry, d'? K. v Al'N iM.t & h'y, Md 1. Haroiay, II! 4. J /'? li I' I.r?K>. e, Ya KT^p-u' . ."?"i^? ? I r.?ilit IV, do J nu.u.rto, .VIJ *1- E P. WILLaU 1 >?l |i il intiitoQ, KV J B I>av.iu( ?, d 1 J i Sii *arr, jr, Aid J II Bos\"fl!, Jo U M S.i:. ol, J t guuniVn, do J Ij xo;: ??.> IV Kurt, do J W |ii. fr.'.X, do J .*)!' A Itfi^Uiao, XV IJ L Kent, Vt f: tJ V.'at- r*nn, ATa-? Mr Nortl fi^hUrr, do S Ciutucy, do lir >-?ra* IIot?l~T r. & * tiowit. W 11 Jn. .. r. ITs? \ 11 H ' M .. J . V, L Ii V.'jiw r, .?! i Til. u*rd, NC A H ti, i'o XlAtn, ra ii t? liu*U?, ? 1 iV \\ o^u!j.a. 1.1 i tailed v (alft 1; 11, ra vv M rti vr > i?.< .Tox Fil hi:.i, Vr, j r. . m ' J r W'li 'n, Ala ?f v ? 1 * I . 1 v. jkia>i.i,,< 1. r. *r ( MI Mi . :.i y, :."J \V ii ti. j'p V A J <i H. Clay, MJ li Oo-?;l <?, do L B Hai;.jy, SV J Wanca & irnv, Va C F >1 Gan.ttt . 0 !? !< Hurli, do ' ii Kwt-I.T.J, 5Ij lioftl?r r. Hiruiv. J H ?=c?.t, Md L Ma l i:, \ J S4 *1 *iu S:r?, V a I. Fl i?-*n, I*el J Af ttltifuii. iu \ (ia:n-*?>n. jr, Md J li^VT Fa A M C!<r'x, d 1 J ("oi, do ? .litvood rices*?J. r. N. A. EltSWOOB. I? 1 H t jor- r, F'.; 1 t; lu-r, KV !. f : in?, d > 1! AI ? ri's. M.i j ? IV A Wet U, L II !l IIk-.h, Atj n \V liudnuL, NJ ^aailoa Ilouaa, 4) / *? W"a ON, t} Mifh* II, Md Ha b- t. W' ATi:? II il" rt, .T'l .? If .Ma?r, Vr ;,'M R? I. Ala: r i. d^ueh ti r, i' i AV A l , Va II K (AiiAuy, i'o li \V Br- hi, ?io V. K Uur? . do i . UI.tC.ii , ?-?> ? It \\ I' r d I At,? M UV u, uo T IS I' lotiraia, uo 1| <uj W Ii I l:!>', do C J rUiVrft, do J it Ka*!1. rd". do 1 1; r ..ilrr, SiJ ^ VV JCiKluil, LC r n \\ ct a, j; 1 4' Brooke, A'a J W l'jy.e. NY J li f'nrii*, Pa W Fi. V k t. n, Vd W F. l.inn, Co G 1 Frt-ntii j, Mj?s Al ex?n?2r!a, V*. raoraiKi or. J ThoCri?n, po Armtt, Md J h>#n d<< C>;-i H Pillar,?. 'a.1 v. tv.-o rfcsld'n fc. mua.', USX 4? Turi tr, Va F Lets i--, do X Ynny, do S M AliiCut) do J II y, Fa T fi flail. Ya T VV,"Ho J VV Fulif Ss. laiy, do A Cirayvon, do J II t>ki"o?r. do VV W Bail, do J A! s-ud: lili, Md n b Pmsf n, y.? A \ I'l-ale, u) V I'- Riilclitll, do RTEA31DOAT KXCUH.8IOX. LANDING OF THE PILGRIMS. Celebration of th* Iytv.dt>tg of tits Pilgrim talk- rs of Maryland at St. Mary's C'ity. St. Alary t county, v rider tij auspice* o) ih* Vkilodemic Society of Creorge.iou'it. rI*HE Goinmi??ce of Arrangements ot the Ymme I Catholic*' Fib-nd Heeieiy, of this g-fT*"" | rtty hire t'-c h"iior ot ;ir nonnein:; io?.5*^??fce!Sa ?ht? citizen* of Washington and it* vicinity, tnai titer have chartered th* well kimv/n ami popular steamer GF.ORCE WASHINGTON, for the above ;n"ntion-d Excnr-ion. The price of Tickets for th? entire trip is $5 each Thcjr ran he procured at the follow ins Drug Stores Kilwe!l H. ].awrcnee, corner of Hth street ami i : ennsy'vanla avenue; Call ins, corner <1 Tih an I j K streets; Maitin F. King's, r? nnsjlvania'svonu1; j It H. C!.jk?'s, corner of 1 Ith a'tc? t and Maryl:nd: avenue; 'no F. 1! !i?*s Variety Store, Pennsylvania I uvf nu ; Wm. A. Kenned}'* B-^kctnre, 7th street: and from Fr.iiins McNerhanv, Naval Storekeeper, Navy Yarl Astfcn number of tickets is United, persons de sirous ofen:mini This intersting Excursion hre par 'icnlarty requested to mi!:f ? ar'y application n# ?ihr-.-e or to any ir-mlicr of th- Committee of Ar rangements, s? th* sale* will he closed on Saturday .veiling. the 12th May nei . Arrangements have b^eij ma-le with tl c proprie tar of I'lr-.ey I'ovilliftn wbor*by temfvtiable accommodations tor U?e nuhtwUI besecuiwd dating Me Eimr<ion. Th?* G'orgt- Washinet n will Jearp'i'e Steamboat \Vb?ff. at th?* f?ot ofllth street, on MONiJAY eve ning. th?* llth Miy next, :i< 3 o'clock, aud will re t'trn about 2 p. ni. on ' he following Wednesday. JOH\ CARROLL RREVT, W\i. a KRNNEnv, GKOPGB HARVI Y, JOHN P. CMSSKT.L, FRANCIS YlcNERllANY, Com in (let- ot Arrangements. ?pSl-TnThfritd SPARKLING SUGARr for prepanag a moBl delicious Suramer Sev erag?, pomssirg tha properties of. atd ?qual to cbe best Scda Wuttr. (1 GAUTIFR has the pleasure ot announcing to J% M* am pi trans and Mm public th*t, af :- r iiia.i} ? xperlnn ntj, ai?d ateoa.-:Jernl>!e eliteu."e, i;e Ir.u 3iicoet-tlr?i in pro'urr an article winch it .-t\le-? r<pa<k!tii^ >i'?;.>r, f r the iudt nt.menus prtpn ratioi! i?i Soti.i Water, eonal in all r ?pcjts to rtiai d licious b-ver^c n- w dii'y sold by bin. manntic 'tired by Swiui's Atmoa: Ionic :ioda Fouiitairi Appa-; r.itus ;t mo?'o highly commend, d by ihe .VL eicnl I'aculiy in the \<>ttiiem i?ml VV't*^tern cilter, ?ml wnicli is last ?upcrce .in^ i!J others. The .-pa. kiir;^' fugnr is nin only ini; >ceiii in itself, bnt in nt*ny in Btauue.- ?liiiinn.ily i^iiff?ci^l to dyspeptics >ud fth trs tfiimiurly aiUicUd, it being n conibiuaii'ru, in n toncf ntrjD-il U -m. rfanit l.-s in daily use in nverj iaiiiilv. With tl?i* prepaiM ? n i-oiia" Witer can b< made at linuie, in Uo; jailor <tr at the dinner tnidi, in?uuuuieou^jy, Willi M liie a t iuconvenlence. To traveler^ an I ^rrsoiis iv-iilim; in Uie coumry th? Sparkua^ cjujtur will be ii.valeaLk*, a* Hit .-neaits of producing r.r an i'ieoi;rider. blf t xpens ? :?.( *t pleasant, r-s w>ll a- b?'althfiii ?.!;:ani"r bever ..?2. No oi:. und"rtakins a, titber b> l? ltl ar ^ea, xb'u! 1 be v. ilnout i'. as i! is pu* u,? ia a ptr' aW<* fi?n?, ur.d P'?t alTVcterf by the viii.-sitti !e of c li inaie. Hotel r.nt! .-o pr"ptintnr.-w :;i fi:;d the ^.tarklin,; Sujar pre era! 1- to, aa.| cheaper t!i?n Il.e Mim rtl vVa*?r rowse:d n i?;Kt>s Ii is put tjf in i.wl.' potir.ti ??*-s j ? rr, and ll i<-v <1 u i:h lemon, sis CFr, ?ar< ;:p:trlili, ^aniSIa, Stc., to suit t?!- inncy or tp.-te of iv pnrrtiaser. V (iAUTIEti will it. t ;?<? <rt !o t!:'* a.-.u.;l mrtho I of i,[j ib-i -ivry It t)(, -?jp|i ndven li,i,,f" -"?i t. It or.with it i!> own rccf;nirr;t'n:!a io??, a.;;l has ?.i?ly to be known to be properly ap preci-'tml. Families havio* c>ncc civen it a tri'tl Wili ? t wivb.tut IheSparaliag r4ojp;r At pre-.":.t it ij tor on:y at his establishment. No. Mj\1 Pn. iiv nnt', *?hr ? the citiz^ra of Wasij injt'on di. I r, o'f j;,,vn. 2r:ii vi-.i.-.-s to liie >Ieir.' f? nlis eer?> i<i!v, nr.' invi?ed t ? ca.l an I jud-e lor ihetrisefv m b_. _ ;vi.'t ?? iri il. may 1?n fit $20,000 vrorth Bcots & Bhces. S P R I N G SUPPLY. IE0N H4LL B"JOT. AT.]) TRUSS EsrABLis^arisx. Pen>i avtiiit*, Ict-.reca ar.J Ter.lU streets. JUST fa'iv. d ra> Sprnj asiortincnt of IIOOTS, Silt KIS, and TKl'NKS. La.!ici. JfKk) pairs T,a.l>? broiii..-,: oinreJ and biaek fl.'liter-, | ^1 3d 1 lOfiO do CO do be?-l do liaO do Ho do flippers ?; Ties. 8- to 1 01) ~j0 ptlrs ladie- ui*>roce.a ami h.d Heel Oo.tfs rml Ghitrrs Mt&es ~iruf (AUi'rcH. i'r>00 t'.o n ; se-? ami children'* hla y, bronze and coiof. ?? (> ii- r-, 62 t--> I 00 SfiOO do do roitrt-d, bl.ick, an<1 while kid tmd moreen tslij.p rs, lt.r Vav Balls 'WJ do children's Shoes, a'l colors, 25 Gsrit* ar\4 Ycruth*. ITC0 t;?-nt5 Pali lit L? aiii rand Calf Bnnti, 1 -2j to j 7 W inoo do do do Ojt<?fd, Cony, an ? !?o??tith ^h.^^s 600 do do ki^, cV-tli, I'-fting t'oiiy ?Iaii< i?, 1 50 to 3 50 .JOOO Ib y-' do kid, u and caif Pools | nod l'uir.r^ ?.*4K) Vou: .^ <T a.l d- <eript:- rs. The iil.ov* ?ro? V is |? rbajH the la*t?'st nnu niOrt ?l^si'ab'e !n il.e city, tr no whirl: to make > b-ptions. It t-mbra esevery variety, ; nd will be ?.Id at th : tcwes-t prices. " H P. llOoVER. Iron llail Boot, Flioe and Trunk E-tabhsh.nt. ap 3n??-o4t t f 1'.IlLr-Ii. f.AJj f1/.? A vr unp. I.frje ,l\ an t fitie'y ioi C? --LT, v 1 ieh i> U Mat' Mil wMa an-j risgki harnr t>. fj?^" a:>d to tile - .tb:;.:, is now . 11 ret: lor si . ?yii> ti a I-* i* ra' few! in t;,e t,,arket, n-d the ownrr wfebft to sell h;m i-n'y b. c^u^ of tlie b?i;h pi ceof livt-ry. a;..! ?is ii tvn-g tis>> but for n>e ??lie. I!i? in >trii ei.n Is huf a'.o if d :?ir> d, but the fancr wojld prt-fer k;ep ng or.- of the pair AI ?o. ;?. a?t oi rilvt r pi; tu.1 doui r.t ir, iil> ine !.?i.ii u.-id onl. *.'ii!?; d- red !irti??:. n..';trre nt CUWJ.!N1.?S liable, O ?t , b< t IJith and 14tS. bp 27? eo;i [^o. 5.7J.J Ar'j'icit cf ikt est .Ur $i nir? t of thf. offer cf OSwveyar (J*ti*ral of pabhr. iandt fvr th-- T'Ttxtory of Utah [N virtue ofiiie autb<irity contained in th'- ai t n? provi-d February 21, Ic5?, entitle! ''Aaactto ? vta'.d^li tne ofiioe ? f surr yor g> nerai of Uiab, rnd to ^rjnt land t;?r fwlw? t| and utiivoroi y p*:rpos >?," the I'r?idei.t <>f tba United Hta*???? ha? .?irr>rt'd tli it ;hii office of ?urveyi?r g neral of Mii Ti-rritory be licatod at Gi- a: s?a t Lake City until otherwise or dcied. Given unl?-r my hind, -.t ?be f'irv of Washington !b;< tw.t:uiy tourtli day of March, nnn'i Domini le.ii JOliri WILSON, C:t; ?wiaritKi'T of General Land Oilice. ir. a? 30?2iw8w ?% HARNEY For Saie.? J ^ Ti e nb.r ftac: cr. private ?&]?? I .-!X i>ril i'.iaii y (.'arria^e 1 Loctor's Pb?uin I s?.-t '?ouL!e Harnr a 1 set ClngtC iiarilt fl.til: C^r.-n/t- t were buI<? ?'?? order, are thor.'Ugii ly well aaade, and but iittle u e l. P:i:es low ami terms favorabio. J \S. C. McOITIRE, Anctiat :er and Coraa.i^ricn ii- rttuj.t. ap 2S?n Ail 1?.'E! I0K1 ICRS! T)ETTIBO\t*d wajro"*? ar?* now running daily, i. wlrch t.on".riin? a ^;oi ICE a-can b jlo !u^?w; fn Ronton i .? tli" Pot -m.i Riv^r TU">~e wiio com subnet by th<- ?r-!li of May will he l'jrnMird during 1'ie tea->on without advam.c prices. Ordtrs ItA at tin offi e. so tli-wi-st cor f-r of 11th ami B str>4?is. wit! lie pr nipt'y attended to ep2fi?eogt* CARRIAGIS?OAHRLAGES^ IHAV L n iw on ha.ul, and eomtapily lini^hinj a vary I it-*' as. jrtment of Pl?a?:;ri tii'dcATlt )L> f'ae.ily i 'ARUI ?.f tlie lai s'.fa-li ..iris, wliicb I will *? b aj low . s the sauu ijuaiiu of work can be :>? 1' ia aa> of the piincipal markets ot the Unit* 1 State-. The snb-eriber is now denim? exclusively in Oar ri tges ? t his own inanufactur^and all work ?o!d b> him win b ? w arranterl, an.! compare favorably witb any work in this market. As I always k<-ep a |&r<re a-ev rment, I Invite nurehai- rs and i tiie.r* to ?x amine my Mock bef.-re ptireln?i;ix cist where. Carriages boilt to o*der Old Carriag-s taken in txciian^^, or rt; aired at - ?!iorti*?t notice. THOMAS YOIJNG, f pn of the Coldcn lior-e, No 101) Pa. avt aue aud 4,^ s-tiaet. may I?ec3ai ^*i;K COPARTNitKIIIHP VV'HlC'Ti lias heretofore ex^t??il lit tween the fti:bicrib< r? tinder ti e name of Win. B. Davis 4t Co., was dis solved on th?- 21st ultimo, by mutual cement. All d'bts dur to th?* eoneein nre to bf paid to T. H. PARFON4, and all claims aga nst it'are to he preseuted to htm for selilemct.t WM. R DAY If, may 1?colt T. H. PARSONS. ^ Bl-AfK TRA.-I HA\E| r-?> ju t received anoih <r Lot of that OfcriVBlled Llack TEA, H iu?iinn,|. y c?.njrf jK.r (.juiuI Special ato-iition of houseke* p er? ard rJI who widi to indulge m a delicious eup nfTri is ret-pect fully calk (J to tins article, to b* had only of . P. KING, 369 corner Vsra.?iit ave and I ?irtet. ap 17 - Til ?? A DA1LRT. 111. D ' dentist, nas ecmove ' his rttlca one dmr west of Flt-vendi ?t?e. t P? VU tia avesua, WushlRg oa, D. C. apito- tU?i* J DOCTOR HOOFLAND'S CELEBRATED <?>ermnn Bitters, r*?PAEKI> BT D2. C. If. JACKSOH, Phjlif, WILL Err80TUAI.LT C0RS UfER C0BPI4INT, DYSPEPSIA, JAUIDICB, Wren. or IUMI., ?/ ,h* Kxdntyp and all rfiarulng from a di+ wdtttii Liter or Slrn%ac\. Such as C'nnjtipstioi. Inward Piles, Fullnetw, or Blood to the Head, A?i.ti?y of the Stomach, Nau s'?a. II ear'burn.. Disgust for tood, Fullness or wri^ht in the Stomach, Soar l>ueta!iona, Sink ing or Fluttering .it the Pit of tli" Stomach, Swim nnng of the Head, HurreJ '.nd difficult nreaihin:;, Pt'iuering at tho Heart, Choking or Seffhcating Sen?ntinns w hen iu a l)iug Posture, Dimness ot \ nion. lints of W> hs before the Sinht, Fever r.r.d Dull Pain in Uim Head, DeflcieacyofPerspiration, Yellowness ol the Skin and Eves, Pain m the Eaek, Chest, Limb*, ?ic., Sudden Flush* of Heat Hurtling in t he Fiesh, Constant Imagin ings of Evil, and gro:it depression of S|xr?UJ. fl UiL proprt> tor, in railing tue attention of the X l"ibli.; t<? this preparation, dees so wills a fe?d u:g (if tfin utmost confidence in u* vittuis am! a.'aj1 tation totiic di-easef for which it is recommended. It is no im w and untried article, but one. that hits stood the tent of a ten years' trial before the Ameri co people, and it? reputation and sale in unrivalled by any similar prtparati.ins extant. The testimony in its tavi?r given l?y the most prominent and well k <town Physicians and iirllvidMai.', iu nil parts of ?iie country is immfiiw. The following from North Cni< linn in res,ie- rtfully nih-i.itt.'d, referring any who may i?tilI doubt, to my "Memorabilia," or Prac tical Receipt Book, for Farmers and Families, to be .tad gratis, ot a ! the Acent? lor tlie German Bmers. Principal Office and Manufactory, 130 Arch st., Philadelphia, i'n. ' TESTIMONY FPOM NOKTH CABOLISA. Uertijirufe of Dr. IV. SmS.Ji. ,.f Pine 1M, Rich mond Co .tiifi/, A*. C. Pike Hill, March 4th. 185-1. Da. C. M. Ji'Kson. riiiln.l'?D?ar Sir: I fiave bei 11 a subject of Dyspepsia, in it<~ worst f rro, for the |>>t (ire yearn, fnch w.w fa" condition lor Welv* montt h tfcir th* physicians and all who *.aw ne said I iu'ir.1 die. While in thh condition, I was carried to tie wnt* rt<<? places in Virginia, Tonnes see and North Caroliaa, l.ut was not benefited by ^uy w;iter ;o v/iich J was taheu. While on try .vay hoioe, I ^t'.pp^J a week at Kuth<',torsion, a I viliau' in North ?"Mro'i'ia, to trv the effect "f "Dine ?:in yl?eaf'' water in that p'acr. About the ?t-t <??'t week, I went into a drug store so get some medieine for my child and ii>y*if. There were Bcveral of the rilliite phy.>ician? in the store, one of them te emed to take tome Interpol io my :a??j and, ai.era.king tn? sune queftions, said he had been a dysjtep;io, and hud been gr?Mtiy bone-' fllted by the use of "Dr. iiootlsniV (}?rinan Bit ters," pr. pared hv y u, and he insisted that I would uy the lliiurs lie also caiied the next day at my room, and insi-ted so much Uiat I would try tru tn that I asked him io get me one bottle. lie did it, and I commenced taking it a? directed, mid I do say f was more bmn-fitt'-.i l>y it than all the water and medicine 1 had ev- r taken. After r. aching hooie one of my rcijhLors came to me for a presetij> ion and in?'dieine,"'he a iiyspe>? *?*-,) a:. 1 i ipvt: him nearly nil th-; Bitters 1 had left, *..tch i fleeted much good" ii. his etue. fie Iia-often ailed on me for more ot the same knuofmed: ?-: e, saytrig h? was more benefitted by :t than fii-.y ?tiler he had t;.fcen. but I have rot been ;;b!e to get r.y more for him or my.^lf '1 thero ;ore, please ship ni:i a dosen or more as so m as pos cfa'e. Ri-spertftilly yours, W. SMITH. !>. R. HO?KEH. Roger's Wake ?To., N. C-, o.?,.i^r24. if.ij. ? fTnv ng ejperier.rcd very ? benefit from the u^e of " H .-ofland^ German fJitter".*' in Chronic Dy-?entrry imieiional ?!c merenert of the Liver. ar.J its coneonntint, ' am Cv it jus of o!?t<iining a qnsntiiv ?*f it f'ir t!ie benefit of my ccininunity. Vuu wiil, therefore, picase send a lot. fcc. Sic. O'LIt riFICATE OF WM. J. ATWOO]). NrnTSVitLE, *i jpsiji Co , N. C .Nov. l.-t,lt53. Pt. C. M. Jackson?l.ear Sir: ATTow me lo ex press to you ,ny sincere sJia:.Ut, fi.j jour discovery ?f a medicine which, to say the least of it, ha? tf :ected a cure that ail ether nied.cilies, Uiut 1 hav? aken, have -Mitirely failed to do. "Moorland's C< r man Bitters" have eitred nie of t!u most >t.ibbom ami agei.ivated cw of th. en ks that, perhaps, ever fell to ihe lot of man. M> ea-e is not l ftranger in ti:is community, a^ I am well known in th:s a?:d the urroundiitg counfcs. and can truly &av that my re covery has astounded all my friends and rclaii??M, m I had tiied evervtiiini repommendi d, and nothu g Ji<] me a.'iy go J isr.tij I was prevailed u*?<?n to try the Bitters. You are at lib* rt) ui i?i?ke iiuvuseol >!ii? communication, for ill- b. nefit of the atilictcd, >tm mny Uuuk proper. Trulv vours. VVM. i. AT WOOD. These N'l"r? nr? entirely ve*et<ille. they Invigorate and strengthen the sjftetn, never pro-irate it, and "an be use-! for infants a- Wtll as ad'dis. For sale by respectable dealer* evervwh*?re, and by Z. I?. GIIjMAN, Wa-hitigton; J. L. klDWELL, Georgetown: ana J. R. PIEIU'ONT, Ah.jandria. trar 1? Iv Private Medical Treaties CS Tiil PH7hIv)L0^tCAL ? <KV? Off ^ARnIAG2^ ET m. n. i-A c5:c??if. n. d,, jZDA.rr. -v. r. :50 r?g?G ?nJ ISO 1_!e Pliir. ?j;d Cclcrfli Liuto grr.phs sni Fiatv. Trie* cra?y BS> Cacts. frr ? of pebit-gt to n!l parts cf ttc tTr.Icr.*"?* ciieape't l-joz iiv.ia PU contoiaing S'.iriy d t;'ee tlie quantity ol rtrHn# nattor i- V,:?l -A the Fin c : r. dolla* P tTi; LIC 4TJ Qliy. Tt treat'- ca the PilTgrOI.O Gi Oi? M AlJii'A'*r", ei?d tJu w:r?t I- iirDiitiei>uni lia&rde: cf V-utli kr.I iritprirr, r* ultlr.g ft-.? esc->brs. irhicL >le^tr';y t^e j-iiTiici! nr,d nn t?.i r with cb"mts."?u ir. K3:T'e.z?, i!s d-itiAr. i.nd fi.TitlGEs, gnl 'fcatr rs^faiif ; with li kogrc].L?, ilinstmtir.5 Ui? *cjtomy acu pivsiolosfy, i^na -es cf the r?pr> Saotir*crgMM d Iho't t.trae?ur?, usee iurvcUoc*. A r-c)iti<hr ti.l c< T-ij-rchftiiii e trov dst on. '.he dutiss and cxzuvi j f ring'? a a J cur :t*?! Iif??ba^pv fid1, 'rultac1 al'Ixuv*. rcode cf ee :ii: 'n^ th?n-iafrP ;iter? zza 'zS*.rul* ouej?their ilnation and reirfrv 1???p- hlcta to tho-^e ?ootenpltUng iC3ti-.n;?"..y, thej viii overteuie ob :r-. t;o;.s to It; nonj jr. ehsmid tike this im. jortant svep ^'hr-'t firs: eotmltft.5 i^s ragea? scn~??><Hrl?9 o * t ve oiawxand meiici?l tr*-tiu?r.t >f frraai. s frorj irj^ncy V- eld - tcms h Vally illtuftraU'l ly brautifal Pthr ;r2^.b5c plitei ? ier.'Odr debil'ty, lis c:;t:s># and etire, ty a prisecix At otct i'0 Biu.j i?, r.f* a?:d eIT-?-c( uaL. tjiet luilme It ii^,K:?dil.'.6?rulec icr dUiy mr?r.s.i;-ia6ui<?aa ?.\j *n ^pe.rmstorrfcca with {.'icctici; e'iszrvatlarB on a j*io?, and c.r-i<? ciLGjesotu e. id Muticsaiy c;? rlie 1 v iii reeuiwitg tx,iz ?Uuiii ja! i?*cLcc?t.i al lircr^x: aiisir,g fraa vi'.h pi _i r.nJ tlai;l6 tUij by wblok i net - can ecm tbeaselrea ?ithciiz l 6recry? rtn?4i.-9 u. :a n't LJkUd ...Letles dhu*p &j u^wtuxiaiely preraliin. Lu tit /cu.'tj. It Lj 4 fuiUU r^lr.vr Jr> tuatrkd anti ?.t;pw>rc^itu^kUPifUf&x.isc-'. Ita jeiOiAl ii pii licnlaiiy ieccst~cud*4 to catcrtakJog .?? sr. t i-uhte ci pi j coiidltisa, tiid who ar' joaeei jus cf iiuTiug nsaar&au the health, herpii.?^ <74 txI vL?t?- '??> wkich every hunuoi Lviog Li tc u;l a wc. i'lize iiee^t; p:r c:jf, t? f.;a Li :u Joi <sr. klaiiai ?rca 0i |-u.-sje to a.} part of tb* Cnt & tale.a. K. B.?lli'^ss who j rsfsr mf y eotscU ))r L.". Caci* cp' a any cf ti.? o:^aiw> tpcu which Li* kcoz either oerwnally or by tu?il. Xtilclho e*at to any ^a>t 'I Ip* Uuion accozding tu dir*ci! .na, tt .Vl) p*ek*u ai.a rarefblly atonred frrzi *'I cbMrvttkn. - ALi:&? 1/T. M. LA OdGLX,> x Maiiexi L>M ct t'cct Gifioo Boa 473, AlWanv. N. Y. V Oitice open daily frcm J a a to 0 p u, tnC ot>. 3un?Uy frota 3 lictli b p in. 43~'Ot2ce Uemav'awl firm No. Cj Limits tt,, to 3 i jS&i?l*n Lsw?, Aita; j, 14. )?. Ceo 7 PROPOSALS FOR WOOD & COAL. Ornca StcusTARV op Htii*Tii U B ) Aorll 17, ltJ55. / SEALED PR0P03AL9 will be received at this ? >tlke until hi o'clock on Monday the 7t!i May next, for fii.tiishing uud delivering iu the vaults of the Capitol, on or the first day of October next, oi?" hundred tons of 2^10 pounds each of best anthracite white a?h coal, in lumps not les* than three, nor tr. > e than six iiiehts in d'.ameter, audta ttrely fret- of >!ate or other tori icn substance. ALrtO, for one h-nd ed an'1 fifty cords be?t hlck oty v.ood, to be m? adored nt the expense of the con tnctor, in the Capitol yard, sawe d in two pieces, and properly packed away in the vaults ; tlie whole to bu sub.ect to the inspeciiou and approval of the Se*.*re'.sry of the Senate i geru:i!y fcr the fait iful performance of the eon tract for furnUlnng th*j above articles, to the satis tactK'ti of the Secretary of the BeGfcle, will bu re quired. Prrjiosalrntay beVparate. and should be endorsed "Pio{K>sals for Woo," a d "Proposals for Coal," and directed to the secret:.ry of the Senate, at Washington. r.p 18? la*3w FOR POOR AND LABORING MIN. MALL IJUILB1NO l/jl'd cf 10 r^t *r more, St O varioue pai u ol tb? L'iy, and Georgetown, a'. kcW pr<c<?, t-1 larufl to suiL LLOYD 4 CO. Bl'lIiDI fTcTSTOXSi for sale, d^liTer*vle at the Canal, ot Wharves )i Wwhingtoa, OaorgeU wn, or Alaaa^.dria. L'.jOYV * CO. Jftfc street, epp.Tr*?aacy Depirtceat 1? M?tr Memoirs op the coiwnM? or ble3- I suigtop. ky K. K. Madden, M. R. I. A.,?wo ( valu FUANL'K TAYLOR. ? TRAVELERS' MRKCTORY. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. CHANGE OF HoCRg. 0\ and afl-'r Monday, the 2J1 instaut, the lrains will Leave Washington at 6 and 8^ a. 01., and 3 io4 iX p m On Sunday at 6 a m and V4 n in Leave Baltimore at i% and 94 a m, and 3 and' p ni On Sunday a' 4jf and p tn. ap 2.1- tf T. H. P ARSON a. \*?nt. I d&p Mott Bedell's Line. SEW YORK.ALFXJtKDRtJt, WASnJSQTQB CITY, -1\D DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PACKETS. Tin? line of packets bails weekly from pier 14 East River, New York.and oftener if necusnary, p.nJ are complied of the following first clor? vrsseU: | New aehr. .4. V. Beddl, Bedell. ma?ier, N<>vv sehr. Mott BedrU, A. V. Trrdwell. Bchr. ~2nn D.f Wm. Oliver, maater. Fvlr. Volant, L. A. Siuitb, maafr. Echr. <-"ot/?uMii??'er irt-Ch$ef, Wogl.m, naOfter? Fchr. Oreenuay, VVilr-on, master. Thea? vesitels are all tnst Fillers, and the raasten men of exp-n*nce in the trade, and the oaly regu lar line of W&elungtun City packets. MOTT BEDELL, Wall street, N. Y. , 8. 6. MASTERS * HONS, Alexandria, Va. TUOMA3 RILEY, feb I?6m Waahiugion and D. C. 0BA5GE AND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. i On and after Tuesday, THE Car? !i**re Alexandria daily tor Qrr0ott?l ?Ilia and intem?diat4j stations ~ 4 o'clort, j v a , on tL* uTi-ral ot the boat from W?*hh??te?#, giving anrl^ tlsoa for breakfast on fcotr.i- Odb-I cectins at Man?<vas Junct'?a ?ith a trdu tor Btiau , bai-3, ct V*mnton Jo ntion vr\za a train for War r*ntou. aivl at Qordouaville vlth tts traina on tbt V>re'tuW Orr.vnJ Railroad tor Richuoad, Charlottes ville, and r-uuston. Tha caw ieav? Gordonrrilie dsdly tor Alazandria *r. 1 lm*na?diatastations, ct \i batore 12, a.a*,on: tba arriTal tf tho trcJna or the Virginia Central rail-l rod from Riehmatd. Cbarlotk'M iiU.ejid iittuiitoa. THROUGH TICK ITT?. Proa Alexandria to Warrentcn $2 00 * ** QordonnTll'.e.8 10 " " Charlottesville 4 26 u ** B Cur n tor............... 6 VO 44 ?* 8tra?h^irg...MMMMMM. 8 60 u ** Lynchburg.8 76 " " WlnsLister............. 8 80 " u Lur?7 .. 4 24 " " No* Market 6 00 ** u Ifiddlebcrg. 2 28 For LrTKiborj:, oo?nectfn?inth tba BUff- at Ch&rlctiesTilla, on HcndaySjXFadcecdayj, ar.d Fri days. for Lnr*_~ Nrw MwkK, ecnnactln^ vl'-h th? a a^ri- at Cmlpeper, on ?ae?layt*,Tharfi?ays, anJ 8?t. nrisy. Jcr Wit'b<st?r daily, sorascUag xttii toe etas** et Piedmont Frr MK'U*.barg daily, with rtzgt . at Uit) Plaixte. Per ordar s W. B. BBOOSIR, A *4?ct. tOT T?<11/ FOR MOUKT VERNON. ^ ^ On TUESDAYS and Fill DAYS. round trip tl; froii Aisx aairia 76 oaut" -lh- THOMAS 001 T.YKR Irar.-t t\*eliIo^?f;c at B anl Alaraz-.irls at 'jV o'cio-k. C??'Ji>a l?ve the Capitol for tte boat at o'clk Cosej fir* 5 0 cent*. Person* ?taklB2 tba Ocaehee w'U iaare tialr raa 4cr.c? nIiL Oao. k Xhv6. Psrker. IUfrerhaeiitr. on tiv bra*-. pet Vi?dtf HAMT. 01DNFY, Capt THV2 SiiW YORK <k. LIVERPOOL ? UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. THK fKi?a COMPRISING THIS US? A&? TUB AIL ANTiC, Capt. TSVrt. TAC1FI0, CaU. Nye, BiLTlO, Capt Ccnstcck, ADRIAIIC, CapL Qrattcn K.*?e ?1 'ps ba?e been buiit by eoutraet, express !y for floternment eervl-^; every rare ha? befD fak^o in iLf'r constroc Jon, a? in tbe F.uxines t< inetr? etn-ngtb tnd ?p-*d. and th<?ir acoecimoda LIodb to* i-ukot^t?3 ar? cue^na-leJ for eleg-iC* and ciiafort. Prke of yavtie fr<- *i rJcw Ycri to LiT^rpooI, it first c^bin - $!?v Second Cabin T( Rx_i?ivo um) of ?itr?v slr<? etatc roair* <X( From Liverpool to !f<rtr Ycrk ?o0 and xiO. An ?3y*ri- ucj>i ?u.rg~x"i ftt'eibrd to *?-cu fLip, No t?uth can l? a?curtd until p?id fur. For ; :cight or p?<ca?? ap^ly to RtJiVAitl? K. COLLINS k CO., &?'> Wall 6t?wt, Nc.i Ycrk. BiiOW^, fclilPLRY A 00 . LirortooL E. 0. ttODHRTS * 00., IS King's Anrs Yerd, Lcadrn. JOHN M JNP.OE t CO, S<5 Rc? Notre !'iun? d<:?? Yl^totre", Part. ORO. 2 ERAPSR, Havre. Tie OTr:i?r? cf rb?ya ahlps will sot be asccnntablt for cr-d, tflver, trillion, rfpacie, jewelry, frecieni still**? or r-tta'rt, unic&j bills of !fi.diu?; are signer ^b'sr^Ior, tni Us<* valoe thereof therein axpreaced. xu r lit?<11 w No. 267. WA^niNGTlll mu anJiUFACTiRT, S E. comer of 1'a. ac. and Flmnt\ slreet, Krt!c Awacy l<r>r CHILSON, GOl 'LU & CO'S Warming oad Venliiatios a]i] aratui, M l'OXD ct CO.'S (ol B.iston) Union Double-Ovca Cooking Range, J L. MOTT'S (of New York) INiV?NC BlE DOUBLE-OVEN RANGE. rri?tan?lvon hacd, and. receiving LATROBE ^TOVEH, tor healing tw *torie?; Parlor and Chnm ittr GKA i E3, I ed and Japanned Cooking. Hall, Parlor, ('hamber ami Dining K >. in 3 ? OVEs; I'Uin, Ttiis.fd and Enuni* llr.I iron IIOLLOW IV Mill; B oek Tin,'.alted and Ja.nnned WARE in preut varietv. All of wbi'-li will be sold at the lowest possible ralfti, tual ?vi:l compare fuvurai<ly Willi an> Estat* iahment touth of New York. An ecHtiiiuulion of my stock Uanp utiy snliciud Rp l:t?3<n J\S ?KtltVIiG. DENTISTRY. RB. DONALDSON, Dontift, late of the flrm ul . Hun' & Donaldson, rontlnuea io "V~m i iianufaeturc an ! insert Unwe b< amifol^af^ IRircelrtin te< Li:, with nr witlioui gums, lor ipecfaMM ofwhidl (marie ar.d de pusited by On! late tirni) was uwurdtd tiie first I prenuaui ui the MeK Uauie.' ln> utuia Fair, recently field in lbi< city These teeth are carved and shaded to unit each l>nriieular case, and their rNrnibUnce to the natu ral oruaiua is so porfcel us to deceiv*' the luoat Lised eye. Particular attention aJ?o p:id to filling and pre icrving the natural teeth. Charges mi si. rale and all opcrationd warranted. (jdice aoulhwe.1 corner Seventh and D s a - cn on D. mar Ql?bm DENTISTRY. T\R. ML'NSON rnepeetfu y cails j;ulJie attTiti-ui I ' to bis new n iterit. and GREATLY l.ViPUOVKD ni?tnod of w;:i.ig Aruficisl^mtiLiaa 1V< ill, wi'h Coritiiiuoua Gum-the I'EBFECriON OK THE ART. Ti.ismyla of reerh lins th?> f a-tvantaies ov^r all otbire, viz: GRK\T 3TUENGTII. CLEANLINESS. < OM FOHT.iUsd BEAUTY, viemg with Naiure in these r. apects, and in emne otli< rs txcelliag. Public in spection i; re-itjK'tUully solicited. Pi?ase cad and see eu^cirr.ens. CAUTION. - N") other IVntitt in the District of Co!umU& has n right to make this style of To ti> N. B.?Teeth cf>n<?iituiiooally healthy, plugjeti an i warranted fir life. OflTii ti ind huu-e a? No. 20K E street, near the corner of p. nnsylvaaia avenue and 14lb sUeet. ap 24?tf T O TIIE LADIES. MISti 8 J. THOMPSON ia n*w pieoared to thow our large and well felected Ftoek of Millinery wliichphe baa ju?t o.irncd, ofihe la- ?? lest M>,Vs whi. h we are selling at tli ? lowest ptlcus, and'we cordially invite the ladies to call eaily and have tha ilrs't selections. We would also resp?cr\illy call their attention tn r ur larg?9 and hand haadsome stuck of Fanry Goods Perfumery, Gloves, Hosiery, Stc^ which w? can sell &t unusually low pricw. HUTCHINSON ?L MUNPO, No. 310 Pennsylvania avenue, First door west of Walt r ilarpcr \ Co.'a. mar Si8 ? FRENCH LANGUAGE k DRAWING. COMPLETE and tb?roan!i iaslructian in the above branches will bu given on moderate icrrr.s by a French Gentleman, a graduatonf the Polytechnic School, cf Palis. The advertiser la bearer of the highest testimonials of sucem* in teaching. Apply to or aJdiv?i "French Teacher," No 408 Tmrt-Hotn meet, between G and II. op 97?<llm ' | HE RAG BAG, by N. ?. WHlla j F?'m Ejbpti ?* nf Cuaiaif.ig's Flfnny Pcayers, 2 vol? ap .0 FRANC* TAYLOK. Prepoiili for Btalloaaty* Orrrcs or ro Brcrxiitr or tii flewivt. Ap-U2l, ltM IN p*r?uan?e of lh? "ait le^a is'n? anl ??'it* aprrofriat'on* for ?uch a* have b*aa u*u\li r laHwM io the prwil ?ppr rotation hillf with at antbcrity of law, and to fla and pro vide for certain incidental expcn ?? of ti.e depart* mint.' tod offtjM of the government, and for o her puipM*,'' .irpr TwlllnJftli of wl 41 proposal* wOl b? reoe'ved at thl? nflce ui tiJ 12 o'ekk, a m.. on Monday, the 21 t *f May text, for furnishing he following ait* lee of ?taHopwrj- ft r t be ore of the Penate, each arhc'r fob* of Oh very b*,ti quality, and to be approved by the via: 50 r ? ma hardwire paper, vary tough, and w Uj very smooth eu ftca; th* rite to be *6 by f2 laches aod to weigh aot la* than 4* p* nnds to the r?am 500 at eats p epa-ed parchment, 16 by 22 fneh? square, of the very beet qna'Py, per aha?t 2 rwmi engrMi ia? p*prr, very??n<oih and ttuct, 10 by lJ incha* when Uiam-d, par ra?m 10 reams cartridge piper, very truth an 1 with very smMthsurfWee; the r'aeto be SI fnflbt? by 'A tacht e, aod U etigfa not lMM thin 29 poinds to the ream, per imh tCO raame cartridge paper, veij longhand with ?err sunoth sari&ne; the etas to U- 19inike* by 24 inches, and lo weigh not ten than 21 pound - to "he reain, per ream 100 reams white ant': wrapping p*?ar, per ma 10 re?nu whi e rlng'e flat csp taper, rutin 111 lab, per ream 6 r-wmj white Irgal cip pacer. attin finish, faint lined, <t the vaiy bait quality, par '0 runu wh'te c?p paper, uis finish. fit in lined, o* the very beet q jalify, psr r am 5 raim wh'.tecnp paeer. rati a finish, ol lha Ve?y b-st quality. p'air, per nam 50 reaaa wbKe veluui cap pafer, satin ftnitli, reooad quality faint lined 10 resnn white vcllam <aa p?par, svin fin ish. a.-onnd qualitr, plain 60 r an- wblte laid 4 o. jo?t r>r?r; highly glazed and hatl e*lnd?*r?d gilu ta'nt l'hcd. and 'o ?el:jb not Iws ihtn 0 p->undf< t> the ream 63 reams white vellum 4to p -it pafar, hl-rhW glaaed and hard < alend red, gilt, feint iia.d, ef the vo y bast qu?l ty 9 20 r-nuw wcJt? laii 4to, past paper, Ugbly glead a&d hard ca enJe ^i, giit, an 1 t> weigh cot lem tban 9 r rr:nd? to the r?iua 10 Muna ra.'l 8?n whi e laid !?ts?r piv*^ lii^h^y gUued auJ h?rd caJ*?olered, %i.t of ih? eery b>?: quUity 20 ream* wh t? re Inm 4H>. poet pa^? *, high y g nvd ?nd hard caiaedtsred,tilt,ol the ia.-y best qua ity 20 reams whi a >?!d Ha h p s' cuper hlA:r glaa^iaid h?rd cale-.dirad. - l'.iaint llnfd. en 1 to weigh not lve than 7 pounds to the if am 20 reams whit* return I nth joat i aper b'gh ly glaxe.l and tard ca endered, gilt, fa at iin?>J, o: the v^ry beet quol ty ?0 reams white lei 1 lialh j?c?t p**>er, b'ghly plani uni hael ml*n1?r?l, gilt, ad U> weigh not leje t^an 7 pou-id> to t>> re^m 20 r?atcs Alhamhria !'at*> pajier. hl^b yg aa-d aui aru cV.f>nderea,ffeini ined.of th? vary be?tgui!ity 10 A bisnbra Path taper, hfghlr pl*i?d and bar' crJrudarad, uf .he r*r> beet quali y 10 te?me e?a>*r Beth rap-r. t:l:hl7 g iued and bar 1 ca>end.?td. fa.ut l md, r.\ the very bet qo*l ty 6 reaait amb?- TaLh rape-, fcUh'y glH*?<J and hard cal lipered, of Ihe wry bs-t qua i;y 20 r??.4 c e fM!# Vtllum Tathro*t pap^r, hiably g't-x-a au?j *ta:doaitnd?jeJ, ?i t. c! tht very UtVt gn?' 'T 10 r anis bl?? vrllma p- t sep?r, h?rhly Klaa?^ mid l>*rJcal-nd?re-i,gll;, tai^t^n-d, of ?v e ve. y b>/>t qu ?> U'.t 10 ream - I>- In ?t \r\ 1 -b!e tVcX pr.itn Ia.d larg* now* ? ar,T, <?t trev-ry i est q<ju'.!'y 20 re?m-? wtdte vel.vm ;ar"^ t: p'-p*?, h:th ytlasr i ami L?rd -?l- u:?rad, g'V, faint lined, of the v.-ry bei=s ca iity 25 r?-iu* wh:t- ai-i note p?peif h'gily giaat-d, tnri oa'end r d, :niat lir.iwi, an to ? tct th-x?. 4 jouuds to tLa r* am 20 r?am?*hit* Isld lij^a cot- T^per, lo* gUsed, h?rd c?len*lor*d, a 1 , a.>d90W* Un ni t ltt-b than 4p ia* tis io tbe r?ain CO r ?nf wbl'e v?:iuxa la.-g? nctejuper. hj.'Llf (chL d ia?~i cal*>nler*d, gilt, of th< v./y bast qua'ity 20 reams r hi e rel'umssa'I cof? paper hijhly gUa d. ba;d ct'^oderd, gilt, faint lined, cf the very l*et quality 20 reairi wt ite Valium (mail net* paper, hi<h y gl aeJ, ba?4 cal?nd?r*"J, gilt, cf the vtry b a qua.ity 5 amber n-? pa??r. h'ghlr ?1 t i s.rd harl ra'aader*!, ftiijt Uaal, tf the very be t qn?l *y 5 r*?nn amb-rnotr p?r?r, highly g'uel and bard olt-nde ed, tf h? vtry r<at quality 20 r'a-iu f?a y ncte paper, of 'diff-nat kinds, ?alia Lni?h 2 r^ami U.tirg paper, of the very lest qrality 6 ctziu cap pcrtfa!!:* wi'.hoai locta, per dc*?n 8 d'aen qutrto portfcLcf wi'h lceis, ptr <!czan 12 a **n foor Made penktire?, paar'. hanule-, diver tipped, rt-r<i?x.n C d ?.'u enuil tw. -b aio p;nkc:ves, p?-ari h:ic 41es,lilv^r t [pal, p:r dwia 6 drx<n four b'a it pv.^kiiivtH, back L*Ldlzs tipped, p- r ai*n 2 d'swj l?ory b?n^!e era'err, pr dczia 1 d i-3 fa r# oblre stenn< fi d.t n ; airs fe?s?ors, p-. r <1< a^n 6 tioaen I'irl fullers, p?r doaeu 12 doz n ivory telde r,\) ia ben long and 1 loch wi^, and to wrigh aot 1 -*? tLau W ounce to tbe dcc^d, ptrdcaen 10 doa ?n ivory handl; wafer sttnps, che;aei?4L p; r d a-?n C dczrn tmall raarl b.isdle stamps, or ctherf of ?-qnal qualltf, f. r no ?, per d?a-n 6 d(*ca ?mbi agat^ handle stamps, or others of e<jtuJ qua.?l' , foi no.e?, per d<a-n <1 dca^n large rtai cut glr?s {apt* wei^hu, best qaall'y, j w dcz n C d(?en smr.1. rt*? cuk-g'asj rT other pap?r w? igh s, 1 ?gt qua'ity, per duxen C d tea t.rcua-up t s.ancg, erctbtrscffitua! q^a ify, p?r dcz-*n 0 dczen ma'.ch boito a ith wax Bsatchea. r? dtxea 10 pound- wax tap?rs, per p ucd 20,OCO w-s mat: be5, in liare :i titalniag 250 500 ea-h, p?r m 3 gross bi?ck Ua# p?n-fIr- F?barV, Koi. 1 and 2, ft < ihers ot liks quslity, par groes 2 d?.z?dhox?n (vfmoii laiads 1 d ??n kronen 1 tt*r ci:pj C doxen itird <?keF, ?ith pump luk^tandf, (sr wi.b cut?lafs iukrlanda vi'.h hinge topa,) an \ w th sand aud a a'er U i s. and p?f? rackn p^' dri-n 6 doa-n eut-blitd3 itkaiandd lj^ lrch rquare, wi h hinge tcps, fordMks, p- r d> ?> n C d. i n o t ibw i aud -tan-. ? 1Inca rquare, uso a' t< p , for d<sk?, per dc? n 2 do??n largo b'x. cu>slt?i lakstaiil^, p*r d(2en 6 doteo ?ma,.l p!ze *.'3cy inVsiands. per f'ojec 2 d a*n brora? 'nkilandj*, p?r daw 8 d x&'i pan J tir^p, i tr drxsa 3 desen wafrr U xe$, j er doxda C draen piacts b&at quality rfPca tafit?, per d*aen 6 gro 8 red tape. No. 91, ter groca 5 gr ?ts red ta,>?, Nc. 19 p^rgians 25 tro?- r?<- tipe, No 13, jer gnus 0 uuaen broist tpi:al-^pruig Utter balances, par d<.B!-n 2 ccxt-n trcr.criindr.o books, quarto dz*, mo roooo cova-s, perd ? u 6 d a n m'C/o:andum ^cxLr., cctiro sLa, no roe-? oov?4>, pT dos<ta 2 d.zap xi?m~ra' dum bocka, 12ca size, iao rrcoo co rerfi, per ' Otsn 12 de? n cli fc foa w?rers, per d"x-a 6 pounds rubVr. i > pi?**slotLe p und, per pound 2T0 dcrai irtrgalarrel s?eel pear, vtry alastk P* d S3:' 100 doze ma'.l birr?l ata l rtuc, Very al.sdc, per dolac ISO os'd* iviry's thre<>ro'tt sfe! peas, cr ctl ers rf .\y.r But? a_d quUliy, pe- card 10.- carda Perry's lite point * ? 1 j?<ns, other: of 11*- muke ltd q .a *y. p r ca d fcO card? Ptiu iifl'd b itk ti jm?,.r others of "ks c.xke an ! q< '?liiy, }er cxrd 75 card-" Pc ry'sbi t -tivrn g^lp/L*,or(th?i cf iik' m%k- ar..| <iujlit.-, v?r o-ri 5"> ca'd^ P. ite-Vd itui a-ios q >i'l p^ap, or cthtr.' cf ilte tiiak? fetd qustiiT, p r Oird 150 care* PLla-a-.V itni'-pnint lr tt? em' peus,cr otiia s cf lika make ?nd quality, par*ard 200 card- bn'lion p?n?, yer ear! ?0 eards i'h;n es s patwH doable u!aiu< st*l pees, jarcard 4 gwi ?i?ctro g:ltlor?g point ;csi 6 groii gat'a ptrel-a j?eui 5 grow alba a te-i^eraj hle lour pr'nt pent 10 ansilorg p ret a Kata p us. | of grosa 50 d se' floe-point doub'e a:ti ?n sieel pecs, per drr?n 5 gross otha ?tcel fens, p r gr->sa 2 gross l?>rg? barrel jeu ba dies, rotewocd, prrgrcas 2 gloss 'mill barrel pea handle*, roaswood, per grrws C grofs stwel tipped pi-u hacdlee, pergroii 0 dot n 'ace- p-n btnJI s, t?r dosao 10 drxen pint bittles of black Irk, of tha vary heat quality, per d< sen 8 deien half i inc hottlas of Mack ink, 0f th* very best quality, per doten 1 doaenb ttle- r*d irk, |?r dwen 11 poanjs mediam-fiss rwi wnf* ^ fintxt or hcM, e?a4itning 8 cuaiasea J*, per tin ccn ^ v wotrfld p..- ^ 15 pouaoc mxt'.um-dre r?d rafsaa, fa 13 irt** Njx*'?oey ?.>tto w?M, p?t V? ? 10 pounds r*d vex. aitbt vary b??t grnDf, 19 it cM to the p: und. per p'aM ^ M |>A?B(li r?-d *ii nf toe very has+qaltl'y, 20 ?lick? to Ike |oarU, la I, pondboi?^fn poatd r .Iobm ?mali b->x*a 'ivt ?#i, per dorr? 1 d<-? ?j?r?*aei reeHIaxs perde??? I d.-s*n smell bottlM fwiu m *41 age, p?i doM 6 doeen enbowad paper Wee, 13 ieebe t by ft inefce< aq ere and -lo-~-tr* &>- p. p?r dcaea 1 d:sea etaboaaai paper hrxea, I iachaa by I la h?* fQ-iare an 11 lar!i deep, par d aae ? d*s?n moraoro eaTfred b xaa, <5 inches br ?V<f lt?rt?s *iaar* aud 4% lai-heodeep, with locks, to be la *11 rwi*? Uka th* eaatple at this office, r? draen 1 <ki?o mai?' saay rnl? r*. 1<i l*ele? ta iaogCh, round or Hit pwdtMu fUO pour,da b*st buck mb I, In 1 pound [t?pv. p*r pour d 5,GOO extra lar? * si*> wbl'e a4h?f?* Vjty smooth end thick, ioehaa b* 4^j laches aqaare per M 10.000 Ian* white alh?r*.? enveiop**. for letters, ve y smooth aed thick* 8^ inches by inch*. aqaari pir M 5,000 long cJ"tb l;n*?d adhesive eav?'e;aa, 8% laches by J \ 1aeh?a *"jaare, p-r M 10000 I'm* white ??-lh*d*e etvi L"p??, f-r latter*, 8 l?eh'* *?J 3^4 in-b?e ic*r?, per M .i,0CO irn? brff adhe?if ?a*e>opas for Utters, \*?j imo tii and th'ck, per If 5000 Ion* vbite ay*bteire euv-l paa tor la'-h p*t> r. CX Irchaa by 3 !?! Ugbaa sqaarr, jar M 4 000 wbite a1b? iveMter envrlpee, v*ryiar**h unJ tbi k. 6 l-4lnobe*ty4y? iarLcaqnrr, prM S^.000 wbit?a'1be?5ve letter eoT-l^psa, vary siaoMli and riuok, Inches br S1-4 io*6ee aquar*, pa; M 5 0}0 cioth-l ned adhesive lat'ar envelopes, pr M 5.000 buff *ih*s!ve latte* 'n**lor*a, Terr ra?oth and thick, ?une eVa, ;>er M 5,000 La La Rati ibVk lbl'e net* ?n?kr'K aibeiie. to suit ib? dtubke th an acta pa pr, per M 4/00 air br r-colcr?d fdbfMra eLnlopaa, to th? Ca b paper. p?r M 4,000 amberoolrred adLra va eieilrpet, to nit tb* do'v papar. per II (0,tC0 ]%r?* white a-iaaahe note onrelopaa, to ra t tb* Urxe not*- paper, p r H 10 C03 fcittill w'j te ado?*iT? cok* enf?top?s to ?Oit the. rm* i note paps, per M 10,00) anv ! p*s, to tat \h* fane j oo'? p&p^r, p?r M 4,000 ?li4t? cnbirMd card tBTelopec, par M r.OfO plain white adl.wlT* earJ eiT?0(?, p? U l",OX) taed an white adhev^re ?r?ei??jee, f - d*e?i uesti, verj ihieb, e&M'Ji, aul U>ueL, f?r M 6,0u0 rtcliuui ? ze e'o.h lineU adhertre tkTricfef, p*r M ."r>f000 n?iiu::-<It? btiff adberfra *n*el7p?s, Ut ?lorani7atii, ?rr ttiok, amatifc, ani kon^b, per II ?10,000 nie?i an beff ?nrelcpea, for drraneni*, wary thick rmroik, Mil tcngb, ?*,( apbearv. ( par M Tha r.lbei>>? eirtljpes mat he thir.k!j (( mmeJ, s. f >ur b o* an in'.h wile, revnd th? Upj?la. By the ae: an^?crfd June IT. IMI, tr?a tfe?iwtarr of tt'- apT?t? 1? k4dlr?rt4d to ^ nfiue b c parakani asclufiiwly to ax ic?> ?>f gio?(k and nu^cU" "are ol (li? Un;!*d SlatM p o?icsl th* aan? -an tw procured cfau b gr wth ar.d m*?u1kc tit* ofenltalue 'jnnUty en I at reenorable p'loaa, cjp? aa te rn* ?e t?? qun'ity a?d prl*^ ae o?n b^ rbtalc-d vf 4^ret^n irosr'h awd la aufuture" A praf?r?nw will tke efore t>? siv. n ts ihr pr-^decUona i f Aaier Iran iniu-u-r; an ? a<l jtrv.c i" iiu?klug propoaaia U> aap p'jr Kjrarrid; ?1 1 * at- w:u> h?-r >b? la ef tfee growth #od iracufti-tvre ? f tkcl't'tm Satai The a'tic.** DiO!t be J?M\?r*4 at '.he aflc* of th* Feor-t?cy cf tha Bmate at ,Vfc*bin|r*on. fVee ?? &?f eia t?e i'-r earTia^e on or be'ore the 1 ,Hh cf tt*pt*n? bar n?xt, t.r ~y c.rt-c'r tnuitb* of IKe ntry trti fuijtty.wtbsi an ?r\f. rtnr artu'a u cc. Th lUht la * t vr**dy r*. r??d, in a m !t ehall b* neca$eArjr to order, cpo^. giving reA*r.abl? nc Uoe, any aduiriona1 quantity ofacy or ?l!of urfd ?rtie!?*? tbat mey be quired for th- n*? of the PeBa'.o do)lB,?th? tMit'- \j:?h C3rjp??j?. A .utf<*1?fit peciniec of aecb arJclt prupraei for (of peper I*:f u <;u.xx, aci of eiiTaLpaaaft; Va to d *c nn^-kcy th? | !?^i>?ai. Mil to be Qerktd w th the Latn-* of the prt j, <a and tie i rioe ol tbe artie r Tfc?* whole ?: uvob arti^ls aperlfi^ m the Paejuinc im wl!!t?>deein dic'u ; taJ the peracn otRrtng 11 furr ?h %av sueii lw at thelovwt pHae 'quktt> cosridt-rwi) w 11 receive a <y ntr?e'. f?r haaaia . oa rte-a-icg a bo&d. *i li two or m&re ?u~ct?ea C?:?ory to t>*e &? cratary ol ti for the per roraiAucf irer??f, a : or twio? the tontract prirwia ca?e rf fal.ur-*, a klch bcnl ia to h ? fll. t la the cSc? r f the raid aa<r?'a:y ?Uh!n tea 1st* sPe? the cicp'~<(>;. ha*t- b^a a^orpted. I! any irti-Wa ntrar <-i for 6:^uiJ &< t La del.r K*d ?l:hin th* iluie atit>jl*ted, or ekocld ha lntw? r.or in any raprt to tie un;l? tiie U,ad of tb^ ; r.traJicr will h? r.ct in eult. Prop *?ia aboald bf andoraid " Propc^ai* f r ;tatku3ry ft r th-* ketaU*," nnd be diracied tu tt? ?etrr*t;iry of th* Senate at Waehing on Prtfoaal* ft 4 epo-maa: man dellrered at the ??ee frre of uh?r^4. Apr. I ~l? law4w OAKTEK'S SPANISH MIXTURE. rtie Oraat Purifier of Ike Blo*41 Hot a Fvt^cl? of Heronry Ia It In Isiiuisj ir>r 8c '.."ila, Ktng*i Prt, UenuiaUara, Ohettnate Cuunaona Kraprtea^, Pimtlea or Pu?*a.'?e cn U? tare, Rlotchaa, Ckroak fore i.ytj, Uia; Worn or TfUer, &<aki Ilebd, hnier^'vaeut ai l Pzinof the Uoaaa and Jolal5, htubtx.r. Uloera, tyrhljtl: Dlfioriazn, Laubaga r?pimtl Coir.pla nta. uni ell tLe rTlinan n a-rldrg fr.\ia an lnji?auiow uw of tier* ur*, la prud/ace in life, cr Ias^ortty of the B ood f'QL3 raliuUle Mad'.^na, which ha* Vaose ?ahc> I hr^ted for th^ cmlc of axtrnsrdtnary ewea. * rt?d througli ils a ja. ry, hra Indrnwi tbe propta ?tor., bt the uigent mqu'e: cf their frteada, to otter t to the public, whksh thay :o with the uuacet obs ilenoe in its vl itias osd vr oJerful carativa pre; ? rrtl-e The followls^ earti&oaUa, rclettcd from a arge ctLcuor, are, n?-wer.r, iMcog t tva.icor.. i^an the cure word of tha proprietor*; and ere all "Toa genthrum veM known in tk'lr ocautiea, aai >f tfce Ligao?t ropac^bill;y, uany cf th?m rafcdir^ in the Uty f k'.ctu^cad. Va. f. bOYDkI>, Kaq., cf the Cx-'oange Betel, Sick noad, kuown ertinhere a?>?*ho hA^si<n. 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B. i>t?CJ?. krq., uuv ia the city of Btchsaoi^ kad fcr n.iuj year* ia ths Poet dtUa, baa aneS cci.rees In the asxulsLiug e&aacy of Oarur1* ipaniuh Ulxtura. th^l be Lasoou^ht u? w?ro* of its KtUIas, whi:b La lu." giv?u a?ay to tils aA cted^ Jr. l4u.k Rava Le h^? never kneva li v> tall '?has a!ten r JcrrLig to <!l . e;tloDC. Dr. UINCa, a pr^rj^: i Phj:Llaa. i?4 Ibmeriy ?f th? C.ty in the itj of Richmond, aay* be ?as witcetssd iu a nu -.b.r ot iratuofelhe c^pco of )^r a ipat i'L bit Cure, ?ihdk were moattru' v nrrrisiuj. Ho dujrfi ;e a at&e of C asumptloa, 4*> *iidrzit rn the Xdver, Ihw goud cilaaU were woa iaxlul itieod. 3AHDKL U. DBI^'EDa. c'tL: !L-ts of Drinker * JcriiMf !LL?.iu.2il, v. ij ccuei cuit-1 of Uvw Cexz ?!Jri cf tfcria yc?- oakling, ty tha use of twv. jr>ttl.*s of Curtail brari'h fciirtarr. CiiilAT CLUK (Mf aCitOPLLA?The KJ>tera c| he gj-.hra 'ai Leyaliiie? 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WW. *r H*TT'tL#5, of RirbffO-d had a rerv*B' ratedcf SyyMLia, ia ti?? wrret form, by Oar*?*r'' lpan'?> ^aixtura. He My* he obaerfklly ream a^nde it, acl oomilers it a very mvaloahle nad ?tne. ?DWIN KHETOy, comralviooer of thr rrvanc^ ays be has teen thr good ilTeou of Cartei'a dlxture In a number of Svpbilltk easea, and mj*11 a a perfect *ure f r that h.^rr-ble dierase. WM. 0. TTAliW<y> HicbmoDd, mred rf^1 for^a sad Ulaem, wh eh disabled h?? frwm waBW rook a fow totUee ot Oer'nr'a Spaniah Mixtura ?* raa eaoUrd to walk without a eroi^k,i?atA?, like pvreeaenUy cured. _ ? Priaeipel Depot? at M WASH, CLOSE E 0* Sk 4 Maldaa Lena, Nt?w York. _ * T. W DYOrT 4 B05S, No. 182 North U#>+ *? Philadelphia E1NWETT E BEETJ, So. 124 Mala atraai krufor saW bvCH AKLM ETOTt, Wft\l <g. X C; ufct ^Y FkKL, AlBkadrK ? W yn^4F" y 'rhere# ^ ^ i'rUv $1 per tottla, or ilx hortfei for 9% J

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